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"ricky hanish" Discussed on 30 For 30 Podcasts

"History. I only homeland so fun season for the Serb with your mind. The first franchise sister did left left field wall. Leila's a good fill that you got the first one the way I thought maybe few young guys eventually get the first one I got it. So I can brag right now. He's still ran like a gazelle. You watch him. We we've had little rundown exercises that we would do forty six years old out run all of us. The guy was in better shape than almost all of us on the team. And we were early twenties. Sift peach was one of her teammates serve. One hundred percent shredded from head to toe, muscular Anderson, we'll go off and running Throwdown the second base. It's not gonna be in time is six stolen base. The season comes here in the first. On the field rookie was killing it as a surf dog. He and his teammates felt like winners. But off the field things weren't so pretty here's Jeff Boers. Knock a lights. It's pretty bad. I mean, the conditions are horrid the hotels or fleabag hotels. The club houses are dilapidated. I've been to some little league fields that are better than some independent ball places. All we go out, and we'd be catered to mazing Levin. Now, we gotta go out to the growth and stole grab some. Some Bologne in in ham and some peanut butter jealous. But other than that, you know, keep the guys from being hungry and giving thune says and go out that play, you know, we get peanut butter and jelly or some cereal or something, you know, whatever was at the ninety nine cents store that time probably Brighi comes on his this is what you guys are eating. Are they? We eating this one day we had pasta the next day. We have fried chicken and potatoes and salad and all that stuff. I mean, our spreads on the Senate becoming became good. After that if Ricky was disappointed by the conditions around him. He sure didn't show it to his teammates. He kept everybody loose. You know, he was just another one of the guys. Feel like. They did. Join for guys like Nick era, Ricky wind from childhood hero to not only teammate. But father figure and friend has taken some left-handed swings and Ricky's got a nice wing. Thanks. Right. My right side back to and it's not really going like I wanted to work on it. He's gonna pick up tomorrow before before practice. What is it will come in here and do some early working shoot? Okay. All right. Thank. Yeah. Same. Came down. He hit wasn't as like swing still. They're still there Kvant. Do you surf dogs manager Terry Kennedy saw him mentoring? Some of the guys started thinking I've gotten Ricky Henderson here. Maybe he'd be willing to help me out as well. I ask him. Will you take the position players out there to first base and talk about breaks and leads and he says sure I thought he was going to turn me down. But he didn't he took him out there. And then the other team was the saw him doing his thing. And they started getting closer. And I said, well, you know, this is a independently I said come on over just let them let them listen to Ricky took base to base. He has a little bit different of a I if he pushes off the inside foot opens up his his right foot on average, you get five more feet than the average person. He went through the whole thing. It was very good to be honest with you. I tried to mimic what Ricky did definitely wasn't helpful for me. And I didn't have a lot of success doing it that way I was rounder than later on in my career. So I was stealing bags. By the fourth of July surf dogs were in first place. The team was into prize Zona and they pulled down tight game against the fighting falcons. Stands were packed this business school kid idea on some level had worked. If I were after after the game being in the middle of desert. It's just what baseball is supposed to be like it's summertime in America being Ricky Hanish than being there..

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