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"rob rob halford" Discussed on Pantheon


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"rob rob halford" Discussed on Pantheon

"All right. So what you have. There is a song completely transformed into a heavy metal song. Obviously this is mostly heavy metal. Show and you know. I like heavy metal and we're talking about heavy metal. Swat keep it to that. But why don't we have. We've already had throughout history all sorts of bands. Doing cool things like this where they'll take mellow song and make it totally heavy like a whole different arrangement but you can go the other way to. You could take a heavy song and make light or david lee. Roth can take van halen songs and make them You know blue grass like he did on on that album with those guys You know that's that's pretty radical when he did there right this. That's close to one of these crazy ideas but you know. I haven't seen bands really. I've seen bands do their own full cover albums. But i've never seen them take it. So far as to say what if i took one artist and i covered all their stuff and and made it all heavier or a whole new arrangement And the the ones that come to mind are Are people actually. I just want to mention. I had a note here that i add moves see. This is why. I'm confused about this Go back to go back to our forth idea someone like the musical box or these other great. Great tribute bands are the bands. That could make that lost genesis album for example. Okay getting back to this. So i've often thought again jogging around toronto taken album like rubber plants now and zen which is which is utterly utterly devoid of heaviness. I it's it's keyboards and percussion and stuff. But as paul stanley often says you know you could strip these songs down play on acoustic guitar. Song is a song it could be turned into heavy metal song. What if somebody like tesla you know. They come to mind because they did. Those real to reel covers albums or whatever. But what if you found somebody or even like like. I don't care You know machine. Head i mean anybody. What if you took robert plants now and zen and just made a heavy metal version of the entire album. Okay so that's that's a more radical step than saying. I'm gonna make a robert plant various songs album and make a heavy metal robber plan. But what if you took someone's actual album and did that. The other idea that similar to this is what if robert plant now. This is not a good example. Because he's notoriously and he's a guy that doesn't wanna ever look back but what if someone took one of their old albums That that was radically weirdly different. Or whatever say somebody made an industrial album lake. Rob rob halford made the two album or glenn. Danza has a danza. Has some industrial whatever wasp But what if you took one of your old albums and reimagined it as a heavy metal album and another band. That comes to mind is rush. You know again this is. This is complicated. By the tragic death of neil peered. But what if rush went back and said i would love to hear. Thank you very much a heavy metal version of presto a heavy metal version of. Hold your fire so you can have the ban themselves. Go back and do this You know i think of anything anything like you know why this rubber plant now and then came to mind. I think of anything that is is radically. Not meddle like the cure. Like say kay. The reason i thought of the cures. You could take anything that is dark and quiet and you get and you can pick out like a heavy metal person can pick out songs of across any genre just like morganna did with volaille vu and realize that hiding in that song approaching in it somewhere is a heavy metal song screaming to get out screaming for vengeance right. So that's my idea there. Why why not. Why don't you take one of you. Some classic weird old album and cover the whole damn album as your band and completely transform it because we all love when when people transform covers in the aren't just just normal and that's what i always liked about this who it's an early version of a song that has turned like completely inside out and and it turned out that it was great for you know. Soon as you hear those little spanish-moroccan tones or whatever and a song you know. That's that's what that's what twigged the guys that you can make this into heavy metal song and they did and they added rifts. The weren't there right I knew can do that across something like the robber plant. Now out my. I've often thought. Sean kelly's a buddy of mine. He's here in toronto. I've often thought. I'm going to call him up. I can drum that album. I'm sure call him up. I'd say let's go in the studio and let's make heavy metal version of nouns in these. These are the weird ideas that come to me like this right all right. that's it. let's let's wrap up there. If you liked this show and want to support future episodes please go to kofi rhymes with no fee and and support me with a coffee or a pint And again on that front. This has been a regular thing. And i thank you guys for doing this. I want to thank Augusta garcia paradees. Todd buckman bruce. Campbell at morris dave fisher kevin latham jason leonard blaze barsha and jeremy french four supporting the show Of course you can go to martin. Popoff dot com for all. Your christmas present. Book needs right now. I'm going to have the van. Halen coffee table book in shortly But i i have copies of the bluish your called and the thin lizzy. I've got the complete iron maiden trilogy right now. i can supply the first priests book. I've got the merciful fate book. I've even got my old van. Halen book in print So there's lots of choices out there. I sign them and ship them out here. I will get the moat within a day or two There you go hope. You enjoyed this episode. I can see that. It's at the slightly longer and because i have a passion for these weird entrepreneurial ideas that i would like to see Hope you doug this show. I thought it was a pretty fun. Show talk to you next time. Find all our shows. Notes social links at www dot mdfilm. Podcasts dot com. Or wherever you listen to great podcasts. All songs have you found for purchase on itunes spotify or google play. Please purchases great and important tracks. Find us on facebook at our. Ap we are on instagram. At our and our archaeology at our and our..

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