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Ellen throws a scary prank, Cate Blanchett, Simon Cowell and Beth Behrs

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Ellen throws a scary prank, Cate Blanchett, Simon Cowell and Beth Behrs

"Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening, welcome to another episode of. I'm having to start. I don't want it. Head start. Go, go ahead. Go ahead. Another episode of Ellen on the go. I'm your host Andy last nerve and joining me today. Are you kidding me? Friends, Mary Connolly. Ed, glavin and Kevin Leman. Who helped me out putting this show together. All right. You're fired. You want, what do we have on the show today? Kevin, Cate Blanche's go teach us about truffle, hunting and cursing. Simon cowl discusses how fatherhood has changed him and Ellen set up a scare that is very, very elaborate and hilarious. We'll tell you all about so over the weekend last weekend, Andy sends Ellen a video that he saw of two snakes that had fallen out of a ceiling in mid fight onto the floor of a home in Australia. And yes. And the reason I send it to Ellen is because one of our writers are women and ballion is petrified. Petrified. Petrified of snakes and Ellen likes to send her snake videos. And so what I did was I saw this horrifying snake video as described to like pythons that fell through the event of a home, how how long were they? Do? You figure seven, eight feet near fight. So just picture yourself in your home. Home and suddenly to snakes fall from the ceiling in a fight serpentine or whatever. That was almost looked like one snake with two heads. Yeah, it was together are fine. So so I send it tell in like at seven AM on a Saturday morning and go, I'm gonna let you send this to Alison, right? So Ellen didn't send it to Allison, but we showed it in one of the writers meetings and then that gave Kevin Kevin and Ellen an idea. Well, yeah, the minute we walked out another one of our writers Troy notice that there's a tiled ceiling Ellen's office and said, we've got to put snakes above Allison. So here's, here's the one thing you need to know is that for the last sixteen years, essentially everybody has a signed seats in the meeting. Everybody sits in the same place, not assign. Yeah, but we all have our seats. The same seat like Andy sits as close to Elena's. He can get. Yes. I'm also in charge. So, yeah. Oh my God. So everybody has the same seats. Everybody sits in the same seats. So Ellen wants us to the Warner Brothers, special effects team involved, and we get a motor put above the ceiling the night. This is all happening while we're also making. Why would you tell any of us about? I wouldn't because big mouths, the only person I told her glavin of course. So we get all the wheels in motion. We have special effects with a ladder, and I'm petrified because there's expensive art all over the office, but we get all rigged up, get to rubber snakes in the thing right above Ellen Allison, right, Rev Alison. Sorry. And then they have to run a cable through the ceiling tile around a window down the side of a wall through the carpet under Ellen's chair. And then they give her a little trigger button right in her seat so that she has control of when these draw stakes are going to drop on Alison. We had go pros all over the room, a hidden microphone. We built a binder that hell the hidden camera. We wouldn't like we spent twenty four thousand dollars. To do stupid prank. Probably not approved. And the other are just finding out about that now, and I apologize in advance. But it was well worth it by not telling anyone else except for that. It was happening. All the reaction was a reaction from every single person. It was produced this podcast and you'll who runs our entire digital department. The way that he fell off his stool and was crawling on the ground, screaming at a fishing did not know, was achievable by him was interesting. This an Andy dart out of the room like they are run a fine, save yourself. Yeah. Out of the room. Yeah. So fast Alison had across the entire room to get out of the room the way that neither of them fought it necessary to protect the host right now. Not. I'm the guy who steps over my kids to get out of situations. I think people at home watching, probably think it must be so much fun to work at the Ellen show. 'em Mike, truthfully, it is a ton of work to do an hour show every single day, but there are moments like that that we all get to laugh together. It is so much fun and just like pulling off a stunt like that. It's so fun. Have the resources to do it and, oh gosh, what's great is we'll put that into a show so you can listen to it here and then see it later on the Ellen show. I'm sure if you missed it. Picking out presence is hard, and this is Kevin from Ellen on the go. It's important to support artists in developing countries. 