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"George W. Bush, when he was handed The White House by 5 Republican appointees on the Supreme Court, the nation's airline security system was in private hands, but they blew it. The privates of these little private security companies that were running our airport security with basically minimum wage labor, they failed to stop 9 11. So Bush just nationalized the whole thing. Created a new federal agency is called the transportation security administration, the TSA. That was that. He also partially nationalized the nation's airlines. He created the air transportation stabilization board that traded $10 billion in loans to airlines in crisis in exchange for the company's stock. We, the federal government, we ended up holding 7.6 million shares of U.S. airways, 18.7 million shares of America west airlines, 3.4 million shares of frontier airlines, 1.5 million shares of American trans air and 2.4 million shares in world airways. This was under George W. Bush. In 2008, when Newt Gingrich's ending glass steagall caused the crash of our real estate and banking system in 2008, the Bush administration, nationalized the nation's two largest mortgage lenders, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae. They held 40% of all U.S. mortgages. We nationalized them. The Bush administration, again, conservative Republican administration, then additionally nationalized a 77% share of AIG, 36% share of Citigroup, 73% share of GMAC. Obama came into office in 2009, Chrysler and GM were on the brink of collapse. He nationalized General Motors. We bought 60.8% of that company. And then he re privatized it four years later in 2013. We went through a similar process with Chrysler. So bottom line, yes, we, as a government, as a country, we know how to buy industries and how to put them back on track and how to get them worry. How do you know when we bought. Rick wagoner was the CEO of General Motors at the time. And we fired him. We the federal government. We bought the company. We fired at CEO because he was such a jerk. He was dating. He was blatantly operating in his own interests rather than the interests of either the company or the country. Or at least that was the opinion of many of the people who oversaw firing him. So this time, we're not just trying to save our banks. We're not just trying to keep our schools intact through a COVID crisis. We're not fighting World

transportation security admini air transportation stabilizati George W. Bush American trans America west airlines U.S. airways Republican administration Bush administration frontier airlines General Motors White House Supreme Court federal government Newt Gingrich
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"David Mosby, a host. Glad to have you along with us. Got For vets in the studio is going to kind of just go around from my left For those of you watching him on the radio from my left to my right and just have you guys introduce yourself. Make sure your mix on just introduce yourself real quick, doesn't Yes. My name is Dustin. There it is. My name is Dustin and I was in the Army. 2000 and 6 to 2000 and 10 and I served in Iraq and 2000 and 7 to 2000 and eight So one deployment there? Yes. All right. Um Rick Wagoner, Um from screen P A served in the military from 2000 and 62,019 did three tours direct 6089 10 11 12. Bully United States Marine Corps name pneumonia like that. I like that served from 6 4010 to Iraq. Uh, 78 was first one Do lab. Iraq's second one was outside Fallujah and start Tampa 2000 and 2009. And across deck, which Afghanistan 2000 and 9 2010. Helmand province announced that you said Marines. Yes, you two guys were both army. Did I get there? Yes. Okay. Okay. Kevin Stein, United States Army Airborne, from 99 to 2000 and eight. I served in Iraq in 2000 and three and Afghanistan in 2000 and 603 that was early on. Yes, it was, um so let's just let's talk about 9 11 specifically for minute. Kevin's The Old man in the room. He was already well. You know, it's an honest program. We run here. Uh, You are already in the army at the time. Where were you? Stationed When 9 11 happened, I was stationed in either of which Stein, Germany. What? What was the mood like? What was the first word? You got the first time You saw the images? I remember. I was going down to the barracks. Um, to get somebody come up for a vehicle tomorrow poor and when I got into the barracks Everybody was surrounded around the T V. And my first thought was like, what are these guys doing? They're just wasting time. And I went and looked, and that's when the second plane hit. And it was shock. It was just Whoa! Did we really just see that it's just really happening? And then within hours were drawn weapons out of the arms room and And getting on posts and And taking guard duty. Um, it was pretty surreal because You never got Issued live ammunition before and here they were. Issuing us live ammunition and locked and loaded at the gates. So it was pretty sure he'll Oh, so you deployed Oh, three, and we get deployed. Where into Iraq were about the, uh, Once we got into Baghdad. We stayed in Baghdad. Okay, so you went straight to Baghdad. And how long were you there? 11 months. What are you doing? Um, our main mission was to get the leftover ammunition that the Iraqi army had left behind. Um and stock pilot. Would you do if you stop pilot? That was when the O D came and blew it up. They had They got the fun part. They got the funding. We got to go in and out of Baghdad and pick it up from houses to Just off the road anywhere. It was anywhere. Intel came that there was ammunition supply left over. We wouldn't picked it up. Got you. How old were you are the guys when uh or what? Greatest school Whatever. Reference would not 9 11 happened. I was in 10th Grade 10th grade holy living 9/9 grade, and I was in ninth grade young kids in here. Um When did you first hear about it? Dustin? When a Christian class Nelson school I was in Arizona, so it was early in the morning when I was waking up for your school, and I saw it on the television. And, uh, When I saw the second plane, um At this immediately thought that it was I said it was a kamikaze attack because it reminded me of planes during Pearl Harbor. And I didn't know how true that was at the time, but I just felt there's Deep terror inside myself. In that was you talked about that earlier before the show started about it was what? It was The time you decided this was it for me. I got to go. Right? Yeah, I grew up. Um, my grandfather was in the army and, uh, nine of my Grandmother's brothers were in the military, and they served in World War two. And my grandfather served in Korea. So I kind of always wanted to be a soldier. But when that happened, um that's when a deep burning desire inside of me really started. And I joined Uh, About a year after my senior year in high school. Well, no. Ninth graders Way back 20 years ago, the ninth graders today probably little bit different. Um But prior to 9 11, we get it backed up to 9 10. You mentioned you'd always kind of wanted to be. In the military. But was there something else? Anything else that And crossed your mind. I'd like to go do this or try that or go there. The normal things. Racecar driver, Okay. Ramon wanted to be Rick's car driver. He's still working on it. Yeah, professional athlete. Uh, what sport Pretty much any sport that would accept me. It was just, uh chance. Um, I was really good at basketball is really good at baseball and football. So I mean, I was still I was really into. Yeah, really Humble, Um At least I thought I was good at these. I was really small, though It was like £130 and probably five ft eight at the time, so it was really difficult for me. So sports related Red race car. Some kind of professional sports. Yeah, also, um Had a desire to be a pastor when I was a kid, which I don't feel like most people have that desire. I didn't when I was in ninth grade, extremely that Okay, so you did have other things that you could have done. And were interesting to you. Yes. 9 11 sealed the deal. Yeah. At that time, I was, uh I was actually working at a car dealership. Um, in ninth grade, Not in ninth grade, but later on in my senior year, Um and I was making extremely good money, You know, And I remember sitting down with the recruiter and he was trying to, uh Figure out how to price me into this thing, and I'm like you don't depress me and you're not. You're not making sense. Your math is not adding up to how much I'm making right now is a 19 year old to what The military is going to pay me. You know, like you don't even have to do this. I just want to I want to join So When you think now. 20 years later. And obviously so much has happened in your life, having served PTSD beyond party. By the way, all four of these guys have been or are currently at, uh, residents in our program at Camp. So who are a lot of difficulties ensued. PTSD part of that. The difference between 1/9 grader watching all that and thinking I need to go do something about that versus 20 years later having been there done that. What changes in your mind. I don't know. I've been through a lot after serving in the military and Sometimes it crosses my mind, You know, especially some of the hurt that I put my family through, Um And You know, the friends I've lost and just all of those things. And I think like what? I take it back, you know, even even with all of the different difficulties that have had over the last 10 or 12 years. Um, losing my family and all that stuff. Uh, And I would have to say no. I'm going to really good place right now, and I've had the ability to help out a lot of veterans, including at the PTSD Foundation. Well, and we're going to have to run to break here. But I don't know if you saw it from where you're at, But just men go during the course of the weekend. Lots of images of 9 11. When you saw those What was your reaction today? Versus 20 years ago. It still gives me a shock in my chest. You know, they seem the same feeling I had. It almost brings tears to my eyes, almost you know, and the service to country is a A really big aspect of this for me. You know what I feel like there's a greater honor. Really a lot of great Americans paid the ultimate sacrifice. And, uh we'll talk to some other guys who paid a high high price.

