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When God Changes Your Name, Don't Let the Devil Change It Back - Part 2

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When God Changes Your Name, Don't Let the Devil Change It Back - Part 2

"Welcome to the podcast cast of Maranatha ministries. I'm Rick Frank Senior Pastor Maranatha and I pray you'll be blessed by today's message you can access all of our church information by going to our website website at www dot M. church dot com or an all social media by searching at church and now be blessed by listening to today's message inch if you are not already standing and you're able to stand which you stand as as we turn to the word of the lower this morning in our bibles and I am going to read from the book of Daniel. All Chapter Number One and beginning with verse number six Bible says now from among long those are the sons of Judah were Daniel and Anaya Michelle and Azariah to them the chief of the UNIX gave names changed some names here to Daniel. He gave the name Belt Schatzer to hand. A Ni- shad bad wreck to Michele Michele and to as a bed nego- but Daniel purpose in his heart Daniel purpose in his heart. And I'll tell you what Daniel purpose in his heart. He was not going to take on the characteristics of his new name. He was not going to forget the name. God gave him a meant. And that's what I want talk about with you today. Part two when God changes your name. Don't let the Devil Change it back a med. Ed Reyes God God is good. Let's pray together. Jesus we love you we thank you for your goodness and your blessings and we ask that you will touch our hearts open our understanding our minds to comprehend the things of God today that you will have your your perfect will in our lives and in our hearts that we will recognize the sound of your voice as you speak to us call us by Our Name we ask in Jesus name everyone said Amen God bless you could be seated can we. Jesus one more hand clap appraised together less love him in this House today thank you Jesus the thank you Jesus. Praise the Lord of hosts a amen. Amen God bless you. You can be seated. We did talk last week about the significance of our names and I just want to. I'm not going to reproach but I want to remind us of the purpose of the names especially in biblical times more so than now. Nowadays we pick out a name that we like. oftentimes parents will look up the meanings of names because they want to name their children names. That have good meanings but in the Bible Times the name identified you and it also identified to whom you belong to for instance when you think about about when you think about in the New Testament. They didn't always have last names the way we have last names but they did have last names in the sense of calling Inga. Simon son of Jonas Jesus was not just Jesus. He was Jesus of Nazareth because that identified which one we're actually talking about and in the Old Testament days especially names were given in such a way that it represented a person's characteristics in a person's life calling so the name Daniel Means God is my judge Jehovah. The Almighty is my judge. Just what Daniel means. Hanania means God. Or y'All way Jehovah. God has favored on Hannah. Nyah Michelle comes from Michael and it means who is what God is or who is like God and of course we understand nobody. Nobody's like God. And so Michele means who's like God exalting God above all things and then Azariah as Araya Means Jehovah has helped so these were the names that these four young boys at this time historians historians tell us that Daniel at the time of being taken into captivity was probably seventeen years old. magin being seventeen years old listen seventeen-year-old eighteen year olds. Sixteen year olds. You can have a walk with God. Daniel had a walk with God that when he was taken into captivity you bend and his name meant God is my judge and he stayed true before his God well King Nebuchadnezzar comes along and he takes these young boys into captivity and the first thing he does is he changes their names because he wants to change their identities is he wants to change their self identity so he changes their names. The Bible says to Daniel gave the name belt Schatzer belt a Shazar means means bell which was one of the ancient Babylonian Gods Bell protect the king. Well Belkin protect nobody because he's a false god but that's the name that Daniel gets built. The shelves are Hanane. I got his name. Change to shadrack. Chadron means the command of Aku which was another Babylonian God the command of Coup Mesh. Al became me shack me. Shak was was named after one one of the Babylonian Moon Gods. It's amazing how these false religions have all these different Gods and heroes one. The Moon Moon. God well you might have moon. God I have the God of the Moon I know the god of the moon and then as a riot became Abednego and Abednego need nego or nebo was a Babylonian God of wisdom. No no buddy is as why as God we serve they meant so these men received these new names however they flat refused to accept them in their hearts now shadrach Meshach Abednego who we know more readily than we know them as cannon I Michele or as Araya Araya but they were not around long enough to see where this ended up but we do know that several things happen because in chapter one even though they became became shadrack