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ESPNLA Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis HR 1

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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ESPNLA Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis HR 1

"Good morning, fellas. Monday to everybody there. Indeed. What is my dear? Release loonies happy belated Saint Patrick's Day. I guess Mr. pie a day. Guys. Have some green beer corn beef hash or anything? None of that. I mean, I like corn beef. I just came into my head it. Yeah. It's pretty good. I've never messed hash. That's also pretty good fried on the flat. Top little Chris had green bears Chicago. The green beer things. Kind of lost on me. I didn't petty date. All I didn't much key nothing zero nothing. Nothing one not a potato or anything. Nothing. I don't even think about it. That is green for whatever reason. I didn't even think about it wasn't around me for. You're not Irish. Well, neither are eighty percent of the people crazy in the streets that enough pubs and things like that. And I didn't I just didn't even think about it rise thought too much about barely. He's smell like green beer. Roger get it in. Did you did you get it in the green beer? Start at about eight AM at the end of the Liverpool game. Chelsea of course, started at nine L ESE. Shouts out to you. They started at twelve and then right after that one two three other pubs kilt walking around and kilt in L, ESE jersey. And so it was good times delusional. That's a lot. He's delusional Irish. Whatever whatever it could be singled demise. Put a block house you fight Elsie. The when I had personally. Spending. What we want you on Tuesday that one on record. Anyway. It was a really surprisingly good card initially. I wasn't that jazzed up about it. Just because you know, the main headliners while they might be from Philadelphia yada, yada. They necessarily household names. I would expect an energy to be quite the same. But we were making jokes about the Irish community, and we had a couple of Irish boxer. They turn out they turned out. It was one fight in particular where I was a little nervous because going into the eighth eighth round was going to be a draw that these two men were just like even kill the compu- box score, which keeps track of all the stats and stuff the boxing matches looked pretty even and I was like we cannot have a Philadelphia guy guy in. No, we cannot have a draw eventually seven farmer finish out made it clear that he was definitive winner. And we have to worry about a riot heaven former and that's a good Irish name right there. It is. Because father's name is Kevin. Kevin kevin. Yeah. Lakers. They did us affiliates. They were they had lost before lunch yesterday. That was kind of. Wrinkle. They started early in the morning. Yeah. You know, the tip off at nine o'clock in the morning. So they they lose one twenty four to one twenty three and a bad season continues to go in in a bad direction. You know, we've talked about it before that they lost the Knicks. The Knicks won fourteen games this season two of those against the Lakers. And yesterday was just another LeBron at a terrible fourth quarter. Just it's everything wrong. Can go wrong. It will. I mean it. It's just you lose to the team. They want fourteen games. And it's just yeah. Twice is just a fortunate for whatever reason Lakers just haven't been able to put it together this year in LeBron James have had an up and down season. You could blame it on a lot of different things. You could just say right now, quite frankly, they're just not into it. Although they're going through the motions, you could certainly tell that. It's kind of like I'm gonna be here on the floor people pay them money. I'm gonna do that. But you can look at them and tell it they're just not into it. There's no there's no. No light at the end of the tunnel. This year, they're they're in body and not necessarily in spirit. They're they're just kind of like there. But what is it? Now. They've got fourteen games left or just want to just get out of here. This is called a a season. Yeah. I had faint hope that the ideal of finishing five hundred would be motivator because it just it feels good to say a we one have lost moving and right direction. But they just. Doc. Everyone's not tapped out you only move in the right direction and go to five hundred and all that sort of stuff. If your team is coming back. This team is not coming back sold a majority of the players steer doesn't matter. Where we just talking about it yesterday or should say here yesterday. Let me correct. Let me we were talking about last week. Yes, better. Okay. Talking about it last week that there are some of these guys Calcutta was going to be Josh heart's going to be back. Lebron James is going to be back, and we have been talking about that. And and those guys are there, and they're really