David Mosby Kevin Stein Baghdad Rick Wagoner Arizona Fallujah Dustin £130 2000 Kevin PTSD Foundation Rick Ramon Korea United States Army Airborne 2009 World War two two guys 11 months tomorrow
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"Welcome back to anything is possible. I'm Jack Russell with Jim Taylor and from 2000 and 5 2000 and he was president. Of General Motors. Cadillac Jim, How did that ever happen? Probably. Yeah, theme here. Jack was a lucky guy. So the right place at the right time and Cadillac was, as you know, now in the review mirror and in the beginnings of and then now has played out over a lot of years Renaissance to change their overall brand, positioning all of the product lineup and, uh, regain, you know, frankly, the ground that had been lost over decades as, uh, The Europeans had moved into town and taking over a lot of that luxury space that kind of like once owned, So it was a fabulous time to be a Cadillac. Work for a great guy, Mark Lunev. That allowed me to have that position. Frankly, John Smith some other great supporters at that time, Rick Wagoner that, uh, a little bit different coming from the product and the enduring side to take over that area, as opposed to sales side, So I came in there for perspective. But it was a wonderful time introducing all of the new vehicles to the dealers and also expanding internationally as we Went at that time, also into China and opened up all our business there so Met another side of the business. And, you know just a comment Jack that a lot of people, especially this town, because it's the auto town. Live and you know, sort of head up one vertical. We started manufacturing and you're right to the top of the manufacturing tree or starting finance end up ahead of finance. But in my case, I was again fortunate that I moved around a lot of the different areas of the business and during Purchasing and then in the slightest area sales and marketing, which is a different space and really enjoyed it, But a lot of fabulous dealers that are still personal friends today and that time, of course, Skylark was rocking and rolling, Great music Super Bowl. It was a really wonderful time to be a Cadillac. Are you carried? Mark? Let the truth be known. So exactly Beaver Town, Pennsylvania be maybe he'll finally admit that now, but, uh, we're talking to Jim Taylor. Is a most fascinating chap with a phenomenal resin. Speaking of which You, then go and become the CEO of Hammer. Talk about that chapter. Well, you know, as your show highlights, uh, I thought that that was maybe, uh, an opportunity for the impossible, but We gave it everything we had to save the brand. Because at that time I first started it was, uh, again doing extremely well. But you think of it today, Jack. And the contrast of the Times we're now with electric vehicles becoming Everywhere and every O m announcing their aggressive moves to the electric across the board while you go all the way back to that point in time, you know that Hummer. Unfortunately, it was a poster child of of course, abuse and non green. And so even though we're many other vehicles that they were competitive with land Rovers, jeeps and others that exactly the same fuel economy emissions that Hummer unfortunately took on the responsibility to be the poster child, so under a lot of pressure GM, of course, as you now know, it decided to shut the brand down. So just while I was there, the party ended abruptly, and then we moved to attempting to save the brand and something to find owners for it. Ironically, as life goes in circles, of course, also It turned out that we had sold it to a Chinese company that had all intentions of buying it, And we went through a long process working with GM, of course, to make that happen. And at the very last second week before we closed, they backed out so Unfortunately, brand had to be closed. It was quite a sad day for hundreds of Hummer dealers very sad day for Hummer owners and very sad day for me, so that marked the end of my GM time and decided again, Uh, in concert with Rick, Check out then. Go explore alternative 2nd and 3rd and 4th careers When you went to Hummer and you came home and said, Honey, we have to get rid of the Cadillacs in the graduate and we got to. You got to be driving the Hummer. How did you sell that? Well, you may be surprised, Jack, but actually, that might have been the best day of my wife's life. She loved her Hummer. You couldn't rip her hands off the wheel and long after I left Palmer alarm after we shut the brand down. She drove that H two into the ground. We finally had to, uh, again, tear her hands off and sell it. She loved the brand. She loved the, uh, you know the brand attitude itself, but also the vehicle and, uh, we had great times with not her, not only my wife, but also the kids and their Hummers. So it was. It was a good time and a good era. And to have that vehicle, So it's great now, GM So of course, bring it back and and, ironically going from one extreme, the other as electric vehicles made quite a statement now being the opposite of what, unfortunately caused its early death. All right, let's go to 2010 and you become a pioneer. In the electric vehicle. The space uh you were one of the early ones and you go to work for what course group. Okay. The CEO then board member. Talk about that shipped Er after leaving Jim right after Homer had decided, right? What do I do? Go back into traditional auto space for steel suppliers, other auto manufacturers what to do, and Again. This looks smart. Now, 10 years later, but 10 years ago. The CV space you know, wasn't nearly as established or good looking as it is today, but that's all right. I think it is going to be an area that become an expert in or to get involved in. It's going to have a lot of opportunity. But also it was kind of wild west and some agree it still is. As you know, there are no clear winners. You know which way is it going to go? Might not go at all. Like, come and go like it has in some other times growing away way back to the IV one time so that this will be, uh, fun. And I said, like, kind of Wild West for a while, and, uh, So I jumped into a really, really small startup and has big company guys. We we spent her life in in their pros and cons of large companies. But I thought, Let's go to the other extreme and go down to a pure, really small start up and see what that's like. Unlike a big company, so almost from one extreme together And hooked up with a small team in Cincinnati, and we grew what was originally called AMP. Electric Vehicles. And then eventually as we bought one of the units of Navis star, then we turned that into workhorse and off. We went into the commercial truck business, so I call it, Jack. Good cold shower, going all the way from the extreme of a huge company and you know huge budgets and huge teams and big brands to all of a sudden the other end of the spectrum. Where can't make payroll on Friday and have to take the garbage out yourself? That was a good cold shower after GM We're talking to.

