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"What, you can be cocky. It's okay if you're really good. Yeah, no, I was. Like, not my first couple years, but then as I started to go, then it just started to kind of kick in. Yeah. Yeah. And for me, growing up, it's high school hockey. It's changed in Massachusetts. I think Minnesota is the best at that, but you always play junior, you know, like everyone played prep school and stuff like that. How was it that you never ended up at one of those New England prep schools? Well, we were really lucky. So my mentor, my coach back then, was a guy named Gary dinin. Gary was from Montreal. He played, you know, he played for Toronto for saint Mike's in Toronto. He played for the Canadian Olympic team. And he ended up playing in the LA organization and they had a American League team in Springfield for a short time. And he played there and ended up settling there. So what he did was he started his own junior team and summertime he had a hockey school, you know, went to time he had the junior team, but he knew how to run it. He knew how to run it like a Canadian junior team. So I mean, we didn't have any money or we didn't, nothing was fancy. But the way he coached him the way he coached the way he emphasized practice, the way he made a stress up, like the accountability, you know, like, he checked, you know, you know, everything, it was a full package thing. He suspended me for two weeks one time because my grades were so bad. I'm a hockey player. My dad got together. And they're like, yeah, he's not doing well. He's like, all right, Gary and you're shut down for two weeks. So but it was a complete package. And it was it was kind of crazy. Because we played at the Big E, the eastern states exposition. Great old rank where the Springfield Indians used to play. But the high school teams used to get all the prime ice slots for practice. So, you know, long meadow would practice any song meadow, then, you know, agam would practice. I got 50 gold in ten games. And then, you know, we're the Springfield Olympics, but we're called the picks. So then the pixel practice. So our practices were at like 1111 30 at night. So come home, do my homework, shoot some pucks, take a nap, get up, go to practice, come back and wake up, go to school and do it all over again. But we practice all the time. It wasn't heating. I don't want to say he didn't care about the games. It was a development. It was a practicing. We practice, you know, an hour and a half, you know, every night. And it was phenomenal. It was before that, had you ever thought about playing pro hockey before you ever went to Springfield? Since I can remember. You were like this. And was it bruins? Bruins all the way. The bees all the way up. That's awesome. I used to like, the game would come on. You know what I'm saying? I don't have a tennis ball. You know, I'd make a net out of the sofa cushions and I'd be watching Terry O'Reilly and Rick Middleton and, you know, genre tell and all these guys Brad park. It was the best. Yeah, I mean, I don't know what I would be doing if I didn't play hockey. So given you talk about after you're playing career and how hyper focused you've gone and becoming a GM. It was that similar to kind of becoming a player in the National Hockey League. That's why you went up going over to Springfield. Now did you already have that offer for Boston college on the table when you went over to Springfield? No, no. Because I didn't, so I played all my high school years in Springfield. And living at home the whole time. The whole time, I went to local prep school, right? My town will ran monson academy. It was valedictorian, right? Yes. Yes. Yeah. That's an actual fact. Yeah, yeah. It's a 4.1. That's.

hockey Gary dinin saint Mike Canadian Olympic team LA organization Springfield Toronto Springfield Indians Gary agam American League New England Massachusetts Montreal Minnesota Terry O'Reilly Rick Middleton Brad park Olympics bruins
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"Islanders win their fourth game in a row mathew barzal once again. Who's having a playoff run. I say series. At this point this guy is just. He's just he is beyond beyond seizing. The moment i went to a kids party today. So the fucking game. But i just watched some of the highlights and i guess right out in the beginning Tampa bay tried to get a little cutesy in the islanders and they intercepted the pass. Brazelle was off to the races and he just went five hole right in the beginning. Right in the beginning of the game and bart nick was telling me the host the puck off was telling me you know after you have like the top guys in the league. The next top ten guys are all on the islanders so they are and they have the coach too. So i mean i know it's just one game i know tampa but there was a live. Sharpen during that. Bruins islanders series after tampa won their series. I don't worry about it bill. You get past the island but we're going to fucking curb stomp you guys and all of this. They were talking a bunch of fucking shit. You know all those. Those was parrot heads down their way. Stay away again. Boggling read the tampa people chrome balls hanging after backer metric vaping on track anyways. They were talking all kinds of shit. The islanders gave him the old fuck in Then give them right there fred yet. They're going to win the series but they gave him a nice. How you doing little fucking straight right to the fuck and chops game one just like that take home is and i gotta. I'm past the fact that they beat us. I'm actually really excited about the possibly winning a cup because they were the guys that not off the fucking canadians essentially ended the century of dominance of the montreal or the better part of a century. I mean it's fucking unbelievable. What the canadians did and While the canadians and the maple leafs up until nineteen sixty seven. The maple leafs just stopped winning cups inexplicably The canadians went on to win in sixty eight sixty nine. Seventy one. Seventy three seventy six. Seventy seven seventy eight seventy nine and then. The islanders came in one thousand nine hundred eighty. And that was the end of the montreal. Canadians never again dominated the way they did. They did win eighty six and they did win in ninety three But it just wasn't like when they they they used to win decades or split a decade with the fucking you know maple leafs or the red wings Red wings in the fifties. I think one two three. I can't remember but So i always liked the islanders. And i always love mike bossey. I just thought. I fucking love guys like that. There was so many guys like those forty fifty goals scores that just dead back when there was way more open. Ice guys weren't as big. Like i watched a highlight the other day about Just a couple of tragic. Nhl guys you know one guy you know who came up with key floor was just as good as him and he just. He had that stupid addiction. Disease manages fucked his whole career up And i remember seeing highlights that guy in how fuck when he was playing on the nordiques. How fucking big the ice looked. It looked like they were playing on two ice rinks like the size of the players. Now and how fast they are and the fact that they you know the red line is just you know it's there for just show at this point. He couldn't have a two line pass. There was no stretch passes or anything like that. It was just a slower game but there was a lot more odd man rushes to ones three on tuesday and stuff breakaways and There was a beauty to the game back. Then that i think with the the speed of it now is just took a little bit of that away. And there's a fucking reason now where there is. There's a reason why it's so hard to score. Fifty goals goaltenders back when i first started watching. We're stand up goalies until patrick walk. Came in with the butterfly for consorted stood up and just did a little kick or something like that and it just seemed like there was a lot smaller in the net was still the same size pads were smaller and all that type of shit so there was like a lot of amazing stuff going on but anyway but i there was guys like mike bossey every team seem to have like a guy they could get you like thirty and then if you had a great guy like get your fifty. We had Rick middleton was our guy. When i first started watching he just see was always good for thirty forty i. I wonder if he ever scored fifty. I don't remember but they just like the stick handling and they would fake defenseman out of their skates. You just you don't see a lot of that anymore just because these kids are so big in there so fast and i think the defense are so sophisticated now that it's a lot harder to do like i don't know just some of that basic. You know pond hockey fucking stickhandling. Now i don't know fucking get behind the net. And they picked the puck with their stick and they slamming it is. It's all unbelievable but a partial to that style. Because that's what i grew up with so anyway. The islanders went on at one. Eighty eighty one eighty two and eighty three. And i still remember. Having the sports illustrated with mike bossey on the front. I believe is mike bossy. And it's had the islanders. They will moving their way to another stanley cup. Final and it said the strive for try to win five in a row and an upstart team by the name of the edmonton oilers ended that and so it's cool to see them. You know.

