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Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wades Personal Chef Richard Ingraham Shares Healthy Recipes for Families

Faith Health & Home

08:54 min | 1 year ago

Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wades Personal Chef Richard Ingraham Shares Healthy Recipes for Families

"Welcome to the faith. Health and home digital podcast. I'm your host Makeba Giles here. We share information and resources for physical emotional and spiritual well-being to help families live and inspire lifestyle and encourage healthy living. Thank you for joining us. Well celebrity chef. Richard ingrams is no stranger to creating savory appetizing dishes and this February he has partnered with the national pork board to help homes across the country. Prepare pork inspired dishes for their big game. Watch party as well as show family some ways to incorporate pork into their everyday meals. Richard is with me today to show was more. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you so much for having me today. Now I RICHARD. Tell us more about your partnership with the National Pork Board. I am so excited. That are partnered up with the national pork board and talking about the taste of now campaign and what that basically is talking about We're trying to educate the consumer. About how flavorful pork is how quick and easy it is to prepare and most importantly how great of a value it is especially when you're talking about hosting a big game party like we. Some people may be doing this weekend. And you're trying to figure out. What can I cook for all of these people? Well why not go to poor was better than was better than having pork pork ribs where you can feed a whole bunch of people and as you know you always have those one or two people to eat a little bit more than we think that they're going to eat so why not be able to go and get as many ribs as you want to and have a great value and be able to be Be Versatile and you're cooking process and the flavor components that you want to use that product absolutely now being the private shift to Duane way for over ten years. I'm sure you develop your preferences along the way. Tell us whether some of your favorite cut support some of my favorite cuts of pork pork tenderloin. I use that a lot in cooking. Dwayne because it is so lean in a great protein. When he's after he comes back from working out. You know as you work out your muscles start to break down a little bit and what you need to do after working out as you need to bring protein back into your body in order to rebuild those muscles so as he comes back from working out I give him a pork based Diet sometimes and order to impart that lean protein back into his body to help rebuild those muscles and getting back to where he needs to be. That's awesome now. You mentioned the big game earlier and we all know that it's coming up in a few days for those of us who are still trying to plan our menu. What are some of your favorite dishes for? The big game will wanted to wanted to dishes. That will be made by me would be the oven roasted ribs and with those ribs what we do a little bit different sometimes is we're going to make a robe and we're gonNA take that rubber. Rub It over those ribs all over every surface of the ribs. Because of course you're going to eat every surface of the RIB and in that we're we're gonNA use Paprika garlic salt and pepper and other herbs and spices. And we're GONNA rub those ribs. As I said before Rapamycin Saran wrap refrigerate them and let them marinate overnight so that all that season it can permeate inside of the meat. Now we'll take them back out. Put those ribs on on a on a pain. Put Him in a three hundred. Seventy five degree preheated oven. GotTa make sure that you. Preheat THE OVEN. Before you put those ribs in and we're going to let those roasts now using a roasting technique is a healthy way of cooking. Because you don't have to use any edit oils effect because those ribs themselves are full of flavor full of moisture so you don't need any added moisture to him at all and you let those roast and while those roast and you go ahead and start making your sauce which will contain some catch up. Low mustard some brown sugar a little salt and pepper some garlic and some other herbs and spices as well now once you bring those ribs out you a little bit of that juice off you tinted over with some more foil. Turn the turn your oven down to three hundred fifty degrees put the ribs back in and let them roast a little bit longer for maybe about forty to forty five minutes they get four tendon. Now once they come out again you're gonNA take just paste that that wonderful glaze all over those ribs so they get nice glossy put them back into oven and almost like letting them candy a little bit you. Us SAUCE COM allies all over the ribs. You cut them up and you serve them and they're going to be the ball of the party amazing you so much and looks great to now unless talk about beyond the big game in your opinion. Why should families give more consideration support when it comes to planning their everyday meal? Well I think families should give a talk a little bit