Meshack Bendigo and belt the shadows. Are We know that they refused to eat the kings food. And that's where the Daniels fast comes from. By the way Daniel Daniel Chapter One. They wanted vegetables. They wanted water. They wanted to and refused to take all the delicacies of the king's foods and so we know own chapter one. They refused the lifestyle of the Babylonians we know in chapter three especially speaking of Hanania. Michelle and Azariah Araya. They refuse to fall down and worship King Nebuchadnezzar 's gold image and they were cast into the burning fiery furnace. Many of us are are familiar with the story of the three Hebrew children in the burning fiery furnace. I want to read you real quick what they did now. If you are ready at the time to hear what Nebuchadnezzar said to these three boys. If you're ready at at the time you hear the sound of the horn the flute Harp Lyre in the Salteri in symphony with all kinds of music if you fall down and worship the image which I've made true saints. God worshipped nothing but God amen and we need to search our hearts and make sure we don't have any false gods set up in there because what we devote our time to becomes our God. I'm not saying don't give time to your education into your jobs. I'm not talking about that. Ah but what we focus our minds on what we live for becomes our God we need to live for Jesus and everything else we do. JESUS NEEDS TO BE I. He said if you do not worship you shall be cast immediately into the midst of the burning fiery furnace this because a lot of people to take second thought. What's the big deal? I'll just worship on the outside but not on the inside. It doesn't work that way. You need to be example. You can't do something thing on the outside and just assume everybody knows what's going on on the inside Amen. You need to have a lifestyle that shows what's going on on the inside and so he said if you worship if you don't worship you're gonNA immediately because the burning fiery furnace and who is the God that will deliver you from my hands. Jesus deliver me from anything. And this is what they said. Chat Michel Bendigo answer the king and they said Oh Nebuchadnezzar. We don't need to answer you in this matter. If if that is the case now listen with our God who we serve that. You may have made me Chad Rack and Michel and Abednego but understand something. I still have my God that I serve Jeff. I don't care what you call me. You're not changing my name in my heart. The God that we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace. And I love this he will deliver us from your hand. They weren't sure about the fire but the newest they'd be delivered from him and they said this he will deliver us from your handle king but if not be known until you that we again I they said our God who we serve is able and then they said this just so you know. Even if he doesn't deliver us we do not serve your gods odds who do you serve today. The gods of this world the gods of our flesh the gods of our own desires or the one true living. God God who has a will for your life who you sir they said we do not serve your gods and we will worship we will not nor will we worship the gold image. which did you have set up? Make a long story short. You already know. They were thrown into the burning fiery furnace and in went three boys and Nebuchadnezzar looked in there Ernie thought way of saying. Didn't we throw three kids in there. So yes you did he said why do I see four people walking around in there and the fourth were looks like the son of God because it was it came out really another smell. Smoke on them is God protected. God will always have your back. He'll always have your back. The we also in chapter six that they did not take on their new names in their hearts because we feel very familiar with the story of Daniel. In the lion's lion's den Daniel got thrown in the lion's den because he had people that hated him so he's GonNa be somebody to hate. You is jealous of you trying to get you trying to get you to stumble just stay true true to God and these. Other rulers of the city went went to Nebuchadnezzar this Darius at the time and they went to Darius and they said Hey. Let's come up with it. They knew they could get him like this because they knew Daniel prayed out. The Devil knows you're a prayer warrior if you're not become a prayer warrior career and make sure the devil knows I gotta be careful. This guy's going to this day is not going to end before this guy gets down to pray now. Daniel prayed three times a day and and they said I know how we can get him. Let's get let's trip Darius into writing a decree that nobody can pray to any other. God accept him for thirty days. Listen there ain't no Christian should go thirty days without prayer and they knew Daniel wasn't gonNa make thirty days without prayer and they trick dairies into signing the petition so he signs it and sure enough day one comes. And there's there's Daniel getting down to do his prayers and they come back and oh king. Didn't you sign a petition that whoever who and the king happened happen to love Daniel by the way. Didn't you sign a petition that anybody praised anybody other than you. For the next thirty days gets thrown into the lion's den and he said Yeah I did. He's a as the Daniel. He's over there praying to his God and Darius fell sick in his heart because he