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Star Series: Torey Krug, Jack Eichel, Mathew Barzal plus Mitch Marner signs

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Star Series: Torey Krug, Jack Eichel, Mathew Barzal plus Mitch Marner signs

"Hey it's elliot before we get going. We wanted to let you know that Sports Net's weekly. NHL Newsletter is coming to your inbox this season written and produced by Rory Boylan are NHL Editor and Co host of the tape to tape podcast sports nets. NHL Newsletter will deliver original content. You can't find anywhere else plus all the most important news analysis and videos of the week sign up now at sports net dot. Ca Slash newsletters. That's sports net dot ca slash newsletters forget the most in-depth exclusive hockey coverage delivered directly actly to your inbox. Can You keep all four of them to virus neulander Monir and Matthews. Does the salary structure allow you to do that we can and we will. Elliott we can and we will they put that onto shirts coffee mugs in Toronto. Now welcome thirty-one thoughts the podcast Geoff Merrick Elliott Friedman and free for the first time. We're starting off the podcast with an insert. It is Saturday morning as you record this twelve hours after the news breaking at the Maple leafs have resigned Mitch Monitor. It is a six year contract that carries an AV of ten point eight nine three million dollars first of all do wide brush thoughts on this when it happened last night when the news broke. What was the first thing that went through. Elliot Friedman's head Mitch Monir called it into this so this was monir saying I've had enough no more. I need more than Austin Matthews no more. I need to make this amount of money. Let's just end this. I want to play hockey so this was all monir. This wasn't Darren. Farris assist wasn't on advice of the agent or the family. This is all monitored saying done. I believe so. I believe that this was Mitch. Martyrs call you know ever since news broke earlier in the week that what he turned down the offers that has been on the table that had been said no to what they were countering with. I think the public turned on him especially the maple leafs fans and I always convinced the public pressure makes a difference but I think in this case it absolutely did did I heard it was a very difficult forty eight seventy two hours for him and I think he just said no loss like it's time to get going here. Obviously obviously if you've seen the contract and you've seen the structure. He's going to be a very wealthy man. I don't begrudge that at all. I think everybody should fight earn every every dollar. They can possibly get but there comes a point where you have to say okay. We've got to make a decision and then things and this was Mitch monitors time to end things. I think that when the day comes something is written about how everything went down over that time. It's going to be a fascinating story story. I think it lurched and a lot of different directions. I believe the maple. He's made very clear. They didn't want to do three years and I think it was monitor. Who decided okay. I'll go to six and then they figured out how would all work but to me. The biggest story here is Mitch martyrising enough's enough. Let's go what do you think of the deal itself self. Obviously you mentioned he's going to become a very wealthy. Man is going to become a very wealthy man not just by way of salary but by way of bonus specifically. What do you remake of the structure of the deal itself Elliot. I don't have any problem with bonuses. I know I'm in the minority here but if you're the Toronto Maple leaves the CBA va the way it is was fought for the teams that are not like you your ability to flex your financial muscle in the national hockey. League was curtailed like same with Montreal same with Philadelphia same with the Rangers. The whole reason hockey was shut down for a year was to fight for the teams that are not like you that don't generate generate revenue like you so if I own a maple leaves and you were to say to me okay that whole thing wasn't for me it was Kinda. Hurt me a little bit. Although you make even more money it was to hurt my ability to spend money on my players. There are other ways you have to find other ways to take advantage of your advantages is and that's what I would do. If I ran them. I would have no problem doing it and I know I'm in the minority on this one that I said it before and I've had people on some. Some of the small market teams say they want to strangle me every time they hear it. I get it. I don't have a problem with it. The you know we're we're in. CBA talks right now. We're going to no the. I don't think in too long what the new. CBA IS GONNA look like and I'm not sure how hard they're gonNa go after the bonuses. I don't think they're the two sides are really that interested in making major sweeping changes but jeff. I don't have an issue with it. Okay the question then becomes about the Toronto Maple leafs. It's now that Michener has signed and the big four are all there for at least five years and that's not just Mitch Martyr but Austin Matthews William melander and John Onto virus one of the criticisms that we've seen about the maple leafs salary structure is it is forward heavy and and older have been teams that have won Stanley Cups with that type of structure Pittsburgh Penguins being perhaps the most obvious what do you make the composition of the Toronto Maple leafs leaks right now where the lion's share of the funds are being absorbed by the top four forwards this is obviously a huge year and the reason using is that you take a look at it and you see that very CC Muslin. Three three of their top six are done after this season. There's no way they're gonNA keep them all they can't and you're getting close to a Frederik Anderson. Listen extension and you're getting closer to a Morgan Liley extension so this is a year for the maple leaves and they're we're going to have some cap issues unless they can trade the Clarkson or the Horton contracts. 'cause they're going to be on long-term injury injury. This is a huge year and what it means is that they've got to be able to develop players. You know essentially cow L. Dubers- is GonNa have forty one million for sixteen spots because we know next year's cap is GonNa be tight so barring. A trade of one of these guys is and you know. We know that several of them are definitely not getting traded. You know that's where you are and their ability to develop their ability to draft. It's going to be tested and the one thing is matthews and minor should be great players. There's for a long long time to virus. Eventually you think the age curve is GonNa hit them by the way he prepares the way he goes about things things. I understand that I just look at this and I say they're taking a shot with their best players and we'll see where it goes now. I think the other teams are furious. I think the other players are ecstatic on other are as by their them what what this will do is. We'll pass their ability to draft him develop players because they're gonNA have to do it. I want to get your thoughts on what this means for Brayden point and chuck and line and Connor Besser. Go right down the list but the one thing I want to get your thoughts on is the idea that you never get in trouble when you spend money on your stars stars. You never get in trouble when you spend on your most productive players where you get in trouble is if you spend too much money down the line on your third and fourth line players players on your bottom pairing defenceman. Do you agree with that I do but the thing is visiting proved that you gotTa be twenty three strong to win the Stanley Cup. Why one of the major reasons the blues won the Stanley Cup last year. They were one of the major the reasons the bruins were in the Stanley Cup final last year. They were deep Washington Pittsburgh. You look at all those teams. They have great players but they also had deep teams. You know death is