Rick Wagoner Mark Lunev John Smith Jim Taylor 2010 Jack Russell 2000 Rick Cincinnati General Motors Jack Cadillac China GM Super Bowl Homer Cadillacs Mark 3rd 10 years later
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"That. Email. Stevens email should have done it, but I forgot it was going to play today. So Daniel, your organ is an oil analyst, and he's one of the smartest guys out there. Additionally, He's great historian of business, and he wrote the ultimate book on the entire history of the oil industry, and it's still It's called the prize, and it's still in print all these decades later, because if you care about the modern times and what actually Was the energy that propelled modern times its oil industry and he had it all. It's great stuff. But in this he's talking about the future for electric cars. And he goes just a decade and a half ago, CEO of General Motors Rick Wagoner. Observed Larry Burns that time head of GM research and strategy that not many industries stay the same for an entire century. But the automobile industry had so far been the exception. Gas fuelled run by internal combustion engines, four wheels. What's the carve the next 100 years going to look like now? Notice, he said a decade and a half ago. That was the exact same year. They'd asked me to write an outside review on hydrogen fuel cell cars that GM and I didn't take it as seriously as I should have. But I dashed off nine pages didn't even send it to my editor. So who knows how many mistakes were in it? But it basically was history of GM Alfred Sloan, the legendary chair of General Motors. While GM did have research and design studios on many things, Alfred Sloan wouldn't spend the money. As he kept telling his people. Sooner. Everybody else going to spend money on this stuff. And when they figured out will simply by the patent rights and make it a case in point. Safety glass. You know, everybody expects that on the car today, but people forget in the earliest days I had tempered glass. You could have an accident. And your glass shattered and you had massive glass shards all over you. So we knew. And remember this also in the day without really good roads, so you could be going down the road and your buggy. Here to mud pit on that dirt road after rainstorm, and you could twist the car and shattered the glass and when windshield So Sloane says somebody else. Let them spend the money on creating a glass of won't do that. And we'll by the patent rights. Well, it was the Ford Motor Company that came up with it. And GM simply started making it too. And that was hydrogen fuel cell cars going back to the story. Daniel Jurgen recently was talking to Wagner about that conversation, and Rick said I was asking if we were starting the auto industry today. How would it be different? Because we're fundamentally building the same product we made over 100 years ago. And so automakers is Daniel points at her committing tens of billions of dollars over the next decade to electric vehicle development. They're shifting a vast industrial and consumer ecosystem. There is so basic to the economy, this can do nothing but face big challenges. They said. The result, he says, the result of the share of new cars that wound up being EVs by 2030. Probably is going to be no more than 25%. If everything goes well. In any case, he talks about 2000 and eight and the first Tesla Roadster. He said. The time it looked like a novelty car, If you recall, I think it was a body by lotus and suspension, wasn't it? But he points out. It was also over $100,000. But here's how Tesla came to be. Five years earlier, a young electric vehicle enthusiast JB Stroble, had lunch with a guy named Elon Musk in Los Angeles. He was trying to pitch Elon Musk, uh, on an electric airplane. When Musk had no interest in that whatsoever, he switched over to electric car. The original idea championed by Thomas Edison more than a century ago. Here's the thing. Thomas Edison wanted great. A car for the masses. He's the one the first said that an electric car by the way. And here's electric battery was actually light years ahead of its time. Nothing like we have today, but it was light years ahead of its time. When he never got that electric car off the ground. Henry Ford, who would later become his friend stole his line about the car for the masses. Put it on his model T I digress. In 2000 and eight musk jumped on the idea. And some years later must said that without that luncheon that day, Tesla wouldn't exist Basically. That car was over 100,000 and it was a disaster. If you doubt that Google George Cloney comma Tesla comma type in the F word. And see if that car wasn't a disaster. That was a Reuters story by the way. In any case, the Nissan Leaf came out in 2010. It predated the Tesla. General Motors came out with the Chevy Volt. By the way, my paper talking about maybe hydrogen fuel cell cars might be a reality in 2050. But if you think you're bringing it to market and another five years that's not going to happen. Um, GM followed up that with the Chevy bolt with a B in 2016. In any case he talks about the V shift is, in fact picking up speed. The European Union's proposing tough regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from cars made or sold in Europe that effectively bans the sale of new cars. With internal combustion engines after 2035. That's right. You can dial down your mandate for missions out of automobiles, and you can make it where internal combustion engines can't perform that way anymore. California, Massachusetts of announced also dates they want to get rid of it. In Shanghai, China, They offer free license plates for if you buy what they call a new energy vehicle, an electric car. If you buy a gas powered car in Shanghai, you.

Rick Daniel Jurgen Thomas Edison Daniel Elon Musk Larry Burns 2016 2050 Europe Henry Ford 2010 Shanghai Stevens JB Stroble Los Angeles Rick Wagoner Musk General Motors Reuters 2030
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"Dates on them, and they're not co sign from by Carlos Goin. And they weren't put in front of the of the board of directors. In san and fact uh, Nissan has accused going of defrauding them of 165 million 140 of that figure, Uh, legitimately or not, was money that in fact going was never paid. It was deferred income because of that. 2010 lawn, Japan. When going, Uh, did this interview and may 21st was just published by the way a couple weeks ago. Lot of brainstorming was agreed to by two representative directors. Greg Kelly, and you guessed it, he wrote. Does Aikawa keep in mind what he accuses Carlos going of doing deferring income and not showing it on the statement as income currently Which is required by that 2010 Japanese law, rodeo psychology, did it for himself. And so he got run off from Nissan, too. They said these people came up with a document. That was a proposal. It was not execution all. In order for that document, have any force with the Nissan? It would have to be signed off by Carlos Goin, who was CEO of the time and then it would have to go to the board of directors and be voted on and passed. Coming up with a plan on how to deal with incomes and deferred incomes. Have no basis in reality until everybody countersign signs them and takes it to the board of directors and that's Carlos going position and you know something that's pretty good one. In any case, they say, given the scale of the losses, the damage Nissan's reputation There's a little difference between the scandal. We're moving the chairman to prevent Renault shareholders from exercising their rights to absorb the Japanese automaker and the most recent Toshiba scandal. And this happened, 2020. The company was in collusion with the government ministry. Meaty over in Japan. To suppress the rights of their foreign shareholders. That is, by the way, Japan's Ministry of Economic Trade and Industry When it was all said and done, they were talking about how they could keep from having to deal with these foreign shareholders. And so the real wealth of Toshiba would stay within itself. It is fraud against your shareholders. In fact, As much as the Japanese have given the world in terms of car quality and everything else and I don't want to take any of that away from them. They are, in fact, a pretty close to society. I got it. America is an open society. Blurb. There are a lot of people who wish we weren't but in fact, we are You know, Ultimately, a lot of what makes America great is best and the brightest want to leave wherever they're at and come here because they think being one of the best and brightest they would have a better life. And they would Renault has a 43% equity stake at Nissan. Nissan owns 34% of Mitsubishi and neither or No or Mitsubishi were informed before they put the plan into play to renew removed going. In spite of fact, he was over those companies to Again. Renault owns 43%, including voting rights in Nissan. Under Japanese law, you only have to own 35% of the company to have complete control over Nissan has 34% of Mitsubishi, which means one point away from controlling that company. That's an alliance figure. Nissan owns part of Renault, but they have no voting shares. Got it. And so one of the things are going points out is the management team that's running Nissan that really doesn't have much experience in the auto industry because all the experience left when he got arrested. That's not entirely true, but he makes some great points. Jose Munoz left for Hyundai Theory, Bellary left and went to Jaguar. Ah aren't a run by Asia, Head of human resources went with million euros over two Hyundai Vincent Coley, a former head of product development went to Peugeot Trevor Man Nissan Mitsubishi is purchasing and supply chief also went to Peugeot. Tony Thomas, the chief information officer, Joseph Peter, the chief financial officer. 34 years experience 25 G M Posse, their general counsel. And Jose Vowels, president, chairman of Nissan, North America. All those guys bailed to again not uncommon, remember? When, when, when general when the financial meltdown came, and General Motors and Chrysler were in deep financial trouble, the Obama administration told Rick Wagoner, CEO of GM, You gotta go. And when they got rid of Rick and brought in, um Not Ackerson. Uh, the guy that ran 18 T beforehand all the other guys that GM the next level, we're pretty much dismissed, too, even though they were actually probably the best people running GM that they've had in years decades. In any case around 40. People in senior management left Nissan So. Brian DeLaughter, a former vice president, Nissan North America refused to follow what he considered an illegal order on the day going was arrested, he was told. To go to Brazil break into Carlos Coins apartment in Rio and retrieve his safe for Nissan. But he had no warrants or anything to do that, and he wouldn't do it. And so we've got Kenneth Courtis. He is the chairman of Stanford Star Furred Investment Holdings, a former top strategists at Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. And he said, this whole operation was perfectly executed. But the success of what took place Depended on imprisoning going, breaking him psychologically and not allowing him public access to defend himself. So Nissan by the way this year, starting to outperform the problems they've had. A lot of the car companies are on the way to record or near record profits and Nissan's no exception. But they are smaller company then, when going was in charge. It's not say they wouldn't be a smaller company if he was still there. But where it is right now the narrative is shifted in Carlos Goins favor. There were issues with this from day one, which I pointed out there were issues from day one. And now we're going to a different level and the narrative shifts almost all The Carlos going side of it. I need caution, Everybody. Whoever controls.