loved. Daniel only realized she'd been tricked. But you see one one good thing about Darius and I hope we're the same way once he said it. That's the way it was. You don't go back on your word. And so he said Yeah I did. So he wrote Daniel Daniel. I feel awful about this. I'm paraphrasing of course. They tricked me into doing this. I'm forced by my own law now to throw you in the lion's den can your God spare you should have no fear King. My God is able to deliver me. And even if he doesn't so so bit I will not prayed any other God but the one true God he he threw him in the lion's den and Daniel spent the night down there with some hungry lions and they all laid down like little kitty cats and the Bible says various. I woke up at the crack of dawn and Iran over and he pulled the cover off the dens. The the line is any holiday. Daniel was you're able to deliver. You have no fear King. My God shut the mouths of the lines. That come on up here. Then you'll oh come on out of here and he took the guy's chicken me through in those are some hungry. Lions shut their mouth because no sooner into the people that trip Darius he threw them in there. The Bible says he meaning the lot. There's breakfast now. That's what we've been waiting for. We tell you you will never go wrong putting your life into the hands of the one true. God never. Will you go wrong. Oh praise the Lord Alright. So last week I talked to you about names and how important names are and we saw here how Daniel purpose in his heart. Even though you changed my name you can call me. Whatever you want in my heart? I know who I am. I told you last week that my name was Richard John. Frank and I explained to you where that came from Richard. My mother liked the story of King. Richard the Lionheart so she named after him my middle name. John came from my grandfather grandfather. Whose name was John John? Frank John Baptist Frank and then my last name was frank. Now what's important about. The last name is is my identifier. Identify what I mean by that is this there may be many many richards in the crowd. And there might be some Richard Richard Johns hanging around. So when you say Richard I gotTa look. I wonder if he's talking to me. If you said Richard John on I still gotta look around you talking to me. Because there's two other Richard Johns over there but when the last name thrown out there frank. Now that's that's my identify. That's me my identifiers. My last name now last week explained to you how we take on the name of Jesus and I'm not GonNa reap reach that but I encourage would you to listen to the podcast and understand how we take on the name. Jesus because since I've been born again when I was born mother first time I received the name. Richard is your John Frank and so when I was born again I received a new name and my name is now Richard John. We don't always go by this but spiritually. That's who I am. Richard John Frank. Jesus because I was baptized in Jesus name can you say a man so I gotta I have a new identifier now. identifiers are funny. I'm GonNa tell you a story I don't mean to make this funny. It is comical. It's going to be comical. Some of you have no idea what I'm talking about. Some of you will especially from my generation in my generation kids would just go out in the neighborhood and play. If you're in the city maybe not but I grew up up in the suburbs and the kids would just go out and they just play all day and some Sun went down. You come home. Parents didn't know where you were. They didn't care where you were you show for dinner if you don't show for dinner. They're not worried they're mad but a Once in a while and this would happen especially. I didn't know that I didn't know this kid personally. His name was not even positive. I have his name correct. His name was John and his last name. I believe was dealer or teeter something like that John deeter. I think it was John if you happen to come across this podcast and you recognize. I'm talking talking about you. Please don't be offended. I didn't know you personally. I knew of the Group of kids you hung around with and they told me how it was. John's name was John Peter and his last name was. I'M GONNA say deeter teed or something. We'll go with John. John Peter Dealer. Obviously you're just GONNA go by John but mama who named him. John Peter. Peter would call them for dinner time and she was sticker head out the door of a front door of her house. All the kids were out in the neighborhood playing kickball. Who knows what and all of a sudden you would hear John? Peter Come home for your supper and John. Peter Stand up from the crowd. He would walk away because that's his mother calling him. There might have been other John's playing that day. There might even have been other John Peters but there wasn't another John Peter Chuckling. This don't want John to be offended. John God bless you come to church we love you. We appreciate appreciate you being able to be used an example of powerful example that I'm going to make just a minute. John Peter dater them home and get your supper and John. Peter would stand up and walk away. She said John Several John's might look around. WHO which one should go John? Peter now we just this narrow down to only two of US which one dealer. That's me that's me. He recognizes name. We need to recognize our name when Jesus calls us we need to