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"richard arabic thea" Discussed on The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

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"richard arabic thea" Discussed on The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

"You know the cool thing about today's movie is that it's funny again and again and again to the point that it gets repetitive over and over and over, and by the way this is a plus not a minus in the world of Palm Springs Howdy I'm Jeff Goldsmith and this is the QNA. My agenda is simple each week I plan to bring you in depth insights. Insights into the creative process of storytelling. You don't folks I was there in the room. You'll hear me say later. I'm not bragging I'm just trying to give you the energy because we're all socially distanced and we don't get to see films with each other anymore in it for the moment I was there at Sundance for their first big screening with twelve hundred people. People and the crowd lost it. I mean they went absolutely nuts as they should have. Because the movie was absolutely hilarious, fired on all cylinders, the performances were great. The writing and directing was great, not enough good things to say about it, so it was no surprise when it broke sundance records and sold for seventeen and a half, million dollars and sixty nine cents and we're going to talk about that today because we have director and curator Max, Barbakow, with us, and we also have a CO writer Andy Sierra with us, and you know maximum Andy really are a great team have been working together for a long time. They had a lot of great insights into this their process to make their first feature link film together and. I know you'll dig this episode and speaking of things to dig. I hope you'll also check out back story magazine over at www dot backstory dot net. If you can believe it in all this madness with movie, still not being released into theaters, we are as a film magazine, still going to produce new issue issue number forty two, and we're working on it, and for those of you who want to experience who we are and what we? We do just go on over to backstory dot net, and you can even use code save five. That'll save you five dollars office subscription for one year it will give you access to about the years worth of past issues, and we're adding more into our archive, but for for now with the software update there's there's basically about a little over a year in there, and it'll give you access to the new stuff. We do over years well. At checkout at backstory dot net, you could use coupon code. Save Five that will give you access on the web via desktop or laptop. It will also give you access via an IPAD with those log in credentials if you have one and it's better few to subscribe it backstory than through apple, because it leaves more of your money in our pockets rather than apple, so thank you for that, but now without any further ado I hope you check out palm springs from Hulu, it is playing on Hulu. Obviously, it's drive ins around the nation. It is really worth your time. It's a hilarious movie. It's a great well-crafted love story. There's there's a lot. Lot to it that that I don't want to spoil it for you, but check it out and see what all the hype is about because now we're GONNA get into our conversation with Max and with Andy about their feature debut palm springs Andy Max I loved. I loved your film so congrats on that. And I was actually at Sundance at the ECCLES theater for your for screening and I I thought it was you know incredible. The crowd just went crazy for it so the energy in the room of just seeing it with a with a huge audience of twelve hundred people awesome, so congrats on that to both of you. I loved it We start with breaking in stories and I'm just curious your background. Did either of you study film in school or Theater? What what's what's your background? The drove down the path. I saw on June eleventh, Ninety Three addresses Barking Michael. It my my mom's best friend gaming shoulder Mount Camera. I seven at the time and I just spent the next in elementary school junior high school making. Little short films that The Romeo Juliet. MMA crucible and Richard Arabic Thea, so I always knew I wanted to do that then. In some to my older brother asked me to be in his indie rock band when I was a junior in high school Zayed's obviously said yes. And that kind of. Sent me down the. The touring indie rock band path for the next ten years mainly the next, the five years after I finished Undergrad. Ride did not did some creative writing classes in college I did not. Actively pursued film I kinda like sort interrupt. Where'd you go to school? I went to UC Irvine. And then Yeah I. My last final ran across the street. The ban ban has at the south by which started like the first of. Five years of doing laps around the country when the Dan. plateaued and My older brother and I decided. Today! I did not know what else to do other than. Give this film making thing a real shots like okay? What are some film score? decided to abide. By that. A couple of weeks before applications were doing I think it was the one that didn't require the gre taken the gre. Like I did not know what else to do with my lights the one thing that ever been passionate about was. Was Joan and Then television once onside saw the sopranos when it was taken out in one thousand, nine hundred. And at that point like I, just I knew I had to pursue this and give it a shot. In, that's what was. What was the camera that you were given at a young age? Just just before we move onto Max camera was. Oh, I can't I can't remember the brand of. Had one for the full vhs. Air. New Orleans Camera Yeah. This huge thing that I-, I-, warranty the ground, but it was you know it was that summer is where it's I.

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