Greg Kelly Jose Munoz Carlos Goin Rick Wagoner Tony Thomas Joseph Peter Renault Goldman Sachs Mitsubishi Deutsche Bank 43% Jose Vowels Nissan Carlos Jaguar 35% Chrysler 165 million Kenneth Courtis 34%
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"Every street corner in Dallas Fort Worth as a more risky uh, you're saying that I was out at your location of the day getting your aunt? Yes, you were, and I was thinking and I made fun of Jim, too. I said we ought to put in the ads plenty of customer parking. It's a great spot to park right now. That's right. But in essence, you had He really great month at all The locations last month? Yes. You just couldn't tell it by driving by the dealerships. Yeah, we'll drive him by a lion. She kind of tend to be focused on the fact This is what they're doing to the freeway. You're right. In fact, I was doing your head there. Jim showed up so but in any case, I want to get started because this is the 20th anniversary of The 9 11 attacks in American. I wanted to take a moment have a bit of reflection on it first. Tim Kimsey, who's in there, working with Lance, Now it's his wife's birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday, so Beck is off at a handicrafts. I don't know, Uh, seminar But it's her birthday. But 20 years ago, I was about to sign a contract here, K. L i f And and Bennett called me and he said, Yeah. Nancy can't come up from Houston. We can't sound the contract. And I said, what's going on, he said. The nation's under attack. And turn on the TV to Fox four. Just as the first tower collapsed. And we had had a guy in the nuts on K L I f Although by today's standards he was probably fairly rational and they just fired Tom Camp. And I called Bennett back and I said, do not bring in another one of these nuts to do afternoons. I'll handle it till the new guy you've hired shows up. It was about six weeks later. And it was really a tough six weeks of reporting. Jim, Where were you on that day morning. You know where I was at, and I was running late, and I had not had on my TV like man. I was listening to the ticket, but I turned it off. That's 13 10, and we own it, so we'll allow that. And you called me and said, What are you doing and run late to work? Have seen TV. No been listening to the radio. Well, earlier, I was And that's when you told me what happened. And so I went in and turned on the TV. And watched it and then, um, our partner Van Griffith in Granbury called me and we were both talking and that's when the second tower over the second plane hit the tower. All right, turn the TV off and went to work. Yeah, I mean, terrible day. In some ways, it changed America. Uh, even with the pandemic last year, which hit us everybody third week of Mark March. I remember. Specifically, I canceled all the ads on the show for a few weeks. Remember, and Dan asked, Why are you going to do that? And I said, because everybody's gonna be looking at what's coming next. And they're going to be going through their vendor file and I'm a friend. I don't want to be on the vendor file because they're all going to look at it this week. And so we cancelled everything which worked out well, because I think everybody else in radio certainly in the car show business had to lower their prices because I canceled my ads. But that being said In that period after you. We said that Jim for the balance of September Or the dealerships, not a But just a ghost village they were and I remember I went to work that day as soon as I got there. I went straight to the waiting room with all of our customers that were in there. And watch TV literally. Almost all day on and off all day. And you know for the Yeah, it was for the rest of the month. It was. It was like a dead calm. That's correct. In fact, one of the issues in that is you said you were watching TV as we all were. In fact, we were flipping channels because CBS might run a story every 20 minutes and trying to stay current. But CNN or ABC or NBC would be running something differently. So we tended to, especially the house flip around to get new news. Nobody. Called it the liberal media that day. It was just news. And it didn't matter where he got. It didn't matter whether it was Fox, CNN, NBC, ABC. That's great point. Nobody called it. The liberal media. It was probably the media's maybe finest hour. Maybe finest hour, man. Where were you When all this happened? I was in my car driving to work. Also listening to 13 10 was listening. Sports radio 13 10 the ticket, the gentleman Miller show. And, uh, no, No. We had Darrell and Carlo here. I wouldn't blame anybody for listening to the ticket. But go ahead anyway, That was what I was listening to at the time. And I remember I was sitting at the red light at Granbury Road tonight. 20 waiting to go into the highway and, you know, get on the highway and go to work and Um, I think it was George Dunham that Interrupted what they were talking about and said, Hey, guys, We just had a plane hit, Um, one of the towers in New York and I remember them talking about, you know, it's probably like some Amateur pilot or somebody that you know, doesn't know what they're doing, or it's a small plane and it was an accident. That's because we had a reference on it in a New York fog once I think it was a B 25 that actually flew into the Empire State building, you know that? No. Yeah, right after World War two and The plane was wedged into the Empire State building. So when the fog cleared, the plane was still wedged into the Empire State Building. Yeah. Anyway, Um the you know, so I didn't really know what to think. And I remember I was almost work and then the second plane hit and then they then they started talking about this is a terrorist situation. This is somebody's attacking us. And I went into the used car building and met with van. Um and we flipped on the TV and pretty much like Jim said. I mean, that's what we did that day. We didn't selling cars that day. We didn't see any cars that month. Don don was still in the car business. He was the manager of Find Chevrolet at the time and the rest of month. We didn't see any cars. No, we didn't. It was literally a dead calm and there was nobody stirring on our lot. They weren't at malls, either. Unless somebody told her car. I mean, it was just a very, very need basis Only again for three weeks in America. We were also stunned to the core. Nothing was happening. The administration was, in fact concern on two levels how to deal with the terrorist attack and the fact that the American economy came to a dead stop. People are forgetting one of the first things that President Bush said at the time was you need to go out and do your business is normal. And we weren't doing that. No, nobody was And so 9 11 leads to my very first column of the Forest Star Telegram. Do you remember what it was? Mm hmm. About 9 11. Yeah, it was indirectly. So Rick Wagoner saved the American economy. With role. What was it zero for 60 the first time Jim and was October 1st of 2000 and one and just like that the economy came to life again. I mean, did it It's Katie Bar the door. I mean, and it's one of the issues course issue with the pandemic. It's been differently, but it was one of the issues that 9 11 kind of permanently changing the car business. Jim back in the nineties to sell the Chevrolet sell a suburban if they were backing up on dealers, lights. You put $1500 on it, they'd all clear out. Correct once we did zero for 60. That would lead to employee discounts for everybody. In June of 2000 and 51 Point, we were at $11,000 on Tahoe's or something. Yeah, it was crazy. I mean, but I kind of started the big incentives that was kind of like the Breaking the ice. What units saved the economy. Nothing was happening in the economy anywhere And again, both of you all were in the car business at that time. How many cars did you guys sell in September of 2000 and one A bunch. I mean, it was September. No September terrible. It was all that's whatever you sold by by the 11th. Yeah, it's pretty much done. Yeah, maybe a trickle more few more, but, uh, none But when they are now set program October 1st. Yeah, it was. It was The exact opposite. It's like everybody had color to him again, and it was like they were rallying..

Rick Wagoner Tim Kimsey Darrell NBC CBS Fox Tom Camp Bennett George Dunham $1500 New York CNN Jim ABC Granbury Road Dallas Fort Worth Dan Lance $11,000 June of 2000
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"Us happens to help you through it. Close that one. Aren't you embarrassed at all that you second happens? Good water storms water around storms After got storms, Life happens. Michelle's happens to help you through it, 844. I got half of it right? And in my world that's a passing grade. That's a C That's almost a C minus. Yeah. What I got or passing? Yeah, Okay. I was happy with the C. Oh, gosh. I would not be happy with the C. I didn't really know I had a good friend of mine, Rick Wagoner said. He used to help me. Study goes, no matter you can study as hard when you're still going to get see. Really? Yeah, He was right. I'd come home. She's honest, Tommy. Tommy made okay grades, But Tommy never applied himself. I thought he was stupid. Then he goes off in the Navy, and he ends up being a medic and he's freaking genius. But if I ever came back with a B If I brought home a report car with a B on it, my dad would sit down and say what's going on? You know, he he wasn't mean. He was just saying, I expect more of you. You know, it's so weird, too, because if I ever came home with a B, my dad would sit me down and say Hey, what's going on? Who the hell are you? Cheating off? It would do awesome. And then he sucked me in on that kind of I didn't see that accused me of cheating cheating and he would stand for not stand for that. My father was very honest man. If I brought home and be it's like something's going on here. I don't like it. Uh oh, boy, 239 93 93. We are here at the Anderson Speedway the gates open at 3 30 racing. Reading at 7 30 Racing at 7 30. So what we have tonight is the the Glen Naval Classic. Uh, the owner here. Rick Dawson. Rick tell us about the Glen Knievel Classic. Who is Glenn? When was a car builder? Uh, back, probably 25 30. Years ago When I first bought Speedway Glen was still out here and Very successful car owners. So we, uh.