recognize that I'm in this world. We are in this world. Bible says we're not of the world but we're in this world and we need to recognize that Jesus is constantly calling us and talking to us and reaching for us and he he might say. Hey Richard and there might be a hundred million richards in this world. That would look who Richard who. Hey Richard John. There might be a bunch bunch of Richard Johns Richard John. Frank let me tell you something. I'm not the only person in this world last name frank and I don't know I don't know just because the last things frank doesn't even mean I'm related did you. Frank is a very common name especially probably over in Germany. Where my ancestors come from? Were Richard John Frank. There might be a bunch of them but that Manila says Richard John Frank Right Jesus. That's me that's me. Yes Lord my answer is Yes Lord Speak Speak for your servant is listening. Can you say man. Listen to what the Bible says here as many as you of you as were baptized is into Christ have what's put on Christ. There's now it doesn't matter if you're Jew or Greek doesn't matter if your slave or free it doesn't matter if you're male or female you are all one in Christ Jesus and what s the what happens to you if you are. Christ your Abraham's seed and your heirs. There's according to the prime. I'm going to read that to you from the new living translation because the new living translation. Actually shed some light here. This is what the Bible says in the new living translation. All WHO HAVE BEEN UNITED WITH CHRIST IN BAPTISM HAVE PUT on Christ like putting on a new clothes putting on new clothes. There is no longer Jew or gentile slave flavor. Free male or female. You are all one in Christ Jesus and now listen to what it says here. Now that you belong to Christ you're the true children children of Abraham you belong to a new family amen when you give baptize in Jesus name your not belong to a new you family and because you are true. Children of Abraham's your heirs and God's promise to Abraham now belongs to you man if you don't know what the promised Abraham was you need to look it up because I want that promise I'll be your God you'll be my people I will bless you I will bless those bless you a curse the curse you. That's a great promise to have and there's more than that but I have a new identifier as the name. Jesus as a so now I am part of a new family part of a new family. I am and as part of a new family this. This new family is different than the world's family that I once was part of. It's different and that's why I don't do some of the things I used to do. And Debbie you only knew me after I came to the Lord you met me at the Ymca. And I was playing racket ball. You know while I was playing racket ball because I was twenty eight years old and I was. I was the Congress President Youth. The president of New York State and I organized the youth camp that year and all the young kids wanting to play basketball and they wanted me to come out and play basketball with them and I went out to play basketball about them and almost died and I thought I need to get in shape so I went home. Start playing racket ball. I still can't play basketball but I went out and played racquetball. I don't do some of the things I used to do. Some of you know my past for my teenage years drugs alcohol lifestyle that I live. I don't do some of those things anymore. Why not because I belong onto a new family? Who doesn't live here me? I'm now a member I've been adopted into a new family and we don't live like that and this family away and I told you this story so many times I'm gonNA tell it one more time. This is the way it works. I remember I started Ed after after I became part of this family. I didn't understand everything but I met a young man who I knew from before I became adopted into this family of God and I spoke to him like I used to speak to him when I was part of that family and all the curse words flowed from my lips and as soon as I was done he walked away and my new father other who now lived inside of me spoke to me and he said we always we only meant when he said we the family he said we don't talk like that and Heaven in my house. We don't talk like that and I thought well I'm now adopted into this family so I guess I gotta take on their ways and and I decided I wasn't GonNa talk like that anymore either because I want to be like this family and God delivered me that day and vulgarity is not come out of my mouth sense and I say that in the fear of God not by bragging God delivered me that day therefore the Bible says come out from among them and be separate say at the Lord do not not touch what is unclean and I will receive you. I won't be a father to you and you shall be my sons and my daughters says the Lord God Almighty Eighty. I want to be a member of this new family. Can you say now now as a member of this new family. There are times when I hear my father's voice speaking to me like that example right there all of a sudden my father spoke to me and said we don't talk like that in my house and there's been other things I was as you know I was an alcoholic. I was a drug addict and and I don't say those words lightly like just throw them out there. I was a alcoholic at seventeen and I was I was a drug addict and my father started calling me out of that. My father started my new father. My New