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"rick kriseman" Discussed on CATS Roundtable

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"rick kriseman" Discussed on CATS Roundtable

"Well we go around the country right. Now let's go to florida with us. Today is may arrive rick. Christman saint petersburg florida and saint petersburg was voted the number one beaches in America and you know people coming on down. There are good morning mayor route. How are you. i'm doing great john. How you doing. Thank you for having me on today. Did you see the vote for the best beaches in american. Saint petersburg yeah. I can't say i'm surprised by that. I mean We've we've got amazing beaches all throughout our city and throughout the county You know we've got. I think for a city our size we have more museums than any other city that i'm aware of around the country You know there's just there's a lot of reasons. Why saint pete not only a great place to visit. But it's a great place to live and it's a great place to work. Well you know. I always admired the way you guys do business here that you welcome people from outside of florida and say come on down making investment and we'll help you as much as we can and that invitation even got me excited we come down here would have spent four hundred million dollars. Yeah we're we are. We are thrilled For you and your project here in the city where I think it's gonna be an amazing addition to our downtown The the the building design is really spectacular. But but you're right we we we welcome investors and people who want to make saint pete The place where they bring their business or they come here to live You know there's there's so many reasons to do so and we certainly wanna make it as easy as possible for for businesses to come into our community and and get established and become a part of the community companies. Moving now florida. How many people are actually moving every week or every. How do you track down in florida. Yeah we there. There's a couple thousand That we see coming coming here to our area You know every month and we we think the growth certainly in our city but throughout the state is going to continue..

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