more consideration because as I said before is quick and easy to make and you know with the hustle and bustle nowadays with everybody working so hard. You don't have the time to stand over a stove all day long now. You have cuts like your pork tenderloin that you can basically like one of the recipes that you'll find on pork being inspired dot com where we have a garlic and mustard pork tenderloin where you take garlic mustard and some oregano spread it over the top of the tender. Loin you can put it in the oven and wireless roasting. You can go off and do some other things. Help your children with homework and all of these different things come back. It's done and you can slice it up with roasted peppers. Some roasted tomatoes roasted potatoes. And serve it up so it's real easy and then one of the basic one of the great things about it as well is cost. Effective is great value. So you can feed your whole family for a little bit of nothing so you know. It's a great way to bring everybody together. And is very versatile. I say when you're talking about painting is an open Palette where it will absorb any flavor that you put on it. So one day you can be in Asia with Asian flavours. The next day you could be in Morocco some Moroccan flavors so it takes on characteristic of whatever it is that you put on it. I love what you're saying there Richard. Thank you for that. And we can't let you go without giving you gave that awesome rib recipe. What are some of your last minute tips that you have for people getting ready for this coming Sunday in terms of their recipes and their appetizers well? I think it's all about having fun and cooking itself? I think it would taste good to you. It tastes good. A lot of people get so intimidated about cooking and especially about cooking pork. And I don't think that you should be at all the only thing you need to do to remember to make sure that your port turns out well is to get an instant. Retha Mamata and try to keep your pork in between one hundred and forty one hundred sixty degrees and you'll be good to go every member that it is an open book so that you can add whatever flavors that you want our onto your port whether you're dealing with our over roasted back ribs or if you're dealing with garlic and mustard tenderloin either way. You can't go wrong report. Perfect thank you. And as we've Richard. Where can people go for more recipes? Especially the ones that you share here today. Will if you want more of the recipes you want more techniques or just to learn more about pork itself you can always go to be inspired dot com great. Thank you and get four everything that Richard featured here with us today as well as the more great recipes visit. Www DOT pork be inspired dot com. Thank you again for joining me. Richard spend a pleasure. Thank you so much. There's one for to talk to you as well. Thank you for tuning into the fate. Helvin home digital podcast transcripts of this episode and others. This is our website at faith. Health and home dot com also be sure to subscribe to our podcast and connect with us on Facebook Instagram. Youtube and twitter. Thank you again for joining us.

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AmbitiousLy the podcast: The Black Experience

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"Welcome welcome to the show. Welcome to episode. The podcast aka ambitiously music aka ambitiously the mag aka ambitiously seek and seems to be ambitiously. Whatever the television network is going to be. We're still figuring out with thank you. I appreciate each and every wanted to. Before i begin i have to give quick. Psa if the babies are rounding please remove them from the bar because that wednesday we do do 'em this conversation we're going to have today is not for the baby. Say is definitely not. I'm going to save that for last so stay team. Because i don't want the babies to be a part of that conversation as wet wednesdays adult conversation i wanna show something real quick hold on one second baby But now the baby should not be conversation we about at all like please remove the baby's and my word please the baby we talk and we get down and dirty them. I am saving. Nfl as so. You're all because removed the babies. Let's just say but first before we get started. Shout out the funky productive down like that'spam right there. That's sam all day. I mean fam- fading and i appreciate them for providing this lovely thing. Sign that we play at the beginning every podcast thank you commercial. Stay and whatever pro we got off and thank you from kiev productions. Listen to this and provide information as well give me a second got a comment. It seems to me that the internet is a little leg tonight. So if that happens throughout this podcast is not me. I love you ottaway promises. Now let me show my lover. Quake shout out there sean calls. Hey book bull winning my day. Once i love you. Thank you for tuning in as usual as always. I appreciate you so much. Thank you all right. I'm going going different directions. First of all. I want to talk about because as is podcast growth as this radio station grows as everything that we do grows. Let me get to the radio station and the