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Not Your Average News 11 Sep 2020


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Not Your Average News 11 Sep 2020

"You want to know how to not be average create your podcast on anchor. All right, let me explain number one, it's free, and what's better than free to there's creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer number three anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on Spotify Apple podcast app anymore for you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. Five, it's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. So download the free anchor app or go to Anchor and get started now. Don't be like everyone else you're better than that. Welcome in. To Not Your Average news where I Wade through the Cesspool fear porn to bring you only positive news stories from the past week. And let me just say as with every week that I've done this. It was a horrifyingly depressing nightmare to try to find these stories because our news media took a bunch of bums. Please do not give them the time of day do not turn tuned into cable news, you know, read your local newspaper. It's just awful. They're losers. Don't give them your time. But with that being said, I was still able to muscle through and find ten 9th, excuse me that I think we're worth actually hearing about so let's just get right into these the first one. if you are a someone from maybe the nineties generation you grew up there. This one may bring about some. positive memories from you so it says that Basically Will Smith is executive producing a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot. So, I don't know that's kind of neat. If you that was one of my favorite shows growing up in the nineties used to watch a lot of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Now, it doesn't sound like Will Smith is going to be acting in the show necessarily, but he's going to be executive producing. And it's just supposed to be basically picking up, you know thirty years in the future or whatever from when the actual Fresh Prince ended. So not a new story should just be a continuation of the same show in all these articles that I have will be linked down in the description. So you want to go read them for yourself and go check those out, but that's pretty cool Fresh Prince of Bel-Air song The Best What is that? What do they call the this show or the song that they have for a TV show? I don't know but Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is might be the best ever. So we'll see if they can recapture that magic. in more entertainment related news Rick Moranis for our next story is I guess coming out of a 23-year acting Hiatus. So if you remember Rick Moranis, he was in Honey. I Shrunk the Kids another good move from the late eighties, and apparently he is getting ready to do a Honey. I Shrunk the Kids reboot on I think Disney so another good family movie. I guess Rick Moranis was. I don't know why you took a twenty few years Hiatus, but nonetheless he's back. So some Classics are getting remade which is actually better kind of a neat thing that we've been doing in the last few years, like rebooting old movies. We do this a lot with video games. Now, if you're into video games, they kind of remake A lot of the classics and just make them appear better. So I'm a big fan of that. I'd like to see more of it off. Rick Moranis coming back out of hiding Looks like bark name. Anyways moving on got a little bit of food news for you fat. He's out there that Can't Get Enough So here we go. Costco is bringing back a beloved food item to their food court and it's you've ever been to Costco. You said how wonderful their food court is might be my favorite. This is not the story but side note there pizza price to haste might be the best on the planet. It doesn't get them cheaper and better. I think they put like three pounds of cheese on a pizza. It's delicious, but Their food court is reopening and they are bringing back the Costco chicken bake. So if you are familiar with this, it's basically like, let me see. How do they describe it? It's like chicken parmesan ranch, everything all wrapped into like a delicious Hot Pocket Full of chicken baked. So go out to Costco. I guess we're actually allowing people to hang out in the food court now or maybe not they think would be either let you be there or they can pick the food up and take it to go. But either way that's nice Pasco. Bring them back a delicious treat. Also got the best pizza price to taste if you disagree. I feel sorry for you. anyways in a pretty awesome story here From Yahoo! News I'll just read the headlines Delta Force Soldier selected from Medal of Honor cast light on bravery of Fallen teammate. So it looks like Sergeant Major Thomas Patrick Payne will receive the Medal of Honor maybe today. I think you might be. From a mission that they went on October 22nd 2015. They rescued hostages. and one of his fellow soldiers was killed so It seems like from the story. They teamed up with some Kurdish Special Forces on a nighttime Mission and they went and rescued seventy Iraqi hostages from a nicest prison compound. I love our special forces. Those dudes are awesome. They put their life on the line every single day and there are some of the most down-to-earth Real people that you'll ever meet. I don't know this Thomas Patrick pain, but I'm certain that he is well deserving of this honor and I'm sure you could pick out any of his other teammates and they would all be worthy of the same honor. So well done to Sergeant Major Thomas Paine into all of his teammates and went on a mission. We have too few good men like them. So I hope he gets all the honor he deserves. Next up. This is kind of a neat little story. So the headline goes boy donates 20,000 diapers to single moms using funds from his lemonade stand. So this eleven year old boy named Cartier carry? Decided that he wanted to help out the single moms in his town. So he started a lemonade stand with the desire of Donating 25,000 diapers and up to this point. He is raised $5,000 and he's already donated 22,000 diaper so long. He is well on his way. Yeah, so just out of his own. Kind eleven-year-old heart kids making a difference. You want to see someone that's not average. Look at these last two stories Delta Force and a little eleven-year-old boy off taking initiative. We don't need government handouts. We just need people with big hearts willing to go and make some change happen. So well done to cardi a carry. And then here's another bizarre story if you're a candy lover. So headline reads real life. Willy Wonka gives away Candy Factory in giant treasure hunt a fairly the founder of Jelly Belly David Klein who they'd of the Candyman just creepy. Getting ready to retire and he decided to leave. His I guess candy industry in sort of a Willy Wonka style golden ticket Adventure so you can go ahead and join this treasure hunt down their website. Says each treasure hunt is valued at $5,000 and there's a cost of $49 to enter. Says the biggest part of these treasure hunts anyone who joins at least one treasure hunt will be eligible to search for the ultimate treasure the key to one of David's candy factories and an all-expense-paid trip in education the candy-making University. So you can go and check out this link and they'll be a link to his website as well. If you're interested in getting a key to a candy factory and all the delicious Jelly Bellies that you can eat. And kind of an oddball story here up next. Google Maps I guess did something cool while they were spying on every thing that you've ever done in your life, but they did decide to it says Google maps with street view of New York City, but they used photos from 1940s. So there's this street in New York. The story doesn't say what street it is. but basically Google Maps found we went to the municipal archives in New York City who had just completed digitizing and tagging photos from the 1930s 1940s New York and they took those basically uploaded them into Google Maps. And now you can see they see the way that street looked in the nineteen thirty-nine nineteen-forty time frame. If you're looking at it on Google Maps, which is kind of cool would be kind of sweet to see them do do this eventually with you know, everybody's kind of street. So that's a cool touch with well done. Google Maps. That's just a cool little unique. thing to do and then coming up here in I'm sure this won't be good news for everybody because I will say the Blasphemous name of trump, but that's what idiots do. People that are above average crazed people when they do something well and criticize them when they do something bad. That's the way you're growing up should act but the losers in our news media have trained us to foam at the mouth whenever we hear, you know of a president. We don't like they can never do any good. You can never do any wrong if we do like them, but that's just not real life. So Trump does something well give him Kudos and here he did something well again, so we know recently he brought about a piece of cord sort of between the UAE and Israel and earlier this week. He brought about a second piece of cord basically second third with Serbia and Kosovo who have agreed to recognize Jerusalem and are in the work place potentially building embassies in Israel. So that's massive. This is world-changing if you can I mean and this is something off again. Don't be a drone. Don't be a moron and just say Trump bad, you know Biden good truck does something good give him praise and if we can somehow bring about peace and change in the Middle East this world will be all the better for it. So I say Well done President Trump keep up on this change in the Middle East. It is a sorely needed. So UAE Serbia Kosovo are online. Hopefully we can get more. This is great news. Hopefully we hear more about this and then in the last story. That we have what are week the big story from outkick? The NFL is officially back baby so much consternation about covid-19. We got morons like the commissioner of the Big Ten of of canceled football leagues and you know, the loser governor of Michigan who's shutting down high school football and all these things to fight back against and here comes the NFL just played their first game last night sadly if you're not a Chiefs fan, they look good, but regardless the NFL is back and I know people get spun up with sports and how woke they're going to be and all this social justice. I did not see the start of the game, so I can't walk too much on that. But from the second quarter on it did not seem to be overwhelming and in your face. So it was not the NBA's level of wokeness. So, you know, but whatever. We'll see how it goes again much like giving Trump praised when he does, right. Test out the NFL see if it's something that you can take if they go too far with it, then turn it off if you don't like it and if it's not that bad watch it give um, I you know positive affirmation that they're going in the right step. But either way we're fighting back from this coronavirus nonsense a big step in that direction is getting football back on the on the television this back Kansas City looks like a monster and I'm happy fantasy football team was drafted things are looking up so fast the stories we got for you guys again don't listen to mainstream media cable news media their bums their propagandists. If you need to get some loose turn on not your average news every Friday. And remember the world is actually a pretty good place to live no matter what those losers on CNN and Fox News tell you so until next time never settle never give up and never Excel. average You Were Made for More

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Ghost Slime: Ectoplasm!

Strange Brew Podcast!

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Ghost Slime: Ectoplasm!

"Jeffrey Dahmer 7001 Unabomber blowing up Waco, Texas and having scales flying back from apes killer faces death and then escaped Bigfoot and the Mothman San Jose just again, which has don't take Goblin mysterious noise and hot days looking guards and the Skull and Bones most celebrities are probably grown. So when you're feeling all alone grab a beer and get stoned welcome you to the podcast age group where he said to change, you know about kids off. By the Energizer Bunny gets thrown in prison. I don't know just charge for adding home with children. I was stupid. Welcome to this project. I'm your host tom cat Tom Thompson. My name's Billy. All right, let's get a gallon. It's Halloween season. I'm excited. You know, I'm excited for Thomas Christmas, but Christmas Christmas so much is my favorite turkey each other off. I will make sure I tell you that I had two girlfriends dad gave me two big blow up like Santa's one just like Santa waving and one's him on like an RV actually speaking of what you are saying this year right now at Walmart. They're like extremely reasonable prices on like huge blow up Halloween decorations. Like there's been paid by them. There's one. No, I'm just saying it's usually fucking wage. I'm just saying for you cuz like there's like need that there was one it was like a blow up like which or whatever but it was like it was like seven feet tall going for like 35 bucks. Like that's insane blush it but I'm just saying that every other year those were like 300 fucking dollars. That's what I gave Mitch the Santa and the to Santa why don't you give those to me fucking because I just know Mitchell of Santa's and he starts off. He loves Christmas after notice house. Yeah, but like I want the ones the the Halloween decorations and stuff like that. Like there's that Halloween store. I haven't been yet. I usually go my spirit or whatever Halloween I I sent in my girlfriend. I was like I get like a she's like you get like a $20 budget and I'm like no sixty to seventy so I can maybe get like a cool comes out. It's like an extra credit. That's what that that storage box like Ouija board shot glasses. Like all cool. My weed jars a Ouija board thing from there. Like there was a lot of cool shit there and but even if you go to Like Home Depot, I don't know if that's American or not, but no birth. And but Home Depot has like cool. They're fucking super expensive like hundreds of dollars, but they have like cool a slight up things like a skeleton ride a motorcycle and a really tall creepy clown guy. Like they have like what sort of thing holding you like there's ones are going at Walmart to for like extremely reasonable. Well, actually actually reason yeah. All right. Well, I'll I'll check out the right out to the people that made it sad off and I got I got some I got some Scotch I got bur brand microphones going so sick if we're getting better quality or getting better. We're fucking so you still got your sleesman sees. Can you switch it up even it's just that it's cheap. It's like fourteen bucks for a cowboy people here this way later, but I got some fucking good old pumpkin beer for tomorrow for me and wanting our episode the fuck. Am I not drink him pumpkin beer. That's 10.2% God. To honestly, I really don't like, it's from flying monkeys. So it's actually pretty good. I like through beer that there are favored man. They should sponsor us fucking how am I going to get our Co Puffs? We've drank we're going to go talk to forefathers. Yeah. Okay. So the pizza place know it's a brewery in Cambridge. All right, good. Let's go do that. Let's shop around so you can get some fucking I'm going to see who whoever wants to give me free beer. I'm pretty smoking on board right away with that. That's our thing. Honestly, if you want to sponsor us you got any way of doing it. Honestly send us a fucking ball a booze or a bottle of beer. We'll try it on the podcast and will fuck review it. So I got also got some of this Gorilla Glue still I got to get some more I want to get another one but we're going to get into some fucking go slime October 3rd. Is it just oh no, I was going to say it's not what you cover yourself in every fucking morning. But afternoon, I don't wake up till noon. I was talking to Mitch at work and he's laughing. He's like, he should use that clip off. South Park and I was like what clip? Oh, I know. Yeah. It's a good one and they when they banned the internet or whatever and they just have like internet concentration camps and then Randy hasn't tripped off for like so you jerk off and the whole fucking room. It's cover is covered interests. Like it was close. There's girls everywhere. So this is really weird. Like I want to get into this eventually. So I thought like I was picking out things for Halloween we could do in this something that's cheating weird, but most likely fake probably didn't probably for all the people especially like children of the eighties. Cuz if it is from Ghostbusters, that's where I heard about it first probably going to Ghostbusters, okay, the word ectoplasm will probably conjure up images of slime that characters faced in movies Ghostbusters cuz like if you think about what the fuck's like ghosts name, I'm going to kill myself on a fucking remember which one goes our Google user now. That's that fucking. Oh that's going to bug me now. Okay, those cluster since I was a kid, I watched it actually recently like last year or a couple of months ago. It wasn't even Halloween. I know exactly what you're talking about primary Slimer. Is that it? Yeah, it's Slimer because then Gozer is lacking demon dog that I was like I was going to say I know goes there's a okay. Nevermind. Yeah, that's Rick Moranis characters of people got this fucking inspiration for this podcast for him. So obviously like Ghostbusters. That's the biggest thing like he gets off like Slimer. I think that's what they call it goes through him and then he's like, oh I got slimed he's like covered and they like they take the fucking little sample of it, right? So I wonder if like when dead And that they're just like how can we possibly make a poren who wrote without seeing like it's porn Doug was a bug one of them? No, no fucking suck Bob only Rick Moranis design up all the time. Now you made me fucking bar cuz I was holding this pain fucking Dan Aykroyd wrote it. Oh no shame that obviously, I don't know if like, I think if he dies, I'll probably talk about it on the famous dead, but that might be a couple of years, but she dies we're going to be subject one of this point. You can't like talk about anyone dying. I don't know if they pass away. We're right by her obviously had a big belief and just like cuz like, you know, this is this is not a huge topic like get into it, but it's not a fucking it's not like fucking hours long. It's just the basics but the thing is and there's not more to it. I looked there's not there's not that much but the fact that Dan Aykroyd dead. You know Ghostbusters cuz he was literally fascinated by UFOs go she has a whole documentary that he he made and she like that out of the blue or something where he's in any he's he's interviewed in. Oh, yeah talked. I think I've said this before she leaves getting trapped by people and you thought like you saw like cars that disappeared essentially. That's what he says is that like they saw this black sedan kind of car like FBI, you know, and then just was gone. It was an FBI car. Yeah just got no. They got the MIB Men In Black share with a push the don't push the button button a fucking zoom off, but he was super into that shit. So hero Gus Ghostbusters had the love for the game normal and it became such a fucking success as a fucking great movie. My favorite character obviously is Rick Moranis the guy from Strange Brew the guy from fucking Essa Essie's TV when he's like he starts to get off by the demon and share and the demons chasing him and that he he like gets slapped against like it's like a food store or something like that like a restaurant. Oh, yeah right by the Deacon can essentially what's happening. Yeah. Yep. I got actually that's open to interpretation. I guess although I'll rewatch that get ISO so far as reading Halloween season. I'm I'm finishing Amityville. Horror game tonight. I watched the original Amityville Horror for me and wanted to say so that we did so and so I'm going to watch the original first and then we're watching the remake with where I'm Reynolds. I'm a big I like right near the water and I'm moving in forever. So we just watched like the beginning of the other night and I was like, okay. Well finish it. Median, right? Yeah. He's crying rentals. You know, it's pretty sure yeah, like I say Hamilton can I saw where he's from and use them all he's from Vancouver. He's a Beast Boy, you know, I mean so fucken handsome. Yeah, so I'm going to try to get on my horror movies even before like, we really get like deep in thoughts Halloween season in show. Yeah, but I'm trying to get there and then when when November comes I'll watch fucking Nosferatu finally. Oh my gosh. Oh, not the original movie. I've seen that a billion times dead. Obviously in movies where ever goes go, they leave slimy residue behind side of their presence and worth taking a sample of but what ectoplasm really is a really real life isn't even a real thing a ghost come to as a matter of fact ectoplasm was indeed alleged a real thing but stories rather strange about insurance and the fuck are they not when is whenever I ever heard one of your stories and went that could fall can happen. I I definitely see the happening. I know it's true he call I said all the time were you there? Were you there? I was not there but I believe in pretty sure I was there I would have been you don't know so the word ectoplasm was originally originally coined in 1894 by a psychic researcher Charles richet the UK Society for psychic research. The government grants set fuk. No juice. Some guys are getting Paceman being like as he getting paid. He's gotta be getting read my house. Can you read my thoughts? I see something that's freezing sir. There's got to be a there's got to be some sort of like branch of the government that pays you for that right? Because there's there's people that like, it's all suit like well, no, that's that's knowledge. I'm talking about like there's people that do like the Mind Games right? It's like how your mind works and if you can become like yeah, like things like that young people actually people research that right and they got paid so that's a good one. If you want to go back and listen to like shit. We're actually kind of doing some real good content. I remember it was fun. Yeah. That was a fun game. We did fucking psychic get so like this guy, it's funny. He's doing like psychic kind of research. Yeah, but it's all about ghosts and shit. So who who symbol he simply merged the Greek words October but outside and plasma meaning something that is formed more molded come. It's the same it's goes, it's Coast but it's not come from their bodies is that they're like, but it can be my come. No, no, it could be though cuz it you know, but I'm going to start just dead body. I plasm to her face. So I coded that shit would go slime didn't even see my no, I like go slow because ghost loans is like poof nothing. Yeah, right, but if you got an ectoplasm load that's covering. It's one of those like when like four girls are on you and you're like, oh I'm gonna fucking plasm rain and this may be a big one. Meanwhile Billy just as one like a little drunk bugging one little strong sperm still going a guy that one sperm won't pregnant off of those bitches. He's a strong motherfuker. It's it's not quantity. It's quality. The word was created to I'm not doing it. The word was created 2:00 a.m. In a strange phenomenon of the error. Hmm. Okay, pretty good that seem to gravitate towards spiritual mediums. We're in during like the intense sessions. So obviously mediums being like the ghosts of here like it's in go says I need about three hundred more dollars. It's in one of those stupid ass hoe the haunting of Connecticut or something like that. It's one of those stupid like ghost movies that they have like there was like just trailing off the end table of like Exorcist into MM. Yeah kept trying to redo it. They had to go through the boy and you fucking shit coming out of his mouth like a big duties coming out of his mouth disgusting. Yeah it is. Okay, so and how obviously wage it seems like like during these sessions when he's really deep into this stuff. It would kind of this thing would supposedly appear like this gelatinous substance that would gradually solidifying Like a slime like gauze or cloth like material that's coming from like their noses and their mouth. Yeah, we'll get we'll get into it. But I'd be really uncomfortable. It would be uncomfortable. I would be it could be so apparently take a variety of appearances and manifestations and one paranormal research. The the Slime is changing. Yeah, like it would like in well, I thought it would create another another ghost. It's like which ones real ones ones dripping away. I'm clearly the fucking Coast because it all the stuff like it just seems like I know you have things come across smells and stuff like that. Like there's photos of it more posts had a lot of shit come out of my mouth. Yeah a lot of bulshit not a fucking vomit. Okay, that's your ectoplasm slime could be dead. But like I don't know what I always thought, you know always bully like I didn't know what I was a kid. I didn't know what this stuff was about what we're getting into when people maybe faking it and like all this stuff dude approved. Literally that they were actually mediums psychics and all this stuff. But I always took it as something like a ghost like, you know, when it goes makes its physical representation in this world like it goes to scare you and then if it goes through you right and it leaves remnants of its energy source, but at the same time with my beliefs, it just doesn't make sense to just leave that no. Doesn't whine. Yeah. There it is. That's that I don't even read. It doesn't shift that doesn't add up though. I can be reptilian shape-changing and I can believe in different dimensional things when it comes to like the spirit and our soul energy. Like I just don't get why I would lead this residue of slime on you that's off like in this represented a lot of movies. There's a lot of good. That's the one though. That's that's Tom's Line This is the now it's bulshit. So on one paranormal researcher by the name of Augustus. Give me Gail a gross name. I mean circuit Augustus said of it it ectoplasmic slime is very veritable in appearance being sometimes vaporous sometimes a plastic-like paste sometimes a bundle of fine threats or a membrane with swellings or fringes or find fabric like tissues. It's all pretty much the same except for the what was that Twigs. Did you say area, right? Yeah, and it's weird that case so it's not like Ali this rope wasn't here before what I'm saying. There's not like guys because, well and that's when they always send the movies, right? It seems like it's like this substance that goes over you. That's slimy. Yeah, that's what they show in movies and that's been showing a haunting of Connecticut if I'm fucking right? That's what it is. If I'm wrong go with the Facebook page and fucking share with you. Yeah, but that's weird. Like it's like that's why it seems so fucking Faith man. It's just like it doesn't make sense. How was the oldest like this fabric tissue that somehow solidifies carried on you know, which is weird that this fabric like tissue like that's just trips me out why I think you know, like the the fabric trip to Europe but not the bundles of thread those those are normal when I was first horse obviously stoned doing well. I was like bundle of countries. I'm just like what but so you can start a fire almost how this appears usually seems to appear when a medium was deep into a trance-like state wage. Stuck in dreaming and we're sticking it's typically expelled from the mouth. If I See This creepy as fuck like oh, yeah hundred percent. I think they did do it. In fact if I could duck and that's the movie The Haunting in Connecticut and you know, the kid expels it from his mouth. It just looks oh you see a lot of shit like that like not not Fabrics, but you see like a lot of people lose souls and stuff in their mouths from a lot. They say you learn you leave like thirty two grams when your body loses weight students is dead. You lose 32. How much is in those thirty two grams wage? That's a clean song. It's it's from a movie but he just added that fucking at thirty two grams could also be your blood, right? Yeah, but your blood doesn't just evaporate my body when it starts pumping Mojo's like, oh no, it was lighter when it's not whipping. They've tracked instantly 32 or 34 grams of weight that leave somebody about it. It's fucking weird. That is Odd as weird thoughts. Mediums do this and trance like State and it's funny. We're getting into it near the end, but typically haven't seen this recently, but typically yeah Express on the mouth nose and ears. I just feel like you know, like old cars you guys haven't like it's coming out of his ears little Wiley Coyote the ectoplasm was said to appear as clear vaporous and even visible at first but gradually taking on like a white, a white, like congealed Essence. I didn't they come like no, it's okay. I appreciate it. So turns into like a whitish and congealed like congealed is like jello to me like like jello type substance. I have no idea what congealed means it means like jello. I essentially I fucking almost guaranteed. Okay, sometimes excluding a strong odor like that of an ozone. I don't want to know Zone smells like Oh, I thought you said oh my God, I was so excited. I thought you're going to say off. Order no zone is and I was going to have fucking bitch. I know what that that's that thing that covers that they say there's a hole in but that's weird like imagine like, you know, this medium is call you and haunted house and she's calling upon spirits and the shit search for me. I'm already tripping out and my head smells of shit. I know you know magicians are fucking nuts, right? I you know, they they joked Rick know I'm just must give you a fucking all of these people could be magicians into it. Like I said, let's just go on the basis that maybe this is real until I destroy okay or destroyed. Oh, oh, okay some claim that ectoplasm will appear in dark in places. Of course, right? It's gotta be dark. Right? Otherwise, I'll see too clearly not understand it's not there and she could discuss disintegrate a flight was to be too bright. Yeah, because that's how you clearly see things. Yeah, and it was even said you take shapes of faces, which we will Hancock. Limbs and even a full body apparitions, it's just kind of cool which is is kind of cool because like if like, you know say I'm you mean you're using the Ouija board. Yeah, and then all of a sudden thought they were like, oh Henry from this this war base from the Civil War and then you see the Civil War guy made out of jelly. Yeah, that's a little fucked up because faith is not like I wonder what flavor would be though. It's Gotta It's gotta be like the green flavor a slime. Oh, I was actually just about to say why does nobody know the colors and flavors? I guess purples a great everyone's red with red flavor. They just know it's fruit punch. That was like, yeah fruit right now every time I fucking like I like I can eat putting putting is good for me. Like I used to make pudding recipe can but every time she couldn't make Jello it just tastes like and there's like, I like jello way more than I like homemade food. I really like homemade. Jello my favorite. Oh my God. I'll sit down with that fucking 7 a.m. All in a bowl or separate later bowl that my mom whipped up and I'll Crush like eighty percent of it in a sitting it's so good. Not my now my company I think of my mom does though she'd like she's the job of packs makes it and then like ads like half a pound of sugar. Yeah. So like I'm like talking sugar. So like my like I just I just want to say like how like I believe in apparitions and I believe in seeing stuff and we're going to get more into it. Like we really haven't even know maybe do it next year or do it some other time but like yeah, we haven't talked to really been haunted places not to location stuff like that. We can get into office like, you know, I believe in seeing apparitions like I posted on the Facebook page video from like Gettysburg and look like two soldiers running across the thing to apparitions but like to believe that even think that there's some gelatinous creature like a fucking terminating I like that word and it's just like it's it's weird good word in to think of that like you like hands appear like home. I'm calling on the Ouija board. We got three in the other room and I'm like touching it and I'm like we were talking to something and then all of a sudden like his hand appears I adore and looks like jello probably my fucking pants off. Yeah. I'm not making a joke screen. I wouldn't make no jokes. So yeah, so obviously kids are dirty and also a strong odor which is creepy. Like I've heard about certain hauntings. I you know, I bet you a dozen. I bet you that's just people shiting they're fucking pants and they see what is that and they're like, I don't know. It must be that like walks away with like either a fucking like goes. Yeah, let's a waddle walks away the little bottles the strange forms are recalled pseudopods. It has a piece. I almost I mean like big pot slow pseudo science is like a ship that's like not proved yet. But with this mean make pods. Yeah. No, no, like I don't know why they call them that it's weird fucking ghost terminology. Okay and claim to be able to move. Doubt and even interact with the physical world moving objects or holding objects as bizarre as this substance appears during seances like it would like which is these all ranges from the 19th to 20th century and the Heyday of spiritualism. So we talked about so kind of just before Aleister Crowley made his for a friend you had people that you know, like we were willing to work like there's no internet. There was no it was all about talking and you were sitting your house and especially in the eighteenth century and I like going the 19th century stuff your lighting candles and you're talking about Ouija boards, and if you dare them because it was there I can see I can see everyone wanting to have like a a reason to be interesting like a story to tell that like now anybody can just read a book bag done reading so they were bored to so what's the way of like creating stuff and like with the tires to your lawyer struggling this stuff and you're being a medium? Okay, and you want to get into Spears? Reality you using a Ouija board. It's like against the church. So like like, you know, just talk about how we're going to talk about when we talk about werewolves. Is that like, you know, two hundred years before they're burning witches and shit. Yeah. So Georgie is further. If you're not either against God, you're not going to church every week in these small cities and towns and you're doing like medium spiritual shit, you're like casts and then people that maybe want to see their daughter or you know, I mean to you. Yeah, right and then they're going against what they believed God is right. It's it's all tied so I can find out where you are before you start talking. So obviously there's all these theories about where this came from why this is the thing so long speculated. It was produced by spiritual energy. This is the guy that really believes it's real, right? Okay, he believes his manifestation as a physical presence while some other early psychic researcher birthday. Believe it was late as something that they called the teneyck force. That's all I'm going to say. No transferring. Yeah, which is kind of smart cuz let's say even that which was thought to be dead Devil Within A hypothetical fluid within the brain. You want to expire pathetical fluid, okay? Sure, the site showed that's a good fluid the chori and the chori of the brain side chode. So and when he's saying is this thing is expelling from a certain part of your brain. We like I've talked about with one is like is the the part of your brain that has the pine Oakland. Okay and has these glands that allow you to tap into your dreams just all that crap right home so still others thought that the plasma held within cells of the body itself and extension of the discovery of what was referred to as protoplasm or walk in content of a cell that surrounded by a plasma membrane basically a gelatinous genetic fuck gelatinous material within the cells, which also is reasoned could be a ejected from the body under circumstances certain circumstances. So they're saying that like during seances these media. Maybe they thought Will it out of people so yeah, they're making them scared to leave like oh my God got caught your body and the fact that it makes it real. Yeah. So if you're like if I'm a Virgin Islands and I convince you that you're seeing stuff that you maybe don't see that you're having something leave your body. That isn't. Yeah, like they're walking into this maybe when were going to maybe like the fox sisters. The fox sisters were girls that believe they had paranormal powers and then pretty much fucked with people and made like knocks underneath the table six people believe that it wasn't them doing it stuff like that. Right? Yeah. So this is what I believe this comes from I believe a lot of crazy shit, but this is something I believe that if you want to make money at a time where there was no internet and no way to falsify things. This is the best way to do it. Yeah, just fucking people spirituality get their money. So for a while after Platinum was incredibly popular. Yep. Especially since this was a spiritualism in the spiritualism wasn't as full swing and seances were gone. Go constantly. Yeah, it was like it was like the bad thing to do but good like oh you went saw medium. That's cool bud and great many spiritualism fucking Jedi and yeah, exactly and researchers believe that it was very real at the time. Yeah, like I'm saying like that that's still goes back instead of like seven times already, but I'm dead serious like magicians are amazing and like I believe Angel is he walk up the wall and Magic was a fucking thing. It just makes people fucking like fuck with your mind thinking that you're the Chris Angel do that like walk up the wall. I don't know. Are you saying Chris Angels an actual magician know I'm saying you fucken losing your mind know it's it's amazing tricks at fuk with people's minds. It's out of the how do they walk on water? Yeah, Jesus it could it could have been like a massive s train with like such thin threads that you can't fucken tell off. That they're actually hooked up to his body and nobody's staring up because they're all staring at him. He could just see like walking after training all this shit and I've watched the the fake. She I think you have to how they feel like certain magician. Relax. Yeah. Well all the additional action figure. Yeah. Yeah, and it's all but drawing your eye away from what they're doing. Yeah, so sleight-of-hand sheets like so you'll like looking over here, but they're doing something over there that you don't even fucking notice. I always trust me out how good they are. Yeah, like even what was it America's Got Talent there that that guy fucking blew my mind. What do they do? They? You know, this this this white guy pulled He had a sweater on and then a T-shirt and he like shook it like nothing. Was there any like took it off and like shook the sweater. Nothing was there and then he like reached into the sweaters pocket and probably pulled it like summer the tuna like 40 bought a beer. Oh sounds like how the fuck is displayed many goddamn bottles and it's a weird of slight hand getting you to look somewhere else while you doing something else and I give them props because it takes time. Oh, yeah amazing. It's and he's there doing it. And that's why I brought the Asian dude. That one thing is from Korean or something anyone because they've had a hand tricks. Yeah because of how quickly you can trick the human brain and that's what me and want to go into a lot too is like how quickly your brain is easily tricked, by the way, if you're going to look that up there like I know that wasn't a sweater. I just don't remember the exact. Yeah. I remember that. I remember what the fuck me was. It was fucked up. It was I don't remember exactly what it was though. Yeah. So obviously for a while people really believed in octopus. Slime slime. That was a real fucking thing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Obviously the same. Author from I know you for that name before Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur cut of Sherlock Holmes. Mr. Arthur Conan Doyle. Yeah, the name sounds familiar. It's from Sherlock though. He did all the series of books on Sherlock. Oh, he was an author so well-known spiritualist. Oh, I didn't know that about one of which statue hours. He's a believer that many who agree with him including real scientist and supposed experts quotations. Okay, the many photographs taken during ectoplasmic in action and Joe plasm and action also seems as proof and I don't think I found like as much as I want to like like as I'm getting older we just weird. I only have something for two or three years, but you've also known me for a very long time so long Would I don't think the way I used to and that's why I try to get across to people too. It's like you're not going to think the same way. You did five years ago every five years you're cautious and you're like you you change. Yeah, So in like, I'm really starting to be skeptical I believe in a lot of the talk about. Yeah, but I'm also skeptical and I want to know the truth behind it, right so they used step if you met him. Yeah. So all these experts assume all these things so many photographs have been taken during the action of ectoplasm slime also seen this proof, but it's widely accepted is very real which is like weird to me. However, like after even they make a movie like go through yours to suck out there clearly just like at that point in smoking. Yeah because they're essentially dead and this is where we're getting into their cracking the mold of stuff. So yeah in the 1920s, it seems so real and fun. Yeah, but when you start to get deeper into it, however cracks began to form. And this phenomenon very phenomenon when more and more mediums were caught faking it and that's what like pisses me off. Like, you know what I mean? Like, how is the money back either fucking tape people want you want to have you know, I don't have it's crazy. The mediums in cases. They've take a variety of different recipes to achieve the desired effect including cheesecloth chewed up wads of paper cloth egg whites or better Muslim butter muslin. I don't know. I don't know what that is mixtures of soap and various and mischievous materials was the mediums then would regulate to create gross and more believable wage act. What's a cheesecloth? So just a cloth holes in it. You should know that you should work in the kitchen you Porsche it through it. So like yeah. Okay. Nevermind. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I know shuffle. I never called it. She's gone. So I never called it anything to be honest and say grab that thing. This is why this sheet seems extremely fake then for me even to say that is that all these mediums would use those are effects to achieve this method so such as mediums Maria Kardon who created ectoplasmic hands and walk. I think I think she's the one I can I have a photo of I were found to be actually pieces of carved animal liver. Yeah, so she strung it up took a fucking liver and carved it. But our livers like livers like aren't they Hollow is is Olivia a solid. I'd assume it's what I'd assume it's Hollow is it not like cuz you need the things on the inside so and when we cuz I I know we talked about cults in the theme song to call as soon as I believe in November. We're going to get into people a curve livers. No, no, we're gonna get into you know Waco right off tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. No, I I have a clue just off your fucking sanjit. They're not think that's spiritual hundred and so episodes almost a hundred and thirty by now, but God, that's way too long, that we're going to get into David. Koresh. We will get into Cults and Jim Jones did the same shit. Oh my God. I called Mennonites Jim Jones. I pretended that he was Korean people's Club. Sir, but you bring people up and they'd have a fake pig pig liver or something like that. And he would pretend to take it from the people that came out during church services and you'd be like, oh this is her cancer, you know what I mean? Like so they there's people have been doing this for fucking years. Whatever way you can make money. It's scams right money. Yeah. Yeah, so she was taking a carved carcasses of animal livers. Okay, so maybe she's his dice now making look look a string fucking or or oh you I thought you said they she carved it to make a hand wash. Yeah. Oh she did so like maybe like animal lover supposed to be small right? Maybe she likes sewed them together to make a hand. So it was like creeping over her shoulder might have been it might have been like a might have been like 20 livers month in a row to like so it all together in a way form a hand. I was what are we just talk about magicians? Yeah, they they make you look somewhere else like over here and then all of a sudden years. There's a hand there. So these are real effects were further helped Along by the fact that rooms where this happened were always kept dark. Like we said it has its gotta be dark convenient because the substance would appear if there was if there wasn't a light there, right so very useful it would be easily faked as the faces that were supposedly formed at the times with ectoplasmic slime. Some mediums were found to be using Simple magazine cutouts was I see is Channing Tatum's wife's just floating in the fucking thing covered in egg whites. So I got slime and this is where I think people caught them that they like they got slaughtered magazine cutouts of people's faces or even doll heads off and and I'll post them on the Facebook page strange began on Facebook. But like the fact that we can see that shit even like in the photos some of them like everyone seems fake and I created image. Is for the page and for the podcast and it just like even though it was a crane these images like that seems like a piece of cheesecloth like everything seems fake. Yeah, it never seems legit home and to me things that are really legit seem to never be photographed for some reason, right. So if it's photographed too often, it feels like probably is real you right? Yeah. So these exposures frauds technically they work. Yeah and people that pay to do this. We're Deming for the idea of actually what ectoplasmic I did was hit. I made a good living off that thought to be on Iraq back in the days like how much fucking money sisters Mabel? Yeah hundreds of dollars, which would exactly yeah thousand by more than that man. You can make it like a killing though. Yeah, and that's what these and I think we should do that. I don't know. Maybe we'll do next Halloween and we'll do like fake mediums and all that but even that even even so I don't want to go down this road with you, but all mediums are fake. There's not one. Okay, if you can personally I don't believe there's one person on this Earth. You're like that song call somebody at will every single time. Maybe maybe yeah one time in your life. You had a conversation with a dead person. Maybe that's pushing it. But maybe you cannot will have people come and pay you $30 and be like, let me tell you about your relatives and then they go and take their scripts off them. There's people that write books on how you do it how you fucking certain natural. We're not getting this now cuz once also a skeptic but I I know proof about this shit like I've had no I'm I'm not saying there's nobody ever that's ever taught not talked to a okay. I'm sure I'm sure it has happened even those people maybe one time in their life. They talked. To a fucking dead person you remember that because psyche I told you about about Chelsea's mom. I understand that they know how to ask the perfect questions to make you think that's not the purpose question like that. Dude. I've mentioned before the ghost expose. It's impossible for him to know certain information. Absolutely impossible for Chris. Angel can walk up a wall. It's impossible for people to do a lot who won the room had a grandmother had brown hair like it's more than that though. It's it's blank Gus's I've heard of a hundred stories where where they go in and they just they go off strong like you had a grandmother died and not paying job everybody has but actually both my grandma's are living and she's like, oh, I must have got the wrong reading there and you're like, I'm not going to pay for it. Will you pay for it now prove to you that side cuz are real or not paying for it because it's not real. I'm going to pay sixty bucks for you to fucking actually cry your eyes out and realize what shit is won't happen guarantee any money. I bet you $1,000 thousand dollars if we get for it though. I'm not paying for actually, you know, what? No, I'll pay the 60 bucks cuz I'm getting $1,000 from you cuz I don't believe for a fucking second. You don't belong on psychic. I don't believe that there's any personal person in the world that can instantly access that information as well. So fucking will bullshit quickly fucking. This is what a waste of fucking money bring me to that psychic. Let's get it. I will go in there with an open heart and an open mind and I will fucking bitch a new one say different. I don't fucking care what she says she's wrong and she says different you're living in a box there man. I'm not like I said, maybe somebody you've never been proven it. So that makes sense. No, no, no, maybe, like maybe even the even the one you're talking bullet Maybe. That one fucking time. It actually happened but they're the the part that I can't wrap my head around and the part that I think is fucking bullshit is that she could have hundreds and hundreds of people just walking in there every day and at we'll just life that I know fucking everything go fuc yourself. If she was a real psychic at like that was able to do at will things like that. She wouldn't have just helped with three cases. She would have solved every goddamn fucking murder in the world. That doesn't make sense. You can't do that. Exactly followed can't take a listen. We don't want to put you in that realm K. And the way psychics do things. It's the way of like say me and you were crossing the tracks say like my pineapple and so open them able to read you. It's about reading you as a person your family and the ties to you and it's also about having you look at me and then reads something off you in the room. So if you have a fucking fifty people waiting for some fake psychic or some real psychic, right, you're going to heal bunch of jumbled thoughts. You need someone specifically in front of you and to Read them because you're toning into their frequency and who they are as a person and what their you can believe whatever you want. Okay, you can know here's the thing though is on a argument psychics that do and have proven that they're real. There's that fucking as much as I've never watched any of Ash it and I believe my girlfriend when she talks about him is the said that he was a celebrity psychic cuz he read celebrities. He's sheltered. He's never heard about any celebrities and he's put in a room with somebody like Corey Feldman. He went when he interviewed a fellow named and he read Corey Haim story without even knowing who Corey Haim was and Corey Haim died of heroin overdose during or after the movie The Lost Boys something like that at the end of the day. You can tell me every bullshit story. You want to tell me you can tell me everything that you think you thought or you know, But it doesn't matter it's horseshit. It just is horseshit till it happens to you. So sure no known even if it did happen to me even on that note. I'd be like wow. That was a lucky fuckah know. I you thought I was crazy right during my whole thing when I had a shot of perverted me thought no, I I you were a fucking lunatic. I thought you were dead. Now, I believe that a shot a person visited me. It's on the shot of people episode and guess what happened to you guess okay on that note is real as I think that was Isreal is like I could have been as real as you thinking on that note. Yeah. No, I really did. I really do believe that. I think I saw a shadow person, but at the end of the day I was barely awake. And it could have been a fucking night terror like it could have what are night terrors? All right, it could have been like it could have been something that my mind just manifested itself. But even though like birth date, I just have to keep that in mind, but I am still pretty damn fucking sure. That was real. But but it could have been know and that's my thought process. I don't know what is real and what is not but I exactly I just got sucked forward and that things might be realer than you think. It is. Not fully on board with that not psychics o q you're a piece of shit. I don't know whatever psychic you want. So obviously there are playing these maybe were faked. Everything was faked in every everything was fake. That's what they're saying. So, right yeah, especially back then however, like those who believe is still stuck by them saying The Fakes wage just people looking out for cash was not a real phenomenon. It's people got upset and just because something could be faked does not mean the following is not fake shut. Obviously, it's too bad because most investigators really did look into this and they thought it was genuine, but it's really not and all these Evidence cases came out regardless of validity of how real thought everything we've heard about reports of ectoplasm seems to be fucking wrong and it seems people are faking it as much as I would want to believe that but the trend died out along with the fate of spiritualism. So like yes, we have a couple of kids playing a keyboard when they're young and fucking around say around maybe Halloween, right? But by the nineteen thirties after World War II finally ended virtually no claims of strange Supernatural substance of ever been talked about in modern times, the whole phenomenon of ectoplasm has seen to pretty much fall off the Raider which it it has like I we hear about a bunch of fucked-up stories on Strange Fruit, but other than films we see it in films usually depicted as much different substance of what day Storico evidence actually projects and passports send his own word maybe but never found that ghost actually had slime around them slimy stuff exuding from the whole purpose of ghosts is that they're not actually in this realm exactly. So Hayden maximum physical appearance. That's why my thing is and these off all self-proclaimed mediums believe This ship's real and that things were but like their shows about medium. You have the Long Island Medium. You got that celebrity medium, like all these people believe in there is cases where it seems be decently real but when it comes to the ectoplasm slime Caroline Caroline though home because here was game. This wasn't a mystical magical substance. Probably not was it actually real reality. She driven she dripping know you were supposed to be dead. Probably not probably was it falls mediums with their bag of tricks tripping. Was it ever really was it really significant? Like was it really wage in case is a real thing? Probably not. And suppose cases to this day. There are still cases going on that people claim. They see ghosts. Come go slime. So was it the historical gag was that little bit of a goof maybe a little bit of a scam? Maybe maybe what do you think tell us at Strange Brew podcast group page? All right. Now offer any ready. Are we doing it? All we're doing are we doing it is time for dr. Jesus. I love breaking your eardrums every time. This is kind of cool. I don't know what this pope did. Oh, no, it doesn't say evil pope episode on the way. We haven't even poke fun fuk. I could have used this one off. Whatever. I'm doing it. Now this Pope in the here 897 this Pope formosus still can't pronounce his boss name, but sure his corpse was put on trial had a whole bunch of crap. But his dad fucking have this on his corpse is put on trial and it was found not guilty and whatever he did. I don't know what he did. All right great, but he did something and it was found guilty. So he had he was buried and then re Dugout and then they cut off of his fingers. And then they buried it up again and then they read them off and they tossed them into a river just to make sure it's just like just like a fuck you I think like I think that was more of a fuk u but like out of it maybe like that was more of like the spiritual Soul thing. Then it was like your souls getting constantly disrupted because of what you did. So we're going to bury you weird think you're done that we're going to dig you up for going to cut off three of your fingers are going to bury again. We're going to read it. You haven't ever going to toss in a fucking River like what you fucking waited say actually do have evil Poe Peppa Pig jumping up for like fucking fucking weird. All right. I got too much scotch or me. Let's do it for all the shit all the pets range blue podcast.com. I'm pretty much just the stranger podcast stays on Facebook's like the meme Central. That's awesome. That's the only one I per se can't really yeah. Stay strange Halloween's coming up on fucking ready. I know I'm song. Thomas pants getting Tighter and Tighter every I guess I wonder I wonder what she would do if you have the power to bring off tonight anything you wanted to bring you would I suppose start out by fulfilling all your wishes, you know cuz designed for yourself. What would be the most ecstatic like that's what happened. The battery running from tragedy suffered dramatically. It's got real reality is nothing but what has to be some of them actually believe are practically bird drop out of school kids to build your own flesh and the future of humans phone bills. No Jewish men, you know, what a fucking clue. Who is this? What is this a trick Thursday? Be a mushroom trip down the shape. Did we do this looking at the hovering cruise ships? Another cheap trick played in bands with these lips and has a daughter. I was back in my bed dreaming eyes and paste. I have to be dead the room goes black and red cross sharing the prize the grapes. In fact, like oh make you bleed from your eyes. I just see where the tear inside screaming. Why why why the one that's streaming? I believe in nothing but lies not gonna take, I said, he surprised a minute ride at all without him off. Here and these Bears I'm really down on the wall near the coast is clear not putting out near me off the walls hear my music. And now the second your head look at that dry gas when you spend your life Russia North North Palm Court. Why do we support lies? No remorse for the course. We're taking your for still being awakened from an ancient former days around these Graves. I wonder and a ten shots of vodka behave as a monster anything imposters Foster an image of yourself a religion words rolling out running in the album full vision from a bond gonna shop. Look at yourself and who the fuck are you you're nothing else, but you want to take advantage. You ain't shitt shotgun other Foods wage. Your face bitch your the latest news everybody hates you and there's no way to change your life might take back and sacrifice and you would move up to an Adventure. Well, there was certain dangers involved in the thrill of dealing with beta and you could Rescue Princesses from dragons. He can go on dangerous Journey off like wonderful explosion loading up eventually get into Comcast with elements. And obviously you've done that for some time. You think up a new wrinkle to forget that you were dreaming. So I think it was all for real.

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Episode 49: You have played this game before, right?

Dispatches from the Multiverse

17:21 min | 2 years ago

Episode 49: You have played this game before, right?

"I'm max, I'm an engineer and inventor, and this thing here is the bagel Tron two thousand it's kind of a long story. But the short version is that it opens up Poros other dimensions. I invented it. Mostly kind of. And I turn it on once a week. It opens a portal to some other parallel dimension hop through the portal, I have about twenty minutes or so while the of the stable to learn as much as I can about the dimension and get on back. I've found that I really have to kind of like try to blend in because if I just come out and tell somebody from another dimension, it can endanger me or just really a lot of confusion. So I've been trying to my best to really fit in as best. I can we're gonna see how this goes think, I'm pretty well prepared. Go ahead and pop over. Whoa. I'm in some kind of a an office. There's footsteps shoot shut this down. Okay. Wait. Now sounds like there. Boy sent somebody like stomping down the hallway. But I think the other heading away from me. Okay. They must be round that corner. It's getting further away. Okay. I think I'm clear see anybody around looks like there's a room down this hallway a little bit though that has lights on maybe somebody is in there. We'll see if anybody in there. Hello. Basseterre Adams came back. I came back. Yes. Figure hissy fit. Of course. I came back. Yes. How did you change? So quickly change. You're wearing minute ago. Yes. Well, obviously, I I have my ways I think that's going to help you in the game. I see. Yes. Clue of course. Yes. That's right close because it's going to help me win. Exactly ridiculous. Okay. Well, we'll see I guess how ridiculous. It is. Right, right. Glad to see that Canada's and full of quitters. No, we're not. We're not quitters. Just a bunch of losers. Nope. Not losers either. I'm clearly going to win this game for Canada. Yes. For Canada, right leisurely, because I'm I'm the Canadian ambassador, obviously, and it strange that you were narrating this. Well, trying to pump yourself up that's part of my routine. The clothes the self narration. Guess a right. Ambassador Wilson, whose turn was it again as yours. It's my turn. Yes. Of course. It is. All right. I'm surprised we trade it all. Well, if you crazies, okay, all right. Let's see here to. Yes. And clearly, I'm green I. I'm Mr. plutonium. Right. That that one's mine. Obviously. Yes. Yes. Yes. Of course, it is. And so I'm going to move Mr. plutonium. Okay. Well, I can't quite make it in to the hall with the hall of mirrors. I don't remember that on the clue board anyways. Whatever it's your turn. One. All right. I'm moving Colonel catch up one step closer to the kitchen. All right while you're not there yet. So it's my turn again, ha five lucky role. Still won't save your tread deficit. Okay. My consult my secret sheet here, I'm in the hall now, which is obviously where I was going and wait how do I not have any of the room scratched out on this yet seriously? Okay. Well, hall great. So I remind me how long have we been playing this game three hours three? How? My goodness max sex clue. Okay. All right to be fair the holder huge ridiculous house. Okay. Well, I guess I gotta do something here in the hall. So I suggest it was miss banana. In the hall with the atomic disintegrate or that's in there that one. Yes. So do you have any of those ridiculous in the hall mS banana, atomic disintegrate? That's my suggestion. Ridiculous. I don't think even dry, dear the atomic disintegrated guard. Okay that out so I still don't know anything about the hall super great. I know nothing about the rooms. Right. Three. And I'm in the kitchen kitchen, I'm going to say that it was MRs doto in the kitchen with would Uber the wood Chipper, right? Well, you know, what here here you go would Chipper. One. I didn't have close. All right. My turn again. Okay. Somehow, I rolled seven and a half. All right, Trixie. You know, there's nothing that we really need from Canada. It's really a one sided trade dispute here the trade dispute. Yes. Clearly, that's what we're here to negotiate. I maybe maybe maple syrup. But we we make our own MRs Butterworth is almost as good, you know, that's that's not maple rapid almost taste like it. And it's got a Pretty Woman as jar. Plus your annexation of Vermont is still in dispute. Knee international court, right? Canada's annexation of that way. We have a stranglehold on the maple syrup industry right there. We'll get her back. We'll see we'll see that's not a part of this negotiation though. No, no, no. Of course, not the international courts. Well, it looks like seven and a half was not quite enough to get me into the ball pit. So I guess it's your turn bad, right? All right. Whoa. Back out into the ho. Into the state from this safe room. Our right. I can understand why you left earlier. There's clearly no hope that you're going to win this game. I already know which weapon it is. And I'm pretty sure of the suspect just down to the room. Here's can keep rolling ones. Get nowhere. Just like this trade agreement where we'll shouldn't we be talking little more about the trade agreement. Why are we focusing so much on this game instead of discussing the terms of the negotiation vertu gone through all the terms? Now. We just got to see who wins. Sure. Okay. Well, make your guests. Right. I say it is MRs black, and you're grabbing the white piece, of course, of course. That's MRs black. Yes. Sure. Played this game before right, obviously I've played this game before. Yes. I mean, you're an ambassador I am clearly played the ambassador for Canada. Yes question. I do see that. That is actually what it says on the board their question. Thought that said something else earlier, but obviously miss read it. Yes. All embassador are clearly well-versed in the game of question. Yes. It's very important part of the job. It's like eighty five percent of it. Right. Absolutely. I feel like you're stalling get on with it. What's your guests? Mrs black in the safe room with the eighty cellphone. All right. Let me check my cards here. Mrs black. In the safe room? I know somebody who was killed with the phone. So. Bloody business were heavy back. Then phone was fine. Now person's head was not right. I have safe room. What? Why isn't that even crossed off? A my gosh. Here's is really idiot. Finally agree about. Oh, I'm sorry. Do you? You heard that? Okay. Never mind. Well, my turn. Headed I roll doubles with only one day. All right. Whatever looks like I go to twenty seven that doesn't even make any whatever going to help still going to lose go back to your igloo near packing pucks. You know that we eat your book down here. I definitely knew that. Yes, delicious. Sure cream, filling of course, the cream filling in the hockey pucks. I'm definitely familiar with that we make them after all it's true. All right. Well, I made it all the way to the new beach. Look at that person. They're very sunburned. This mansion has a nude and hurt later whenever went whatever else years down the road when it's cancer. Okay. If they don't get murdered. I I suggest that it was professor surreal. Ian in the new I'm I mean, I guess on the nude beach with the tactical LED flash. Light. Yeah. That's my suggestion. Let's see you got any of those. I do feast your eyes on the nude beach while that is a really detailed card looks a lot more detailed than any other cards in my hand. All right. Well, whatever check that one off great. I think it's unfair. That all the men are right side up women are down. Yeah. I do agree with you on that point. Well, I guess it's your turn. Yes. It is. Mesmerized by this card. It's just so lifelike. Fascinating feel like I know that guy. He goes to my gym. Anyway, Todd one good luck anywhere with a one. I guess it's out into the hall with me matter. I know where I'm going to the bad K fo this you shouldn't have revealed that the nude beach has a secret passage to the bad cave grip. Okay. I've taken the secret passage the bad cave got about that and distracted by the ten sculptures. I'm in the bat cave. So clearly, I'm guessing the bat cave and to shot dark. You don't know what you're doing? No. I I mean, I really don't. But. All right. All right. I'm going to suggest that it was my character mister plutonium. The whole time in the bad cave with the flu p-. That's my suggestion. Let's see what do you got? I have nothing. Very interesting. Check something here. Happening. Difficult Canadian Drik distract with new bodies. Fan sculptures. You know what I'm going to make an accusation? I think that I've struck upon the right answer here. It was Mr. plutonium in the back cave with the flu p-. Shall we? Open the envelope in fine. See if I'm right? Just tell you. Now, I've always liked MRs Butterworth's better. Let's see what we have here. Oh, my it's Mr. plutonium in the back cave with the flu p-, I guess I win. Can't believe it. Good game. Embassador wilson. Did you have carved up your sleeve, no cheating as you can see? I don't actually have any sleeves shorts leaves the room to fit cards up. Here. Doesn't matter. We're still gonna pay for your stupid wall. You're not gonna be able to build it either. Right. Well, I don't know what that has anything to do with this game. But well, all right. Good game. Yes. Good game since you were victorious in the game. As prior terms trade agreement. We will release your spy from prison. The comedian Rick moranis, we will also lift the tariffs on the Canadian maple syrup, and we will continue to contain Justin Bieber in our country hard-won swallow, right? Well, I guess. You have no choice. Don't because I was victorious. Yes. This game of question. That's that's why you must do these things. Yes. Yes. Yes. Indeed our land that is how we agreed to settle this dispute as usual as usual. Yes. Indeed. As as all of our? Disputes are settled. Yes, I've gotten tired of playing this game over and over with Portuguese so much more difficult. Indeed have a lot of disputes with the Portuguese. We do. And there's so many nuances in this game. They get lost in translation, for example, nude beach is just beach to them. I see well, you know, what it's been great victory for Canada. And all that. Hey, do you guys do like Silom because I'm pretty sure when I go back to my people tell them about Bieber, they're gonna hate me. I guess I'll have to ask my superiors gaffe. You can just put in a good word. I'd be great. Okay. Well, you know, what I'm really going to have to go. So why don't you? Go ahead and take these official documents here and. And you file those and make sure you send copies to my office. Of course. So that I have all of the details. Absolutely. Okay. Well, it's been a pleasure. And you were right changing clothes into those ridiculous ones. Actually did make you win. Yes. Of course. Of course, it did as well. As all of my incredibly necessary narration. I'll have to try that next time with the Portuguese. You know, what you should or the Dutch bunch of jerks wouldn't choose. Well, good luck with that. All right. Well, I'll be seeing you. Maybe maybe I mean, if the thing comes through the silent, we'd be neighbors, perhaps go beaches. All right, then until then. Who K? Well, it looks like I'm in the clear in the hallway here saga opened. This portal backup. And pop back through. All right shut down this machine here. And I think that the max over there was apparently ambassador for Canada. He's going to be pretty surprised sounds like to learn that he won that game. I honestly have no idea how he was qualified to be the ambassador of Canada. If all of their disputes are settled with some kind of bizarre game of clue excuse me question. But it seemed like he was extremely incompetent at the game. There were virtually no markings on my sheet, including the cards that were in my own hand. Honestly makes no sense. Those weren't even crossed off. It's like he doesn't even know the first thing about the game. But at least he got the victory today. So good for him. Not really sure how good it is for the US over there. But not my problem, I suppose, I should probably come up with some way to avoid meddling quite so much in the dimensions. I visit. It in the future. But it really didn't seem like there was another way around that. So hopefully things turned out. Okay. Over there. Anyways. Everything's all shut down. So I guess we'll try to. From the multiple is produced by Jim Ellis. Starring Scott Trump as investiture slash nude beach in Wilson, and Tim L as max the music by Alvik Bogo by Abe Schmidt was under at dispatches FM and visit us online at dispatches dot M.

Canada nude beach Mrs black MRs Butterworth Ambassador Wilson Poros Basseterre Adams engineer MRs doto Vermont US Justin Bieber Chipper Rick moranis hockey Jim Ellis professor Todd Ian
Live! October 3, 2020

Podcast 42

1:11:34 hr | 1 year ago

Live! October 3, 2020

"And we are alive. It is podcast 42 I am Christopher DeVos. I'm Sabrina Pierre Janet Rose. I'm Le wait a minute wage. That's my line. I'm Laura he yeah, I've been filling in the past year. I've been here I've been I'm Laura Laura is joining us via Skype cuz she's in a whole nother country girl. I am she's in the country of Saint Augustine Germany, Florida and let me tell you it is a different country up there. I know home of through there because when I went to Jacksonville, we got a flat tire. Yeah, so we had to drive back using the donuts. So we just hit the state roads and we drove through Saint Augustine and she goes I gotta go to the bathroom. But naturally she said this after we got through the Civilized part of Saint Augustine if you want to call it that and I looked at her I said I've seen horror movies with better scenarios than this there is no way you're getting out of the car to go to the bathroom. Now, I don't like to get political on the show and we're not going to now I'm just going to say if you ever break down in Saint Augustine, just let them know you're a trump supporter whether you are or not. That's all I'm going to say. We won't get a big discussion on it. Don't just a piece of advice pretend you are if you're not and if you are you're fine. And if you're not pretend you are dope em agree after driving through there. It was pretty true. Who is it? Because it's really Old Town Road. Is it because of the really old town? It's a really old town old towns in Kissimmee Old City. Well, there's an old town they have the oldest Schoolhouse. Do they have an Old Town Road in the the oldest public restroom the oldest Road the oldest home support all the Saint Augustine's and the Fountain of Youth. Yes. Have you ever had the water know? Have you ever tried it? I know well if it worked you would need to drink it, but since it doesn't work, it's probably some of the nastiest water I've ever tasted and we live in Florida. We have some pretty nasty water all over the state. That's true. Lori still there. I am but I am I am struggling to hear you and Sabrina jail. I can't hear you guys. Oh good. That means we can talk about her off. I don't know how to fix that since this is our first time doing this over Skype, but we will figure it out as we go along. That's what she said. But let us open up the beer cooler. What are you pointing at? Well, no, we probably probably should have all been on the Skype call together. We are it's running through the speaker. So it's off speaker has this option you would know that if you were on spreaker Sabrina. Well, she Audacity Of it all that joke never gets old breaks down halfway through a show, but it never gets hold. So we sent out for up to st. Augustine. So Laura could help us out in the ratings rather lures and beer down from Saint Augustine. That's true. I was trying to be I was trying to paint a picture that you just punched a hole through but that's okay. Like that was a song didn't filter do that one. Oh, no, that was take a picture something. I don't know one of their three months. They had more. Oh, that's right. They did have a third head. I don't remember the name of it. But yeah, they had Hey Man Nice Shot take a picture and It was the same one off that album. It was off the Same album. I just can't remember the name of it. It'll come to me after we are done recording. Of course, where are we talking about filter filter band you don't like or no? That's not true. Cuz they're not a boy band. I know more than boy bands, you know, boy bands and you know Dolly Parton, and I know rap song You Know rat? I love rat they came back. I know rap music. I know rap music as well round and round off. I think she's saying rap. Oh nevermind. I like it when you call me Big Papa. You know one rap artist Biggie Biggie Smalls and Tupac, you know to rap artists. Okay. I will let you guys believe that you don't know any of the great rap artists like Run-DMC Public Enemy Beastie Boys 2 Live Crew Beastie Boys M. Hammer Pop Goes the Weasel cuz I don't think I would put MC Hammer in there with all of them. Just try to filter off why MC Hammer did a song to one of your favorite movies. Yeah. He was two legit two dead. Hey, so now we're off track from the beer cooler. What is this? It is from Funky Buddha Brewery. It is part of their Mixology series it is they're old-fashioned ale. So this is the fourth in the series we've had the other three you can see all the ratings on the website though the coquito I missed that one. I think they're re-releasing it was you know was good. That was a good one, wasn't good. I want to sit. Yeah, it was the Oma ratings. I got no time for that will stay tuned to the end of the show or whenever Laura has to leave and we'll give you the ratings on this beer. And just remember it's a 10% ABV. So you'll probably notice how much we've had is the show goes up. Yeah ratings based on a six pack one being the worst 6 being the best choice makes sense to everybody but one lone Canadian in cosimi. So today I thought we would do some pop culture news see what's in the news today. Normally we do history pop culture, but we're going to do current events to start off. So the first one is an article from CBS New York and it is poor Rick Moranis is victim of an unprovoked attack and it's caught on camera in Manhattan. I was going to say did you see they caught it on camera when I first heard about Out it was just like Rick Moranis got punched by somebody in New York, right and then a few hours later. They're like we have video of it and of course the videos all grainy and he can't see hardly anything in the video know and it looks like some dude in a hoodie or something like that. From what I saw it's hard to tell. Well, here's what's funny is they do have a picture of very clear picture of him at an AGM normally like security. I don't know what it is, but security footage, but it's all like granny granny and it's like filmed in nineteen eighteen. I don't know if she can't get clear cameras anywhere. Everything else is HD, right? This is twenty-twenty, but there is a super player picture of this guy. He's wearing I love New York black hoodie. and he's got his mask with his dick nose hanging out, which is where you just have you been familiar with your dick nose is where you where your face masks and you leave your nose uncovered and just cover your mouth that part hanging out is your dick knows cuz you're still going to get karone up. It doesn't help you at all. The emails are just take the mask off. But a super clear picture of this guy, so hopefully they catch him but I feel bad for Rick Moranis cuz he just came out of retirement. He did the mobile commercial is Ryan Reynolds dead now, I don't know if he's acting in anything else. But in he makes his first on-screen appearance, and I don't know how long he's making an action movie by apparently now second they just they couldn't they couldn't get a stunt double for him on this one. So he had to take the punch out here is making action movie Walking Down Manhattan Yeah by himself. Yeah is the second time? He's apparently been seen on film. So this year but was in before I go with the truck rental we said this is the second time. So we'll see you all because of the because I got it on camera. Yeah. I'm a little slow. We know it's okay. I just feel bad. I just like you do this favor for Ryan Reynolds and one. I don't know why he's walking down Manhattan by himself. I mean, he must do it all the time or else he would yeah. Well, I mean, there's a lot of stars that just they just walk around cuz that's what city do you expect them to hover or something. I mean, how else do you expect him to get around? They gotta walk? Yeah. Well, I usually most do if you are easily recognized would you just walk? To the middle of Orlando. Yeah, cuz people don't pay attention. Yeah, obviously if you're walking through New York, most of the people are like, oh, they're not they're not looking straight at you looking at like the buildings everything going by they're not looking at people around them. Yeah, they're trying to avoid the guy who's still selling CDs at 2020. It's like it has like rap career going that he started back in ninety-eight. Well think about Disney they all have people around me when they go to Disney. Yeah, some do some don't it just depends. Yeah. I love the people around Disney cuz nothing says hey, look, I'm a celebrity like having like a guy. Yeah. Yeah, I guess everywhere if they did not have somebody. Nobody would really notice who they are. Probably you're going to get a few that are going to be like, hey, that's so and so yeah, but it draws more attention to having a tour guide instances in the past where somebody famous has gone into the park without a tour guide standing in line, like normal people and was recognized and started a mob. So Disney was like, how about we provide you with? Tour guide for the for to get you on these rides. So you're not causing a scene the lower end into David Harbour. Literally. Are you still there? Laura? I am I just don't know like when I come back again, so I'm not talking over people cuz I can't see you guys especially just break in and I'll will We'll pretend to be quiet so did David ever have a did he have tour guide with him? Yeah, that's the whole reason why I looked a tour guide. Yeah, because the tour guide and the group of people are walking towards me and whenever I see that I always scan the group to see if it's somebody I know. Right, and it was so but you like walked into the man didn't you? I did me. I I actually walked into David Harbour off. Yeah, and I looked up at him to say sorry and I was like, oh, that's David Harbour. Who's alive in stranger things for water alert? Well, I mean, it's out there. It's not like a secret. Yeah, the truth is out there. I learned that from the X-Files. He's in the office the promo for season four, so I'm not really spoiling anything unless you haven't seen the promo. But I would have been surprised if he got killed I would actually would have applauded stranger things for killing him because it's such a big character and there's few shows that are willing to do that off like Grey's Anatomy the time. Yeah Walking Dead does it all the time too? But I mean that doesn't count the kill everybody except for Norman Reedus and Carol. I can't think of her. They can't think of the actress name cuz they're the they're ending the series of walking dead. But they already announced that Norman Reedus age and Carol are getting their own spin-off show. So spoiler there they've survived whatever happens to the rest of the crew off. Norman Reedus could get bit by a zombie and you would have like five seasons of him like slowly trying to find a cure right then and he'd be the only person to survive a zombie bite in the entire Series history all with the help of his crossbow that has one Arrow every time he has less arrows that Hawkeye and Hawk. I caught a fish it in The Avengers movie and he'll a whole swarm of aliens. The Norman Reedus has this entire run I'm walking dead. Now Norman goes and retrieves serous a show on retrieving his arrows. So you gotta give him that whatever he shoots a zombie runs grabs the arrow then shoots another thing. They don't catch up to him. And Carol just tells you to look at the flowers. His character is the most popular character to ever grace the screen with no lines except for the Pink Panther and he was never in the comic no never in the comic never created a specific page the show and he's the most popular character at all of walking dead. And I think he was only supposed to be their season one. Yeah, I think they're supposed to kill him off or something like that. Yeah, but the popularity made them change everything. That's crazy. Why can't I get a break like that? So Second Story I got up is Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood and other California theme parks push back on stage draft reopening plan. Open. No earlier than November under the current plan. So apparently California theme parks are unhappy with whatever their governor is proposing they do out there which actually have that given a second. It's actually a pretty crazy. I didn't say why you're looking for that Laura. Why don't you talk about Ryan Ryan Reynolds take on Rick Moranis being hit. I mean I could I could do that to break but way to put me on the spot because all I do is read headlines and I send the police lab. Did you get Rick world in the thing? You just sent us off? Yeah. I didn't actually breathe it. I just sent it to you guys and hope that one of you would read it. It's like oh, okay. Well one it came from we got this covered. Com and we got this covered. Com is a notorious for not reporting any obviously Laura does not have this covered but they are wrong so many times. I'm just saying you guys can pick the article apart, but I didn't read it. He said he's glad to hear he's okay. Yeah, it's a lot of words such as boil down to saying that should have just held off until Deadpool 3 and had him come out of retirement for that. That would have been awesome. Like I don't know where Rick Moranis shows up as like some obscure like character in Deadpool. Like he was really like the villain arcade the whole time and it's just been like Deadpool living in like this like arcades a universe and just getting played by everything and nothing really happened in the second movie or something. You know, what have been a great place to put Rick Moranis was a Deadpool 2 with the guy that parachute out of the airplane. That was just a regular guy. He wasn't a superhero. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah Bishop. Yeah, or I love the Brad Pitt Cameo office manager. Cuz if you blink you miss it, cuz you that would have been good to have a witness stand having Rick Moranis as vanisher. I didn't realize that pipe it was in there. Yeah, Brad Pitt like cuz the character he plays get off. electrocuted and all that and that's the one time that you see him and that you just go. Oh crap. That's Brad Pitt. So Rick Moranis that caveat would have been good to just out of nowhere like, oh is that everybody has talked about that. There's still time. So anyway with Disneyland once they reopen what what California says they can do is they can only have 25% capacity in their Park which is even worse than we have and with only the residents that live within a hundred twenty square mile radius of the theme park are allowed to visit. That's stupid. So how do they prove they have to like show their support for Nia? Are they going to I was going to ask I don't know like in who's just walk in and say oh you're a hundred and twenty two miles going to have a map that has like a red circle and it's like if you're outside of this bubble, basically, that's it may not come in. But like unless you have somebody from State standing there checking who's to verify I guess if your driver's license you'd have to show your driver's license unless I forget license off and then you can't get in like do you have to scan your license? but think about that, I mean Disney goes off like They say know somebody out of the bubbles try to get in. They say Disneyland is an annual passholder Park anyway, but imagine to survive just off of annual passholders and just off you'll pass holders that are right there next. It's right there in your city. That's it. Now. There's no way there's no way you could do it. I don't blame Disneyland or Universal anybody for pushing back. I mean, this is a multi-billion-dollar company and they they are losing money. Now, they're laying off for the first time in the history of the company laying off hourly people that's never been that that's never happened before with me. I don't blame Disney at all in this I would be pushed back to at some point. They need the income. They can't they can't just survive off of keeping the Park's closed. Well, well the put it into perspective and Disney World had that limit of how how far did you say? It had to be a hundred and twenty miles hundred twenty-five. If that was the case where I am right now in Saint Augustine, I would not be able to go to Walt Disney World. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, so I get everybody wants to stay safe and I want everyone to stay safe and I don't want anyone to die. But we gotta figure out a way to keep everybody safe and keep the economy going. So regardless of what you think we should have shut down for two months in the beginning and then reopened instead of like the piss off but we did now but now that we're stuck in this position. We've got to figure out something. So I think California is going to strict and Florida's maybe go and too lenient willy-nilly but there's got to be something in between what we can everyone keep their jobs. And these companies can stay afloat. I mean, there's seventy-five thousand restaurants out of business right now. Yeah, and they're not coming back. There's they're not wage. They're gone. That's it. They're done. So I don't know what the solution is, but I feel like here we stand if we would have in the beginning if we would have tried this like you're supposed to take your antibiotic like we would have been in better shape. So in other words, yeah, you're feeling better. But guess what? You still have three days left of the antibiotic. You gotta stay in touch. Take it right like take it for the full ten days. No matter what and they also should have said they also should have wish washed on wear masks. You don't wear a mask cuz that's where I think a lot of thought. People get that notion of well, I don't have to wear masks because in the very beginning of this thing, they said it does you no good. So why would you release that? Why would you even say that don't say that because it's it's it's kind of 3-second. It's counterintuitive thing to put on and it's an inconvenience. You have to wear for eight hours. I get it, but still it's not So much of an inconvenience, I can't do it. So you should have never ever said that and it's it's the CDC and the whose fault that people aren't wearing masks in a minute. Are we really blaming Rodger Daltrey and Pete Townsend for this? Yes. Yeah. Wow, cuz Keith Moon were here. He would not be standing for this. They they said they won't get fooled again. But you know who is standing for this the Baba O'Riley the pinball wizard Pinball Wizard cuz he still standing. No, that's Elton John song He's The Pinball Wizard Elton John's pinball wizard. Yeah. Did you ever see Tommy? No, I never saw Tommy. Yeah, he's a pinball wizard. I did not know that I didn't get holds up in ball to watch now. I love it, but I might be talking about a fan of The Who? So that's that's my favorite out of all the things they did. I think Tommy's their best work. Yeah. What's that? Lure? I asked what you were talking about with the only person here if you crush. So if you don't say it, I really don't know what's going on. Okay, if this were a rap group, she would have known who we were talking about apparently probably off the who has a rock opera called Tommy. Yeah, it's based on The song Pinball Wizard which is about a deaf dumb and blind kid who could sure play a mean pinball. So they released a movie. It's a rock opera. Bike Hamilton, but with Hamilton rock. Well, it's a it's an opera style. That's more Modern Age then your classic what you think of opt? Yeah, Hamilton's a rapper. Or American Idiot. Oh, yes, like American Idiot. Thank you. So like a lot of people think Opera they go they take all that jazz rock or rap. Yeah, but Elton John stars as the pinball wizard. Yep. That was the first time I ever heard Elton John really? Yeah interesting cuz he's singing his own cuz he did Pinball Wizard and yeah, he sings Pinball Wizard and he does any film. He said, okay, you gotta see it just for his his boots. Yeah, are they elected boots? He has electric boots. I feel it's in the same. It's more in the same genre as like Rocky Horror. It's definitely got its cult following following. Are they talking it? Or they just sing? Both want to say it's both but there's definitely more singing. Yeah, it's been a long time but I fought it. So it's like rent. So in order for it to be an Opera can't be any more than two spoken lines. So there might I'm saying spoken because I feel like somebody does the what's his name from Fred Schneider B-52 Style singing where it's more like the talking singing. Yeah, I think rent they only talk for til lines. Yes. One of those were I there's more than two lines. You can't consider it an opera. Well, that's why it's a rock opera was Queen's a night at the Opera really an operatic album. No, but it's still a night at the Opera. I think I read in Hamilton. They cut out some speak just some speak lines. Not sure that may not be a hundred percent. Correct? Don't quote me on that. We're supposed to go to the too late. I already wrote a quotation marks you would I did she tweeted it too. And so next story. I found is movie Buffs. Enjoy shows in theaters for the first time in months. And this is reporter from ABC13. This is from our neighbors in North Carolina. So on a Friday night movie theaters open for the first time since March as their Governors also in phase three of reopening. So in this small town There's says there's a Staples one of the things I've always done and I love the movies. So when that was taken away from me and the mere fact that this is back first day. I have to be here. So people in Asheville are super happy that the movies are reopen but I'm wondering all they have they can only operate at 30% capacity can only seat up to a hundred. I want to say you hear the theaters are allowed to go up to 40% But I'm wondering if they're getting any first runs at all or the only first-run that's big out right now a tenant see that so that was amazing and there are a few other like independent like smaller independent ones, but I was just looking at the top five films of the weekend. Yeah and Empire Strikes Back number three because it's out for its 40th anniversary, which is back on I want to say September 25th something like that. It's out for its 40th anniversary that made close to a million dollars a month. I should go see that in the theater. So the Annabelle creation last night because they're starting to do horror movies on the weekends. Yeah, and they're doing classic ones and I thought I was going to see Annabelle comes home. And it was really Annabelle creation. So when it started I went this isn't the movie. I thought I was going to see do you know Star Wars Empire is the George Lucas remastered or is it the original I want to say it's the original. Mhm. So I would have gone to have seen that last night, but I did not make it there in time to go see it still. My number one Star Wars movie agreed still at the top of the list. He only likes it's G 88 in it. I'm not even sure which one it is Episode V. I like Outdoors movie Everest. It's the one where they're like, this is planet. Yeah Second One released technically. Yes. Yes, but it's the fifth one in the series. Yes, correct. It's the one where they introduced Yoda in the original trilogy. Okay, so he gets stuck on Dagobah. It's the one where Lucas is hand cut off and Darth. He realizes Darth Vader and they introduced greatest character is Father. Yeah. Yeah. They also introduced the two greatest characters in Star Wars history, ig-88 and bossk Boba Fett and Lando Calrissian. Cuz anything with Billy Dee Williams makes the movie better dengar and look at it. Looks like a fly. I'll umer for long. That's it. Yeah, even though I don't know names all about how there's Bosca is awesome though. I don't care. He looked amazing that he's he does more in the books he does but I love the fact that he wears like like the X-Wing pilot uniform looks like we have this here. Let's throw it on the reptile log. Dude, orange outfit, right? Yeah. He looks like he's one of the lizard people from the old TV series V. Yeah picture one of the Dragons we have in the other room, but we're in an X-Wing pilot. Sabrina's going to look him up. Now. He's he looks like a lizard wearing a wearing a suit. Okay. That's how long I dressed up sarlacc for Halloween last year true story. I thought it would be awesome. It was awesome too. Bad you missed it. Oh for Halloween this year. I'm refusing to wear a mask. It's just so many things. I don't even have a smart-ass to go with that. I do but they're very political. So we're just going to So speaking of communities Sacha Baron Cohen is releasing a Borat single sequel sequel. That's it's the movie you never want thousand didn't realize you needed and the name of it is I think I need a bar at subsequent movie film delivery of prejudice bribe to American regime former make profit for make benefit once glorious nation of cracked Stan. Yeah. How long does it take him to come up with these dumb-ass home? I listen to Michael asked for a movie complicated titles. What was that Laura? I asked when was the last Borat movie cuz that's how long it took them to come up with this one 2006 probably but now I'm going to look yeah, he did. He was before maybe 2004 he did his own character. That was like a fashion person after Borat so sausage in 2007 like that. The Ali G show but this one's going to be released on Amazon Prime on October 23rd. So you can catch that there and the big controversy over this film is that page the other star is iron or whack and nobody knows who this person is. They don't have an item. I Am IMDb credit. They're not on the internet anywhere. They don't have an Instagram account. So some mystery person man. Am I glad he said that before I asked who? Yes, it's ten bucks says it's probably just Sasha well off, you know, what's up as somebody else you can see there's a trailer there's a trailer out for it and you can see her. She's playing with his girl. It's a girl and she's playing his daughter. So that's totally made-up character. Then I would like to point something out. That's a little off topic. I don't know who's in charge of our Twitter page. But can I just tell you it's amazing that we are going to have a live show on October 3rd 2029 and the cretans guild already liked it. So I can't wait for nine years from now and we have our live show. Whoever has that crystal ball. Yeah. What are you going to still be years from now? I'm not even I'm just in charge of Wikipedia, that would be spreaker that tweeted them. Out but that would be me that wrote 9 instead of zero, I think carry the one but that can be edited later. Stay. Mm. Okay stay to nine years from now when we just replayed this one and everybody like what are you talking about talking about? How are they still quarantine nine years later with the way 20/20 is going it could be a possibility. So Shia LaBeouf person has some trouble with the login. It's a misdemeanor for battery and petty theft. Which Petty did he steal from Kyle or Richard? Apparently last month. He was charged with a misdemeanor battery and petty theft over a June incident in which he allegedly fought a man and took his hat. You know, I once knew an ostrich that would take cats. Was it Shia LaBeouf dressed as an ostrich? No, but it was one item, not so true story but kind of hat was it. What's that Laura McKenzie? That wasn't what the article doesn't say. What kind of happened it was. It was a bowler hat valid question or fedora? So he recently sold one either Irma sounds like a bad point. Oh, yeah, they did some sort of Charity where they got a bunch of factors together to read Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Oh, I saw that. Yeah on a zoom call and had like Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf play Jeff Spicoli, and they had who played Jeff Spicoli in real life Sean Patrick Sharp an awful pain there and he wasn't playing he wasn't playing anybody but he was just there for the charity part and he was just he just laughed every time that Shia LaBeouf did his Jeff Spicoli and he actually he's really good job with Jeff Spicoli dealer actress. Just kind of read their lines. I did they did a good job too. But it just kind of read their lines where Shia LaBeouf really got into the character. Oh, he's a method actor name. As I say, he's Marlon Brando and I mean there are a lot of us that are method actors on this show. Laura is one. Yes. She does anger really? Well. I have never seen somebody play a walk in and just really angry with us the way she does without trying. I tried really hard. Okay, you know she's given us a look through Skype right now, right like nobody can see it but she's given us that Laura glare with the eyes were burning a little I'm not giving you any book. I don't have a look. We're all laughing cuz that's a lot. I pictured those not a liar said on Sabrina. She said she's not wired now. They're practicing looking like Laura. Yeah, but we're not as judgy. No, I can't I can't do it. I can't do it by Lany. Maybe if I looked at Chris more I'd be like Well, I'm not saying anything cuz I have to live with the woman not right now. It's an Augustine. So she'll forget by the time she gets here. Nope. It's recorded but she doesn't watch or listen. Listen. We're safe. She's in a Land of trump. So are you both counties? No different true story. That is true. Very true. I went to the bank today. And on the I-4 Bridge there is Trump people waving flags. Yeah. I'm like one that's a really dangerous spot to stand. Nobody ever goes over it so long. Oh, yeah. It's not the I-4 Bridge. It's like a bridge that goes from the mall to another nobody ever thought. How do you even use that bridge you have to get stuck over on the other side? And then you just magically end up across and then you're like but I didn't mean to get here but I can't go back. The only people I've ever seen up on that bridge or Trump supporters know the cops with them. They're just sending people off to pull over whoever what's a really weird weird placement for a bridge cuz if you go into the Posner Park Mall area, and I know it's a small area off earlier. You you go in from the main road and then you go back out on the main road. But if you choose not to go to the main road, you can go behind it go over this bridge and then there's a weird four-way that's not a four way and it has under one side. It has red lights that flash on the other side. It has yellow lights that flash and you're not sure how you're supposed to get through this for way at all. It's the scariest for way in America, and then you can get back to that road. Like I'm not sure why you even put lights up there if they're just going to kind of flash at you. Yeah well and then it's the weirdest like like the the left lane Thursday the one that like goes straight across. Oh, yeah, I forgot. It's all four sides into the right lane and it's like why why would you have immediately merge after the flashing lights that I really stop lights have to get off the British. I wasn't just go to a one-lane road eventually it goes from like Like the two lanes and that's the thing like the the left lane is your street across but then immediately merges cuz you're right lane is like an automatic turn, right? Yeah, it's the weirdest off it goes to a one-lane to a two-lane to a two-lane four-way. That's not a four way back into a one leg. Yeah, and there's nothing over there but some houses and I think I mean I've gone across it just to go across it because it goes up a hill. So your way once just to say you did it. Well that and sometimes like that's like how my kids get excitement off cuz they go up a hill. There was an excitement you got up it and then you had to go down with the kids the kids. Yeah, and sometimes we throw water at my kids and call it flushed out and but off. But may actually be a true story. My kids also get really excited when they go to parking garages because you have to go uphill so everybody has to put their hands up. They like Hills I killed off I live in Florida. So there you go. Go to Clermont. But yeah, so we've been across it a few times. But literally I think in maybe the doesn't sometimes I've actually gone across that whatever the overpass. Yeah, I think the were you looking for. Yeah, I think I've only ever seen One car that was going the opposite direction. Yeah, like going actually over the overpass were getting ready to and they are working on 27. I would take the back way quite a bit cuz it was dead. Sometimes you have to you only live once cuz it was a pain to get out the main way home, but I would just pray when you get to the four way. There'd be nobody there cuz I don't know what to do. Yeah, things are just flashing at me. Well, and it's like red lights one way yellow lights another way, right? Nobody's going to be going you gotta yeah. Nobody knows what to do. We all just stop there and stare at everybody else and you go eventually somebody waves her hand goes. Okay, you go ahead and then you give the old. Okay. Thank you. It's the most awkward. It really is a shame if you've ever get like if you drive down like that in this way dirty or in my mind right now, you know, we know it becomes the you know, the the two-lane road And sometimes you'll come to a stop sign. That's a four way. Sometimes it's a two-way. Sometimes it's just on your side and you're not really sure why nobody else has to stop right? Cuz they haven't gone yet. But then once upon a time it just used to all of a sudden go to a dirt road now it's paved cuz of Florida because it's nice and then they've extended sometimes you'll get a sign that says no outlet and you drive that way and then they're like, that's okay. Keep going just go down this way to 27. That's not what no Outlet means you can't go through kind of like the time I use my GPS one time to go to somebody's house for a party and my GPS took me one way and it was like, yeah just go down this road, except the road was to this private golf Community wage and it had it as like a state road and I went I can't go through there. I can top that one time. I was using GPS and it told me to turn down this road and then pretty soon this road became wage. Dirt and I was like, well, I mean GPS says it's like a through Lane I should be fine. I mean, we're in Polk County. So it happens sometimes and then that dirt road became grass and I was like, I don't I don't think this is Jose, right? You know the same thing happened to Michael Scott one time. I'm finding that him and I have a lot more in common than I originally thought. I know Chris is your Dwight juice generation Society. Oh, I've been waiting for the J. And hello. I always thought I was in a hick town when I was back in Ohio in Columbus. And I remember I had to take my SATs and we had to take our SATs on the Ohio State campus, which is one of the largest campuses in the country. However, I had to drive through five miles of cornfields and this is on the Ohio State campus land to get to this building agriculture building in the middle of nowhere to take my SATs wage. But then I got to Florida and one of my first day's going to work for the company that we may or may not still work for I had a Dodge alligators the road. That's a true story. I remember that road dreams. No, no, no. No, like there's it was rims. I'm sure it was before they sure like Road like in Flash where it's like literally yes, that's it. Thank you. I couldn't think of like what it was called. Yeah. It's basically what is it I-95 your race on there too. Like they do like an actual like marathon on that and every time like why are you running this way? Because they're the alligators and you know, There's nothing to stop them from coming at you. Why are you doing a race here? You got a serpentine and the one person who doesn't know what that is. You just hopefully you're running by them so that the alligator takes care of that and either way. Hey, you just finished better than at least one person. If you think hitting a deer with your car is bad wait till you run over an alligator alligator just looks at you like I did a mosquito just land on and they just walk away like it's nothing your tires total. But hey, your car looks like it was folded in half and the alligators like man. I think I maybe I should move and for anybody that's wanting where Alligator Alley is actually located runs from Naples to like Fort Lauderdale. So across like Almost a southern section of Florida there that runs around that area. But yeah well and then we also have there's another Alleyway that we know around here. It's I don't know if it's Alex kissed order. Yeah, but it's it's one that like we've had a lot of like serial killers that are like no, we're just alligators. We just so there's a serial killer off is what you're saying. Can you just see that one not there. I'll just like hide in there and I'll have goes through my head right now. Is that scene in Something About Mary where they go on about the rest stop and all that and you just go off like the lights go out. It's like all the serial killers like, oh no we need to go now. It's nice that the serial killers can all get together one community and just watch snap together or Forensic Files and go should have done that better. You know, who else watches snapped? Yeah. I know. She's not saying anything right now because she's going to snap on a soon. I'm not saying anything cuz I really don't know what you guys are saying, you know, what's great about that is even if she was sitting here, that would be the same reaction we would get. No, if I was sitting there, I would know what you were saying. Don't worry. It's okay. I'm keeping your chair warm. I'm in it right now. I never realized how comfy this is. And he's not wearing any clothes. My pants I'm glad I can't see you guys then. They say perfectly creased. I'm wearing a mask is just not on my mouth. It's got I'm sure it's hard to Skype in but we thought we would try it once wage. Yeah, you're going to do this when I couldn't drive out here. I remember that. Yeah, but we set you up on a phone I couldn't get into work now. I got a Toro but I'm sure it's still confusing cuz it's easier. I know it's confusing because it sounds like jail and Sabrina's mics aren't on. Oh like I can hear you Chris perfectly fine. They every now and then I can hear them really good and then the rest of the time it sounds like mumble in the background stop whispering in between the sounds really good part. Yeah. We're really mumbling about you in the background. That's that's nothing different you like right there. I heard you. Okay, that makes sense then dead. Well, it's good to know that this won't work in the future going back to the movies. They just delayed the release of the new James Bond movie and the Fast and Furious episode nine thousand know I was looking forward to that. Yes. The other one was a cliffhanger. I know I know I can't wait for the new Fast and Furious the only problem with it. There's no Jason Statham or The Rock in it. Well speaking of movie still black ones coming out black panther is still on track to be released in 2022. I know how are we going to change that script? Well, they're thinking about making her sister his sister the New Black Panther are they going to do that? They burned all the flowers to have a next Black Panther. That was the one big thing killmonger did so, how are we going to get over that pothole Disney and Fergie? The guy in charge of the Marvel has not stated what they're doing yet if they have stated that there will be a Black Panther movie. That's fine. They're going to age. Cast Black Panther data, well, they that's one of the things they're they're toying with because they don't want to replace Chadwick Boseman because they think that would just make the fans super angry. Yeah wage to do something different and I guess so we're going to get their sister becomes a new black panther. They said that falls along the lines of something that happened in the comic for a character that wasn't created on a 2006 and in the whole thing. She became black panther for a little while, but it rejected her because of her jealousy of her brother at first so there was a whole point to her finally going to become black panther right and just by giving it to her. I think that kills that whole storyline that they did in the comics. Well, hey will just suck direct Michael B Jordan as killmonger and make him black panther. There's rumors that they were thinking about doing that too. I know I saw that one I'd be okay with it. I like Michael Jordan. He's always good in whatever he said. Yeah, but that that was the thing is that since he he died in the movie would be but it's the Marvel Universe will come and go all the time and got that technology in wakanda there like the Six Million Dollar Man over there. We can fix you. Yeah and make you better then. I don't know. My opinion is it's a shame even to lose a franchise wage. I think you almost have to I mean there's there's there's no way around it. It's it's you can't really just replace him again. I'm going to be that unpopular person right now and say yeah you can but I think you'd have to have a great story behind it. That's just it. I feel like you can find a way to do it whether it's recasting the character off or having somebody knew there. There's a way you can do it. Yeah. I mean they've done it before Spider-Man. I mean we easily recasted James Rhodes home from Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle. Yeah, and that was over just a money dispute. Yeah, I get that. This is something different and he did a great job as the character. Right and he was he was a minor camper. This is the star of the movie. But at the same time you could make Don Cheadle, they they've been on the verge of making him a bigger player in it. They easily could you know could easily replace it. You just need to find a job right person to continue whatever story lines there are and yeah big shoes to fill but I think they could do it that way. They could just put Tom Holland in the room. What who honestly after seeing 10 and I thought John David Washington did a really great job and that movie and my first thought was well you could have them take over for a little bit. Even if it's just for like part of the movie as a passing of the torch, but you need to recast if we're going to go to the Sherry route and some way. Yeah, you gotta have to challenge are in some way to pass the torch. Well, here's what I don't understand is Marvel and Disney probably knew he was sick because a lot of time actors have to have insurance on them and they have to have health screenings even before Sure. Well, they they weren't going to get taken care of it in The Last Jedi. Yeah, and they weren't going to bring her back. I think JJ Abrams pushed said enough footage to bring her back. And so they did and they can't take her out off-screen. They should have just done it when they took out Akbar and all them right one big thing. Yeah, the other than easier. It'd been easier just to do the laundry chute. Well, they should took her out when she was flying angel of death another space. Well, you know, and that was that moment. I remember watched that with you and that was a moment where we even looked at each other and said really all right, you can use the force need to do that. They create a lot of new Force Powers. I feel yeah they did. I didn't mind the whole healing thing that they did like starting off in the Mandalorian and all that and had it go in to rise a Skywalker. That was fine. I I'm okay with that. But yeah, they've created a lot of new powers with the force and I get technology as a lot different now than when the movies were originally made so we can do these right but it's the same feeling I had when I watched episode 1 and you watch Obi-Wan and Qui Gon Jinn and they moved like the flash to run out run the battle droids. Yeah, you just go. Wow, you've got like superhuman speed how how it's nobody else ever have that the healing thing bothers me because if they had the healing thing all along there's a lot of characters that could have been saved along the way that we got rid of ob1 he sacrificed himself. He did I get that but I mean, I don't know. They pick and choose which characters they want to save. We could have saved Mace Windu. Yeah, we're going to save Miss Mace Windu, but no. So my last story is SNL is coming back to the live stage. They're not doing the gym thing. They saw to get some Flack for it. But Jim Carrey is binding as buying have you seen like scary as biting in the makeup? No, I have not. Yes, and he looks fantastic. You think it looks fantastic. I think he looks a little scary Jim Carrey all off Sherry and I'm going to say this if Biden look like Jim Carrey is Biden, I'd be more apt to vote for him because he looks like he's ready to take charge off and I say I'm not voting for him. I was saying are we still getting Alec Baldwin As Trump getting out Baldwin As Trump and we're getting Maya Rudolph Rudolph as long as terrorists. Kamala, you know as long as she doesn't sing out of nowhere. That's like my biggest gripe with Maya Rudolph. Is that something always breaks into song with her? I love her and I don't mind it. But here's the thing was a famous singer. I know I get that but guess what Rashida Jones's father was Quincy Jones You Don't See Her breaking out in the song every time she does something Chris Rock is hosting so it's not like Jim Carrey is hosting since Jim Carrey may be making several appearances maybe sounds like the fourth person to play button if you yeah, they released a whole thing and they actually did cuz I saw it on faith. It was a Facebook ad but it was for us in L. And it was Chris Rock and Megan the stallion who's the musical guest and both of them were standing next to each other and they were wearing masks going on about how SNL wage coming back or something. But Jason Sudeikis was biting the last I believe and I like Jason Sudeikis studied a good job. And then to take his only good doing the running man with that. That's right. Where is Lindsey Buckingham when we need them, I'm trying to think who else played. So I'm glad they're back on the stage cuz I really didn't think it worked on the zoom thing. It was not the same. It wasn't as funny. I don't blame. I don't blame or the writers. It's not their fault. They tried their best but it just didn't work. It's not that kind of show to have everybody together for it to work with. Well, not only that but that's why the Securities work. Yeah. It's the type of show is well that they perform better off in front of a live audience you get I mean, it's a completely different feeling when you're going over things in rehearsal and then you get in front of a live audience and it's just that energy in a room, of course, you know, and so that off alone, especially when you're doing improv to have that automatic feedback of the laughter it relaxes you they don't do improv they get in trouble for improv get fired for improv. Yes, It's scripted in prabhas. What what what is the temperature for that? Yeah, they do sketches. Now we're scripted in from they get fired for improv. Well, I guess we could never work the show 3 years. No, their sketch comedy. A lot of it though. The Wave A lot of it comes about is yes, it's scripted. But a lot of it too also comes from us. It's it's like an improv that becomes scripted. So they'll run through it. If something's not working out and somebody improves a line. They like it then it becomes part of the script. So then they have to follow through on that but live show you can't you can improv rehearsal but live show you cannot improv Lorraine. Michael's does not like that. No, which is the mysterious right? Because of the fact that he's getting off. Yeah. Well in a lot of them come from Second City originally and that's how it started out and stuff. But the wait Second City does their stuff is that they you'll improv until you're ready to do your shows and then anything at that point, so it starts they start out with an idea of a script. Sometimes it comes from improv in the beginning, but once it becomes like they've run through 2 a.m. Times they've improved if something works great. If not, they say hey ditch that once you get to that point where you've run through it enough that you're like, okay, if this works, this is funny this works this you need to keep all of this. So it becomes the Improv becomes a scripted a lot of times. Well, let's get to the beer cooler. Laura's got to go to work and we're almost at our our anyway lower. I want you to start. What do you think of the beer? Wait, wait. Wait. Well, what is the Bier? What is the Bier? It is Jacob bunge Buddha Brewery their Mixology series, which we love so much. They're old-fashioned ale 10% ABV and make sure to serve it at a nice 42° wage. Is that what you two were laughing at? You know, it contains twice while I said to her was I think that's the bitters that they put in there. Okay, Laura, what did you think of the beer off? Well, I finished it. So that's not unusual. That is unusual. Always finish all my dears. Well, sometimes I give them to jail or Sabrina. But nobody was here to finish it for me. So I finished my beer. My first couple steps I didn't care for it. I think it's the like cherry flavor in it. I don't know. I don't know how I feel about it really it was okay. Can you put a number? I gave it a 220-volt? Yeah might give it to to okay. Yeah Funky Buddha disappointed me and that's yeah just like the last one you we got of it, which I think we got because you wanted it off you'll of Funky Buddha. Yeah, you're a Funky Buddha like jails a cigar city. That is absolutely true. I am I am but the Paloma and this one I'm not a fan of they can't all be winners. I think we all rated the Paloma on one. All right. Well, I'll go next if I'm going to drink a spirit bourbon would be my spirit of choice old fashioned. It's made with bourbon. It has a different finish that I'm not sure what to think about. It's a very dry finish it is and it tastes like a dried-out chariots a finish. So and I'm not a big Cherry person either well be like that. See if I give you any Warrant Cherry Pie, that's right, but it's not it's not bad. It's definitely better than the Paloma old Fashions. If I'm getting an old-fashioned, I actually want a Blackberry old-fashioned. I don't like traditional old-fashioned as as much what's a Blackberry old fashioned? It's bundled with Blackberry instead of orange and Cherry. Yeah. It's got that never had that it's it's a little bit better. It's just it's at a dog. Sweeter so the old fashioned just it just it I think of an old man with a cigar whenever I drink or see anyone else drinking it off. I'm going to give it a three because I do think this is drinkable. I do think it has some good flavor to it. I do think it tastes like an old fashioned. It's just that finish that gets me. It's it's it's an interesting finish. I don't know how else to describe it tastes like taste like Rye liquid City Brian tried Cherry. Is it Chicago? It is Chicago. It's not the best of the series but it's definitely not the worst of the second girls. Do you find I can recognize that Skyline anywhere else? All right, Sabrina might come over there. Yeah, we're looking at the label and the label since you didn't really rate the label and we're finding out the little things in there like the gangsters and the Chicago. Skyline and then how they it's an old fashioned with us a God. Yeah, we know that's where it all started because we as soon as you said old man would cigar that's when I went. Oh, there's a cigar on here. I wasn't really looking a table. Well, if you go to a bar and some guy comes up to the bar, it's always a heavier-set man. He's wearing a fedora he has a cigar and he orders an old fashioned and then as the bartender you go shit. Hey, I'm telling Yeah, I did finish it. There's still some in it. You did not finish. That is good for him. Oh is better. That's backwash Sabrina Sabrina. That's him Furnishing. Just go with that's the best. He's done in a long time. There you go. Okay. Thank you. I think the last week he finished them, you know, but when you get down to this, I don't like that because it's it's too warm and it's it was your drink it too slow. It's lost its flavor. Finished for me is is down to that last a little tiny bit. It doesn't matter whether it like the beer or not. It's just that last bit of the bottle is Never As Good As the first month from I I finished it but there's only been one you. Everything except one beer. No, it's not a girl. It's a boy. Yeah. Yeah, like I finished that and I don't want anymore, which was worse. This is the coconut cream pie. Oh coconut cream pie. I couldn't even finish that one guy off, but just thinking about that makes me want to beep. Oh that was bad. Oh God. No this one. It's I don't know. Like I said for me, this is Faith. It's I don't get the Cherry finish. I get a r I finish So for me that is kind of a big turn-off. She's my cherry ride. So the first couple steps were okay, but for me the longer I drink it the more I disliked it. So it's a one I almost need to put it on ice. Cuz the warmer it gets the worst it gets maybe if we added actual cherries to it. No, no, no worries. I would also like to point out that the Aged this with High West Distillery. He's off bourbon barrels and they're out of Park City, Utah. So I would hate to not let the other place that they used to create this not be unrecognized. Okay. All right. Master. What do you think you'll like it? It's good, you know, but I like old Fashions not as much as I hate modeling drinks. I like old-fashioned every once in a while, but I actually agree with you. I'm not really getting like anything with like there's no anything with the orange. I'm getting the Cherry taste. There's a very dry finish to it. But I also think that contributes to it being a nail may be home. So overall I think Chris is rating of a 3 is very accurate. With the 10% ABV. I think that is the best way to do it is a three. I think if I were to give it a three I'd give two away. Well, that's not how it works. That's not how that works over all this is way better than that Paloma that we had. Yeah, that was really bad off. I like it. But again, we all pretty much like bourbon in this group. Mhm. Yeah, except for Sabrina and I think it's it's good. It's got a whole different type of finish. It's dry finish, but overall, it's a good beer not great, but good. Yeah, I've been I think overall the Mixology Series has been pretty impressive. Yep. There been a few misses. Yeah, I mean, I wouldn't say that. This is a Miss wage, but it's a near-miss. Yeah, just based upon that finish I have and that's what hurts. I mean when you want drinkability. You don't want that to finish where you just go down and you're questioning whether you like it or not the entire time. Well, the first two came out so strong. Yeah they did and then they had the Paloma which just sunk it to the bottom. So I'm wondering if the Paloma was also super strong what we think of the old fashioned the old-fashioned is kind of bringing it back but not quite to where it needed to be you guys forgot about the white sangria 1/2 wasn't that one? Good. Yeah, you said there was only for this is the fifth one. That was at the fifth one. Yeah. Yeah. Going like the Manhattan Ryan Double Rye. That one was good cookie dough cream. That one was good. Margarita goes that was okay and Paloma. That was not good with the white black and white sangria wasn't bad. It was sangria was okay. I want to say the sangria was on the same boat as this one where I think we had a lot of near-misses where it wasn't like overall she fixes but yeah well for you guys, I think there was a sweetness to it. And I think that was good about it. Yes, but there was like also liked that aftertaste that you got I forgot about sangria, I got about the sangria. I was hoping that they would try to attempt a red one, but then you were like, well, they really couldn't attempt to read one. I remember now. Yeah, but the margarita one went over really well. That was really good. That one was a great I loved how you could taste the salt. See I didn't get I got to try that one. I think you did miss out on that one. But yeah, you could you could place the Salton that one and I'm not big on like having a salt rim on my margarita glass. Cuz sometimes that takes away from having a margarita. That's all you taste is salt. That's just it all you tasted the salt on that one. It was nice. Cuz all you had was like just like little hint of a salty taste at the end game went. Oh, I just had a salted Rim beer. I never understand the salt with the tequila. Anyway, I never felt like I needed Salt no me either. I just drink it. I'm good. But again, I'm that person. I was watching a commercial. It was a Maker's Mark commercial and they showed it and the Maker's Mark was on the rocks and I said stop being a little bitch. You drink it neat. Yeah. I I enjoy the The salt with my tequila and I and also enjoy putting salt in like a Corona with a lime. Yeah, but she also puts salt in your Coke and your doctor's office or so. It's really strange. I have watched you do that. It's only when I put in the peanuts I had a guess yesterday put salt in his beer down to put salt in his beer. Yeah. I got more head. Just trying to get everything going again cuz they let it get flat. I thought you just gave her more money. But bumps wow, and I thought my dirty jokes were bad. All right. Well, we're at our our that won't really quick today. I don't know why that's only because Los go to work. Yeah. Well, we're also at our our for over an hour hasn't stopped us before. Yeah, but Laura's here so she's like guys I gotta go. What do I do about nothing? You're perfect in every way. You know, he said my name what did he say about me? You said you have to go to work. That's what he really said. Yeah. Well, I don't think so. I don't believe you can listen to the show. I'm not lying. I'm not going to but I don't believe yes. Well, we hope to have a scripted show for next week. We should I don't know we should have one or two. Next week is next week is Thursday. It's October something 10th. It's October 3rd. It's mean girls day know for next week. I think it's a October 3rd and he asked me what day it was on October 3rd. What's the other big quote from that on Wednesdays we wear pink? Yeah. What's this weather weather coat quote is Thursday. Now, it's not it's going to be reality. And yeah, that's the perfect day. It's a perfect day. It's a perfect day now too cold. All you need is a line sweater. I never saw that way, you know April 26th, but I can quote him. Yeah, what'd you say Laura? I said April 25th is the perfect date, okay. Today is October 3rd. Either way, it's meagerly to movies that we ever quote what days they are? And you know what day it is based upon those movies. I like Tina Fey. I do too. I like Mean Girls. Yeah, I watched Mean Girls for the first time one day out of sheer boredom and I'm like, oh my God, it's such a great movie. Why did why I haven't watched this before. I was actually forced to watch it the first time and I sat there and I think I left the hardest out of everybody who was like, let's watch this movie and I was like, this is great choice genius. Oh good. That's really going to see it in movie theaters. I skipped it in the movies here, but I watched a shortly after it's run out of the movie theater and like I should have watched this in the movie theater. Yeah, if she doesn't even go here. Yeah. No, it's genius. I'm not like one of those other moms. I'm like cool Mom. I skipped it cuz Lindsay Lohan was in it and that was at the start of her downfall. Well, it's just like right before her down like before she was so going up. I feel this might take this was total cheek and she did her B. Loaded and that was the job. They're yeah, I didn't mind Herbie Fully Loaded. I enjoy it and it looked at it was I remember years ago when it was like every other every movie number that he was in a white thing Lindsay Lohan were both like starting out and I remember talking with friends and we were like I was like Hillary that's not going to be as big as Lindsay Lohan. It's not going to happen like star power wash your hands got it and then Lindsay Lohan went and threw herself down on it and it's like Hilary Duff now has had that steady Drive of focus wage. He's in a Cinderella story and child actors man. Yeah, it goes on her nose while I look where she is now. I felt I couldn't hit rock bottom wage, but I'm huge on the internet. I would have to say I want you guys to know I said it once and both of you has set off. I like Fifty times because there are some things that we just always have to remind you that said I just want you to know but when we get paid, I'm huge on the internet and therefore deserve a little bit more actually out here Wikipedia page. That's right. I edited by itself. All right. Well, I am Christopher DeVos. I'm Sabrina. James Rose. I'm Laura by stay fresh cheese bags.

