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"rev alison" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

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"rev alison" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

"Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening, welcome to another episode of. I'm having to start. I don't want it. Head start. Go, go ahead. Go ahead. Another episode of Ellen on the go. I'm your host Andy last nerve and joining me today. Are you kidding me? Friends, Mary Connolly. Ed, glavin and Kevin Leman. Who helped me out putting this show together. All right. You're fired. You want, what do we have on the show today? Kevin, Cate Blanche's go teach us about truffle, hunting and cursing. Simon cowl discusses how fatherhood has changed him and Ellen set up a scare that is very, very elaborate and hilarious. We'll tell you all about so over the weekend last weekend, Andy sends Ellen a video that he saw of two snakes that had fallen out of a ceiling in mid fight onto the floor of a home in Australia. And yes. And the reason I send it to Ellen is because one of our writers are women and ballion is petrified. Petrified. Petrified of snakes and Ellen likes to send her snake videos. And so what I did was I saw this horrifying snake video as described to like pythons that fell through the event of a home, how how long were they? Do? You figure seven, eight feet near fight. So just picture yourself in your home. Home and suddenly to snakes fall from the ceiling in a fight serpentine or whatever. That was almost looked like one snake with two heads. Yeah, it was together are fine. So so I send it tell in like at seven AM on a Saturday morning and go, I'm gonna let you send this to Alison, right? So Ellen didn't send it to Allison, but we showed it in one of the writers meetings and then that gave Kevin Kevin and Ellen an idea. Well, yeah, the minute we walked out another one of our writers Troy notice that there's a tiled ceiling Ellen's office and said, we've got to put snakes above Allison. So here's, here's the one thing you need to know is that for the last sixteen years, essentially everybody has a signed seats in the meeting. Everybody sits in the same place, not assign. Yeah, but we all have our seats. The same seat like Andy sits as close to Elena's. He can get. Yes. I'm also in charge. So, yeah. Oh my God. So everybody has the same seats. Everybody sits in the same seats. So Ellen wants us to the Warner Brothers, special effects team involved, and we get a motor put above the ceiling the night. This is all happening while we're also making. Why would you tell any of us about? I wouldn't because big mouths, the only person I told her glavin of course. So we get all the wheels in motion. We have special effects with a ladder, and I'm petrified because there's expensive art all over the office, but we get all rigged up, get to rubber snakes in the thing right above Ellen Allison, right, Rev Alison. Sorry. And then they have to run a cable through the ceiling tile around a window down the side of a wall through the carpet under Ellen's chair. And then they give her a little trigger button right in her seat so that she has control of when these draw stakes are going to drop on Alison. We had go pros all over the room, a hidden microphone. We built a binder that hell the hidden camera. We wouldn't like we spent twenty four thousand dollars. To do stupid prank. Probably not approved. And the other are just finding out about that now, and I apologize in advance. But it was well worth it by not telling anyone else except for that. It was happening. All the reaction was a reaction from every single person. It was produced this podcast and you'll who runs our entire digital department. The way that he fell off his stool and was crawling on the ground, screaming at a fishing did not know, was achievable by him was interesting. This an Andy dart out of the room like they are run a fine, save yourself. Yeah. Out of the room. Yeah. So fast Alison had across the entire room to get out of the room the way that neither of them fought it necessary to protect the host right now. Not. I'm the guy who steps over my kids to get out of situations..

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