Rick middleton Brazelle fourth game fifty five mike bossey fifties today thirty bart nick five hole ninety three mike bossy forty fifty goals one game patrick stanley cup two ice rinks tuesday decades
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"What is up vast Davidson attics? Thank you so much for tuning in. Guess what? This episode has never been released before but it's also a throwback. It features Massachusetts native and NHL star Noah hanifin. We filmed this last spring at the height of the panjab when all sports were shut down Noah just so happened to be in town visiting his family. Please excuse the wind in the background. We actually shot this interview em outside at a golf course in Massachusetts. Noah hanifin is currently still playing with the Calgary Flames this season also in this episode is Amy highlight chat. I did with Boston Bruins Legend Rick Middleton. I hope you enjoy it. Rick Middleton Boston Bruins. You are essentially a Boston Bruins game. And you had your number retired back in 2018? What was that experience? Like you probably get asked this question all the time in order to put into words, but it was one of the big surprises in my life because Camp called me in July and I wasn't even thinking that way and when he when he told me I I couldn't believe it. I actually got emotional but I'm not really an emotional guy, but I got emotional when he said it and if I had four months to make my speech and writing I was just afraid that I would forget Somebody But at the end of the day everybody said they liked this page, so I'm happy with that and you're a three-time All-Star and I read something online the other day that I'm currently tied right now for the most points or goals with with Kendall Ken Hodge know is it going to be broken or not broken Brad? Marchand Brad Marchand, I think passed me last year. So it's broken. I'm waiting on a 20-second do they need to update that information online is what you're talking about. That was the only NHL Boston Bruins game. I knew I had so yeah, and thanks God but Brad broker cuz I told him he could get the 50 if he keeps going most shorthanded goals by a bruin up until last year Brad. Marchand passed me 25 and he got his twenty-six and maybe even more than that. I'm not sure and how was it being an All-Star? Well, well, I'll start it's quite an honor. Trust me when you have so many players in the league so many great players in the way. You don't get a chance to get to an All-Star status every year. So here's Udo and you're able to do that is point on it and you play with the great players such as Terry O'Reilly. How was that experience? Oh, Terry was supposed to be here today, but he couldn't make it and we do it's it's great to play with these guys. What's great about the alumni as we play with guys from different eras Mia guys as young as forty years old understand, I'm not going to tell you how old I am but I am I'm second oldest to Terry. So I'm the oldest guy here cuz he's not here, but we have a lot of fun as you can see and we do a lot of good work 30 games for charities in the New England area we go up into Canada and hopefully two floors Sure. I want to talk more about this Bruins team. Obviously, you guys are a bunch of great talents at alumni. What are some of your favorite events that you guys host? And I know that you guys raise money for a bunch of different charities. What are some of your life particular consistent ones have been the mass Down syndrome Congress every year. I think we're doing the 13th or 14th year with them. We've done the Fisher house a great military charity. We're doing a home-and-home series with the New York Rangers this year for the Navy Seals foundation and their charity. So there's there's so many Dimension that I can't think of a more mature and we're going to go off the couch for a little bit and I'll let you go play some hockey. Having been in the Boston area for so long. What are some of your favorite Boston restaurants to eat at when you're in town? Where do you like to go? Where do you like to take your family? Well, you know boss has changed quite a bit. Younger. I used to hang out in Boston back in the day the day. Oh boy in the North End was a restaurant called Felicia's that we went to I met Bob Hope in there one night. That's how popular it was Bob would go down there and and he ran a a golf tournament in California and he's shipped the food to his golf tournament from Felicia's which was great. What did you use to order? There was your favorite meal. I think it was a chicken piccata chicken piccata. Yeah. Yeah, but that's gone, you know, Ray bork obviously trust goes down in the North End. There's a lot of great ones, but.

Terry O'Reilly Noah hanifin Terry California Kendall Boston 2018 New England Noah Boston Bruins Rick Middleton July 50 Bob New York Rangers Calgary Flames Canada Brad 25 Navy Seals
Marchand carries Bruins' big 2nd and past Penguins, 7-5

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Marchand carries Bruins' big 2nd and past Penguins, 7-5

"Brad Brad Marchand Marchand scored scored a a hat hat trick trick and and the the Bruins Bruins erupted erupted for for five five goals goals in in the the second second period period of of a a seven seven five five down down into into the the penguins penguins Marchand Marchand had had two two goals goals and and an an assist assist during during the the second second period period outburst outburst two two days days after after coach coach Bruce Bruce Cassidy Cassidy called called out out some some of of his his top top veterans veterans David David Pasternak Pasternak scored scored twice twice for for the the Bruins Bruins who who were were just just four four four four and and one one in in their their previous previous nine nine games games Patrice Patrice Bergeron Bergeron had had an an assist assist giving giving him him eight eight hundred hundred ninety ninety nine nine career career points points to to move move past past Rick Rick Middleton Middleton for for fourth fourth on on Boston's Boston's all all time time list list I'm I'm Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie

Bruins Brad Brad Marchand Marchand Marchand Marchand Bruce Bruce Cassidy Cassidy David David Pasternak Pasterna Penguins Patrice Patrice Bergeron Berge Rick Rick Middleton Middleton Boston Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie
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"It's just a habit cuz we have a whole other thing that I associate gry with I agree with you wholeheartedly. I thought I wanted to ask you on both accounts. They should both be up there. But why do you think cheevers isn't up there yet? Cuz that's interesting cuz he's kind of the I don't know. I will talk. I'll talk about it later. Cuz that's kind of my thing in history. Okay, I didn't know that so the mind moving on from that so but no I I do think so just because two of his numbers I think he'd is deserving a.m. And that doesn't mean the cup is just an entitlement D the it's what you do when you're in longevity as a career took is got really good numbers and they still am I ranking in the league for career numbers. So yeah, I think that he deserves it. Absolutely. I know people are going to hate it and I don't care why don't you know just wage? just the way it is, you know, I'd rather see him up there with somebody else that in my opinion possibly earned it but Doesn't have career numbers doesn't have you know, franchise leading numbers. He's got a cop and I get it and I appreciate that appreciate the effort for that, But for me, it's what you do in your whole career may not just a small fragment of it. We'll see. I think it's different when you're looking at Hall of Fame numbers versus your team members. Do you have any like you could have your there are many reasons to have your number retired but to not have someone in the rafters because they didn't want a couple like they said then we should probably tear down half of anyone we think agree. You know, that was a raging debate going on a few even with Rick Middleton, right? And I was like, nope Kubrick Middleton Bill up there like it's not just about being a Boston Bruins like as much as people hate to go. We don't know took it isn't going to be like the rest of these alumni that spend every summer doing a hockey camp for their kids come specifically,.