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"This rock Mr Magic of Jig Nation, and if you haven't heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. It's free. There's creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. Anchor would distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Download the free Ankara APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to give started. And now to the show. Dj what you now listen to the original Zeke podcasts. Go. Entrance Way. I'll. Talk. Slow. Speed up. Fresh it. What a GPS money Ms Rocky Mister Magic in he is. Unique DNA. Welcome to the original G podcast you need a man what's up? With serve was. So it was a what is a g around the world? country. All stay. G.. Messed up. Today. Jay Not, today going to be. Some to try to behave. Make a solemn effort to behave. But we'll try. To kicking off to show I WANNA. Give a shout out to the community. To Kevin Brownlee my man Kevin went buckwald invited eight of his home. He's into the group six hit. Agree to agree to play by our rules. So six of his homeys. Rules but. Many rules. All pretty simple rules that you pre mercy in every facebook group don't be a jerk don't be racist and don't be. A jerk much compasses into that one thing Don't be a jerk and say that you agree to not be a jerk and you know we let you did you don't have to answer any questions you don't have to yeah. We're pretty easy with that. Yeah. Yeah. Brooklyn with that. So yeah, eight of his people he invited. Hopefully the other to say, yes but Kevin Shadow to you. Thank you so much for inviting your fellow cheek friends to join us in the larger cheek. We really appreciate it and for those who. Have, not joined our facebook group if facebook is insured thing. To Jam, we do how a discourse server as well. YOU'RE GONNA have to go to either our eighth Magor twitter to find the link to dischord because we are working on websites are side of things to be able to direct. But. FACEBOOK or twitter to get the link for discord can click on the invitation link and join our discord part of the community we would love to have you there. So onto our first general topic as always unique DNA. What you've been playing man. So, interestingly, enough back into no man's sky Oh Yeah. So I'll know if you saw, I posted that they're coming out with another update. This week actually supposed to be. and sat out to. Hello Games they've been doing big things MS, Guy With the free updates. Rare these days and like they they're doing big of days. You know most companies and developers chart do money for. So it, coming out with another big update this week. So I was like you know I haven't played in a minute MIA fire up the. OTC. Steam in the. And so a jumped on ironically yesterday. And then today you hit me like Yo come hang out in a stream. And I'm thinking you're going to be playing destiny how Barney would wasiyu playing but no man. Sky. So. That was pretty dope because you didn't tell me that she got it. You said you. got. It. What happened okay. So I two months ago. No Man's sky was on sale and it was like thirty dollars. Yeah. It was pretty sure dollars and I was like. I've been wanting to try it out. But obviously was broken when it first came out and. I was like. I don't know if I should get it now. Obviously, it's been it's been four years since his came came out. So. Everything I've heard recently it was all good. So I threw in a couple of different groups at threw it into shout to love diner through in their group and a cup others say. Don't mean skies on sale. Is it worth thirty dollars for me to get it because if it's not, you know I'm going to say my money by some mouth. And everybody. On it said none of the Games on worth three dollars it's definitely worth two full sixty maybe more it's. Definitely worth it, it's not what it was when I came out is not the big disappointment it was. They say like you should definitely get this game. Young Mike Okay that's all I need to know. So I went after I got all that affirmation on the game two months ago went back to get it and the price going back up to sixty dollars. So I was like, oh Yes all the man. So I'm playing two nights ago I'm playing destiny Shout to my destiny people's. Byron Nick Dray. And I'm playing I'm talking Andrey is like what should I buy? Oh no man's sky twenty, five dollars. I'm white. Twenty Five Dollars Zero Nights Twenty five dollars. Yeah I. Mean I got it back in two thousand, sixteen blob returned it. And I think I might need to get it again, I was like twenty five dollars. To the playstation. Playstation store and they're in behold there was twenty five dollars on the playstation store. no-man's guile was like signal more. So is a bought it download it and I was like. All right is two o'clock in the morning. I'm not going to start playing now like that's not going to do it justice. So Saturday night Sunday I was going to play but then I was forming shadows. For. Me It was the nighfall for the week. It's the very first strike is to easiest strike is easy nighfall and they were dropping crazy good You know. Grand Master was dropping sending shards guaranteed master was dropped. Shards almost every every other every third like I was farming big time. So I was like and then we had company come over. So it was like, okay. I. Know I was going to play much then. And then Monday I was focusing on the on the school for the kids and I was also finishing up farming sells like. Here we go. It's like noon. The kids are there is their work is mostly done already for the day. The white went down to take a nap. Am I gonNA. Do already applied for like ten jobs so headed. All right. Let me lead play some no man's sky and I was like you know what I'm just GonNa Stream it and see what happens. So I started it and you know and Yeah I didn't I didn't tell you I. I kind of like I had the back of my mind that I did tell you even though I didn't Wait Oh man this guy. Tells him because he had talked about getting it for a while before I know I told him but I guess in back of my mind I told you in my head but I didn't do it So yeah, I was us a pleasant surprise for you to see me playing your game and I was having fun so So the real funny part of this y'all is that you need to you need to in no man's sky for. Quite some time. So I got thirty five, I just checked it today got thirty five hours in thirty five hours. Okay. What is what is your guests on? How many credits accumulated in those thirty five hours? Why spent a lot of them but I don't know probably. Also million probably maybe about Meka okay. Probably about a million I spent the lie I'm down I'm down I'm trying to build it back up I got a couple hundred thousand now but yeah I'd say probably about a million when when I was I was going heavy. Okay. The Streaming. A very nice view we're jumped on from France and he was guiding me really through early because I was trying to figure out what was going on. I'm on this hostile planet I'm almost dying. I'm like. Where's this? I get to sodium soy dying from this heat. CARBONS can keep shooting his mining laser it was. In the science was out there I was like, okay. What what's going on? He's guide me through my team and He was like. Now when I posted, you know I indicated I was you know streaming for the very first time of this game. So I think that drew his eyeballs in and he's like man you inspire me. I haven't played for three weeks I mean jump in and help you out. So school okay. I dated. So he jumps any joins my session he's helping me out. And unique DNA watching And he and this cat. He. Starts. building at my base. I was like, oh The funky is looking. So, I can I am am by the time he as watching I'm three hours into my first ever game play here So this guy. Has Guided me to the to the point on building a base and all I, have for my base I got carbon would so. I built this some would and as I'm building in, I'm doing different stuff. This guy he's just he's adding onto my space and I look up I realize he's added on a hallway. A whole row of like. Sergio Stores You On. Each side I think and. I'll have to post the screen shot in the group. So my era it's would it looks like a little cabin I've got one big room, one small room. Celo. Cabin and then. There's a doorway and then all you see is like it's like stepping it's like being an star Trek and stepping into the holiday and. Like you're stepping backwards into like you know into little house on the prairie. Ridiculous. You've got Hossam Prairie on half this building and the other half is star. Trek and he threw shove panels power on top of the roof. So it's power not my whole area. And then he put down all the put down a whole bunch of pads some in my. My like. Roving vehicles. Shift. Yeah you know you're on planet roaming vehicles and then he put down the Patterson landing your ship out like okay. So and he gave me a MEK. He gave me a MEK. Right. which is crazy crazy. Ever thought. This dude is bursting with generosity. He's having a blast helping me out and I'm having a blast because the game is fun and he was doing was helping me out. So you need as watch man, you're going to have more stuff to me and you like ten hours in way I'm I'm three hours. Three hours. For Real. I was looking at it Oh when I jumped on her Mike. So you know jumped on, he started me my base and I'm like You know. got. Some of it because you know I was crying and then some came with updates that I missed like Like deliverance ship I got eggs. Hash them. Yeah. I need those so I will have to to. Live. Living Ships 'cause actually I started hashing them today. And then. Like after you jumped off. And then Yeah. Just. A bunch of stuff like I didn't build Mac because that was that came with of the when I was playing but I was so focused on because. Like I said Hello, Mike and would like the updates and it I mean, I guess DLC but. You've got gotta pay for it right So they did a power suit upgrade they did the a week later they came out with the living limited I think vice versa. Ship first then the power suit upgrades, and then another great. Then he went cross platform. And I was just like Yo I can't keep off like it was it was happening so fast. You Know Life Guy in the way I wasn't playing as much but. Oh Yeah I was like Yo you you can accumulated more like I mean my basis trash I never expected it to be much like I said, it's just the storage unit for me. which is go actually got two of them with two different planets but Yeah I was like, I'm. Not GonNa do. I was like I'm not going to go in and a base to build like my farm and you. Build a strong farming base. And I've seen some crazy ones on youtube but. I was looking my yo you got a whole set up like I. Mean I could build some of that stuff but I'll say, Yo, you got a Mac a rover. He gave you did he give you a ship? No the ship was when it came with he didn't give me thousand one you got and. I was like dying the whole fleet. So my like he just going to drop a couple of ships away. Because, he brought his whole fleet out. He was peacocking then you know he was. Sweet so so here's so you ban you have more stuff to me. So that's why I asked him about the credit. So he's like Yo come with come to. To my German a session with him to go to his base, and he's like Yo my base and all right cool I'm going to get off soon because by the time it's been almost four hours that I've been on this. So it was premature for is my switched over in jumped into The his server to his base. So we go to his base and he takes me insiders area and he's coming here. So we go up into his like it's Ridiculous go inside. As basoto he's throwing and he's like always sudden I'm seeing here. You'll gave you this. Gave you this. Gave you this gave you this and. I'm like, okay he's like follow me. So we go back outside we jump in the like the bike. Like looking over one's we jump in those we drive to this thing we you go inside in their merchandise there. So he's like all right sell the stuff I gave you so I'm like okay. So I thought this on Mike Hi I didn't have this. So I sell that I didn't have they didn't have this like gave me a bunch. I didn't have this. He went and got all goal for you to. That's what I jumped on. He was like. Get some goal for you. Well, he didn't even give you any gold and that's I. Don't even know what it used gold for. Crazy because. He's about to get some goal for you and that's what he like balance and I was like, yeah. Where do you go and? They according to some goal is. He wasn't the rich. So I don't know what he did because he didn't give me actually go he might be used to go. For what he gave me. So he gives me all the stuff I felt it, and then I look at my number. I've got over ten million credit. You Start Your farm. Well. Got To. Plans but you. GotTa did research. Should go by that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The soups the. That's why most of my money went to ships I bought a freighter. The cargo ship. Just because you know me, I'm collectors. I want everything inventory. Big. So, as money went but yeah, because it's ships is a couple of big one. Hundred thousand. and. Then Mike, the cargo ship are got actually. It. For free. And then I use that I traded it in for a bigger one. I split the difference but which the that's another thing. I like about the game to find stuff on different planets. You find ships and stuff and he just fix them up but you gotta find the materials you fix them all flyable, and then you can like you can go he can trade them and sell them for other ships like the game is though I mean I was like a huge letdown when it first came out, I didn't get it when it first came out but. Since. Then the last two years I say. It's been fire like I might give this game is they just keep releasing. I'm I'm trying to figure out how they're making money because there's no mitral that I seen there's no micro transactions. They're not selling no deal sea. And they just keep them all these updates on my show. Are they like just making money off of people eight? Recommending used to go by the game now because it's actually pretty though is like. You're doing it. Looked at a glance staff, the article you post yesterday and He the one, the newest one that to post him cu origins news one. That is going to be their twelfth DLC. Crazy, right In Four. How crazy is that? All of them were free yeah. That's been happening twenty and twenty for or in the last ten years for that matter. And then like you know it supports VR. So if I got playstation VR, I could do I could rocket with that. You know it's crawling oculus. Yeah. I mean it support cross play because you were on your PC. In on. Hong shot out here. Low this OPEC's if you if you're on twitch give low L. O. W. This t e sics maybe it's Low this today Oh six like that. These French. So probably tae or something like that. But give this man a follow on twitch super kind. Super Cool. Super Chill duty. We played a little bit deeming getting was kind of A. Three one group for though bit before he had to go he he he was on with me the entire for hours like the entire time he was there he took a break for ten minutes to go. Smokers might any came back with? Time Mental Hungry You been more than kind like going. Anyway like. Go ahead and he's in France. Oh, he's five to six hours ahead anyway. So it had to be. it was almost five o'clock here. So had to be getting late there. Anyway. So as ten eleven o'clock at night there. Anyway if I do like, yeah Komo like he's been here more than long enough I appreciate it. Yeah at the icy when I get some. You know hold on the Stream. So I was is in Chat I. And at the John knew each other got the he was like, what are you destiny buddies this on? And especially, the way he was just given waste of them. I. Know you you know kind of like me like you know for a while you guys know each other and you can help you out. That's even more impressive like ran random guy. Hook you up with random. Ten million plus. Plus Started the game like five, thousand crash or something like that and I I'm over ten million like. Getting, don't give you much to start out with. So yeah that sounds about right. But I that's crazy. That's do that is Super So we are playing. Jealous Guy. Out here, we play out here. I've accumulated a massive amount. In a very short period time. Thanks to you some extreme generosity like. Wow. Super Super. Cool Story to be able to tell. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah. So asked me I'm. Like I'm like. I'm ready to play now. I feel bad because I know you knew denatured I'm sitting. I'm like I. GotTa Get off heats up on ten minutes I'm like I gotta I gotta go on for consuming for four and a half hours starting to get you know glares from the wife know dinner's coming soon like Oh my God I'm going to have to get off like I don't want to get off. I got to get off I don't WanNa, get off, but I gotta get off. Yeah not as cool I i. was only had like our well, by the time you get off like maybe like forty five minutes. So. Yeah. Just this farming say Harvey, since the mining. And then like I said updating my Can. I needed of the must. Of the my inventories Hashtags for limit ships. That was pretty much it. I was like, all right. I'm just hop off because I had to get ready for class but oh yeah, and my. Hype to, start playing. Again. I loaded up yesterday pretty flake an hour. And then Jumped off at office his homework. But? I was I was actually gonNA. Today like Yo because I remember you mentioned that you might get it. But I didn't know you actually got it. So that was that was nice. Little surprise. Surprise for me to hear that feels like. Okay. I can do twenty five dollars. Everyone told me Dope. Everyone people told me. He's Dope I trust. So cool. Let's make it happen. So I'm excited from for that to even get better you know with next week whatever next week's update you know resolve that is like that's. `Super Dope. I know there's a whole bunch of stuff that You already include I haven't been able to get into. Play for few hours So like I I mean I haven't gone I haven't gone in Maquette There's a whole bunch of you know upgrade stuff I gotta do still have to Yup work on my own upgrade, my mining laser and all that other stuff like There's clearly so much to do. It's it's like did destiny level amount of things there just to do. In this game lag, it's very, this is so much to do this, and then the amount of. Lake when they I remember when they announced the game. And they were like it's infinite exploration like just the amount of play she can go to and like when I first when I do my I don't. Just like did a jump to like another planet. And then I did a jump to another galaxy and I was like we. Just more. And it's like this like I mean like in within a galaxy like tons of planets and then you jump out and you get the, you see the screen with all the different galaxies and you're like wait. There's like tons of galaxies to like this game like never ends. So Yeah I. Mean there's so much do. In by the mortgage is a start up grading stuff the more you just like. Able to do more. This is crazy but I am a little upset that you wasn't getting harassed by the Cincinnati. Well I don't understand why century didn't bother me. I again I. Think it's because I'm so new I hadn't done into or he just didn't recognize me as a a threat for some odd reason. Maybe they won't. Everytime I wouldn't. Mind and gun right there like hovering over me. I'm like, go away I wanted to shoot it down. Then that's rely ten more. See our talking trash to a to go ahead and fly off. It, probably has to see me without my my helmet on it does knowing black yet. So it. Just like, oh, he's cool. We're good. I'm here to steal everything and I, am shocked at how destructive everything is. Especially, the vehicles 'cause you just running over your into disintegrating trees run over. Like I'm like I'm trying to get used to drive in this thing and I'm defaulting to. GTE. Controls on. Mike Okay well, that's not it. That's not making me go fast like, okay. What what is this? Okay now? I finally got like. Sticks cool I don't have to press two. We're ending go faster I'm. With that, and so I'm getting the hang of it and I'm just hitting trees and rocks and they're just a speeding destroyed him. I agree that's minerals I. I can't get now and I'm like I am just destroying this plant ecosystem like it's not gonNa have none left because I'm just trying to drive around. By A mega that just seems to be how it goes this ecosystem just Roy because. Everything is pretty much like destructible for like the building structures. Pretty much run anything over. Like okay I'm just wow, that's that's that's new. But really cool and. the last planet who we were on. Why that planning gotta be. I go a carbon copy of playing Geeta. Plan you plant. Hammock. That saying the trees, the blue the green is bluewater the bluegrass it was planted namic. I expected. In. Regina in Freezer and captain gin you out there fighting like. Straight UP LIGHT PLANET NAMIC. It was like it was like very bluish Green Turquoise code to her I can't tell it's her color. Do it. SPLIT UP SPIT OUT OH. Yeah. It was don't go out. That was a cool planet. He got a nice piece. My plan is kind of boring. It's like a desert. His Dog Green in the Scott. Her stuff. Yeah. A Lush Planet? I was the only they mother my planning. I. Intentionally. went to a planning with no sense of bills. To build my base. That's a good question. Just pain. Well Yeah. I mean. The Arbat. I'm guessing the only keep kind of exciting in a little bit oh. Yeah. They do make fun. It's kind of. Be All over the place. But is there anything? The sentinels. I'll not that I know of. But I'm guessing. We're probably some story just might not of seen it yet. But it seems like they're like the planet keepers. They protect the resources and the you know all that stuff because it doesn't seem like your characters space criminal at least from where I can tell. So it's like if I'm. Exploring I'm you know cure winning resources like why would he care you know? Yeah I think they just like they just protect the player resources make sure you don't. Deplete the planet a restart is I never actually looked into. When I have to do that when these days? Why they? But they're they're just they're annoying. But to your point, they do keep it exciting when you're like. I've been to some planets like. Most of the planet is gold. Mining like tons of gold and light. They were eight there and so like you like you got a mind some and then you had to like either shoot him down. which brings more they just form you like B.'s Are you like is as we get back to the ship or your bags year year I'll. Make Su. Just, like like fly off to another part. Get away from them and then start mining again. Like it definitely keeps it interesting because he's like constantly watching your back in China you know China survive your also like. Trying to get your resources up and all that. So yeah. Annoying to me. To starting. It make some money well. What level do you play on? You know I don't even know I'm I is probably the hardest level Because I started at. Well we weren't in my. Session, at the time I started on normal just because I wanna get a few everything. Yeah, I usually do hard like normally by default usually do heart or like this the hardest level depend on the game This one probably did hard because I was on PC and he'll still get used to playing. Remember because of the you know I set it up like a while ago. So I don't remember what I set it up outside the check. When I get off. Fairly? Hard. But either way? I know everybody like I've heard everybody complain about them. Like I used to be on this actually I still own part of this. No Man's sky. Read it. Accord there's already. It's like. Of course. and I, remember I remember when I first started everybody was like, oh yet like commented about him. Like, when they were talking about different like missions, because usually I will go in there for like stuff that I was stuck on or trying to figure something out. And like they would always bring them up now hadn't seen him yet 'cause I guess I wasn't a high enough level. Okay. But then once I saw them. I would go throughout that seemed like they were on there. They just like a pain. Like superheroes some of them are most of them are pretty easy to be. Like I said, once she liked knocked down to three. They just come in and they just swarm. And then you dislike. I gotTA GET OUTTA here. I'm. GonNa die there's no way around it. Yeah I, they didn't kill me I did die though Initially. I very first planet you loading on the crazy 'cause low stay six was like you'll probably die within the first ten minutes. I'm like, Oh, I couldn't do my not to. Run around I'm trying to get these resources and I was like He said like if I had like three more seconds I would have survived and been able to like. Fuel. My. I always trying to find sodium that was it that could. My hazardous my has mad part of my suit and Yeah. Three more seconds out of been right. But I I did I die and then after that I think I think that's what made him take mercy on me have periodic meetings with. This. Because this planet is harsh and he you know he doesn't know what he's doing. He's learning on the fly. Yeah and that's one game where. I'm going to really have to adjust how I think 'cause I normally my playstations in my living room and. Yeah I I don't know why what I'm GonNa do future. Because That's the game I need to have that thing in my face like that needs. The writing is so small. I was like I need to have like a a monitor only a few feet away from our face because I'm trying to I I had to stand up and goal in front of the TV closer. So I can read this small print in the lower left corner. Tell me. Tell me this stuff in the left corner. Tell me this and the right corner and you got hud stuff up here and I'm like well, hold on where am I supposed to be reading none of it's big and another is is that bad? It was it was really small font release small type I'm like. All right. Let me get close to figure out wrongdoing. And especially when I went into the inventory. So Mike, what hold on? Okay. Abby. Deep. Yeah. This ain't getting bigger as I'm rolling over it either like Nah. 'cause I was like, okay. It kind of looks like destiny's I rolled over he didn't get any bigger and the pop had the words in the Papa were just small I come out to stand up. Let me go read this cigarette. What's going on 'cause? Yeah, it's deep. It's depth. I wonder if you can You know updated James Jameson stuff in your Settings. On pc you can. You know a council might be different if you can make the worded the letters big girl whatever. I'm going to have to look because either that was going to have to move much calls television the living room to y'all walk around me. I need to see. Yeah I imagine you probably could. Most, games you can. So yeah, I would look into the next time on. I'll have to check that out but. no means guy definitely is a great time so far. Yes. It's been awesome and now like I'm like him. Excited to play I got somebody to play with I. think that was the one thing I was like the lone survivor loan explorer for that's how already something hours supposed to be like that's how the you need. Marketed as hey, you know you're GonNa go the solo this massive Solo Journey? You'll. You'll never bump into anybody because you know this university. So massive. Well I mean they always had 'em pc's but You know is is definitely different. We like real players. Like the multi player experience. I don't get me wrong I. Like the lone survivor. Sold explorer thing it was just like. This week like knowing that was multiple everybody. This'll be fun to play with my friends. Yes. Game especially in anything online where you're exploring in, you're going through something your problem solving. It's always better with friends and I'm. I'm I. I don't know what their plans are, but if they had A. A. Communal ship option I. Bet that would blow up You know. Two three, four people Max you know working together trying to you know. Go through super hard. PLANETS WHENEVER START THAT REQUIRES TEAM Yeah I'd imagine what's having looked like. Again I haven't looked into it because you know you're my first actual friend that is playing. But all I'd imagine. You probably can I think you can actually don't think about it. I think when you get the freighter and you get the sleet and I think you can do that. Go A team, Khanna. Thing like everybody can be on the freighters huge. I don't know you saw. Well he? Also low this tae six had a freighter in the emmy fly my ship in dock on his freighter that. Huge his fleet was doctrinaire. He goes I have. Guys like I got a couple of bases and I got this and that, but he's I live in I live my freighter. And I was like, no, you're free. To Co. like thing was huge. Yeah of course. Thing. So yes. I think I mean I'm guessin and I'm pretty sure I remember seeing something about like they you can do that like. With the freighter, you can do that but you gotta freighters. To acquire one like a good like ten million I. think that's why I never got one. I didn't make it that far yet, but you know credit. I think it was I found one rescue one they were under attack. You know some pirates or whatever a fought off the pirates. Then I talked to the captain and he was like he basically said something to the effect of like, yeah. I'll give us all up the you wanted. And I was like, yeah, sure. He's like four. It was like fourteen million or something that and like. Come. Back later. You just hang around space so I can afford that. Like yeah. Exactly. Wow. Let me see. I'm looking at the Desolation update. See what it says it's good. Sees details about. Derelict traders. Not to interiors the same they love to variants. Uncovering the freighter secrets yet if they're very conservative like I'm telling you man. Like the next game cost a hundred and fifty dollars an hour by it. This. Because like the mouth of valued at the provided with the game. For you know if you got in, you know ground level sixty dollars If you like us, you got it on sale I think I paid thirty or forty. You pay twenty-five it's like Yo- to provide damage value is amazing. For you know. Like I said didn't just everything that these key ally there just I guess. We know we gave you like this is like so this is the we talked about last episode about destiny. And my disappointment with dusty this is. What I expected Bungee to do. With destiny like okay now we. Now. We didn't deliver on our promise, but look we're working. Diligently to get there right like. In you know just for like destiny's doing it. They're like, yeah. Yeah, you're. GonNa pay. Come by, DLC. Come get this taken king for another thirty dollars. Come get this little fifteen. You know whereas Hello Games is like, Hey, go. We're going to deliver on our promise. One way or another. Dez Is. Out there are they have guys so far from me forever Fan of embiid pretty much anything that they put out just because. You know they're they're really. They're taking him back like me and my brother-in-law just talking about this earlier today. But taking too like they original you know like for the gamers. You know So. Like so so For the last longest, probably like ten years or so maybe five. It's been about profits. Everybody's been in prophets. Everybody's been exclusives. Everybody's been about you know I. can we maximize even now eight the which spoiler. For later on. everybody's been talking about the Microsoft xbox. Deal and it's like the xbox but does the deal. And it's like all exclusive says you know now we're not. We're not going to be able to play these games on PS four, I mean ps five. And it's like. Hello Games is like you know we're we're about the game risen. We're going give you guys we promised and more honestly because I think I think they've reached what they promised. They're just like going above and beyond like now, they're coming out with this update this week. Like you said, it's twenty how many twenty? Eleven twelve. Twelve twelve one. And now a single one of them cost dime. And you would think you think like you know if you think about it like. These developers Bungie like like the the like even Microsoft and Sony. They. Would have been like thirty dollars a pop or even fifteen. Yeah. I'm looking at patch. The patch notes for two point six. Let's see the added space encounter the derelict freighter. Landed on and explored. My lights going SOS Ammiano. Why they contain large valuable volumes of valuable salvage well, as new awards. Each star system has one derelict freighter style. Daily freighters are home to Neuhof to enemies they contain procedural, generate story dialogues and Lord, or be found story content. Let's see. Emergency broadcast receivers are expensive may escalate in Corinth with demand prices recent each day each week iteration. Offer free emergency broadcast. Receivers. the freighter is offer a lucrative rewards. Selah deals for nights are standing. upgrade station on freighters can be used to recover your freighter storage container built upon a freighter. New Tabs inventory. UPDATES from the capital ship extradition you I. new items. You normally detect her ability to add custom title to your player name. To. Pull damage both caster damage sentinel weapons speeds updates. tie in the NFL well, and a whole bunch of combat updates woman to to about twenty combat updates listed six mission of dates listed. and we haven't even gotten to crashes at all just like. A. Lake Hud. Shows Damaging to Kenny Wind J. Pat broke night whole bunch of stuff. It's a long list of things from two point six year, which is a woman on desolation. The combat and his fee on video here on the website and I'm like it's like he's this this is like a scene from alien. He's trying to shoot his way out with all these you know creepy though bugsy he's coming out him Yeah I'm make sure I have some weapons before I come across these freighters that are out there rusting Amtrak go exploring. Yeah. They it's like A. Less threatening thrall and destiny coming at them. In got some. Looks like some ghost. Ghost jellyfish or green. Lake gives me the destiny vibes yeah. But like I said, it's just like it's like it's everything that destiny should've been. Wasn't. You. Now. The only thing I haven't seen. Yeah and I could be wrong but I haven't seen any like. Any elected memorial EMOM. Oh see again I can't talk today a memo RPG. Element type you know like world events, elements, and everything like that. You know type stuff. which who knows maybe that's what this update might because they haven't released a whole lot of details on. Fight about it. But I mean if they do. They, go. Out. There's no stopping this game for at least. Two years for a while. especially like the PC side. On the console style you know people might have to upgrade to the PS five or whatever or the xbox. Series eggs but. Knowing the way that I mean the way they're doing things dislike, but you transfer all your data over. You just start where you left off. But. Yeah I mean I. Love. Those a long. Roundabout to say that, yeah, I'm playing. Again. I'll play no man sky and. Playing no-man's guy. JUS-, copped. Tales of Hysteria on sale for twelve bucks switch so. Yeah. So I just started playing that. Like The last couple of hours. But yeah, it was it was once a tornado. Oh. Twelve nine nine. No no, I can't. Not to look at it. NOPE NOT GONNA do it. It's the definitive addition by the way it's not even the. Standard. Persona five is twenty five dollars. The definitive addition is in my car and I'm trying not to hit. Five is and I'm like. RPG. Looks Great I. Don't know if I can. It. I had to do until the been in my car. I mean in my wishlist for like a minute. And then you know as Nintendo does he sent me an email. Hey. Hey. An item on your wishlist sale. I'm by. Click, buy. Into your card. Thank you. Bye Now by now. Well we want to know what you're playing. Are you playing sky? Are you gonNA cop no man's sky by cutted. If so We will definitely be playing, which are because we out here. We are definitely out here exploring this universe. We can have a cheek planet and everybody having a dope base on the planet. 'cause there's mad plants that have not been discovered like tons of planets that have not been discovered in tons ton. Like so many plants have not been discovered and when you go to a plan that's been discovered by somebody and it says it. So yeah, we can. We can form our own corner of the of the massive universe and the galaxies. Many Alex. Over for the thirty, ninety, nine to four, thousand. y'All. Let's do. Let's Stewart. So we're GONNA move onto our quick hit topics. I quick topic of this episode. Adidas has some new. Star Wars kicks but big caveat. They are in kid sizes only so You need to. Take a quick take a look. Would you copies for your boys? Yeah. I definitely would. The I LAURETTA DR. I'm assuming that's probably Carl Colorado Black Red One yes I order. Yeah I would definitely get those for them. Those are though. I wish they would label last to. Rebel pilot joining those that don't to. These the Djeddai Iota. Guess that's Iota Right. Jedi. Master. Rebel pilot joining those. To. What are these? The Yoda I guess that's Yoda right. Jab Master. Yeah I. Mean I like Author Almost Star Wars Guy. So like all three, they're not too expensive. Forty bucks is about average for kids sneakers. Least Adidas and Nike sneakers. Other three I definitely like the. The the red and black ones collect the empire. Ones are, super dope those ones. Yeah But either any of them will be. I would I would like to see him. Obviously. I would like to see him in adult sizes. The one thing I like about the galactic fires by the blue like. I guess as a shoelace strap. Or I don't know what that is actually the call up but. Sill random. It just Brian Blue like what here read Oh Yeah on the tongue. Had that blue the talk. All. The other ones match that's the only one that doesn't match. Of the other two you know up to three. You're right like the master one is black, which is fine and. Positive one is like a navy. Yup. Decipher oil. Like a random royal. The only place that Israel Blue Lake was that a design. Mistake. They just forgot to correct like when you buy it is actually GonNa be Bluer they gonNA like, yeah. We made a mistake the prototype and is actually supposed to be read. Would make sense. Like. It could be a that does not look right at all either read or it seems like all the other ones they went with the color of the the. The tone. Like. Actually. The master word colored releases. But Yeah Like the rope one and went with the actually. No, you know. Each them friends which Tony Youth. But the the thing is Jed eye in the rebel pilot won the tone from other parts of the shoe. It's not A. Is Not read in the middle of all this blue and grain and an off-white like. It's it's the same you know. A? Navy, that's a royal blue. That's that's there s a navy the same day. I it's you see in other parts of the shoe even if it was orange I mean there's the oranges in the stripes like that still would make sense. It's none of it's. Even do horns. Those thirty five. It looks. So it looks like the popular ones are the first order. Ones are forty five. Jed I your ones are forty and the pilots side and all it's not bad at all as US pretty decent price. Yeah. I mean I, don't I would. Definitely. Think Mustang affinities. But. Three and a half a smallest size. If you're not quite there yet but. I would if he was three and a half or or. Four. I would. Definitely. Get it from. Pretty. I want like I said, we'll get some for myself if they they had my size. Owed sizes. There can only sizes I looked I tried to find if there was adult sizes but yeah, I mean it happens pretty often you know as long as I've been in a seeker game I'm always like Oh man you know the kids always get the better coders they even with Jordan's like they will come up with some crazy color Jordan's. And I'm like all so fired relate. Yeah. kids only in a Mike come on. Like. Kids and women's. Yes. One women's Jordan was A. Fire. In A. Women's only eleven. So Mike what. They did that a lot and I don't really understand. Understand. Why 'cause I mean I know I know they know they did an immense colors that they can get it later they're going to sell. So absolutely that's why we. Were women's for only for a while or whatever. It was only be women's and they released it men's up to like twelve. I. Yeah of course, Gold Jays I could. Go Jay's great. Yeah I don't know what what Nike and Jordan's idea behind only doing that is but. Yeah. Like as far as these go there dope. I'd. Say, COP. Definitely a COP. Definitely Cup. Ironically on, we'll keep on on the the the empire just because of that we're blue. Yeah, the the well just that that. Just thrown in there does not make sense i. Have to pass on that personally manslaughter I can't it's. But next quick. We have seemingly a win. Now you listen to this show you've heard you need an myself ranch quite Austin about a particular thing in gaming and that is hair. Yes black for specifically. Howard care. have. You need. Miles Morales is fade in lineup. From. The images in Spiderman Miles, Morales I did actually Did see this. It's insane. Mob. That line is fresh. His hair looks real illegals map. I'M GONNA put it on screen for everybody to see. As we discuss here will will these next Gen consoles finally herald the era of accurate POC hairstyles. 'cause I am here for it like. Looking online. I mean I look at look at the textures like the girls like take. Actually every wasn't a video game I would think that somebody's. Some I just got off to chairs here. Yeah. Yeah. Even like the little details here with the. Like is not quite perfectly even. You. Can See a little hairs coming out versus like they just like drew a line. Right it's like individual hairs they're just like. The detail is crazy. It's nuts. I just look. That looks like it's a fait, my main street. Like. Crazy. So. Them as meets the question, will we get? Good character creation hair now will he finally be? More than this. Slick backs after. DREADS CORNWALL'S Torn rose. Only. Or Ball can't go wrong with ball. That's a tough one because obviously that's screen shot is from a cut scene. And? Or? All. I'm. Pretty shirt. For. Sure. But that looks cuts greenish. It does but also with this PS five and. Right. So that Hope they give me hope that. Even, if we don't get in character creation, we eventually may because it's already there for the main character. So as that level of detail stays true to the in play art. Then that gives me hope for character creation. Games will be able to have that type of. Right. Inaccuracy. But we've never seen even in the cut screen before. So as you thought, it is terrible. I've see. So yeah, I mean I'm excited just for that but I'm just thinking like yes I, can finally get a character You never get look exactly like union so they do the scanning thing but Right. Yeah. At least I can get something close. to what I look like what should be pretty. That'd be pretty sick. Just. To have a rope real black man hair. Yes on my MBA two K. character. Right not so. Floppy, like Steve Nash in going on. Nobody by. What is going on? Is. You, disarm Koru. Dreads. I've never had KOMO's life. I've had it but I mean I was. Fifteen years ago now. I I. I wanted to every time someone I went to get it done. They were like L. Your hair's to your hair's too curly in we we'd have to have you relax I'm like I'm not putting relaxing hair I'm not. You know nothing but Houston Berries Lesson relaxer here. So I never got roles, but I had I had plenty monster froze but hey, I wasn't doing the relaxing thing. So no rose for me. They. Get a relaxing. That's crazy. They didn't want to deal. You when you go to a place on the pay per head. So they WANNA get your head down. Can and? It's not like something our ourselves spree. Well, you don't pay in thousand. And brave MC won't play video games. You know what I'm saying. Is it that that case in a shoe I'm paying? Like. Do my natural hair. But you know you're going to barbershop going a hair shop. You know. There unless they know, you're going to pay them some super big tip. They're not gonNA want to spend the extra time working with your natural hair. Yes, sure. Yeah I mean I always. Colonels. Might Mike my hair is ridiculous I, got lucky because mom my mom was A. Licensed hairstyle this. Oh. My mind. Any you guys anybody in school that with me tell you my hair was always fresh. You know the most will go two weeks and now is if I just a lot of times I will just because I didn't feel like spending whole Saturday because she worked at a shop. Like. I mean she could do it in an hour or two but because like I would go there, she'd be working. So light. In between her clients, she would do someting like. All right. We'll sit over there off. To, finish finish rest. So. I wish we have which is back then 'cause. I mean, we have. PSP's but You. Know. Our. Alan. Stuff. But yeah, it was just like I didn't want to spend my whole Saturday over there because I usually go you know. Is the do it at night where she didn't like doing it night. 'cause I've been doing all day. She wants to break right now like I came home. Cook dinner and all that, and then I would say it braided hair for two hours or You come to the shop on Saturday I was like Oh go to show on Saturday, I wanNA go play ball. Boy You. The not very. So. It was always like choose between looking good for the girls they go play ball and sometimes ball one sometimes girls want. We will play ball. Right. I mean next. Like. Oh it's not. So much quick. We have details came out about a pitch that failed adult swim. And I'm kind of. I'm kind of scratching my head I. Get it. Why failed but I don't get it because to me. I don't so. It's Goofy to me, but here's the pitch. So. Adults, men was pitched his show. Animated of course about Rick Moranis. As the main character A. Young man had an idea waiting in line that Rick Moranis would be the hero who retired from his acting career to save the universe. and. It was. It went so far. He wanted to contest. It went so far as to having. Art Created for it to picked it. And But unfortunately, it did not get. The pitch the work includes sketches of Rick Moranis, and of course, his glasses a cereal box from. The shrunk to kids movies a Butler that is a mantis named Marandus. and some other concept art. And essentially mic morass was going to be our Savior who retired in northern Alberta? Canada. and he This kid discovers a cereal box. From the honey, we shrunk ourselves movie, which is you know fortunately, the worst of the honey, I shrunk movies and that rare boxes cereal. An contained an expired unexpired golden ticket making him the winner of a meet Rick Bahrainis contest and that's rick. Marina sacrifices acting career came to become the gatekeeper between all world and hell itself. So I don't understand how that did not get past. The approve aboard there. However, their response is this not enough people know who Rick Moranis is. So that's why they didn't go on with the show. I mean I i. Kinda get it right because. The adult swim audience. Now Is. Most of our kids. Or? You know me like like most of us in our thirty s and our kids are you know eighteen or seventeen? You know or or about to be entertained sight. So there, there's a new adult swim audience because we were the adult swim audience, even the adult swim is supposed to be for adults Well, we were teenagers straight eighteen in nineteen, seventeen, sixteen or whatever. So I feel like ache if this happened. How long have you been out of school now? Only one count. So roughly twenty years you. Know. Exactly, twenty years for me so I've been sixteen. So, this came out. This this was pitched. Sixteen to twenty years ago I think it would have been immediate green light. Because it's all of us, right that's the audience us in a little bit younger maybe like you know. Like my brother, my brother's each because we remember vividly those movies. You know that was child rate ninety, seven, eight years not like all of that I feel like now. It would still it could still work, but I think the pitch of. Rick Moranis. His acting retiring the acting career I think that part of the story get lost on some. Some of the kids today. Because it just wait who is he? Anyway, you know what I mean life for us. It was like Oh like if it's with the story in a sensory life kind of fits with reality. Because, we're like, yeah. Well, you know we haven't seen a you know what I mean it Kinda brings brings it into reality like, yeah we haven't seen. Rick. MORANIS since. Say early two thousand. Right. With the exceptional a few cameos here and there. So it's like whatever happens him. Cami. Raise was. A cumulus he was just gone. Right well, he I think they wanted to. I. Don't. So some small small I, I was reading an article said, he did a couple small things in the two thousands. Brief appearances or whatever. But Yeah I think that that's connect the story a better to. The audience, right because it's like you know. What if that's really what happened? He look. Even though we all know it's fiction, but it's like you just Kinda get that little bit of like what if he did give his comedian career to save the world? In like connect to, but it's like kids today like WHO's this guy? What do you mean? He was a comedian. I. Don't you know what I mean. I think there's just too much of the nostalgia in there. For the audience today grant. We will watch it. We would watch it but I mean, that's a great point because. We're. Like you said, we are the original adult swim audience and we were teenagers. And to. We have to face the people kids born in two thousand. They are twenty years old now right You know they're the ones who'll be watching current adult swim and they weren't alive to remember. Renison in the eighties and nineties like 'cause you know I think from mic. I'm Amelia digging ghostbusters. I'm thinking little shop of horrors bigness. Insurance to kids I'm taking Little giants you know I'm thinking the flintstones like there's. He was all over in the eighties and nineties, and then you know he disappeared right at at I think he did voice work in in the early two thousands and then he didn't do anything all until whatever I think he made his like a first cameo like two years ago I remember reading Arcola Hey Rick Branston a cameo on ABC show or something like that As a thick was dark helmet. which again, you'll be kids watching were like who's dark helmet? perilously. Vader but shorter. Or North Super Oversight. Helmet darth. Vader If you haven't seen space balls you need to watch baseball it's. It's Hilarious don't watch it with your kids though especially to the young kids watch with young kids. it's we call eighty s PG in it would not fly as PG currently. Oh. Maybe. They let a lot of stuff fly these days on PD. It would not fly PG today it would be dow space balls would be PG. Thirteen today would not be impeaching movie. Yeah that's a weird though. We think about it. To think of they in these cartoons these days. No I was just I. Know before. I think I told you before I had bought Rocco's modern life on sale on I. Tunes and I started watching it. This is a couple of years ago I started watching it. I was like. Yo What D- what is what is going on? Yeah I. Mean I. Get it. This is. That'll be like there was a lot of stuff that went way over our heads. Be was so blatant like. Even things that I wasn't supposed to get I understood like if I didn't get the joke I, knew it was improper because the wearing all digital. But Rocco's modern life was very was very nonchalant about how they were extremely adult. I was like I was GONNA to remember I was watching housing goes and call my kids and Hey I used to watch shows Larry's the blood and I'm like. Quash dissent Children is in bed because. No No. No They realize that but I'm just like it's weird because you look at like shows. That kids watch now like spongebob and these different things. And like they have some of that stuff in there too. It's Dare type of humor. Is Dutch like our humor back then was very it was very crass. and. whereas. Like now, it's like it's similar, but it's not as crass It's more kind of like just I don't know I don't know what the word. It's would be. When we were kids. It was very bounce like it was crass humor. All over. Where now you'll get super innocent shows. Regular and. Then you have one or two show are completely insanely over the top. So it gives his false dichotomy as far as what the the level of content is. When we were kids almost everything had eight equal amount of of crassness for lack of better term. So I like. Watching big like two weeks ago and. I forgot dropped f-bomb in big. Big Allowed to. You're allowed. You're allowed to impeach thirteen, but this is this eighties. Move is a PG movie. And not only. Kid is dropping bombs bobby. This is Neil kids a child actor you know I. AM as big of I that is like Z. Family Movie Am I I. Forgot how much cussing me doing this movie Yeah this is. Actually remember that because a kid that I went to school with A. Middle. School. He thinks like seventh grade maybe. He went on Broadway. To. Do Big. I remember him talking about that I curse words. See that. Yeah I. I it's it's something else man I don't even. I don't even know how to. Yeah. This is funny but Yeah I mean I. I kinda see where They chose not to go with it. I think I think they still could have made it pretty successful. because. We watch it. Especially knowing that. You know is being voiced by Rick Moranis himself and all those things This is you know some if any if nothing else is in the surface and You know this current generation has learned how to cash in on the style. Jarvis. So So Essentially You're awarded position as a as parents now where we're like, okay, well, we see review of a show and we're like, okay well, that's not gonna fly. So let me try to find some in my kids can watch and we think are let's go back to our past. Let's go back to the good old days were shown some they're good quality stuff we grew up on then we started are watching that and we're like Oh snap Yeah that's not okay. That's actually worse Nope Nope Nope Nope and I think partially is because we watched a lot of stuff like I time I saw back to feature was on regular TV. Wasn't it. So it was a lot of you know. There were edited out for television. So. was edited out. There were a lot of movies that we saw for the first time Miss Kidd. Eighties nineties that you know it wasn't the actual version so we have A. We Have A. Filtered Lens if you will. We have a filtered memory. So when we go when we buy that movie we go and we buy the we buy goonies we go when we buy space balls and we buy back to the future by big. and. We put it in D. were gins reactional. Stuff we didn't see in theater. You didn't see here the very first time, and by the time we saw the theatrical version, we were preteens or teenagers and. It kind of filled gaps in the memory but was since we were all. It didn't register that. You know that we missed it as a kid and so then as adults for like. Remember this much sooner this movie and then it's like Sorry I was thinking I was racking. My brain is like I don't remember all this language and back the channel member all this Mike. Then I think back on how I watched it and I'm like. Oh my parents taped it. On vhs on my hold up, they take it off a regular TV. Y. You know. And or they taped something you know on the other thing they taped to. The free dizzy weekends whatever like these pots taping the tape stuff but I can't remember the this was an indifferent commercials that Jose okay. You could say a whole lot in the theaters back then but you couldn't say that stuff on TV so they couldn't broadcast it on TV so. I'm like, okay. This is starting to make sense why I have such a nude memory of these films in these that make you up on that I think are going to be wholesome, super wholesome, more wholesome than stuff today I'm like, no. I can't. I can't say that I bat was more wholesome. Today's might be a bit more wholesome than it was when I was a kid, right? You know I mean yeah that's true. That's definitely true. I can agree with that. The. Most part. But yeah I I think it's also just to like we. Were So. The things that were politically correct back then have definitely changed now i. Gear and so like some of the stuff like wait I can't believe they let the fly because it was. You know back then it was no big deal. But now it's like canceled cultures like how dare you say that? You know like. I know for a fact like some of the stuff that was. unlike Rockall Life Doug. And Pretty helpful but very. The V.. Off Yeah, all that stuff was by. Would not slide today like that is not Misogyny. I mean I thought it was great to me like that was the point he was using a big jerk. The women beat him up for being a complete misogynistic jerk. Thought, it was beautiful because of that. But even so even though the women he gets his come up in every episode is still wouldn't floppy like. They still don't want to hear it. Frank. And I. I get it it. You know it's alive it. rubs it in the face pretty hard you know. Yeah. But Yeah I understand I'm not happy about it, but I kinda understand why they Chose to not go with the? Pilot. Say The pitch. Yeah with the pitch yeah I mean. I get it too. Because today's young adults. You know they were born in two thousand in there or the late night any like they don't remember Rick Moranis, if they do remember him, it's GonNa be from honey I shrunk the kids they don't remember anything in the. Never Watch that. So if data watched right the only thing that they probably watch of his from. must-see review of a show. We're like, okay man. He's a minor character in that. And we Go back to our path. Let's go back to good old. That good quality and I'm thinking like would really like 'cause adults when there are people who are H.. Swam. Hours a week. Number. Newer stuff torso show. Crew. To play, one. We. Were looking for a tweet. In middle aged. Explainers. Adults. Thirty the thirtieth crew. nope. We're we're watching the with classics. I watching. TV or watching your robot chicken. Filter. Out For. A lot of stuff was. LBJ What so there were a lot of that. We saw saw. For the first time. High. Also. Theater. We. Have, real. Adults. Filters. May. We had doing by the by Lucille Daughters de Frisky. And all that. We ask as a kid. Theater Time. By the time we saw. He number for. Teenagers and I. Feel Gas. Since we Didn't read. Thank. You. Known as adults. Remember. This movie or they tape, and then it's like on the other thing. From you. Know if you heard about Aber. member. That to me feedback on how I watched him and I'm like. That's A. Show for me my hold up. That's been around for why? So. Yeah. You know. You. Know. Around old three. Burger Free Dizzy weekend thousand three the venture. Pop Taping the tape staff. are going to be long. Were like. Kids aren't even watching. Greg. Yeah. That's That's definitely. Finger wholesome adults for awhile. I think he's Also just to like we can't keep so. One twenty two years old things that were politically correct. Them have definitely changed your. Favorites were all gone pretty much. So it's like shows on overlay wait I can't leave. because. On moral in and then it was no big deal the new. Canceled culture is like how dare you say that? I'm no for some stuff that was. Alike like. Does older dropping off so Does Douglas Free House. Focused show. Is They've? Stayed yeah all that stuff was. County. Stayed Spotlight. Besides need. In. Every once in a while pop up. Mike Tyson had his. Take Mike Raccoon. Dog Coach. Every so Johnny Johnny. Fleischer people catch on that is. Their. Kids who remember watching The point. Was a gaming video of the reaction. Game they were playing. I. Guess that's. Why Go the. Entire House course pitch. Pretty hard. In. The, face. Mike. Tyson. Early. Ration- that's what they. Don't touch. You we picture Mike we're not pitcher faced. The kids picture thing he didn't black trunks. Watch. In the middle. Were somebody, getting. Out Doubt Watch. You. They were born to either. Don't remember Rick Marinas. Do remember him. He'd never saw my buddy I showed the kid. Dizzy Roy Jones junior would be there. Right. Probably box. Like bad. Also, it's an adult now definitely get his boxing. Him from the hangover right the exact. I mean, we're not. That's what. Or? Late was really. This. Pitching the ball do. We hear my Jesus what picturing. Boxing brands, you were like a pistol destroy. Young to. Be Different. Watching it. I get it actually more than I just before. Getting. The twitter's. Adults. Probably. I think show. Still. Cool. We're watch. With and. TURNING TO TELEVISION MIND To. Number. broncos. Cars now would probably be. A good idea to revisit. Maybe talk pilot see how it goes because now people. Know his own Zita. Hope you get like. You. Know. Birdman Attorney and law. I think Tom Hanks. And Lucy daughter. frisky Dingo herb's team hundred. We see last. Dumb. Stuff. Canceled I duNNo. Maybe castaway at this at the earliest your. Worries and that to me that might. Scanned, that might be a stretch shoot. For a while I mean, some of the. Top Tie venue sales woody. Oh woody from toy. The brother. To Go to And that to me still is not going to think. That's zoo. Swim show so I guess. That's been. Recognized the two brothers anymore. We're all being. Big. socked. Spitting them all. While because. Ossius shut up. Lurch. Twenty years. Watching extra. I'd Jackson State has gone crime. Sanders is head coach Paul Jackson. Heard. or Oh. I remember that. I. Own they have very proud. Very proud. Traditions. Prime Time said he's one coach. Is He's now coaching and. That was. This will do not just. For Swims. Sort of. The Show. Coming on. Not that much. So. I started to drop off. Now. Those are dropping. Initially. Folks show. especially a guy who decided. Time Him. Or just. To. Walk into the big deal. Game. He's Just he's Just. Options. threat. A show about. Launching something A gaming, the rail they had. All. These kids. The. To. Face tax, score. Happen to our pictures. From. Picture picturing somebody. Tyson I don't think I don't. Think about it like Oh these kids. Don't even know boxer. Faced Hatschi. We weekdays. Patriot. Picturing when? Junior either in the middle and. For his acting appearances and different things like that. So. Talks they know him from the hangover I got to see what kind of Italian he's bringing in. Actually I gotTA. See. The, Bachelor this accident. WOULD BE THERE I. must say so. Safety I need a quarterback Bolger's. I'm looking I'm going there. They know they know him from the hangover hey. Cancel or the cartoon. Get. They here? Mike. Tyson. Touches. Tyson picturing a young man show boxing by. Destroying relate. To. Return I didn't come. So I. I get. For like. Get it would probably. Hid. Probably. Show rank. With they may account him. Talk talk about me. With Asa, is yeah. Honey. I shrunk. So, it would probably be more player. Visit maybe make pilot. Because, now, people young kid. But depending on. Kid Top. Gallois especially the ones that. That graduated we're GonNa pass ways in which. Even that might be a stretch because that was pretty. CASTA. Hankers. Maybe. Music. You, ask Actually know what? They're going to be like Ha, probably missile. Woody. Woody. Dates. Stretch. Yesterday. At least not yet but. I'm sure. The voicing I'm like, oh That is. So. What if you say? It'd like. From UC woody. Storage about the kid who became thirty week. Because it. Thanks. Dion known for years wanted to coach college. That came. Florida state. Recognized him a look at. All. Of It is ridiculous. Talk just fact that. Traditional never. Taxing on feeling. Great. The best debashish enough about the best quarterback. For so Going cry. PAINEL Dion don't do nothing sanders. Heads. Accent. Ever. Additional credibility to program. College. Says Bring National. Attention. Is. Help. Attraction and So I remember remember. I guess. Protests going on. Top recruits, lacquers routes with some of the here. We're talking very they were talking about. Going to the big deal. You See. The sign of protest. I. Just you know. Hey. Also Also saying, Hey, you need us. The coach, a lot of people use guys. Were against. Coach. You know what they want to go anywhere -til. Around Schools. Options as. ABC's can't compete with these big name schools even though we have seen to. NFL PRO players. Admitted to the pros. It's not as often and get back as you see for the bigger deal one schools from the you know the big ten. quarterbacks. And all that. So I think this as that this is a big win for firms standing through as we. General because now it's like why you know they're going to get a lot of looks of course from. The just simplify that he's Defense. I to see what kind of tally he's bringing in. You know being looking at cornerback safety. Hours so Or looking La. Oh I, need the I. Need A quarterback. I need you know I'm looking I'm going there right 'cause I mean. Coach by the best. 'cause yeah I think a big. Exposure for anybody that theon upstate. Denying rumors. Everybody that that they compete with all the other. was they play against on twitter game? Look Sue now? Scouring goes Tell you you play ball. To tweet has been deleted My looks with her. ME early. Warning. I. Think it's a big. Bill. It'll also. Other former player coaches Form Players Looking to get into coaching might also consider. His. Day. CAITLIN. Especially, the ones that were that graduated from ABC. US. So You know went onto. Not, playing. Retired retire. But I do four course still of the game and maybe I'll maybe I'll go back to my Hvac you coach Yeah it's going to Take. Can. Be More less. You. Know Dates. FROG, probably more. So than in the d one the big however. Outside Primetime. Rebel owning. or the likelihood that having all these are. Going to be right away but. Turns if if you start to see a lot more players going back. US or even just. GonNA BE ON HIS STAFF They sat to. Recognize. Be Like Oh definitely coaching junior. Be Exciting. Player, like Oh, you're coach five. Tim Brown. Turmoil you know. He gets he gets some guys. Watch this guy play. You're going to. Learn. Fundamentals and Plus. Dion. Thank for Dion. Good. Fodder. Out of pro look at all the. Fun Dryer minutes. Wants to lady. Kind of fun so I think that's an. Jittery appropriate five star Ford. Shopper. Arguably the. Playing for star they're gonNA. History. Expected Jackson Stan. Knows their pain at the Zelano knew nothing for free. So. He instant. And? I, suppose you're thinking. How the towel the. And Hopefully Actual place a province that don't live been. I saw. Off. His arrival. Dion. Too Logs I one laws sending year undefeated third year. Fourth year. Our fifth year undefeated. GotTa. Let us clay. Show we can you beat everybody to rest plays be boys you've got to let us play. And they upset somebody. Somebody's. Coaching staff. Do. I. Five. Years. Wide Receiver one have cal shock waves throughout college. Offense Defense Terrell Backfield to be on this staff. Back. Way. Hey. You want to coach from. Sanders. Let's get some guys. deanne covering old defense pretty much older the. You've got nothing more. ally. Gotcha White House. entitled. Playoff Games. Songs Visions Song here for all. Yeah there's there's there's major program that's. GOING, to be. Back, then you've got your. Guys being coached by. And then you've got your wideout. And so been. Tight ends coach buy. And so Up to you. Sighing rumor is wild higher please. And even maybe. It's Just Yeah was Jack. It before some coaches step down. Hold. Oh. You know. because. Zach. Staff. For. Retirement. SEEN IT ON TWITTER WAP. Wow Jack. Moore. I. mean. I mean Mississippi is black. A Warren. SAPP said on twitter said okay. I can steal. Parts who? Also. Early, it's not like this. So. Been, working. Majority of. Working with. Talented I I met him at. Mum's could be yeah I mean this is cool. Dion. I'm. Christian. High School. Texas events. He. Has Scouted. Likely Star. Because it is schedule or. Whatever so it's going to be. Worried He does there have been no older. Clearly. Generation however, I did not. Outside prime time really help because. It's happened. It'd be like Oh. No. Level coaching staff. They'll be excited. By. On the staff or right. Taylor's from generation. Life. Would really help. Believing different. Fun Correctness. Oh No. State. Player. By Tryst Dion wants to Taylor. Guises I watch this guy play. You'RE GONNA learn. Fundamental. Hand for suffered PLA. Playing for deal. Is You're GonNa have fun the Star. In my role. He's going to be good for help him. Play. A record. If they can get some good talent. That's so sign nationally on this. Of the rebuild after that. Dancing now, Dantonio. Within. Five years getting hey, go reboot. Yeah, it's a reboot. It's a feature found one loss at is in the works under now year if you don't know there was going your undivided movie all the way back in nineteen ninety, one week and win, and there has been the show. We have waste. Years Mallinder. Times on the show. Off Its expert regarding. Loves Blind, that. Third. Year. undefeated fourth years disappoint go into your. Hey look. Play. Would show. We can win we beat. And Fun easily people. Play. And Hall Somebody's my question. was. Nine writer Hey. Coach. Turn first Friday. Night Writer. Coach some people shockwave. No No. Seek. Rambling call people by. Never never. Hey y'all. Hey more you want to coach. Alford. Let's get some guys out here. Let's get some people playing. Excited for it to see. You know what they can do. You know I'll successful they can be. A little bit of door. In so many opportunities. For. More. As me? You know like I said for used to have A. Strictly For me. Put It, and even maybe you missed some coaches. You know. Like I am really upset thousand tons a day. Coaches you know. We see. We've seen it before some coaches step down. They go back to college. Coaching College because. The depression of the NFL or they just took. Before retirement. But I. Think he made it sound. Coach. You know. I'll make A. CAST. Codename quote unquote big. HVAC you. Like I said, I think it's going to open up so many doors cause concern for for far too long. HAVE BEEN OVERLOOKED Sports especially considering that I you know. What I will. The League is is black. and. So we know the talents they're. Just by the Beecher of the amount of there've been shelling black athletes have in general's across the street. There that. They don't with the same. Advantages financially, socks or saint looks. Like that and then there was another night always overlook nuts of. Schedule or? Whatever so I think all of this is gonNA. Be In prime time we he does nothing small. So. It's going to bring stars. Spotlight, already has. Off Its closest. His press conference alone A day before yesterday. That they're still a part of. Really, liked to HPCL nightrider husband CNN. Long time are. That part would be really cool in bringing complete. Obviously, we don't want to see the car transformed from the Mustang tools pickup truck did driving because that makes no sense. People. CanNot transfer over. And if it did. It would kill the passenger get crushed it. Can't we excited for it I'm excited. To See. What they can do whatever I don't. Watch. A show that ended in. We're talking about of. One. fledged. Atheist Bet. But I might let me get Jackson just let it be what it is and it's Shoot 'cause like I can't. There's some people you can't replace Hasselhoff. Super You can't. Place Him Baywatch Campbell replace him in writer Hoffy just. Waste indeed. That is what you think. It is the only person I think that could. Play, the role of these little small but he has. A similar look? and I don't even like him but I think Zach Ephron has Michael Knight. Look to him. And not be or he was in Baywatch move either but I think he just has A. A young is just look like Hof but he's got its factor like Hof had it factor you looked at hawks things like he's not that given actor But women liking he there was something about cool so to. Hear Charisma Yeah. He's got the is he has charisma And so why there's this he's got its factor so. That Catherine has its factor so I could see him doing it It would just be king you. Can you either do a Knight Rider Movie? There's only two ways they can really do it. Take it seriously do a nine minute movie an have it be a new generation of industries whatever whatever They, find you know, become an had the same similar origin story off his time in the place of the role of Devon or in the role of. The original Billionaire that funded everything the original night that I. Forget what? His first name by the original guy named night who fund everything. Off Be in that position and has ACA, Franck be the you know the lone guy that gets pulled into drive the car. OR YOU DO A. A spoof you do Starsky and Hutch level comedy version of it where Zach Arana's Michael night and he's you know pull you know somehow he stuck in the he's doing everything eighties the cars the eighties body everything is the way it was in the show for him but. What he's everything in the way of the show, but everything is today. was that way so having fun and not taking into seriously making it enjoyable but that's the only way you could pull it off. Anything else people aren't GonNa like especially, if you make it cheesy was you know special effects or does go way over the top because you're over overdoing the technology portion? Might they did with that terrible show Yeah, they way they. Talk about it. He just went all other stratosphere an unnecessary stratosphere But I think that would that would I think those the only two ways to work you and honestly hate the. pontiacs the bodies still it's one of my favorite cardis lines I just love the body of those cars. Yeah. I mean it is definitely a timeless look. Like it's yes looks it looks like especially when she kit it out with the you all the. Kid Now Out Kit. Dad Jokes. But. Yeah. especially like you know once you upgrade all the technology show, you show all that in it like I mean it can easily transfer into you know the two thousands maybe not twenty twenty but. You can easily see being two thousand car Tony Ten maybe You know a newer model. Vehicle even though it's over thirty years old at this point, right? Yeah. Oh. Yeah Yeah. Way over I mean it's it's It's getting close to forty years old and I mean, right Nightmare came out the year I was born so Yeah. Yeah. Yes I think it'd be. I don't want to see but if they were GonNa do it, I wouldn't be. If they did it right I will and be like super upset. But you wouldn't be mad at the but like I would want to see it done right like. I really wouldn't want I will want an like the spoof anglos things much probably seem to can't be. I start discussing Hutch was cool It was funny but I don't want to be too much like twenty one jump street that was too much to the wrong level. The wrong side of campy by give it to me more on that Starsky and Hutch level where was funny it was. You said it back in that time but still like Starsky and Hutch where you're having fun with it. While mediums, you're being serious. You know you're you're having some fun. What's the timeframe having some fun with the eighties but you're still telling you a crime story and you're having fun with it like that would be I think that'll be cool and I think. Get Franca pulled off I can't think of anybody who really else has that. You event that would better that would be close as close to heed to Hof was as far as at heartthrob I think he would look good in the wardrobe. The turtleneck and the leather jacket Obviously, we're not gonNA perm his hair. WE'RE NOT GONNA make his hair currently but because he I think he looked. Like that. You put him in the leather jacket in in the in the red, turtleneck there The only thing is like who's who's voices kit because? Mr Fini was voice a kit and like one hundred and five years old. You'd have to way. I don't remember. Did He? Say he passed away. Mina. He's super. Old is wrong but I don't think I don't think he passed away. Now Williams has not passed away it but he's ninety three so she. Loo-. But I didn't think he was ninety three old nearly eighty seven eighties probably. You've ninety, three Y- he's ninety three. Though he I mean, he did he did do a couple episodes of girl meets world He did. He did he made a couple appearances. Yeah so I. I mean I can't say the man can work at ninety three because Sicily Tyson out here still working she's like hundred and fifty. So. I, mean, if he up to reduce waste mean weeks technically still have Liam Daniels do a voice but. we're running out of time probably in that aspect But if we if he could voice a kid, then that would be really really cool and you can have yourself a fun movie. And UH, there's plenty of you know tractor young as I could be the the Damsel in distress, the Michael House Save. he could definitely do it The way starts cannot sit in the eighties had fun with it. And And just tell her just tell a fun story. But I have the feeling that they're gonNA they're gonna go the opposite way. They're going to try to go super serious and just go over the top and just. Try to do with the tried to do the show and. Just. Yeah. I don't think they need to go super serious I think. You gotta find a good balanced but like I said, it's also gotTA. Be. You just gotTa do it right you can't. It can't be the over the top like they did with the TV show. Stickiness just maker you know like that was i. think that was the appeal of the original what part of the appeal anyway was like. It was sorta like Yo, this actually is possible. It was it was futuristic, but it wasn't that far in the future it was like this is. This is actually possible like. This could work you know Picture, like it wasn't real, but we could picture it being real. Yeah. I mean we're Kinda there I mean. When you look at like Tesla. Cars try themselves. They parked themselves these days now. He's not. Is. So. Yeah. He's back but. Acne. Leaves over bridges and they cars like you know we've got. We've got a whole bunch of that going on. A Knight writer stuff going. Yeah it's. It's not that far. So yeah. So I, mean I think it'll be it'll be it'll be. It'll be good if they do it. Right. The problem is I don't know what they can do it right. Well so here's WHO's doing So, spyglass media group is teaming with atomic monsters. James Von and Michael Clear to develop the film and then Tj. Fix Men who is a former video game writer he's going to be adapting the screenplay. six Monroe in devel- and clank as well as resistance for the man. So okay two games. You can gain of stories. Maybe can pull it off maybe they can pull it off. And fix is also wrote several screenplays a he has sold. To Universal Pictures Mgm he saw a screenplay called men who killed to Fox Bass being produced by Greg Berlanti and starring Michael B Jordan. and looks like he sold a couple other own looks like you pitched recently to St axe and village roadshow. So He's Obviously he's not twelve. So. There's definitely some talent working on this and what's also cool is that gives me some hope is that plot details are? Being kept under wraps so. When they're little too loose details I get very Very concerned about quality So, keeping under wraps says to me that they're actually really taking this project furiously were which way which direction story wise to go with it, but they're taking it seriously That's that part of the problem with the show that is like it. You didn't they didn't take distinct seriously they're like, Hey, let's just you and try to make some nostalgia money in destroy them together from Lying Nam any work. Yeah Yeah and I think that when you when they? Like say you get a good writer. mainly. About good writers and get director to. And you don't. See. I. Don't know because sometimes. Titled, the details and then they come on and you're like really seriously. But I I guess more often than not yet. That's true if. They're tight on the detail. This is usually because it's a good story WANNA spoil, it for. Everybody. But also have seen some times that sort of backfires. Because they know that it's bad. They're like we don't want to tell anybody because you want people to come see it. Our guest, I can go either way but based on the writers. And the studio. The director. A thing that actually could work out I think he could work out. Definitely. and to me but another I mean, we mentioned briefly but. The car really needs to be a transient Mike or really look like a transam. The can't. I understood why they went with the Mustang in the show but. I don't think it needs to be a Mustang. Bit movie must`ve needs to, train them. In. But I think it needs to be definitely needs to be an iconic vehicle and I, mean because the card is really the show right As, much as everybody was like. A writer it was all about kid. These. Bought the knowing about the kid toy he cared about your your your. Michael Right. Wanted to press the button you're. Wanting to do. So. It's gotta be the car. It's gotTA BE ICONIC CAR. I mean I assume that's probably why they went with the Mustang because it has something iconic history But I think you have to do it. You got to do it in the right way. You gotta do it like kind of like they did with bumble bee right. Like Oh. Turning Bumblebee Camaro. Like when he was, you know he was the like the way they did it. They may like you were able to be like, okay. I can. I can accept this you know I can I can take as a modern Camaro. You know. So I think you gotTa do I mean obviously you're not gonNA get transformed but. You GotTa do it in a way that like. It's believable. It's acceptable. People were like, okay. You didn't go with the transit and we know why? Because you know they haven't made a good transient probably since then. Or Pontiac doesn't exist the worse. So, but. was with that. Yeah but you know we. I. Kinda. Car of the day. That's You know still. is still gives kind of that throwback to the style J- I. Don't think the Mustang is the right one. Camaro. Maybe. I'm trying to think of car like maybe the Challenger. But then it looks to muscle. And then I think that's the thing to I can't look to Muscley. You know it's gotTa look more 'cause that was the appeal of the trains like it didn't look like a muscle car but. It had the power had the you know what? I mean. It. was like it was sporty. But it wasn't like. It didn't have the muscle car look at the day because they were things back. Then they were Camaros back then they were you know all these things but they were muscle cars you know so like. Head. Okay well, here's the thing. So even though Pontiac doesn't exist there is a company that's run by firebird enthusiasts who have Resolved to revive the Transam in the fire. Bird. Sorry in the Fibers. So there is a twenty twenty, one transient firebird that is. at be made pearling. This company has spent like the past. Sixty years winning awards for craftsmanship inside. So that could so you could have the transactions. And you get that newness, but you still keep transam that designed that feel In there because they are. I S and you were talking about We're talking about doing a new a new smoking demand. And they made seventy seven of the smoking abandoned version by and Burt Reynolds endorsed it himself so like. It still it's still there you can still and those two in those two franchises. The car so important and the transam especially, it's such vital like you can't pictures I they had that bandit TV show the nineties and it. Like it's without this without that car without that iconic car? is just not the same in. The same vibe doesn't have to be the seat of the nineteen, seventy seven you know Pontiac. Firebird to the nineteen eighty-two transam. But if it's a train 'em have enough of McKenna enough miliary where you can bridged the you know the near four year gap and say, okay, here we go. We've got a new. You know and then you can give kit. You know, hey, I'm in a new body while this this body does you know can do different things you can have kid explore You, know the chain especially if he just had to go like like like like psychics. Kit with vaulted. For for forty years and you know the lay hey were bringing back. You know our style of anti-establishment to you know work in your kid you're going to be in kids like all right. Cool. Let's get back to work and he thinks he's GonNa be his old his old body and then He's like a turns himself on. He's like hold up. What's this? What's this entered? What am I am V twelve now in the east to experience a whole new side of awakening these in a twenty, twenty, one or twenty, twenty, two Transam is like Oh is widening deterrence morning can do this and that he's got all these new features that are you know brand new for? Twenty Twenty Army Twenty one and he's got a whole. It's a new experience. So he come easy. So kid has its own coming of age experience you know within a new transam And I and I think the fans would appreciate the fact that he's in a transam and still appreciate. Hey, brand new. Transam. Are being made, and if you've got the juicy, can go get yourself once you if you're that big of a Transam Fan. I mean, you could definitely sell that. He could sell that for sure. and. Like I'm looking at this this the band. And it's. Just quickly Google know twenty, twenty inch fiber. Looks Great. It. Definitely. Great. It looks a lot like a commemorative me. Well, they've always I mean. We're talking about you know general. Motors. Cars I mean there's there was always extreme similarities between them. You know between their. Ill Chevrolet Scar Larkin and the Buick I forget what the Buick version one but they were virtually the same car you had that between Pontiac Chevy, there were so many similarities between them. you know body style engine wheels everything like very similar because you know there's GM. Cars they were sister companies. Yeah Yeah. Same designers and all that or yeah. Yeah, I mean Iligan at the same pretty much the same plans. But. In in a way also to I mean gives hope like if this holds if it doesn't work out. You could just use the Camaro and make it look a little bit like that. Twenty twenty, one transam. I mean, that's essentially what Transam essentially is that it's always premature bid Camaro base anyway. So you're essentially taking a Camaro base in your just. As a pontiac was always both be the heavier muscle version anyway. So you're taking Camaro basing you're making it with better performance. True True. And now works like you've got that you can. Feel. We can keep that vibe And, you can make the the night rider though the kid led you know you can make that even wider you can. Really. I mean. You can really make that work like that would just be. Something absolutely gorgeous to say. Yeah Yeah and you in that movie. I. Mean People are going to watch. And it's going to come down to the voice I think those who are going to be. Rethink the voice to card whoever Michael those three things. If you nail the car, if he can get someone to do the voice on, that sounds like William Daniels refugees healthy enough to do the voice and sells you've got to other three and you get the right actor I. Think I can revision Zach doing it There may be somebody else who could do it I'm definitely open to that, but I can envision I. Envision Zach Front doing that I don't know. Michael Nice character and he couldn't fight either so doesn't have to be taken. I he wasn't like he got some scrapes got a you know you fought but he wasn't like some great combatant was some great fighter. He got beat up putting your time so. He had kid come save him often you know so and also like where we technology like. You know talking to talking to your watch was science fiction back. Then you know science fiction for in the Dick Tracy comments who's in science fiction for having Michael Talk into his watch. Now, that's that's more reality. So we can. We can have conversation phone conversations through our watches in. or lights and everything. So him having A. A Smart Watch like that you know controls kitten. A maybe. Even you'll watch what kids doing see the same screen or whatever like. They can do so much more with the current level of technology maybe giving give kids some type of I Dunno camouflage and visit camouflage some like that. Give them a little cloaking device. Bond you know you can do that for kit Of greater a bit and just Eke keep that. He keeps that look you get the right guy and you have the right car and got something to work with Especially, if you focus on the Har I, guess you I. Guess the first at the first teaser trailer was nothing but blackness and The car headlights come on and like the lights slowly come starts at the top starts of. At. The front end to slowly shows more and more more more kit then the engine revs on and then you see. Mike, you know whoever play Michael, behind, the wheel and now the little smirk, and then just drives all ill drives toward the camera. That's all you need to see. That you gotta get the iconic. Yeah. He in you. See you see that you see A. Nice drive that's that's all you need to say, don't need to see me. Anymore Story. That say that the film that's all you need to see and. And see if people by and I think people will bite especially get the right person sitting behind the wheel and obviously weight within that you'd have to have like A. even actually have to draw off Amr. Drive forty drive off camera. You hear. Hear. Kids say like A. Refund yet micheal or something like that and We owe the actor Blake. I'm having fun kit and that's all you need. Simple effective. Yeah. I like I said. I've. Mixed feelings about it but. I think it could work is. Feeling this much against the stacked against them especially with your the too bad the the the. The too bad iterations of it already that we've seen. Stall have confidence they can do it right. You have mixed feelings, but you can see my fishing, you can see it. Yeah. I'm not disagreeing like I said I think. I can see it. Up I'll have faith in you know as. The studios man just don't have faith in them. But I said I mean so. The the ones that are behind the development, the writers and directors. they have restored a little bit of faith in in me 'cause those are two two games that love. From the playstation franchise. Greece stories both of them so And being that there from the Gaming World I'm sure that they have some personal. Affinity towards. The whole night writing series probably just as much as we do. You know I'm sure he grew up on the. so I think that will help I think that helps a lot and I think that's GonNa. That's GonNa make the difference right? Because it's like they're going to make it feel like. They're going to do their best hopefully. To make feel like the night rider of the nineties. That we all grew up on. Eighty. Nineties. Ended the year you're born I know I know it's a stretch. Well I mean, but the reruns are on so Yes. Is Is. The nineties because I got to watch. But Yeah I mean I'm sure they're gonNA make you feel that way because This is great it. It's something we grew up on. So. It's something that we can all relate to if they get it. Right But that's GonNa be the hard part getting. You are correct I can't argue with that. Next topic is announcement that was made by Microsoft Microsoft has acquired. The says the studios for a whopping seven plus. Billion Dolores. That's a lot of money. The money. That's a whole whole lot of money. So. I, thought to you is he had a pretty big reaction to this what? Is it about your reaction to what you think this is gonna mean from sauce for the Intra, gaming, you know moving forward. So. Yeah. So initially, I was just like Whoa microsof- coming out swinging. Right. Before. I mean. So it's been what a week since the playstation of. Yep and. The day before xbox consoles going on preorder. Right. Because they went preorder today. So. That was yesterday. So I was just like Whoa. My initial was like know Microsoft coming out swinging because I mean throughout this whole ordeal since early January actually probably maybe even a little bit before. And of course, you know we didn't have. A real? what do you call? Eat three this year because of the whole pandemic thing but. Everybody was just like. Microsoft lost, you know they lost the council wars before it even started they got exclusive use. They don't you know the games that's kind of been the arguments. And so I'm just like. Okay and they just bought but you know it's not even like they just bought the they bought the parent company, which also included a lot other deaths. But that's been the biggest. But there's a couple of devs. Part of that. Umbrella. And I'm looking at I'm looking at the Games and I'm like the fallout elder scrolls. Dome was part of that right thing to do was part of that. Yeah. Honored Wolfenstein there. If. What's A lot of those games are known for playstation. when you think of I, mean fallout is kind of mixed but we think of like eldest girls go doom like a lot of people think about playstation before they think about Xbox So. You know there's a lot of. Playstation players that played those games. So I was like wow. Microsoft coming out swinging they're gonNA take all these away but. Since then I've been reading a lot. A lot of the different releases and. Press releases and stuff like interviews with. Phil Spencer. The Microsoft team stuff like that and it seems to me. This is kind of going back to the whole no minutes guy talk. It seems to me that Microsoft is really starting to lean towards. Supporting the gamers. Boarded. Their pockets. Don't get it twisted. They are still trying to make money Like their focus which means fist this. Get some earlier this year too he said. My competition is only. My competition is Google Macabre. You know before before stadia came out Competitions. Google competition is Amazon 'cause you know they own switch my competition is. I think he mentioned youtube in there just like the whole entire like cloud seen the you know we got. Like. we got video now guys themes. steam has with steam link Yes. You Guy just a more whole mobile games in general. Guy Even intendo to some extent with the switch being portable that is. In the cloud space, but it's definitely portable a full portable council, the first one. Probably history. Of. Hers. Good went anyway I know there was some portable council before what is I like good one And yet, he was just like you know our competition isn't Sony and I was like, yeah whatever you're just saying that because you think xbox, you know like everybody else is saying everybody's like he's just saying that because he thinks xbox GonNa flop. So he wants to Kinda like you know it's like you try to save face beforehand like we go play ball and you're like A Mata sheep you know? Just. Having use of you lose. And But It seems like their focus on that. You know he came out and he said. They're going to honor all the playstation exclusives that that were there. They will review the other one. You know any future ones on a case by case basis. and. You know he talked about and then he he doubled down on it and it was just like you know we're focused on the game pass an xbox gaming. All that stuff the exile and And so we're looking at, we want to basically securities licenses for. The streaming, the video game streaming world. And so yeah, I mean I think it's either way is huge. I saw something today that was kind of funny. They were like, imagine you know you throw in fall out And you know how usually they know they showed the studio logos the developer logo before the game starts you see boxing ps by. was kind of funny but. Yeah is is it's just funny that you know like. They're. Like Sony is clearly the maintaining their model right there like we're. Exclusives. We're staying. We're we're. We're you know we're down on. Spiderman. As you know, the main exclusive right now for his as far as launch titles I've Messinia really big ones and they're like. I. Guess they're in the if it ain't broke all fix it model. Right. But xbox like. We're looking at the future. and. You know the future is cloud gaming, the future streaming games, which is even just saying that it sounds insane never thought we'd be at this place. But Yeah and like I was talking to my brother-in-law about it and I was like Oh. Honestly like. I the the same thing he was like yelling, they're going to be all xbox exclusive. They're going to seek away all the games from us. They tried to sell consoles and I was like I don't think they are. because the one that they were trying to sell consoles, they would've never did this series of S. With. Or if they were doing the series as it wouldn't be lower specs, it would be you know a small hard drive or something like Sony Day with just all digital version They're really just like this. We WanNA get next gen console in your hands. That's better than the one that you have. so you can stream games. We don't care about you know if you want the higher spects, you know like a like. A pro version. His Ex. SS good enough. For what we're, you know we're focusing on. Top of that like I was telling him like you know when you think about it, you make. Infinitely more money infinitely. Evidently more money than you would single game. often exclusive on a streaming service. Because if I got a stream with service. You know in the beginning yeah. You're probably going to bend stream a bunch of different games. But after a while, you're gonNA stream one or two here near you're like I'm not going to stream now when I finish this one or whatever. whereas. On exclusive, you're going to buy. Some people are going to buy some people wait until they go on sale. Some people might not buy it at all. and. So you're going to get whatever sells you get from it. And that'll be it with a streaming service you get monthly. Payments. Bringing. In money monthly in, you may not even you might mystery mini games this month. You just paid for the same way we do with they TV. And movies. there's Times you know I I might go home on open them Netflix's but I paid eleven ninety nine the whatever it is now a month. So I was like you know they're. I gotta say they're really thinking ahead. I mean I'm not a fan boy either but I definitely lean more towards the police stations I. Like the Xbox for certain things I mean we had this conversation before. Of course but. Yeah I think. I don't know man I think in a console war. The placing virus is probably still GONNA win the council war. The gaming words on a different platform altogether and like. The one event is a Microsoft has always had. They've always had better servers than Sony. So, if they can maximize on that with their cloud gaming, which some people have already said like it's amazing. I haven't tried it yet but. because it's not for Iowa. But. The, the people that I've talked to like, Yo, on not twenty like it's. Amazing is like playing on the console you can link up your controller they got an xbox controller, you can link up. Via. Bluetooth. Won't a? Is there like hours just like amazing you know even on like four G. Five G. whatever. Like it's just like playing on the console of the smallest green. I'm like Oh that's that's another level gaming that just people have. Even you know we thought the switch was a game changer. This is like. This is what you were saying it wasn't, but this is taking that to. Another level like. You know. It's interesting because like. A lot of people went Gaga over this. Me and You know. My reaction was very dislike Oh. Okay. That's cool and but. The way they seem to be going is like you said, digging future and four with games are don't seem to be. Concerned. About exclusives but even if they were. and that was the direction they said, hey, you know what all says his games to be only on xbox and if you WANNA pay Bethesda Games, you can by xbox. Wouldn't make a difference for me because like I mean I think a Bethesda and I, I know their titles. But they never been titles that I've played really cared to play I think the only Bethesda title that I have really played. Was the original doom when I didn't play that a whole lot and I'm sorry. So doom and an elder in immoral wind. But that was you know two, thousand and two, thousand, three of the original xbox like outside those two titles I haven't played a single fallout. I haven't played elder scrolls online I haven't played any of the new domes as do my probably play with do with sixty four I haven't played Wolfenstein forever. I think I played return to Castle Wolfenstein thousand get a long time ago. musical website here. They've got some game called rage to I've never heard of like most of their titles evil within him never played no desire to play. made the most of their titles like. They have you know they don't move the needle in any way shape form fashioned from me so whether they will be exclusive were not It truly makes no difference for me personally for the gaming world looks like Microsoft says he won't honor. Pheasants. Exclusives but future console releases will be case by case. So ARMEE. So existing deals are going to remain as is which again lean. looks like celebrities death loop. IS GONNA. Be still have some five exclusivity to it. Ghost wire he just Tokyo. Thing is also going to be exclusive to the PS. So there. Looks like to me. Microsoft is making a just a small business move by acquiring SOM-. developers now see the big one in Bethesda. from vibe is any Max. And the logistic quiring better software studio so that they can make some better gain they can. Directly make better more first party money on And just like, Hey, young, we're GONNA continue to put out this hardware. But we're really focusing Mickey said on the future and focusing on software. And But I don't think I don't think exclusively is really their big thing 'cause they haven't won these lucidity wars, they don't seem to have a grasp on haunts you make that work for them, the business model and so. Though behind on would make sense for them to try to do that. The. They had some exclusive games in the past and that wasn't. Good enough. Like they had. They sable was exclusive. Halo was exclusive handed still. You know gears awards loser is still they win them the ward in them battle. So Going, that way would not be wise for them to to focus on. So acquiring Bethesda acquiring that library and Aching, honoring existing deals makes good business sense and I think that eventually like you said, you move the needle as far as. You know how much they win in the future gaining 'cause they're not. Either I don't think they're going to win council wars of I don't think they're going to win exclusively wars as they are going to win a war they need to focus on he'll the streaming side of things and potentially just the. Getting, dominating the space status you know trying to take you know to take on interest. Everything is streaming and you're not really you know. Storing anything and you know how many thing just streaming everything through surveys. Yeah Yeah. Definitely Yeah, I'm Kinda. Like fallout was. Has. Still is one of my favorite games eldest girls is cool I. I didn't get like crazy into it but I. Like it I know people that like swear by it still playing day. Even though I think is like what five six years old was the last one came out But Doom. I'm what you haven't played doom since the original. Back in the windows ninety five days. Dishonor was cool. That was fun I. Felt like it was way too short but it was fun to play. But yeah I like. None of these, definitely are like none of these, a game changes in the sense of exclusivity wars because they're very like. Mitch, Games You know like fall out his. First person shooter RPG. Mike a lot of people can't get into it or or have never played like you've never even. And so it's not like the. The Last one was is so bad that you know. It's not like they're going to make a ton of money. Yeah Yeah. Yeah. So when they come out with all our five or whatever it's not like they're going to make a whole lot of money because. The faithful. Fans the faithful fans. They'll probably by it But a lot of them might feel a little jaded after seventy six failure I know people were waiting for the school six for a long time. As so I'm sure that is gonNA. Do sales but a again, I think it's one of those things it's like it's an RPG. Only. So even even the CAR PG players, not all of them were into it like I said like I knew I wasn't crazy into. So I mean, it's not like any of these. Titles are going to be like, oh, it's not like a Spiderman, right? Right. where it's just has mass appeal in everybody wanted. they're all kind of. In their little. Their little niches. Doom. Has Done pretty good across the board. just because it's a shooter shooters easy. To play. Quickly pick them. Up put them. down. invest a whole lot of time in them. So I think that'll do as good as it always has done. But yeah, none of them are at first like I said I, thought it was like is this is a game changer then. The Marta thing about it I'm like but a lot of people don't play a lot of these games is a game changer for me. If they exclusive. Because played play fall out one, two, three, four. You know I got a pip boy back there somewhere With the I got the you know the special edition with the pit boy she put phone in and all that. So. Yeah. Yeah for me is a big deal if they decided to go exclusive but for most people. Like. Okay whatever. But from a catalog standpoint for game me. For providing an avenue for people to get into who may not have bought the game. For Dollars Right. Like you my decided y'all let me try out for four or New Vegas whatever. Whatever. Your favorite fall games It's it's it's a no brainer right because then you can get those people into the game at a low cost. Low risk. Then you just WanNa you WanNa a customer and then that's how you win console wars. That's how you can me worse right And I think that's what the goal is the game pass in exile as we get everybody in at a lower cost lower especially with the talk of you know gains being seventy dollars now. A lot of people are going to go to xbox because I can get all these games. And now I'm going to get all the but that's the games future against my favorite games. At the low cost of I don't know whether the monthly fees I think it's fifteen dollars a month. As opposed to you guys had a pain seventy on playstation five. I mean it's a no brainer. Like you know when when. Whatever new games they come out of the ones that aren't exclusive that they didn't honor or the case by case basis ones. That's when you easily can get people to you know to bite. If I, can get doom. For fifteen dollars a month. I might actually play. Fiery live and got him because I'm like I don't want to pay sixty dollars for. I definitely don't WanNa pay seventy four. So. Right. I think that's where. It's a smart move in that sense like they got this. Game, in this massive library dishonor all those games plus all the future developments. and. It's an easy win. For a streaming service, right to say look. Like. That's the thing with streaming services like they don't even have to be good Games is. A. Lot. Of them. because. You can just look at our catalog we had over six hundred games for fifteen dollars. People are like what six hundred fifteen dollars I can play anyone on want. I'll take it. And then you get on there, you get locked in. Like Oh, she's Track right. Only playing five at is two hundred games but but I'm locked in. Now you know I've been paying the monthly fee for three months and Just like I don't want to cancel 'cause what if the next game was a good one? Right. So. I mean I, know that like that's the thing with these subscription services. So existed lockdown our. I got locked in HBO like. that. You know we can't cable those like. Got Two more seasons game of thrones left. All right. Let me just get the HBO for Ten Bucks. and. Then he's then game with ended and I was like, oh This'll good movies here I guess I'll keep it. Like you know I don't cancelling it. So. One of those things. It's like you know get in and you like you're locked in with those three four games. But the cell is we got you know hundreds and. It's only it's only a cup of coffee, right? That's how they always say it's only a cup of coffee. For the price of a cup of coffee a day. Yeah. It's it's hundred. New. Gains. Slow. Pass. Somebody wouldn't. Tell her. It's less than her daily Starbuck, right? Exactly. And that's the other thing. Right? The kids the kids the kids 'cause we can't forget about the kids. How many parents are gonNA. Be like. Oh it's only fifteen dollars awful. Yeah. Sure. You can have it. You can give them xbox. Verses I'm not paying seventy dollars for that. You gotTA Games at home. You 'cause I remember my parents to us. When is when games? What thirty? Fifty or against definitely for fifty. Yeah. It was like Games job. Yeah. I remember you into the game was fifty bucks. And So. I. Remember my parents bought Wolverine on Fran Es from me and it was at some store it was on sale and they were like you you gotta earn this you got you'll do certain amount of word before you can get to game and. It sat there in New York lava from long time and eventually they will go out bowling whatever now just into their closet and taking play it, and then put it back And then eventually, I didn't put it back and they forgot they even had it in there but it would you know they just took a long time to be able to earn that much money because it was they were expensive your fifty bucks a pop for brand new game that was the standard for a long time, and then jumped to sixty now going to jump to seventy and. Some mouse. Yeah. I mean I think By last word on this is I think Microsoft mated chess move. You. Know where? Not that Sony, he's not playing chess as well but. This is. A. Long play move. This is the LA. So he's moving forward. With, searching their their typical predictable style wear. You know Microsoft essentially just. castle their king while sacrificing their queen. They're like, you know we know we're not GONNA win in this aspect we're not gonNA win aggressively like Saudi has now we have to play them. Oh, we've got to play defense and we're GONNA play defense like this and I think it's a smart business move. It definitely is definitely is is It's it's it's different. Honestly I don't think we're GONNA get clear definitive weather this generation I, think. I think we're GONNA get. We're GONNA get to consoles. That are spread in two different directions. And bringing in money in two different ways. Yeah. I don't. Yeah I don't think I was going to be like I don't thing is GonNa be clean sweep like it was with the PS four and xbox one. Nine across. The fights over by Sony one to one hour. Now now, they're playing a different game. Right right. It's not constantly because you know ps two destroyed xbox xbox three, sixty, three, sixty. I mean be ps three and he is four molly waft xbox one in our just like now these companies are truly headed in two different directions The Microsoft's are saying, Hey, we're gonna go this direction I L. we've lost two out of bounds. It's very likely that play their game. Again, WE'RE GONNA, lose this round to so. Either sees losing take lumps or star playing a different game and. Play the start planning different game. Yep. which which I think. It helps both companies, both companies keep their niche. They, don't lose out because they are gonNA. They're not gonNA be directly competing with each other and I think Microsoft is smart enough to say you know they stare. They're saying case by case for you know for Bethesda titles in the future by. Microsoft is GonNa at certain things and say. You know the playstation in let's say it's let's say Let's say it's elder scrolls. So say look. The, the elder scrolls fans are mostly playstation guys and they don't WanNa drop him by our console. So Hey. All continue to produce this software inhabit on playstation. Do for business so. I think we're going to have to start. Continue to start looking at Microsoft being in the software business and the hardware business. Kinda. Like Sega was for a while And realized that we might see Microsoft's own titles on Sony, hardware and Every in just gives you a moral curry come. He said by seeing that on on PC. So it's not like it's a stretch of the origination and. You know it's it's GonNa be it's GonNa be good for business. Yeah yeah definitely is go. All around. You know I'm. I'm looking forward to. Kings being back in the hands of Gamers. Just. Less of this DLC MICRO TRANSACTIONS BBC. Get. Half. A game. You know final fantasy seven remake one episode type stuff like I'm just tired of it. Yeah I WANNA see more of this like. Just for the gamers right like. I'm. Not. I don't really honestly I don't. I know people I'm probably being controversial I guess a little bit but because I know a lot of people care about exclusives but I don't Like I. Just WanNa Play Games. I don't really care you an expert on. Playstation, care of your on switch. Cell Phone. Yeah. Could you just want to gain because just Gimme a good game. I don't care what also there's a reason why own virtually every council I just won't play. Exactly and lay in especially now, we cross platforming actually becoming a thing like this is what we've wanted for years. True. So like why are we? Why are we the Gamers? pigeonhole ourselves into. A specific console. Demanding that of. The Developers And Manufacturers. When it doesn't benefit us you know what I mean. It actually hurts us where I think we should be demanding. We should be demanding that they get rid of exclusivity deals because it's like, oh, I want to be able to play my friends no matter what consular on we should be demanding more cross platform games. And things like that. So yeah I mean I'm just I'm excited. See Microsoft is GonNa do. With the I, mean I mean doing allow ready with X. Cloud, but I'm side to see you know even how much further that can go once they expand. I O s you know maybe even have some standalone. Like players kind of like what the PSG was supposed to be. You know with some you know Internet connection or even three then the PS or veto one of them had three GDN hill. Three Three G. Three G. Or. He was supposed to I. Think PS was supposed to have some kind of cellular. And then they they at the last minute. ADULTS HP not that I know of maybe I know of that's the Pasta I. Never I know it didn't ever relief that I've done over there in the plans the only foam that I know that had. Connective He. Didn't have any. Gaming Part, and that was the wonder for Nokia, N Gage we were. A wonderful horrible not engage in engaged q d which were both. WE'RE THAT'S A. Time I couldn't tell. You the the engaged but that's the only one. I. Know It was definitely going to have y'all can I tiffany to it? But I. Mean obviously the PSG. A feeder. Having that remote play that continue play hand off that part was super. Cool. Now the most practical but but very cool. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. So. Yeah. Yeah I'm just excited for for the next generation of the game and. Especially now that actually have a gaming PC. Gaming PC. Always want anyone. That one. Feels good to have a place a power. Yeah. Well we're going to. We're not gonNA talk about that. We already gone. We already gone on long now. Good. Bad. Are you heard hurting Christmas is coming you need as listeners out there oculus rift jar Let's try to make this happen press play. We try to make this treated idealises. Whatever. The PAROLE OCULUS Rift Lucky Lion I. Like. Live for. Less. Yes a new marvel villain. On, and you're like a hive mind like it occupy. We only get these occupy for. Christmas y'all. So. Our last bit is Happy Hispanic heritage month to all you cheeks out there This is GonNa Highlight Miguel Nunez junior actor. been around for a hot minute you will probably know me. Best for his role as Juwan a man. he's also pretty much rose to some prominence in the TV show sparks also co starred James Avery of fresh Prince Fan. So if you are not familiar with his work I definitely recommend check it out sparks very underrated sick Tom. Jonah man is also an underrated. Sam. amick goals got a whole lot of other work that he's done. And it has some actually coming up pretty soon. We will be highlighting Hispanic heritage month throughout the timeframe, which is the fifteenth of September to the Fifteenth of October. Is going to do it for this episode of the original Chic podcast we he denied to just bless your ear both so I'm your host. Mr Magic he's Unique And we WANNA. Thank you for listening and always we WANNA, say the appreciate you 'cause we cannot do this alone now without you jake supporting us and pressing play. And ask you press play. Please take time to rate and review the show. If you haven't already on your podcasting out of choice, we are on apple podcast, Google podcast, spotify stitcher cast box and more, and if you can't find, let us know you can email us cheek nation at gmail.com or messages us on facebook. On twitter. That, make an entrance so back. This is Dj what can you listen to Cedar Ridge Djoeke cats.