important in this league. It's not the NBA and that's going to be what they have to do. Their ability ability to find players like trevor more at seven hundred seventy five thousand dollars. He's a huge player on this team now Razzamatazz Sandon to use even more important to this team now whether he makes it this year or not because they're going to need him for years to come. They're going to need players. Here's on their entry level contracts to make a difference That's going to be the key here for the maple leafs. They're great. Players are going to have to be drivers. There's no question about it's a huge year for new land combat and show the last year was an aberration because he missed the first two months. You know the the pressures on but you know. I think that if I was a player I wasn't executive. I want that pressure. I want the expectation to be on me to win and it is okay so what does this mean for the marketplace then and perhaps the most obvious one is breaking point with the Tampa Bay lightning someone that we all listen fridge. We all thought this one. John was one of the quote unquote easier ones to do but he's still without contract in Tampa. What does this mean for ca chuck the Winnipeg pair best. What does this mean for the other. RFA forwards out there. You'RE GONNA see two sides to it. I think you're GONNA see. The teams are you. The Toronto situation is unique. That's them and they chose things to do that. Way And we're not them. That's their situation and you're not not bringing that comparison in here and what the players are going to argue is Kinda the same thing players did when Connor mcdavid got his contract and I've said this many times connor mcdavid is worth every penny. Nobody's complaining about that if anything he's underpaid by other players said Okay Okay I know I'm not as good as Karmic David but I'm not six million dollars worse than Connor mcdavid and it lifted the next year up and that's what's going to happen here with smarter. People are GonNa say well point might just say look I better than minor and that's GonNa be a heck of a debate for hockey fans by Tampa is going to say they look. That's not our situation plus. There's the tax break you get. We're not doing that but you are going to see people say look comparable to Monir. Maybe maybe I'm not in eleven million dollar and no you're not going to do that but I'm closer than say seven and a half million or eight million and and that's what's that's what's going to be the problem for the teams like the two situations in particular are I think Calgary and Colorado because because both the flames and the avalanche of told Rantanen could chalk respectively you will be our highest paid player. We get that the issue they have is they don't want rant and making four million dollars more than Mckinnon and especially they've got land is God coming up. They've got my car coming up and they will have McKinnon coming. Hang up the flames say okay but there's a limit to how much we want you making more than their highest paid guys which are grow and Giordano. I know who just WanNa Norris trophy so I think that's the issue you know. Metal Shop Cal Connor thirty goals score no question about it lining situation. I think because a bit unique because she wants a bridge so I don't know how high those numbers are going to be able to get but I think all these players are going to argue that way Jeff Josh. We have a lot of listeners in Vancouver. What does this mean for Brock Besser. Why Bachelor to argue that he deserves a lift particular. Question comes comes down to the term like modern terms so the more term you do higher. You're gonNA argue your number. GonNa v if short-term it's harder because here's the teams will argue more forcefully that those are a years and nine years and the players argue. You know why Toronto's change the market. The teams are going to argue. We're not kilonzo so I think what you're GONNA see. These players get a bump but the teams are going to argue not as much as they think they should okay. We'll conclude conclude with this one the maple leafs and there while the leafs fans rather specifically love nothing more than stressing about their team. It is a bunch of LADY MACBETH'S WRINGING THEIR HANDS WALKING UP and down the hallways late at night now that he's done what do maple leafs fans have distress about now. I think they're just gonNA be stressing about. Maybe the defense do we have enough depth the same kinds of things that you always stress about. I always remember this interview last year. After they won the Stanley Cup I said to him. There's GonNa be no more questions and he goes. No you tell me what's the next question going to be. I just loved his attitude that there's always something. There's always something you're gonNA stress about. I saw that on twitter after the deal was announced saying what of martyrs assistive assist raindrops. There's always something. Just you know there's always a free goes always always always totally wrong. Answer because Travis Disturbance Watch starts now. Let's get back to our regularly scheduled podcast welcome to three thoughts the podcast geoff miracle alongside. Elliott Friedman is always always presented by GMC. This is going to be part of our star series so we're going to hear more interviews we did in Chicago from last week. You'll hear from Jack Eichel. Oh you heard from matthew bars all and you'll hear from Tory crew but it's been awhile since Elliott we did a news and notes segment on this podcast and always scare scare the you're going to be dating yourself since news notes happening at a alarming pace but if we can pause for a second and focus on defenseman around the NHL that have recently he done deals we'll get winnipeg. We'll get the Columbus. We'll get to Boston but let's start with Philadelphia. Ivan Provorov six year contract av six point point seven five million dollars which Elliott Friedman says a good deal for both player and team. I think that PR- overall long-term six point seven five is going to be good for affiliate and I'm. I'm always happy for someone who's GonNa make forty million dollars. I have looked at Provo through a bit of a different. Lens twice once in the playoff series against Pittsburgh. I thought there was a really talented guy there. Though that series didn't go well for Philly I thought he played his heart out and then last year when Ron hextall was fired he got a bit of a surprising quote saying of all the guys who I didn't think would be affected by their contract. Provo was on that list and people have admitted to me. Wait on on him a lot. I think he knew that I think the team new that I think is representatives knew that and they were thinking you know what we need some term here so the next time he deals with this. You'll just have more life experience to have it and I think he's a hell of a player and I think this is a great deal for both him and the flyers outside of Victor Hedman headman and you might be able to make the case for Judy and certainly Eric Carlson Maybe nobody from the Blue Line makes a better tape to tape long. Mom Mom pass like he's in the top five isn't he. He's a really talented guy and you know what this also is proof of. Is that the market for the RFID is not like the market for the RFA forward. Let's focus on another one that you wink at here and that's Akwa Renske of Columbus Blue Jackets three year contract. It is fifteen million dollars. This raised eyebrows because of as you point out perhaps just how low the AV was well. I think the thing about Lansky is that you're not missing anything in this summer when these contract disputes go on the summer. I mean you're on the beach. You've got your swim trunks on. You're on a boat. You're water skiing being your mountain climbing. Hell of Cracking Open Beers. You're visiting somewhere exotic. You've got like that inner tube with the DOC on the front of it around your it who cares if you don't sign and I think people are different. I think there's some people who are like. I