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Episode 105  if white is a verb, Canadian media keeps whiting

Sandy and Nora talk politics

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Episode 105 if white is a verb, Canadian media keeps whiting

"Eder Noura Hayes Sandy. It's like for a while. We had like this this thing. Depend I make crisis. It felt like we were in stuck in a loop where nothing ever changed, and you were just doing the same thing over and over and over again, and it was like Oh. My God what the fuck is going on nothing. It's almost the same right now, but accept what the fuck is going on is like racism. And it's like nothing is changing. It's just the same every day or even worse every day and I'm afraid to the Canadian media, and how frustrated am. I'm just like your. Actions have consequences and like you know like a consequence will happen, and then maybe it'll changer action for the next time. There's no change in this thing and I. In this series of events it's been happening in the Canadian media. They're just like. Action happens. Consequence happens, and they're like. Let's just go back and do the same action again so that we can relive the same consequence. It's like it's almost like the pandemic Steph accept a thousand times worse. They're all trapped in amber. There's been a spell cast on them by some witch, and they have to figure out how to do the spell to get out of repeating the exact same thing. Over and over and over I think that this is what our forth media so white episode. I know right. It's like it's like groundhog day. Let's just a raise all the rest of our. Episodes and just keep all the Canadian media so eight episodes up. For? Everyone who controls Canadian media to listen to it over and over and over again, because after all we are the number two. News program in the country. They may as well learn something from us Now, we're the number two podcast news program in the country. I know I know I'm being going a little extra, but. Let's have it. No, it's critical super-critical. It's it's a funny situation to be like Fully ignored by the mainstream media like this little podcast like has never got any coverage. There's never been an interview by the podcast. We've never ever talked journalist, but the PODCAST. And And and yet like they can learn so fucking much. Take a lawrence so much. They just leave even hair. If you copied us, actually, we were totally would, but we would. Also. Like, it be happy. Hundred percent okay, but before we get into the thing. we have so many people to think again I mean. The support has been really amazing and one of the things that stood for me now and Sandy. Maybe you're not seeing some of the stuff because I know that like for every email, I get i. think he probably get one hundred right now. IDEA. But the number of you who have been in touch to say that our episode on our two episodes defunding the police have changed your lives. It's slake, really amazing. It's amazing. I can't believe that I'm so happy that you. Found us with us from the Sahara. You just found us. I'm so so happy that we've helped you change your thinking about something fundamentalism police because. In everyone of our episodes, we talked about something else. That could be radically radically transformed. The media can be radically transformed on top of that tonight. But for the for those of you, who felt like a light, went on, or or some sort of light bulb above your head start flashing I'm so happy to be part of that moment, so thank you. Thank you for letting US know about these these times we read it all. In, and if you ask for responsible try to respond but but thanks. Oh, so much, it's just it's really wonderful. Yeah, the feedback is actually very critical, because it tells us the you know the conversations that we're having we might think are ridiculous or too heavy or too confusing or two simple are not that they're just really important conversations that help people to think through their own position and again. It's interest as it's really. It means a lot to and just generally is people who are trying to think through stuff in our society so. I'm also really heartened by all of these messages that we're getting, even if I can't read them all, but nor is reading them all I promise. Sure Am. I also want to just say If ever you donate to the show, and you're not sure that will pronounce your. I will pronounce your name. Right? Feel free to shoot me an email. We got one of those this week. thank you very much that person for letting me know how to pronounce their name, and we have a whole bunch of names to thank so I'm going to try and get through this list respectfully. Quickly that we can get right into the issue tonight, and so folks in the last week who've donated for the first time who've come back to donate to the show or who have changed their donations? Thank you so so so much to Jennifer RC Colin. Zayd Andre Jody Alex. Carly Robin, Rachel Payne Rose Ben to Sheikha, Karen Jenny Peter Jill Leslie Ian Andre Mo- Gender Chris. Delaney Aaron Prayed Cash Zach Sarah Jamie Frank Justin. Jackie Corey Suzanne. Jennifer Johnson Sei in drew Charlie Melissa, Limited List Ruin L. E. Andy Rename and Erica. Thank you so so much so much for your support. Yeah, and if you're paying attention, you'll know that the next level on our page is for night. Play scrabble live and we made that levels so high so that we would never ever reach it so. Thanks all of you for all of your great support. Has To do this thing that we had no intention of ever doing so at Alflex. My ears I think it is on on twitter. Who made that suggestion? You'RE GONNA. Get your wish probably. Have to figure out a way to play it. Live for you guys, but we will play scrabble. SCRABBLE DICTIONARY! Why do you keep saying that? Is that something that we've promised without a scrabble dictionary? No I just I'm not a huge fan of the scrabble dictionary. Emma even actually sure you stand on the scrabble dictionary. is of critical importance. Okay. I don't play scrabble scrabble dictionary I know. What kind of like in life you're leading over there. I just I tend to play only with like the like an Oxford dictionary. Oh, no, because then you miss all the like little two letter words that are bullshitted dictionary. SCRABBLE dictionary. Okay, we have some rules to settle. The whole is going to be like I. Owe every. All, right, let's get into. Okay! Canadian Canadian media. Her. How did they wait this week? Nora I hear I just I. Can't I actually need you to fucking explain this to me because you're the one who went to fucking J. School? Okay and I I did not go to J school. Don't know how I've been writing so much for media stuff but I've I've zero desire to be journalist and every time I see you know what counts is journalism in this country I wonder why anyone would want to be journalists in Canada because it seems like the way that you have to fucking. I don't know. Walk around without your eyes. Open and with your ears. Closed I guess I don't know how else to say that or not being aware of what's going on is. An affront and embarrassment to journalism, and I know that that can't be the case for everybody who's writing somewhere in the editorial rooms, or in the editors, rooms or protection teams, people are I think changing stories or really controlling who what people are allowed to say, or what counts as news and I just you know. These are the assumptions I'm making because nothing else makes sense and I need you to explain this to me because you have the training. In. Somehow you didn't come out that way so what the fuck is going on, okay well, let's be clear I fucking drop down. We. What's your degree in home? I degrees. Degree is a bachelor of political science or politics or something. Whatever the version of politics is at Ryerson I I ended up getting that. Oh I didn't know that I totally would graduate it in. No, you've told me before that you dropped out. Had, a journalism I did five years in department, so I mean I fucking should have gone to a degree, and and partly one of the reasons why I dropped out was because It's not a degree at the time. I'm not sure if it's changed the you can't do part time. So. It's not a degree that you can do if you've got a fulltime job or if you've got kids or whatever and so, when I was working full time and trying to finish my journalism degree, they're like Oh. Yeah, but you can't do this part time like you have to be in class for eight hours a day, or whatever and I'm like Surrey, everybody is you gotTa Job? have to out another way to finish my degree because I'm not GONNA be able to finish my core two years that were left. Yeah, how is journalism suck I mean it's the the the entire media industry in Canada is an embarrassment, and it's an embarrassment for a whole bunch of reasons that have been laid bare in the last week in the last number of years, and I also think that it's important to remember that things have changed a lot as well like the way black lives matter is being covered now versus in two thousand sixteen is quite different. which is I mean only encouraging in that? It should be different, so I mean. It's totally groundhog day. But the same dinosaur, fucking white supremacist, maintaining managers have been in these positions of power for years and years and years and years, and so the result is that you've got immediate ecosystem as you know the. CDC is like for Sure Front Center of this, but it's not just the CBC. It's also the globe mail national post system. In global and CD, but they they exist to maintain white supremacy in Canada. And I don't think that people think about media in that way they see media as reflecting what's going on in your community telling your stories and this kind of thing, but baked into that is the the the intentional erasure of anything that that confronts whiteness or different than Whiteness, and so every story is told in opposition to Whiteness, and then they start to get in trouble which we've seen a lot of instances of that in the last couple of weeks. Yeah, I mean there are so many examples. That I'm sure we're going to miss them There's just too much to go through how the Canadian media has fucked up in the last couple of weeks. In this like forty five minutes show. But God like I mean we've got a rex murphy the REX Murphy Steph. We've got the Stockwell Day stuff we've got. We've got the Toronto Star seemingly positioning the fact that I guess they're just talking to white readers. The fact that white people can only be upset about either black lives or indigenous lives, and there's a limit. On that. And that we have to you, save some of our higher for indigenous lives. We can't expend it all on black lives. WHAT THE FUCK! And then every fucking interview. Every fucking ahead line that thought that the really big hard hitting questions to ask you this week were. To systemic racism existing. or or does reasons exist in Canada or any number of the ways to position that which I suppose is better than? In two, thousand, sixteen or two, thousand fourteen when it was like you know. Black lives matter sucks. Hated us, but but as nurses like it's different now, but only because people are like dragging them, kicking and screaming to be a little bit different and instead of being. Full on fuck this group. It's more like. Is what they're saying real. Do do black people are really know anything about their own experience. Let's ask the RCMP. Yeah, let's let's discuss amongst this panel of white folks and our one token black. Let's discuss. Or the RCMP is it racist? The fuck with every fucking cup every fucking cop that they talked to I. Mean I mean both What is that person's name at the RCMP, leaky, some lucky, lucky lucky, whatever lucky and Chris Lewis, who was on the TV multiple times, because he's the public safety expert for CPTV, and he's the former. Chief the Ontario provincial police chief. And both of them got asked about whether or not racism in their organizations, and both of them are like no, absolutely not I mean racism exists everywhere, so of course it's also in our organization, but not at all. Nope, it's like the answer that is always given, and it's like how the Fuck is this journal Ism. You. Know what it's not is the funny thing like. If you go back to what you're taught in journalism school, you're not taught to grovel at power. In fact, there's many professors who I had who spent a lot of time trying to convince us to not grow at the altar of power and I think of my classmates many of them who do not go into journalism like straight up left and and. And didn't didn't try to have a career in it. And certainly there's folks that were never going to fit into the into the media world and there's then there's some people who are very much in mainstream media and in the problem is pervasive throat, but I think that you see the the worst in the hands of management in the hands of the folks that have power because you know. When you talk about racism anywhere, it's always a question of power, and so like to ask the fucking RCMP's their systemic racism in the RCMP like. Of course, there is like that's a bastion of power, just like there are systemic missile miscellany as we know broad wide scale. sexual assaults that have happened within the like it's a systemic Cesspool of shit obviously, and so, what? What School of Journalism Does Rosie Barton's study at to then ask the fucking chief commissioner of the P. is the richest immigration rather than. Well Sandy. You had several alternative questions that they could've asked her and there's a reason that they that they didn't and I. Hope that you can talk about some of those questions, but before we get to that I think that the situation with Wendy Mosley is a really good example of someone who's. Very high profile figure at the CBC is one experience with with Mesler where she fully told one of the guested like what to say in an answer to be less left wing. And yeah, yeah, it was the only interview I did with the CBC in the aftermath of the Humboldt situation and it was very weird. It was like a practice round, and he answered the question to like whatever it was, and she said Okay when when we're recording, you can't say this you have to. You have to say something more like this. Because what you said was to left left wing was to advocating for a left wing perspective, and so you know that kind of thing is normal at the happens within the mainstream. But. It's not normal such that that's how it should happen, and that's not what you're taught to do, and I know a lot of folks. The CBC who I mean I've told that story of people and they were horrified to hear that even happened not to say like Oh. Yeah, that happens. All the time were like what the fuck, but but Medjlis, Mosley's a main person and she. She was until she said a word that cannot be said and was suspended. Well as you say that I was on facebook this morning, and what? What has been interesting and kind of great about this moment? Is that a lot of people who are in journalism? Especially Black folks were in journalism right now in Canada have been talking about their experiences and talking about it publicly which is. Quite risky, and so you know are are taking this huge leap to talk about their experiences and one of those people is someone name. Lincoln Anthony Blades I hope he's okay with talking about this on the air. He made the his post public and he's. He said the same thing like so. He was a regular contributor. On CBC. On the same program as Wendy, Mosley and he speaks about how he responded to. Issues back in twenty sixteen talking about. Anti blackness or responses to black lives matter and so on, and she said okay. We've got to re re record this part because you can't say that. You cannot say that and so. That's I guess that that's just I. Mean who knows if that's happening? How many issues that's happening four but clearly? There are gatekeepers. that. Control how we talk about race in Canadian media because Lincoln Anthony Blades. Who is you know meant to be the black guy on these panels as he as he acknowledges in his post. And the weirdness that that comes with and even your situation when you're talking about humbled, you're talking about of course race, and how we how we understand tragedy. When we consider race and so. God it's just. I mean it's know you expect these things because it's obvious that that kind of thing is happening I think that's what's kind of. Dare I say surprising. It is a little bit surprising, even though it's not that surprising, it is a little bit surprising to me. Quite how avert? They can be about it at the level of the CBC. And, feel safe doing it continuingly continually time and again, and for these stories to be coming out now years later suggests a huge systemic problem in this in the CBC. Not just the CBC you know this is happening. All across Canadian media so. But fook one of these examples I. Think was perfectly encapsulated by this piece that rex. Murphy managed to get through. the sensors guess at the National Post and so he has this piece. I didn't read it. 'cause the guy's a fucking crank and Shit writer, and I don't have time for shit writing, but He essentially says that the that racism candidate doesn't exist. That's an liberal invention, and of course he means like illiberal liberal, because he really hates party Canada and is giving them too much credit manisha. Krishnan at vice got a hold of a recording. Did you see this? Keep talking I think I'd okay, so she got yes, no I. Definitely did I know what you're talking about. Continue says she got a hold of a recording of a meeting with. Management and journalists who were pissed because there are lots of journalists who are completely pissed that this that this ran. Because of course it calls into question the credibility of their newspaper and it's it's racist and it's it's. It's an attack. A personal attack Parwana that paper WHO's not wait. At that paper at the whole chain, that's not white and and basically what happened was the ball was dropped between the editor of the opinions page and the editor in chief, and it just ends in just brand as it was an edited, and it's just like one of these stories really yeah, of course because you don't fucking actually care like his, you want rex, Murphy to say Dumb Shit and that's what his. His job is and so you don't care if he says something completely ridiculous, but the thing that that makes me the most enrage. Is that on one hand? It's easy to make this issue like a generational issue. Where like we just have to wait for a whole bunch of people to die, and then all of a sudden, the system's going to get better like just defacto because there's going to be less old racists. These shows less people being gatekeepers. But it's also a self perpetuating issue because in the situation with with rex, Murphy like ignore the fact, that Murphy's a fucking dinosaur. The editor of the opinion pages Matt Gurney who's our age and Sandy I don't know if you remember Gurney, but the first time that I came across him was I think probably the first time you came across as well where we were filming something at MTV, I did something MTV. I don't think I did. Are you sure? I don't remember this I did. You may not have. You may not have been on the panel I feel like he must have been in the room because it was like we needed everyone in their in their best friend to be there, so they had this panel of of two youth who are opposed to the G, twenty and two youth who were for the G. Twenty. And, it was pathetic because the whole room is like, why would we boys two billion dollars in the G. Twenty? Like this whole thing? You arrested a lot of people. It was oppressive, was destroying our rights and the two people they had arguing in favour was mad, Gurney and Robin Herbeck. Oh My fucking God. Right, so that's what happens where a decade ago when you're a boot licking piece of shit, fucking asshole in sucking the fucking teat of all of these `gate-keeping piece of Shit Racist, and then you find yourself editing, the opinions page at the National Post, which of course was a job, they both. So and of course, robin went onto the CBC where she post a lot of bullshit under CBC opinions, not the least of which was a lot of racist shit as well and now, of course, she's reading opinion at the Global Mail so. The IT IS NOT GONNA be slow change that that that takes this white supremacist reality out of are over media. We have to figure out a way to to really fight. Fight these tendencies in demand changes, and we're seeing some of that, but It's not enough and I don't think that managers owners are feeling enough heat to know that this is an economic problem that they've got and not just a moral problem, more a problem of equity man, and there are so many so many wicked, smart black women journalists out there who? Who Do not have permanent positions in Canadian media who are only tap to speak when Radha moment, where something like what is happening now is happening when the media is finally paying attention to the violence, inherent an anti blackness in our society or February, where we all make money and and then come. March first all of that interest in the black. These really smart black women disappears but God. There's talent all around you and like why why? When you have all of this talent, would you ever ever ask Stockwell Day? To write anything like that just is just so shocking to me. And of course it's not just. The issue of race I'm talking about all of the knowledge that we miss outside of of of the issue of. Race Anti Blackness in other times when we ignore these voices, and so yeah, as referenced I One night when I was really frustrated at the types of questions that I've seen, asked again and again in the media. It's like I feel like they must have some sort of like. Cheat sheet somewhere that they all pass along one another. Because I don't understand how you could just be so uncreative in your questions, not even uncreative. Create us to hire bar. Oh yeah the the questions that they're asking aren't even obvious. They're just ridiculous. the the question of does racism exist is a question for. Like never. I I don't know when it would ever be appropriate to ask that question I was I was talking to a producer. Who is a producer of color? A At somewhere and at some point this week. Who who? said to me. That one of the questions that they asked to guest was Have you ever experienced racism? And this is to guest who was either black or otherwise? racialism can't remember and. She she had to go and be like. We can't publish that and argue with people about why it was inappropriate of publish that question and the answer to that question. Like, have you ever experienced racism? And can you talk about the time that you did? No No, no, that person is. Not Qualified to discuss the issues that we are currently discussing today so anyway. I'm like really pissed off watching all this shit. GO DOWN! and. Really exhausted when night just write a bunch of things that made me laugh basically about how the types of questions that people should be asking, and it's actually not funny. It only makes me laugh, and because it's like ridiculous that anyone would have to to put that together. Who who knows nothing about journalism? That's me and Casey. You didn't know. Like I like imagine a general issue that happens in in Canadian society like one of the things that was one of the scandals that just introduced went through. I don't know fucking SNC level in essence. Right like they connected it to another ethics issue of like when he went on vacation. With some prince or something like that in? Right the agriculture that's right in the Caribbean. They connected it. Okay, here's an issue with Justin Trudeau. This this follows a pattern of things that has happened with Justin Trudeau. Can we trust US in Trudeau? What are we gonNA do that ethics. and. That makes sense because journalism, right? But when it comes to race, it's like anything that happened last month to two years ago. fucking a decade ago doesn't exist. It's like Oh. Look Justin Trudeau kneeling. How wonderful are we? GonNa talk about the promises that he made to Black Canadians, and the twenty-seven or the two thousand eighteen budget that he has not made good on. Nope, are we going to connect this to black vase, not even black. Okay fine fine ignore that shit. Are we going to connect it to any of the issues with respect to marijuana amnesty? The government still hasn't done. No, no, you're just going to report on it and say. Isn't it great that our Prime Minister supports the blacks? Really. Really. That's who you WanNa, be as a journalist that that is what you were hoping for. When you dreamed of being whatever people who dream of being journalists dream of Nora. Maybe you can fill this for me. Thought. It was gonna be like just an uncritical fucking communications department for the Liberal Party of Canada. Because that's what you're being when you do something like that. God like all of the information. Is there for you? You all presumably reported on it before you're not gonNA. Make those connections and make it a part of a continuum of actions or inactions because you would do that on things that you care about, but you don't do that on things that I think that most people in this country actually do care about, but you guys are `gate-keeping, what counts as news and `gate-keeping what counts as important with respect to anti-black racism and. As a result, we don't get any sort of analysis that makes sense which leaves people like me. Who are not journalists for us to do it on top of all the other things that I have to do with no platform though to. Like no offense to your twitter feed, but it's not the national. Right. Not Not yet. You're close. Two weeks ago, people were like this is not a current. or It's it's so sad and then when you point this out so many of them get like fucking like whiny and sad about it. It's like why are you tacking me? I'm just asking questions, right? It's like then once. The RCMP is like Oh fuck sorry guys, we We totally forgot the actual answer. There is racism in the. What was the headline in all on all platforms TV and fucking print? RCMP says there systemic. Racism. Like Oh my God like you, you could, you could be asking questions about. The RCMP's record of. Sexual assault violations of. Not Dealing with sexual assault. Complaints in the community of their long long long history of. Like an purpose of existing indigenous genocide like you could be asking so many questions, you could ask questions about their budget. You could look into it and be like hey. Why do you need eleven million dollars a day? What exactly does that go to? Why does so much of your budget go towards policing indigenous people? Can you please explain that if you're saying that? There's no anti like you know what? Ask The question if you want, but at least follow it up with some brilliant by being like if you say that there is no systemic racism, why are you so much of your budget? Allocated policing indigenous people please explain that right like do something smart with the platform that you have because we all desperately need it. Like the cost of you, not doing that is that people want who are not in the know or don't have time for this to be to be in the know. Don't think that any of the stuff is an issue and then when it comes up, think it's like this one off thing so that this person has been killed an New Brunswick. That never happens in Canada because there is no racism. Because if it did happen in Canada regularly, we'd hear about it. Yeah We hear about it, wouldn't we? Wouldn't we, but we don't? We don't. It takes people literally pulling the teeth of people in the Journal in the journalism world to report on what's going on well makes the violence possible and I think that that's like the most important part of this conversation is that you know it's it's. It's funny. Because all you can do is laugh. It's ridiculous, and therefore you laugh It's frustrating and therefore you kind of laugh for you. Were you rage against your radio or you? You your age about it on on social media, but the reality is that there's a direct connection between the way the mainstream press talks about black lives and indigenous lives and violence against them, and it is tantamount to committing violence I was reading a an article this past weekend in my local newspaper. That's that was asking like. Where are all the black police officers in Quebec City so Quebec. City has something like eight hundred and thirty two police, officers, and and only eleven racialist non are black. And Communities in Quebec. City black communities like one of the largest and so this white journalist is asking the police force. But this and I'm like your newspaper doesn't have any black reporters either. Why, why are you lately, can you? How how you connect these dots and it's like it's one thing to make sure that the okay. Yeah, you WANNA have it diverse policing force so that they see themselves in the people there policing, so they're not like dehumanizing them and killing them. Okay, I guess that's one argument, but we also need the press to be also able to write about this stuff in an intelligent way in an honest way getting the facts right and not obscuring. Reality not inventing reality in not continuing the violence that has happened for so so long like in after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. There were lot of recommendations that came. That targeted journalism and you know there just hasn't been enough. Any progress made really. Because the people that have power are the still the ones who are in power, and unless they relent or forced out. That power is still going to be operated or is still going to be used in a specific way. I thought it was so interesting this weekend. Just as proof that the fund the police is. Is becoming big and becoming popular right people are saying yeah. WHAT THE FUCK! Why do he'd lease? The Globe and Mail puts out this this editorial. Trying to reformulate what this movement means, and so in this is one of the examples in which you can see the role that the mainstream media actually plays in Canada to sanitize what is being said by average people so that as you said people read the newspaper and they don't really understand, or they don't really see what the the reality is and so. They actually argue that Def- on the police is a terrible slogan, and it encourages an US versus them dynamic, insinuating that we the public finally get to really stick it to them. The cops also it's an American slogan and candidates problems, though related are different in nature and scale as noted earlier this week, the number of people who die at the hands of police candidate each years. Is fucking Typo guys. This is in the print. Version is around twenty six in the US. It is more than thirteen hundred. They failed to mention first of all. There's a population difference between candidate United States at least could have adjusted for population, not little piece of Shit statistic number two. It assumes that those twenty six people's lives are not that important because there weren't more people dead, which is fucked up and number three. It fails to mention that in compared or countries, other European nations Canada ranks number two. For, the number of people were killed by police. It feels to consider that. Dying is not the only bar. Of police brutality like fuck you guys for that like Oh my God two things to say about what you just said one. This is an American slogan, not a Canadian slogan. Let me tell you. Very fucking, honestly that I I was a part of the conversation that decided that strategically two weekends ago that we were going to move forward with defend the police strategy. Okay, and not a single, fucking American was in the room. We had conversations with Americans afterwards about how that needed to be pushed, but I am telling you not a single fucking. Americans in the room I'm not saying that they they all got it from US Canadians, but what I am saying that we came up with that independently, because it is the way too fucking goal because of what is real and happening in Canada okay, so that's one. To all of this hangwringing hand-wringing around the idea of defend the problem. Here is not that we disagree with you. o Sweet, a knowing black people. The problem is that you don't know the best way to construct your message or your campaigns and we would agree with you. But the problem is that you've chosen the wrong. You've chosen the wrong word. de-fund is not the word that you. Dear black person wanted the word that you wanted or the series of words that you wanted was more lake. This is a series of choices that we're making in our society, and when we when we choose to put so much money in the police. We can't put as much money in other things. Other types of safety, and as a result of what we are, please asking for very nicely is for you to take a tiny portion of what is in the current police budget, not eliminate it altogether, but just take a reasonable a reasonable portion, and then put it into something else. which as you say was editorial in the Globe and Mail and has been repeated by. Many people who I think just just disagree with us, but are more comfortably comfortable, saying that it's not that they disagree. It's just that they're very very concerned. With word usage, which is the thing to be concerned about? Obviously, when so many people are dead, K. so well, and it just said just like the sentence that follows this in a senatorial actually says, but reasonable advocates defunding the police usually start by explaining. They don't actually want to defend the police. I haven't seen anywhere. I haven't seen any fucking black person do that I. Haven't seen it so no. Haha ridiculous I just want you. Nora I mean you know a thing or two about communications? Do. You think that we would at all be having this national conversation if we placed the idea of defunding the police in the way that the Global Mail suggests that we frame it. Hey guys! Maybe we should make different budgetary allocations because MS hurts sometimes. Like. You. Guys are barely paying attention to us now. Of course, we have to be a little bit provocative and. that it's provocative. It's fucking true because here's the thing. You, dear journalists think that this is provocative, but guess what society has taught you in the last couple of weeks is that it's actually not all that provocative just logic. And why is it that the society can consider logic? But you can't. This is so easy. It's not difficult. The arguments are not difficult. The arguments are arguments that you should have been making for years, and in fact, there are some great journalists who have been making these arguments so. Nora reference last week an article about. The rise of Swat. Swat teams in Canada and there was a there was an article in Toronto life famous article in trying to life in two thousand, sixteen talked about the Toronto Police in particular like there are journalists who've been doing this work. But for some reason, most of you just missed it. I mean. Would we like wit what needs to happen to keep journalism accountable? Journal Journalism. is good at pretending that they are like this diverse institution that is forward thinking or whatever Blah Blah. Blah, because you know, they respond to a moment like this, so have a special racism in Canada and they will. Do what they can to be like we are. The the first news station in the world to have a anchor who is a woman or you know have all sorts of really diverse voices who are front facing, and that convinces people or perhaps. Signals to people who are watching that it's a diverse organization overall, but what they don't know is one that a lot of those people who you see front facing have to do a lot in terms of compromising themselves. Or endure a lot of bullshit from their managers and from production teams, and so on in order to be where they're at, and they don't see how fucking white these newsrooms it are. They don't see it. So. How do we keep them accountable? Like what are we supposed to do? I know that there have been attempts to have like a census in journalism in the past in Canada, but like most What, I mean by census is like a census to see like. How people identify who are deciding what's news and reporting on news, and and most of the very small number of people who control the mainstream media in Canada have refused to engage in that. Yeah. Yeah the the. There's a like some small fixes that I think are worthwhile talking about things like I know. I saw I saw Rob Mainardi talk about this week that she's never been paid for an appearance on a CDC platform, and that opened up a whole big conversation on twitter of of people who are getting paid for doing things like syndication syndication is like you're hired. Hired by Toronto to do some unbelievable number of interviews across radio platforms based on which radio shows, want you on, and so you might actually sit on the phone for fucking like twelve interviews and some people get paid. You're supposed to get paid in some people. We're not getting paid, and there is a very clear racial division between who was getting paid and who wasn't getting paid. And! I think that that's a very basic example where we can say to the CBC. Isn't this fucking interesting You're white male guests. You're white women. Guests are getting paid for their appearances on the national on the current on syndication for radio in. Are Not. What the fuck is that right? I want to see that conversation. Continue There's also the the way that journalism reports around like really horrific violent incidences. Change this exhibition EST approach to like? Can you believe this violence? And then you have to hear the gunshots that killed Ahmed. In the morning while you're while you're making coffee, listening to the current and is like what exactly the did that ad I know. There is a panel on on the Sunday Morning News News. Network segment minor sending is that there was some sort of audio that was played of a man being killed in Atlanta at a Wendy's, and his name was Ray Chard Brooks and so the people my understanding is that the people who? Were on the panel were not giving a warning that that was what they were going to hear and then we're going to be asked to comment on afterward like. That is just it's ridiculous I. It's it's it's clearly not being made with the perspective of the people who are doing the analysis are also impacted by this stuff, and it's rooted again in this this fake idea of neutrality, and there's no bias, and this is just the news. It's not gonNA affect you. And so that because those kinds of decisions used to end, we don't need to be hearing people's last words especially with the proliferation of social media where that's very available, and people have probably already seen it if they want to, and they haven't if they don't want to. but I mean deeper than that I. I'm so jaded. I'm so jaded about the mainstream media because I mean I'm fully shut out of it so I have absolutely no. Way To get my voice into it and so I'm just like in Canadian mainstream, Media Nora. Get into the American mainstream media, which is ridiculous, but you are shut out of a Canadian mainstream media me and a couple other people to write that it's it's easier for us to get published in The Washington Post than it is to be published in the fucking National Post, in which is embarrassing and and that that goes back to this like refusal to entertain anything that is not the the like the cherished Sh- status quo for whatever that means for each of our newspapers, and so part of me is just kind of like fuck. Fuck it like fuck. The gold mill go go go like disappear. Set Yourself on fire the Toronto Star's me Sola for parts. Good fucking. Luck later, Toronto Star you guys are fucked the the National Post. Post Media Empire. y'All you guys are totally fucked. Fuck all of you and we need to replace these with new things. The pro- the problem is that takes a lot of work. It's not realistic. I mean you and I have created something new when it's been off of the the skin of our teeth to be able to do it. And so it's not. It's not an ideal solution because it's not going to solve the problems that we have now, but I mean. This is my my hesitancy from earlier. I like it like we are witnessing the CBC every time. A CBC makes one of these decisions every time Rosemary Barton the dumbest fucking question possible we are witnessing. immolating and for every person within that corporation, who is a good journalist who worked super hard? Who's got excellent news instincts, who does who does excellent storytelling? They are on a sinking ship with a bunch of fucking piece of shit that want that place to go down rather than change that that's the decision from upper management is. We can chase stories that are popular I mean if you chase black lives matter in a positive way. Do you think that you would get more popularity from your audience or less the? The answer is more you would get more hate from the far-right which fuck them, but the CBC's chasing the far right, and they're chasing that white right-wing rage far more than they're chasing average Canadian perspectives, and it set their own death, and it's at the their own death. Every one of these institutions were just watching the slow self-immolation, and it is so painful to watch i. mean the CBC Could Lead the story of defending the police because again. They were the first to hear of that kind of thing. In this moment for me when they decided not to play it on the air on the current and it took. It becoming more popular in the New York Times in the Washington Post, being discussed in the fucking New Yorker for Fuck Sake. For them to start taking it more seriously. And that is an embarrassment to them, and quite frankly like the tragedy that norris talking about has already happened. The amount of people who as described, decided not to go into journalism, but also the people who give up. I know a bunch of people who've tried a lot of black women actually who've tried to do work in Canadian media and decided that this is not fucking worth it. The uphill battle that it takes. To like, get a producer or newsroom to consider what is real fucking news to get them to say to be like God someone died in suspicious circumstances at the hands of the police. We need to report it well. We're not sure if that's news. It's only news if it happens in the states like with the fuck, you know that you've already lost so many wicked people who could be covering this kind of stuff because they just can't take this bullshit anymore and I think Nora just before we started, you were telling me about someone who perhaps resigned on the air, or maybe resigned right after giving a statement on the Air I'm not sure. Up in the North Yeah News There's a facebook post from Christine Junior. Who is hosting? the Yukon show and apologies if I've gotten, the name pronounced incorrectly because I've never had the chance to listen to the. Morning Show and again and other story of what it's like to be indigenous someone who's not white within the corporation, not able just. Not able to handle it anymore. Just it's it's too much. It's it's over and this this bullshit journalism standard practice the JSP that all all CBC employees are supposed to adhere to a lot of the problems. Go back to the JSP this document because it aggressively polices, the freedom of of CBC employees to express themselves online and I mean that is also another place that the CBC needs to change. But it's clear this is endemic. It's it's as bad in a small local station as it is in downtown. TORONTO that that our our news media like in you'll you'll get. People asking the. Author Systemic Racism, and then you get see TV Vancouver saying. Hi, have you ever experienced racism? Tell us about it in a tweet which ended up getting deleted later on. Because obviously, that's ridiculous thing to ask your audience. We like medias crisis, and as it's dying, it's going to be making even more missteps at the same time that whip, smart, young, not-so-young, racial, as journalists are finally at that moment in the career where they're white, bosses would have been when they entered into positions of power, and those positions of power are few, and far between as the industry is dying, people are holding onto that power, even more ridiculous and cruel ways, and so yeah, so so coming up with solutions I mean. Journalists have to figure out anonymous way to start doing the stuff I know that the union at the global. Mail started a conversation about anti block racism in black in racism, in general at the globe in Mail, which is interesting, so the Labor movement obviously has a role to play, but faulk in my jaded I really. I am not the best person to come up with solutions on this one. I gotta say. Oh Man. That is so depressing. 'CAUSE you're a solutions oriented person generally. I don't I? Don't really have them either I just I. Feel just all this frustration. A funny story this week I was talking to a producer who is doing a pre interview with me. And know, asked a series of really great questions in the pre interview and I should mention that this person. Judging by her name I don't know for sure, but judging by her name is likely not white. And she the final question that she asked me was okay and then two we'll. We'll just close it up with does. Racism exists in the Toronto Police Force. And I. was given a second. Hold on I, and I was like okay. You know what I literally said this I was like. Hey, you know what if you want to ask me that? Go ahead? Ask Me that, but I'm just going to tell you right now. That I'm going to say everything that you would expect me to say on the air if you've been following in the last couple of weeks on twitter and I'm GonNa. Say it unabashedly. UNAFRAID and she was like. Oh. That was it was just joking. I was making a joke because it's so embarrassing and this is someone. Who is working at one of these outlets who have very much seriously asked that question over and over again this week, and then we had a little bit of a conversation about how ridiculous it is. That one I took that seriously like I had to take it seriously like. Why would it not be serious and? And to that that is something. That is a work environment that she works in. Right that she works in and she. She has to deal with that. Like. Cheesy has to do with it. I just. Don't know there's gotta be some solution. Yeah Burning it down. I I would love to. The management's burning it down already. The CBC and you know Post Media's not GONNA be around for too much longer, either, although the sons of the world us on the Toronto Sun, they'll, they'll survive post media's death. There's. I've always said to friends when they get frustrated in their workplace and I won't say where and I won't say what kind of media, but that they just need to take over that they just need to tell their manager to fuck themselves, and they need to take it over. I know that's not a great solution, but if there was. A mass staff revolt that would that would change things the fact that when he mostly has been suspended for saying something in a meeting that she has likely said many times before. Does indicate that the that the frustration that the feelings of of journalists who are not white within the CBC are being heard to an extent. But I mean fuck guys like you can't even have anything left of the wing of the MVP on the. You guys of. The ship is so. This ship is so left the harbour that it's really hard to think of how to. Get it to to come back. Though all ships can't come back, so I mean it's possible well. This is a depressing way to end episode. Managed. To. Do really than ranch like I don't know. Maybe we've got some listeners who are journalists well I know we have listeners where journalists and maybe you can tell us what you think. Is there stuff that's been tried? Not working that we should be pushing for is their stuff. That's obvious that's happening. In other jurisdictions that aren't happening in Canada that are being refused like what the fuck is it or is it simply that we just need to burn it down like that police precinct in Minneapolis? Just. Let us now what it is because. This just can't continue because the price is too fucking high.