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MadTrio Podcast - Episode 087

MadTrio Podcast

1:08:05 hr | 1 year ago

MadTrio Podcast - Episode 087

"Welcome to the Mad Trio podcast this week. We have a California Pariah. Jonathan. Shiny James the fat man. Steven Wright. Who the fuck is that Preston and Rob the old guy old guy Rob turning Journey watch for the rough Journey show because I don't ever get a plug on this damn show. I haven't checked the issue that we're having technical issues. I can't get my drops put in place. The guy that handles the board is a real asshole. Well, like father like son. So in the most interesting news is look like looks like the world of Cinema is taking a major hit during covid-19. Went to the movie theaters for five days ago went to the Regal Theaters and they might as well close because there just isn't anybody there. I mean, you know, we're sitting in the you know, a big movie theater and took like four people so and so a little over a month weekend. Good point. I think it was a Thursday. So it's not a big day anyway, but even still I was talking to a couple of the employees there and they said it's just, you know, people just are not coming a little over a month ago after theaters reopen to the public every Regal Cinema location and it's just shutting its doors. Once again, the returns so far have been promising as people haven't embraced return to the theaters and unlikely well until there's more definitive solution to the coronavirus one of the reasons I heard they're doing this is because the James Bond has been postponed, which also the Dune remake has been pushed back till next year wage. Time Warner Brothers Moving to Denis Denis Villeneuve, Dune October twenty Twenty-One, so that's a full year. Being hold held back. Well, maybe they're going to try to work on the effects a little bit more because every well, you know, what what kind of thing and I might see as a walk-in. It's almost starting to feel like you know, and and and pardon the analogy. I know that it's not analogous but it it feels like that war-torn Poland, you know, kind of just outbreak of World War Two and just I don't know if anybody you guys had ever seen that movie to be or not to be reduced unreal Flex reviews, dude. Oh did we? Okay. This is what you get for never doing your fucking homework long do we did like four hundred of those things? I remember every movie we've done as soon as to say. Oh we did say, okay, I remember doing right? All right, but I'm sure it would probably pick any way I'd seen that would be any case it it it feels like this. You know crazy time where no one was mine be allowed to go to these places if it was a great pic. But anyway, I was going to say I know I think I'm going to start to see like it is artifact. We're like a lot of these little Art House movie theaters. The independent Theatres are probably going to be the only ones really sustaining after a while because they're the only ones that actually have any sort of a catalog of movies supplies, you know, a lot of those independent art houses. They sort of either have a Personal Collection or access to old movies your average Jane movie theater is there they don't have the new movies coming out so they can't Bank off of this this endless cycle of new movies everyone's pushing off their stuff so they can't just mothballed their theater and say, okay. We're just going to throw a chain around the door and then open when it when it comes back. It just is it's unsustainable in the meantime. So does this mean that I might be right how long One theater start becoming a boutique experience and big theaters like okay. No, you're not going to be right you maniac because you've been burning for fucking gears and it took a plague to happen. Well, here's here's here's the honest thing. There's been a number of Articles John someone behind it all. So here's the interesting thing. Wanted to be right about theater closing eventually. So I am faster any of you guys ever gone to a boutique theater. I mean yo sure. I got a few of them around here. I'm just trying to make sure before this Jonathan comes back with his theory off to know. Did you have just have you been no one Ryan just doesn't like the sticky floors. No, I haven't there's no those were holding. The only one in near near us, you know Boutique. The only one really isn't down asthma downtown Sac. Okay. So now let's get a definition of what you call Boutique Art House theaters. All right, so you're talking about Sold the crystal screen the Crusaders the only one on our soil that that's a little different cuz I look at Boutique theaters other than just your standard everyday normal fare. Like the one that served meals during the movie and alcohol during those are those open. No, I I was very much thinking about the the Art House movie theaters because they're they don't have the new movies coming out every week right three and all of them. So they were off the old stuff the guys, you know, all the theaters to do the Rocky Horror Picture Show type thing, right? Yeah exactly because they have that film in the in the back somewhere but you know, so they can they actually have movies suck play. You know, people don't know movie theaters do not own the movies out rights of the studio send out prints of the of the reels to movie theaters, and they basically make their rounds everybody gets a friend but you're giving them back like you don't get to keep that shit real. I mean I what is the U and talk about the 1980s. Nobody's used real years. They they they they do do a generally nowadays most adult. I bet the number of those those Art House theaters, whatever you want Boutique whatever you would probably have stored feel like the odd. And when the hateful eight came out, I actually missed my chance cuz Quentin Tarantino did it in the seventy millimeter, which is a very rare film and I missed a chance to see one. I think it was in San Francisco and they were doing actual real they were they were actually buying they bought up all the ones I could find the 70 millimeter projectors and were shipping shipping them around the country with the film off. Nobody has them. I don't think the dinner-and-a-movie things are going to stay around because if nobody's releasing movies going to be a problem unless you're absolutely right. I unless they do however if they were doing like dinner and a movie and you could see like Ben-Hur you could see some of these major cinematic Classics I do it. They may very well shrink the kids they may offer will go to Cinematic movies that are worth seen and cuz one of my favorite experiences I took my wife to see the Ten Commandments when it was a local theater for one of those, you know, like a Thursday night special see an old movie and it was on my one like the bucket list at some point in time to see it in the big screen. So I I would see I'd love to see the original Tron and and in theater so there are some movies. I'd love to see and and back in the big screen, you know talking about Honey. I Shrunk the Kids you heard about Rick Moranis. Yeah, I did. Yeah getting a tech just out of nowhere in New York and welcome to living in New York City. You know, I'm surprised anybody even recognized him to be on page. Somebody hit him like somebody punched a sucker punch from behind. Yep. Yeah. He's a fucking National Treasure Rick Moranis. You know, you're in Yuba. Yep. Raged over it and it's a big New York City looked very good and he's out with his mask on his face and a hat on his head walking in New York and he gets sucker punch in all honesty. I bet the person didn't know who he was cuz realistically he's been out of I think the last movie I remember him doing was like Honey I Blew Up the Kid or Honey. I Shrunk Ourselves, you know, he's been out of the cinema for at least sometime. Mm. Oh, I bet the person just thought he was, you know, wailing some random white dude, maybe cuz why would you hitting so many his beloved is Rick Moranis is not this is not a good thing. Yeah, cuz I've never known anybody has done a good thing. But now you got a guy that's loved by so many people that grew up with you know with that. Well those shows that group and you know, he gets poor guy gets sucker-punched. It makes you feel like well hell if he does anybody could doesn't look good for New York. Well, nobody's ever said anything bad about Rick Moranis like a lot of these Stars. You hear people say if he's dead. Everything's about but there's a handful of celebrities who the only thing you've ever heard is the dude or that's this guy was a really nice person. Yeah. Well and so it seems like it I've never heard anything bad about him, but I'm kind of surprised that you know, if it was Woody Allen then I'd probably understand it and it would have been a little bit his daughter. I mean, excuse me his wife. I'll be honest. I am wanting to punch. What are y'all doing? Very well very very long time. He was you know, that was a joke this for us. I mean we shouldn't be that long the hell. Yeah. I mean I can see him getting punched might have been punched a lot. He may have been he if anybody deserves it. But cuz he's a big New Yorker is the only reason I brought that up too. So I'm still surprised. Somebody hit him. I mean if all the people to like randomly hit New York you somehow hit a guy who's a I would say it's a minor celebrity now, he's my he's he's dead. He's basically my age and you know, he's almost sixty years old. This poor guy gets sucker-punched. He's only five six. He's not a big man. He's aged really well though. So, oh my God home or guy Oh, my he just popped in on a commercial for something. Ryan Reynolds is promoting. I think it's like some new cheap phone service or something like that. But yeah, he he popped in for for like a like a quick advertisement kind of kind of deal and it was just like oh, hey everybody looking for frat, you know, you know, but it's just kind of like mind me of them a couple of weeks back and I'm like, oh, yeah, man, there's there's a guy who kind of bowed out of the on the spotlight just of his own volition, you know getting his wife died and he went to take care of his kids. Yeah. I think that's what it was. It was. Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's what it was like something like amazing like you'd some sort of Hollywood celebrity would give up everything to take care of his kids the first time I heard that if that's the truly it's like dead. I like this guy. I like him even more. So question when you think of Vin Diesel what type of actor do you think he is so I want you I want you guys to keep that in mind really want more one-dimensional a wall but keep that in mind while I read this Vin Diesel is the kind of actor you hire when you want a very specific kind of performance The Fast and the Furious star has become synonymous with a certain type of endearing mom said Action Hero. This is not to say he can't do something that's occasionally surprising. But for the most part he has found his Niche and a sticking to it. I don't think he has a choice in that and a new rumor makes it sound like you might be playing one of the Medias heads of the entire action. Genre Duke Nukem. Well, why not? It's fine role from which is how long you can have hair. Yes. Yeah, you know and a lot of naked chicks like a lot the Lord room up some plugs by the time they get filming Hill half are dead. The Vin Diesel's allegedly in the running to play the video game action parody character Duke Nukem. We just got done reporting that John Cena might be in the rumor running for the same role better. I'd go with Cena. Yeah, I would absolutely go with peanut. I was like that movie right now. Yeah, I can succeed in the role. I don't that's true. If I think he could for one. He's got the perfect hair. I can see him chomping on that half a cigar the whole damn movie and and and do it saying all the same dumb lines and everything. I see Vin Diesel is more of like a Broody Batman wage and nowhere near do I want them to ever get near a Batman costume but that much more of a grumbly grumpy Broody type. I could see him being Bat-Mite so long I would really be disappointed. If you didn't do it. You can't see me as do new comes to that considering us a giant parody. I could see it. I was going to say do you guys seem like bits and pieces bloodshot Vin Diesel did the movie Blood shot? So I've seen bits and pieces of it. I have no idea if it's actually out, but I've seen bits and pieces of it off. But it's an awful movie. So I was well, do you watch the Riddick Coupe? See that's what I was going to say. I remember pitch black, you know, and and that movie was no. Well, here's the thing. I thought was written by that was for him by him. If there was another guy who didn't know, you know, maybe it's a lot of help because the first the first pitch black was amazing. I really like the second one and the third one. Oh, it's as close as you can get to a movie a ball field. Actually, I would say yet about on that level the Battlefield Earth a little bit better. Even with Dave Bautista dead a really crappy trying to suck every penny he could out of that series and he well he mortgaged his house. He actually put up a good deal of money on his own and one of them and I think in order to schedule one of the Fast and Furious movies I think to do is the producer of the what was it. The last one like was that it was Tokyo Drift. I heard a rumor that an order for him like for them for him to do a j a a little bit of a snapshot in the movie towards the end. They had to give him the rights to pitch black. To that whole interior character, okay. So I did want to say something that I thought was and this is total subject change. So you guys know anything about the in Europe. That was the catholic-protestant war. The what? Yeah, like all of Ireland did war forever. Well, yeah, so the war okay. So basically what it was is it was a it was a fight between the Catholics and the Protestants and if you would, reason there's a Northern Ireland and in Ireland, but yeah, like back in back in the day Sherman set the Wayback machine. So what they would do is people would actually hide Catholics in their houses and and not this kind of vaguely. I was reading about a couple of days ago and it kind of reminds me of where the republican-democrat thing is going not to such an extreme, but pretty damn near close. I was wondering what you guys thought. I mean, it's kind of old comparison not as many people died. I mean, I don't think you're ever going to get a bloody Sunday out of it, you know, you never know maybe coming up. especially if you listen to the regular news media Yeah, well, there's there's a lot of side from from religion that you know might launch American to some weird situation. I really doubt we're going to get to some you know, only because I'm not a pay I can't I can't go that far on the side. It's one of those things in the back of my mind though. It might be like a civil war. Like I really doubt it because that's a pretty extreme measure and I think before we get there everyone's going to realize like okay, wait, what are we doing? You know, but it wouldn't be the first time, you know, they had a lot of faith in the humanity. You know what? I I got a lot of faith in people not wanting to uproot their incredibly easy lives. So what you're missing one of James is famous quote that I've been butchering fifty years never underestimate the power of stupid people. Oh God, you really can't say it, right? They're gonna purpose all the facts and I'm still seeing properly. I'm not telling you cuz I don't want to say it properly. Yeah sure. So so basic, you know, I just I I think people are set upon destroying themselves personally. It's human nature. I think the small portion of them are are set against destroying themselves, but I think when it really comes down to it, there's not a lot of people that are sick for one we don't have in this country anymore. These defined lines of this is the left and this is a right. They're they're all intermingled with each other. You might have a game. Let's say they can you know put a Line in the Sand and say if we see any, you know, such-and-such come this way, but we we it's not going to be the north versus the South again, you know, it's not like everybody's ass one way is all in one area of the country. Are you saying the South will not rise again? I'm thinking that there's too many, you know, whatever your whatever the the South thinks it is. There's too many of the other people a month. I think it's going to be Battle Royale style. I think everybody it's going to be a one giant melee because I know I know people one particular woman who is politically as far left of me as you can get without being Pol Pot and her and I routinely butt heads over like little things. So I'm not saying it's impossible or possible but I don't know. I I think something's going to have to happen in the part. I would I would this may sound a little funny to say but If if you if there was a Civil War, I guess that's what you're you're kind of pointing that right because we finally have come to a somehow the country is finally come to a Breaking Point and actual Civil War comes out who knew a deal for poke. I think. The leftist elite have to remember that right extreme-right somewhat, right, even the mid right are all armed. What what most of the left Uber liberals what do they want? They want unarmed and they don't hands in in they don't stand a chance my opinion. I mean, it would be not it wouldn't be good. What was that stat that I saw a number of years ago. This says the state of Wisconsin if you compared to an army would be the world's largest standing army because of all the Firearms owned or something like that. Well, even if the Liberals, you know, the extreme liberal side had the same amount of weapons their goal is it's not just the the citizens versus the right citizens. It's one of those sides is going to be against the government as a whole and the agreement left and I literally only mean the extreme left like there's a lot of very reasonable liberals that are just willing to have a conversation and then, you know don't agree with certain Republican philosophy. Let's say but the extreme left would be going against the United States government in an overthrow sort of like demolished be the status quo kind of thing, which ones you've got to win that part mind before you can you know route Boot and rally and start storming the gates. So you have the United States military against yeah, you might have a lot of like like like liberal side of people who may be really dead. Militaries and and don't want to fight in that war. Somebody's have an emergency. But yeah, you're not going to have the the South or the whatever will not have to bear arms because you know drones so here's the thing that I I was told and I've been told this by multiple members of the military that if there's a fighter there's a highly there's a very likely try out chance that the military is going to go the conservative side and I've heard this from a number of people who are in the military who are like, oh yeah, we're all just going to say wage by democrats and that may not be that that's a broad brush-stroke, but I've heard it from enough people. So there is seems to be a disparity in in military choice between the National Guard and the standing military and you gotta remember the governor's control the National Guard up until a point so well, yeah, but still they can call them in and off. So usually the National Guard guys and I'm not discounting your service and and all of that. Thank you. But you know the Weekend Warriors basically, they'll tell you that mm mm it as well versus the standing army and the whole bit so there is a big division between the two there's a thing called Posse Comitatus. We're basically the government cannot call our standing military action to come in and intercede. The only thing they have is the National Guard. So can't you pause that isn't there some sort of like like emergency or some you know, probably but then we're back to what you were talking about. Would it would the generals would the commanding officers all the way down the rank would they actually obey those orders? Cuz remember they they have a choice to say sorry. I believe that that's illegal order cuz you know, we're not going to have a repeat of what what the Nazis yeah said. Hey, you know, I was just taking a following orders and I'll I'll kill as many people as of my own people as I can log. So that's the whole idea behind, you know, the military saying look that's an illegal order and we're not going to do it and there's a lot of feeling that that they would not they would not go after our own citizens. So there's a limit as to what would go online. Yeah. No, I agree not to mention. I mean all said and done. I agree with the the founding principles of the of the country and agree that it's A about as good as system is you can get with with an imperfect people, you know with with it still being run by by so whatever side is in the interest of keeping that is the fundamentals and and trying to move forward and and trying to get it right where we got it wrong. But within the church, that's beside a month. I I think the only bad where we fill up a country at the end. Yeah. The only thing that I'm I'm wondering and I said this last week of the week before I don't remember ever took it Blends in this effect. I don't think people realize how good their lives are even in the middle of having like say racism issue in in and took I gay and anti this we're still better off than they were a hundred years ago or fifty years ago. And I think the biggest issue is people don't realize that and their lives are so crushed like, okay, we need to up through the system. He's like look at Venezuela. Look at the Middle East you look at all. These places are having these hardcore revolutions and nobody's life is safe. Nobody's life is comfortable. And I I think we're the point where nobody realizes that our system hangs in the balance of one thing are all our good faith that our neighbors going to do the same thing or in theory has the way, you know, we're Americans were going to do what's best. That's why traffic laws work because we all decided to follow the rules. We voluntarily follow the rules. So I I'm hoping that everybody's going to realize hey if we fuck up too bad, you know, something's going to take there's going to be a power vacuum and it may be Johnny live. Maybe the the the next big drug lord, and I don't think anybody realizes that. That's yeah, that's the thing. Is that that and that that power back you might suck in, you know, like any one of our enemy country who whose capitalizing on an opportunity wage and I'm not I'm not like the the crazy like like, oh my God, we got to prepare for being invaded by China now like but it's just one of those things that people aren't thinking about when when they're like like calling for a revolution, you know? No this is this is something I did say, I'm pretty sure it was last week how things take time changing Society always to do to change society that you have to change it slowly like if you my my example was the acceptance of homosexuals in society like it was a ten year. It was ten year change, which is pretty fast in society and usually anything faster than like say ten or Twenty Years or thirty years generally causes big problems. I think that's one of the reasons why the sixties is such a great example of You had a big change really fast it needed to happen. But if you take a look what happened during Freedom Summer and the Freedom Riders some of these people lost their lives for it. And I think that's something people don't realize Society doesn't change overnight. And when you change the society overnight you get a lot of feedback you get a lot. You know, you get a lot of people going no, And that's one of the reasons why you hear all these people we need to do this now. It's like a hold on it may suck. But you're going to it's going to be better for everybody. Especially your side if you go a little slower. It's not fair not fair at all. I wonder gesture I wondered well that that's why I like the system. Okay, not at not one would call a perfect system cuz considered be home like kind of them that we've got to work with it kind of kind of tried and tested it if anything we have to get better at at Hey Ryan, are you there? You cut out man. Hello? I'm here. Okay, you cut out. Saying if anything we got to get better at not fucking up the system, you know what I mean not change them. You know, I wonder if so, we were truly unprepared I believe or covid-19. Yeah, I wonder if if it had been even a stronger strange more virulent strain. I wonder what would have happened socially to the whole country club is still whining and sniveling about, you know, we still have the the deniers and the doubters and and all that going on there. Now. We have Trump who caught it and off so that you know, there's some people that maybe they might change their opinions about things but I wonder I worried about what would have happened had it been even a stronger stream. What do you think it would have been cuz I thought it would have been like either be like nine-eleven when you had this like Bill and Ted's ask saying what was Universal Harmony for about hiccup. You know, what was though? The feeling of nine-eleven was for the first time that I can remember and I'm going back aways more than you guys than it really felt like the country came together for it was a short period of time. And then it is a hiccup in history, but there was a feeling of everybody kind of on the same page for once. I remember being in church at the time and all of a sudden there were I you know, I never saw that many people in that small church ever. So I totally see it the thing where I think this is different is Humanity as a whole can can beat any challenge when we can gather. I still believe what my old Pastor Bill search once said is we are born with a community sites whole I think the problem with any virus and Unless you're a hardcore protester. The other problem also is that there's such a discrepancy in I want I don't want to necessarily say income but in a status and all that between those that of us that could hunker down and stay within our home and do what we want Google make a living and still pay the bills and still put food on the table versus those that my God. I mean, you know all the gig workers all the restaurant workers all the movie theater people all you know, all these people just nothing I mean off and and our holiday surviving right and we can't even get our own Congress and the next bill the next stimulus checks to get some money out to these folks. And you know, you gotta feel for them. I mean I sure do I feel really bad and it and it's like so you have this disparity between those of us that were hunkered down and not have an effect those of us that are out of work. I've got to do something. I don't have any money. I can't stay at home. So I have a question and I don't know if this is going to fit or a payment of what you're talking about. There's an episode of the 1960s version of Dragnet and this this late in this this lady's kids in trouble and her comment was nobody knows everybody. The first thing question you asked of living Los Angeles is where you from basically it was a literary way of saying there's no Community. Nobody their neighbors don't know each other you think that's part of the problem like, you know, like back in the day if your neighbor needed bread, you'd give them bread. Well, so even in the period of time, I grew up to the degree the policy was good fences make good neighbors dog. You know, really I mean living in an apartment building for the most part especially, you know, if it was an apartment building bigger than four units, you know, you didn't really knew know that the guy above you took the person below your the people you really didn't know and this guy was a trombone player right in the middle of the night and joined in but then but but no, I mean that was my experience in the fact was I didn't really want to know him, right? Yeah. No, I'm right there with you. Look I live in like a little four-banger apartment kind of deal. It's not like a like a big complex or anything but an apartment right? I I'm friendly with my neighbors, but I am not friends with my neighbors and I I don't want to be right, you know, it's very much be good fences make good neighbors. Hey knock on my door. If you need a hand moving something up the stairs. You need to borrow a cup of sugar on your guy, you know those kinds of simple things. But I don't want to have any expectations of my neighbors and I don't want them to have any of me. Yeah, you know, I want to be able to go home to my place and and kick back and worry about my shit now with my neighbors are doing you know, let them handle their own goddamn like you don't want them. They don't want you. You know, I don't want your money. I mean you no mind your own business and stay out of right and and you know, honestly going back to age. What were you saying? Like, like if it was worse, I think that if it was worse we would have done a lot better. I think we would have taken it a lot more seriously there would have been a lot less people bucking the system. It would have took those bad Common enemy, you know, and maybe I think you know like and I don't even necessarily mean like like if Trump didn't down like cuz obviously the the admitted. Oh, I was trying to make it sound less than it was obviously did some fucking damage even in the way that they that they handled and handled like sort of the this song Who half-ass roll out that they were doing? If if it was actually worse though, like it actually was this this crazy thing this Ebola type type thing that just really scared the shit out of people. Well, it's still has bought still has a really good chance of being like the 1918 pandemic where their summer time was groovy. The wintertime was killer so don't don't get your don't count your chickens before it hatches. It still has a way to come back and be brutal and that's the thing is that because of a half-ass roll out that everybody did a couple of States before others, but then not really it was like the hey safer at home and look up I'm right there on the side of people where you can have the government all of a sudden just just flippantly taking away your freedoms. But if that's what I'm saying if it was worse if it was something to be To be concerned about for everybody. Like if you catch this you will die. We would have figured this shit out months ago because it was been serious enough. I think you're under estimate. You'll be honest. Oh, no, I don't I don't think so. I think they didn't most not enough people had the overwhelming sense of self-preservation. If everybody all of a sudden had that self-preservation, we would have figured out our own shyt. The majority of us would have done it and we would have been a lot more sympathetic to the folks who who weren't able to kind of figure it out and needed a little bit of help and you know, those sorts of things like like hey man, if like if this ship was really deadly and mapped stopped it and I saw somebody without one I would like watching them out of the store would be like buddy. Let's get you a mass right now, man. I can't you know, like I can't just just see you as a citizen dying. You know that that brings up another point and cuz this a pandemic either at this level or greater has been predicted for very long time. Yeah, and yet were once again caught flat-footed with not having stocks of protection equipment in ninety-five s right and regular masks and gloves and gowns. So and and what correct me if I'm wrong wasn't there with with a couple of previous administrations actually like like these plans setup or or being set up and then it was just kind of dissolved like, okay, we don't need to spend money on this board yet. Yeah, probably it's maybe right I don't we would have to look at it, but it would not surprise me. It's the long-term planning versus short-term experience, which at least in modern times has been the history at least of California where long-term planning goes out the window with when there's a short-term issue the only thing yet. Well that may be so if we were to look at getting prepared fog Nuclear attacks, like anybody could survive that right? But I mean the government Stitch the the government was all in for everything. I mean, you know, there were safety shelters everywhere. There were signs everywhere that every student in school was being taught that cut cut Duck and Cover. Yeah, right like that was going to do the do any good, you know in in all this stuff that was completely ludicrous but yet the whole country was in and like, you know, if that never happened but it's yeah, I'm sorry. Go ahead. I was just going to say it just seems like so different for something that we knew was going to happen. The scientists are saying it's going to happen. We're going to have a pandemic it's going to happen and we just okay fine well way to happens, right and I thought of a good analogy for the I think people would be better if the ship was a lot worse if you're Drive anyway, Whoever lived in in in like a really fucked-up snowy area. I mean, it just drops piece of snow overnight Montana had a place. Yeah, if you ever lived in Montana, Wisconsin North Dakota, I mean any any just Bridget fucking place if you see a light snow on the ground and you're in a Walmart parking lot and there's that one asshole who just can't seem to figure out how to stop dead in his tires and he's bouncing off a couple of cars. Most people are going to stand there and laugh at that guy. Look at this dick. He can't drive his car you get to any place where there's like like, hey, it was eighty degrees yesterday. Now, it's minus twenty and there's two feet of snow and there's a woman trapped in this embankment her cars buried in snow. Somebody will stop after that lady out even at the risk of their own safety because you can't in good conscience drive by that shit. You see somebody broke down, you know that if you leave them there they might freeze to death dead. And I think most people have that good enough content. You know. Hey, we're going to stand back when it's funny. Oh, you got the sniffles you little bitch cuz you couldn't wear a mask. Ha ha, you know what? I mean? Like, but if it's like, oh fuck you didn't you couldn't get a map and there for you and your family died. I couldn't walk by somebody without a mask if I knew that was a possibility. No, I'm going to bring a little bit of politics into this and I just being a little bit do you think I'll bring more years or so I want a creaky door. So that's closest I have is this So here's the honest question. Do you think people would be able to get past their political position and actually help their neighbor and I see that makes you age it humanizes people. You know what I mean? Like life and death is is is the most humanizing thing. I truly hope and I honestly Miss I really hope that's so let's look at a small microcosm of off of this possibility. Let's say or go back and look at the the last major earthquake that happened in in La where you know, the freeways are shut down off, you know, apartment buildings were flattened, you know, the whole thing was just all the infrastructure was, you know, pretty much come to a stop and I think we saw Neighbors helping neighbors. They're more than we would have had an at any other time. I mean, you know people were trapped in cars there was fifteen people trying to get that person out of the car dead. You know the same thing that happened up in in in San Francisco area when the Bay Bridge collapsed in in part of part of the collapsed and all these cars were fouled up and on top of each other and everybody was out there trying to help people get out of cars and help them out and didn't matter what color you were didn't matter what race you were didn't matter what your politics were everybody thought something more important to to think about at that time. So that's that's the problem. Would you boil somebody down an actual human being to to what they believe in? You're not you as a human being robbed or John or James? You're you're what you believe and I don't like what you believe therefore don't like you right, you know, but something comes around and it reminds you like like like, oh no like this is a person in front of me that I can do something to help. I I've got to do it there. You don't even it doesn't even cross your mind to what their political or what have here less right? You just jump in and you do what you can and so that's that's the human side of us. I mean the the good Human Side, I guess I should say I I truly hope that that that still a thing and we haven't gone so far off to the side of you know, you are you are is a Europe political person first on the person second because that's so that's the one thing that's making incredibly heartbroken about modern America is how polarized you are cuz instead of being. Oh, you're human Oh, no, you're you're a Democrat your this. It's like it's just hard off its difference between if you know the person you don't know the person, you know, let me tell you an experience that happened to me why I was going to college I decided it was a great idea and moved into this new phone. I'm a complex. I think it was 30 units and the owner of the property gave me a deal. So tell you what you'd be the the on-site manager for this complex and I'll give you rent at like a quarter or whatever. It was. I was starving college student was like, you know, it was like dude man. I'm going to do it right now. I'll be I'll sign up for this gig I can do it. Yeah man involved in and then the reality of the job hit were oh by the way, you've got to collect rents from unit four or five fifteen Thirty Twenty Eight and they're all behind and you had get that rent now, right and and so here you are right this this nineteen twenty year old college student managing his apartment building knocking on doors asking for money. I remember one of the big eye-openers was trust me this anybody's had this job will tell you that you've lost all faith in humanity because people are just terrible, you know to be a margin manager for apartment building. I had to work at Walmart. I mean, how do you I mean a knock on the door and you know, and here's this poor lady with them, you know three kids and you know, she's trying to hold a single parent trying to hold it all together. She can barely feed the kids and I'm sitting here saying we gotta pay the rent you gotta you know move and it's like God I didn't last very long at the job because it just finally got to me. I mean it was you know in that knocking on doors scared the hell out of me. Anyway, she never knew who was going to answer. Yeah, that's probably why they steer a typically always have like the old old person who doesn't like anybody, you know, there was always some sort of grout. You just doesn't give a shit. You know that puts you become you become boss wasn't going to become that person. But that's unfortunately what you have to become you have to care less. Listen. I've heard this Winans sniveling excuse all along, you know, you've got 15 days to come up with it or you're out and and it's like well, you know, yeah, I wonder how many like probation officers or parole officers got into it thinking like man. I'm going to make a difference in these people's lives and become off promotion stated fucking persons that can possibly exist after like six months quite a few actually. Yeah. So uncommon problem. I wouldn't love him so dead. I actually would love to meet the wide the wild-eyed idealistic twenty-year-old. I actually know I have a story out of college. I actually have a story regarding that I was always because I grew up watching Adam twelve and Dragnet all these old school cop shows voice vaguely wanted to be up, cuz I like helping people and that figure it out psycho. That seems like a good career. I get to help people had a family friend took the sheriff's officer take me aside one day and he said yeah. Can I ask you a question you really interested in helping, you know being a cop's it sounds fun. It's like let me let me give you some advice. How many people do you actually think? I see that need help said most of them none of them. He said all the people I see I don't want to they don't need my help wage. You said, you know, they're they're all arrestees, you know our Trustees of modern chemistry. They're all the dregs of society that that I'm helping society and I'm really putting it nicely in the way. He told me it off. You said being a cop isn't about helping people. It's about remote, you know enforcing laws removing. The people who have broken laws. They said you do help people from time to time, but that's not what the job entails wage. And yeah, I would imagine like like being able to help people like help help not be. Oh, I'm helping the person by getting them away from the place where they can do crime or harm or drugs or whatever. And if and if they're like actually helping people and if there's ever a guy that was a perfect law enforcement officer. It was this particular gentleman. I mean, if you if you met up you be like only cuz he loved the fuck would be pretty much. All right. So that was that was this thing in life if I can mess with this person. I'm going to mess but he he littered legitimate took me aside and said look, I don't wage. I cannot help people. I'm arresting people they you know, and that's when I decided like I'm it wouldn't do me any good. I'd turn into the guy that you know, Rob was talking about I'd be a jaded assholes one page. Since I had to quit some of the retail jobs I've had is because people turn you into that as cuz they realize I learn and Retail fairly early on there's a saying but if you work retail long enough, those are bich the most gain most and it's 100% true. Any manager will break any rule the store has just to get the fucker to leave. Yeah, cuz you've heard it so many times you want to hear it anymore and just get out of my face and the guy will come back next day and the next day or the next week in the next month when they get away with it. So well, you know, it takes special personalities to do certain things in law enforcement is one of them a hundred percent. I just I just wish you could be wide-eyed and bushy-tailed and actually make a difference instead of realizing well fuck my only job is arresting people who don't want to be arrested. But you know, cuz here's the thing. Is that like, okay. Well, I got my car stolen a long time ago. And I called the cops to make a report. They sent like, you know, like the junior officer and what not, you know, so you don't even get those calls as far as like the oh I want to help this person. You know, I will do whatever the normal regular people are the ones who never have interactions with the cops, you know, and and we're also the ones that are that are grateful. Yes. I'm putting myself in the normal category off. Shut up what we're also the ones who are are happy that they're that they're out there but don't necessarily have the interactions to do express our gratitude all the time, you know, so that they have a different portion amount of people who don't want to see them cuz that's what they're called for. Looks like the TV show Cops. The only person the cops ever see this guy with his pants down in a wife beater I mean wage and and that's and it's usually some messed out white dude and Arkansas somewhere. So I I totally understand and you're 100% right? You know, where do you man like the last few years I've actually had wage. The weirdest fucking thing in my adult life aside from starting to like people's front yards. I become obsessed with like really nice grass don't want to be started don't live where I live. Yeah, but I've had fantasies about getting pulled over by the cops and just so I can be nice to him just so I can be like a better part of their day off. So the the last time the last time I was pulled over I actually did what they pulled me over for I was going to lie in the cop cop said son. You know why I pulled you over and I said obviously I did it often you pull. You know, you pulled me over and he looked at me going. I just had it. All right, I'll guy scary. I want to I got a story for you. This is probably better than I am. I got a speeding ticket, but you have to go back to like nineteen eighty-eight. One-nineteen been a long time right? I was commuting a long distance on the 405 everyday back and forth and hey, if you live down in Southern California, you know the fact that in back in the in nineteen eighty the speed limit was fifty five miles an hour, right? Yeah, for those of you not local to Los Angeles County the 405 runs basically sucked up into the the rich Hills of like Beverly Hills area straight down the coastline into like like LAX and the hood right? But it is notoriously the wage freeway in Los Angeles County. Thank you for the traffic report Commander bill. It's a terrible but you know really it is objectively the worst freeway, you know, you know what I'm sure off. Or 30 days. It's much worse now, so I have no doubt about that, but it was pretty bad at that time also, and also, you know fifty five miles an hour speed limit nobody every 50,000 just going to go fill the fiber, right? So, you know, if you're there at the right time in the pockets here in a pocket of guys of cars all going about you know, sixty-five seventy miles an hour and I'm in the back pocket and I'm you know, I got to get to work and I'm you know, the whole the whole thing that you have to do get yourself in the mindset to get in that car and drive on that freaking is it get to work drinking his coffee smoking a cigarette off every right? And and so I'm chugging along in this thing and I'm watching behind me and I see this CHP black and white zigging and zagging and zipping and you know people some people are put in their lives some are still going and he he must have passed 15 cars maybe 20 cars and he comes up behind me turns on the lights. All right. Yep. I pull over. And you know any any comes up to me and I you know any it was I didn't even we didn't even have to exchange anything verbally because at that point, you know, all right. I thought I was doing wrong. I had in my license and registration and I don't think we said two words. He walked by a cross to check came back for you know gave me the ticket sign here. I signed it and I said just out of curiosity you passed about 20 other cars going the same speed limit as I was going why me cuz I wanted to know if I had a bit right? I wanted to know how much a sticker in the back of my car that he didn't like we get the make of vehicle. What was it right and you know what he turned around and said to me he said because it's your fucking turn that that is that is an acceptable and that was like, you know what I mean? What do you say it was like, okay wage. It wasn't the bad cop. No donut sticker. Yeah, no way. It had nothing to do with it. Right. It was just he was a hundred percent honest. I mean that's about as truthful as you say. Yeah. I I actually got a half a mile out of the Coppa not that long ago. I drive around to look for work in the middle of the night every now and again, so I'll be pulling out at some warehouse and I'm just the only down the road. So the cop maybe even board maybe even just like like doing over here you take it take a look take a look. To take a look. I got a good I always do the same thing all rolled down all my windows if I have any that I can roll down all turn on all the interior lights and keep my hands on the wheel. So from like fifteen feet away from the bumper. You can pretty much the okay this guy in a threat I can walk up here. Oh at least a little bit more calm than I do not know the the stiff test the you know, you're not. Oh I yep. That's all the obvious. I stood and stuff that's going on inside the car, sir. Do you have any bodies in your car only if your name? Yeah, I I try to to have like my license of my registration able to go and you know, yeah, so a guy walks up and you know, he's like a take my stuff. He's like no, I don't want stop you and I was like no but I trust your judgment and he kind of give a good smile. He's like, well, that's that's that's great. Yeah. He's like, no, you know just you know, 3:00 in the morning, you know, you're pulling out of here today ma'am. I'm like, oh, you know what man, you know, tell them what I did and what I was there for his like I get the fuck out, you know, just just once I want a cop that here you hear a story to ask cops, if you know joking you have anybody's in the car and you'll just be like well technically wage well, so the the one that that I probably tell most often cuz it was the weirdest and and nuttiest we we we go to pick up this guy I've worked for a mortuary anybody that's dead. The shower mate named the shit. I'm about to talk about the dead guy in this house we go to pick up what they call In The Biz a d cop, which is short for D Compass decomposed body. Somebody's got to watch CSI out there. Come on, you know the term nowadays stinks it so this guy unlike like San Francisco in the summer. I've been doing this for quite a while. I've got a pretty good gauge, you know off of measuring stick that most people don't have I mean, I have the most non-existent. Yeah. I mean look it is still going to hit me. I still don't notice. However, I can just keep it together better than most people, you know, it still sucks as bad as for me as it would for you if you were standing there, but you might lose it a little quicker than me. This guy though, I walk in and and he was covered in a sheet and I pulled the sheet off and that smell wafted up at me and I made a beeline for the back door. First time. I'd ever done that actually the only time since that I've ever really actually had to say if I don't go outside right now. I'm going to Yak on this guy. Cuz here's the thing. That's a lot of the time you're doing this in front of like the guys family, right? So you can't have this like, oh, that's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen look on your face. You got to kind of be like, oh, you know what? Listen honey things happen. It's like, okay, you don't want the family to be embarrassed about you know, the the state of their their person if they're around so you get used to kind of just keeping those sorts of thoughts and facial expressions to yourself off even though in your mind. You're just like, oh my god. Did you just say listen, hon? What are you a 50 year old female smoker? Oh, no. I don't like 30 and realized I can call people off. In certain contexts and I and I abused that that it's a good thing you're wearing. What do they call those? Those tight jeans? Yeah, I work with no. No. Yeah, right. I'm not I don't want to be the stereotypical Addams Family mortician guy that shows up in a jet black suit creeps everybody out. I kind off in the other direction and just be like, hey, look, we're all kind of regular people. Yeah, he's he's reality is he shows up and and and like the Ronald McDonald wig? He got the shoes. I may ask a Michael C Hall character. Yeah. I'm not quite Patrick Adams of the funeral business, you know what I mean? But I I would try to do that before I try to do like the boss super somber almost more sad than the family kind of thing. You know, those people weird me out when the family is like Oh, Hey, listen, mom was ninety-five. It's all good and the guys like I'm so sorry. You're like, all right, ma'am. Dial it back bro. It's expected sir. Yeah, like I can't be I can't imagine how devastated you are you like we saw this coming dude. Relax. Anyway, we we pick up the student takes me like another four or five times in and out of this this guy's house and he was a big seller he had to have been about I don't know knocking on 300 door for sure. But here's the thing is it's that's not that big especially when it's me and another guy. So it was mostly about the state of and where your and it's time. Actually I was wearing like a suit And doing that particular job in a suit, you know your average little old lady at her home not a big deal nothing to worry about but then this guy on the other hand, you're you're like, okay. I want shoe covers. I want a full gown have Matsu but you don't have any of that. You're just like, okay. I'm going to try to keep my feet back. So it's not ruin my shoes and not let anything Touch Me Above the wrist. So you're in one of like the stereotypical like three piece suit, I don't think I was rocking a message at the time but, you know, definitely shirt and tie and a coat and slacks and to you know, every possible I all went with restaurant style shoes though, cuz that waffle bottom you need that traction you can't wrong so I just can't go with dress shoes or dress shoes. You're going to eat shit and if you eat bring it in what I was staring at this day, you're going to you're going to kill yourself. Oh that was kill yourself before you got to the show your face first in the rather pungent a situation. Yeah, yeah. So anyway to make a long story short too late. We finally get this guy kind of finally get this guy in the van and we were driving a big Astro van like an old sort of late nineties long piece of shit beat up a strobe AB people would I either lovingly refer to as the Candyman the rape and the murder ban, it just looked like that with that serial killer band. So it was probably mid-october. I want to say or at least that's it was sometime during the winter months freezing ass Cold middle of the night. It was so bad smelling in the band. And actually I made the mistake of unloading the span of Acts that I had right there cuz I'm a I'm a smoker and I've you know, usually get myself like a little lapse of not tobacco smells running into somebody's house. The dubious Choice was Axe Body Spray what it was just the quick like hey, I just need something to not smell like Marlboro Reds wrong. I've literally had somebody tell me that body was like decomp would be better than tax body spray. Well, so here's the thing is when I unloaded this action the back there it it mixed with it. And it became this third thing. It was neither Iraq nor dead guy level 5 biohazard. It was fucking weaponized to die. So me and my buddy it 3:00 in the morning driving down an empty freeway in a red van with our heads sticking out of either side like Ace Ventura with a smash wage and pulled over fucking seen if you pulled up behind this you like there's no way I can't stop this guy. I have at least off the story in the all day long with this what is going on. So we get we get full I just the whole band lights up red and blue and I'm like the fuk is that and I'm like, oh we're getting told off. And I just looked at my buddy. I'm like did this is going to be this is going to be good. I I couldn't roll down the windows and there's old a strobe and I only had the to the driver and the passenger and but I but I kicked the lights on and they're all black tinted windows. You can't see a shity more the lights on this guy anybody who's ever been pulled over knows how long they'll kind of pull up behind you but a little bit staggered off to the left, you know, so it's to put the headlight right in your mirror. You know what I mean? It's it's it's the kind of line up with a little bit of a tactical Advantage took the spotlight that they put into your yeah the floodlight and and and all of that but and then they'll walk up sort of parallel couple of feet off in the side of your car and this guy gets up to about the bumper and I'm watching them sort of his dark shadow in my side view mirror and I'm just I'm waiting for I figured he was going to get up to the window and be like, what the fuck man everybody else dead. He basically stopped at the bumper. I'm watching him walk up and he freezes and there's nobody else on the highway the time or the side of the freeway, but it was empty. You suck took the bumper any kind of cocked his head to the side like a curious dog trying to figure something out and he just he sidestepped left sort of half pulled his gun out of the out of or at least on Snap this whole search. He knows what the Cubs feels like so he doesn't get a body in there any throws like the knife hand out at me and he just he's sort of swinging out wide starts to kind of kind of cut off a little bit. It just starts yelling hands on the dash and I'm like fuck man, and I just throw my hands as far apart of the dash as I can and this new kind of walks over wage sort of like like half gun on his head, but he sort of like lean and off in to try to try to get a peek on me and he gets a little closer. He's like what what what the fuck is that man wage? Going on here and I just started blurting out. I'm like sir. We're with Mortuary removal Personnel. We just came from a residence where there was a Decon there was officer standing by you might have even heard the call on the radio shack. You see the guy kind of freeze and any any look inside the side and he just kind of goes Jesus man, and he kind of tucked his gun back down and he's like man. Oh my god, dude. I didn't seem assumed you were some serial killer. I didn't know what the fuck was going on. I just fucking smelled death. Please get go just go and I just gave this to the quickest way to stop started this junky piece of shit and just like Faith man later, but the look on this new space was like, I think I just came across like some movies shyt right now. I don't know what their Skelter been real. Yeah. I've got Dahmer. I I like he didn't know whether to call back up. I mean the old saying didn't know whether to sit or go blind, right, but this this guy just try. Interest out and that was the story of how Ryan has turned 405. Just imagine him going back to the station that night told him the story manual believe what this van they walked up on my yeah, No kidding. Yeah. That's sorry. That's the best line for some story. I heard in a long time. I got it pulled over twice by the same the same cops real quick. If we get pulled over. I can't remember what it was for but they realized we were transporting a dead guy and they're like that. Don't worry about it to get the plug out of here go to the morgue way. Two and a half minutes down the road. I get lit up again. I'm like what the hell is going on here? The guy comes up and he's like Hey, listen, I'm with a a rookie. He's never seen a dead body found on. It's like I don't mind it all bring this new Don over. We just opened up the side of the van and whatnot. We're just like like, oh, you just never never seen this before and you see the guy all like, you know, twenty two years old and nervous young blonde. There's like there's a there's a dead. Yeah, you know, it's story. That's a good one. Wow. Okay. Well, none of my stores even remotely. Those are pretty good. Yeah, I don't I got those four days. I just most people don't want to hear that. That's good. Looking funny considering at least three out of four of us have a considerably dark sense of humor. I mean you need you need to give up the stories more often. Oh, yeah, remind me. I tell you how we got a 500-pound dude off of Boat Club. All right, that'll be for next week's show that reminds you that it's like one of those stories to said and then we had tequila. Yeah, so do you ever have any pet peeves just pet peeves? I got I got a lawyer pet peeve. People who don't use their blinkers car. Go ahead. Okay, so there you go. So you got a pet peeve. I've got one. That's more. Let's just roll more related to okay. I got Amazon Prime. So I got off on Prime video. You know, I've been it's been hard to find good stuff to really watch. I think I don't know but I'm watching a lot of older sci-fi off Firefly and watching all five flying again night. But you know, I so what bothers me is the Amazon Prime video is leading you into this thing's going dead new episodes coming and I see the expanse and I loved it expanse. It's a good series. I don't know if you guys watched it or not, but good good Sci-Fi show new series Newton new episodes of God shut new episodes. You got to be kidding me. There's going to be new episodes of expense. Only to find out that it's new to Amazon Prime. It's not yeah, so that's right. And that fucken pisses me off. What's tickets like off line? Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's new to Amazon. Oh great. So now you can't trust anything that says new episodes coming or new, you know, New Seasons new season 2 Hulu New Seasons to you know, epic new season, whatever it may be and it's just like you just can't believe stuff anymore. So so I've got a good job. So if anybody doesn't know the old guys my dad and the reason why I think this is funny. It's the family motto is quite literally question everything. It's so him saying that looks like just makes me laugh cuz I remember growing up pissing teacher's office. Like what my dad says question everything got her. I'm sorry. I I find it rather amusing. I just did it just really pissed me off today cuz I was really I was having one of those days. I was just and I I just wanted to chill out and watch them, you know, whatever and it turned out to be okay, cuz I just watch more episodes of firefly and this is a terrific show. Yeah good show, you know what actually I don't know if you guys have off and if you guys have HBO, but I've been really enjoying Lovecraft country. Lovecraft something Lovecraft country country I've heard of it. I haven't seen it yet. It is wonderful. So far away. It's like sort of co-produced by Jordan Peele the Key & Peele and did you know get out and I can't remember the other one. I think some like that any case. It's a obviously based on HP Lovecraft sort of type of or sci-fi right off. But with the most like I take place in in sort of the the early fifties and has a lot to do with like race relations of the early fifties in like like, you know, black neighborhoods and and things like that. But yeah, if you guys get a chance, I would recommend that one. So we're we're pretty much over. So I'm going to leave you off with the most but probably the randomest headline I have run into today the best sports bras used non-Newtonian fluid. And with that being said ladies and gentle for the California. For the Fatman for who the fuck is this Preston and the old guy as always. Thank you for listening. Goodbye.

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The Reckless Nerd EP 19: Will You Be The Link To My Zelda

The Reckless Nerd

59:24 min | 1 year ago

The Reckless Nerd EP 19: Will You Be The Link To My Zelda

"Uh-huh. Said did. Live was going on I'm Frank Martinez and this is definitely Michelle goes. So if you guys are here with us thank you for joining us And Yeah. This is a great start. But as always. What did you do you? Didn't do. Anything why. You're so angry aggressive, different some. Don't feel that way about it. I thought it out. You know she's aggressive and it's just going to say that you were going to tell a story not a story just a comment like as I'm looking into my like camera setup, which we'd next my eyes don't come looking at my screen take. Up as I'm looking into like my screen area I just think he can be really funny if a murderer tried to come in and like murder me. because. I will be able to see them right away like if he'd be real slide like like the moments before Michael, Myers murders somebody must feel really good about himself because nobody ever really catches them trying to murder them like he's lying them like like ready to go. But I see him. He normally. But in this case in two, thousand twenty. He couldn't exist. We would all see them in zoom meetings. That's all I'm saying. Unless they caught us like what we're not this great thought that you had right before. You know. Yes I thought it was funny. That was kind of funny little anecdote and you're like Davis that nobody wants to murder you that's not true. There's least ten people at least ten people to. Have the chance like off Frank fucking that one I'm Anthony Davis is on a murder me. On. What he say Two years. Only. Thing coming to kill you is diabetes definitely for sure. We'll also heart disease don't forget heart disease because that's also trying to kill mean. Joined just just to give us a hard time. You know what else is he gonNA, do. Besides, also died from diabetes and heart disease. So thank somebody. It's not sad. No. Real not said, well, you know what Anthony that he needs to stay in his lane is telling me habits. Buddy. So guess what was out. DC Phantom is in one day thirteen hours, twenty eight minutes and who seconds seconds. You just have that like ready to go which. I I'm excited for because if you guys watch the first fandom eight is freaking awesome. They had so much to announce and I just don't know what else they're going to announce like lake, all the movies, all the video games, all the TV shows what else? What else are you GonNa have? So I'm excited to see what else is GonNa going to be unveiled like are we going to get like a a Vr Batman event where like you can just go to someplace and you become and I don't know though that would be so fucking cool like I know they have a B or Batman game out there but like If like a place I could go to and like put on like a Batman suit. Like where point something really quick. I. Love You a so much that he just said that it looks like you're running a sweatshop in your closet which just for the record I constantly employing out frank's closet lake constance. Folded blows in there, what else and metal militia signed? Time demonstrate very different time, but you know what? Why can I see his comments? I can only see two comments. I can't sit a new one and on on. I to see I'm loving this. It's so I'm not I'm not Anthony. We're trying to do a show here in your ruin which are funny anecdotes. Okay. Every Time. You guys don't who because watching live and you guys don't Anthony. Davis. Please go follow him. He's really funny. Comedian friend of ours and. He deserves a love in the world and he's a great guy and. He's awesome and also he he has his office buddy named todd who's like openly more funnier than he is and is the close folded. You keep it trapped in there. No. Okay. I keep them in a separate closet. I'm not GonNa just compact them in the clothes. That's rude I'm a good sweatshop owner. Okay. Favorite Heckler so far. He's the only heckler. Rodney gives me a hard time. Well. I'm excited for DC DEFENDTHEM to now that we've already had those hours you ready for we're talking next. Yeah real quick before we get into that though we should talk about what this shows guys is first time listening. Thank you Donnie. Thank you for if you're on facebook live or listen to us. You know the audio part Mac. Thing he has for checking us out the reckless narrated news and we usually have a main topic every other week which this week we do. So we jumped in the US and then we'll get nor topic and Yeah. So we got. Up Is Bella Thorne this week has been making news for anybody who's a fan of only fans? Yeah. If you like paying for. This. Is Your subjects. Anthony. Yes. So this is the so Bella Thorne goes up. She's well known of course and has a lot of her own rate but made an only fans account made a million dollars day one. by charging a twenty dollar week a fee for her channel. In free. Also, yet, it's crazy but made insane amount of money doing. So she then didn't actually have anything nude on the channel. So she posted that she was going to have a nude picture for two hundred dollars pay to play. I don't know if that's the term I'm going with it But. it was and she said it was going to be a new picture. It wasn't a picture. So it was lots and lots of people requesting refunds. So it's changed the way only fans is going to work with sex workers from this Anthony Davis has his own a leap. So funny for you buddy. Either way. Yeah. I think it's kind of ridiculous. Well. Of course, I haven't. been only fans what Dude hasn't at this point in time but yeah, it's interesting I do think it's Kinda messed up that somebody of her status would put out there like information like that that they're willing to put out new pictures and have people pay in absurd amount for the thing is hundred dollars. That's the thing is that. Most fans we're talking like at the most I've seen before. This was like maybe like twenty dollars for the month I've never seen twenty dollars a week. Like. That's fucking insane, and then you don't even get like what you're paying for like and the thing is it's not even like it's just like you know. She she lied and there was a lot less. But also like she's affecting other people's work like only fans had to change how they actually pay their workers because they don't want anybody to take advantage like this in the future and to be a huge problem because they had to do a bunch of. Refunds and it was like a whole process I'm only fantasy losing their shit. Now on the other side of that, there were a lot of people who have only fans accounts that actually were helping the like they were putting out free content for the people who got ripped off. So like a couple of people on Tiktok were putting out talks over the last week saying basically, Hey, I haven't only account. If you subscribe the got screwed out of those come to mind and I'll give you a free month's subscription or I'll get a free video or Personal video or whatever they were putting out there. But there was a lot on the flip side of that can create a lot of opportunity for people to create more money be more contact. But at what cost because I'm sure I believe private videos can only be up to fifty dollars now which. Yes. So there's an Max post price and one hundred dollars Max tip price. Yeah. That's that's so messed up into put a cap on people working like sometimes the the personal videos I'm sure can cost the sex worker more than fifty dollars than the the cap that they put on there you know. So. Nego brings up an interesting point saying you should blame the people that paid because she has everybody. But. She all she did say nudes for that two hundred dollars picture specifically. So I do think I, understand why only fans is changing the rules but I don't agree with that I. Don't think they should should. Mess up everyone. Else's opportunity because one person really fucked up her and they knew like that she was ripping them ost. The thing that's interesting is she said, she was doing it to research project about sex workers and she talked to a director she named up that drive to which I don't have any at the back but he pretty much ended announcement saying she contacted me saying she was interested in this is to make sure not to do anything that's going to negatively impact sex workers than she did this whole stunt of in which a now she's trying to bring him into it and he's like, no, I was against this from the beginning. Yeah that's crazy that like. that. She would even try to bring someone else into it that was only trying to help her, and now again, she just trying to move the blame. You know, and that's the thing in this industry You know she's trying to get out of it because he knows what's on the other side of that. You know she knows that she's GonNa she has the potential lose her career and not continue having the making the money that she is so Yeah it's messed up man. L.. Bella. Thorne. You honestly if I. Did a couple. Yeah. I didn't even know who she was only knew of the only. What happened it'd be like that looks like who the fuck said. He was previous Disney Channel Star though if like Scarlett Johansson did like an only fans the amount of money. FREAKING insane. So the era now, but also with my is a lot of the people that start doing only fans, they need that money to come in fast because they have to use that money to. Contact going, and now they only get paid out once a month. At the end of the month, which as somebody WHO's worked commission job before it kind of sucks. You got a plan for it, but they literally only works off of that. So it it really makes it harder for them to make content that people obviously want. So it's hard. Definitely. So next we have it's kind of a quick one but Ryan Reynolds, who is the owner of Mitt mobile a lot or one of the owners launched a new commercial. stony, Rick, Moranis, and it's so. It's great rental. It is amazing. All of it it has like the I think Ryan Reynolds brings such hit interesting. Like Mojo to like marketing. I love the fact that he doesn't give a shit that he's using his own self image like you really breaks the rules of how it's been done before or done in the US like I know in other countries they kinda it doesn't really matter but in the US they really kind of downplay like the selling yourself a little bit more and he does not give a shit like he's using his own image and the fact that he was bring Rick Moranis out of retirement acting retirement. He has turned down so many roles. But he he does a commercial like that's so funny to me and like the Eddie they play the joke right like they played that whole wait why am I here and he's just like Oh because I just like you which I want to know how much he got fucking pay because I'm sure he got a fucking pay for that. Maybe he decided. Funny. He's just he's so like everything he does he so wants to break the fourth wall on a regular basis and it makes me love him so much more. You know what movie did you fall in love or what what point did you fall in love with Ryan Reynolds and I? Definitely okay. That's a good one. I think one for me it was blade three. When he played basically a dead pool S character and he Puts that are says that. Deadpool was like an immediate inspiration for how he played the character in dead poultry. I mean blade three and it is the first time ever like genuinely resonated with somebody playing a character that's just a sarcastic assault time. And I was like, yes, and from that moment on I mean I don't even know how although at least like fifteen or sixteen but either way I love that man for almost fifteen years probably longer now know fifteen years. So yeah, either break. Just let it the Oakland. Follow up that kind of admiration. Like I, love him too. But I can't I can't touch that. Honey I'm just trying to so but brothers next it's yes. Canceled? It is canceled. There's GonNa be it is as I said, it's going to be the tapper. Yeah. Okay. seven season, eight episodes and. Yet. No it's I. Mean Susan Seven with already out and the Yeah, it said the show was been on seventeen years and it's definitely one of the shows that like for me was a big benchmark 'cause I loved Johnny Quest Growing Up. And to have this like like spoof show. Making Fun of everything that they were doing in the on Johnny quest and such like original humor for the time indefinitely like. Shows you like the posts like? What is it like reminiscent of older cartoons with original content based like put over it like it it was really what? Adult swim was in the early two thousand. And it kind of crazy a-, lasts long like aqua teen hunger for another one that was on forever they even got a movie I was shocked that venture brothers hasn't gotten a movie now. Has My heart. Yeah, I know it's such a like that. Yeah. I know right. But the now adult swim has tweeted that they were sad about the the cancelling of the show and that they do want to sumps if they can figure out a way to continue on the story of vange brothers and some other format. So a possibility of a movie or maybe a comic book or maybe some shorts I don't know. But either way I would love to see it come back in and some new form, and it would be really awesome things coming out that sucks but either way it happens but. Either way to see that show come back and some new form would be amazed. They did like a video game storyline continuing I would Buchan by that shit in fucking creepy. So you know it's pretty cool and I think that you know it's the last of a dying breed. Could you see all the you know like you said Arctic? Hunger. Poorest Space Ghost. coast. To Coast I. Rack Space Ghost coast to coast was so great and I am like, sad, they don't bring it back or do some Kinda like other version of it lake. That's not maybe space goes I. Think there's a lot of ways that they could do that show again. But I I, don't know I I mean I'm sure it's a hard show to do and it's complicated. But they're you know they're you know see lab twenty, twenty one there's so many shows that they did and if the sad to see this go and You know I don't know I don't Really Watch adult swim like regularly on its regular program time. Anymore I mean, really honestly the only show I watch on there's Rick and morty. What's about it? As of right now, 'cause every honestly I. DON'T WATCH REGULAR TV I'm pretty much a Netflix's only kind of Gal and That's pretty much it like it if it's not on Hulu or Netflix it's like. It's just hard for me to make the time like, Oh, I got to be in my chair at seven o'clock in like fail I it. It's a little hard to figure that out but we'll see I think, I think if adult swim rebrand and does it really good way they could still continue to have the great amazing content that they have. In the past so I'm excited to see what the teacher could bring. Said venture. Brothers go I am. Phantom limb was probably one of my favorite. Times I could do fucking hilarious. Next on the list is actually something neither of us really know anything about what we thought something should be said is the answer. Yeah. You know what I didn't get a chance to jump on the Witcher like bandwagon either did you from my understanding right now? Yeah I. I'll be like I didn't even play the video game only because as somebody who consumes a lot of media there's just things that fall through the cracks sometimes and it's it costs money and it's hard to keep up. We are it's just me and Stephanie here there's no third person figuring this out for us how sponsors so it makes it super heart. To try to spend that kind of money and also my playstation I have war zone like that's like one hundred gigs man if not more to download got the capacity and. That sheer entire logic for not watching it is because the fall through the cracks of in which you are always mad at me for letting stuff through the cracks. When watch anything might is not I watched lower deck, which is we talked about an I loved by the way one show. I watch. And what and what other shows. I watched the morning show and I loved it. I watched it with my mom we had bonding experience. So I watched shows just not always the shows you. I stream three days a week. I play Sunday's with you. I watch. Anime I watch all the shows we talk about. Job and kids. That's fair. Yeah I. Don't have those things. You don't have those things but one thing is you know we have won a few things that. You. Have everything up to your cracks so. Oh, you haven't watched tar air bender one of the greatest shows ever to be created. had been reading books yet no one cares about votes anyways. Unless the complex which again. Barely. You just hurt my heart i. don't like you as a person but After we're done talking about the witcher we're talking about mandatory into season. We didn't really talk about the witcher that much we just. About you know I did watch the trailer and I will say this. One I didn't know Henry Cavill was the the witcher. Her and I really want to watch it now too. It looks really to get. It looks like really good quality of a show. That's that's what I can say about it is it has inspired me to want to the does look like a high-calibre show. You can definitely tell they put the money into it and Netflix's never disappointed me so I'm trying to. So. WHO said I think the pagemaster? WHO's getting nick? Hate the. freaking movies freaking awesome and you know what? You know what I hope I. Hope you get impaled by books. We were just talking about your you're meeting to pull back on the wishing bad things on people like. Less than an hour ago. Well, you know you try. Sometimes they didn't make it a bull try you try to do it and you know sometimes you just gotTa. Look yourself in the face and just realized I can't. Always I can't always do it. By the way we have a my uncle Ronaldo's while I forget how to say last night it's different. but he's an amazing artists. Please go check him out. He doesn't work. He has some stuff here on facebook he's in comments. So please check them out sorry had to give up. Your yeah, we're done with the witcher. To expand Lawrence to we can. We can talk about that because. I watched it. Did you watch? It watch it. Okay, then getting so angry, yeah, I talked with southern students about it. So what okay any who we already talked about the release date was October thirtieth. Healers out now, and it looks so cool. Yeah I was really excited to wash it. I mean. To see a live action version of a circuit Tana like holy crap. Holy Crap. If you're a fan of of the Cold War at all, like you're GonNa love you I'm GonNa love. then. We get to see a like a second of Boba Fett in there like a lot of things going on here. I think everyone's excited for. The Black Lightsaber to finally be used for more than just one second of the end of a secret scene like. So much opportunity and I think everyone's pumps and you what like John Forever ago is an amazing guy and he did a good job with the first one I. I can only imagine. How Season Two's some? I'm excited astles to build east and I mean because okay. So they're saying the first season takes place during episode four at this one's Kinda leading more into the timeframe of five. So just to kind of parallel movies that he love. Fun, tracks and excited. Are you saying it? Takes Place. Like. Well. Episode five is starts in like a an alternate universe. But. Okay. They're saying timeline wise of where everything's supposed to go I was reading this whole thing about it earlier to find it and send it posted it was a linking up the timeline for those times. Okay. Oh, she after yes. What's going on? Okay. So that they. net. We have. Hbo Max has reported its cast of Constantine for Justice League dark. Yes which Is Exciting but also kind of disappointing for me. Because I was team Keno all the fucking way like the moment. Yaizu was like. I would love to do that role again he tweeted out or whatever like I was like Holy Shit we're finally going to get the sequel that everybody wanted to that series a that movie like like I I don't know. I love I believe his name's Matt Reeves of the guy that plays concentrate on the TV show. He is amazing. I like him too but. Like piano, Reeves Constantine was so different and the originally I really liked. I always shocked we didn't get a seacraft. Matt Ryan that we go. It did so. Did, really, well in the theaters when it came out, I'm pretty shocked that it didn't get a sequel in the first place. And then. Like, I don't know man like it would have been so cool to see him come back and from my understanding, he's not coming back and no Matt Ryan as well. They're gonNA cast in original person into the role they're saying all of them are going to be kind of unknowns. And that's also cool because you get to build like new characters but like. I was to. Pop in night is such a different character in the honorees version than any condition before that or even after that. So. I thought it would be really interesting to pick that back up and have them kind of explore on some of the characters that would've been cool. But I get it. You know they want to rebuild and do more things and. Kind of go from there and create their own eater how that freedom so Stephanie, did you freeze are not anymore? We're having technical difficulties are you they are? Yeah What's happening? My face fees in a weird place. No. A disappointed look so just Minorities. Okay. They're just normal the you know me being me and you face like him. Yes. Exactly. So I was like, okay, this is that's why I thought you were still here until I stop talking. Yeah. So it does make me sad but also the opportunity to create like a whole new universe and do something different especially with Hbo and what they and we haven't seen anything from them yet with the D. C. how they're doing stuff but they're getting everyone hype. So I'm excited to see what what they have in store whether what they got going on. Absolutely, I'm excited to see a deadman and swamp thing. Prequel one which I think deadman definitely deserves its own spin off like that would like think everybody would be really until like a dead man show where he just take it'd be like quantum leap but. But not right like. He never knows where he's going, but he always can figure it out. China. Head. Yeah, okay? Yeah. I would love quantum leap. Like reboot by the way that would be My God that would be so fucking cool like evaded like Dude I. Don't know if you could do a movie with it maybe you could. But like a TV show like an all like Netflix pick that shit up on my God. Somebody call an let's for us and tell them. We got a really good idea because I would watch the shadow of that. It'd be like another to WHO. The American. Doctor who? Des Trying to right but. I just think it would be fucking sick so. Are you smiling that stuff can plays the Pentagon. Of course, you are a student. Any Dune. Bringing. Alert so good. So, like like. A Yoga. I'm just GonNa Curious to see hitting Pearson to the Nineteen eighty-four movie. That's the thing with Dune right. Like it has such a high standard for being SCIFI film it's considered one of the best fi films created. Bucks, safe I books I understand the book as well. But Yeah, that movie that specific one that came on six is considered the best like Saifi. Renditions of Dune because like they remained that movie like a bunch of times and in every other is bad. But that one is the only one that looks holds up. Like really well. I'm GONNA I think this one is one I'm GonNa go watch the nineteen, eighty-four one and then watch the new one in December. Yeah. I mean that'd be cool like comparison 'cause like this one that the trailer. Definitely. Got Me more I was already decided for the movie, but it really likes said it like Holy Shit, it's really going to be something different you get to see like. The worms you know in the in the first teaser trailer that was pretty cool like there's a lot going on in the trailer that will. Get you really excited because they leave a lot of mystery. They don't really explain too much. And I really liked that about it 'cause you don't really get that in too many trailers especially even though Dune is a more well known sci-fi, it's not like aliens were like even people who weren't into aliens know about it. So I do think it'll be interesting to see how the public gets into it, and if he can Kinda, you know keep up or people can really enjoy it for what it is. Is Your audio? But they're really low I can't even hear you like barely. Commerce. Today. No, you're not there. Sorry having some technical difficulties. Can you hear me now I can hear you. Yes okay. For the next. Yeah. Oh. I forgot to look at this. I just checked it before we started fun. Did you. Professional here specifically said for this one. Hey, this is one you know way more out. And then like maybe I was the next thing and I don't know what happened that. I got distracted storage just GONNA skip it. Say What is fine. So there was a plot league for a bat woman season two and it might reveal how Kate Kane is written out, which is something we have been talking about on the podcasts before. So With Ruby rose not coming back as that women were now switching to our next one and no longer. Kate Kane. But they're gonNA repeal apparently supposedly the drum when I'm reading right now which we've talked about before Ryan Wilder, the name that's being put in place of King we know as far as like. Why Are We know that she's leaving the show because he's had a tough time filming it and she got hurt and there was a lot of. But. Hold on I think I might have found it. No you can tell us what's going on. So proud. Now what I'm. To get into detail those they could just left with the. For. ME. I'm singing today. I don't know. All right. No, it's not really telling me. Okay. But either way they're gonNA replace Kate Kane with a new character and we were hopefully going to have an answer be less to how that was going to go but we don't so. I'm sorry I failed all of you. I failed each and every one of their watching right now, I, want you to know I have failed this city. Continuing. Reference. Here's watch TV shows. As a person. Like it's it's nothing it's nothing superficial. It's like deep down into the very core of who you are I dislike. Any here's continuing in the DC you. Is. There has been chalks talks. Where's Charley Joe? Hate you Scarlett Johansson. is reportedly talking to WB A. Does. SCO is going to be able to played. What was that face? Yes, go Joe. I know. If she does play does she'll be among a large list of stars that have gone both into the MT and the DC EU. It'll be interesting to see. That happen I'm excited to see which could bring to the character 'cause Hawk and dove are some of my favorite characters. But I I definitely, I think he's an interesting choice. They represented dove in the In the Teen Titans TV show and she's like my favorite live action version of dove like honestly like of like, oh. My God this girl was amazing So Sco Joe has some competition because she really ruined ghost in the shell for me and I don't want her to do with that for Hawk and dove because I would be upset because goes into. Shell. Is like my favorite fucking show of as one of my favorite anime is actually fucking ruin. And I would be upset if she did that Hocken as well. Yes. I see did not destroy black widow in the oh That's fair. I will give you that but like she can go them. Did she. I think I think she. But then she also. Really was a champion for us as well. Yeah I'm a I'm a dislike, the black woman at all like I definitely allow. Oh. I can't I can't even. Anything Black woman though. I'm done. I'm done. That's just end up part test. You know what to the podcast I'm trying to hide under my desk. In your closet I will I'll I'll cry in my closet with other sweatshop workers that Anthony says. and. I'll respond. Wall I'm crying you'll hear the tears go into the microphone. And you'll mail us. Either way. But we can keep talking about. The Joe Hansen. Not Not in the D., C. or EU as we're hoping, she might but the EU and that she is going to be continuing to come back. And it's show that'll be interesting. Way like going to go about that, right like what they can do to bring her back Maybe he comes back like evil that would be cool. I'd be into that. Like you know. I would. I loved her as luckily. Now I think she did such a good job. So I'm excited to your come back but I do think it's Kinda funny that she had that hesitation almost left at everybody else. I think when you've been playing a key I, think she saw what happened to Robert Downey junior and she was like Nah fuck that L. I think happened. Had to do the doctor doolittle and that she failed art. Though it hasn't been confirmed that Robert Downey junior is not coming back to the MCI. Now that was kind of in the airport awhile he's a news not. You know I, mean I think it's a good move for her why? Why not? Why stop making these crazy movies they're doing exceptionally well, and people still WANNA see the character it's not like they're like, don't do it. Now I will say this if the movie is Bad That might change that I don't think it's going to be I. Don't think it's going to be from everything we've seen from it I. Think it's GonNa be good but that might change depending on that like if if it comes out bad, then they might be like, no. Okay no more JOE GET OUTTA here. Let her go ruin and other anime franchise. That's when she goes over to the DC Hugh Jackson. That's All make sense now. But staying in the MCI he'll. it's looking like the plan at this point is for a Sherry to be the one that takes over the Black Panther. Mantle. That's GONNA be awesome because it's now following the comic books. There is. A lot of people have called for nobody to reprise the role the to Challah? I love Chadwick I thought he was a great actor. You know we've been talked about it before. You know much respect to the guy. I do think you know eventually they should. You know I wouldn't mind it. If they replace the character, you know things happen things move on but in this respect with the current issue lineup we have I think it will be really cool if. or how they haven't saying you know. We're GONNA take. That's a really good moves to do so. Not Official but they're definitely saying that looks like the past they're going to be taking. So I'm hoping that they do I'm excited to see her character grow to you know it'd be really cool. All right. Right. Now we're talking about the main stuff. But before that, we are one day twelve hours, fifty three minutes and one second away from DC Fan Dome to you're just going to announcing every every minute of the minute. Not, every minute on minute I went a Lotta minutes there without announcing it but I, do think it's extremely important to anybody listening here. That is a fan of like the franchise to know that DC. Fan, dome. To. Is Coming Out in one day twelve hours, fifty two minutes and thirty four seconds. All right onto our main topic. we're GonNa talk about something that we're both pretty passionate about I wouldn't say I'm a little more passionate only because I have to, of Zelda. Though like. Like Zelda for life. Yes and I have so many bizarre memories involving Zelda Games and I'm only two years older than than than the Celtic game. Kinda. Made me sad. Yeah. Either way we're here to talk about Zelda. Talk. About. Karma the relationship. That Lincoln Zelda have and how it kind of changed. It's changed a lot you know. From the first game when you're just saving the princess to becoming kind of a own identity as a as a bad ass warrior I mean throughout the years we've seen that change and you know it started at a different for me the from what I noticed. The big change was an ochre enough time when we really see her kind of change that dynamic right from just a regular princess to being a chic warrior yet and I mean that that took. So long you know what was that came out something I don't have the date on it but probably what like? It had have been. Early Nineties when offering time team out I. I haven't I'll find it. When did you think it was I think it hasn't been ninety something right? Ninety, eight Kenya. So Ninety Eight. So I I was eight years old and that game and I played it when it came out like I loved that game that was for me the first like Zelda game that I that I played and finished, and really one of the first game set for me to like ever really ignites youth into. and you know that that game was so awesome I mean I. Have some I have no Corinna around here somewhere but. It's true if you see my own Carina. But. But. It has such an impact on just culture in general I mean there's been so many youtube channels started just because of that game like. Learning to play oak arena and like different songs and You know that it was a really big impact on me. but yeah, just. That whole. Through the first game to have like a three eighty. Game play in that. Franchise and story wise just be something amazing. I mean I. I can't even tell you how many hours I spent. Playing that game. And it was really cool to see like this. Princess. For that my only I to identify with like a princess being able with Mario. But then you princess peach never really becomes dislike warrior where you get to see Zelda really changed the dynamic and. You know. Even. Later, Games she started doing even more and more. What was your first Zelda game? So I'm playing it on an old a gameboy. Because that's having hard. Livings awakening. Awakening probably and I had it on Oh. Yeah it was I. That was the first one I've clearly started playing. And it was like when the Gameboy, where like the old law, the original old the original gang so many. And I remember like sitting there for hours just getting like having the volume all the way up because for some reason. Even though it was just like every tones. I know the music that's another thing too is like the music in Zelda so specific like Oh yeah that game like even like it's funny when we were trying to do the Promo for this I was trying to find a system of a down. Does it cover of the original the song? Yeah, it's an old like secret check released on the first album and they used to perform Bible is high and I couldn't find it on spotify I. think that's why couldn't push put it on the on our page or whatever. Yeah. There's so many people that have been influenced by that soundtrack and it's crazy because it is very unique even for being like eight big eighty but music back in the day you know. It's Kinda. Crazy. Definitely, Nick asked a really good question. He ask he said, who would you cast for link if they did a live action? That's such a hard. Video Games be played by people, and sometimes it just falls flat like. I don't know. Brothers. Movie. Like Mario. degree. Gina. I just think the cast though that whole movie was bad like. They redid another serious action. Stop it stop it. He's not going to see this. He's not gonNA. React John Leguizamo just chilling out at his house like, Oh, on facebook. Let me what he knows laid. Nerve five. Meeting. Definitely like on the top of my list? Yeah. It'll be. Weird. You'll make it weird. I make you'll make it. So I. I would I would love to meet him, and then you're going to be over here like making a really awkward and strange, but it'll be it fun to capture on why an awkward on here life he's not. Watching this. But. Yeah. I just think that movie was written that I don't think that necessarily the I it was the actors problem just think the movie was written by now if I did to laugh to cast somebody, I, don't know if I would guess I have a name that I would cast it like a specific actor, but it would be somebody like. Like Nordic right like very like. Yeah. But for some reason, the only one popping in my head is the blond kid from maze runner and he was in like a show called deadwood. Watched this. Watch the maze runner in the hospital once but I was like so fucked up on drugs that I don't even remember the movie. And you let it fall through the cracks. I will. Not. Good. They're terrible movies what? The. Maze Runner They're awful movies, Harry. They're awful. You. Know I'm not. It literally super obvious and no. No. Oh. Hunger Games. It's this tope. Oh my gosh that's hunger games. It's not oh my gosh you're. So It's hunger games without rule. One point for a good reference they're. All covering to don't like you as a person but. Would you rather have John Leguizamo in a remake of Super Mario, Bros, or kingdom hearts? That's so weird. I would never. Put Him. I. If I had to pay two out of the two of me supermarket, it's because. His one man like his his shows I just want to see him in anything. I would I would love to see him in a remake spun if they bring. A war. On but if they don't have him come back the violator and do that speech again, I might be a little bit. That's where I would say but kingdom hearts wouldn't put him in that at all that would be like I don't know. Cascading parts because I love that game you either way but link and Zelda. I'm now looking at lake who I would cast this link. I. Don't I don't have a specific person but I'd want him to be like Nordic or like you know I don't know something kind of different It would be cool to see a live action Zelda movie though, but it would be so hard. To like navigate that because like a it's like a comic book movie where you just have so much to go from the differences with comic book movies there's a lot of lanes and you can just stay in and realistically just do where like Zelda if they did like a link character early, 'cause all the story like. It would be so hard to like figure out like, okay. Are We know had to game and then Kinda like adapted so it made more sense till like a movie format because it doesn't really that much sense if you really think about it. So like so like a regular story and Much you couldn't even doing one movie I. You know what Zelda mini series would make more sense to me then Zelda movie. That's what I would say because a movie would just make it so. Hard to fit all the information in Suva Lord lower thing I I think. Yeah. But. Even then it's just so much to try to figure out what goes where and. How you because these like Lord of the Rings, the blueprint was there. Thank. You. Said what goes where and the first thing that popped in my head with title every day. We. Have a sexy. Yours. What goes their title of Franks? What's going on? But we can get candles real quick. A. It would just be so difficult to to manage I. I don't know if I would wanna see a movie, but I would definitely interested in seeing like a miniseries. Kind of like, I don't know if you. Seventy you probably haven't seen this but other people. There's a poker on. Series called him on red and Boogeyman blue named after the actual video games. And they they. It's a mini series that needs up through the things that actually happened the video games and you could see like an interesting version of the stories from that so. I would like to see something like that. That would be Kinda cool to do like these multiple little mini series of each one and then kind of go from there. Okay just to go back to the other thing. I personally the pokemon thing I have not personally watched it but I've been in the room when my kids have watched those because I know. My Kids had explained in way too much detail. Just. So everyone understands why Stephanie saying this is the way she's saying she doesn't like Pokemon. She thinks stumped I do oh, my God. Seventies called me before I'm in my. Pok Mon again. Ah She's such a fucking stupid asshole. What the why didn't play my fan of Brock? That's Of course, you would, of course, he would love brock more than anyone. He just made me laugh of course he. Cut that that was a poking. Of Bogey among children doing you appreciate Percy says, were you don't you? Do you do have a disdain for Pokemon? You don't really like it. I had a phone broken because of PICCIOTTO and Lemus po-chun Mon in the world at a Thong broke over. What my phone broke because of picciotto right your phone break because. What happened way? Also a pity or a picciotto because that's very different and Picciotto is a great pokemon. Okay. Don't you start with like every of them? They'RE GREAT POK Mon, okay in Polk Mungo I had my kids are like Kim's put this on your phone I said, of course, and they had a brand new phone and my son was chasing it and. then. The He fell and the computer move forward and shattered. Don't give children. Things cost more than one hundred dollars. Hey I think that when my daughter spilt milk on her back up this week. You. the joys of having children since learning. Much Fun. Yeah either way. VERNA either way. Zelda. Gateway to like everybody asking other questions and they love it looks fair I think but I don't it's been a gateway I think for people in general. Like. As far as like video games, I know lots of people that that was their first game and I mean even people a Robin Williams alumni game so much he named his daughters all elder like there's a huge phantom for this whole. Franchise and people show mad love for it Honestly I'm I'm really hoping breath of the wild was such a great game which I. Played, I know you have switch have you played it? Now. That teams should play. It's probably one of the best does ever created. I would say they get really really got me engaged and it really felt like. Not The regular Zelda that you play you know that's the thing is I think it's so hard to recreate these games especially like this when we were starting from scratch. and to give it like original identity is really hard and really did a good job of of doing that and. I can't wait for the sequel to come I. Know they're talking about more recently. So hopefully that happen soon. Which again So. I remember in college getting really into Zelda the Wind Walker. just because as weight and it would waker he's not a novel. The whole different video game No I just remember like I, found out that the pigs you could throw them in the water and they were doggy paddle out. And I loved it way too much. Just not worsen like a lot of it but like that portion was definitely high up in my and then I saw something the other day and it says, you know you're kind of an asshole if you do the chickens in the water. I didn't I never see the chickens in the water I just. Done that were taken in the water I believe it gets really mad at you and tries to kill you. Ask you never saw. That all that started before but I know in and time. You would hit the chains and eventually they get really pissed off at you and just endless barrage of chickens. This comes after it goes after you until you die. Is Room Yeah if you if you hurt one of the chickens enough you hear. It does like a cut scene to like the chickens vase and then all start coming after you until you die. I think it's good. It's really annoying, but it's kind of Erna. Sometimes you do on accident and it sucks sometimes you have to grab chicken and then sometimes you pressed the wrong button and then you make get mad and then you've got but they kind of kept that little thing in most of the Games which is Kinda. Cool. So that's another thing we have tons of little secret. He didn't things that the keeping the game they keep putting in there and. Again. It's just kind of these little things that really make the franchise also. You know definitely. I I know my daughter just getting into one to find out about Zelda. He's been asking a bunch of. The. Top Threes Zelda Games for me. It's definitely number. One is oak arena of time number two would probably be rest of the wild and number three Number three is probably going to end up being my life princess just because I thought it was so different interesting assembly hard by the I liked it a lot. Majority. Mask is honorable mention. I haven't. I mean I've Lincoln weakening I played it, and then when when waivers because I can't. Talk I, like the like that I definitely have the most I've played more of them but those like the two that I just kind of Ono. Four one, four sorts fortunately it okay. Fine. Is I better than Skyward Sword Skyward Sword? It's fucking bullshit. No one likes it. If you like it you're kind of peace shit. So What does it offend? Everyone our fandom I doubt everyone should I it's not like a me thing. This is widespread opinion that if you I'm just saying that you just so angry I'm not angry I'm just talking speak you act like you're GonNa speaking to me was. I have never speaking to you before. But we are kind of at the end of our time. Yeah. This is pretty much. So thank you guys protect us out while we appreciate all of you. Especially, the people who long on with us every week on facebook live you guys getting definitely. Yeah I. Know You guys do a great job of keeping us on our toes and giving us more things to talk about especially with us being social distance, which we've done for the whole amount of us to the show. We don't really know any different but like. The show will be different once we get in the studio and start doing it in a regular format. But for now, you guys are helping us out a lot and we really appreciate all of you guys that come hang out with US two. It means a lot to me I don't Stephanie that you guys do that. So to all of you guys for doing. So again we if you guys haven't checked our website, check it out. We all WanNa cool stuff going on there including some pretty cool articles. They can starting this weekend so. Check those out please share those in need. We're going to show them on our social platforms you to read them and share with your friends. So please do that for us. Would help us out tremendously If you guys want to see endings civic I think that we set up the email on the website we do they let. You last something specific or contact us about working together to say hi. Just go onto our website, send us an email and we can maybe do some very specific topics that you guys want to hear about or if y'all WanNa like I, don't know send us some cool artwork something different that maybe we can use in some capacity, send it over to us You know we always have different projects we can working to and we love to work with. Yes. So That's pretty much all had to say, Oh, follow us on instagram twitter lease. At the records. And yet if I want my cocoa jacket tonight, I have like, remember me stuck in my head all night just a you know what's going on here okay. Is that what I make sense? To me that's all I know that's I. I know the song and I kind of doom buzz about it. It is. You know what I didn't think I was not like it. 'cause I'm such a like book alive and I was like no one else can do similar story but you know what? Coco was pretty spot on for like a movie they're like like. Even though it's kind of oddly like about the grandma but not really like it's either. Yes. But. Again. Thank you guys for listening in staying with us and it is one day twelve hours, thirty two minutes and four seconds. Demand Down To. With us. Thought about addicting. Sad A. You.

