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"riverside county school district" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"ID charms up. Never give yet Good idea. It's a private Catholic school was able to reopen today after San Bernadino County Public Health gave all elementary schools the go ahead. After the county's covert 19 case rate met the state's threshold, hoping and praying for it, but we wanted it only when it was gonna be safe, and we had all of the PPE equipment that we need to ensure everyone's safety. Her side county can also begin the process of bringing back its T K through sixth grade students. But first, each school district must submit a covert 19 safety plan to the county and state public health departments for approval. It's really a true safety plan. How the kids will be in class. What distance it is between the students, the cohorts that coat of lunch together, masking washing their hands. Cleaning the school. So far, four districts have been approved. Myriad of that was like a fun school with 900 rules in the school. So far, four districts have been approved. Myriad of Valley Paloverde, Desert Sands and Corona Norco Unified School District's have notified parents of return. That's important because some people just listen to radio, half ass. Here are the schools that are going to be open. And if you live out in the United Inland Empire, you're gonna want to know this because you want to get your kids back in school ASAP. This is not good for kids. It's horrible for them. So far, four districts have been approved. Myriad of Valley Paloverde, Desert Sands and Corona Norco Unified School District's have notified parents of return to class states. 25 other Riverside County School district have also submitted their safety plans and are waiting for approval. It's a lot of schools, a lot of kids in the inland empire going back. The time is now we're ready. Rusdi is telling its educators not already at a school site to be ready to report back will be teaching virtually from your classroom's next week. But we can get back as I mentioned to our routines and welcome our students with open arms the following week. I have a large group of teachers that are ready to go back and I have I have some teachers that are not ready to go back. It's one of those things that we know best for Children. They need to be back in the classroom. Final preparations are already underway It RUS thieves Petapa Elementary School, where custodian was busy measuring the school shared walkways Today of Riverside County Public Health opened all its public health clinics to educators country. Stood in getting their vaccine. However, it is not a requirement forced schools too Real There you go. All right, speaking back seam. Let's see Johnson Johnson what they're doing, and a unanimous vote and FDA panel has recommended authorizing Johnson and Johnson's Cove in 19 Vaccine for adults. The acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration is expected to agree within the next few days. If that happens, the vaccines rollout could begin a soon as next week here in the United States. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine promises faster protection, requiring one shot instead of two and was shown to be 66% effective globally and preventing moderate to severe disease. Ahead of today's decision, Dr Anthony Fauci explained his belief in the vaccine. We now have three highly effective vaccine. Good importantly, each of them are very effective against the V, a disease and virtually all of them. Say that you look at the data and it's clear that you get essentially no hospitalizations or deaths in any of this is very good news here in the U. S. The Johnson and Johnson drug is about 72% effective against serious illness. That is, according to new FDA data released today, the company said it could provide 20 million shots at the end of March and 100 million more doses over the summer. A few days and advisory committee to the CDC will meet to discuss how the vaccine should be used and later rolled out to the public. All right, That's great, right? We're other vaccines are moving, that's we need and We might soon Phase out of vaccine tears, right. Maybe just everybody jumps him. That's only way I could get it if we screw with the tears, Los Angeles County once again moving in the right direction and the covert fight with infection and.

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