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"rob mishkin" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"rob mishkin" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"Well i think know number one is i'm sorry look classic male error let's say is too much aggression and you see that reflected in the demographics of the prison population almost all the people in prison are male because most of the hyper aggressive people are male right right but there's a but that's not the only place you can make an air you can make an air and being hyper compassionate this is what freud was so brilliant at at laying out with his theories of the family it's like you get hyper compassionate you do too much for people you infantile eyes them and then that's just as dangerous because you weaken them so there's there's an idea that that's quite common among people who work in in oldagehomes don't do anything for the people who live in new york for the residents that they can do for themselves because you take away their independents and that's not a good thing and if you take care of people too much if you're to merciful if you're to compassionate if you to eat a poll if you if you won't kick your children out of your bed so to speak then you you damage their soul south you destroy their independence and there's often a dark desire that goes along without which is we'll tell you what i'll do everything for you you'll never have to adopt any responsibility don't ever leave the ride thinks okay well that's the dark deal is it is i can be as useless in irresponsible as i want mumble always do something for me but i the prices i never get to leave it's like okay well maybe i'll take that deal while it's an ugly deal style hiding your own bout passion and your own wanting to be independent because it's very upsetting to the pat great exactly well freund the damage that will hit a good mother fails but what does that mean it was like if you're thirteen euro through thirteen years old and your mother is picking the people you're dating then she didn't fail enough she didn't let you go she didn't pull back and say look you know you got to go out there in the world gets scraped up and hurt yourself and all of that it's like i can't protect you i can make you strong but it cannot protect you uh we got a question rob mishkin spent on hold for me.

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