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October 17: Addressing a chronic problem

As It Happens from CBC Radio

48:45 min | 2 years ago

October 17: Addressing a chronic problem

"This is a CBC podcast at Franklin Templeton. We help you invest in companies that treat every milestone like a steppingstone reach for better Franklin, Templeton investments. Hello. I'm Carol off. Good evening. I'm Jeff Douglas, and this is as it happens. The podcast addition. Tonight addressing a chronic problem. Now that pot is legal. The feds say, they'll also make it easier for people convicted of possession to receive pardons our guest, though once his record wiped clean bugs out of the system forty years after their last visit to a Puerto Rican, rainforest to biologists, find an astounding drop in the number of insects and the number of creatures that feed on the kingdom come up. A British MP says, it's telling that the apparent murder of Jamal kashogi has prompted outrage against Saudi Arabia and the Saudi war in Yemen that's killed. Thousands has not and high priority. Our guest made sure to be the first customer when a Newfoundland store started selling legal, we'd tonight he'll tell us how it felt to buy that. We'd from his own son hash, it happens the Wednesday edition radio that expects the blunt assessment. Perhaps you have heard marijuana is now legal in Canada, just checking for many Canadians today. Marijuana legalization has simply been water cooler, talk for others. It was an historic event outside of licensed marijuana shops across the country. Here's how Canadians reacted my main goal was to be the first one buying rechristened cannabis in Montreal. It's a big moment. First owner like me like it's a, it's like Christmas and New Year's and all in one day. So it's a big day for me. I wanted the variety because there's going to be a lot of different kinds of different smells and different Turpin and all the different strains. So it's good idea to figure out what you're really looking for. I think it's like a big deal. It's like a storm moment, right? It's like it's like a crack and like the like puritanical ideals of like the past. Well, now that I can purchase it legally, my money will go to the government. Instead of going somewhere else or for another nefarious purpose, right. Some voices from across Canada today, voices of people purchasing legal marijuana for the first time for others. Today is bittersweet according to a group called cannabis amnesty. There are half a million Canadians who have convictions related to marijuana charges. And today the federal government announced that it would be pardoning those whose carry simple possession convictions. But that does not go far enough for end EP member of parliament. Matthew bay who address prime minister, Justin Trudeau during question period today, but taking action to legalize and by stating clearly that he believes that the war on drugs fail and recognizing historic injustice. It's been pointed out. So clearly that the warriors drug is racist. The fact that we see vulnerable, Canadians, racialist, Canadians, indigenous people more disproportionately affected by this. So ask the question again, Mr Speaker, will they yesterday favor. Expunge -ment over parties and finally really end this discrimination right on prime minister. Young fair impacted that the prohibition had had on marginalized racial lies communities across this country. We're moving forward on pardon system that will be free and fast in order to make sure that the stigma of criminal record does not follow these disproportionately marginalized people for the rest of their lives. That was an exchange on pardons for marijuana convictions. In question period today, can I Mullaly is Toronto man with multiple marijuana possession charges on his criminal record? We reached him in Toronto, misdemeanor Ellie to think that less than twenty four hours ago. Marijuana was illegal in Canada, and now it's not. What do you make of that? I mean, I think it's a step in the right direction. I think it something that needed to happen quite some time now. I don't think it's the final step that we need to take think there's a lot more that we can do. To address what we consider drugs and drug addiction and how we police them and how police people that use drugs for recreation or any other application that they may see fit getting to is that there are other things that and the federal government is looking to do as things. For instance, they are saying today that they are going to pardon Canadians, who have records for simple possession. So what does that mean to you that that that you'll be pardoned all again, it's still means if a step in the right direction, I've had my charges torn out my own legwork or do the bad police work. I've had my charges thrown out. However, I still remain in system as a citizen that has had a criminal interaction with police. Right? So when I'm interacting with the police, it's much different than your regular run of the mill. Joe who has never had what they would call it, criminal interaction, a part in that you can certain people can't see it, but I think. What we're looking for the full expunge of the charges. But I think everybody is entitled to the innocence of their name, and I don't think that marijuana had or is or ever had been a crime in any sense of the word. I think it's something where we're just kinda catching up and around into kurban seeing, you know our mistakes that we've repeated for a hundred years. Even though we went through prohibition hundred years ago, it is for people who don't understand the difference in the saying that it's not enough to pardon people with records for these crimes which were crimes yesterday, not crimes today, but explain why expunging these records would if our leading gives you back your name again, you back your innocence right when I get pulled over by police officer, they team that I had to be searched for marijuana before I'm to be pulled over by the cops. Again, I don't see how that stops them from creating like a criminal all over again. Pardoned of your past convictions. Doesn't that mean the police will not see you with a record does not. So if you're. Crossing the border into the states or if the police having wants to dig, they will find those convictions on your record. Is that correct co correct now what? What the government is saying? What minister Goodell is saying about this is that he gives the example that recently we had records expunged for people, convicted of crime, the time of homosexuality and that happened before nineteen sixty nine people were convicted of that, and that's been expunged because he said this was an historical injustice that needs to be corrected. You said the laws with respect to cannabis that have existed, historically are out of step with current mores and using Canada, and that's why we're changing them, but not it's not the same as as the historical injustice of what happened to those convicted of the so-called crime of homosexuality. TV a distinction like that. You know, for somebody to tell me. I think Carolyn Maruni was on was recorded at Saint people who were involved in cannabis related crimes. Neal was legal before they before they did it in and for new, they're breaking the law. It's not that simple. I participate in marijuana buds because I wanted to bring light to the fact that I don't think this is wrong. So me standing up for my right and civil way, you know, I'm not being violent. I'm not, you know, protesting. Yes, I wanna head and did it. But of course, if I hadn't done that in many others, many other people like me hadn't done that. I don't think we would be where we are today now the Asian. Can you just tell us how the convictions that you have? How do they affect your life. Well, tell imagine that you know, imagine every interaction you have with a police officer is now looked at as a criminal interactions. Every interaction I've had, my first arrest has been, you know, one where I've been, I, I get pulled over more than I can count. Right? You go for a job and yes, you can go for job and you can apply for it, but you'll never know if it's the reason that you have marijuana bent that keeping you from getting that job. Right? You can go to go to the board. You can get turned back and I'll never have somebody saves me while it's because of weed that you're getting turn back. But I know that that I know that that offense is tied to my name to be able to remove that assumption for me to be able to remove that from my name to be able to have the innocence of my name back. You know, is a huge thing. I don't think anybody in this country would like to have a criminal offence tied to their name if they don't have to. It clears up a lot of things wanted to do for their mental health, which I think is the most important most overlooked and that. Really gets under my skin because I feel like we make a big deal out of mental health only on the surface. But when we bring up an issue of mental health and where it's been affected, I don't think that we take it seriously as we can. I think that having charges in criminal fences related to your name from young age, such a sixteen definitely has an effect on somebody's mess on somebody's mental health. Just finally you. You have been out spoken. You have been an activist about this. Is there some satisfaction, at least knowing that people who do the same thing you did, which has created this situation for you for all for your your life that that's not gonna happen to anyone as today? Definitely going forward. You know, there's, there's a, there's a level of of a compliment that I feel because I participated in before ever. Got here. I feel like me and others have, you know, stood up and tried to educate the world about cannabis or actively participated in culture to bring it to where it is now so that it can be legalized those teams into into into the Canadian government system. I think you know, there's a huge, you know, sense of accomplishment there. However, I still think that we have a ways to go, right. I think it shifted beginning. I think that there's a lot that we can do. I think that we have the opportunity to be innovative and. Forward thinking leaders in this industry right now more than ever. And I think that we can affect the world in a positive way by continuing to go forward with this and not letting it stop right here. Mr. mill alley. Thank you. No problem, Carol. Thank you for your time. Can I Mullaly it's a Toronto man with multiple marijuana possession charges on his criminal record. We reached him in Toronto and for more on how the federal government's announcement on marijuana, pardons is going to work go to our website CBC dot CA, slash AH. His name has led newscasts around the world for two weeks, and his story has turned into a foreign policy nightmare for US President, Donald Trump, the disappearance and apparent murder of Jamal show. G has even seen Republican US senators issuing harsh rebukes to the Saudi regime, but some are asking why Saudi Arabia is under fire over allegedly killing a single journalist and not for the ongoing Saudi led war in Yemen. That war has killed more than ten thousand people. Some estimates put that number much higher Saudi airstrikes in Yemen have killed civilians including children. Lloyd Russell Moyle is a British Labour MP who wrote an op-ed on the issue in the guardian newspaper today we reach Mr. Russell Moyle in London. Mr. s oil. Why do you think that is Jamaica show g. and not the war in Yemen that's galvanized this international pressure on Saudi Arabia? Well, of course. I really welcome that international voices condemning what is clearly violation of the norm that you shouldn't assassinate in this member you'll sits in in a in an embassy of foreign country clearly positive. I think the reality is because he was a journalist and academic that had dinner parties events with many people who are in influence empower and he is able to resonate with many of those people who are kind of newsmakers and diplomats reality. Is there hundreds if not thousands of people in the m in who don't have the opportunity to be international jet setters who are losing their lives on a weekly basis? You point out in your article, new stories. We've seen just recently of the numbers. Of people killed just in in in air strikes by Saudi aircraft Saudi Arabian aircraft in Yemen, a party, a wedding party twenty people killed more than forty. Children killed in and wounded when a Saudi bomb hit their school bus. And these are just in probably the past couple of months. These stories are being covered. It just seems that people are not responding to them as strenuously as they are responding to the story. Mr. kashogi. No. And that I think shows that we have double standard in terms of what we consider as value for life them over three hundred dollars Gatien's of of crimes against humanity and international humanitarian law who've been reported. But many of these have never been probably investigated. There is no real cool for an international investigation. Instead, the Saudi authorities are able to mock their own homework as it were on the effectiveness of that campaign. And now I hope this will show is they are unreliable partners if we can't trust them on this issue, we seems so now black and white. I do fail to see why suddenly the west is falling over his self to believe the foundries when they say they are not talking innocent. Civilians in the these arms sales you referring to encounter is part of that. We are selling armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia, but at the same time we heard Donald Trump say, well, that as bad as it is would happen to Jamal kashogi are we really going to jeopardize a hundred billion dollars of trade much of that with arms to to complain to to protest the death of one man? Well, that's exactly why we shouldn't just be focusing on one man. Although it is important to use the tragedy of anyone's death to talk about the y two issues, and it's important to say that it is not to protest. So one man, it is to protest for the thousands of people. Innocent people who have died because if you are in which case providing the airplanes providing the navigation, providing the servicing of planes. The reality is that it is not supplying just these big ticket weapons. It is Britain and our NATO allies, particularly that are conducting this warm. We have to take responsibility for that that that Great Britain will learn a lesson from what happened to Canada. As you know, our foreign affairs minister recently, even before they case of Gemma kashogi she complained about the treatment of human rights abuses going on in Saudi Arabia, Canada received very severe diplomatic sanctions from Saudi Arabia's, a huge Desta. We didn't get much support from other countries while in the midst of that dust up. Do you think that that may stand as a lesson to other countries that might stand up to Saudi Arabia? Well. Shows that we were Kelly not supporting Commonwealth ally in Canada, and we should actually follow suit. There is always a danger. If you don't stand up, then you find that you next on the firing this, and yes, there will be some tough words and, and you know, diplomat sent back and forward either way, but I would prefer to see our country's standing up for what his rights and having a diplomat, hey, or there expelled than find that we have unwittingly supported the ethnic cleansing of particular group of people in the. Do you think that they were in Yemen will ever be the focus of our criticism of the Saudi regime? I suspect unfortunately for lots of people after signed is out of mind and the m is in incredibly complex, difficult conflict. That means that it is easier for people to forget about. Do you think though that easier to wrap your heads around our heads around the violent deaths of one man then to contemplate an impending famine is they're now saying, is the case in the thirteen million people? I, it's always the case, isn't it? It is easier to rally around the example of one than the example of one thousand. And as I say, it is the responsibility of us politicians and journalists to to expose the. This example is about the pattern of behavior of an aggressive violence state that has been the hotbed of many of the most nasty ideologies that we see in world today, and therefore it must be a wake-up cool to stop complicit corporation. With with the dangerous regime. This arrest them while I appreciate speaking with you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Lloyd Russell Moyle is a British Labour MP. We reached a London today. US President Donald Trump was asked yet again about what he's going to do about the disappearance and apparent murder of Jamal kashogi. Here he is speaking at the White House secretaries. They going to be back probably late tonight or early tomorrow morning. We went to Turkey. He went all over, but he spent a lot of time with the ground prints and he's gonna fool report. I'm not giving cover all with that being said, Saudi Arabia's been a very important ally of ours. In the Middle East. We are stopping Iran, not trying to stop with stopping Iran. We want a big Steph where we took away that ridiculous deal that was made by the previous administration. If you look at Saudi Arabia there Anneli under tremendous purchaser of not only military, but. Other things. What I went there, they committed to purchase four hundred fifty million dollars worth of things. And one hundred, ten billion dollars worth the military. Those are the biggest orders in the history of this country. They're an important ally, but I wanna find out what happened where is the fault? And we will probably know that by the end of the week, but Mike Pompeo's coming back, we're gonna long off the US president speaking today at the White House. Yesterday we spoke with Thomas h. Clarke in Portugal, cove Newfoundland, and he shared his unadulterated passion and joy at being one of the first independent cannabis retailers to open their doors on legalization day and given his initials. You would have to say that Thomas h. Clarke was destined to be in this particular field. You may recall the Thomas's first customer at twelve one. This morning was to be his dad. And so today we reach Donald Clark in pooch cove Newfoundland, daddy proud to be your son's very first customer. Yes, indeed, and proud of my son. It's been a two year ordeal jumping through and going through the minutia. It has been interesting, and I've offered advice this stuff. This stuff very before the advice. What did you buy last night? Okay. I bought two packages. They're both manufactured by Aurora. One is called aces THC Indika and it has all the statistics on on the THC content on the package. And I'm sure it's it's, it's a lot of packaging for two joins. And the I gave you both names? Yes. No. The other one is what aces sativa THC. And have you sampled your product yet on? Fortunately, I haven't because I've just come back from holidays and I haven't been doing any for a month. And when I tried. My got sick, but that's because of medication that I'm taking for us, your thrives and so on. And I have respiratory problem that was exacerbated by doing vertical casino stairs in Portugal. Are you a regular user or you just trying to support your son's business. I'm a regular user and have been for fifty years and not not starting after breakfast or anything like that. But at the end of the day, at the end of the work day, usually before supper, I would I would have a joint and maybe partial before going to bed to help sleep good to be able to actually tell the world that without having to kind of hide and sneak around, you know, I d, ah, what it's like. I'm sure to come out of the closets it. It's just a relief. Whereas before I would be very circumspect and only talk to my friends who I knew and but now it makes all the difference in the world because anybody who says to me only druggy and you're this and that well, you know, it's two thousand eighteen. This should have all been done fifty years ago when Elliot Trudeau. You know, he should've said, I'm going to legalise cannabis watch me. Okay. Well, and you had you actually have a story about Pierre Elliott Tudo the father of the man who actually now has legalized this correct? For him, diligently at no charge to organize the largest political cavalcade ever held in the province of Newfoundland. And I'll tell you one of the key organizers Mr. Rex Murphy part of the story takes place in the woods. Yes, that was in a place called Carbonare and it was at a hotel and they went for a stroll with these security people, you know, behind Trudeau. Rex Murphy NPR too, and here and whether Rex felit down is. God and tell you about that. I have. No, I can't do that. So Rex Murphy and Pierre. Elliot, who went into the woods and shared some marijuana together? They went into woods into the woods, and they had a long discussion. With that. So during the discussion, was there smoking involved? I think that there were some clouds seen. Okay. I'm gonna take this as confirmation. I think people understand what you're saying. Okay, let's get back. So now the scene last night when you at your son store, what was that like this shop? Did he opened? Okay. Thing that struck me most was that in, let's say, there's a hundred people in the lineup, coming up to the door and there's only six people allowed in at a time. When I looked the first time I give, I gave my head of shake, and I said, these people don't know each other, but they're all talking to each other. There's not a cell phone, a laptop and air piece in any of them, and they're all below thirty five years of age women's the last time you saw hundred people under the age of thirty five talking to each other and almost breaking into song and happy to be out in the freezing cold weather standing outside. In the middle of the night, we should. You go into a store and the people are talking to each other, it's it's communication. So it was fun. Was it a good night. Awesome. It was awesome. Very emotional experience for me. I think conservative because of my parents, you know, they've been gone for ten years or so, and their view of marijuana was don't touch it. You know, they had no concept of it down this finish up even awake for a couple of days. Now, helping your son night. How are you gonna wind down this evening? If my call and my kidney stone don't bother me. I may have half a joint before I go to bed. All right. Sounds lovely. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you. Carol. By by Donald b, Clark, father of Thomas h. Clarke of teach distribution. We reached the elder Mr. clarkin pooch cove Newfoundland, and there is more on that story including a picture of dad making that I purchase from sun on the as it happens website CBC. Dot CA slash AH and please do not fret. We are trying very hard to get Mr. Rex Murphy's recollection of that stroll in the woods. We didn't hear back from them before we went to air, but we will let you know. Joan came. It is a tropical rainforest import that EKO it is considered so pristine, so beautiful that the Spanish king Afonso the seventh claimed it as a Royal preserve in the nineteenth century today it is the scene sadly of so-called catastrophic die off of insects and the animals that feed on them. Brad Lister is a biologist with the rent sillier polytechnic institute. He traveled, Jim, Kate in the nineteen seventies to monitor the number of insects, lizards, frogs and birds. He his research partner return nearly forty years later to a very troubling quiet. We reached Brad Lister in west Stockbridge, Massachusetts, bad. First of all, can you describe if the l. junk rainforest? Why's it so special. Wow, let me try to express it as best that I can. I don't have the command of the language to really do it Justice, but it's really enchanted place. You're surrounded by cascading waterfalls carpets, multicolored, flowers. You just become immersed and really what appears to be to the census at timeless sort of fen Tasma Goral world. You went back in twenty thirteen to do the research that you have just published. You found something quite astonishing. What struck you? What was what did you discover had changed dramatically since you visit to that part of Puerto Rico, the nineteen seventies Andres an I have had been working more recently in the tropical dry forests of western Mexico Andres chief biologists that the biological station of national ton of university in the Comilla quit smell of biosphere reserve, and we. We were, you know, used to catching and seeing experiencing just a a extreme abundance of insect life. So we got to the forest. And of course I'd done the trapping and sensing there in the seventies. And the first thing we noticed was that there weren't any butterflies. I remember there being a, you know, sir, feet of butterflies back in the seventies told him this is very strange. I mean, he agreed. And then as we started to process the plates and get the data from the sticky traps and from the sweep nets week, we realized that something really, really amazing has gone on with just an absolute crash catastrophic employee of the insect community. Then we Rabl to just sort of traverse the area around the northeastern mountains in the car. We realized that we weren't seeing many birds at all. So there were early warning signs of the eventual results that the food web of the leukemia rainforest had pretty much imploded over the previous thirty to forty years. And then now that you have done further research into it, not just the insects, but of course they are in the bottom part of a food chain. What else did you find as you began to research? What was happening and he'll join k well, we once we realized that the insects and documented that was TISCO analyses and so forth that the insects were much lower in abundance up to ninety to ninety five percents. Then in the seventies, we certainly predicted that the upper levels of the food web would also be declining. The the insectivores, especially birds frogs and lizards that ate insects would most likely if if if decades of research on on food web dynamics work work, correct would be in decline as well. That's what we found. And we took. We did our own senses of the anomalous lizard populations in the study area which I had done in the seventies. But also we were very fortunate to have publicly available data from the l. Verde long term ecological research. Program and many, many feel biologist head contributed to that database of bird abundances frog abundances over the past thirty years. So we we looked at those and they told the story of the upper levels of the who'd web. There wasn't deeded client significant decline in birds in the frogs, and in parallel with the decline in their food. I guess the way to register a how how consequential you research is, is that scientists who have re- were responding to what you published are in shock that this is around the world and extremely disturbing research report that you have released and and we're seeing this everywhere. We're seeing declines of all kinds of animals and and parts of the the food chain wise. It so much more significant in this part of Puerto Rico. Well, that's a great question. Yeah, insects are declining on frogs had been crashing and going extinct for the past fifteen to twenty years. That's thought to be primarily up fungus infection. But the consequences I think are so somewhat unexpected of our study in that. If it's replicated, we'd need more data. I keep telling everyone that, but it's true on these are complex systems. We just did look here, rainforest on their indicators and in Mexico and the tropical dry forest that Andres is buddy before that a similar decline in insects is occurring, but we need more data. So the implications however are truly frightening because this has been overlooked central phenomenon that has profound implications for the future, tropical rainforest if the insects are found to be decreasing and other tropical forest, and we are getting the effects on the food web that we noticed in Puerto Rico, then that is a major major. Another major negative component for the future of by diversity and the preservation of those systems on. I think it was unexpected. It's it's a rather on known sect and Trump. Rainforest because people don't measure insects in them. And I, that's just been true. I think it's just take it for granted. The tropics there warm, they're doing fine. Maybe logging in some cases. Now pesticides would have an effect, but not this kind of extreme collapse. So why why? Why do you think is happening in Keough? Well, ten years ago, actually calling of our our as Curtis Deutschen rate Huey. They predicted that tropical insects would be exquisitely sensitive to increases in temperature. And that was counterintuitive for many biologists, including myself because just saying, oh, wait a second. They evolve in hot environments how they're going to be affected by a couple of degrees of warning, but they showed that probably have very narrow range of thermal tolerance. That was their predictions is born out in many laboratory experience permits, but Andres an I went down to Puerto Rico to see was truly. Happening in tropical rainforest. And as far as we can tell the does not, we predictions have been born out. It's devastating, do have this news. I'm glad you went there and brought back this research, and I appreciate you telling us about it. Thank you. Thank you so much. Take care. Brad, Lister is biologist with the rents Lear polytechnic institute. We reached him in west Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He made a bid for some freedom yet was swiftly rejected. Paul Bernardo had a parole hearing today. The convicted murderer and rapist has been in prison since nineteen ninety five. The mothers of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French to of Mr. Bernardo's victims read impact statements at the hearing. A third woman who was raped by Mr. Bernardo and survived. Read a statement is well, Mr. Bernardo spoke on his own behalf. He admitted he had quote, hurt a lot of people, but claimed that he no longer poses a threat. The parole board disagreed. Mr. Bernardo will remain behind bars, Tim Danson. The lawyer who represents the Mahaffy's in the French is spoke to reporters after the hearing even before today. And it is in the victim impact statement. I know Donna referred to it specifically in her victim peck statement that there's never been an apology by Paul. Bernardo has been never end. Any indication whatsoever of remorse and other than you know, I think some self pity that we saw today. There was nothing that we saw. Were Paul Bernardo. Yeah, reached out to the family to say. I'm sorry. And that he's remorseful when he talked about was he knows that what he did was wrong and it was terrible. But that's something different than reaching out to the families and apologizing to them directly. Mr.. Danson was also asked for his impressions of Mr. Bernardo statement before the parole board. I thought that he was exhibit a to be Frank, his explanations about justification and his self esteem. I don't think that he had an appreciation that he wasn't helping himself. But as I said and I mean, this -serily I thought the pro board members were were very well prepared and had had done their research and understood the file and asked important questions to bring out some of his responses. So you know, we really do applaud the parole board for that. But when someone like Paul Bernardo talks about, well, what what my what my trigger is is. Is low self esteem. Just take that by itself in light of his his history, there is an expert in the world of psychiatry psychology that wouldn't tell you that his explanations were were proof positive that he represented us very serious threat to public safety and even more so for the board as they did do reaffirm the dangerous offender designation, which is a very high threshold. Of dangerousness. So I don't think he did himself any good. Tim Danson is the lawyer for the families of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French. Paul Bernardo's bid for parole was rejected today. He has been imprisoned for twenty five years. They are a Canadian mine rescue team called the diamonds in the rough, and they just made history. The diamonds are the first all female team to compete at the international mines rescue competition, even more impressive than that. The competition was in Russia where does actually illegal for women to work in underground mines carry. Linda wits is the founder of diamonds in the rough. We reached her in deniro beach, Cisco Schwann carry what did it mean to you to do so? Well, in this competition. A get the opportunity to raise awareness on diversity inclusion with a specific focus on emergency response, which has been a dream of mine for eleven and a half years. So it was a lifetime. And how did others in Russia at this competition? How do they react to sing an all female team of mine rescuers. It was astounding. It was positive all around from the time, the arrived and were introduced at the opening ceremonies, we received nothing, but a warm welcome. We receive standing ovations anytime we went up on stage during our final leg of the relay race, we received a standing ovation and can't cheers from the crowd yelling, Canada, and diamonds in the rough. And it was just amazing. I've never felt such a warm, welcome anywhere. So it was it was overwhelming in diamonds in the rough. That's the name of your team? Yes, the team and also the name of the nonprofit that I'm running but in Russia. As you know, this is a country where it's actually illegal for women to work in underground mines. Yes, it is. And our team was first winning to perform work in the underground workings of a mining operation in Russia. What are the men's about that. Well, we haven't received any negative feedback so far. It's been positive with the other competitors. It was nothing, but a positive reaction. There was a few competitors and actually came to us and told us in so many words that they were so impressive that they were going home to tell their daughters that they could do anything to wonderful and the competition itself. What did you actually have to do? Describe some of the events in this competition? There was seven events. Total was an underground simulation where you go underground and you actually perform worth to address the problem, whether it's finding people putting out fires, that kind of thing. There was a separate firefighting competition where we had to go into confined area and address a fire situation. We also had a virtual reality event, which was the first time they've ever done not. It was a separate event, not county. We also had a one of our compete. Editors participated in a technician event where they take part of breathing apparatus and put it back together and find any bugs that are in the system. And we also had a first aid competition. There was also a relay race, which was most challenging for us. It was basically an individual event. So there's five lakes and it's all based on independent strength during the last leg of the event. That was my leg and I ended up getting hurt and we ended up coming last in competition. You strained your knee. Yeah. Yeah. And some still suffering a little bit, but it will get better and I'm sure, but at the end of that, the rest of the team came and took the dummy that was supposed to carry and carried it across finish and my captain Heather one of the captains, Heather MacKenzie, she actually say back in the healthcare across. And so Harry do this team and got a San ovation the way they were tearing candidate. It is that right? Yes, I'm -solutely. So awesome. But we should point out when you carry a dummy. This was one hundred sixty five pounds of dummy that you had to carry it for sixty meters and then place it onto a backboard and cross the finish line. Is that right? Yes. Yeah. And I had actually done that twice that morning. You just throw it over your shoulder, take it down the track, but I had thrown it onto one of my knees and I felt a little twins, put it on other knee and threw it over my shoulder, and I started carrying it and the dummy flop to the front, and I just felt a little strain in my knee and I kept going. And then I felt it poll and Felton intense pain. And I just looked at my fellow competitors, and if it's always when I got it up on the again and just couldn't put any weight on on my leg to push off the ground. So that's when they carried it across. And I tried to stand up and I couldn't even stand up when my fellow competitor. A MacKenzie helped me up and help them get across the finish line. So you're team placed fifteenth out of the twenty five teams, which is really good, but you also received some special awards. Didn't you? You wanna? Tell me about that. Well, first of all, like to mention just finishing fifty nine of the teams that finish Dr we're comprised believe men. So we did really well. We also receive the people's choice award, and we also received a special award from one of the sponsors for basically making a difference in line. Rescue what? Congratulations on all those fronts. Sure. Deserved it. Thank you. It was. It was the best experience of my life ends down. Just one final question you've worked in mining for what? Fifteen years? What what are the barriers to women who want to be in mining or in mine rescue. Well, the beast barriers that we hardliner gender bias into facilities, so everything from the amount of bathrooms that are available, the e. the personal protective equipment, that's terrible. They often don't carry that sizes that accommodate smaller when they have to order them. So often I think that's consciously people put up those barriers already. And even once ration- we were building a new dry space, which is the change house, and they only had slotted for seventy five lockers for women. And my question was why. And the response was well, we'll never have more than that. So if you win with that mindset, then you're never going to happen more than that. Cares. Good to talk to take care of that knee. Yes, for sure. Thank you so much Cheryl by by Kerry Linda wits is the founder of the mine rescue team diamonds in the rough, the all female. Mine rescue team. We reached Herndon air beach, Cisco twin. It was a serious crime, but something about its situation must have struck a chord last week, a US district court. Judge handed Alexander Neumeister an unusual sentence in June. The distinguished neurological researcher pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from New York University as well as government funds from a handful of grant programs. According to one attorney, Mr. Neumeister was earning more than two hundred thousand dollars during that period, and he was enjoying rather carefree lifestyle. Further, Leslie spending the surplus cash on an assortment of flights accommodation and lavish meals. As you might expect of anyone with such refined tastes. Mr. Neumeister is an accomplished pianist, which is why in lieu of prison time, Mr. Neumeister has now been sentenced to play the piano twice a week to seniors in group oscilloscopes across Connecticut for the next few months to be. Fair. Mr.. Neumeister is remorseful and apologized for what he called unbelievable short, sightedness and poor judgment. His own lawyer put even more bluntly admitting quote, how could someone so gifted do something so clearly wrong. So stupid, frankly, unquote, perhaps a better question. How did Mr. Neumeister go from potentially ending up behind bars to simply playing them. You've been listening to the as it happens, plug cast. Our show can be heard Monday to Friday on CBC radio one and on Sirius satellite one. Thirty seven following the world at six. You can also listen to the whole show on the web. Just go to CBC dot CA, slash AH and follow the links to our online archive. Thanks for listening. I'm Carol and I'm Jeff Douglas. For more CBC podcasts, Goto CBC dot CA, slash podcasts.

