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"rim blumenfeld" Discussed on The Authority Project

"I am here with my new friend here, Rim Blumenfeld is in the virtual building today. How are you doing today sir? Really well, glad to be with you. Awesome we. Got Together pretty much at the last minute here I'm glad you got to get you on here on a Monday. I'm not sure if it's Tuesday yet for you very close right Awesome. So he says he's here to help us. SCIENTIST SABOTEUR To build grow in sale. Our business. And I am very interested in this topic because I think a lot of us have done this inordinate pass. Sure we all. Had Saba cheer in our minds that have have. kind of taken away from our goals in our dreams, and he's here to remedy that here for us today I'm so happy is here do that to us today. But before we get started, please let me know who you are personally and professionally. So. I hold British and American possible. I spent some of like working in the states and then returned kingland where I grew up. Mostly, like real was in media as an entrepreneur running founding running companies which I sold. And then towards the end of my career Brian, I just have a most of the what I was doing with senior leaders might. Organization was coaching because when you left with senior people, they need to be told what to do out to did it. They need to be supportive in champions and held accountable just really well coached us. Some training that I could actually do that professionally and what I discovered was that it's much better to coached people who actually want to be. That sound obvious that invite full of professions I found myself catchy believe it necessary want to be coach wasn't in the job description and they wanted the boss Apps to tell them what to do will appreciate them. Even the payrise they didn't really want Boston coach. So I now coach leaders across created sector most often found founders, other areas and I essentially help them avoid all the mistakes that I made along the way. Wow unbelievable. So I am excited to get you to get you start with some questions for you. But let's let's start here. First of all, what is what project are you currently working right now? What's your? What's your? What's your project that you're on that you want to tell us right today? Project that I actually started heavy twist to roll out the most essential, leading the deliver clients Wallo on to an audience worldwide. So with my founders like coach while on wallet used to be in person marriage on. June. I found that many of them have the same issues because you. said. I ended up essentially a repeating because I would do the same modules replies. So I turn that into prayed on nine modules, which is stand up. and. It's available to anyone who's a found a content driven business and that means a business which. Is Driven by ideas was onset people. So most of my clients intelligence fell advertising alleging. Aging gaming anything. which is. final. Products started with an idea. Okay. I like we're going. Going my friend so but for before, we get into a lot of the how to stuff here tell us where your journey started. Tickets back to the time. Where you felt compelled to start your own business tickets back to that time for us. Yeah. I suppose. For many of us that mode apple somewhere children and some adults says. You'll stupid. You'll get it up. sign a promise to ourselves to prove them wrong. Yes. So I, guess that happened to me h life like most people but. When I actually did something about it into the study business was I was in my twenties. And, a TV producer I was working for channel if the United Kingdom the went off at overrun. up and. Of course, everyone at the highest level been demand new allow that weeks months years for. Those of us on the coalface. Simple one day to the next I what. And I money. So I decided to. Be, decision I just did what I was. Sent out ideas from her. Get Mad look good enough get on TV before when I was working for a big organization that same ideas offset out and I must have sent out a lot in the Brian. Ninety hundred TV ideas and heavy out of those set by. Usually. The nuts note absent who attended to not always, but basically note. Asked to figure out maybe it wasn't the ideas that the problem because years of quite good I think maybe it was neat. Because no one wants to trust that much money and responsibility to a single person ripen from the bedroom. People want to trust that much money responsibility company that they entrust said, I stopped at a company and. With a short while some of those same ideas that have been found out will now the. Eventually emission laptop started my business. Awesome. I. I know I want to get this this question out to First of all to I wanted to hear hear your your story on this. Brings us to that moment. When you sold your first company what was that day like for you? Few. Because that wasn't the date. Yet. WHO SELLS A company Eight when we finally signed. Off until that day I? Might not happen this way when s everything you want is. About to come to fruition in the signing a piece of paper show instinct is think there's GonNa be Hurricane Peasants GonNa die. I say this slight seriousness because Appliance Ryan was coaching up until cody And Ghost with the with Now I comprehend from it that. That can shoot thousand, nine one that I. so lifeless. I was.

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