cheevers gry Rick Middleton Hall of Fame Kubrick Middleton Boston Bruins Bill hockey
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"Later, and you had posted that picture and I knew what you were like freaked out. Yeah, that was it was good. Thank you very much has always there to splice up my day. That's for sure. But I also want to give a shout out everybody that did reach out via DM's or or or tweets and and post on Facebook. Almost God. I got like over a thousand birthday wishes and and even a moron on the Twitter. So the Bruins family is so good to me and and I love it. But and even the people that don't even know me even reached out to happy birthday. So that's very kind. But the Sanford is very good and and we appreciate that here at B&G production sports media company. So by the way, we're hiring when I say that we're looking for writers podcasters YouTubers anything if you would like to write about history you like to write about game previews game recaps anything that's Bruins related and it's good content good quality content. Please reach out black and dead. Productions LLC at gmail.com send me a cup of lettuce. I mean some stuff let's talk. Let's get this content train rolling and I'm going to put content train right up here back. I have one my buddy. Mike crowd. He sent me a picture of one. So boom boom shakalaka. Well anyways birthdays are very important. I know people like all their holidays and a lot of people don't like birthdays after like, I don't know eighteen or Twenty One or whatever but I think important birthdays are the most important day of the year because it's your way of saying as a human here's a big giant middle finger World cuz you did not take me down. Despite all you tried to do to take me down. And I think this year is the most relevant for that. So but I didn't know this I learned on your birthday watching all the happy birthday things. I didn't know that you and mrs. Sylvia and and Rick Middleton share birthday is altogether. I didn't know that that's pretty cool. Like I said to you what the hell I get stuck with Kanye West and you get a birthday with Fox to be you. I know I learned from my fortieth birthday. I realized that Kanye West and I stood shared a birthday. That was a few years ago and it's been a little traumatizing ever since and that's my favorite day besides Halloween, but yeah pretty cool people that share a birthday with absinthe. Yeah and the next day followed by Nick Ritchie was just the the the the icing on the cake. Did you see my light sweet? That's I want I want to say happy birthday to Nick. I saw also a pretend that he never gave it to my life. Or asean Heinen, and I know that makes me a bad person..

Bruins Sanford Rick Middleton Facebook Twitter Kanye West Mike Sylvia Nick Ritchie Fox Heinen Nick
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"In the morning and i just felt awesome like my niece. Felt terrific skating around. There's no problems and so i'm super enthusiastic about You know being in my first. Nhl playoff game. And so you go back to the hotel you have a buffet meal with the team and then just generally most players go to sleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon before the game and then you wake up get on the bus and go go into the rank and play the game. Well i woke up in the middle of that sweep and my knee felt like credit flintstone. Hit me with one of his You know Prehistoric clubs and So mind was in really rough shape. So i jumped in a cab and i went to the rank. The old Montreal form and i got there and the trainers there. And i'm just like fellas i i don't think i can play. My knee is out so we we on fire it is just so in any case they They introduced me the doctors again. The talk just put a little medicine in my need. They put that crappy back on again and lo and behold my felt good. I went up for warm up. Everything was fine And you know just maybe finish the story off by saying that. You know as i jumped on the ice for per shift Ryan walter two handed me in the back of the knee. I went straight to the My knee killed me for the rest of the game. We lost the game Which means that we were out So in a five or six game day period we went from being the president cup champions to being out of the playoffs and I'll just say that from that point forward. You know. I probably took every advantage. I could to slash line walter for the rest of my career. Let's talk briefly about boston. As a hockey town. I was there as a sportscaster for a period of time and they were really the the big cheese in the town. The ad the boston red sox of course were important and always have been patriots to some degree but just briefly. Tell me about boston as a hockey town. Well i think that You know again. It's an original six team right and so you know people in boston have been You know they've been bleeding black and gold since nineteen twenty four so this has been going on for a long long long long time When you look at the the college towns in boston proper so you know. We have the bean pot with b. a c. northeastern and harvard. So you know there. There is a very knowledgeable group of hockey fans in this town We're a little different sport because we put that helmet on. So you're not quite as recognizable Then maybe like the celtics players Or you know the red sox players But but i will say that during my career. I don't know how many times i would be at the soc shore mall in braintree massachusetts and you know people would just told me over. You know as. I'm walking down the hallway going from one store to the other. You know looking for an autograph or you know back in those days. No-one looked for a pitcher. Because you had to carry a camera and do that. You know nowadays. It's it's a little easier to do these things. I think that's what they call him anyway. but I have to tell you that the boston bruins was a very tradition-bound team The regina paths the junior team. I played for is the longest continuously running hockey team. franchise in canada And so i went from a you. Know a strong sense of tradition in junior to a great sense of prediction with the bruins and and just had a great opportunity. And the great. Fortune to play with guys like terry o'reilly and i don't want to name any names because there's so many of them they were all such and continue to be such great great friends of mine but you know i definitely like to sort of highlight terry. Because you know. Terry was you know he was the pitted. Me up ruin and You know all of us adored him as teammates and later on he was our coach. And you know the fans adored him as well and so you know that it was a great environment for an eighteen year old to grow up into. I sure let me list. Some of those teammates. Ray bork berry peterson. Rick middleton and of course cam. Nealy joined the team in eighty six. When you played with calgary at doug gilmour joe new and that's a pretty good list of names and teammates to let me switch gears with you on for a second you know athletes do certain things don't do certain things after their playing career is over with but you made a change. I mean you graduated from brown with a master's in cybersecurity. I've never heard of an athlete. That did that. What did you learn on the ice to prepare you for a rolling cloud based security and business data management. That says. that's a good one. So so when i finished playing I actually got accepted into northeastern university's nba program In one thousand nine hundred ninety two without an undergrad. So you know. My undergrad was in hockey Because they started playing nhl when i was eighteen So i graduated with my mba. I spent twenty two years in the asset management business. And i had just tremendous mentors not just in hockey but also in in in the asset management and business area and so you know i saw real high degree of personal success in asset management and i decided to retire back in two thousand fifteen and pursue a third career and so Back in nineteen. I graduated with my master of science degree in cybersecurity from brown and You know i would just say that I had a love affair with computers Going all the way back to the late seventy when no one really knew what a computer what's And so as a as a grade eleven student in high school. I would go to high school in the morning. I actually went to university in the afternoon and took College level computer science classes And then at night honesty and that was kind of my cycle and you know. I truly believe that if i hadn't played in the nhl. I probably would have been employee number two hundred at microsoft and so So there was always this deep interest In computers and and when i finished my invest my career. And i had this opportunity to get this Accreditation and education at brown It was just. It's been very very natural for me. in the last couple of years as a chief information security officer so we'll say ahead of cybersecurity you know business setting And i've also invested you know a good deal of my personal capital in early stage tech companies over the last three or four years as well. And and i mentor. A lot of founders in those areas As well but to get back to the cybersecurity I have You know my current role. I'm the we call it the sea. So the chief information security obser- for a fintech startup in toronto called future and we do at future is We are developing what what we call documented ecosystem so we're creating an environment where individuals can take their trusted and and and and and and important documents and essentially we put together a mechanism that allows them to store them out on the cloud in a very safe and secure way so that they know where their documents are. They know how they can get to their documents. They know the documents her stay safe. They won't burnt up in a fire or they won't get altered by someone that maybe make some changes to their documents and they can also permission other trusted advisers to get access to their to their to these documents. So maybe they give their tax accountant in march and april access to a certain set of documents so that the tax preparer can can put their their taxes together for a specific year when we only have a couple of minutes left. So i have to interrupt you here. And before i let you go. I do have to ask you about a guy that i met when i was in boston on television there. And that was jerry. Cheever's tell me a little bit about him as a coach. Because i know he coached at boston as well when you were there. So so jerry. With mike first. Nhl coach Very very often he would drive me back to my apartment when we came home After after road games. And you know terry arp or pardon me. Cheesy cheesy was just an absolute gentleman He loved he loved the horses. And you know whenever we got on the road and you know he could find track. You know you're more likely to see him You know while the players were taking those Sleeps before the game. You'd be more likely to see him out. It's attract doing some handicapping but You know i'll You know. I've always again remembered. Remember cheesy he you know. He has that old mask of his. Which i think over the years he's been offered just gigantic sums for but you know be played in a different era where there weren't a lot of excess os you know coaches really were just motivators and again as an eighteen year old in the nhl I was very fortunate to have To have cheesy You know gary doku left us a couple of years ago with the defenseman coach and saw cal was the assistant coach for the for the forwards. And between those three guys again you know. I got an undergrad and life. I got an undergrad in hockey. And you know i. I really enjoyed The time the cheesy and and that cohort of coaches were leading the charge of the bruins. Yeah as it was. You said it was a different time. I remember. cheever's also terry sawchuk another goalie with his mask as well. We only have about thirty seconds left. But tell me. Is there that one moment in your playing career. That's kind of engraved in evans mind. You'll never forget You know. I think i'd have to go back to the nineteen eighty eight Playoff run where we We ultimately lost to edmonton but but during that run we. We beat montreal. Canadian's out of home For the first time in anyone's memory That we beat montreal in a playoff series. And i remember reggie lemon who in that and i just remember that pump. You know that choi reggia. French canadian guy who you know. We finally montreal. That was that was definitely one of the one of the memories that you you know. You need to put in a special place. Well having thank you very much for sharing your career in your life as well especially post playing career. You're welcome here anytime on sports byline take care my friend right on. Thank you for the opportunity and everyone have a great day. Nevin mark art with us again. Former winger played nine seasons in the nhl primarily as a winger for the boston. Bruins season with calgary was drafted in the first round by boston and his mother named him after former toronto. Maple leafs forward. Bob nevin who had been traded to the new york rangers earlier in the year. We continue across the country and around the world. It's good to have you with us on sports byline hello and welcome back to the ronnie deutsche tax program on the line is paul from california. Hi paul what's your tax problem today. Hierarchy love your show. listen. I've got a big problem. You see my paycheck was gorgeous last week and only getting half the normal amount to make matters worse. The irs froze my bank account. Listen i'm embarrassed and scared. I need some help. Listen paul you don't need to feel embarrassed you just need some tax help and the great news is the. Irs has some unbelievable programs that can eliminate your tax debt. So you don't have to worry about having your paycheck garnished or your bank levied. Doesn't that sound great. 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Call now eight seven seven. Three six zero zero four zero two eight seven seven three six zero four zero two eight seven seven three six zero four zero two. That's eight seven seven. Three six zero zero four zero two. If you or a loved one is suffering from a physical or emotional condition that has left you unable to work then. Listen carefully take this number down. Eight hundred five nine three seven four nine one. That's eight hundred five nine three seven four nine one when you call you'll speak with the social security disability expert and get a free evaluation to see if you may qualify for disability insurance benefits from the us government. That's right a monthly cash payment paid directly to you from the social security administration whether you're applying for the first time or you've already been denied disability benefits call now the disability attorneys at pinnacle disability can help you build your case file an appeal and represent you at no upfront cost. You don't wait another minute to see if you may qualify for your social security disability benefits call disability group at eight hundred five nine three seven four nine one for your free case evaluation. That's eight hundred five nine three seven four nine one eight.