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FC 109: Gin With a Pinch of Ali and Emma

FrazlCast - A World of Warcraft Podcast

1:54:54 hr | 2 years ago

FC 109: Gin With a Pinch of Ali and Emma

"And welcome fuzzier cats come aboard the drain. Please make sure to keep your lips an experimental instruments inside the Trina all times. And now on what the show. Podcast by a blizzard fan Nome about world of warcraft and geeky stuff. I promise you, they do talk about the world of warcraft. They just go off the rails sometimes. Awhile. Listen has razz Lii in I am doing by of Morley. Gin of Morley great podcast, so perfect. Onion new ipod, touch the apple just release and adding to the pet demoniac tonight. I have the curator of dungeon. Alley dungeon fable than all wrong and bringing us the cookies. The latest insights from Kerala and leading us the battle Brivio. We have lady. Everyone. I have luck cookies, absolutely. On this facade. We get the no gin better here about their podcast who can occur, excite place, trivia, and more. But before we get into that, just like Steve Jobs. One more thing, I've got a voicemail from fear, so have no fear. This is amazing. Oh boy. Hey, frankly, this is fear Cullen. Endo leave a message from avoid Jin. Hey, jin. We just got done recording. Just wanna let you know, I told Fraz we keep this shit pretty clean. I just want to tell you man, fishy, everything you've done on this show over work. You put in all the head and all the audio since you've worked out the Sounders, you put in all the time digging into this little show that we call morally gray. And I just wanna thank you for taking me on the show. Would you brother and bringing the along on this adventure? I appreciate it. I know you've probably thought I'd get in here because you at e face or something like that. But now I just wanna tell you bro, pretty shoot everything you've done, and I appreciate you doing this show. Oh, and editing. The show knows the audio all the stuff and bringing me along on this journey, brother. I do appreciate it anyway. Y'all take care or the interview have a good one from fear taking. My heart really got like all that is of mazing. He likes the word appreciate if you hadn't noticed. We, she's so happy he likes that he likes it a lot. In fear to see, you know, you were doing the voice mail, gin was drinking. That was true. That was really sweet fear that awesome. You know, is a maze. Ing sweet. The fact that epic insanity made a bumper. I, I love the play every episode every sandy, what time is it? It's time to go around the table, great idea. So what have you been up to recently? We'll start with gin and see I made your color gray on the dock because it's more morally really great, right? So what am I to well, I'm going to do a little thing and say that, well, I had a good day yesterday because I went and saw the movie Aladdin. As really good. Yeah. I realized it, I feel like Fraz Lii, and I will have some disagreement on the equality and possibility of the movie. But yeah, that's really what I'm too, because most of my free time is spent goofing off in. Wow. And doing podcast BS. I mean you're gonna like genie a podcasting you bring the lower. And here's magically every week. In fact, I'm betting that between this recording. The next. This goes out, they'll be another moral great podcast in our ears. And there will be absolutely tomorrow. We're recording the Aladdin. It was great. But why my question I love the original? I mean, I Will Smith the decision. Mazing. Do you think was better than the other one? Well, if I had to really like gun to my head tell you, which one was better. I'm gonna go with the original only because it's hard to beat the original like that was like that's like you're saying, can you beat perfection? Thank you can't. But I really appreciate it. And if anyone has not seen it that doesn't appreciate spoilers. I'm not gonna slow really anything. But if you really void this stuff, just plug, your ears and go aloft for two seconds, Gad's, Zouk spoiler warning off. Let me back. They added a new character. That was not in the original. And let's say jasmine has a lot more to do in this one. I really liked the fact that she got her own musical number, and everything it was fantastic. Yeah. Yeah, I liked the additional character. And also the fact that they mentioned Jasmine's mother, I liked that a lot of dishes. And I'd say I loved the empowerment, I liked that part. And I thought that was an interesting Paik on it. And even cultural, I some of the stuff that happened. I don't think we could've done even twenty years ago because I think a lot in over twenty years old. Yes. Twenty years. I think this year came out in ninety nine. Hey. Now. I'm sure. Oh, forget, I'm back. Welcome back, Emma. So no backed on what have you been up to super super busy. My rate team folly got Gina down on her. Like, yeah. That's nice organ on that we are now trying to work on a Rolla the other raise the two storms rough. That's rough the first boss is really Rommel. Second boss sucks. If you're trying to do the that one, there's a big giant on the back of the room when it's open. You cannot move wherever you're tune is it has to stay in, and yet and see things on the bottom of your ground, and yeah. Bad things. So it's basically it's a personal achievement. So does not the whole rate half your thank God. So if you're have that on-farm maybe pick one person that does nothing and then rotated. So everyone the chief one. Todd because. Yeah, it's, it's a pain. But that boss other than that achievement is we find it's easier on normal. Anyways, we haven't done hurric- yet. So we did the heroic one yesterday. So for the full three hours of our aid we couldn't get down, and that's only because we're we'll still working out little technical issues like the rotation of the interrupts. But I'm pretty sure once we get the interrupts underway and controlled the boss is gonna go down to a problem. I have star pine my Pokemon. Let's go again, still only have four. Jim veges has one of those weird people that collect all the POS mon- before moving onto the next Jim. We gotta catch them all. So I mean, exactly I'm also. The song, what's actually because I'm using the males in female versions of both your really clicking the mall. And then I have to have one of each level our evolved form. Trying to make sure you can breed all your moving in something like that you need to make sure yet in this game. There's no meeting, just it just. 'cause it's a rigid reading blue slash green is the regional that be revamped. So there's no read it. There's no Ivy trading nothing. I'm just one of those weird people that has to do everything. And yes, thanks me for a while. There's no ninety nine rare candies that you feed. Your poke him on and check your visa and then turn the game off. I don't do the rare candies because it makes them weak yet. But there is no cheap for that. Where you go up. No. You talk to the guy who teaches you how to catch Pokemon go up and down the sign of seafoam island in the six item in your bag slot. You. Make sure it's rare candies. And then when the missing number, you have one hundred twenty again, these no, none of that. Yes, I am. An avid poker person in the my nephew's bugging me because they haven't played by ultra moon for a while, because you want to their certain on, he still has difficulty catching, and I have a caught them for him. So he's upset that the haven't caught them firm. Yeah. Apparently I have to go see peak chewed detective this weekend with him, 'cause he's was like, really upset that we haven't seen it yet, and we don't know how much longer is gonna be. There's mystery I've seen are ready for the haven't told him that 'cause I don't wanna hurt his feelings 'cause I make sure I wanted to see it. So visiting every Tuesday and make him fresh muffins, I think this Monday, I'm going to be doing a day of baking muffins. So I can store them in the freezer. He thinks they're fresh every time I more. My little kitty is not so little anymore. I'm you can hear him the backer with the bell and the two cats catcher playing somewhere. I described it. I spent the whole ethic. There's only like five hours, maybe six hours, I did not do court date in. That's because I was leaving her dairy asleep I now on your day. I know and I run out of time I got up early in head sixteen pets left level twenty five in if it got up like half an hour hour earlier, I could have done it. And then I went on the auction house yesterday while was reading for raid in, I found some really cheap pets that I didn't have, and I bought them it's the allure of the Chinese. Yes. Well doesn't help to have the add on all things and. And then have another adult that puts like a little movable star thing in the corner stuff that haven't learned yet. So I'm going through the auction hasn't seen all these pets for like fifty gold, and they're from the island island thing. Jake's but dishes. Yeah. Would you never do? I'm having her ten collecting these bats. So I just started buying them. So I did that now up to fifty pets that, now I need to level, two twenty five for the next day October. Yes. October. Twenty first urine right from here, and don't sleep on October twenty first make sure sleep on Tober twentieth. That way, you can be all day. Yes. So October twenty first is squirt day, plus the battle bonus week which is really important because it only takes two battles to level it from one to twenty five. If you do it on others days is still takes about seven battles. Yes. I did the calculations. I've just been all over the place. I've actually been driving myself. And I also got a year older. Happy birthday. So much. I know there's more but my mind's going blank. I know there's somebody who's minds not blank Bill serve on that, buddy. Alley. What have you been to have? I been up to. I got a chance last week. And then a lube at this morning to check out the classic beta just as stress testing. I mean I started in BC. So some of the things were still from hill in BC, and it was kind of fun to experience some of that again. And remember certain things had forgotten, or redo things I remembered, the watch everyone else is they're complaining about them because they don't know that we can't multitask mobs. I think only quest mobs were changed in cat or something like that. Yeah. So that was kind of fun to watch. And I. Time reliving that I know like when classic comes out, I'll dabble I don't have enough game time to really dive into it. But we'll play once in a while. But it was it was cool to see. And I go chance to do that in all keep doing it as long as they keep giving me the stress tests beta for it. Worked on some achievements full or old, dear the rubber ticket coalition rate NCTR. So that was pretty cool windy last two. They were a little tricky rough, but it was a lot of fun. And it worked a little more airmen to. He's only fifteen I've really have much chance to dive in again. But hopefully this week lots of time in botanic Formanek steps owed. And this weekend will bring lots of time Budi bay for the next episode. Yeah, just get into counters chill and relax finally enjoy the game 'cause my overtimes over which is awesome. Yeah. And I know Mark mentioned to take a p to I watched that, that last week, we can before what should recently is pretty good. And this upcoming weekend is like I said, in pre show is my fifth anniversary with my husband, so we're gonna go hang out and do things. No, no, it all yet. But it's gonna be fun. Really the main thing right now is overtime is over. So I don't feel like I'm a dead brain. I can actually game and put more energy into my show and whatever else I'm doing. So that's an amazing thing. And I'm, I'm impressed that you got those podcasts out with the overtime. I mean that takes commitment that takes a lot of losing sleep. And no gaming, like I during that month between some personal things going on in real life. And the work and stuff. I, I was barely sleeping. And I had worked on the show like every night, which meant like I got very little game time in. So it was a that was a rough stretch. Not gonna lie. That was yeah, but it's over. Now, let's what we're gonna focus on. If it's over a moving on and life is good. So, so you could say I can play clearly now the time has gone, I can drink my rum while using that, okay? That works. Just need a little bit more ram. But the good thing is. I don't think he needed to rum this past Tuesday. If you had hurt me podcast meet up. So this podcast has done something for me on my competence in groups. So I spoke at a pockets, meet about free, inexpensive podcast, and I gotta Lincoln this show notes to the PDF. I did for it. I treated like a game or podcast. It's actually more frightening be on the podcast and on twitch. But it has a room of five people. There's like seriously. I mean, there there on twitch you don't know who's listening or the podcast, you don't know who's listening. Hi, mom. Hi fares. Mom. Here's the emphasis does. Hi people's moms. That was a lot of fun. And I my fears past week of Venus, Flytrap. So there's a topic in the lightning balls. Chat, Royal beggar they bought a Venus, Flytrap, and they named it too. And I had always meant to see little shop before. And I think I've seen as a kid, but I don't remember it. I'm at this age my life where I'm seeing stuff that I saw the kid finally knowing the storylines loved it. I mean, everything was was amazing. And I, I, I, I loved the bad singing. I mean I. The, the puppy movie is my favorite. In fact, I did a first report about Popeye or. But yeah, just like I loved it. Onto which things because I wonder if, if they had any songs from the week and. So I say that and I've got. Seeing. So at least any more, I still have to see that movie. All it's been on my list to watch and my mum has watched it. And just haven't had time. I've seen bits and pieces of it not alone here because I haven't seen it either. Oh, if you love camping movies, you've got to see it. Yeah. I like the Rick moranis because I haven't seen strange brew. Okay. So great. Yeah, I watched through as well for the first time that I can remember I've seen it before. But I watched it for the first time knowing the story line. I think that was capital in you and shock and chat told me about strange brew. So I, I was on a Rick moranis bench as you Honey. I shrunk the kids. Oh, my jam for Rick Yannis I went to the Honey. I shrunk, the audience ride at DisneyWorld. That was amazing. Always afraid of the spiders, I would hold my feet up whenever the spider on that one. Used to have a giant playpen area of. Yeah. And I have photos of me playing in that adult toilet amid I was in adult pulling within these periods staring at me, and my best friend because there's these little kids around age four or five trying to go around us as we're climbing home. The giants things taking photos and being stuck in the spire wet. It was great. And what's funny is at your age all the things that are oversized, or probably small to you res- kids. They're big. Plato with fout the size of me. Okay. So the Tel the plano, I should say, so it is still gigantic for me. But it was definitely designed for younger, I was always jealous when I was told that place that wanted to eat that little, Debbie all that was so much Kareem. That was, oh, I loved the movie. They ended oatmeal cream pie. Oh, I more of those than I ever wished. I mean, the same that I've killed more ironman tunes. And I ever wished to admit I'm on my third iron. It is dwarf, my dwarf Paladin. And they're now halfway to twenty-six. That's good. I'm indus- quit. And I haven't died yet. You have maybe you have maybe I hope I haven't died yet because it's the nature of iron man. Yeah. Thrown away. This is my third one and I've I've ever desk would and I'm getting to the place where I'm the Crips became on their buddy. Be careful. I'm going to run out if it's too bad. But if I have run out they're gonna respond see, so we might see the end of dwarf and I wanna give a shout out to every to the people who come to these streams either the streams for the podcast, the streams for the iron. All of you just add to the night, like Wednesday night, we had a long stream, like different people coming in Mike beaver described WeChat all of you make the streaming worth while you make the show worth while. So if you're listening in you've listened to the show or you've been one of these streams. Thank you. Because if you're is like you that we can do all the stuff and I have to say, also wanna give us thank you to gin, who has made it a podcast taken the world by storm. We're gonna afar fear, what you did there, buddy. With this move. I'm smooth jazz. Here's something. All right. I let me do hard hand. So again, how did he get into gaming? I would not be lying if I said, I was born into gaming to elaborate my oldest brother, he is twelve years older than me. So when I was born we already had a I don't know the brand, but I know the computer like make. For example, what we had a Tandy PC in the in the household, and he was already playing things like kings quest like all those early adventure. Sierra games like space quest as well. I think before I even have memories he probably got it any s system. So when people are like the older generation ask what's going on with twitch wirel-? These kids watching other people play games now. I get it. Like that's how I grew up. I grew up watching my siblings play games. I was the younger sibling with the second controller that was not plugged in. Mike, that was me. My niece. She caught on. I was watching them play. Punch out the original one getting way, too, all the way to ball bowl and then dying tragically over and over and over and over and over. Bobo man guys aren't so hard. And then the other game that I remember watching Malagasy. Mario, I watch contra for hours and hours and hours and hours. Let's say my oldest brother managed to beat contro without the cheat code now. That's impressive. That's really impressive. Yeah. No, my brother is actually kind of crazy. He would actually play like this. Really? He's holding the controller upside down, and he's doing a and b and the Deepak with his index, and middle finger flou-. Wow. Like my brain can't wrap around trying to do it. That way. I, I would fail. It's I've never been able to replicate it. But yeah, that was my brother. He was kind of crazy. He's the one who got me into into gaming in the first place, so from that, how did you get into the world of blizzard and watercraft the, it was my brother, he purchased or craft? I'm fairly certain work after he was the first blizzard game. I ever played with the possible exception of the lost Vikings. I don't know which one I played I, I went over to my friend's house and we were playing the laws, Mike ings. And that was actually when it was still silicon and synapse like it wasn't blizzard back then you would turn on the game. And it was like, oh. Silicon and synapse. So I never correllated the two and I didn't know that, that was them, and then I was playing craft to it was blizzard entertainment in terms of, like, total blizzard games. Like, I like I think I was in junior high or something like that, maybe a little bit younger than that. And I specifically remember having a conversation with someone. On the bus coming home from school, and he was like, hey, have you heard that they're making another warcraft, and I'm like, oh, my God. They're making what are you talking about? They're like, yeah. It's called starcraft life. Mike. That's, that's not right. So. Yeah. It's gonna be worth graph. But in space, okay. Luckily, it was not this was not a sequel warcraft that would've been very confusing. Yeah. But, you know, when you're in faith sixth grade, like you, you know, things doesn't doesn't quite register your mind, that's lightly different games, because think about it. Warcraft. Starcraft. Sure. And is definitely one of those like they're in the same engine. So I could see how look the same. I mean, it would be interesting, if it was like the picture universe, where they're actually connected. I've seen the theories of like that the that the monsters are on earth when we're up in space with Wally, and stuff like that. I mean, maybe circus in the future, and the elbows in the past and work somewhere somewhere in the middle. Yeah, I've heard this theories, they're all bub gifts. Yeah. And what would you say is your place down, while very go from heavy into rating? I wouldn't necessarily ever, call me myself hard core raider. Most of ever been into was, like whatever the hardest difficulty was. I never we never did that back in wrath win the hardest. Difficulty was twenty twenty-five heroin now. We were just twenty-five normal. We were always one step below whenever the crazy level was the crates level. So gin I take it that you are a big fan of lower because I mean in the because of this, you started the Murli great podcast each week talk with fear about the lore and take the islands along with you and touch Mahfoud. He says that if you like to laugh and learn at the same time, then you need to listen to moral great podcast. So how did you get into podcasting? I suppose I got into podcasting the same way. Everybody gets into podcasting as you listen to crap tunnel podcast. And you thinking I can do that. But the, the real answer is I was having conversations with some co workers, that went to blues con with me, two years ago is when I actually kinda came up with the idea of the moral great podcast. There was lots of drinking surprise and someone was asking. Yeah. I really like were grabbing. I don't know what's going on the story. And I was like, would you like we do? And they're like, sure. And then I went on a two hour ramble about the first war, the second war mediev-, the humans orcs, you know, black morass the opening of the dark portal, how all that went down and whose Garissa was why he was living inside of mediev-, and how all that played out and know the worker movie was lately, wrong. Movie. Right. Is slightly slightly more like a parallel universe wrong. That's true. That's true. And then what finally pushed me over the edge to finally go, okay. I gotta do this. What was that when a conversation with someone at work, and I was, I guess, you know, this and that blah, blah, blah this cool storyline because I've always liked the storyline. I mean, that's actually the main reason why play games. That's why I think starcraft is actually probably wanting to coolest universes because it actually has one of the best stories. There's just not enough games. And, you know, there's not as much investment when it comes to really, really push me over the edge was when I was talking to someone about the, the opening cinematic and like the announcement at blitz con for that was when they announced battle for as are off. So I guess that was twenty seventeen gone. Yes. So I was explaining, I was like you know this this happen. Bob LA, there was a burning of a tree that was really important. And this person did it. And they flat out looked at me and said with a straight face, there was no, no sarcasm involved. They said, who? Silvana. And I'm like, okay, do you know anything about this game other than how to tab target and push buttons? And they said, not really. And I was like, okay, okay, make Morgan all as a wargin. They should really know is dead. Then they really should know who she is. Nice plays. Penn darren. Make sense. There's like noodles. Danger noodles. Drunken noodles those. So that that's what really made me go. Okay. You're clearly not the only person that has this question. So if anyone has never listened, that's fine. That's kind of a crap show. Stop it. It's fine. If you never listen, I will give you a quick elevator explanation of what morla great podcast is it is me sitting around having I wouldn't say too much, drink just enough to drink and explaining the lore in, here's the key. It is in chronological order, it's good for two things. I'll explain what those are the first reason why chose in chronological order is because I wanted to make sure that everyone started at the same ground level, they knew exactly what was happening who are, what are the titans. All that stuff, blob Amman. And the second reason why I like the chronological order is, I don't have any issue like Fraz does because I always know what I'm talking about next week. That's true. I don't have to be like, oh, man. What happened in the news, who's going to be my guest? No. It's what we talking about last week. What's up next in the story? It's all chronological makes it really easy. And I actually happens in Jere podcasts. It's good. It's not it's not good. It's, it's passable because as my one thing that I wish you more about was loyal. I know the base just to get me by and, like, I love shades of gray, gray I can never met. Yeah. And you like her because she goes so much into lure. But it's all over the place. Yeah. Someone go down, like a proper path to drain are probably wrench that no I heard you decided how to deal with that. Okay. So definitely, I haven't listened to it up by cast in a couple of years, so yours will be on my wrist over about it. It's, it's good except for as costs because you've, you've technically listen to when you've even on the show. So you've. Wrigley. So let me, let me, let me interject here, all this right here, and stop you Jen because you're ridiculous. Your shows frigging amazing, my little lower show that focuses on dungeons just one team Specht of the Lord. I know how long it takes me and I know the amount of research and time, and everything takes so. Your show which you are very clearly more knowledgeable than I am and the amount of detail you put into it, but you also, yes, I know you read the books, whatever except not artists, but we'll talk about that later. But the amount of time you put into it to be able to summit up in a way that makes sense as clearly as you do. And. Just everything tastes like it is a frigging fantastic show. My podcast listening time is limited because there are so many podcasts, I try to keep up with. So there's a very shortlist of shows I will always listen to when they come out and seriously Friday morning. Mylar goes off. I get my buds. I start listening to your show. Not even kidding. It is amazing. And it's one that I intend to like in time, like actually listen to, and I think it's fence shut up. It's fantastic. And it's amazing. So don't know one thing that it's crap -cially. He's talking about is actually amazing. And if you. I urge somebody thinks it's a crap show. There's always going to be someone always be haters gonna hate. I mean, keep in mind that it is. It is not say for show, and that's not in tune with everyone's tastes. And that's okay. Shades of gray this, it should be wrong. My guess is that people that listen to choose a gray would be okay with an us if for casts you just bounce just saying, coloring book have to do with Razzie. No. Okay. No. But seriously as a sniper focusing and chat like don't sell yourself short because it is fantastic. And I have not seen a lower show in a while. Go through chronologically. That's quite the undertaking. So it's just fantastic in very well done. Thank what about the both of you is you each are praising each other. At the same time yourself getting your own your own experience, and your own that shows your characters that you want to praise people that, that you enjoy the same time you're struggling with an impostor senators. I admire both of you for being for being, you know that both of your awesome. And, and you learn the engines is not easy. So I give you props because I've thought of something similar to other things, and I wouldn't even know where to start so at the beginning. I did a start with vanilla worked at my sleep. But now which dungeons because there's too technically beginning dungeons for vanilla because they're better. I did dead mines because it was ever done vanilla. Yeah. And then I did stockade, and then I moved on. But like deadlines was like my first one, I ran. So seem fitting that was first one, I did a lot of Lauren these engines, and when you doing them, and you're getting them back then random people. We just wanna speed through it. Yeah. So you never get the full law unless you have another group as I'm here for the lore. Everyone just shut out east. The robe remember look up. That's right. Like it's amazing like two points, if people know, like there's a lot of these dungeons that a lot of work has been put into the ceiling either they make it look epic are awesome. Or there's like an opening. You could see the sky or the city or something like except over. Except except for number one is what I'm really looking for in classics. I have to level attuned to that level. At least sunken tumble. Yes. Yeah, that's friends remembers the whole entire layout in mechanic, every about it, because she is the one who liked its research on this thing in it drew up, maps, and color, code and. Yeah. And trying to tell like the tank where he needed to go. And it's like no, you can't just click any statute, they have to be clicked in certain order recess. For those not on the video, twitch stream Jin's freaking out over in his corner about contemporary. I'm giving him nightmares. I was one of the first dungeons Iran, too. And I jumped into the middle. It didn't work. No. That was the problem is the tank with my best friend in real life. He's like, oh, jump down and he was Paladin and you. Just watch me go splat because I'm a warrior, and I didn't have rogue leap back then God. Kind of friends, I have. Temple. Double with us. Just like temple, I suggest if you don't know, Lor, or if you're like me, and you're no lower. But you're still struggling start at the beginning of woah, great podcast and go up and all that. I'm working my way up through it. But again, what is your experience been like so far for twenty one episodes, twenty now after the this is out so far, my experience and everything that I've had is well, just listen to Atley gush about the show that's pretty much been my experience. So far is I've learned about some really cool stuff. Because number one, the reason why did the show was because I didn't know everything. So I wanted to learn more just like Allie likes to say she's when you set your servant of the Lord is that we servant of or see. I'm just a big. I'm just a big fan. I don't use far more than me though. My god. So anyway, this is so my experience. So far has been, you know, much like Allie people saying, oh my God. This show is amazing fully expletive deleted. I can't believe this is thing. I've been waiting for this for years, because, you know, like you were mentioning Emma is shades of gray, which is. Horrible in brook, by the way. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. But and Stickney over from Lor watch and Matthew Rossi, who's a little bit of. I'm I got a little bit of serious broke rush going on with him because he is crush. I'm just saying he's the true like I got warriors. Because that's, that's my main class. I play warrior. And he's got like nineteen of them. Maybe he's got fifty of them. I don't know by now. Anyway, what I what I like about the show that I do is that I start from the beginning and give them and give everybody like at least a starting point that you can go on, and listen to those other podcasts like lower watch and merely a setback that they have a, a level of understanding that you need Ardy have to really appreciate. So if you know if everybody's got a busy life, like I mean, probably most of his nose alleys her, you know, over time that she's been dealing with. It's like you don't have time to crack open and read this entire top row. Those are all work raft books. Every last one of them. I love that so much. I'm so jealousy or collect if you don't have time to read. There's always audible and they just put a whole bunch more of warcraft books on there. But Arthur's out. Golden even and anybody who doesn't have audible checkup all things as Roth because audible is now and use any link that you're supporting alley. And you're supporting see Ari ritzy act Coburg for the progress count. You mean the Kover that metres always reads out and is out during it used to be vacant? Is it still bacon? No, it's like all ata twenty nineteen or something. You know what Jenky talking all circle back on that. Oh. And they also have rise of the ward, which I think was at it. I love that book. I bet is very good one. I have read that one. I've read that one on a poorly coffee that the whole book was done on eighty pages. So I'm gonna I'm gonna bring in my clear alliance bias right now after reading razz at the hoard it really solidified my whole lenses just better. Because everyone's like, oh, man throws the best. I love thrall. Do you know why you love throw so much? He was raised by human. That's true. He was. So there shots fired. So what would you say has been your biggest challenge to overcome? I mean because I know a lot of the lore characters had challenges that they've had to overcome in and like, they've had the coming of age like that. I think for as you can appreciate his answer. My biggest challenge has been technical. Yep. Like I'm I'm a fan of the Lord. That's fun to me. I, I like researching like looking into it. It's great. The main thing that I'm running into is, like, look, I have fear calling it on Skype, and I have to figure out how to record him and me at the same time and make it sound pretty decent. Yeah. That's my biggest challenge. And hopefully one day I will make it a little easier on myself, but until then I'll keep struggling through it. And here's what I'm gonna put out a shameless. Plug for if you got a rather dot com and look at the little link squad. Guests in the lower. Right. I highly recommend squad anybody. That's struggling with Skype in interviews. I've definitely greet technical. It's been one things like it seems easier to do then you get into doing it, then, you're, like okay in things go wrong at the guy to do it. I don't want to discourage people from guessing so just know that if the game, and I will definitely enter any questions. People have on tech stuff. There's also. So a fun part where it's fun when it works and it's fun to see the progression. It's fun to see the episodes go and go. I bet you've seen the tech getting like you're getting better at it as you go along. Yeah. It's been getting better over the I mean, we're almost six months now 'cause it's been a while. So hopefully it gets better from here, just for anybody who wants to Senate for audible to compete with, again on a knowledge it is bit that ata books. Two zero one nine go there and what you support all things alley and stuff like that. So I don't read audiobooks, which is why I don't have an audible subscription. I have over seventy five books so far. I don't know how many books I have that. I haven't read yet. Listen to them all. So, again, what would you say is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you? You know, I saw the the show notes early. And I saw that question, and I wasn't entirely sure, how to answer that. Because I don't not really sure what the best vice I've ever gotten other than the Nike commercial. Just do it. Absolutely. I, I don't know. Like, ultimately, when it comes down to doing podcasts like the only way you can really do. It is just sit down and do it and nothing ever is going to truly prepare you for the challenges and the craziness that is going to be figuring out how to talk every week. Oh, and just real quick. I have to give a little bit of a plug to Allie. I don't know how you do that thing solo because holy crap. I tried that for a good two months of embarrassing myself just saying, ooh, we'll come to blah, blah, blah, and this, and that Jin didn't work didn't work. So the fact that you can actually put out a solo podcast is wow. Like that's congrats. Let's say we and us a lot because in my mind listeners going with me to the dungeons, and I'm not alone and talking to myself and my monitor and he. You are. And that's what makes it weird. I don't know. I don't know how anyone can do a podcast by themselves without someone from me. I need someone feet energy off of. I don't know if I picked the great co host. He's definitely dragging down the, the not safe for work rating. We started at real bad, and then I was like, dude, we need to cut this back a little bit. So it's not every other word eighty more that we're dropping the bombs. But it's still there for comedic affect that way. This show was clean and till the sewed six or seven. Right. I'm out it wasn't weaned from the first episode. Okay. Well, I mind my head that it was clean that I you know, what screw it? I'm just gonna everything explicit from now on. Beat it out. Eventually when you started at a day, I have no idea about that. I need this buttons. Wait. No, I don't actually need one. Oh, you don't. Okay, because I mean this is very nice. And I have to say, I I'm not an affiliate go explorer, but love to sponsor if you're listening. But I am MVP on the discord for golic's lar-, though. Tyler that doesn't amazing job with tech sport. And it's amazing having the community there with you in the people. So I was asking our community. For more questions for Kim. Typing. Creed says no Lor question for me is I know all lore. But how about a speculation question on where nine point will take us? Okay. You're asking for speculation. First off. That's not what I do. I don't do speculation. I don't know if you listened to the, the one minute, like bumper says this isn't about spoilers speculation. Yeah. But if you're gonna you're gonna force me. Morzine you. I'm hoping helping. Yes. So nine point. So come November, we're gonna go to blues Khan, and they're gonna be like, here's the thing that's going to happen. There was going to lose their minds and they're probably going to be like nine point, no return of the black empire. That's honestly, what I think it's going to be. I could see that it. Yeah. Yeah. Completely. Yeah. I think it's going to be a lot of people are speculating, and thinking it's going to be something related to death because if you really look closely at the warcraft chronicles, there's not five elements. There's actually six. So I'm gonna I'm gonna get a little nerdy here. There's the the standard like avatar the last heir bender. There's earth by wind water. A good ones. Yeah. And then there's the, the warcraft one that some people know about which is spirit and spirit is mostly tied to the emerald dream. Well, there's the sixth element. That is hardly ever brought up, but his tied into the shadow lands, which is decay. And a lot of people are like, oh, I think it's going to be shadowlands expansion. And there's a lot of tie-ins with the death and this and that, but I just think like alley running around on her shadow pres with their eyeball, still stuck on her head thinking it's going to be more of an old God thing 'cause I think, oh, yes, I think the old gods are far more threatening than a kind of, you know, shadowlands decay because I mean that's big deal. He got to the spirit world or the shadowlands blah, blah, blah, but old gods. There straight up there trying to corrupt are titan soul and turn it all evily in void, and they're going to create a void titan. That's not good man. It's not good. You don't want that. We, we need to return that check and all that and not voided just returned at the center. Similar to the theory. I have, and it is my based off the old gods as well. So basically we kill as raw plan simple because of the ads, right? Everything as Roth is debt it. It's gone. So we have to find the now new home. Hey, we get to be like we're going to be like denies trying to find new home base. But because as your has exploded all the old gods have been prison into as are all have now escaped, so they're trying to, you know, kill us pretty much and we are trying to either recapture them or destroy them while they try to kill us in other planets. And basically, we derive the spaceship trying to find new home. It's been in the jets like movie. Titrate has a has another question. Did you read the theory on where this expansion is going how similar the story is by Michael? Nope. Speaking to LEGO. No. I, I can't say that I've seen LEGO by Nicole. So I cannot deny or confirm or confirm or deny if that's true or not, because I have no idea what it's so shameless. Plug for another podcast. I'm on storage around astronaut episode to Pete and I talk about this theory. I it's interesting when you talk about like the void titans like that it goes into some of that, like, we're gonna replace as Roth with the Zoff in his off is going to be a void titan. Now. If it's the shadow lands, I'm hoping like in our can line, we got a really cool apartment. I just asked him for garrison two point on. I'm like, okay, buddy. So you be like throwing garage, and you're like, pummeled me down like no no -partment for you. Now, I think it's more like your Optimus prime as in the optimist and I'm negative on. Other reasons must go after and even less. No, I'm gonna turn with gun and it starts game was gonna shoot. In a new harsh asking, if you know, all or please, tell me, how many turtles mid to the water, free answer. I gotta talk about our chat that we had touch screen says retrospectively none has to crabs eat them. All there's always a bigger crab. The knee responded with an angry face. And I said, don't be crabby. Nie Nie har-, creed just be truth. And then he responded with rowing is emoji than I responded by faith, plumbing Meyer, sponsor alley could react to, and she saw it. I added Fresno, Steve the ruling is Roti. So how many turtles made the water forty two forty two okay did answer getting and everything. Yes. Towel, though, of course, absolutely lanky. Would you would it would everybody liked a fun little trivia of wide? Douglas Adams was actually genius. Yes. Okay. Why did he choose forty two as the answer for the life universe? And everything does does anybody know. I heard this story somewhere off the top of my head. I don't remember. All right. So the answer is forty two. If everyone knows it's the Ascii symbol like when you hold down. And then pushing a bunch of buttons to get the specific symbol. That is the ac- symbol for the Asterix. And if you're doing a select statement in any kind of sequel, query, you're saying, give me everything. So it is the life universe, and everything. So they all. Computer programming. Nearly bit that if never done if you've never done a sequel query, you'll be like that's dumb. But if you haven't that's genius somehow there's, like that's my sequel game gets. Have you read ours? This yet. No disappointed disappointed. Would you like to tell you why sure I think I know why? But let's lets the audience tell the real reason why. Because I played work raft. Three and I played warcraft through the frozen throne I like it. I did too. And I threw my CTR monitor all the Dan ground in. I finished the frozen throne artist, but just sitting there like a jerk, and I'm like, oh, this is how we're gonna finish the story. Is he just wins? Okay. This is wonderful the. It's still at least once even even if you just get the audible and it's Kristie gold reading it at least once. By the way, that is the reason why I actually got into world of warcraft is because I didn't start playing until rats Delitzsch king was announced and were like, hey, you're going to be able to kill artists, and I was like signed me up, buddy. That little jerk needs to go down. Sean. In the truth comes out, what is your favorite story, arc in all were craft in. Why better be the gnomes? It's not the gnomes. I'm sorry. Your answer Presley. Okay. Quick, sidebar Fresno. I actually wish they would give the gnomes the Justice they were do, but they haven't. So the story isn't that great yet. I mean, the most interesting thing that the gnomes ever did in warcraft two and three was fly around. No mish copter saying, I can see my house. My favorite storyline is actually really simple because it's really my first one that I really experiencing to know was the story of mediev- and Lothar and king lane and all that stuff when I found out about mediev-, and how he was corrupted by Sar Garris. And he was the reason that works even game in that's kind of what got me into the story. So the fact that is my favorite I feel like. It just makes sense. It's the one that captured me and drew me in and, and the other thing that drew me in was playing garden of war on work raft, to worker have to over and over and over with my friend on dial up. Yeah. Yeah. Question because I'm all in DiPoto on and battle pets. Is there any Lor tie-in with whole companions that you do in your pockets? No, none that I'm aware of as now the dark moon bunny. Like I said, none of them aware of right now, hurts, that's pretty late in the show. I don't know if anyone I'm sure a lot of listened to dungeon fables because fantastic podcast. I listen every Sunday, it's great, but she's always talking about, like, oh, if you wanna know, more just check out Morley, great podcasts. They'll get there, eventually. This is on eventually. Ancients right now. You've got time before you get to the. To logically. Yeah. So maybe we will get to the dark moon bunny. But I mean we haven't even talked about the only or literally, the only or we've talked about, so far is Brock cigar, and that because he's a time traveler, the ten traveling. Okay, here's which one topic or furlough or is you're, you're looking forward to your most excited one that you just can't wait to get. So Elliott's off my back. Yes. Your back or until you message me say, hey, Allie finally listened to read or whatever that I'll be back. I'll read it like I said, it's, let's see. It's probably right there. And, you know, somebody, I know who could tell us when, again, will finally read artists now's door. Yes. That that's good. Gin like it. I don't know. We're not storm really is. And I haven't talked with storm real, but Emma has as talked with. Evoke me. Jay broke himself. And you know, there's no way to drag on this out. Yes. His ball alley at a worry for as I'm a fan of puns. So keep them coming almost made the whole episode. Oh, have you read the series? Here's Anthony by zap full of puns and I read over thirty five of the books, put it on my list. It's ex ante h it's Melissa. Yes. And the first one is spell for Charmian violence to get around to it, and I don't mean the actual round. This is too on it in the whole series full of puns. But anyways gone, Bradley. Well, again, people oh, you're level like in like knowledge expertise, but definitely check out a series of unfortunate events. If you haven't seen it that series is great. I sister did some of the make up on the second season. That's awesome. So emma. I think it's time to talk with our good, buddy kill rock and look into sites. Let's see what the wondrous mysterious killer set for tell so their comedy Wentz in zero. Thank you for joining us on kill rug site, the upcoming events for June world of warcraft darkman. Fair starts June seconds to the eighth. As a lot of us are reminiscing about the good old classic times. Almost everyone should remember Hogger, wouldn't it be nice to have your own little Hogger following year around? Well, you can at the dark moon, fair. If you played its Hera time and score forty five points and get the chievements hall. That's wacked. You can also get the reward of hog cited collar that you can summon a companion that looks like hunger. There's also many other achievements and pets and transmit to collect June, micro holidays that are coming up is thousand boat that June six to the eighth. This takes place in thousand needle. There are few quest to construct your own shifts after completing these quests you get day. Buff boat day. This will let us about on water on all zones and hopefully this counts for USA did count for last expansion. So anything of water, you can use his vote on the weekly bonus for June is arena. Skirmish bonus event June fourth to ten fifty percent. More honor awarded when ten arena match awards as rights in conquests world quest. Then do an eleven to tune seventeenth gain fifty percent, more rat the quest to complete twenty west rewards as right. I'm walking dungeon event June eighteen to twenty four out lands. I have level seventy one or higher off so you can shoot for the black temple with a group of people finished five genes and you as right time badges is also a currency for John's Ma heirloom upgrades. So collect those as well and there's a mouse that can drop down around bonus event June eighth. July fares, you get fifty percent more honor what in your win a battleground quest is to win four pound reward conquest, and five marks of honor, and as right, power main holiday for June is midsummer festival, June twenty two July across all as and outland entering are bars, having to honor the factions traveler around to each to honor the flames or desecrate the fire to receive gold, XP and burning burning blossom is a currency for this holiday, which you can buy items, very teammates holiday, transmit, hats, toys, and upgrade for heirlooms Holiday Inn. And he drops the such of chill good, which is a chance of dropping a pet quote, and we're losing in chanted recipe or two hint, staff feet spas you need to wait until shield his down. Address fire at them in this time, just devious amount wants the shield is down hero. If you have one and burned that boss down to nothing. There's love fundings to do this month. So go out and have fun. And speaking of classic island, a cool thing. So I was talking about how I missed the day tonight cycle that duckman fair has a potion to make it classic night, because that's one thing, I'm going to look forward to when is the day night cycles. I think now all these wimps who, like I can't say anything at night deal with it, doesn't it still trans to day and night, it does. But it's like I it's a dusk, it's no longer the you really think it's, it's nice. I met right now in the dark shore. And it's pretty duck out. Yeah, a starker. I know I remember it was great. It was. Did you guys know that dark shore originally was gone? To require you to have a light source to walk around when they were still like testing the alpha, I would love that elven, like all dark shore, and dusk would would have required you to have an off hand as a torch to walk around to figure out where you were going. I love that. I have I have one sewed work. Transmogrify now. And might have had one point. I remember in NRK online, you have a pet with you that could emit light around you. That was cool. All this looking back at pastimes and remembering things one thing that we love to do on this show is trivia, whenever Amazon do trivia, and it is trivia from cata slush month. Some older is depending. Yeah. So again, excited that it worked out that you were here for trivia, trivia, for you later. Oh, knife. And Bradley had my trivia card, right? Eat personal have six questions. You try to answer it your best ability. We might you know be easy. We might be hard depends on how we feel with the person, the royals are always kind of gray. But you have six questions to try and answer, and whoever answers, the most correct of their six not someone else's six your six will win and Francy will let everyone know what they win wants to go. I let someone else pick. Other I volunteer is tribute. Okay. Your first question in what zone can goblin run city known as area fifty one be located? Another storm. That is correct. I've been back there because I was working on lower master, and outland, which race is not featured in archaeology profession Mogo, troll, your nine or human. Human. That is correct. 'cause I did archeology a lot legion. I was like see I, I was digging up the right answers for myself. This of easy, who was send jen's successor as leader of the dark speier tribe. Taking a stab at it voted, NAT is correct. Nice. See, I didn't make it asked myself. It's so hard. But my tongue with these, like, come on. What I if in your character's inventory will allow you to find dark moon artifacts in dungeon rates and battlegrounds the dark moon adventure guy journal thing that is correct. I don't think thing is the fischel title and their friendly. Okay. Yeah. Okay this one I'm a toy mess up because can't any of these names. So I'm just gonna quickly type it into twitch. Because so you can see visually man's are hard. I get that. Yeah. Yeah. Easy. All you gotta do is you just make up nicknames for them. And then refer to them as that name for all the time. Preamble manner authors. Manny. All right. These three things are type of what creature. So that's guys Rila Kamal. And guess shun Akon something, they're part of Mike creature. Octopus kinda, but now it's a hydra. Okay. Hence, why said, kinda of took about goes Rila? Okay. My short memory last question. I'm gonna write that out. Hard. Okay. I don't dwell where show. That's why have a bloopers episode is why I do it in chronological order because. Just read in tell you the story, so. All right. The first one is in which dungeon is the final boss Ingvar, the ponder, resurrected, mid fight by the volcano here and high, the caller, I'm going to take a step at that to guard pentacle close the other one, the other one keep that is correct. Giving it to you. Thank you. As it rules chains counseling, usually kinda loses. So if we haven't to epic Laura's car was cut easy, this time, though, I do have to say that I, I did have them flat out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Has five out of six so it's not a perfect one. So there is still chance for someone to win. So alleys going to win. I got it. Okay. Because I was a lot of dungeon related questions. Yeah. There we all card on that. Okay. Who's going, I think Janci go next five to gen-x. Okay. This one. I'm pretty sure you're gonna get. What is the historical capital city of the blood elves? What is not a world of warcraft fish? So this is your knowledge on fish. I used to fish lot. So I might buy me. All right. So you should get this lack belly mudfish red belly Mandarin, yellow spell, trout or ice fin. Bluefish. Okay. It's either between B or C because I absolutely. Definitely re recognized a indeed, so we got red and yellow. Y'all. So see is correct yells trapped. You're out of your memory. Yes. E-. Exactly what I was doing who was married to the emperor, gigan- thrash, EM. That's. It's more your. Yes, that is correct move along. Why you didn't like my Brit, cheering the name, it's more more around the leader of the now, darker, I into words, my, my patron Saint, because I am now dark wind. Yes. Mike. Which now used to offer the service of arcane reform. Came out in Pandera. You're not gonna get me a multiple choice because. Okay with your with your hint. I'm gonna go with the travelers tundra. Not that says the current one that I have what is it frigging yak? It's travelers MAC. I don't know the exact name, but it's a stupid yak with grumbles on it. I'll give you half a point. We keep. Like that one. Yeah. It is the not the, the mammoth is grand expedition, yet. So I don't have a lot of gold. I got the mammoth. I don't have the accurate and I definitely don't have long boy, good. Golly. I want him but I don't I I'll never have them unless somehow someone gimme all their gold because they're leaving world. Warcraft. Judge anyone? Not to leave, what workup though we want people to stay in because of the numbers. Cap out on the goal that just give it to me than the cap again. Okay. Yes. Which corrupted titan was the creator im- leader of the burning legion. Seriously? That's question. That's sargras. That was episode. One of great. Yes. So you getting all these easy questions. I'm all the hard ones. I'm not gonna watch. Hey, you're told me to give them that point, I was going to give them a hassles point. Hey, you know what five and a half beats five so I was okay with five. It was okay it was half. And you know that last one you garrison, you slice the question in half. Yeah he did. Last question for ya players will typically refer to which rate instant as a cue forty. That's on Karaj. The whole thing. Yeah. I think a coup forty on Karaj temple, but I could be wrong. Got it all mixed up. Yeah. Temple, I think was twenty and I don't remember what ache? Mixed order Hamble of on Karaj. Nice. Okay. I knew I know eight hundred forty I don't know the real name. Like what is like, what do we call them the battle for dazzle or like barely know that one? Don't worry. I did the same thing. I'll here. I am. Sorry allie. If this card is hard, the K my memory sucks. Anyways problem, probably gonna fail miserably. It's going to be awesome, just blend the room, just wait until France. I wish I will probably be like the worst. And all right. So your first question, which is not an eastern kingdoms zone. Swamp of sorrows done, Mora, tanneries, or the badlands, Canarias, that is you're right. When the world of warcraft launch which two classes were faction restricted shaman Paladin. That's correct. The orcs arrived on as Roth journeying, which war war of the ancients, the first more second or third war war, by what was that third war? I'm sorry. What was that about it? Allie, just think. Wait, say it again. K the ORs arrived on as raw during which war war of the ancient forced War, I war, second war, or third war. I don't I could I work from Asli? I might I get credit for that because I was just picking my nose. I'm sorry, I hit the Fokker. The handicap questions. That was your question. I don't know why thought third war. I really I don't know why that was even just recently talked about. Like I said, I'm not I'm not the brightest person. You just did the black crown crazy. No. Okay. Next question. What type of blood, Pat, can you summon using the blood sale AMRO's hats, nothing where you get the have from? So what is it apparent? That is correct. Okay. I'm gonna totally mess up their names. Dune yoga's Saron yards neuron are member of which unbelievable powerful ancient race old guts. All right. Last virus war. I whisper of an old God sigma go. Last question for ya, which a Pathak airy had not be found in shadow Benke, during love in the air season events held a drug, multiple choice here. Fray Baxter, Copeland or Hummel, you've got high praise from Winchester, winters, said that is correct. They picture, Chris Farley in Billy Madison mad. Correct. Oh, god. He did well. Which one of those cannot be found shot a keep during the Levin the air that, you know, the invisible love rock. The mount that does not exist focused between the second third one say Copeland that is current. So point. We have a tie. I still say, gin one because I know. I have been there. Okay. Okay. Sorry Presley has to my car and I got a question for Ellie. Did you earn the last question van down by the river? Maybe I did. Chris Farley is a soft spot for me because I don't know you. I don't know if you follow my Twitter account, but many of the gifts that I use are Chris Farley. Love them. And, and that is why every single episode when we're about to have fear go ahead and give his recap. It's always Chris Farley saying, Jan caq. And have you seen gen the dancing, Chris Farley in warlords? Are we talking about the? Yes. Yeah. So this is a fungal story. So I got at one of the parties at blows con, I answered, of course, a lower question, and I was given one of the, the actual warcraft trading card game like you know things, and it was the two headed order, that you can turn into. So I turned into that thing all the time and do the slash dance that awesome. And guess who gave it to me, Mr.? Pekkari. Ooh. I felt really bad, too, because it was super easy question, it was like what dungeon do you have to do a dragon bombing run in first from cataclysm? Yeah. They go frazzle you just wanna know group but I don't have to give you already talked pet. No. I've got the orbit 'cause I went on a binge one time I got my tax refund went on EBay and bought a bunch of the cards, so island a lot of twice, because I like my toys, so Emma. So your first question is the failed world. Twee border still can be found in which north Rin zone. The world tree. Yeah. You mean the one that burnt down? Yes or the one that's still around sorta maybe. I retired about the one in Dr Nassar or time the one in Higel. No, this one's northbound on north ran. Yes, there's a real tree Northrop. Yeah. There is. Not in grisly hills. Maybe is it? I don't know. Shoot north. I'm trying to think of all those because I think grizzly hills one place than there is the circle place. It's a circle. I can think of if I say. Dera. We'll circle. Circle played the cooled air. There's a subset and that's not even his own crazy. This is the northern. There's a circle plays of greenery and there's two factions. You those are basin. Yeah. That one. A circle. I'm firmed a lot of narrow. K. Do. It was that was actually really good place to farm, Sarah night and. It was I, I used to fly around, too. So it's like okay that could take the world tree grizzly hills or. See now everywhere else is really cold, unless it's in crystal forest thing. Trip. Think of a place that has trees. Well, that's not fair because somebody's type of. That was a crappy answer. Then. Can't see my face right now. I am. Okay, going more towards because only has lots of trees is grizzly hills. Apparently I'm wrong. Pleases treats with the answer. You're limited so many things you have to actually pick something. I know you have said the right answer. I have. Okay. Okay. Some base, because I know there's like a portal that going that I'm sorry. Grizzly hills. And the reason I don't know this. You said it. It's because I- Quested in grizzly recently did the quest to finish off grizzly hills. It's the bears Luton the hollow. Tree. Yes. Yes. That is exactly where it is. You silly. Trees, even alive anymore. Cut it down. Okay. This next one. We're gonna see if these questions are cut from the same cloth, which is not a woodwork type of cloth, major leave room, clause spell, silk, or linen. Say the middle to begin. Rune cloth spells alley. You don't know no room cottage, one. Okay. Guess major leave room cloth spell silk, linen? Scout cloth. You make that don't take it out. No. He said, spells spell soak. Also smell silk has to be that one. Anything did it? Okay. Which dragon aspect leads. The green dragon flight. Oh, come on. I know all the names of the two. Have I question currently or win the card was printed, when the to man, okay? Okay. Too soon too soon. Oh, what's, what's your name? It's hurt. Right. Got the red one ahead, which I think is also draws. And it's not right. The that's not the question. And you had to go through the names here. Keep going, you'll get it. Well done alley. That's not the question. She dies in last expansion. What's her name? I can your her death, completely or sister. Super sad. And if you go back to the spot, the, the ground has greenery of where she died. Oh, but the good news is that Eluned whoever the hell she is elevated her into the stars yet, but death spot is permanently. Green laid out as her dead body was, if you just say, no, if you've listened to morally great podcasts, you would have heard her name a lot. Hey. Give me sick. Apparently really helpful. Good job. From the, the one who said I listened to that one. And then the war of the ancients, she doesn't, she know this is emerald dream one. She's from both both. You're both right. She's involved in the worthy ancients and the dream, we're just looking for a name. Come on. She's a card in heart stone. Oh, okay. Green dragon flight. She sleeps all the time. Visit her in to help with the whole death wing thing. I have all the damn other dragons ahead except for her. Guess what? The blue dragon flights start popping in my head. Scene two. Oh man. We talk about them getting slaughtered. That was not good. Bad. Like murder all you blue dragon flights. The hint of she's green is green. Well, then we'll done. I know other flight except for the green runs ahead. I can't literally have everything about her nail down. She's green schmo dream. She's got her eyeballs closed as she's really creepy. She's a hard stone card come you got this except her name. Oh, oh. This. Chaz Hannie to you on a silver platter or, or green plotter. Or right platter? Technically who's giving them see bones scenarios? Okay. Okay. Interjection here. There's actually, so. There's a little bit of speculation of whether or not she actually boned Lorn. And that's our scenarios came from. And funny thing about the the dragon fight in, in the boating scenarios came from. So I just think of that, but a funny thing is legion out and you know when. Romantic music. Australia just going. Seventies music playing. Right now. People on the reporting are hearing some very cheap. Seventies porn music playing right now. I see the Amazon, and horrible Adiga. Oh, yes. I don't know. I'll give it to you. It's sarah. Yes. Yeah, I wouldn't I don't give it to me because I really I have every other stupid drying flight in my head. I had mala goes calicoes. I had RAFI on. I have death rain who's also a theory, and I have a Nick Zia have always do dry except for this one. No, no. Feel scattered because all the dragons flying around. For the green dragon. I don't have that. Yes. So say if you listen to podcasts, you totally get because super easy because even there that's a little confusing. We've just started referring to him as Nellie. Okay. It's not really simple. Matthew RAFI on back. Well, you, you can't have him. He's he's, he's not coming back has to come back. No, he's going to be like, Dan, just go away. All. Again, you know how you mentioned me looking at news stories for the for the for the episode and stuff like that anybody who's enterprising wants to look at spoilers. Look at while head or champion icy veins, about a certain black dragon and we'll move on from. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So. Maybe back ribs. Maffia so which ferocious bear. Mount can only be up tained by slaying. The leaders of an opposing faction lack war. Correct. Getting announced and did with Nance who created the abomination rot face in fester got. That is what king, no. Yes. That's what king, Dr. I know he says board news everyone, I think I've perfected a plague that will destroy all life on as a RAV. I remember that all the time he's not a doctor. No, he does have his PHD but he's not a doctor. He teaches at a university, you probably could call him a doctor. But usually when you're, you know, it tending courses perhaps a lecture. You wouldn't necessarily call him Dr would call them. You know, a slightly elevated version of teacher Esser. Yes. Professor. I know he's dead. Oh, hand based off professor Farnsworth from futurama. I know is things. Yeah. Face while you were Senate raw face infest, your guts. I have no real reason. She doesn't know this is she got invincible early on. And didn't have to farm it a million times. Like I am. Yeah. My second one to give to my best friend who went don't don't and I have gotten like seven precious. Ribbons Sipple, my main main, some reason, can't get precious rid. Run a tons of times to get the legendary weapon which I did on my warrior, Paladin, and decay. So really have no excuse for not knowing this now. So what you're saying Bono by the time I did on my warrior fan, I only had to run the dungeon three times to get everything. Yeah. Yeah. I you can make fun of me too, because I got the bloop proto Drake. You know, doesn't have that into. I think it was the second time around that place. And I just I just won the role. Click me six run from me on that one. I still don't have it trying to think of the other mountain the ribbon dare deaths charger. I got the first time doing it. You know what this bosses though? I don't. Right now Elliot's staring daggers into get an eye right now in on all the snow. So. I'm gonna say professor professor. I have no clue professor season clever and not clever. Professor, Frankenstein, I am no clue professor Mary Shelley. So I've got some bad news everyone. It is. Professor Putera side. Yeah. Now. Hopefully, you know this next one, so captain cookie Admiral riff Storrow and gloves talk can be found in which dungeon. Correct. Please really hard time if you had that with names, not to do with names, and I'm good. I was gonna give you crap. Okay. So we need a tie questions. Credit. Yep. We'll say gin one. Okay. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We I one of the old cards if you've listened to any of the shows this question has been answered on there, and I'm trying to find one that is hot. Those are the best that would be easy for interests. Cantu winchester. He won. All right. I'm pretty sure both of you guys will have issues with this one. Okay. All right. Just gonna win kick how many signals of wisdom are needed to complete the strength of once fo- legendary quest line. Three hundred your brother. On said, you get another. Number was, oh, how many signals Cigielski of wisdom are needed to complete the strength of one's fo legendary quest line fifty twenty five? Now. Here's this. It's under twenty. Ten that is correct. I still I said third war, which is just so stupid of me. So I still say that gin one my only question is legendary four. Now, I'm going to figure out what Digital's of Wisden like let's I. This is actually from Pandera, this quest is no longer a paint. And it's the ten power intense signals of wisdom from mum. It's the cloak. The book. It's the original people's legendary. I told you pick really hard once weird one. Really easy. Like there, there is. There's there's, there's a difference between Lor and random stupid facts that no one needs to know how many rings can they character quits to exactly. So there's Torrisi. Exactly fury is a rate here for which class. What was the name? Earth, fury Chaman. Yeah. So easy earth. I mean it's not necessarily earth fury is that because what fury, I mean, that just goes warrior. But earth like what makes showman that's silly. I don't like that silly. The place. They did omic female Chevy or whatever how many arms six. Yeah. See, like I can take tons of questions. But one where you both are stumped that is the hard part will well, well while on. So Ali one today. We'll see Ashley. Then Fazli in last with three I will give alley one because she's she's close to episode fifty I'm, I'm only to twenty five so it makes sense. Oh, it makes. I failed so Allie, one our love and affection. What is the fact that she really likes the third war, and so that was stuck in her head? And so that's what just came out. It's like you have one universal love and affection. Universal loved affection, not guaranteed. So before we go though, I, I hear that Kim has some bonus trivia for us. I do this is a sneak peek to the episode that is coming out tomorrow. So me and my wife, if you follow any of my social media, you would see that we have currently been playing monopoly. Well, we took a break, and we are we decided that we're going to go ahead and take a break, taking nice and easy and we're playing trivia game. And the said trivia game is golden girls trivia. It's awesome. All right. So no pressure. Fear got all four questions. Correct. Here we go. This where answers when we get it, right? I'm gonna start with Fraz -ly where just going to go round, the bend, Fresno. Out of the four golden girls. So that is your criteria. You got ABC in d you know, you got you got so FIA you got Dorothy. You got blanche and you got rose, okay. Those are your four choices. Okay. Here we go. Yes. Which golden girl had a sister named Gloria. Blanche. See I'm I'm a mean dictator. And that answer is incorrect. The answer is Dorothy. Sister's name is Gloria, okay? So Ali, we're going to give you the hard one. We're going to be the hard one because this is the tough one. Okay. Which golden girls daughter became a mother through artificial insemination. Rose incorrect. It is blanched. It was her daughter, Rebecca. Okay and Emma. Here we go. Which major the golden girls role was first cast. A role of the sisters, like which one which, which are the golden girls. How you got the same thing, Dorothy rose so fee or Blanch, which one of those do you feel was cast. I. The incorrect. It's fia. Getty. All right. We're going to go ahead and get a tiebreaker here because we got one more one more. All right. Here we go. One more. I one to shout out the correct answer is going to win because all three of you have failed and your girls trivia. Who was the first roommate to move in with the blanche those that is correct 'em? Owens. I'm not gonna say your fear level. All he got all four of those questions, correct? I every fear got them. All right. That's amazing. That's I have watched grown girls since I, I was like a young teenager. When I get home from school, go skits pool. That was the price is right for me. Stay home watch the prices of Bob Ross. Oh, the thing is my mom didn't know. I was home. Oh, okay. I didn't have to share the TV with anyone. Okay. So, so I'm gonna I'm gonna go back to what was previously mentioned where Allie said she was she was celebrating or her five year anniversary. Well, I am not exactly young. But I'm also not exactly old me and my wife this June. We'll be celebrating our sixteen waiting aniversary. June is a good month to get married. My friend. So that's, that's the thing. Here's the here's the fun trivia, fact I got married, when I was eighteen off so based on that you can figure out why you're crazy. Why did you do that? And also, I now know how old gin is. Well congrats. I'm my Oba and my nanna totally have you guys be because they've been married for seventy three years. And before that they were together. Yeah. Eventually. I mean, once we figure out how, you know, just not die. Like I'm gonna have your open beat but I got some. You got three years. Okay. It's going to be okay. Okay, Fraz, how many episodes of fragile cast am I going to have to be before? I'd be open and nanna. Sixty four that feels like a lot, but also not that many. Yeah, I mean, I can't believe it's all run on nine. You have sixty four episodes. Sixty four years. Or. Yeah. Back both. So you were eighteen married yoursel bring sixteen years injured in tune. So you and I are either the same age or slightly older than you. Figure it out. I just turned thirty five March, then you're slightly older than me. There you go. See, you're not that old slightly younger than you guys. And I've got one final thing I want to say to all of you tonight that you're the youngest here. Thank you for being a friend hell, hell. Yes. To the very end of the show. So we have reached the end of Frederick, Astro. We had a glorious time. I want to ask all of you. Where can we find you on the interwebs? We'll start with gin best place. If find me is you can pretty much go to all of the social media's with the exception of stab chat because as allergist pointed out, I'm super old, and I don't understand how that thing works news. Yeah. If you, if you check out at morally grey pod, you're gonna find pretty much everything there. Okay. So you can go to at moral very hot on Zee Twitter, you can go to Facebook dot com slash morla grandpa. You can even go to add more pot on Instagram and see what's going on with Gilmore, girl. We love Gilmore girls. That's a good one. This is golden girls trivia next month is probably going to be Gilmore girls because. Yeah, that one, I would be good at. I watched the whole entire thing. I'm just saying hashtag, I worked lad that she wound up with Luke. Yeah. We wanted. Okay. Anyway, that's where you can find me. It's morla great pod. Pod dot com prod everywhere pod. You can find it in Allie Gilmore where can we find you? More can take Morgan's. Okay. Sounds a little, too, like, Emily, go more and nobody wants to be. And I honestly just never really watched Gilmore girls. I haven't either we don't hate you in the same way that you feel disappointed that I haven't read artists. Oh, okay. Gotcha. Anyway. You can find my show at Dundee people calm or on Twitter at dungeon fables. Or you can find me on Twitter albums K and you can hear me every week on all things as Ross lady, Emma. When you are ninety five hundred six you'll be at home dying your hair, just like Betty white is, and all those Facebook posts. I'm never dyed, my hair. Did you hear I've never heard me? Neither look at my beard. I have Jin hair. Thank you very much. I'm proud of it. It's also down to my knees that fear tried to call me like one hundred percent, grand, not more gray, and I'm like, no. I'm a dirty blond and all that. That's what I used to be. I'm a blonde blind. So where can we find? It kills two. Again, I'll fix minute when you're up being killed at your house. Where can we find? Well, you work at or you can funny on Twitter at lady underscore, Emma. Yes. There isn't underscore and most things. If you've tried to find me lady underscore Emma ladies era. It's leading Emma. Something pretty simple. If you really wanna stop me, I'm probably going to be doing a lot of baking on Monday. So come by they'll be fresh baked goods. While I'm gonna head over to iron forge, because I need to go run a Knicks layer for that, dragon mount that, that Allie has. So Presley, if you need any tunes like Lil tunes that can't feed. I just let me now as I have that mount to over those good activated. Oh. Wind back, a middle of iron forge until we one day re-claim number gone. Let's look at what has been happening in the community. Awesome. Let's do that come before the storm surpassed forty thousand funding with the campaign. India on June fifteenth. They've surpassed the thirty thousand dollars stretch goal of an expanded, argh Alary. And now it's time to take our shot at the forty two thousand dollars goal of commemorative pint glass, to all at the thirty five dollars here and above. This reminder that recruiter friend is going on hiatus on June eleventh return. But we don't know what rewards we turn our how look in Mike Moore hyme who I consider a friend to the whole community is receiving the kills nineteen honor award at game lap. Barcelona this will take place on June twenty seven for press release from game lab. Game lips founder and director, I've van Fernandez Lobo stated that Mike Moore hive is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in history of video games under his leadership lizard, entertainment transform the way we create enjoy games crafting, experiences, an interactive universes that will live forever. Are you looking to go back to the stall jour-? Well, while had is loaded in the classic while head dungeon Lou tables for PC's to their database. This covers the major dozen items and you can help further increase this by running the while while Luder to help keep the database running smoothly. And if you want to relive classic memories in you wish you had already form. Well, in this instance, you can as the instance has released, vile episode one one eighty nine on their website. My good friends silver post about two mazing chainmail banners by sneaks chain mail, there, nine foot by twenty seven inches. There are seventeen thousand seven hundred fifty rings in sixty hours, plus put into it, these look amazing. And they went on sale at the lilac city comic con over the weekend. If they don't get sold they'll be on sneezed at sea. They are eight hundred ninety five piece or seventeen hundred for both so out of my price range, but these are incredible the work materials and such these are worth the cost. And showing addition to these banners. What community have Christie golden had footer threat Ascii for work raft characters Disney characters pleasant if you will. Well, I'll lenna wins in my opinion they posted so honest in that those has used in cronk in the famous gronk followed up with wrong. Lie to even have that lever. I laughed and I loved it. And finally listening to broaden their peril to the gear store, and they also launched the pride pin with the blizzard entertainment in rainbow. The pin is fifteen and proceeds through July thirty first, go to the terrified checked, which is the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people. Well, this has been another foul cast. So I was on fail podcast with Dr last weekend and blasted always with my good friend. He can hear all the hidings on episode one ninety one the title. Yeah. This gave us permission to use that title. Episodes back about a special announcement. I'm excited now. Foul cast is now available on paint doors mobile apps in the podcast section. This will also be on desktop at some point in the future. Then in a surprise to me. We are also now on radio dot com, which I believe is run by CBS. That would make it an amazing discovery. And then I noticed that fast isn't uptick. An iheartradio I'm working on getting this resolved. So you've probably can't hear this using the F, but this should be fixed soon. Maybe by the time you hear this on Monday every episode, I left to take time to those people who have support me financially for the show thinking about twit subs out there. They could Michael of the bluer clues near this podcast and also the genome project. We can see everyone's day. Thank you to dusty of north this podcast to craters podcast. Also does some kick. Butt streams thinking, knotty grandpa, they could reserve this master sarus thinking speaker for dead. They get a thorn of liking balls and bien en, they can Valla Sela. Thank you sorts, the goblin. And thank you to knee, har- reserve and velvet for the bits. If you want to support the show at the bit tip sub or shirt, please go to support known podcast dot com. All of these go to help. Supporting this labor of love, I do it for the community and I love doing it. Why am frazzled and you can find the show at no podcast dot com until next week. Be awesome. And hopefully my cold goes away. Lizard seeks player in on how the handle tensions, Zizi, overly dramatic news. I'm hunts the wind with all the turmoil during the tumultuous reign of garage. Hell screen as war chief and the successful revolt. But deposed him members of the horde could well be forgiven for wanting some peace and quiet. This being the world of warcraft. That was, of course impossible first game defeating the legion at the price of versions life, then barely a moment after they said, how can we use all these frequent flyer miles. We earn going to ARGUS in back so van is wind runner invoked. Her powers is worth chief to launch a new war on the alliance in an all out battle for as RAF, but many in the horde were troubled at win runner strategy. Ruthlessness is something the hord can embrace dishonor. However, was a March too far for them. I our vanished with a price on his head then bane disappeared with rumors that he was either killed or has been in prison somewhere for going against the war chief, who would be the next to say. No more today blizzard in an effort to maintain interest in an expansion growing. Longer in the tooth announced player poll to decide that very question. The potential objector has been a stalwart of the horde leading its foray into storm song valley, but working with the Lillian Voss on a recent mission for the war. Chief has brought doubts to this hero will join those refuse to walk the path so vanished. Demands be taken vote now in the referendum known as wreck Sar it. All. Check out the archives it, overly dramatic news dot com. On Twitter at the wind. Have you ever asked yourself what the world of Asraf looks like from the perspective of small village in penned area? Did you ever wonder what a weekly new show on a pen, Darren college radio station would sound like if not? Well, that's probably a good thing, actually, but the creators of the half ill report sure did so each week, your host Tosh Mahfoud, that's me brings you a short and very lighthearted view of the current goings on in as RAF as viewed by the only journalism major at half ill agricultural college. So join us each week on the half L report, as we share our small town view of a very large world. Welcome to the Fraz report. Short broadcast by me. The also know about the world of warcraft the festival is tomorrow. We need to help despoiling scrape bull calf Osho, yo, so I've been hearing whispers, at a certain God might be speaking to people with a certain gift, I've done against nation on what is being. Never out of bread like me. I swear this studio is hunted, but I ain't afraid of no ghost should be me. I'm just going to pretend I didn't just hear that a Mountie mental change Bush adjusting how different races look on mounts. Gnomes can finally reached the reins. And Tarn will finally fit to certain as on their mounts. That part is always a headache on my tyrant, alz and running along with the news. Pathfinder partout now has it explore MEC gun and Nash requirement and dish into getting the reps for those twos. Owns I'm looking forward to this point to it'd be one of the first thing I do and benefit is I look at the visit mecca gone with Artie put into do first thing, and before I end this broadcast anytime about a few classic things the I trust has happened this past Wednesday. Many people were unable to get past the log in Q. But for those who did they face to face with bosses, like rag, Newroz Hogger Omar the powder, a Nick Zia and others. Perfect nomad showed me, a tweet by platinum that shut a bunch of gnomes running around, that is what the place looks like that all could gnomes go to once they die, who have place amazing. I'm finding it hard to believe. I'm in heaven. There will be another stress test on may twenty ninth blizzard has tended that we may see more in game hilarity like in the first stress and during this beta a lot of things are being debated on whether. Their books or not, some examples include long quest objectives, that don't have text wrapping follow damages equipment to expect it and verified values broadcast text can be seen multiple times if multiple players interact with the same NBC wanted signs, do not have an exclamation point are also not highlighted trying to remember, if I ever did want to sign when I was a young lad. Maybe I overlooked them player characters. Do not end mate when looting or interacting with quest objects. The example is collecting pumpkins and gnomes intolerance, are the correct size. Interesting. Have we gotten bigger or smaller since then, and BFA, while is looking at some possible changes blizzard in a cost cutting measure is examining all these classrooms are still around? They getting paid for doing nothing. This has been happening since bist, depend aria. Don't be surprised to see them one day working elsewhere. No, no, no, no. I don't mean working in the ESO expansion that just launched and don't forget, that know me is holding to cook off on may twenty eighth. Rumors are that entries will make you feel hot hot hot. Well that whisper. Has returned? Be all my head. I'm going to leave before does return if Israel so until next time be awesome. Fratto cast a fan podcast that covers games. We are not affiliated with butchered Entertainment, inC views expressed by the hosting guests are there own some of the art music and sound effects come from wizard games in our own by blizzard Entertainment, inC. No, copyright infringement is intended. Bye. Had powered studio dot com.

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Really Awful Movies: Ep 279  Little Shop of Horrors

The Really Awful Movies Podcast

30:45 min | 2 years ago

Really Awful Movies: Ep 279 Little Shop of Horrors

"Up of the news, this evening is speculation concerning the real facts behind the department of health announcement about a radioactive spill supposed to have a cut yesterday at the state nuclear plant, you'll die only to live again in a younger body. Then you could tell me if the operation was a success. Thank leasing determined to have your brain. You're listening to the really awful movies podcast. Celebration of genre cinema. Hi, my name is Chris along with Jeff. We talk about movies that aren't really awful at all horror action kung FU musicals, post apocalyptic women prison films, much, much more. All began in this little shop. Damn roses where strange as it seems something extraordinary avid. Feeling very well. Today. Shop of horrors, a story about a boy? Live. Rain. Much like you're not have on. Did you get such a? A girl. Live on skit you alone. What is his voice? Morris who's not a good thing. Boy. All the thing. All month for this. I think I need a root canal. I'm sure I need a long slow root canal. Ball and a plant. Keep on feeding you from downtown headquarters. Here's episode two seventy nine little shop loose. Shop. Shot. That just to be so by surprised because it's usually me bricks in. Yes, amazing. This is nineteen eighty six little shop. A horror is not to be confused with the very young very emerging talent that was Jack Nicholson in the nineteen sixty Roger Corman production, we decided to focus on the nineteen eighty six one. And although this the reverberations fell from this movie see more for the to be that's really well done continue to be felt today, because they're continued stage out of -tations musical adaptation. This is a phenomenon that appears to be without end which is odd, because the music is not particularly great pair of their songs. He's probably Abby, more seymour's. Yeah. Beside me and. Yeah, for a few showstoppers, but for the most part, not exactly Sean Vel, John, or that kind of level of musical supremacy, John. Mess. We CD. Musical. And so it's funny that this is a movie. I remember from being a key when I was a kid and seeing this killer plant, and wondering what in the hell this thing is all about and bugging? My poor mother for venusfly trial plant, which is notoriously difficult to grow as I soon found out when the poor thing was, I was I got one and it was tits up with. Leaks. They advertise him in the back of comic books order on VS along those fucking see one keys. Have you ever seen those advertisements seem on? No. Well, I would say the Montes, probably worked better than the than the plan for the gang brine shrimp is opposed to. You know, like just monarchy with the pick the street in the back of the it'll mini society, like Cicero supports true. Yeah. But I saw this theory six, I was taken by my on my dad and your. I remember that theater, don't remember the name of it. But I remember that actual feeder 'cause I remember I had see little shop there. Remember I, I saw build their when that came out during the loss to the cinema memory seeing like Stephen king's remodel there. So this is a theory that I, I saw a lot of movies at and I loved little shop, when I saw a six to the point that we I love to love it. It's kind of weird. It wasn't like my favorite movie. The Senate like rocky, for example, couldn't get enough any rocky, please. Let's rocky, but. I didn't joy it. I enjoyed the, the cartoon aspect of it. I enjoyed the comic book aspect of it. I enjoy I dislike musicals I enjoyed Audrey too. I mean you know once again. That. And not to be confused, Audrey, too, but Audrey to yes. And they also I mean they put out a line trading cars. I think tops put it out the ones who put out the Garth Bo. Kids, collected the our Nali that, but I saw this film incessantly on home. Video is one of those ones that were in heavy rotation. We would brand again. And again, and again and, yes, the original was directed by Roger Corman. And of course he's a legend, but this was also directed by lead into Gaul Fram. 'cause yeah, I mean, this is the guy that not only he do the voices of iota in the Star Wars films. He still to this day still doing what he did, of course, Bazi bear miss piggy bird, those voices and only that, but it would also do the public. Well, but also directed the dark crystal film, this about to have a bit of a research on Netflix. They're going to be believe Dr crystal series. He directed. Another film that was very, very formative for me as a kid being taken to the center of the sake, Manhattan. My saw and directed one of my all time favorite comedies of the eighties. Because see Marg on the of him, yet, we will be speaking of him later dirty on scoundrels. Michael Caine India. So I mean Frank ause is the legend, he still with us? So he's not alleged of the most orthodox definite for the word, but the man is legendary. Okay. So you mentioned rocky, I've been Philadelphia. I've run up the steps. I get a lump in my throat when I see the scene between Stallone and the priest where they talk talian any wishes well with the fight down, if you blessings, my way out other van. Well, that's good stuff. Okay. So why is this film not in the same squared circle as as the likes of rocky? Than for you, because you love it, but you don't love it. Love it. Locked in this, I enjoyed and every time it was put on, I would be entertained, but it didn't resonate with my life. Okay. Rocky from one to like Tommy memorial every rocky fill in even the creed series. They all resonate with in my life, the character of rocky, I relate to so much more so than relate to see. Right here Seymour. It's just obviously the Simpsons of ruin it with Seymour. Skinner mother and everything the Norman Bates illusions, but we're talking about legends yet. Again. I mean, let's look at the casting, and playing Seymour, another legend, Rick moranis and Toronto legend. Well, he's, he's alleged right? He's even more relaxing in Toronto because of TV. Come on Ghostbusters on the kids excetera. Oh, I know. Ios cringe. Oh, no. I'm just saying. Because I was on. A friend of mine, we run mushers that we are wondering around downtown. And we've pass by to talk ease, you're married. I know his memorials. So Tate and butter, but yeah, we're flying sufficient Bello is a good meat substitute, if you ever wanna make a nice victory. Would anyone wanna subsidy me if this so beyond beyond beyond me put it that way? I like my meat you can't beat your meat so to speak. You. We passed this marquee, for cinema. Downtown. It was playing this Rick, moranis film and someone that annot whether this was intentional, but the marquee read, Honey, I blew the kids, and that would works rock, which was Honey. I blew up the. Yes, we are killing ourselves doubled over laughing in the way that can only be enhanced by being in such a state, so, yes, Honey, I blew the kids. Not the Michael Jackson story, come to think of it. I'm so sorry that because you have to question earlier. Yeah. Why did this appeal to you so much of the child? But not the. And I'm gonna should be going to be amazing practical effect Indy so on so spirit. And I was a monster kid, I loved monsters, but I hated horror. You know what I mean? And so for me. My monsters to be safe. Dear when I say out of his family ought to be some sort of element of comedy or something, this a little bit Larkin life, cartoony, and archery to especially if he's growing bigger and bigger, and bigger, and bigger and bigger is, you've got an extremely incredible monster with incredible practical effects wonderful puppetry, and it's a safe monster. Maine. Yes. Carnivorous plant that have it is van, pyrrhic basically, in the sense that feeds like human blood and whatnot. But or is NPR can't ballistic? What do you want to? Impure against because cannibal plus the same species, so it's yeah. Yeah. And it was just a monster that I was able to the Viennese six I would have been ten years old and yellow is able to just use palatable to me. I liked it. Yeah. In fact, the bigger monster to me when I watched this movie was Steve Martin sadistic, dentist. I'll film was the first time once again, nineteen eighty six I ever grasped the concept of SM a group, and that is, I mean, the film showstopper is well again, we can do delve into a little bit of the plot is not really not much to it. Seem more becomes a superstar botanist when he secures this oddball plant from Chinatown in New York City, brings it value almost see. Yeah. No, less bigly racist, and he brings it back to this curiosity. Shop sort of junk shop and the someone prompted to put it in the window, and it suddenly solicits, all sorts of incredible business because all these passersby see this plant, and this is skid row. And there's a wonderful musical number about a poor neighborhood is, but all of a sudden, the fortunes of this business are boosted by this plant, and as the plant becomes fed it grows and grows, and it grows and grows and one of the people who works in the store. Her boyfriend is the Steve Martin character and men. How incredible is he? He's just this. He reminds me a little bit physically of the lead singer, from nine inch nails Trenton Resona. He's got a crust with obviously the king, he's Elvis, like sort of greasier, rockabilly dentists. One of those has all your head metaph matter of factly comes barging in motorbike, like the wild ones, you know, and like Brando or something, he's just. So great. He's a sadist and one of his patients is Bill Murray masochistic, and again this stuff. I mean, I coming to this movie, many years later, one, it was first released. So I didn't all I saw were the trailers, maybe would have been very young kid. But yeah, that business of their relationship is so great. And the fact that Bill Murray is too much of a masochist for even the doctor sadist and actually has the show him the door because he can't. He's fill editor of all right? Because I mean he wants to give pay me paid Tanabe receive readily. But when you have somebody who's received in law, the wanting more and more and more, this is not going to happen as, as we talked about the marathon man dentists and me do not get along. Well we're not Copacetic. I've had eighteen teeth pulled, I've had gum surgery in my entire life. Going for twenty years if only going back maybe month or two ago and told no cavities do you got teeth? All my God. I had a graph because of a receding gum line where they cut skin tissue off the roof of my mouth and in implanted it into my lower gum and men was that painful and anytime I see a dentist depicted on film, or anytime. I see, like someone with these kinds of utensils. I'm stricken with. So overpowering fear. I was a med east at this is a tantrum. I'm going to dance for the first time in twenty years, I was why didn't they go for so long fear, but I was amazed at how, how easy was how kindle, it is how all cavities. You say, hey, like the screen being tartar off the. Was your year? I hated the Floride. Hey, the law reiver's are one of the worst things I've ever taste. Yeah. And they'll do anymore. They don't give you flow, right? At least give Nope, they don't anymore. Think off for was in and out in our for that cleaning dentists may have well been the show stopper this film. But there's other characters is the proprietor of the store and tastic who and the dynamic between him. And this never she Seymour fellows, quite hilarious. And we say name is mush, Nick much much Nick or I'm not sure that sounds like a good, you know, proprietor name Sam good old Sam, and the sort of Sian bargain struck up between Seymour. And this ridiculous plant is hilarious, because in exchange for its keeping it, sustaining it, giving it sustenance through pricking his finger, like a diabetic with blood and feeding the plant with floods meeting is eve me feed me, the in exchange, again, as I mentioned earlier. Seymour becomes a little bit of a celebrity in, in skid row of New York City, and he becomes known for the guy who is the caretaker, the botanist of this unique plant, and you could see how this would be a minor media sensation then or now on it's pretty funny. So again, there's nothing unique about Flytrap obviously. But when that covers about six foot tall, and maybe four foot why is incredible, and I was going to ask if this conjured up any maybe memories of maybe video dead, where the kind of similar practical effects of this there, and they both had their Genesis from outer space, both of these giant gaping MAs. Space agrees that and video data because they were like zombie like characters, they might have been known as here vision hotel. Yes. Sewri terror vision that was it. And so this gaping purple Ma with these amazing glorious teeth, but, but even then you can't just base a film around one creatures. You have these siren figures, these Motown dads, that introduce the movie they're like a Greek chorus basically, generally interested movie. But they're commenting on the action and one of the things that was so neat about that is that the three names of those trio, right? Yes, one was named Rene like the nets wall of sound, you know, indeed. That was named fawn like fonz and the other was aimed Bristol like crystals. Right. That was a female grow either leave. Yes, they eat one their their, their name was the actual name of group in the fifties or sixties nice on a Greek chorus. To something like Woody, Allen's. Yeah. Thought that was. I mean that was credible. And I did not know what to make of this movie when I first started streaming it, and I was like, what, what is going on? Why is this sixties girl group? Gladys Knight and the pips got. No, you name it the Ron nets kind of thing. What what is happening here? I don't know what's going on. But I like it the, the do ups, and then this, this again, very cheesy settings. I believe they filmed it in England. And so obviously, it's a back lot and it's not particularly like chalk with realism where it's a credit debit. Remember, I mean, this is based on an off Broadway play, you know, you mentioned rock euro, and you could make comparisons between this and the rocky horror picture show in the Senate both start off, as off Broadway, plays that becoming cultural, Georgia, and they became films, and so on. In this case, the off Broadway version of little shop horrors. Of course, the cornfield came first, and then sixty but this, the off Broadway version of the show with the same song, we saw in the movies suddenly Seymour excetera that, that premiered on may six eight two ran into ninety seven zero ran off Broadway to a full year. It's unbelievable. It's way to Broadway. It's incredible like the people's appetite for this kind of crap. I don't mean to be dismissive, but there is a production of the most trap Agatha Christie, Iran in Toronto for fricken twenty five years. I mean, we'll knows at that dinner theater. I remember I was gonna pay. Shake west fortieth fantastic year. Good. Like, do you remember the movie that goes crazy? It was running Iran in one cinema in Toronto for well over two years. All the coke bottle dropping on somebody's head of movie, but I remember always like every week wanna go pass Martinez, cage fifty four th week, fifty fifty fifth, and I think those days are done, maybe because millennials are so infused with novelty seeking behavior. So you while you may be able to regurgitate and revive old products? And productions you can't there's no way that kind of run would continue not even like come from away. It's that Newfoundland theme musical of nine eleven displaced Americans who land in the island. They that thing will not have a run beyond what it's well, maybe never say, never. But I just advocates phantom look les Miz. I mean, these are things will never ever. Well, thanks to maybe glee. Maybe reviving and trying to marry the audiences of parents with their kids and trying to find common ground and looking at you. Whatever that Elton John movie is or the Queen movie bohemian, rhapsody. There's this love don't come on. I kinda love it. I guess about about the John rocketed. But when, when I saw the trailer was God, I thought this has to be one of two titles. It's going to be called yellow brick row or rocket man. And there's no other way you could you could venture. There's no other tack, you could take whatever you call it, Daniel. Rock. No call the border song. The tagline but anyhow, original white long. It's funny like I don't this is so weird. So it's having its third fourth fifth, like it's got a cat's nine lives, this movie and not for the music so much. But for the indelible characters, and one of whom and if I don't even know we're at the time when we segue into what we've learned might as well. But John candy in planes trains, automobiles. He's such a just an incredible lovable amazing. I would say you're like I miss him, I would so dearly early. Get paired up again with although he didn't have seen with him. But Steve Martin safaris to say that this is complete unofficial complete. I'm gonna play on my ass. But I think candy is the second most beloved Canadian after going risky. We love him here. We absolutely worship that man, we all remember. They we were when we found out he passed on. I remember that, where I was that they were doing. Yeah. Because at that time he'd gotten into ownership of football team. He was like husky, your fellow obviously, the big frame and everything, but he was getting a little more putting on a little more weight. And we were wondering about the extent of his health and throw Mike Myers in there as well as you honestly, they're not as university beloved in within Canada is okay within Canada. I meant within Canada. Well, yeah, maybe I mean he was the subject of jeopardy. Answer question last night. Gordon Lightfoot maybe I don't even know like jeez. Yeah, just so versatile. And the, the fact that we could not see the extent of his talent, who was is really the shame here, because talk with the twenty eight club and that those people were taken from us, too soon he to okay, twenty seven twenty eight th year my defense but yeah, they this guy was so incredibly Chris, thank you. But his ability to be dramatic actor and pull out the sweet wholesome comedy and without parallel. John John candy like he was he was well, he could do physical comedy. You know, he but at the same time, he can pull out sweet and sentimental, without being cloying. Yes, I think to greater degree than Jim Carrey, whose I I've been left co. Oh, by some of his more dramatic performances, but I don't think there's any comparison, this guy is just such an here. He plays wink, wink Persson or some sort of cheesy digit and who's got one of those old timey. Mike's he pulls to his mouth, and has all this silly banter, and he's introduced to sort of a reactive second banana, Rick moranis character and the banter between. Them's very funny, but yeah, just one of the many just incredible actors who appears on this also Ellen Greene as the Audrey character we're not Audrey the plant after whom the plant is named and she's one of the workers at this in this in this shop, and she's a terrific longtime Broadway stalwarts as well. So the Indian so are we talking about what we learned? Yeah. I mean, we're learning a lot here. I learned is that to this day movies can still surprise you. And I gotta say it's one thing to watch a movie expecting something again. Something else. Holy entirely different because unbeknownst to me, this film had two endings the original ending was faithful to the off, Broadway play Audrey to basically destroys mush. Knicks Seymour more heats the character played by was Ellen was the actress. But yeah, sorry eats. Audrey one and one incredible rampage through this recent New York City now that, that ending. Was was completely vilified by test is, is they destroyed they hated it would result in reaffirms its quality which resulted in some lengthy re-shoot, some expensive refuse to give the audience more of a happy ending. And one thing that the producers said, is that, you know, one thing we underestimated when we made a movie is the value of the curtain call because when you have a play and when you're lead actors died in the play. Well, then the come out for the curtain, call things. Okay. But in the movies, like my God, they're dead like what's happened now. But it ended like I think credible fifty Sifi own monster. Runamuck movie. And I didn't expect that at all. Because I I'd never seen any prior every time I rent the sing on VHS. It was always the same old milquetoasts happy ending. With augury and, and see more. Yeah. Live object of his unrequited love. And again, she's connected to the dentist to me, too. And. Living picket, how picket fence home the suburbs. There's a little serve like all the little Audrey going. But I mean to see that ending. Oh, yeah. So fatalistic that was amazing. So that took by practice of this whole new level. So what I learned is that despite the fact that I had seen this film so many times as a kid, despite the fact that I have very fond memories, despite the fact that collected the trading cards, I would have given this film, probably about three stars nonetheless, maybe three and a quarter but with that original ending because that was the ending that I got dude that was a four star ending and made harbory for stars to me, and I love the pro boss case of reaching out of the plant when it starts to grow and finally extend its its tentacles, when it goes out to dial a phone, and I thought that was so funny, stretches out, maybe thirty forty feet and then, of course, rings up the human after which he she is named and says, you've got to come over to the store and brings her to his lair to the plants layer, and she meets with her demise to thought that was the so excellent. I'm going to give this one four star. As well. Be remiss if I didn't mention obviously soda any Christopher's. Yeah. This much to see more much more to see see more and well we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the incredible improvising talents of the first client of this shop, and that would be, of course, Christopher guest. And, and we would also be remissed the, the man who played Mushnik Kazeem visitor Denia and American he feels that he was cast solely because of his last name. So. Yes. Flour, yeah. Exactly. Well, it could have cast, none of no Bill is Elliott. Johnny jade. I don't know who else was available Pete Rose. I'm good. Good. Bobby dandy line. This one. I mean I become somewhat of a of a green thumb of late. When was my girlfriend has moved in and I have a had exactly zero plants I in nets. I love the fact that you were like Cassidy for having no plans. Nothing to live in your center. Like some moldy fit in your refrigerator was. But anyway, have like a Jay again, apotheosis of African violets got hanging plants. Got on the unfortunately, named wandering Jew, which is actually thing but it's very beautiful plant, and I hung it up in a different location to get more sun. So I'm turning into. Very regular like Johnny horticulture a hor- for the horticulture. Matters to me, and you're not growing. It's very true to that added extra resonance to because also my lady friend, she used to work in greenhouses, and she has a background environmental science, and she's really spurred me to get interested in the kind of, I would say that, you wouldn't get the sense of in this film, obviously. But there's a certain peacefulness the comes with would say having an aquarium with fish as well as plants calmed, down significantly since having veritable, greenhouse now is my my apartment. So every time I come in, I have them in my bedroom. I've got them in my living room and it's you know it's given more than it's taken even though I've killed a couple so far. But I've been transplanting them veritable, Dr Frankenstein of transplanting, different plants growing them. And I'm like, now I'm waiting for your your Audrey to, to, to bloom. Well, we've hoped you've grown along with us with the podcast. And a quick note we had a bit of a delay on our next book. Project more details, we will be able to reveal in upcoming episodes. It won't be a while. But we do have another book in the works. We can't say more here's a quick plug. We hope you can pick up to support the show, which has no advertising and no patriot or any of that kind of stuff. So you'd really help us out if you picked up a copy of death by Birla, one hundred weirdest horror movie weapons, which is our highly claimed book, you'll really enjoy it. And you'll think it's a lot of fun. So please support the show pick up for us and send us such suggestion for well hell musical that we should podcast because a man, the apple is, so fantastic and such warm memories of that one. San xanadu is great. We probably do rock and roll highschool. One of these days love these movies and. Send us your suggestions in that front continue to listen to the show. Email is really awful movies at g mail dot com. And we shall talk to you sin. They.