heavenly father other started saying I want you living like that. You need to be you need to find your joy in in me and in my in in my family not in that old life and I started pulling away from their pulling away from that and I remember one night I I didn't mean to but the whole church erupted and praise. He's and worship. Because it was a New Year's Eve service you might even have been there sister Suzanne. I duNNo. It was my first New Year's Eve and Church and and they're having testimony service that I I guess I'll testify stood up and I said yeah go ahead. I said you know it's funny because a year ago I mean the way I used to be what I was doing on New Year's Eve who to ever. I thought that I would number one in church. I think New Year's was Friday night that particular year. I said who'd ever thought that someone like me would be in church on a Friday night. Let it alone a New Year's Eve because they understood what I was saying. I wasn't in Church on New Year any Friday night. Let alone New Year's Zeev. I was doing what the world's but now I'm starting to become like my father's family taking honors characteristics and I'm in the House of God. Everybody started worshiping clapping because they they realize what the what their father had done. It's called conviction ever done. Something felt convicted. Have you ever done something. I shouldn't be doing this. Feel that maybe you felt convicted and don't know how to overcome it. Take it to your father. Who's convicting you to hear me? Take it to your father who is doing the convicting because when your father ask you to do something. He knows how to get the job done. They'll give you the strength to him instead of going to him complaining. I'm just never going to get this go to Msn Lord. I'm struggling help me get this. The Jesus said in John Chapter Ten verse twenty-seven my sheep hear my voice and I know them I want to hear his voice choice because he has guided me through my life you know. I never heard one message ever to this day. I think preached each against being an alcoholic never never heard that I did not hear anybody ever tell me that I should not be it. Destroying my body with cigarettes never heard that preach. You know who told me that stuff. God's spirit than decided me. I lit up a cigarette and all all of a sudden felt that feeling. I shouldn't be doing this. God I don't want to do this anymore. This isn't what you want me doing. And he gave me the strength. I remember the last time I drank a beer. I was I had a Mug of beer and I was drinking. I was halfway through it and I realized God doesn't want me doing this anymore and I didn't even finish the beer. I said it down glass half full and walked away from it and he set me free from it that I didn't hear any message against alcoholism or drinking. I didn't hear anything like that and so it was. It was my father who spoke to. Hey listen to me folks if you baptize in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost and you take the time to pray and talk to him he will lead your life. He will change as you. He will make you a better person. He will turn you into who he wants you to be created to be. He will do that. The Bible says this my sheep. Jesus said my sheep who we are hear my voice and I know him and they follow me. We need to follow. Jesus this Paul said it this way. Follow me as I follow Christ and I appreciate all of you here today. I appreciate all you. I appreciate all you following me. The moment I stopped following in Christ find somebody else. The moment I preach a message that is not biblically based. Don't wait for the into service to get out of here and go find another church. But if I'm following Christ my friend. Let's follow him together. The Bible describes Jesus as the Great Shepherd. I'm GonNa talk you just from owned by shepherds. I'm going to wrap this up. Shepherds are very interesting people all they have a very interesting relationship with their sheep and sheep or very interesting animals. We don't know a lot about sheep but the Bible refers to us as sheep up and Jesus as the shepherd. The shepherd spends his entire waking hours caring for his sheep the entire time. He's awake he's caring for a sheep and even when he's sleeping he's ready at a moment's notice to arise and do what he's gotTa do to defend his sheep. Did you know that there are nights are shifting no nights off no weekends off no days off. The shepherd does not get time off off because of the amount of time that a shepherd spends with his flock. He is deeply connected with the slot back. I'm GonNa tell you a story that's not even in my notes But but I know it to be true. I want to tell you this story. Once in a while there are what what they referred to. As as follower sheep's they're not they're not leaders their followers and sometimes they don't even follow their rebellious. Are there any rebellious sheep in the house. Don't Razer in and what a shepherd will do which seems very cruel but a shepherd we'll pick that up and break its leg and now that she can't walk and what the shepherd has to do now is carry the sheep in his arms Until the leg heals but during that however many weeks that she has to be held by the shepherd it is learning the smell of the shepherd. It's feeling the heartbeat the shepherd it's everywhere the shepherd is there it is and when that leg heels and that shepherd