Rick Dawson Rick Wagoner Rick Michelle 239 93 93 Tommy Glenn tonight Glen Naval Classic 844 Speedway Glen Glen Knievel Classic second 7 30 Racing first Anderson Speedway 30. Years ago 25 30 7
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"A very high stakes game of chicken. Is the simplest Packers have to come to the realization he's not coming back and then therefore go get their best deal. Um, sort of. I think they already realized that, though, because this is the situation, despite not having been in the media, up until about a few days ago, has been going on for months. I can tell you that the Rams made an offer and try to try to go get him. There's some back channel conversations they had with him prior to trading for Matt Stafford on the Green Bay rebuffed it at that time Niners did to the Niners did the day before the traffic. The Rams did it before the Stafford deal, and so they've been trying to. They've been trying to get him and bring him in. For a while. The Packers have been flying out there trying to talk to him all this kind of stuff. I think as long as Brian good against is there, there's no way or Rogers comes back. This is just good against or is it Mark Murphy as well? I think that he's Personal animus is with Brian Good against. I think that would Mark Murphy could be patched up. And he had Murphy have had conversations between February and now, But I think that there's Animosity with more than one party, but the split or the hard sell is with good goods. What about John James and the Broncos? What do they do there? That's a tough situation, especially after he kind of he was working out at the Broncos facility. And then when the Players association decided to do this arbitrary, ot a boycott thing, Hey, went along with the team, even though he disagreed with it went home and started working out. And when you're working from off site, you're not covered under team insurance. So he wiped out five million and injury protections and 10 million in salary and he ended up really hurting himself on that one. The Broncos. I mean, I talked a couple Bronco sources. They're very, you know, empathetic. But right now that situation is one where he sees he and the players have really kind of set themselves up for failure in the players Union massively overplay their hand. Not all the players were on board with not doing these OTA is I can tell you that right? It was not Wasn't he wanting to do the O T. A S was that he's not the only guys like Alexander Johnson. These guys were showing up there, guys, they're showing up. They just agreed not to talk about it to kind of keep the unified the perception of a unified front. But there I could tell you that locker room was upset about it. And there were guys in that locker room and said We were five win football team, the optics of not showing up for opiates While we're trying to make a power grab on something we didn't collectively bargain. Eyes is bad and JC trader and some of these guys have massively overplay their hand on this, and they're gonna get a lot of pushback this week because of John James was gonna get this could get really sticky with the union. It could get really sticking with you. So if you had to make a prediction will the Broncos Say sorry. You know, we feel bad, but we need this money to get another right tackle. If I'm predicting something, I suggest that they probably what the Eagles did with Jason Peters a few years ago, which has reached a settlement half um yeah, reach reach a settlement. You carry him on the roster and its equitable for everybody. You get cap savings. He gets some of his money. Nobody's the bad guy in it. You know, when you go forward from there, it's not one report that said it's a season indeed. Injurious another report this So what? Maybe there's a chance. He can come back. Is it a Tauron? Achilles? Yes and partially corn's not fully tourney, And there is some optimism that he could be back for the final month of the season. Give or take talked with my Garofalo, who put that out The second report. Talk with him yesterday, and it seems like that's the hope. But that's more of a hope that a medical diagnosis I'll just say based on The fax that we have That would seem highly unlikely to make and it's Z is more hope and wishful thinking that I think it is anything else. So with the Broncos have any interest in a Gallic Mitchell Schwartz or Charles Leno or what do they do it right tackle. Those are two names that are out there. I don't think Leno's gonna be one of them talked to somebody yesterday they hadn't reached out to him yet with Mitchell Schwartz. I talked to his brother Jeff yesterday for quite a bit, and Mitch is still rehabbing. He's not ready to play. So even if they reach out to that, that's kind of a giant question. Mark still has some back issues, some other names that are out there right now that I would suggest Rick Wagoner, Audie Massey. The more Dotson could be brought back, although I think that's kind of an emergency option and then Cam Fleming and Dennis Kelly would be other. They're going to bring some guys in this week and kind of take a look and see where they're at and go from there. So Mitchell Schwartz. He had a back issue that he's still rehabbing. Yeah, he's still rehabbing that back issue last year's Iranian play in the Super Bowl, and he's contemplating retirement. And the rest of these guys. Anybody stand out to you other than him. Cam plaints. Dawson's old. I mean, he did a fairly good job last year. Yeah, but he's old. Yeah, Dotson's a fun guy. He's good in the locker room, but you can't You literally can't run the screen game to his side..

Dennis Kelly Matt Stafford Cam Fleming Mark Murphy Rick Wagoner five million Alexander Johnson Brian Charles Leno Jason Peters Jeff Mark Murphy Audie Massey John James Eagles February Mitch Super Bowl Dawson
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"Roman are capped J Could ESPN 1000. But he was just show me videos of bulls watch parties that he and blacked it brought to you by our friends at Tito's handmade vodka. That was pre pandemic. That was last, like January. It was this. It was around this date one year ago. When we weren't talking about covert or anything else like that, and we were just partying. And black and I did for like, four. Tito's handmade vodka bulls watch parties on Saturdays and we're on the South side, Calumet Park and being a little bit of you. I see. But we were there and knows about covert. You could see people I know you're like late people are just like that close together. Dancing on the bar. Yeah, that's what it was a year ago. No thoughts about Cove it just having a good time. Normal. And six weeks later, the world changed right. Not not just hear the world crazy. I want to Gino's place in Calumet Park and Brackett room at you. I see. Yeah, it was. It was a fun time. 3123323776. So is the Shawn Watson. A guy that you go all in four number ones. Three number ones. Two number twos. Take Jalen Johnson. A young, talented like Are you pushing whatever it takes. I want that too. Well, take it. I don't want that. Take it. Gotta have the quarterback like is he that guy? Is good. Yes, I believe he's that guy. The thing that Zach course Everything can fall in a place when you want it right. Yes, I would love to have this Shawn Watson here, But I'm also concerned about the weapons around the Shawn Watson. If you're watching you look at the bear situation. Like okay, Here's my number one Robinson's leaving. Do you have a number one. Well, we're working on it. Sorry. How about your own line? Well, we got mustard Fern bars. Yeah, your interior with Daniels and light here. You're okay. Who's your tackles? Mm. Sure you see shack, Barrett go by Rick Wagoner the other day and destroy Aaron. Yeah, I'm not sure See, That's the thing If I'm to Sean, I'm like hold on a second. It's got to be pretty much tailor made from nothing's perfect the National Football League. But give me my weapons man. Who can I work with? What are you gonna sell the sense of thing about it? You want to Shawn Watson? What do you sell? You saw them? What do you showing him about the bears, You know, pull out the old film from 1950, Right? What do you showing me? 85 bears. My brother Bruce called me last night, he said okay. Here you are, honey, talking about to Shawn Watson. He goes love him. So hell of a player. He's a better person, Great leader. Hate to Shawn. I don't have a left tackle. Right tackle is not really good. My number one receiver wants too much money, so he's probably leaving the caps coming down. He said. Okay from a brand awareness, he's a brand brand awareness. Chicago's better in Houston. Okay, I'll give you that. McCaskey family farm or well respected. By their players. The players love them. Compared to the McNair family down in Texas. Okay, I'll give you that one. He won't believe he can win here. So why would he come? That's that he has a no trade clause besides generational wealth, and the idea that his face will be on the mural in the Kennedy. What else are you going to sell him? Correct. What else is there? Danny? Well, according to the Miami Herald to Shawn Watson has made it clear that he's got a pecking order now. And number one on his list is the Jets because he loves their new head coach Roberts a lot. He wanted him to interview for the Texans job Number two on his list. The Miami Dolphins in that order is what the Miami Herald's reporting. Right if you won't take the Jets, just come here. Jets, But he likes the coach. We got mad Maggie here. If that, but really the thing that's that's weighing on him is the coach. There's really not a lot of difference when the Jets and the Bears when he asked any Jets fan average Jets fans what's going on with the team? They just show you, Joe Nemeth. Yeah, here. We got 85 bears. They just talk about the past. Don't have much that They've got their tradition with the tradition of losing and being a bad organization. I mean, you want to talk about lack of weapons jets have left lack of weapons. But I do give him credit, I think Look, he recognizes that Robert Saleh is somebody who's well respected in his leg, and he's already suffered through the Bill. Brian experience in Houston. He's done with that. You know, the one thing you keep saying cap Is that Ellen Robinson is good is gone. I don't believe that has to be the case. If you really want to put the hard court press onto Shawn Watson, I think that those guys could go hand in hand. You sell him on the fact that Ellen Robinson is still Scenes in town and you have the franchise tag to keep him and you sell Alan Robinson on the idea that look, things are going to get better if we could bring to Shawn Watson. And you, too, can be a beautiful pairing together like like I don't think that that needs to be mutually exclusive that a Robin's gone here. What if they Tag Alan Robinson with the intention of trading him to get some of the equity back. That they're gonna have to put into a dish on Watson trade. I worry. See, I worry about all that later, like Find a way to land to Shawn Watson. And yes, it's going to be. This is on Ryan Pace. This is gonna be a hard sell. But you're the one who put yourself in this position. Figure it out. Do whatever you have to do. Convinced the Shawn Watson that Chicago is the best place for you. Come play football. I don't know what it is. Yeah, You guys have laid out all the inequities there on the Bears current roster, but that's you know what You're gonna have to be a salesman, Ryan Pace, figure it out. Whatever you're telling George McCaskey and Ted Phillips to continue to keep you around. Sell that to dish on Watson make it happen. Right, well said, But at some point doesn't the price become too extreme. No. So four number one. They tell you Okay? Not that I know. Three number ones and two and Jalen Johnson could spread out those number ones, too. By the way, we could spread those out. No, I'm getting 21 22 23 do that now. It's not gonna be your typical bidding war because Shawn Watson has three. No trade clause. Correct. It's going to be between probably the Jets Dolphins. And then again at the Texans are gonna have to walk a tightrope here because they're gonna want to maximize the value that they get in return. But they know that this young Watson could say no to whatever destination that is, so it's not your typical bidding war. But it doesn't matter..

