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"ricky eastern house" Discussed on The Down and Dirty Show

"Join us as we had the last couple of weeks. We've been a little bit spoiled <hes> but moving into our a real world recap not easy say Chris Nascar right up the street New Hampshire. Tell us about it. Oh Yeah Greg. I mean you know it's as somebody who's lived in New England all my life. It's a bummer to not have to cup races New Hampshire anymore but that just means they're saving all the action for the one that we get in July right and it was scorcher out there. You know some of the temperatures I I saw Matt to Benedetto lost about ten pounds a waterway during the race but <hes> Kevin Harvick finally taken in a checkered flag for Stewart Haas racing. I know a lot has been made in recent weeks of I think their longest winless streak to start a season ever but we knew that Kevin Harvick had it in him I mean he was well clear on points of the playoff cutoff before getting this victory career but you know finally taken that checkered flag and you know getting the lobster in Victory Lane and his kid kiss it. Yes yeah that was that might have been the moment of the weekend right there. Some also some interesting drama watching Ricky Eastern House junior and Eric Jones get into it and <hes> stenhouse saying that you know once we once we get closer to this playoff cutoff that he owes Eric Jones one. I think that's going to be interesting to see I know Eric wants to SORTA. Talk it out with Ricky but you know what I what I love. What I've seen over the past few years and racing is win win a guy is that Matt? He's not GonNa Talk. He's just GonNa pay you back. Just GonNa pay and there's a couple of opportunities on the schedule for a little short-track beaten and banging where you can kind of hide behind it speaking of beaten and Bang in pain things up a little bit Alex Bowman. I car second car and then third car third car. Definitely that's an expensive weekend. That is inexpensive weekend. Did you guys see the Nascar Chasm tweet from well. We're recording according on Wednesday so earlier today where it's got the extra long Hendrick motorsports Holler thirty four wheeler now you know that's that's even kind of a throwback to because they <hes> they took one Jimmy Johnson's cars ars. They took Jimmy's backup car. They had the new stickers on it but they didn't have time to repaint the car the Exalted Blue so they got that special midnight Black Exalted Edition Eight car. I'm hoping they make a die cast of that because that all by I love stuff like that you know Dale Dale earnhardt driving that lowes foods car like thirty years ago I think it was Jimmy Spencer backup or something Richard Petty doing the six hundred one year in a number six car that he borrowed from decay alridge stuff like that is cool it kind of reminded me of Formula Formula One from years ago when when they have the standing start they there'd be a pile up in turn one in the drivers would get out of their cars and sprint back. You know to get the backup car because they'd restart the race and stuff and if both team drivers crashed it was a WHO's going to get the backup so team orders again informed the white going back to Alex this. We're making a little fun. Here is not completely his fault that the first one went up in flames. No definitely wasn't I mean that's just kind of a freak. Deal and Alex was far from the only guy who had to go to a backup car over the weekend and he was far from the only guy who had some troubles. I know that Kyle Larson had to go to a backup Austin. Dillon just had such a tough race as well. Just the problems started early and they came often. You Know New Hampshire's tough track. It's very very different from a lot of the other tracks on the schedule but what we saw is especially with this package. It put on some really good racing and again that that's why it kind of bums me out that we don't have a second race because I think it would be really exciting to see how they would drive with this package in September learning what they've learned in July you know the playoff drama that comes into play that late everything like I missed the second race to because one it's September always better weather. It's so hot so hot and steamy we also had indycar he car at Iowa. I was there and that was a heck of a an event super good racing. It was also super long. We didn't get out of there to almost two A._M.. Because of the rain delay we actually went back to the hotel grabbed a pizza hung out and watch the race at Lime Rock and and then came back but man team penske they are qualified one two three and then once Joseph New Garden got around willpower. He threw up the DEUCES and said see ya there was nobody in the field that could touch him but the race was good but but you came back with a big smile smile on your face because you've got to do something special while you're out there I did. I got to ride in the two seater. This has been a longtime coming <hes> shoutout Arnie over indycar he really got me set up and showed us a really good time got us down pit road and got to meet a fan boy to broke the racing rule. I met James Hinchcliffe and sent Leslie a Selfie with him. The shot up James. If you hear this really appreciate that got me a lot of brownie points at home but super cool experience I'd never been down on pit road for any race let alone indycar race and this summer has been shaping a pretty good N._h._R._A.. A couple of weeks ago and INDYCAR and I'm curious to see what's going to happen next so the new jobs working out okay for you know. I'm not complaining not complaining so you even got to CIARA. I got to see Arca in that was that was actually pretty cool to learn something thing about <hes> rubbing in the track and apparently indycars Arche