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"rob galileo" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

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"rob galileo" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"How did Conan's podcast just started like a month ago? How did he get the white stripe and let me hot take white collar? White is the absence of Connor. No, no, no, no, no. It's a color. Why? Sounds right though. You get a bucks Krantz. A box of what color Crohn's Ray. Okay. Me things. I was saying the Cran's. Can I can I pick a category? The category was baby shirk doo, doo, doo, doo doo. Okay. Let me go with. It's the finale countdown. Okay. This is worth two points, which TV show finale is the only one to have over one hundred million views. Amoeba Tim, mash shoot. That's correct. Oh, yeah. All right. The the category is. Due to do. My is my genius showing well to what category tribute to my wand off from this season. I will go with baby shark, dude. Dude, say shut up. Tim's finest moment. Some some say this is worth four points in twenty eighteen which country experienced the most unprovoked shark attacks kiva. Yes. Akiva, what is a stray. Ilya that is incorrect. That. Rob. Okay. Rob the United States. That is correct. Oh, I would like to know which country is the provoked shark attack. Deserved. It. Oh, man that was a shark NATO. Right. That's a shark native. Ryan. Worth four points. Rob now has twenty four dollars a kiva has sixteen. Okay. Well, the Khuda the next category added quote baby quote movie, quote, if you get this right, then you have reason to gloat. Which is worth three points, which movie was the famous line. Do you feel lucky? Punk spoken. Rob rob dirty, Harry. Correct. That was worth three points. Robbery twenty seven dollars now. The category. La, LA liens of the intersection. Oh, pronounce the cadence land of the midnight sun. Yeah. Well that didn't happen. Sorry, man. I don't even understand. Yeah. We we're dumped even understand Mets joke. Well, we're talking about here. So I think this is let's let's get physical. Let's get physical. This is worth four points. What talion born in the sixteenth century is known as the father of modern science. Tim, Tim Leonardo Davinci that is incorrect. Would. Rob you gonna demolish? Rob. Yes. Rob Galileo that is correct. His I've actually in Italy his finger is preserved in a jar. And it's in a museum, and I saw him when I was there once so yeah, it was really gross. All right. Okay. Let's get physical. Okay. Pretaped pretaped. Pre-take? Good song is the category. All right, which Tony award winning musical was adapted by Mel Brooks and Thomas Mehan. This is worth four points. Rob. Yes. Rob springtime for Hitler. That is incorrect. Kiva? I heard Tim I the producers. Yeah. Yeah. That That is is correct. correct. You got to inside baseball there. Rob that was in the navy. That was the name of the. Yeah. Okay. Bribe's thirty one sixteen on the believe that's not been updated. Okay. Apocalypse, apocalypse cow. This is the category added to the board. So I think this is the. Got Akiva Akiba garage. Like, I know Tim sorry. Let's rent apocalypse cow. This is worth five points, which word refers to a scene of destruction. And is the name of workstation of a butcher. We hear one more time is it possible. Yeah. I'll read it again, which word refers to a scene of destruction. And is the name of a workstation of butcher. Rob. Yes. Rab epicenter. That is incorrect. Right. We're going to buzz that one out. It's shambles. Here is the thing. The next category is the road to victory is paved with blood sweat and awards. So Tim still your category to pick. Let's go with his my genius showing is my genius showing. This is worth five points. What was the first country to feature Albert Einstein on its banknote?.

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