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Tue - 08/18 - Untitled Goose Game is getting co-op and Apple is trying to block the Unreal Engine

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Tue - 08/18 - Untitled Goose Game is getting co-op and Apple is trying to block the Unreal Engine

"Welcome to the gaming ride home podcast for Tuesday August, eighteenth I am Kyle Hilliard here's a whole bunch of video games stuff that happened recently. UNTITLED goose game is getting co-op and Haiti's is coming to switch according to Nintendo's in the world showcase. There's a bunch of other stuff from that. Apple is blocking unreal engine on the APP store in retaliation epic. And the Batman Arkham series of developer rock steady is being accused of sexual harassment issues. And had no shows untitled goose game coop Haiti's for switch spirit fairer is out grindstone is coming switched as a whole bunch of announcements that happened Nintendo indie world showcase premiered this morning though it was not a Nintendo direct with first party announcements it did promise a lot of great stuff. Haiti's the rogue light from developer. supergiant Games is coming to switch this fall and you'll be able to transfer your progress from the P. C. version of the game which is really awesome. Hypno- space outlaw a difficult to describe puzzle game that takes place on. Basically an early version of a fictional internet is coming to switch on August twenty seventh and a demo for that game is available immediately. Spirit fairer, which is this just absolutely gorgeous game about helping people. Or in this case, anthropomorphic animals move between the living world and the afterlife is out today on switch. It is also out on the epic game store. The animation on that game is really incredible. I would recommend taking a look at it Gordon Story, which looks like a game that mashes up elements of animal crossing and harvest moon, which is something I might say again later. is coming to switch next year. It looks absolutely adorable. Some NAUTICA is a game about exploring and surviving an alien ocean planet and its sequel slash expansion subway below zero both games are coming to switch early next year this is a game I played a little on pc but I do worry about the switch version handling it from a technical perspective, but it is a cool game. Takashi and Hiroshi is a game that has apparently been on Apple Archaic for some time but it's a game about an older brother making a game further younger brother while trying to find the perfect balance of difficulty, it's out today on switch. Raji. An ancient epic is an action game made in India about Indian culture and stories, and it looks awesome. It has wall running, which is a key to my heart. It's out today which exciting. Bear and breakfast a game that seems to take inspiration from animal crossing and harvest moon member promised out say that again puts you in charge of a bed and breakfast and you're also bear it's coming up next year. A short hike is out today on switch, which is very exciting. I have played through a short hike a number of times on PC with my daughter and I'm excited to come to switch. It's a game. You can get through quickly, which may be assumed from the title, but it's really charming and it has a level of exploration that I think can honestly be compared to brought to the wild. The studio behind rains, which is a game all about making royal decisions in order to direct a story is releasing game called card. Shark. With devolve our digital. It's all about cheating at cards and manipulating the game for personal gain. It's got a cool art style and it looks really unique. It's coming to switch year torchlight three. The diablo inspired loot fest is going to switch. Later this year manifold garden is a really tricky first person puzzle game that has been on a few other platforms, but it is making its way to switch today. Ever Gate is a game that seems to have a lot in common with the Ori- games both in terms of its visuals and it's platforming it takes place in the afterlife and is coming to switch later today. All those reveals Nintendo offered a handful of quick hit into games coming to switch. Haven is a CO OP game about a romantic couple surviving on an alien planet that's on the way going under is an isometric action game that has a real. Early Ninety S vibe to it. The Red Lantern is a first person game about snow dog racing. Railed is a game about creating train tracks that has kind of minecraft dungeons. Look to it. Struggling is maybe one of the weird or things they showed it's a platformer where it seems like you play as severed appendages in a world covered in flesh and looks really weird. In most has been in development for a while, but it looks like a creepy pixellated platformer, which I'm totally into she dreams elsewhere is an RPG that seems to be taking inspiration from classic RPG's like earthbound, but it also has a bit of an under tail style to it which you know makes sense because. Even, kind of has a little bit of a earthbound emotion to it. Grindstone, which is a fantastic mobile game that I