Shawn Watson Jets Calumet Park Bears Ellen Robinson Jalen Johnson George McCaskey Jets Dolphins Tito Miami Herald ESPN Ryan Pace Chicago Houston Miami Dolphins National Football League Alan Robinson Cove Gino
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"It's time for Mr Hittner. It's a great play on a couple of fronts there that they winner with tackle. Former 40 Niners. Pro Bowl sleepy and current NBC Sports Bay Area analyst Daunting Witness Wittner Hittner Whatever you want to call him now, here's Papa and lunch on KNBR 1045 and 6 80, FT Force leader. Always loving love talking to Dante Whitner every Monday Championship Sunday. So Bucks at Packers Tom Brady moving on. And of course, the Chiefs and the pills, and Dante Jones is courtesy of the Magus line. How are you? I'm doing great. How you guys doing? Never doing good. Let's jump right into this thing right before the half Mike petting a guy you know from the Browns, they give up the long touchdown. What was your assessment of what you saw there before? Call about the coaching staff. I thought Mike didn't you know that wasn't his best call? You have to guard and all you have to guard to sideline. You Do not allow a guy to play one on one coverage. I don't care who your garden and you know, I'm sure that he'll take that. I'm not. I haven't seen the Most gay men were coming. Interviews anything, but I'm pretty sure my friend stand up guy. He'll take that on his own show them. Clearly a mistake. But just just overall, they got so far behind. And that was a big play. Then they know the fumble from Aaron Jones to start the second half and boom. You're down 28 to 10. But we we talked about the David Bachtiar e injury at left tackle on how that would impact Green Bay's offense. And for several weeks, Dante they are able overcome it by moving Billy Wagner left tackle and Rick Wagoner to right tackle. But Tampa's defensive line in particular shack, Baird and J. P. P. On the outside my main critic, a Green Bay is just her lack of a protection plan. Blocked the edges. What did you see in that game? Absolutely. I agree with your pop. I think that they're from before you know, absolutely destroyed the football game. And when you have a weakness, and you lose your Start left tackle and you have a weakness of gloomy weakness. They offered the line You have to exploit that. And that's what they did. You cannot throw the football down the feel You can't get it to Davante Adams. You can't operate your offense if you can't protect your quarterback, and that's why Tampa Could possibly win the Super Bowl. We're talking to Dante Whitner starting out with the NFC. The Buccaneers beat the Packers yesterday at Lambeau Field. The other controversy was obviously the Packers and failed to score come up on fourth down. Eight yards to go. And instead of going for the touch now with Aaron Rodgers, they kicked the field goal with 205 left. What did you think of that decision? I thought that was a mistake. I thought they should have went for the for the touchdown. And even if you don't get the touchdown you possibly put temple on the eight or nine yard line, you get the chance to play defense and make them punch or possibly get a turnover. Put them back up, and nothing is that Uh, touchdown run that Aaron Rodgers should've had like. I think he's second guessed himself, and he possibly should have ran that in and that's what happened in these big games. That's why Peyton Manning and he's great quarterback that we're able to dominate during the regular season. This is why they struggle in the big game because it's so much pressure on there. You're overthinking you're trying so hard. In the simple things become, You know a mountain to a lot of these guys, and that's why they don't have success. That's why the guys like Tom Brady, you never bet against these guys. He had ice water. In his veins, and he lived for those type of moments. And you know, that's why he could possibly be a seven time Super Bowl champion. Yeah, It's interesting. You say they could be Kansas City. I want to hear more about that in a minute here. But the postgame comments from Aaron Rodgers going back to the draft last year and then you know, trading drafting. Jordan Love and I don't think there's any way in hell. Green Bay would would trade him. So give me your thoughts on that. And then if he is available via trade for one reason or another And I know you've talked about to Sean on these airways. Matthew Stafford's name is out there, you know. Is there any way in hell you think Green Bay would move him? And if they do you know what would your thoughts be about? 37 year old quarterback putting on red and gold? Don take Not have they named M V P for this year yet they will the night before the Super Bowl, and Aaron Rodgers will win his third M V P town today, Okay, And I think that Yeah, he will be the end BP in the National Football League. I don't know if you allow that guy to leave your building. Why would you allow the M V p of the National Football League? Leave your buildings. I don't even think that will be up or available. You know, I think the green they'll do everything to, you know, make sure that that's not possible and you know he lost the left tackle and they couldn't protect them. That's the reason why they lost their football game. So I don't know. I think that the shine wants and You know, that's one of the top quarterbacks in the league. Right now. I think you led the league and passing all the tools and capabilities that couch Shanahan needs and a quarterback. Any asset value of that quarterback run. You saw you stay with Josh Allen when he really needed place. You saw it with three out of four quarterbacks that were left in the final Four. I think the added value that he asked the offense with that 11 11 football. It's just invaluable. You have to give up whatever they want to acquire a guy like this If you wanna win Super bowls and go deep into the playoffs and win big games A lot of things. That bastard thing. I think it used to find a way to get him. You give up what you have to give up to get a quarterback like that, Except for both will spray water. Nice. That's good for Kittle or Kittle. Dante, Right? You're not gonna trick three guys, right? Nice I'd pick the first round second round 2000 and 22 23 You give up all of that stuff. You get this quarterback. You guys will be set for the next 5 to 7 years. Okay? You just said this, but I I I said the opposite. So I'm just gonna ask you about it again. So you never get a 25 year old quarterback At this level. You never can get it because they get franchise. You might be able to get him at Stafford's age, and we can talk about Stafford, the second But would you give up Bosa straight up for Watson? Would you give a bow Sina one for what if it was just Bosa and won one for a guy like Watson and 25 years old. 25 years old at quarterback position, seeing where the league is going and how it's like evolving and it's so hard to stop these guys, especially what a mastermind like couch Shanahan, the things he can do with deception in motion and player placement and personnel. I would say. Yeah, I think that that's ah, decision that they have to make in the front office. But if it was up to me, I'd say yes. You're breaking my heart actually from the Ohio State University with you. I am But I feel really I'm still a really pop and I don't know how hard it is to guard these type of offense. And I know how hard it is when you get a quarterback that after mobile as he is what the accuracy and the capabilities would college, Shanahan gained about defense. At that point it's about we're going to outscore everybody, and we're gonna confuse everybody..

