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"rick clark miot" Discussed on Secret Societies

"Most infamous satanist in the World Anton Louet. Anton Levay was an American who headed the Church of Satan his organization regarded the devil as a metaphor for anti-establishment behaviour as an atheist he dismissed theism all forms as well as any sort of afterlife instead levay promoted. Satanism. As a form of rational thought that focused on improving the self. However love as brand of satanism would soon take on more sinister associations in the wake of the nineteen sixty-nine Manson family murders many associated the violence with the Church of Satan Jay sebring who was killed alongside Sharon tate was said to have been a member of the group and one of the Manson family killers Susan Atkins had participated in a theatrical ritual with Llovei though Levine himself never claimed to be connected to the grisly murders. Outsiders found it easy to believe that his black magic infused religion inspired them. It's no surprise. Then that everyday people found Levin distressing my on the other hand seemed to find him both mainstream and shallow. He didn't accept the Bays metaphorical conception of Satanism, and he was dissatisfied with the other occult groups he had found. According to historian, Nicholas Good Rick Clark Miot was looking for something more exciting, dangerous, and truly evil. My also likely rejected LE`veon's brand of satanism because Levine was ethnically Jewish. Since my it was a neo Nazi, he would have naturally dismissed the group Levin founded as a Jewish absurdity. Then in his alter ego as Anton long might set about creating an alternative in his group Satan be some sort of metaphorical simple they would. Worship the dark lord as a Deity Miot believe that this would allow them to tap into the evil forces that promoted individual growth and strength. As the leader of the order of nine angles might also established a set of doctrines and training regiments for new recruits. He developed rituals, unpublished news books and pamphlets to draw in converts. It's unclear if he had success expanding the group's membership, some sources suggests that the order consisted mainly of Maya ten a few dedicated disciples until the nineteen nineties. Owen as magazines in the eighties and nineties had several hundred readers. Others argue that my it oversaw the establishment of several Owen, a temples throughout England during this period. What is certain however is that during these years, the Owen a functioned as the esoteric wing at the broader Neo Nazi movement in England. Miot knew that some people who were tracked into Magic and the occult were also sympathetic to radical political philosophies. So he likely used the Owen A to indoctrinate followers with his neo Nazi worldview. To that end much of the Owen as early literature and rituals centered around not system and the sanctification of out of Hitler. Wants a church service might devised called. The massive heresy even included an alter that contained swastikas a photograph of Hitler and a copy of his book Mein Calm. During the ceremony adherence chanted, we believe Adolf Hitler was sent by our Gods to guide us to greatness we believe in the inequality of the races and in the rights of the Arians to live according to the laws of the folk. This was only the beginning in combining Neo Nazi precepts with Satanism Maya created a religion of such evil that it went beyond the bizarre into the outright criminal. Coming up will witness the ONA's terrifying ceremony of recalling. Listeners I have a surprising new trick for you. You know you can find love and a bar or on an APP why not a podcast in blind dating the new spotify original from podcast we're expanding the places you can meet your match with a twist he'll never see coming. Every Wednesday youtuber and host Terry Michelle introduces one hopeful single to two strangers in a voice only call. 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