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"rich eisen richard" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

The Rich Eisen Show

05:20 min | 1 year ago

"rich eisen richard" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"Heather very welcome to this edition of the rich Eisen show. This is a big day for me personally. I'm not gonna lie to you. Okay. I never I was shoot straight. Right. Chris brockman. To of course, I'm sitting in a chair blessed to be here in this chair. Every is you know, I view this is a privilege to walk into this beautiful facility built by direct TV AT and T every single day on the campus of AT and T names on the door names on the mug. I'm very I'm honored every single day. If you had told the young. Rich Eisen Richard is back in the days of Staten Island. New York growing up there that I would have show one day just with my name on. All right. And the guest list would finish up and weird. Al yankovic. I if I didn't have three more hours. I would drop the mic in literally Costanza this thing in walkout. Come back. The weird Alan our number three. I'm very excited. We want to talk about though and weird Al yankovic. We'd all yankovic was on the plane. Great stuff from. I mean, what a trio today. Steven Jones, Reshad Jennings weird Al yankovic, and which Stephen Jones, look, folks. My Rolodex is yours. That's the way. I you know, the way I I I approached this show, whatever I can do to give you my opinion and put my stamp on things and use whatever context I have to give you context, I'm all in. I'm all in. So reached out last night to Stephen Jones, the executive vice president C O director of player personnel for Dallas America's team Cowboys. And. And I've figured look we've been talking for forty eight hours in the NFL world were more than that. Now sitting here on Wednesday since the ball intended for Tommy Lee Lewis from the arm of drew Brees sailed past Tommy Lewis because Nicole Roby Coleman played Louis instead of the ball and no flag. And now the governor of Louisiana has chimed in to say that the NFL should change its replay rules. You all folks dialing eight four four two four riches. You can today as well said I've got gotta change replay. That was my first blush reaction. Let's figure out stiffs the safety net to make sure that never happens again refs blow calls. They're human beings. Can't have that. Just can't have that. So I'd like let's get somebody from the competition committee on the phone right here on the show to say what they are. I blush thinking I think I know what their first blush thanking which is let's take it all in. And. Let's make sure that we discuss it. Figure out what doing the right thing is. But I think they're going to end up doing zippo. Personally that these things happen. Eventually what's going to come out of it when everything dies down when they first meet at the combine in early March. And then. Setting agenda for their meeting when they go to Jupiter Florida in in March as well before the owners meeting that it's all going to die down. And no matter how much Sean Payton, Mike, come into that meeting room. And he's part of the competition committee. And no matter how he might come in that meeting room with all of his figurative, you know, what blazing. I think still when it's all said and done. They're just going to have a very difficult time. Figuring out how to make judgment calls replay -able what if the NBA decided to make? Replay review -able box out fouls underneath the basket. Right. Like, those judgment calls charge and block which Chapman is having a great time with on Twitter. These days having fun responding to have blocker charge. You can see maybe if the feeder said, we're the feet in terms of the semicircle underneath the the rim. Would you want that reviewable? Would you want hand checking reviewable would you want? That's the sort of stuff that the if you make everything reviewable as I say, it should be. What's a hold? What's not? Here's what I'm going to propose Stephen Jones when he calls it. Everything anything's reviewable all of it. Do not expand the number of challenges still to challenges to coach get them. Both right. You get a third the booth still takes over matters with two minutes to go, but everything's reviewable. And the only penalty that the that that can be reversed or instituted these are non calls as well..

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"rich eisen richard" Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

01:31 min | 2 years ago

"rich eisen richard" Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

"The thing with the the the venda graham for seattle is the whole seattle nice thing with the passive aggressiveness there's gonna be a guy or a gal who's the kitchen hogg i'm making my sardine souffle every thursday or whatever it is and then there's going to be the other guy that always watching tv sean maker asserted flavor new have you tried it before i actually have made something with eyes sardine or or a mackerel it was young use on dealerships right it was actually pretty good so you're gonna have a beer in every buildings are going to be that person and then the person's like only four more episodes love for boon's watching his worst who ruled or whatever it's on the couch every time you want to use the break room so and then the bathroom the private bathroom thing is a big deal so like for instance refer you if you have any sort of bathroom insecurity at all like that's just a nonstarter what's our latter mature veterans curie curious like when you when you need to go you need to go so like a wire and scare botha won like g scott is just a guest on our show talking about retirement he will not go to the bathroom in public all that is an insecurity richard well rao g scotland so let's slovak rich eisen richards is g talked to other publicly oh yeah all the time i bought nicaraguan coffee when i was in nicaragua problems of times but if you just countdown mentally your fond just started ten go drives countdown pa every time i don't know what's going on with this this is good nicaraguan coffee is delicious uh but.

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