minute but as everything grows i get more and more in touch with my musical side of bay and i say that because there is a musical side of me in it's everywhere as you can see one of my favorite. If you watching you could see one of my favorite bands always resides behind me clean If you're listening now you know one of my favorite rock band queen. I love that band. Mop reduce actually gave me that buying. So i appreciate her so much she also gave me one. You joy machine all about hours. I'm kinda weird that way. I'm sorry. But i don go allergy season. We need this. But i am really in such what my musical state of being is only like. I want to hear good music. I wanna head live instruments. I wanna hear live instruments. They're recording. I wanna hear it all like In that state of being so today is not her. Birthday is not the day that she pays is just a day that i anointed are retha franklin debt on day long. I've been listening to leak retha. Frankly will not even audience for a minute. I mean she's always been vetted them life. But today i've only been playing on my social media aretha franklin the reason ban why she is the one woman in all of this makes sense in the not get so a cheese the one woman on his s where she freaking bangs. That will take your song from you. She will take song that she created. All right who is an listen. That's my goddaughter her out. Goddamn sorry but are we the franklin because we but aretha franklin. Let's get back to aretha. She's the one one name. I got a proposition from guy but anyway She is the one woman on this planet. That will take your song that you already created from you and kill you joy if you listen to our catalog i promise you is so many cover songs is ridiculous but she will kill you on your own join. A lot of should be happy that she's not here anymore because she would kill you. Own joint pre k. How old was she got. She would kill you okay. So with that being said now that we've covered the aretha franklin. Okay all right are headed. Check out with my baby and me. Thanks on on the works anyway. Aretha franklin. I'm sorry you're not shackled. My babies i do that. My daughter hit me. My goddaughter hit me. I'm always stop. Whatever i'm doing and make sure they good A bonus size period. Like i'm just going to do that. Babies are number one in points but music perspective. I'm ready give y'all Scenario and i'm gonna give you this scenario. And i'm gonna give you two scenario because i get to look at it from two different perspectives. Well no actually three. I mean break advantage. So i get to look at it from the music connoisseur presents perspective because i love music so much and i'm so invested in music that for me for me for anything on this. Podcast is not reflective youth of anybody associated with ambitiously podcast ambitiously music and busily entertainment and so forth and so forth when we get it ambitiously magazine ambitiously buzi and so forth and so forth as we grow this my personal again reflection musician. Love your yana fest. People i ever met in my whole entire life. I love how creative you guys are. You guys are super fucking amazing right but y'all look at it from your creative standpoint. Which is how you're supposed to look at it. I'll you can't create music. You can't go into studio and be like i'm gonna make a song but all i'm thinking about is the people that's gonna listen to. You can't do that. that's impossible. You have to be able to reflect upon your own situation your own personal experiences your own everything okay but there is a point in time where stocks nam lin com my marketing expertise because i am a marketer. I my marketing expertise will say. Tv their time. That has to stop. And you let you tame handle it because it's beyond you at point. Why should release the song. It's not about you anymore now. It's about the billions of people that are in. The world is a psychological standpoint. You will never get it because that's not your light so that's number two number three. I'm going to think about it. So i said Connoisseur i marketer. I think the third point. I hate coincides with the marketing fan point. You guys are so fucking awesome and so amazing. That song is one of those. Those situations that song i played on promo. I cannot wait to have permission to play in this totality. I'm just trying to figure out what's going on. But that's one of them situations where you can look at it from different aspects you can look at it I know the deeper meaning behind that song is. I'm not gonna give it up before it's time to give it up. But i know you with the energy behind that song was created. Let's say that now. When i gave my perspective. What i said behind that song song i played into my promo and i'm gonna play it again. Is this you never know how somebody could take us on. Somebody could be missing. Somebody is is is so many different scenarios. And i don't wanna die too deep into it because i know what i said and i'm not in so we get everything situated on that standpoint. I'm not one to beat but what you need to know about that song. The song is called on. Oh no no vote on the information scroll down at the bottom of this great The young lady. Who's singing her fucking soul out. Her name is crystal You can find her at cristo. Sharon when i g and the producer who worked on our track work on a lot of the shit that i do for more confess family is at funky on instagram. Alright still in the same lame dog. 