not keep it together in any meaningful way. And it's you know, you look at it last year. They went thirty five games last year. They won thirty one right now, they've got twelve to go. I know LeBron has missed eighteen games. I know that Lonzo missed quite frankly, most of the season that Brandon Ingram has missed him significant time, but hardly in hurt. If you add LeBron James and win fewer games than you did a year ago with a team that really had no shot at the playoffs. But the goal was to wasn't to come in here a year ago. I mean this year from year to say, hey, we get a chance to get win two more games because we got LeBron James and we did a year ago. That was never to go goes see it was to try and get to the play offs. See what fit? Before they make another move next year. And now, they're thirty one. And what did he thirty one and thirty nine? Yes, that's the same thing had a year ago this time without LeBron. That's that's the troubling part. That's what it's exactly what I'm saying. Whether I agree key the goal was not to hey, let's be better than we were a year ago. The goal was make the playoffs. And let's see what happens and see what you need to tinker with to try to get to that next level. But the the goal has gone from not making the playoffs to let's finish five hundred to. Hey, let's try to win as many it's going in the wrong direction quickly, and you can write up the no playoffs. You can ride up a lot of things to injuries. But I don't know if you can ascribe this to the injury situation with LeBron you think they would've at least been better than they were year ago. Yeah. I mean, I don't know how he feels about this person. They haven't had an opportunity to discuss with him at all. But you gotta think that LeBron James while he may not have had aspirations of make winning a championship this year while he may not. Have been want percent positive play this year? I'm pretty damn sure. Knowing that on his record the team that he joined got worse for records perspective than better for the first time in his career as gotta stay and he played sixty games. I could probably gotta stay. I could promise you without even really like you say allow talking to him and knowing the situation, I can promise you thought he was going to play off of wasn't even on his mind. Playoffs. Layoffs were probably one of the things that you don't. It's like breathing. You don't even think about it. You just do it. And he goes to the playoffs. They're gonna finish. They're not gonna make the playoffs. They're going to be way under five hundred. We listen this. Here's LeBron talking about the difference between the Lakers and the Knicks the Knicks or one of the worst team in the league. Here's the differences LeBron season. Between their record in our record two out of the postseason. So no difference. I mean, we have a couple more wins than them. But both teams right now are looking in on outside looking in. So not much of a difference. Huge difference. The the Knicks are the worst team in the league by a comfortable margin by three games the Lakers while not a good team. The Lakers of one thirty one games. The Knicks have only one fourteen so I get it that by the what are you saying that we're not playoff? So we're both bad team. So what does it matter? But there's a difference between worst team and a team out of the play. Well, that's what I've always say. At though, y'all laugh at me, I say at the end of the day. I didn't win the Super Bowl. Neither did you. So what's the difference for the same thing? They're not in the playoffs. We're not in the playoffs. Even though we got fifteen thirteen more wins them. It's the saying both of us at home. We both got push to reset. But the problem is is that his young parts of his team perhaps feel the same way. He's a veteran who's been to the mountaintop more than a handful of times whom these are kids who are in their second year, right? Right throws Josh heart needs a second year players. They on the other hand shouldn't be viewing the Knicks as in the Lakers as being one in the same. They should have a different attitude like we shouldn't lose to this team because they have not been in a mountaintop. They just found out. What stairs located? So they shouldn't be having that perspective. Lebron I get because it's like a man I'm not a play out. What does it matter before these kids? It shouldn't matter. There should be desperation. They have pride wister still like we're not losing to them. Yes. Twice twice team in the league. Right. So while Frazier. He didn't criticize lebrons play, but we did hear he took a shot next. Would you be more part of your team? No matter what is going on public got us via partu team locker room. You're not. But you have to. That type of togetherness in public. And right now, we see really here. Pretty sharp criticism from CLYDE Frazier, of course, former knick player CLYDE Frazier longtime, Nick