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"All basis of that mistake then. Also Co captain of the Boston Bruins for a few years also the first thing I go now are. Middleton. Group okay. Can Have Rick Middleton. That's fine My Mexican not going to like so much being as bad asses pack. Cam. Nealy. Okay. Again, he's like the forward Bobby Orr the knees took him out a little too. Early the legs were not. You know couldn't let him have the fulfilled career that he necessarily wanted. He played five, hundred, twenty, five games, three, hundred and forty, four, goals two, hundred, forty, six, thousand, five, hundred, ninety points he played with us for ten years. He was drafted by Vancouver but two days before my eighth birthday and on his birthday was traded to Boston yea. generational defining Bruin for us and our generation notice where a little bias towards people we may to I'm sure on the list, but he's awesome hockey hall of fame two thousand and five numbers in the rafters. Nealy Saw and pick. The explanation of a powerful would. Absolutely the. By the way I'm GonNa Time Molars. Number when he kicked Claude lemieux Zaza, we're at the garden for my first Mighty Brodeur, gay member that just gave him the beet down to rose in front of us. Hunter this commutable, the team names like all of a sudden. The other half is bad asses. Well, you had a team name and I didn't. So I just made it the head as bad asses. S Vizino, Ray Bork and Cam Nealy. All bad asset. So I was inspired. Will see how you. We'll see how you feel about this next back. and. He is one of my favorites currently in the current borough and we did everybody anybody that was Berlin. Didn't have to be post career or not. But I pick forward Patrice Bergeron. Ordering has been a member of the bruins sixteen years. Now it's an unbelievable number I can't believe it. staps three hundred fifty two goals, five hundred seventeen assess eight, hundred, six,.

