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"richer holtz" Discussed on Dick of the Week

"Star Wars. We're the same person. Air By Luke Skywalker. Is the flu always so y knees a little bit you so whiny I shouldn't even say I actively dislike them. Never watched one all the way through on really. I've never I've never been able to hold. Your references. Were forced upon me when I was dating a boy. You can't watching adult and never know like born in to watch it from infancy. I've been watching it. Five requires a Stall Java. Yeah requires a heavy amount of nostalgia because I did not see those movies. I saw one of the TV movie caravan of courage. I saw that when I was a kid and I really loved it but I never saw the star wars movies until I was like twenty two and it was forced upon me by Some game or boys and I hated it so much. Like I could not even articulate but I actually went and saw the one with Hayden Christensen the personal precision that were in the theater. 'cause I had a lady Boehner for him because he was in life as a house and he was so good in that movie and he was so awful on Star. Wars just unbelievably bad. Now is like the worst movies ever created all star wars fans just like to pretend those don't exist Trieste Fair enough. The only one I've ever watched all the way through was return of the Jedi and I just had some teeth pulled so I was high on nitrous so I don't remember anything except ice cream in Java. The hut specified ice cream and jog chuck tingles stories. But yeah the Ice Cream Java. Rubber there is no job on the hut in my current. Cook or my previous book or any future books She says now don't do that. You'RE GONNA be a now. Liz officially off the team. She doesn't get to read my books because she's going to insert references to Java. Turn off track changes just randomly type job of the hut. You can actually do that my books because I write nerds so it's true. It might make sense in her. Even nerd would have made lots of. It would've made more sense in the first book. This one isn't they're not nerds now. They're my heroes. A third grade teacher and my heroine is high school art teacher. So yeah they're teachers which doesn't mean that they're not nerds but I don't really have either one of them because little slated that way. Yeah he's kind of of the bad boy. He started out as a bad boy. Conceptualized this book. This was before this was totally independent of Nolan. Rogers Book I HAD A SEX DREAM. About Theo. Rossi who plays juice on sons of anarchy and I woke up and I was so hot. He's so hot right and I woke up and I was like arrest or about that. It doesn't make it's evolved so much like Theo in his name being theo in the story and he rides a motorcycle that's about the similarities end But yeah he's he started out as a bad boy but now he's a cinnamon roll. Who's back in town to help? Take care of sister-in-law in their kit his his sister-in-law his niece because his brothers in jail and his brother's real his brother is the bad boy. He's ahead Lloyd. Approx yeah the rest of the town lumps him in as like a bad seed but really. It's just that his brother gets into a Lotta Shit in. Theo is usually yes. The aerobic specifically with the sons of anarchy at the Mohawk in the tattoos on his head. I don't think he's cute without the tattoos. No patches apparently he plays A bad guy on Luther of hard. I really good show. I think that's the show. And he's like I haven't watched it but I've seen some snippets and he's really good and he's like so bad but you just WanNa fuck him looking a little bit. Yeah he's he's such a cinnamon roll on sons of anarchy in Christina has a major boehner for sociopath. Pass bad boys fictional one. Yeah I mean. I'm not like writing socio. Anything like that but I do. Yeah you know my life over yet. So he's Richer Holtz but right. Now it's just like fictional bad boys like siler.

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