broadcaster Frazier. He said right now LeBron doesn't care is being critical of him for the way that he interacts with his teammates of the fact that he does not interact with his teammates that you can be privately you can kind of be distant, but publicly you need to be with your guys, and they weren't. That's that's a pretty heavy bat to swing on a guy that you know, you're only going to see in person twice a year as a member of the Knicks. If he's in the Western Conference and understand the Lakers are on TV a lot maybe can glean a little bit from television. But that in less, you know, that's a really dangerous thing to say. That's the one thing when I was playing, and I was a player and polite people with say stuff in like you saying unless you know, you never you never step out. The it just assume a guys disinterested. Or he's not part of the team because it looks like that to you. So because it looks like that to you and you trying to sell it to the mass. That's that's crazy. I just never that's why I people always say I was was like. Mean to our broadcast is a no I just get tired of people just saying stuff like you. Don't you can't just say, well, he's not into the game where he quit on his team. And like, no, that's not you don't know. That's a why would you say that what teams is Tyson channel play for the Lakers. Who was LeBron talking to Frazier was saying this ties in? So if he's talking to a teammate while he's been criticized in distanced from his team, don't you idiot. 'cause I think you do I think if if the player you're criticizing for not being part of the team is talking to a teammate why you're saying that just because he's not right next to the heart of the bench. But he's towards the end where titan channel was city, and you can see them visibly talking to one another. That's not the time to sit there and criticize LeBron James for not being engaged with his team. It's just what you said Travers weren't to percent, correct. If you only seen guy twice a year if United locker room talking to his teammates about them or the other coaches, but only going on this one particular vigil, you look like you haven't done your homework, but to say that why he's literally talking to a team may may she look like you're just saying stuff to be saying. So you just don't have the background on it it for instance, maybe LeBron has talked until he's blue in the face to these guys about being the teammate and. In. There could be a million other scenarios that led up to a moment that you peak at and see to draw a conclusion from looking at something and saying up he's not talking to just picking a guy random. He's not talking to Cal Kouzmin right now. Therefore, he's not invested in wait hold on a second. He could be chatting him up in practice in the locker room on the plane on the road and absolutely engaged with them on every possible level. Now, I'm not saying that he is. I'm saying, I don't know. And I'm not gonna look at one thing and say that he's this that or the next thing because you're not quite sure it's it's if you want to criticize him for the way that he played in that game that you just watched and say LeBron had a terrible fourth quarter. Lebron was four fifteen in the fourth quarter. They blew a late lead. And the reason they did is because LeBron missed this assignment in great. You got to see it. But to try to draw a conclusion about his value as a teammate and whether or not he's a good or a bad teammate based on one Sunday morning. That's that's remember. I told you know, Travis is people just wait there waiting to pounce on him for anything as just what they wanted. They want to jump up and down on him as soon as they get an opportunity to. So the moment that you realize, okay. Then I'm gonna make the playoffs. He had a mediocre performance. He hasn't been playing up to snuff this year. So he plays a certain way in front of you. Then he does something that all of a sudden I'm gonna start this narrative about who. He is they they just wait. It was a moment of weight. And that's what they do. They sit back in a way in the attack. And now we're talking about wall Fraser here in Los Angeles. That's what it is this this and put the criticism from Frazier in this category this season this thing this what a mess that. We're we're here in the middle of March. And instead of thinking, hey, you know, what if they can get hot they can beat the nuggets in a first round. Hey, you know, what if they if they get a bouncer to or they can steal a game on the road and bring it back to Staples Center, they can win a first round series. And then any you know, anything can happen from that point for now. It's LeBron bad leader. Now, it's worth the same as the Knicks. Now, it's well they've shut Lonzo down shut Ingram down. All these guys are out that the Rosca it just what a disaster that there. I mean, let me flip it on its head a little bit. What about this