love is coming to switch an autumn. So that's good news and Goner to is a co-op platformer. All those games are coming to switch at various times over the next half year or so, and then finally, the indie world presentation ended with a big untitled goose game announcement on September twenty third the game will be updated for free to include a genuine co op mode. untitled goose game is what I always recommend to people as a good co op game in the sense that it is particularly fun to play with someone else while you're solving puzzles together but it's not a proper co game only one player can control the goose, but this update will change that by adding another goose to the mix, which is very cool. It's unclear if other new elements will be added to the game, it looks like what they showed. The trailer was a lot of puzzles and stuff from the first game but now being solved by two geese, which is fun. Overall it was. It was great. It started off strong with Haiti's, and then they showed lots of other awesome stuff. I am excited about the new stuff but I am also excited to have a short hike and grindstone on my switch. I also really WANNA play spirit fairer that game looks absolutely great. Apple is now attempting to block the unreal engine from the APP store an epic d doesn't like that frankly. The Apple Google and epic legal war has taken its next big steps with apple making moves to not just prevent fortnight from being downloaded on its store. But it is now going after the unreal engine in general, which will theoretically affect far more gains kacoos. Nathan Grayson reported on this latest development writing today epoch said that it's asked the court for a temporary restraining order and a longer term preliminary injunction that would effectively stop apples. Removal plans dead in their tracks in an e mail took a Taco that included newly filed legal documents in epic representative called plan to remove fortnight and restrict epochs access to development tools and. Raise retaliation. The legal documents explained the company's rationale when epic sued apple to break its monopoly on APP stores, an in-app Payments Apple retaliated ferociously the document read. It told epic that by the Twenty Eighth Apple will cut off epochs access to all development tools necessary to create software for apple's platform including for the unreal engine epic to Third Party. which apple has never claimed violated any apple policy not content simply to remove fortnight from the APP store apple is attacking epochs entire business in unrelated areas that story is linked in the show notes it's another frustrating step in this whole battle. If apple blocks the unreal engine that will hurt a lot more than just fortnight as many developers create mobile games using unreal and this move from apple would prevent developers from updating their APPs, which is obviously a problem. Epics immediate goal is just to stop apple from being able to establish these restrictions at least during the course of this whole legal battle, which I'm sure we'll take longer than any of US wanted to. That Man Arkham series developer rock steady has been accused of failing to prevent sexual harassment within the studio. A majority of the female staff over at develop a rock steady banded together about two years ago to draft a letter to the leaders of the studio, accusing them of failing to prevent sexual harassment issues within the company, and since that time little has been done to address the concerns of the women on staff. Recently, however, some movement was made after the letter was given to the publication, the Guardian in order for it to be publicized. The Guardians Alex hearn reported on the story and wrote one of the letters signatories who asked to remain anonymous said she had decided to share the letter with the Guardian because she felt people were still suffering from sexism harassment and inappropriate behavior at rock steady I've heard everything from groping claims to incidents, involving directors, all of whom are men she said yet, the only thing we had as a result was a companywide seminar that lasted an hour everyone who attended was asked to sign a statement confirming that they'd received the training it felt that it was just a way for them to cover their butts they actually used A. Different. Word. there. But you know I, keep this podcast clean. She said, the letter was kept private in part due to the company's devotion to secrecy, which is not unusual in the video game sector and in part because staff members feared that if they left on bad terms, they would be denied credit on the company's upcoming game and adaptation of DC comics. Suicide Squad that story is linked in the show notes despite the two years of very little action rock steady apparently did hold a companywide meeting in the last few days to address the concerns after the Guardian reached out to rock steady for a comment on the story. I Have Sung, the praises of rock steadies games often on this podcast. I really loved the Batman Arkham Games. But this sort of inaction is is really just unacceptable. If people feel