don't care if I missed training camp. I don't care if I Miss Games Games. I'm holding out for every dollar. I believe I deserve and I think there's other players who think no white I it's not for me. I WANNA be a camp or I. I don't want to Miss Games. Let's get it done. I wrote in in my blog. This week that there was there was a player was signed several years ago right at the beginning of the season. I sent him not congratulations and he he called me and said I was never gonNa Miss Games. I'm in great shape. I'm not worried about that but I just wanted to see how far I could take this. I told my agent privately. We're never going to Miss Games. I get the sense Zack. Were inskeep as a kid. WHO said you know I know I'm going to camp and let's settle this and we'll see where we are in three years. Columbus will have to deal with a year away from unrestricted free agency but I really get the sense we're. NC was one of those guys who said Nah. Let's go. Let's play one of the reasons why we've talked about this. Before I think is going to be okay is that top four on the back end at Renske Jones and I think Ryan Ryan Murray's turned his career around in paired with with David Savar. I think they'll be real good. The question is we've always assumed that we're in ski in Jones are at the top pair but our savard and Murray that far behind so far is a really talented guy. I think he's one of the more underrated guys in Murray. Sorry the the questions never been talented but now that it seems fine. You're realizing you know what they got when they selected yes yes. There's no question about that. I mean Columbus. It's all goaltending right like you know the talent and you're sitting there and you know that every game that you play against them you're going to have to fight for for every inch of that ice because that's the way they play and that's the way John Tortorella wants him to play. Every centimeter is a battle so so they're gonNA stay in a lot of games because of that. They're going to stay in a lot of games because of their talent. I'm curious to see this year like he is always tortorella given Jones and we're an ski a rope like they're both rovers basically. Can you make it any more Roveri without the peninsula and there to create offense. I ran into Josh rimer. Yesterday we were at the maple leafs media digs taping something with Tyson Barrie podcast and I ran into Josh River and he said he said you watching this is Jeff does the play by play play. A guy in Columbus and Josh is obviously biased towards his dad and he said Texas is going to be a great player. we've seen hints of it already okay so what are these two contracts tracks mean then for. Charlie mcevoy so Charlie mcevoy here's the news of these deals him and his agents say and we're doing this on Friday. Provorov signed signed on Thursday night. I heard last night that the bruins and mcevoy were really working to get it done like they're in. Not You know who knows by the time this podcast the cast comes out it could be done but I had heard Thursday night. They were really pushing it and the bat to me was it would be a three year deal around. We're in ski. Maybe a little a little bit higher because the feeling is right now. The bruins don't really have the room to do six so we'll see. I expect mcevoy gets done. The person in who seems to know said he bet more on three than six and Josh Morrissey very quietly goes about his business. One of the top defenceman the Winnipeg jets on the top defenceman in the entire Western Conference. It is an eight year contract fifty million dollars six and a quarter. I look at that and say Josh Morrissey what a bargain is a bargain again. I mean it's funny to sit there and say guy is a bargain for fifty million but you know they tried to extend them a year ago and he said no he said I'll take a bridge and I'm I'm sure he looks at what he could have got last year and he got this year is being much better. That's a big win for the jets to you know the summer true traded Myers Free Agent Lion conor not signed as the tape this podcast. They have a victory. It's a victory you can say hey. We got a win here and that's a big win because I agree with Josh Morris. He's a hell ova player okay. Let's get to our star series. Now you'll hear from Matthew Barzel in a moment you'll hear from Jack Eichel in a moment as well but we just mentioned Charlie mcevoy a second ago. Let's focus in Boston. Bruins Bruins defenceman a couple of seasons ago. Torey Krug scored sixty points something that's Dana Chara had never done as a member of the Boston bruins and I believe from many turn heads if it I didn't it should have he is someone that you've pointed a couple of times a boat to get paid by the Boston bruins or someone one else He is very much a new school defenseman. Ignore the size focused on the skill in advance of this interview. What did did you expect out of Tory Krueg before. He chatted with them in Chicago. I've always been told that he has a real edge to him or he's not afraid to say things. I think you'll hear in this interview that that's the case remember last year. He got knocked out in one of the playoff games against Toronto because you got hit by Amazon and you know I said to him when the Kingdom Toronto. I got a chance to talk to him. After scrambling I said did you forget that Muslim was on the ice and he laughed and he said yes I did because he's the only Guy Tron a little hit you so there's definitely an edge there air and but like a mischievous edge and I think that comes across really well in the interview this was as we found out during the NHL media tour the summer of weddings his and the summer of kids as well and that's. We're going to kick off the interview. This is Torii Krueger the Boston bruins on the podcast brought to you by the next generation. GMC GMC Sierra trucks are John Takes. The bomb crazy swoops through the the high slot crew fires comes on the wrong side. Dan Elliott congratulations are in order for our next guest where he crew defenseman for the Boston bruins a a father for the first time and this may have had a game seven implication to it as well against Saint Louis first off Tory congratulations thank and tell us about almost missing game seven close my wife and I welcomed their first child a girl four days after game seven and it's great to get over the loss. I guess was scheduled birth or was no so so she goes into Labor game six game seven. What would you have done so we had discussed discussed the implications of that and being our first child labor typically as a little bit longer than the normal and she'd give me the green light to play in any game that ah immediately happened on the morning of a game or something go ahead and play and see what happens and just get your ass back there before the baby does. Ah Team Canada just played at the World Cup of basketball and there's a player for team. Canada's name is Melvin E. Jim and his wife gave birth while he was playing for Canada and he was there via facetime and I gotTa tell you like I always leave the choice up to people you make the choice it's good for you can imagine what that must have been like. He was in China. You must have been torn in totally different directions no I'm. I'm very thankful. I'm glad it worked out the way that it did. unbelievable experience and etes leaves you speechless to be honest. What is the way that parenthood fatherhood has changed. You already just even in three months. just you know you realize how selfish office yards a person before you become a parent and everything that you do even revolves around you especially being a pro athlete the meals what time you eat what time you gotta get up up and go to the rink and train and get your workouts and you realize how selfish she really are and and once you have someone to take care of you put their needs in front of yours and you go on your way before we get to some hardcore hockey questions here. Tori Elliott has a question of Boettcher cab Elliott so you are you the player rapper