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Rex Murphy's Interview with Jordan B. Peterson

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

1:03:16 hr | 1 year ago

Rex Murphy's Interview with Jordan B. Peterson

"This is an interview podcast. It was organized by REX Murphy who's a straightforward Canadian commentator and author primarily focused on Canadian political and Social Matt. 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E. R. O. DOT COM slash Jordan food to stop the constant notifications phone temptations. Eero has fixed my phone call problem by strengthening my Wifi you can get yours fixed as soon as tomorrow gone H. Shipping Company that ships high quality sustainably farmed meat straight to your door I'm sure people saw it on my instagram where I usually put stories about how I eat their chuck Rose Code Jordan at Checkout to get your eero delivered with free overnight shipping you have to use this you are out to receive the offer ero dot com slash Jordan Code Jordan next Murphy's interview with Jordan Peterson wrote the join me now is probably with me about the role of the university and about his meteoric rise to intellectual and media influence Dr Jordan I mean University of Toronto is a peaceful place and rather conservative university all things considered the administration isn't prepared to handle a controversy of the nature that swirled around me they were used to making that I thought I've used this word before insolent that I thought were against the spirit of university that they weren't supporting you there are actually threatening you enter administrative decisions and when they were put on the spot and forced to defend their fundamental presumptions let's say it isn't clear that they were in university by engaging in continual philosophical reappraisal of the fundamental presuppositions of university yes and that said to me something beyond the converse something deeper is wrong here that universities are this diversity is is upside down how did you reason that how did they get there they could be so completely unaware and that was in very early days of the the controversy that came to you when the University of Toronto sent you some military letters by the world's most famous intellectual certainly most famous intellectual Canada in the last twenty years and he will be ready and prepared to do so partly because of lack of practice it isn't necessarily the case that you climb the administrative drone decision well I think a lot of it was was confusion and and the lack of experience with this sort of thing let's say customs that everyone has always accepted like marriage yeah it's very difficult to generate a hence for such institution off the top of your head let's say because part of the whole purpose of customs is that everyone except Peterson I'm going to start on on an incidental thing at least to me and has bothered me since you became known as it is now to all the world as an institution you know it's much more of job and so I'm going to say everything I can in favor of the University of Toronto before I say they send you a third and if you haven't ceased by then while then they go to the next step which would be something to do with whatever approximation determination they might do document you yes yes and they're documenting all the steps and I told the person who delivered the letter to me whose personnel actually got along with quite well some colleagues who have some access to administrative decisions and they believe that the University of Toronto in the aftermath of all this has actually thing I've found too that when I've been put on the spot by journalists and ask to defend they better do it right there there was going to be trouble and I didn't mean that I was going to cause trouble necessarily but that there was going to be trouble but they didn't it was probably illegal and so that also helped establish my bonafides let's say as a reasonable interpreter of of the law and the first letter and I know how HR departments work they send you one letter of warning so that it's documented and then they send you another so that it's documented it back so I read it on Youtube so and and then I did the same thing with the second letter and then I met the Dean and after that and we'd agreed we had a quite congenial discussion I would say and we agreed to have a discussion at least a debate would never was a debate it was I don't know what they call those of benefit of the doubt but it's important to understand that people can be caught unaware and the other thing too is that they actually did me a bit of a favor because one of the things like claimed in the Youtube video that I made was that what I was doing by making the video was probably illegal yes I remember and their lawyers basically said so it wasn't all bad although it was extraordinarily stressful that demonstrations that followed how is it that any university which is I saw that it was quite was but they did do it which which was something you know and I've also heard that behind the scenes because I had some friends who reconfirmed its internal commitment to free speech so and you know I don't know how much of that is true but I'm willing to give them a certain amount of simply be dismissed as nonsense with no peril whatsoever well you're all you're assuming that we have nerve I mean sorry I mean now they can't be debates they were forums or something something not a debate about free speech on campus that was the three sorry you don't think it reflects the they're unstated presuppositions and so when you put on the spot you don't know what to do when I first got the letter that it was full of errors and it was poorly renton and that they should take it back and properly followed and because if they were going to do this and one of them I would say try well succeed I would say it and I've met a number of journalists who've I've had was that the percentage of people who have nerve is very small and vanishingly small you know I've met People Douglas Murray has nerve yeah that's of all things obviously the exercise thought training in mind and therefore the power of expression that comes as a result goes to things that the say things my fair share of conflict with journalists that's for sure I would say talking to journalists is the most stressful thing I've done apart from so some people have nerve but one of the things I've learned over the last three years because really this all started North Tober of two thousand sixteen for sure inking the newspapers are in trouble television stations are vanishing and so there's increasing desperation I would say as well as we're on the banner of reason and exercised mind that's what it is so how come how comes at that on certain issues the transition or whenever we lost our nerve that when people come to you and they say two things that you know not from bias are nonsense that they can at eighty logs occupy but some of it's a consequence of these transformations in in in communication technology that are so vast that they're actually the journalism is very much corrupted it is not the media in the middle it is in many cases wittingly or unwittingly partisan of course also vastly expanded what constitutes journalism and so journalists are running scared it's very difficult for them to to find paying jobs it's their staffs geologist's are floating out Derby seconds with new rules on them to a word you never heard yesterday is somehow or other prejudice if you say today interesting yeah they don't attract as much attention or as much much controversy maybe because they're more silos in some sense but the journalists decreasing professionalism among those who still practice and so some of it's the personal failings of the ideologue who happen to be occupying positions might be part and parcel of the technological changes okay let me let me sweet back to that were nerve I know because I follow you how deep you know the journalists journalism as such is under unbelievable pressure from the new technologies you to podcasts in particular which is of people which is one walloping network yeah but podcast maybe ten times as popular so it and that's all underground the death spiral begins and I think we're seeing exactly that and then that's exaggerated by this proclivity to polarization that also are fighting a losing game and and I think as you fight a losing game I've seen this happen with corporations you lose your best people first and then wars and say we gave all our soldiers will preserve democracy and freedom of speech there is no there is no loss if you decide to challenge in terms sure Roger Scrutinize nurse. She has Lindsey Shepherd has nervous yes there's a handful of people that I've met who you can't move it is part of the game that it says it's covering journalism is one of the failing institution yes as much as universities well you know there's there's technological reasons for that charge and I asked the question if sixteen people are of this mind and one person's of this who is the which is the more likely of quasi-judicial Tribune's as well I mean they're certainly willing to do that I think the human rights tribunals should my opinion they should be talks at university campuses journalism that's just a sidetrack because very good issue journalists I've been playing at it from margins for a long time Oh contradictions especially in the background policies which I had read in quite a bit of detail they were formulated in Ontario although the Federal Government your respect and attention to Alexander Solzhenitsyn is if he's if you have a hero obviously is it now in the Soviet Union League to very much like the idea of dead naming the very one I was thinking that didn't exist two days ago and now if you dead of any contrast with the totalitarian systems where if you said something you really did pay a price we're seeing new over here lose job well you could be hauled in yeah and you almost almost innate we know that this is absurd and you say well I don't think I'm GonNa say it's absurd what are we afraid of we remove the link on their website to those policies after I pointed out the fact that link existed which I thought was unbelievably underhanded and still believes one of the women that he's persecuting because I think he and this terrible bureaucracy is persecuting was a immigrant woman I believe she was in British Columbia with this case's what's what's the person's name Jessica or Jonathan I prefer Jonathan Jonathan in front of the and and and and and dead ends and that's exactly what's happening and it it it every time and I thought this really for three years every under one of the politically correct once that suddenly I don't need his language being being bent it's been turned upside down in some cases it's also someone doesn't exist you're in violation of something or when have we let go to straps that kept us either just something light reason one of the things that I have watched quite frequently is the way that people respond to being mobbed AH travesty they're they're they're yes we're setting up these quasi-judicial in positions in all sorts of constituted because I read the biographies of some of the people who were should be gone styling he had steel over here when okay we have trans activist group that's the thing the off yet well it it seems it seems irrelevant I mean it's a consequence you know one of the things I pointed out with Bill C sixteen was that it contained multiple central states of being in the world and if you entertain a set of propositions that are internally contradictory then you're going to run yourself into all sorts of sharp objects twitter yeah almost stopped looking at twitter it's been about three months that I've taken a twitter hiatus lead singer still post I I don't even have my password so you think that there's no possible way that this can get more absurd than one more example comes up where it's more absurd and I would say the situation in BC's precisely that I mean I wanted to be judging their own calls in this context it's because people judging the causes precisely but I think what's happened uh-huh who had a on aesthetics business in her own home based as a consequence of of the negative publicity is going to be to examine your own conscience and see how you transgressed it's not really much different psychologically I mean it's lesser I suppose but it's not that much difference tolerate being mobbed because they can't because there's a reason for that you see you you said with regards to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal you know if they're sixteen people on one side and one on the other you might be thinking that the sixteen people are right more or less right right but then you think of the situation where you've said something on twitter and six thousand people mob you publicly I mean your first response if your your first response really hurts them you know they're often they're often by all accounts you know damaged for lengthy periods of time by this and the first immigrant women he is insisting that they waxes penis testicles he's got here on the Lori and he's got sixteen of them under anymore I send what I WANNA post to third party and they post because it keeps me out of the Amanda suspect that's right exactly and that's exactly the right and then waking up one morning and coming to your door and finding a mob of your neighbors angrily at updated on your lawn you know it's terrible shock for people and it thinking about you know people civilized people in civilized socialized people can ars he was the regular host of CBC Radio One's Cross Country Checkup a nationwide Colin show for twenty one years before stepping down in September twenty fifty their first impulses to apologize which is which is truly the wrong thing to do stand well the right thing to do is to publicity and the pressure she shut down her Biz dot only knows what that means for her family began while in for her new asking about courage earlier you know wait wait two weeks people won't come to your defense what it takes the people who will come to your defense two weeks to get their act together is to is to understand that if you haven't done anything wrong you don't apologize now that's very difficult very difficult and then too breath Carl young once said that internal contradictions are played out in the world has fate you know is that the thing about propositions if they're accurate is that they it's the activists who are unbelievably organized fifteen seconds to view when there's two points to draw out of their first of all because you have now been almost conceivable and I think youtube both youtube and podcasts are are are great examples about podcasts even more than you too because you to serve billion Dan Camping in Korea we won't even go into in those countries if you want to say something even if it's not merely innocuous you really have to have courage rain's GonNa get together that would be too much to bear your interest but no he's got sixteen people good portion awesome selection of nights this fall or something gets tossed off until for nine years or more if a man looks to wrong way in China eeking sound our host into the world of celebrity multimedia vast attention I've dabbled in a lesser known for a long while so you adjust the kind of swirl okay but what I've never forgotten and I'm serious is that people who are not in it at all my father or Yoyo between those states what's helped is the first thing is is that you know I determined right from the beginning that I was going to say oh that's very serious but I don't take ever adjusted to it into the house one after the other doubts that really hasn't stopped stopped let's say in the last two months since off came in and he's hates this one and your name is flashed all over the world that was the first real magnitude of media attack on yeah so even for you this is partly because I'm a clinical psychologist and you know it's taken it from good to great and unbearable how was that period well it was dreadful I mean especially the first couple of months because well because the attention was well it hasn't been since then but the attention was unbelievably intense I mean I had there were days upon days where there were reporters lined up coming is really really really something it's unbearable pain yes and they bring it down with club force and the great the great megaphones of national networks agents I'm just backing up your point your name suddenly becomes the center of of some great putters snowstorm in pejorative terms and people are speaking of what there wasn't a better option yeah I believe that you know I still believe that and I think the success of what I've done is an indication analysis it wasn't certain that anything would protect me better than boiling too right well whether that would work or not was debatable. What's made it bearable I would say and some of it's been very good known and it's taken my life which was fairly broad a fairly broad range of experience carefully what I believe to be true because there wasn't a safer route than not it's interesting you know that that in the final since the end of March however long without it's because I've shut myself off because of my I have some family health the most vulgar response it is a terror it isn't three dismiss it but people who have not experienced it which is being atrocious upon occasion and academics as well the treatment I received from people in public is so positive that it's almost unbearable Harsh is it was how hard was it in the first couple of weeks for you to find balance in scaling maybe clinical psychologist and you are obviously mature oh I don't think I've ever the question now when you because I know you had been on Youtube you put you knew the media in that sense but you weren't media person in your baptisms et cetera expunge person's personality with this Guy Paletti yes well in its permanent right because the record never disappears I'm put a person every time I walk down the street someone stops me someone stopped me on the way here and as opposed to my treatment at the hands of a minority of journalists enjoyment actually but the one one particular friend of mine from home never finished school he's about fifty and the youtube videos they've to fill the need which also is something that's very difficult for me to to reconcile myself to you know on about the success of my book say which is also absolutely overwhelming I mean it's impossible to now see I'm kind of both understand and I would say in a strange way to tolerate because I've become opened up to the trouble that people have in a way that far exceeds even what I experienced as a clinical psychologist you know last year double let me tell you personally that relates to you I don't mix mild stuff with family members sisters non-political kind of person and my wife and I went to one hundred sixty cities it was well we figured we'd better make while the sun shines so uh as I say I don't mix those things she called me she's out of this world altogether she called me about a year ago have you seen Jordan what the cumulative effect on me off but I had no idea the degree to which could be psychologically helpful but it was also I think I don't know exactly five fifty six so we're not into the team cohorts and he calls me up I don't think he's read a book and six years and he says I've been watching this the ability yeah well but you know it it's it's fulfilled and the lectures and podcasts as well Persson fellow I re- reproduce what he was saying adjusted he found such comfort and he he found such support Unsettled at the moment for the reasons that I told you well because of all of everything that's happened over the last few years interest but to get a taste of the depth of despair that that can be mean rated with with the Dr Jordan Pigeons Dr Love this stuff and she is following the videos biblical lecturers she's a smart Nice woman not much more than you know some some words of encouragement some some statement that you know you as a human being aren't intrinsically it felt no soft rain for a long time yeah and he was in this camp of the ruling neglected educated you're not particularly sophisticated right and are used the opportunity to thank you know and and to communicate which of course is what you're psychologically in a manner that I believe Melanson and scale join clubs I don't believe it here in these great throbbing moment with all the a low paying job gets you yeah and then someone is out there of stature and credibility and this guy who would never be and my thought when I was hearing this someway to relate to you in all the ping pong back and forth going these voices are saying something and then that was one thing that I was unsolicited should not in the world of publicity shows involve fads but somehow your name got in there and she's watching these with great attention very doing something really fine for people that I could never project would be receiving the it's it's an it's very this is also something that's been very difficult to circle never you send an Echo Ping him and he was calling me and say my God this is something so allow yourself to feel good was it was it was exciting and worthwhile and the demand was there you know and fifths I enjoy lecturing I used the opportunity I delivered a different lecture every thing is the funny thing is is that it doesn't feel it doesn't feel good that might be reflection my general state of mind which is yeah no I'm just about sixty tenure white male there's all of those are bad man yeah well the whole part I think has to in there I'd like to talk about reality in life now when that began I I would think you everything was fairly fairly sufficient in that sense and you went out there were certain things you saw wrong or discordant eater into universities are general system and you said I'd like to spread some reason worthless and you have a spirit worth preserving and the things that you do in your life that you correctly are important it's like people are due very much as a classically you thought and you thought things through in a way that this generation of almost abandoned so you're prepared sure so many dying for a word of encouraging people want that's what my friend was about a I'm speaking back to you on the same thing I know what he was saying he they're stronger men than I be well you get caught up and you get caught up in wave of events and and the adrenaline self supplies while to tell you about what sort of hell they happened to be in six months earlier and what they did to pull themselves and how that's brought the family back to get against no no no no I can put another way I meant to ask this a little early but what did you earn at how did I'll call it a mission if I may how did the mission change over time when you came in contact a youtube channel where I put my lectures in rather primitive technological storm just using an ipad lapel mic record things stay here it's being hundreds of people can meet people after each of my I am started had maps of meaning I also know knowing you bet you had spent some considerable time doing actual stinking which is something people don't Woah you know all of that is I'm is it something that you at some point have at least two shield and all of these individuals what new came to you well I would say I it isn't obvious to me that the the mission itself changed lectures who've told me that they are still alive because they watch lectures because they read my booker and then they usually have a good story I think when I hit the million mark on Youtube I really thought about that because I thought well I don't know what to already telling me when you when this began I want so when you began this when this began as an experience and you set out to the world I remember I had a million views by April two thousand sixteen and that really made me think because I've worked with TV are literally dying from our code and I mean that I mean that not really wanted to sleep I don't know how many people have told me and these that was one of the things that drove me in my foolish curiosity to make those political videos that I made in October which was the first time I'd ever tried doing here and then it struck me that well this was a Gutenberg revolution that we were experiencing the spoken word was now as permanent and immediate more without figure I don't know how to conceptualize it in context because a million there's a lot of people it's twenty football stadiums full of people yeah I think it's an extension of what I've been doing since one thousand nine hundred eighty five maybe even before that it's just that the scale continued to girl main even with me media than the printed word and just as permanent and with a much larger audience because more people as far as I can tell can listen then can read and even with my books of course my lectures were popular with big ideas which showcased a number of public intellectuals I think I'd five lectures in the top twenty or something like that so I knew that it's it's it's an attempt to force a certain type of language usage night I could see what was behind that quite clearly I thought well you know this really is other or help them advance in their career or got out of bed or stop them from using heroin or being alcoholic entered jumping up it's humble beginning secondary place yes it was a very secondary place although that was starting to change I thought what the hell is this new to what what are we doing no one really trusts the mainstream press all the young people do not not so young either but pretty much everybody under thirty five I would say gives you know you you've got you've got a hold of something let's say it's you to and you think you know what it is and you know you don't you don't something like that and that was in some sense I wouldn't call it a whim but you know I woke up at three in the morning because I was so irritated about this bill it's is a an overwhelming force and it's becoming more and more powerful day by day I've seen that in countries Slovenia was a good example where the audience that you're now describing and what is it that you have learned you'll have an unlocked before and you know what you're at when you go out and encounter all of these there was and I was getting a certain amount of recognition in public for that not not a lot but enough and then from a very wide variety of people which was quite quite interesting any idea what it is and neither does anyone else and that's certainly still the case we have no idea what these multiple technologies are doing but I can tell you that you do of a dialogue great where edit and make their own commentaries and the total for that would be at least five hundred million yeah that's for sure occurred a tremendous percentage of my books have been sold in audio form So so I really started to think about you to that point and I suppose videos and this was this was back when Youtube was still a developing yours let's say to be sort of ignored in some sense because of because of it's it's a it's an overwhelmingly bestselling book it's it's it's far more people than you teach in your life and I thought well what wasn't cute cat ten million times is probably because people keep cutting them up and distribute which is something else that can be done on youtube right you can well educated a tremendous number of the people who are coming to my lectures are people in that camp they're working class yes men but not always bring me to death and often what I would do when something was annoying me the death was get up and write but I thought well I'll making youtube video and see what happens it's like well I certainly saw assessment yeah you did yeah yeah no kidding well back to even to the beginning direct up in certain ideas about things they wrapped up in a certain orientation towards change politics that there's only a certain Sir Gotcha no one will watch it do you do you put on ten second commercial end you let people skip it after five seconds that's the rule they break that rule yup well it it is certainly serve me has conversational aspect that television lacks it's very comical to watch an organization like CBC tried to adapt itself the no they don't take it seriously and it's like you should take youtube seriously they also they also have no intuition for these particular forms and they're also this they watch as you do and that's the case all over the world and so it's I think on my youtube channel my videos have been watched one hundred Deign to address see one of the things that interesting about the youtube stars Rogan and then say Dave Rubin is that they don't think their audience is stupid allow comments and so they'll put up something you might want to watch you know for ten minutes and you'll get like twenty thousand thirty thousand views because they don't take the convention regard it's it's a new it's well it's not new conversation it's a new idea of conversation that we know that it's the word for it world of people in the studio and you and you put stuff on that has no glitz profound can be complex and it goes on for sixty seventy watch the whole thing or listen to the whole thing let's go back to another area where you really have been on the mark I'm saying that personally and I think you're no one and it's because they're not stupid they're interested in the world it also defies the great axiom of you're in the television world private or public for thirty years the idea women as well but more men and their long haul truckers are construction workers and they're listening to three hour lectures and complex extra points certain corners they will walk down and there are other quarters which you are forbidden to awards or it is heresy to even admit today exist yes in relations absolutely correct and this is not sycophancy the some of the stuff that goes on into university some of the I read the course syllabus read somebody's regal period of use some of the subjects in there are are beneath tripe that's that's why the flourished research you know that's just especially in the physiological on the physiological ended things in the general literature that's just absolutely brilliant beyond blends which have multiplied since the nineteen sixties and no one who was serious paid any attention to them see that's what happened is that their stuff never lasts but the good scholars are some of them are great these discover amazing things I mean I've encountered amazing psychological eighty minutes and everyone is happy yeah I mean it's all they've been operating under wrong assumptions for three decades while in Rogan's Grogan interviews with three hours low yeah harmless but they were not harmless because they're extraordinarily well organized and the balance tipped nose tipped in the nineties a to because they'll put on a ten minute clip may break all the rules they put two thirty second commercials in front which you can't skip so hypes and and the serious scholars their their specific sort of person there rather obsessed the good the good the great ones that's right in the in the what they call grievance studies and everybody just sort of assumed that they were noisy but and that's a good beginning reading good things I noticed at my lectures this while you talked about the gentleman who said you the fifty five is there thing and they need to do that because well they're on the cutting edge and they WANNA stay there and they have their ambitions for some some sometimes it's political ambitions but that's right if you had a commentary can you make it sixty seconds the idea that people had an attention span inbound four minutes never intervened have you had an interview I did a provincial show for years and years if you add interview mega four minutes to go watch you for five minutes in the series people were busy doing their serious things and there was all this stuff yeah political activism identity politics gender stuff even the devoid of discoveries tremendous ecstasy yes we're well and it's a minority taste in some sense and then there's these pseudo cleanly upset and partly mad you while and then well maybe you need a bit of that I'd be completely obsessed I think you're a minority and scientists produce the kind of down to order the doctor over here it doesn't have to be class if you haven't had media and if you haven't adjusted to it and suddenly your name Orange and it's the same in humanities and social sciences and so those are people who are working seventy or eighty hours a week all they do is work and what they work on the serious I'm here what you thought about this a lot it's like what the hell happened and here's what happened is that the scientific took the steam out of the out of the what would you call it out of the objections but something happened for years ago something like that because there was a big big rising of political correctness around us in the American economy boomed like mad and kind of I think that just kind of from the Westwood One podcast network maps of meeting didn't understand because at the time being unfamiliar with that Lexicon let's say there was the terrible chronic from the time I woke up till the time I went to bed less I was engaged in some other activity that would shut down my mind I was trying to understand whether the is writing scientific papers and when I was socializing which I did a fair bit of thinking about that book I mean it was really obsessive thinking yourself and the second thing is some divisions of identity Bali that the story on NBC Identity Politics Gender Politics that's roared she noticed that flaw I wanted to analyze that system and and the Nazi system to a lesser degree but but also that the western systems the identity politics issue it's a reversion to tribalism and you know so it's the miracle actually the surprise isn't actually that it's backed up surprises that it ever it sounded incredibly attractive and which still do to some you know from each according to his ability to each according to his need no one likes to see people with needs unfulfilled well it doesn't take it doesn't take a very large determined by not to shut down a large and silent majority that's unfortunately the rule and were those rules were necessary and and I what they meant it is is part of your project went away we forgot the axioms right we we started to lose faith in them let's say and that's partly what I've been trying to fight against into right about why those were was what a foundation of stone underneath the presumption of Western civilization or it was really a postmodern went away and we took the fact that it went away for granted and and we forgot the reasons the problem is that needs multiply without end and ability is limited but you know you have to start thinking about the world harsh sophisticated way too war raging and you know it wasn't obvious that it wasn't merely a matter of opinion you can make that case that well here's your set of Marxist precept position see if there is something the bottom that was rocked like wasn't merely arbitrary and I believe that what I discovered let's say well that is that is the project I mean when I wrote my first book took me about fifteen years to write and I spent really I spent all my time except when into society they have people have to dinner tables North America are afraid to bring new subjects up more than half and we're being ruled by them yeah this it's off philosophy the idea of identity politics which carries two great axioms that I can only communicate with you if you're the same I thought through was that we got some things in the West fundamentally correct and and their their correct for biological reasons which is very important because we'd be alone round very long time biological reasons are very fundamental but also that that biology reflect some underlying metaphysics the various words I'm using here is part of your project condom restoration or a reminder that certain certain markers are fundamental and cannot be moved and why was so important for us to defend our tribal positions in that manner and what if anything could be done about it like it here's hell bent on mutual destruction right mutual assured destruction right the terrible acronym which was you know an insane satanic joke purpose all of that the fact that people have religious experiences and and they're they're easily do people and they seem to be consistent across the his I am and if your teaching me particular I can't be taught by you if you're not on my drive but education is actually to receive it from everybody else and take you here's the solution we have this terrible tribal warfare it's characteristic of our species and it's accelerated to a degree that's not sustainable what do we do about it and the answer that came to me as a consequence of what I studied was that we try to make ourselves better people it's sideways at least to some degree and and what I decided then 'cause we because I was trying to understand why the world divided itself up into armed camps that were why the identity politics makes individual a simple avatar of the collective right and everything that attached to him as always extra and not essential it's terrible it's it's it's so danger and I heard you on this why do we seek to perpetrate some sort of justice over generations then there's the the the undeniable attraction of having someone to blame for the miseries of your existence which which are likely manifold elective everything else falls apart and loaded again back to the universities if there's one place is a balance and there's an opportunity to see the world as it really is and you have to believe in the mind in order to keep those back to exactly what we were should Detroit is the elevation of the individual gop that right the individual is yes that begins the entire reaction yes then then the impetus isn't on you to act as forthrightly as as would otherwise be necessarily the case so there's that says well we don't understand because they understand anything about the fundamental nature of the world it'll be on us so why yes the whys and the wherefores for that matter the argument that's being put forward on the campuses to stop people from speaking is that there is no such thing as free speech all there is the exchange of I all I think some of it is is the desire to escape from individual responsibility no if you can dissolve yourself into collective and and and discussing is that you know one of the things I pointed out to my audience is is that there isn't the debate about who should speak on campuses it can reset balances it starts with mine it starts with the younger mind that will leave met with a more mature mind and taught the ways of the mine outta mind works the terrible the despicable French intellectuals who in my responsible for leading this revolution and it got picked up yeah all the ideas that we thought had been completely wiped out leader enlightenment or just simple logic itself they're back yeah why if I don't want you to talk I still might believe that people can talk yes it can exchange opinions and they can change each other's minds and even if they're different the worst things in in all of history that you would make dishonored daughter carried a simpler for parents and now it's your stinging reparations again are we so easing the yielding to this I mean the patterns of crackers in language and people kind and things of that order it's an absurd a group that you're in direct confrontation actually to to have its voice and so it's it's the collectivists the identity politics types it's so the comfort of saying I can start a small war with one another and we play games with each of these blocks Wanna be society what country but if you collective politics I mean the real politics into the subcategories gender sex ethnic religion and each of these is now claiming right only as there's a debate about whether free speech exists that's a whole different debate I noticed people don't understand the difference in the severity of those two debates like city works is for me it's an I think this is partly because sensitized so much to to the Task Fay's of existence in one hundred and sixty one goal I mean it sort of unfolded on Human Bonna lift yeah yeah well it unfold it's the most trendy institution in the world yeah well and it came through the it came through welcomes the Yale in English department yeah that's where that's where that the always the the most obnoxious and useless ideas useless in the sense of their of their of their intrinsic logic finding easiest walked onto campus across time because they were so popular the popularity didn't seem to be waning and but it was an opportunity to put forward the case for all the the ideas of avatars who are possessed by the group actually the logical consequence of that is to refuse to let them to speak speak because why should you allow the the collective and the personal sense is that when I go outside and everything works and there's all these people have different colors and creeds and religions walking down the street and so peaceful that's the world we're in you'll get much chance because obviously no longer tolerate you around it would last you get much chance to expand on the beauties of the culture poetry music and things of this nature the other side of the academic The things that somehow they sing to the humans do I mean here's right the Russian revolution the first World War the Spanish influenza just absolut bloody hellish catastrophe one after you're going to meet with an untimely and painful death at the hands of someone else's almost nil and that we live for such a long time all of this lights go on regularly and the power is always working and everything technological is one hundred percent reliable and there's no riots in the street and the probability wonderful things that we've done I mean and to express gratitude and amazement at the fact did you know arc fact our city this city Toronto that's one of the reasons that that I was so motivated to continue the lectures because we actually put together a sequence of tours what we didn't plan yes and and use your strip personality and we're adding up groups and trying to administer justice via collectively it's a team me is complete it's a complete miracle truly is and I remind people of the unlikelihood of that constantly in the lectures and ask them to be great the of of conflict I see frequently on your various sites that you do list up and that's that's another great counter the the environmental crowd and I don't take all this more peaceful than it's ever been there's no wars in the western hemisphere that's the first time since the coming of Columbus that the entire Western Hemisphere is the Russian revolution which was bloody enough to begin with but which certainly accelerated in its brutality as it expanded and you know we don't have any of that at the moment it's actually the tear everything down leave with nothing and that's certainly that certainly happens to people in universities now they they come in barely formed people who play identity politics there's no gratitude at all and that's a and it's so interesting it's so interesting to me to see that because let's say the professors lead over they put them into new situations they have relieved more suffering in some cases not maybe not more than we have caused but it's a different century they the very idea of individuality that they're opposed to that they've dispensed with and and that goes back to their to the French terrible and it's power and and all of that protects the absolute and they say everything is corrupt would you should read how you form judgments how you contrast over great lengths of time not the in tomorrow five hundred years ago if you train the minds and believe they leave they leave in tatters you know and and that's that's it's also go back to you refer should be grateful for things graduate is in short supply yes sudden and it's it's it's it's completely absent among the collectivists in the French continental ideas made their entrance into North America in all your speeches I know much get small Pete into politics politics right and and the proper response although criticism is necessary obviously criticism means well this is wrong and this is how we could fix it it doesn't mean as being pure either some of them are obviously most of them are not they're they're always having a spectacular at the high table a catastrophe the other conception of Nazism was brewing then to break right right right right the scenes ed next there were asked to free we're already at were they were and also of course the same thing with full of generating a candidate who can actually take on trump and I think there's a disappointment even among the enemies of the Democrats that so profound away and around the wall it's four feet away in another wallet another wall is just sequential walls and this edge of the sequential walls is a huge army that it generates precisely vitriol it's like the man is is is is characterized by manifold flaws and I'm not saying this in status a viable alternative I mean my poor friend who I said this has been following this and it's been deeply involved in the debates he's just he's just tearing out his the people in the street the guy who called me about you that's a class and its vast class yes it is that's the great fifty percent yep one of the reasons that the people who hate the Democrats in the United States truly hate right there there's just vitriol because they've proved themselves in Cape trump comes in and more power to them for that matter you he is talking investing and that's another absolute heresy he's not because Parker being insulting yes and after a while the social pressure bills and this jayme that's going on over here we'll have to close or something breaks yes yes hair watching degenerate should well exactly issue it's so sad you have a new age those movements they are the most protected people who've ever landed there and it's like they're standing on a hill in around the wall and it's for Louis ended the more this is the worst that ever be destroying the planet you pointed out very frequently certain of the technology is certain of the advances of the civilization that people August trump was an attempt to break into brexit was another that's right and Brexit was an Australia illustrate I'll let you one more question only full for the fact that you think you look one hundred years ago nine thousand

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Ep. 462: War Crimes On The Battlefield Of Ideas