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The Geekly News  Week ending 2-16-2020

The Geekly News

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The Geekly News Week ending 2-16-2020

"This is the Geeky News your source for unvarnished coverage of the latest and the Geek News Cycle. I'll probably I'll probably getting a switch here soon on the fence for a long time but that that kind of pushed me over have been telling you. Yeah you with a lot of people. It's so good. If that thing we reported the other week comes to fruition and Sony Eakin like remote. Play your play station on it right or whatever might happen with the police station on it. That'd be amazing. Ray probably mess around with me and it would be weird though but also awesome to play death stranding on the switch. I don't know why it's just like the two just don't really match up in my head. Seems so wholesome. I firmly disagree and submit to you that it would be the most. Meta thing in the world if you were to like on. Take your switch out of the house while playing deaths stranding to deliver something to someone while delivering p things in-depth stranding like this is this is inception level. Oh God I think that is a perfect Combo I might try it if that becomes failed it just for the content you know his then. I mean yeah everybody everywhere all right well. Let's talk about news stuff to new stuff. Yeah what happened this week in the world of nerdiness? I don't think it should be a surprise. Anyone but Nintendo has announced that they will be back at three this year. The reason why it was news is there was a leat participants lists and Nintendo was not on it also. Xbox was on it which the two of them you know kind of conspicuous but they have both confirmed. They will be at e three this year. I think Nintendo's probably going to do their whole Direct Bang you know where they have the pre made video and then have the demos and all of that kind of stuff. The year that I went to e three they had such a massive booth. I you know if you could call it a booth. If it's like a small city was just so big. That's what she said and it just the I can't even imagine the amount of money and time went into putting that thing together. Yeah I don't even know it was just insane. So yeah there are expected to be back at e three this year as a lot of people know so knee slash playstation has said that they are not going to be eighty three again this year. So they weren't there last year. They're skipping out again. This year. Sounds like they're going to focus on their own individual event. Ea also doing the same thing. They're going to focus on. Ea play which happens to be in June also so that's a little awkward but also to be fair e a really they really don't care what other companies to and it shocks them when there are other things that coincide with what they WANNA do. I don't know if I would say all of that. I mean I would but obviously because you just did. It makes as begrudgingly admit that it makes sense from a business standpoint. But it's one of those okay. Well you're right but you're still a dick kind of things. So yeah there's there's still going to be some pretty big companies so rattled off a few xbox intendo ubisoft Bethesda Sega Capcom Square inex- take two interactive band dynamic. Oh Warner Brothers game. So they're still going to be lots of big exhibitors at e three this year. I think the most important run really is the devolving digital conference than anything. But you know these other people will be there to. I'll watch just for volver. It's so great. All it's always great anti-static the other thing that he male related to eat three was the reimagining art. I read this article and I just I could not stop laughing the whole time. Jeez so we know that for the last year's e three is opened up passes to fans players basically non industry people to attend with varying levels of success they also were not prepared like in their security setup for like having it open to the general public. I don't think literally when I was there. You could just they just checked and say Oh yeah you had a badge like just visually. They didn't check bags. They didn't make sure that people weren't walking in with anything bad. Like weapons or whatever it was just like okay cool you got a badge and you just saunter in your merry way. So supposedly they're addressing security between actual on sites security as well as their whole leaking of credentials for various industry people last year. Excuse me while I hold my breath rights I. I don't know what measures they're taking me to say that they're addressing it but the other big thing is that they are reimagining. How e three will delight fans and showcase what's next supposedly. They're going to have some type of experience on the floor at the event and it will be shown on live streams and things They'll have what they call experiential zones. I'm willing to assume that slake demos and things but who knows then you know you just kind of like your standard e-3 show floor fair. They're they're clearly trying to address making the event more fan inclusive because historically has been an industry event and it existed long before the Internet is the type of police that it is now. It was a forum where the big you know like the Triple A. Companies could go out and show off what they were coming out with and then different news outlets and things would be there to cover everything that's going on and now you know you've got people live streaming events you've got conferences that are being streamed online. There's a lot of virtual access to what's happening at the show but you know of course you see all the cool things people wanna go but you also have the ability for those developers and the developers who could not afford to go because it literally costs millions of dollars for some of these setups that people have on the show floor if they can connect directly with fans through the Internet. They don't necessarily need e three shoe make people aware of what they have coming out and this is what I've said for years now. Each threes obsolete. Don't need it. We haven't needed it so it's more of a IT'S A. It's a good old boys club. That is only around because the phrase will. This is the way we've always done it still exists. I think there's still some value in having like a big event that sort of helps to bring attention to what's going on within the industry. Yeah but it could be so much better than what it is now. It could be an have e three the world's fair kind of thing Have it just like an open air open to the public fucking come in? See what's going on. See what we have an and let it be at that. It doesn't have to be this crazy insane. Model that it is now. It's still kind of at odds with what it was with what it wants to or could be in the future because it was an industry event for so long it it was never in my opinion really created or you'll fan enjoyment originally. It's evolved over time to address that in some form or fashion but it really was for people who were in the industry for other industry related people so it definitely needs to evolve. I think the people who are probably missing out in this scenario or the industry folks who may be used that as a way to connect with other people or have done so in the past. I know that a lot of industry folks have seen where the people who come in with the fan passes you have kind of like made the the floor more crowded made it a little bit more difficult for the industry folks kind of navigate. Get business done. So it's not necessarily a bad thing but for devs and in such who are constantly under fire from public from different fan groups and communities who are constantly grilling them. And how dare you release this game without? Xp Her but then Oh you know we support. They're not being crunch. And it's like make up your mind. Yeah you know I could see where some industry people might want to have like. It's sort of a safe space where they can just interact with other industry people and not necessarily have to worry about addressing those people who are hypercritical of of what it is that they do so e. Three's a weird place It's been an weird place has been an. I think it's going to continue to be especially now that you see companies like Sony deciding not to attend anymore and they were one of the big five or whatever of of those authorities. Even corporations run by crusty old men are e earth now starting to realize that ten years ago was relevant. It was it was a place to grab people's attention you can achieve the exact same effect for watch cheaper with one twitch stream you can with their sin still something fun any hands on like this big spectacle and to be able to have stuff from like different companies almost back to back. And that's why I say Levitt let it be like an open air world's fair kind of thing. Let it in a don't charge. Absurd amounts of money for admission. There are better ways to do this for cheaper. That's still involves the community and still involves people may out being this giant corporate circle jerk which currently is right now but I mean again. That's just me. I think there's opportunity for some of the the smaller developers to get in on that type of situation you see them at Lea- smaller conventions and things by this type of big event where it's gone. Everyone's eyes I think it'd be cool to to see some of those smaller companies interspersed in there. So you know maybe a larger kind of event like that might work. I don't know I don't even know if honestly that type of world's fair thing would work in the world that we live in now everything so money. Driven Essay makes money off of this particular event. Is someone going to want to put something on like that? Without being able to charge for tickets. Yeah the other thing too is so jeff keely has been running the e three Collins Siham for many years which is basically like an interview type thing with industry folks and he has also announced that he will not be back for three this year. That doesn't necessarily mean that e three coliseum could not happen with someone else but because he's been the driving force behind it kind of seems like probably won't happen in no one's really addressed it outside of him saying Hey. I'm not planning to come back and part of what he said about. It was like based on what he knows. What's happening with the show which was kind of a cryptic message? It didn't seem very positive. I think the other thing too is he's been doing the game awards for the last however many years in December and that seems to be growing. I don't like it as a replacement for the things that are happening ether because the game awards feels like a really long commercial and there's some awards that happened in between it should be like the game adds plus awards or something like it just. It doesn't feel like a really big celebration of the industry. Lay You. Just give them the idea to charge money for like game awards. Dlc Oh Jeez they do it. They'd figure out a way to see most segment of the show insert to ninety nine. Now corporations are listening to this. Fuck off no we only have thirty seven streaming services to deal with to watch different shows also annoyed about. It's so fake what he's coming out. Yeah I'm still so pretty interested in qube though I duNno I. The ads are annoying. I don't see a lot of ads in my life so I guess it hasn't really reached that level for me. I I get I get qube stuff as a sponsor tweet like every twenty minutes haven't really experienced that but even though I don't WanNa see this ad anymore. They're like no cure their head. They know that we talked about it. On the PODCAST. So they're like clear. Clear the chip in my head. Luck no right. I don't know what we really should expect from. E three the the air clearly trying to make some changes to make it more modern and more film. I hope it works yeah. I'm interested to see what it is that they are planning to do. We know that it's all going to be streamed. Which is that's not news. I'm still at the end of the day E. Three or no. I'm still going to play what I WANNA play. I'm still going to go after what looks interesting. Most of the gains that are just like millions of dollars in in marketing and ADS and presentation at e. Three's spent on these games. I never even look at just before he starts awesome. That Kiani was the xbox conference. Last year's only life and the devolve or conference is the only bright spots from last year's Eve cyberpunk with Donna Reeves and offer. That's it I'm okay with the money spent if it gives me Kiani so you know it's that over. I mean even as we were starting about to start recording. You had to practically like kick me off valley on my phone you. Why are you use your phone? Ain't no put it down. It's the lock screen. It's fun yeah. I don't trust you know if I if I keep looking down during the whole time. Yeah Yeah Yeah my gosh all right moving on so because money we'll be able to Herschel. Vr Escape Room because we need more of those in our life. Apparently right so this is something that was announced by ubisoft. It's will have three hundred locations available. It is a complete. Vr experience that task a team of players with solving various puzzles to escape the fortress of time and that includes using time control. I don't know if anyone was asking for it but escape. Rooms are have become popular. The R line is yeah. I didn't really see those two being married but okay it's funny too. Because in this article they reference the Half Life Alex game which is another. Vr experience and these these VR announcements. Feel kind of these companies are forcing so it's like shooting at someone's feet to get them to dance. It feels like to me like it I've never. Vr is to me. And I don't know maybe I'm just an entitled White Kid by the what passes for. Vr right now is not real vr. Give me Goddamn hollow dex or nothing. Well you know with any technology you have to have like incremental progress let other people do the incremental progress in tested me like. I know like there is no suspension of disbelief for me with this. Vr like. I know I'm wearing a headset with a fucking cellphone attached to it. Unless you have like real vr but even then it's just it's unless like it's not total. Vr. Because yes I have a fucking visor over my head but it still no suspension of disbelief. Because I can still be very much aware of the real world around me While I'm doing this. That's that's augmented reality. That's irtual reality. Aether huge difference thinking it could be more successful if the whole headset thing weren't as heavy. And you're you're constantly aware of this thing being on your face and if that could be improved would probably be a little bit easier to get immersed in my opinion. There's also some games that are really cool and be our lake beat sabre is fun but I also like those types of music movement game so but games like this or You know half life for so many others IDA. It just doesn't really feel like a game that's native to it even though it might be a. Vr exclusive game. He just. I don't know there's something about the experience that still doesn't say to me. This definitely should have been VR game. It just feels like you created a regular game but then you just based all the controls around VR controls it just. It's still I get that. There are people that really enjoy these games and you know they get into there was a the only the only VR game. I don't even remember what it's called anymore is something you can think it might have been pd like. When that demo was making the rounds here was a resident evil. I think it was for resident. Evil seven they had a VR version. And they also hockey about that. They had a candle that smelled like blood. And something else. The only thing I could think was like well. Yes smell would make the experience a little bit more immersive. You know how sometimes when you burn a candle that smell just like lingers in your house or in the room in kind of seeps into staff I really wouldn't want to have a blood smell 'cause it was also supposed to be aged in like rotting wood or whatever based on the game. I really don't want that smell. Lingering in my house. No no no no. They're actually. I started experimenting with like smell like a sense to help drive a narrative if mighty games there is actually on in go look at twitter like this is a real thing and there's they're actually really cool called cantrill candles and they are a Dean D. Themed Candle Company. Basically like they have other stuff but candles other main forte and they have candles. That smell like that. The letter named like you know lively tavern or musty dungeon and things like that like it's it's actually it really helps set a move. Well yeah this is actually one of the most powerful senses you can. It just takes one slight smell to like instantly. Knock your brain back like a childhood memory. Yeah it's it's actually one of the things that you don't lose unless you lose your sense of smell but so yeah I absolutely could see that and so yes for creating immersive environment. Smell is definitely effective but still don't want resident evil friggin smelling Shay. Yeah you really. Don't want four day old blood-soaked corpse scented candles. Oh it just kind of just like you. Can't you can't knock that out of your house. What if you know? Throw away the whole house. You're supposed to have people over for dinner. And they're just like a actually. I've gotta go guests just the light that candle and just let it slowly creeping on them. Oh God I have an idea now. You're welcome okay. So yeah principle. Vr Escape Room coming to a VR place near you continue to laugh also in Gaming News. So there's a studio that it was created by wizards of the coast called archetype entertainment. They are based in Austin and a bunch of buyer. Beware Austin veterans or now had a making their way over there. Some people who worked on the good massive what? I'm understanding and I reached out to a couple of my friends who both live in Austin and who a couple who were with bio at one point the majority of the team that has not working at archetype. Entertainment are the people who are responsible for old school by aware favorites. Lie Co tour right. It's an interesting move. You know you've got these people congregating there and not necessarily like I. There's no indication that they're trying to poach this group or anything like that but it's kind of like. Oh you see some friends that you did stuff with at one point. He did some good work. He had a good time. You see an opportunity to work with them again so you jump on it and I really think that's what's driving this more than anything to be fair though. I don't think we should downplay by wears ability to piss off talented creators than leave to find greener pastures. Because ever since an anyone who's listened podcast for any amount of time knows that I lament and mourn. The death of what by aware once was because they used to be an absolutely incredible development company. That churned out. Some of my most favorite games of the like the last decade like will not the last decade. Like two thousand. Two thousand ten was like their heyday where they created some truly dragon. Georgians Mass Fact One Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Baldur's gate. Oh my God Baldur's Gate. Yeah ever since. Ea SNATCH THEM UP. It's been an increasingly large train wreck for a bunch of developers a bunch of program directors and all the people in high up positions and bio went. Yeah this isn't worth it anymore and just left so good on them for finding a company. That's pretty much letting them do what they want right and this is. This is a completely autonomous arm of Wasi. And it's not to say that anyone's currently leaving by aware to go over there a lot of folks as far as our young people these are people who left a while ago and you know they got snapped up by this so like all right cool yeah right so it's something to keep an eye on any time. A group of people working on a game have creative freedom to make something that they're excited to build versus something that they were told did good numbers in surveys and different things. Yeah it has the potential to be really good. I'm you give any group of talented nerds of budget and free rein. Some crazy shit's GONNA come out of that. I'm excited to see what they put together and I would love to see a continuation of Baldur's gate. I'll be honest. I know that like the current project that they're working on. I guess is some unnamed or in an untitled like sci fi right style thing rate so cool. Give me more. Baldur's gate please. Well and being. It's part of wizards of the coast. There is huge opportunity for a table. Top high-handed us. Also that's also exciting for all of US nerds and I've been. I've been a fan of Windsor. The coast for literally two years now ever since I started playing match gathering in nineteen ninety eight right so yeah I will never not love withered. So I'm I am truly looking forward to seeing what they do with this. It's going to be and I and I like that wizards went okay. Here's your office. Here's your budget. If you need us have fun. Yeah exactly so any type of that type of situation happens. You're bound to get something interesting whether or not a successful you know. It doesn't always work out but at least they're going to be able to explore some new ideas which is cool. I am one hundred percent on board for new. Ap's versus bunch of sequels in rehashes in Baldur's gate. Give me more. I don't even think they have the authority to make I who owns the IP. Here's gate. I Dunno related to that one of the Folks from by aware that went over was the lead writer from the first to mass effect games. So again you know reasons to be excited for this mass effects. I loved mass. Three right up until the last fifteen minutes of the game where they just took a hard left. Turn into what the fuck we all remember that also related to bio ware Austin. We finally got an official announcement that there's an overhaul of anthem stop. It's look I can't help it. I call this a year and a half ago bucking call like I had people get actively angry at me and block me for calling this a year and a half ago there have been little inklings for a while that they were working on a revamp of the game. Even like six months ago people were talking about anthem next year. Now so this is just an official. We've got something now from someone. Anthem publicly released. That says yes. We're working on revamping. The game basically reach ruling the gameplay loop addressing endgame content and Lewis Structures and all that kind of stuff still built in the world. So I think it's a positive in that they're coming out and saying yes. We're going to address these things and try to improve upon it versus the mass effect and drama situation where it was. We have all these plans and then oh by the way. We've now made the decision not to continue to support the Gamer. Put out at Cantero phone. Dlc whatsoever for andromeda everything was scrapped. Yeah I will say those at like Casey Hudson took four paragraphs to actually like when you really get down to it. He took four paragraphs to save very little of substance. There's a lot of public relations jargon. They're like we. We heard your feedback that anthony to more satisfying lewd experience. We recognize there still more fundamental work to be done. There's a lot of talk in. That goes yes. We understand this but very. I get playing devil's advocate. I absolutely get not making promises that you may not be able to keep. Yeah like hundred percent. Get that like you. We saw that in the first couple of years of destiny. I mean you still. Kinda see that a little bit. You Still Kinda see that. I don't know I am. I am ambivalent about this ambivalent from outsiders perspective. I'm never gonNA play anthem like I've had zero interest in it at all but I dunno it just to me it. It just makes me sad to this because it reminds me of by aware what bio were used to be and where it is now is not the game company I love you also have to consider the environments is very different than versus what it is now where you've got all of the fan boys and girls on twitter who are given their hot takes and rippin developers and things so yeah. If I'm a Dev I definitely wouldn't want to put out anything super concrete. Because then you're just GonNa get ripped later on for not delivering on that thing that someone hung all of their hopes on so in this environment that we're in right now. What they said I think is the most appropriate and kind of all week and really expect. He addressed that. They're working on the game. Play loop and trying to create with clear goals which. I think is probably the key part of that. Creating motivating challenges and progression with a meaningful rewards. So you know yes not committing to anything specific but calling out the specific problems with the game as it exists right now also fun fact going back to the previous article. As far as I'm aware control of this game has now switched over to bio allston. Yes so by aware Austin. It was part of the plan that wants the game went live. They would be the air quotes owners of anthem going forward and one of the challenges that was called out previously and some other articles. Like the thing that Jason Schreier put out a while ago was that there was this dynamic between the Edmonton and Austin Studios. Where Austin was just kind of like given the grunt work and they're the studio that has experience with live games so they're the studio that ran the old the old republic the Star Wars online right. They should have had more of a voice in the whole process from the beginning and they didn't so it is now with them and and they're the ones who are owning the revamp in in supporting the game in its life state. At least I think containing it within a single studio. You're bound to get better results. Because you're going to have clearer sense of ownership and communication All of those things that are still hugely important. When you've got multiple people working on something so I know you're not personally invested in it. I went in not expecting to like the game and really enjoyed the base game. Play of it and I'm glad that they're abandoning it. There's a timeline on when they're expecting to have this revamped version available so still definitely more waiting but at least they're not saying we're going to get thrown this. How like they did with the ANDROMEDA. So yeah and that. Is there something to be said for that? Because that the ANDROMEDA debacles what Lost Them. It almost killed them yeah honestly like dropping. Andromeda to go all hands on deck for anthem like almost killed them especially considering what anthem ended up being released. Like you dropped all these projects. I this well in part of that had to do with the guy a hard release date from ea even though they did more time or Nanday doesn't give a shit. They had to keep putting people on on deck to address the issues with the game because the existing team wouldn't have been able to solve it on their own with that short of a time line and even then you know there were still issues and in this note from Casey Hudson even calls out that they want to do things like giving their team. Time to tested iterating on the game like they would have liked to do the first time around so clearly very well aware of the problems. And I've always liked Casey Hudson like he's he's got he's got a good sense of humor and he's very very subtle about it right so being able to take those subtle digs at the bulkheads that respect so more to one of the few things still keeping by aware somewhat decent nowadays. I feel like most of the folks in Austin are probably doing their best in the situation. We're always there. Austin office has always played second fiddle. They've always been overlooked. Yeah which is totally to them. It is really talented people there as evidenced by the fact that a lot of the people who used to work at Austin got tapped for frigging archetype. Yeah I think this is a good opportunity for them to shine if they can turn anthem around and address that the main issues with it and bring it you know either bring some of the player base back or bring in some new ones. Just make more functionally successful game in general. I think that'll be a big win for the Austin Studio. And maybe they'll get a little bit more respect in the future versus how they've been treated thus far in my day should develop their game with the entire objective of hooking me as a player conform to my needs and standards. Yeah if you could just contact. Jason Boyd writes on twitter. And he'll let you know what she needed to with the we. We go all right moving on Rick. Moranis is back. Y'All he is odd returning for almost could not believe it. When I read that I've read so many things recently about him turning down roles approach for doing the ghostbuster. That's supposed to be kind of contact for a lot of things he wanted to do back in the day. Like I want to say shortly after Robin Hood. Men In tights came No it was around. Nineteen ninety nine. When Star was episode. One came out. There actually were rumors and rumblings that space balls to the search for more money might end up getting developed like and there were rumors that Mel Brooks reached out to Rick Moranis to reprise his role as dark helmet and got turned down for those out in the listening audience. Who Don't know the full story. Rick Moranis was a is a very very beloved actor from the eighties and very early nineties. He lost his wife to cancer fairly early on in his career so he left acting. You essentially retired to help take care of and raise his kids and now that his kids are grown up there out of the house. They're you know out of college. And they have their own lives. Key has now started to dip his feet back into the acting. Cool and this actually I think would represent his first big role into this four. Like back into acting. Yeah and all fucking about this Rick Moranis one of the funniest goddamn actors from the eighties. He's been missed for sure. He's being brought back for a reboot of the honey. I shrunk the kids series which is a Disney film and he is coming back as like basically his same character but he'll be the lead not the same actor it's going to be Josh Gad. Who's playing the lead character? But he still coming back in a rural. That's familiar and in a series that I don't think anyone was saying. Hey you know. Bring back on the shrunk. The kids know literally. No one asks for this but I'm okay with yeah I I'm not mad at it. Even though we're calling phase of nineties revivals. Oh Yeah of course. And also like the franchise of this. There's no lake. Good name for this franchise except shrunk franchise. Now I guess Yeah Now. All shrunk shrunk which just sounds like a bad shrek reboot but whatever revisit that later cousin shrunk hails from south central Atlanta. I'm a terrible person. Okay they went b-movie really like short NATO level movie really quitting with franchise because like the second one was a theatrical release. I think and then the third one was like a straight for yes drake video. I'm interested. I'm certainly going to watch. Obviously because it's fucking Rick Moranis fact that they got Rick Moranis back is probably the only reason why I would watch the new one. Yeah for sure. If they didn't have him it'd be like yeah. Whatever okay. It's just the same old nostalgic reboot. Will she try to make a couple trying to make a couple of dollars? Off OF MILLENNIALS. Style job right. That's a like within come into it. Yeah I'll give it a shot. Yeah so pretty big news. I don't know if he has any intentions of doing a whole lot else after. Doing this movie are not. He's gotten along just like the money he made while he was act is more than enough to live off of. Oh yeah he really has no reason to go back to work so literally can afford to be picky with his roles like he has been he can be and you know there is something to be said for being able to have a private life again. Yes especially in this day and age. Yeah when he was acting and everything before the things like the Internet ignorant really what they are now. I showed my wife this article when I was going through the spreadsheet and I brought it up in her first reaction was wait. He's alive. Oh my gosh no he not die he just so. I had to explain her because she never knew why he dropped out of actress here. Yeah I had to explain it to her. Yeah the only thing thing she ever really knew him from was honey. I shrunk the kids and ghostbusters. That's funny that was it like because my favorite role of his she hates. But she doesn't like Mel Brooks films. My heart can understand it. I mean I like Mel Brooks films but still where they would not be films. Young Frankenstein is still my top five all time favorites but yeah. Some people have floated the idea of will. They do space bolts. Who SPACE BALLS TO? If Mel Brooks isn't around they shouldn't be doing it. No Mel Brooks already said flat out. The time has passed because he always liked. Or Oh he's still alive izzy. He's oldest fuck but he's still alive. I mean let me look up real quick just to make sure I'm not talking out of my ass always. He always explained that he always came out with movies around. The time. Like space balls came out around the time star wars came. Yeah when it was young. Frankenstein came out around the time. A Frankenstein movie came out right Robin Hood. Men In tights was a direct response to Robin Hood. Prince eat right like it has to it has to be timed within. Zeitgeist that like the current Zeitgeist in order for it to be affected when the scary movie movies were coming out and things. Yes yeah. He's still alive ninety three years old ham. Yeah he's still he's still kicking. Also you listening. Audience would know that his son. Max Brooks is the man responsible for the books of these Ambi- Survival Guide and World War Z. Come did not know that. That's a son asked pretty cool. I actually like the the world. War Z book Nothing like the movie. Oh yeah like the book itself. Fan fucking tastic. It's like it's a massive collection of short stories. That essentially tells the story of what happened after this worldwide catastrophe. Right and it's it was. It's phenomenal because it's from so many different points of view and so many backgrounds and lifestyles and like perspectives. Expertly written highly recommended to anyone like the Zombie survival guide. Yeah it's it's a funny little like he basically took and you know being in the army at the time we made the joke of he literally took the army survival guide and just put the words. Zombies ended occasionally pretty much all he did except for like a couple tiny sections and if like pride and prejudice and zombies. Kind of. Yeah but I fucking love the pride and prejudice zombies movie. Yeah it was actually really good on a book that was yes pretty but like the World War Z book. Highly recommend picking it up. It's not goofy or campy. It is it is written with a grady seriousness. That actually gives it a really good tone and pace to the story. It's yeah highly. I'm GonNa have to read it again now talking about well as soon as you finish starting valley of course yeah all right talking about more things that we didn't really expect to happen. So Ryan Reynolds is doing clue. Reboot your if you remember clue. That is such a strange sentence to say out loud. I Oh it's just oh I don't know get to the best part. Get to the best part. It'll make it to the weirdest sentence ever right. So Ryan Reynolds. Doing a clue reboot and is looking at bringing on a director of the muppets directed. This is in in sentences. He didn't think you'd ever say that all about this. Plu Is actually one of those movies that I've watched so many times and I could watch it again and be totally fine with it. Plain you on. The side of face was such a phenomenal actor. Tim Curry was in. That wins and yeah it was just so good and then if you watched it if I remember right if you wash it in the theater you saw a specific ending but if you saw the the video later you could see all of the ending. All there were twelve endings. I believe yeah and I actually remember like reading about it and the the theatrical release sparking a lot of arguments and fights because everyone's different endings and no one realized it for like a week. Wait Shit let's so good. We never saw in the theater but I still love that as a thing. So as much as I dislike reboots I love clue so much and the fact that Ryan Reynolds is involved with it. I'm not mad at the fact that they're rebooting. It says one of those movies. I okay so at least with clue because there's really no it's just this fun romp. He can't be kind of right like it's not it can be taken seriously. I guess in the right context but it doesn't have to be and there's no. There's no established lore to to conflict with a board game. You can literally you can. It's it's a bare bones. Kind of thing you can take it and run with it So yeah I think this is one of those rare. Ip's where no vision or interpretation is the wrong one. So I would be more than interested like if like four different entities all did. Oh God this brilliant. A bunch of different companies do their own version of clue. And then do like this. Mc You crossover thing. We're like an actor from this movie shows up in this one for like a split second plot like a plot conflict and this one and just it. Oh my God that would be so good but yeah it's it's it's clue it's fun it's Robbie it's supposed to be it's right so yeah I would. I would love to see more of this. Yeah and the fact that Ryan Reynolds Production Company is doing it it just it's just perfect And then now possibly having offense stronger. It's just it's it's going to be comical as hell and it's going to be it's going to be evil dead level. Campi which is it should be. I am all fucking about this. Yeah I'm into it and then going back to the whole director conversation so we talked at a previous episode about the Doctor. Strange to movie losing a horror director and potentially going away from that horror direction. Now Sam Raimi is in talks to direct doctor strange to and if you know Sam Ramey he did evil dead any also did at least the first couple of Spiderman movies that had tobey. Maguire said this on this podcast before but just in case I haven't on popular opinion. I hated the the OJ Spiderman movies. So I didn't dislike him but for some reason. Apparently people think that Spiderman two as one of the best superhero movies to have ever been made. Are you know why that's an opinion but it is? I mean go ahead and go ahead and send me your Internet. I didn't like a damn one of them. Tobey Maguire like an and I have the utmost respect wires a person and as an actor. I think that in the right context in the right role he can absolutely shine. That was not it. Didn't we talked before about the key which we've by man but yeah and then Andrew Garfield was flipped? Yeah like yeah like I. Yeah we've had this conversation. Yes but even then like he was okay as he was an. Okay Peter Parker Terrible Spiderman and then Andrew Garfield was an okay. Peter Parker earn. Oh Okay Spiderman. Terrible Peter Parker in my opinion by other way around but yeah even as like it was just. I don't know I don't know what it was it just it was. It was probably like it never sat well with me and then when we got emo Peter Parker it. Just Oh my God that whole street scene I just. I cringed out of the feeder. I couldn't yeah. I couldn't think how we went through. All of those spider bans to finally get to Tom Hall and be like this is perfect And then even when you look at the into the spider verse that we've we've arrived at a much better spiderman place than we were absolutely and I and I still despite all the Spiderman mishaps at the turn of the century. I still have respect for Sam. Raimi's a director because talking about the Campinas of evil dead franchise. He was the director of evil dead. Yeah that's what I say. Which was I loved. Evil dead this last one that came out. Not The reboot stuff but The sequel fish it was a TV show no not the TV show. There was another movie or maybe it wasn't evil dead but it was in the vein of evil dead. I don't know it would just drag me to hell. Yeah that's the one I'm thinking of. Yeah that's a different thing but it was silvery mentioned the same kind of style more style. Yeah but it wasn't in the evil dead franchise show that they made the TV show was was like it was good. Surprisingly good I was. I went with low expectations but it was surprisingly good. Yeah but anyhow so he does more campy horror but it still puts us in the position of getting more of a horror film versus completely abandoning the idea for multiversity madness. So I guess we're all just inching back in the direction that we were going. What hope I would love a horror movie from Marvel? I would love it. We also kind of got more confirmation this in this bet. So I've been I've been sitting here. Racking my brain trying to figure division is going to work like the TV show with comedy vision or Sitcom idea like it was like a nineteen fifties Sitcom. It's it's this article and others that I've read are starting to lend more credence to the fact that whatever entity is going to be like the big bad the the big daddy multi madness might be fucking with Wanda and putting her in her own version of hell. Apparently Wanda's role in one division is going to tie in. She's again she's she's also got a title credit in multiversity madness right and it's already been alluded. That her ORC. In one division will tie into that movie. Oh well that's cool so we might actually finally have an answer. Wanda fucking beat right. I think tying those together it would be really cool. We know that one division is really saying this. Fall and multiversity mass production yet. So it was it was supposed to be one. Division was supposed to come out. Look leading up to multi madness right which so. Maybe more of a gap between the two. That's going to be like a six month gap now. I think six to seven right so this is about Bay of next year. Yeah are still feels like I. I don't know if they're gonNA meet that schedule if they're still figuring out directors but. I don't know I haven't made a raw for projects back before the end of the year right because marvel needs at least eight months of post. Yeah. I don't know that that tie in is theoretically really cool so yeah I mean it has. There's a lot of implications there that all over pretty fucking cool right so potentially getting more of a horror lean again multiversity madness just picturing an evil dead ish. Is that it for a doctor. Strange film is what stuck in my head right now. Which is weird. But you know here we are. This is the weirdest time line I as has been evidenced by a lot of the shit already. We've talked about said God yes already. It's been a long year man. It's only February right. Two Thousand Nineteen felt like four. Goddamn years long The thread of weirdness bomb-sniffing cyborg locus are a thing. So I read that headline and like my brain instantly put that to the theme of the like the OJ Ninja Turtles Cartoon. No I'm not no I will not. I will not voice what goes on in my head. That is unmarried glue. I need this cartoon now in my life so it would just be thirty minutes of animated locusts going bomb complete with the sniffing sound because local totally knows. Yeah absolutely we're GONNA put big Old fucking noses on these cartoon. We do what we want. This is getting weirder the second and then like fade the credits. Let's see so the navy. Us Navy has revealed that they have successfully augmented will the Ne- not navy they funded some scientists to augment locus and hijack their ability to sense a wide range of chemical odors which includes bombs so the first question can they remotely controlled these locusts. Okay yes they can because a big part of that is being able to direct where they go. What they do right now is they. Put them inside of a little like wheeled contraption to basically drive them around. That's not be long term goal. But yes they can remotely control them and put them in a specific location to air quotes sniff out things. Because they don't sniff they use antenna. I'm trying to figure out how so. Okay so the implant electrodes into the insect spray right. How they're in these brains are like the size of a tiny googly. I if not smaller. So basically what they do is they detect signals from specific a specific cluster of electrodes in the brain all migrant all put the logo robots. Yes they're they're little real. Do hickeys really are locusts? Which they can do within five hundred milliseconds of exposure to that attack. Mort we pretty fast about this. Is the weirdest fucking time line. This is so weird. This bizarre but obviously locus have some pretty impressive abilities to detect certain chemicals which is why this was even being in the first place. The challenge is you know locus. Don't really like live a long time. No so you know. Practically it seems a little odd as far as solutions so more than likely these scientists would have to figure out a way to replicate the ability of the locus to detect these things and then create like a technical solution. But all I can think of now. Is this from the locust perspective. Like how trippy would it be that you're like stolen from your home as a child and like you have to go through all these agonizing science experiments just to create the perfect cyborg locust right draft brain implant and then that's your whole life? That happened to a human. Yeah I was. I've been trying to think about that part of it too hard. Yeah Hi have we met. That's all I think about. You know I mean are there ethical implications of experimenting on locusts in this way I mean no one's GonNa care except maybe like the most rabid animal rights groups. Maybe I mean technically not an animal. That's an insect. But you know what I mean and most of these rights groups still. We'll make that distinction either. But we live in the timeline where we can say that scientists have created bomb-sniffing cyborg locus. We just needed crossover with an turtles. Right it feels pretty natural. Yeah I mean that's the only natural step from here is like a marble style crossover where they help. Like shredder planted a bunch of bombs throughout New York City and the Ninja. Turtles can't get to them all in time and then up come. These cyborg locus inside these tiny little monster trucks going. We can help you. L. It's GonNa Happen. I am declared a he by the role of the Internet. Now exists believe this all right. Well we're going to give you your moment to make your alien jokes. Oh God mysterious. Radio signal from space that is repeating every sixteen days immemorial likely is related to a specific very faraway galaxy. Note for those not watching us on Youtube which spoiler alert you absolutely should the facial expressions of what may happen this show But there was over the last few years they've detected some mysterious radio signal. Pete which is the only time this has done that. And it's very very suspect. I guess you could say my only like the only like solid joke. I could think of was. It's aliens leading the entire Galaxy Note. Stay the fuck away from Earth Right now. 'cause shits lights is lock your doors when you pass by the solar system because they may fucking. They may jacket. You don't know Jack Spaceship though because there would be one hundred percent would oh my God. They are right to send that message so shit on the side of the road. You didn't lock it. Now see that car alarm active. Oh Yeah you're done right. I don't even know what would be going on but I just book it into that space ship and be like by you go. You're going to see that shit on on craigslist and like an hour. We called it my friends. Hey Hey maybe outside and like five minutes. How do you even roll a UFO? Like who would even know how to do that. I Would Oh God now. There's now I'm going to get messages from like the fringes of human society like I know people that could that aliens real like I'm GonNa get some tinfoil hat wearing fuckers coming at me on. I'm probably ended up crashing the spaceship because if anyone's watch me play any number of video games he added. You can't drive it. All new driving situations are weird. Especially when you're using a joystick controller it okay so like when I tried rocket league I almost consistently drive on the ceiling. So strategic right no one can get me up just in case you never know so. I may have to pick up my friends just to get somebody else to drive the spaceship. I can figure it out. Give me a week unless driving. It requires you to stab something into my brain in which case I volunteer. Someone else locus deep here. We go the whole. They can already drive tiny monster trucks. Why Not Alien Ship? And seamless nailed it. You might check inc you roll well if we if we can promise anything. It's definitely that we can promise you. Weird Shit always always under percents every time in thirty minutes or less. Don't ask for your money back because I don't you send us any so you know there's that but we do have a patron he'd like to support creation of this podcast and other contents pager dot com slash. Gilded Geek. We got we got. We got things working we got. We got things in the works. There's yeah there's some there's some stuff you might want to be able to catch through that patriotic catch us on twitter at geeky newscast. Also make sure you're following both myself and said on twitter and the other places or me to get more weird shenanigans and odd stories and maybe some crash vehicles in a video game or something it would not be out of the upper. No that's pretty par for the course if you see a UFO lodge into a mountain somewhere that we if you find that the UFO tweet at Jason Boyd writes. Let me the location and I'll give you fifteen percent of the cut. You will not find a more generous offer. Maybe I might undercut him. We'll see you dammit.

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AE Ep 170 Muppets Now & Host

"You ask for it. Here it is. It's a podcast from apathetic enthusiasm. Hey everybody. It's time to talk about grounded and other things among us and playing video games all the night. That is right friends and family apathetic enthusiasm where we take what you want to listen to what you WanNa hear about and we drafted into a hard hitting documentary series An expose on all of the documentary. Documentary. We document. We documentari-. Traffic Hey everybody I'm brandon, and in before we get before we get going I want to I want to start something I'm we're starting a new segment right here right now I'm surprising travis with it it's called. Ad Pathetic enthusiasm. Jeez. That's where we ad-lib A in advertisement because we don't have that. Yes. That's right. AD PUTT FETIG enthusiasm. try this I don't know if you know about podcast hosting. Oh, I've been hosting a podcast for several years now brandon no, no, no, no travis I don't think you know about podcast hosting. Wait wait are you talking about sites in organizations that allow you to store your podcast audio online for distribution across the Internet? You know what? Maybe you do know a lot about podcast hosting travis, and if that's the case you must know about blueberries hosting services. Host from Blueberry we. OR A. That's all I know about it because you handle everything else of blueberry but is it is hard to use. It's not hard at all travis. Here's what you do. There's there are wordpress integrations through power press or you can just upload your audio directly to the Blueberry website. Do some MP3. dudes it's most of it's great. It's so easy even ad-lib even. Do it. Even, Travis could not likely, but if you are thinking of starting a podcast and you need a place to store your audio so that everyone can get it whether they're on apple podcast, spotify wherever they're listening to their podcast. You could give blueberry try. A mind they should. You, get a month free if you use the code a e pod. Oh. Wow if they sign up and use the Code E pod P. O. D. Bake it a month free brand. That's amazing. Is Amazing as matter of fact, I. Might Use that code to get US another month free of who we should try that. Also. We didn't plan the added. All guys. So thank you guys so much for through it. I'll look into the show where we but that is that is a legitimate. It sounds completely. Made up because we don't do that but blueberry is an actual site. If guys want to start a podcast, you can get a month free easily code a ipod. And thank you. Thank you for using that code if you sign up over a blueberry. How do you spell Blueberry Brandon? That is B.. L.. U. B. R. Y. DOT COM. Don't. Yeah. It's not like the fruit so it can be can be Tricky Guy Anyway. WE'RE GONNA talk about all sorts of things tonight and we want to hear from you. We want to hear about the things that you guys are doing the things you're interested in. So make sure to follow at twitter at apoptosis I'm agile me. No, he's at Barnyard crews in false on facebook facebook, dot com slash enthusiasm show send us an email with your questions comments, thoughts, apathetic enthusiasm show. gmail.com. INSTAGRAM apathetic underscore enthusiasm, and this show, as well as all of our other podcast endeavors over at apathetic enthusiasm dot com we're currently streaming all across the Internet. Twitch DOT TV slash apathetic enthusiasm YouTube dot com slash apathetic enthusiasm, and you can follow along on twitter. If you follow us, you can watch the video right there on your twitter feed finally. prolonged. Advertisement wasn't. cringely enough you can also support this show. AT APATHETIC ENTHUSIASM DOT com slash shops that'll take you to our T. public page where you can get t shirts with Rick and morty faces on them with our faces on them can even get the unity tee-shirt shirt. It's back in the shop could check it out. And then Patriot Patriot dot com slash rick and Morty pot only a couple of days left of our special event if you sign up at any tier. You can get some amazing. And higher tears get even better stuff like Brandon's brand new special PODCAST series it's I. Guess It's a podcast series it is What you want to. Pitch it real quick Brin. Yeah. Absolutely. If you if you go out there on our our third tier, it's a a series that I came up with called. It's on random playlist storytelling with brandon and. Boil down it is it is this I have my spotify playlist and that I've been building up over the years I get a random song from a playlist and then I, tell a little story about it as as we listen to it together. And Yeah, the stories could be about me it can be about. Be about nothing, but it doesn't matter because it's on random and random and yeah. So that's that's a that's a perk I. I took long time to develop it in figure it out and I think I think it's pretty cool. Tell you guys I listen to the first episode I love it I I'm I'm going to become a patron just so I get. You cannot listen unless you give me money. I'm going to reinvest. All right guys. That's enough formalities. It's time to get into a conversation things that we've been doing things. That we've been playing specifically and. pull. Saturday night Saturday night we did a bit of livestream over on twitch and Youtube playing a game that is an early access available on an Xbox I don't it's a game pass game i. don't know if the this out anywhere else I'm sure we could look it up. Of course, talking about a game called grounded ground in and I don't know like. I'm GonNa let I'M GONNA. Let you describe the basic premise brandon. Okay. If you've been to Disneyland in the last. However many years you might have gone to where you want expected captain eeo to be will Cattaneo wasn't there for a while it like came back. Ignored apart. And there was. Replaced the for a time with this very special ride honey I shrunk the audience based off of the excellent movie honey. I shrunk the kids with Rick Moranis back in the mid nineties and let me can't tell you how long honey I shrunk. The audience hasn't been there. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've been to Disneyland. I can I can tell you how long it's been since. Let's years 'cause I 'cause I didn't see Cattaneo when it was there one originally three weeks. Then then they put honey I shrunk the audience in there and seen captain the Ray I have because then they brought it back and then it was you know I remember I remember when I saw captain. It was my My brother had just graduated high. School. Not so this is around two, thousand, ten ish. And maybe a literally two, thousand, eight done. But we went and he was we went with Sizemore sizemore went with the girlfriend his girlfriend at the time. And my brother had gone to Grad nite at magic, mountain six flags. Magic Mountain before. And he was up all night long at Magic Mountain. Got Got home we immediately went to Disneyland after that. and. I love my brother, but he was such A. GRUMPY, little? Shithead. And I I think he's well aware of it. And MASO funny because my grabbed I was at Disneyland. So. Yeah. Ours. Ours ourself which which magic mountain was like a good extra hour drive from. Zealander so I. I didn't I didn't go to my Grad night. Actually I went I didn't. was at Disneyland but I went to the Grad night. The year before I went with a couple of my friends who were seniors. And that was the first time. I saw the aqua bats live. How'd you swing that? I got invited. I think I actually I don't remember how I got in. It was for the seniors and I think I think now trying to think like I was on seniors go with us I'm wondering if my girlfriend at the time came with us, I would might have I went with my I I was a junior class president and the be Brag Watch out guys. Now that's vote that was my my slogan by. The senior class vice president a dave black was my friend and I'd hang out with him and we just wander the halls during our associated student body period, right which is second period. Classic Highschool slacker Guess Gay. and. So he's my friend and I think he was like, Hey, you wanna go to Grad nite. Yeah. Sure. Sure. So I ended up being his plus one for that but then I didn't go for my senior year because I was like I don't like high school more I already did it did it yeah been there done the air was and still am a Disney theme park fanatic Shut your. So I was so excited to go to degrade night which brings us all back to captain in the game grounded. but I will say when you're talking when you brought Disney parks, I thought you're GonNa talk about Disneyworld having the honey I shrunk the kids land which they had about ten years ago at Hollywood studios. Previously GM studios but now it's gone because now it's toy story land same premise everything is giant scaled and you're walking around. Like all these gigantic things and backyard and big blades of grass and stuff but slightly different things. That's not what I was GonNa talk about at all. I. Haven't been to Disneyworld since I've been here in in Florida. Yeah. You gotta go go. Go this year we are taxed turn happen. Okay. Cool. Let's do it. Let's get some get him. Up just copper passes slap those masks on and head over to the magic kingdom now. Just social distance your way through the many lands. Magic Hoy. Please stay six feet away. Mickey put put your fucking mask on. Anyway yeah, we played grounded that's a game where you pick a teenager I guess I mean the characters seemed like teenagers and And you suddenly wake up very small about the size of an aunt and you are then left to explore the. What looks like a backyard I. Think it's called they call it the yard. I think and you can see a house in the distance huge-scale and you start exploring. You see you find some some technology and there's a few different. Objectives that you have to carry out. What were your initial thoughts when when playing through this? Bit Beta. Version of this game it's definitely says it. It says it's an Alpha. So we'll. We'll. Just. We'll just go with that. I before we played on on. Saturday, night I had I loaded up my okay. Let's. Let's check this out. And I forget what day I played it but it was at like eleven thirty at night and. I was I was tired already. I loaded up. I got to you got to like the first sight station. I didn't know what I was doing I was like I was picking up rocks. There's giant. Or regular size and I should say and. Uh this is Kinda. Cool. I always played this travis and I fell asleep on the couch and that's where I stayed the rest of the night. When we when we started playing it together. It was like, okay. All right. This this is this is fun. With somebody else and it just exploring this. It feels like honey I shrunk the kids it just in the sense like you they are a bunch of kids you pick a you get to pick one of four characters. To two boys two girls, ones, atmos- hoops. I mean, we're not. We're not assuming gender. But sure. Yeah Yeah Yeah and. So you get to pick one of them, and so I assume it. Multiplayer is only up to four players eventually. Currently and I dug it doug it like gallant you like, Hey, hey, there's there's a there's a giant laibach other spiders attack this. Edged fights everywhere. What are we going to do? And and you quickly going through the the story part of the game. And like I in in doing the objectives and may still running around trying to figure out how to trump chop down a blade of grass in how? So zone initial initial thought I'm like, okay this this could be disagree fun a little bit different from mine craft, but still have has those base building type of. Mechanics to their plumbing what would you? What did you think when you when you loaded it up? I definitely liked the like art style the. The environment of the game because it, they did a great job with scale in terms of feeling like you were a shrunk down person and everything seemed big like the blades of grass feel like. The some of the other details like giant Jewish boxes that have been littered backyard things like that. That stuff is really great. I liked the base building mechanic who wants you once you chop down blades of grass after a while you can you get these grasp planks then you can use to build structures out of and the actual. The actual like. Mechanic for that is you plan out where you want to put the walls so you can actually like build. Like a house, but then it's not physically there until you load the planks into it, which is Kinda Nice 'cause then you can. You can plan everything and then someone else can come back later and say, okay, here's where I have to put something. So it's a nice way to. Work with other people to build a structure. Yeah. what I what I, what I, like what I like about that is. You see the visible. Okay. This is this is where we're gonNA put all these walls. But but I think the the the other the other piece of that is you can only you know it's not like minecraft freaking just stock up on hundreds and hundreds of of blades of grass you can carry like four or five planks of grass at a time and each wall cost. Four blades of grass and so having that. That kind of blueprint like this is where put this put this I'm GonNa go chops and plates grass come back and build the wall kind of systematically that way you don't forget like, Oh you know wanted to put a second story here. You have a visual representation of it. So I did I did like that. In kind of. Synergy with the inventory management of it. With that said I i. feel like almost every other UI element I had I had an issue with? In. Terms of lake. Even to the point of you have like a hot bar on the bottom of like your different tools and things. There wasn't in. Intuitive way to to switch between those you had to like open up a circular menu and then pick. Like which went on the like, why do I have a bar if I can't just like cycle through them and maybe it's my mind craft as like having that expectation but even like navigating. Through like your d pad Easter eggs and had a different function, but they eventually got you into like a menu system. Where you could just. Filter through all of it and you could see your map and you could see your crafting table and things like that. I just I feel like the devs need were a little bit more on streamlining those menus so that it's easier for people to get stuff because that was my biggest hang up throughout the entire time we were playing is like, okay how do I? I need a craft, a new item. How do I? Okay. I down and then I pressed this way on the circle. Okay. I can now on here. Okay I don't even have enough materials that go back like figure out what I need. And then even like I crafted a hood. And then it like dropped to into an inventory slot that I had never even seen. And so it wasn't actually on my person until later like, Oh, I have to go over here and actually you need to quit by Addison Yeah. Do you have any issues or am I just completely. Alone in that regard no. Definitely not alone. We were there the entire time together. So you weren't you weren't allowed as a fair point. I agree with you on on on both parts I'll start with the the one we talked about the most recently, which is in the menus because in the in the menu you have, you have a crafting menu, have a map you have an inventory, you have a kind of A glossary most of what you have and and what you've analyzed there's a there's a science station where you can analyze materials and an unlocked new recipes for things. Yeah, and so. We'll. We'll start with the crafting menu you. You right bumper to the crafting menu and wants her in the crafting menu. There's a bunch of subcategories or crafting others materials. There's a bench workbench things armor double all these different categories and to get to those to get those different categories you press the right trigger. I, think. Be here. Here's a here's my here's my problem. Every time I went to a menu. Everyone's like okay I want to craft something I would go in. Press press the start button and then okay I wanna go I WANNA go over to crafting away from inventory out press the right. Press maybe like the right trigger or whatever. It is one of the trigger buttons and it would it would switch the subcategory menu. No. No, no no. No that that's the top. That should be the top thing that that switches and in the RB and the left. L. LB should be the one that switched the subcategory menu. The main one is trigger. The sub is the bumpers and every time. I I would screw it up in it. It's one of those things where you only lose what half a second five seconds at the most rick. Oh. No I'm I'm supposed to go back. But when those five seconds happened over and over again every time you go into the menus then it gets a little perturbing. Things where it's just I they they've got the game out in front of people hopefully there they have focus groups are things that are playing it, and they're getting feedback directly from users, but that's something that I? I would fully expect the team to continue to work on and and improve before the skits out until like a final release because it feels like they just put a lot of options out there and they're still maybe trying to sort out exactly how because ideally menu you don't. WanNa think about it. You just you move right through it. Yeah. Okay. Now would I hit for this and this? The buttons for this or just not lined up in such a way that it's intuitive and how to get to stuff and I would say to to the first thing he brought up when you're when you're in the world, you're wandering the the miniaturized yard and you want you, you build yourself an axe and the axe gets put into a menu and on the bottom of the screen you have. The traditional minecraft. A quick quick item selection menu on minecraft. What you just you know right trigger bumper whatever like you can switch to that pretty quickly wreck I wanna I will through or. Just hit the numbers. Okay. But like on if you're playing if you just you just break bumper your way through those. Quick Quick Quick Quick and easy on there but. Similar in grounded, you see all those options at the bottom of the screen while when you press right bumper left or a right trigger. Then you you're, do you do the action that you are? You have currently equipped. If you have a pebble e, you would throw the pebble with our be Cam and okay well All right. Well, I, WANNA I wanNA quick quick swap to my my my hammer it's it's in the slot. Right next to my axe. LemMe. Maybe just press the right. Directional Pad Nope, that brings up the EMOJI. Menu. Oh in order for me to switch things, I have to hold left trigger and then use my my right thumb stick to select the option, and then if I let go of the left trigger, it doesn't actually select that it doesn't actually make me quip that thing you actually have to press the button to equip it. And sometimes that doesn't work. Sometimes, you already equipped it's already equipped and if if I have the AXA equipped and I that I do the thumb stick in the wheel and I select the axe then actually on equips and I'm I have nothing and sometimes you actually throw things. Oh, it's just Going to intuitive thing. Like I'm going to say grand theft auto grant that's auto. You have. You have the weapon wheel whatever hold the left bumper it brings up the weapon wheel. Some stick real quick you you. WanNa, pick your rifle, Dick okay. Select the sniper rifle let go and then you equip that. There there's there's an extra but you don't need to press for. For unless you're trying to eat like a mushroom. And, and I, think. There may be a little bit of the developer being like we're GONNA come up with a new menu system that that that works our way and If it's if it works really well, that's great but sometimes it. Doesn't work well, and sometimes you just have to do what? Other Games are doing. So because gamers are used to. Moving that way in so. I borrow borrow some some menu type stuff from other games and I think you're GONNA be fine. Grad. because. There are some things that are like the get hectic when the spiders are. All of a sudden start chasing after a bunch of spider mites started start attacking a nowhere. You're like I don't WanNa I. Don't WanNa hit them. I WANNA I wanna hit them with a weapon. Left trigger scroll wheel. Let me see. And meanwhile, that might like I'm eating you I'm eating you that definitely moments where you're being attacked by bugs or something is not the time when you want to struggle through six steps to find the proper tool with which to defend yourself from the wolf spider. Speaking of spiders. And the scale of this game. SPIDERS are huge I. found it very interesting that there is a warning at on the on the menu of this game that lets you know if if you have Arachnophobia. That they see that the spiders are huge and if that is going to be a problem for you, you can like change the size of them basically in the settings so that it doesn't actually change the game play I guess but it lessens the effects of Arachnophobia or something. Yeah. I was like all right. Well, at that feels like somebody on the team had a personal. Incident or something, and they're like, yeah we should include that because that's the first time I've seen that in a game I thought that was interesting though those. Let's. Let's talk about the the insects we we see it in this game. You you see. Aphids see. I mentioned might SPIDERS ants. The lady bugs are. The Lady, like they don't they don't have dental attack you but those things are frightening. I. Mean if it seeks up on you, yeah. WHO IS THE LADY BUG? Glow red gigantic. Is a Clo- read like? Yeah get Outta here and Just, very hesitantly walked up to one like please don't don't kill me mist Mister Lady Bug. Don't think I'm in a fit or whatever you eat and there are little GNATS and. Smaller bugs that you can actually. The can like hunt almost and eventually. Booed. That's another aspect of this game. We didn't really talk about there is. A long with stamina and health, there's also a like hydration and food meter. So you have to you have to manage all of those levels. You have to continually find food to make sure that your health meters a can replenish itself to get hurt, and if you do aren't drinking water than than you'll you'll get. Dehydrated and And and good water clean water. I dug that little aspect of it where you. Are Standing Water that you can drink and just like any other Game Yank? Can't drink. It's not good for you but in order in order to get clean drinking water. Do ends up on the like the leaves of grass and so if you if you chopped down a blade of grass than the do drop will fall down and then you can drink. You can drink that that do or we mentioned that the juice box or the soda can you can. You can also get some of those droplets en-. Yeah. And drink it up cy. I i. think that's I think that's a creative way to keep hydration going. I feel like the game has a lot of potential we figured out. We played for a little over an hour almost an hour and a half, and we were able to pretty much play through all of the. The the story portion of the game that exists within it right now. There's some objectives where you have to activate some some sci-fi type things and eventually. You you get introduced to more of. Like the back story of why you might be. Shrunk down into this into this yard, there's there's definitely more. playability in the Alpha stage if you're into the base building aspect or Looking to find more items and unlock other craft credible things like that. But if you're looking for a game that has a fully fleshed out story. At least one that has a. Satisfying conclusion or things like that you may want to wait a little bit longer for grounded but in terms of being in its Alpha stage, I, think I think it has a lot of potential and I dunno I enjoyed the time we spent with it. Yeah. I. I'd really like to see we're ends up going with the story because as the really the the story. Is Not, that long for right now and yeah as as you already mentioned, but they have a way eventually you meet, you meet a character that has small with you that gives you quests that you can compete. You can repeat and then you get you get science points in those science points on lock different recipes they unlock different skills that you can you can equip. In that that that that's Kinda. Cool. But that leads to A. Right. Now because there's there's not a lot of story just kind of repetition. Let's like kill two Mites or kill kill us bite her bilde doorway The other thing who is Y- you build acts you can build a hammer building spear. You could bill all these these types of things but right now. And maybe that maybe this is something that we just had an unlocked yet There's there's tiers of those those tools, and so we in order to build a doorway for our house, we had to chop down A. We'd well, in order to chop down we'd you need a a an axe level too And we never found out how to build an axe level to nope which in like you said, we maybe if we'd kept playing and unlocking more things. Would eventually get there but. In terms of like the basic structures of a of of a you know crafts Hutt. I wouldn't want it to take that long to be able to build a door I. Don't know maybe maybe we just build an open. Open walled area for a while. But yeah, we need. We need. We need to get that. We need to. We need that we'd all you're to get the WHO Dat Dank. We're, so street yeah. Yeah I don't know this upton when when they announced hey, new update or We have the final release version of grounded. You think you'll. You'll revisit it. Yeah I. Think. So I think I would like this I I liked I liked became I I liked playing it with you I thought it was a pretty good game for us to stream as as well One. because. We we talk. We talk about mine craft on the show all the time. Minecraft is like you know minecraft and. It's hard to play minecraft. Much in the same way as it's hard for you to play. Diablo three with me or or any game where there's there's progression because. I'm like I know how to play this game and I want to own a care you along with me and our power level you with me through this and you're like blow. I'm not having fun with it because I'm just getting pulled along. Yeah and minecraft it's similar for you because you you just you have all the stuff you know how progression works so quickly and and I have fun. But I'm like I'm just going to build a whole straight down until they hit bedrock. Or Lama, whichever one? You're fortunate enough to hit whichever I hit I and and to my progression in hat is is much more loosey Goosey like. I. Think about mine craft a little bit differently because I consider it more of just like a world that exists and I feel like. Even in a multi-player realm as they're called now. You have the freedom to play together but also play you're you're very individual like versions of the game to wear if I want to build a mansion on the hill with a with an auto. You know an auto wheat farm or something like I can do that and if you WanNa go and you know build a bunch of square houses that. Are, all, the same. Material or like you can do that also. But then if I'm like, Hey, do you wanna go explore the another together? Then, there's a, there's an opportunity for us to To do that. So I think there's there's there's A. There's a left and right limit for. Games like grounded where we're it's still gives you the ability the opportunity to do your own thing. Like you're you're you're going off on their quest on the quest to advance the story I was. Taking the time to find other material and going to caves and then. Use The science to research other recipes and. What's another interesting point on grounded as the game sits right now you going to research something gave the results of that research to of us. Yeah. So and also, and also with objectives if I went and you know activated the machine or whatever we both progress through the story even if you're off doing something completely different. The Jack. Jawing. Yeah. Let me go fight these two spiders with my with my pebble at axe cut. Those. SPIDERS are scary as hell man. Hey Man? Hey, A. Yeah overall I think I'll give this game another shot as as as progresses and We'll. We'll. We'll check it out. But for now you know it's I'll keep I'll just keep an eye. As, they keep keep adding more and maybe hopefully adjusting those those menu options. The again, now a game. Moving on from from that a game that you brought up to me very last minute I'll say I'm I'm going to say very last minute last night The, day go at least very last minute. You know if it if it's not like a weekend beforehand, it's last minute when it comes apathetic exists because this is this is hard. It's instantaneous basically, yeah. We hear about a leading edge of technology and entertainment which league game we'll. Review. not, non this episode episode. But. It is a game that is on steam is on mobile devices. It's a it's a, it's a game that is very reminiscent of a Jack box game but. It is. It is not that I it's it's much more detailed and actually but it's it's it's a game called among us. We'll wallace throw out there. Yeah. Yeah. So back story for how I came across this game I have a co worker who asked played it told no, he said he was trying to get a group of people at work together to play this game he was he was gonNA bring a a Wifi router. One day to that we could all just. Play together because it is a multiplayer game, you do have to play with other people. and. If you're playing. With friends which I know. Twenty not the best best time to talk about getting together with a group of friends But if you are in with other people in a house, you can play over a local area connection and this is the first way that that I played it is we had about seven seven co workers All had had the APP on our phones and we were in a room together. So we can talk to each other about the game while we were playing it the the the premise game is pretty simple your your tiny little astronauts on a spaceship. Everybody is a crew a crew worker except for one member depending on the settings is an impostor. So all of all of the crew of the ship have a list of tasks that they have to complete where you're running around to different rooms and doing these cool task where where you're adjusting something in navigation and then heading over to electrical to route some power, and then maybe to go and swipe your access card over in the admin section So. So all of the crew is working on these things and then the one imposters job is to kill everybody. On the ship. So you have to blend in look like you're doing tasks as well. But then when you catch somebody alone, you cut them in half and move along on your way So as you as a crew person are moving through the ship, then you if you discover one of these dead bodies you can call a meeting and then. Everybody gets to vote on who they think the impostor is and whoever gets voted off as thrown out into space, and if the impostor is caught, the crew wins if. The impostor kills everybody or gets down to just like a couple of people left than the impostor wins. Very reminiscent of other party games. Mafia things. where? Wolf. And so we played that rounds happened very quick. You can get through around in a few minutes. and. We tried Friday afternoon and then I got a text on Sunday saying, Hey, we're going to try and play an online game if you guys can play Sunday night let me know. So got the invite. We start. We start start loading back up on my phone and then someone's AK shall we jump in discord so that we can talk to each other As I. Go. On discord. And, then I'm like well I'm sitting at my computer now. I'm just GonNa I'm just going to buy this on steam which it's. Five bucks on steam in dollars. Five whole dollars. That's rate I'm just kidding is I spent the two dollars to take ads off. which I think gives you like skins in the game to which are a lot of fun but Yeah. So you can play on steam. There is obviously the local play online play with private rooms and then also public rooms that you can join into But Yeah, you you compare it to that that Jack Box game and at it's funny because when I described the game to Sheena, she's like Oh it's like Jack box game we played and in premise it is very much the same you you are a crew on a ship you have an impostor you have to determine who the imposters get them off the ship. But the gameplay itself is very different. You're you're running around a lot more and at any point like You're you're highly suspicious of everyone else. So if somebody goes into a room with you, you're like. Is, this guy is this the impostor is you know we're cool. Okay. We're cool. Cool, and then you go to walk out of the room and they. Whereas with with with the Jack Box, it's more of okay complete this task answer this question, Oh that person's question was a little bit different than this one's I think maybe that's the impostor right? So there's more action to this one, which is a lot of fun and I think he can get up to ten players in a game which I think would be a lot of fun, and then at that point I think more than seven, you can up the number of impostors as well. So you can have two or three which then allows for imposters tour together things like that so. It is this really interesting. It's fun game I think it would be a great game for us to play with some of our listeners. Yeah. it it it just like snake I echo. Yeah, I think it'd be weird to stream it while we're playing because. If they could see my screen then they would know whether or not I was the impostor and I was like that it would thousand. Net Shit. It'd be kind of Wonky. Maybe. We could play some some public games or something people would watch but Yeah I think I think I think it'd be like we need. We need to play maybe maybe we'll play a few rounds and and through the video up on our patriotic on. For the Patriots on friends Patriot on dot com slash rick and Morty Pie e the game. The game we're talking about, on Jack, boxes as pushed the button the. And and and the reason. The reason we compare it to. It immediately jumps out is because It is. I don't know I. Don't know any other games right now in the past year or so that have been about an impostor on a space station and you're trying to find that impostor get rid of them it in in some ways, it's like the volcano slash Dante's peak slash aunts versus Bug's life. Of of the video game world or this is very, very similar. PREMISES, but they're different different IP's right yeah. Yeah. So I get it, I loaded up among us on my phone and I went through the tutorial. Okay. I don't actually know what I'm doing and then I'm like, yeah, let's I'll. I'll I'll jump right in I. WanNa jump right in a joint a game after I talked to you about it and you're like Oh there's public games I guess we can do that. I hopped into game it started. I played I. Got Maybe a minute and I was following two two guys. Two guys were were walk into a room together and I was falling and I was like okay well, I'm GONNA go down South instead. And I was trying to control it and I couldn't find anything that to activate any buttons to press or anything like that. All of a sudden emergency meeting. Get. into the emergency meeting and it brings up like a chat and so if you're on if you'RE ON MOBILE Steam to brings up a chat, and so people are talking to each other on chat and they're like, it was this guy this guy They immediately, it was like. It it's wit wit is Guy I. saw him kill somebody else and? WIT didn't. Defend themselves. and. Everyone's like, oh It's wit. So then you Dan you as the was that guys Avatar blue no use his he was maybe he was. Just because I played with the guy wit. Weird if he? If you get rain, win a game with somebody that I knew. That that would be weird but. Then everybody voted on wit and then wit got thrown out of the airlock and it was the impostor and that was that was the only time I've ever played first time I played last played. A winner so I jumped into a public game. And I'm just like doing my thing. And I'm like. I I'm in one room with somebody else were neither. One of us are killing each other and Mike Okay. Cool. I got a witness to what's going on I'm like taking care of a task I go to another room take care of a task go to a third room, find a dead body, make the report I report the dead body I call for a vote first thing the chat it's a self report. Pink self reporting. It's definitely him. And I'm like, no no I just found this body here. It's definitely somebody else. I was in this room and everybody's like, nope, it's got it's gotta be him yet self and. Come. To find out the guy that immediately was like he's self reporting. Was the imposter of course. Yeah. I was like Oh does. He ended up winning that round but Yeah. It's I mean it was it was a solid play. When you get booted to? Do does that game end for you and you're like? So That is interesting. If you die in the game you become a ghost which allows you to move through walls. You're not constricted by the layout of the ship. and. You still have all of your tasks. So you are actually still able to complete your tasks as a ghost and try to help your team win even though you've already died. So Yeah it's it kind of if you die, but the game is still going It's almost like an advantage for you because you can move around faster and get to things a little bit quicker. And I I will say, I, have not I've played many rounds of this over the weekend have never. Maybe once but I pretty sure never completed a game where the crew one because they completed all their tasks. Typically. We've won because we've identified the impostor and thrown them off the ship but yeah so I think it's I think it's really interesting game I. Think it's It's fun. I mean. If you if you have a mobile device, it's free it's ad-supported but I agree. But. Definitely, a game that you could you could play with friends and and try out for yourself I think first time I'm an imposter, I'm not gonna do ANYTHING wrong. And I'm just not going to do everything... I'm I'm I'm going to follow Not going Anybody. going people... to Kill Not to kill anybody. y meetings are to happen. We're just gonna, we're just, gonna go through. The ship is going to be saved and then like, "what the Hell, who's the And like, imposter?" I'll "Ha be HA! It was me! I was the impostor and I wanted you to live that I'm an imposter of an impostor! We're all winners here!" The ol' doublecross double imposter. Classic Play. And I'M GONNA get an achievement. Get booted because they're like, okay. This guy is the impostor and he doesn't even kill people point while you just you just wasted fifteen minutes of my and wow, will gal life. Thanks barnyard get out of here she barnyard. I WANNA play, do I do WANNA play, and we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA play. We're GONNA play it. Speaking of we're GONNA play. If, you are not subscribed to our twitch. Even if you're subscribe to our Youtube. Make sure that you are following us. Over on those streaming platforms, this Saturday night helped me with the the date, Brandon. That is the twenty second of August twenty second of August. Pushing into the twenty third of August. Especially, on the East Coast we are going to be helping our friends over at Geeky Dot Com with their fourth annual that I think it's longer than that. I think it's progress fourth or fifth I've been. the their pain in the ASS thon. This is a charity that they. They've been supporting the what is it the Colon Cancer Colorectal Cancer Alliance at the CO founder of Geek. A former editor chief Chris Randazzo hey he they started the event to to raise money for colorectal cancer awareness for for his is father in law and So it's it's it's it's a twenty four hour stream kind of a weekend long stream of playing pay Nass Games So so so dean he longtime aid co-founders well, like he plays a lot of Bugsy Games they they play games that have just been notoriously difficult to play and we we've taken apartment I. Pretty much every year since since they've started it as well me more more than and travis mostly because I don't tell them about it. But this this year we're back, we're back together we're covering band back together. We're covering the the steam slashed intendo slash xbox slash ps four game overcooked to write the sequel to the. A thank you. You. Movie Nick forty-seven for the follow over here, following us up so that make sure they don't miss the the Stream, the Saturday night Yeah we'RE GONNA. We're. GonNa. We're GONNA we're, GONNA, we're GONNA play over cooked to we're GONNA see how far we can get in this game and then Raise the money as well. So if you are on the east coast, we are starting at midnight is that correct? Well here's a here's the thing. Here's the thing travis. because. Because it's a constant stream geeky constant stream, they're doing a raid train essentially. Okay. Perfect. And so everyone is on their own channel What what they want is the people who on their own channel to start streaming a little bit earlier that way they can just raid right into it. So we'll although we're we're scheduled for for twelve to two. Twelve eastern to two am in the morning we'll probably start probably at at the latest eleven thirty just to to start we won't I don't think we'll. We'll start with overcooked but we will start talking. We'll start hanging out maybe play among us. Yada. We'll see but then we're going to try to raise money for Geek Aid Ford. Colorectal Cancer Alliance, and we'd love to have you there if if you're free on Saturday night. We'll be there. Night it's all right throwing me throwing me Travis. and know in the meantime make sure yeah look gade twitch You can follow them follow their channel Look look for vest Lord we've we've rated him a few times Yeah. Follow them that they'll have tons of coverage great streams throughout the entire day all gone for a great cause. So yeah a pain in the ass thon make sure you check that out and If if you're a creature of the night, so to speak and and and you're going to be a very late like we will be join us and hang out with us on stream all we stress out trying to fulfil orders and and wash dishes and do all those things that overcooked to you is so good at it's it's GonNa it's GonNa be fun. Travis's played overcooked. I've played overcooked. And and I think I, think we're good at it separately but we've never played it together ran that right? Wow. Okay and and we're we're going to experience. we're we're both were both in leadership positions in our jobs and and we've never worked together as far as like delegation goes to delegate. Hey, what we did do we did do that escape room together. Before before I left Hawaii we do. With our significant other I did let you take the lead and we definitely delegated to our wives. And basically like. Just. Let me just rather remote control that that's I. Don't care. If we solve anything, I just want to drive their control puzzle. Absolutely. But I this this this is a segue. Please please show up on even if you don't follow us at twelve please check out geeky please support the thon but. I'm segue here briefly because I play overwatch to I've played with a couple of folks I played with my son and he gets stressed out and I feel I feel bad about it but also played it with my friend Deanne driver Andean driver her and I were were pretty pretty the game. This story is not about her. It's not about overcooked. Actually it's about her husband. Aaron. For Say Adam driver? No that's no brought wrong Roman Aaron. Driver So we we play we play grand auto was him. ME's size more his his buddy and one thing that we all we. Played. A little bit of was Friday. The thirteenth game. and. Just a love Friday thirteenth Aaron got into this business of being like you know I wanna I wanna I wanNA make a Friday thirteenth mask it can't. It can't be that difficult and he started trying to make masks he's like I probably make a business out of this Salam for how much pop blah Blah Blah. So he started doing that and he recently sent me A. Homemade Jason Masks. And this is from this is from Friday the thirteenth, the one where it's not actually Jason It's from Roy. A paramedic. It is. It's. It's wonderful. It's it is Primo Primo. PREMO quality, and so I just I just WANNA shout out Aaron driver for one sending me a Jason Mask. Well, strike a Roy mask for for my birthday. And I A That's not the that's not the only movie that he did the masks for he also did the mask for four and I think he's he's working on later ones as well. The very cool. Very cool. All right. Well, let's Let's wrap this show up a big thanks to Julian, Johnson for following us over on twitch as well as my enemy podcast following. US tonight. So my buddy followers hanging out on twitter. So happy to have you here. We are streaming every night normally at a tonight. We are sorry normally nine eastern we got a late start tonight but. Thank you so much for hanging out. Thank you for following they for being here, twitch Youtube and now on twitter you can. You can watch these videos and you can also catch the videos If you missed them live go to youtube all the videos are also there. For. Your viewing. So. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you for watching. We're GONNA. Go do a little Poe show hang out with those on the livestream right now, and then we'll catch everybody. Saturday night for some overcooked two until then I'm Travis and I am Brandon? Be later goodbye. com. Return.

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Melt Glass at Home (w/ Nick Uhas), How Matches Make Fire, and Odd Animal Sizes on Islands

Curiosity Daily

09:32 min | 2 years ago

Melt Glass at Home (w/ Nick Uhas), How Matches Make Fire, and Odd Animal Sizes on Islands

"<music> hi. We're here from curiosity dot com to help you get squatter in just a few minutes. I'm cody golf and i'm ashley hamer. Today you learn about how a stroke match creates fire and why islands make some animals huge and other animals tiny. You'll also learn about a fun glassblowing trick from nick. You haas the host of necklaces new reality. Glassblowing is blowing competition loan away. Let's blow away some curiosity you ever watch someone trying to spark a fire using flint or by rubbing two sticks together like doing doing that thing where there's one stick in the ground and the other one. What's that called. I use a lighter yeah okay but you know without a lighter no idea so yeah. It's not that easy to reduce a flame from friction alone so how come when you strike a match. It quickly provides a strong flame. It's clearly using friction but as reported by the conversation. The secret is in a series of chemical reactions that are more complex than you'd think for a simple little match to start the friction friction is increased due to the strip on the matchbox containing powdered glass to make it extra rough. This produces just enough heat to start a series of chemical reactions. It's the red powder on. The box is red phosphorus. If you zoomed right into see how all its atoms are arranged it would look like a bunch of triangles and other shapes stuck together in a long chain some of these chains break apart from the heat this causes some of the red phosphorus to change into another chemical called white phosphorus which reacts immediately with oxygen in the air and creates a lot more heat so now that we've got our heat we need some fuel the second of the three ingredients we need to make a fire this comes from the sulfur and wax in the head of the match and of course from the wood and the matchstick when it comes to the third ingredient oxygen the match which has a secret supply stored inside the match head is another chemical called potassium chlorate when it gets hot it releases a lot of extra oxygen i and heat this makes the match head burn like gangbusters when you put it all together the heat the fuel and the oxygen you get a flame and amazingly singley. All this chemistry happens in a fraction of a second. What else uses a lot of heat glassblowing. We have the chance to talk to the host of the glassblowing reality competition on net flicks nick you haas he's a science influence or and host of blown away where ten master artists turn up the heat in glassblowing sculpture challenges for the chance to win sixty thousand dollars in prizes and the title of champion after shooting the show nick told us he started making some videos for his youtube channel l. based on his newfound love of glass and here's one lesson he wanted to share with us. Another thing that kind of like blew my mind and i did not know this another really interesting fact about glass is that you can melt glass in a microwave which is like kind of goes against what you would think because typically typically you put pyrex in a microwave and it's fine but there's a way that you can actually melt glass and what you do is you get like a torch and you can mel mel soda lime glass which has a lower burning temperature and you can get molten in one glass is molten molten glass will actually conduct electricity so if you have a piece of glass on a table and you put a lightbulb on one side and you put a power source on the other it will actually light up the light bulb and so the same properties that that allowed to conduct electricity in a way allow it to retain heat from a microwave as well and so the lime blasted has to do with the vibrating sodium molecules tables. I'm just so happens that the resonance frequency of microwave allows the soda molecules to move and then generates he and allows then collapsed. It's already in it's sort of like melted phase to continue to propagate heat and you can continue to hear glass tour. It's literally like liquid in a microwave and so we actually did that from one of our videos for the youtube channel. I wouldn't really i mean i would say if you're eighteen plus eager probably try this at home because it's is not damaging to the microwave but if you're obviously under eighteen definitely a principal supervision type experiment and one thing that really took them by surprise is that it doesn't take very long to melt glass in a microwave either. I think we had it in there for fifteen minutes and got the point where it was like completely soupy you when glowing red hot. It's not catching on fire or anything like it's just melting. It's not like the microbes getting hot either so you can a a glass in a microwave. Remember kids do not try this at home at least not without parental supervision or if you want to play it extra safe you can just watch nick thank you haas do it on his youtube channel which linked to today's show notes and remember to check out his brand new netflix series blown away which is available right now. We'll put links to the show knicks six youtube channel and more in today's show notes. Today's episode is sponsored by scorer style and i wanted to share a quick anecdote about sponges with you the first time my a boyfriend entered my kitchen. He immediately threw away my sponge. You know the sponge was probably several weeks old and it needed to be thrown away. Yes cellulose sponge will become become highly contaminated with millions of bacteria in just two to three days of us so several weeks as dumbo and square style will help you remember a to replace her kitchen. Sponge scores style sponges are made of a patented polyurethane foam and they're anti microbial so they don't smell they also rent clean dry fast and keep their shape and the scrubbing pad. Has the school logo on there once it's worn off. You know it's time to replace it. I love that scrubbing pad and what's more scores easy subscription in plans. I mean you get sponges delivered right to your door so you don't even have to think about it when it's time to swap them out which is really useful. Go to square style dot com now and enter curiosity curiosity in the promo box and get your first month free. Just pay for shipping. You can cancel at any time that's s. K. u. r. a. s. style dot com. Try the sponge casino today show that was called a life changing. That's scorer style s. k. u. R. a. style dot com promo code curiosity. What is it about islands that makes some animals huge and other animals tiny. You've probably heard of the komodo dragon which at ten feet long the largest lizard in the world but then on on the other end of the spectrum. There's the extinct elephant bird and also the dwarf mammoths dwarf hippopotamuses and even homo florian's is a miniature cousin of modern humans. This tendency is what biologists call the island rule it was i pointed out by a researcher named jay bristol foster in nineteen sixty four he theorized that small critters face both fewer predators and fewer competitors in ireland environments giving them plenty of space to get bigger but big animals like elephants would be less concerned about predators or competitors but more concerned with resources with which to sustain themselves for them being smaller would increase third chances of surviving in a small habitat then in nineteen seventy eight another young biologist named ted case took a look at foster's rule and founded intriguing but incomplete incomplete he found instances where animals would sometimes react to being isolated on an island by becoming larger and sometimes by growing smaller take the case of the red diamond rattlesnake. He found that on the mainland the red diamond rattlesnake is twice as big as the speckled rattlesnake but on the island on hell de la guarda their sizes cases were reversed a genetic analysis of those two snakes found that the speckled rattlesnake had diverged more from its mainland relatives which meant it had probably arrived earlier so by the time the red diamond rattlesnake landed on the island. There just wasn't space for a big rattlesnake. It had to shrink in order to find its niche in short whether an animal gets it's bigger or smaller on an island might have less to do with what size they started out as and more to do with what the islands existing ecosystem is capable of supporting so the ecology of the island is kind of like a puzzle and then once you fit in you've gotta turn into the shape of a piece that the need to fit there yeah i just like the idea of getting shipwrecked on a desert the island and then just getting real big for recap what we learned today. I want to quickly mention that you can actually subscribe to curiosity in email form. You just go to curiosity dot com slash email and you'll stay up to date with everything. We've been up to quick easy free unsubscribe at any time i see no drawbacks definitely no drawbacks so let's recap what we learned today. Today we learned that when you strike a match you're actually setting off a chemical reaction that starts on the side of the box and that you can actually melted the glass in a microwave again with parental supervision and that island sometimes make animals huge and sometimes make them tiny kind of like rick moranis movie honey honey. I shrunk the kids honey. I've left the kids see for me. Rick moranis will be forever married to space balls. Also my favorite mel brooks movie. Oh not my favorite amount brex movie. Were you at young frankenstein for sure because that's got gene wilder and gene wilder jill boy. We're not going to settle this on this episode. Join us again tomorrow to learn something new in just a few minutes. I'm cody gov and i'm actually hammered. Stay curious on the westwood one podcast network.

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AWTY 14 - Mr. Munch n' Crunch (Parasyte)

Are Weeb There Yet?