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Slash box coupon code. Ellen g l. o. b. I n. dot com. Slash box coupon code Ellen. So let's talk for a minute about Beth bears. Absolutely love adore bet. She's a, she's a fun girl. We first met Beth bears when she was the star of show called to brokers. That's right. That's what the show was called to brokers and they were roommates. Beth bears character and cat Demings. Yeah, and it was a fun show that was on CBS for a few years and she did our show and it was her first appearance on our show was just one of those magical first appearances where she loved Ellen and she loved the show. I had to my game. You have changed since you got married. Wow, thank you. Yeah, congratulations. Thank you. So where did you do it? I saw pictures. It looked beautiful, thank you. It was the best day of my life truly is. There was a horse involved to Ellen. There were so many animals like honestly, just been excited to tell Ellen about the animal part because I got married on this ranch right outside of Jackson Hawaii Ming. And in the morning, it started with horses. I had breakfast with them by myself at six in the morning. And then when we were taking the photos of the national park, a herd of buffalo just crossed the national park while we were there. I Jackson Hole like eight times never seen one buffalo herd on our wedding morning. Then a hummingbird came like literally right in my face is my mom was putting on my. Just not part of the thing called. I don't know the part of the dress that I wore that was beautiful. And then I rolled up in a cherry red vintage pickup truck with my dad and b. I have these at home and be like on my as I walked down the aisle, and then I wrote lack UD, Bareback and bit list in my wedding. Two. It makes amazing photographer was like, are you going to get on yet? Give me a leg and I was like in my dress, and then I had horse hair the whole night and dirt on my dress. He dancing and it was awesome. That is amazing. That's something that that really would have been Porsches ideal wedding as well right with both of animal, I know, but she really loves the way you do and and whenever she comes back from the barn, I don't let her near me, but she kisses them all the time and she smells like a horse and it's my, it's horrible people. I know you want like a Campbell of it for my dressing room at work because I missed, oh my God, Barnes. So that's amazing. And you're already planning your first anniversary party? Yeah. Well, so for honeymoon, I really wanted to go on safari because I've always wanted to go to Africa, and I've always like wanted to see wildlife in their wild form, and but my husband read this Ernest Hemingway story about a couple that goes to Africa and spy on their honeymoon and the wife kills the husband. So he said he couldn't go for the honeymoon. So I was like, okay, do you think I'm gonna kill you? But I was like, come on. So we're going to go, I think on our first anniversary you need to and you've got to talk to me 'cause I will get you the best the whole place where you should you have to go see Morillas guerrillas. Yeah, video young made me cry. You look so happy there and you're saving them and you're like the new chain coudl. Yeah. Diane, Fossey. Jane Goodall. Does chimp Diane Fossey. Yeah, yes, I, she was my hero when I was growing up, but you have to go see the gorillas and and the Seren Getty you have to go the Seren Getty and you did the giraffe. Did your f- manner he out of your mouth a no. Well, I didn't want the meeting out of my mouth. Didn't they? Cues you can put them the, but I didn't do that. I just gave them my hand. Yes, I'd give them I did. I know a lot of people are doing that. Yeah, this would explain what happened at the end of best. There's I act. Andy was scared on the show today. And I think he's still red. Scared by by a guy. In a bee costume. That guy was Kevin who is referring to himself as a big Gabi. You're saying you have bees, and you did a serious for us on our digital for a b. kind. I'd say it was amazing. They had me dress in as a be at Galveston and teach people that saving by the way, if you ever want to know what crazy people feel like go to dress as a b and like pretend to pollinate flowers and produce that people are buying. Although I did get a lot of sort of date opportunity layering that out by wearing that outfit. I was like, screw Tinder. Like if I was not married, this would be a great. This man was like, let me show you a picture, my son, and it was like following us around the store. This other man was like, can I get your number? And I was like, I gotta dress like a be more often. Yeah, I don't know what that's about. It really was amazing because I saw it with Andy. And you had Andy dress like a b. and you had right, let we're Doraville as a being. Better than idea entity. Yeah. Look at that. And you, you actually learn. What did you, what did you throw down some? What was that Andy broken guys? He's broke as put together by those bowls. We got to go to break. No, we don't. He think Andy's going to be in therapy forever. This show? No, I think is his sons will. That's their daddy. Average handy is their daddy. His