'cause i got a lotta shit to say today like i don't even give no fox And after i pay my standpoint on this we're going to keep moving to. That is still going to stay in the same name but i just have to take water break and i'm your some but let's talk about this I don't care what it is that you are doing. I don't care if you're your business. I don't care if you are a musician. Any kinda entertainer. Your ego should never be bigger than your brain is the same situation. What i mean by your ego should never be beginning your brain if you do not have a brain yet if you are not a household name you should not have a eagle bigger than with the fuck. You should have like com- next. Damn that's how i feel. I said nothing. I said right now. And what. I just said reflexive when ambitiously ambitiously ambitiously entertainment. Anybody who works is this not personal opinion and my knowledge of being in this business. Nobody should have a ego bigger. The neighboring if you have not build your brain to whiz though i said a couple of thousands of people who have like the and even if a couple of thousand people have urging combat shit the fuck down. You're not there yet. everybody doesn't know you yet. It's the process. Is the slow bubble if you really wanted and climate down. Take your time. Learn the business aspect of it and make it happen but don't comma eagle shipping. Take a break remember. I'm coming back on the same situation in actually talked to my city in a second real shit. I'm a talk to my city in the second. My because it's yaro quit to i love ya. I love ya if you from innocent village still by this period. I say what i said. And that's what it is on. Lattes i gotta show my love dough because some shit coming up but if you feel emma stability still insist what it is. It's okay we just all need to have an understanding of what it is that we do when we come from that neighborhood. Is this day but check this out made i. This is coming up. this is coming. paul. Dr it's coming. This is coming from usability. Still smile shouted committee that he could change the way out to ask you all right notices promo. I can't take too much of my time. The actual food promo is coming really releasing and the company. They've actually but that's me the first we're entering we're actually doing any. I'm sorry we're doing an interview with truly him. I'm excited this young man from dc. So we show him about weight love. So i'm excited about that. I can't we So i will be showing that promo again throughout this podcast night. Remember the salacious really really hot and heavy should come in. It's gonna be some shit. Some of you will be uncomfortable with but now or shine you already. I'll be on my sex. Ed so we talk about it all right but let's keep it moving and the same lane that we were already in which is basically My city i wanted to talk to my second. I did because it frustrates me sometime. First of all stopped doing photo shoots in the alley. Yawn nowhere eliot. I'm talking about graffiti alley. Stopping there are so many spots. Shoot him do a photo shoot or video. Shoot at besides that fucking alley. I know it is one of our trade mark traditional spots but to be honest that elegance on my fucking as you know how many people do something alien. it's not. you're not doing nothing new. It doesn't look different because you switch the angle. Nothing different looks like the same fucking at least get away from graffiti alley. I love you but less r. p. l. e. video and photo shoots. That's personal opinion. Again that does not reflect ambitiously to park as music or whatever else we do. That's just me personally saying. I'm tired of this fucking. Get rid of avid saka. My city i love you baltimore idea. I mean so much but now is not the time to diva moment. And that coincides. With what i just said about Eagles in branding your ego should never be picking your brain but time for divas right now. Either is cold a by hustling really even with the high end celebrities day yadav but they kinda wanna say playing field issue is just about making your moment. Your home raining It is a lot of diva shit on on and with the way people's mental psyche. As right down that will leaves you a lot of fans. So i'm just saying get rid of the beat. We it I'm not communist visa. Not a d like non of divas not a household. Thank you all right. So let's into ship this thing to talk about tonight because in my mind and i felt like i needed to talk about a some talking about it But gets you the main tap. The first thing i want to talk about as legacy i one all right. Let me tell you. I've got to the legacy situation. I've been playing chess phone. Extra heavy I am going to buy me a chessboard. But i want a good chessboard that i can pass down through generation to generation. My daughter might not be interested in play. That's perfectly fine and she's only nine going on ten right now but in her mind. She's never having children. She