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"Drive vehicles and all wheel drive and take note. During the winter. The gates open at 9 A.m.. The uphill gate closes At 4 P.m. for many years. Any time you do the search online for Lakewood, you would see reference to the TV reality show cops as producers filmed in that area often. Nowadays, a search brings you many stories, attributes of tragedy that occurred 11 years ago today. That's when a man with a grudge against law enforcement walked into fours. A coffee there in Lakewood, November 29 2009. And shot four officers getting ready for their shift killed that they were sergeant mark manager officers Greg of Richard's Tina Griswold and Ronald Owens. At the time, nothing like this has ever happened here in this country. Many officers in various personnel and the community still gather each year to remember the four officers. Pierce County Fire has four lighted blue stars on their stations in honor of them. Four's A copyist since renamed Blue Steel and has a law that pays tribute to the four as well, Checking on sports. We've got a big one tomorrow night for Monday night Football. The Seahawks in Philadelphia coach Pete Carroll. Will we see Chris Carson back in lineup? He looks really good. You mean let's explosive and in great shape. Um, He's got fresh legs benefit. You know, you can tell you could feel it. It has changed direction on stuff. He's really raring to go. Yeah, he's full Go Coach Carroll. Same running back Chris Carson ready to go and back into his role center. Ethan Pulse sick and cornerback Shaquille Griffin back from injuries from Monday night's game as well. Come on news time. 11 All four Curtis Calhoun now with a look of Komal traffic, every 10 minutes on the floors. We'll be getting some good news. I was like some earlier police activity into coma, sat down five highway 16 has been cleared off the ramp to highway 16 was causing a bit of a minor back up for drivers. But looks like everything has been cleared out of that spots. A great news. They're dense fog throughout the morning. The Puget Sound area, so definitely use caution. If you're making the morning drive on this Sunday and no restrictions right now, both directions over us recalling past Curtis Kallen comma driving Now let's get the fair and talk about our weather. Is the fog gonna go away? We have areas of thick fog outside this morning, so watch out visibility.

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