son sing that average Andy fem- song to him all the time. All right. Do you think we should go to break or. No? Break, please. Andy through something cursed stomped. It was through you slam Cy withholding. Holding. I was holding a screw with some nuts. Washer and here's the thing about ten minutes later, Andy came up to me and went, I gotta tell you when when you scare me, it takes me a little bit to recover. Yeah. So he was not only taking blame for the thing that had gone wrong. He actually then was going, it's not my fault. You guys scared me. And so and then I had to explain I candidate Mary at in Kevin's full. I always do. It's a lot with the scaring. I'm just going to say that especially with Halloween coming up with the high blood pressure. It's a lot and people are constantly asking me, are you really getting that scared? And the answer is, yes, I am getting that stunned and I have to always explain what the Halloween thing. I'm not scared of goblins. I don't believe in monsters. It's the suddenness of all of it. So if I just went through a haunted house and it was just regular people jumping out, it'd be just as horrible to me. It's not about the fact that I'm scared of zombies. I just wanted to make that clear. A lot of people think that I am. K plan should always a good guest. I love my gosh. Yeah, just hilarious. Earning questions with her. Yeah. And man, she has no filter. Part of your spouse's is your favorite. His risks. That's a lie. They say. Yeah, no, she's just fantastic. Blanchard has a little bit of a filthy side to she works out. She barks at all, put together, you think, oh, here she is sort of this proper Australian and then happy to tell you what ever pops into her head. I've never met her and all the times that she's been here because I'm in the troll. Well, we owe everyone who doesn't know how the show works, et works in the control room. Right? Because guests of asked that he not be near the rest of us interact with the guests and often go out to dinner with them after the show. And we just tell Ed, we're going home to our families. We don't. Do they ever he's not good? No, no, no. You're not around celebrity. But yes, she's, she's this brilliant Oscar winning actress, like brilliant. And she comes out here and her and Ellen had this chemistry where they're just naughty. And we're so many actresses would wanna like be reserved and hold it together and not sort of show their silly side. You know, just to because they wouldn't wanna be embarrassing. She to me is so much more endearing because she is willing to be a little naughty and unfiltered. So every time here here, things come out of your mouth that I regret that you regret and we love. And so I just want the first thing that comes to mind. I'm going to read a sentence and you're gonna fill in the blank. It's a game that we're calling fill in the Blanchet. Works my suit. Yeah, it does. That's sexy, music. All right. So I'll read a sentence and then you have to just I'm comparing the just complete the sentence with the first thing that pops in your head. This morning. I got out of bed and thought, oh. Oh, no. Sandra Bullock once told me. I can't repeat. All right. Diamonds aren't a girl's best. Friend blank are blank. Roller coasters. Rollercoaster girl's best friend. Yeah. All right. If you wearing underwear. Partic- talk. We went when we were filming the house with a clock in its walls in Atlanta, Jack, and I went to six flags, and everyone stands underneath the roller coaster going. My going to go on that and do not wearing underwear. We know that everyone's looking at yet. All right toes. You know, I guess that's, that's interesting. That's what I mean. We'll remind go. All right. It seemed like a good idea, but I really regret this. I knew you're going to say that the greatest invention of all time is that suit? That's sweet. I would trade my Oscars for. Ooh. I don't know some Emmys. Get a TV show. You'll get some imitate. Yes, yes. Speak to someone. Yes, I'll produce one for you. Okay. All right. One, it'd be about anything or was it just about two people sitting at all. Nothing. Nothing. Whenever someone asked me what my most embarassing moment is I really wanna tell them, oh, to poop, poop off hoop op every day, make time for. Take time to a Blute. I'm sorry, a Blute put. Is that just a Blute? What is it's a polite way of saying? Just do you things in the morning, take time to do it. You know, I know you're really now, but those are not words. I'm married to an Australian and as a lure is not a word I'm going to ask her when I get home. Okay. Today I went on Ellen show, and boy was it. Embarrassing. You're always a fun. It was fun. I talking about my movie. Why. You tend you interested because I could go on? Yes. Yes, I'm genuinely needed. Went hunting for truffles. Oh, yes. Wigs with mutton. No, this is the thing. If you go hunting for troubles, do not do not use pigs because they will take your fingers off because the pig actually wants the truffle. Yes. Where did we go with a dog dogs