season? Can you say a positive is there something they're gonna fire the coach you had Lonzo who is on his way? And then got hurt yet. Brandon Ingram who got hurt you had Calcutta who had a good season. But it wasn't a pop sees the whole my goodness. Look look. Bronze miss the playoffs for the first time in forever. They're gonna finish under five hundred. They're gonna finish with a record. That's potentially worse than what where where is the silver lining in this season? Okay. I have several number one cow Cousy won MVP of the rising stars competition during all star break number two. If you have LeBron James team as a pretty damn good start steel. Now, I get it disappointing. We have said the same thing it disappointing with the record this year. But if I told you next year you having a Brian James in your squad, you still feel positive that's the positive number three. Magic in rob put together squad. Seven seven. What is it seven guys who are not going to be on the roster next year? Okay. That means you get to you're not your wagon isn't hitch to badness your wagon hitched to any of the players that didn't perform the level that you wanted to in fact, your wagon halfway through the season, basically became hitched. So you you get a total reboot. This isn't a situation where you sat with a bunch of bad contracts heading to a free agency full of talent. No, this was a season that ended disappointedly, but you get to start fresh basically with the brawn James because you get three might the entire roster all over again with no contract obligations to bad place was the plan all alone. I believe I believe that was the plan. We put this together. If we do some great, but because we didn't get to players at the first year we seek out the second year, we get a player, and we get to reboot the roster. I guys I get a two year thing. And that it's we can go back and say this was the plan all along. I get it that wasn't fitness. This is if you go back to the beginning of last season when they did sign LeBron on right around July fourth when he came in. And they added all of these other pieces, and you looked at and you thought that Kouzmin in Ingram ball would take a step forward in the right direction. This wasn't a, hey, it's a two year project that if you're just looking at this season relative to what we thought it was going to be at the beginning of the season. And where it is right now, it's really hard to say. Well, this was the plan all along. This has been catastrophe really has no plan has been actually plan. The results didn't work out of this. To just absolutely flush the season and start over again. That's what we're saying note. The plan was certainly to put yourself in position to be a major player in this free agency. And it's coming up that was always the plan. If that wasn't the plan, then they would've just resigned, Julius Randle to a long term deal the brand Jane's, and we just gonna row would have won more games temporarily. But you wouldn't have been -sition champion was put in place, just not executing. I don't wanna hear that little crap. You guys are like children on Christmas when they signed pom poms us arguing. Talking about he's sitting at the end of the bench. We should get rid of. Chris off about how they could beat the words l z was like veteran. Better than Iraq. That was for five minutes. Everybody came down the stairs to Christmas morning, and mom and dad's. Wait till next year was not the plan on Christmas along the way. All right. The Steelers clean house. But did they get rid of the wrong guy? Maybe we'll tell you next. You were here you're here. I don't know you. Oh, I didn't know you were t- interesting. Happy birthday. Yes. Create clean, clean Latifah. Forty nine years old. Yeah. Girl. She's advertised for moisturizer? She's forty nine. She's looking like she's been part of my collective contrast forever. From worst arise. Yeah. I mean, she's been on TV or making music for since I was really high years at least since I was in highschool. I mean, she won you why won a Grammy. I think it was one of the first rap Grammy's ever given out by the category had just been creative basically and she wins. And now here we are twenty nineteen. She's still hone it down. It's still relevant. That's it's pretty remarkable in that universe to to be relevant for thirty years or whatever the long time. That's. Edible is brought to you by Jaguar Land Rover Newport Beach off the Seventy-three towards the sea. Visit Land Rover Newport Beach dot com. Land Rover above and beyond Oscar nominee. For chicago. Yeah. Yeah. Oh was. