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"richard reception room" Discussed on Nobody Told Me That! with Teresa Duncan

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"richard reception room" Discussed on Nobody Told Me That! with Teresa Duncan

"Only extra time, but extra space. The dry runs on the patients drive into the opposite calling the office. Some you know they're used to walk into the office and saying I'm here in. They can't do that right now and so really. structuring. Richard Reception Room looks like. How are we going to handle? Handle the hand off a little differently. How much time are we actually going to need? During before during and post appointment to be able to not run behind schedule, so the drive runs have really ironed out a lot of the wrinkles so I've come to the conclusion in coaching. My clients that I'm going to go with the ten ten ten rule add ten minutes at the beginning to seek the patient answer questions, infection control protocols at an additional ten. Body of the operative appointments of that the doctor can many of them are changing gowns to go down and do the hygiene exam that takes extra time, so add an extra ten minutes in the body of the appointment, and at the end of the appointment for the cleaning the room sterilize the instruments reset up for the next patient. Allow an extra ten minutes, so that ten ten ten for each section of the appointment. Although it takes more time is going to. To ultimately benefit the practice long they run behind time, and that nothing is more frustrating than running behind schedule, not only for the patient for the practices while so a scheduling protocols have changed greatly and I've also counseled my clients. It's not a long term. Thing it. You're going to get more efficient data it just like learning anything new. You're really slow at learning to drive a car. You know you're not gonNA. Just beat that roadster out than some of. Of you are, but most of you aren't going to be that roadster out there learning how to drive a car. You learn how to drive the part. That's the main thing that my clients are experiencing right now. Some of them had dry runs, and now they've been open for two weeks, so the really really journeying through what's a time buster? And what's not a time buster? So that ten ten role also at ten minutes to your morning huddle so that? That you can regroup in rediscuss. What worked well the day before and what? We're our challenges so that we can shift also counsel my clients. They're going to have to be prepared to shift on the fly. You cannot be a perfectionist in this particular time in our lives. Your and you cannot be changed resistant. You have to be prepared to ship. Okay, so that on perception where you're telling a test to not be a perfectionist. How did that go of? It. Laughter. Are Rolling and I got a lot of a heart rate. Let me how that works out for you lowest Banta, but it's not about not being a perfectionist. It's about it's about being able to flex if you are married to your original plan, and you don't have any flexibility built into your thought process, you can be incredibly frustrated. You were already frustrated and the other thing that's coming down. The Pike is know that your patients are much more knowledgeable on infection control. There's worldwide been hourly minute by minute broadcast of infection control. What needs to take place the? The thing that I've counseled my clients on is now. We get to Brag on what we've always done. We've always had great infection control protocols now we're enhancing those protocols. Now's the time to be putting those facebook posts at post out there on wet protocols. You've you've always had in place in what you're doing. In addition yesterday. One of my clients posted on facebook and I love following my clients on facebook. They had a contest for the patients so creative did contest the patients to post how many team members they could recognize in their. P, P. E. Guard. That's. Prize given to the patient. That's awesome. All is that then another client had a dinosaur with a mask and the the plastic visor for the pediatric office with a little kiddos Joaquin in. Creative ways for us to live in that zone for a little while and not. Completely lose our I WANNA say another word our minds. You know it's funny. I was texting our friends Samir from your credit or we love him. I was like just saying Mir I could really rock a care credit like facemask right now. What's going on in your marketing department so? That's what I'm hoping for. Because right now I'm actually pretty excited. Because now I'm going to peak mask I'm GONNA. Get my color is. It's not like all new accessories for me and I'm not really an expensory person, but it's pretty exciting on se looking at these massive getting kind of excited about it. A church group made masks than she brought some over Latam on our picnic table for us at mine has a whole bunch of like yellow. Smiley faces all over it. And Rick's is like gray and black very manly, okay? One. Such a teddy bear I, love it, so I can see that I can see that I have to wear Manley masks and. I JUST WANNA, maybe sober this up a little bit, because one thing that I have seen lowest you do all these dry runs, and everybody is back to work, and then the dentist and the manager are blindsided because it's been a week of working and the people are just done, so I saw people not wanting to go back. Are you seeing it? It to where people are, they tried it and they're like I. can't so now I'm starting to see a second way of? We need to get this down again. Are you seeing that in your client s and so? I have some advice to on practices for that at the end of the first day at the end of the third day at the. The end of the week finder a way to celebrate the immediate through because their safety in numbers in when you work as a team to say hey, we did it. We made it through. It allows you the energy in the space. beat to come back and do it again, but also I go back to that morning. Huddle and really find out what. What worked well and what didn't work well, maybe what didn't work, well was they felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of equipment. They now have to wear versus they'd what they didn't have to wear before. So maybe they have a new plan to take longer lunch, break or to take mini breaks during the day where they can D- garb that p. p.. p. e. equipment go outside and have a little mini meeting or have a break as a team where you're not in all that guard and I think that's where that's where we're going to have to be able to have processes to shift on the fly, and there are people who are cost phobic I. This might make a Giggle a little bit i. I not cost her phobic. Except when I'm in a large crowd because I'm four foot, nine and a quarter, when a large group of people around me, and it gets too close for comfort I. Literally break out into a cold sweat. Really.

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