Don't Worry About The Government

1:36:22 hr | 4 months ago

Ep. 462: War Crimes On The Battlefield Of Ideas

"Ladies and Gentlemen Hello Again. Welcome back to don't worry about the my name is Christova Marino and joining me on? Today's show is just Morgan to discuss. How'd you wrote me into a conversation about Dave? Rubin on this show but you management treat me about Dave, Rubin, and we're ticket. Kick around the confederate statues, a little bit, and maybe a literally kicked them around later if I, if a head rolls by. But I hope so. I did more confederate debris all over this nation of ours. What I say, what's new with you just though before we get started with all that well, let's see. It has been three months since everyone at my company was sent home for quarantine and we are still very much there and we expect to be there at least until September. My that sounds reasonable I. don't mind. Honestly. We haven't been to mainland Seattle in a couple of months, which is cool because we have everything we need in our town. But at some point you know you start to miss some of the restaurants I haven't been to my favorite Sushi place in what feels like forever and I'm. Yeah I mean I miss eating out at restaurants that that's the one thing that I miss, but at the same time it's like. I'm just trying to be really mindful and really sober-minded about what the risks are, and what the current risk level is here like my locality, but then also nationwide. I am not optimistic about this relaunching fully getting off the ground I think. This bird is going to have to come in for an emergency landing here sometimes sooner rather than later. I agree that, said We very fortunate because our town has a surprisingly good restaurant scene for a town of its is, so we've made a point of getting takeout from a local place once a week. We liked to support the community as much as we can, so we've been doing a lot of local shopping to the extent possible now what they say with with Kobe nineteen. This also Broza all telling me is if you do not refine or hone any skills. During this time of self-isolation slash quarantine. You never really wanted to live, and you're a dream lists dreamer. What skills have you and Mr? Jess refined. That? Question sounds a lot dirtier than I think I mean. You're into that. This is an open show Lord crossing you. Know, I know. I've got nothing for you. Purpose of being. Okay, so My husband has started a new job. which I think is worth mention because that's pretty tough to do a time of international stress such as this and I have completed an entire season of SPEC tele plays for a TV show that will probably never be produced, so I consider that a win because I have a really hard time. Completing long-term creative projects and I complete is awesome. I actually just recently finished fixing up. A scrap guitar that was left here by the person who was sort of like crashing on my couch slash a designated better area of the floor last year for a while like subletting out of place or subletting out of space here in my apartment, he kind of left rather quickly and left a Junkie Guitar I mean this is a Korean made Alvarez so nothing that you know would cost. Cost more than two hundred dollars probably brand new, but you know I had some time on my hands, and I had some spare parts, and so I decided that I was gonNA finally. Sit Down and learn about what goes on inside of the guitar or whatever after twenty years i. just never really got around to it, so I finally did that and it's now complete, and it sounds. Just, it doesn't sound bad. It's not like my favorite guitar that I owed rate the, but it's also actively not a bad guitar. Well, you should be proud of yourself that that takes dedication it. It does I have I have that weird tingle of pride. Feels good. Well deserved yeah I applaud. Thank you, thank you. All right, so what else is new I? We had like a slate of things, but is there anything else that we didn't put on the today that you want to kind of bring up here while we've got this podium? How do you feel about? The protests writ large. Well I do have to say this because there's a lot of misinformation going around about the Capitol Hill, autonomous zone in Seattle as I mentioned, I haven't been to the mainland in a while, so I haven't seen what's going on for myself, but since the formation of the Free Land of Chas. Something like that, but the Seattle Times has been there and they are a very credible independent newspaper and I believe they're account. That's the Chaz is mostly peaceful place. It has kind of A. I don't WanNa. Say coachella because I don't WanNa. Thank everyone! Is that hype? But it definitely has a little burning. Men vibe going on their own. Burning man by without you know the actual burning. Those protests don't recreation center. Something like that and I have to applaud Mayor Jenny Durkan for doing the smart thing and backing off of the chess. Because if she had tried to storm the area with cops, she would have created more problems and more appetite for what the Chaz is becoming. So. She's leading this play out. She's learning this civic government. Run its course. If it succeeds, it could be a model for community building for other American cities if it fails, then things may slowly regress back to where they were before the protests began only hopefully with a little more recognition that yes, black lives better. But. It is definitely not the men Max excape that certain bad faith commentators want you to believe it is yes, so on another episode. Don't worry here I. Kind of go into what the listed a man's are that they want and I'm not going to be covering the Chaz a whole lot more than that because my problem with. Looking into it is there is just a flood of right wing nonsense Alan, twitter and stuff. If you try to just follow, even like Hashtag Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone now, so been politicized by the right that you're just deluge with I. Mean that kind of nonsense story about the guy who's armed vigilante cop, and if you actually look at him at all, that's not quite what they're saying. He is, and it's just. It's going to be a land a topic of Misinformation, and Frankly a distraction from the real issue of reforming mass incarceration, and obviously addressing police brutality, one thing that I notice just looking into that last episode I visited the WTO protests from nineteen, ninety, nine and my God. We're those violent. The cops were absolutely savage. It could have gotten that bad, but I think things are dying down in the city writ large, and I have to say as well that a lot of the. The bad faith commentary is coming for people who don't understand Seattle. There are a few hoods where something like the Chaz could've taken root capitol. Hill is absolutely one of them. It has always been a super woke part of the city. It has been the Gayborhood. It has been a center for Immigrants Anna Center for black satellites, perhaps to a bit of a lesser extent, but they are definitely very much present, also the home of the city's best bookstore I have to say. This is the sort of community that would want this to happen. Almost at any time, even if these protests weren't happening, this is just who they are, and I think they finally come full circle so I mean what is the actual meaningful offramp? Then for these people who want to actually do the alternative society thing because it seems to me like long term, it's untenable to say we want alternative society and we're GonNa Hold City Hall Hostage Indefinitely, but it also seems to me like not impossible for them to establish a township somewhere in Washington where they get to set up their own community up to and including whatever alternative community policing thing they want to do. I'm going to directly to a book called ECOTOPIA. This is written some decades ago. It describes an alternative history in which. Most of the West Coast certainly including Seattle is. An Ego till BIA. It is a very environmentally-minded racially and sexually harmonious society that works. I think that's what the Chaz might be going forward to an extent, although of course in Capitol Hill. You aren't going to see many cedar log tree houses because it is. A very urbanized area, but I think the those of Ego Topi as what they're going for, so find it at your local bookstore. Give it a read. It also recommend maybe looking at a wild wild country, right? Did you ever watch that documentary? I have nots. It's about the Rajini. She's who who were a group that existed in the north west of the country in Oregon back in the nineteen eighties and the Rajini. She's are a religious movement. They ended up moving into a small town that had about one hundred and fifty people in it, but it was already an incorporated township, and they changed the politics of that city in a substantive way. kind of were able to for a long time before they got into things like trying to poison the governor and other, it gets pretty crazy with the Rashi, but the early phase of the Rosh Nishi. Might actually be terrible model for people who want to really build. The deep alternative way of life thing that some of these manifestos seem to be getting because there seems to be two tracks. There's a track of people who want to see things like qualified immunity and marijuana convictions and a chokehold. Even stuff like Swat. Teams demilitarized in de funded across cities. And, then there are people who want to smash capitalism and rebuild society from the ground up seems to be a movement for them, but it seems like these two tracks needed decouple for both of them to get what they want. I would say that the second group is definitely the minority in the discussion, but if they're going to be effective, it's going to be on a micro community level. They're not going to achieve this socialist future on the state level. It's just not gonNA work out by. No and that smaller, more radical, more vocal group is quickly becoming the stalking horse for opponents of any change, whatsoever also known as Fox News. Well I'm just going to say this to box news. No. One in Seattle wants to you. I mean in the chest. They definitely don't want you, but the rest of us don't want you either so leave it to Fox News to be. The first network evolved the news networks to recognize a breakaway state of misguided people. They, crave step like this. Our own cow Rothenberg ventured in to the nation formerly known as downtown Seattle. Here's what he found. There it is documentary evidence of life inside Chop, and I should mention a columnist in Canada Rex Murphy. Who I don't believe has ever left his house. Who wrote a column this weekend? Asking why Antiga has been allowed to take over Seattle. There is so much wrong with that headline. I don't even know where to start. There's so many good things going around in terms of stupid thicky right, but one that I saw the other day. That was great is. Tepa backwards is a fitna. Feet Nah I. Don't know how to say it, but it's apparently an Islamic were. They're actually isis and I'm just like. where. Do you guys dip shits? Speaking of where do you guys get this shit? We've got a couple of people that are the slave, but are worth discussing. Let's start with ice cube. Who is working on what I can only believe is a unified conspiracy theory unified field conspiracy theory, harmonizing the fringe believes of the left and the right into one twitter feed. I and I'm just waiting for him to warn us about the reverse vampires I. that's where he said. This is an aqua teen. Hunger Force reference. Vampires. Oh yes, meet. What the boss of the undamaged located with ten W. I'm not detecting any vampire riddick activity besides it's two o'clock in the afternoon. He's A. He's a reverse vampire. They crave the sun, really you. They love it. They love to get tanned so kidding where they from ABC well. It's. Ten. Oh no no way in the world, no way on earth. Salt this Bryansk. Got News for you. Want at bus his not a vampire. On our to reverse fine pods. Bottles the rules those in the MARLINS. Okay well, hunger force ripped up Simpson's simpsons. Maybe, maybe or maybe the simpsons knew that equity inaugur forced is gonNA come up with a good idea and lifted it, which is something I would now. Yeah because they're. Tom Moore's and they know how to do those things. No I I go deep on this I read. Ben Garrison cartoons I know the conspiracies I know. Are you familiar with illumine? sweatless cartoons I've ever seen and I used to draw cartoons. He he's oscillates from he also it's. Very weird like obviously racialist to occasionally drawing just unsettling images like when Kobe Bryant died, he drew an image of a basketball crying out. Little Tiny basketball's that I have saved because it's lights, the hell out of me. Yes it's bizarre. It's really unsettling. I'll send it to you later. Basketball but crisis little basketball's it's really weird. But the ice cube is tweeting out Benghazi cartoons scrutiny out like that same thing. Jeremy Corbyn went and saw that mural where he couldn't quite tell if it's racist and Oh my God if you look at that mural when you can't quite tell if it's racist or not buddy? Minimum your ignorance. are in major major tonight. The pyramid on the dollar sign is literally just a purebred dotage like the freemasons component of it or any of that stuff like just don't know. And then we have J. K. Rowling. Who? I feel like we got a mention her eight. Out there first thing. I have never read the Harry Potter books. My Dad tried to get me one when I was like ten years old and I just flipped through. Out It was like no. I've never read any of the books. I've never seen any of the movies. So I'm not cancelling J. K. Rowling because for me. She was never on. Yeah, so it's hard for me to I'm not reaching the same level of visceral outrage. Same reason I had to go with my cousin when I was a teenager and I had to take her to. I think I wanted to go to the prisoner of Azkaban. Is that a Harry Potter thing facing here? Yeah, yeah, so I took I took my cousin who now actually ended up working on the war campaign I took her to. Go and see Harry Potter. When we were younger nothing for me was saying when they made me take my cousin same cousin actually to go and see the last of the rings they they're just not. They were my books. But, yeah, I get it for people who really grew up loving Harry Potter. This has to be deeply unsettling, because like no one asked J. K. Rowling to really weigh in on this and. She is just a really ill, advised business move among everything else like why? Why do this so I need to settle this question because it has come up thanks to her. The word women is fine. It's still award that women can use in reference to themselves. The Word Menstruate IRS refers broadly to even beings who directly experienced menstruation, which is not a phenomenon unique to women. It also includes some transpeople, and it comes up in discussions where the act of menstruation is pertinent. Since gender women haven't lost anything. And this is the sort of. Turkey bullshit that people had J.. K. Rowling have been trafficking and I. Don't know who benefits from it. This isn't something that's. Right, she's hiding the ball. She's hiding the ball when she saying it's a zero-sum game. Because it's like what is being stripped from you, she's not arguing one. Something's being stripped from me in handed to another group in a form of trade off because she's not even really illustrating what that trade off is, and she's also really failing to show. The second part of this is any sort of harm. Like what is she losing house? How is she being harmed? What is this horrible bargain that she's being forced into? And then we get into how women's safety is apparently compromised when Trans people are allowed to use whatever bathroom bay like which I'm pretty sure used to be an argument against. Ending the racial segregation bathrooms. We're not. We're not in any danger from transpeople. Going to the bathroom they WANNA. Do their business and leave just like we do i. have been running into in my own little line here. A lot of rehashes of arguments that used to be made against gay marriage now being retrofitted for marijuana legalization where I'll read the argument ago now southern gay marriage until we how that read. 'cause it's it's the same old sort of tired arguments It's it's a certain school thought in these people always present themselves as being really open minded right. The irony is when they're making the close-minded argument. The presentation is well. I'm actually. Really trying to broaden the debate here and say this is a discussion. Worth having I'm just asking questions. Hashtag just asking questions on the battlefield of ideas. Hell, yeah, how do you like for Segue? Make no mistake. There is a think was going on here and it can come only one at any time. I love it because there's a general on this battlefield of ideas. Ideas, leading the army of content and deeper thinking that's very interesting, and his name is Dave Rubin Dave, mother fucking Ruben what can be said about Dave. Rubin that he hasn't said about himself nothing. I find him fascinating these days to actually Kinda reminds you some of these marijuana people where it's like well I've got mine now, so I'm just going to completely on. Unreal member any of the things that were required for me to get mine like Dave Rubin doesn't even really seem to care about lgbtq issues anymore because he's not worried about having gay marriage taken away from him. Yeah, I mean if he doesn't want to be involved in lgbtq activism. That's certainly his right, but he really wants you to know that he doesn't have any room in his life. Activism? Began as a gay person I'm not into identity, politics and I don't really have any room for lgbtq share betty. A big. Big Fan of like doing doing rifts on him all right, so he's. Like Mr Burns, but that's fine I think I think maybe an older Dave. Rubin will sound a little bit like Mr. Bryce okay, so we need to talk about this book that he's religious, which is hilariously called. Don't burn this book Oh! That is so cute! You think you're controversial. Don't burn this book. It is here. It is real it is a thing. As of this moment, I am a published author I've given this thing everything I got I think the message that I promote in this book of for yourself of individual rights of states, rights of standing up to the mob of knowing what you think, and why you think it I think these are the things that actually matter, and obviously, I wrote this thing well before corona virus, but I think perhaps now more than ever. It's the uninteresting version of steal this book. The Old Abbey Hoffman Book. Yan At least Savvy Hoffman had conviction. had more than one conviction. And this book is. Brilliantly illustrated with one unlit match. Yeah, right okay, and just so you know what we're getting ourselves into. The. Review quote on the front. Cover is from evil professor. Kermit himself Jordan Peterson. Clean your! I can't really do a good. Your. Yeah. And then the fourteen steps for success, it's twelve. Whatever. He added two more on the later addition. Probably okay, so then we get into the inside flap with the other people who have praised this book including Ben Shapiro Tucker Carlson Peter Thiel Eckehart Tall the. Circle of people who just congratulate themselves on being Super Open minded, and yet it's very very close circle. There's this new group of people that are lining up and are willing to at least have these discussions, and not you know cast aspersions on everyone. We disagree with all that now. There's this group of people online that I think we're a part of that. Have helped refine some ideas. We'll have this good faith group. That's going to be doing. It's going to be a small group, but but intellectually powerful and rigorous. The mainstream media continues to spoon. Feed the masses soundbite Click Bait. We're here doing some real proof of concept work to prove that you guys are a lot smarter than they think Ari. Weiss put out a tweet real, quick real. Quick Oh this. Week it was like here's a good list of people to follow during these times of protests, and it's the same rogues gallery. She would recommend for everything from Jordan. Peterson bridget fantasy to. Eker Tola and the Weinstein brothers and I'm like if you're going to the same people, no matter what the subject is your mark yet. Thanks, Berry! We know you're a star fucking hack. She's got a nice Lou position for herself good for her. Okay one more. Positive quote in here from Larry King, and I totally understand this, because Larry King is renowned for going soft in all of his interviews as is Dave Rueben. That's true. That's true I also Larry. King is someone who is pretty wide to sell out to the highest bidder. He's currently doing a show on Russia today. Okay so then we get to the dedication and you know you'd think he dedicated to. His parents siblings loved ones of any kind. No, he has dedicated this book to Ben Affleck. What. Why? Did this book to the lack in honor of this segment, he did on real time with Bill Maher when he argued with Sam Harris, about as low. Liberals have really failed on the topic of theocracy They'll criticize white theocracy. Criticize Christians they'll still get agitated over the abortion clinic bombing that happened in Nineteen eighty-four, but when when you WanNa talk about the treatment of women and homosexuals and free thinkers and public intellectuals in the Muslim world. I would argue that liberals have failed US and The crucial point of confusion with negative. Thank God. You're here. The crucial point of confusion is that that we have been sold this meam of Islamaphobia where every criticism of the doctrine of Islam gets conflicted with bigotry toward Muslims. As people right now it's It's intellectually. Ridiculous, even get hold the person who understands the officially codified doctrine of Islam. Oh. You won't say well. Actually well educated on this. You're saying if I criticized the. You're saying that Islam's phobias, not a real thing that if you're critical of something sent a real thing when we do it. Really is. that. Certain people are bigoted against Muslims as people. Problem big of you. Ben Let me let me unpack package for you. Please do we have? Just imagined some concentric circles here you have the center you have jihadists. These are people who wake up in the morning, wanting to kill Pastas, wanting to die, and they believe in Paradise Valley. In martyrdom outside of them, we have Islamist. These are these are people who are just as convinced of martyrdom and paradise, and and wanted to foist their religion on the rest of humanity, but they wanna work within the system. They're not going to blow themselves up on a bus. They want to change governments. They WANNA use democracy against itself that that those two circles. Arguably our twenty percent of the Muslim world. Okay, this is not what your. Research. A bunch of poll results that we can talk about so did they give you one point of contact? Seventy eight percent of British Muslims Danish cartoonist should have been prosecuted seventy eight percent. Isis couldn't fill a ballpark and Charleston. West Virginia and you're making a career. I. G Honda's global. It's a phenomenon. I think that's the opposite is those things there's Isis? There's global jihadist. The question is the degree to which you're willing to say because I've witnessed this behavior which we all object to on the part of these people I'm willing to flatly Khanum. Those of you I know. I mean a Filipinos. We're capturing teenagers and sending them into white slavery. We would criticized that we wouldn't say. The people who are doing it, not the Philippines you know what I mean. What if the? On. Nothing to do with that, so this is different things crazy racial stereotype, the bill Maher is what. Dave Rubin aspires to be and I don't know what sadder being. BILL MAHER FOR FAILING TO BE BILL Maher. It's gotta be feeling to be Bill Maher. Because like Dave, Rubin is sadder than Bill Maher, because Bill Maher. At least put out feature length films Bill Maher has had a successful show that has had a cultural splash at various points up to and including getting canceled from television, Dave Rueben kin even get to the relevance. Of being called for to be canceled on television all right, so let's get to chapter one. It's time to come out. All I see I see what he did. Their brilliant word sniffing there, so we learned that he originally wanted to write a book called. Why left the left? Because having your politics change over time? Apparently makes you an interesting person. I like to call them. The regressive left we get hit with regressive leapt on page. One the regressive list. Just keeps in that. I mean it's just like his stupid dot. Funny running. People tell me that he used to be a standup comic, and I can't imagine this guy making it through a thirty minute set. I can't imagine this man being funny on purpose. So. He's going to tell us who this book is four. Do you ever find yourself seeking out certain sections of the bookstore when you're alone. Do you crack self hitting jokes to double bluff your way through the day or do you dither over with diplomatic for your facebook feed? You secretly watching Fox News with your finger on the back button in case somebody interview. Do you thought it clear browser history to erase evidence of prank videos. Do you imitate me sending increasingly like? Comic Book Guy Just a see? Here's the thing just I. Actually think you're making the same stylistic choice that I make when you do Dave Rubin and that is. You're channeling Stacey from the fashion club on Dario. Boarding it onto a man and there's nothing wrong with that, I'm not holding that against you at all I think this is the right stylistic choice that I encouraged. Move Forward Prosper. Okay, so all of this all of these super shameful conservative behaviors. Are apparently exactly the same as being a closeted homosexual. Matt. Roy! You know I think he has more authority to make that assertion than I do because I am a very much non closeted heterosexual, but I also think that this is a light version of the same gripped get. The identity gripped gimmick that candace owens does where he is hiding behind this idea that well you know. I know about the experience of being a closeted homosexual. Let me tell you buddy. Not, wanting people to find out that you watch Fox News is just like it. Then, we get to how nine eleven. taught him how it's important to live your truth. Sure. Is that the takeaway from nine eleven. Well what he says is. Eighty super twisted by the closer secretary existence that I genuinely believed in Lebanon was a consequence of my coming out just a few hours earlier. That's how fucking insane because it makes you. And then he goes on about how being in the closet makes you a proficient liar and nobody knows the real you, so yes, I know it's. The. Nurses in problem that he has. Not Eleven is. Mark, volt. So then he jumps into his show, which includes some of the world's greatest contemporary thinkers including Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager Dennis Prager then who is bathed themselves in glory in so many different ways here over the last two years alone with some of his nuclear takes. A to came out of the political pleasant and hit me to see. Tribalism is dead, and that diversity of thought is far more important than diversity for its in. Sake you know which is why you surround yourself with these people who agree with you. was there a point? Or prager was ever feigning to be anything other than a conservative. I have I don't think so. No I don't have. The same evolution that Davis sucking his own cock over right, and he's giving them he's giving. He's lending his experience to give these people. A shield for something like is utterly unearned. Ben Shapiro was never hiding. He was an Orthodox Jew I like he wasn't even like. Nothing has been hidden about Benge Bureau. He's been living very much the opposite of in the closet, his whole life. Yeah, absolutely and Thomas Soul who we also sites in this paragraph has been a prominent conservative intellectual for. Decades forty five years. Something odd yeah. We're going all the way back to at least the late nineteen seventies, so that would put you forty five years of being a prominent like intellectual conservative. Ruin pitches this book as a ten step guide for political authenticity, which I can only assume he will declare valid if it leads you to think exactly like him. So hit me with the guide. Embrace your wakeup, call. Think freely or die. Stop worrying about whether you're a Nazi. Check your facts, not your privilege. Never ever surrender to the mob. Stop Hating, America the West and straight white men. Learn how to spot fake news. Find a mentor in his case, Jordan Peterson and Move on with Your Life Somewhere couched in there some halfway decent advice is like move on with your life in the sense of getting endlessly obsessed with any one topic, let's say campus culture is actually an unhealthy way of thinking about the problems of the world, but. I don't think we should ever lose sight of if civil called me Nazi. I think I should probably stop think hard about why this is happening. Because that's a pretty strong allegation by the way what move on with your life means is good. Leave your leg away from endless introspection, so obsession enabled gazing oh so don't. You. Like the worst way of quote unquote, moving on with your life I think that the examined life is the only thing worth living. You should constantly be thinking about why never mind that this whole thing starts off with. Listen to your wakeup, call like you took this moment of introspection as a called the action to prompt this whole world change and I guess after that moment. We should never think about this ever again. Yes, apparently, you only need to self, reflect one time, and then you're good. That's also reflection works as I understand it. Okay so then we get to chapter to embrace your wakeup call, which has my favorite passage in this entire book. Okay Hemi him. I want you to walk into a bar and order your sales of food. Buddy opinion. I watched to get the wasted on facts to three am and then when you're just about ready to pass out I, want you to give another large class of reality and Chug it i. then want you to have intellectual binges that are so well you go missing for days eventually waking up on a stranger SOPA hungover under for unity in my head. This is delivered with more of. Of a dramatic push I, want you to go into a bar. I want you to get wasted on a stream of ideas I want you to get jacked up on logic. I want you to get fucked on reason. I'm what you do. Experience painful withdrawal symptoms from bullshit. Logic is gonNA, fuck you up, man. You never felt like this is actually the same sort of thing that people who are the young hip faith leader liked to do with religion life today. We're GONNA roll a fat. Bible verse and we'RE GONNA. Get high as hell on the spirit of the Lord. Take, a Bong Rip God baby that it's like hold it in. That's the spirit in your lungs filling you up. Funny, you can't pull off the tyler durden thing. It's just not free. Yeah, no, there is. There's like edge. Lords Hallard going on there. This is like right. Wingers have this weird conception that they can grab it the man to a punk rock. 