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"rob kendall brownsburg" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM


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"rob kendall brownsburg" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"So are you Because you're not qualified to do this kind of work? You should be patrolling the streets. Don't get out of the cars. Because I don't get out of the car. Zach, Seriously, don't go like that. He said about five warnings. I've had no war. Yeah, Nobody knows what the hell mayor the mayor of this Venezuelan Minnesota was doing. It was disorderly conduct. This video's gone viral. He was filming some other person's traffic. Stop. Not clear why he was doing. It started argument. The police guy that was the mayor telling that police officer he wasn't qualified to do his job. Screw him. You know who would do that Exact same thing is Mayor Rob Kendall. That's got Mayor Rob Kendall Brownsburg written all over it right there. All right, coming up next, Rick Snyder, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, 86. We're going to get his thoughts on what the City County Council rolled out last night. That's next. Dude, you gotta take care of your health man. It's easier than you think. The Loti center get those numbers checked. They've reinvented the doctor's visit. They make it quick and easy to get all those levels checked. And I'm not talking about low T levels. They offer a comprehensive health assessment. So you know all the numbers that are born to your health. The Loti center is really your one stop shop for all things. Related to men's health. So in addition.

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