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"richard jose pedraza" Discussed on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas

THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas

09:16 min | 9 months ago

"richard jose pedraza" Discussed on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas

"As always by the voice of combat sports, the great teddy Atlas. Teddy, how you doing? Good, good. Good to see you. You look groomed. Getting down to middleweight. Yeah, I've lost 28 pounds. So I can see a huge difference now. I'm not in middleweight. You know, unless the people that control the scales and the WBC or the WBA are managing the scales, then maybe. Maybe if I paid my Cormier or Daniel Cormier is holding your top. Well, if I paid my sanctioned fees, I might be able to make middleweight for the W for the right price. You'd be feather. Paperweight public. You know, the world of technology is amazing. I still have a fax machine. A lot of people can see it in the background sometimes. But I'll produce a robbers in Italy on his belated honeymoon, helping to coordinate this show. So I hope that he's having a great time and doing this is not creating his first marital dispute with his wife mala, so I just wanted to give a quick mention to rob. We got Sam here. We got you. I'm here. We're ready to go. I'd like to start by saying something to the fans out there. First of all, thank you. This last week we did the we did the Uzi Joshua reimagine oseman, Edwards you have seen fight in the undercard of that of that UFC caught. We got over 300,000 views when you add up the episode and the clips to that episode all said and done over 300,000 views. That's pretty damn good. That is not too many podcasts out there. There's a few months out there like Joe Rogan. He's Godzilla. But aside from him in a few other monsters, not too many podcasts can say they do that. So I want to really take a minute of gratitude to thank all our fans because upon here, domestically, everywhere that come and believe in this show, they believe in the truth, they believe in us, all opinions, and again, being the x-ray, the cat scan of boxing, where we're going to break it all down, and we're not going to have agendas. All the agenda is to tell the truth. And that's a good agenda. The only thing I want to add to that and I'm sure you will too can is that I would ask and again, I'm so grateful and that's why I'm saying this. I would ask for you to please subscribe. Please tell your Friends also to subscribe besides just viewing. We had 270,000 subscribers. Again, a hell of a number. But if you want us to continue doing this show and we want to continue doing it because we love you guys. Subscribe because that helps us. And it helps us stay here. Would you guys and sharing the time every week would you guys said, we look forward to. So I just wanted to say that I'm sure you want to follow that with the same sediments. Of course, yeah, we appreciate everything. We appreciate the people who support, especially the people who support and subscribe to the show, but also by athletic greens because we've advocate for those guys. And all the sponsors we work with, my book, you feel free, like all that support helps us greatly, you know, there's a lot of expenses associated with recording the show and we really appreciate the fans for sticking with us because like you say all the time, if the fans weren't there, there'd be no need for us or no use for us to keep doing it. So that's a good way to show us that you listen and continue to support its effortless, to subscribe, leave a comment, all those metrics help us. Increase our relevance and let people know that we have this show that is a staple in the combat sports arena. So thank you to everyone. Give those 5 star reviews where you guys 5 stars, baby. Go ahead, take us away that can because there was only one fighter slowed down and slowed down his pairs weekend. But we slow weekend as the summer winds down, but pedraza and Richard Jose pedraza, Richard Comey had a very competitive fight, but before we get into that fight, both guys basically fighting for their careers, I would think they both needed the win. But before we go to the main event, we got to take a trip to the slaughter farm and watch a bunch of sacrificial lambs get fed to the lions essentially. These fights were so non competitive. It's so non competitive that to the point like I'm thinking, does anyone these promoters are not concerned about getting someone hurt here? You put in an inexperienced, unqualified prose with legitimate fighters in some cases. And you're going to get someone hurt. I mean, what's the kid's name, Richard Torres? You're going to have a death on your hands if you keep letting people get in there with a heavyweight that can punch like that. That was insane. It was scary. The guy's face down on the canvas. I mean, guys, you got to get someone in there that's competitive with the kid at least competitive, not one sided, complete sacrifice of a lamb. It was sad to see, but what were your thoughts on that undercard? Yeah, well, it's what they always saw. They're doing what they want to do. The top rank to promote is to do what they can get away with. They do what they did in the 70s and 80s. If we're going to be quite honest and that's where we all are honest with transparent about it, we have no agendas. We don't have for meals. I don't give a damn if people like it or don't like it. I just care that it needs to be said. It hurts how sport at the end of the day there's a price to pay to the networks. They don't realize it, but there is because back in the sonys and 80s top break was with ESPN and after 20 years, they turned it into a pharma system like that doing now, the same formula. It's no different and they signed up their averages. They told them you could be on TV. They used the money from TV to sign them. They told them that early in your career, you're going to be on TV, signed with us. And what they do. They went about putting them in with non competitive, even worse, like you said. It's like watching a lion get raw meat. I mean, if you want to watch a lion track down a gazelle out in the wilderness and slaughter it, put on a nature channel. You know what I mean? But not on ESPN or boxing. But like I said, they did it in the 70s and 80s. Finally, it ran its route. It chased the audience completely away. The executives, they finally woke up and they saw the bottom line and they got rid of them. And then they went with a new program called Friday night fights, which I was part of. And you know what? We excelled. We excelled for 18 years. For 18 years and the formula that was used even promoters every week. You know, so there's competitiveness that they don't get comfortable. It's not one promoter that has a deal for 20 years. And it doesn't matter what it gives you. What crappy gives you. You have to put good fights on. So every week a different promoter would put a show on and if it was up, wasn't up to snuff, he wouldn't get another shot at it. Some of the promoter would get a shot to step in there and do it. And what they do and what they're doing, if you haven't noticed by now, yeah, they sign up to these Olympic kids. Again, they tell them they're going to be on TV. They use the money that they get from ESPN. They sign them up and then for the next two to three years, that's about what it takes to develop a young kid. They just, they feed them raw meat, okay? To build up their records of 14, 15, 16, 17, and all. And then they go and get them a title fight, hope they win a title, and then they can tell the executive sea we got champions. But again, there's a price to pay. Because you're scorching earth, your scorching earth, because you're going to do the same damn thing you did necessarily 70 80s. The same thing. Yeah, you throw bone. You put a good main event on once in a while. But boy, oh boy, those other fights.

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