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"rivers  cold waters" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"rivers cold waters" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"We didn't put your coat when it was thirty dollars your mom said put your coat on. You're like, I don't need a coder doesn't phase you when your kid. It doesn't you know the old. I like to offer up a public service announcement to a lot of people I watch the news yesterday. And I'm an offer. This a lot of people just because it's thirty two degrees. Does not mean the water is frozen to the point where you could walk on it. No. I don't know if you saw Naperville saving a guy. Yeah. About an inch worth of ice the guys out in the middle doing the Irish or something. I'm glad they they save. You gotta wait till there's four inches of ice. Three to four inches of ice is from the ice. Richmond. That fish wolf lake all the time four, h that's one sport. I never got. If there's a current under there, you gotta be careful. There's a war. More more into the young man that decided last night he was gonna pull the Mark Spitz and try to swim across the Chicago. River cold water, you like to watch being drunk is no excuse for being stupid. Try to Diana swimming across the English channel, Dan like that great referencing seventies. You can't swim in this water now without wet Shirley, not without your clothes on because you're going to take you straight to the bottom. No, no, no. You had his clothes on? That's even worse. Swim across from Bank to Bank stupid initial cargo revenue Chicago, you didn't see you don't watch the news. At nine o'clock off the water, stay out of the water. And if you're gonna go on the ice, make sure the ice is nice and thick for your plea. There's enough. There will be.

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