hate truffles. They want the treat, I say. So if you're going truffle, hunting, all of you, I'm sure every single person. The on has been a wants to go hunting patrols. Right? But that's what I did in my son. A lot of people are doing that now, is it fun? It is. It's incredible. They're so pungent. If you put a truffle into a seal jaw with eggs and lifted overnight, it infuses the shell and you have traveled, scrambled eggs. The next morning if you like Trump if you like truffles, oh, you stick coffin nob- into a bottle of vodka, and then that's Lipton both a knob with a knob. With? No, a, no. Ab- is a, it was a slang term for an idiot. Or can you say to say to some television. Could you say that until a vision? Why would you put that in a what? No, no. I know I'm like a novel butter. Don't you use that in? Did you just curse in my ear. That's not what you meant and you just decided to curse my air. Are you sitting here with you? To me, it's got nothing to do with this entire story. I'm in cal- Kevin. Simon cow by frigging AG ADT. I love your show. Simon Callow came by same shirts, same jeans and a flare. There's a flare if the bottom of those genes like the bell bottom Jean, what Mary I'm not about to. I'm not about to criticize his words. I'm not. I'm not criticizing. I'm just saying it's amazing to me, but I said he's got a gene that's he is found a look and he's sticking with its unbelievable forever. He's probably worth one hundred million dollars depending. But he's cut. I mean, like flared, but can we talk about what's changed about him? What's changed about him? He gets choked up like he just more gun. He got emotional. He says, because now that he has a young son, he gets emotional about things and he seems appalled by it. And it's interesting to see a different side of Simon thought, maybe a motion or watching that, well, it makes everyone emotional to see you cry is like a rare thing. I don't. I don't -magine. You cry often. I think three times in my life. Is that true or not, but. Something about that guy that night where it just it just hit me. Yeah. Well, it was sweet. I mean, I think everybody. I mean, everyone knows that you're really a sweet guy and you were just brutally honest. But so I think it was just kind of it was great to see that this guy we're talking about Michael, his story is like he's adopted all these kids and he's a nurse and he works with young kids. I mean, just when you think he denies he gets nice just hit me in that moment what it would mean to him to do what in the show? Yeah, and he's doing well, he's doing when he's still there. He's in the final tonight and he's gonna show? Yeah. Do you think do you think you know who the winner is and then this year on the sleet? I think this five people who could win it. Yeah, you have a lot of people. We've got some really good people go. This British go, Courtney, who is incredible. Nineteen years old. She's like possessed by Janice Joplin. Yes. Yeah. I mean, seriously, Michael, we've got this group because Zuccaro which is about one hundred kids who'll do some of those in there. I mean, it is thank gold. Yeah of, yeah. You just when you think that you can't like every year there's there are people that are just crazy talented where we stayed in each other's talent at the moment. You and I. Yes, we are. Yeah, I been dislike who gets there first you will make. We're. We're trying like trust me. I know there was someone that that we actually wanted and somehow didn't get to you. And I'm curious about just do a deal and we share them. We should. Let's do that. All right. All right. So you know, you haven't been here in five years on the way down in the car. I said to Lauren, I'm trying to remember the last time I came on the Ellen show, and I said, I think it was two years ago and then I found that it was five years ago. Yes, thanks for the invite your son, your son. I was not born yet. We gave him a little a car. Oh yeah. We gave him a toy Gotti. Which does he drive it new? Yes. He's a little bit too big for it, but I just can't believe how quickly time goes. Yeah, he is precious. I mean, that is an adorable kid yet. You know what? He's sweet. I remember teaching him how to share what he was one and a half because he had a bowl of milk. And I said, let me have some milk and he was like, once on what trust me sharing gets you more. And I told him please, and thank you and he's not like I was sometimes when I told Eric, what did he you've done? I'd be twenty times worse. I get it and that's how we communicate. But he's a sweet up. Yeah, and he's got good style to does. He dress himself. We have arguments about who's the most handsome, he can. I sit, it's made, but we live to go to the point now where I'm ordering pajamas. Now has to wear the same as me. That's a door. Yeah. I mean, he really has changed you, you know that right? One hundred percent and how it's changed me is that you look at life hopefully to his eyes. So whereas before I would watch the news or just something miserable, you kinda