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now that you say that guy. Remember just. Yeah. That's pretty good run. She she got you ever been on stage. She thinks she's she's I don't think she's been e got nominate Tono Tony. Yeah. She needs the e got we're talking about key. No, EMMY, Oscar Grammy and Tony the performance award. So she's got the Grammy at least been nominated for an Oscar. I don't know. Well, living single. But yeah, all right. This is crazy. So Josh Harris, whose former teammate have been Rothlisberger is saying that Ben Rothlisberger intentionally caused a fumble in twenty fourteen game because he was set with a call that Todd. Haley had made that the game. It was a game against the ravens the last game of the twenty fourteen regular season. The Steelers had a ten point lead with about a minute to go. And Ben thought that they should've taken a knee and run out the clock end the game. Todd Haley calls a play Rothlisberger didn't like it. And so he intentionally put the ball on the ground. He tries to handle to the fullback. And we're looking at it during the break guys, the fullback clearly did not think that the ball was coming. So the paws on the ground. Yeah. I didn't it didn't look that way. To me. I can't speak definitively was in his head. But just from looking at the video, and we blew it up really big on the ipad. It was at any point thinking to football is gonna come his way, certainly. Ball is not intended just based on the the motions of the fullback. And and the things that he did to get to the line of scrimmage. The ball wasn't supposed to go to him. But what I would say I don't I wasn't in the huddle with. I don't know Josh Harris like that. This is the sort of stuff that comes up when you start alienate your teammates. Now, I looked at the video and also do know being, you know, being eight as far as football play call in and memorization and things of that nature. Sometimes you got a dummy down things for be just been a mistake. It could have been he he he thought something I'm gonna I wanna give him to benefit of the doubt that he didn't know the play. Okay. He he forgot the play that's bad. I want. I rather say that that he attention tried to fumble. Because they had a giant Lee. Here's C O. I much rather. No, no. Yeah. Person as opposed to just Nydia dumb enough for football circles. People tell you you're not dealing with a, you know. Every scholar. Berger of being the smartest guy in the room ever said that. He may have forgotten. He may have forgotten the plate. Here's my thought. It was for the fullback, and he stuck the ball out. Here's what Josh air said about that. This is a quote he wrote this on Twitter Todd Haley called appl- run play with very little time left in the game. Ben wanted to kneel he rolled his eyes in the huddle. He then purposely fumbles the ball. I had to recover it at that moment. I knew a kind of person he was he went on to write. And I was a fan of Ben I was star struck the first time I saw him. It was an honor to see Big, Ben. Then I saw what he was it made it sour for me. That's why they tell you to never meet your heroes now key to your point. Maybe he just called a play. And then by the time, he got to the line of scrimmage. He forgot all the time. Title doubt. But if the play comes in and Ben Rothlisberger I rolls. Yeah. Now that now that seems to be that's more than I forgot that is a Mesaba Tura at this point. I'm going and by the way, I can't think of the if he's not shrewd enough to remember the play from the time. It leaves his mouth of the time. He's gotta turn around hand the ball. That's one problem. But if I've got a guy who's intentionally doing something like this on my team? I don't know if there's a more pointed in I don't know if there's ending the worst you could say about a guy that he's intentionally trying to fumble the ball. That's that's the reason practices. An apple the reason he would try and do that because it's not to lose the game or anything like that is to show. Todd Haley is not very smart as an office coordinator. So he's trying to show Todd up instead of saying my office coordinator is the one calling the plays. We should be nila. Now, three straight times. It's a minute to going to gain. They have no timeouts whatever the case is. They decide to run the ball. So this is what happens when you decide to run the ball. Just let me kneel down. See I'm gonna show you in. That's that could be part of it. When you when something comes into the huddle guy roses is because he's he doesn't like the play call. You know, he just does it. So by the time he goes what changed the play then one if the call comes in. And they wanna I can just Neil it in the game's over. He could've new all I'd never not doing that victory. Formation were taken in the hell out. Things like that. It wasn't the quarterback. Right. Yeah. You told us you actually caught them fourth quarter time out. I'm out. Yeah. But that's what I mean Enron. Got you thought you snuck away member? What was it the Jacksonville game last year the playoff game when he said, well, look, I don't call the place. I mean, this is this put into this behavior. This is him intentionally doing this. No one saying no way if you and say Tom Brady Peyton Manning or Cam Newton or pick. It Russell Wilson pick agai n said rather than say, you you had two guys there that they're four guys. There you go right with Ben. We went. Maybe maybe. Yeah. And for me, the maybe is based on him being affair. Yes. Him being an idiot. 