1:12:38 hr | 3 years ago

AWTY 14 - Mr. Munch n' Crunch (Parasyte)

"Aw. You. Hello. Welcome to our weep there yet in education and exploration and anime. My name is Patrick Dugan. And I am your anime idiot. I'm Dana Hollander. And I'm an anime expert. I'm mccone anime baby. Which is also a horrible parasite. Oh. About humanity both as an alien life form and just a regular baby. He's not layers his. Onion fuse to your hand about our phase. Everybody loves par phase. And there's our Shrek reference. Next week when I guess is Lord Farquaad. Let me check off the list got memes Ghanem. All right. We just have to hit sonic, and then we're all set on no. Not after last time, I kind of feel bad about that compares 'cause I can't not see that show our sonic reference quota for the rest of our lives with one episode. Yeah. I think we're good. We're good on the sonic. All right, anyway, thank you to all the sonic fans. Who started listening after last episode? There's will be disappointed in the lack of sonic from this point forward. The number one podcast on TV in art. Oh, no. Anyways. The reason I mentioned parasites is because we're watching parasite this week. Yeah. It's one of newer show. I think like two three years ago before two thousand fourteen four Jesus. Almost five I'm keeps on slipping. Brandon. Old. Order. So. Yeah. Side watch this one after. The kind of feel good sorta last week. We've been to happy. Was just the beginning of our downward spy tipping point. Yeah. We we got into the field. Good stuff before the holidays. So we need to balance ourselves out before we get to actual feel. Good stuff. Yeah. So let's lower that threshold with some body horror. Do you guys know anything about this show before we get into it? I do. So I don't really have a guess I've never seen it. But I know what it's about. So. Yeah. Would you do? This is not something. I'm familiar with shockingly. Well, yeah, I have no frame of reference. You just mentioned body horror. Already on edge. But I'm gonna I'm gonna make a wild. Guess it is it's about a boy that befriends a tapeworm and they go on adventures together. Shockingly accurate. That's a great guest. Justice. I've heard all right. Not what you think. We'll you'll see you'll see. Okay. I'm ready for my expectations to be at least somewhat met. We are watching the first three episodes. Let's again, this is do it. Let's go into it cerebral cortex while. Okay, here we go. Not liking MS bullets. Go. Like falling down a hole. Falling into the anime. Oh. I don't know if this ever happened to us before. Yeah. Normally, we get like a nice clean resolve. But this week is like the carapace of cliffhanger right there about to go down upset four second one of episode for. Yeah. But yeah, let's see how we get there. Yeah. So episode one starts out with a cold open. If you will it's like an older couple and they're standing in front of a window. Just kind of looking at each other. The guy grabs the woman and his face just opens up. Very reminiscent of the demagogue in from stranger things. I was thinking very Audrey too. Yeah. That's a good one musical theater for our friends. That's a popular one though. All you. Rick moranis fans. Yeah. Maranatha literally after that first second, I paused it and screen shotted my first two notes and sent them to Brendan. My first note is okay. Let's get this over with. And this note in all caps is okay. Come through demagogy. 'cause it's just right out the gate. Just like here you go. This is what you're in forms. How gross we're gonna be? No. Yeah. This is a great way to just hit the ground running heads don't work like that. I don't know if you to realize that. But that's not normal of most people know only know like two people that can do that. Yeah. What we can do this. My first note is just he'd gone much. He crunch. I also wrote munch crunched by lady because he eats her head to strip go with his head wound. And then we got the opening. Which is a good opening. Yeah. This is something I would have so been into in eighth grade. Yeah. I'm into it. Now, it's not bad nothing. Nothing's better than some scream medal at nine in the morning. Yeah. But it's also auto tuned, which I am into. Yeah. It also seems like it was a Japanese artist just who learned to sing English phonetically. Because a lot of the words don't go together like that. But he just powered through. And I was also I should mention I watched all three episodes of the Deb. Oh, I didn't even know. There was a dove. Oh, yeah. It's not great. I felt it was pretty similar to the sub. Different strokes for different folks. I think the adaptation wasn't great. Well, I had a couple notes, but we'll get to them. All right. I thought I just watched it subtitled all the way through 'cause I watched it on. Verve. Not sponsored and only said subtitled like it didn't offer me a dub. So I just watched the subtitles. Okay. Good. I won't quality comment on the quality of them. But I'll say they're both the same quality. So whether owned better worse, they were about the same for me, at least ingesting. Yeah. After that sick opening. We get our main character his name is she needs. And he's in bed waking up, and there's a creepy little voice that goes all hell unfortunate, I failed. And he says, what's unfortunate, the voice just shut up. Any wakes up, and he's like what what just happened. There's nothing in my room. And of course, he assumes dream because you know, he was sleeping. Yeah. That's how half of anime star. Anyways, a dream. And then they wake up, and then it's the real life. Or was it? Much considering the last one we just watch Louis. Yeah. So he goes downstairs, and his parents are his mom is making breakfast. His dad is eating breakfast. Because that's what parents do. I get. And his dad asks if he found the snake, and he's like skews me. What is that a euphemism for dad I thought? And then he also remarks that his hand feels numb and his parents say that he wrapped his like headphone cord around his arm really tightly. But like they don't really elaborate on it. So I thought he like fell asleep with it wrapped around his arm. And then he woke up and thought it was a snake. That was like what was happening in my brain. Yeah. 'cause we've all been there. We've all fallen asleep with headphones in and then woken up in a messy tangle. Yeah. I once woke up with them like around my neck, and I was like cool. Oh almost died last night. Great. What rush? His mom offers him a breakfast. And he says now on some toast toast. He's not very hungry. And then he sees a spider and freaks out because our boys afraid of bugs, and I just think that's precious on he silver lead -able. Full just two teenage boy afraid of bugs freedom, but I don't like him. Yeah. I'm okay. With most chilling, I'm chilling. Yeah. It's a rebel out of legs. I don't wanna see them around. But especially after the show. I'm not okay with anything that can crawl inside of me. Good point. And then we see the guy again, much, Mr. Monge crunch, and who his presumably daughter is calling from the other room. She's like, where's the mom? And I'm like, well this girl's gonna die too. And we don't see that happen. He's he's also watching the news is like trying to mimic the speech pattern. I guess earning the language for the first time. Yeah. She does get eaten, but we find that out later. Yeah. And then she needs she is walking to school. And there are some weird animation. Choices of some three D figures. Background people were. Yeah. It's awful. I just like to me it's just like a glares out. And I'm just like why yet it's usually with like cars and any big vehicles and sometimes it's done with a big crowd shots. But because this is kind of the only thing as far as I remember, the only thing that's over thirty eight really stands out more. Yeah. And it's like not done. Well, and it's just like. Yeah. I didn't pick up on that. I may have been writing a note and missed it. But yeah. Some like in a few scenes where they're like background people. They're like weird chunky almost mine crafty moving the full robust. Yeah. He's walking to school and his friend Moreno tries to sneak up on him. And it doesn't work because his his hand just kind of acts on its own and dislike grabs her. And he's like didn't didn't surprise me. Can't get me. Any turns around and they're like talking for a minute. And then he like looks down. He's just clenching her breast grabs her again. But worse. I wrote he's like, John wick, and then a groupie, John wick. I was just like, okay. So it's the parasite thing you, right? It's gotta be sure. It's not just a pervert. Yeah. He wouldn't just do that. He also didn't know it was happening. See for me just like well, it's starting early. There's a service. We know what love and she smacks him runs off and cheese. Other friends. I am seeing on the Wikki that her name is yuko did not write that down. I don't know may have just been said in that first episode. I don't think I've ever heard Ugo said again. Yeah, I think it's maybe once or twice more. And he's he's kinda like, wow. Smooth move dog. Songs and she asks something's wrong with his hand. Because he kinda keeps looking at it, and like clenching unclench ING it and he's like ED's probably fine. And it was at this point that I kind of figured out figured out what happened, but it is confirmed later in the episode. So I'll talk about it later. So he's in class, and he's kind of zoning out of thinking about stuff and the teacher comes over to him. And he he's been using his phone under his desk. And he doesn't know it. And he's been googling pictures of like the human anatomy science by biology Tonj actors. Yeah, sounds like doing his hand is doing some weird shit his sentient hand grabbing titties up human anatomy. Hey for EMI Madda me that a hand can mindlessly Google. I'm glad it was like biology. Yeah. Especially after gravity. Yeah. His hands just exploring the human body. It's not the best place the school to be going through that. Yeah. This is where we get the flashback scene. What happened that night? It is. I didn't take notes on it. Which is weird. But yes, it is. So he's in bed. Listening to music. He's got his ear phones in and this little weird worm bug thing. Tries to crawl in through his ear, but he kind of smacks it away. Always got the headphones until it can't get into years. Yeah. But yeah. So he feels it trying to any smacks it, and then he freaks out 'cause he's afraid of bugs. So he like tries to smack it. Try he tries to go in through his nose and like seizes the tickles. So that's what he tries to defend himself. And it just gets on his hand just Burrows on in leaving a hole, which didn't bother me at the time. But like thinking about it again really bothers me yet. No, it's it's bad stuff right here. Yeah. In my notes, I wrote this makes me feel weird. But nothing has drastically triggered my trip. Afo be yet. But now thinking about it, it makes me feel it. I don't like it. So he's freaking out. And he that's when he wraps his headphone cords around his arm till it cut off the circulation, and it does not reach his brain. Which is what is trying to do. And his parents hear the commotion and they come in. And they're like what's up she needs. And he's like there's a snake, and I'm dying those Nike. Bob of snake in my hand. And he's talking about the whole in his hand. His dad is like where is it? He's like his right here. And it's gone. I like I wrote down please tell me you're not on drugs on those. Well, he's tie off that arm pretty quick for someone. I hadn't thought of that. You do the right thing to. Wow. So that all happens and then during their like break, he tries to say sorry to Moreno for grabbing her titty, but she's not happy with that, natural understandable. Yeah. In the end, she needs to you. Go remarks on how he was he's been acting weird all day. So he's like he is good go home. So on his way home. There's a little girl playing in the street while she's playing with a ball in the ball goes into the street, and she chases after it like a little kid would do and then very Edward colon of him jumps in front of the little girl and punches in oncoming vehicle that is going to hit her and it just like his hand transforms. And that's the first thing that made me feel very gross. All he just stops the car in the car just gives a huge dented like as if it hit another car. So his hand not only is doing weird shit. But it also has superhuman strength now. And then he gets home and he takes a knife. And he's gonna stab his hand like trying to try and get it out. Because now he remembers what happened, and then it wakes up term do little face and skull faith. It's got a little is a little mouth. And it technically it shows a strength again by breaking the knife in half into throwing it. To Nicchi tries to like sneak attack where he's talking to. And he's like this is like. For quick just the hand of mealy catches breaks an throws against actually bitchy tried. Don't even bother. And I was quick enough to stop a car. You think you're faster? And it's like a weird baby. It like doesn't talk very well. Because it hasn't learned how to talk yet. And it also is a sleepy society Bulow, baby. Remind me so much energy stopping that car is just sweeping nine. Remind me of the gummy yellow from yu-gi-oh. I know you guys won't get that. But any other reefs listening like? Like. Such shitty yellow, we're googly, I monster. I think I had see I was thinking of the monster from real monsters that just holds is chrome chrome. That's it. Yeah. That's a good comparison. Just lose big lips. And like is on stocks. Rooted done later on like, I'm on comfortable with how plump these hand lips. To kiss. Just kiss them a hand. So she needs takes to Google and Google's talking right hand weird snake? And I was like that's not gonna get you anywhere. Honey, it might get. You some weird like porn? Oh that definitely lead to some porn. Yeah. So of course, like he's like well didn't help and he it's this family goes to bed decides decides he's crazy. In then he wakes up the next day. And he his arm is just stretched out splayed out across the floor, and the organism has kind of broken it self into two separate like blobs, and one of those real quick this is where I noted that. This was a bad at pation because when he wakes up he sits up and says out loud the words it is morning. I am awake. I'm like oh God. Okay. They could've put anything else in there. They chose. It is morning. I am awake. You know, a human thing you say out loud to yourself. You know? Yeah. This is also weird. I I have the note that's a mangled corpse hanging on a clothesline. But it's not in the summary on the Wiki. Yeah. It's when he goes to sleep we see little snippets of other people being attacked and media by these things. Yes. So there's a woman on a walk in just like a separate part of Japan. And she finds as I put a mangled corpse on a clothesline ship. Yeah. There's also a drunk guy that stumbles into a bloody alley. Yeah. And there's it's sort of alluded to that. This is the monster that ate that lady in the first scene or more monsters Lister, much, and friend. I assumed that the mangled corpses on the clothesline were like the mom and the daughter, but we now know that it's not. There is boomer so one blob back to she DT's room. One blob is reading a book and the other blob is turning into things. So the thing in his hand is reading and learning how to morph into other things, which is pretty gross in pretty terrible. Educated self and he's like she needs. You just kinda like what's up? What are you doing? What are you doing? Hey, going me. In my body. Hey, it's time to pay rent. Get out on my hand. So it's at this point we find out that the parasite meant to reach she needs brain and eat it. So it could just take him as a host. But because she needs to cut off the circulation in his arm. He could not reach his brain. And he matured in his art it matured in his arm before it could eat his brain. So now, it's just part of his arm. Yeah. Enhancement human human improvement in hand. I will accept that one with open arms. I like that one. Oh arms. You know? My god. Wow. Doesn't and shouldn't you just kinda like well fuck, I guess I'm gonna have to cut off my arm, and he's like very calm about it. And the parasites just kinda like now dog to that. He's like why not and he says it would die, and he and you lose your right hand. So we both lose we both lose an I'm just kinda like, you know, if if it meant possibly stopping a malevolent alien monster, I would cut off my hand. I would especially since I'm left handed. It would not impact my life as bad. Left-handed? For wants to. So the parasites just kinda like here. Listen, while I'm asleep of you focused troll of my hand, full control of your hand. And it'll be fine. We'll be fine engineers kinda like, no. And then he goes to sleep again. A road on the quotes on tired. I sleep now and signature Shiels. Hey, you're just using that to get out of the skull fucking same. Really to that way. Too. Yeah. So he goes down to have breakfast, and he wants bacon eggs, this time in his mom was like yesterday. You didn't want it. And he's like while I'm hungry now. And they see a spider on the table again in this time, she needs you just picks it up and takes it outside. Because now, I guess he's what's he what's he got to be afraid of there's a gentle now. Yeah, we get the full on Toby. Maguire Spiderman stuff where he's like. Oh, mmediately better. Yeah. He can see without his glasses. Just kidding ripped overnight. Yeah. We didn't see them these ups, but he actually does loosely classes at some point. We see it in the opening. He gets you wears. But. So while he's walking to school. The parasite is kinda like, hey, you're going to different way. And he's like Yemen ago the cops and he's just like why don't what are they gonna do? And then the parasite tell she ne- that another one of its kind is near them 'cause he's got like a radar some brainwaves. Yeah. So they can sense each other when they're around each other. And they go to an alley and they see a dog eating another dog. And the dog is just kinda like you failed to dude. Another fuck up. Gun arm. Got a dog. Please don't talk Mr. doggy this like that. Shinichi's? I reaction dogs won't talk. Please don't talk. This is making me weird. Yes. This is the one abnormal thing. So the dog decides that it's gonna kill Shinichi because you know, sure the failures like us. Yeah. Kill each other. Yeah. Eating that other dog was not enough nutrition for it. So the parasite in the dog makes the dog's head just transform ensue. Terrible. Terrible thing with wings and a weird sucky mouth is just all bad. And it flies after she needs. But the parasite his hand kills it pretty easily because it just like fishing, and it gets gets sharp claws and just gets in there and rips the dog's heart out and crushes it and the parasite on the dog is dead. Dead dogs. What a great start to this show to be fair. That's still less than the dead dogs in Jo-jo. So. You're right. And then she needs she goes to wash his hand. And I like this recurring thing of the parasite in his hand. Being like, it's called on coal. And the pair slate was saying that the dog didn't understand anatomy as well. Because it was studying earlier that day it was able to quickly defeat the dog and the dog alien was able to. Yeah. Seeing dog reading a library would be weird. Oh, so cute though. Yeah. And then like, we get a weird seed of a guy just murdering a woman in like a dump back yard alley thing. Yeah. And something falls from the sky, and it's an egg. And it opens in cross towards Janine g so I don't know if it's another one it was other is an interstitial that said two days earlier. So this was the arrival of these parasites. Gotcha. So yeah, that's the parasite we come to love. Our good friend. Yeah. And then to we get a name for this hand. Yeah. Oh, doing mentioned the weird juxtaposition of ending music. Oh, oh, yeah. Ending very good. It's all so good. It's very soft rock kind of boy band. Ask Aren be to me just like, very smooth. Yeah. And it's just like, okay. We just saw a dog monster e a dog and then get its heart ripped out. But. And also the the like coming up next time clips were really cool, it it was just kind of like a red like a lot of images. There wasn't like a monologue actual scenes from the perspective of something. But at least in the dub the next time on parasite episode title was still in Japanese. So they didn't dub that part. So I thought that was. We're taking trusting. Yeah. All right. And that brings us to episode two. When episode two starts we see all strangers woman is being harassed by three men who are trying to get too friendly. None of them were wearing sixty nine sweatshirt. Strain at this point. Also sign of thug in an animate. Exactly. We needed that. But we didn't get it. And then another stranger walks up and is like and just knock some out. And it was like, hey, I'll walk you home. And it's pretty clear that this is another parasite host person did not trust him immediately. Yeah. Mostly in like, his speech pattern. He was like a walkie. And it's like, oh, that's not a human cool. Cold and calculated. But yeah, the harassers follow them. And is like, hey, we're going to kick your ass old, man. And then he naturally just unfurled his head and kills them. And that's our intro. So I'll say real quick he kills all the gang members. Any kills the woman to 'cause he was planning on eating her. But then he also gets blind shot at by one of the gang members hits him in the face with pipe. And I wonder if this is the character we meet later on later Nipson, Mr A and this is why he's kinda off because he has like head damage. Oh, yeah. I wouldn't be surprised. I think it may be the same person. I think super clear, but yeah. So we're we cut back to I think like the next day. It's should Shinichi chocking to his hand. And he's like, hey, I I can't just call you like righty or whatever. What can I call you and his hands like I have no use for a name. But call me Miki, I think that will work. So we now have a name for this parasite, it's Miki, which I believe is just hand in Japanese, which don't name it. Then you get attached to it, technically. He's already attached to it. But yeah. But yeah. Miki was like, I'm not your pet. Don't give me a name. So yeah, we go to school where they're all in gym class. They're all playing basketball. Marino and yuko are still hanging out Marino. Still mad about the groping. Understandably. And you like, hey. Hey, shouldn't she she'll forgive you? If you make this next basket, and then they're all bashful because they're clearly crush on each other. So Miki being the true wingmen helps him in the basket. See I actually have this Hugo is the best wing man because she sending it up like 'cause his crushed didn't say that. So she's saying it for her there. Yeah. Median yuko. Last week people. Your right hand, man. Compunds? Well, I love this. Anyway. So makes vast kit a bully is like when he get shown up by Shinichi making this basket after the class, Shinichi and Marino are putting stuff away. And he's like, hey, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. And she says, oh, you can make it up to me by one never doing that. Again. And to taking me to get some pancakes this weekend. So got that date set up. Nice. We're very similar, man. Marana apologize and give me food. You're good. Especially pancakes. The true beef breaker is. Love a good. Okay. What the beef breaker? So we we then have Miki interact by noticing. He gets a big old boner. From this date being set up. And and it's like, hey, I know you want to mate with her. So I'm I'm exploring your anatomy, you look into bang sane. Yeah. Says mcgee. So they they have that fun moment. But then the bully who got showed up confronts Shinichi outside of class. And it's like, hey, she's my girl back off and starts beating them up in true, high school bully fashion and Shinichi is like, oh, no me's going to kill this guy. But Miki again being a true wing knocks them out without killing him which was expected but teaches them a lesson. Yeah. And the guy because I was watching the sub the really standard like real YoM line from Shinichi when he's like don't. That's always it's always a great line in the subs. Very classic. Yeah. So he's like, hey, you got to piss so. And then they go to the bathroom and me. He's like, hey, hold on real quick. I'm gonna give you a boner. I want. Jerk often. Yeah. While other people are in the bathroom book. Tickled to be. I thought this was so funny. It was a good moment of levity. I think the. If I if I were in a body for day that had a dick that's all I would do. This goes. It just cracked me up. Punishes them like putting the cold water. And then the other guy in the bathroom. Hey, why are you talking to your dick? Can't focus when you're talking to your pecker use the word pecker a dove. And it was great. That was. I like. Johnson. Yeah. Good choice. But yeah. So that's the bathroom fund and then get back to some murder stuff because you. Killings that are around and they have been called the mincemeat murders since everyone is so brutally just ripped apart. And this is where Miki realizes that. All the other parasites that are doing this are cannibalistic. So that's why we saw the dog eating another dog and then parasites takeover humans other humans because they like their own kind, and they feel it's inefficient to other creatures. Yeah. They also come into on the fact that like they're calling them burgers, but it's happening all over the world. So it'd be hard to catch the murderer. That is doing this. When it is so widespread, it's not a single person. Yeah. So at this point Shinichi is like, hey, I need to go to the police. I don't care what they do to me. But these murders are happening all over and. If they suck me, they'll at least know what's going on. And this point. He's like, hey, I need you to live. So I can't have you die. I can't kill you. But and then shifts until like knife hand form and goes, you don't need your tongue is or ears. So maybe chill with that going to the police shit. Very good. Like listen here. Fuck boy moment from Miki. I will tear you apart like self preservation is my number one priority. And I'll do whatever I need to to you to save me as Roz fuck alive. I don't need you to have a functioning life. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like very interesting hearing this intimidating message being sent from this very high pitched voice. Yeah. Baby. Baby my hand. Yeah. It is a very gentle baby like clinical voice, which is. It is fun. I am. I am liking the voice of Megie. Yeah. But where? Oh, then they go out and just like walk around town. It doesn't seem like they like real objective. And that's when they bump into another parasite. Yes. So another parasite appears. At this point Miki's like, hey, avoid because we don't know we're still figuring out how all of this works, but Shinichi like, no. If this person is out there, murdering people let me confront them. And then this is sort of a first lesson for me like how humanity works, and it's not just self-preservation. It's working as a community and. So this guy shows up and is like, hey, I sense, you're a parasite. I don't want to kill you. I see you failed to take over this host. You're so new you don't know that you can come live with me. I will offer you my arm. If you join up with me, it'll be two parasites in one host, and we can rule everything and he cuts off his own arm to sort of make this opening where Miki will kill Shinichi and jump hosts. And there's hesitation because naturally. Meet doesn't trust this. And decides to kill the other parasite not to save each has Shinichi suggests but needing self preservation, and that was the safer option of the two things. Yeah. This is a very like one. When when she started getting a little bit of a hero complex. I was like all right. Let's not be alight yoga me. And then when me was like, again, he kind of had this thing of like, why did you pick me me and mies like fuck you. I'm the pick you please. Ma Ma pod opened up on your satellite dish on your porch. Mostly said like, I didn't choose you. You were like, it would just too many unaccountable factors with the other guy is I already know what's going on with you. So it's the safer option for me. It could be a play, and I would die as soon as I detach from you. So I'm not going to take that risk. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ain't hot shit. Down. Get over yourself, your gross high schooler. Get over it. So we have that. And then we jump immediately into a joyful pancake day date time as so cute takes better after murder. Do exactly you gotta you gotta unwind from all that murder. Yeah. So they're going on a date. They're warming up to each other. It seems that the waters have calmed between them. And then they go walk in and they go to play in the park, but they see three hooligans. Again, none wearing the sixty nine sweatshirt. And they do not get the memo. They're not on brand. Yeah. Come on. You have a uniform wear. They decide to go to the park, and they see these kids they have a cat buried in the sandbox, and they're trying to throw rocks at it. Which? Yeah. Number one, bad number two. How do they get the cat to just chill? Yeah. I would be able to dig out of loose sand. I always thought about that. And I was like who the fuck does this like what kind of psycho bat? Does normally how do you do it? Yeah. I'm very impressed by a stray cath that's stray cat would not take that. Yes. So logistically, I'm confused, but also morally I'm like, no don't do that. They'll do. Let's not. So in the new heroic state, the Shinichi confronts them and digs the sand out. And they're like check out this nerd trying to have fun saving cats. You love the cats much while we marry it. Shitting you save to cat gay. Gay to love cats. Let's go play XBox. So as he called you. So as he's walking away, they take their rocks that they're throwing the cat and throw them at him. But naturally Niki census this and catches all of the rocks like over his shoulder. And then he just turns around and growls I will eat you alive. Run away. I love it line a good line. And. And. Yeah. Marino's like oak cool Christ. So, yeah, they're they're walking down the street and. Rano goes to hold the Miki hand hold it for like a second. And then it was like, oh, let me switch to the other side. So there isn't some vague sense that she can sense something's up because it also flashes back to the gym class where she asked him like, hey, you are Shinichi right because he's been acting so weird. So there is some sense that she gets that something off with him. A little known again me in the little hand whole natch outnumber mind. Friend zoned. He gets loved to. Another hand. Shine on. She also wants to meet. Sure. And then we see a clip of like a dark room where two naked people one is the parasite from the opening that stopped the assault. They're about to get it on this mysterious man and a mysterious woman and very cryptic not into it. Cold calculated sex scene. There was no romance. Just how I like very clinical real. In all of their day. We should. And that's the so too. Yeah. Although there is some implied romance because we immediately to that chill is hell ending song. So. That's very. Is that the that's the ruins of this show? I feel that's because we get. Even the hand holding more. All right. Absolute three starts off. And there's. A woman on the train and we just see her taunting Sangley. What are you doing? Like, you're disgusting. Why you're trying to feel me up and just straight up shaming this trae molester. And it's just such a fucking power move. I love it. People are looking like she says like you in the Greg Cote. What the hell do you think you're doing? And everyone looks at the guy in the Greg Cote. He's a pervert now, he's a muster. And when the train stops and opens up he gets flung out of it. Like he gets thrown against the bench and cracks and she just walked out enter power suit and just has no time for his bullshit. Yes. Mama ask Queen. And then we cut to Shinichi, by the way, I think is the most we've ever said the main characters name, especially on my part. Yeah. Sure. You great great. There's only one it's easy to follow. Yeah. We see some Ichi coming down to parents eating breakfast and his dad's talking about the mincemeat murders. Thumbs like not now not at breakfast for crise put it away eighty four people. It's it's becoming an epidemic. And it's like it's good to see that people actually noticing versus just like, yeah. I guess people are just disappearing like another anime. It's a crazy place. Back to the newspaper and his dad's talking about a literary award that someone one inch nature says. Oh, yeah. The stories about a guy who has the ability to talk to retire. It's completely ridiculous. And is now if you excuse me after go talk to my alien hand for a while. Is clearly didn't understand why this happened. I was like why do they care? I think it's because they need you calling Megan insect without calling it it. It was. So obsessively self-preservation and nothing else. And it's kind of a comparison to like the story is the guy can talk to reptiles while cinci king kinda talk to insects in a way early alien insects kind of like a. I guess poking fun at its of sneakers that's ridiculous while he can also do that sort of. That's how that's how I took it. Otherwise had had no real reason to be there. Yeah. Dad, offend ac- author or happens. We never really know. Yeah. He's just typical job. Yeah. He's he's gruff dad that needs to be. Yeah. But he also likes fantasy novels. I guess I suppose I'm still being thing by sons on drugs. But also, I love the Lord of the rings. He's taking all my drugs. So each is going to school the next day and bumps into forget her name crush twenty per bit and me like slides up his arm, and like in pops out of his collar as like, hey essence, another alien around us like be careful seriously. Oh, this feels weird. Close just just poke in from the caller like, hey, I guess. Something just really uncomfortable with everything at all times. It's still Grossen weird. I hate this. So they say there's another alien consensus, and as he's walking school they getting closer and closer and up surprise, the new aliens at school. So signatures all paranoid trying to figure out who it is. While MaGee China sense down the brainwaves than their biggest simply hall for to introduce new teachers, which I guess is something they do in Japan schools and Migas telling Saint like keep your eyes down. Don't make contact like try and remain a conspicuous. It's hard to point you out in this big crowd. And as soon as a new teacher comes up is the lady from the train and Suzy looks looks at her and long size. Boom. He sends the murder intent which is sensing murderous intent check that off on the animating card. That's in every. But as Pok Mon, they lock eyes, and they instantly know, like, you're another one of these aliens. Like gotcha. So we see semi she going on with his school day are real quick before they mentioned that she is replacing the math teacher who got into a car accident like the day before are they referring to the car that Shinichi stopped. I was wondering about that. I wasn't sure. But yeah, that'd be we sort of glossed over how asshole ish this driver was because he Shinichi was crossing the street and the car was like beeping like I'm not stopping for you idiot. Yeah. And it's like, okay, cool. So that's the schoolteacher I'm guessing great. But love it was also kids. Loves the welfare of children Mona kids in this car, but it was also red sports car. So I was like a teacher can't afford that. It can't be hit. That's what I thought it was. But I did have the same was that the teacher, but it's it's unclear. So yes in each is going on with this day. He's only gym class and talking to me, and it just kind of saying like what do we do like we're gonna have to murder teacher? Now. Like, how do we do this in school and like not out ourselves as alien? And he's kind of saying like, no, I could sense murder intent that they are an alien in the Braves, but these seem like they're trying to live their life as the teacher, not just walk around eating people at you know, in the dead a night. Like that other guy was last episode. Yeah. Yeah. Smart Mickey mentions that she's like the only person that they've seen so far who has completely assimilated and not outed themselves. Yeah. And especially doing like a complex job as a teacher teaching other people complex like math and stuff versus just like, I don't know like a thug for like the mafia or something where you can just kill people like that job. So it's kinda like, yeah. She's clearly trying to be that person. And not just being nail Ian and selling doing great. Thrown only molesters on the train. So means kind of be cool like kinda we're all neutral terms like don't freak out and Shinichi just like super trying to figure out what to do if there's a fine how to protect people in his class. Like he can't attack at school to the point where he's not actually doing anything in class. And as she walked by. She sees he's taking notes and calls them out. The officered. This gives her an excuse to talk to him after class like see me after class young, man. Simmons into. Still do this at my office job. And no one likes. But silly all of his classmates around him kinda give cry for that. And one of the the guy who actually saw him talking to me in the bathroom as they're kind of like, oh, man. How do you get to talk to the hut? New teacher like west care about you. And at this point Shinichi kind just snaps you're going to be. So mean, what are you gonna be dick yells? Fuck. Kinda shows. He's getting more aggressive, or at least more sort of. And we see a friend of Hugo and the crush. I forgot the name still a Marino Marino, we see very friend. I guess she's been around. But she hasn't gotten a name yet that she's kinda talk into everyone's saying like, oh, why care about the teacher when he got all of his writing class, and which is weird kind of like just like, all right, whatever employees off energy kind of blush is. And I think that's kinda hinting that she might have a crush on cinci. But it's not too clear at least on this episode. So he goes to see the teacher after class, and it's kind of like a neutral treaty discussion where hey, you don't attack me? I wanna talk you. We'll keep living our lives as Ichi super paranoid. Still just like would like how like combat. I mean. He's just like fucking children like she's cool. We're cool will keep living our lives. Yeah. I love her says smart Kasese like, well, it the parasites control feature the creature 'cause like she's not gonna kill any other students because she she knows that. I don't know. I don't know. I like that. She's like, I'm only gonna kill strangers. Like, I'm not gonna kill anybody. That's close to me. Why would apply cover by eating coworkers student? I'm not in stadia got a sweet gig teaching last night. From the internet in the textbook. I just how to math. And now, I'm a math professor. Like when while he's freaking out. She's like, I'm not gonna kill you. I would've done it already. They're very like clearcut on like on a motion with their language energy. If I was gonna kill you. It would have been done already like, relax, all practical. That's the way to communicate with these aliens so McGee saying like, hey, she won't kill us. We will kill her. Like, we're fine when coexist but Shinichi still on it. So she the teacher tells him to hit come meet me after school the same day after school. Mimi up at this place. And like we'll talk further that we will have to worry about anyone at school blowing covers so after school it cuts him after school when we see Marino and yuko seeing him getting on the bus in. They ask about it later, but he meets up with the teacher at this like, I guess just over restaurant somewhere downtown, and she brings along another parasite alien, and this is Mr A we don't really give them name because he's not that important. He's he's not as vital to the ship. As anyone any? There's Mr. be later. You'll be disappointed. Yeah. They skip right to Mr. c. No. She just like goes down goes down a roster of men named after the alphabet. And it's Mr. seats, Mr Cunningham from happy days. That's a that's an old reference just for while just permit you take that and hold it in your heart. So yes, she shows mister, and it's not clear if this is the guy that a attack the gang and save the in ater in the last episode, but we think it is because they we've already seen that they can change their face. So it's not super obvious. But he's it's clear Mr. as off he's a twitchy and kinda like much more aggressive than the teacher is doesn't like Megan Shinichi right away. So while they're in these discussions are talking about more like what do, you know about us? What do we know about you? And like how can we figure more out information about each other? And that's when the teacher reveals like, hey, me, misery this guy. We fought we fuck last night hard. Hey, the waitresses walking by drums gladly. Oh god. No, no so-called off guard. Guard a little league Simon like other people can't hear them still. Yeah. I mean, I'm a fan of this character. I really like her. But like as soon as she was like, yeah, we tried. Banging I was like what? But she says because it's to see what happened. It's like an experiment. Yeah. If you say in the double we experimented and had sex last. Oh that see that's bad too. Just as bad as I am awake. Don't Qingshan let them experiment in their hotel room. So she asked like, what do you think like happened after we ascites images just like you're pregnant again. What do you think it is? It's human it's perfectly human. And that's kind of when we discuss more of that like the port the million inhabited like whenever they attacked the head kind of like separates into these weird tendrils blades attacks people, but the rest of their body is still human. So even the two millions had sex last night their bodies are still human. So they're still a human Davey her. It's not like an infected baby that's not a hybrid or anything. And it's a round this point when Mr. as just like fucked us on out into sales because he's just weird and doesn't trust a signature medium like how how many questions are asking about the aliens. Then he's like Bill. It's interesting. Yeah. Because like in this discussion, we kind of find that life. They don't even really know what they are. They just know that they're there. And it's time to eat yet. They ask don't you wanna know more about yourself emissaries like knowing more about myself won't help me live like that won't do anything for me. All I have to do is eat and like defend myself. And that's it. Yeah. I know the vital life functions. I need to survive. And that's all the information. I require. Yeah. And that's where like Shinichi comparison to insects comes from her just like they have no other thoughts besides just survival. So. Sam walks away. And as a teacher keep talking for been basically saying like, hey, we can still be cool like in class and know about each other. But if you try now me I'll fucking murder everyone in an instant and she puts a spoon in her mouth. Curls the spoon in her mouth and pulls it out and just like and I kinda like float upward. So it's like all white kind of like, let's be cool and not kill each other. But if you try. I wrote down. I don't know if she actually I don't know if this is a direct quote or just how I felt but I wrote don't test me kid. I'll ruin you an everything you love, which I'm pretty sure is a direct, quote, if it isn't. It's the exact same message. Like, that's exactly what she. Yes. Basically. So. After the meeting Miki kind of calls shit, losing his name, the more. I say should he out? It'd be were terrified or that. And he just starts waterboarding Miki again under sink. Stockholm me a coward. I know. You can sense everything I could sub saying it took it from my feelings externally. And so we see the next day seems like a regular day at school and Mr. Asia's up at school to murder Shinichi and McGee 'cause he's a dumb asshole. And just ruined. Everyone's plans. And as he's walking to the school. He just he we see him knock out like one or two people, and then he just cuts into the other two people. So it seems weird that he's like intentionally killing someone and killing others. And everyone starts freaking out when they see the one body he left behind like all right, everyone out like emergency get out of school and get away from this guy and the teacher sees him inches. Like, oh, he's ruining my plans. I'm out and just disappears. Like, we don't know where she went out. So she was gonna go kill in not because of blower cover. She small. So she's avoiding go chop is Jake off. As far as anyone knows? She's a helpless teacher like every other teacher. She got power. So as they're trying to evacuate VGA Meagher county talking about a plan on what to do. I mean, he's kind of like the super simple plant. We're all grouped up. So he can't really pinpoint exactly where we are. So when he goes cutting through all these students and killing everyone off sneak behind me to stem in the face as just kind of like. I'm not gonna let us my friends and classmates as human shields like that's a dick move. Our I find. And then Hugo calls amounted. Like, why are you talking yourself whispering all time don't worry about it? I forgot something in runs off goodbye. And so he runs off into kind of a hallway that's already been evacuated. So no one would be around and start setting his desk on the hallway to set up as a shield or barrier. I guess for Mr. may walks up. He can like help fight them better. And me, basically says, hey, it's we're at the same, you know, drag ability power level kinda like me in misery are at the same skills at so it'll just kind of be crawl. There's nothing weird at cinci will say like oh, well the differently. Meet us in him is two of us in one of him. Like, I'm human and got you. And he's just the parasite now he's kind of like good point. And in cutoff leg of a like a chair just basically makes shank and gives it to Shinichi's like here's your weapon. Like our love it. I'll just rectum, and we'll fight will vote equal footing. And then you just come up around. It just stab him in the face. So he's like, well, we'll use what assets we have to our advantage. Just kind of like oh shit. Like, I just like me is definitely better fighting than I am. I guess I had to get involved now too instead of just sitting on the sidelines. And as that point we find out Mr. is three meters away for Americans. That's like real close. I don't know the number feet. Okay. About nine out nine. Where is he? I don't see him. Like, we're in this big open hallway like where could be. It's like, oh, yeah. He's below us. And we see misery swing out from the floor below him into through the windows and Pablo bright next home. He's basically, oh, you said of all these desk is like a barrier to protect yourselves. You don't bitch. Now, you're here with me. So that's cute. Yeah. So you really think that would stop me? And that's where it ends good clean. Hang gonna win. I assume the main character. It's three. So I sure hope so there's a series after this. I actually didn't realize it's like twenty four episodes. I thought it was only twelve so longer. I thought it was because it's a popular series like even talking to Camille like it's been going for while Asmara the enemies pretty new, but the magazine going for a while. Yeah. Our friend Camille who does our artwork. Yeah. So yeah. Those are the three episodes. We watched. About as disturbing. Oh, that's good. At least. It's all point. Yeah. So yeah body horror. I'm I can get down with somebody or. We're good to hear. Lot more show taking notes to the list. But yeah, I think my opinion of this. I think it was well done. I really like the relationship they set up between each e and Miki of hey. Neither of us can die you want a right hand. And I want to keep living as a right hand. So we have to protect each other and like a true parasitic relationship. So that. Well, I I wasn't joying the mixture I was liking it a little bit more because I was getting those death note vibes, but it was more active than death. No. It was oh quick three second plan and five minutes of explaining how that plan went off. Let's actually get into some fights. And just oh shit. Someone's right behind me. Let's kill him. It's better. One of the main action sequence for show isn't writing in a notebook more. Watching the news. So. Yeah. Getting out and actually doing stuff I was way more invested than with death note. Yeah. It so I mean, it might have been on the news. But it goes from a pair situation relationship to symbiotic relationship as this series goes on. Biology terms. Wow. So are we there yet? I am interested to see where this goes. It also helps that this is like the first cliffhanger we've gotten for the episode. So we are about to jump straight into a fight. I feel like it in the first three episodes sets up enough stuff to pique my interest. So I I would say I would keep watching this. Oh. I surprised I chose one of your shows for like. Tell you about it. The other night, I picked this show because I think it shows a lot of interesting things especially with like body this the distorting and like the just graphic intensity of it. Like, we said the first seen right away someone's face peeling apart in eating their wife when it's it's I enjoyed it. I watched all of it. But it's it's not up there with like one of my favorites is a finding good show. But it's not one really stuck with me too much. So surprised after talking to guys like hearing Dana earlier hearing how much she was actually re into it. And I was like, oh, I'm surprised especially at it's based based on what I like, Brendan doesn't think I would like these kinds of things. But I love a good spoon. I was also surprised because I do. You guys aren't big on the fight sequences or like really drawn out fight sequences. So I know there are few in this. I was sure how many are in these first three episodes. But I know there is more fighting as opposed to just instant kills yet. It started out pretty instant kill of like here's an opponent. We're going to have a quick confrontation. And then the fight and it doesn't drag out for the entire episode. And I think it also balances like it sets up a actual like life version Ichi that we don't get that much of in like death note, where some of the other stuff where it's like, yeah. Yeah. He goes to school. But the power stuff, let's Zam that. It's like, no he goes to gym class. He fights a bully. There's gonna be regular day life, and we get that more than we've seen previously. And even with bigger fight scenes later in the series whenever they happen. I feel like it's still going to be interesting because it's Shinichi and Megie like being strategic. Yeah. And having to work together sort of like the soul eater thing of like each has several people because like the weapons have minds of their own so going to be into it. And there's gonna be dynamics beyond just opponent versus opponent. Oh, interesting. Yeah. So yeah. I I was dig a great. And I'm I always another one for the books. I always love seeing creative uses of like animation, especially in like, monsters and stuff. That's why I love like the dark souls series. So much of just seeing like, oh, that's a monster. That's like ninety percent human corpses. Cool. How how does? Oh, so we'll spoil it. But there's if you like monsters made out of human corpses. A show the list. Too soon. We'll we'll get to it soon enough. No. Yeah. I think I'm just so used to like American style monsters of like, oh, it's like a beast form. See Japanese monsters where it's like, no, this is a human body but half of it is made of skeletons part of it's a tree. And also, there's there's tentacles and tender. I I love seeing unique like monster designs. Oh boy. I got the show for you. Oh, no. We'll get to in. Anyway, as posed to our next show, which I hope doesn't have Mosser's in it. Yeah. So we are in the winter season. So we are standing for our holiday shows. So. Yeah. Next time, we're watching saintly young men because Jesus Christ on Christmas. Sorry. If you don't celebrate Christmas today the day recording. It is the first day of Hanukkah happy Hannukah into fair for me at Bhave. Happy hannukah. Thanks. Saint Louis young men or saintly young men. I don't know the exact pronunciation, it's got Buddha. So it's not just. Yeah. It's Jesus Buddha. Yeah. So I've actually never watched it. But we're just gonna do the first three episodes. See how that goes to get a little taste? Yeah. Out couple sorry. Hopefully, no tentacle monsters in this fingers crossed never know. No, no. The odd couple with religious figures. Love it. Great. All right. Well, thank you for joining us this week on are we there yet? You can find us on Twitter and Instagram at are we there yet? You can find me on Twitter and Instagram at Mr. Patrick Dugan. You can find me on Twitter at Queen underscore. We Abhu and Instagram at Queen period. We Abbou you can find me on Twitter at ABT's, Brendan it stands for almost better than silence, which is another podcast. I do about video games and random bullshit. Just like this show. Yeah. Thank you. Camille Rulli who got a shout out mid episode and think well for the use of our song stories off the album beats I always get those mix. Learning. You can find Louis music at Louise Ben Cam. Join us next me. Live with animals.

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"You're. Tuned in to Steve Magnetron on altered Kiko. Loewen. Welcome to altered Geek I'm your host Steve Phillips in joining me in this endeavor into victim is if she when Mike No. We return. After my grandma. With my nice microphone back in front of my face. Yes in front of your face. Don't worry levels. And I won't be going. Either who? Like you're doing now that was clicking. Yes I understand me being a fool. I know. So yes, I moved I have a new house, a move cities. I had the tedious process of. Tearing Down My. Entire Office which my desk was an atrocious. Literally took it down to each individual board. With. No. Instructions on putting it back together by I. Put everything in a box like all the bolts. Plastic wrap box in the stacked up everything there were two file cabinets that stay together but everything else had to come apart and it's a massive desks so. I. I got back together in about four hours on Sunday night because I was going I, need my stuff set up for. Tuesday, for work and. I also set my computer right afterward because I'm like I'm going to watch Netflix. Checking things. So I was watching it on my phone until I got the desk done, and then after the desk was done I was like, should I go to bed? Should it continue and I was like continue? So I put my computer back together and I still have like a box and a half of crap under my desk I mean it hides it while but of stuff that needs to be put away. In the deck but I've not gotten that far an unpacked my box yet I haven't. I haven't really done any of those things yet. But it's it's coming along. We had the whole house. Mary. Mostly did a lot of it. We got the whole house unpacked in three days. Awesome yet, which is, which is still the record. It's just yeah. She. She's like we better not be moving again until we're old men and a truck. Exact. ICES I with you. So actually this is the first time I've had an office. That's not in the basement. Yes. Because my old one basement anymore basement So the last one it was, it was a finished room, but it was it was big and so it got colder. My New Room is actually It's about three quarters of the size of my previous office, and so it's a little bit more condensed and. Get the company. To in so it it actually holds the heat better. and I I also installed a One of those things that doesn't allow drafts to come under the door. Right. Which I did that more. So for some purposes than anything else on my side of the door. Because I have family. and. So I also am going to be getting sound panels to put in here I put my my blackout curtains in here. So, yeah, it's it's a process. The first day we were here it was on a Friday because we closed and then Mary went to go grocery shopping and I had to steam cleaned the carpets, which was not fun. But I took a break in between because I know that they had cable and it was hooked up in the front room and I. Knew. I needed to have the Internet close to my desk. Right. The nice part about this houses, they have Kovacs and Ethernet, ran to every room. Else, we which is good because it's a three year old. House. But the unfortunate part is. The Co ax is set up. On every room and they used to have dish to at one point. In the House I had. Hook all of the dish garbage and then I found the comcast line and hooked it up and get it to the right office thankfully. And the funny thing was. The ethernet is hooked up in all the rooms, but on the other end down in the basement where this hub is at. They never put the connectors on the ends. So they're just they're just they're just flat off wires. So I Said Ethernet Kit to. Strip the shielding off so that I can put the caps on them. And I bought a network hub to put down there so that I can sneak Through the entire house. Because eventually I plan to. Plug in my router here and still have plugged into my computer. The way it is but move my. My Modem to the basement and then have it hooked up to the hub. So every room has access to Internet. So. Yeah. That's my plan. It's going to happen until probably when I'm in production again because I just finished that in three weeks, I go into it again. and. So it worked out well surprisingly for. COVID standards. We use this software called. T. L. which is similar to skype except it's more real time. There's no. Latency. In the audience. So. It's actually clearer in nicer than skype because you don't have to have a program installed. Very cool you can't record from it but it's not ideal for at least for an audio drama purpose. and. So we had our director piped in. To the studio on the soundboard. So he could talk to all the actors through everything and Talk to the control room which I was in a lot of the time. And then he team viewer to view adobe audition. So he can see the wave form, get time codes for you know when he needed things. So it was nice and it's it was seamless and it was like him being there all those annoying having to wear a mask in the studio the entire time. I had a site office that I that that was roped off for my mask free zone down in the studio area. So that was nice but. Which I went every day for lunch But the actors didn't have to wear masks went in front of the microphone but the minute that they stepped away from the microphone they had to put him on again. So we had them isolated in two different rooms in one of the rooms was nice like. A twenty. Foot, BY THIRTY FOOT ROOM Sweden wanted each corner and we had moving blankets hanging from the ceiling to sound dampening and it was an early sound dampened room because it's going to be a TV studio. So that was nice and then having the regular audio studio for the other person and so. It worked out well for that now, with our Australian actors or the ones that couldn't make it a director had to do that on his own. So I did not have to schedule that. So that was quite fun for me. But Yeah so We get to do it all again in three weeks. So that's pretty much what's been going on in my life other than you know the burning themselves down. Very. Cool. Very cool. Yeah I have been slowly trying to get US unpacked. I've been watching a lot of stuff on. Multiple. Streaming services. August twenty eighth of this year covert seasons one and two hits net flicks it is no longer on youtube premium because youtube. Is going away from the scripted stuff. I guess or whatever they used to call it. Youtube Red I. think it's Youtube Cream. Now I don't know on I. Don't really. Give a flying flock but I. Find this absolutely hilarious like I watched through the series or through both seasons and absolutely love it. It's a great great show a great way to Oman the movie franchise that it came from at the same time adding new depth to the characters. The whole point of this. Series is it's from the point of view of Johnny Lawrence who was the guy that lost to Daniel in the first film. So it's very, very interesting. But I, went ahead and posted on multiple social media platforms. CRN's facebook page my care fictional character t.f on Mike, page my personal page and other places about Hey You know I just watched Koper Netflix's Yada Yada. Yada. And I only watched the link to trailer. If you want some spoilers, just go to net flicks and watch it. Everywhere. Else. It has low numbers on my personal page as. Sixty five lakes, sixty shares, nine comments, and as of this recording three thousand five, hundred, sixty people reached. Now this is the biggest thing for me on social media in the whole time I've been on. So I've never seen numbers like this. A few times. GCE aren posts maybe have gotten over thousand kind of thing but I have never seen anything like this and I'm like, why is this happening on my personal page? Not any of the other pages? So Strange. A little strange kind of cool. I. Mean You know I'm still a nobody retired broadcaster but still. Trying to think what else I've been doing. Oh I. Thunder cats original thunder cats from eighty five and the twenty eleven perky network series who? I have watched through ninety five percents of the original series I skipped a lot of the one off episodes because I was more interested in the multi partners. I did watch. All. Sixty five episodes of the first season. The second season's sixty because it has one hundred and thirty episodes total so. I gotta say. People need to go back and re watch the show because number one the show is awesome number two. SNARF is not the worst eighties side kick kid character out there snarf alike I actually went into this thinking that God I'm GonNa hate snarf east to nurse Mehta she's to parentage she's to Oh my God why it? Oh, you're GONNA fall into pit of lava on my God. You can't use the dog though he's not. In the beginning but as lionel girls, his character. And all of that SNARF ends. Up Quite. Up Yeah, he ends up not so snarky because the ends up becoming more of A. added. He always was a member of the thunderbirds team but. He's more of an active fearless member of the team. Because there are some episodes where he. scrappy do. No and there's nothing wrong with scrappy Doodo shut up there's to. Shut up. I'll scrap you. Scrap Yourself. Basically. Basically, if you're looking at the eighties. side kick characters so SNARF. copper kid from. Silver, hawks. Daniel from transformer spike and Daniel from transformers. chip chased from transformers. I don't know if GI JOE had any kid characters I'd. Of of Real American, hero? Scott and t bob for mask any of the kid characters that show up in Eamon and or she wrote. SNARF is by far one of the better ones because honestly the worst kid characters in eighties cartoon history. Scott and T bob for mask. So. Yeah. I enjoy doing that I enjoyed whatever I do plan on watching the two thousand eleven series. I watched the twenty eleven thunder cats series when it was airing. Cartoon Network. Unless. It's their cal arts whatever style whatever the hell their own. Like they've never really given a lock out action cartoons and they've always given him the rind, the deal like Oh instead of it being on Friday night at eight pm it's on it Saturday morning at four am or Is We're going to air two episodes within the next two weeks, and then we're going to have seven weeks off or whatever. So. I am very happy that both the eighties and twenty eleven series for thunder cats on Hulu because now I can go back and try to watch the. Twenty series like I said, I watched some of it one air but. It's weird seeing Eric Matthews, Slash Batman Terry. McGinnis says as Lionel but. It works you know ORCs. Against I'll give a report on the twenty seven series next episode. See. Lot of crazy things going on at. DC. These days. Yeah. What is going on over there? I'm honestly not up to date on their stuff other than I. Know they've had a couple of shakeups over there, but I'm not sure one. Of. Shakeups. It, it's just a bunch of like I'm not even sure myself. I just know by you know just in passing that. There have been a bunch of editorial and other staff changes. There, there's just I see more rumors than actual facts at this point. So Hang is. It's a bunch of nothing. I don't know. I. I'm not even GonNa comment because I don't have factual information in front of me. Thatch. Lot of things to is as bad as twenty twenty has been, there's a lot of things to look forward to. Do Tell to tell. The mandatory season two is coming as well as Carmen Sandiego season three. Carmen Sandiego on netflix lowering obviously Disney plus. What else I don't know. I just feel like I'm seeing things that are going to be happening in in Gig them or in. Streaming services that Oh hey, this is coming early that's coming and it's like finally something to look forward to. I've been rather disappointed with some geeked I'm to. Be. Honest. Because there's not been anything I've cared about that's new. Mostly. Stuck with a lot of the old stuff because it's tried and true and. That's a haven't really paid attention to some of it because I've. Watched some of the new. Lower deck's and no, it's not stellar but. It's not as terrible as I thought either. So So I mean never know it's It's it's always one of those toss up things that you just don't quite know what's going to happen. Right yeah. although I did see an article just before this that they're gonNa have John Delancey reprise is q so that has my hopes up. Surprisingly Very. Cool. Very cool. Let's see what else. New Old is new news, old Like I'm looking forward to eventually reading Batman jokers from Geoff Johns. Jason? FEHB. Let's see Willard like. Supposedly TV shows like Knudsen seasons are GONNA be starting back up again that's going to be fun well I. Know that the new? Star Trek series are all going to be on? CBS because they don't have any content. Yeah so they're like, oh And I mean that's expected. They've Kinda hit that point where it's like okay it's been out awhile we're going to. You know we're going to make it freely available to. People to view and. It makes sense but at the same time I don't. I don't know I. Don't know what I think about it I just I mean it could be good. I'm looking forward to the fact that they had star Trek Day in kind of released a bunch of INFO on strange new worlds, which is going be episodic like the old thing like. I guess Akiva Goldsman. WHO's? been on all the the trek stuff executive producer he wants to he's been pushing for A. Captain Pike Series where it's The the enterprise crew you know. Basically. You know he wants to go back to the old days. You know it's up a sonic but instead of you know like if for instance, Kirk could have a girlfriend or dating somebody in one episode inching dies instead of going back to normal the next episode, they're like repercussions for the character point. So, there's that aspect but they're going to be up Assad overall and I thought that that was Kinda inventive and I'm looking forward to that. Very. Cool. Very cool. Yeah I don't know I just feel like there's things out there that I obviously can't I figure on right now. But like I said, there's actually things to look forward to like you know. I. Don't know movies coming out or album's coming out or TV shows or. That kind of thing and. Comic storylines and all of that. So so Well I was I was looking at. An article about. Online radio. they were saying is online local online radio, the future. And I thought it was kind of A. Interesting because they're they're saying that one of the great things about online stations you have a really good handle on how many people are actually listening, but it can also be a bad thing. You know. you know of course, you know that can happen on FM stations as well, but you never quite know on those and so. They're saying given the low barriers to entry huge number of online radio stations. Now exist around the world providing all manners of services like. Books are. Anyone can launch them so. Good Summer pour. Some are hugely. Popular in many will. Not much of an audience. So. It's it's kind of interesting because they see the challenges are staffing transmission winning audience and paying the bills. So you know staffing saying that some can be run by volunteers and. Produce, impressive thing and some. Can Be online for cheap as opposed to having a station where you have all the overhead. Now the audience part it says, it gets tougher each day. You know says not least were not on the same platforms as everyone else this is That that there's like some aspects of of change things or you know some can be okay with the network service replaced replacing something or changing or. Just difficult to have an audience in general so So I know it's kind of interesting that they were just bringing that up that it's kind of. The the new wave of things going on especially with podcasting and so. I don't know I it was it was just different. That's all. The other kind of cool thing is Ryan. Reynolds posted for his mint mobile. this is check on her it's a cell phone company, but it says check out our plans as low as fifteen dollars a month, and then he's got Launching Unlimited for just thirty dollars and bringing back Rick Moranis. And so they have Rick Moranis start come in there and he's like my supposed to say something he says, he says. I've just geeking out right now, and then he goes and gives that look that he always does like Rick Moranis does and then. And then. Okay. Bye, and then just leaves. which honestly was funny. Yeah that's crazy. Was Funny Funny Funny Skits There's a lot of people that are. Coming out of the woodwork that. Making comebacks. People have to find a new way to entertain themselves as well as everybody else. Yeah and that's true and. It's I. Mean. It's just like podcasting. Things have just gotten. You know all over saturated and people are having to kind of pick and choose what they do and what they watch and what they listen to you and. So. Yeah. It's. It totally different beasts now. Oh. Yeah. And I mentioned this off air to somebody else It was listening to podcasts episode the other day. Where they did apparently during the recording that the little livestream. For an interview that they were doing. In these aradio Guy, these are former radio guys. and. In, the podcast version they didn't edit out all the parts were they're like Oh can you hear me now? Can you hear me now I can't hear you what's he saying like all this back and forth about their connections and how bad the stream was and how bad the Internet was and I'm like. You. Could easily edit all of that out of the podcast version of shows. So nobody has to sit through ten minutes of you asking. Can you hear me now? I don't know manage it seems like Ever since I like call, it stopped podcast and I listened to more shows. It's like, Oh, I have a suggestion for you. Oh, I have a suggestion for you. Maybe, try it this way. Maybe do it this way this will help improve your whatever. You're trying to do here. Now, I would never actually go to any of these people. Unless I. Kinda, SORTA knew. Them. And said this to them. I gave somebody some advice on doing interviews. But that was because they're. In the podcast realm. And it was more. So the advice is make sure you understand what the guests time limit is if they have a time limit before you the Rio. So you're in the USA when you're in the interview, you're not saying, Oh, well, we know you're. We know you're rushed for time where we know you don't have that much time Blah Blah I'm like, no, don't stop saying that ask your questions get the conversation recorded have a good time doing it and move on don't constantly drag the podcast episode down by constantly saying that the guest. Doesn't really have time to even be there. Reminds me of the the old Chris Farley? Heart were. He's he's like. Interviewing, an actor or a celebrity or somebody on Saturday night live and he goes, Hey, do you remember that one time? You did this? Yeah. That was great. It was just like Super Awkward. That's kind of what it reminds me of listening to some people interview people. I know sometimes, we kind of rambled but typically were on her a game when we interview somebody. That's because we figure everything out and we end up using judicious use of mute to scramble in the background. Usually, we have like twenty, maybe twenty five questions for anybody. Voice, actors, musicians, cost players, writers, artists whatever. and. Sometimes, during these interviews, they'll answer the questions were about to ask them before we get to ask them the question. So as they're telling their story you have to. I don't want to sit here in you know say move along but move along a you know. Sometimes, this is not the podcast you're looking for belong. Say. Let's move on. Shall we Yeah Happens more often than you think though, and that's that's the sad part. And like. I understand people want to see late. I break cameras. So nobody needs to see my face. You can only hear my voice because my voice ain't GonNa break anything while unless I start yelling at the top of my, which is known to happen before. But Anyway, I get really pissed for that to happen. But like these whole own lets video chat and record the audio and I'm like, no, let's not. Let's just record the audio. and Like I can't I've said this before on probably this show other visa on shows. I can focus on your voice and my voice in what I'm saying in what you're saying maybe scripted for doing something that we're reviewing instead of just having a conversation like we are now. But don't put a camera in front of me that I have to actually sit there and look at anybody. Along with. Doing all these other things that I'm trying to do Yeah I. Like when I think Certain meetings and stuff at work I. Pick, and choose whether I feel like turning on my video and sometimes they're like, Hey, Steve, are you there and I'm like I'm here choosing that turn on my video. Like, they'll we have a morning Powell in certain mornings and give it for buddy. You know certain. Assignments is it we're? Like Everybody has to run like A. Morning. Worship of sorts and. It goes to rotation and. I choose when it's my turn. To not have my video on and they're like. Oh, you can turn your video and I, don't I'm like, no no, I can't. In one of the people figured it out there like you're going into podcast mode aren't you? Got It. Said I don't have to have video to do it. I says plus I. Don't like the fact that everybody's looking at me. In nobody has video on but me. And then they're leg. Steering Face I'm good with that I don't. I don't think people watching me while I'm together my thoughts because it just makes more conscious about it. Yeah I would much prefer. Not Having people stare at me. Yep. So I mean. It's one thing if I choose to turn it on the like my zoom. I. My my zoom meetings that I have to go into. The option to edit out. The background. And you put the virtual is backgrounds I was put. I always put the bridge of the enterprise easy icebreaker. So yeah. I mean. When all sudden done like I. Making this easy as possible on myself. Exactly. The thing we also have to make it easy as possible on the guests as well. I personally think. Just having the audio. Is. Like. Okay. I don't need to see what you're doing to know that you're messing with something on your desk because I can hear not necessarily clicking but I can hear you fumbling with something. UNKIND. Okay fine. I'm not I'm not really I'm not trying to call you out on it now I'm just saying. Like. I said to Kendra and Hayward Hale who I recorded episode three, eighty, three of the bag with earlier today as of this podcast regarding I said if you hear anything in the background, just ignore it. Whether it's my fan whether it's a car outside, just don't draw attention to it. Like yes. I'm drawing attention to the fact that you're packing a box as we're recording a podcast you're easier multitasker than. I. Am. So. You know it's just one of those things where I don't mind hearing those noises because. To me, that's natural. You're always doing something else this just like. So my if I had my computer right now and it wasn't in storage. I'd be sitting here. Looking at facebook. I'd be looking at a link to article you center linked article I sent you or you know. Whatever why? No, we'd always be doing something. Yeah but see here's the beauty of it. Most of the time unless I'm typing because I'm allowed typer no one's going to hear me scrolling through. FACEBOOK or twitter or article or something when I have my computer. Whereas if I had a camera on, they would see me doing all this other stuff and I'm like, no, you don't need. You only need to hear the sound of my voice. If you can hear the words that are coming out of my mouth we're good. I loved that phrase. Do you understand that it's coming out of my mouth I do think you Chris Tucker. Fairly off. So yeah I mean it's it's yes. So again, I don't know. Roundabout wave saying that. It's It's IT podcasting. It's just that's just how it is. For me, it's like by getting out by I don't WANNA say getting out of the game, but I will say that. Because I've been on this sort of semi hiatus retirement thing 'cause like I keep saying I've got my computer out of storage, which is actually taking a lot of money because as the rest of the stuff that's in storage and I'm. A disabled moron who lives off supplemental security income but anyway. It's one of those things where. Because I don't have. The. Way that I record edit post whatever I'm choosing most of the time not to record like recording with you as easy here on ultra. Geek. Because you're doing all the work anyway because this is your show. Traverses somebody else saying like like luckily, I have a couple of PODCAST MONKEYS On My. Quote Unquote Staff, where I'm like. Oh. By the way, I'm on a smartphone I can't record anything. As long as you can record I can find some podcast monkey to edit it for me. And I appreciate those podcasts monkeys and I'll give them all as they want. Once they've done their job. But it's one of those things where I can't do it the way I'm supposed to do it. So then I should do it. Which means that I now have all this extra time that I would be doing for production for Daren. To actually go back and find other shows and listen to how other people are doing it. And I'm like Okay. Couple of things that can improve on just we can always improve on anything and everything. COUPLA things that I know I'm never doing again. You know like. You know you're not even going to do it now and I don't think you have enough time to edit this like you're not supposed to. BURP ON CAST. Kind of thing you know you're I won't edit it because I. Don't want a time stamp it. It's fine. I'm just saying. That would get edited out for where I am or where I was back in. December. Like either wouldn't have even done that just now or I would have muted myself or if I did do it, I would have edited out and we would have moved on like we're moving on now. In the point is audio is much cleaner, it's easier. It's frankly more fun to deal with. Videos just to clunky in. It's too much work I appreciate those onto do it and I appreciate those that do do video stuff but. For me audio is King. And that's the way the cookie crumbles. So It ended probably talk about this more in depth on like a studio but. Did you have a chance to watch bill and Ted Three. No I have not I have watched it. It is actually. Without giving anything away it's A PERFECT Sequel. Years in the waiting. And it takes a lot for me to say that. but I honestly was very, very impressed. With we're things went in the movie. And how things went down? They picked it up naturally they both displayed the fact that he I know sounds. kind of older kind of like not is. In his he sounds more link. His Matrix version. Or is John went version. Yeah he sounds more you know. Tough Guy. But they're being said he Did a wonderful job in the movie. They both played into it and both those guys are friends and you can tell by the how they were acting throughout the movie. It was a lot of absurdity moments but overall it was If it really well for a sequel that takes place you know twenty some odd years later. Thirty some odd years later. I was impressed and they wrapped up the trilogy to the point where. The could do another one or they could just leave it alone. It's kind of like how the back to the future three ended. You know you could tell that somebody adventure continues but. On a whole like it doesn't need to happen. 'cause they introduced bill and Ted's daughters. Right I remember the trailer which originally were boys in the end of two. But it was so long ago and they were so little like they kind of call them they conduct but it worked. In in how they wrote it because again, they were babies and they just call them you know bill and Ted for short and they had A. Female version of the names and so it again it. In the to play the daughters channel. winters in reeves. Bill and Ted. Personas for their characters and if it really well So it was like I said, it was a lot of fun to watch and. I was I was truly impressed with how well they did. Marine cool. Very cool. Yeah I will watch it away will eventually cover it more in depth on studio two, thousand nine I just. I find myself having to be in the right. If you're in the wrongs Biden frame or whatever. You can't do certain things. Are you shouldn't do certain things and lately I find myself just basically. Wanting to fall asleep watching true crime shows. 'cause I've seen pretty much all like. There's only so many times you can see the Ted Bundy or Jeffrey. Dahmer whatever cases you know whatever the most famous cases are and I'm like. Okay seeing that scene that seeing that Oh, I've seen this show a million times, but I can still fall asleep to it. 'cause for me when it comes to the true crime stuff, it's all about then the audio, the sound of Peter Thomas's voice for example, Peter Thomas is the net writ narrator you was because he's no longer alive sadly. It's been years since he passed away but anyway He the narrator infringing files. Listen to him talk all day I can listen to him read the phone book. And it'll just ease me off into dreamland. So you know I don't know I. Just. Feel like I'm really off my game lately so like I'm just going to relax over here now. Yeah I mean I kind Kinda see that I've I've been Between Writing Stuff and. Get, back into working on my model truck. when I get time. Still get a ton of projects like you said I gotta install the networking stuff I got to change out some door handles. There's just there's quite a bit going on that I still have yet to kind of tackle. Here's a cup learning things I gotta take care of but. A whole everything's been going pretty well. Yeah, I mean you know. Could complain that nobody wants to hear us do that. House complained? No No. Really. That happens. What? What would we ever to? Complain about the complaining and then Complain Somare. Hey it works. I I'd like to complain. Oh, I get to. I. Get to do an acting thing. Really. Yeah. We'll get a live action version I. Don't know if you've seen the Red Green, show? It's been a while. Okay. There's a character called Ranger Gord. in he's supposed to be like a park ranger and. Kind of out of Gordon he's his name's Gordon but he Goes, they call them ranger. GORD and HE'S A. Little bit eccentric, a little bit weird. So I have to channel part of that. For Live action role. For work. Because the person that wrote the script is like. So we WANNA do this and. They're like, have you ever seen the Red Green show and I'm like yes. Feel like, okay. They're like this is what we want to do. And I was like, okay. That's interesting. So I have to channel the character essentially and. more or less kind of create my own version of it. In a persona and It. Yeah. I'm not entirely sure like a producer have voice picked out and part of how the personas going to go but It's one of those things that won't know I do it plus I don't like being in front of the camera. I'm one of those guys that I like the voiceover because nobody sees you. When it comes to being in front of the camera I'm like it's like being gun shy I'm like. Are you sure you want me there. So. Yeah. So if anybody's seen red green show, you should check out ranger Gord and you'll get the gist of what I have to pretend to do. So it's for kids program thing so. Yeah. But yeah. Either way I'm I'm kind of. kind of terrified of doing it because I again, I don't like being in front of the camera. Through like Oh, yeah, by the way you're going to have to do it I mean there's a part where there's a table read to. Which I'm fine with that the recorded. Because one I'm facilitating it into. That doesn't bother me in the slightest. Yeah. But Yeah I. I. Don't like I don't like being in for the camera at all. But I mean I, do find that just I. The anxiety of knowing I have to do it. In front of the camera is kind of. Could be a little off putting in that. Of course, everybody's GonNa rag on me because. You got to do that. I mean it's all in good fun but it's still nerve wracking. A. Ton of pressure I mean. Just listen to our first few episodes of any podcast. We've ever done especially the first podcast we did. Like. Even that was nerve wracking and that was just audio. So being on video. It's ratcheting up the pressure even more and like you said, it's just an anxiety thing like. Crazy. So. Is there anything else that you'd like to bring up? So I don't think sue. Kind of Star Trek stuff. But I know you're not interested in lightning. It's not I'm not interested I'm just I'm more of a casual tricky in your need die hard trekkies here for that. I did see. Oh okay. Well, I know you probably haven't had the time because you've been doing all the stuff you've been doing I've been trying to watch muppets now on Disney plus. It's okay. It's nowhere near as good as what the muppet show originally was but how could it be? I personally think they spend too much time on miss piggies character sketches because they're trying to make it a sketch show like what the muppet show was. does anybody not realize that she was the annoying link? that. Nobody really cared about. Like I like I prefer anytime that she's not going to be on screen. When I do like about muppets now is that scooter? Is kind of like the the MC. He is a I was. Lorne. He's kind of like the Lorne Michaels of the show where it's like he's the producer offstage in UC him and you see people like messaging him or whatever. So it's kind of like tech vibe to it and whatever else. That's Kinda cool like there was one episode where he was trying to stay awake the whole time. All nighter for something or whatever. It's kind of fun but it's not. I don't know. Like I skip through episodes, I did watch candidates against, the universe. From the new PHINEAS and curb film on Disney plus that was okay. It wasn't all that I was hoping it was gonna be but it was good enough. I'm sure Michael Wilson and I will get around eventually if we ever. Finish the podcast organization without a cool acronym. I think that's pretty much it. I'm I don't think there's anything else I was going to bring up. Oh, there's there's something else. That's that's funny. the walking dead sending. I'm sorry doing. The. There's some these Jim dead. It's okay. It can end Jim. Jim Literally, dead. We walking on dead DVD never. Yes. I've never gotten into that show I'm not Assam be fan I'm not a horror fan even though I know that shows more it's not just horror but. I understood it came from a really cool comic book. I. Didn't get into the comic book. It's just not Is just never my thing. am I understand people are gonNA come at me and say, Oh, it's more than just being about zombies. Well, you know what? When you? Anyway. I saw the article that it was ending and I also saw they're supposed to be a spinoff with a couple of characters and I'm like oh great. Here we go. Yeah. Like every other spin off at that doesn't succeed. You know that's a topic for maybe next week or something or other next time we whatever. Whenever topics the. SEQUELS, that suck Now. Spinoff pilots that don't succeed. Know. How thirty and forty years ago almost anything in everything succeeded on television whereas now, if it doesn't succeed with its first two episodes, it gets caned. That I could see I, don't know I don't know I just saying like. Just look at certain shows and that are from twenty, thirty, forty years ago hell even fifty or sixty years ago. And some of them that had the longevity that they had like we're never gonNA have another bonanza gunsmoke never. It's just not going to happen. Because that's that's one downfall. Tiniest -ness of the current lifestyle. Pre? Virus. Post virus. Whatever. Even, the we'll never be post virus enrolled at this point will never go away. Anyway. it's opposed. WE'RE ALL LIVING IN A. To do. But it sucked. You mean a Milo mock whatever. Same series. Not, really, they're taping series seniors. Yes it is the same universe anyway. Anywhere my person they're all living in. Where the hell was I going to see you Jack Ass I'd be real that. Jackass. Billing. Happy, Gilmore Gilmore how My God. I like shooter mcgavin. You can tell we're option we're off the rails. Somebody take him to says alert please well this I. Can't help it but. I. I just say image, but it says the greatest Golfer all of all time just took a picture of Tiger Woods. WHO's got shooter mcgavin A love that image. More, than I, probably should. There's one where it says. Has To do with him too but it's not. It's not a clean joke. It's it's a bad name. Derailed at this point I don't mind making this explicit at this already said Jack Ass several times. So go ahead. I'm trying to find it. There's one where it says I eat pieces of. For breakfast. Oh I'm trying to find something terrible at this point. So he's looking for his me. I've got a mean for you. Okay. The mandatory is a side story. I am Star Wars now. It's the Cat Lady. The pointing Cat Lady on the left. Decides story in the picture on the right is of Baby Yoda. I am star wars now because really honestly What else is there? Live action any way for star, wars. Besides Laurien. You find your mamiit no, it's. It's more. So he goes eight pieces of for breakfast. And there's A. There's of version of it where. there. I can't remember the full details. It's just it's funny. Just can't remember it enough to portray it properly. Okay. So before we close this out, we've had a couple of anniversaries happen not for us or anything, but a couple of. Famous. Well, loved TV show anniversaries. September. Fifth Nineteen ninety-two Batman the animated series was released. September Sixth Nineteen ninety-six Superman the animated series was released. So those Two shows are. Just. Short of their. You know almost fortieth anniversaries. Starting fifty four. Yup Fifty Four for Star Trek. As of this recording September ninth because it's still. Turn to midnight yet the mountain or Pacific Time September nine, hundred, eighty, five, zero, the Princess of power premiered on TV. Very very awesome. Of course, for the past eight years here on GPS CRN OPTIMA Solo and I covered every episode of four of the major masters the animated series from the two full nation cartoons to new adventures. LA- two thousand and two series. So yeah, that happened also on September ninth or was it September tenth now is. Yeah, it is I think. Survivor nineteen ninety-nine captain the game master premiered. Of. We've talked to actually we've talked to captain and himself Matt Hill and we've talked to Multiple Times Mr Gary Cohn who voiced king hippo in that series. So, there you go. There's altered Geek on this day Oh shut up with your. To. Go back to the orange skies of. Total. Recall. Right, making a bad joke I i. it's I thing on twitter California's Bay area wakes up to disorienting or skies, and I just think of total recall. Edge were blade runner. It's not funny like the the things that are going on and I. I wish that they could put it out. Like we got snow and some rain in some cold weather. Here in Colorado the last two days and I think genuinely helps but I don't think that it helps as much as what? We would like to. And I. I mean, the images funny itself like with orange skies going on, but it's I. I do feel bad for anyone that's lost anything in this or the wildlife in the forest themselves. So just hope that everyone stays safe and that whole especially because like our skies were gray like it kind of reminded me of the depressing this of Michigan. But it was raining ash. In the sky and it was, it was genuinely have to breathe outside and. I think that's the one case I've. Enjoyed the fact I had to wear a mask. is the fact that you're not breathing in as much of it. A mask. Of. The Ash. But yeah, it's. The whole west coast is just smothered and smoke and it's not. It's sucks for everything like all life So yeah. I. Hoping that this goes away quickly at this point with. The the cooler weather and the rain that we've been getting. Yeah hopefully. Washington Oregon California can Kinda cool down hopefully hopefully, they get the fires out as soon as they can. Being here in Washington State we are in Vancouver, which is right across the river from Portland. Oregon? In Portland has just been hit massively these fires and everything else and. It's not good. I actually Installed the Air Q. APP, which is the EPA's quality. APP where you can look and see what the air quality is currently. On the Air Quality Index Sixty one, which is basically yellow alert, which is it's moderate. You know. Being almost unhealthy we were the other night couple nights ago. Was it Sunday or Monday I forget. Sunday or Monday of this past week September sixth seventh and eighth. We were in the red and it was very like there was literal like. Supposed to shut your windows and whatever else will get stuffy as Helen here while before I actually went to shut my windows a lot of fire smoke ended up in our apartment and I'm sure ended up in a lot of other people's apartments as well because the whole point at least here in the Pacific northwest. Part of the country the whole point for us even coming out here was, oh, it's a moderate climate. It's not it's not a temperate climate it's it's not as hot as it. Is everywhere else but lately, it has been because it's summer and we are in a valley but it just one of those things where. I've been checking the air quality almost daily at this point because it's been so bad. And it everybody on the West Coast Washington Oregon California. Please stay safe. Because this is not a good situation. No and it's. Yeah. It's it's unfortunate everything that's going on and just I feel for everybody on that. Who As of eleven minutes ago K. to News Kfi News here in Oregon new evacuation in clackamas. County Oregon go now in the area west of beaver creek road including south. Guard Road Unger Road to the first part of Windy City also people on Aden road and yet. Be. Basically. They're doing evacuations. This is not good. No, it's not. Yeah I yeah, I definitely feel for people on that. So. Apparently according to delicious dot com. Mountain dew is releasing a watermelon flavor as a permanent soda design even taste good. I don't know I don't. Think the only time. I've drink mountain dew and actually enjoyed it was code red. Beyond that like you couldn't get me to drink mountain dew. I more of a Colo person like if. I have no. No interest in that. Oh, but it will say something that sucks from a pandemic standpoint. Because everyone is every time. Somebody thinks that they have calvin and a factory setting. The closed down the factory and in doing. So supply demand is demand is high and supplies low. Gijon. We've we had to sell because we pods and we would have had to get a third podge just at the rest of our furniture. So we sold our college. We sold our kitchen table and chairs we sold our. We sold in bunk bed, but we actually bought him a captain's bed, which was a fraction of the price of what we sold the other bed for. So that kind of worked out but. That was used anyway the captain's bed so Mary ordered like she was able to replace the college because they had it in stock at the store, and but the kitchen table and chairs were supposed to come in mid September, they're coming in close to November now at this point because change because Kovic reasons. And so but it could get delayed again, which is highly likely. So we have our outdoor furniture as our kitchen table and chairs right now. While we wait and. The washer and dryer the owners of the new. How of our old house I mean asked for us to keep them there and as a part of the deal and we accepted and granted they were eight year old machines at this point. Seven or eight years old. But Mary went to buy them dream the Labor Day sale and They don't have any in stock. On they won't until November. Own and that's one brand that's whirlpool we bought Whirlpool and. If you try and buy maytag right now, you can't even buy it. They're not even showing anything in the system like these like home depot or Lowe's or any of these stories they're tapping into the the. The company's inventory, not not their inventory, the company's inventory. and. World Pool has thirteen hundred in their inventory across. The whole us. Matak has none. And they're like you could get it in December and January you can get it next May. Because, they have nothing built and. Samsung in algae you're looking at about a November. So pretty much everybody is November. Minimum for Washer and Dryer. So they're taking everybody's money, but they're not delivering anything. Now. Cool. No. So Mary has to she was going to have to use the LAUNDROMAT. So we're actually paying a friend to us their washer and dryer at their house. And yes, it's. Not Ideal because if the laundry mat their not allowing us even you're allowed to literally put it in the machine and then you have to go back to your car. Oh no like you're not allowed to even lay stay inside like you have to go to your car you're not allowed to be in the building after you put it in. She's coping and. Don't get me wrong I. Think you know I do know that it's a real virus I do know that people have gotten and the people have died from it although the recent downgrade of the amount of people that have died from it directly. has changed with the CDC not. That's not a political thing that's just to. CDC thing. They said that people have died of of other symptoms in had complications that have pushed them over the edge due to covid. severely downplayed numbers. So, whatever it maybe. People shouldn't be careful but I think some of this stuff is a little overboard and the precautionary. And I'm only saying that like I'm not disagreeing with you know wearing masks or whatever. The thing I'm disagreeing with is the fact that. If you're wearing a mask and you're working in a factory or you're wearing a mask and you're in the LAUNDROMAT. And you're avoiding contact with people because let's face it most people don't. There's there's not a lot of laundromats around anymore because most people actually own equipment were places supply it now. the the thing I'm debating is. It's it's not okay to do that in everybody wears their masks keeps limited contacts, which you can go to a restaurant. You wear your mask to your table and you sit down and take your mask off to eat. And you're less than six feet away from the next table. Inter eating and so late I kinda question the logic and some of this but I'm not saying that you shouldn't be careful either. Yeah. So I don't know it's kind of one of those double edged swords like there's no real right answer to this and I'm not trying to you know I'm not saying Blake trying to downplay the virus itself I'm just saying that. I questioned some of the. Ways that things are handled. And in different circumstances different, you know. Places of employment like I know my place of employment I prefer to stay home unless it's during production because I don't have to wear a mask. So. Enjoy working from home but. If I have to go in the office we have you know we have to wear them in so it's you get it like it's. A No brainer there but. But yeah I mean, I know in the whole sense of things like I kind of questioned some of it. So. It's it's more so we're I'm. GonNa leave it. I'm not I'm not saying you shouldn't wear a mask. I'm not saying that at all and I'm not downplaying the virus or it's possible leaf -ality I'm just questioning. The you're not allowed to do your laundry. In the building? or or like. Or, like when my son had to go to the doctor last week and I was in production Mary, had to find someone to watch our other son. Because you're not allowed to take more than you and the patient. At the hospital or the doctor or anywhere because they don't allow it doesn't matter if you have more kids than what you and your husband works and you have to go and bring them with you like the logic behind that is kind of. Ridiculous So yeah I can I can see that and I think partial problem with some of these places not necessarily the hospitals in the doctors and all that like grocery stores laundromats schools But specifically grocery stores in that kind of thing. Like. Certain stores have been in their locations for ever certain stores are small. Not. Walmart. But like Fred Meyer's slash Kroger's they're not all superstores. They're not all you know six foot by six foot wide aisles. You know there's not like a lot of square footage It's hard to make those stores. You Know Kovic Readier covid what you know compliance with being six feet under you know most people talk about how they love shopping dollar tree. Well, you can't shop dollar tree in a in a covid nineteen world because dollar tree. There is no. They can put signs on the floor all they want, but the store is so small that there's no way you can stand six feet away from somebody if you're in line, there's just no way. No and I totally get it. It's just. I'm kind of I'm kind of over at this point. Honestly, I missed the lockdown I really do. Go out when you absolutely have to I. Don't miss the lockdown to be honest, but I'm also. Can just done in general. I'm done next week on the show. We'll have a report hopefully on the twenty eleven, thunder cats whether it's good or bad or whatever I have. No, I saw it I just didn't see a lot of it because I only catch episodes here and there because cartoon network kept fussing with the time slot is that the one that they canceled out of the Bluest? that. was probably thunder cats roar thunder gets twenty eleven was with will Yeah. But they they screen with the schedule and so they ended up canceling it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just like they did with young justice. Will Young Justice came back? No I know but it took a lot just to get. US. Yeah. The. Screen with the schedule and then it. It. Got Cancelled because we like, oh, there's enough numbers. Yeah. Even though it was a great show like when it was on and. You know I mean, thankfully net flicks software to continue. But Yeah I I don't know I'm I'm just I'm a little. Little peeved when it comes to companies and their decision making processes. Well Yeah. It. It just sucks I'm not a fan of Kurt network anyway though so that's I can't stand cartoon network I, think that they're kind of annoying company. I haven't enjoyed anything that they've done in years. So that's you know since the cartoon days. And at one time that they had beast words on their, you know that was. That was pretty good. Yeah you could win stuff. I was mad because I was like caller six. Oh No I was like I couldn't. Figure ever. Yeah, it's They could be a discussion for next time. Colin things. It's like, oh You're caller for your caller seven. You're well call seven usually gets it. But like if they say, yes to be caller seven, caller nine connor eleven caller ten. Caller twenty, five, it's like, Oh you have twenty five tries but so does everybody else in the in Damn town I was gonNA. Yeah you know it's funny. Flip phones were so much faster at getting through. You know yeah. because. You could actually just get in and call and you would make the call like if you do it on a smartphone, there's a delay. delay. Dumb phones, the flip phones like I loved my Motorola Razor. Be The response time on that with so fast. I would almost always win when I had that thing. I I usually could call in three times. During that time period and that was when I think the IPHONE was out during that time too. In, so I used to win a lot. and. Even when I had my next flip phone, I used to still win a lot and I had it through early smartphone days in those people would still like I would get like caller to caller five caller or caller seven, and then I get caller ten and then I would win. So. It was entertaining. Anyway. So. We think we will round this out and And the episode here as we've started to ramble in all different directions. So, Mike will possibly have a review on something next episode, and we'll probably talk about some things that we've one. Through radios. And You know sequels or spin offs of. Other programs. And our thoughts on some of those. Yes I heard there's supposed to be a A new reboot. Coming. New reboot. No not a new reboot, a new rebooted series. Of what? Fresh Prince. Yeah. I heard about that too. It's going to be based off that that three minute youtube trailer that's more of like gangster version. Yeah. I don't know I. Don't sound reference I honestly don't care Will Smith. Not, a part of it. I honestly don't care. You'RE GONNA make more street for today's. Era. So. anyways. Until next time, get altered geeky with altered geeks.

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ACG Gaming Blathercast #215 - Straight Up Pimpen, BG3, Legion, So much Else.

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ACG Gaming Blathercast #215 - Straight Up Pimpen, BG3, Legion, So much Else.

