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"rj erin" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Was in the flow is sometimes you can't go away when you could push the basketball and get ahead. Get easy baskets that opens up to open up to Carolina basketball out of the time out. Kobe white facing some soft full court pressure by trae Jones, head to garrison. Brooks swings back to Luke maye at the point at the basket to our left left side. It goes to Kobe white jokes closely guarded, Kenny Williams has it back. You're the time. Now good look deep to Luke maye checked it by Chavan to Laura over to help out that cameras with grace block. Cameron Jackson who bangs into three North Carolina's backup three and has the same thing. And when you get a chance to shoot a three it's gotta be in a rhythm. RJ barrett. Crosses over down the lane. Off the window scores. Any any is fouled? He is so good at picking and choosing his path to the basket that was contested at three different levels. And he beat them. All what do they call them to maple Mamba? I figure I've read something where they call them the maple Mamba getting to the basket, but it's real smooth soul long and finishes around the basket with a break degree of difficulty. But that's what it is a lefty gone to the best RJ Erin at the stripe, and he has seven points early on seven of the Duke eleven were tied up at eleven under fifteen to play in the first half. You might have to give them fifty tonight. Kenny Williams high screen to Cameron Johnson on the right? I hope to the point Luke maye pops out on the wing fake the handoff made barrels to the basket. He's missed it though. I think he thought he was drawing contact never really came rebound dukes. Alex O'Connell and the devils. Alexa. O'connell back to cameras reddish. Horizon choir for the three reddish with a hand in his face from the seer little who's been ROY Williams. Bench bearings at anyway. No, you hear little with a floater in the lady missed it over Jack white who's into the blue devils. Rebound comes away. Trae jones. On the run. It goes to RJ Barrett. He's got nine with a fist-bump bump and Ducasse fired up now leading by five on the road against North Carolina. This is where the talent takes over. Behind the back crossover. The widow puts it all. That was beautiful radish has its strip twice. Probably got fouled on the first one. No, call Cameron Johnson away with it. Whic motor up the right side. Maybe pushed off with the elbow. Instead got it inside quick up. The little step back three. Little bags. Another great freshman this once for Carolina sixteen sixteen with thirteen and ten to play in the first reddish open for three right side. That was no good rebound inside. Jack white. Luke maye grabs the care of its sweeps. It away. Gobi white ahead to Cameron Johnson. Moves it on the right side of the right album back to the little Kenny Williams. Moves it to the right side of about thirty feet. Open. Cameron Johnson for three no long, rebound dukes. Great jones. He'll grab walk into the front court. Now, the right hand crossover euro step into the paint, traveling, violates. For the foul that brings the shefty off the bench. I think he thought he was going to get a bottle call. I thought he did give foul fouled his momentum. Carried them to the basket. No, it would we review that the referees. Have is totally different than what we have a little closer. From. It's also you looking at the body contact low. Sixteen sixteen North Carolina and Duke. Locked up with twelve forty to go in the first half. Boby white along with Brandon Robinson in for ROY Williams. They'll be in the backward. Kenny Williams moves down to the little Luke maye. Eric garner. Kenny Williams on the ball on the right way. Now, Luke maye baseline, turn and face. Seventeenth footer. He's been old start the game may just one for five quickly. The other way. The Dave Barrett. They connect for the alleyoop slam. Duke step by Kenny Williams, back the way. To the basket extends the right handed off the window. And we're back tied at eighteen Rick dukes has to do a better job of getting back and transition and finding a player. Three around the rim. No rebound to see. Your little North Carolina will have a chance to go back in front. Roster intimacy your little. Little Toby white for North Carolina both wearing the vibrant fluorescent figures. Firebird three. Mr. Robinson tries to save it grows. It back inbounds dukes of the three on three break. RJ merit a pull up jumper from seventeen. Luke maye sweeps. The care of away again. His fifth rebound. Throws it down with a. May is not making any shots dropping. That's his third assist. Already go with five rebounds lettuce. Pops wide open to the corner on the bait and cameras Peres in second three point shot of the game. He has eight two of three from the three point line. I tell you the the big two right now for the blue devils is really stepping it up. Twenty one twenty two with a lead just a shade over halfway through the first-half on the drive turns it over trade Jones euro step across the lane swivels at the hips and flips it off the window with the left hand a beautiful blue by trae Jones. Tooks up by three. Converting on those turnovers. Take care of basketball. May with the dribble of the point. I was upset inside little good patients. Lex the defender. Cam reddish comes up on the weak side, and lays it off the window back to a one point blue devil Lee. And may gets another sister. With keeping North Carolina in this game. On the way to read behind the back. You throw it away by Kenny Williams Williams the right lane. Care the for camp unnecessary behind the back of tips. And now North Carolina back in brought by one. Route on its feet as the tar heels. Go back what early on is a very back and forth game RJ Barrett down. Acetates Dr Lori tips, the rebound out an RJ Barrett. Declaims it produced. Shot clock at twenty six Barrett. Good. No, look inside the a headache. And in off the window to laureate showed excellent pages and great port presents. Why? RJ Barrett is doing everything blew up really has to do everything. In order for the blue devils dilemmas name. He's gotta do it all points to rebounds, two assists. Prepare it. Little thought about a long three and traffic. Instead, skipped it to Kobe white. He'll back up here. The time line almost like Carolina four corners offense. Now, the seer little deep on the right wing shot clock at six double team comes little into the paint. Hanging flips it up missed it. Tough shot is the shot clock Winedown rebound. The laureate produced and here come the blue devils with r j Barrett crossover deep on the wing goes to the basket slapped out of his hands. Why Toby white but Barrett again nearly getting the hook under nine to play Duke twenty-five, North Carolina twenty four blue devil basketball when we come back time out on the court in Chapel Hill. You're listening to compass media networks, this is NCAA basketball..

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