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"rita sarah" Discussed on Podcasts at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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"rita sarah" Discussed on Podcasts at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

"May have spent many lifetimes favoring this Chakra. So it is highly developed this time around and the connection with spirit is immediate. The crown Chakra think of Mahatma Gandhi, I angle the yoga teacher gurus sages, the Buddha Lee Carroll, the partner crying Haya teaches can reach their sense of self love a know that they are daily loved purely by opening this Chakra. Yet, humans why limit yourselves you have had many lifetimes on the planet where other checkers will your primary connection to source. You can ask if you'll records. How many of these have already been activated in other lifetimes, I'm bringing them forward into this lifetime? Why limit your sense of being daily loved? Why only have a three D cents of it? As cryan would say connect, I with a Chakra that resonates the most for you with the body sense of being daily loved then asked to be guided to a second, then that's it. And so on. The Rita Sarah is already sensing the Tim any lifetime. She worked with heart and soda plexus in the healing professions. Yet, another lifetime still all the other checkers became highly developed so receive our dear love, dear ones through Chakra practice. You all daily loved through each and every Chakra. While discussing chat, Chris with the last thing, I was expecting with this podcast. I hope you enjoyed it. I've also posted the text at mama spiritual journey dot com. If you look in the under these podcasts with Seren friends section on the menu, you'll find it along with the other podcasts in this series. I hope you enjoyed it. Come and visit me on Twitter at Sarah's energy. If you like chats on Twitter, I'm quite chatty. Data all connect with me at mom on a spiritual journey dot com. For blog posts or my services site for readings at new weld, energetic dot com. Until next time.

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