might have that she might have children when. But i'm cool with hard to sit right now because she don't think about the anyway she's not but if by chance that she does could use some offspring when she's like thirty two thirty four around the as could use her. I want her to have something to pass on. And not only monetary though just memories a legacy of what it is that is now what i will say is that she does have a strong legacy on her father side. There are things that i can. I personally can physically touch in give to her by these grandparents. Shout the catherine and james james brown night james round this thing single james rounded the box. Harlem's i'm staying up on them. I e r. But i do have some things that i can pass from my father's side. I have a few things that i can pass on from. My mother's side would i don't have on by latin and i have a few things to pass on from her Which is my day. Who is the man who raised me says that was six. I have some things to pass on his side. I only had one thing from a biological father side to pass on to her. And you see in the background right. There is the hat right this on time and still has this pen from the marines on. That's last hat that he wore before he pays so with that being said i thought about it and i've been thinking about a long hard and a lot of the we already know a lot of issues as people as as as african. I'm not gonna say. Well african americans because we are africans who grew up in america must mostly black because my skin is not black. It is milk chocolate. Let's go my daughter. Skin is not black. Because he's lighter than i am but don't tell her said sheet she she's not But as i said the people rolltop way don't have that ideology to leave things airland Behind for our children any more because it wasn't instilled in. I my generation. At least you know everybody's can stop so one thing that i i've made a firm firm decision and is that i'm going to leave my daughter legacy and i'm gonna start with that chest which is why i'm not gonna buy some bush in basler shape that'll last for ages. I found wind it's beautiful. It's made a marble throughout Do you have to buy my chest clock separately. that's cool. I can kind of coordinate. How looks but i'm gonna leave that in my family That's important to me. I'm not going to go deep in conversations that i had which led me to that decision but i do want my grandchildren branch lows in greg. Ranchers said that the totally crazy order. But i want to have something to remember me back because i'm talking about that very important. Psa once you have your child your life is natural. Now you learned for that child You can't really be selfish you can't just think about. You really have to think about them. And how you move into that but it does come with bonuses if you're great parent you find If you're a single mom. I need to start with that because i can only live in my experience. If you're a single mom eventually if you do what she's supposed to do as far as your what the gift that the most high gave you. Eventually you will get a bonus gifts and that'll be in a form of companionship and it might almost extra bonuses. Take it from happens to me. All right let's keep them moving Posted this earlier this week. And i think it needs a little reiteration i what i what i live how i want and i love it. I did what i want. I do consider the people that i love. I full mount wilson. 'cause i don't want to ever do anything to hurt them but i do with the fuck. I what. I need you to tell me how i'm supposed to do me because i live are not the same. I have a parallel life. And it ain't she got way more money damian a boss. I know who my parallel life is is exchange with an anxious. I'll need you to sound nothing. Sixty forty. I've talked about this early on when i first thought podcast by the way an i talk about sixty forty wants a quick break water and keeping moving. Because i'm a gosh autonomous. Run a damn sixty forty four. So let's talk about that. I have this mindset and my brother. i wish he was here tonight. He's not but i wish he was hitting night so because he looks like. I believe wholeheartedly league i'm not only client. I am the president of this rule. You should never be given out a hundred percent again entity to somebody that you knew. Don't really work with you. Should never ever give out a hundred percent any entity to somebody smash. I'm a firm believer in that. I feel like and i'm being nice when i say sixty and i gave him a high number and we had to bring that number back down you feel me you should never give more than sixty percent of the energy to somebody that you and i say sixty percents. I'm being nice again. I say sixty percent because you know sometimes you show off your skills and skill set my show and so i'm giving you an extra fifteen percent for that but you should never give more than sixty before you not now when you know you give it a hundred and fucking you should give it fucking a million percent and that's real. That's how i felt about it. Someone to talk about porn. We them into all actually and i'm going to go into this and then i'm taking three over okay. What we're gonna get back to them. Let's talk