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Tottenham Hotspur's Shock Exit Leaves Jose Mourinho in the Firing Line

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03:58 min | 2 years ago

Tottenham Hotspur's Shock Exit Leaves Jose Mourinho in the Firing Line

"We all stein with shock. Exit of Tuneup from the first leg. I watched it that comfortable. Well-managed rested rotated comfortable victory. I absolutely didn't expect anything other today than a than a than a standard victory or whatever ought to get to find that way through the game the way. The game unfolded watches from really toast. You know the when there's two games at the same time yanna both games. But my eyes were focused on this particular match. And we'll get into your nose Interview afterwards we saw what he said afterwards. But just the shock rob of this result and what it means. I mean just real quick look to the lineup robina. Okay you know. It's kind of a safe team. Changes nothing about the ordering belden star ikouebe. Lamelo insult goes back in the side delegate. A stars a number ten and you look at it the first star from this like okay kind of boring but may be understandable and both sides were didn't really impress of course in all the fun happened in the second rob Zagreb looked like they wanted to get back into the game. The football was unbelievable. The goals that they scored incredible the hat trick and it was just shocking to see the spurs side. Just go from trying to go from boring defensive to money's the game two then scurrying panicking and avenue not enough to get the result. An awful night for spurs on mean think of at the three europa league games. Obviously it was supposed resolve smell and there's money ninety three young. I was kinda thinking monday night. Might be tricky one. See them out of a mole probably leash. Civil i'm thinking tottenham tuna little against a very large so abrupt team by the laid role is manager is just going to prison for for ruled so any guy in charge interesting at a couple of reports after game and said it was a spanish players fluid today. They didn't know. And i mean. I kinda wanna go to the big picture. Straight seasons unraveling suspense based off the puck event. Dish disappointing knows london dolby. You've got a huge per game. That is an important competition one to get some silverware to to guarantee champions league football with a with the money that knows how we will with his squad that should be able to go down to the very last four is not too if they do things right. will peace. I kind of feel like we've gone back to can say two years ago when we decide with poetry you know isn't the module is it plays. I mean tonight. Uh are we there. Like millennials take a lotta heat Happy as we know. Spanish funds will put up with him. As long as you winning the soviet this is one piece of wire gone. Probably know maybe that the best. John lake final against much city in april. Let's see how that one plays out both only in a position. While josie millennials going to check the heat. But i've got to look at some of the place. I mean you look team and let nine of the place who played today. Play last week against his. All grab team made look very odd region and coastal to win. So he's not to play is not good enough for arche. Good ingle squad. That squad should not get beating city nail. I is all web in this level of competition.

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