Boston Bruins Bobby Orr Rick Middleton Cam Nealy Patrice Bergeron Claude lemieux Zaza bruins Mighty Brodeur Boston Ray Bork Hunter Berlin Vancouver
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"My first game was which Spencer Ross, that's Ma didn't even make my first game. It was a pre season game up in Boston. It was a pre season game of that, and I did it with Spencer. Really expensive Ross and I remember that game. Ah, then, of course, I don't remember opening. First I remember the first year because, you know, I don't know if I was gonna have a job to second year or even 1/3 year at that time was nearly contracts only, and then they finally started getting your three year contracts. But that's what I remember. Most was right. I remember the bus ride home. After they lost to Philadelphia and say no, I wouldn't have this job next year. So that's basically it. You know, as faras. That's the way I felt not sure if I was going to be back. Ah, and it was. It was really exciting toe be involved. You know, it's funny things like I was when I was a practice goaltender. I ended up playing with all the guys that I was a fan for so many years. That was another intimidation factor going in with Andy Bathgate and every howl and the cat field and all of them. And going on the ice with them. And Dick Duff was. Ah had a lot of great a lot of guys. She'll have the team picture from that year. A lot of fun. And then I always remember the first year that the first game I remember I did it with the word Spencer Ross. You weren't even around you. Your record isn't up in the boot. Right? That's exactly right. I was you. I was all right. 12 in this way they don't do the math doesn't work Does the age well plays the age of even I think he's even given up on that. Now. Too many Ono between the Internet there's just too many fact checks available. I don't know. I don't know He's older than be a younger than me, but I won't Little suspicions about Bob's age. Ah, early on the first, I guess. Let me see for about Beth about your third year with the Rangers. It seemed as though the world turned upside down when Emile Francis made the trade for Philip Zito on DH Carol Vadnais. I know you little West and I assume you were on the trip by was that go down as far as you finding out I got a call from on treatment. The treatment worked an arranger office for so many years on the dot, right? He called me up and Ah, hey told me about the trade. I should. Wow, I don't know about that one talking Rotella and any one of the biggest thing I mean about that train will go in Oakland for the next game. Ah and I get to the rink early, And here comes Esposito. He had even met the team yet. And I met him as he's coming into the arena, and I'm coming into the arena myself. And that's where I met him at the Rangers lost 61 I know him a little bit of you know, but not really as much as you know, I met him. I think I did. I interviewed him once. And that's about it. And that's what I remember about that trade. Which, when you think about it, that that was the only bad trade evil of a mate, he made such great trays. But that was in my opinion anyway, that I think back to immigration. Yeah, it was that one was absolutely But It was done. We talked about the bed. The other one's the Rick Middleton trade, but he wasn't involved. No, that was pretty Yes, that was first was that Turkey? Yeah, I don't know. Maybe if maybe you've heard this differently, I don't know. But over the years there's been this story. And maybe it is an urban legend that Bill Jennings, who was the president of the Rangers at the time, was convinced That Middleton was going down the wrong path, and he basically basically gave John Ferguson about 24 hours to get him out of town. And this is during the off season in the summer, and I guess Espo got into Fergie's here about Kenny Ha Jin. That's how that trade went down if I've heard it, right. Yeah, I heard similar rumors. I don't know if they were true or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. And of course, Esposito would want Hodge. Uh, Middleton was well, I guess that he played to the end of the Rangers or just one that you wanted to You know, 75 years. So is two years two years years. And I heard the same rumor, General Yeah, Everybody said that the savory middle to his life, But I don't want to. That's only room of stuff. You know, That's what you're saying. But, uh, who knows? It was great. It was Rick Middleton was a great guy. What a great player, too. So, look, we've only got a minute. We've only got a minute or so left here, but I know that you still watch hockey watch every Rangers game and you're still pretty in tune with what's going on in the National Hockey League. So when you watch a game today Can you compare it with anything close to what the game was. Even when we were working together 25 years ago. It seems like a different sport Now, almost it so fast. Oh, it certainly is. But you know, I look at the 94 game. Those guys are great, though there's a great hockey player. Right now. I don't know the skill Still, if the skill is here, the speed is here. Uh, so many great hockey players now compared to what compared to the Bears, but I mean, you can't You can't compare it to the game in the sixties. I remember playing and rings with no glass on the side. Just think of that coal Macarena. Ah, there wasn't any grass in the first row, You said in the first row and same thing up in Clinton, New York on the side, you said in the restaurant Even I know that probably was in the forties and early fifties, but there was no there was glass on the side. Just think of that. Andi sitting in the clear, basically, yeah, That's right. We won first roll like a baseball game before they put up the netting along. Ah, but it was ah, so you can see they weren't there weren't that many slap shots. Then they started putting up with glass along the sides. Aah! And they just kept growing and growing. And now with, you know, very it's also he has a different game. The speed is there. The talent is unbelievable. And look whether you're getting talent from all over the world. And all over the United States What he had always about 20 between 25 30% of the players are American. That's phenomenal. You know, always. I always look at that s O Tio. You go back to 1963 19. There was no talk about American plate of those guys in 1980 the miracle on ice a they they They did everything for the U. S occupation program by winning that game. That mint meant so much. Showed that these college kids could play on DH. They certainly they proved it when I went to the national arguably so anyway. It was fun. Great time. And you know what I think back on the years we worked together, and I don't think it's possible to have more fun broadcast it. On I did as well. But this was great. This is great reminiscing. And thanks for having me on down the road. Alright, Halo, That'll stay well, yes. Say hello to that old guy when you talk to him later. Okay, But I think we can factcheck that you might be in for a surprise. All right, take a you got a couple of years on him. All right. So talk soon. Take care. Thanks. Okay, that is one legend. Hockey Hall of Famer winner of the Coveted Foster Hewitt Award broadcasting excellence in the National Hockey League and my good friend and former partner, Sal Messina. We're going to take a break, and when we come back, we'll talk to not only another good friend, but a guy who When I was a kid was simply my idol became my mentor. And I'm proud to call a friend now and really one of the iconic broadcasters, Certainly in all of sports, but in particular in New York, and that is Marv Albert. How heroes with you until one As we commemorate the FAA ends 33rd anniversary..

Rangers Rick Middleton Spencer Ross hockey National Hockey League Esposito New York Boston Philadelphia Andy Bathgate Dick Duff Ma Emile Francis FAA Turkey Marv Albert Rotella baseball Bob Beth
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"Of I mean maybe not fair for everybody the how first round the play-in round or whatever is that might be a little unfair but I think by receding it kind of levels the field and makes it more effective if we're going to have this crazy 2014 tournament making it more of a don't put the asterisk next to the cup kind of thing. You know what I mean? Yeah. Also, I mean the cream-of-the-crop is going to rise the top over and arounds as it always does, sometimes the Big Green will fall for no reason but I do like the receding I think it makes me feel better and it feels like okay now everyone's needs were met in some way by doing it this way in the fans. I'm not going to be great. Like, you know, you're going to be waiting see not just like, you know, who You'll Play out of this area is you'll have to wait and see who you're going to physically Play seventeen's Can't prepare as well though. So, I guess that's the one thing I think was weird about that but right I want to give a huge shout-out. I was on a Bruins related podcast last week and it was called The Dumping change podcast Heather subscribe to these guys. React really fine. Good hockey talk. I had a blast we had some drinks. We talked some prospects and that's the dump in change podcast The Following on Thursday. I believe all major worldwide listening platforms. You can follow him on Twitter too at the letter N underscore change and hosts Nick Jared and Nestor off they do a fantastic job and I had a blast and I can't wait to come back on that program because they had some great questions asked me about permits prospects and I really enjoyed that program. I'm digging into the archives of of their she also I highly suggest that you follow those guys and subscribe. Another thing I want to talk about is patreon. We thought Getting more things to do with patreon. We understand that things are tough right now, but I ordered shirts and I ordered signed pucks. So if you want to get involved in this, please donate $1 per episode at patreon.com black and gold hockey podcast and the pucks that I did order so far in this sign and they come with a COA. So the opportunity for you to win a part for $1. All you did was due $1. We pick a random number bam I sent it to you but so far. I have a plug from Fred Stanfield Wayne Cashman Reggie. Lemelin, Rick Middleton and Gerry cheevers. And that list is going to get longer the more people we get involved in this patreon, the more things we can do we're going to do. Once we kick off next season show if it's going to be a 20, let's just say a 25-week season. I will have 25 items pre done. I'm not going to suck. On the fly anymore. I will have 25 items here in the office in the black and gold hockey podcast studio. And as soon somebody has picked it is getting shipped bad thing. No more delays, and I'm sorry for the people that are still a waiting. I'm just trying to get caught up on everything right now cuz it's a little tough covid-19 ruins everything. So we have a lot of things coming up if you want to write for us..

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"It's seven oh wait long baths dot com soak up one thousand dollars in savings traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks away in prince George's county seems to be the lead story this morning first we had a crash on the interleukin your Central Avenue with lace stretching back toward College Park you've got to slow down beginning now is new Carrollton as you approach for fifty headed to a point just before Central Avenue left lane is blocked the tow truck on scene to remove the vehicle that was involved in the early morning crash outer loop rubbernecking delays back near joint base Sanders but opposite the crash on the inner loop there's a broken down vehicle now you know that the roadway split on both loops on the outer loop you've got to the left and to the right getting by in the grouping that takes you to the right side one's broken down state highway just arrived on scene in the left lane of the two lanes to get by the work to the right you'll also find a bell a slow down in the in the south of town Saint Barnabas red headed down toward the Wilson bridge fifty span and landed near the bell we got word one broken down to ten north then after berry road the crash along the left side of the roadway the right lane in the merge lane are what's getting by traveling about weight inner loop near the Robinson terminal before Braddock road coming out of Virginia in Springfield the everything was moved from that one side of the road way over to the right shoulder traffic was positive lanes are now open look for delays on sixty six east admin **** and again having from about Centerville riding toward fifteen one twenty three I ninety five north bound you had a delay earlier in Fredericksburg there was activity after found that that was over on the shoulder seven in Vienna east bound near Middleton Rick Middleton ridge road the crash of the right lane getting by and Arlington Boulevard he spent after cedar lane that accident activity was in the right lane Jack Taylor WTOP traffic mostly cloudy skies this morning clearing this afternoon we're going to a high in the low to mid forties after clear skies this evening class return overnight we'll see lows in the low to mid twenty summers.

