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"rick kirkham" Discussed on Joe Exotic: Tiger King

Joe Exotic: Tiger King

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"rick kirkham" Discussed on Joe Exotic: Tiger King

"From wondering this is a special extended bonus interview from Joe Exile. The next episode of Joe Exotic will be out on Tuesday in the meantime because of the intense interest in Joe Carroll Baskin and many of the other people involved in this story we will from time to time. Be Sharing exclusive extended interviews from rob. Moore's reporting rob spent years on this story and spoke with dozens of people in this episode. We're sharing an extended section of Rob's interview with Rick Kirkum the reality TV producer. Who moved to Joe Exotics when he would zoo property to create a show? Rick talks about life at the zoo. The drug use joe singing career and what it was like to have a front row seat to feud between Joe and Carol. Here's the interview. The.

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