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"rob durant" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"Local scene. You know. I love me some peaked option. He's amazing and i just witnessed his fight The other day at the bad promotions Amazing knockout by blake davis as well another provider undefeated down here saw mainly supportive of my local flavors at florida From the nyc. But now he's here and training with kevin gleeson who is an amazing boxing coach and Also somebody that. I'll have in my corner as a mentor for my upcoming fight. So a lot of the just local fighters is what i support right now But of course i i love watching boxing. What it's i have to be expand on my knowledge Within the industry and not be biased as well when it comes to fighting. So i'm always open to seeing who minute fighters will be and also. I'm just like you know. I'm still learning. It's very new to me. And i'm so ready to absorb the knowledge experiences along the lane no matter what so is. This person gleason any relation to the famous gleason. Jim in new york or is just a coincidence. I mean there's leeson's everywhere la- kevin gleeson. He's state athletics. Down here One of the top. Boxing coaches say a lot of his roster are undefeated fighters for the most part. Yeah a lot of them have gone undefeated. I mean he. He also trains robert durant junior Miguel by as a ufc fighter as well guy. So rob durant juniors out here in florida. Yes cleveland so what. Where's this gym. Located isn't hollywood. Florida so with the very very close up boxing. Jamie got your ring. You got your jim hill and I like his style and overall his technique and the way he likes to guide his fighters he also has like a training website to to help people with instruction in have set up your job and things like that technique training. So i mean. I've seen his business grow in his fighters go from amateur to pro and win championships and belts and things like that. And it's it's amazing. It is to see the growth of not only the coach the fighters as well. And when you say blake davis so he's boxer promoter correct. Oh i didn't know. How old is he bad promotions and he also is a believe now seven and On the vaccine record.

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