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"ritchie campbell" Discussed on Windows Weekly

"And are you are you NAS Hari DIO? I'm reading it off in keeled. It's key though that the run as is one word. It's yes. Well, that's why makes it administrators joke right site. You'll find out the whole website full of administrative drugs. Like, the underscores are all all keys that work. And you know, if you're if you're an IT guy, you'll get my website, otherwise it makes. And if you're a rocker and a roller you'll get it as well done that rocks. What do you say, let's go out and shoot a bunch album. Covers is that basically. That's what happened at that. What I like is people complain that I looked to mean and Carl looks to sell it. Yeah. Now, that's that was the lifestyle that that's the day. Those were I wanted, you know, you always inspired me with that RV thing. And we never did do that. I always wanted to do that. Well, we will always wanted to get you out of the studio sometime in front of live audio love it definitely matured a way of making episodes in front of an audience is different. They are going to Seattle, and may Leo there you go. That's interesting. Yeah. All right. Maybe because we've been thinking about it. Okay. Let me make it a little less interesting. I'll just warn you. It is at the same time as Goliath. I just told disclosure. Now, I I would I would like to go up in may actually we we've been meeting their melted by then right? So. Yeah. We'll probably melted next week. Right. Generally, what happens is the wind changes direction it rains continuously. And then that's that. Mr. Ritchie Campbell. Thank you, sir. I pleasure guys. All right. Take care. We'll take a little break. The back of the book coming up next on the show. But first word from our sponsor, and it said appropriate sponsor for our IT focused folk a name, you know, atlassian, atlassian for I t a collaboration software company that powers IT teams around the world staying competitive in an increasingly cloud-based world requires IT teams to plan and.

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