the alternate no player. Rep for Boston none. I'm Kinda just all just really intrigued and interested in really intriguing interested but you were at the player meeting on Wednesday night in Chicago. NOPE and you came out of the meeting and you're wearing shorts and chemo and people are auditory crew. The cavs are on full display. Now these art Martin Saint Louis Ask but the did get noted as being impressive Tori. I appreciate that I'm very flattered. Everyone's chasing Mardi so he's. He's the Guy our jammies pushing the pace for a long time so I'm very honored that my calves in the same sentence is there's still still using the same sentence though there was one player years ago from the Minnesota Wild who couldn't get cavs and ended up getting implants and guys roasted about so these are all the these aren't implants implants like these unnamed player with the Minnesota Wild. I don't have implants one of one of your teammates. All of a sudden walked in with calf implants. How would Torey Krug React Act. Oh we would be all over and if you think for a second that marshy without a guy walk into a room with Catherine plants here. You're doing it wrong. I want to ask you about playing hockey growing up in Lavonia so I'm from Toronto and half my family lived in Livonia the besets and the Mikulas wonderful people hockey families as well. We know the players that have come from from there yourself Ryan Kesler Mike Modano what was growing up playing hockey in Livonia like take us back to your early days on the rink is fine. I mean great recreational programs. It was always is time available. I remember the rink and I grew up playing in underwent. A renovation and I kind of miss the old rink how dark it was is the stands very limited a smaller ice surface in just a lot of fun like I said ice was always available. It was a great hockey the town and a Lotta. My buddies played as well. WHO's your favorite growing up favorite player. I'm guessing was a red wing. Yeah I was. I it's hard for me to pick one because there's so many hey guys. I always just go back to Nicholas just because he's played my voice yeah tough right. I mean Steve You. I was it was up there. I I love the captain and that Sukh in his plan against that soup because he was a guy that I admired the way played as well. You know tore a you've come a long way. You knew that when you became a pro I think there are people who wondered what level you would reach and now you're a very important player on a conference champion being a team that went to game seven of the Stanley Cup final and you strike me as a guy who is never satisfied like there's always a part of you who remembers. I think people didn't think you could do this and no matter how successful you get in your very successful people. Tell me you've never forgotten the doubts. Is that true. Oh yeah that's true and it's the question that will never go away and I'll have yearly Eurostar. NHL Player yeah but I think some of the narrative to who is yeah. He's great for smaller Defenseman so I'm trying to get rid of. I don't WanNa be just great for a small advancement. I want to be a great advancement and I think it's a narrative that has started out my career and we'll might never go away but I'm trying to get rid of that so I kind of felt that one two years ago and you had the sixty points season. I kind of felt that that all went away that anymore. I can understand why you think that right. I think people see you as a star defense or there you go now. You know what's going on in in my mind and why I'm highly motivated and I always have that chip on my shoulder so it's GonNa Continue I have to prove people wrong instead of proven room people right like many other players in this league have gotten to do and and had the opportunity to do so just trying to continue this train chugging along. You mentioned outside a couple of seconds go. I can imagine what that must be like as a defense playing against him. WHO's the toughest forward to play against in the League. Now I mean the list goes on and on. They're all different. They're all different. Luckily I I have Dana do a lot of the heavy lifting but you know if you're playing connor you have to be really conscious in your gap and speed control. You're playing said you have to realize that he wants that. Patty and he's GonNa make a play before you have a second to think you play Kucherov lobbies at time and space is going to shot off and anytime he gets a shot at it's there's a chance of a coin and the list goes on and on Patrick Kane demand so much respect on the ice that he ends up getting so much space out there because you're worried about what he's GonNa do at the park so I think all those guys are in a group of their own. Do you have any memento of the hit. They were saying. The fans of Boston always all right Kelly Sutherland. He wanted the next day so why was made started behind the net between I mean you got a couple of hops on both players. I know who's holding at the end of the crucial vote. Selectively sought out of the community for Krugel and Thomas is trying to make the hard number forty seven coming all the way from his own. Did you get a photo of it. Nothing not yet. I I think one day maybe I'll hang up on my man cave but I got nothing yet. It's the taste is still at my mouth of of the law so I don't I don't really want to I have anything in my house that I can look back and remember I know I understand that it makes sense. What so what is in your Man Cave. Tell us about the Krugman. It's not very big. It's it's a work in progress. maybe one day we move into a bigger house than I can actually set some things up. It'll be nice but I just got a nick from Jersey. That was gifted to me. My Wife finagled it through a few people pro. Personal is really I forget the later but drome again the sign stick. I thought early on I wanted to start collecting sticks but then I realized how much space actually she take up. and I don't know exactly what I would do with them but I'll probably get Ray bork signed jersey. That's really special to me Bob Yours well. Those are a couple more things center on my list and I eventually I'll get done a holy grail of sports memorabilia that you want it gives her something that all men this would be it. It's a picture it's an autograph. If it's a piece of equipment it's Jersey from any sport. Oh I think I think those three jerseys that I just touched on or are right up there. I'm extremely spoiled and blast us that I get to talk with Ray Bork and see Bob your on an almost daily basis in the summer at golf tournaments and I'm really close with race on Chris so we have a great relationship than like. Sometimes I have to take a step back and be like oh my gosh. She's a two best defenseman of all time and you don't realize that just because you're in discussions with them every day aw it's pretty unique last one business question. Sawyer quotes yesterday. Russo there no talks the only question I have is. Are you concerned at all about it. I wouldn't say concern. I would say just interested to see what's going to happen. It's my future. It's GonNa Affect my family where we live it's GonNa Affect my kids and where they go to school and it affects a lot of things so I'm not concerned just curious to what's going to happen. I think anyone would be great. Answer congratulations again on becoming thanks Trish. Thank you well. We're nearing the best time I am of the year puck drop. It's also the time to pull your gear out of the basement and work off some rust and there's no better way to handle your equipment to the rink than the next generation. GMC Sierra era why multiple tailgate whether you're six or sixty loading one hockey bag or a bunch the multi pro tailgate makes access to the truck bed. Ed Easy as because it turns into a staff that's four feet wide and can hold up to three hundred and seventy five pounds meaning even when your legs are burning after tre tough skate the Sierra. has you covered. I admire that story crew by the way the Boston