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Richard Ashby on working with America's young tennis talent

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Richard Ashby on working with America's young tennis talent

"Guest for this episode? Richard Ashby Richard. Welcome thank you. Thanks for having me. Richard Works here at the. Usda national campus. Richard tells a little brief bio about yourself then working for the for sixteen years before that coached on my own little bit privately with pros and Juniors Worked in some academies before that and so. That's my coaching background played. Junior Tennis Played College University of South Carolina. That's basically playing background played a little bit of pro after college but not that successful so onto coaching. That's relatable So what players. What age group are you targeting right now? Do you work with a specific group. Your work with the fourteen hundred girls. I'm here at the national campus. So we bring kids for camps primarily camps training weeks. We don't do a lot of traveling with kids that age. We don't have them come in. For long periods of time they usually come in for a week or two weeks of training And we work with their coaches. So we get the information back to the coaches things that we worked on here things that we see we go to tournaments have a chance to watch him play there and hopefully see them improving on things have a chance to talk to their coaches about things. We're seeing a lot easier when it's you know live where you're watching something and talking with the coach so the tournaments. It's a great option to do that. With coaches so you've been working with the USA for sixteen years. Have you been with the girls? Fourteen and under age single year no Started two thousand three so that first year and the next year we're primarily with Like junior pros so kids basically seventeen to eighteen sixteen eighteen and did that for a couple of years and then in two thousand and five started with the kids born in Nineteen ninety-one that age group so worked with an age group for few years through Two thousand eight then two thousand nine. I started with twelve and unders Jade Louise and other coach. I used to work with age group and He actually started working with kids older. So I Essentially switch places with him so from two thousand nine assorted with twelve and under and kind of grown to thirteen and then fourteen and fourteen under for last few years. Do some name. What are some players you've worked with? Amanda Anisimov was slow and Stevens. Cannon CICI Bellis Falconi yes all those players So yeah very fortunate. When we moved to we moved to Boca it was a good location. Had A lot of good players in the area so players Would come through in practice. We were able to set up a program where they're younger players. Come out and you know not every day Amanda I came out like once a week when she was younger Always worked with her. Dad was her coach. So work with her Same with Sonya and We did we actually had a pretty good set-up there where they in the morning to drilling and then the afternoons do match play and we'd be able to have kids kind of all levels. Sometimes older kids coming out in the afternoon but Amanda and Sonia. You know where kids at did that from pretty much. The beginning Sloan. I've done very little with her. I mean it's mostly been Camps or a little bit of training and Let's see who else has been out of there You know so. Yeah Irena Hell Coney for sure. Was there So when I worked with a ninety one group Sorry come and play matches Actually tell Ya arena like the first candidate when we were in key Biscayne arena. It's actually in the camp along with Alli Risk. So Mallory burdette there. You go so a bunch of kids That a moved on to play pros which is great. You know so. That's one of the things. I'm fortunate. I got to work with kids. That are the best in the country so you know a lot of them are going to be successful so I was actually mentioning that to see the other day. We were watching you practice with one of the girls. I don't I can't remember her name but she's pretty good. And I made a comment to see see I was like. Did you work with coach? Richard Like Yeah. I did and I was like. That's unbelievable when I was. I believe it was thirteen or something. I was still living in New York and I got this letter from the USDA. Do you WanNa do this. Camp Key Biscayne and sure enough it was with Alison riske Madison Bengal Whom all our top seventy have been top seventy players. It's not very common for a coach to be able to have that much of an impact on so many players that end up being professional. What is it that you have that makes that possible GonNa Know How much it is me. It's definitely good system where you know. We got a chance to see young players at an early age. I remember the first camp she came to. She was not the best. One they're You're maybe in the middle of the pack She had come to the some of the similar things she has. Now you know just the excitement. She always brings the cord and everything. So that hasn't changed. You know she's just gotten better as it's gone along so You know to be to be honest. Yeah I mean I enjoy helping the kids and you know if anything the you know. Try as much as possible for them to enjoy it as well and to try to guide them. I guess for game for the future. Now you know that's up to them to pile of things but You know most of those kids like I say we're good when they got there and you know they've gotten better they've gone long moved on to other coaches and everything so successful pretty popular name is big names that have come through the. Ashby system for all those players though that that you worked with. That didn't make it. Can you tell the difference between someone like an Anisimov an Kenan? Can you see or that early on the? Hey this kid's something different or is it more of quantity and then figuring out one or two that rice the top. There are many kids that I thought were going to be very very good. Maybe even better than those guys and they ended up not being ended up being good tennis players. But not you know making it into the pros. you know so. I've learned as gone along that. I'm not a very good predictor so We try not to pick try to just have lots of players coming through as much as possible and try to treat. Treat them all in a way that this is what you need to do to be great so they have that chance some apply while some were going to be great no matter what we did but Try to treat all the players. A came to come through with the idea that you know. Look at your game now and where do you WanNa go if you want to be a pro these things you to address and unfortunately getting to see them? When they're young twelve thirteen fourteen. They have a chance to you. Know make make those adjustments if they can. So you know the the ones that came in. Maybe I thought were really good and ended up not being so good as far as results. I think. That's just how tough the sport is. You know it's I remember the stout that somebody was saying that basically every year the top one hundred seventy six jobs available something like that. We're on the women's side so you know you have to be that good that you're going to take someone's job who's seventy in the world and that's not easy so many of these guys are good players but you know it's just not that easy to actually be a

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