shy away from that because you want to see everything through his eyes. So you want to be happy. So I watched the Simpsons in the morning. I work funny movies like slobber in the evening and and a pump just him being here. It is giving me a different outlook and he's very good. When I watched the shows back, you know who he likes, he's could taste really so well. Yeah, that would be a great show for him to watch. Now, does he have any talent yet? Do you have you seen anything that will he worked mind me saying this, but he's done is terrible. I said to you all the worst downside in the world which encourage you to do these way downsizes in fact, last week and we had some friends around and him and his three friends poodles some performance as if they were doing ADT am. I said that's not going to get you the golden buzzer yet, but I, he was my size of the test than the other side of the desk. So maybe he'll do that then maybe he'll become like a producer or something. But yeah. Yeah. All right. 'cause we can't sign him. So. We, we both just agree. We both right where so I'm gonna trust you on that. But I wouldn't still like to see him dance just in case you may be wrong because you're very strict. Let's do actually. Yeah. We talk about dinner for a second. Yes, Kevin is mealtime a challenge for families through busy families. It's hard with busy schedules to get home and put a fresh nutritious meal on the table pointed out. Yup, it is true. We eat out a lot and it's honestly, it's not that great you, it's not don't know what any of the food and it's just not healthy. I would cook more if things came to me sort of ready to go. Yeah, Chris and I tried a couple, but there's like so many ingredients that it takes forever to do no easier than just trying gobble just heard about this Kevin, there's a solution. Actually, I have friends gone. Yeah, that's so cool get. And it's not just me they're helping thousands of families every night. If you don't know, it's a meal prep service that makes it fun and easy to make delicious. Fresh cooked meals and literally fifteen minutes and just one pants tastic. That's the whole you sign me up for that one pan. Sign me up for that. And and I would do that with the whole family. It sounds easy. How's it possible? They have an army of sous-chef doing all the prep work for you. The peel they chopped they marinate. They make these insane. Perfect. Creamy sauces, always using the freshest highest ingredients possible high quality, high quality ingredients. What I meant it actually comes straight to your door and it can be cooked up just fifteen minutes. Like I said, which makes it's so quick to clean the kitchen and more time with your family checkout gobbles, huge variety of delicious meals. You'll find something for everyone. We got family favorites gluten or dairy free and Nigerian fresh to all our listeners. We want you to try gobble and become the family dinner hero gobbles offering our listeners, a fantastic limited time deal. Fifty dollars off your first box. I would love to see you become your family's dinner hero. Andy, I I would like challenge. I challenge you. I accept that challenge because fifteen minutes one pan that I can do, please go to our special URL right now gobbled dot com slash l. in to get fifty dollars off. One question I do get a lot how many people work here a lot. Yeah. A lot of people were well, we have, I would say we have one hundred people on the staff, right? And then we have fifty people on the crew, and then we have another room meaning the people in the studio, physically working cameras camera pulling can people stage managers, utilities that cutting audio, our director, Liz, and we have now, I think maybe seventy five people on the digital team, which is unbelievable off. When we started this show, we were maybe producers we produced a TV show and we had one person who was responsible for the quote unquote website, like, what are we going to do on our website? And our website was pretty much had to get tickets to the show. Now, sixteen years in there's this whole new world that was basically created while we've been television producers. And now we're like doing all this digital stuff because of this podcast we are now using ZipRecruiter. Yeah. Why are we using ZipRecruiter Kevin other tons of job sites that send you all the wrong resumes? Not ZipRecruiter. It's just not smart to go through a bunch of bad ones. So they do the smart way you go to ZipRecruiter dot com, slash Ellen to hire the right person. They don't depend on candidates vying you. They actually find them and send them right to you. 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The smartest way to hire thank you for joining us for this episode of Ellen on the go subscribed today on apple podcast where wherever you're listening right now, don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays for even more Ellen fund. Once again, Andy lasts ner and friends. Thank you. Somebody. Don't.

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