College Park Carrollton Sanders Virginia Springfield Centerville Fredericksburg prince George Wilson bridge Vienna Middleton Rick Middleton Jack Taylor
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"Y. E. S. thank you smart thingy now I don't have to worry about what to do with all those guns don't thank me thank New England to ballistic service says most reliable news source in severe weather is here WBZ storm center stay tuned to WBZ for traffic and weather together on the three to get where you need to go safely for decades the WBC storm centers help new Englanders prepare for severe weather and he's still here to help stay tuned to WBZ every day and every storm the WBC storm center is brought to you by plumbers nine one one if you need a plumber plumbers nine one one dot com it's the coolest garage under the new women Auto Show MLK weekend from luxury to rugged vehicles are more electrifying efficient enhanced and economical see the screwed up muscle car showcase close exotics from McLaren Lambeau and more the Bruins legend Rick Middleton with Boston garage petted options with Subaru enter for a chance to win a grand of Sicko dry clean gasoline the Auto Show January sixty two twenty eight at the Boston convention center presented by Boston dot com tickets at Boston Auto Show dot com anyone can join the fun at new England's largest snow tubing park admission yeah in Westford mass eighteen lanes of snow tubing open seven days and nights a week perfect for parties and group outing for more info go to ski Michelle dot com we all got the only WBZ Taylor's traffic reports for Boston commuters WBZ traffic on the three only WBZ Boston's newsradio sports now WBZ newsradio tonight the Celtic look to turn things around at home against the Phoenix Suns after dropping five of their previous seven the most recent loss at home to Milwaukee Boston going for the series sweep after a fourteen point one of the sons of the desert in November Jaylen brown is listed as questionable with a right spring Tom if Santa Springfield can have their way former captain Jason Varitek would be the next choice as a manager of the red Sox at that he's not a festival last night fans chanted higher tech with them interrupting principal owner.

Santa Springfield principal Milwaukee WBZ newsradio Boston Auto Subaru Bruins WBC WBZ red Sox Jason Varitek Y. E. S. Tom Phoenix Suns Boston WBZ Taylor Boston convention center Rick Middleton McLaren Lambeau Englanders
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"Ever injured your back you know it can be debilitating this is Diane stern in our online section on easing back pain the experts from the spine center at tufts Medical Center break down the best ways to deal with back and neck pain he Beth rest or movement and once you see a doctor also want to consider cortisone injections for pain relief easing back from the experts at tufts Medical Center now with WBZ ten thirty dot com slash health it's the coolest garage under the new women Auto Show MLK weekend from luxury to rugged vehicles are more electrifying efficient enhanced and economical see the screwed up muscle car showcase close exotics from McLaren Lambeau and more the Bruins legend Rick Middleton with Boston garage headed options with Subaru enter for a chance to win a grand of Sicko dry clean gasoline the Auto Show January sixty two twenty eight at the Boston convention center presented by Boston dot com tickets at Boston Auto Show dot com how do people survive living in the desert what's the real story behind the Panama Canal how does dyslexia actually work since two thousand eight me check bright and you Josh Clark and explore the answers to these questions and more and one of the world's most popular podcasts stuff you should know whether you're brand new to podcasts are coming back to reunite with us for just digging deep to learn more about everything from sign language wars US Dustin Chuck have you covered you can find stuff you should know on the I heart radio app where ever you find your favorite podcasts we want.

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"Marshon scored in last night's dumping of the blue jackets. But that there he assisted on David posture knocks gopher is one hundred point of the year the feisty winger just the tenth player in history to achieve that feat. Joining the likes of Johnny Buzek Phyllis Zito. Rick Middleton, Bobby ORR. And most recently Joe Thornton sixteen years ago. Marshawn made sure to grab that puck out of the net. Brad, what are you gonna do with it? off.