about take a break on the show my love because i have to know about east little scantily clad topics real quick and denim all right so porn. Porn is a really weird situation. I listen i'm not a doctor. I am not an expert. I'm i taught from experience really. I'm things i've experienced in my life. And if i wrote a book on gonna baby it'd be happy but maybe one day but not raining. So porn porn is a weird thing. I for me. That's rough anything going on. Disclaimers the keep saying it actually. I'm actually put it in a scoreless overhead to keep saying it is a weird thing and i've been in many situations as far as like i don't mind watching point actually when Some point helps me out now when a couple torn can be a gift and it can be a curse is a gift if you have a person that you really truly have understanding win and y'all you guys are not afraid of exploring your deeper inner bishop right but they are porn addicts in this world. And i know. I actually spring as one and i spent many years with this person. Any got the point where i felt like i wasn't good enough because the point was more than me. I would put arnold. You know try been worked so That isn't a there is an addiction for and they have to work wanted. You can't make them be. You wanna be a such thing as we do that less ha. I'm a play. This promo one more rain because i love this song. And i'm their information has been lousy. Check them out and check out so many works and shit like all shame sites. I can't wait for permission. I'm telling you but shout out to christo beautiful women. I love voice after more than this one song bar. This is just one song plan for job but is to her and shout out the funky af. We wouldn't have music without. Thank you advisory role less than all right again if his leg is not my fault. It's actually the accident but now we get answered by now off. The baby should be known children. Nobody under eighteen should be listening to this conversation that we about the head and yano wet wednesdays we we talked about it so this is what i'm talking about so we must start with. Geez hold on we were on always recall requires me to put this look like a sexy teacher. So sean kohl's showed me all right. Let me resign Anyway so i'll put this first of all the data spot for a man in the women are in two different places fell as i know. You don't want to hear this. But i'm italian. Jay spot is in year in in your cabin trying to put it. Delicately is i can. That's weird despite his i g spot is in china. You just hit the right and if you hit the right by an she is no how fellas on a lot of y'all have high expectations and y'all be trying to reach a point Which is y'all wanna make her work. How you make her squirt how you make female ejaculation happen. Is you hit her back. Which is john. But it takes a lot of work to figure out where. I'm to be honest with you. I've only ever were to emma insight lifetime and like i said i'm forty twice twice and that's what the person that iraq way. That's the only person that made me. Every i've had some of the top five right maybe not even a factory He's on that list but he's the only person who has been able to achieve that goal and it was crazy in this only happened twice in my life. But i know that as possible because i experienced and so for you fellas. Regina is a certain spot that you have to hit to get there now. I'm thinking might take a picture in in share the diagram so you guys can get a little more information. Because i want you to be able to please young lady like no other man ever pleased her before. I think that's very important but So you've got the madonna clown you have the clitoris bowl and it's a little bit beyond that Main so research has been done on this particular subject. The g fat so most research studies have found that about two thirds of win. Find the g spot area to be sexually sensitive for their we. X are female Surveyors or respondents. How they feel about g spy. And here's how spam nine percent of them say they're not sure it depends or it depends or other thirty percent of them said. I love having my spots them. Y- elated twenty twenty. Six percent of them said my g spot is nice but it's not one of my most areas so it depends on a lady not all ladies can rot with the situation. I'm sorry i've got things on. I'm sorry fifteen percent. And i'm saying i've never tried to find my despite fifteen percent of women have never tried to even explore that ten percent. Say i don't know where the g spot is. Listen to that. Ten percent of ladies. Don't know whether i d spot is and not percent saying my jesus by is not particularly these subsidies. I really honestly say that should be in my opinion combined with the ten percent. That don't know where they decide. Is and i says hatfill about that but sally's you wanted us work fine. Id spot that's my advice tv tonight. i'm gonna keep it moving because they got more things to get into and i wanna make sure to cover it all. Shut out to my producer redoing. Let's do real. Let's shut outs. He met producer. Reese join it. She runs a podcast. Every friday night at nine thirty is called movies later novi slayer you can fi. Her movie slayer eight again. That is