'cause I just think that if you've won two Super Bowls if you've been successful he's been if you are bound for the hall of fame. I just have a hard time believing you broke out of the huddle out of a blowout. And you just forgot the game. Telling you, I'm telling you, I know you wanted to get out of here. I'm telling you. He's bad dome is not even him. What always say about football players? When you go move from that huddle to the line of scrimmage, a, man. I believe. This this falls into character. Right. You heard that the Lakers were done with the ngelo? Russell. Right. Right. Right. Well, wait to hear what Doc Rivers said about that. That's next. I don't know what that was from. That's. Creative musical musings of g legend John legis distant distant. No. No, they're going to remake that song anytime soon with you as the guy, I don't know auto tuned can fix a lot of things that but something. You know, what else is going on what their issues in the streets. He's opened the copter. What's going on key? Well, little interest in the street. There's an accident blocking the right lane the ninety one freeway that's riverside freeway. Now remember that Ryan ninety one not the nineteen west at Lakewood boulevard back up to tire near boulevard. Congested. Traffic delays are up thirty minutes. Lakewood boulevard off the five freeway and head west. If you're coming from Orange County, or if you take the six oh five one five to get around back to the ninety one freeway therefore, you'll get to work on time. But he'd take the nineteen and you're going to be going somewhere that I've never heard before. Again. It's an accident right lane blockage. Ninety one freeway remember the riverside freeway. Not the nineteen ninety one. They use in it backwards. Boulevard back up to par near boulevard. Congestion. Stop and go traffic, thirty minutes. Maybe forty five. I don't know. All right. Thank you key. I lived in LA most of my life. I don't think there isn't nineteen now Lakewood boulevards nineteen ever. Ever won the nineteen kina me toss this morning by the office of Joseph Norman injured in the accident. You know, who knows to take care of you Joe knows eight six six seven seven seven zero six seventy seven the nineteen. All right. The ninety one is the what we're talking about. Right. So Doc Rivers was talking about former Laker current Brooklyn net. Dangelo Russell and he's a fan. Here's what he said about what the the Angelo's up to I've been able to see him for longtime longtime. I was really disappointed early on. Because I just thought he was really good. Sometimes you just gotta wait on a kid the same thing with teams, especially in this young group. You look at each other's drafts. And these guys that come out at nineteen. They don't take off right away. They get moved around. And next thing. You know, they're players it happens more than we know. And it happened in the Angela Dangelo made the all star team DeAngelis going to have his team in the play offs. And the Angelo's what are the guys that at the end of the game? If he's got the ball in his hands, you're sticking around to see what he's going to do. He's he's that guy. I feel like I feel like doc in a way with this one. Because when when you you took a guy that high for reason you because you felt there's talent there's something there. You wasn't the only one at one any. Everybody would have taken him. But when you become impatient with players you start moving on from them instead of letting them develop. I mean, we're gonna we kinda see we see this with the young guys on a Lakers coordination. Right. He didn't quite give me that when he's not a better shoe in then you look up and you move him. You think we screwed this up and it's too late in now. The Lakers, obviously, they made a move for number reasons. They got rid of him not just his ball play. But he had some off the court issues. He snitching on players. He's doing it's causing a mess when he shouldn't be doing it. And at the end of the day, they decided to part ways with Brooklyn obviously benefited from that. And now he's turned into an all star player. You have to be careful with young guys, especially if you don't give them a full opportunity to mature and develop in the NBN particulars full of examples of young players doing things that sippy make their presence in the current locker room. Just untenable exactly I think about. Exact Randolph, right? Drafted by Portland. Trailblazers? Also known as Joe blazers they had to break that up a little bit. Zach is traded boom. He's random Zibo when he was in Portland. He was Randolph troublemaker, blah, blah, new environment. Hansson Zeba the