Johnny Buzek Phyllis Zito Rick Middleton Bobby ORR Joe Thornton Marshon Brad David Marshawn sixteen years
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"Time. You could say Mookie Betts shor-short because I mean, he's made some catches that you get only just gawk at in right field over the wall. Diving catches what he did against Houston. You could actually you could make a case for all three of the Red Sox. They're all citing players unintended is great to watch. I mean that the the the catch to end the game three of the of the AL DS against the against the spectacular Astros. Benintendi was was one of the greatest baseball players. I've seen defensively. I mean, that's talk about exciting. Yeah. I mean, that's exciting is on literally office chair. I think a game saving a caption the game. Like a diving catch to more than a walk off home run. Yeah. Especially on the road. The crowd. That says I think that's exciting as they play king possibly get out. Will you just full extension lay out for a catch to end the game? There was another one last yesterday afternoon Lorenzo Cain robbed the home run to end the game. Like a walk on walk off out. It's very accelerated outfielder Lorenzo Cain sensational. I outfielder there's. Yeah, I mean well. You see more and more the athletes going the outfield because the way baseball is. Now right launch angle launch angle you see strikeouts. You see walks, and you see a lot of fly balls. I mean, look it's still important to have that great defensive shortstop. But there's not going to be as many places to the shortstop as they've been in the past because pitchers are striking out more players walking more players. But then the outfielder second baseman regularly fall asleep at time waste and the other thing too. Is you make an error shortstop? Yeah. You get the opportunity. Maybe turn a double play, whatever. It's generally one base. You make an error in the outfield. You turn out into a triple when that gets the whole thing rolling. Yep. That's problematic. I know who Christian would vote for I don't know Christian vote for he doesn't like anyone. But out of these four choices who you voting for element. Okay. Wow. That's surprising. I just like element. I think he's like Dirk dog whatever you wanna call. It won't surprise you. Probably we're going to tweet Nunez was on the no nonsense Nunez. Newton is doesn't have this waiting because you don't know. He doesn't know what he's no let me fall. But element is has a folk following Nunez doesn't have that yet on it though. I think I'm the only one I think the president and only member of the new. Here's why I think obviously great player. Weighing you're talking about exciting in football. I like the Jaka rack in terms of in terms of your statement. And he's not really ever going to give you that. That's just not as. Yeah. Okay. Beckham junior water. It's fine. But I also like after the game when they do like the miked up, and you hear them bitching and complaining a yellow I love that. That's part of it. You'll Jeff is important. And that's part of we're not doing on the field. And he's got that mary-anne when he's going back and forth with the falcons. All that's priceless. It's great is. Yeah. So to me, that's all part of it. Yes. You hear in the moment. But it's. Learfield. Eshelman he sets a physical tone on that team. And he's five ten maybe two hundred pounds. And he wasn't it gets the charges. He got away when he should've been wrapped up a knockdown, pony bulldog. I. Outstanding blocker. So really I mean, he's he's one of the top. That says. Yeah. Concussion. He's gonna play unless doll literally dragged him off the field. So I mean, I would have voted for Marcus smart. If we had a vote for inciting dives on checking on threes. I love it. Yeah. Has like his own brand the. Eleven or whatever. So like pop up just up a nice shop in TB twelve. Harry's brands little bit bigger, it's big shoe weights being or is it is it's big. But I like more like, it's a personal. I think that's probably how you it. Like, kyrie. Moore's I'm telling you guys, I know again, sometimes I'm the fifty five year old guy that x twenty one because I really love basketball. I love the players playing today. I think the the skill set of the players today is better than ever. And I also think there's more great players now than ever also at the all star teams, you just go back, and you Alan Houston made a lot of all star team James a good shooter. But. Our team. Yeah. So there's a lot of great talent in the NBA. I think Kyrie you can make a case of the most exciting Celtic I've seen the only one I would put there and it's a different skill set. It's bird because he was just so he was a freak a six ten guy who could shoot like that could pass like that who had that. I that LeBron and magic have so. Yeah. Those would be the two Paul Pierce was great. But he played kind of an old man game. If they had if Garnett was your longer, maybe Garnett who's another second Tom Brady, though in the sense that he so efficient and so professional athletic career. I'll give you Ron does. Exciting players was exciting there. He may be the most exciting player on that team because triple double great passes. Right. But does he play another reason why don't choose Kerry because he's really most Celtic is leaving. He's gone. Well, he's he's. No. But so either, but he doesn't care. He's not gonna be enough. So Pasternak, it's no-votes. Yes. No, Pat passenger. I is hockey doesn't do it mastering. I'll tell you. Why? That's your phone. Well, here's the thing the hat trick Henrik. So I I'm very. You guys were both there they missed the game you could've pasternack, but Pasternak I don't recall the last time the Bruins had someone like that. See that's the part. I look at this. The Celtics were winning in the eighties. You know, they weren't the most athletic team. They were great basketball team. But even like Dennis Johnson. Wasn't a great athlete. Robert Parish Travis got up and down the court. Well, Kyrie such a joy to watch. The Bruins have always had you know, the big bad. Bruins dump the puck in Milan Lucci in there. They're taking someone's head off nearly was fun to watch. Because he was a big strong guy was also skilled forks, but those those guys were really efficient pros, you know, hard players Pasternak. I don't recall the last time probably you have to go back to Rick Middleton. The last time the Bruins had a sniper like a guy that just on the power play you feed them Allah Alexander Ovechkin and it's a goal. A pure snake. More fun to watch than Sagan was when he was here. Sagan could have been better than. Sagan has probably reached about eighty percent of his potential. He's a disappointment to me because I love his game. Because again, I think he's better with the puck and Pasternak. He's not quite the goalscorer Pasternak is. But Sagan, I think he's just you know, I wonder if he loves hockey, you know, what I'm saying very skilled women. Oh, yeah. Well, I've made nine million a year and looked like that. I'd be right there with them. Good for him Pasternak likes women. But I wonder if Sagan loves hockey's much, as you know, these guys that turned out to be really great player. So I I would go pasternack only because to this Bruins team. No one's talking about it. And yet. They're legitimate Stanley Cup contenders. They really are. I mean, they they blow out the Rangers. The other night that game against Tampa. They're up for two in the third period. They had a rough third period against a team that was bringing it that night Tampa Bay with the best record. And they they lost by goal on the road. I you know, I think this team has a real chance to to win the Cup which is saying a lot. Well, consider the division. They're in what qualifies as success for the Bruins. And what qualifies a failure in the postseason? You gotta be Toronto in that first round. You've got to be Toronto. In the first round you beat him last year now Toronto's added Jonathan virus. But you're better than you were last year. They are the Bruins are better than they were last year. They have two viable lines. I was talking with Justin Peletier, our sports editor who loves hockey in knows hockey. And what they've been able to do is they've taken Pasternak and put him on the second line. It's really not the second line. But with David Krejci, those two guys have great chemistry together, you leave Berge Iran with marshawn and now you can bring. Hainan up gives you a little sandpaper on the first line and on the second line. With crunchy and posture knock then can use. The brusque. So now, you've got to viable lines. You're also healthier on the blue line than you were last year. And I think if you're goaltender has some problems in the postseason, Bruce Cassidy will not be afraid to you know. Pull the trigger and go with Haluk during a game or starting another game. So I think they've got a there's gotta be Toronto. Yes. So that goes back what caused five sixty says is is failures the Toronto shares because then after that. But then is it successful? If you just get to the second round man, not in the city. I know you're playing you're playing Jarrett to win. If this is the Rangers are some team that's playing in a city that it's not winning a lot recently. No, not in the city. You know, you've got the defending. I mean, they sort of circumstance in terms of city they play in. And also, even though you have the second best record in hockey. You're you're playing the you're the division with the team with the best record by far. Right. So yeah, I it's it's going to be painted as a failure. It will they lost last year five games to Tampa. I mean, if it goes seven, and they lose that really improved games better. But this Boston this is not any other city right now where people want championship. So success failure is is not getting to the Cup or failure. Now winning the co if they get to the Cup they'll be favorable consider is success just getting there or do. They have to the way they play the season is winning the Cup failure at that point. They got to win the Cup. Yeah. If they get to the finals and the playing don't San Jose, whoever copper bus is basically what you're saying. Because of us since Martin since January first. Have been every bit as good as Tampa. They're setup their fairly healthy, especially on the blue line. You've got the gold tank situation. You feel good about you have to legitimate lines. That would be number one lines on any team. And you third lines pretty damn good to right? And you've got a coach that you know, is not afraid to make changes in game in between games. Yeah. I think it's a lot of pressure on that team going, and they could lose the Toronto in the first round. That's what's infuriating the way. It's set up. But that's the fun part about hockey in Toronto's got the six best record in hockey. Great just happen. I'll be in the same division. Yeah. So I think that that's really a case. So I'll go with Pasternak only because I don't recall the last time the Bruins had a player quite like that. I'd have to go back to Rick Middleton. And that was in the seventies and eighties, and you're not willing to say Sagen. No, no Sagan skill level was there. But again, he be he's the Josh Rosen of now, maybe he's done more than Josh. Still put up. Good numbers in Dallas. Right. Yes. You put up better numbers at Boston University in ten Boston University. But I think he was successful at Boston University. If you know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. I get what you're saying. It's loved them. How do you know that? I know I know things are the Celtics have released a statement. Okay. On the two year ban DeMarcus cousins. Here we go on January twenty six we were alerted by DeMarcus cousins said a fan had used racially offensive language towards him immediately upon receiving the complaint the fan who was a minor was ojected. Oh, that's not good. That makes it makes. It really troubling that a minor Torino good the following day per hour policy regarding any report fan behavior, complaint the team initiated an exhaustive investigation of the incident that include reviewing video for multiple angles and identifying numerous fan security personnel and police in the immediate vicinity. And of course, this investigation we were able to conclude that the fan had been verbally abusive towards Golden State bench. But none of the injuries. Parties were able to verify the use of racially offensive language and video evidence proved inconclusive based on our investigation. The fan was issued a two year ban from all Celtics games is also subject to a lifetime probation pursuant to our policy the punishment for any corroborated discriminatory language. Use. Towards any player employee or fantasy game is a lifetime band. We were in contact with the warriors.