'cause like they're like punk. Rock was transgressive I'm candlelight bad. It's like no, you're transcripts because you're a creep, you're. You're transgressive like the guy who puts his hand on the back of the woman who didn't ask for it. Totally. Okay, so this chapter is all about coming to the exact same realization that Dave Rubin did, which is that electors regressive? Now I've been hearing about. The regressive left a lot of these happening on campus. Jess tell you. I want to go on his show one day in just troll him with every answer and see if he notices I would use this. I agree. And, you see how to get away with that. If he would world where people are judged equally by their actions, rather than by their immutable characteristics, such as race, gender, or sexuality and Woohoo. You're already on the right track. Your wake read than Luke. Oh we're taking back bloke to mean awake. What guess what is this project shot? I don't even really fully understand it's. Okay, so then he gets into how he learned that the left is regressive. Now started with an episode or rather his stint, working with the young Turks where he learned that his co workers were assholes I'm sorry. Did he mention the? We've tried to hold up the young Turks for six figures for a show. That was a be show on their network. He was lazy when he worked here. He's lazy now with his ridiculous show. Show where he proves time and time again that he doesn't know anything. And why do I know he's lazy? Why did he really leave the Young Turks? Can I please finally? Tell the truth about why he left the young Turks. He wanted to make a six figure salary to host a thirty minute a week show when everyone here because we work for an independent news company was getting paid far less while working twelve hour days. Did he do that mostly. He's talking about how check is an Asshole, hemorrhagic wise asshole because Chink wanted to save mean things about some person named David Webb David. Webb's job is to take every ugly hate-filled. Racial stereotype that whites and Fox News want to say. And put it in the words in the mouth of a black man, so I didn't say it right and say they would website so David. Webb, telling what you think of the? George Zimmerman case President's remarks kind of framed the story from the beginning I mean. If you took that out, and you just saw Zimmerman. WHO's I? Don't know why Hispanic or whatever and Trayvon Martin and you see. See a tragic case for sure yes I. Don't necessarily see a racial case, do you? This is interracial case. It was made a racial case, and you not even limited it to the president. What that is is, that's the nation's largest microphone. It's the right president of the United States out Sharpton Jesse. Jackson, all of those the actions of Benjamin, crump, initially they all plant Roslyn, brock from the. By the way at their meeting this morning there, the chatter at breakfast is that there's not one hundred thousand signatures on the deal, but J. petition while the petitions great for raising the roof. If you will on what they want, but in reality. Where's the Justice Department and their actions on this given web first of all raising the roof, nice little reference there like you know how black who they WANNA. Raise the roof, right. And Great and number two. In this case, it's obviously all because of Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson and all these guys don't worry. There's no real race issue here of Kentucky Carlson of. White Man. Of course you're right. There's no race issue. You see I'm David Webb I'm black and I'll confirm for you that there is no race issue, and that the people who are guilty is not George Zimmerman, who shot the kid and kill them? Not The cops who didn't do a toxicology report or Criminal background check on the shooter. No, no, no, the guy who's guilty is Sharpton Jesse Jackson and Benjamin crump. It's okay because a black man said it. He's about to get crazier. It's time for us to say no Tucker, or to all of us to say no to this kind of demagoguery race baiting our system's not perfect, but it is a very good justice system, and we have redress. We have appeals. We have civils. We have a process in this country to address issues when we feel, we're wrong and we. We haven't gotten justice. And that's what we need to do. We need to reject outright vocally at work in your communities in your churches say the system has played its role. The jury of his peers has made a decision, and frankly to riot, as they did in Oakland against the jury. Decision is also go against freedom and what this country is about. And then he happened to say now the should really be looking inside and saying are we doing the right thing will air colder. Do the do that. I doubt it. Webb said let's see how he acts with the new Black Panther Party on this. But you need a black to tell talk to you about how the new black. Panther Party actually runs. The justice. Department, then his next week of call. was that AFLAC segment. Harris says that Islam is bad and that Islamophobia is ally and. AFLAC calls Oh so this book is ironically dedicated. Ben Affleck I guess so yeah because he's like. I knew Mr epic I dedicated this piece of shit book to You. You can escape it. You're the regressive left that I'm really against. Yeah, because Harris. His whole shtick is well. If you look at the statistics, Islam is actually just a morally bankrupt religion. And then he started, he'll. He'll hit you with a thousand different. From viewpoints of different countries and try to make this case that Islam is immoral by the numbers, but he's just an atheist. She doesn't have an axe to grind with religion. Just spent the last two decades of his career talking about one specific religion that he really doesn't like so this is actually what are you took away from this? What Ruben took away from? This is how people turned on Mar for letting the segment happen. Really. Yeah Margetson mean like that. That's kind of a recurring theme for him. Looking back, I should probably think ethics this. He ended virtually became the blood instrument that he'd Saint People over the head. Yes, it was an alarm bell for me and unfair to bar and terrace, but this eight minute clip is also a political awakening for millions of others. Once seen, it couldn't be unseen. Okay so what he is trying to say. Is that Ben Affleck being an? ASSHOLE is supposed to change your entire political worldview. Wow, that's supposed to be the clarion. Call that wakes you up. Is You're letting this one CELEB- rule your mind, which via normally always really against. Don't listen to. The celebs accepted the celebrities. UPSET YOU and in which case redefined your entire life by the CELEBS Okay there's three flash points in this chapter, and only one of them really makes sense, and that is Charlie Hebdo. Okay. Yeah, no. Charlie Charlie Hebdo is being I kind of get that as an actual flash point for someone legitimately concerned about free speech. and. How like maybe we have not necessarily been completely sober-minded about certain tensions that do exist? But just look at the Juxtaposition Chang is an asshole applic- is an asshole and Islamic terrorists murdered journalists. These things is not like the other. Also true and also jank being an asshole like he also has said things that are transgressive her, not necessarily pc and you'd think Dave. Rubin would probably be fine with that I thought the whole. Challenging Stone PC in the other direction, yeah! No it's only it's only when it's not any one specific direction. Okay, so then he gets into Brett. Weinstein and Evergreen State College campus culture on a mock. You See, here's the thing about campus culture. Jess is would start on a college campus today. Always one hundred percent without exception ends up taking over the networks it ends up taking over our workplaces, and eventually it ends up taking over our homes. Dave. If it does spread beyond the college campus, which it does not do the majority of the time. Maybe. That's because people. Agree with it. That word. But I also am upset. Okay so. Apparently Brett Weinstein and his wife. Had such bad shit at Evergreen that they had to flee Washington state. you guys know there's a an eastern half of the state which is actually more conservative and has a few colleges. And it makes you really think. Maybe they just decided to move. The I thought he lost his job, and so he going to need to find a new job anyway like if you're a college professor, your job and where you live is inextricably linked to. You can't do college professor stuff, generally especially the beginning one. Remotely like Sean Reader. Friend of the show John Readers currently moving over to Florida right now. For a new teaching position at a school in Jacksonville. He doesn't want to move to Jacksonville, but you go where the work is as a college professor. Yeah, as it turns out a friend of mine, who is a philosophy professor is moving to Walla. Walla Washington to teach Whitman College right, and he stopped teaching at Whitman College and you need to find new work or she needed to find new work. They would have to move to another place. Right, but dave uses this phrase to describe what happened to Weinstein, and his wife banished into exile removed. They moved exile on top of bad lions from the Lion King. The outlander. because. Nobody has the authority to banish humans is from. Organized codified like exile like when you get excommunicated from the church. It's not that the pope's kind of angry at you. He actually files an excommunication or that kicks you out of the Church. When you get exiled from the kingdom like socrates, it was coming from the Greek courts. It wasn't like well. He's pretty mad at you. We'd like it if you leave your two options, exile or death that was from a court, so then he goes into a bunch of other examples of people who have been hounded by the aggressive laughed. I hate the regressive lift like who else? Oh we got Lindsay Shepherd. We've got James Damore. We've got one conservative member of the gay men's chorus of Los Angeles. They're looking at these isolated incidences as like some deeper manifestation of a trend and. A saga, someone else about like contrarians right because like a lot of what these people are that we're talking about. The right wing contains, but there from the School of contrarian ISM and they seem to always forget the first rule of. If you're going to be contrarian from the conventional wisdom, you need to be apparently smarter with your take and so often. The people who are submitting their takes on the world. They're not actually smarter takes. They're just. The opposite of what the crowds doing. Yeah, and the other thing, too, is that what's? That self-reflection he mentioned earlier. He is not willing to encourage it. In any of these people well, most over function is bad. That's rule ton. Move on with at once. Then you're good, and if that self reflection comes after the regressive left has mobbed you so much the better. That's actually probably the right time to self reflect. He doesn't say that is one of the rules, but really the time you should reflect on your values and become radicalized is when you get attacked by the left. If you because you never seems to mention or create any sort of pathway, whatsoever, where let's say if you got attacked by right wing figures whether they're like Christian conservatives or like the cops for example Let's say something like that occurred. You. Some people would use that as a point of radicalization. It seems pretty clear that Dave. Rubin doesn't accept that as a valid thing. No, but he definitely accepted these cases. Allow me. Once they survived, the initial shamed painter projection. They all viewed. Their banishment is a blessing in disguise because it finally opened their eyes to the reality of the situation. It's southern for playing tedious game that they could never win because designed to fail, they have noticed that so much cooler out here on the fringe, which is true free thinking is the new Kanter coacher, which makes it cutting edge and subversive, like Parker or hip hop. It'd be early Nineteen Eighty S. the owns their punk rockers, and none of these people even know who television or magazine are. Like have you ever? Ever listened to clash album. Yeah, I'm sure Jello Biafra of the dead. Kennedys is impure awe of your originality and novelty entrance aggressiveness. Okay, then we get to chapter three think freely or die. I'm really not sure how this is going to be any different than chapter two, but we're even really chapter one of coming out of the closet here because you die in the closet without the light. When you come out, you find live, so he's gonNA define classical liberalism for us. Okay all right the definition of classical liberalism. Classical liberal sounds like someone who's liberal, but fincher, perhaps the sort of guy who sports a top hat, a mustache and a monocle, but there's so much more chewy in that, but that is part of it. I mean. The top hats are there so what? I'm just ask I didn't realize that you get you get. Top hats is a classical liberal like that's. They've been hiding the ball and that that's. That's a pretty strong selling point for classical. Okay in all seriousness, he provides the dictionary definition of classical liberalism. He named checks a few classical thinkers like lock and mill in Jefferson. And then he goes onto y identity politics stupid, good good as a gay man. I'm very interested to hear what he has to say about identity politics, progressivism has traded of individual rates for paternalistic incensio concern for the convicted it. Just people based on pawn, their skin, color, gender, and sexuality, the Sa- mentioning them as competitors in an oppression Olympics in which victimhood is Ritchie. Oh my God. It's so many buzz phrases like. In that circle in that circle, they love the oppression Olympics. They love cry bully. Regressive left trying to think of some of these these snowflake. Yeah, he hasn't used word snowflake yet, but I'm sure it's coming. Yeah, no, they love these little subjects like. He's a real cry bully. It's. Dumb mean jokes. In place of real insight, okay, so then he goes through a few issues. That will help you decide if you think like Dave. Rubin God I hope I. Do I mean I? Hope I, do and I agree begin with drives. Good I can't wait to hear what the Libertarians have to say on drugs because I'm sure they'll be a way of explaining. Why shouldn't have what I want? Basically, he is totally okay with injecting whatever you want to inject into yourself until we get into the schedule one substances. That's the heuristic. Okay, but how does he propose to get there from here? What is the right way to get to this better paradigm, or is he just saying what he'd be fine with? Without, ever actually outlining anything constructive, he just says that he's okay. With some minimal governmental guidelines, vis-a-vis schedule one drugs, but he doesn't really go into what those guidelines might look like only that. States and cities ought to be at the forefront of changing those laws. Okay, so that would be like the way gay marriage once was where they were talking about maybe having it in a patchwork quilt states, but not other states I am so glad you brought up gay marriage because that's the next topic. Okay can't wait to hear about that. Okay so I. HE talks about how legal restrictions on gay marriage are. Unconstitutional. Okay, and then he talks about how the wedding cake bakers are totally cool. I can at least put this argument together my head and then he talks about Ben. Shapiro, who calls Dave Rubens lifestyle simple, but is still his friend. This is fascinating to me because it's like Dave Rubin is willing to just accept. A pretty deep slight. On his character, and still embraces person in a way that I never would like you know if you insulted the race of my significant other, and said something like well Gee Chris. I think you're a swell guy, but I don't think it's great. The addict people outside your race. I would tell you to go fuck yourself. It's okay because it's part of Ben's religion to think gay people are GonNa Burn in Hell this to me is really incoherent, and it's like he's trying to flex to show how tolerant he is, but it really to me just smacks of like not respecting yourself dude. I know maybe these things just aren't as important to him as they are. To other gay people manage the Persian your million to. Maybe maybe it's just that he's a free thinker. I ended gay man's second. It's the same confusion I have with Ted Cruz. Being okay with Donald Trump sliding his wife to me. That's always just seemed like if that's a red line for you. How much do you really respect your partner? That is a good question I really love to see the dinner party. Where Ben Shapiro and his wife have to eat with Dave and his husband and Ruben Never Burns himself at the idea like this sits intention with the person that you love. It's not even really about their identity. Dave don't worry, I'm not asked you a gauge identity politics I'm asking you to think about your partner, and if you actually love them, or if you love your career more. Yeah, this must have led to some interesting conversations at the Ruben House next topic immigration How does he feel about immigration because Libertarian and? He believes in the nation state. THAT CLASSIC LIBERTARIAN! archetype type were the state has primacy wouldn't dream of getting off a flight into another country swaggering up to the immigration officer in demanding permanent residency, it would be. Unfair to dump myself on the hardworking citizens of a foreign land who spent decades building their infrastructure, refunding their culture through the sweat tears and taxation to which I've contributed absolutely nothing. because. That's a thing immigrants do. I mean. This also sort of conveniently ignores the plight of many people who are here without citizenship who have been working in the country without citizenship, but working generally on phony social security numbers, making payments into the social security system, and not actually you know not actually being able to receive any of those benefits. If anything people have been paying taxes without representation now nick granted is non-citizens, but there's still definitely definitively making a contribution. Okay so basically his whole point here is that illegal immigration is fine, but a legal immigration is bad. Borders are good. And, so much harder for for Democrats to say things about borders now because it's politically incorrect. The scourge that is political correctness rears its ugly head once again. Yeah, he does support a pathway to citizenship for people who are currently purely okay. That's better than most Republicans that's true, but it's also like steaks free. It also avoids everything having to address the moral issue. You're just looking at like this. Purely in pragmatic terms, which the whole point about classical liberalism and libertarianism is, all policy is supposed to be constructed through first principles, which leads you pretty extreme policies granted. It's why I'm not libertarian, but done correctly. It's supposed to be run. Run through this Matrix of the non aggression principle digressive. LIFT LOVES TO CONFLICT NATIONALISM. With racism or white nationalism, but it's adherence. Forget when thing strong border is a sign of suffering t another term for sovereignty, so care, which is precisely classical liberalism is on about by carrying for since we can care for others. Okay, I'm pretty sure that's self rule Dave, not self care, not self Lov, either it's like you need to be look in the mirror every morning and love yourself, and if you don't have a nation state, you don't have that. And then we get to abortion. Oh, boy, where's Dave on abortion these days? Well, I. He wants us to know that he is having a child via surrogate. A beautiful thing I don't believe any of his jeans going into this child because his husband is providing the sperm. Surrogate Child. I'm guessing that they won't be able to expect a baby basket from the Shapiro's I'd be I. Would Love to hear Shapiro Square the circle on that. I really would. And then his favorite thing, free speech. This week's direct message with a trigger warning. That's right, so take a moment. And move carefully to your safe-space because we've gotTA. Talk I'll actually wait for just a bit. I think that now that you've been trigger warned Let's talk about free speech. Well, actually he signed on how Nazis should be allowed to speak in public book I'm not Pro Nazi. It's just if someone calls you. Nazi well in this case, she's telling me about a woman who called herself a Nazi. Oh, that's a fun twist. Is this the woman that the new? York Times hired as an editorial writer? I don't believe so. No, this is someone who appeared at an address. Given by someone who is an expert in debunking conspiracy theories. She spouted a whole bunch of bullshit. He told her she was full of Shit and he did it calmly. which is really what matters? It does actually matter in a lot of cases like let. Really wants us to know that this Holocaust denier was trans. Okay. I'm not sure I'm not sure what lifting is being done there with that. I'm not sure where where we're taking that one but I. Guess Trans People can be wrong about the Holocaust to what a country, but he does think it's okay for capture nick to kneel good good. Bold and brave so. Basically what he wants is free speech for absolutely everyone. On absolutely everything. Sort of. Sort of. Because, he doesn't really want people. Speaking Like culture is an exercise of free speech, right like you're telling other people who shut the fuck up, but you're using your free speech to tell other people. The shut the hell up. That's using your free speech to say this person is wrong and I don't like them right. Which is what? Theoretically is a perfectly normal and within the balance definition of free speech especially, if you're going to then talk about the battlefield of ideas, what does he think? We're throwing each other? On the battlefield of ideas, little socks inside of other socks at each other, so they like pissed off of our chess. He's alive bullets man this Ammo Jus- on the battlefield of ideas. I wanted to show with an AK47 filled with knowledge I. Want you to have a belt strap around your shoulder belt, a knowledge fact boards, and I want you to fire everyone of those routes into the chest of your ideological opponent. This is war baby. We're trying to win. Okay want he'd be fifth machine fact battalion on the left flank. Deploy. Okay. Then, we get into guns. Okay, all right nice, segue I didn't even know this we're going to. You need guns to protect yourself from the government. Increasingly true would love to see his take these days, police brutality. gun-free zones are stupid, okay. All right. I. Don't agree if we're going to increase gun restrictions in any area, it should be for the mentally ill. Okay, it's a minimum. I think that that's right I. Don't know how you determine. Who's mentally ill though how we doing that Dave, the only we can eradicate human behavior is to eradicate humans, and that strikes me is pretty extreme. Then why write a book about the State of society? Whatsoever ever right like if you really believe that, why would you? Of Nothing, clearly the conceit of writing a book about culture and society is that you don't actually believe that human beings are utterly static inning capable of changing in