ludicrous. Slayer eight on facebook. You can find on facebook under restored and she has many other Ways that you can connect were hard. But she will explain to you the latest and greatest about movies. She will break down shift. It's union about trust me. I watch movies where her before. And that's what she does and like on a personal campaign Standpoint that's it is so imagine what she giving me on the market. Check out sound to restore. I love you baby all right. This is our land subject for the night. I say this for ads. But it ties into what i just talked about. Which is jesus fellas. I'm on a second I saved for last because it is a little scantily clad it's intense. It's a conversation and we are going to talk about eight. I talk about the things that. I extremely some mice. I have personally. I'm not gonna watch you. Experience anal sexual activity. I'm embrace free spirit. And i want to explore certain situations. I let me talk to you about. That is two different things. I have to say about that. If she just beginning to explore you can matt doing which you have jonah to her ain't okay is gonna kill it. She's going to is. She hasn't played with that area for a long time. It feels like the very first time. That's the first part of my advice tonight. Ainhoa like i said it's a very clear. Say taboo conversation. There are people who like to interact with it I experienced before. I got married and more so as i was married woman. It was fun. We explore it. And then. After i left my ex husband. I didn't play with that area for a very long time There was one person who i had that experience with and Before i got into mine relationships as right after my marriage i let him play a little bit but then that was the end. Let me talking to let. I was blessed. I saw my ex husband on a physical samsonite thousand ten to be my daughter is twenty twenty one. That's us get retain. I haven't seen him in a long time. The person that i've been. I've been with same person for many years now so it's a different experience for everybody found his old. You and i know that. Johnny hear this from me that you're by is in your anal with unfortunately is not for everybody. I dont recommended for everybody as the mind who's experienced that. That lifestyle is crazy is is a slow bubble is shouldn't be rash by anybody. It should be forced by anybody because it can be faithful if not done right. Oh tip number two fellas her lead on that one unilaterally you will have the most amazing experience you could ever ever. If she is down again. I said last week when i was talking about warranted a toy store. I'm gonna say that about this situation as well have a conversation. Speak about it. Talk about it understand how both of your minds are working is not for everybody. But she's dal take your time and let hurt lead because that is an area that is foreign like not everybody But i'm greg awesome. Was the districts in michelle my love. That's how many scholars not everybody is ready for that activity number three can and i'm gonna give you even go a little step further. If that is something that you decide that she wants to explore this this is. I like to call it. Novacaine for your as it's called e. anal as you can go to any choice you can also order an amazon. You can order it online. They have big teeth for the tubes. Depends on how much you decide that you want to embark on a journey allow transition. I would just say that. But don charges run up and they had. That's not unusual normal set. That's actually said that she gave you because she rock which you and she thought she liked. Yeah i i wanna please you take easy all right so aol sex around the world. I'm gonna give you some sick statistics so The united states rakes seven. They ranked seven in terms of percentage of adults who say they have had eight sacks. I guess i'm like in that little prisoners. According to durex global sex survey these percentages are probably somewhat higher than actual numbers since people who volunteered to fill out the direct survey may not be represented. So not everybody's telling the truth about that. No that is some people who out here. That's doing some early freaky shit. I'm a firm believer in being a lady in and the frequent sheets so Not everything. I'm giving you a little bit of insight because we're talking about it. And i don't wanna get your. I don't wanna talk about some shit that i have experienced So not everybody did. This survey last on the list was taiwan. We're only. We're only one percent where i'm sorry. Only one percent of the people list it among the experiences so only one percent of the population of taiwan actually admit that they indulge in anal sex. So i'm gonna give you on the list. And here's the top ten in the list. So as chilly chile chile grief. They're like fucking tied because it's like fifty fifty five percent of the population that's filled out. The survey said they experienced italy which. I'm not surprised croatia again. I surprise finland. I am lewis. Surprised about that no away. A little surprised about that as well. As the united states france vulgar and sweden. And that's the list of people who say they have dogged anal sex and this is what it is