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"rob granny" Discussed on The Woody Show

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"rob granny" Discussed on The Woody Show

"What's more rose physically repulsive that would be nominee number two fair okay. It's to to to help you get up to be old sunday. Yeah i could start my only right now. Grossed out by myself now older and grocer already crossed that threshold. I gotta i gotta vote number one number rabies argument all right. I guess we couldn't see baptism focused. Well okay well then deadlock tie. Nobody wins deadlock loctite. Definitely all losers today for right. Let's leave this one to the audience. Who do you think she went and text one or two over two to ninety seven. We'll give you the results right after the break. So who wins one or two. We have a Debbie good rule that neither one of the people who are in here should while who bring the nominees chart vote. Yeah so text. One for the guy who is looking for the injection of the vaccine to his penis guy. Come over and look at it. There's changes for two for the And it's instagram. only fans couple The cradle robbing granny. Text to over the two hundred seven. We'll get the results coming up next. Thanks for an answer a question. We woke to a shock and surprise of our lifetime. sixty percent of the votes have been counted. Looks like governor gavin. Newsom is keeping his job as governor. I know he fought off. The recall. looks like he won the recall very easily latest numbers. Show the no votes with a two to one lead. So the recall effort has failed. Says he's humbled and grateful to the millions of californians who exercise their fundamental right to vote and express themselves so overwhelmingly by rejecting the division by rejecting the cynicism and rejecting so much of the negativity which by the way. He's got a year left. Yeah yeah for reelection like the whole thing kind of silly in the first place grew could try to remove somebody for one year year right. It was very symbolic of the people who did vote. Yes for the recall. Larry elder did get the most votes. Who else is anybody gonna vote for. That's the only name. Caitlyn jenner truck. That had no chance but again very carey run again or something very shocking dead. I think he ran. I think so too. Another small earthquake hit the valley yesterday. Magnitude three point. Oh earthquake in san fernando that quake reported just before six pm about point nine miles from san fernando one point three miles from sill mar and two point three miles from a coma. We have checked in with. Dj tim martinez. He is fine. No damages have been reported and also there's a new study out on the happiest states in the united states. Good news bad news. Believe it or not. California is not number one but it is in the top ten. Believe that or not all fifty states they were ranked based on thirty one different metrics the pandemic was factored in it includes stuff like kovic nineteen rates and restrictions overall health career.

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