same thing happened to she'd she grew once he once he left saw. There are tons and tons of examples of guys like Dangelo routes who does something in a current locker room they drafted, but when he's shifted shipped out he gets to reboot start fresh. And that's what happened. I don't think that Magic Johnson got rid of the Angelo simply because he didn't go basketball player. He just thought what had occurred with him and swaggie p and then his attitude about when he was getting benched occasionally in order to see what the other team was like those two things may magic feel like he could build around him in this environment. They shipped him out, and he's blessing now reboot. But okay. So that happened with swaggie p, but wouldn't you ship swaggie out knowing that situation like you? It wasn't just go swaggie fees gone. And whoever else is there is gone. And he's going to be the last minute standing swaggie Pete. Yeah. To concert, stand coaches are all still the same. No, Josh duck. I'm not dot B. Scott was good was going. No, the one I'm talking about the coaches is still the same. They knew what that was. They know look what did you say? Locker room really hard to completely rid yourself, the reputation is you're the guy that took the video and Senate out that that's right. Jeanie buss. You know, what I'm saying that is tied to every single time. You walk in got it video. You are. I mean, that's you. Or that guy? You can go into the next place and say, I learned it was a disaster. I should've never done it. It's terrible. Everyone in that. Locker can look at him and say, all right. We'll give them a second chance. But everybody in that first lockers. Yeah. Yeah. We know who you are. Soccer will be there though. But it's not just locker room, though, you organization is every everybody's going to be an organization with a lot of them are going nowhere, of course. But I mean a lot of them. Yeah. And look the quote manager like I'll just all the people. They all look at you like, yeah. You one. It's weird. I think would dock is getting at Nygard with it is that even look de ngelo Russel's body language and competitive fire in moments were not great that when he would get when he got benched at the one point that's easier. You could tell he did not respond the way that you hope somebody would respond. That's also a nineteen year old young man at that point who still figuring out that not everything works all the time that sometimes you're gonna have to you're gonna have to take it. You're going to have to be the guy that wear something. You don't wanna have to? You'd have to be the guy that sits down and fights back. Not the guy that sits down and rolls shoulders and gives up that being said, he handled it very poorly, and this isn't an indictment of the Lakers. But I think just generally speaking, you gotta be careful about reading guy's character at nineteen years old when something goes bad because they're we're not you and me nineteen where you're not. You're not a finished product still trying to figure out what you are is an adult which you are. Man, how you respond adversity. Maybe you're different t I don't know. But I'm telling you most of us are still trying to figure out how to deal with stuff. We don't all the answers. We almost always blow it early. You would've behooved us. Obviously if someone to take them on the wing and say, this young man, this is this is what it is. But I think once he started pouting when he got benched, it was, you know, what I'm gonna go ahead and ship all this energy out not the player, but the energy of this player because just because he's an all star doesn't mean that he's matured emotionally, it just means that he's a better basketball player. But you still don't know what life is going to be like for him if something bad happens. Oh, which is the problem when he was with the makers it wasn't his basketball play. It was can you handle adversity? And when adversity comes. How do you handle it magic? And rob a brand new. And so they don't really no, no, no, you they put in a situation you come off the bench because they're trying to see what the other players have. And you go down to Houston. I think it was. And just purposely just tank give pouted and that's magic I came. I came Bill with this. That's all that's all before. Yeah. I'm happy for them to. One last thing that they had to give something of value to get rid of Timothy mosque off to it wasn't just if you're gonna move MAs. God's deal. I'm not just going to take him because like your smile, I'm gonna have to get something to de ngelo. Russell was something. He's the number two draft pick in the draft just a couple of drops before. So that that was a part of it as well. All right. Very very good news. If you're a dodger fan, one of the more important pieces has a definite return date headline in the morning next.

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