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"rhondda stanford camp" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

"Tracking now hot week ahead at a crash on the Beachline. Westbound after Dallas boulevard got a right lane blocked. I'm Ed Torrence, news ninety six point five WDBO. Good morning. It's five zero three. You're listening to Orlando's morning news with Joe Kelly on news ninety six point five WDBO morning. I'm Marsha Taylor. And Omri computer US marines are in Jacksonville North Carolina to survey the damage from Florence. We've had people on top of the roofs of the cars, they drove into flooded roadways. We're going and picking them off the roofs of their cars with helicopters. We have had people who have been on tops of their houses, we've said high clearance vehicles into areas to pull people away where the flood waters are coming up. That's Norman Bryson director of emergency services for Onslow county. Volunteers from central Florida are on their way to Carolina's to. Help in the rescues staffers from wild Florida are coming with airboats to help those still trapped by floodwaters the Red Cross is sending thirty five volunteers to make sure that our shelters are plenty of food. Plenty of blankets and just make sure that you take care. The first wave of on tears for the Red Cross say they will stay there for about a week and a half you may be happy to hear the hurricane. Florence had little to no effect on gas prices. Aaa says gas prices in Florida actually declined a sixteenth consecutive day on Sunday the average now to seventy four gallon statewide, the keep comments saying the democrat, Andrew gillum is slightly ahead of Republican Ron fantas and the race for governor. One political expert says it's time for the status to make a move the latest poll last Friday showed Gillam ahead of Disentis by six points. And this from a Republican leading organization Rasmussen reports, I will say this. If you're Andrew you gotta be real happy with how things have started off for you. And if you're in the Rhondda Stanford camp, it's not time to panic. But it is time to get really serious really fat. Dr George with UCF tells me to Santa should start raising and spending more money and engage in traditional political ads. He says it is wrong to think the Gillam is. Liberal to get elected in today's Florida. Joe ruble, news ninety six point five WDBO. Good morning five. Oh, five now.

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