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"rick incompetence" Discussed on Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick

Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick

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"rick incompetence" Discussed on Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick

"Live particularly this week. The storm of the Senate impeachment trial of Donald J trump has swirled and blustered and buffeted. But were trying to not get blown off course with this project an amicus listener her and actually a slate contributor Scott Pill you tick said in a post about our election meltdown series on facebook. This week quote. It's not as juicy topic as the daily daily reality show. That's been the hallmark of this administration. But I have a strong sense. It may be on the final test and listen. I'm only quoting that because it is especially true of what we're going to talk about this week last week. We heard about the pernicious myth of widespread voter fraud and how it bolsters subsequent voter suppression and this week. We're turning to what Rick Incompetence. Yeah so you know voter suppression is sexy. I think in the election world as as these things go. That's our scale and Talking about competence and election ministration. Sounds like it's about as boring as it can be but when you hear some of the things that have actually gone on. It's going to raise the hair on the back of your neck. Small mistakes in election administration can snowball into big problems. Big mistakes can throw something as huge. Who won the presidency into question? Remember as we talked about last week. My main concern about both voter suppression and thinking about incompetence is how is this undermining undermining people's trust in the fairness of elections. If you think that people can't company count the votes that's a good reason to be worried about the fairness of elections so some of the podcast guests listeners. Probably are old enough to remember Bush versus Gore and the two thousand election with its famous hanging chads and voting machines that didn't work and the inability to figure out. If people were voting for Bush or Gore Pat Buchanan there was a famous for Buchanan. Vote You may remember this. The Butterfly ballots. All of this is probably bringing back some terrible terrible memories for some of your listeners. But some of your listeners. We'll probably too young or not paying attention back at that time. The upshot of the two thousand election was that we had a lot of problems with how we ran our elections one study found that about a million votes across America were lost in two thousand. Due to incompetence in how votes are being counted. You'd think that almost twenty years after Bush versus Gore we. We have gotten better. It hasn't worked out that way. At least not everywhere you can look at Broward County Florida. That was a huge mess. But we're going to focus on another another case. One has gotten a lot less attention than Brenda snipes. And Broward County Florida and her problems with counting votes in two thousand eighteen and one that.

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