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Dante Whitner football couch Shanahan Packers Matthew Stafford Tom Brady Dante Tampa Dante Jones National Football League Browns Chiefs Mr Hittner Aaron Jones NBC
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"Had our poll holders big poll on Friday. And this is the direct result that I am not gonna say I feared But I did not want and Green Bay's lack of defense just did them in that they could not get off the field time ready. Who played a good game. He also threw three picks in the second half. I've seen him play much better. But on third down Especially early in the game, and on that opening drive. I mean, they were positively surgical. The way they kind of carved him up What they wind up nine of 14 on third and obviously one for one, the big Ford down right before half and They had a couple of guys they were picking on. They were picking on Shane and Sullivan, the slot corner they were picking on And I get it. He's a better player than he showed Kevin King. I think he got Mike Patton really, I get I expect him to be fired by the Green Bay Packers sometime in the coming weeks. He's been a reckless coordinator. Throughout his career, he would became a head coach briefly in Cleveland. Kyle was on that staff is the O. C. And so he knows him and the 49 destructive twice last year, he tightened up better this year a little bit. But to leave Kevin King out there and one whole cover one at the end of the half was just ridiculous. And I would blame the floor not so much. I don't agree with all that. Think that it's the obvious talking points that people start on Twitter that just becomes a firestorm about kicking that field goal. I They didn't do well on 1st, 2nd and 3rd down. I wasn't gonna go forward on fourth down either. I would not have gone for two friar. The play that same brown got let get into his chest plate and dropped. I think that was the point you were chasing there. But the floors major problem was not giving help to Rick Wagoner it at right tackle and They just got overwhelmed, but they charge did not have a great game. Losing David Bachtiar e we thought would cost Green Bay a lot. If you didn't seem to be the way they were playing the way they were running the ball. They did not run the ball as effectively in this game. Losing Aaron Jones in the game didn't help as well. Not just about losing Bachtiar. He set off a chain of dominoes to fall Billy Turner to go from right tackle a left tackle and Rick Wagoner is destroying Tak er throughout his career in Baltimore. Detroit winds up starting at right tackle when he got to be used. And Aaron Rodgers and a little bit of that look in his eye that we saw. In the 40 Niners beat of the championship game last year and then likewise, you know that game and we 12 on the Sunday night or where they couldn't block him and I think that was the story is Tampa's defensive line is really good Vida via coming back, made it really hard to run on them. We mentioned the Jones Injury and it just is what it is. I think there was a point there were Green Bay could slip back into the game, but Ultimately, it was not made. It was not going to turn out and I think on this one Sunday, Tampa was the better team. Green Bay got back into the game, but Tampa was the better team. The other game. Where do I go down there? Better Kansas City's better. Another dollar. I thought Jeremy Pringle and we'll ask Mikey Rulebooks attend 50. I thought that was a block either going back towards his own line of scrimmage own goal, I should say or parallel, there was line of scrimmage. On the end around to me, Cole Hardman, which was a big play, and then the Avalanche started. Josh did not play well. He's not played well throughout the playoffs. He had moments where he made big time throws, but Josh Allen, this is this is new for him. It's his third year, the NFL He had to go to a community college. Nobody wound one of them. You want up going toe? I am my own man. He did not go to a big time program. His time will come. But it's not just not yet. But you got to figure out a way you know to deal with them. They're just They're just obviously, as you say there right now that the best team in football, there's no doubt and I do it expect them to beat. Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl. I don't even think the one year where having home field advantage will be mitigated. They're gonna love 22,000 fans. And for the Super Bowl and 7500 will be scattered around the country is first responders and frontline health workers. But We'll see. I mean, I thought Green Bay would be Champa John, but I think Kansas City is by far the best team in football, and I think you know buffalo you could get on McDermott for the field goals. I don't question that either any of the kicks that were made Understand score in time, but you gotta look at your team here. And I'm sure the floor just was not confident. He gonna play call on fourth down to school, and I agree with him and we gotta score the two point conversion against this team. Look at what we did in the first three downs. We're just not there, and likewise, you know, the OC Brian table The head coach. McDermott makes the call there, and I agree with all that, but I think ultimately without question, Kansas City was the best team yesterday and Tampa Bay had just enough Green Bay. What do they play like A C plus game for them. They were not sharp yesterday, either. No doubt about it. Text line is open. If you don't talk about championship Sunday, four and 5 to +856 to +74 and five anyway. Can be are obviously the Green Bay As you said, it's the field goal with 205 left. Also with 2 15 left, some people thought Aaron Rodgers could have run the ball and I'm looking at the pictures right now. I don't think so. Third down, finding Pierre Paul catches and I think there's a couple of guys in the end zone that probably catch him. This is a 37 year old guy, and as athletic as he still can be I don't think he's running 12 yards before he gets caught. But again, that's all these things become open for debate Leflore saying after the game, what you said, having three shots and coming away with no yards and knowing you only need the touchdown but two point conversion. Any time. Something doesn't work out. Do your J..

Green Bay Tampa Bay Kansas City Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Rick Wagoner Aaron Jones Tampa football Kevin King McDermott Ford Twitter Josh Allen Cleveland coordinator Detroit Shane
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"Defense needed to do was find room for one final stop single receiver to the right set back to the right side of Terry Goff. Here's the snap. Looking downfield. He steps up on their pressure, he said. Christiane Jerry collapsed on the play with help. I believe from Kenny Clarke. Yes, it has a worker's takeover. 32 18, the final Green Bay's sixth consecutive win, setting up Sunday's NFC championship game against the Buccaneers. The man who will have the call on Sunday, the man behind the highlights. We just played his voice of the Packers. Wayne Larvae. More of that, Wayne. I just have more highlights. Like what? All we just played some running the football and deep shot to Alan Lazard. I'm not picky Throat to MVS if you'd like. The Packers offense is certainly grooving going into the NFC championship game. Yeah, they're playing really well, Greg, especially during the seven game winning streak, You know, very high level and that defense they took apart last week. I mean, they made the Rams look bad, You know 480 some yards of offense against the number one defense. They're not playing as good. A defense overall. This week is they did last week, but this Tampa Bay team is very talented. How do you feel differently Going into NFC Championship game this year versus last I feel the Packers have a better than 50 50 chance of winning. I didn't think they had any chance last year, and I didn't think they had any chance when they got to Atlanta in 2016. You know, I think Super Bowl depth is something weighing that I've noticed, And it's not significant pickups. But it's adding Truman Williams. It's adding Jared Bell dear if he ends up factoring in its adding stacks, Harrison In others. It seems like you have to have Super Bowl death. You have to be able to account for guys who have gone down and the Packers. Maybe in no other area or aspect of the team have done. It is well. As the offensive line that this still to me is maybe the unsung story of the year with this team. Yeah, I would agree, Greg, with all the changes, they've had four different lines that they've had to roll out there. And exactly right. I think the scheme is help, but also, hey, these guys have played well, I mean, You look at Billy Turner and what he's been able to do. Hey, gets over to the hot corner and and you know, he faces the best. Now the Bachtiar ease down and you know, Turner was considered someone know if you've read pro football focus as I do. He was raided the weak spot of the Packers offensive line at right guard last year. Well this year he's a strength on this line because he's played so many different positions. I think the versatility of Elton Jenkins, the All Pro Guard, you know he could play center. He could play either side of the pivot position. He can play tackle. You know these guys, This is really been great. I think the pickup of Rick Wagoner was very good. He's a solid guy who knows how to play in this league, and there was a point in his career. He was the highest paid tackle in the right tackle in the game. So you you're you've got great versatility. I agree with you wholeheartedly. The offensive line has gone unsung this season, but they are the reason why the Packers are where they are. Wait. I know it was a number of weeks ago. It was early in the season. So much has changed since then. But I can't seem to shake the 38 to 10 feeling not that that's going to happen again this weekend, but there are certainly things that Tampa Bay can do. To make life difficult for the Packers. When you look at the matchup and for the NFC Championship game for the one back in week six. What's the biggest difference from the Packers from Week? 62 now? Well, I think Davante Adams said it best They're able to make mortgage in game adjustments. Now they're just further along in the season, they can adjust to things that may or may not happen in the game on the fly and You know, That's one of the one thing. The other factors this what jumped out at me and I watch one pack and watch the game twice the speed of Tampa Bay's linebacking corps and especially even watching last week's game in New Orleans. The speed of Devon White, those two inside linebackers literally destroyed Green Bay single handedly destroyed the Packers. That day. They were all over the field, you know, had like three sacks 18 tackles. It was just amazing. I think that speed When you go outdoors in a cold environment on a field that may be a little bit slick. You know that's going to impact them. They're not going to be. Maybe it's fast as they were that day in Tampa, but they know that 18 tackles 15. So those 2.5 sacks five tackles for loss for quarterback hits. I mean, come on, you know if they play that well Sunday, then God bless them. They're going to the Super Bowl, and they're going to play that Super Bowl game at home. And how many polo is searched? Should I put my suitcase here? Wayne More of a polo community Tampa or is it buttoned down? So I'm just Trying to pack ahead here and just get ready. Yeah, No, it's Jon Gruden used to live there. So you know, not a polo is probably to form Okay. You know, you might want to go with the Hawaiian shirts. That type of thing. Something loud. Okay, Can I borrow something from your closet? Yeah, sure. I've got plenty of loud, You know, you look, I'm not trying to be flip or anything. I just feel more confident about this team. Both teams are streaking. I get it and you could argue both teams are playing their best football of the year and that these are in fact, the best two teams left in the NFL. Brady will handle.

