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"ricky dave stewart" Discussed on 30 For 30 Podcasts

"Call instead forty five year old Ricky Henderson got on the phone with his agent, Jeff Borris and said, what can you do to keep me in the game as an agent, I have never been bashful to tell a guy. It's time to take off your jersey if a guy can no longer compete at a major league level, I will be the first guy to tell him. I think the time has come for you now to get on with the rest of your life. But with Ricky even though when he got into his forties. I never felt that way about him. Look like his body was chiseled out of granite. Baseball. At least the way Ricky Henderson pleaded for as long as he pleaded is hard on the body. And the guy was a shoe in for the hall of fame. Everyone wondered what he was doing why he kept going, but his teammates learned retirement was a word that did not go over well with Ricky Dave Stewart was a teammate on the Oakland A's in the nineties at the time that I decided I was going to retire nineteen ninety-five. He was is mad at me about retiring as anybody could have imagined. And I got it. I mean, he's a close friend one of my best friends, and he was very very disappointed in me and didn't speak to me for a few days. And his thought was that you know, you love the game. And he asked me on. I said, yeah. Love baseball very much, and I enjoy playing it. But I don't enjoy playing it like on planet. He told me that that that wasn't a part of the plan. And he thought that I was premature in making a decision that I was making to retire. And I told him he's not in my shoes. Paul Abbott was a pitcher who played with Ricky when they were both with the Seattle Mariners. Then remember him watching the hall of fame ceremony on TV sitting there with them lower in the cafeteria or the kitchen eating lunch and him. Speaking up saying, you know, I don't want to be there. Like, what should I don't want to be there? What are you talking about goes? Because on there. I'm not here that means he was done playing. He didn't want to be done playing. He wanted to play forever..

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