Pasternak Bruins hockey Toronto Sagan Celtics Tampa Lorenzo Cain Cup Rick Middleton basketball Rangers baseball Astros Red Sox DeMarcus cousins Nunez Mookie Betts Houston
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"It can't happen to you. Or that your actions won't affect others. Think again, I got behind the wheel drunk and caused the crash that took the lives of two young women before you drink have a plan and know all your options. One bad decision can last forever. Take it. From me. Eric prison inmate p twenty two six seven nine. This message. Brought to you by the Florida Department of transportation is lightning radio. Roll power play again for the lighting looks like Louis Dominque is going to go to the bench. I will be a six on four. Blighty moved around the pocket. Extremely well. On that last sequence had a couple of really good looks at. I got the puck to Steven stamkos for a couple of looks got it to the front of the net who Trump moving around quickly Miller was on the edge of the doorstep. And he got flattened. That's what drew the penalty. You know, he got Marsh and out there who is their leader. When it comes to shorthanded goals, you've got twenty five in his career tied for most of any Bruin Zarella dos. Stamkos right circle. Gujrat six on four. But a lightning had been high slot yields back the center point five for stamkos left circle quarter Serology processed kucherov office stick at a pit balls out of this on our Sanders. Sniffing after that puck wanting the all time record to upsell. Rick Middleton, the other guy with twenty five shorties in Bruins history. A bad pass by center is stolen by four. Dobson. There's bar Shanna right circle. Back and are blocked by headmen far Santa radios. One goal tonight. Here's kucherov et cetera. Twenty-five left. Rex for Bradman slots have forgotten across the line, right circle. JT miller. No protects the right corner. Miller charting with it without a pass Tara steel and a clear down is it goes, even if they don't score on this power play. You know, they don't want her Shantou score. He does he does go out for a change for now. He may come back out who knows Tyler to center ice Myers it in with a minute to go. Here. Stanford circle rattling it processed Kucha break corner to Johnson, let's circle. Stamkos. Polls shoots over the net. With Raskin without a stick, you drop it. He picks a backup Gujrat bright circle of quarterback, right circle. Coup. Drop set of what happened right shiver COO off shoot save rafts jar in the far corner. We'll get a bang it out for Chari. You'll let the toward the open at it's gonna this Wagner's down there. He's after the pocket of the right corner flag tied up by stamp goes, thirty seconds left. The net is empty for the lightning are still on the power play dropped the bubble to pocket Cy tower Johnson Johnson up. The little light is Jack. Had a follow up of the neutral zone. Lobs charred Oxy you to toward the open net, but it gets blocked, etc. By snap goes, ten seconds left. Lightings long. Points. Vicks gonna come to an end. The Bruins will Lamont stamkos across the wide high slot Johnson shoot. Save raspy behold side with four tenths of a second lady. Officially over three of the game of the power play to the came very late in the game. Fatigue level.

JT miller Steven stamkos puck Johnson Bruins Gujrat Wagner Stamkos Florida Department of transpor Louis Dominque Rick Middleton Lamont stamkos Raskin Vicks Blighty Eric Shanna COO Dobson
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"rick middleton" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Getting the inside school. Off the court. Does take us to the next level insiders stays at three forty five on Wisconsin's afternoon news with John Rick Middleton, mid range shot. Chris Nelson sponsored by Waterstones Bank and signing on limiting. We're the home of the box WGN. Hey, if you're like me, maybe made a New Year's resolution baby you're planning to eat better. Exercise more be more patient kind or whatever it doesn't matter. It all starts a good night's rest. Now, you've heard me tell my story about how I love my pillow. Matter of fact, it was on vacation last week. I was glad to get home. One of the reasons was to sleep on my pillow again will now it's your turn. If you go to mypillow dot com, click on their four-pack, special shipping is absolutely free. That's right. No shipping costs. Zippo, zilch. Nada and don't forget about their sixty day money back guarantee free shipping sixty day money back guarantee. What else do you need? Go to mypillow dot com, click on the four pack special enter the promo code Wagner w agr and you'll get to premium my pillows and two go anywhere pillows. Look there's nothing better than the gift of restorative sleep. Go to mypillow dot com, click on the four pack special and use the promo code Wagner. You get two premium pillows and two go anywhere pillows, again free shipping sixty day money back guarantee. Mypillow dot. Dot com. Click on the four pack special enter the promo code Wagner or call eight hundred nine five three forty one sixty three and remember that promo code Wagner can be used for any offer. You find mypillow dot com, gays out your patio door. Imagine.

Wagner Chris Nelson John Rick Middleton WGN Wisconsin Waterstones Bank Nada sixty day
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"rick middleton" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Knows her as Gabriella, I still call her mom your hero needs to now. And AARP is here to help find a care guides. You need to help complete with tips and resources at AARP. Dot org slash caregiving. Brought to you by AARP and the Ad Council. Twenty four seven three sixty five you're up Adam every day. So you don't want something like Medicare Part Gita slow you down at Walgreens, we'll take care of your Medicare Part d prescriptions, saving you time and money. Make the switch to Walgreens today and get more by earning a hundred dollars reward points and save up to five dollars on each Medicare Part d prescriptions. When Walgreens is more preferred pharmacy flow greens, trusted since nineteen o one prescription status. Applies to tier one generics. When he preferred versus another for pharmacy on select plans points, give your New York and jersey, Arkansas other restrictions and limitations apply. Right now, you can get a twenty dollars prepaid visa gift card by mail with the purchase of a Napa legend premium battery, durability and power make it the obvious choice for people who hate getting stranded by a dead car battery so pretty much everyone the Napa legend premium battery and twenty dollars back quality parts, helpful people. That's Napa know how know-how participating Napa auto parts stores and Napa auto care centers. Limit two per household while supplies last offer ends two twenty eight nineteen. Getting you the inside scoop. Off the court. You wanted to? Those victims help take us to the next level. Hawks insiders Thursdays at three forty on. Wisconsin's afternoon news with John Rick Middleton, mid range shot Chris meltsa sponsored by Waterstones Bank and citing unlimited. We're the home of the box WGN. Jay. Quality heating of top of the industry yard heating and air conditioning systems because they're innovative designing user friendly features help save energy ensure sustainability and simplify maintenance we know that when.

AARP Napa Walgreens Hawks Adam Gabriella John Rick Middleton WGN Waterstones Bank Ad Council Wisconsin Jay Arkansas Chris meltsa New York twenty dollars hundred dollars five dollars
Adrian Clayborn agrees to deal with New England Patriots

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Adrian Clayborn agrees to deal with New England Patriots

"The celtics beat the orlando magic ninety two to eighty three coach brad stevens says the defense played a major role in pretty we obviously didn't make a ton of shots our first half third quarter defense pretty darn good bruins and tampa bay lightning in tampa bay tonight bs four points behind tampa bay division by the way the bruins alumni play the ice huggers rockland ice arena rockland one pm b's alumni rick middleton al peterson bruce crowder among those expected red sox and raise this after noon in florida patriots three reported signings reading the terms with defensive end adrian clayborn running back jeremy hill offensive tackle matt tobin that a sports news at any time wbz newsradio on our iheartradio app download it now free wbz news time nine forty three traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england all wheel drive traffic.

Celtics Bruins Tampa Bay Adrian Clayborn Matt Tobin Orlando Brad Stevens Tampa Rick Middleton Bruce Crowder Florida Jeremy Hill Offensive Tackle