Bruins I admire the way he's still has this idea that people look at him as if he doesn't belong in the NHL where I can't Elliott name one person that I know or I can't read one comment that would ever suggest that about Tori crew great now but just wonder if a player like that will hang onto that that those disparaging comments once heard as a part of his motivation if you lose weight yeah. It seems like that with crew. You're not the same. You worry that you'RE GONNA lose. Your edge like Jordan. Bennington was the same way and I asked him at the H. L. Awards. Are you worried. You'RE GONNA lose that edge that got you there and he said he thought about it but but he finds that life usually throws you something that makes you rediscover it. We're not perfect all the time so I remember when Pat Burns finally won the Stanley Only Cup as the head coach the New Jersey devils in two thousand and three. He was at the podium he was saying. You guys never thought I'd win. We're all looking like who said Pat. Verne's was never GonNa win the Stanley Cup but that's who he was he was the cop. It was the US against the world mentality right so I just think it's part of your makeup your DNA and where are you at on Tori Krug the defense. He's headed cashbox yeah. He's he's a great player and he may not be the biggest guy but he's got the big. cavs avs is we learned in the interview. He's strong and he's tough and you know he's a pound for pound is a very powerful guy. The Boston bruins bother the fans have had an embarrassment of riches on the Blue Line that stretches back to Eddie Shore Yup when you think of all time hockey right Toe Blake but you look at the Ritsuo Bobby Orr Brad Par Array Boarders Dana Char are I saw it could have been if the Japanese and like they've had a great rate on the back and I can you think of a time where there wasn't a great blue liner back there for the Boston bruins stretching all the way back like they've always had someone back there. I'm trying to remember right now but who was between Bork and Chara. Maybe the only time in my lifetime that would be the only time but like high end guys like super high end guys. I like his defiance. I like Oh edgy. He is Torii crew and a good sense of humor guy too right because my family a man from Levonia caught that Ball Jack Eichel. I'm always curious. I suppose you are as well about what happens when the star player meets a new coach and maybe it's a new coach who's a little little bit different. Yes but Eichel and Krueger will be a fascinating case study this season well. They're off to a great start as you'll hear in the interview he talks talks glowingly about Krueger in their first meeting together and I heard a story and I haven't seen the player yet but I will ask them when I finally get a chance to see them and what the story was told. Why's that Ralph Krueger met at this player. I think at a coffee shop somewhere I don't know if it was in buffalo or where the player lives in the off season and the player walked out and Krueger was still there and the player. I don't know if it's his girlfriend or his wife came back to speak to Krueger and I said I just got to tell you as his partner that that was a great conversation for him. He's he's never had someone make him feel that good about himself and I'm really happy to see him feel so positive for an upcoming season so the comments comments you're GonNa hear from Eichel Echo the COM. It's I asked him the question because I heard this story right and I haven't asked the player yet so I'm not going to say who it was now. It's like the old line right like everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. Let's see what happens when you go on the ice but at least he's trying to change the mentality. I'm wondering what Ralph Krueger's future is going to be in Buffalo. Is he going to be the coach because I could see him taking and a much bigger role in that organization depending on how things shake out. Let's here. It's this is Jack. Eichel the Buffalo Sabres on thirty one of the Pie and across Eichel shoots scores four nothing. That's Number Twenty Jack Michael Keith Berries from the Left Circle. I'm back that I have given the Buffalo Sabres the lead with ten twenty three to go in the third period his second of the they took they hit allows Darlene. Throw it out to the zone wit speed. I Don t scars fired a dark short side show Jack. I go makes it to one sabres. Save their first game. I I call on those meets. Go and it's dumbing sabre Michael Steele Ahead Eh Washington right through a cookie act coming the sick starring Jack Michael joins us on thirty one thoughts the podcast asked and jackets seems as if the majority of players that we talked to over the past couple of days here in Chicago younger players are either getting married worried or just had a kid so here's a question. Did you either get married or have a child in this offseason now neither of those okay. What did you do this off season. We weren't getting getting married or procreate traveled. I went to a lot of weddings. I went to a lot unfortunate. It's tough to say no right. I mean in your close friends. Get married get a lot of them. You're getting that SORTA. You're getting to that age where you're getting a million invitations and you can't say no to your close friends so so you got to go but it means traveling takes up your weekend. I mean it's always a great experience right but where's the farthest I actually came into Chicago and then drove up the Madison Wisconsin for one. It was a great time. It was an awesome. I had a great experience at the wedding had one in Pittsburgh and then one one a little bit outside of Toronto so you you know what we did we asked the three guys who got married hurdle nugent-hopkins and courier which NHL Player was put on the most embarrassing drunken can performance at the wedding and they wouldn't answer directly although nugent-hopkins through one of his friends under the bus all right so at the wedding us away this other summer which Taylor put on the most embarrassing performance harder throw guys ended up. I will say like not like drunken performance bad but dancing performance bad rhino was awful at Willy's wedding. He was hilariously Salihi dancing but he's just he wiped out a couple of times dance for was wet like He. He was great. I mean it was super entertaining so I'll say he he had a a great performance at one of the wedding. That's a very good answer. If that's a very good years yes that too yeah yeah. He deserves to expectations for buffalo this year. I mean personally personally. You had a wonderful season. Last Ten game win. Streak showed Buffalo Sabres fans what could be but it was also that rug pulled out from under them mm-hmm afterwards yeah. What's the expectation. If you guys going into the season well I think it showed the fans last year what it could be but I think it showed us to what it could be. If we win right what the the town would be like how the fans treat us. Everything and I think just getting that small tastes makes you want to have it all the time I mean it was it was awesome to see the way that they reacted to us doing that. Well unfortunately it wasn't sustained throughout the season. I think for us. It's it's fine in that even keel illness throughout the year. Obviously it's a long year. You play eighty two games. You travel a lot. There's Times where you're not good. There's many times where you're where you're playing well for us. Obviously we had that good stretch of games games and and we were good and after Christmas you know whatever things on row bit but it's just finding that that even killing us not getting too high after a win not getting into low after losses just focused on your next game. You're next opponent and trying to win that game and I think if we do that we'll have a little more success. I've heard that some guys have been blown away by. Are there meetings with Ralph Krueger this off season. Yeah I mean I'll tell you like I went to meet him for a cup of coffee