"Take all right. So this should be US running. I don't know if it's US running everybody if you can hear me. Say. So in the chat, I would appreciate it. You'll notice some weird things going on my of my videos probably GonNa Freeze Multiple Times you can notice a silver doesn't even have a Webcam right now we technically shoes Galore. Had A freeze lost my audio. We're good right at this moment. So hopefully, it'll continue that way. It's been pretty much a disaster from start to finish behind the scenes so. Broadcasting from. Headquarters Yeah for sure is not that. Definitely. Let's see. So we missed last week right? Well we didn't miss. We did not do last week. Man I can't even remember why. I think just maybe I was tired. I think you were feeling unwell Oh. Yeah. That was the one I because I canceled. MATTY's too so anyway so we're back in we've taken a week off. It's basically you know at some point. Right recharge and the world we're just too much for the world man there's too much awesomeness here for the world. So occasionally, we have to let the world get a little bit of of arrest actually it was just too many videos men. Yeah. Like Mattie had the same thing we were talking about it behind the scenes and he was just like dude, I feel rough just rough and it was weird because it wasn't like there was any drama was just that thing where you're just you know your brain is like. Today when your friends ask you to do something, you're like, you know what? Not Today like today. I would rather just sort of hang my IPAD. That's the way I felt. But as always, I want to thank everybody here for supporting the channel and everything somebody said with a wrestling t shirt. What's that t shirt? There's this from the Australia fires I did a campaign with them on on my stream to raise money. Yeah. So it only now got here was months ago but without the all the covid stuff, the shirt, the only got here. Ashleigh ordered my sh- Ozzie ordered shirt around when you did Johnny still in customs they're still like. He's wait closer to home. Based on that they opened it. They saw my face and they're like we're not letting this shit into our amazing nation of. It's not happening there like you know why? Because they're scared of better lumberjacks from America coming up there. I bet they said it in a very polite way. True Canadian fashion right. Sorry. You know what's weird, Rick Moranis comes to America. What happens some fucker Newark punches him in the face. Right, like that's that's what twenty twenty s been. This year is some crazy Shit Eddie. Van Halen Dies Rick Moranis Wall Street the dudes wearing an I love New York shirt and he gets punched in the face. By a dude wearing and I love like is that not irony like I love New York Boom Bitch every about twenty twenty is just really sucked. Man Van. Halen the opposite of Karma like when you don't ask twenty twenty, get it. Thank you anonymous cheer you rock. Thank you very much. Thanks to everybody subscribing. Scalps world subscribed for four months in a row. You Rock Johnny Plays Live eighteen months in a row. You Rock Yard he? No that's why you're here. Only the best can jump into this place. So baseball year subscribed fifteen months. Thank you very much. Definitely appreciate it. We got a bunch of stuff to cover but first let's let's go quickly. What do you guys been playing the start with silver who can't be seen silver? Described only using sign language what you've been playing. Go. Oh really. Good. People right now are like, why did I tune in for this? Anyway playing over Haiti quite a bit. Still Yeah and I've been going back I to go through wild lands and goes on breakpoint break point to see how Woah squad mates. Work with the update since I didn't play it since yet that update got implemented and. And Yeah that's basically. All right. What about your edge? Well mostly Jin. Ha and apart from that. Dj Max respect some more a little bit of Mafia. And produce play test with was pretty bit what protease. that's Very quick like game. With. The old old school graphics with a little bit more than mixed in. It's very fast action. Very excellent good game. What about you johnny. So I've been playing quite a bit of Hades as well I started playing on the switch but lost interest and when I played on PC I was like, okay. This is the game because the problem is even though it runs well on switch it's so small. I can't. Really. React in time to some of the projectiles that look tiny on the screen and stuff. So I to the final boss and been enjoying the game I haven't beaten it yet. Also played some risk of rain and also on at the very end in Mafia as well. We will finish that today. Thank you everybody where at hype level five could good people a wait somebody said, sorry for somebody's give me a second make. Sure everybody's doing. Okay. I can't tell hopefully nothing bad happened to somebody but I do see somebody saying sorry for your loss. So hopefully, nothing terrible happens to somebody in the chat especially right now while you're on the That'd be bad. Karma all by itself. If you show up and something bad happens to you in our chat, it's probably best to just never come back and just saying. I've been playing. Watchdogs. Legion dog Quiet Lee watchdogs legion. Khawla. And Baldur's gate three. Trace. And Getting my pc running again. Once again, which happens every three weeks. It seems like whoa action. Saxon. Just came in with ten gift subs. Actions accent. He's always here with the gift subs he's like he's done again. Yeah, and it's cool because with him stealing all the Bitcoin so and pay for these, it doesn't really have any kind of tracking to me, which is awesome. So continue stealing the Bitcoin to pay forum. Thanks to Action Saxon for doing. So FBI does not listen to this podcast. You're you're totally safe. Now. seriously. Thank you very much, Iraq. Let's talk about first. Let's just get the games that I played out of the way we'll talk about the previews real quick. Does anybody done Baldur's gate three yet? Only. A tiny town tiny bit. Why did why? Only a tiny bit? was there something wrong. No, I don't really want to play too much before the final release because everything will be reset. Anyway you're absolutely right. So I got a I got asked if I wanted to do this for preview and I turned it down. If you guys are in the discord which you should be if you're not, you should leave the chat right now we don't want you here. We were in the discord we were talking about like we were talking about playing this game early because it resets, you're safe and none of us really wanted to do it and then I got asked to cover it and I was like well. I'll go ahead and jump in one time because we we don't know when this thing's GonNa come full around in yeah. I. Was Actually Pretty Happy to but I came away with the same worry which is that Despite all of the stuff they've got. In despite all of the excellence in combat system and despite dude. So many choices it's crazy. How many different ways you can play. As of yet it feels nothing like Baldur's gate. That's the big Bro Yeah. So if you're new to this, they said, oh you won't need to have played Baldur's gate why I think that's right because there's nothing about game. That's bowlers gate yet, right so They're correct in that but a man, if you're a fan of like me of Baldur's Gate icewind. Dale those games based in that world man I was I was stoked to play this I. had a really good time while playing it. No, no complaints other than. Its divinity original Sin Three Not Baldur's gate yet. So that's that's the big thing I came out of it. So I'll be interested if you guys anybody does jump into it. Larry instead added almost twenty five hours. It does you good Johnny. I was trying to think like how they would go about doing that. Give it some identity because. The original games are like they play. So different because they're old right. So you can't really mimic that because it will just feel old and. Obsolete okay. Maybe that's harsh but you get what I'm saying. So I was thinking if maybe they would have some kind of collar pilot. To match because I know you know the Baldur's games kind of like. Gold Ish and the they got this hugh. But I haven't really seen any of that I watched some people play haven't played myself. Do you think they're going to do anything like that. Dude seriously. You're fine. Jesus Christ Dog Anyway No, we're I think. They probably won't do that I. Think the big thing about Baldur's gate originally was that neither game felt forced to throw in action right away and Baldur's gate. Baldur's Gate Three Forces Yoon action right away. There's no time for law. Remember Baldur's gate was the game. You'd walk into a city and there would be five dude scholar singing songs about myths and legends. It was so awesome to walk into a building a walk into a room and they're like fucking singing and there's lore that doesn't happen here. It's just instant battle and it's crushing battle to and the amount of guys they throw you is fucking insane. It's I don't if it's if that's the plan but I went to. A battle and I'm talking to a guy, they're like, Hey, Yo, what's up and I'm like nothing man were high five and Goblin and best friends I piss them off a little bit. He decides is going to attack me in the middle of combat. There's two dudes in the clearing by the time all the enemies show up because he blows his little fuck and help me bugle. There's nine guys and I'm like level to and they're all level too. So they just wiped me it was like and they were starting up on hills. In the game even they're all mature that if you get a chance, you should climb up to the top of Shit because you can shoot farther and you're like, okay great. But they start there. In fucking. Dude they throw elemental shit at all times they're like, grease fire. Lightning. fucking molasses. Food I. Would Walk two feet and slip so they'd be like Gig. Gigi. And it's like, how do I climb this fucking mountain when they're street goblins fire and they have all the skills as you do and it's just this. It's just tiles of faces in your upper left and you're like three of them and there's like fifteen and. It takes a while sometimes to do what they need to do and you're sitting there going like. Be Great. If it was my turn at some point and you just watch your guys little away and then once you're down to one dude and there's twelve dudes left you're like you're at the wrong end of a gang, Bang right? You're like, should I stay or should I go? And I would do is I'd be like fuck it and I've reloaded save I'd just be like I'm out. So I think. I think that's GONNA decide that the difficulty wasn't built in yet I think they really. Probably. Did that because they didn't want people to think it was easy. I killed somebody with Conceicao up which was RSC shell which was. You can throw anything. So I threw my boots, Adam knocked him down then through my seashell Adam and killed him and I was like that was fucking wicked like that was cool but. Other than that battles. Really. Rough were divinity games pretty rough. was more so than the second. One, more? The second one has some ball breaking enemies. Shay. Yeah they they got some optional enemies to that are like. god-like. But. I think one interesting conversation is around game designed like do do you do hard mode first and then you balance everything else around it and you know maybe like normal mode is a dial down version of that. So maybe what you're seeing is the you know the top level of difficulty where the is. Using all the tricks those against you where maybe it's dial down a bit don't know. Yeah. Either men they said there was no difficulty in this game that you could choose which was true. There will be when it releases, but in early access. And I got I got smoked and now I got smoked. You know I'm also jackass in conversations like if somebody ever steps to being a conversation I'm like it's fucking on. So the guy will be Oh yeah I don't think so and I'm like oh now. Now I, hate you and it'd be like instant attack which I loved also, if you're in the middle of a conversation and I think divinity to did this, you can click anybody else in your group and move them around as normal. So I would like perch my guys up in the corners and be like Go back to the guy in the discussion be all man you know. Like a movie where a guy knows that encounters going wrong in his angling for that first shot that was great. But guess what I did that one time and I'm like Oh. Yeah I got this so I fucking go bad instantly I fucking get ready to attack. And Mike Guy is up on a hill in the dude in the battle spawns in on the hill next to me and knocks me off the hill shoving me and I was just like. Okay Like I guess I mean we like how did he get here? What's he do? What was he doing here? You know I mean what was I doing there? Why thought the discussion was going poorly what was he doing? There is like a tree in the middle of nowhere wisey up here there's some humor in there but not a lot. And Some cool battle mechanics the of thing I'm not a big fan of. Not a big fan of the shove at all. So that's just a a push to. Mess with the positioning. Enemies primary move, which has move and then attack or spell Blah Blah Blah and then you have these secondary moves which are like smaller things switched out weapons and stuff, and well, that doesn't require move but those kind of things and for whatever reason dude like shoving somebody is one of the smaller ones. So you pretty much end every turn just shoving somebody just for the fun of it to look like bullying because you can because you can't. So every single, it didn't matter because I was like what's the worst that can happen? It does nothing what's the best well? Go somewhere else the only time I wouldn't is if they have a bow and I had a sword because if they have a bow and you push them away, they have actually better attack at you because it's a ranged weapon. But other than that. You know. So anyway, there still the mechanic. Sorry just quick follow question is there still mechanic of attack of opportunities? So if someone is mainly rain If they were to walk away. You have a chance to hit them but if you push them away then yeah that you were to lose that way you lose that. And they do run a good deal they do try to get away was that was another thing I don't know if I made my character shitty characters might have just been the worst characters ever because dude listening sliding and they would turn and a cat with like one leg would still hit him on an attack of opportunity. Seriously like this guy's comatose he's in slumber. He's electrified. He's frozen and he's covered in molasses and he's still hit my fucking ranger like who's supposed to be smoky quick and Shit I don't know. Probably just right. Yeah. It's probably just unbalanced but. Overall. You know still. Proper. Studio take it over right. There's probably better studio takeover. I think one of the things missing also is sorry reg just final. Thank. There are no pre made characters right now. So you have to make your own yeah, and you don't have the story lines that the pre made runs we'll have later so. Where we're GONNA say rich. what do I like so far is that every single skill check where they throw the die? I failed museum the one of a nice tell yes, I think. I'm not saying it's on purpose. But you're not the only one to mention that there have been some articles on it and I'm telling you right now. I feel like it's skewed to make you fail more than it should be like there's some negatives air because I'd availed time to like the exclusive ninety nine percent. Heard there's also skill check with a within challenges where if you succeeded actually get murdered. Oh because like something. Happens and you read something you're not supposed to. A with the mind flair. Where if you'd like try to outsmart him or something in you succeed the skill check the my flair will eat your shot up. Apologies had to scream at the dog. See, I haven't seen that but anyway. You know good graphics. Some weird stuff of course, somebody in here as stated that they've succeeded at every single thing they've ever done in life in the chat i. have no clue how that's possible but had no issues Isley ever they've succeeded in every role which but anyway long story short. Yeah it's It's needs some balance and there's weirdness going on but I will say though I don't necessarily think the the Baldur's gate approaches is dated like it worked for pillars of eternity worker attorney so it could work for Baldur's gate three but yeah. I mean who the right company to do it them. If they were. Fine and it's it's okay with by me that they're doing something different. What else let's just get through the other two then so legion I got a chance to play. You guys get a chance to check out that preview I gotTA. Tell you guys I think legions number one going to be completely ignored by ubisoft feels like I haven't seen any ads for it haven't seen any fucking pr for it. However I feel like it's going to be one of those games that you're gonNA see a lot of people in the discord sane as their most fun game this year there is some crazy shit going on in that game and it's it's it's just dumb fun. I don't I don't know if all Khawla has the right. Whatever be fun. Like vol Hollas grady dirty vikings, all of them riddled with STD's Buchan covered in mud like. That's funny. Well. Admittedly. Could be funny but I don't think some of the part of the could be whole areas but I mean legions got the humor going on and it just feels like with the weird. Emergent game play. So if you guys get a chance check video out and then. Lastly was. What did I do another preview of I? Guess that's it. I. Feel like I did another preview for another game. While there's gate. Legion the. Syndicate walking the walk. Redid the audio walking the walk on that because he was. Squadrons no that was that was a review slash preview squadrons good though WHO's done squad. I haven't done yet. I'm expecting they will release it in. Game Pass once EA play merges. So my wait for that because I'm playing a number of other things reg did you squatters? Yeah. A little bit. What did you think? Then like it very much. Just. Boring. Yeah. They're therapist are space games out there. Gotcha what about you server? I'm interested I just haven't got around to playing it yet. have. You done VR and hotels. Yeah. It's amazing. It's amazing. I like. There's some issues here and there for sure. But. For what they're offering and the price point and to be in star, wars you know because I mean like that's the Star Wars. Yeah. Because I agree like there's better star wars, there's better games flying games out there there's elite there's even star citizen there's X. series the new one there's all these games however. To win win, it comes to star wars if you are a big star wars fan, then this one does offer some very smart. Board Yeah what you're. Saying. Silver. It's also specifically dogfighting game whereas like that you lead is not. Well yeah elites. Exploration but yeah, elite it is also has a difficulty. Curve of exponential does. Doing anything at all. Yeah. Trying to. Elite gummy multiple. Just. Remember when you go into a league. Slandering getting into the space station I'd go to or whatever, and they'd be like we're shooting you. It'd be like serious really like you can't just yet and then you lose your ship and you have to go to specific place to get it has. Because we're you can like go out and you're booster right you'll booster rocket you can fuck an ejector. Yeah. I don't know what they were thinking with that they they need to step that up a bit but yes, squadrons enjoyable game for the cost not quite sure it's going to hold anybody but I love the idea that there is no micros. In fact, they said, they're sort of done like they'll support it but there's no maybe DLC but they're not even really pushing that. So that's I. think that's good overall. Let's see. Let's jump to news. Those are the Games I covered for some reason I thought I covered another one but I guess I didn't. Did Anybody Real Quick Tropico the new has anybody tried that. No okay. Schwan and ask. Reg. I can fall sounds like a German tripping simulator. But what is it? It's an I guess. They title Joy It's also available on game pass cost fourteen bucks or something otherwise toothy while picks large game. Going full full, powerful the retro feeling even doing like a four by three screen layout right live bars on the side. And the game play itself is turn based combat. And feels SORTA. Like the older paper Mario's to me. That's what I'm thinking. Like when the enemy attacks you and you have to, you have to press the button at the right time. When you attack press the right button the button at the right time to do more damage. And between data is An. PITCHY from ISOMETRIC perspective. And that's it so far what I can tell talk about it because I only played for an hour or so but I liked what I've played. So what college did you pick that one up? Wasn't game look good. Okay. That's a game pass one. That you. So that's that is one game where I actually just played it because it wasn't game pass don't think. I would have bought it otherwise start napping men. Well not only starting it's GonNa continue to happen where where more and more of a say that kind of thing you want to cover the free games while we're at it. Right, that's a fairly long list time. So. Free Games totally reversed up on epic. There's absolute and rising storm to Vietnam, and then we're going onto subscriptions. Playstation now has days gone Friday, the thirteenth, Medieval Red and trying Ford nightmare prints on PS, plus there's need for speed payback and vampire. Prime Gaming. That's the twitch one that age Jay and silent mall brawl layers of fear. Silver Chains Surf World Series. And on play pro that's origin. Staubach squadrons, and twenty, one. On stage appropriate Celeste debt by daylight human fall flat Joe. Lara Croft in the Temple of desirous super hot mind control delete that lights the rector Scott Ancona. On, X.. Game xbox games with gold slave away camp buttress cut and Sphinx. Enter. Cursed mummy. And last up game pass doom maternal for the xbox three column for PC BRUTAL LEGENDS FOR XBOX forces seven for xbox NPC and it can file for exports and PC. It's so weird to hear you say all those and realize. So many of them are just pro pro pro plus pro. You know like you can. You can. You can just feel this subscription services. Oh. Yeah The on most of the stuff is only pro. So many subscription services man. Oh. Yeah. I guess one leg was soon I mean probably. Point stadium away like I just any. Well, that was one of the things I also note that down. Just attached at the right now. The new chrome cast launched without stadia support. Fantastic. And they said status support is coming in the first half of twenty twenty one. That's a pretty narrow. Window. Already have very high priority on that one. Apparently, you saw this this morning rich in the news. The sometime this so that the new chrome costats, the little thumb machine, right thumb. Yup that's their own like t roofing. Okay. Is that a PC in a thumb stick or is that more of a streaming device? A thumb stick? Well, it's like a fire TV, the fire TV snus. Arm. Arm processor with android on so their own system didn't launch with their own system. Correct. First half of the year, what kind of timeline is that? Could. Be. Anywhere in January. It does create any any time within the next. Next year even that to me is the fact that it's their own product didn't launch it like there's I don't know. Mind boggling like but the fact that that timeline is not even anything but that's that's the timeline wouldn't be announced if it was on the yeah. You're right him to me is like they've been easier even than the previous one because the their new one does even have Pluto support so you could heal up any control attorneys. Yeah. Has it been a year already state is out. It will be soon. Yeah. If you count the Browser Beta. Thing about stadium is they've spent all this money. They've got these development groups and all this stuff like I just don't understand what they're. At what point do you pull it like? I mean imagine we're going in every day and go like we know you know the shoes going to drop at some point because it's Google and because it's just not working ignoring Google at some point, you look at every company go this is just not working like, yeah, we like it. We may have loved the idea, but it's not working. So what do you do now? The one positive stadium as they did, it's sounds weird but the one positive stadiums the biggest negative right now is there is no hardware so it's not like they're. You know there's no there's nothing like going out. It's just that software, but it's like also there's just no one plane it. Stadium numbers must be incredibly bad. You know for like servile speaking of that. Did you guys see vendors dropped to less than a thousand? Your total players. That's rough housing issues with their. Yeah. I mean they state did a news announced this morning where they said, Hey, listen we think it'll. It'll raise up when we add new. DLC or whatever, and it's like, yes of course I mean that's that sort of goes with territory but I think with avengers man. A bad idea to do that that kind of life service, the should have done it as a normal. I don't know why people are show. So afraid of just normal DLC systems in games look at how well ultimate alliance three did they release the game than they had normal deal sees still sells incredibly well, it's like with avengers their entire game was built around constant support and service, but we don't have any. So everybody's just moving on. Life. Support Service Games just they ha you meant you have to have a lot of people working on those and ready to do stuff all the time always something in the pipeline coming out I think you need pretty strong game play right away to and not a lot of. and. Especially, with bugs for them, they had a lot issues with the one main thing which is multiplayer. Like it's pretty. Your multiplayer game. Can't do multiplayer. It's like the crew without putting cruise in it. You're just like. I. Think we're at a point where we start have to fucking. You know wrap it up. Wrap it up. Wrapping up. Now that's always a big problem when i. see like an indy title early access on top of it and it's multiplayer only. Right Right Dude there was a game in fact recently that came out of. Early access and nobody talked about it. But at the time prior to going into early access, everybody was talking about it and it's like the number of titles you see come out of early access and explode. is so low now like I don't know any if it were me other than Larry and who's got their backup for other reasons if I if I if I was any other company I'd be like guys. No let's cut the scale down and release it all at once let's make people wanNA. Play it. Cut The scale down see if we can get some twitch streamers running it, you know pay their fucking agents to pretend that they liked the game. I. Don't know man it's rough. It's rough for a lot of these companies and you know they don't they don't. They don't help themselves a square. Walked into a fucking. I mean. That that game has so many problems. Yeah. I don't know it'll be seeds ashamed. The technical side is so flawed. Because it really pulls back. It's a shame that the customization which is the primary thing just isn't in the. Eye, it. Doesn't. It doesn't matter what their reasoning is. It's not there which is what matters you know. We're GONNA say that whole system was more of a nuisance than anything where, yeah. What were you gonNA say over Means Sadly, it's a combination of both the technical aspects. Actual design flaws. In terms of the actual game design. And the entire structure. That SORTA doomed adventures at this point I mean that's the reason why I'm playing it anymore. Though. It probably will come back to it if it's still up running. But. Yeah, I just. I got I got tired of usually when when they add new stuff I will come back to. But that doesn't as in you know that that not only will go back at some point just randomly probably but I'll go back to it. When they do you know whatever content they're gonNA do but the problem is like. There's something weird about saying yeah. People will come back when we do stuff and it's like so they're not sticking around. You, know I mean, that's not a red flag for you live service game for life. The factor they rolled out. I. Mean What really sort of doomed the game from me was the rollout of the mega hive where they rolled it out like it was a big to do. and. Now that there was this endgame content and this endgame content was massive hive of eight smaller hives each with six floors that you had to play in one sitting. So like three hours two or three hours And potentially you wouldn't get anything for it. because. Rewards were potentially Buck Yeah and look at Marvel avengers. In the Multiplayer, game. You had to play that mission that that in game content to placing. Couldn't play that with. Somebody likes. Nine the design philosophy behind that was just so mystifying do. That that was really really kind of that was destroyed that eventually broke the camel's back Somebody was mentioned the Gazillion Game Diablo of vendors game, and it's so weird that that game died and it had more players. Day One the day it died, it had like three times more players than this avengers game. Is like. Can. Yeah. And you lose in of interest at all the same mistakes as anthem Nah the ventures did some gamed mistakes anthem didn't do like anthem didn't make single player exclusive content that you could only place in CA- player. Of. Did stuff that that that avengers did there but there are some. I think that they both have their the one thing. I didn't like about ventures. The most guys was once I got into that fucking spaceship. What is it called the fucking you know the aircraft carrier and you get in there and you start realizing every time you go back you might have to run to this dude and I get it. People are into destiny and those people you know God bless them that stupid people exist in the world if you like destiny if you like those kinds of things you're dumb and I think the same thing happens with vendors. If you like that kind of big main base, you're stupid person and. You should continue to buy those stupid games and that's you. You're stupid I'm just joking but. Your. This. Is. Your. Segment. Lifts you up before But I doubt seriously, I just didn't like that extended main base there's just too much walking around and stuff and I do have an issue with destiny we've talked about this what monster hunter is the same way you know there are a little rough when it comes to like going back and you just want to. And from slowing you down on top of that in the town, you mean when we had the limiter yeah. Cooler run and you're like wait what I can't run and just. Yeah. Man. Thought that was a good idea. I just don't know who it was and why and hopefully their. Fire the never joined the team would get johnny brought up ghost runner I still don't know what this is. So what but you played it, 'cause you say impression. Runner, where can you get it and what is okay and what he's saying goes around there is twenty percents on steam. They're doing the release on the twenty seventh of October and there's a free demo on steam. So if you Google Ghost runner, you'll you'll find it. It's a cyberpunk themed game in which your a sword wielding Ninja. That also is extremely good at park core or at least free running. So that's the gist of the thing and the game is really like a movement game kind of like Mirror's edge much more about the flow and keeping things flowing then the combat itself. So the combat is very much like if you're close to an enemy, you tap the mouse and you slash them and their dead. So it's like glass cannon thing where you kill enemies in one hit at least in the demo. And it's all about keeping the flow dodging attacks keeping the flow. If you get hit you die immediately and you reset but it's an instant load. It's like you're doing these short segments. Where you have to do it in one go basically like. Yeah. You have to figure out like one sequence that works and then you do all the enemies in that segment and then you move onto the next one and it's pretty cool. It's pretty cool. It's got some. Really good looking graphics and the game runs phenomenally well, which I think is really what elevated it for me. The setting a lot of people may be looking for something cyberpunk to play. That's not super high commitment. So putting dryable. Anybody else going to get this. Young Team Oh. Okay. That's cool that there's a demo right we need more of that. I I think yeah I. Hope we see more of it now. So you were describing this and then Colo said I mentioned this during the podcast. Now I remember him talking about the permit, the stupid rhythm shooter that's dumb but. I don't remember him mentioning this and I think that's because. I really do believe that next year we're GONNA see up. We're GONNA. See a pretty different landscape of game releases and the reason why I feel this way because I think covid may slow people down in in like we're getting all these games. So just covert alone people losing their job that can't program on the side right so maybe they'll you know you won't get a lot of you won't get some of the smaller indie games that kind of thing but I also think that things are going to slow down get more spread out in in a weird way. That's one side impact of this that I think is good because I believe that we are at a point now where we are very close to having. I don't want to say too much because that always sounds. Like so You know not entitled just. Dumb. So much. We've got too many games but. I think it's come to the point to where the moment you mentioned this in our chat I said is at consortium the tower. Like, which like they all? Yes. Just so many overlapping right and it's hard for the. It's almost like you have multiple youtubers too many and it's hard. Sometimes, Stephen Parse who anybody's talking about is that the guy with the beard and the beanie well, guess what? There's forty youtubers they drive now as fit the sort they could described or I could be scribes them whichever way you want to say yeah, exactly and. I I think it's good guys in we're like I don't want anybody to fail but I think it's coming to the point where even our chat I've noticed sometimes it's hard for five people to talk about the same game unless it's a massive massive AAA. I. Think the last time was to Shima. Where most were playing it and the rest of the time I'll see you guys be like I played this and then and then to post later, I won't even be paying attention to their posts because I don't even know what they're fucking talking about like I'll just and I'm a reviewer and I don't even know, and then you guys don't know and so then you guys are talking about another one and then and Yeah Gentian is talked about a lot and discord and I would say eighty percent is that me fucking pretending that it's paid to play and just seeing if I can piss off people who are under discord. Like. Oh. Did you lose my audio? I can still hear you on my. Okay. So Yeah you came back I think when it comes to like. Just the focus hard man it's hard for any of us to focus right now ninety one game gimson is certainly somewhat talked about but even looking back, it's not really sorry like it feels like it is because I guess, maybe it's it's mentioned here and there midst never like a lengthy conversation like Oh here's some game designed for the again I'm not saying it's a better time or a worse time I. Just I'm a little nervous I. Don't think it'll game crash but I do feel that registered read. A volume free games that then overlapped with costly games and I was talking to loose it in about employment. We were talking about like a lot of people lost their jobs. So they don't have twenty bucks even in a month for games but guess what they do have maybe five or ten per subscription with that may not have the new games. If you don't have an Xbox, let's say a PC so maybe it doesn't have some games but it's got others. So you're look at that and you're like I'm. Just going to get that we'll guess what you're playing games that maybe others won't be talking about because maybe they experienced before you and the gap is getting wider right and people can always say, oh, it's always been that way. But guess what it hasn't other than humble bundle sales people have not been returning to specific titles Intel now because game pass origin and does allow us to return to specific ubisoft titles or specific early or sorry specific ea titles I just got early access in the aim mixed up. and. Makes me wonder where we're going to be in a year because. Legion hasn't got any PR and I'm really looking at Legion and I'm like cyberpunk. Have you guys noticed like? Gets talked about but then. There's like almost a throttle limiter where people like you know what? That's great. But right now I'm playing this. And I don't know man I. Don't know what we're going to add some enrich. Yeah the interesting thing for me with the next one with the prices getting higher for for games Europe as well. I can actually get half a year of game pass alternate for one game pro game. That perspective. Yeah Yeah I mean Lewiston just posted the releases holy, Shit Okay here. So for example. Thirteen I love the cell Jada game thirteen, right it's coming out Ubisoft to show nothing other than a couple of things silvern I've bantered back and forth about like he'll see a trailer. All right. That's it. But you look at these games. This is awesome. If you guys get a chance look at this black ops. Cold. War I didn't know what's coming out in. November. And that's a call of duty game. Do you know who knows call of duty fans but not new people right because there's Just too much man. There's too many of these coming out. There's the God and monster not called him on was called Phoenix rising. There's that game which even knows we just found out that the one game got delayed till February. And I can tell you, I have a feeling that game is done. I sincerely feel that games done and they looked at this release schedule and said fuck that there's no way were running straight into this release schedule. It makes no sense. There's too much shit. Jones dance. Jesus. So. Many Games looking on here. Yeah, I don't think anybody's saying anybody's forced to play it all at once. That'd be weird unless I saw somebody was saying you're forced to play all these games at once you're weird worth. Since as Discussion. For me was cyberpunk I, just want to play it at this point on discuss it got true. But I, mean, that's the thing you just WanNa. Play it and not discuss it. That's burnout. That's sort of the definition of burnout. When you do your actual excitements gone away it's not even verbal anymore it's like all guys. Let's just play it now. That's the thing is it's popping for so many it's popping up for so many games, Yuccas like a dragon. I've forgotten and that's again I can't wait to play I forgot do you know what happened a couple of days ago a review came out do you know how I knew because I wasn't on the list I went to rat and there was a review listen I was like what this game like dreary bleary eyed you wake up I sit down at the fucking. You know at the computer I type in reading and I look and I'm like I'm sorry who got this game like three weeks early bitch it's out you know earth out tomorrow whatever I'm just like how's it fucking what day is it? And? It's that's that's me. All Right I don't think all. That's me. I. Think that's a release schedule and I think that. It's it's it's unfortunate because I want to see these guys succeed I think outriders smart guys thirteen should also delay i. firmly believe that let you be soft delay thirteen. Let thirteen come out in a month without a huge amount of whatever and show the cel shaded. Push Your Voice Actors whatever pushed some unique unique parts. It's going to be tough by the way also, just like one person can't play multiple games guess what also can't number one more than one place twitch? Your game will be number one if you're streaming there has to be a number two and number three and I can guarantee you if you look at three, four and five, the drop off is huge. And a lot of these companies don't want to be number three or five or six they won't even be in that first list. And I just think delaying some of it might make sense. Twenty twenty is burnt me out more than my high school days. Wasn't there leaked game pass green shot with AC vol Khawla in it. I know. I don't know. I mean if it was leaked, non wasn't proven true you probably I wouldn't be the best because I would be like who gives a fuck? That's Photoshop. But if it's true, that's one thing. Did. Look Photoshop from Legion to Khawla. Thank you very much lewiston loose stints doing God's work. A little hand lucid and coming in here doesn't have a lot to do sitting in his own hating this cat soup, but he's backing up the podcast. Levin Hating Twenty he says Front Legion Phoenix rising, UBISOFT has thirty five days. Yeah and then a see though is right in their thirty five days man. It doesn't give you a lot of time to sell your game either. And guys people were celebrating GTE five coming out for your next Gen consoles. Sorry fine. Idol I don't think that's a positive. I do not think selling. Is Again Celine at full price in stymying old other games. So the To me, it's just not a good sign that sound like negative Nancy I'm sure it does to some people and I guess I would say negative on this I want it to i. want these guys to have. Some. Some breathing room you know like it feels super overwhelming as someone who doesn't have a ton of time to like play a game for eight hours or something you know. So maybe on the weekend, I'll be able to do that. It's very hard to do like a long game you guys ever, Guy Phone. Like feel like you're missing out, do you ever get that feeling or get? All the time. On Games on the game you've. Not the. We're going to play this game without you because it's out day but I mean the game itself do you get that? Johnny, do you get? Yeah for example. I haven't played. The Games and I know I'M GONNA like. Them I haven't found the right time to put it because I need to have like. You know free days to do that. You know because I already have my days really like slotted up with other stuff. So right it's very difficult to. Say How rich Really, I, mean you. Yeah. I. All there's always the next game out there. Is there sometimes games where I? said, that's I don't have time to not expecting that answer of all the answers I never expect. You say you ever would get that about a game not. Yeah. Interesting is, do you remember the last one that you're like you're like man I want to get to that but I haven't. Is there any woman so really? What about your silver? Away mentioning you're finishing Niro talk, for example, nobody actually finished it. Way Behind. At a time machine. Wow. Okay. Damn. What, about your silver? Elmo you ever get them. All the time only gets worse and worse I mean we. Really, really started when I mean, we talked about it on the podcast times when we saw team where all of a sudden like seems library of games expanded again under four hundred percent right in just like three or four months. All of a sudden a couple of years ago and it's just sort of snowballed ever since. To the point where it's an avalanche now? Again it's it's impossible to keep up with and there are so many indie games that look fun and interesting and Quirky and you really WanNa get around playing them but. It just never happens like I have so many gangs in my in my library that I've never actually even gotten even booted up. So, yeah I, get that all the time people in chat you guys get it. I'd like to know if you guys get it Wednesday among US review coming isn't among US already out isn't that the little people game. Not Been Out for years. I think he means me noth- Games out man I'm moving on fuck that that's my foam. Oh If like I get foam for game reviews. If the Games out, I didn't get a chance to review it. I'm like damn but it's like a train for you. You didn't catch it catch. Yes. It's been out since two thousand eighteen just because. That's another thing. So in particular that game, it was that early access bullshit and that's another thing that never happens to me. I do not get foam. Oh, for reviews or anything on an early access. So I'm like isn't it? Annoying? The the whole Internet is like Suss every every sussman and people were. Going your Suss. Did I do something. With the folks. So typical me I do what I always do whenever I read something I don't understand I fucking patently ignore it. It's like I have a filter that gray's out that word. So I spent like three days. If suss showed up in a paragraph, my brain would not read the paragraph I. Done, and it just POPs it and moves on and then one of my friends was in voice chat was like, Oh, no suss means this and I was like, oh Gotcha because I was just like fuck included even meant you know his typical mean vocabulary that just doesn't get into my brain I don't let it in men only got so much space in this fucking hard drive. It spins up every morning and we're lucky for that. We thank the hardware store my hard drive in my brain spins. Up You. have. It's going to lose this master table and it's just going to be the end. There's no. Yeah there's no re partitioning this brain. Let's see. What are you guys in the chat get foam oh of out. I would like to know what's foam. Oh feel of missing feeling you're missing out is what it means but I'd like to know what you guys think what are your Fear of missing. Thank you. See. I don't even have fear couldn't even use the for to say feeling no fear just joking. But you also don't have feeling so feeling really. That's true. Mine would be like factually omitted. Out or something yeah. The impression of. Awesome. I'm having with destiny to. Wow. Oh. That's Lusitan. Company. To I'M I was I. Yeah For sure has that I can see where he'd get it. I used to get it with X, PAC for that game. Okay. Mr Verma tied to. That's. That's that's login. That's rough one. That's a that's a legit feel man look that's a legit feel. I miss out on the discord. Well, that's on you just saying that's on you. Wanted to get into monster. Hunter. Yeah. Yeah. MONTENERO onerous. It's fun to even even if you can just walk away and say I tried it and had a good time. Monster definite until you get to that fat ass fucking pig Phil. Batt. Hydrogen. Bitch. That following its name Hubbell's meeting Paloma. Oh we want spitting on you. Yeah. I fucking hate that. Screaming just be like our for fuck sake site that creature. half-life. Alex. that's a good one. I only have OMO are around get base games. Yeah. Right. That's I for me. It's usually the main reason why I quit playing memos again like sometimes have to face off of playing more useful. And then I actually stop playing because there's so many other games and if I continue playing, there's no time for other games too rough. Isn't it I? Mean it's like. That's not a joke. It's rough to you. Sort of have to you know kill your favorite baby or your favorite dog and walk away from it that sounds rougher added to be. Yeah. It's not that route. But yeah, it is rough to like have to say I'm walking away from M. Oh 'cause I walked away from a couple and especially if you make some friends in it or or even if you just this sounds so weird there's a couple Mo's I played where I saw the same username a lot of times and I'd be like it's almost like that person you see at am pm to get your pop every morning you don't say hello to him but you see him every morning guys passed by each other's you're doing your own shit and it's the feeling of being familiar. Do Mr just the tip. Yeah. I. See like to dip it in sixty nine x X. oh well, it'd be like I don't know what that means but. You never said V because you're worried it was a fourteen year old kid who's going to be a Dick but you're like. Virtual breakfast and then, and then you don't log in anymore and you don't see him. So most IMOs currently, you can Seoul Okay Lucid. We're not talking about soloing. Be Talking about the feeling Listens. Like I can make any multiplayer group thing solo because I hate people. Up Rhyming. Goma. Moving on from there what else do we got in our Chat Alicia discussion torchlight three you guys can discuss this. Johnny's played some of the early access than. No actually I just watched a friend play it. In screen share for a bit and it looked interesting it's something I am going to pick up on full release at an about you guys but it looked pretty interesting and it's called to see it come out. It hasn't been in early access to long compared to you know. Some of the other nonsense we see. So I'm excited for it and it's very very soon. Was It on the thirteenth I. Think I put the date in our chat, but I think it was on the thirteenth of October is anybody else doing torchlight three? In the Meaning of the No. You know why I think 'cause I liked fate, the original fate games that were made by torchlight. Well, the split up they Travis Bell Tree who now does the spaceship game he he used to make I if the torchlight is just too generic for me man. I played torchlight to and I was like if you asked me what game this was I could not tell you it was just there they become they don't have an edge to them like the Oslo which admittedly on its own is lost some of its Uniqueness or grabbing power so probably won't do that. Let's see. What else do we got here. I did have one quick announcement will not no. It's not an announcement something that came up like twitch related that people may or may not have heard of which sings has been canceled. Well will be canceled on January. I did a bit of a bummer. Regine I have done like singing streams that's been fund. It. Does make it's Just a business decision when it comes to the licensing costs versus hassle versus. right versus generated value within twitch and all that. It has a flourishing community for like smaller streamers but it doesn't really move the needle for twitch or. Amazon for that matter and. Apparently. It's a lot of hassle and cost for them. So one of those sad things, but it is going away on January first. Feels like such a business leap in the first place. I don't know it feels like one of those things where it's like, Hey, look at us we got which things. Oh, it's not working. We don't have twitch things anymore by the way I froze unfreezing the second probably lose my auto going happens. But Yeah it just I don't know it's a little bit. I guess you're right business decision right? It surprised me in the first place when they jumped into it because I know what a nightmare it is for the licensing stuff but. They thought maybe Amazon because they have Amazon music maybe they could leverage some of the licensing from that. Sadly doesn't look that way plague souls subscribed twenty four months. Thank you very much. Plague Souls. Audio to now it lost audio. Okay. Hang on. It's good. He can still here's it will come back in my back. And my back. Yes No. And you have to reset the device just endured. Losing our connections like it's probably the server would probably switch to different serve probably be fine but I as long as is prepared for this one is fine. Anyway, if you guys get a chance check out plague souls, he's always streaming fighting games. Well, not always fighting games I watch them do one really cool Outrun Kinda title. But if you get a chance he streams as well, you should check them out the only way to check them out would-be on twitch in the best discord of all time which is. Moving on from there. Discuss something I, wanted to discuss second extinction. That's the one I did a preview for. There you go. So. I got second extinction. For preview and I played it with. abbvie. This is a game that like. I don't know how to describe this guy. So I'M GONNA. I'll just cut it short I'm not. I'm not going to sit here and wax poetic about it. It is. It's a little bit like a left for dead Kinda game but with dinosaurs. But what I found out about this game is it has open world quests it will pop up which I found extended my fun time in that game dramatically to the point to where I'm very interested in checking it out for review. The reason why is you land on these planets? You pick three of four characters you land on the planet. Each of course has their own skill. Right chicks got a mini gun deutz. Got This other chick's gotta this other dudes gotTa this that kind of stuff you go out and do your battles and those battles and the way you fight usually requires. Some teamwork for example, there are these fucking velociraptor somehow have armor and it takes a lot to destroy it and do damage to their media center. So as a mini gun carrier, I could destroy the armor. ADDSI. Could then shoot them wanted most of that's gone and there's a shit on dinosaurs right a ton like not a small number not vermin tied. But a high number. So you're normally doing random shit you land and it's like you need to go through this. You pick one mission you need to do this. You need to go that on this planet. That's all fine. And it's fun shooting. It's not bad. But what was happening man is we're doing this thing we're running by and the game suddenly was like, Hey, we hear there's A REX nearby. Do you want to go and hunt a trend source wrecks and we were like, okay is this part of that we had look and go is this a part of the question? We just didn't pay attention because it's not one of those games where like Sort of generated quest. So we went to take down this t rex and we died a couple times we took it down though And then later we were running around and it was like please capture Fortran source wrecks don't kill them. Sorry for the loss raptors don't kill them capture them so we can study them. So you had to put traps down and then one ran over it. The trap would go up and capture it, and once you got four, they jet they booster rocket into space, which is where your spaceship was. And this sounds so weird man but it's like I've been waiting for that. I didn't realize how much I wanted those kind of things in this kind of game. I played vermin I. I've played all these games and I don't know what it was different about this. But the first time you get quest and it's like, do you want to do this and the world is huge? And when you do it, depending on which ever area go if you're successful, you raise or lower the the threat level in that area. So if a bunch of online players go to one territory and do well, the threat level goes down a little bit and if they don't go to others that goes up now if you go to the lower. Threat area, they drop lesser items. If you go to the higher threat area, they drop better items. So you have this tit for tat where you're consistently should we go to this? Should we do this? It's more dangerous. We may die and by the way obscene I died on the last dinosaur, not even boss dinosaur the last little dude killed us both. And we've been playing this mission for like forty five minutes. They are not short missions at all. And so I don't know man it sounds weird. But I I had I don't remember after fall or did anybody play. Take down and played the shit out of this with Azran. is a called after fall. It was a shooter it didn't. Yes. With you as. Far As asking was it after fall or Something I know what? I'm talking about some absolutely but the name escapes me it is. And I'm like we had thank God I didn't review it. I'd be the one you know everybody's like you're a sellout to this company, but I was like dude, it was a blast follow Earth Fall thank you fall and you know as second extinction. I. Don't know man. I didn't realize I needed that I like you run by a container and the container they'll be like, hey, man there might be shitting US container do you want us to drop booster rockets, attach them to the container, jettison it up into space and feel like if you do that sound which can possibly cause dinosaurs to come. So you have to decide do I want to do this and it makes the world. This is going to sound weird a little bit more interactive because you can. It can leave you can jet so they'll be this. This storage car you'll put your boosters on jets up and it sounds really dumb. But now that storage car is not there which makes you feel like. The world she'll Iraq did the world. Yeah. I don't know man all I can say is I did not know how much I needed. Side missions in a game like this and landing it reminds me of the miners game. We played the four dirty minors nuts for that's thirty three. Elected Deepak life for four hundred. Different. Movie Off. Their. Back, game didn't have had some side stuff, right but it was its main job was this particular thing and was second extinction. You pick this main job, you pick the threat level, but the idea that this other stuff can come up and you can say, you know what man let's call it like see like we're not like we're not doing great but we sent up a fucking treasure ship. We we capture these dinosaurs. We did a couple of things. Let's fucking call it and we'll come back and do this mission later even though we know the threat level now go up, we're just not doing well like for whatever reason each person can get different I shocked grenades. FRAG. And I think. stunned. I don't know man I don't know that's all I have to let me just let me ask you this been having. Like, I enjoyed it when you send something back to your spaceship and you do research on it, what do you unlock you unlock spots on your? Guns. Upgrade. So you'll it gives you resources and then you can upgrade you need like you know ten fucking drama source rex, not sacrifice to make you sack for your. How does that interact with the stitch? Together backpack but I don't know but you get my drift you know you're trying to do that. So you sit in these things up. So yeah, about there's a couple issues with though that I definitely noticed during the Beta with Ozzy, it's four, four three players but only four characters only four right now I haven't heard they're updating that and then there wasn't a huge amount of dinosaur. what's the term? A variety. That's just because we played monster hunter right you you come out of monster hunter and there's like eight thousand something by sixty different. Completely. Unique. And this wasn't that, but I did show some slow motion. Those dudes will jump with their feet forward. It's actually pretty insane. You'll be like peddling backwards and some dude just be. With their fucking clause like a velociraptor at your gut and that was actually really cool. Weapons. Okay There's a really weird thing where the mini gun requires bullets and can overheat which I felt was dumb and I d. m that developers and I was like that's really stupid like not to be rude, you shouldn't have a gun have to. Things like that doesn't make any sense it's it doesn't the dinosaurs don't die very easy anyway even with the mini gun at full speed. So I was like you should just have burned through ammunition quicker something be shouldn't have somebody looking at two separate bars. On one particular type. Yeah. Anyway that that's what I wanted to talk about second extinction. Know side game it'll probably review terrible because it's not monster hunter. It's not a triple game right now everybody's thinking like well, that's not monster hunter. Why should I ever play it? It's like you shouldn't Jack Ass you should just play monster for the rest of your life and don't bother the rest of us, but this might be game where it might be sort of fun on the side. Do you know the launch price? Not full price I think it's thirty, nine or forty nine. Moving on from there whilst we got. Game of the week. indie. Game of the week. Silvers. Sadness game of the week. So the saddest game of the week, what is it? it's actually a game that came out in early access last year but I did notice to against game. The was actually my radar. It's Wolf Wolf. Quest. The anniversary edition not with questions a game the goes all the way back to two thousand seven. It was a game initially I. Think it was released by the Minnesota Sue and and yellowstone national. Park. In order to sort of education people about wolves and it's a game where you're basically play a wolf and you have to start your own wolf pack and it's Kinda like a role playing game survival game. Like you have stats and stuff you grow them. And you have to sort of hunt animals to survive and grow your pack and They then release the game on steam back in Twenty fifteen in sort of two point, oh edition with expanded content, and now they're making a version three point in early access It's it's. It's really really interesting game like it's It's quite pretty at times It is yeah you play a wolf and you basic when you start out, it's in different episodes. So first episode is basically just use the wolf starting out you have to hunt animals and the hunting aspect is really cool. In the way you have to track animals have to hunt gap to like when you like chasing an elk you have to like bite on bite onto its hind legs and an hold on as its galloping and trying to knock you off and stuff, and you have to fight off bears and cougars and other animals for carcasses chased them off when you put. Eventually get a carcass and then you have to find a mate to court date yet to find out are you compatible with the mate and then you have to start a pack? It's really cool and I recommend people take a look at it. There is multiplayer they're currently multiplayer Beta where players can form their own wolf packs you can Form. Your own territories that you mark as Wolf stow and and patrol and watch over Yeah. It's a I recommend people take a look at it. And that's on steam only. I think it's only on stage at the moment like it is that you can also download the old the the very first version of wolf quest was freeware, and that's still that you've are worship. version is still available for download if you WANNA like take a look at like the. Start of the game back. Then collect late at beckoned like two, thousand, eight it was very, very Janke a very rough but even back, then Onto something. And it's really cool to see how they've refined it like there are some really deep mechanics. That are heavily simulated like wolf genetics in terms of how you're like goat. Carries over to your pups. And traits carry over to your pups. It's really really complex. Yeah. It's really cool. bike It's really really difficult though to sort of take care of your pups at least it was back in the old game I haven't tried it in the new one yet. Wait so you have to see your pups deny. Potential like they can get eaten by Cougar. Bear they can starve to death if you don't feed them. Yeah. That's fucking horrible. Nature. Nature's metal. Should back don't give them in the multiplayer version in the old one was apparently plagued quite a bit by players who joined other people's packs just to drag off the POPs to rivers and drown them. Basically Dark that that is yes. Dark. Ages online deleting for you. That is really dark. Thank God. We've got those fourteen year olds playing actually say fourteen year olds nothing to indicate that wasn't a you know a normal establishing a buck and around with somebody. Let's go to questions I. Have a bunch of questions on twitter. Can you look up the questions in discord Johnny I'm GonNa get these twitter out of the way. The corvettes gaming says watching Cobra Kai as I was a huge fan of crazy kid when I was younger, you guys have any films back from your youth that you would love to see followed up like Cobra Kai. Gorden. scored any movies for you or any Yeah. Movies for you guys. You'd like to see sort of see as a series or. Or revisited now. Could you repeat? I didn't get I'm thanking with with ghost of sushila would be cool to see one of those classic like. Your Jimbo style mobis movies turned into a thibodeau. Made now but you know in. Following that sort of art style with the narrow. Shot and all that stuff. But like made now with coal dialogue and stuff, Very Gordon's last dragon a silver the question was, is there any movie that you'd like to see sort of get a TV show Cobra Kai? Right, right? Sorry. Jack Burton everybody's talking about shadow Solomon Kane Johnny Bravo Evil Dead. Little China the Shadow Man L. of a movie sort of like that one with. With what's his name? Yeah Face. Yeah Bolton before prior to being puff. Just Just. Adapt the old radio show. Yeah. Murder last starfighter. Tell hold people are because they're all mentioning these old ones I'm like, oh Berry Gordon Slag, not just like. I. I would really like to see like a new version of a young Indiana Jones chronicles. Oh Yeah. That'd be cool to watch. Did you have any reg? Not when you grow up reg guys allowed to watch TV, and you're 'cause you're in a religious. School right and. The school knowing the school we didn't well into school. We've all watched pulp fiction ones. What that come up? That's Between. NANCE and. If you got if you got like excited or happy they. They'd be like, no. No do you remember how that came about? Why are you guys watch that? No, I don't I. Don't know which subject wasn't. Interesting, did you watch a lot of shows in your kid? To like usual morning TV shows kid shows all but there's nothing you'd like to see back like what about What did you watch? Do you guys probably? One of my favorite movies was Ruined by Disney like the Union everything what was that a Aladdin? Do. You remember what it was. Do you remember it was called? Lion King was a my whole. Don't like the live action live action. S On in that in that movie, Yup everything about the lion king the original Lion King was pretty much done to Disney's level perfection at the time. Yes. Like it feels like that was fairly high they handled everything. They got the right people they got like Jeremy Irons alike they just did a good job and with the debt one nothing about it spoke of caring. Nothing. It was an it was just like Prince Ali Aladdin. I wasn't. The jungle book either. The jungle book get remade. That was the first one. I did that one going through all of them to ruin them just? Yeah it's. On now, that Zozo. Yes yay. Just, stay from nurcholish none of them have been very good and look I'm always like Mr Bright side, but they haven't been great. Yeah. No Shit. That is true. Usually are. Let's see Josh Clark says I appreciate PS five is unlikely to have native fourteen forty P capability capabilities standard. But is it safe to assume that the games that have fourteen forty P performance mode? We'll look good on fourteen forty P screens. I'll just answer that real quick if it's native, it's GonNa look on a native screen. Right right anybody. Yeah. So if if if it comes out. I don't think the experts already and the current and has fourteen forty P put. Yeah and that's the one thing that Microsoft has like above I. Guess You could say Sony, is that they their their support for some of the otter resolutions as well as like free on the Xbox? And he says, if that's stupid snot stupid, it's just that's the answer says besides spiderman anyone have any thoughts on what other ps four games might be enhanced for PS five and how? He's saying like, do you think bloodborne if we ignore could or becoming being an what did you guys? So I was not a huge fan of days gone and I feel the day's gone title that if they that they do a day's gone, you know like definitive whatever you WANNA call it based on a lot exactly. But I think that it would be nice for them to give those guys. Like. The attention. And now that it's done, you know and be like here's a way. Definitely Be Nice I. Don't think it's necessarily think. Stays gone enough of a hit to sort of merit that. Days Gone. There was something about days gone sales. I think days gone. To them was you know to most was considered not well done but I think still sales wise. It did spectacularly well, I could be wrong from pretty far somebody said it's still did really well. But I agree with you, I don't think that's going to days gone I'm just saying. I sort of would like to see it for my own self would be awesome. Totally get you. Yeah. Probably some of the big heads right like last. Night despite mixed reviews days gone was the best selling game the United Kingdom's yeah or weeks. Very nice I remember it was doing well. Like on that but that in especially the initial bump, you know in Japan it outsold. Though four and horizon. Ciro Dawn. So. that. Crazy. I mean that. Launch in this launch window. In that game was a disaster and it was like. Somebody can say that they didn't see bugs whatever. It's still a disaster with you saw him or not. The game was a disaster it when you consider so knows own quality whatever go it went onto, surpass the lifetime sales of golden war and the last Guardian. Wow It's so fast. GotTa work what the fuck like does that make sense to zombies right. Look at state of decay to not a great I like it but not real. Might be only for Japan I'm not. Graduates but. Game right they. The. Yes, they do so. I do not need to revisit it. Hussein that Lewiston? Obviously it's quite well. Yeah Yeah. No. The night no Arrow says cooling solution for the next Gen Consoles Difference Between the Heat sinks Thermopylae. Oh, you WanNa talk about those. So. Go slow and his big in one goes fast in a small. xbox versus BS five that's pretty much and that's Sort of what we have right now you you even tell what the take down a winner or the tear down when they took it all down and they looked at it. It's pretty much what we got out of it was that. Know. The only thing I don't like about the PS five other than like size and it looks stupid. But the fucking cyclone cooler. If anybody's ever used a psycho, they have a tendency to pull their own dust and so I'm wondering how that's GonNa work versus a normal cooler. Just, exhausting out one end but. That Liquid liquid metal just mainly the conductor Lila also showed that there's like suction holes to suck out the dust. Did you also see that? The, if you want to reply if you want to add SSD to that, you have to take it apart. Yes. That was not what I expected. I didn't expect that. I don't know why. But that seems not to me. Yeah. There was a suc holes. We'll call them from now on the official name sock holes so. It's you know they both have some weird designs, but I'd say coolant wise they seem to be doing slightly different. weirdly fascinated by the liquid metal. The liquid metal thing was like like we tested for years. Jews. Yeah I to me. They. Stay. Cool. That's all I. Care About. You know I mean that's That's what mass liquid metal is is just a better slightly better transfer rate of hate comparison normal thermal paste. New Liquid metal has specific issues that Sony has taken care of liquid metal is not new, but they did see they did seal off their liquid metal so that it can't like have the oxidation that other types of it can't do shorts, and at the same time, it has like a temperature range in which it's better than thermal paste. It's better goes on Lower Is Better to some. Yeah. See that's another thing is what like when you test these old testbeds? What were they testing? What systems? What like we have no clue and I'm sure there's some way to see how these are overall, which is going to be important but I I. Sup- important for me. I mean I watched the video but to me, both videos were just dumb. I don't care about the take down of either video like does xbox one I was like all right whatever they took an expert but I think overall, they seemed like way better cooling solutions than. Current Gen, which is xbox. I'm from what I understand Xbox is considered probably better the original slash Xbox X. Cooling. Because that is unbelievable. I mean. Unbelievably. Good. But I I sure ps four is improved. Microsoft just nailed it because they had so many issues with red ring men. Right, they just went out. I mean. You went. Way Beyond maybe after. xbox original apart and amount of like open space in that is tremendous like they wanted. They basically want to make sure there was just no chance whatsoever that that going to overheat because it cost them billions of dollars. So which we came out positive on that from both because I'm sure Sony had the same issue with the PS. Four and the heat. Coming out the back. What are surprises the PS five was. Included in the PCB. I'm on. I think they explained that in the presentation originally that it was going to be on the soldered on the board. Yeah. I. Heard. The XBOX X was having. He'd issues that's already been debunked. I was I wondered if the SSD because slowdowns versus just using the PCB. If the SSD will cost slowdowns. Get an ad on storage probably, of course, like everyone storage lowered out on storage will be slow I. think that's the I guess. The positive you can say about the Microsoft even though I think it's still a negative is you know you can buy your external, just plug it in or you can buy your whatever your expansion I don't think I will. Test it but we've already tested it and the external for transferring a plain old games an SSD or envy me if you wanted but you wouldn't need it. But at a fast is blindingly fast and. So your old games and transferring. So way you should do it. I just don't see anybody really needing to why by why spend that much. Why spend that? Much. You can transfer fairly quickly for launch. Yeah Yeah. Yeah DS video I will say I disagree with some of their stuff because we're getting slightly different numbers but that's DNA test certain things you know there's you know a million people will have these. That's one of the reasons why like if somebody says Oh, this is for sure what you get and then a million people play the game and you know one hundred reviewers didn't have a bug, but you have a million people playing the game and suddenly there's a ton of bugs that's because the number percentage wise is just dramatically larger. So what they tested was for them their answers but there there was some there was some issues that they add that we didn't have. Exactly I'll just use my current three terabyte hard drive. Yeah Right. Why not right save yourself some money. Dude I just found a one terabyte was one, twenty, four, one terabyte SSD. it was on sale. It was not the type of SSD it was the current type and it's like dude that you know you get fined wait for a sale. If you want SSD external wait for sale, grab it if you don't get yourself a good solid external and just transfer the game fuck man like. Just. Just don't tell silver if it Samson. Yet. Trophy. Ryan. Simpson. Dr. Drive. And then suffer the consequence. Most of my interest. Minar too I think I've got the EGO is that now? He's already my no comment. Yeah. Yeah. May Or may not have the? Money Western digital was like one twenty for a two terabyte and I own a Western digital, which is very fast and they're excellent as well. But overall yet sucks got some good deals sometimes Let's see I by Yvo or crucial. Yeah. I, buy whatever I don't care what the fuck and name is as long as there isn't a ton of playing is sort by price by you. then. Yeah. Then verify it doesn't have like the old. Verified. Quote layer chips. Flirted where it's like you know. Who knows you could probably run one of those a million times is still not fucking have an issue anyway but I I do not get those and that's it Let's see siebrand. Also, really cheap. They're they're pretty good. See Branchburg they're not super cheap though. Jay Zoo swears by crucial. I don't know what Jay's Louis. Oh. Yes. There's one PS five comfortable sst so far, and it is pretty much the same price as the xbox additional start dude. Yeah because this. Or Hi four right like I mean. It's going to be about the time that drops in price of fucking seagate. Or. Whoever's making the for xbox that only is one year of exclusive it's expensive. Kale's so badly to when you go from one terabyte, two terabytes. That's already like the price of the council. Didn't check the updated prices but PC, same price pretty much. That's currently a one terabyte Microsoft is off. I keep looking at that price for the switch but it's still yourselves guys trust me man just get yourself a nice good external transfer the game's over live with your fucking. If you WANNA keep them on their. It's going to be faster than download and in any way transferring it over, it's going to be way faster and download. So just fucking noon on your big wise. Still. As slow as it was on the PS four apiece for is so slow to transfer anything I play off my ps four USB all the time. On not play if you'd like backups to. Storage really being shipped over it takes forever. Yeah. Because it does the double right I'm assuming that does the weird thing that Sony's known for yeah. Okay that makes sense. I did get another question. I want to ask you and your panels favorite background games. This is games you might play well, watch talked about this Sophie we've answered this a lot of times. So we're GONNA be short on this one. These side games that we play let's do this. Let's not pick the same side games well as play. How about that. Is Their risk of rain to? FEMME. That's a good fucking awesome. That's a that's a good choice. Okay. Risk rain to is the new answer for Johnny. So site games Or background? Okay. Okay. Let me think here background. I mean. It's been the same for thirty years. which can't can't give the same answer. Have you given? It ought To different answer silver. Cheating. GotTa says. It is what it is. No no no you've gotTa have more than what you've got to have more than one. There's always going to be more than one that you play. We know that you've returned other games. What's another game returned to? Sure but. I promised a promise day. What do you call it Laris? That's a good. Okay. There we go. That's my. That's my other. Strangely enough is is in. Inlet space number one. Endless space number to win away with some of the awesome stuff that I liked endless space number one. Wait what? Oh I thought. It really did kick him. I was somebody I. Think on. Duty. Kick assassin's creed Odyssey. There's a good one that assassin's creed odyssey. I could Oh guys are returned to syndicate recently. Buck that game is good may I downloaded it man to I'm after watching video? It's it's so much faster combat wise than any other a C. Games and they purposely did that. So feels like. The what does that sound? Oh no worse. And so you're doing fucking headbutts and fucking biting people maybe not bite people maybe I'm just projecting at that point, but it's so good. So good. What about you reg? Otherside game? And Music or even game really I don't have one specific I jump between them. That's a good answer the D.. The DJ one right now, no more like the bars down on, you press the buttons on time. Oh. Those Such. Such, such a weird answer for you man something I never expected those music. Over what do not come on man? To, then there we go of. War Hammer to. Go to war hammer to. Vermont. Total. Pick. Yeah. Good. Pick for sure. So there you go. We went out of our way to help out that person asking questions and we came up with a good answer. Takes your way but not fully city builders football manager. You know I've a friend this might be that person. This person makes a lot of twitter accounts. Might be that person Somebody was mentioning a football game in a facebook to me recently football manager like the game where you're soccer manager. Okay. So you guys you know. Yeah those are that's not fucking whatever that's not real. It's not a real sport. So No, I don't play that one but whereas nf yeah there's an NFL game called football manager. There was a it. It was basically incorrectly named exactly. It was step above. Here's a step above Normal manager game we don't see good graphics right? It was a step above that but I also had you be the coach and it was on the xbox. And our recently found a copy and started playing. That was fun like it was I didn't think I would enjoy a manager game but they mentioned it a couple of days ago and I looked it up and I'm like I'm not a soccer fan. So I'm not gonNA play the fee because I don't even play the normal ones. So there was no right And I'm not a big fan of baseball because it's not a sport at all whatsoever like baseball's completely it's worthless in any way shape or form. So it's like. It's just absolutely the worst fucking thing in world. So I was like I'm not going to do that There's basketball. Drinks at basketball would probably have been fun and I think the two K. Games allow you to just the manager stuff in those but I would never play two K. game a sports game think that like I'm not going to give them any money look no casino. Dude? No. No. I played that one. What was it to eighteen was the last one played NBA outside. But I mean, I've seen on the switch I think like two months ago in bid to locate twenty was on sale for one buck once. That is five deals too many men. Get it. You know what a PO S. S. Something did something else that I was mad about in the middle of the night, which is normal for me. This is why I should never be on twitter at in the middle of the night because if you look, you'll see me start to go like I lose the I lose what I'm known for, which has been subtle romantic, nice soft all the things for but I posted something and I was like secular fucks I can't remember what I put us but I went on in the middle of the night woke up and read my tweet and I was like. I couldn't even remember what I was mad about mad about something for two K. as well. They did something that was once again. Anybody Remember 'cause I'm not gonNA I can look it up I don't know the first ones to up the price by ten bucks for just did something last couple of days and I was like what the fuck is to K. fucking thinking. Whatever we'll move on. Johann says, what do you guys think of the big enhancement and games? What we think the big enhancement in games will be Oh Yeah. It was the trailer. fucking NBA Two K. fucking piece of Shit twenty-one trailer. No. fucking dude. Twitter and people were like this is the next level of games. Pablo and as I'm reading this fucker moves five feet and then does the thing that every NBA game does which has no momentum. They do the thing where they move and then stop because they can turn around on a dime like no inertia no momentum no animation was taken into account. The people were fucking happy. Because these jackasses at figure out what a four K. texture was that was it a dude what's like chewing on the hind tit of a dog or something as he's walking towards the camera I don't remember what it was, but he's chewing on something people like the greatest game it's ever been fucking made that goes to show you how easily fucking fooled gamers are like how easily. It's it's it's like the fucking hot chick. I. Don't Care If. I don't care if they've got riddling fucking herpes. Bang them because they look awesome and it's like that is not a good life plan and that's the same way with that game. Do Not Fuck and get that game it. It's got the same shit that those games have had for the last ten years shit animation. It's going to have a fucking what do you call it in there? It's going to have a casino. That's what no competition does man? No. No. No we've seen games. We've seen companies with no competition still do well. I don't think that's lack of competition. I think that's two K.. Not Giving a fuck and their fans are sucking it up like the hind tit they're just they're starving fucking. I just don't get it man how can. How can you look at that and think? Like it's just one change, right? Like what we saw like I guess it's almost like. Re Master. In a way. I think most people that's by those yearly releases by them for just steps updates of the players and that's ended teams right defend. What reg dot should be five dollars? You know should it should've? Of, workers they're putting in would pay by the way I would have if you told me, it's GonNa look like eighteen to eighteen, but it's going to be five bucks for Rousers I'd be like, dude, that's that works for reasonable. Yeah because you're keeping track of the stats, you're trying to figure stuff out but now thank you for reminding me. So I could get mad again whoever it wasn't chat but yes, it was the trailer I was. Seen Gamers, I don't WanNa tell people don't be excited but when I see that and people trying to defend it. Is Mind Boggling? Yes. Anyway last. Sorry Johann says, what do you guys think the next big enhancement games will be? Like for next year is this question right there so we can go with. No let's just say. Like you know how people thought that piece of Shit Nemesis was cool. The nemesis system. Let's pretend it was good. Something like that was joking I like the nemesis. What's what's up? What's something? We think it's a new big thing. Ray Tracing Somebody said I think ray tracing has been proven to not be the new big thing? Right. Now. With wide support in consoles and stuff. They might make it pop more like prioritize. They might. But I just. Think it's already passed its chance to be the new big thing like what do we? Think. They, I something something something ai some someone said deal assess to know and honest? Answer is so it can't be the new big thing. It's not on consoles like. Those chips don't Yeah I love it. Comes up with something? Yeah. They'd have to have similar and we we know what these councils are. I. Think Quick. Resume People think that is, and I'm sorry I don't agree but. I couldn't disagree more. Quick resume. Okay that's so you think we no no no. No I agree with you and disagree with everybody who thinks it's a big deal not only resume. But like booting up a game time of booting up a game, I could care less toss jam. Okay. If you're in chat. Is Your time and I promise you. We will not be mean. Tell me how we brought whom? Is. Is. Is. Is a thing beyond a feature that was like, oh I need to know why it's beyond. Becau because it's already quick in current like hard drives. Fairly hundred times I guess for so games though see I'm the devil's advocate. There was a game that came out recently and I remember we were all bitching about this in chat and we were like this game's awesome. But the re. The reload the was was atrocious the. Right. So loading times can can be a bitch in some some games like blood borne and stuff. But like quick resume, you're right. Yeah. I talked myself out of their. Copy. Exactly I don't get. The scenario scenarios this right where you. Went to get coffee or something for some reason, you suspended the console and when you come back. For you with matters that it takes five seconds instead of fifteen. That's the feature, a box Sur five subs. Thank you very much. You absolutely rock. So I. Go. For you know that's that's the thing. Because even with the the game stats have not been optimized, for example, for for the xbox with Greek with the loading time. Yeah. They already cut down the loading times because it's just hardware and storage. So Games that took like fifty seconds to load now only take fifteen or twenty, two load anyway. So what you really saving on top of that. Does it matter? Rape mentioned one thing and I said this. So I basically did to podcasts one I said you're stupid this is dumb and then people posted and I listen I read sometimes and I, read this and a couple of people were saying if you have kids. Right if you've got three or four kids or two, and you have a spouse who plays games as well. So this is already a family that doesn't exist flatly. Remarkable rave got two kids old enough to play console games a wife who plays console games or husband. Switching between Games can be nice and I agree with them. I because I have shared a council with roommates and switching out a, you know a go in and find your cartridge or whatever was also shit. I get it, but it's only the one time. Yes like query talk about an edge case having a family with ages allied such as such that you're going to be playing games more or less at the same time and then trying to switch between them. And every family member of that type of ethical family only places one game. On insists that caused the Greek resume works for five titles and that's it. That's the last title gets kicked out. What about you silver? Is there any use case where by the way again, I am open to this I saw a couple of people saying kids. That's like the main thing. Is there any use case for you where quick resume as anything more than a? Oh. No. And and. And so that people understand what we're saying is I don't. Ever I don't think it's not supposed to be there i. think that's Great. It is there what It eats up a lot of space we know that. They're saying, it sounds like it's over one hundred gigs, which again, I'm also not the person WHO's bitching about game sites but I know others are. So I was trying to take that into context when I was doing my podcast. So, there's that. I think it's cool. It's there. But I think it's as yeah. wicker just said sounds a little bit more like a gimmick and I would say I I do as as well like the load. Out The. Go. Disable it and storage but that's exactly what I asked or could you say do you want a small amount of games a medium size games or large amount of games and you quick resume? Hey. I Pick A. Tiny storage take two hundred gigs, which is more than ten percent if that's true. Yeah Yeah actually Yeah. Do you touched on something that I think will be lytle going forward, which is a game size I mean you look at We've talked about it before but you locate call of duty. Now it's it doesn't even fit into two hundred and fifty gigabyte hard drive anymore. It's so ridiculous. It is and I WANNA. Make sure people know because I'm going to start saying stuff in I am talking about two different things. I'm not I don't have any issue with the game being big when it downloads call of duty is just bloated and just continues to bloat. Okay. So I don't think most games are that in fact, I would say, no, no nine percent of games are just getting bigger due to other stuff but he is absolutely right that size is gonNA matter size matters, but it's definitely gonNA matter when you it's just there and you WanNa, play it. So this is different. This isn't a person getting a new game. This is the game you've been playing and you're like I want to continue to experience it and they're like, guess what is bigger than your hard drive can handle now or whatever, and you're just like well, wait why like what's happened? Why is it? Why is it so massive that that's that's a real. That's a real. What because I said massive or is there some? Though I've just imagined, someone plague called and getting spoke series s which just five hundred kids. In five hundred, right? Yeah. Yeah. Game no longer fits in this congratulations you're plagued the current card. You also want to play the Alpha. Beta whatever for the next one doesn't fit. Yeah, it's crazy. It's crazy right and a by the way. You guys although although on consoles, you can actually pick and choose between. The content you have installed right well. You? Offer exists, but it already exists on final fantasy fifteen for instance, where you don't have to download the multi-ethnic already assist on steam for small. So so totally developer date that it will be possible I. Don't know if DEB's will support it silver. Yes. Officially specifically for for call of duty I understand it consoles have the option to filter their. Hope they, knew. They completely supported feature that was it. So we'll see who supports it and what? You know multiplayer single player. That kind of thing you know what I could see though. So multiplayer and single player a lot of times use the same textures because let's say they're the same level. I can see somebody playing the single player and be like having a good time. You know what I'm GonNa, download the multiplayer and are like well, guess what it doubles up because they are they are separate packages. So now the games even bigger. I Yeah I. Don't know it. That is a good point. Size is going to become a thing when it comes to these hard drives because they went with faster storage, which is just too expensive. Yeah. Five hundred in the asses. I mean on some debts for some games. That's a ton of games like for some games. That's. Fifteen years for. A four game titles or something fun. Yeah. So yeah, it's rough. It's rough good. It's good. Point I don't think anybody here. Really. Pointed out that they think quick resume I didn't see anything pop up. We saw a few people with kids mentioning that. Yeah. Not that they liked quick resume, they just mentioning they had kids. They're just like him and. I think. Wolf game we're like good job man. Johann also says, do you think game pass would lead to more low quality games? Similar. Netflix's problem where there's a lot of content isn't good. Oh, man I don't believe that with Netflix's. What Dude I'm constantly surprised by NETFLIX's having a ton of shit that's awesome and then I find it so. Everything, they just throw money at everything. Yeah. If I would not autocell shady stuff. Yeah. There's a lot more. So I guess in a way it's like steam, but I don't see. Game. Pass. So game. Unlike steamed exterior right game pass. It doesn't make games game pass. There is no game pass game. There is Netflix is though so they're not. Yeah I don't. I don't think so. I don't think so I don't know. Yes smoke says. Say thoroughly enjoyed the last Charac podcasts where you talked about the camping stories in the tree. Fort. Was Laughing Oh. Yeah. Campus stores. Yeah. Where my stinky feet made my grandmother almost. PUKE. Good Times two times. If you get a here stinky feet making grandparents, puke check out my last guest It's a good point I dunno guys I don't know. It's GonNa. Be Weird to see these news. He's. Gotten. So accustomed to slow big storage, right? Like that's just that's all right. That's the. Way. It's been and so yeah, and always having the option of just getting ton like if if you were willing to spend two hundred bucks, you could get three terabytes or something maybe right? Yeah. And now there's a hard limit like terabytes is already the price of the council. For the new. PCA. For stuff. Yeah. So I made this mistake a couple of days ago I hooked hard drive up to my router. It's got one of the super speed fuck and you know. And I was like I do everything usb to my detriment as of this morning apparently. But anyway, I was transferring stuff a couple of days ago and transferred something onto the fuck and drive that was connected network and I'm like what is wrong with this thing? What is happening? It was so slow and I'd become so accustomed to SSD. USB stuff connected. You know because I was GonNa Mention Oh. If, you look at xbox sense the three sixty they've been storing their saves in the cloud, right? Which is always nice. It's always great to be like and they'll even warning they'll be like the save on your game system is newer than the one on the cloud. I love that idea. I I was thinking in my head. Google. Drive for. Your Xbox, but you're still download I. Don't know why was thinking that. But yeah. We'll also have to see how the streaming works out. Microsoft going let you stream game in in two years as Microsoft kind of system set up stream the game while it's downloading. Or? Stream game while it's transferring over or you know like. I have a feeling we're in the midst of so many middle technologies is going to be really. It's going to be really weird to see how it all how it all works out. hopefully, they have a They take care of streaming too because I think another big thing that we don't talk about because none of us do it but I know a lot of people have been talking about you know I wanNA stream from xbox or met PS five. which was sort of a thing for a while it would be nice if they supported that a little bit better. You know gave you the ability do overlays. Some stuff like that. You guys are ignoring people's desires to bounce from one game to the other easily. No, we literally said that. Literally said that at the start. That was literally what I stated. Maximum says. Maximum says question. Do you think ubisoft firing the AC hall a creative director impact on that game? No. No? No, it's too late. Not At this stage, right? Yup Not at the stage. Are. You guys excited. Just be honest. Are you are you guys have Death. Events. Say Yes. Are. You guys excited. He changes answer now. Every. Knowing that he may have been a stopgap may have been. We'll see. Are you guys excited for these titles without him being the? Creative, director of them. I think I change in direction will be interesting. Okay. I'm I'm down for it. That's fair. What about you chat are you? Are you excited in some way? You're. Also. Excited for your death by the way. To, wake is gonNA. Be Legendary you fucking a it will be you acknowledge. That it's at yes. I say that it's an acknowledgment isn't the same thing as clapping somebody on the back I knowledge somebody's beside me I don't fuck them I mean I would kind of my best friend is absolutely hyped about see. I. Don't really care. I don't really care when you die. who should I sub to johnny reg doesn't even stream anymore He's led. He's basic left turn us all in the Lurch he's let us all definitely. Not Me definitely, not silver. Years. Over What do you call it? A book. audiobook. Actually doing, are you recording the moment? Oh, good question. The mark with the mouse says this, and this is a very good question. I WanNa talk to you guys about it. You rock whoever you are. I don't think I've seen you before, but you're the best person here in the in the chat carrick don't you think consoles need fully integrated discord? So, that is my question discord being that they're not a huge like they're not like Amazon or anything like that. But discord, you is a big deal. Do you guys think? We will because I, think that would be awesome to see a discord. APP? On the console because how many times I don't know if you guys lost. But how many times we've been like let's all get together and play. Blah Blah Blah and then you know like somebody's. Are Party chat they have to yeah you don't. That's the thing. Go Party Chat Johnny Right is that White Microsoft won't allow it. Because the party chat is for them, they're trying to push it even say. System. That's true. But they they say it's cross platform and you can talk between Xbox NBC it just never worked for me in all of the Times that I've tried. The like Cross Platform Party chat is a disaster. Yeah. I mean personally. I would love it. I would love it. Yes. That's can discord just develop the APP for them or is there like? Is there's a sling APP, there's a there's APPs on that xbox. There's a lot I would love for them to be like. You know. I don't know how much like work together it would be awesome to see them work together and say, Hey, let's integrated. Let's make it one thing somehow because because the XBOX's chat works but it into missing a lot of stuff and they're not really a competitive storefront anymore. Discord right. This is very true. Don't sell games. What do you got Johnny for questions? Sorry we. All, right. Let's hit a few of these. Citizens. Leaves said. If you had your human body but the head of an animal. What the have you been drinking again doll dude. Sorry he continues what animal would you pick I would have had I would have the head of a majestic elephant. So I can suck food drink up lazily and awaken people abruptly withdrew trump no way dolphin dolphin for sure the idea of me walking around and being able to be like. Do whatever that I can't do it. Well, I scared the dogs, guys. It's me a freaked out dogs dolphin. Incredibly. Practice. Probably. Do. Impractical my life. What are you talking about like? Your vision sucks. You wouldn't be able to play video games. No your your mouth is weird. You couldn't eat stayed opens have very good up close underwater and normal vision they've tested that. I wouldn't be able to collar and stuff like, yeah. I wouldn't be able to breathe that'd be like but dude there's Such minor. No oxygen. Oxygen tanks give me a dolphin tank a you could have like. An aquarium like helmets. Can drink things except it would be okay. What about you guys animal? Animal? Head. Your. Human is available. Through. Baboon baboon to be sort of chimpanzee. Yeah right because that's closest. A man, maybe a cat head would be pretty dopey. So it would be so scary though if you really saw because you. Look like A. London road. Own Assuming Jack The ripper. But you're walking down the road and you're fucking got your wind and you hear like, ask where's your like what the fuck was that and then a fucking main cat comes out of the shadows you'd shit. Like S- mentioned the big. ASS Tongue. Licks you think everything. Yeah. fucking. People stuck to Shit With Could by people set off and dude. Campbell's pretty evil. Yeah. That is true with their. You could also spit on people which. That's Allama. Camels are known as much I'm. Like one. Of, the hardest fights in the world. Yeah. Camels are rough man. There's that video I don't WanNa talk about it. There's video was pretty cool about a camel, but it was it was some other bad stuff. Unfortunately, where's this podcast gone? It started here with the fuck you talk. Pretty. Good talking about just jaw strength. What would be? Oh No shit. Yeah. You could also make cackling noises. Remember. The six are so creepy jackals. They're all fucking hunched up they. Like your GRANDPA with a bad back. Yes. Creepy. And you could finally do the the the be prepared song from Lion King Reg like the version could hang the sounds without any issues that. podcast for twitch things are the last stream. fucking ahead. What else are we got? What are the questions? Right next. Up. The Action Saxon says seeing the monster hunter movie coming out what is one game you would like to see done in film by Paul Anderson for his version a deputation. So just for context that's the guy behind resident evil and you must move as, yeah the guy behind his wife all the time. I bet I mean behind the movies his making I don't know what I would be like what game would like to see as a movie. A in that style I guess. What about like a diner crisis? Movies said in that style. That'd be cool like almost not taking itself too seriously with Mila Jovanovic shooting stuff. That's the biggest misprint shy of ever heard. And I do it on. I don't have all the answers. That was awesome. Was Amazing What about you guys any from you guys? None of. Paul Anderson is director yeah exactly. Right Silver DOT was. Okay like it's almost like saying, do you want you both to return to making movies? Are you and bowl wavering? You're like now man it doesn't matter if it was core I, don't want him making movies any for your age. I'm only thinking of Chevron. And you know what? He would shatter justice I think because he loves big explosion he shit shit that doesn't make sense and cyberpunk has all the weird kind of cybernetics stuff. Yeah. I can see what else have. We got hey whoa. Up Go ahead Johnny. Antiphon says Oh Nvidia has made great progress with a I for image processing in the form of the. What other aspects of gaming would you like to see improved using machine learning a for example better game may I for enemies or NPC's Western mark? I froze saw probably unfreeze lose my audio. Sounds, more, sound. I would love to see more sound clean up. Like this sound samples of. To see sound clean up. And I think a is working pretty well, not even though I have issues I think you guys have tried it the art. Depend on your own. Today, we'll give it a second. In my back. Now. Now. We're back. Yeah. I think you guys have used the RT tax, right? The audio artifacts from Invidia the android okay. There's that. But I just I just think audio needs to be fixed. Audio doesn't sound the best sometimes. Trying to think of anything else. I'd be cool but games already kill me Dude I just play bowlers Gangnam aspect I don't know if I want to be much smarter than that. It's true You know when you hear A. s kicked because it's so many people not because, of smart, yeah, true. I mean, fucking. Why was that Arma three? Pretty tough to there wasn't a lot of guys there including myself a shot silver in the ASO. What? Fuck Yeah I did it was a good shot. What other stuff would we like like? What's What are we? Procedural voice acting with Ai That's very good. Yeah. That's I use a software right now for procedural text to voice and it uses a and it is phenomenal I would agree with that. That's a somebody mentions that in the chat procedural voice acting to. Be The answer for many who don't have to funds otherwise to afford toys sectors right to. Cover creating variations and stuff you've talked legion. Preview has some bad examples of this not working, but it could get it working. That's I. think that's a great great point. That'd be awesome. You guys also think that like. I, mean we have we have. I think I would like to see Ai Build. So you know you have procedural cities. Sinking city and they built and then they adjusted by hand and all this stuff i. personally think that the procedural stuff still looks procedural most of the time. And I would like to see a I. If you're going to build yourself a procedural city I would like to see ai sort of figure out a way to handle having some cohesion and like internal. Yeah coherence. Look. Not. A city had some term for how many front ins they had two buildings and it was a lot. It should never have looked repeated, but it did if that makes sense I would like to see. Them. Figure that out. That would be you know what would be dope if you could buy a deal, see that changes the voice of your character to. See You love snoop into the same lines but. Like deep fakes yeah. It makes I'd be also. If he wanted to have like Tyson, say all your lines or something? Yeah. That'd be great. I. Use It so far but the I for testing games just before we lease, they do some but I would agree with you. Yeah. Like the fucking especially the tests that we all like we sometimes when we run into a bug, you'll get that shit and discord realized like how the fuck is possible that this bug got into the final game like. I'm thinking like hot hot spots when the difficulty gets spikes. On your stuff like. Or places in a map that are really bad like anti-smoking like your ai figure out you know how to game have a place without a ton of spawn snoop dogg voice something like Sky Room would be awesome. This would in the future generated story with lines. Yeah. I mean to me that's like the dream radiant question skyrocket but with voices. Don. South both. Yeah Dude have you played a dungeon before? I'm going to tell you a story about something off not because it's bad but off camera. About using that it is a it's pretty awesome it. Works the way it should. Then when it does, you're like, is this a real person? There's been a couple times where I've been playing at being like Oh. This is funny ha ha ha and then it does something I'm like what the fuck that was. Awesome. I like that idea I pay for that actually a dungeon I pay ten dollar premium for that. Let's see, Morgan Freeman is a narrator and man eater. It'd be sweet I'll take it. I would do Let's go with one more, and then we'll wrap this up. Right Lance Question Jill. Busy skit. Says what type of person do you not have time for and you just can't stand for example, I have a guy at work who has never made a mistake not once in his life. So trying to get him to fix his fuck ups like pulling teeth because you have to convince him, he messed up in the first place. People who are disingenuous. Just in general. Yeah. A certain. I don't know what the term would be for this You know I always say backstabber but there's One job I was working our everything was great for about four years. And this one person came and I remember telling a coworker was like we're screwed. Like. We are screwed. This person is the exact person who? Like. Dismantles everything about what we've enjoyed a like almost there. You know you'll have some bosses who enjoy competition and they make people compete. and. They enjoy stabby and they want that kind of thing. This this person was reckons they were just really dishonest and there were really Yeah and I remember just I I. Lead a group and I was like this is the end like this is legit the end it's it will never be as good as it is today like will. It hasn't been and never was and is just there's I don't know how to describe it a lot of times strangely enough that can turn out to be like your HR person. You've ever worked at a company and you'll you have that one person that like they're always in the middle of everything just like sometimes I always joke but sometimes I just wish people didn't believe they always have a say in something you know you're trying to do your job and somebody pokes in and it's like well, technically like fuck off technically you have no, you know you shouldn't be in this. It'd be like me jump out of your guys software discussions and being like. Pretending like you know everything I. wrote basic at one time on my apple two E.. So I know how to do fucking Bourbon you guys be like you know. Doesn't happen people I what about you rich? Gender would say people like introspection. What's interesting is that? I don't know the term. Who who are always just spouting awards never reflecting their own actions even makes sense got jechorek or maybe don't have to old effects. They're just know what I know is the fact. Yeah. And I think that that even goes towards always being right like those two like sometimes you have somebody who's always right because they don't see their mistakes and sometimes you have people who are always right because they like legitimately. Are, just those those. Who are also failing at learning anything yeah YEP. And probably one of the hardest things to learn to nobody wants to be told that they're wrong or that you fucked up but. I. I mean most I. think most of us are told sometimes but I have a couple friends who I don't think they've ever been told that they fucked something up ever. Like ever was like, wow, that must be a pleasurable experience to never have somebody come in and be like dude you're you know you fucked all this up like you need to learn from this need to suck it up. I think we all sort of have the same thing we hate. That right? Yeah. I mean lack of awareness the rich talks about like when someone is really inconvenient and somehow they don't realize or something it's like they don't care right some it's not that. It is like an affront it's like, I'm you know I'm being an asshole and I don't even care enough to realize or something. So yeah, that's that's pretty annoying. Another one too that I see it from one of the most often honestly pettiness. Just adding from people like. The the resentment. Boils from wide AC- have to go by the seek it to go at three PM when I have to go at four PM right right. Right. And that kind of conflict that sort of pettiness genders and Pettiness is really a major pet peeve of mine. It's also crazy man like that first job you get. At first job you get and like you've had your family all around you supporting you and you go into that first job and they don't give a fuck. Like and you have you have to know quick it's almost like college from high school where high schools like the teachers like are you? Okay Johnny you're just feeling down and then we'll get you help you go to college and they're like who the fuck is John Johnny paid money like we don't give a fuck up to the exam through you didn't get the mark, your fuck, your out man, we this shit out like clutter and. That's the same way with jobs. I had jobs by the way. I. Want To make sure I've had jobs where people are very caring. But what I mean is most of the time you're grist for the mill they they don't have time like never had a negative experience. Oh. Okay. Yeah. Cause of the first job I did was a a waiter. Job and they you grist for the mill because their business was not you right. Their business was making sure food was on time. To a person and so it's like. There was no, it wasn't. They didn't hire if you're having a bad day they were like we don't give we've already trained. We've already given the transformation of money to output you need to have output. We don't care what the fuck you know your house. So Dude, everything I've heard about the food industry it's. Stressful. Hellman now have people who've who've done like sous-chef and other jobs and. Disasters Rough. I like it rough. I sound sexual but I really. Love it. Hold me DA I do like. Difficult. Work Environments I've I like it when it's tough on the team and they have to come together I think that's very cool. This is awesome. Sexual nominate no matter what I say all these. Because Slang sexual now complex. So any word I say we'll come that but. I do like those kind of situations. But restaurants stuff man. It's Just, like we've had people in our own chat where they'll talk about tips and somebody will mention like they'll have their pinkie up and they'll be like well, I only tip bobby I'm just like. I want to punch you in the Dick you know there's Just doesn't seem like. It seems like that's a first job robots should replace. Yes Restaurant that tries that with one row. Really. How? Did it for. Their own. Like what deliveries are like fucking run? The restaurant they have one robot that delivers food to the table. Oh. There's like look. Look. Like humanoid. Moving table. I've got A. Little display on top like that's hardly. Delivered to me like that's the thing I wanNA robot to look like a robot not don't try to pretend to be human because that's haunt. Yeah. I want your shit to look like I look at you and go Europe. Always got stuck somewhere was least move. It's got like it's And it's like please move please move trying to deliver chicken tenders. Yeah. Okay. Well, maybe I was wrong. What I was GONNA. Say was replaced with robots and then give those. You know like somehow those people would then get better jobs but that's another thing that's not how it works. Right? Automation, it always gets worse. Let's not leave this on a Debbie Downer though. Let's what's something positive before we wrap this up something really pause intially, we'll all be replaced. Don, that's Worse, but you won't know because you'd be wearing. fucking vibrio helmet the sticks and. Everything's perfect like once the machines take all the jobs that are gonNA generate so much wealth that none of us will actually have to do what we call work now and it's so it's GonNa. Stay with me is going to open up. Right you're arts creative space. GonNa. Market. New Jobs, rope set up Brad's I'm tried to stay positive. Love. Hey is. Zinger. So quickly, we already know, hey, I is doing like fucking song lyrics. Like? Being. fucked dude. You know how you're also fuck though is people are so dumb that they allow for the artistic expression to be sort of patterned on anything. Did you guys see the one where the guy like dips, cads, toes and fucking paint? Has it run across the piece of paper and he sells it for like two hundred, thousand dollars. There you go. That guy made money. He could still make money in the world with what I'm saying is since we're already assuming that cat can do it. Then we assume they I could do it. There's no more value in it is what I'm saying it's it's over we might as well. Let's just end it right now. Brian kilmeade them. arrival. But suddenly I just got an idea of like all of us beasts and living and streets and the robots just driving buying being like Pat Pat Pat, look at that fat person with no money hack pack and just driving by and having all of our jobs. It's been pretty pretty negative over process. Anyway everybody WHO's here y'all rock earn sixty one people still watching the podcasts still like damn what a Shitter I absolutely appreciate. You guys showing up man it's been a blast silver have his his. Camera work next time we hope we're having a little bit of of issues there. You get a chance jump on by the patron it absolutely rocks if you don't check out I tunes spotify and you can also check out johnny hit the better with friends link here. What what are you stream this weekend I will more than likely be doing Haiti's tomorrow. Oh extreme. So Haiti's tomorrow from him. The rest of US will be in random places maybe we'll jump by love you all. Thank you very much peace out and enjoy. He's Christ enjoy the rest of your weekend dog minute. All right. bye-bye.

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Listener Mail: June 2021 Edition

Stuff Mom Never Told You

31:51 min | 4 months ago

Listener Mail: June 2021 Edition

"You thought bmw is just the ultimate driving machine. It's so much more. It's also the ultimate electric driving machine ultimate room for the whole family machine and the ultimate design machine because the ultimate can't be contained to just one thing visit bmw usa dot com slash ultimate driving machine to learn more and see the all new all electric bmw. I x and i four. Bmw the ultimate driving machine. This episode is brought to you by pinterest. Where you find and do the things you actually enjoy. Pinterest is a sharp contrast to other social media platforms. Where you blindly follow. What other people are doing on pinterest. You confine shape a do enjoy things that just might surprise you. You start in one place and end up somewhere totally new. Maybe you're looking for an idea for a safely. Exploding volcano cake and discover a treasure trove of really cool scientific experiments. Surprise yourself with what you can get into on pinterest. Hey this is anne anthem. It the phone number told your iheartradio all right any. I think we've talked about this before but just kind of follow up. Did you love or did you participate in pen pal program. I did participate in one. I won't say. I loved it but there was a sort of like intrigue like a mysterious even as a kid. I was kind of suspicious though where i was like. I'm not sure. Rahul is a real guy. I maybe i don't know why but i was very suspicious of the whole thing and that's that's what i remember. The most is that. I was being told i had to do this thing. I kind of liked it. I liked the mystery behind it. But i also thought i was being catfish older you. This is in fifth grade so catholic grade. Wow like somebody in the class messing with me. I wonder if i can find those. I'd love to read them and see what we were talking about. That's a whole other level. I feel like when you you're being catfish in the fifth grade. Yeah i had a pen pal. I think third grade and we send pictures. And i really had a lot of fun talking to arthur. She lived in indiana. I want to say. and then. For like weirdness of my youth like my first three best friends all moved and one of them ended up moving to also indiana randomly as she and were pen pals for a long time because we couldn't see each other of course we were really young and then we lost touch. I think two years later. Because i'm really bad about keeping in touch spanish but yeah so i really loved the idea of pen pals. I think i actually sent letters to soldiers at one point trying to be. You know all about that patriotic level. But yeah. I kinda miss not having that. I guess we could probably still do that today. Because weirder as we get older i mean. Yeah you're all for. I'm all for it though. I think that'd be cool. Yeah i think will be fun to those conversations. Like people was what chat rooms were right. Definitely yeah yeah it they could be. I communicated with people in different countries For a while on chat rooms because it felt like. Tell me what it's like where you are you know and msn days. I was gonna say oh. Yeah that's that's that level but there's something to be said when we get the notifications. I know more my favorite things. When i was on these chat rooms or having powell's is to see that notification so izzo is online and you know Or you got a new message. I love that still love that. Actually my friends have to go back and check it message. I feel like that's the thing and because we're talking about this. Why are we talking about this. We first and foremost is because we have some amazing pen pal. Think what do you think. Oh yes the best. The absolute best the best pen pals. And that's you guys the listeners. You all who have continued to support us and have stuck with us and we'll have joined us in our fairly new and are sitting us messages. It's so rewarding and just so exciting to know someone's actual lists name. I'm still in shock. That people are listening to what people hear me. Oh no no but we do want to say thank you to all of you. Who continue again to stick with us. and just tolerate us. Whichever is fine we'll get and also just taking the time to send messages and we love it. We love love reading your messages ended. The us is us maybe a little slow and getting back because we are constantly recording and doing things but we will definitely read your messages and it is us who are riding back whether it's through the social media stuff or through emails and we love to hear from you and your your insights are has and because they are so fantastic. We wanted to share some of the emails that you guys have been sending to us. Yes yes and we thought we would start with a message from patty patty wrote. I haven't update on the political situation. Here chalet i know. It's a long email. So i don't expect you to read the whole thing mistake But i thought you might be interested in what happened regarding gender parody last weekend we had municipal elections mayor governor in counselor and constitute Elections sorry. i don't know the word in english but it constituted a member of the one hundred and fifty five members that will be in charge of drafting. The new constitution voting methods to choose constitution as was the don't method and apologies. If i'm mispronouncing all of this. I try which consist of list of candidates. There are twenty eight districts in chile. Each has an amount of candidates that depends on the seats. Each district is granted. I live in district five which translates into six seats in the assembly. So each list was made up of six people. This is where the gender parity condition voted in parliament. Last year plays a key role. Each lewis had to be fifty percent women and fifty percent men except for districts with an odd number of seats for the difference. Couldn't be more than one like four men and three women. For example in each district there was a list that represented the right wing coalition and a list from the left coalition. Those two have been the most important coalitions in chile's history since the return of democracy in nineteen ninety. In addition there was a list made up by another left wing alliance. That was the result of the union of the communist party and friend day ontario frontier. A relatively new left-wing coalition of mostly young people dissatisfied with the central left there were also list of independence most of them with left-wing values but tired of the traditional political parties from both right and left and the insufficient work. They've done during the last thirty years. Which is what led to the protests in two thousand nineteen in the first place if a list had a lot of votes than more than one member could make it into the assembly this is also where gender parody was important if this had enough votes so that those two people could make it. They had to be one man and one woman even if one of them didn't get the second majority of votes within the list. Let's say a list of three men and three women had enough votes for two of them to make it. If the two zero two people on the list were women in the third was a man only the first one would make it because of the gender party condition. The first men third majority overall would take the other seat. Instead of the woman within the second majority of votes there are one hundred and fifty five members in the assembly including seventeen seats reserved for indigenous people from ten different indigenous groups for bills to pass two thirds of the one hundred and fifty five members have to agree so the main concern was if the right wing candidates were going to make it to one third because the right didn't want a new constitution so if they got the votes they'd be able to block new legislations. The results showed a lot of important things. The right got thirty seven seats so they didn't get the fifty one seats. They needed to reach one third. The traditional center-left only got twenty five seats the other left-wing coalition communist party and front. They amplio got twenty eight seats and the biggest upset came from the independent list which combined got forty eight seats. The biggest losers were both the right and center left so everyone's talking about the new left and the importance of independence which clearly shows that people are over traditional politicians. The assembly will be made up of seventy seven women and seventy eight men. The dinner parody condition ended up benefiting four women and seven men yes if it weren't for the gender parity condition they would actually be more women than men but if it weren't for it most parties would have had only men in their list the average age of the one hundred and fifty five members as forty four years old. Seventy eight is the oldest and twenty one. The youngest fifty nine of them are lawyers which was predictable but the exciting part is that twenty of them are teachers. So hopefully we get proper laws when it comes to education. Also six members of the assembly are part of the lgbtq plus community four-game men one lesbian. I voted for her and one sexual woman. Sadly at none of the to trans candidates made it. There were also some shocking upsets me elections for mayors and governors few young female candidates for mayor from the communist party and front day one in big cities where the incumbent mayor are right wing men. I'm not going to go into details about that because this is already an extremely long and probably email no. The assembly starts working on the new constitution in july. The whole process is supposed to take one year. In november we have presidential elections the results of this municipal and constitutent days elections. Show that anything can happen. Hopefully the amount of different. Left-wing coalition's doesn't divide the votes too much and the right ends of staying office. I guess we'll have to wait and see thank you. Thank you so much for that We it's so great to hear when we talk about something in a different country where we're getting kind of the research that we could find so great here from someone from that country and this is fantastic information so we really appreciate you taking the time definitely not boring. We love long emails story. We'll all kinds of emails but never apologize sending a long email. We love all the emails. We love it. Yes and the. You taught us a lot about the government of chile and that's amazing and it's really hopefully yes. We love seeing things change especially when it looks so dark here. This episode is brought to you by avocado green mattress. Sleep is one of the most important factors to our well-being but for a lot of us a good sleep can be elusive. I know for me if i do not have ours. I cannot function. And i do understand the difference between good sleep and restlessly and i know a good mattress changes all of that absolutely. 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Business motivation and more like original entertainment from top celebrity creators and thousands of popular bench benchmark. Podcast you can even find smitty. Book club picks like madeline miller jersey eloquent rate by britney cooper their newest plan auto plus because you full access to their popular plus catalogue. Now you can listen. All you want to thousands and thousands of popular audiobooks original entertainment and podcasts including ad free versions of your favorite shows and exclusive series. They'll also find guided fitness meditation and sleep tracks for better risks all available to download and stream. So you can listen anywhere on any device you can always find the perfect title for whatever you're doing wherever you're going or whatever you're feeling whether it's comedy romance suspense. True crime science fiction or fitness and wellness. And you could even squeeze in a workout or guided meditation without having to go to a gym or glass visit audible dot com slash mom steph or mom stuff to five hundred five hundred going on to some more emails about the term. Her and i was really excited. So steph wrote it. Is the most canadian religion. Salt one can make invented or made famous by rick moranis. Yes and dave thomas. As bob and doug mckenzie to lovable syria typical canadian bozos Anyway continues to be a friendly tease. We use to make fun of our fellow cuts which i had a hard time saying previously. Just so you know. The maple syrup in the jose cocktail suggests this canadian. I liked that. And i love rick miranda's so that makes sense okay. I love that and then we have a couple of anonymous ones. Here's one from colorado listener. Hello y'all thank y'all for the hard work you do which has really helped me stay grounded and never feel lonely as they can always count on the team to get these episodes out each week. Oh thank you. i'm going to colorado during these special times. And i can agree how strange it is to buy cannabis in a store for the first time or every time the shops had been to have an online order system. So you can pick out what you want beforehand but are still cash. Only i drive by one. That has an led sign. That's which is between mask required and now taking cards. So i'm not sure. If that is a locality controlled issue like delivery are having shops within city limits. One strange thing. I enjoy the variety of vives that each shot can have one near me is covered a mural and has a chill stone revive and i even got to chat about video games and dogs with the white male bud tender after i asked my questions about bath bombs in patches because menzies which he couldn't answer but lamented how the only woman who worked there moved on another shot. That only sells what they are. They're partners make it was more closed off a nondescript no displays but to windows you can chat. They had more women working there. I saw a fifty fifty split between the forest staff that day and while they were adamant about their dedicated. Our vulnerable people. They were very friendly. Wanted to make sure. I was going to not mess myself up and had answers to all my questions one. That haven't got him. But i've seen pictures of looks like a high in skin-care or jewelry boutique with all white decor glasses plays on the walls and counters. I'm a little scared to go in. Because of that. But who knows what. The future holds another joys variety of people you'll see from young professionals in their suits picking something up on the way home too old hippie types with the long hair and colorful clothes maybe a fringe bag to the tight laced. Dad looking guy with short buzz cut and flannels. I am still very awkward. When i go. And especially if i forget to get cash for and but most people working at these places are nice patient and want to make sure you have a good time. Thank you again and do not let anyone give you about getting do stoned. Abbas to everyone at some point. You never know your dose until you have some thank you story this letter better so we really have i. Yeah okay come to colorado and check out all those places yes that sounds really cool and we appreciate all of the information. It's strange that we're in the same country but to me. That seems like such a distant foreign idea. You know right right but yeah yeah. I love it i would love to visit colorado and check these places out yes. We've got some emails about apprentice location episode and so we want to share. Because i think they've point on some things that we did not highlight as well and ord. Which is kim dover. So from one listener. I wanted to start with the fact that i love your podcast long and i enjoy the parental cases of girls and women one. But you guys miss address or may me. You didn't have time to who knows. The immigrant story may cases a lot like a many other women and girls. I know my parents are immigrants. They brought me to the states. When i was eight years old neither speak english and after a long you have coming home from crying from school. I learned english. That's when my vacation started out of necessities. Some may say my parents were trying to make a better life for myself and the siblings. That came along. did i forget to mention. I'm the oldest of six. Wow i quickly became my parents. Interpreters everywhere we went bills schools governments doctors everyday lives. I was there to know everything interpret for them. I was making calls for them to pay bills and even shopping at a twelve. I became sick. Diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis mixed connective tissues and renards phenomenon. Because by then already had baby siblings. My mom couldn't go and she didn't dry and my dad took me to my appointments. Which felt like i was alone and i forgot to mention. He's my stepdad. And he's functioning in smoker. He was abandoned by his mom and stop toward a school in fifth grade. So he's pretty in a lot of things and i was pretty much on my own. He would take me to the hospital and he would just say whenever the doctor says to do he never ask. Questions didn't have conversations regarding anything it was as if it was just doctor and me and he was a provider not her father. Eventually when i learned to drive. I started taking myself to my -pointment. A mom was too busy with my other siblings. And i was dealing with medical conditions and deciding things i shouldn't have to at that age. I was driving without a license shopping for groceries paying bills and even picking up my siblings from school and there's never stops with my siblings. Has school meetings and doctors appointments. If there weren't translators. I had to go and at the time didn't know better. It was my normal. I just had to help allard to sign their signature. Became the one who signs fills all the pay works for my siblings at school to my stuff in high school i started skipping. School inciting my absences. They never knew. I got out of everything that was hard for me like math. And i didn't learn much and now my fifteen year old daughter knows math more than i says. She was in the fourth grade. I didn't go to college. I started working in the sixteen help household because my dad had a stroke. I didn't know or care to find out about free college because parents were ignorant in the subject and had more things to worry about and no they didn't do it on purpose but it has affected me. I love my siblings sincerely. They're like my kids and they consider me a mom. But i feel like i didn't have my childhood as i grew up. I try to encourage my siblings to do good in school and go to college. What my parents weren't able to give to me. I wanted that for them. I'm thirty seven now. And i'm proud to say my siblings are doing great one is in nursing school. The other one works for senator in california and my parents have grown a lot but the dependency hasn't gone away. I got married moved out. And i'm still doing things for them. My other sibling took my role of sorts. When i left a lot of things you mentioned in the episodes i have. I needed to be in charge Things have to be in order just bendel of depression for a long time. I never wanted cares. And i got pregnant on the pill and even though i love her profoundly. I changed the story with her. She's had a childhood. Does not worry about bills money. Drunken das- visor interpreter. Don't ever want any more kids. My siblings feel like my kids. I used to put my sister to sleep at age ten. She was my actual live doll. Kids are hard emotionally. I'm always having a battle within myself. If every decision i make is going to up her life. I loved her so much that sometimes i feel like maybe i should have been apparent. I have inner battle and so much self doubt and judgment towards myself my husband and sometimes even her. When i catch myself thinking things like at your age i knew everything to run a household forgetting that i chose to have her be a child and not want her to go through what i did in questioning. Am i doing enough. Am i doing too much. Being a mom is hard and it sucks especially with all the internal baggage. I have so yeah. This is a little bit of my family's immigrant story. Rob became parental fide absolately correct. We didn't mention at all of that status and One of the things that i had said previously. Because i got this email to go. She's right on. Is that of course within the system. There's not a lot of research as we talked about indication and it's very minute in very focused and it shouldn't be because we need more research and immigration is definitely one of those things especially when we talk about people with English is not their first language and how often times i saw it so many times in the social work field that we had to have them bring an older child along to translate for us because the younger child may who may have gotten in trouble with us wasn't able to do that or because of the lack of funding that people are refusing to pay to have interpreters in the state. It's difficult and you talk about small areas to if you go to a small town how bad that is an. You're right in. The school system is even worse. They'd let them kind of just go under the radar and then lame. The whatever may happen on the fact that they're bad kids instead of actually seeing the problem and yeah a is such a big issue. Thank you so much for sitting that to us because we do need to talk about that more often than loudly. Yes yes thank you. This episode is brought to you by gold peak. Real t. gold peak. Real bruti is as refreshing as a guest brutish show off the natural goodness Not plain and simple. Gopi grill brute t a variety of flavors like sweet unsweetened georgia peach flavors like zero. Sugar also helped make the healthier choice a delicious one. There are so many options no matter what you're looking for all of them refreshing and delicious. Go peek real brewed tea. About what's good unapologetically wholesome and is a badge of the good stuff on time fans will notice that gold peak has had a visual makeover. Outside of every bottle has a brand new look but inside. it's the same real brew t you know and love look for gopi gruber t in its newly redesigned bottle. Were every groceries. Don't just keep it real. Keep it real brute gold peak. Real t stay gold. This episode is brought to you by ole body. I can't tell you how many times a good shower have offset a bad day for me. Sometimes just being able to sit under the warm water and being able to use amazing products to make me feel like a whole new person. It just brings out the best of me. And that's why a good product and good shower. Time is amazing for me. Totally agree ole bodies soothing body wash with vitamin b. Three complex oat extract moisturizes dry skin with its rich and creamy lather. That infuses skin with ingredients designed to relieve and improve sensitive skin in the shower. It's specially crafted without extract and vitamin b. Three complex and without parabens dies or a soap a nursing and soothing body wash that is gentle enough for everyday use. You need to give these body washes a try. You can find only body care products in store or online only body fearless. My skin another listener wrote in about this vacation. Not very often. If ever have i heard this conversation i have therapy tonight and will impact some of this with my therapist. I greatly appreciate you pointing out that. Poverty plays a huge role in this. I am the closest child in age to several disabled siblings at in divorce poverty. And you have this show. That was my childhood. I had parent like responsibility from the age of twelve on in caring for my disabled younger sister. My mom could work. She ended twenty. Four seven supervision was not potty trained and non verbal she would eat things that weren't food and escape the house if you didn't keep an eye on her she wore diapers until she was eighteen. Some of the compounding traumatizing events for me were I spent a long weekend alone caring for her. When my mother took a trip when i was twelve and she was ten we lived in an extremely impoverished gang neighborhood. And i had no adult support. They were long chunks of time. I had to come home right after school every single day to get her off the bus and take care of her. I think before my parents divorce. I had taken a back seat to my disabled siblings needs and i totally get why. None of this was malicious. But i still suffered nonetheless. Mostly what i took from this was. I don't have a right. To have gains and shame and one helen attachment injury i just was not wired to caregiving or was particularly good at caregiving at that age. Anyway i just wanted to bring to this discussion. The disability piece a little more highlight thinks ladies. I admire you both of oh thank you thank yes and thank you so much very redo and we appreciate so much. Everyone taking the time out to share their experiences with us and add to this conversation because yes there is so much missing. And yeah until samantha told me about it. I didn't know what information was. Either so i think this d did resonate with a lot of people right. Yeah and here's another one. Hello i just finished listening to your episode of parental vacation and deeply connected with and wanted to share my experience. My mother wasn't active addiction until about five years ago. Meaning that for the first eighteen years of my life. I was a primary caretaker for my younger sister. There are homelessness physical abuse from my mother's partners and regular kiss stuff. I took care of my sister and myself. There'll be has helped me tremendously with the consequential self destructive behaviors and even past that it helped me recognize my age regression. I am a little quote not in a sexual sense. That's dd slash lg. And the two are often mistakenly lumped together. But in every other sense. When i have time to myself i'm holding stuffed animals watching cartoons and wearing fuzzy close. I don't think a pacifier or where diaper there's anything wrong with it but it still part of myself that i'm embarrassed about it brings me comfort. That didn't have as a child and she suggests that if you could talk about age regression which we will in an episode. I would be extraordinarily thankful I love the show. I've been listening for years. You guys are the most fun host yet you that made me feel good but yeah you're not alone. This is not uncommon at all. As in fact they're kind of like that. Too hard sets that happens as adults. Where either if you don't have that childhood you go where you can't understand childish thing so as they lack of imagination maybe or just being all about the reality of you have to be right now. You have to carry yourself. This is what banners or you do regress in trying to embrace that which is not a bad thing. It's actually very therapeutic. Alleged like becomes a point that it inhibits you from living daily lives so of course that could be problematic but typically this is so as not abnormal had many of friends who have had heart childhood like this or have had to be adults to regress and find joy that and i think one of the big stigmas as adults we kind of call that out too much and make jokes of that and we shouldn't because you should be able to enjoy these days and having a stuffed animal is not a bad thing. Having a vivid imagination is not a bad thing enjoying child things like cartoons not a bad thing but yeah it does feel it does feel like you're failing sometimes because you're like is this normal which there's no such thing but yeah you're not the only one in thank you so much for sharing and being vulnerable with us with that because that is a lot of. There's a lot to have to dig through. Yes and i. Certainly samantha knows i always show up with a stuffed animal so i can relate. I get panicked. If i don't know my dog wants to take and i refuse or have ruby very active imagination to so we wanted to wrap this one up with a message from twitter from at dr jesuits. I hope i'm not butchering that completely. That's her handle. Yeah a twitter happy pride month and what better way to start them being super vulnerable here and seeing. Y'all something i'm coming out. I want the world to know a sexual time for me to be proud and not hide. Eddie more sorry. I guess it was meant to be saying but i have a terrible voice so i loved it. It's been a difficult and freeing realization for me. One that came two years ago after many years of believing that there was something wrong with me. I was depressed feeling like terrible wife and person then. I listened to the app of podcast episode that. Abc's of being ace. I cried as i was driving home that day as what they were talking about was me. I wasn't strange. I didn't have anything wrong with me. I found a part of myself. It was and still is a journey discovering and defining me but this helped place a very important puzzle piece down and lock it in now. I'm adding hetero romantic. A sexual to mom genetics. Phd anime fan video gamer wife and more yet to be discovered to definition. I shared us in case someone else may feel the same and no. You're not alone it sex when you can't understand yourself but it can feel so liberating when you finally find that meaningful fragment keep searching and you'll get their piece by important piece. That's so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing that. Yes yeah yeah. And i totally totally agree. Like i love thinking of are continuing work in progress continuing self-discovery and importance of finding those pieces and feeling like there's nothing wrong with you. Yes it's very beautiful very very beautiful. Thank you so much and thanks to all the listeners. Who wrote to us to all of you for listening. Please keep contacting us sending us seeing your stories your experiences. We love it. We love it all. We love hearing from you. You can email us at stephania moms. I hurt me dot com. You can find us on twitter. Mumps podcast or an instagram at on ever told you things it's always super producer christina. Thank you and thanks to you for listening. Step in every direction of iheartradio for more podcastone iheartradio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. A review into your favorite shows. This episode is brought to you by pinterest. Where you find and do the things you actually enjoy pinchas sharp contrast to other social media platforms where you blindly. Follow what other people are doing on pinterest. you can find sheep. Do enjoy things that just might surprise you. You start in one place and end up somewhere totally new. Maybe you're looking for an idea for a safely. Exploding volcano cake in discover a treasure trove of really cool scientific experiments. Surprise yourself with what you can get into on. This episode is brought to you by general motors. The future of driving is and is coming fast. That's why general motors. And e vigo are adding more than two thousand seven hundred new fast chargers across the countries through twenty twenty five for the benefit of electric vehicle drivers on the road and best of all. The stations will be one hundred percent powered by renewable electricity. It's all part of their commitment to make convenient fast charging accessible for everyone learn more about how gm's developing all electric feature at jian dot com everybody in.