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"But again, they put together the resume. Since that game has been undeniable, mean Aaron has been spectacular. The back the Packers offense unbelievably good. The offensive line even without David Bachtiar e best in league So I think And you know, they didn't make the adjustments that they have with the offensive line back in week six. I believe that kicked Rick Wagoner out the left tackle on that went poorly granted. At that point, they were already down 28 to 10. When? When Bachtiar he got hurt. I think they're equipped to make the adjustments. But that doesn't mean that they're just gonna make the adjustments and then Oh, now they're going to win 38 to 10. This is a talented Buccaneers team that you can't overlook earlier in the segment called Gave Wayne was all part of a stall technique. I was trying to find the answers and updated results of our poll question. Really all it was up on 6 20 wtmj on Twitter. Champions Countdown Pull number one. How do you feel about Sunday's game against the Buccaneers? 70% bags packed for Super Bowl 55 29.7% say can't shake the week six loss. And that is 158 votes that Aaron so maybe maybe just maybe we have chipped away at our listeners a little bit. My bag is packed by the end of the show 20 minutes from now. I hope you will consider packing a bag when you go home, literal figurative. Whatever it may be, all right, coming out, running out running out the segment here. It's time to kick it over to Greg Hill Last week we played a very exciting game. It was called the three word game this week. We're going to play a very exciting game called the Three more word game..

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"About Rams and Packers. And that is the game that starts. That's the first one up for us. To get a better look at the Packers and their perspective on this game, big picture their pursuit of another Lombardi Trophy. We go to Milwaukee. Bart Winkler is one of the best sports talk show host in America. He does the morning show on the fan in Milwaukee. It's a very highly rated show. He's got a ton of followers. People like to hear him talk about Wisconsin sports. On. He's joining us right now on CBS Sports Radio. What are you named after? Bart Starr? I don't think I've ever asked you that question before. When I was like eight. I, You know, I'm about three years into being a Packer fan, because as soon as I remember I was a Packer fan because I grew up in the state, so I went to my parents and I said Like with big, like reindeer eyes. I said I'm named after Bart Starr, right? And they looked at me and I think they looked at each other, and they've also like Yeah. Yes, sure. So I say that I am, but I'm not. I'm not really sure of the real origin. But let's say yes. Okay. For our listeners that aren't listening in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison. Those places and there are you know, around the around the country around the world, frankly, Your dynamic. I think before we get into the game in the Packers chances, I think your situation is interesting to me because That the team you probably Talk about the most. Isn't in your town, so I I don't know. I don't think I've ever asked a sports talk show host or or a big guy in Milwaukee. This question before like it's two hours away, but Everybody in Milwaukee acts like the Packers play in downtown Milwaukee, right? Yeah, but they used to sew the Packers. Played the last the on Lee time they ever played. The Packers or the Rams in the playoffs at home I used quote was in the sixties in Milwaukee they used to play County stadium from like the sixties to about 1994, Okay, and they stopped doing that. So they only play six games at Lambeau, and they stopped doing that It was to keep them financially viable. Eventually, they didn't need it Truck down here anymore. But I think that's a part of it. But it is also like it's just the way that Wisconsin is, it is. It's a weird set up. You have the NFL and all these big cities and then you've got You know the area sat of Lambeau in a neighborhood and there's 100,000 people in the whole municipality. So it is weird. Um, the brewers carry statewide from Milwaukee. I think the bucks are uniquely They're doing better, but they've been a uniquely Milwaukee team. But the Packers is more like it's just It's just a way of life around you. I mean, it's It's insane, but yeah, It is that they're two hours away. Chicago is 90 minutes away closer, but there is a sense of the factors. Are we clear from the fan in Milwaukee with us here on CBS Sports Radio. Where would this loss rank? If the Rams go in there and shock the world and win today bar where, with loss rank on the all time list of Packers playoff losses in the Aaron Rodgers era. I think it would be similar to what happened to them. The 31st season when they went 15 and one had the number one seed had to buy and we're set up for an NFC championship game at home, which Aaron Rodgers has never started in one. He's been in three NFC Championship games last six years. And he was in one in 2010, but they've all been on the road. This one is at home now, so it would rank because that was a team that was very good, very Explosive offensively that under 15 and one year 2011, but in the Giants came in and beat him and then went to the Super Bowl, and they were seen that kind of resembles these rand's, You know, good running game. Quarterback Eli Manning, Jared Goff, but a really good defense. I think that it would rank right there. It would be. It would be bad. I mean, this is this is a team that's very good. This Packer team is is gonna be an interesting game next week against Noorlander. Tampa if the Packers get past the Rams, but You know everything I look at this game. The Rams are a team that I think do match up well with the Packers, but They're all broken down and hurt. No Cooper up today. Eric Donald's dealing with his ribs here got hurt in Chamakh. They don't even know if he would have started him if John Woolford was available. Imagine having that conversation two months ago. The Packers are a better team than they were a year ago and the Rams I think our shell of what they were just two months ago, so it would rank very, very high because Under these playoff losses that the Packers have had they kind of run out of steam or they're dealing with injuries. They're not that team That's the Rams. At this point, it would. It would be devastating. I think a lot of us around here me included. Are already looking ahead to next weekend. As long as the Packers don't do that, though. That's what matters. Bar offensive line player gets glorified You win in the trenches. It all starts up front. All those football cliches. For the Packers. It's a reality today, though, because it's Aaron Donald in the middle and Bachtiar ease out so Couple of questions. Come off of that. How do they make sure that Aaron Donald doesn't destroy their offensive game plan? And what the hell are they doing? It left tackle today. We've got a good offensive line. They've got guys that can play that position. I believe Billy Turner will be out there today. He's kind of like the 5th 6th offensive lineman. Throughout the season. Rick Wagoner..

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