in Slovakia and we ended up going to dinner for three hours like like just unbelievable. I was extremely blown away. That's a perfect way to describe it. I was blown away by meeting with him. He's somebody that if like if he says that he does something singer. It makes you want to do it. He started talking to me about like Bickham Yoga and how much he loved it so like I went and tried Bickram Yoga Jill like it. I liked it right. I'm I'm a sweater as is so I was hurting in the class it was it was tough but yeah. I mean I liked it like I enjoyed it like that's an example of kind of the type of personality. He has he when you're around him he makes you want to be a better person. Makes you want to be smarter. Makes you want to be a better hockey player like he's just he has that personality to M- it's like he brings the best out of people and I could not be more excited to start working within this year. You know what someone told me is like he's like that guy who is so oh positives so positive so positive and and you. WanNa say shop. How can you please this positive all the time but he pulls you in yeah. I mean I don't think we had one negative. Give conversation and the the whole summer I mean yeah. He is very positive and he's very he's very calculated like he knows what he wants to do and he does it and he has a plan plan for everything and nothing spur of the moment. Nothing's emotional for him. He's he's very thought out and I think it'll be really good for us. He's I mean. He's a leader like he's a very very good leader and I think you know he has the personality that it brings the best out of people like I said Yeah. I'm super excited for the season. How much of you've that three hour dinner conversation with Krueger was about hockey and was about other things Bickram Yoga itself. Yeah I mean you hit it on the head. If you sit down and have dinner with someone for that long probably not all going to be about hockey right so good. We talked about rock and roll. All we talk about cars. We talked about traveling. We talked. We talked about everything we spoke for a while. Obviously we spoke about hockey the team the sabers city but I mean I. I got normally well in the first meeting meeting. We had another one later but I got to know him. Well and I think he's somebody you can just talk to about anything I mean we went from talking about like seventies rock back to you know like Mercedes and travelling in Europe. Even politics like we talked about so many different things. That's a big one for you. Rate is yeah yeah yeah good taste like seventies rock so I go check out a little bit. I'm always curious how players talk to other players when they're going through something like Jeff. Skinner went through lassie's wonderful season shot the lights out as you all know. Oh and then went through that situation where we're all watching what's happening with skinner in the sabers. Here's is skinner coming back. How much would you to talk to either Jeff Skinner Jason Battle. How much would you talk to the two primaries involved in that situation or would you just say I'm pulling going back. I think in the situation you put yourself in skins shoes. I he's an outstanding person outstanding player like I love the guy and you want him to do what's best for him obviously but you also have our teams interests in mind and myself being their long-term I was sitting next to in the locker occur. Um I spent a lot of time with them so I was definitely his year hoping trying to get him to tell me what his plan where if he wanted to come back where his head was that you know he scored forty goals last year. You know how it is. It's it's not easy to replace forty goals in the lineup at all you know so. I think is a huge part of our team so when he signed I I was super pumped. I was surprised I guess I didn't know when it was going to happen. I didn't know if it was going to happen. he kept a lot of his these negotiations. He kept a lot of that pretty close to himself and if you know skins like he's a pretty quiet guy it takes a while to open up to you and if he does he probably wouldn't even still talk about that sort of stuff so I was so happy for him. I mean he's he's such a good person and he's such a good player like he's so so important to our team team and Saas pump the yacht it I mean he worked so hard. He deserves every dollar and I couldn't be happier for the guy true anything before we wrap and we gotta go we gotta go thinks what best of luck this thank you very much. Thank you sometimes do interviews with hockey players. Elliott and that was Jijel. You need to put on your hockey player decoder ring because when they start fighting around nicknames need to figure out who they are pretty fast rhino is well. I thought it was rhino. Riley Reinhardt said it. Here's the thing so reinhardt was not at this event. Ronald Rally was and after we did the Eichel interview for TV. I had interview O'Reilly for a feature producer. Michelotto is doing and I said to him you know. I heard you had a bad performance. I'm one of these weddings. Eichel said he looked at me. Smile is is what are you talking about and finally I realized Oh oh and he goes. I think you're thinking of Sam Reinhardt so your rights as Ryan I was wrong. I Ryan I just O'Reilly was there played for Buffalo the year before in theory that could have been at one of these weddings but apparently it was Sam Ryan her okay the one thing about Jack Eichel that I'm still the one question that I'm still waiting to answer is. How good can this guy be because. I don't think we're going to know how good can be until the Buffalo. Sabres are a good hockey team. I think that's very fair because is this is a guy who takes his game very seriously. He's one of Adam oates as big as clients. He's constantly working on his game but you can see he's a guy. The losing has got I too and like losing socks and they've done a lot of it and he talked before how he's worked on not trying to show the frustration one of the biggest critiques chiefs showed the front play with break-up and he'd stare at the ceiling or you get mad and they'd skied back. He's worked hard on that but eventually you have to be in a good situation to be at your best and they just haven't been I am a hundred percent with you on this. Where are you out on the Buffalo Sabres. They got a look at the sabers right now. I have a few questions one. What are you GonNa do with all these players Yup because it seems as if right now they have too many too and get that hindsight is twenty twenty but to do you regret playing middle stat in the NHL last season and three. Should you have done something about the goaltending. Those are my questions about the Buffalo Sabres. They really like their prospect. Oh Logan yes fantastic ASPIC. They did something about the goaltending last year I mean. How many years in a row can you do something? Carter Hutton admitted to me last year that you know he didn't realize how hard it was to be a a full time starter. I think you gave him a three year deal. I don't think you blow it up after one year unless you really think it's a disaster you try again and they will. They should be better. You Know Krueger. I think he's a really good coach. I'm curious to see what happens with crystalline. He has refused to say that he's asked for a trade. The belief is he has. I just think they're going to be better. I think the whole division is going to be better like I think Ottawa chance is to be better than everybody thinks but I still think they're a bit away. I don't think they're ready to be a playoff team yet. I just think they're gonNA be better. What did you think lean is games. Sola jet as fantastic What did you make of the Yukari trade I. I was surprised at that one but I had been told earlier that Chicago wasn't high on him as other teams. Were and you always wonder under about that because they know I'm the best. So what did they see that. We're not seeing first of all they also. They have a lot of defense projects. NEULANDER BUFFALO