uncomfortable simply being at your company that behavior needs to be addressed I hope that rock steady is taking the appropriate action to address these issues. Here's what released today Microsoft flight. Simulator. Is Out Today on. I don't know what the plans are for a potential console release on Xbox, but I hope Microsoft flight simulator makes its way over there. At some point I'm still kind of flabbergasted over IGA ten at a ten for the game I. Absolutely believe a game like that can get ten out of ten and you know it's the reviewer's opinion. I just always thought that genre was so neat steady toys, kind of skirt a review score like that for just being like too specific. I guess you could say. It really makes me WanNa try it though I definitely had zero plans to play before yesterday but. Now I WANNA see what it's all about. Some more reviews have rolled in for the game since yesterday and they continue to be really positive mortal Shell is out today, which is game I've talked about a lot. I played the Demo for few hours ended up streaming to and I liked what I played reviews for the game have been overall positive so far game spots Phil Horn Shaw gave the game at eight and. wrote about it mortal shell succeeds more often than not at capturing these specific feelings intrinsic to souls like games the twists it adds to from inspired mechanics do well to help this sort of game become more approachable than most while maintaining the same air of mystery and foreboding that makes the genre. So intriguing mortal shell makes for a strong introduction to souls likes a demonstration for new players of what so many have found so. About from Software's games and those like them. But mortal Shell is also a lovingly crafted weird and deceptively deep game in its own right that rewards for wandering. It's twisted paths and challenging it's deadliest foes, PC gamers rick. Lane also gave it an eight and wrote while no masterpiece mortal. Shell. Is nonetheless capable fighter both its world and story are entertaining to investigate with. Of Brilliance hidden amidst it's gloomy environments an obscure characters alternately mortal Shell is not a souls game, but it is the best not souls game I've played so far. I'm interested to check out the final release sounds like it's sounds like it's pretty good rogue legacy to is out in early access today this is a game that is highly anticipated. It was an early example of a game that popularized the rogue lied genre with its unique premise when you die instead of inexplicably coming back to life to give the level another shot you play as your descendant and the layout of the castle is different because you're a new person. So how could you possibly remember your father's experience in the castle? That can is cool but it also apparently functioned as a fun rewarding broke light. I'm not a big rogue lights guy. But I am excited to see what everyone thinks of the game today. Pathfinder kingmaker is out today on counsel's after having spent plenty of time on PC. It's an old school isometric single player. RPG? That gives you all kinds of choice in terms of story character build and what your party looks like. The console version is the definitive edition which includes some new features alongside the base game as well as its six. DLC's. That's it for gaming news today it weirdly took a long time for the game to come in the Mail I. Guess It was severely back order or something, but I have been watching my wife play fairytale it released July thirtieth, but she just got a copy a few days ago. It seems cool. It's a turn based RPG where you basically accept freelance jobs from job board, which is a pretty standard video thing but it works especially well in the context of. The anime the game is based on because that is what the show is about competing magical guilds who take on various jobs I also like the turn based combat because it moves pretty quickly instead of navigating menus, all the attacks are assigned to face buttons. So you pick your tax without having to route through menus, which is something I'm personally into the game also looks great to a great translation of the anime visuals I. Don't know that I will ever actually. Start my own game I. don't know if I'll actually play it but I've been enjoying watching it over her shoulder if you have corrections or just feedback in general, feel free to send me tweets or em's to other at. Kyle. Hilliard, or at gaming ride home or you can send an email to kyle ride home dot info and please consider leaving a review for the podcast where we listen to it, you can also check out my twitter Account Kyle impersonator where I'm playing through something new I'm still playing halo for the moment but. Maybe later, this week I will start playing something different. We'll see you can also find me on the mid Mac show more long form video game discussion. I would point you toward our halo deep dive right now we've done the first episode second episode should be up soon go check that out. I will talk to you more about video games tomorrow.

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