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"rick lewis sycamore high school" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Whatever we all might think of him now if you judge him strictly as a football player very few running backs in nfl history have combined that kind of size with that sort of speed simpson i believe ran in the four by one relay team that i think with mcculloch and gus to others i can't remember they set an american record oj back then wasn't hundred meters of one hundred yards he was nine three sprinter at two hundred in two hundred twelve pounds yeah i know i was a big fan oh man who huge number thirty to my senior year of high school because of oj sent why i choose to think you were thinking of jim brown jim brown also factored in i have to say i love i love jim brown as a player but oj was the guy oh man was there when i was in high school brown have some issues buddy our than some you're thinking of brown yeah he had issues with women yeah that's well documented if you're allegedly talking about maybe throwing somebody off a balcony i don't know allegedly glad you through allegedly in there want jim brown coming up to now a bitchy met him but i did i told the story on the show we were back there and he was we were introduced was when the when the broncos were plan but we introduced before the game is part of the browns whatever former browns players and i got to meet him and i was so even then this is probably i don't know ten twelve years ago but still just an awe inspiring figure right in a handshake mean a man's man with the handshake and i introduced myself i said jim i'm dave logan played here you were gonna play me dave great to meet you i know exactly who you are threat unbelievable miss jim brown and brown right lake man did i hit the lotto today or what yeah when you see the number thirty two do you think jim bribe doj i do i think jim brown i think jim taylor jimmy taylor when thirty thirty one thirty yeah jim brown would be thirty two what he not with their be another thirty two magic johnson yeah marcus allen marcus was a great player sandy koufax another great player cox chris cox found innocent in rick lewis sycamore high school there you go that's what i think that's a lot of people campbell story to when we bumped into him in the lobby at the bowl last sad check some traffic out here john morrissey how we doing john it's crowded drive coming out of boulder on the volta turnpike rick in the best means traffic center that.

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