had to to move that just wasn't working. It was time for a change. I liked that deal for Buffalo. I I really liked what I saw him when he played in Chicago. I just heard the blackhawks didn't value him as much. Is You know other teams. Did you wanted to whether he starts a season in Rochester not because of performance or not because of talent but just because of contract yeah a lot of bodies the one thing though I'm a big believer when you're on a team like that you have to show the players. The performance matters players. I've learned understand who deserves to be on a team and who doesn't seem like that where you're trying to make it a meritocracy. Things are earned not given if that kid earns a spot and he can't get it your players notice players. I'm with you on that players know camp. NPS player and the players know who who belong the players also to understand the realities of weaver exempt. Yeah I get all that. I just think Buffalo's trying to do a mentality. Tell the thing right. That's the way I look at it the all in guy the guy that lives breeze. It's sleeps hockey matthew bars all of the New York Islanders. You know it's funny. Whenever I watch Barzel play I. I always think our fridge Danny Savard. I look at Brazil when he starts circling the offensive zone scanning scanning looking for lanes. I go back to the eighties and I'm like man. This guy looks like any savard. He looks like it plays like at that water bug though still rate shied strong player player great on his skates great stride Denise Vard wasn't that guy just when he does that move where he's circling the offensive zone looking for outlets to me. It just looks like Danny Savard interview. He is very much the all in guy this Guy Eats and Sleeps Hockey Matthew Barzel Your Account Ground San Fernando Boulevard one woman also they joined now by matthew bars all of the New York Islanders and Matt. I apologize in advance. The preamble to this question is going to be lengthy. Thank the so Elliott. Let me tell you quickly with the first time I met Matt Bars. All I think the fact that you said quickly is going to be a lie. I know so grap opened up a cup of coffee here. Chill out your feet up Matt so it's Memorial Cup Windsor and with Colby Armstrong Matt's thunderbirds have just finished their first skates and media relations director says who do you WanNa talk to her like ours. All so matt comes over and you're really gracious real nice. You put up with all my stupid questions about junior hockey. I could tell that you really wanted to talk to Colby Armstrong about Sidney crosby so from US interviewing you it turned into you interviewing colby about eighty seven you play against them now. What have you learned about Sidney Crosby in the NHL only speculated about back then yeah. I think I think that's a pretty right on that one but no just planning. It's said I got to see him. Actually at the Vail camp last year that annual Brian puts on just watching him practice like this and Kinda opening to me you know he doesn't miss a pass and practice. He you know he receives every pass. Whether it's an escape or whatnot he tries to score for every single shot and usually does score. Everything shot. Insists intense from susie puts escape on pretty much. It seems so seeing that was pretty cool as a young guy just you know this guy still brings it every day after the NHL for so long three cups I mean what else does he need. He's you know it's mid August and he's he's like lighting. Everybody up uh I think at Camp so playing against some just it was fun and playoffs. Everyone knows how crosby gets in the playoffs USA people out there and it was unfortunate you know for them. Obviously didn't get too many balances that series but you could tell he was focused and intense and did he say anything to you. Enhance shake alley at the end now he just he just said. Good Luck jet get lost. I get lost. I can imagine for your definitely not the only player of your generation who admires crosby that must have been a surreal feeling shaking his hand after that series was over here. I was you know before the series I was you know always see you watch Pittsburgh in the playoffs all the time as a kid and it's like okay planning. It's Malkin and crosby in the playoffs like this is surreal. You know so I was used up. I was excited and didn't let the UH the big stage. Get the best of me I think so I was I was it was fun. It was it was a blast actually plenum efforts playoff series especially in those guys remember Keith Yandell years ago. He told told me that when he went to the playoffs the first time they played against Detroit and he said that he realized very quickly in that series Mike Babcock and the Red Wings had game plan for him and that was a whole other level says in the regular season. They talk about you for ten minutes. You know they're you're looking at you but it's not is in the play offs to realize a whole team was coming after him. He couldn't believe how hard it was. What did you find report that I actually got to meet a key the other week down in Florida this guy so funny. It was unbelievable but I'm just going on that. I mean as an opponent I thinking okay. We got seventy seven games with these guys game one. You know you want to get the kind of the fire started a little bit and but now I could definitely tell Pittsburgh and Carolina for that Carolina. Maybe even more just very very hard on me. It seemed like they just not even individually just as a team. It seemed like they just had our game. Implant figured out and really did a good job of not giving us anything out there so credits them. How much did you guys play with a chip on on your shoulder. Last season beginning of the year rates you off. Islanders basically lottery pick all that and you make the playoffs in stone everybody how much of that was we gotTa Birendra. There are saddle because everyone's written us off. I think definitely absolutely right at the start of the year we saw projections thirtieth twenty nine of US coming yeah. I was like we were such a write off and then started hot and then people were kinda still on the fence and then we just kept on going and kind of just it was like every game. There's a playoff game for us. I share and we we want every point we can get and having Burien obviously with a new defensive system obviously having two boys I share that played unbelievable for us and Kinda on everything just worked out and we just found group during the season and rolled with it and you know we got the same crew back this year so hopefully we can do the same thing what was the best motivational tactic used a boat where everybody was picking. You guys to finish I don't know it was more just kind of look at it and be like really. You know like that's where people are putting us. You know we got a lot of guys on our team to compete in that play hard and you know it wasn't just me that saw that and was kinda embarrassed. It was kind of everybody that was you know and once we started playing well and started being some good teams where we can do this. We're you know we've got a good team here. No matter what people say a lot of people have felt that Nicoletti is underappreciated and there was one game against the oilers still have the visual burned into my brain and allow allow we stay there of him gone stride for Stride Connor McCabe back that it's just like it was one of the great one of the best things I I saw that season in hockey yeah from your point. Reviewers are forward yeah. What some things at Nicoletti does that you sort of step back and say wow. How do you do that because I think he's one of the more we still talk. I still talk to Nikko that two or other guys about that but it was crazy I was honesty. Slow on the back check. We had scored on cosmic. David ended up scoring on that play. You know he did some like one handed backhand pass. The Dry said it was it was sick but I had front row seats and I was just I was almost in all of these two guys two horses coming down the final stretch. Just