that sheep down it just stays right by aside. Don't ever think when something gets broken in your life. That God's angry it could just be He loves you enough to bring problems to you so so that you will cling to him. That just might be the costs. Sheep deep sheep rely mostly on their ability to hear they have excellent hearing and this makes up for the fact that their eyesight it is for the most part poor. Does this describe us. Do we have poor eyesight spiritually. Yeah we do. We don't know what we're doing. We got to be able to hear the shepherd's voice because we always can't see in the spirit what's going on. We don't always know where the end of the road. This road leads to we got to hear the voice of the shepherd and to be guided by and this is one important this is important as cheap also get very easily distracted and because of their poor sight and their distraction. They tend to wander off without realizing how far away from the shepherd. They're getting this sound like us and what happens. Jesus told the story about the one loss shape. You know what happened to the one law sheep. He wandered off not paying attention and got beyond the voice of the shepherd calling the flock home and the shepherd the Good Shepherd count them all and he had ninety nine and he knew one was missing and Jesus told the story how he went out to find. That one aren't you glad if you're missing Jesus Jesus is looking for you. So she had very poor eyesight very a good vision and they must depend on hearing their shepherd's voice to survive. I'M GONNA put a video. I'm unexplained the video and I will come during the video because I want people on the podcast to be able to know what's going on. I'M GONNA put up a video here and I'll tell you what it's about. It's only two minute video but it is about a shepherd and what what it is is. There's a shepherd and he's got apparently he's got a group of college age kids and he's demonstrating to them. How sheep only know the voice of their shepherd and so he has these kids? There's three of my believed that. Go down to the fence and they make the noise at the shepherd makes trying to see if the sheep will come to their voice and they think it's you'll see one of them. They think it's funny. They're trying they just feel awkward trying to call these sheep but I want you to notice something during this video every one of these kids that go down and call the sheep. The sheep don't even look up to see what the noises now. They have excellent hearing so they're hearing what's going on but they don't even so much as look up because that's not the voice familiar with we tell you something when this world calls you don't even look up the devils region for you. Don't even turn your head towards you. Just keep going about grazing on. What God's on the Pastor God's put you in good preaching so watch watches? These kids tried to call these sheep over and notice again that the sheep don't even so much as lift up their head wondering what the noise is about all right. Let's see if we can get it to go here. There's the sheep out in the field. They don't even look at them next person next kid. It comes up only ignoring her now. This was going to try it. Aw Now watch the shepherd here comes the shepherd immediately look the aw all the sheep. The whole flock of sheep come running it. Is that amazing. Or what the sheep. Jesus said no oh my voice and they hear my voice. Isn't God good. Don't you WANNA be a sheep in his. Fold the care where you are. I don't care what you're going through. Keep perio- open to the sound of the master's voice when he calls you home. He's got your food for you. He's got your sustenance. He's going to take care of you when you hear the learn to understand the master's voice the Bible says if anyone is in Christ Christ. Here's a new creation. Old Things have passed away behold all things become no listen to the voice of the shepherd. Don't let the devil make you forget your family name. Don't forget you're part of this flock. Now you're part of this group now. Now I want to be one of his sheep in his flock who only listens to his voice. And I WANNA ask you today. Can you hear his voice calling failing to you come out from among them and be separate Bible says we are in the world. We're not of the world world we're in the world so that we can influence the world not so the world can influence us and we stand together. I WanNa live the way my shepherd wants me to live. You're saying man. I WanNa live the way. My shepherd wants middle do I wanNA grazing raised in pasture in the field that my shepherd wants man I want to hear only his voice and all the other voices that might be calling. Let me just totally ignore them. And let me be in tune to shepherd of my soul. This altar is open. Come and respond to the Voice of the shepherd and thank you for listening to the Marinov Ministries podcast. If this message touched you please. Make sure to subscribe the more sermons from Pastor Frank in the ministry team here at Mironov as well as follow us on our social media platforms. We are located in Schenectady New York. And if you are in the area we invite you to join us during our weekly Sunday service starting at ten thirty a M. We look forward to joining. Thanks again next week for another anointed message. Thank you and God bless.

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