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"riley reinhardt" Discussed on 31 Thoughts: The Podcast

"I think in the situation you put yourself in skins shoes. I he's an outstanding person outstanding player like I love the guy and you want him to do what's best for him obviously but you also have our teams interests in mind and myself being their long-term I was sitting next to in the locker occur. Um I spent a lot of time with them so I was definitely his year hoping trying to get him to tell me what his plan where if he wanted to come back where his head was that you know he scored forty goals last year. You know how it is. It's it's not easy to replace forty goals in the lineup at all you know so. I think is a huge part of our team so when he signed I I was super pumped. I was surprised I guess I didn't know when it was going to happen. I didn't know if it was going to happen. he kept a lot of his these negotiations. He kept a lot of that pretty close to himself and if you know skins like he's a pretty quiet guy it takes a while to open up to you and if he does he probably wouldn't even still talk about that sort of stuff so I was so happy for him. I mean he's he's such a good person and he's such a good player like he's so so important to our team team and Saas pump the yacht it I mean he worked so hard. He deserves every dollar and I couldn't be happier for the guy true anything before we wrap and we gotta go we gotta go thinks what best of luck this thank you very much. Thank you sometimes do interviews with hockey players. Elliott and that was Jijel. You need to put on your hockey player decoder ring because when they start fighting around nicknames need to figure out who they are pretty fast rhino is well. I thought it was rhino. Riley Reinhardt said it. Here's the thing so reinhardt was not at this event. Ronald Rally was and after we did the Eichel interview for TV. I had interview O'Reilly for a feature producer. Michelotto is doing and I said to him you know. I heard you had a bad performance. I'm one of these weddings. Eichel said he looked at me. Smile is is what are you talking about and finally I realized Oh oh and he goes. I think you're thinking of Sam Reinhardt so your rights as Ryan I was wrong. I Ryan I just O'Reilly was there played for Buffalo the year before in theory that could have been at one of these weddings but apparently it was Sam Ryan her okay the one thing about Jack Eichel that I'm still the one question that I'm still waiting to answer is. How good can this guy be because. I don't think we're going to know how good can be until the Buffalo. Sabres are a good hockey team. I think that's very fair because is this is a guy who takes his game very seriously. He's one of Adam oates as big as clients. He's constantly working on his game but you can see he's a guy. The losing has got I too and like losing socks and they've done a lot of it and he talked before how he's worked on not trying to show the frustration one of the biggest critiques chiefs showed the front play with break-up and he'd stare at the ceiling or you get mad and they'd skied back. He's worked hard on that but eventually you have to be in a good situation to be at your best and they just haven't been I am a hundred percent with you on this. Where are you out on the Buffalo Sabres. They got a look at the sabers right now. I have a few questions one. What are you GonNa do with all these players Yup because it seems as if right now they have too many too and get that hindsight is twenty twenty but to do you regret playing middle stat in the NHL last season and three. Should you have done something about the goaltending. Those are my questions about the Buffalo Sabres. They really like their prospect. Oh Logan yes fantastic ASPIC. They did something about the goaltending last year I mean. How many years in a row can you do something? Carter Hutton admitted to me last year that you know he didn't realize how hard it was to be a a full time starter. I think you gave him a three year deal. I don't think you blow it up after one year unless you really think it's a disaster you try again and they will. They should be better. You Know Krueger. I think he's a really good coach. I'm curious to see what happens with crystalline. He has refused to say that he's asked for a trade. The belief is he has. I just think they're going to be better. I think the whole division is going to be better like I think Ottawa chance is to be better than everybody thinks but I still think they're a bit away. I don't think they're ready to be a playoff team yet. I just think they're gonNA be better. What did you think lean is games. Sola jet as fantastic What did you make of the Yukari trade I. I was surprised at that one but I had been told earlier that Chicago wasn't high on him as other teams. Were and you always wonder under about that because they know I'm the best. So what did they see that. We're not seeing first of all they also. They have a lot of defense projects. NEULANDER BUFFALO had to to move that just wasn't working. It was time for a change. I liked that deal for Buffalo. I I really liked what I saw him when he played in Chicago. I just heard the blackhawks didn't value him as much. Is You know other teams. Did you wanted to whether he starts a season in Rochester not because of performance or not because of talent but just because of contract yeah a lot of bodies the one thing though I'm a big believer when you're on a team like that you have to show the players. The performance matters players. I've learned understand who deserves to be on a team and who doesn't seem like that where you're trying to make it a meritocracy. Things are earned not given if that kid earns a spot and he can't get it your players notice players. I'm with you on that players know camp. NPS player and the players know who who belong the players also to understand the realities of weaver exempt. Yeah I get all that. I just think Buffalo's trying to do a mentality. Tell the thing right. That's the way I look at it the all in guy the guy that lives breeze. It's sleeps hockey matthew bars all of the New York Islanders. You know it's funny. Whenever I watch Barzel play I. I always think our fridge Danny Savard. I look at Brazil when he starts circling the offensive zone scanning scanning looking for lanes. I go back to the eighties and I'm like man. This guy looks like any savard. He looks like it plays like at that water bug though still rate shied strong player player great on his skates great stride Denise Vard wasn't that guy just when he does that move where he's circling the offensive zone looking for outlets to me. It just looks like Danny Savard interview. He is very much the all in guy this Guy Eats and Sleeps Hockey Matthew Barzel Your Account Ground San Fernando