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"richard vere" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"What about pch? Well it would cost. A fair cost a lot of money to implement bitcoin. It probably wouldn't cost as much to implement other coins Into that system but it will likely cost quite a bit and almost. No one uses Well of course. Bitcoin expensive to you so that could be why. But we don't have like a bunch of people banging down the door saying hey can I use pch? Or can I use Dasher. Can I use BITCOIN S V? It's not like there's a large demand for it. Unfortunately there's hardly anybody this source for that system. Yes I believe. It was an open source system provided by. I'll have to have to do a little digging. I think it was my silly and I think they have a open source system that you can use for website donations. I'd be interested in having look at that sometime just to see if there's an easy route to maybe upgrade that software and get other coins in there because BTC is so expensive to you that it's basically sting B. C. H. B. S. V Dash anything but the original. Yeah unfortunately the programs of very small program I mean we're a nationally syndicated talk show and we've been around for a couple of decades. Now we don't even quite have two hundred amplifiers so it's an exclusive group than we appreciate all of them including Keenan freetalklive silver amplifier. You join him over at amp dot freetalklive dot com so we go back to your calls and thoughts. Connor is on the line in Wisconsin Listening he says for the first time Connor. How are you tuning us in here tonight? I am I actually. I've never heard of this radio and so Derek from any pay. He was on your wine earlier today. Show actually the founder and CEO your which is integrated with any paid show out We are essentially a blockchain based review system to Bitcoin blockchain because see botching To valley reviews by tokenism purchase and then tying it to Derek J. called earlier and told us about the system and it seems like it's available Right now Alpha true reviews dot. Io was was it was at the site. And I think you know the more important thing really is you know I was listening to your first of all have joined the conversation. I mean. I'm definitely going to tune in this more flu conversations and really interesting You know I I want to say one thing is that you know you guys have a whole conversation about the free market and social media companies and you know. There is a big opportunity to build alternatives to these existing companies. That aren't doing things the way that we want them to I think you know the bitcoin. Blockchain specifically the claims you blockchain Allows us to build new technologies to really compete with the existing like you see technology companies I really am excited about. I think that for example You know we're doing is leveraging bitcoin blockchain database and using that to have some open distributed system to validate reviews. But I think ultimately the key upstart does just to to what you were saying. the BITCOIN. Sv blockchain has really shown some some promise in recent months There's another website called twitch that Derek J. has promoted here on free talk live. I signed up for that. It's also. Sv based and it is essentially a competitor to twitter. Except you're writing your posts you you pay a small amount like two or three cents worth of Bitcoin v and you can post permanently to the BITCOIN blockchain. There's nobody who can no not you know but but there's no one else who can go in and remove your posts so it's uncensored able effectively in the same thing's true about these reviews that people are posting through of us. Isn't that right? Connor exactly and important thing really is that you know this isn't new Wants to Toshiaki. Modo created bitcoin ten years ago. This is what we should have been working on and years ago So everyone is now talking about. Let's still decentralize platforms and compete with all these platforms. Well it's it's right there to build on on the. Bitcoin is blockchain just as a Toshiaki modal invasion ten years ago so I really think the Bitcoin blockchain allows us to to build these competitors that everyone so desperately wants and needs and therefore we don't need regulation that trump is proposing to solve the twitter problem. Because that's not going to solve the problem. I'd like to just point out to anybody out there and you guys didn't support what trump was saying just here. I'm not proposing any legislation or regulation. I'm saying that there's a real problem here and I don't know what to do about well. I agree with what Connor saying. You have to out compete these people. That's the only answer. Because if you turn to the state you're GONNA find that they're not going to solve this problem for your. They're only going to make things worse in their only GonNa destroy more freedom of speech. Well get involved. I mean let's take a look at what happened with Bitcoin. Originally this is a call about crypto currency and. I don't know what happened but if I was the conspiratorial sort I might say that. The government somehow got involved in Bitcoin to the point that they to ruin the original decor cap. The the transaction amount and made bitcoin a useless. It's the blocksize is what you're talking about right. Cap and es I've always thought that that block stream which was the company that came in brought a bunch of developers and it was in many cases as I understand it. The block stream developers who were insistent that the block size must not grow. And I've always thought that they were influenced somehow by government to damage. Bitcoin and reason is because as an IT professional once. You have a system deployed in production. I believe you. It's absolutely necessary to do whatever it takes to keep that system up and functioning and meeting customers needs and that's exactly what to. Btc People refused to do when blockchain was or when Bitcoin was at its height in what should have been our shining hour. They dropped the ball. They refuse to implement the obvious solution. And which is what caused Richard Vere to have to four hundred BC. Roger Veer have to go ahead. What do you think about earthquake? Go ahead. Well I think the important thing is is..

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