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"rob yogi" Discussed on Grumpy Old Geeks

"The name of a service couple new merits in a random dictionary word with random separator is so that way it's like it's gonna be really hard for anybody to even get the fake email it is the the alias email address to get to my really email address you know so that's kind i one thing that you i should dig out that to get that was it right does that up to skip the domain as well are just me address now yeah it's going to always gonna be the same demand okay you can't you can't i guess you can actually because you can it is like if you're using gmail yeah you can have multiple domains tied to one gmail apps account so you can actually you know bounce between different domains and have won in have like to domains alias to one account used the alias domain as your email one and then everything else only do that now and that's a guy yeah but as i know they for example you know a lot of domain our male services will allow you to have you know basically a catch all email address where you can put anything at that domain and they will go to yeah how this one play so you could you could you know was literally just makeup email address isn't it all go there when you know yes that's my car though yeah so and tie dice get that so what but if i'm doing in new service all just make a new alias for it to the takes like a minute to popping i make a new one this you have your bookmark standings you know done we go to the races so that way nobody's ever going to get to even if like you know they found out might email password finding what the actual you know email addresses to login to to start changing all of my passwords if it on things i don't have to factor off on his he also i have to factor off you know yeah okay we're little with nine williams on that that's okay yeah real time problem solving right here in rob yogi seven seven nonstop on alright what's next whisper unused whisper i have not i wouldn't it it is and that's that's the day come radio meares don't use whispered supposed to be a secure messaging.

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