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Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein to retire, to be succeeded by Co-COO David Solomon

Chris Moore

03:54 min | 4 years ago

Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein to retire, to be succeeded by Co-COO David Solomon

"Trying to find. A new fair value Deborah mind has your first word headlines she joins us Deborah President Trump has reversed his denial of Russian election meddling that's after a widespread backlash including from senior members of his own party Trump now claims he, missed the one word during his news conference with President Putin in Helsinki the attended clarification comes more than twenty four hours after this comments from. Which he hadn't backed away in several subsequent. Media interviews I realized that there is. A need for some Tariffication I should have been thought it would be But I would like to clarify. Just in case it wasn't in my remarks I said the word would instead of Shannon's should have. Been I don't see any reason why Why it wouldn't be rushing the Bank. Of England is a step closer to a rate hike that's after you came playmate rose to a record and the three months through may governor Mark Carney has cited strength in the labor market and limited spare capacity as reasons to raise rates though he's not said exactly when the money markets are now pricing in an eighty percent chance of. Tightening at the bank's next meeting Goldman Sachs has. Confirmed that David Solomon will succeed Lloyd blankfein as CEO October I. Will usher in the new era only the second hand over of power and Goldman's two decades as a public company at fifty-six Solomon will be the banks oldest new leader and almost half a century blankfein has been a Goldman for thirty years he's expected to pocket almost eighty five million dollars when he finally walks away I'll be stepping down as CEO at the end of September and as. Chairman and I will retire from the firm at the end of the year Global news twenty four. Hours a. Day on air and. Take talk on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries I'm Deborah now this is Bloomberg Debra thank you very much, now the fed chair Jay Powell has tweaked his language as I was saying about the right path adding words for night as a caveat his description of the. Central banks. Plan, to keep hiking With. A, strong job market. Inflation close to our objective and the risks to the outlook roughly balanced c, believes that for now the best way, forward is to keep gradually raising the federal funds rate In his testimony before. The Senate banking committee Powell also spoke about. The yield curve as fears of inversion rise the shape of the curve is something we've talked about quite a lot different people think about it different ways some people think about it more than others I. Think about. It as really the question being what's what's that message from a long run rate about neutral rates Let's bring in rob Subramaniam had of. Emerging market economics for Asia excluding Japan fixed income research at the more he joins us now from a Singapore. Studio great to have you with me this. Morning my question to you is this was not a slightly more dovish fed with those two magic words four NY Yeah I actually think so I think the feds no more dovish hawkish after Powell's. Testimony to me the, full now really signal that the fed is a lot more data. Dependent than the east to be pal talked earlier about how they're, going to, move very gradually and one risk. Where they may have to celebrate the pace. Is if inflation picks up foster all financial. Stability risks grow more but he also said we might have to hike more more slowly than the, current course If the signs.

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