Boulevard one woman also they joined now by matthew bars all of the New York Islanders and Matt. I apologize in advance. The preamble to this question is going to be lengthy. Thank the so Elliott. Let me tell you quickly with the first time I met Matt Bars. All I think the fact that you said quickly is going to be a lie. I know so grap opened up a cup of coffee here. Chill out your feet up Matt so it's Memorial Cup Windsor and with Colby Armstrong Matt's thunderbirds have just finished their first skates and media relations director says who do you WanNa talk to her like ours. All so matt comes over and you're really gracious real nice. You put up with all my stupid questions about junior hockey. I could tell that you really wanted to talk to Colby Armstrong about Sidney crosby so from US interviewing you it turned into you interviewing colby about eighty seven you play against them now. What have you learned about Sidney Crosby in the NHL only speculated about back then yeah. I think I think that's a pretty right on that one but no just planning. It's said I got to see him. Actually at the Vail camp last year that annual Brian puts on just watching him practice like this and Kinda opening to me you know he doesn't miss a pass and practice. He you know he receives every pass. Whether it's an escape or whatnot he tries to score for every single shot and usually does score. Everything shot. Insists intense from susie puts escape on pretty much. It seems so seeing that was pretty cool as a young guy just you know this guy still brings it every day after the NHL for so long three cups I mean what else does he need. He's you know it's mid August and he's he's like lighting. Everybody up uh I think at Camp so playing against some just it was fun and playoffs. Everyone knows how crosby gets in the playoffs USA people out there and it was unfortunate you know for them. Obviously didn't get too many balances that series but you could tell he was focused and intense and did he say anything to you. Enhance shake alley at the end now he just he just said. Good Luck jet get lost. I get lost. I can imagine for your definitely not the only player of your generation who admires crosby that must have been a surreal feeling shaking his hand after that series was over here. I was you know before the series I was you know always see you watch Pittsburgh in the playoffs all the time as a kid and it's like okay planning. It's Malkin and crosby in the playoffs like this is surreal. You know so I was used up. I was excited and didn't let the UH the big stage. Get the best of me I think so I was I was it was fun. It was it was a blast actually plenum efforts playoff series especially in those guys remember Keith Yandell years ago. He told told me that when he went to the playoffs the first time they played against Detroit and he said that he realized very quickly in that series Mike Babcock and the Red Wings had game plan for him and that was a whole other level says in the regular season. They talk about you for ten minutes. You know they're you're looking at you but it's not is in the play offs to realize a whole team was coming after him. He couldn't believe how hard it was. What did you find report that I actually got to meet a key the other week down in Florida this guy so funny. It was unbelievable but I'm just going on that. I mean as an opponent I thinking okay. We got seventy seven games with these guys game one. You know you want to get the kind of the fire started a little bit and but now I could definitely tell Pittsburgh and Carolina for that Carolina. Maybe even more just very very hard on me. It seemed like they just not even individually just as a team. It seemed like they just had our game. Implant figured out and really did a good job of not giving us anything out there so credits them. How much did you guys play with a chip on on your shoulder. Last season beginning of the year rates you off. Islanders basically lottery pick all that and you make the playoffs in stone everybody how much of that was we gotTa Birendra. There are saddle because everyone's written us off. I think definitely absolutely right at the start of the year we saw projections thirtieth twenty nine of US coming yeah. I was like we were such a write off and then started hot and then people were kinda still on the fence and then we just kept on going and kind of just it was like every game. There's a playoff game for us. I share and we we want every point we can get and having Burien obviously with a new defensive system obviously having two boys I share that played unbelievable for us and Kinda on everything just worked out and we just found group during the season and rolled with it and you know we got the same crew back this year so hopefully we can do the same thing what was the best motivational tactic used a boat where everybody was picking. You guys to finish I don't know it was more just kind of look at it and be like really. You know like that's where people are putting us. You know we got a lot of guys on our team to compete in that play hard and you know it wasn't just me that saw that and was kinda embarrassed. It was kind of everybody that was you know and once we started playing well and started being some good teams where we can do this. We're you know we've got a good team here. No matter what people say a lot of people have felt that Nicoletti is underappreciated and there was one game against the oilers still have the visual burned into my brain and allow allow we stay there of him gone stride for Stride Connor McCabe back that it's just like it was one of the great one of the best things I I saw that season in hockey yeah from your point. Reviewers are forward yeah. What some things at Nicoletti does that you sort of step back and say wow. How do you do that because I think he's one of the more we still talk. I still talk to Nikko that two or other guys about that but it was crazy I was honesty. Slow on the back check. We had scored on cosmic. David ended up scoring on that play. You know he did some like one handed backhand pass. The Dry said it was it was sick but I had front row seats and I was just I was almost in all of these two guys two horses coming down the final stretch. Just like nick ended up getting scored on so it wasn't. I didn't get the last laugh. Watch them with a nuclear strike tried with no. He's like people to understand stand. This guy can fly on the ice like we do little relays or something in practice and he burns me. He Burns me good and you know I always tell them like on fast and you know I'm not ah I know I'm not now and it's he's off like he's very tough to play against especially as it. You know for a guy like maybe mcdavid like myself just like to use their speed this guy..

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