values or mores as evidenced by something like gay marriage actually I'm glad you brought up. Humans changing because Dave wants to talk about Trans Issues. To talk about the Trans when I was boy I want you to be a disip. PECAN named some wave. Okay I i. think that sends it all. We can just get the section cod. But the tone deafness of him doing it as a gay man. And what does it say about day that he wanted to be a deceptive on well I mean in all fairness. They were way cooler than the auto botts. They even have a better name from the start. Say so I'M NOT GONNA hold him being a deceptive con other than the fact that he's now a deceptive conservative against him well I was never into transformers, so maybe this isn't as Trans in transformers and he's equating. Trans people too transformers okay economics. Unpaid internships or bad? Apparently, he pays all of his interns. This I'll tell you what I've all. It takes the book that he's getting at. This one is actually very very true I. Don't think he goes anywhere near this level of debt, but it certainly one of the key reasons why like media writ large has real problems? Is that in order to actually do anything in media if you want to really? Really build a career. You will have to go and work for ABC the new. York Times NBC. Whatever outlet is including all concerned about. It's not like a left writer establishment thing you'll have to be able to afford to have someone subsidized your existence to live in a very high rent city for an entire summer, so your parents most likely are going to have to pay or have money set aside. Up to twenty grand, so you can go and work for these places to get the connections, and so then the upshot is, there's a real fiscal `gate-keeping that is being done in media and elite institutions and unpaid internships really prevent meritocracy, a thing that Dave Rubin, and I probably agree with. Although we have much different waters edges on how how and what that means. It really prevents the best and the brightest from being able to get spots at many of these outlets, and this is why you're starting to see this insular bubble think thing happened in DC publications and new based publications. Well, he doesn't get anywhere near that because it turns out. He was living on Long Island at the time of his unpaid internship, so it wasn't much of a commute home. Will I want WHO's paying for? That must be nice, so then he gets into how big the the government should be. A third smaller, but. Just take governments and cut a third out with says sensors. I love it when people talk. Willy Nilly about defunding stuff without really thinking it out like I thought that we kind of got over this hump with Ron Paul, but it's nice to see that this is still alive and well and kicking these days, and then he wants a flat tax, except it's not a flat tax because it actually has three brackets. Okay, so he wants a simplified tax code are the three brackets I. Love me some sloppy tax policy. Okay, so almost everyone pays flat eighteen percent anyone making under fifty thousand pay seven percent. Anyone making more than five Mil pays twenty percent. Oh, I'm sorry. This is actually four brackets, everyone who makes less than twenty five paise zero tax. It's very weird to have the final cohort be fifty thousand to five million especially. If you actually understand what wages are like, where the top twenty percent really kicks in like bureau, Redo the cohorts. You would almost certainly one win. And really capture the fact that like the tax code so far thus far so by. One percent, but it's really biased towards the top twenty percent. It's a tax code that works for them. And that top twenty percent if memory serves starts around one hundred and twenty thousand, or maybe maybe around one hundred thousand. Yeah, technically my husband and I I believe are in the top two percent, and we're not making seven figures between us right right. Five millions really five five million is lake. I mean it's really high. It's like whenever it was like Oh. My God Elizabeth Warren wants a wealth tax. Tax Kicks in I think above five million, or whatever I don't remember where the point was, but it kicks it unlike point zero zero one percent of people. It's like super loss. And then he talks about how class warfare is bad and fifteen fifteen dollar federal minimum wage is bad because it ashes in automation well, I mean automation's automation like I think that that puppies come, and also this is a book. Meet a lot of these pre pandemic books are going to look really stupid post pandemic right like. automations, honestly just as much a pandemic as it is wages, and then we get Shouli. It would be better if our social programs operated on a limited amount of decreasing payments over time, this would encourage people to get back into the marketplace rented in relinquishing the responsibility thinking up what he's describing might make some sense for maybe unemployment insurance, but that's like if you've got mental health. It's not like by cutting off your disability for mental health. We're encouraging you to fix your brain. That's probably not how it's going to work. Okay, then we get into foreign policy. He believes in having a strong military as a deterrent to war. Okay, but what I mean, they always say that like. Why do you need a strong military deterrent when you really just need nuclear weapons? Yeah, that's a good question. Right I mean. That's the whole point of the bomb I'm not like pro nuclear weapons, but to me. If you really believe the deterrence argument, then I have the nukes is a pretty good reason to make you stop in your tracks. And then he talks about how America is stronger than every other country and how? France and the UK are not going to save the world when the next genocide comes knocking I mean when you think about less genocide the British. Useless no and the French. Didn't do much. The these armies of Europe have historically been pretty soft on genesis. The point of this chapter is not to tell you how to think. What's? What's? The whole book it's. Different thinking ethos. You're being told the right way to free think it's shoe you had to come. Meet respectively and confidently defend yourself. If you think like me, he does not say. I mean. It's this is how if this is how you think people should defend themselves with all these near maybe not. Maybe not, bullshit lines. They're going to lose. You might be able to win a battle with this right like certainly you might be able to frustrate the person trying to make the honest argument, but at the end of the day you don't actually have a winning argument or a winning world. You and it's only a matter of time before that worldview loses out. Let's move onto chapter four. Don't worry. You're not a Nazi. Okay God I was worried about that. Thank you Adolf. Hitler was an urgent living vegetarian who seized power by moving boaters away from Germany's Social Democratic Communist parties. Because He created a nationalist Socialist Party. And they I mean he's. He's not wrong about this like that little. Trying to get like communists away, but they were a right-wing party that adopted a couple of socialist kind of. Plagues to appeal to very far left elements to get them broader power, but they were fundamentally right wing movement. Yeah, this entire chapter is how. It's all about him. Describing what literal Nazis were like and assuring you that you are not one of those Okra okay, so you're right, I mean okay, so this drinkers mostly about some really bad faith, comments made about Dave Rueben, except for this one that I totally agree with. He isn't a Nazi. It's just that he'd sit across from Himmler and say interesting a lot. That's pretty. Pretty much true I I I would I would say in a serious way that I've ever seen any sign that he would really challenge someone with horrible, but I clipped up stuff of him with Gad Saad and gets odds, not Heinrich Himmler but Gazza's a fucking racist, and like he challenge that Shit at all. No, not at all I mean. Maybe you're not Nazi Dave but. You're definitely not a freedom fighter, either and you would never challenge any of those us like here's here's Dave Rubin. Dave Rubin would say I agree to the Nazis in nineteen, thirty, two and nineteen, thirty, three and nineteen, thirty four in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, five, thirty, six, thirty, seven. Kristallnacht happens I don't agree with that, but he would still say we have to talk with them. We have to reason with them, but I think they're coming from a sincere place because the progressive Jew. And we have to respect that. Germany is a nation state in has the right to govern themselves within the borders. License. Like that's what he would say. That's what he would say. I'm happy to wear the the toxic mantle of liberal interventionist I, am proudly a liberal interventionist because the alternative is that that's how it always ends up series, a nation state and they. They do have the right to do what they want their own borders China's a nation state, and if they WANNA put a million. Xinjiang province into a reeducation-camp. Well, we gotTA respect. BORDERS GOTTA handed to borders. Okay, so this entire chapter is all about David's friends, and how they've been called names Oh, and apparently he and candace owens. Our friends, Shirley of course. She's probably influence and inspiration them. We've had dinners at my house. I attended her wedding and we've not beck. Plenty of frozen Margaritas together believe me. This wouldn't have happened if she was an anti Semite. Yes it would dave. We all know right I mean. Why wouldn't it if Ben Shapiro actively hates homosexuals and you're still willing to sit down break bread and have drinks with him. And then he talks about how Ilhan Omar is bad was. He thinks she's bad because they never bring up like that? She's an Armenian genocide denial. Anything or any of the things are actually problematic about her. Why is he? Accusations of juice having dual loyalties. Distanced stems from one key truth matter nifty. Progressive Seem Racism Sexism and discrimination everywhere except where it actually exists. What is her one off handed tweet? Mean that she should be judged forevermore, according to the Dave Rubin rubric because like he's the total guy who's like. We need to have free speech and allow for the battlefield of ideas and all of this stuff. Like, isn't she just participating in the battle? I don't know why. She should be held to a standard of behavior than everyone else. Is it because she's in politics either way? Might be. Out I really need to emphasizes you are allowed to stop taking any human being seriously at any time for any reason, even if it's someone who used to like. That's legit. If you WANNA, do that. Yeah I I don't. I like my problem with Ruben is not like well. This thing and I don't take her seriously. It's that he doesn't accept that as a valid way of thinking for any other person, but his political enemies. If. It's SIM. Harris and Sam Harris says like horrible offensive in any Islamic things well. You need to just hear that out buddy. Because Sam's allowed to you know, express his free speech and you need to be open minded, but if ill on Omar, cited the same source about Jewish people, or like made her own set of statistics, as they did the word for word, version of what Sam Harris does all the time for Islamic people he would rightfully say that she's got an axe to grind against Jewish people and say well. We shouldn't be dealing with her anymore and she's a bad person. And I wouldn't disagree with that assessment. This this is a one way rule. This is an utterly hypocritical in one way or rule, and he totally does not acknowledge that he's hiding the bonus. Okay, so that chapter just goes on along the same lines ever I think we I think we can do one more chapter for today, and then maybe save the rest for later episode because you know I am just blasted out of my mind on logic. I gotTA. Tell you I I needed to sit down and eat some bread. Maybe drink a little bit of water here. 'cause they're. Taking some cars I did not properly hydrate and Carbo load before I went back went out and knocked back. All these reasons shots mistake. It's been a long time since I hit the bottle of facts. This chapter amazingly is called. Check your facts, not your privilege. Gee, I wonder if this chapter is going to be about how identity politics is bad as a gay man, I am very aware about the problems of identity politics. Make. This whole gimmick? Is this whole Gimmick like I am? Ex and I think why. Please pay attention to me I don't. Think that because I'm black I, have to think of certain way. You know what I mean. There's an odd position here, also because in a weird way, if you, if you just happen to be white, and you were saying these things then in a certain way, you probably get a little less traction in this right, which is weird. It's a reverse of identity reverse of identity politics and I know neither one of US WANNA play those lanes, but it's. It's even with me. I don't being gay is irrelevant in the scheme of things, but every now and again i. do use it to throw it in their face like Oh. Actually, maybe you guys are the homophobes. He is an entirely identity driven gimmick right down to his need to label himself as a classical liberal. This chapter opens with Larry. Elder and Dave is just mind blown by the fact that he is a black conservative. Yes, because it. By that because they're the ones who are thinking freely. He does Credit Majaida was with coined the term regressive. Left's which you know is just the. Iconic phrase of our generation, as really giving us a prison to better understand society till's. Glad that this this phrase exists, so he's talking about how he's watching Larry. Elder do interviews in how well he responds to pointed questions, so then we get this hilarious scene where Ruben is being interviewed by Larry Elder and Larry's giving him softball questions that Dave can't answer. and. He thinks he can't answer because he was a leftist at the time, and he didn't really understand any of his arguments, but only take away from the scene is that Dave Rubin is an idiot. What what were the here's? Here's the question. They're talking about systemic racism. Larry wants Dave Rubin to tell him what he thinks. The most systemic issue for black people is I could answer that I think it's public. Education I think it's the model that finances schools in areas with high property tax values disproportionately from schools with low property tax values, and this effectively forces, black children into substandard schools and a fantastic fantastic inadvertent plug for another episode of. Don't worry about the government. That'll be out this week. Nights And I would say it's something like. It's mass incarceration over policing. It's everything from black person being five times more likely to get a citation for marijuana possession to being five times about five times more likely to get pulled over by the cops for a routine traffic stop. It's about the over incarceration for trivial charges, and the way that that affects your ability to build a career afterwards, even if you only did three months in the clink that those three months haunt you for the rest of your life, because society never hit the reset button on you, you forever more have the stigma of three months in the clink even when you're forty five. The short answer is that you and I are able to handle this question and we don't have to disavow the regressive left to do it. We just need to read a newspaper. Dude you got side your window. Yeah, no for real absolutely. Larry Elder D- just absolutely demolishes Dave with some statistics. So you know if you're going to be interviewed by this guy you WanNa come prepared because he knows his shit. Yeah, he's you don't. Carver and Tape Urban Interview Oh God. Beauties it is the reparation he does. What's going to be on that weird asset of his? Weird artifact. Has. He picked up from a shop the. Occupy the NOOK. Then we get into how Liberals Conservatives and Libertarians see the world. Liberals view the world in terms of victims and oppressors. Conservatives views the world as a battle between civilization and barbarism and Libertarian see the world is a battle between liberty and coercion I'll give him that the liberty versus coercion Matrix taken seriously is essentially what libertarianism is. And the conservative framing of civilization versus barbarism, extraordinarily charitable like obviously the liberal one is wrong, but the. They would view it A. Maybe if maybe if he actually nailed what each group would actually view this struggle is, it'd be right, but he's heard tells them himself when he thinks that liberals. Think of themselves purely as victims. So then the rest of the chapter is just a pile of Cherry pick statistics that you can bring to your Larry Elder interview like this is. This is the thing that a lot of people do where it's like you can say true facts make those numbers lie I'm not going to say definitively that he is using these statistics to lie, because I can't be bothered to read this chapter that closely on just saying. Spends the entire section on Republicans being bad Democrats being good talking about Dixie Kratz in the KKK so. Think, hard about the fats that he chooses to highlight. That's obscene. Okay so as I say I think we're GONNA. Need to leave it there because I have been faxing all day and I really need some eggs. Know for sure for sure. I think it's time to protein load. Get some carbs in and. that. That was a that was a stirring in deep dive and I think these ideas need to be i. mean what you're saying earlier about making sure that these ideas are challenged not by screaming and shouting, but by like really sort of like meaningfully enforced we making the argument, because with someone like with Dave, he's just going to agree his way through the conversation in like just kind of slippery with his way through some of is Owens would try to yell you down, and you have to have like the right rhetorical. For going after these arguments, but I think it's very very important that these arguments are actually challenged, not because they're good arguments, but because these arguments are now at a point where they've gotten enough traction that they need to be seriously challenged not not taken seriously as valid, but taken seriously as threats in the same with like National Socialism. In one thousand, nine, hundred, forty one need to be meaningfully challenges an idea and we haven't gotten into Davies attitude toward rhetoric. That's coming up in chapter six, but. What I want people to take away from this. Is that rhetoric matters? Even more so than content how you say something matters a great deal to persuading people of its validity, so if you're going to fight on the battleground of ideas, that is a very important weapon in your arsenal, and you shouldn't downplay it because that's how people like Candice Owens and everyone that David agrees with. That's how they get attention. Yeah, they're powerful sophists and sophists or able to get to where they're trying to go on the battlefield though ideas. Sick with this. They get to where they want to go with their rhetoric. Facts don't care about your feelings. Fundament fundamentally misunderstands the interplay between fact and feeling and the way people actually form opinion. Yeah, I'm sure. Ben Shapiro doesn't think feelings matter at all. That's why his latest book is called bullies. And that's why he was grousing about sports being as save space and it being robbed from him. It's getting to the point where I don't want to watch sports my my place. Of Comfort has been removed from me and it may not be. It may not be restored until their actual sports leagues that remove politics from the sport Ben. Shapiro has ever played a sport in his life i. read that sentence by the way and I just pictured. Year old Ben Squealing his way through elementary school dodgeball like. Admit. In her I view him as the tyrant of the foursquare where he finally gets the Kings Square and starts immediately making all these like only douchebag rules that make it impossible to meaningfully play the game anymore. Right, and that's why no one ever played with you again there's kings catch kings catch means that I can catch the ball. I can hold onto the ball to hold onto the ball. Also I'm introducing the double balanced. The double bounce rules ruled. Ignore us at one time you. Can it exactly one time also, I'm introducing body. Language by language allows you to use any part of your body, but. But not your knees. You're not allowed to use as I don't want anyone using their you him sound like the auction here on store. The trick to Ben Shapiro is to do a Gish Gallop. You have to keep moving onto. Someone can't actually address all of your arguments. At least one of those arguments, sixty audience and they think that you're very smart because you're talking in a very fast boys. Brilliance see that's an example of rhetoric mattering people learn you know it's. It's as much about deliveries anything. I mean in. You'll see me play around with cadences sometimes on the air here, I. I try to most of the show now in the way that I normally talk. Instead of doing it in the standard radio broke everyone. WHO's listening to the show ever heard me actually speaking. My radio broke. That's a rhetorical stylistic credential choice in the same way Ben Shapiro doing his gish. Gallop is a rhetorical choice in the same way that. Dave, Rubin doing the I'm a serious open minded individual is like it's choice. Or Kansas Owens being very angry and punchy. She could be reasonable. She could talk about her ideas in a low voice. But, she often uses being angry and the incendiary language as a way of essentially tossing over the chessboard, tossing over the table with all the pieces on it and you know resetting the game. These are all if she ever here's this, she's going to kids. You of trafficking and the same angry black woman stereotypes that the left isn't supposed to like. I know what she's doing limousine liberal. Think's acceptable to start revoking black cards for saying that people have to think a certain way because of the color of their skin. Okay, that is absolute racism. In my opinion to say that I can't think anything else than this or that. Because of the color of my skin, it's absurd. It's absolutely absurd. You think this or that because you're gay, you have to always vote this way because you're gay. You have to vote this way. Way Because. You're a woman. Biggest I think the biggest problem that we have in the African-amer community is that we're action I educated about our history whatsoever, but people don't know history. All they know is that they turn on CNN CNN tells them to look at this. Look at that to be afraid of this. Be Afraid of that. If you just happen to Hawaii and you're saying these things then in a certain way, you probably got a little less traction in this. Defense or that Affleck's it away from. It's GONNA be there. Rhetorical moves these people talk about facts and the primacy of facts, but really what they're all about is the primacy of rhetoric. If that's the take from this episode, I hope is. Also the primacy of their own experience because Dave Rubin would not have written this book if he didn't learn first hand that Chink wasn't an they. Ruben wouldn't have written this book of Jank Ugur. Anna Casts Burien had given him the six figure check that he wanted for the Rubin report, which was a be show on the TY, T. Network, which got a fraction of the main show's ratings the. The mind never would have come his way if he didn't mold himself to what his financiers were willing to finance. Yeah, right I mean. If the ultimate bitter irony is, the money probably wouldn't have came his way in the first place, but for the fact Janke Grahahan Casper. Give them that platform. It's only through stabbing them in the eye that he was able to really make the big paycheck. He should be done this to them. No, for sure. This book definitely should be dedicated Jank Uber because Jake Uber's the reason. This man's were any money at all. Oh just Morgan. Thank you so much for coming on this show. Where can people find you on twitter to engage with you in a free and ripples extreme devices? If you're going to find a me, please do find me because I'm only always running to go to settle of years, but come armed with your facts, and you're not regressive attitude. You could find me just a Morgan eighty-nine. People Of listening to intellectual prizefighter stepping into the ring today with boxing gloves on her right hand, one labeled backed the other labeled ideas. Right crosses left hooks, no, that'll actually just truly white crosses over and over, and over maybe even taking the left hand and swinging it to the right in a weird pseudo punch mode. You've been privileged as for this show at Dwa. Tgi is where you can fight it. You can find me at Chris. November, know C. H., R. I S. and P.. E. M. Vr. This show is listener supported that means you buck show is all masking all ever ask of you there other pay levels. If you want to support and you can't support, but look the reason I said it at one dollars because i. know that sometimes time good I know sometimes times bad. and. I don't want to ask people to show out more than there ever GonNa be comfortable with but hopefully all your point where you're not at your last dollar that you can afford a dollar eighty Ken I'd love to have it, and you can support us over Patriot dot com slash Twa H.. There's also premium episodes. Lot of people really liked the premium episode that it put up this week about fulltime pedals. I also debate myself over Winston Churchill after a brief midshow. Pause for the cause, so if you want to hear what that sounds like, there's only one way to do so. That's Bucker shope over a patriotic DOT com. The other way you show is pale slash. Hey, what if you wanna get the premium episodes that way sign up on pay, Pal, let me you did so hit me up at twitter at Christova Bruno and I will let you know or I will make sure that you get all those premium episodes of John List on the list of know. The other thing I want ask you is. Who is your district attorney you probably if you follow me on, twitter, have seen that I page my my name to that I want start sparking in people, something, constructive and something long term a lot of these district attorneys are not up for reelection for another two years here now there's one way we can get them at office by. By demanding the resignation, but other ways to get arrested them be aware who these people are, and then start organizing to get them out of office. In Your district, you'll find other people make new friends. You have an adventure and you actually help people out, so look up who your district attorney or you want us to do, so we will That's part of this new campaign. W. H. E., T. Hashtag. Who is my district attorney? And then tell us more city, and I will look up who the district attorney is in your district. Cody will, and we will get you information about them and a basic assessment of whether. We think they're good, bad or really bad I. Don't know what the third one is. We'll give you a quick review. You take a look at that, so go ahead and check that out over at at Gw. I! Think that's all God. Just thank you so much coming on the show. Thank you all so much for listening and until the next one by. But.