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The Reckless Nerd EP 21: Rob Mulligan

The Reckless Nerd

53:25 min | 1 year ago

The Reckless Nerd EP 21: Rob Mulligan

"Off in a septic. Hey, everyone Frank Martinez here. Unfortunately this week we actually had a little incident with our recording or off. Cut off. So I'm going to just explain what we're going to get into and some of the things we got going on. So this week is actually a little different from our normal show. Normally. It's just myself and my co-host Stephanie Michelle kind of talking about nerves things. We are under new subjects and we usually have a main topic this week. We actually have our first guest good friend of our is Rob Mulligan. He is a amazing dude does all kinds of things off a musician. He's an actor. He's a producer he ho cyberpunk games has a YouTube channel. This guy is all over the place doing great things and he's going to join us this week and we end up talking about a lot of the projects that he's working on Thursday. As always we actually had him join us on the news now. We're first in her new subject is actually going to be Disneyland is trying to reopen petition to reopen some of its parks and you're going to hear us. Just give our opinions on what we think about that. So thank you guys for checking out the episode Punk very heavily into cyberpunk. Absolutely, which we're going to definitely talk about cyberpunk in a bit. But before we get there, we're going to we always go through some nerd news some different things. So the first thing that we're gonna be talking about today is Disneyland calls on Newsom to allow California theme parks to reopen they're going back in citing the fact that Orlando Walt Disney World has been open since July and successfully. So so they're saying with that model that we'd be able to do so here so, I mean that could be really interesting. Right? Like I know a lot of people want to get back to going to the parks and it being very normal for them, but it's kind of weird cuz we're in a time where things aren't normal. So I don't know. I mean, they're successful they say so but it could lead to a lot more, you know a lot more muscle were asking. Yeah. I'm also super confused over all of that anyways, because I keep getting different phone. News reports and stuff and I and I. Like the CDC came out with recently that their numbers were wrong because there was a bunch of input of people dying from other things that also had that and then they were just a note of that even though it was cuz of something else and they just have to I don't know it was such a mix-up that I thought the percentage went all the way down on the death rate and they were like, it's really not that serious. But some are pushing it some aren't and I just don't know what to do anymore. So I'm just like, I don't know definitely it's so there's so many different reports and it's so hard to keep track of which one would be the the best one cuz it's it seems like it's changing daily thought it was extremely dramatic or not. So definitely I am curious just because like I said Florida's have been open for a while and so far it seems successful. So so that one's going on but while Disneyland is doing that Orlando Universal Orlando is going to be running to Home. Despite the fact that Halloween Horror Nights are their horror nights as canceled if all the way down the side I can see that yeah, that's interesting. I guess they're trying something was scarier than catching. Well, and I'm like, I I'm definitely interested in this because I love haunted houses so much. I know Oh Sees doing like a drive-through haunted house and I'm curious. I would kind of want to go. Yeah, I mean, it's it's that weird battle right of like do you want to go and and and brisket? I mean, I don't know there's so many factors that go into it. I don't know if I want to go to something as big. I know I did go recently to the Knott's Berry Farm. What is that thing called the boysenberry festival always in very Festival, but it was it was very she control they but they only sold the very specific amount of tickets. Everyone was really spread out like even in the lines they kind of didn't really have a lot of people together. Obviously you had to wear your mask off and the only time you couldn't wearing masks if you were eating something and like sitting down so yeah with with the horror stuff it's like when you go through those haunted mazes and houses and stuff I think part of Jersey Not being so scary as when you're in such a pack line and you see the people coming you see people scaring them and then you get a really, you know, it's coming so it might actually be kind of cool if they force people to spread out and like, you know, you have to go one at a time or something. Like I don't know my work might be scarier. I think so there was a haunted house that I went to once and they only let you go. Like there was only so many people that could be in the haunted house that I'm a very immersive haunted house. Like there was like very specific actors not like how the normal just like they pop out but I loved the not being with anybody else other than the person that I was walking dead. Yeah. I'm okay with that that could definitely be a cool change to it. My only concern is late again, like the people that are scaring you generally have to get pretty close to you suck and I you know, I know like you have to wear face masks, which I'm sure they can work into like the costume but I don't know it would be interesting to see how they're going to go ahead and do it. All right home. So after that cuz I mean think we're good Microsoft buys Bethesda for a 7.5 billion dollar deal. And that's I mean, they're the maker of fall out of Elder Scrolls. So it's kind of a big guy. I'm curious to see what's what's all going to go down with this deal. Yeah, it's going to be interesting. I mean Elder Scrolls is such a huge franchise. You know, like I'm I'm I what is it gonna be like two or three years? So we see the next one. And you know, I thought Microsoft has done a bad job with buying game companies and I mean look at Halo, you know, so they have a pretty good track record definitely excited to see what they're going to do with it would definitely this is the biggest buyout that Microsoft has done their last one was for Minecraft for two point five billion. And that was in 2014. So definitely not a big jump up in price that they were that they're willing to Fork out there. Yeah. I think the the what's the biggest fear is you know them kind of toning down. The content of it. I think that's the biggest worry coming, you know buzzing around or whatever. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. That's the only problem I could see cuz it's not like like you said look what they do with Halo but like yeah, I mean, they're a marketing, of course, you know, like no doubt about that. They can make something huge. That's not the issue. I think the issue is, you know, are they going to kind of tone things down and Nerf it up a little you know what I mean and kind of a little too PC, you know, I would definitely look for a game like Elder Scrolls. I mean Skyrim was so I still play it today, you know for how long it's been out since last one and it is a pretty brutal game for the type of game though a little tape like it could go a little further but you're right. I think if we did have it they might kind of know make it a little bit nicer and not so aggressive which is not going to want to see from the game. Absolutely. All right. I'm trying to get through all the news so we can talk about all of our other stuff. But this next one is like one of my favorite things will kind of wage Adult Swim passed on a show with Rick Moranis as the gatekeeper of hell. Yeah that I I think a lot of people do. I think it's so crazy. Cuz like the reason they said that they're going to pass on it is cuz they're worried that too many people in our younger Generations would not know who he is and I'm like, I don't understand that thinking right like it's so disheartening cuz I think about pop culture especially like older stuff has been so prevalent in today's culture right like who who doesn't know who Rick Moranis. Maybe they did some type of focus group and and some research and study and maybe maybe it blows our mind, but in all reality, you know, like yeah where the old salty dogs like all upset about it, but like the young lady who you know, but I can't I'm with you. I'm like Spaceballs Ghostbusters Honey. I Shrunk the Kids. I mean, let's go on but and and he's just he's just that that nerd icon geek classic guy. Like, you know, he's he is now like the god Father of that. So like I can't picture it either but well even Brian Reynolds just have brought him back for that commercial. Yeah. Yeah just like about was crazy which by the way, but I don't know and then the artwork that I did see from it looked epic it looked at Rick and Morty s good but yeah, it was I was sad to hear that that was a possibility life. I mean the next thing I would want to see if that does get made is like a Macaulay Culkin cartoon of like a continuation of the pagemaster, you know, just like yeah, how cool would that be something you made so much of my heart Happy and it's not even a thing that's going to happen. My heart. Happy at the idea. I know I have good ideas. Thank you. I'm introducing my kids to in the morning. Like why I haven't I think pagemasters one of those weird things that people like kind of forget about but then when you remember like fuck that movie was really good. So God. Yeah. Oh, okay, Rick Moranis. Oh, yeah. No. I know. I'm at the gate to get a Rick Moranis Tatsu just off because of this conversation. That's how like I'm realizing how much I love him right now. And you know what? I might have to do it. I might have to pull the trigger and get get him as the the the gatekeeper. It is really cool looking. I mean him not so much. He looks kind of weird Okay anyway, It was getting I got zoned into the art. It was really cool looking next thing that we're talking about is that super girl is going to not be coming back after 6. Yeah, it's it's crazy. Like I don't know how many of you guys out there have followed the arrowverse but to see it grow so big and now it's slowly seems like some of the shows are starting wage and I'll be honest. I was never a huge fan of the Supergirl show. It was okay. It was interesting like during the cross overs. I was like, oh cool to see her there, but I never really got into just that one show but it doesn't make me sad that they are going to end it but I guess all things have to come to an end. Yeah. I didn't I never got into Supergirl. I did get into some other shows in the arrowverse like Arrow, but God. Yes. I have an opinion on this one. I'm sorry and are you get mad at me? I wasn't really into it either. I didn't I'm not familiar. So yeah, it just I don't know it was it seemed kind of bland in comparison to some home. But at least it happened and I'm happy to see that it's actually getting an ending and not just like by like they did, they did Constantine dirty. They just ended his show and also a club to do that. I hate when they do that next on the docket is Black Panther too, which has been something we talked about a lot of professional will have four villains. And I am excited. Yeah, that's like a lot like by any movie standard but I think it's cool to see Marvel experimenting with something different along what they've done in the past and I think black panthers such a good movie and franchise to do it, you know, so and it will be interesting cuz maybe the young ones aren't necessarily like his villains and maybe we'll expand out into other movies. I was just going to say that I think yeah, it's it looks like it's leading to Branch off into bigger things. Like they're kind of making that I know it seems like this is the start of it to become something bigger and maybe like you said some side movies and tangents and things cuz I mean come on for a villains. That's it's a lot. Yeah, I took over is that one of the Villians might be Kraven the Hunter which if it is I will lose my like take my money now cuz one of my favorite Spider-Man villains of all time and if he's in it comes home. the big screen in any capacity on it I'm going to I want to ask them, you know my left the Black Panther that's true. Supposedly, they might do a killmonger spin-off. I can't getting way too excited and I'm realizing that next time it happens things happen. It's where we're at. But I think they're too I like until they announced the villains. I think I'm going to be like just like holding my breath and waiting or they pick. But I mean Marvel has a lot of things in the works. They've done to plan on talking about Falcon and Winter Soldier. But what I am super stoked about is one division, did you see the trailer for it off? You know, I'll be honest. I've been a little busy and I haven't seen the trailer but I've only heard amazing things such a good trailer like in such a short amount of time like they the shows so many things like page-flipping through decades. It looks so interesting and fun and unique and kind of not in the necessary path that Marvel seems to go so I I'm going to have to dated I'm going to have to look it up and see it watch the trailer. It does not look like any other Marvel trailer even going into the Marvel shows which we talked about. We I mean, it means like a different opinions on but this trailer just it looks so cool. I was really impressed. I'll go check it out. I'll be right back home. Yes, so you can check it in like 45 minutes. It's still be able to still be good. But one of the things that was so cool is that this actually like went crazy within a month for hours it got massive traffic posted and he's so right now when this came out it was at $53 million views on life in 24 hours. Wow. Yeah, so that's pretty big definitely a big big jump up, but it's it's just so unique in comparison to the normal. Like I said Marvel trailers, so definitely one worth the watch. Frank is that one that you're excited for? One Division yeah, you know what I've never been a huge fan of the vision like he's okay. I'm not like I don't dislike him but I don't know if your face stuck like that or did the zoom fries or are you upset disappointed with you in person? And what what? Okay, please tell me I am good things about the vision. Okay. Now I don't have any cuz I can't answer. I thought that's exactly why I don't like it's just like you're okay. He's a robot and whatever and he has some weird relationship with Wanda now for whatever reason I don't really get that. They've twins it's a thing. Yeah. I'm still I'm still upset. They haven't like made cuz in the comics there's a tradition where Wanda and Nightcrawler have a a child and she's kind of awesome and her child's been on the screen, but they as a couple hasn't been on a screen and so I'm upset that they haven't done that yet. So that's why I can't I refuse to age. Wanda Vision, but I'll still watch it cuz why not you refused to accept it, but you'll okay. Yeah, I mean, I'll never acknowledge their relationship. But yeah, you know I'll wait Nightcrawler. I didn't know about like what yeah, there's a comic book series where in alternate universe Nightcrawler and Wanda have a child killed and she becomes part of like a team but like Time Travelers. It's interesting. Yeah, my daughter was there was another character from that team that was on an extra movie. But whatever. He said neither here nor there. Guess what we're talking about. Now. I don't know is it not one division one thing for done with one Division and Rhonda cyberpunk? Oh cool. That makes sense. Yeah, I'm going to get excited now. He's like yes jobs, like now you're involved. What can you explain cyberpunk for somebody who does not know it well a cyberpunk is a whole genre, you know, it's you know, like the films like dating back to like Bladerunner Ghost in the Shell Total Recall. I mean the list goes on but but aside from that sort of high-tech low-life within that genre came this this game this role playing game cyberpunk, and that's what I'm really into. That's what a lot of people are into that's where cyberpunk 2020 involved into what is now going to be red and that's where the 2077 video game is coming from. All that lower is attached. So from the tabletop game of through the video game, but it's based. Sickly, you know as far as the game the the tabletop role-playing game you're playing out and role playing characters within this this world is cyberpunk genre world. It's like, you know Dungeons and Dragons, but the dark dystopian future with like cybernetics and guns and stuff. There's no potions and magic and stuff like that. Okay. So is this the first role playing game that you've played or did you play Dungeons and Dragons and go through all of those? Yeah. No, I I started with Dungeons and Dragons when I was a kid, I still play that now, you know, I still love that but that's my fantasy sign a role playing and then the more realistic dark feature side is cyberpunk. That's my favorite, but I I got into you know D&D way back and you know late eighties early nineties when I was a kid and then when I came out got into that and you know been into that and now in recent times more so than ever Awesome. Absolutely. Great and our DM actually for mine and Frank's game of Dungeons and Dragons just signed in and refers to himself as the mighty d m e e d m i a d. Love you Rodney. But okay. So do you do you have this website the cyberpunk uncensored which it is? Yes, there's a lot of information there. And so I'm just kind of going through it. There's a Blog there's a whole YouTube channel on tutorials. What else was there? There's like so many years. There's a live stream. Where did all of this come from? I mean, it's it's basically everything that I'm doing kind of put into cyberpunk uncensored which has become the kind of umbrella brand, you know, it's like the brand that I put everything under so whether I'm live gameplay streaming, which I'm doing weekly on Tuesdays or I'm posting a game master tips. I'm also starting up a GM Roundtable. I'm doing the cyberpunk uncensored podcast and the live interviews and streams. So anything I do involving all that stuff is Palm Harbor Punk uncensored. So that's where the the.com comes in. It's a place for me to host, you know, all that stuff and then you know, it's becoming a community to we've got the Discord in the the group online and that's where the blog comes from like talented creative writers and people that are into like high tech news and then they'll go post, you know in the groups and on the site and stuff. So it's it's spreading into something more than just me off. I have another game Masters Run games like while I'm doing red. I have an advanced copy of read from art historian game. So I'm kind of running that gameplay. I have other gamemaster's coming in that are going to run 12:20 and then the red jumpstart kit. So we're soon going to be you know, streaming quite a bit and putting out even more content. It's awesome. Yeah. I'm excited, right? Yeah, that's sorry. It's like blowing my mind a little bit. That's like kind of put all that together and create like a a really awesome Community for people to play these games online with me and Stephanie. Like we said, we do have a DM group where we play online and like the ease of access is so crazy cuz literally all I have to do is walk into my room turn on my computer and I can play a key role playing game and it feels it's not the exact same as being in the room with people but it's it's a pretty similar feeling and for you to be able to provide that for however many people you do, you know multiple games. That's that's huge. Oh, yeah, Rodney's asking for the link. I will definitely include the link for a matter of Rodney. He's making us fight Three Dragons. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. He's a he's a fellow game master or dungeon master. Maybe I could have won one of the episodes of the game master tips or talked to him some master stuff. So definitely tell him hit him. Yeah, he was up to I'm ready at least he's now the stuff out and I'll make it I'll connect you guys to join and as far as what you said Frank about digital side of things. I agree a hundred percent off when the I've said numerous times that the one good thing that came out of this quarantine for me. Anyways has been you know, I was playing locally with friends at my house. And then when the quarantine and we stop getting together, I looked online. I found roll20. I found all this content online these groups this kind of community around I was like, oh man, I'm diving in over here like online. It's even more acceptable like you can find players all over the world and just Network. It's really cool. That was one of my biggest issues of why I never got to play. It was just all my friends that played played early on a Tuesday where I always had a job where I couldn't do that. So I've done this like roll20 and all these things have actually made it so that I can play and I can do it. I can sit around my regular life exactly. I love it. Yeah, I know definitely made it easier and and fun. I mean people that like you said because of the quarantine gives more wish I say is like not chance like opportunity opportunity to like get into the game. I know me. I haven't played since I was a kid Stephanie never really got a chance to play in like our whole group is people who are new to the game and roll 20 does is fantastic job of facilitating that oh, yeah. Yeah, and if you really get into it, you know, you start putting your your dungeon master a game master starts using maps on it. You can have digital Maps right there and use tokens just like oh that's what we're doing right now one of my sponsors and good friends and they'd run Sirens scape and that's something to look into to like they have a lot of sounds and that just adds a whole other element cuz like, you know, when we were getting together in person, I've heard people adding music exactly the sound effects and music so freaking crazy music and like sound effect. Yes. So we can you enter a dungeon you here like dripping noises and things, you know what I mean? Like, I don't know. It's just really cool. It really adds to the stereotypical. Yeah. I think that and like the thing is to like cuz like, you know part of getting together and playing these games is you know, you get snacks and it's kind of create this fun load environment. I love I do the same thing here. I you know get myself a snack. I have like some music going I'm making trouble in the game, you know, like and it's it's still has that I'm in a room with my friends feel to age which I did not think we were going to get and it's still a lot of fun and you can play with like your camera to like we don't do that I think is it takes so much bandwidth, but you can have your your webcam on and you can you know, there's just so many so many things you can do with it. Yeah, I'll usually like, you know run a blue light or red light when we enter combat and just kind of at least get a little but like one of my friends who plays a Netrunner in our ongoing a game he has like a whole like night city background where it's all this futuristic night City cyberpunk, and then when he enters the net, you know and enters the system it changes to all this digital code that's moving in, Georgia. So, I don't know. It's just really fun. You know, it's awesome. Yeah, we all need to get like the echo close and just coordinate them. So they see light our rooms differently. That would be pretty cool place. It definitely has survived, you know, like you enter combat and everything kind of gets red. And I don't know it just adds arrive or like to take my kids night light is what I just learned. How long have you did you ever go to like game centers and like play like before like quarantine? Oh, yeah. No, not really. I mean I've gone to Collins and I've seen it and like, you know heavily obviously in the comic books and magazines and things off collecting and all that good stuff, but I never really liked played publicly. Just pretty much at my house or friends houses, you know, just a few friends getting together. I almost wonder cuz like things like Tik Tok obviously I do a really good job of like blowing up different things that are popular within the culture and I noticed like there's certain places that have been getting more into like I didn't customer service is changing in all formats of like dead and retails is becoming or Services is becoming more prevalent within retail. So like places that to go and play games might become a bigger thing. I know quarantine kind of showed a lot of that down, but do you think dead That's something people will be really into it's like somebody opened like a game place. You just go and experience like full-on games. Yeah. Yeah, most definitely before the quarantine when I was doing the D&D get together. We were monthly a group of friends. That was one suggestion from a few of our friends in the group. There's a place over in Hollywood or somewhere. I forget the name that does something like that, but I can totally see the worse than that because you know, they have more room they might have things like Miniatures you could use while you're there they could have a table that's hollowed out with the TV that uses digital Maps. I don't know if you've seen those. Yeah it really cool so they could really like I have a lot of cool stuff that maybe you wouldn't have it your house or your friend's house, you know? Yeah. Yeah definitely definitely sign up for like a monthly service if I had to pay like $50 a month to go and play like monthly games going to Lam cafes. Like I don't know I grew up going and playing video games and go play it a PC that was better than mine. I could definitely see going and using a table like there's there's dead. Board game cafes all over Los Angeles like so that's definitely a possibility. I'm getting funny text messages right now. And and like how cool would it be you go into one of those places. It's like oh, what do you plan o d and d and you go on in these rooms and it's all set up like Dungeons and sounds and you know, you're playing like you're playing a Sci-Fi Like a Star Wars or a cyberpunk yet go over here and it's all like sci-fi and like a futuristic for some reason in my head. It turned into an escape room. That was also somehow based on your gameplay. And you had that could wait. I definitely think there's there's this place. I think it's called digital circus or something like that that opened in La not too long ago and it's it's an arcade, but they have like different sections of the arcade. They're very different. Like they have one of the they have like a couple of virtual reality rooms where you can go on missions with different group of friends. They're like regular arcade games and think of anything like that. So I think if they did something like that where was like you go and they have like food and snacks and stuff and maybe like a bar as well as like, oh these rooms are for birth. Board games these rooms. Are we doing? Somebody could definitely capitalize. I'm sure it would take a lot to do it. Again. Tik Tok is kind of showed me a lot of really I know there's this place. I think it's a Michigan and they actually have plans to rebuild out like pod Hotel style like within the the facility and they already have like a board game sections and video games sections So eventually people can just stay there and not like continue their Journey. However, that that's going to work. I'm not really sure but cool. Yeah interesting. I've been treated how people are finding ways to still connect. We can't place so than ever it shows the need for connection. I love considering that social media has blown up in the way that it I think it was already big obviously, but I mean, it's still continues even though pretty much all our physical contact was taken away for the most part. Yes. No, definitely seems like everything is just gone digital more like, you know, it's not too much has changed except for that in-person contact for the most part, you know, yeah, just all transition transitioned onto social networking sites and like, you know, for sure for sure, I mean things like what is people are doing like Netflix watch parties now and still catching to gather in one way or another Frank said something a while ago and it's stuck in my head. You said you still get snacks. What's your go-to snack and Rob I want to know yours when you're playing I go to snack right now is a salad because I got so fat that it's slowly starting to kill me, but normally it would be like like a sandwich like a really good like like faith. Yeah, yeah for me like yeah, my favorite snacks like I love fudge rounds and you know those Strawberry Shortcake ho hoes or Debbie cakes. Like I love all that stuff at night like on my own if I'm going to snack but during gameplay probably those uh, soft baked chocolate chip cookies and you get from the bakery at like Ralph's or somewhere down in the clear plastic tray specific very specific. I love that like, you know has to be those big ones that are the snacks. Yeah. See mines moon pie right now. I'm I'm a I was never a fan of the Moon pipe. There's that are Oreos Oreos are my back. I'll give you that. I'll give you that Oreos is my old school full-time favorite, but if I get those all eat the whole pack and that's the problem, you know, I have to eat a row and if anybody goes into another row, I know how to finish that row so quickly, so it's more of an obsession. It's more than wage. Session with the food. That's the most seedy style Obsession like it's got a oh, yeah. I know I had no clue. Shut up Frank, This is why you don't work with friends. But like yeah, my kids eat like one. I'm like well now we have to eat the next row. Like it just looks prettier and see for me. It's like, oh there's a couple of missing now, I gotta finish the whole pack. Yeah. Have you guys seen the it came out like recently, but it's like the biggest stuff Oreo and it's literally like 10,000 it's called it's called too much stuff. I think is what it called in its like double double stuff. I totally got that and I loved it. Yeah, did you see they also made them that it was just the stuff like you could buy a jar. Okay. I got to go. I'll be back. I have a trailer to watch dog. Diabetic man to buy that Stephanie. Okay. I am I got Oreos and then I also got a jar of cookie dough like a birthday or edit like the one that you're supposed to be able to eat like uncooked and I like I paid more which I would have eaten the one that had the eggs and it also but it came in a cute jar. Fair enough. Yeah, here's what I mean Sunday the ultimate snack for you. If you're into that is you take you know, the tube of chocolate chip cookie dough that you're going to bake. Right you take off of that out. You put an Oreo in the middle smoosh it and bake those when you get done. Yeah, you've got the hot and even fresh when they're nice and hot or you can microwave them but nice soft baked chocolate chip cookie with a warm inside of it. It's amazing. We just became best friends. I don't know if you know this Frank. Wow, I was replaced so fast off and if you heard there was baked Oreos involved from my standards are low. We had me as a bath. So yeah pretty well. But yeah anyways popcorn. Oh Nick came in with a good one popcorn with a 50000 know my kids favorite. It's okay. Well your kids have better choices. You know what? That's fair, but it's secure an okay person. I tell you it's up your kids snack game. Okay. All right. I don't think it should be it should be the one giving my kids. Yeah, I think a diabetic should be the one to give food judgment because that's how I got it. Okay, I know good food. So whatever he says then opposite that is if you want them to live. Yeah for sure, but if you want them to experience listen. So my kids are the kind that we go to Chick-fil-A and they asked to get their fries changed to a side of fruit. Yeah. That is awesome. Yeah, I thought I thought I was off on set not too long ago in our makeup girls daughter was doing some parts in in one of my films and she didn't want to eat the snacks. We have like granola bars and cookies and things like that. She went right for the veggies down. He loves like broccoli and things like that and I was like, wow that was and she's you know real young girl that just shocked me because nowadays especially with like childhood obesity and diabetes and all this love and fast food availability and all the commercials with junk food and it's just rare, you know that you'll see a kid want fruit over the fries or veggies over there cookies and like that's really cool. Yeah. No my cat a bath now I can pick the best one for the best vegetable and I was even like we can make it like this and add cheese to it make it not healthy, but I was like sneak it in there. No Pig. Tried like so many different things. But yeah, so just like the snacks. I don't know I think snacks are important. Let me play you brought up films Rob. Your IMDb has so many interesting things on it. So you have quite a few different types of credits what I was looking at, how can you explain some of your movies? Yeah. I mean, you know, I love you age directing and trying to do my own stuff, but that's few and far in between cuz of you know funding and time and all that. It's much easier to kind of help other projects and things so like that's why a lot of my credit is producing thoughts and you know or production design. I love that too. Just the artistic side of me, you know, I'll get hired on the film's to kind of set up a set or whatever to look like it should or to help with props or things like that. But yeah, that's why I have just so many different credits as because you know, jack of all trades and and coming from like, you know, the independent film industry, it's dog Low budget to no budget so you tend to wear a bunch of hats when you're on set to kind of get scanned. Yeah, so like have experience in almost everything. So you have 10 writer ten directors. That's all you wrote and directed. Those are both those movies are those then just removing probably be the same, you know, like all right, and some of the same stuff off right now, I think the main series on kind of pushing that's actually out and kind of ongoing right now is Mulligans monsters. I don't know if you're familiar with trauma, but they're they're like the the biggest our oldest independent film distributor in the world or us or whatever. They've been around like 40-something plus years. They created Toxic Avenger. And yeah and like wage Nukem high and poultry guys. I mean hundreds of other independent releases they release so many people's films and shorts and things from around the world. They're just really supportive of the community, but I have an ongoing series. They were called Mulligan's monsters and like all create episodes just featuring monsters and how we create them and they just goes into a moment of chaos of them killing or doing something crazy then we explain how we create. Created it. And that's it. And then I have other filmmakers kind of making episodes of that to for fun. So that's that's kind of a cool ongoing thing that I've got right now. Definitely so long you've done music film all of these things, which was the one that got you started in it music was definitely number one, you know, I was gaming when I was a kid and into music I got my first job when I was ten and that's one thing but when I was probably around eighteen or or yeah eighteen nineteen, I started with my first major band or whatever where we started really getting big selling out clubs that a bunch of touring and then I was in bands after that and solo projects and and stuff, but that's where I kind of I don't know met the most people got the biggest like family and fanbase and life friends and you know networking contacts and such that help springboard by marketing company my film career the the books and all the things that I'm into and you know, kind of gave me the Dead Um, I don't know the the the foundation to to be that I don't know how that stage presence to where I can do the things I do or whatever publicly and and all that. So it all started with music pretty much for me. Awesome and Frank anything. No, I'm just listening to this amazing man. Tell me his story. I see like I'm kind of just like an odd cuz I mean you do so much wage and it makes me feel like I've done so little and I needed like up my game like no joke like I was like, holy crap. I've wasted my life like but also like in it makes me want to walk just dive in and do do so much more and knowing that you know, it's it's possible. Well, I think that's that's the main thing behind it. I do so much because of the fact that like, I can't relax. I constantly think of creative ideas and we've had this discussion. I think when we first met and you guys are the same way you have film ideas and show ideas and I think you know will probably connect on some of that soon too cuz I like suck. That stuff we were talking about before but the thing is is you know how it is when you're a creative force or entity, you know, like you can't help but create things whether it's music and film or TV or art or or even the the being a GM creating stories for gameplay and like creating businesses. I love making, you know websites and running all my different businesses and shirt designs and things that I do and I just can't stop and whether it's a Sportster of failure, I just constantly project that and put it out and try and I think that's the important part. That's the only way you will find success is by constantly trying and putting yourself out there. You know, I'm definitely yeah. I mean another thing on the list of things that you've done is Comic Book Creator. So, you know, I had a a series didn't fully finish but it didn't come to fruition. We got a distribution deal and came out with the first handful of issues. And that was kind of cool. It was called Mulligan, but it you know, it didn't find the big success without the the big money to do all the funding. We had a diamond distribution deal. It was out in shops around the country and certain ones that would order it. But but without that huge, you know, if you're not Marvel DC or image or some of the the bigger subsidiaries you get lost in the mix, you know, and I was out with I think it was a nice house Comics so like not that big, you know, but we did get out there but it didn't see much success but I did through that that was kind of one of the first things I put out with them narrow family cuz it had to Romero name on it and George Romero who created zombies and all that. I was friends with his son and do that. We kind of put out that comic book his name on it and help with some of the distribution stuff off. That relationship ended up putting out my book, which you can still get on like Amazon and Barnes and Noble which is Romero is Ada zombie. It's kind of like that adult. It's like for adults but it's like a kids poem a cartoon book. It's it's written very childlike, but it's definitely for adults. Okay, I am definitely intrigued. So we're going to have to get like, I don't know if you wish you had. Oh, yeah, I'll hook you up with a copy for you guys. And and then when you guys can do a giveaway or something if you want, yes, and we have a couple of other Dead comic book artists that are kind of donating some things so that we can do a giveaway ones bacon vs. Clowns down you up with a copy of that to you got to check that as awesome as well. That would be amazing. Thank you. I'm very excited. So I can't wait to see that. I can't wait to get it raffled off. So we can get other people reading it and seeing it. Yeah. Yeah, it's fun. So I know you have the one show that you're saying that you're getting out there. You have quite a few other things that are in pre-production boss any projects that you beat willing to kind of give us some of the details on to like some of the names are interesting. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, well the the stuff that's really that I'm I'm not putting out yet. That's kind of cool as I'm working on a bunch of different animation things without getting into too much detail. I'll definitely be launching a new production company with some Partners. I've been doing some extensive planning with over the past month and will be coming out with some some cool little animation things that hopefully will start start coming to life, you know, but that's kind of on the next big Horizon thing other than all the cyberpunk stuff. You know, I'm still pushing the the GM round table and the ongoing GM tips series and all that stuff. So, you know something that's going to go hand-in-hand. There's definitely some a few cyber Punk theme song And stuff not completely stepping on that IP. Let me add that, you know for legal reasons, but it's definitely got you know, some of that high-tech low-life vibe to it, which is cool. Definitely the wage. I don't know you kind of just do it all is there anything that you haven't done that is still on the bucket list to go to that make make any one of these crazy things that I'm constantly pushing come back for success. I really would like that to you know what I mean? Like, you know how it is you push a bunch of things and it's like and it's cool and you can get by and certain things will have different types of successes in different ways and everything but it's like I'm waiting for you know, one of these things to really pop in a big way, you know, and because I'm passionate about these things and I'm just excited to see any one of them just really explode into popularity or exposure or whatever. I think that'll be great for whatever the genre or industry. I'm referring to in that sense, whether it be a film or series or the role-play content creation or whatever, you know what I mean dead. I love it. You know it's awesome to hear somebody speak of creation like that. Like just that you're still excited wage do stuff and you have so many things to get done like it's great. Yeah. I think it's important. If you have a creative thought or idea to try to do it. I mean obviously don't kill yourself over it, you know, like if it's dragged you down or it's holding you back from other great things, you know, like, you know Obsession and addiction and there's like fine lines to be drawn, you know, but but I definitely think like if your creative mind you think of a great story behind or a book or a film idea or a piece of art or whatever you want to do creative wise at least at least give it a shot. You know, it doesn't doesn't hurt to draw that out or write that script in your spare time or put it out or picture it out or do whatever you can to just see if you know, if you've got creative Talent use it don't don't waste it, you know. Yeah, totally agreed. Definitely. I kind of have one thing if left unless Frank has anything else. I have two minutes worth of questions and I'm going to ask if you could do them rapid-fire paid Frankie time it I know a whole two minutes first thing that comes out both me and Frank's at this and I was actually kind of got to learn some stuff about somebody wage. I do pretty well. So it's fine. Nothing crazy. I'm not going to ask you if you've done anything illegal, unless you would like to disclose that information. This is the time we move on. It's nice. Okay Frank you at a time and you take the time I can't give me 1 second so much pressure. I came in hot Thursday, or I'm sorry. And if you could be any animal, what would it be? In Eagle, okay. I like it. What is one thing you're going to put on your bucket list. Oh, God have no idea travel the world, I guess. Okay. Who's your favorite superhero? Spawn. Oh, who do you admire the most? I have to go first thing here - Henry Rollins old childhood hero. Yeah. Okay favorite summer activities. Swimming I missed that haven't haven't done that in like twenty years. If there was a movie made of your life what genre would it be? Horror, sci-fi or suspense sci-fi. Okay who's playing you? I would probably want to play me. I love acting I got it. What if you could be any flavor ice cream what flavor ice cream would you be? Moose tracks good choice favorite favorite cartoon character Underdog wage job if you can go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Amsterdam came to mind first just cuz I'd like to go back. Are you a morning or night person? All the time person I barely sleep. I do I get up. I love mornings. I love nights. I wake up in the middle of the night of sleep in 3 hour increments. I don't know. Oh my God. What is one thing that I know annoys you the most loud eaters? If I I guess what did you eat for breakfast lunch bags of ocado and steel steel cut oatmeal. Yeah. That's that's a breakfast. Yeah. That's a really good breakfast. Yeah. Yeah every morning. It's like I eat the same breakfast every day pretty much. Oh my gosh, that sounds I do the same thing. It's easier decision. I got make yeah, it's like my morning routine. I've got to get up. I've got to eat that then within a digestion. I got to work out and I give you my client emails and I can get it. You know what I mean? Like I kind of just yeah got a hustle. So should I not say that? I had Fruity Pebbles for breakfast. I Miss Cereal. I haven't had cereal forever. But you know, I saw an ad for a Little Debbie, you know the oatmeal pies. Yeah, and I guess I don't know if it's real I saw an ad for the oatmeal pie cereal a little bit. I think I seen it I might have to get back into cereal. That's crazy. I think the devil then having a Serial withdrawal because I went shopping and then I realized once I was home, I had three boxes of cereal Yeah, it's I miss serial. It is awesome. And every way of the form they actually just made Reese's Pieces very but like in like a month a smaller bag, but the pieces are like this big like a quarter and I was like I might have to risk it. Yeah, it's a problem. I really don't feel like hearing part of your eulogy being like you just had to say, you know, I'm no milk, whatever. I'm going to go out, you know, but actually have a really important question. Go ahead because somebody asked me this the other day and I thought it was crazy question cuz I'd never thought about this the other way. Do you see real first? View order history of milk first. I didn't know there was another way to do this. Yes cereal first if you feel first if it's about first you might be like psychotic or something. That's like some of weird psychological thing. Somebody asked me like I was like, well first there's something like not freudianism, but the equivalent of that too that you know what I mean, like there's something to that I think if you get that respect to soak up all their cereal and milk if the serial goes in second, that's that's eating Dry Cereal. That doesn't sound. Yeah. Well, maybe like Rice Krispies Cereal know I feel like if you walk I feel like if you did milk first, you would definitely put too much. Yeah, either be too much of milk cuz it's a lot of trust in your poor hand if you think you're trying to yeah. Yeah God. We just found the title of the episode poor hand. You just got a lot of trust in your hand. Yeah. Anyways, is that okay? We're done. Thank you. All right. Well Rob, thank you for joining us. This was a great episode. Thanks for having me. Thanks for having me. I had a real good time. Yeah, Stephanie guy anything else to say. That's a no. All right guys, thank you for coming hanging out with us. Check out our social media go to our Instagram just go it's a off the records nerd also the same thing as on Twitter as well as Facebook. If you guys listen to the podcast on the recorded podcast, feel free to join us every Thursday night 8:35 p.m. On our Facebook live where you can catch the episode a few days earlier other than think part of the conversation be part of the comments you get tons of people in the thank you for everyone that comments em, cuz you guys are awesome and you guys make the episode really interactive. So thank you guys for that and shout out to Rodney because he's a cool d m and if you guys like playing Dungeons and Dragons with me and Stephanie are working on a possible group of playing in the future soon. Hopefully, oh and more articles are coming out on the website this weekend. Yes. Okay cool. So we got new articles cut off. If you haven't checked them out, we have a lot of a pretty good response so far, but people checking them out. So check em out I guess cuz I don't know about the one out what people have been talking to me about it's being talked about so good job. Hello, Good good. That's the one anyways. All right guys. Thank you. So so dead dead dead dead. scale

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Episode 223: Get Vaccinated

Zero Credit(s)

1:24:54 hr | 3 months ago

Episode 223: Get Vaccinated

"Louis to go. we're going to be heiner. Keep it twilight. Keep it twice to keep it. That's a shortening of twilight twilight. Twilight bro bro. Who's this is you know. It's becoming something. I wanted to be given priority. Did it Now we just aboard shot a man in reno just to welcome you back to zero credits. The show where we talk about things. My name is henry and my name's outlaw country john and together. We're henry and outlaw country. John coming judah disgust a cultural happenings of that. There is a guest and the zeitgeist continues despite my plea is afternoon during these interviews. That i'm having people asked me to describe my podcast and i'm always dislike. Yeah we talk about the zeitgeist from an as it happens standpoint and neither is kinda gloss over and i'm a kinda just realizing we're just saying words. Yeah i mean essentially if you were to break down if you were to reveal how the sausage is made. We're just kind of roughly talking about current events or whatever interests us for an hour. There's not really much of an agenda anymore. Yeah except for the agenda. I found one today. That i'm joining creating and then joining. Oh so you're doing. You're doing like an inner join yen energy. Doing i know what that means. You're doing an inner joy in a. What are you joining will here. Here's the thing john because Around like i don't know noon specific time tonight to say specific thing around noon pacific time a new trailer for ghostbusters. Afterlife dropped on the internet And i am not going to let them convince us. That movie did not already come out. Yes we have talked about that. We are currently living in the circle of the mandela effect. Where ghostbusters whatever the hell. It's called a new. A new legacy already came out. I convinced that it came out. It did poorly did so poorly. No one remembers it and now they're repackaging it like. Hey there's not a lot of movies out. Maybe we recruit some more of our money. Here's a new trailer. You remember fen wolford from the before times. Come see this movie. That's totally never been before. That seems so insane to me that That this is a fin wolfhard project. Then we'll far. Paul rudd and more actors who. I'm sure i've already seen on the big screen and their roles in this ghostbusters. Movie that i don't think anyone cares out so i would like to give you a quick ghostbusters quiz. Because i don't know anything ghostbusters. After i have. I have a lot of a lot of feelings about ghostbusters. I'd never seen a full ghostbusters movie. I think the first ghostbusters is quite good. Which one had the marshmallow man. That's ghostbuster us. hold on one. Yeah stay puff. Marshmallow man is ghostbusters. One man i hate that. I can't i actually have not seen a ton of ghostbusters movies. Actually both the to are good vigo the carpathian from two is cool. These movies exist. You know you should watch them. And then you'll definitely learn that they exist but i'd like to give you a little a little Ghostbusters quiz are here to receive your quiz. I would like to ask you if the following ghostbusters are in this movie. Sure i says it's already come out as i stated i can answer this thousand percent accuracy. Okay bill murray probably Dan ackroyd yeah. He's alive right. Dan ackroyd is definitely alive. Selling crystal skull vodkas of a few years ago time conspiracy theorists right. yeah. I remember the crystal skull vodka. I've seen it. It's on the shelves. You've seen the crystal skull vodka. You have not seen ghostbusters. Isn't life funny interesting. Data point herald ramos. I believe he passed away. Yes he passed away in twenty fourteen or twenty fifteen or something so it's gonna be real shocking when he's on the screen they've deep faked him on the fin wolf arts body right sigourney weaver. No i think she passed. She's not in it. Weaver passed away that sorry. Sorry context really sounded like sigourney. Weaver had passed away and i was very confused. Mary mix of i that she passed on the project Well that's good. She's also not a ghostbuster right. she's just like the museum curators and then. Of course ernie hudson. I think they replaced him in the tune. So there's no way they're getting back what they're only taking the cartoon cast forward. Well no it's like there's already bad blood there because they replaced him in the cartoon May have him do the kurt tune so like why would he come back all these years later like you got skinny over in the cartoon why would i e well however rick moranis he's retired. I have the utmost respect for you for knowing that rick moranis is retired a man that i really look up to in the industry space. Because he's someone who faced a tremendous fame tremendous unlucrative fame and then just fully retired in anything except a little like spot project here there. I think he came back like the other headlines around. One of the super bowl's like rick. Moranis is coming out of retirement. But it was for commercials. And it's like. Yeah that's cool mean you probably paid out the ass. Forum is worth every penny. And i don't begrudge him but don't act like he's going to be in a movie anytime soon. I mean if rick moranis could come out of retirement to spend charitably three hours and avihou booth and walkout with enough money to support his lifestyle for another couple of years. I think more power to rick moranis. Yeah i believe he retired because he wanted to raise his kids. Yes exactly he. He pulled in a dell except adele. Came back yeah now. it's great. I love it when because that's my dream. My dream is until i get into the spotlight in stay there. My dream is to get in the spotlight. Make enough money to sustain me for the rest of my life and the disappear so people can always go. I wonder whatever happened to that guy. I mean. I think that it's something that's surprisingly rare for someone to face a real fame and then truly retire because rick moranis really did it and then things like things people. I suppose like adele retires to raise their kids. I guess she never formally retired. But like bo burnham who's great. I love bo burnham but he retired and then came back. The man cannot stay retired even after. Like i thought so i want we re re watched inside recently. I mean for the second time jamie for the first time and just blown away. it's a masterpiece. It's like probably gonna be his seminal best work he's ever produced and i thought like the message of that going away was like okay. He's like he thought he could come back. But then all this happened and so like he's not gonna come back like this was great a good. You know post send-off send-off. And then i see headlines. He's performing at largo again. It's just like oh okay. So none of my thoughts are true. Yeah it I mean even. After what came out he continued to perform here. And there. i believe But it's hard to stay retired. But i can you know we. We can give bo burnham ship for failing to retire however he is like the only person that has reached his level of fame that i can remember that has kept both his personal life and his romantic life like entirely out of the public eye. Which is great i appreciate. I don't know how someone does that. If they have to like live in tunnels or whatever but he's he's kept it away from people. All you have to do is a wear a hat and sunglasses and you're fine a john. I sorry to interrupt as we have breaking. News is it Did more people touch j.lo's. But i don't know what that's about we can. We can circle back on that. Oh no ben affleck. He touched a but did he touch you but i don't. I saw him. I saw a picture of him on a boat. Yeah i think he's touching j.lo's but on a boat you know we we just is with how much we respect someone for keeping their private life out of public eye and then we get a glimpse into someone's life thorough ago. He touched a bud. You keep saying we. I want to emphasize. I had no idea about this. Because i like to keep people's private slights fried that's okay. I understand breaking news from the twitter twitter earlier today. I tweeted out an innocuous. Little sweet l. This related to you and you can react in kind. I keep trying to watch the tomorrow war but it's always today. I was at the end of the tweet with three question marks. Yes okay the tomorrow war jr us. I'm sorry what is the tomorrow war for those of you. Who are not in the war for those of you. Who are in the war for those of you are not in the know tomorrow or will guide not even one drink and this is just me the tomorrow. War is amazon. Prime latest big blockbuster movies starring sam richards who sinkers. Oh wait sir. Richard zillow sam richards. Yes enriches awesome. He's the guy from. I think you should leave. Who's always singing a theme song for agean. Yes singing fam- saw for a pageant of children also was on it on. Vp was the best character in bieb. So the tomorrow war war the official lead tomorrow war account just replied to us. Keep that sense of humor in the future. And then there's a gift from the movie of chris pratt being strapped onto a chair asking. You don't have jokes in the future. So now i guess we gotta watch this movie. I guess we gotta watch tomorrow's game. Yeah enders always die. We we have live died tomorrow. Live died today baby. Why put off tomorrow with you can do like die i. I'm not the world's biggest. Chris pratt fan. Maybe i'll watch it. But we just got papa branded branded branded content. What will go live on air. I'm gonna say that's pretty good branded content. I mean it's not funny not like my joke. No i think you're jokes. Pretty good I thought it was a good joe for their response to it shows a seasoned social media in. Turn a deft touch if you will Yeah yeah for sure. Is that impact by engaging with the podcast normalises to the really good use of their time. Honestly it's it's that that's my favorite kind of marketing more podcasts. No one listens to and we scream into the void and now john. The void is finally screaming. We finally was at nikko of her own voice. Impossible to say but we have heard a noise from the void. A noise from the void in detroit. Avoid the noise You got respond to them. So i'm just gonna respond if a picture that that gift of chris pratt being shocked. Because i think it's on brand. I don't know leave me alone. I'm new at this. You're engaging with the brand you're falling into their brand trap. It's true it's true. Well tell me a few and the tomorrow game and up sparking a a weird twitter mutual romance And we're going end. Updating the tomorrow awards going to be real awkward for chris pratt known serial monogamist yes known known serial monogamous. I don't think chris has ever failed marriage. he's walked away from one. Yeah i don't wanna. I don't wanna dig out last. My drivers lives of teeth. Yes one hundred privalized with people why people break up with the relationships are complicated. There's a lot we can throw on people. This is why. I don't wanna be famous right. And i only want to be famous because there's money yes i'd rather make money and never be famous. I'd rather be famous and make money than never make money. Not the famous. What about be famous. No make money. Now what if you're extremely well known. Poor purse only look. Here's the thing. I these journalists. They're called gains journalists. They play video games and they write about them and company. Send them shit. One that i mean. If you're bar is just send me free video games. I what they receive consuls. John yes every once in a while they'll receive something worth a few hundred dollars i'm saying. Pc's from like custom pc. Builders john have to do is make one video of to make one video and stream on twitch constantly. I'm just saying it's hard the steam deck get this team deck. They can play binding of isaac on a hot nintendo switch abundance of isaac is already available nintendo switch they can play the sequel to the binding of isaac on a hot nintendo switch. Leave me alone. That's also available on the nintendo switch. At sorry i understand. What are you drinking the nigerian. I'm drinking a white cloth. Heart seltzer mango flavor. Now with the white gloves. I have found that people often say there are flavored in the can't even goes as far as like even putting different collar Sent at the flavor. But i have found they all taste the same. I think that they all kind of taste for the most part like vodka in diet sprite. But i can detect. I'm a little bit of a super taster. a little bit of an s. t. And i can detect Hint of mango now Are you actually. Do you actually have a hint. A super taster. You now i have a p. I have what has been told to me as a refined palette you ever lifted. Intendo switch gertrude. Never i've thought about it. In many days i have looked at my copy of metro-wide prime hunters no. That's that's not. The nintendo switch because when the nintendo switched launched they they coded the code cartridges in this chemical that makes it bad tasting for like ninety percent of the population but for ten percent of the population known a super tasters. And these these figures are completely made up but the for super tasters it. Actually it doesn't taste bad at all and my resonating. Yeah and i read that and of course kind of operate. Thirteen year old mindset. Where it's like. I'm pretty fucking special. Right i read a statistic and they say it's less likely that's true. I think that one's probably may look look. I look in the mirror. And i see those beautiful beautiful colored is staring right back at me colored that no one can describe or even put into words and i think i'm special and then my wife comes into his is greedy. I mean i would describe them as like a like a like a shotgun no I say that. And i have brown eyes but i don't john is beautiful and i know it's moved by favorite feature about me. I always thought my eyes were green than people are like not. they're blue. What a boring conversation. So i tasted the characters and it tastes awful. And i'm not special. I'm gonna go lick my copy of Of breath of the wild not now but later. Save it for live on there. Okay now next episode. I will bring my i mean. This seems pretty straightforward an achievable challenge. Tonight i am drinking. I don't. I didn't have any beer in the house. So i am drinking whisky. Cokes whiskey cokes. Good old w. anc. Yeah takes me right back to grad school. Where i drank my friends whiskey in such excess that i never wanted to taste it again but if i cut it with the sweet smooth taste of coke zero it's fine. What's the quick liquor quiz hot shot. Oh i'm here for your quiz baby. What's the jerrell ramos herald ramos. What's the rest in peace herald. Ramos are What is the drink. You're drinking the the drink you're drinking. Which is a whiskey and a diet coke. What kind of drink is that. does this have a special name. I'm i'm not familiar with. So there is a a cocktail consisting of any base spirit and a large a larger proportion of a non alcoholic typically soda. Water orbit bridge is called a specific thing. No one knows this. This is a tonic. It's a high ball that's what they're called high ball glasses whenever anyone you listen. This is the knowledge that at some point was lost from our generation. It's a well known thing. It's a high ball. No one knows this. They're served in high ball glasses. That's the short stubby little things. You'll wish trivia nights by knowing that that's called a high ball that's pretty cool. Thank you for passing on that knowledge. I'm drinking whisky. Koci bowl theory go. Maybe don't realize it sounds brownies ling. Listen god was saying. I'm just gargling down these high balls gargle gargle. And it's what's happening. It's what's happening. I'm just gargling these viable john. There's a lot going on in the world today. Not all of it. Good not all bad. Not all of it worth talking about. Yes not not. All of it is indeed worth talking about. I do think that i have one thing. That is may be bad. But it's also worth talking about ice oppose right. Is this well. Why would i even do disservice of trying to guess what this is. I mean you could. You'll never gas ramos's pack from the ten his back from the dead he's doing commercials. He's doing commercials but not movies never movies. I would like to talk about something. That is in the third. But this is in the news Oh shit the news. The news it's northbound than my parents have seen the news It's been a long time since i've watched the news. It's not really a thing that i can sue them. I just get my news off of eight ancients no longer in service believe good good. It's good that it's no longer in service I it's in the news. I don't know if you've heard about this thing. But i went on a little bit of a screed. A little bit of a tirade a little better of unchained melody on a recent episode of the podcast time will think vaccinations vaccinations. They'll save your kids. Eventually yes they they they could potentially eventually work in that marketing gets but vaccines are the forefront of conversation now. I think everyone will agree with me. No i know they will that. There was a point in our lives that lasted. I'm going to say a little over a year. Where the only thing that anyone could really talk about in good conscience was the ongoing raging corona virus pandemic right Rewind your clocks one but one hour. It's never too many women as for our it's a. It's a very fast winding clock. But yes still here actually. It's never left even though we all went back to normal and surprise surprise. John's here to talk about it again. Yes i am relieved. Assume most of our listeners are that we can talk about other things other than the corona virus pandemic though it is still very much happening now i talked about how you should probably get vaccinated. I think you should definitely get back. Sedated but what's happening right now. Is that we are currently in travis. County and austin texas. We have re entered stage for corona virus Precautions i think that's what's called vaccinated. Individuals are being asked by the austin public health department to wear masks well indoors and unvaccinated. People are being asked to wear masks. And all the old bummer ways outside or basically anything short of being in your own home yet stage three was of course unvaccinated people. Please keep wearing masks but vaccinated people. You're free to move about the cabin but now stage four is like even back so people were you. Were highly suggesting that you wear a mask too while you're indoors and it's it's a huge huge bummer. Because even though the city is saying this nobody's attention anymore. Yeah no one's really paying attention. It might change I don't know. Texas is definitely low on the list of states that respond to these things the quickest but we do tend to respond if if nothing else than are huge population requires that we do so and statistically I would like to give some people. Some heartening statistics So statistically speaking what anyone who is vaccinated as concerned about is a breakthrough case of the corona virus. A breakthrough case is a case in which you contract the corona virus in a symptomatic manner after being vaccinated and the heartening news is that at least as for his travis county goes out of seven hundred and something thousand vaccinated individuals. There i think right now. A little over five hundred breakthrough cases of which only eighty are symptomatic. So right now based on i'll call it a pretty big sample size. It seems like you have a less than half a percent chance of contracting the corona virus and becoming symptomatic will seems pretty good. I'm still going to wear a mask indoors though. Oh for sure you definitely want to. Because the less heartening news is that it is unvaccinated individuals who are at tremendous risk ninety seven percent of the people in hospitals right now across the country for the most part for covert are unvaccinated wearing a mask indoors. As we've always said not to protect you it's to protect other people So we will do. The courteous thing and where mass indoors and texas may mandate the people where mask doors but the people who are not vaccinated are causing a real issue. Some states are threatening to shut down certain a key parts of the state economy again. A new york is talking about a california's talking about it So surprise surprise. Having a vast majority of the population Or at least a majority of the population vaccinated against this with a large unvaccinated vaccinated. Contingent has caused problems. Who could have seen this coming. Yeah no i. It's we were all in the same boat before the vaccine was widely available. We were all. We're all in this together. We're gonna lock down the states we're gonna stay indoors and stop the spread and there was camaraderie and and Togetherness and my the the unity of of one purpose and that lasted about. I don't know maybe a month and then people started to demand to to go out and then you had the anti massacres and we kept getting divided on these issues. I'm gonna say it lasted about half of camille. Nanjiani and emily gordon's podcast. But staying inside. That's about how long the goodwill ask them once the sour dough starter ran out. People started turning out into the streets. Right and then it the vaccine. Of course. i'm not a never going to say it was a bad thing. I just point the moment win. This got out of control Well when this being just the divisiveness because everyone who got the vaccine is absolutely free to move about the country as they please. Because now they've stopped did their inoculated against it but then the the initial roll out of the vaccine was so well received. Oh cool this continues will be able to lift these restrictions and we got to that part words like oh cool. We're projecting if this trend continues we can lift restrictions and that's when the cdc lifted the restrictions. Yeah at the moment where it's like. Oh yeah this continues and immediately dropped off because it's like oh everything's back to normal. We're not it's not in the news. Every day. we went back to normal and we went back to normal long enough. That people stopped getting back sonate for whatever reason stopped like if they don't trust the government or whatever and now it's to the point where there's a large enough unvaccinated population and this new variant is so contagious in so easily spread that it's just moving. Through the entire lincoln. Through all these unvaccinated unvaccinated little dots That are surrounded by vaccinated people to the point that even some vaccinated people are getting it. And it's like yeah. I kinda da. Because the cdc said we can all go back to normal if you're vaccinated and then we didn't have proof of vaccination to go back to normal implicit pressure for unvaccinated people to potentially receive the vaccine win restrictions. Were in place because essentially it was saying that these people no longer have to live in fear. Wouldn't you like to no longer live in fear and once those got because i remember Waiting in line on web sites almost in tears Because like an of being in a risk group. I was able to get the vaccine. Early was very very hard. Everyone wanted it and now it's gotten to the point where like there are walk in appointments at walmart's heb's walgreens like there's vaccines out there. Just people stopped getting them Wants things opened up however certain state and local municipalities are starting to play bad cop about vaccine mandates under people are fucking around anymore. People don't want things to shutdown people don't want things to get as bad as they did. And i'm sure you've heard about a lot of these New york city mayor building blasio said that gotham workers. Which is i think. Like three hundred fifty thousand people need to be vaccinated or agree to weekly cova. Nineteen tests is september. Twenty third right And you know if you know anything about new york's State throughout the corona virus pandemic. You know that it was real bad new york and they don't want that again. No new york was one of the hardest hit cities very early on to the point. Where like the city didn't even look like itself anymore and people lamented the death of new york city. Which you know. We could write about for decades But yeah for sure yeah. Employers especially federal employees employers are are mandating that their employees get the back seen or face termination which is which has been upheld by judges. Judges are saying absolutely employers can can mandate that their employees get the vaccine Which is crazy to me. Because i work for very conservative. People are just very business minded. People and i thought they would pull the like. Everyone's gotta get back sonate but does apprising part is like no respect. Everyone's covert opinions. Were not gonna make sure everyone gets vaccinated as like in my head. It's like okay. They're waiting for the legal precedent. To say that they can mandate it before they mandated in on that they want to make sure. No one can sue But judges upheld employers forcing vaccinations at like week. Two of the vaccine. Rollout i mean so. And they said of the new york city thing as gavin newsom wants like a quarter of a million public employees to get vaccinated. The department of veterans affairs requires that all of its employees get vaccinated so mandates are happening and to your point. There were there were in the past and are currently People who believe that the requirement to be vaccinated is an infringement on their rights. They think that this isn't something That you should be able to do to mandate that people get vaccinated. And i would like to share a little bit of information for anyone. Listening to the podcast. Maybe for talking points of anyone disagrees with you on this okay. Our role playing but john. I disagree with you. Well you're free to disagree and believe that mandates to be vaccinated are not compliant with your your personal rights however personnel arguing with me slash. Henry you can go back to being henry. Are you familiar with the concept of police. Power book. I never heard of that. But it sounds communist ono. You'd think i would disagree with this would actually love the concept of police power. But so i'll talk about two cases so the first one because it's closer to home is zoo. Ct or sucked on their americans. I'm guessing sucked v king That was a supreme court case in nineteen twenty two where someone A rosalind sucked in san antonio texas was suing the state because there was a mandated requirement for a smallpox vaccination to attend school Ultimately the court decided that this was not an infringement upon This person's rights By writ of police power and that was based on a on the previous jacobson v massachusetts in one thousand nine zero five jacobson massachusetts. I think is actually kind of your first actual historical anti vaccine though in the uk. There was this whole thing called anti vaccination that's but jacobson v massachusetts this jacobson. His kid had to get like a smallpox vaccine and he said that his family had a rare genetic disorder that causes them Unspecific harm would. They are vaccinated. So he was coming up with some really anti vaccine bullshits rain To try to get out of being vaccinated and The the court ultimately ruled That it was not something he could do because of police power and police power is important because it is the right at the federal state and local level essentially police power is important because it proves that in america individual liberties and freedoms are not absolute which is a thing people who constantly forget. In the modern age there is no society and could be no society with absolute unimpeachable uninformed enjoyable personal liberty that is not a society. Yeah that would be. That's what you get. When everyone's a sovereign citizen. This sovereign citizens is stupid because what police power says is that a state. the federal state and local level has the ability to with the aid of negative inducement. Be that prison exile death They can force you to do things for the health safety and general welfare of your community and absolutely now granted. Police power is bad. It's been used as an argument in a lot of really shitty things. The actual police have done. But it's something that's baked into. American constitutional law says that you can be mandated to do almost anything as long as it is for. The good of the whole longtime listeners will know that. I brought up this this concept of agreeing to live in a society under the condition that you follow the the laws So this police power to translate it into language. I've used before seems to be enforcement of that agreement like you shoot. You have no actual choice. But long ago we made the society with the senate rules and this police power is to ensure that everyone in that society makes choices that should benefit the society. Yeah exactly it's it's a way to coda fai enforcement of a social contract exactly because if there was no what's the word there was no if there was no enforcement. Then people could say yeah. Yeah yeah. I live in this society. I'm gonna follow all the rules. And they're holding their their hand behind their back and crossing their fingers saying that they were lying. They broke the promise from the get go and they're gonna reap all the benefits of society while also ignoring the rules which is not how society wars. Yeah exactly. you can't enter into society and assume that you have completely unimpeachable unin fringe -able personal liberties that's like you can't live in any country. Walkup shoot someone in the face and say that actually as a matter of fact one of these stupid fucking capital rieter assholes is using the exact same defense currently in court saying that. She's a sovereign citizen and is not Cannot be induced under the law of man. Unbelievable yeah no. It doesn't make any sense. I had a thought in my head. Were to go buck. That's but but all of this to say that the argument people are making now. I think one of the arguments people are making not being able to mandate the use of this vaccine is that the vaccine is under a pretty strict emergency use authorization by the fda which has to be co signed by the president. Is it all. It's never been true that an emergency use authorization of a vaccine that that emergency vaccine has mandated for use The federal the the supreme court precedents the legal precedent for being able to mandate people use a vaccine predates the existence of the fda. Exactly yeah. that's that's more of a modern What do they call the officer organization. Yeah the i think that the emergency youth use authorization the emergency youth youth. She ernst. I think that that is something that people can can conveniently us to say that we can't mandate this vaccine. But i guarantee you i mean. Even in the case of jacobson v massachusetts it was mandated that people receive this relatively new smallpox vaccine because there was an outbreak of smallpox in massachusetts. It was an emergency use of said vaccine. So yeah what. Without putting the official like presidential language behind it it was that all intents and purposes yeah exactly it was an emergency usage of a relatively new vaccine to preserve the common good and people like the site all this vaccine was rushed and they they cut corners. Skipped testing protocols like no. They didn't skip anything. They just ran a bunch of tests at the same time because usually with the fda approval process. You have to complete one step into before moving on to the next step. And that's to ensure complete and utter safety. That's not to say that running the tasks at the same time as unsafe. It just means they like to ensure it in this case they're like you can run multiple stages at the same time as long as they all individually check out. You know completely one hundred percent safe like usual as just now you can do them concurrently instead of subsequently so all of the same steps are being taken. Nothing's being rush. No corners are being cut. It's just they're doing it all at once rather than doing it and steps. So it's still checking off all of the safety checklists. It's just happening faster. And there's also a lot of things a lot of contributing factors lead to gain this vaccine quickly and i can understand A certain kind of simplistic thinking thinking. It's rush like oh. The corona virus appears in suddenly a year later. We have a vaccine. Don't forget this isn't the first corona virus. This isn't the first virus with the specific spike like proteins that it has a you know what the spike like proteins were present on another variants exam and fact an mri. Rene sars vaccine was being developed by. I dunno moderna pfizer and ronson and johnson years ago. They had tone of research on how to beat this shit and then when this happened the worst version of this might like proteins attached to a sars virus. They had a ton of resources piled onto them so of course they got through testing. Way faster right. Nah i think. I've said it before. And i'll say it again. This vaccine was able to use ten years of research data to be to be put into a usable form like the sars outbreaks from a decade ago. People had been working on a vaccine like this since those outbreaks. I just can't put myself in a something. What's crazy to me too quickly to something being wrong with society but to be where we are and see that happen and not feel intense pride That this was developed so quickly and debris so well and instead to think that's a crazy conspiracy theory because i'll be honest with you. The vaccines new. Am i telling anyone. It's one hundred percent safe absolutely not nothing you put in your body as one hundred percents if you can choke to death on an apple and that's probably we're likely than you. Having a negative a life threateningly negative outcome the cova nineteen maxine the amount of processed sugar we ingest on a daily basis. Just from the fact. There's sugar in god damn everything produced in the us. I'm not gonna put some unsafe vaccine in my body now. Where's my mango flavored. Jewel pods. yeah or just a slice of bread. Our brand is so much sugar in it. Compared to the bread from the rest of the world. I mean the way we eat in the way we live is so disharmonious the fact that we the fact that we we won't put a vaccine in our body do the also. We should be proud of this unbelievably small chance that you would have a significantly negative outcome from having this brand new cutting edge vaccine. Put in your body incredible. We should be proud that the incidences is very low because the polio and smallpox and even the the anti i think at the time they called antitoxins for diptheria. All of that stuff worked but it was way more likely to give you a negative physical outcome and state local federal governments still said. You had to get it right now. Like the polio vaccine. I believe it's polio My mom still has a dent in her right arm. Yeah polio scar fr. The polio scar. And like the fact that there's nothing physically scarring about this vaccine is like insane to me At a point. I've been i've been somehow trying to bring up. I don't know whether to be sad about this. Or what but all it took for the polio vaccine to catch fire among the populace was elvis. Taking it unlike national television is it sad. We don't have a unifying celebrity to like to unify us in all getting the vaccine or is it sad that it took a celebrity in the past getting it to make people take the polio vaccine. There's a lot of layers to this. I mean i live here. Rodriguez couldn't get people to do it. So who can i feel like. I watched her hot ones episode high. Actually don't really know who she is. Maybe i didn't watch your hot ones episode. But i'm just saying get vaccinated obviously but also and this is maybe the the dark calculus that we might do and we always have to do. What's in the best interest of our neighbors. We never want to hurt anybody. But is there ever a time where there's an implicit understanding and society of like if someone's not vaccinated kinda tough luck which we can't really because they're you know there's a lot of the population that can't get vaccinated for perfectly good reasons snowy exactly that a sentiment. I see ost often. And the austin sub read among these new wave concerns as well fuck them 'cause they're not vaccinated so it's their fault and then somebody underneath them as like. Hey children under twelve exist or the immune immuno suppressed immune compromised exist or people who literally are allergic. Vaccines are not allergic. But adv preconceived Preexisting conditions where they can't get vaccines those people exist all of the people who are protected by herd immunity exist and are endanger. So it's not fuck all the people who are on vaccinated. It's buckled the carpet. Perfectly viable for the acceded vaccine perfectly viable for the back seen population. Fuck them but let's protect the children and the immunosuppressed immuno-compromised and the people with preexisting conditions. I mean the only moral thing to do is to try to get hurt immunity right which honestly is still a dice. Roll like yes in a perfect world herd. Immunity would work. But we're comparing that to like the flu. A viral disease a virus that we've studied for decades. We still have no evidence that herd immunity would work for corona buyers. But if the people who can get back. I don't get that sonate will never be able to study that. Yeah i'm just saying get vaccinated guy suggests please had you seen back senate and you know what get vaccinated and you don't have any ground to stand on when you say that people cannot mandate you get the vaccine either from a governmental body or from your employer. There's legal precedent now for both and also so this is very targeted but anyone. Who says that asking. If you're vaccinated is a violation of hippo is a real moron of anyone can ask you anything about your personal medical history. It's up to you if you wanna ask your doctor. Hiding behind. hippo is stupid. Yes because hippo is a complicated law the only part people really seem to remember. Is that if your healthcare provider provides information without your explicit consent than it's a hippo violation your employer can ask you if you're vaccinated and they got a negative action against you if you refuse to answer particularly if you live in a An a state like texas and no absolutely. Yeah no. i looked up all of my rights before i submitted my vaccination proof to my employer and i realized i didn't really have grounds to stand on because we're an at will state and i could be let go from literally any reason. Yeah it's a good and bad at will mostly bad ninety eight percent bet. I honestly feel like my company is going to be a real Mud it's i think it's going to be a real bad time when people go back to the office because people are being briefed on. Here's how you navigate the difficult conversations. Where because they're not mandating. Vaccines are not asking for proof. And the like. This is how you can help your employees get over difficult conversations. I'm like i'm. I'm gonna fight people when we get back to the office. Now you're gonna find yourself if if your experiences anything like mine your first week back. You're gonna feel like a caged animal. You're gonna feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You're going to feel uncomfortable with people walking up to you talking you. It's going to be a real bad time. And then just through attrition. it's gonna get better but then if your experiences like mine or going to face a new wave and suddenly all of the protocols are gonna come back except they're not going to allow more work from home and you're gonna be screaming in your head every day when you go in. Why the faulk in my ear. I mean i. I think the the two things that i feel from that are statistically highly unlikely for someone who is vaccinated against cova tablet symptomatic cova case. But i also my pessimistic brain is telling me that. As cases a bad cases among the unvaccinated continue hospitals are stressed. Were all just going to have the unpleasant feeling of working through the corona virus never got sent tall keep all the all the weird precautions because To be perfectly honest with you. I'm very comfortable talking to people. Like i shed this like i shed my fear very quickly once i was vaccinated which is not right. I still wear a mask around people. Good no. I'm glad to hear that because that's something that i wrestled with for a long time after getting back so needed and now i'm back to wearing a mask in public and i feel like why do they ever not wear a mask in public. I don't understand where that thinking gained from for me. I mean there was a wild two week period just live and raw talking to people. No mask went to a bunch of bars. And i'm glad i survived that I don't know it's gonna be weird. And also a lot of companies like walking back their work from home policies now and A trend we've had on the podcast is don't let people forget what you one during the year and a half of your life. That was a little stressful horrible time. You could imagine if you can you know if you live in and that will state you might not have a lot of options because i absolutely one the ability to work from home and now i've succeeded that for the sake of keeping the study paycheck. I mean i just think that we need to bring back something that existed in full in full force during the first two to three months of the pandemic which is just whistle blowing tattling publicly shaming your employer. It's going to have less sting now. Yeah it'd be. A lot of people would get fired if they tried. I don't know there was that period right. At the beginning where workers rights. It was so good. Yeah it was great man. My company was given a bunch of people bonuses for nothing just because they were so upset. It was great. I mean there's still a little bit of that going around 'cause like so for a hypothetical example. Let's say a company loses a bunch of people because they force people back into the office and the people who left one to work from home other people who were still with the company might receive random raises for seemingly no reason with the underlying intent to keep you there. I'm not saying that happened to anyone in this podcast. This is a hypothetical while congratulations in something. That's something interesting. That's happening. And i think i hope that everyone takes advantage of is your employers. Never been weaker as we return to the office. i think a recent study was done that fifty. Three percent of people in the workforce currently are either considering or actively changing their careers Something called the great resignation is happening. in a purely hypothetical example not drawn from my own company mass attrition Is happening across a lot of companies and my company. I mean this hypothetical company has not responded with random raises because of the way their pay structure is set up which is a shame. But i know that there is significant pressure and The workforce kind of has their employers by the throat a little bit and we have to realize how powerful that is Hypothetically someone could have been called into a meeting and asked if they'd consider leaving if they had to go back to the office and they said yes It's it's an interesting time. It's a super interesting time. I without a personal. This podcast might have had multiple conversations with their boss where they've Rejected taking on more responsibility even with the dangling carrot of bonuses and pay raises and that person hypothetically might have received a pay raise regardless. It's a people wanna keep you. Everyone's changing jobs. And even if you're someone who's lucky enough to have been offered a new position employers I forget where i was reading this. I wish i could give you a source. But i think across the board out of surveyed human resources professionals for the most part all companies are anticipating paying their employees more in two thousand eight hundred eighty. Two this is because they want to keep them. Yeah so remember. A while back during that election When like the minimum wage was a national hot button issue and we were trying to increase it the fifteen dollars an hour and then Certain people get elected and they walked at their positions they had during the election and it was a real bummer and disappointment and nothing ever really came of that. But hey at least all that college debt cancelled right okay. Cough will now due to sheer sheer sheer worker What's the word not wanting to pull up with bullshit attitude. The national minimum wage is rising regardless. Yeah i mean if people are going to mandate it from federal or state level. People just won't work. I mean there's there's this myth and actually amazingly appears to be a myth that is perpetuated on tick talk turns her. I don't know if you know this is like a surprisingly more right wing place than you think it is. Oh wow if invaded there to cough cough But there's a there's a there's a right wing contingent on on talk in a lot of They're just kinda. I'll i'll call them stupid teens. don't really know what's going on There's a there's a a theme where people are using the phrase no one wants to work anymore etc and not true people. Just don't want to put up with shady working conditions anymore. And you see things like if we're talking locally P terry's has raised. Its minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. In and out as roma's it's i guess. These are burger places in and out his -rageous minimum wage. To fifteen dollars an hour. Chipotle fifteen dollars an hour food service across the board is increasing To fifteen dollars an hour and weirdly enough. These menu items aren't increasing in price. I don't know what's go on what was happening with. There's only two vendors there's only. There's only two in and outs a money and fast food. How much i pay for burger is how much person get paid. Not not huge. Ceo bonus not stock buy backs. It's not like when. I pay thirteen dollars for a fucking burrito bowl. Seven dollars of that goes to some shit head executives bonus. Now it's just what people get paid But yes minimum. Wage rising across the board starbucks is actually offering Full tuition reimbursement. For people to work at starbucks i tied to become a barista and then suddenly go back to school. Gonna get my phd and service caramel. Makihata unusually pitched covered. Yes for the sake of the joe. All right. yeah gonna get one hundred and twenty five hundred dollars of debt. I wanna ask you a question. Related to employers. Mandating maxine cz. Yes have you heard what the nfl is doing No i this is my surprise. You not a big football guy. I am tangentially always connected the football. Because it's the only thing new orleans and you had that brief stint of time playing for the falcons. Oh now what. The the falcons of all teams. You could have made any other fucking team. You ask you drifted. No i never played for the falcons kennedy thing. Classic henry think denying his short stint was a dirty bird. Can't fly of a broken wing. i i am. I have to say that. I'm just saying you were a defensive forward for the atlanta falcons. They're still such possession possession they created. Here's the situation in the nfl of covet in regards to mandating vaccines. They are staunchly. Mandating that every player get back stated to the point that if any outbreak of corona virus happens for your team like if say in any given week one team can't play because of a corona virus outbreak that is an automatic four fit for that team and then neither team who didn't play gets paid. Oh that's huge at the weird thing to me that's happening right now is some of the older players are considering retirement in favor of getting the vaccine so you would rather miss out on millions of dollars for playing a fun little game physically intense and physically old ruins your life. Potentially i know it's crazy. It's just easy to go for. It's hard playing sports as hard Especially cheerleading not as hers cheerleading. Those they don't get any respect and if you've ever seen any documentaries they have the most the most injuries per sport. Yeah there's really you athletes okay. It might be better depends on which cheerleaders you're talking about the cheerleaders for the atlanta falcons are pretty good. But that's because about the god damn out gins they do take out guns and shoot the kneecaps of the art to the game you keep bringing up the only team in the nfl. I am concur contractually obligated to eight. What about the ravens. You like the baltimore ravens. I have no actually. Hey here's a cool fact about the ravens One of their their best defensive players went to my high school and her tired so he's no longer there but are we still have a jamboree in his honor every year I knew someone from louisiana and she will maybe was his was one the ravens sister. I dunno. I dunno a long time has passed since the baltimore. Ravens flew to king's landing king's landing again. Anyway you were saying something about shit. I don't know so weird. Why yet to circle back to your point in the face of millions of dollars in the contract. You sign to get this paycheck. You would rather retire early in four that money. Get a simple jab in the arm. Be kind to add a commission for like a day and a half. If that that's insane to me. I mean if I don't know if they can do this. The covert vaccine is intramuscular. Right like it's injected into a muscle. It's injected into the arm and the arm is muscle in it. I'm just saying. I don't think it's intravenous. I think john directly into like a deltoid muscle so what you could do is just to make the nfl players more comfortable you could inject it into like glued or thigh in the locker room like just have their buddy do it. Oh dear yeah sailing gear. Yeah i'm just saying It's strange for an nfl player to take a hard line. Stance not getting injected with a strange substance. Yeah it's very very weird that now. They're coming together and taking a stand on this. When no one would stand and very few people i would say not. No one very few people would stand with column. Capper nick about police brutality. Or rather i suppose. Do the opposite of stand Metaphorically stand it is i mean the nfl blackballed colin kaepernick. Who was by all measures at fantastic football player mediocre best. But yeah it was good i was not i was listening to the thing where they said like given his time in the nfl he was actually quite good. They can't all be drew brees. No we have reached his likeness again. He retired with only one ring. It's a travesty. Maybe you'd have more rings if he played near the end of the sentence anyway. I'm just saying some teams are bad but it's not important. We're we're about to be but it's not important anyway anyway. No super interesting. The nfl all organizations are taking the towing the line and saying like. Get back sedated. Or else they of all people could be like. We don't wanna be political about this. Yeah we listen. Just get vacs because it. I mean it's the same reason why people like to blasi or mandating that that's city workers get vaccinated. And why gavin newsom is making a city workers get vaccinated it's because the outcome of people not getting vaccinated and things having to shut down again is stress to these organizations. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Yeah so i if we take this from the lens that i always loved to take things like if this is the elitist corporate elite like the people who actually have fuckin- money in the world shutting. The economy is the easiest way to hurt them. So what are they want right now. Vaccinations and so. If you wanna stick it to this like the people who you know the shadow cabal or whoever you think like all the conspiracy theorist out there should be on the side of the vaccinations. Yeah i mean. Six months ago. These people were like we played right into their hands. Everything shut down because of fear and now because you're afraid to get a vaccine shits about to shut down again. Yeah but the people that you hate the shadow government the lizard people through the rich people. You hate the rich. That's the underlying principle not parties. Nothing aside you don't like the people in power and that's the rich because we are a defacto oligarchy. If you wanna speak to them. I guess don't get vaccinated. I that's not the takeaway that i wanted to make. But that's where i am because they're the ones who are pushing the neck scene because they want the economy to stay open i want. I'm pushing the vaccine. Because i want everyone to not fucking so wait is doing. We're walking away from this. Podcast with is if you hate the lizard. People don't get vaccinated. I don't. I didn't want that to be the message but that's where i ended up. I'm sorry. I suppose you know what i'll take a stance if you're the kind of person who's decision to get vaccinated or not is actually hinged upon your belief in a in a global lizard or whatever And not based on you being immunosuppressive immuno-compromised or having any other pre existing condition that would preclude you from vaccinated. Don't get vaccinated with you. Not being vaccinated survive in fact right now. Yeah i mean it. All hails back to a psychology professor had in college. He says that who said nobody ever really changes their mind. People just kind of die off yes of all the conspiracy. Theories don't get vaccinated than end up having covert and die off. Maybe it's a better place. I don't know i mean we're just speaking purely a hypotheticals. At this point yeah no the the takeaway i want people to have is to get vaccinated because it helps more people. Yeah if you weren't lodging you to be part of society you should get vaccinated. The weird logic i was trying to employ was if you don't like the global elite you should want to get vaccinated because it would hurt them but then not on logic myself out of the argument and so on going to abandon it now so i think if you'll permit me. I think that we can summarize the feelings of zero credits. Podcast annette is that there is a lizard manolete and you should not get vaccinated. I mean yeah. I guess listen. We're not happy about it either. No you don't like that. This is this is the conclusion we do. But you know we're open to changing our minds eye. I dipped my towel into the conspiracy waters. Try to understand their mindset. Was and i ended up making their argument for them and now i feel dirty. Well i mean you know there's a there's a silver lining to any cloud and playbook we're gonna there's a diary of a wimpy kid And after this we have a series of mushroom derived virility pills that you can buy on our website. It's eighty dollars a bottle You can buy our patriots preparation meals. they're dehydrated meals. That are number three home phone. Yeah there's a there's there's a freedom phone it's like get your own jitter jitterbug but the lizard. Men can't hackett whatever. I don't like this line and we just took okay. I'll tell you on different thing. Actually do you want. Do you wanna be okay. I'll give you an option. Do you want to be like an alex. Jones e. pragmatic right wing. Or do you wanna be a health and wellness meditation. Yoga wing kook. I'd rather shoot myself. You'll listen if you buy twelve week. Yoga package you will have the immune defences to reject covert nineteen from your body and you have an hey. Ranks are twenty five dollar a bottle raw water so that you don't drink water contaminated with feces a vaccinated people. How the market works. Okay i get it. You wanna be alex jones or joe. Rogan bows very notable austin. Podcast unfortunately yes you. We can also go to space now now. I don't want any of this. Stop it. I just costs players astronauts or you can buy our vaccine feces yoga or you can buy mushroom supplements like any of this. I don't like it. Why did i might tone to the conspiracy water. I knew it was gonna corrupt me. Oh you plan. As a matter of fact by our conspiracy water it's a reverse. what's that guy's name achilles. Yeah it's a reverse achilles you dip. You're telling and you're all you're all vulnerable every part of you except for the to-you dipped in. That's enroll invulnerable soon. Have a very liberal. Three freethinking to- rest of you just a vitamin supplement. The rest of you is just a pointless vita shit. The joe rogan pushes brain alphabrain. Okay not too. I know that you had a moment. Dipping your toes and conspiracy theorist land. But let me tell you. Alphabrain works in that. I don't know when i took alphabrain. I felt like. I took an outer all on an empty stomach and became very manic for about forty five minutes. I'm too drunk to know if you're messing with me or not. I mean it's absolutely true that i tried it. I saw this hold on. Hold on rewind. Yeah you took. Alphabrain took alphabrain win. Like a no right after covert started so really really. Good time to try a psychoactive substance that the fda didn't review. I have a series of questions. Do you mind asking them. And then we can wrap up. I mean you can buy it in any grocery store what's up. Why did you decide to try it. So it's made by a company called on it who actually make a pretty cool supplements and they. They're in austin company. I actually like on it quite a bit. It's a shame. The joe rogan is a so involved in them. But i was like. I'd like to try something to increase focus also consistently advertised by one of my favorite podcasters mr pete holmes From the you made it weird. Podcast so i decided to try it. I don't respond well to adderall like substances. Okay okay okay. That kind of covers all of my question. Okay good my follow was. You'll be like you. Listen to joe rogan. But you answered that with the pete. Holmes bit which beat homes phenomenal person comedian and consummate host. I mean i listened to the joe rogan podcast. Let me say this isn't grocery stories what you said you could get it in a grocery store bring. It's just a supplement. It's just made from mushrooms and shit. Where's the from what i'll the surreal supplement. I'll supplemental for those of you. Who didn't hear. Because i kept shouting. John said suffer. Supplement i'll The supplement island but. I do think that not to not to cloud anything on. It is actually a cool company. And they're they're alphabrain stuff. Works cry decide with joe rogan. It's not for me. It makes me feel very tinguely and manic but it certainly works as a person who's only drug has ever been alcohol. I don't. I don't know i'm very interested in cyberspace island. I'd say that it's the farthest thing you could get from. An actual like for real psychoactive compound will the never mind. It's not gonna do anything fun for you. It's just gonna make you feel like you took half an adderall stomach and just feel like pretty focused but tang liang unpleasant thing that you prophesized. When i revealed i was drinking. Liquor is quickly coming true. Yeah it is it. Listen it happens. I'm i'm a scientist. If nothing else you revealed in the zero hour that you took alphabrain and that is triggered a bunch of shit in my head that i wanted to talk about. It didn't need to go on the podcast but it's good that it did. I'm sorry henry. I've also taken a lot of other drugs. We could talk about on future. Podcast episodes a. We're about to go on a beach trip august. Maybe we take this off. Line of understandable. It's also my birthday month okay. I'm not nah okay. No okay All right i want the takeaway. I don't know if we establish this. If this was a paper and i was grading as like a grad school person solid d. I take to get the vaccine. Yeah the takeaway. I think it's a d plus get the vaccine unless you believe in lizard people right because we wanna kill who people say that. I might upset the quiet out loud. Listen don't speak no I dunno get the vaccine. It's free right it's free. We both win through it. I chose speaking to my personal self. I had two days of like soreness and kind of like flu like symptoms. But i was able to take the day off and be fine. John's niagara to speak his experience. Yeah unfortunately i did pass out. And i woke up in a military hospital and is rona a horn but thankfully i can now refer to myself as punished john right exactly and so one of us has an eye patch now won't reveal who it's an audio only medium i'm also inexplicably voiced by kiefer sutherland. Actually it is explicable but you have to play through my one hundred and forty hour long life to see why way there was a reason why they replaced david. Hey with kiefer. Sutherland i can. I can ruin the phantom pain for you after we stop recording. Okay all of this assay is get the vaccine and now i'm going to go into our social media plugs with no transition that work for your works for me if you wanna ride in with your acceptance. We only want to hear good things. Send us a tweet on twitter dot com at z. Cpc w.h jay. Which john knows what stands for yes. Give me one second. Give me one second. I'm giving zoning. Crime probable cause council. Witness hearing jurisdiction. 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