cars <hes> the differences entire compounds it makes it really slippery and then of course when the thunderstorm rolled in and track temperatures dropped sixty degrees that changed everything and seeing how the teams scrambled. To make changes in which teams could adapt that was pretty cool but a super cool weekend. I kept my accelerometer on my phone. On during the two seater pulled three point two Geez I was pretty wild but anyway moving on speaking to Lime Rock Kevin your expert spirt kind of a home race you guys weren't competing but a heck of a race and a great finish my my team wasn't there this this <hes> race's limited to the G._T.. Classes so G._D. and G._T._l.. M <hes> which makes for great racing. It's really you know it's the Bull Bowl Ring of the road courses so it it's fun for those that don't put too many cars on track you know what is it a mile and a half or so <hes> but it's really a fun race Porsche dominated for I don't know seventy five eighty percent of the race and then Ford one so good for Ford but but <hes> yeah some Porsche Fan boy but but it's interesting because leading up to it if you read any of the social media comments that everybody's complaining about B._O._p.. which that never happens in I racing right but B._O._p.'s AH obviously a very difficult thing and people are saying well? You know it's not fair because Porsche one five in a row but again it comes back to it's not always about the top speed or the fastest lap it's racing. It was <hes> two and a half hour as something like that and lots of things happen pitstops tires all that stuff Ford was first one across. They got the checkered flag good for them. What was really cool? There was multiple strategies. I first full race. I've watched all season and see how all these different pit strategies played out and then there was first through fourth came out toward the end of the race just back to back to back <hes>. It's funny how all that stuff comes together so really good show <hes> also really cool cars to and and not to forget the important part but <hes> Dave comer got to start the race with the green flag which was pretty exciting. We put out a video of a couple of days ago and <hes> you know I think we need to upgrade our flag. GHYKA's Day was he was spot on with with his flag-waving. He did not disappoint. There's been some rumors around the office of motion capturing that video and making Dave have cameras the official new flag. I advisory starts every race for engineering. If you're listening you're welcome moving into the week ahead. We have an incredibly cool story brewing. It's been coming together pretty quick then something culmination of fifteen eighteen years of work here in I._R._A.'s and Kevin. You've been part of it for a really long time. Why don't you tell us about it sure and well? It's it's a really exciting N._B._C.. Sports Network will be broadcasting Thursday five P._M.. I don't know what channel that is around you. I think on direct T._v.. It's two twenty yeah but I don't know what you have cable and unfortunately it's probably only available in the U._S.. But it it's the first broadcast of a East board race and on live on network so it's really cool. This is a collaboration in between I racing NASCAR and N._B._C. Sports all of us want this to happen. This isn't just something that you know. We wrote a check to make happen. This is something that's important to everybody. <hes> everybody's stepping up their game on east sports. You know obviously that's what we do but N._B._C.. Sees the value in it. NASCAR sees the value in it. It's going to be pretty interesting race. A lot of the peak drivers will be in it. It's not a peaks points race. We didn't want to interfere with the series championship and try something new to shorter format. <hes> we'll be at Iowa. We also have Parker clim going to be driving the N._B._C. car. I believe that's he's driving. The number. One is that right. I think we said number one because <hes> they typically do the year of the broadcast but we have a number nineteen Casey Tucker in the peak series who is scheduled to didn't want to give up a number but can wheel perk is a good driver. It'll be interesting to see how he stacks up against the peak guys but but he's a good driver and one was open. I mean you gotta you gotTa. Give your network partner who is doing so much to put this first ever ever live national network sport race. You've got you gotta give them that. You know throw them that bone. They're just just reemphasize. I think this is a really cool point. That Kevin alluded to earlier. This isn't pay to play. This is a partnership that we've developed with NASCAR. It's been a lot of people putting a lot aww blood sweat and tears into this over the last few years and it's this collaboration has been a long time coming super excited to see this. It's going to be not not just a one off either. I think we're going to have a few races last Thursday last Thursday for the next <hes> last Thursday of the month for the next four months so lots coming up make sure if if your home watch it if you're not set your d._v._r.. Or Your Youtube T._v.. Whatever you're not H._S._A.? Beta made I've ever you got them. Just keep in mind the more people that watch this the more likely clue we can do more things like this <hes> because NASCAR and N._B._C.. We'll see that hey people love this so watch it. Even if you're not on ask Arfan Watch it we also have the Porsche eastport supercup at the nurburgring and they have had a couple couple of bunch a really good races a lot of different winners this year and just a lot of fun to watch. This'll be a great race. It's it's on the not the north life thank you <hes>. That'd be a pretty interesting so so it's on the G._p.. Course.

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