like nick ended up getting scored on so it wasn't. I didn't get the last laugh. Watch them with a nuclear strike tried with no. He's like people to understand stand. This guy can fly on the ice like we do little relays or something in practice and he burns me. He Burns me good and you know I always tell them like on fast and you know I'm not ah I know I'm not now and it's he's off like he's very tough to play against especially as it. You know for a guy like maybe mcdavid like myself just like to use their speed this guy. You can't beat them while Oh you know he's you can never get a step on them. It's actually pretty cool to see how he skates. It's like a perfect is like the perfect skater so I've actually said that. I said that when I was like fourteen years old watching watching Chicago when he was playing for them I said that number eight is like the Peschiera I've ever seen five years later and playing with them. I still say it so. I always take credit for that too. You know you play on a team. That's very much the definition of team. GM believes in team. The coach believes team but I'm wondering in the summer. Do you set personal goals for yourself going to get this many points this year. I got to accomplish this this year I used to maybe persuade. Put a number on things or whatnot and it's good to have goals. Also I think everyone should have goals individuals. Just you know why wouldn't you. It's a long season and you work hard in the off season to to accomplish something so but some definitely last just two years and even in junior but definitely last two years in my my focus is aw more orientated towards definitely towards just just winning and that's sir. You know where we're at as a in the standings getting a taste of the playoffs last year for me was it was great because that's all I want to do. Now is play in the playoffs and get back to their and that's that's where I want to be as a player. You know you only have you'll have such a long career where you don't. WanNa be nine years in and you've only made the playoffs two times you know I want to be consists in the playoffs and that's our team's goal and that's what our franchise wants to become a consistent playoff team so that's kind of where my mindset just one business question for you guys. You're left on your contract. No player player can be unaware of what's going on this year with all the guys. I know you love this question already matthew. How much do you pay attention to it. And do you worry about it like in in your future or anything like that. Yeah I think I think it's fun. I mean being on the outside right now. Not Not not my contractor my situation but being on the outside seen on so how many free agents not signed yet it's kind of I think it's Kinda funny. It kind of gives the League. Maybe a little bit of excitement. Just you know who knows what happens. If there's some offer sheets or whatnot I think that it could get pretty interesting in in the next couple of weeks so as a fan personally I think it's I think it's been pretty fun to follow and so many rumors out there. What's going to happen happen it's like? I don't think anyone really knows so you know we'll see. It's going to be exciting next couple weeks for these guys. I think it's just crazy. How many guys are still left on the board? You know so and and big names to you know so it's everyone mentions. Mitch Monitor obviously just in Toronto but there's still ten or eight to ten other players that are on science so it's GonNa be interesting. All the rumors are just fault. Blame me. We Love Well Matt. Thanks so much good. Luck this year with the islanders. Thank you Elliot. It's always good if there's drama and it doesn't involve me signed Matthew Barzel but it might next summer. I got the comments almonds but it's fun. Watching all these are phase squirm might be him next year. This is proved to me of something I have long suspected and some players have admitted and that is that these guys love to gossip. Oh coin away as minutes. Oh Oh you'd love to gossip. They love the stuff that gets I would love to know and you can't ask it on my. You've got to ask it away from people how many of them have creeper accounts of them. I'm convinced the numbers all of them well over fifty well. I'll tell you what my first question for Sidney Crosby when he retires is what was your account. I am convinced I'm with you on. I am totally with you on this. That should actually now that you mentioned as soon as people retire and we have them on the podcast. That should always be our first question. That's a good point. What was your fake twitter account. Was your account What did you make Barzel. I really liked the kid. He's a fun guy. got a good sense of humor We've done on some stuff with him before. I think it's amazing already in going to his third season how much he's filled out to ask like he was always obviously. All these guys are in good shape pretty much but he looks like like a brick now. He looks really strong. I look at the islanders you know Lou. Lamoriello runs a certain ship there and I totally respect it because I think when he came to Toronto he came to the islanders he went at times. Were those two organizations needed that I wonder as bars all all gets older. I could see the NHL saying. This is a guy. We need to sell one hundred percent. He's got a really magnetic personality. He is pretty funny. As smart is in the New York area like he's got a real personality to Windsor Memorial Cup so were Seattle's. He's got the off day and I can't remember. I think I have been watching Iranian Saint John Anyway so Brazil's coming up to do the intermission with me todd and Colby her and he just stayed there the entire game and you know where it's like watching a game with an NHL in this case a CHR about to become an NHL and just watching them break the game down and point out tendencies and things to look for and he was picking stuff off on teams that he had never played against scene maybe once and was able to nail things quickly and deliver it. Well like men come on the air and talk about it with US breaking down different systems from different teams to me. He's a fascinating guy and one of the more engaging personalities in the NHL. This guy is going to be gold for the NHL once they decided hey we should spend some of our marketing time around this guy absolutely and people will say oh well last year he didn't have as good a year was rookie of the year season so long long term when you are coached by Berry Trots. It makes you a better player truth. have a final thought on these three crew Barzel Eichel. Here's my final. I thought I can't find the tweet but somebody tweet at me this week after the podcast and they said Elliot I remember last year. You said you wanted to stop using the word like so much in your podcast. Will this week you regress. There were a lot of lights so I'm hoping that aside from this past sentence. There weren't too many lakes and the other thing. I'd just like to say Jeff is this is a home run at the League and the Players Association do all the media. It's fantastic and the reason that we got to go. There was a guy named Jeremy mcelwain. You came up with the idea. Jeremy and he was the guy who also worked to get Tim and sid there. he deserves a lot of credit for the job he did making sure we got access us. Tim and said the features department and even Chris Johnston laughed left his space in our room a mess like he left garbage piled eight feet high there taller than cj himself. Wow and we were less accommodating the CJ should be embarrassed. Jeremy I sent him a note afterwards and he downpo- me outstanding work and thinks the entire crew and and everyone involved solved for helping get us down there to present these podcasts to you for today's Pod we leave you with a track we featured last season but now it's remixed here's straight from the heart by jeans party featuring sky walls. It's not uh Yeah uh-huh shows the half.

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