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"rick kill castro" Discussed on NBC's Songland Podcast

NBC's Songland Podcast

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"rick kill castro" Discussed on NBC's Songland Podcast

"My journey as a songwriter. I think it's been kind of difficult to be honest in songs you know and to take something from your bedroom more from voice note to really recording it and putting it out into the world so. I know how tough it can be to be a songwriter. Then you also learned that there isn't much to learn you just have to speak from the heart. You have to be honest with yourself in your riding. My sound is so many things it's arm be at the core but it's so many other things and you know I. It's definitely emotional sometimes. It's electric sometimes warm. I don't know if it's just one thing. It's it's everything what makes a great song a great melody. You know something. That's unforgettable and unforgettable melody and I think the truth you know something that you know everybody has has felt or gone through or can relate to. I think those things make a great sal. I feel really hard when I hear a song that reminds me of a moment or memory or that reminds me of something. I feel most of like the purple rain album. Made me feel so much you know Dangelo. Those are some of my favorites Alicia keys of Lauryn hill songs in the key of life. All those albums or like my favorite these albums play over and over again. It never gets old and I always feel like I don't know what it is. That feeling is when you hear a great song but I get it from all those albums. Songwriters are so important you know. They don't get enough recognition. But you know for a lot of artists. They make the art senior. They make they make a lot of people. Feel something and you would never know that. It's the person writing like I feel like a lot of songwriters. Artists have written so many songs in and you see them walking down the street and you would never think like he wrote you. Know wrecking ball or songs that we we've known our whole lives. They don't get enough recognition. The experience of being at saw land is much more special because people get to see behind the scenes of what happens in writing sessions. It's like you're literally watching a writing session happen. And that's very rare. You know that doesn't just happen. People don't get to sit in on sessions people writing hit songs. The energy here is is so free. And it's so fun and it's like there aren't any rules but to just make a great song that's really why being here. I love Ester she's so dope she's created so many hits. Somebody songs that I still play. That are still in my playlist. And she's just a cool person like she's a great energy and and I think that's why she so successful at what she does because she loves it Shane on my Gosh you know. National is one of my favorite places to right and he has so much of that Nashville him. That just makes me so anxious to get in the studio with him. He's just so warm in his writing is incredible like he has written so many songs that I love and I know he knows about storytelling like he's really about storytelling. And that's that's my way of writing. Just picking up a guitar and being able to talk it out right. I Fan girled when I walked in. Because I'm such a huge Ryan Fan like I'm a huge Ryan Fan. I told him his voice has always affected me like I love his voice so much so the fact that I got to work with him on the show was like it was kind of a dream. Come true it was. It was kind of like a a vision board thing because I'm such a big Fan. That was the amazing her. So now we're going to hear from the winning writer. Rick Kill Castro and her journey as a writer and how she created her winning.

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