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GSMC Women's MMA Podcast Episode 30: New Faces in The Flyweight Division

GSMC Women's MMA Podcast

1:04:48 hr | 4 months ago

GSMC Women's MMA Podcast Episode 30: New Faces in The Flyweight Division

"Need Your daily fix of women's mixed martial arts from the UFC INVICTA FC Delatour, one championship be in the loop has golden state media concepts. Got You covered? Get your fit. Some women semi. We've got you covered on golden state media, concepts, women they podcast. Thank you for tuning into a GS. MC. Woman's MMA podcast brought to you by the GS MC podcast network. I. Am Europe Now? And as usual I hope you're doing well for yourself. You your friends, your family whether you live in the states or internationally I hope you're doing fine for yourself. Everyone safe. Everyone's healthy during a time of major uncertainty, but one thing that is certain right now, though is that we got a new contender coming up in the woman's flight rankings I'm very sad about this, so a recently came out on ESPN last Saturday, which was headlined by Discuss Evil I against. Against Synthetic avail, and on top of that we also have another five year, which recurs presser, which really impressed me and I think we have a new future star coming up in the division who I compared to to Sean o'malley in terms of someone who I predict to be dominant in the next couple years, and that is Maria Goba in today's podcast, I'll be discussing these two major fights upcoming events happening in the mythical. Find out that we now know isn't. So, let's talk about irises. Cynthia Cavallo here very opening match for a lot of people. This is a great showcase for good scientific avail was. As it pertains to the winds flight rankings. Someone asked me to what's going on with the women's rankings right now and because curly right under women's right division. Things are a little bit. If are up in the air, we are unsure what the mental capacity is right now for. Your turn to fight Allender, but then again she been scheduled to make returns moral times in the past two years. Things have been going well feroze. We don't know what's happening with her and are now you want to teach. She's gone for a year and. She wants to fight against. unreliable because he's running against. We don't and there's even speculation out there. We might see a wealthy Zhang received chinks fights. We're unsure on what to expect from them and divisions. And then when fight rankings now we've got also GONNA. Talk because volunteers. Janko has pretty much smoked. Everyone in the flight division to the points that the reason why we have Jessica I against Uva. Or Antonina Shevchenko against killer Acadian. Doesn't make logical sense for why those fights even happen. It really doesn't. I mean if you look over here. We have Hannah ciphers against Moraga POGBA had US I I. It's not even compete in the women's fire rankings here. So why is all this happening? And the truth is that we've got the flight, the flight division and the battling division and a new invitation to go there Tom. It's in their time as champions right now that they're pretty much spoken. The division is the honest truth here. Who is who can face Valentine's Janko that Valentina has not tweeted. SHOULD HE SMOKED JESSICA I'm killing Keagan no. We got rumors out there that you on Calderwood versus of Al Janko. Now I think though that was original happen, but then Valentino pulled out due to injury and also shot. Asians to go and help them Halliburton movie so. We sold our no way inbound is going to come back so Kagan, she's not really doing now for most precious waiting for turn again. An, so what's going on? What's going on the flight rankings now? We've got these top contenders here and just I kills Kagan, call. They're only doing aging right now. and. Even been defeated by the champion so. Find Division well Flying Division. Need some new stars so the way they're pushing. Janko Intertanko was supposed to be, she was a really big deal. Coming to the FCC, she came into all of she came her first fights in the AFC as a major as a major contender Shirley was doing as. As a future face organization here people thought is going to be anti Janko his to Jayco, because that matchup makes the most sense because both of their fighting styles are very similar with the exception. The Valentina has more better ground game. And that we have here, syndicale Sydney Cavale was not even top ten in the rankings. And talked to just got I when she came to this. You have CNN this past Saturday on on ESPN. She came despite as the number one ranked flyweight division. It was bounded Janko right below. Valentina is just guy. And so this guy has nothing to do. Because she already lost, so sexpert was actually gonNA fight against it took avail. Just Indika veil and anti-ship Janko are in that same position, and same can be said about Maria Guebuza and the flight division is looking for that next big star beyond just Valentina Janko. Escapes Innocent Fellow for. She got completely smoked by Kagan. Really to outing there for an you know and I don't. From how icy anti right now I think she's in the downturn right now. All killing in is really strong, powerful person, and a top by breakings, who pretty much plays a role as a gatekeeper this point. So what by synthetic of Ao is she the other big of the? Yes, he wants to go push since Antionette is. Doing, self, we'll have to say yes, so Scindia Kobe overseas to get I in match appeared feared going to spite was. But it was very small I think she came in. As a one eighty difference. It was a very back and forth. WHO's GonNa? Win This cavale or guy. And coming into this fight, the prediction was it's a grappler versus striker about here. You got just I the striker and Vale grappler. What people really undermined in this match up and I agree wonder that I undermined was Cynthia's Australian ability because the row. She's really she's really young. She's very inexperienced so I didn't and she's going into her first major five. Ron made event here at the. FCC, so I thought to myself. Okay I'M GONNA put it I'm GonNa. Place the safe bet on just guy. I tend tendency of doing that a lot of people. Were the place money on the person who's got. A good track record and has experience. It's the reason why. It makes all the logical sense for someone to go bitten money on Gilbert Burns to loose. But Qamar, uz one will definitely go into his fight against burns as the betting favorite to win. Just because he's a safe bet, we know can expect of mar use long for Gila Burns. His past four performances have been incorruptible. have been good. But it's been so fast and he. He's been fighting in these short stints that we don't know how to really gauge him and same thing can be sympathetic. Avail this. She's only fought ten times up to this point, so we're unsure how experience compared to just guy. This guy, guys come into this fight fighting twenty two times so ten five A. Person WHO's program in ten fights versus a veteran who's number one ranked who's performing twenty two fights. It kind of it's a lot of obvious zero why somebody will look at Jessica I being in his fights, but that Internet as was expected because syndicate, VR had an amazing performance and amazing completes all around performance and are striking ability. I am sorry for undermining her striking ability. It's really good. I is ranked number one reason enough why he is one of the pound for pound best spiders in not just white in the division above all women's a all women's book for Arts She's won't be out there and for some to Cavanna go defeat is someone who's experiences for, and because as accomplished as guy I'm like. Wow, senator is great for you because right now. A upon defeating discount I so syndicate avail was ranked outside the top ten. With this one win on this guy, so she had to win against Horny Casey a draw against A. Guys so she's not really going anywhere in the rankings, invite division, but then she defeated this guy, and now she bumped up from being an unranked fighter into being three rank fighter in the entire was like division which internals about the killing chicken. And now we have a specific avail like being name out there. She could possibly fight against killer gin, and so when I gets Indika veil, and how she stacks up against the rest of the winds like division here. What kind of takeaway from civic of performance from this guy, well when you look at matchups Jennifer, my aunt rooks free. You uncalled your word Laura Murphy Kagan. TENCENT! They kept me Oh be any spiders. The answer is yes, because civic avail is an amazing grappler. I'd arguing that she arguably arguably is the best grappler in the top ten rankings right now in the fight division. And, then on top of that on top of her grappling ability, we also have a million striking she had. Her first hearst round against God I was very iffy it could have gone either way, but it was really obvious that just I had a slight edge onto the Cavale in the first round. Guy She's having back and forth fight here against the first round. She does slightly better than her. Then coming to the second third fourth fifth round, it was awful veil. A really was because. Just I, she gasps yourself in the first round using so if you look at the assists here. Just I? Attempted. More strikes, onto Cynthia. But she landed only two more significant strikes over Cynthia. She'll united to more and Jessica you. Will I look significantly better? He's impressive impressive part of us into. A performance against got. Syndicate was able to out power and out strike Deci this pristine striker here in the division Bombie best ever. And she did it's him. This veil looks like she belongs on. Sarah now. Think of. Power structure is and how she moves. She looks like she should be competing at the start division. She looks perfect with a sharp division and that's that's my personal sound that. But in this fight here against a liar, she looked significantly a lot more smaller than this guy. She looked a lot more smaller in the I shook a lot more weaker. But I was proven wrong. I really was Cynthia in the second, third, fourth and fifth round. Outbox guy and she grabbed third. There wasn't a single aspect of the fight game that I did better than Cynthia I said Cynthia had a better all round game and had a good a better overall performance now. How does it stack up against someone who's? She's usual matched up with committed to this fight against killer Kagan. So who in between Chiquet into the Vale I always go for the safe bet here I would predict would go defeat cynic avail I'm not in the minority here, I think a lot of people would choose killed circadian the defeating Cynthia once again because she's a safe bet here and she's been more assistant in a run in the AFC than Cindy has. She's also been a lot more parents in the division so civic ever getting. What does you do? Bend Cynthia well. That's a toss up here because Kagan and Cynthia are to really strong all around fighters that aren't necessarily good in one particular venue or the other person because you're Keegan if you saw her about. Chanko! dominated. Her Jakik in dominated Anthony now with their ability and her striking ability, outmatched kickboxing prowess of Antonina. And we live on and then we looked at Cynthia. Who's grappling ability is our best in the entire division. Inches able to Australia. Great striker into sky. So. We have shaken and Cynthia. bullfighters are really good in the ground religion clench. SURPRI CYNTHIA is surprisingly way stronger than she actually looks in terms of physicals. So what does Saha so who's going to edge out in this fight here? If these two were the bachelor? Well. Even though Cynthia has a set has except of strength. I still put money under Kagan, because, you're Kagan. I say is a lot more stronger as a lot more power hitter lot more. More harder down than somebody. Guy If I say who between I and again I was educate you win, but now after kicking recently KC. To, Kagan can out wrestle Cynthia, surely can. grabble to Kagan be how strong she is. She's one more bigger woman in Tire Division. She can often the ground. Her striking is really impressive. Eddie clinch with bullshitting tossed around 'cause. She's dad powerful. So Indica they over. Again I would put my money on Kochikade unit winning that bout off the basis that from her track record. She is a much better than DECI. She labrum stronger and she's got a better. All around game compared to disguise guy. So. I might be wrong I might be completely wrong this for all I know. Syndicate air can go in shock me and the rest of the world. I would be surprised I won't be surprised. If saw UFC fighting, or yes, he could prevent and it was simply Kevi elvers. Kagan and Civic of sorts out Matt Rusting could judge in and she outkicked box again like it could definitely one hundred percent happen. Now. What's the likelihood of add of it actually happening? I think this low islands preloader Mit Syndicate Mayo dominating against your skin, but it's now with that, but sow the possibilities that we could see winning and I think it's really great for the division I think is because the vitamin has been pretty stagnant. It's been pretty stagnant and Valentina is on a great winning streak right now. Valk news are two fires for the most dominant woman right now in all women's mixed martial arts and defy division. It lacks stars. The fight vision lack stars I think fighters like a synthetic avail and Agapov are really are really good, and there will, and they will make the fight division a lot. We're better also got competitor you Roxanne, Madeira, free and you on caller and Lauren rookie three fighters out there are deceptively are not that popular deceptively, really good and can climb their way up to the top of the rankings here. Serious GS MC women's MMA podcast roughly short breaker which we discuss marina pullovers, a really impressive performance against Hanna ciphers. See You. Check out the show that's built on the made from the UFC extreme cage fighting. They got the fights covered. Check out the GSM see. PODCAST get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join US as we've talked to about some of the biggest names in the past present and future. When it's the fight game, there's just one show to check out GSM. See podcast, dot com back slash M Dash podcast. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter. Visit GS. MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. Are, you looking for the very best NFL and college football podcast, then check out the GMC football podcast, get the latest football news, both on and off the field from the NFL draft treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines. They got you covered. That's GSM. See PODCASTS DOT com slash football dash podcasts get updates on college rivalries, keen de Insights and much much more. It's football off the way you want it. This show each sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like I'm on facebook and follow them on twitter visit yes. MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. And we are back. Welcome back to the jazz. MC. Women's mixed martial arts spark gas here so I just recently discussed. This guy is against Vale I. AM excited for Cynthia. Bunder divided I'm very excited about NFL. Division would be Maria Pogba so it's Moraga pct ahead of Cyprus. Play rankings here and this fight I am kind of happy and sad. Watching this fights. I'm having this that I get to see Marie. Got Pogba be the great performer? She is completely dominated Hannah ciphers and she's about to. Injury is old and she's still improving. Yes, she's doing so many things well first off I am happy for the public and I predict her in the flight division be similar to that of Sean o'malley in the sense that the young person here a lot of swag. She's got a lot of confidence yourself. A lot of there's a lot about agriculture. She has that. She has that level of charisma they can. You can tell comfortable. She is talking from the Cameron House Likable. She is to the camera, and then when you compare that along with her. Really impressive performance against cyber is here. You can only think to yourself. Wow just. This girl has a lot potential and she can really go for it in this business and right now currently she's unranked, but as you can tell, here buys into Cavale here's inches depart. Syndicale wasn't unranked fighter. Coming through fights is now nine and one and is ranked number three light rankings. Now we have Rigoberta. Who is also nine hundred one and on top of that? She's a newcomer twenty three years old unranked fighter. So do not be surprised if Maria Paul in the span of the next two, maybe two and a half years get up there being part of the top by ranking have. You should put all your stock on. ACAPA fights coming from the future dude because she's got a whole lot of potential. See what's come for her next I'm also happy Hannah Cypress here. Because for those who do not know Hannah Cypress competed just two weeks ago. Just to go against a really game Mackenzie dern! And Hennessy CIPHERS. She's fighting one way class above her she had. To extensive problems is actually. She only had five days of prep time before fighting's AGRIPPA. So she fought against. Mackenzie dern a week later. There was given a five days later a five. Days notice to go fight against Agapov. The hand ciphers agreed. and. I'm happy for Cyprus because she's making a lot of money. Her Burns are two fighters that are making most of the situation, but because Gilbert Burns on both sides. In a normal scenario would not be placed in these cards I'm being honest with you for as for as much as I like ciphers, and you're burners for as talented as both of them are. If everything was normal, and there was no coronavirus pandemic happening. There was no process happening over black lives matter. If more fighters available to go and participate in competes with now. Then I wouldn't see Cyprus or burns. Make the money. They are doing right now. But unlike Burns Hannah Cypress Sally. She's not doing well for herself. In her professional career because she lost against Mackenzie tour after are really good two minutes. Hannah's Iverson's doing really well for herself for about two minutes of her fights against Mackenzie dern. But I was rude critical on Hannah. Cypress inner clinching ability and her actual like lack of striking power, because has ever is. Mentally had a good strategy truly did in that she was going to go over Mackenzie dern. She's GonNa. Go and Mackenzie. The reach advantage over ciphers ciphers. Being the much more smaller Straw, MC MC. During should be competing athlete, but she's keeping us right because you can get the weight, so cyber is being more. Fighter is able to close in the distance and go fleas. fifty-fifty changes against Mackenzie dern was able to clinch with her. It was able to do a multitude of uppercuts onto Mackenzie dern. But just like in her fight here against Paula. Mackenzie dern recognized okay. I now know how much punches and how much pain I can deal with before I can go into striking distance the country. I can't be with my opponent's data. Corey talked about this in a recent fights. Ray said. The mortgage punched or the more you play at risk, the more. The more, you'll find the opportunities you want. And what am I? That is is around. Let's make intern. Because, he dern interfering tennis. Efforts was overwhelmed. She was easily overrun by Hannah ciphers, but her being over US efforts. She's able to recognize. Okay. The I'm taking the very worst. It's ever can give me right now and now I know this is the worst I know now I can go take on. Whatever damage has commuting onto me. So I'm a I'm a power through this tank through all the damage are finally opening our famous spots. I'm GonNa, go and take advantage of the situation and police myself in a better situation against Cyprus and she did. She recognize the Hannah ciphers. Wanted, to close the distance and shoes we are. She was very reckless. Enter clinching which gave Mackenzie during the opening. She needed to go and clinch. Slam Anna Cypress and go for this lock so really good for Mackenzie. They're not there have came up with the right fatty I believe has. This laxed at intimidating punching power to the point that her opponents recognize okay. I know how much I can take what I can deal with upon getting close towards appendicitis here because obviously, there is some fighters. That you recognize that you can happen. There's about there's somebody. That know that can endure a handful of budges for instance of Kobe Kobe. Kamar use Monroe punching you. You. Don't you'RE NOT GONNA? Get knocked out, but you know it's GonNa hurt a lot. Now compare that to somebody that Franson got you or even time we'll the and that you know if they clip you with just one or three shots. You're done. You're done there and you better have expert had moments it because you just don't want to deal with that at all so in this scenario here when you have. Against over here? Anna ciphers. She did the best she could I. AM impressed by separate was able to against I go over here but me and my dad were watching it, and then, when she saw and really really fight the referees, telling both fighters to get octagon. They're closing in the distance of one another, and there's a significantly huge difference between the size of Aga- pct and the size of Hannah. CIPHERS like looking this matchup I'm like okay. There is no way has risk in the feet. Agricola because AGRIPPA was best game is you're striking? And she's really good fighting within the pockets, and with her extent of which can go and outbox the ciphers and not make her comfortable. She did that she did onto Cypress, but has ever is being the game where she is. She took all these shots with the backyard. Hct Sally though. Her striking is really. It is there. Her striking power is not sufficient enough. That her punches can't be seen as a threat towards your opponents. That's what I'm saying here. How does is fighting the right fight in terms of the if you just look at the of of? You know yeah, he's fighting exactly the right way, but. She just doesn't have the physical sticker back it up, and so I go pogo. The fight started Aga- boba stars, boxing. fers throwing in some lakes. Cyprus could not bringing the distance at all, and by the time ciphers was able to gauge this in between her APOLDA AGRIPPA is just putting. AGRIPPA despite her size. She looks like she should fight slower than she actually is, but she's really quick. POVER- striking ability is deadly fast beer president has a lot of power to its her electric's are on points. And she kind of went here with a leg kick, so has I presume. Point in the fights got her back onto the cage and Muruga. Hobo is just pelting Cyprus with uppercuts and hooks, and then, and then she backs away. She hit Cyprus with the really mean nasty LEKIC. Hannah's falls over her back onto the cage and Agapov us go, and she goes over and semester via renewed took I'm apprehended ciphers for submitting twice in two nights, but this fight. Defeats Hannah Sat via submission in the first round two minutes and forty two seconds in really impressive overall performance here by Agapov in here she shows she has submission game. She asking game show striking, and she can fight you both outside and inside the pocket so really impressive performance, thereby pogba separate cyber balls same time I was kind of happy prescribers, because in the span of two weeks. She made a whole lot of money for herself. So although Hannah cyber is do boost her about here. She made some money permits and considering the economy nowadays currently in the states. You've got gotta make as much money as you can. Right now, because things are going on layoffs happening, we got businesses. Closing down in terms of economics right now is really difficult to make money in America. So how does that rose was able to make the most other engines able to make some money so good for her and also? She's not gonNA. Get laid off from the F. C.. Because because of the fact, she was able to go for these impromptu fights last minute training for fighting up one class above her, she will be in the good graces here. She really will be so agrippa entity Camille bumping themselves up in the rankings here expect from the fight divisions while I. I'll be Jennifer Miami matching up against Vivian are Rubio next week. Viviana who bridges Jennifer? My from? My APP is coming off a loss from Kagan, but she had two wins. She had a win against Roxanne. Midafternoon Alexis Davis. Kick one of the best fighters in the entire division. That's something. Other than to put your head down here, but but Viviana rule. She lost via decision in our really close fight here against this guy and she defeated Oxus Davis Anthony the Bernardo. My money. Here is on Jennifer my defeating against Vivian rule, and then we've got Roxanne. modafferi against Lauren Murphy coming up in three days from now three days from now discordant coming up. This Saturday is going to be Roxanne, but Africa's Laura Murphy here. I am a huge rocks free because she more than any other fighter in the AFC is totally in. It's as it brings putting herself out there as a complete. Dorky nerd I one time dress up as departure. During the weigh INS and I'm like guys. That is excel cool, so rex! Murphy honestly if you haven't read her story on bloody com, or she talks about her life story and her development as a fighter, she really is a fan she really is. She has a very interesting story of you. Don't know yet. Go look it up, GOPRO approximate avary. Put up a story coming in from elbow DOT COM really interesting. Lots of this fire is the I. Am really surprised she got. She got herself up into the rankings here because. Russell whatever she's ranked number five in the division, but she's three and four in the AFC. And the reason why she pulled herself up to number, five ranking was because she feed it against Anti Nausea Janko and remember at the time of her defeating Antena. She came to the under dog. She fought against Jennifer my who's ranked number four, and then she defeated me see barber. And so it makes sense admiral. To be above some of these women here, but also kind of shows that this division kind of is lacking ear, and should we fighting gets Lauren Murphy. WHO's coming up two wins against Andrea? Lee and Marabella. One of the mean by Tko. She lost against Uri. eubanks Sarah Banks with being a really tough competitor, woolmer, underrated fighters and the entire division here. So. Lauren Murphy Rocks and monopoly that is complete. Toss up in my personal opinion. I cannot predict GONNA win. That fight I personally like seamer that Roxy I'm definitely win. Just because how much of how much of an underdog story it would be issued or win, but both of these fighters are both three and four in the AFC, so both of these fighters desperately do need a win or to stay in there within the rankings here. And, then we have Air Courtney Casey. Against Jillian Robertson so. Corden Casey here is five and six in the NFC ranked number thirteen, she defeated mar umbrella via submission wants against intake avail, but one good agile, Hill. Shots Indika there. WHO's right now? Currently ranked number. Three cases ranked number thirteen. That's very interesting to know. We are now that we know. In hindsight, also Angelil are two very game fighters very two very very underrated fighters in fighting division here and he's fighting. Gillian Robertson so Roberson is to. She lost recently to May. See Barbara via Tko but defeated against the Rana Maceio Answer Horta BC will be mashing up in three days also in the same card as mckinney and Lord Murphy here who I predict win this fights. I gotta go with Courtney Casey in about here. It makes all the sense for Julian Robertson to go fight against Gordon. Gordon it was able to go toe to toe with two prominent fighters to. Your fighters incent the Angela Hill and mir-mira umbrella. It has to be a really tough opponents so I put my money here on Courtney consuming doubts. And we got molly began against hall. You Santos and Jeon Kim Against Alexa Grasso. So she oh! KIMBER selects Grasso. I have my fingers crossed for that fights. That's a fight. I really WANNA see the their fight is going to be coming up in two weeks time John, Cameras Alexa Grasso. I like Xiang Kim, but she needs to actually make weights. She's a really impressive fighter. But It gets really frustrating. When you know that you've got these really good fighters, who just can't make way because you don't Kim has a dynamic twice inner pass to fights, and she still wants to compete in the ones. Flight rankings immunology initially came in as a bantamweight. Some unsure what to expect between ASEAN Kim and Alexa Grasso. Hopefully she can go make weight so because no one wins normally does win a fighter Mrs Wade's Alex Grasso gets opportunity to rank yourself. Obvious Joan Campbell. Who I think is very undefeated in the division. She really should records of Afrin principal hormones are not CASSIM. Hopefully things turn out well in. This doesn't become another Catholic fights we also have. There are turning page vents. A man Ribas coming up at five Albee, a fight here in that Iran. Memory bus should be fighting against fighters higher than the rankings, but page one is a major name and patriotism. This wants to fight to get over with so she can start renegotiating or contract, so there's a lot of moving parts here coming up in Ben's and Ribas. So. You're listening to the GS MC. Women's May podcast coming back right after this. Break here CC. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The Golden State media concept's podcast network is here nothing less than podcast list with endless. Of podcast Harvard's. From News Sports Music Fashion Entertainment Fantasy, football, and so much more so stop flirted around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build that podcast is. Whatever it maybe visit us at www dot Jesus MC podcast dot com follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes. soundcloud and Google play. This is your alternate stop for everything sports. The Golden State Media Concept Sports Pan. We are facts, so he lied. Breakfast Long years of survivors has paid off is in W ENEMY RESCUE DOT com here. In by a Christian but Cynthia. was nearly a year ago has extended Moraga. pogba knocked on the door Dana White's guitar series. She delivered on Saturday nights. View by average via first round, naked choke. I want it goes last. I deserve. It was done. It was finished I just thought with all. It was all or nothing I said I'm so happy, because now I know that all my blank will be fixed, and finally I get a normal life. I just survived an after signing with the FCC things got better sponsorships. About a year ago. Piece of AGRIPPA. A tooth came out while she was in the locker room. She hasn't been able to go to the doctors. Because of the struggle over finances finally, I can do it. I had money problems all year while I. Stay here in the US I said I have two problems as getting worse and worse, everything was all up all year. Is Fight for my future for a great light, because I'm tired of always just surviving. American top team's Agapov overcame many obstacles to earn her. You have see contract, meanwhile, boxing coach Gabriel era and I've seen the flurry of off inner striking. When she lost the fights in the container series falling a week, they put her. They put her to work with me. All said I didn't work with her in preparation for her contentious fight started evolving within her to during her short tenure at Invicta FC we worked on positioning punches and movements, as they may even begin agricultural was on the phone with her family back and extend while they're coaches gabled ell Olivera and King Mo turned into. See if she would earn performance tonight bonus. We are watching the last fight to see if Moraga Wednesday performance bonus she did. Everything landed hard punches definitive down and finish submission hold elevator, said she control the distance during the whole fight, and she made her opponent appeal, each punchy landed. The ESI fight received many compliments from her family, but there's also a lot of buzz on her debut within the community of how well tar cast. They're very glad for me and my sister lives in a very small city back calm. Everyone told her all your sister America mega all a couple of years ago, my phone broke. said. I got two broken phones and one that broke when I came to Las Vegas. OCT has three consecutive first-round finishes. She called she and adopted interposed by. Running for me. Let's go fight here. I'll meet you here. Initially matchmakers wanted to match acapella with ops in before they moved from a Scotto dumpster rejected the fights for an on reason the new. Yes, you fly returned to the apex since her appearance and. This time she didn't leave the judges and embraced the and gentlemen that feels are. Aren't interesting to for me, I like emotion I want to go on a rollercoaster and go extremely fast, said people need so i. just give it to them. Just want to see something interesting I hope they give me good money for this, and she goes on to laugh her post. Fight interview was very funny, very heartwarming. It comes across the various scare looking fighter, but then she started talking in front of the camera, and she looks at such a humble, good good person, and I'm really happy for I. Really am though not impressive performance was though let's not overdo it in. was because she was finding its Hannah ciphers and has. Had to fight a one-way class above as recently fought about a week ago, so good performance thereby agrippa Alexi if I imagine her and Dobson I can't imagine. Happening is being reported that Caitlin. Vieira will face up against. And is added to August. One events and exciting matchup is in the works for an upcoming. Events happening in August one. Brazil's killing Vera. Who is ten to one? Is this? He come forward. Victor Champion and. Twelve. Five with one no contest. Looked to bounce back from her first loss over pro-career. Back at yes, to forty, five, prior to that Serrano was four, and in the promotion with impressive wins over Kelly for Scholz Actually Evan Smith and Sarah McCain cats and got him. Sky will also be looking to bounce back from defeats at loss to Aspen. Ladder December Fox's to two in the promotion holds wins over Lil. And Maranh renown. The car will be headlined by Holly Home. Vs Iron Dan Location venue is yet to be announced. That might happen at the apex. Facility, that's the likelihood of it happening. Basil Right now currently in the states, states are being to reopen, so this could be in Florida. This could be happening in Nevada. It could potentially happen even in California, so we don't know what's GonNa Happen here. killing verizon against I got. Off The base Janaka Kaya is coming off her pregnancy, and so I'm not really sure if he's really in the best cheap now. Against Vm I'm except for 'em. Resign now Dina and I'm I'm except for spider both coming off losses the Aspen. That God can sky. I had nothing to be ashamed about nothing. Esplanade is one of the best players in flight division, and I can't wait for these two five zero face obligation. It is also Nassar we're going to have Julia. Veal Everson Nico Montano in a rematch is in the works for Aug events first reported in by May. Calm Down Bantamweight rematches, and the works for the events coming up on August eight Julia Avila in one versus former champion Neekam and donahue has four and three is targeted for a currently unnamed events in August I realize fresh off a twenty two second ticket. Originally. At you have vegas to this past. Saturday, the win Mark Second UFC appearance falling up her debut back. To thirty nine last year. Montana moved to the bathroom division last July dropping a decision to Juliana Penny on the four five champion was scheduled to face off against makes us in in a sophomore, Benjamin appearance. However, the was scrapped due to Montana suffering. Injury this fight will be a rematch. The pair I made other back in two thousand seventeen. Potential by Nassan. Strange choir to look back on and that she was the inaugural champion, she was at the inaugural. Flyweight champion. And, then now like Valentina has it in the title. You're not thinking about emily about Valentina Nico the being the former champion. It's virtually in the she. Kinda lowered himself down. The rankings ear. Had I've seen anybody who's about this where Nico has to be one of bizarre careers ever for fighter. In that like there are many stories going up the she'd been ducking fighters either to the champion. She's heralded as you. mealy place in the top ranking is only four and three. It's very strange. See to look at the career Meka Montano and I. Look at her losing this fight against Julia. Villa I haven't seen nickel-metal. Nick, Montana, who competed. It's been a watson. She's competed and she's been going through a plethora of injuries. So for that reason why Julia Villa's careers going up right now. I don't really see Montana's. Staying up there in the rankings all L. So. I say. Julia is going to defeat a Matanal by TKO. Probably late in the first round or early in the second round. With confidence points unequal Montana, but then again you never know what can happen to sports. And also reported in that we got a handful of medical spends happening yet again. It's always happens. It happened last time to China. Cypher was able to avoid pink suspended her in Mackenzie during to be way to. They're able to avoid getting suspended into last bout. That's why he was able to compete last Saturday him Buzzer in that USC biggest medical switches despite bakery in developing potential six months sets last. Saturday UFC Vegas to syndicate the emerged as a new player in the Fight Division and the nights being adventure, you introduce yourself to the vitamin by defeating former. Just IV decision also in the car. You'll have Chris. Number picked up to be ticket wins in their respective decisions in their respective divisions. After. The fighters were evaluated by medical officials event Nevada Athletic Commission released the full list of medical suspensions. Civic Avail must have right shoulder. Emery must have bought orthopedic or sports medicine Doctor Clearance otherwise no contact until December eleven. Minimum suspension until July fourteen contests until five genome Zini suspended until July twenty nine next month, no contact until July fourteen and a separate suspended until July, fourteen, also just one month no contact until July fifth. I am upset about this. I really am. because. There is no we had Cypress would've made the money. She did if she didn't compete against AGRIPPA because if she were to be suspended in her gets mackenzie learn what she did, she didn't she had. Mentioned and zero feedback from the. Commission, this being given a singular. It's it's bizarre. It really is I am not happy with the Nevada Athletic Commission, being able to suspend fighters I. Don't really think so I think after a fighter goes through fights, they should be looked over. They should be looked over by a medical team and see okay. How long does it take for you to recover from this? and Are you good enough to be able to compete in because? These fighters are warriors there. These fighters are words and understand safety is first. But if a fighter is able, is capable of still being able to form several tests. Then I believe they definitely should go, and how the option had the freedom to choose took peter nuts. Considering that twenty twenty is a really rough patch year. and. We've seen fighters like GINA. Hannah Cypress give it burns. Who made the most of this was able to help? Position themselves in the career in terms in terms of finances and rankings through early fighting. It's. Sport Alley. Don't I understand. Health is a big concern. I understand that is good to. It is best for fighters to. Remain healthy, so they can go have a long career in mixed martial arts. But the same time though I distinct, the fighters should be given the option to continue fighting after going undergoing a series of tests, and if they can go, pass was task then they should be eligible to continue fighting and not go through a period a suspension. I'm happy that Cyprus and magazines suspensions are about only a month. I like that happy for Hannah. Cyber is because she's spot two times to very tough ponant in two weeks. I'm tougher that sick of has a lot of momentum occurring over her right now and I'll be disappointed if she isn't given. The option to competes against somebody by December, Eleven I. Feel Canal her potential. Stock is going up right now, and I would hate for the sponge indigo. Slow down her minimum. It has been reported by bloody of our COMNET fleas. Herod is set to return and has being Vernet General at USC Tiffany to please Hera in the cage for the first time in almost two years at UFC two. Looks like police Herod with making a return to opt the veterans. Arts fighter has been balanced injuries including a torn ACL Yikes for the most part of the past two years, but the thirty five year old has been booked straight bouts against Bernadotte robot gas to in August, according to ESPN fleas, heard who is fourteen eight intermix, martial arts, career and fiber and three in the AFC comes in with a two fight losing streak, dropping decisions to Michelle. Waterson and Caroline Wallich's back in twenty eighteen before that she had rung up all of our offer, four fight winning streak despite the long layoff. Layoff though Herod. Hung around the depen- rankings until just recently general, but is fifteen in one interracial charts career, and what a one in the picking up her first loss over career inner. Yes, he debut dropping a decision to Carla Esparza then in the tough match-up for general. Omar good has caused part of the former champion and Meka. Montana is approving competitor. She rendered in her last fight. Though sitting me Martin in December it expected that about we'll take place on the card that you have to. which goes down August eighteen. But it is not the venue or location yet, so the car will be headlined by the third and final fights between Daniel Cormie. For the Yes he retitled. Tough break for Gender Oba your first matchup against Sparta. Tukwila tough debut. Wow, this wild, but the event will take place in Las Vegas as I, said no, recently states are beginning to reopen up, but the AFC. It's not like they don't have location can do it on. The they have. They have a venue and have been happening in Florida. They can do it in Las Vegas for all. We know they can dictate can do it at fire island, so it's not like this event, or at least this fight will be cancelled and scrapped at all I can expect happening. I'm excited for Food Zaharia. It'd be return. I predict general winning this tornadoes. Laughing at People's careers have ended through torn ACL's once. A twenty year career never goes back, not the athlete ever again and off that basis. There I hope police Herod does get compensated well financially for this fight, because is going to a torn acl to go going off to fight losing streak. Two year layoff. Against one that one of the top up and coming fighters in Gen Roba. Man I'll be tough for Herod Way. It's going to be a great comeback story if she would win. While one fighter, a turns a whole organization returns as well is being reported in here. That INVICTA FC Announces July Second Return dates headline which Lima versus emily to cody as headliner. AFC is returning to Action July second per a press release circulated early today, the organization Lascaux was back in February seven has been on hiatus during the nineteen pandemic. LETTING INVICTA FC strikeout. Coney Angelina Lima the Korean press was her INVICTA debut back at Invicta FC sex when she janie some random, and after that when she was matched up against Tanaka Morada for the Bacon, Invicta ask destroy title though she lost a fight via split decision. Fought for the AFC between twenty four and twenty eight, and before debuting with Invicta at twenty nine hundred Invicta FC. There's one at that events Lee defeated Daniel Taylor, but lost to eventual tournament winner, Brandon Brennan. The common event is scheduled to feature Alicia Pillai a versus up and dance in that Adam. Weight Division also on the card. We got the benefit of take on Victoria Leonardo and Chelsea. Chandler fights against Olivia. Parker running up. The isn't fired. Balance Between Clara boothe three Laura Anderson and strike bowed between genius, gooden and Shelby Karenin leave to take. At the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, it'll be broadcast live on ESPN past beginning at eight PM Eastern Time Count Weights euless could gs. Mc May podcast coming back after the short break here. Are you looking for help your fantasy football team. Check out the GSM. See Fantasy football podcast. Get today's best advice on who to start who to sit, even who you should draft from sleeper picks a red hot lineups. They got it all covered for you. That's GSM. See PODCASTS DOT, com backslash, fantasy dash, football, dash, odd cast. We'll cover traditional leagues dynasty, few PR EVEN I. When you need fantasy help, there's just one showed up. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter. Visit GS MC. PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. And we are back so for the podcast talking about top containers, moving up and down the Renton sear got the AFC being back to civilization got. That's coming up in July and August. We got upcoming athletes and take a video coming up. We got Mackenzie dern. We got Angela Hill I. believe is when. We have a color bars, and cloudy Cadel fighting and trying to make their way as a top break comebacks here of Police Herod units. We have a loss of happening in women's mixed mixed martial arts, but one thing that is dairy evidence is that it is unanimous that we all know who is the greatest. You have fight of time. Greats Mixed Martial on women's Curtis of all time, and that is a man unit as what is going on manion as well. It is coming from Amanullah's social media from herself, saying that she has a link to prove and she liked to move on towards other stuff. if you, if you want to know that information directly, then just go to amend noon as a social media on instagram and twitter, and you'll go find out. How she sees herself in the. Ours right now. Dean went was asked about this on what he thinks about the possibility of menounos retiring. And he said himself well Amanda. New this. She made lot of money. She. She's made a lot of money. For fighting, but she also has made a lot of money advertising sponsorships she's. Last week's podcast Amanda Nuno's when she was given questions about the concerns over how many she made. She talks about. During the. During the preview towards the her battle against Fisher Spencer. She talked about how how financially stable she was. He talked about how hugh's. Money outside of mixed martial arts, and she's investing toward several from projects that don't involve fighting involves like her trying to help out the argued community and helping out small communities in Brazil. She's been active even though she's only been competing in the AFC like once a year, and it's evident that if not retire, you probably would defend the belt once a year. She makes a lot. She actually good for herself. She makes half a million dollars and that's. She makes half of its estimated the. He makes half a million dollars. Before taxes and write offs happening. It's all she's very finished. He's still for herself. She has the money now. The question is. Is She actually going to retire? Well! She's got a baby coming up. She's going to be a mother. It's very stressful for anybody else If you ask anybody who who is apparently all say the same thing, kids change your lives like you think your life is going one day always sudden you but Canada and now you're alive has completely turned in. Your priorities has changed. And I'm thinking. What is next for a man who knows what's next for? Because there was a question of popped up there, and it's something that has been bothered me and a lot of people for years for the past two years. And it's that's what's going on with. The women's for their rankings because Anna every single division in both men's and women's. The UFC can put fifteen names under the rankings for the wounds affluence, for division. It'd be if the heavyweight division. Gulf Rod for teams out there in the rankings. The men's or women's bathroom division, even though there's no champion now for the men's Bantamweight Division there are still names being. We're not there with numbers one through fifteen. This evening can be applied towards the woman's flight rankings though mistrial rankings. Every division stack with fighters and risen obvious pecking order on who the top fighters or the low end fighters, the ground fighters. It's obvious what tears of fighters are there in each division? Accepts for the woman's Father Division tumbled out name. Name as many fires as you can from the woman's for their religions. Name. I can think of Amena newness. Voice Spencer. And Megan Anderson those are the only three prominent fighters in the ones. Rankings are I there the site out there it's called the breakings, and may were it gives you the rankings for all the fighters and Rx all the fighters, and it gives us several names of all the fighters. Their schedules are who were who've been competing with in the past three fights. It gives you the rundown of every fighters, fight, schedule and the rankings. But. The same thing also applies for the women's division, and it's because there is nobody in the division that you can. Conceivably see can defeat Matt Nunez, and if put down, who are the top fifty woman? In a in the AFC right now. It'll be no further at name. You're going to have dramatic pop have holly home per pop out. Yes, in the popout. You're going to have a man of Nunez you're gonNA. Have Zhang. You'd have. Michelle waterson. Spa in the top fifty rankings. You're not going to have a single woman's feathery competitor. Be Part other rankings. Are Than. Potentially Fleet to sponsor or Megan Anderson beyond those two like the you really WanNa play some over. Other fighters like you WANNA check I don't really think so. Are that even WanNa put them over fighters like Oh, like pogo or seem to convey who are seen? No you really, you really wouldn't because. The Feather Division is pretty much on existent and man. News carries a belt. She the champion of division that. Moore wasn't exist. Note the feathery belt has been defended twice in the span of two years. Only twice nine champions. You're fighting once a year. But continued fact, she's also the pantomime champion. Her priorities are different her priorities. Dependent Division has to be. Significant a lot more deeper if you. Bring up the top ten fighters in the division compete against the top ten better division. Bantamweight Division Complete Division. It's that really obvious now you can move fighters from the bathroom and division over together, but you can't force fighters to away class. Yours. You just can't have a history of. Failing to get on weight like. Kim She is a natural battle mate, but she's competing to fight division. So it makes sense of her if she were to be forced up to go, compete at Bantamweight if she continues again in her upcoming Alexa Grasso to miss weights. But that's an if scenario. There's no one right now in the. Are EUBANKS. There's nobody currently right now. In the bathroom division that has to move the has to move up a weight class. Known has to I always believe even Spencer was pretty much like she was at sacrifice Timonen. Is that one requirement? Newness has to go compete in every single year. The feather. Division now Donald Replace. It isn't Dana White, when asked about the vision, he said himself. Okay the former division, we are trying to build the feather division around a man Nunez. We want her to be the centerpiece of its. And I'm thinking I'm thinking okay good Dan. What has not given up on the division. I'm happy about the I'm happy the more. The action I can see I'm happy about that. Prom though is what is a man news priorities. Because I I can see now like fighting doesn't seem like one parties now, and if to choose issue to choose a keep one built. Which about would you prefer? I can see say I wanNA keep the best way built because the bantamweight belt is a lot more interesting with a lot more better fighters that can compete with, and I can I myself even more for being the greatest of all time. The competition and that the revenue she gets from competing. There's more money to be made for men newness competing in the way division compared to competing in third division. If you're say okay. What? What would make the most money? Would it be Germane around. May against a man Eunice again, or would it be menounos versus Megan Anderson? None disrespecting me Anderson your I alive I love making Anderson Great Divider. But in terms of popularity in terms of a tra- she doesn't. She doesn't Outweigh Julian randomly. She doesn't. She doesn't outweigh someone like Holly Home. She's just out lower the spectrum right now and so i. If the federal, division neat. Maybe this might be a bucket. Guys. I'm speculating that might be actually a positive that if a man Nunez were worth retire the pathway belt, it will be up for grabs, but most importantly, the feather belt will be programs. With no absolute dominant person ruling over the feather division, the power balance, the comes a lot more, a becomes a lot more clear here. Because right now it's a man, Nunez and everyone else in the other division, but if you're to lose her belt assured to. Vacant her belt now the first division now has a chance now. The chance that somebody who we do not know a brand. New Star in the AFC gets the opportunity to go and competes, and maybe get the belts I'm a firm believer that for the Knicks upcoming UFC fighter show nets, thyroid meds making a big return them happy about that day I'll like to see an ultimate fighter centered around implementing new women's feathered competitors coming into the. If you do it because the Oakland, center is a great gateway. Get bands into knowing and enjoying following the fighter. So if you get, it'd be Montano except I think. Own Mike Nickel Montano the do a better job in controlling his fighters and trying to stabilize the division, because when you Matana won the belt. It makes what they're. It made sense how they're booking Nico Dano. And we had the at any Montana it just. She wasn't the right champion. She wasn't the right person to be the inaugural champion for that division. It's a combination of bad luck and random occurrences holding back that fight, but since teacher Janko got the belt well now the flight division has been pretty much been civilized and I didn't see. Anything can be done for the women's featherweight division elder if they were to implement. A woman's very off of the Cup riders coming through through fighter I would definitely enjoy that or another thing that they can do. would be if they gave a pay raise. I know money right now isn't all well for the heels of Puerto, recently that that gets into making up money like the four point, three billion dollars those us to go by in the company. Rose so in terms of financial now. Is Not in the best position to go and give. Give paperless, fighters but I didn't I'm an I think it'd be there if if you're to tell fighters. Hey, you get a bonus if your skill yourself up a division. which what John Jones is doing now from heavyweights, which is why I'm kind of speculative on this idea, but if you're. Fighters from the. From the bedroom division, tell them to you. Hey, if you move up to division, you'll get a raise then that can also help out now. Definitely going to happen, but right now I viewed. Amana. Nunez retiring in vacating both revolts might be buzzing skies and I think it'd be the best thing to do formally. Even doesn't retire. It's all a rumor. It's all of this speculative right now whether it's your tires or not. Even if she were to not retire, I think the AFC would do. BET would help stabilize division even more if they shipper of the belt I know it's wrong. Right like she lose a belt that she does that. She didn't even like actually loosen. Well! It's a sad truth here, but in order to stabilize that division, the Federal Division. It's at the find this auto nowhere. Super Natural Amazing talent that nobody's ever heard of a prodigy come out and is roundly defeated Matt noon as They could be making Anderson. You knows or Is She lose the belts? And then it's up for grabs. They hire a bunch of women. Competitors the have them participant either the contender series on a fighter builds up popularity for fighter and then build a vision around that fire and hopefully. Montana situation things will be a lot more simple, a lot more grounded and random occurrences like injuries and. Some fire, saying I don't know if I that fighter or champion. It's totally up for finding was anybody that would help out the federal division immensely? Low it is noted that in the white on the SCHMO podcasts very interesting about guys listen to next. Listen to it because you get to see Dana white kind of his car down and he's kind of in a bright light environment. Kind Talkative and he looks upbeat looks positive and happy to be there because most times when you see Dana white outside of the usual press conference thing he's like always a commotion, but this was kind of happy or any talked about who was has bent rushmore of mixed martial arts, and he said a man Nunez they don't want to the his Mount Rushmore, for the FCC would be Heus Gracie. John Jones. Ironic Amana Nunez, and chuckled l., and then his wildcard there. If you're the perfect person would be forced griffin. So. He has zero to pool right now in the martial arts if she wants to attire, I and she wants to just be a mom mother and do an investor time towards other projects I'm farmer that it makes perfect sense. Newness has done to, but right now to be honest with you. The most exciting the vision in all women's because ours. Is You. See Women's probably division. To Division, I am most amped up for. We are finally going to see Jessica android compete against Rosenman Eunice. This'll be a rematch interesting like a third or fourth time. This fight has been booked Willie jank himself. The current woman's UFC started champion called out Rosanna. Munis saying that that's an expired. She wants to compete with. Then I was asked about this were. What does he think about whether you Jenny wanting Rosemont Muniz and they don't says well I'll let the out like to put that car but I. don't know what's going on with the Roseland. News Mentally Hourly Jones, and we're GONNA see that at fire island I only wish for the best for rose nominates. Go to compete I. Just want her to get in. In the on, that's all I. Care About I. Just want her to compete in Aachen and try her best. Get very game opponent in just gun drawn I'm excited for a turn, and I'm excited for what stored in the woman started division, and that just search for today's podcast I gotTa say thank you for listening to the MC woman's MMA podcast brought to you by the MC podcast network. asking. Please remember. To the show in reading nicer view that really helps us all to compete. Follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you and have a good night's. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts. Women's mixed martial arts podcast part of the Golden. State media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot Jesus, MC podcast dot com download our podcast on to stitcher soundcloud Google play just typing G. S. MC, to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from Sports Entertainment impeded reviews views. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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