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"rex schweri" Discussed on The Art of Manliness

"Right so besides this inc income inequality that they were trying to battle they are also had a migrant problem uh particularly people from the north of these were the m is that the kimbery or this yeah i mean you know everybody has their preferred uh pronunciation i've always gone with kimbery okay kimber so who were the kimbery and why did they start appearing in italy about this time the kimber e r a a very large it's it's tough to say ethnically what they were but you know germanic um dramatic people who originated i think the best gas is in modern denmark is where they were coming from and they set off in about the one 20s about 120 on a on a very large civilizational migration bright this wasn't just like you know like a like a wagon train or to um this wasn't just like a a group that went often we're talking about hundreds of thousands of people and they picked up and they laughed uh modern denmark for nobody quite knows why i mean that there's actually some some very interesting though stray references and um i think it's stray bo where they talk about how the maybe the sea level had risen and anna and rex schweri where was that they had been living there was some kind of weird climate change that had gone on so they start moving south and they're looking for a new home but while most places are inhabited already said they just kind of keep moving and keep moving and keep moving in then phnom you know by the by the five or six years later they are are showing up really knocking on italy's store which is there at the alps and you know the romans like everybody else don't like the idea of these hundreds of thousands of people on wandering through their territory so they start getting into a series of clashes with the kimbery that are called the kimber course.

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