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"righty courtney" Discussed on Flipboard EDU Podcast

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"righty courtney" Discussed on Flipboard EDU Podcast

"To showcase to work cure rate meaningful discussions and use it as a tool to target instruction. Also highlight practical uses clipboard that increase student's ability to communicate collaborate the critically and be created. So without further ado, let's collaborate, communicate and educate with the best educators in the world right here on Flip Board Edu podcast. Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the show today I'm GonNa, talk to you about how I got started with Flip Board. I got started with Flip Board through an amazing teacher I actually stolen. This is really how I got started I'm going to tell you the story apostolate it was a great story so I was. Getting Ready to go to a Science Department Meden I just got a job in for being is D- to coach basketball and to teach aquatic CISE was a great job for me because I got a chance to work with Hall of fame coach Righty Courtney, and I was very excited I was going to have a new talent pool. Come from Houston Independent School district. I was really looking forward to a just a another avenue in my career and I was put on an amazing science teen the students that I were used to. Come from different socio economic backgrounds. So the students that and for being could basically afforded device. Mrs Win devices were new and They were trying to figure out what works best and. So. I was always on a look off new things specifically and the back of my mind. One thing that I really was always on the lookout for was a tool that can showcase what I was doing in the classroom. While my students are learning wanted a big problems at that particular time was when administrative came and did a walk through in my classroom, they really couldn't see what the students were learning. There was really no visual way for me to show that the students were engaged in what I was doing a lot of times when they did walk into. The classroom which is really look like the kids weren't paying attention I wasn't teaching the students were just owner devices, and if a an administrator had not been you know schooled on how to evaluate on my like that you can end up with a poor evaluation. So I was did without leading the back of my mind I'd always had an idea something that I actually wanted anyway. So Kim back to my story Lisa feuer was teaching chemistry. She was my lunch partner. We would all eat lunch together sometimes at Lisa was getting ready to go. she would be there the next day and she was like, well, what I'm GonNa do is I'm going to put some chemistry articles that I want our students to read and I was like, wow, that's an amazing thing. You know how you're going to get the students to read because that was one of the initiatives that the school was trying to focus on it. She was like I'm GonNA use board. Now's like flip board never heard of football. She's like Oh. Yes. A really cool tool that you can put articles in. Can just flip through and just read articles. So. I saw the way she used her classroom and not stolen. I use it with my aquatic science. Students quickly became one of the most useful tools that I have ever used in the classroom number one simply because it's a beautiful APP in his fouled on android and IOS devices which Mason. Amazing. At that particular time I don't think it was on the web year, but it was something. That was filed on both devices solves great as device agnostic I can use it for any student. Another thing that I liked about flew board at that particular time was I could generate a qr code and when people come came into my room now, I could point the administrator to the Qr code and I could say, Hey, here is the Qr Code Floor magazine and that administrator would be. Able to pull up the resources that we would have that for students. So that was a really cool thing for me to show that dish shortly after that flew aboard allowed, you start start to be able to make magazines and security. So what I would do is I would have my students to write a newsletter per se of the action or activity that we were doing in class. and. Then, I would have those articles flipped into the floorboard south specifically, I use google docs and Google docs gives you a you are L. linked to share and I would have students to write their articles in Google Docs at using the article typically then I would share their stories to the floor magazine and share no stores to the flip were magazine I. Would they ensure that out to the? teachers and excuse me I share those out to the parents of those students and to the administrators via Qr Code on the door when they walked in so they can see you know exactly what we're doing what was the newsletter? So that was my product. And I'd never ever ever would have been able to use floorboard if it wasn't for Lisa foil I don't think. Lisa. Gets the proper amount of credit. For me still in her idea actually teach there's really no such thing as still is just really borrowed So I definitely want to always give Lisa feuer the chemistry teacher at George, Bush, high school credit for turning me onto flew board and having great ideas and from there it. Just took off because it's so many things that I could do with my students. From example here's one that you can do with yours and the COVID era students are. GonNa be looking for ways to just unwind and a really good cool way to do. It is to share a magazine full of music and was really cool as I like the station on Youtube called Chill Hoppe and as good study music Nice Mellow Music Kinda beat. No, words Nice Melodic melodies as so what you could do is curate a couple of those chill hop songs and put those in a Flip Board magazine and call a study music shared that music with your students from the floorboards magazine and tell them that when they're studying, they can listen to this music now that works well for secondary. Students. As well. However, if you're an elementary teacher, maybe there are some elementary songs that you could find on youtube that would be nice to play in your classroom. Especially, if you teach in the pre K. or early childhood era sharing those songs that teach number facts, fluency Sharon. Diese, want that teach alphabet phonetic sounds. I know phonics is not what you're teaching in elementary but just different techniques that you can share parents it can work as a resource and that and that manner. So. Boss Story Baffler board ends with given Lisa full the credit for giving me turned onto it and how you can enhance your classroom just by sharing music especially in his covert airtime with your students so that it can you know just lower the effect filter and allow them to enjoy being in.

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