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"riva hago" Discussed on KGO 810

"Right I mean G. mail wasn't earlier there was a huge outage early yeah in fact me did you log in to your G. email earlier today yeah I've been on all day yeah I know I can get on and how to be an incognito mode and then log in that way that was after mobile to or just I don't know about but no I don't think mobile is is on my desktop and the ideas I just googled it and it's a the other was a bagel outage it was having a bit of a Monday interesting now when you think about that and how many people that that's when you get a real understanding of how broad and and granted Google's presences in our life cool as both a noun and a verb you know I'm absolutely may have your last time you said let's see who it was being it as being in there I think you say that sarcastically would you know but you know the wheel on AOL the weather trademark laws work that when when something becomes so ubiquitous that it no longer can be protected in other words clean axe right or Xerox Xerox they you know they became so popular that people I it was hard for them to defend their trademark for what they what they did right I know I although I think both of those successfully did all of Kleenex did though I think they usually call pay they paper tissue you're still a company called Kleenex that makes things a jeweler knows Riva hago anyway but though that that whole the whole idea of becoming just you know so big or the government goes well they're so big I think we need to do something about it couple things so we didn't mention I'm going to talk about Stephen King Steven king and I and then I want to that the cop that the chokehold on garner if you heard today was fired in that story broke this afternoon but Steve king says the media and GOP leaders owe him an apology after comments on rape and incest we have that sound we all right so again to just you know he's a Republican from Iowa who is insane he said really or or or a second racist things in the past but last week he was speaking at the west side conservative club in Urbandale Iowa we thought it was safe but we realize that you can't bring recording devices into a place like that and he was talking about what personal this is recorded and he said he was misquote so listen the reason why.

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