people are a like. I say it's something here for everybody is just about height rock But remember tips. I'm not gonna give them again because we gotta move on his show. I love real quick. Because i list keeps growing away and i and do hold on water and get my list together real quick. Refresh my page on miss anybody Let me refresh this different already. Know i sat on a start show i. The station will love because i listeners growing with as well and she each and every one of you i love you so so so so you know the the the more we do the more i learn so and i'm about earning that's important learning everything going on me and my one last list together and then we got run through to love. Why is the of franklin in my head right now. Like she listen to her and her birthday or anything but in my mind so i missed with the radio station. I'm not gonna let all of the countries because we don't have backcountry honest. But i'm not gonna let each and everyone of the country's because i'm gonna address you guys and download the parking situation radio station out to egypt. Thank you. I see your anger. Keep listening to. Y'all oh my goodness i see how long y'all thank you so much finland. I just talked about job. Thank you found. I appreciate you so much georgia state but the country the country of georgia thanking so much. I appreciate you so much Myanmar burma thank you so much probably set it wrong but i love you so much i see how you into the lessons and appreciate so much Now let me get list. I'm gonna go and a little bit on this less. Because i love you guys. I appreciate you being united states. I see y'all both irwin. The podcast list is far as downloads concerned and on the list of less nurse for the radio station. And let me say this. I love my country. And i appreciate you so so much. I love your best france. You guys are also on the list of the radio station in the united states. And i love you all so much germany you see Appreciate shout out to the netherlands. Appreciate you so much the philippines. I appreciate you so much. Bow down all. Thank you so much australia. Y'all you guys are also on the radio station lesson. I appreciate cheesy mexico's same thing you on both. Listen i appreciate you so much. Set out the south africa. I appreciate you for ten min- car. Jazz united kingdom your own both of the lists and i appreciate you so so i love you guys. Thank you Spain thank you for the podcast canada. You on both of the less. I see you baby. I see you name whereas i love you on. Let me get my situation that along less hong kong. Thank you for listening to the podcast. Aisling your own bow from the less. I see you i hear you. I appreciate i. I'm watch and and i appreciate you know paul. Thank you for listening to the podcast and meritas. Thank you for listening to the podcast. I hope i started correctly if identity email on. I'm gonna tell you our real quick. 'cause i want say correctly. She mia email ambitiously. The podcast dot com again. That is ambitiously. The pocket a g mail dot com energetic glasses. I break them over. sean Yano i get a little bit horse around us. But we are in any eight freaking sitting on the podcast. Eighty-eight forget cities this podcast bonifaz seventy five freaking podcasts. We had seventy five episodes and the episodes appreciate eastern money so france. You know i'm not gonna play with the name of this city. My be lucky so much weight after cold and love you. Spring valley nevada. I love you so much i see. And i'm paying attention. San jose california dayton once. I love y'all and i'm paying attention columbus ohio. I love your paying attention washington. Virginia thank you. I love you definitely paying attention. Baltimore maryland on day alumni city. I love you so much this type of ship. But i'm paying attention. North of vegas nevada. I love you nor ensures michigan. I love you ashburn. virginia. I love chicago illinois. I love you. Berman oregon. I love you atlanta georgia. Eighty al. i love you. I'm paying attention fairly philadelphia pennsylvania. I love you. I see in panic. Engineer appreciating thank. You know now. I will not. I'm getting close though. I'm getting close. I'm getting close south holland. I love me. Thank you paying attention on sydney australia. I thank you. I am paying attention and i love you so at worth georgia acworth. Georgia i love you. I'm paying attention. And i love you so minds. Oh my gosh. I love you guys. I'm not going to butcher the name of the city but western cape. I love you. And i will give specifics. I keep saying it but you don't know how busy i am over here but i'm orcas offense. I have some ideas of how this is about. To change rice mckinney texas. Thank you for the love. I appreciate you so much. Seixed in missouri. Thank you for the love ice. they'll marilyn thank you so low. How ohio thank you for the love essex maryland thank. You been alive randallstown maryland. Thank you for the astor florida. Thank you for lao. I'm sorry gotta clean. Up through san juan metro manila. Because there's always a thrown manila. Thank you for the love. Berlin berlin. Thank you for the love munich bothering and thank you for the love. Guns in the house and barbara. You think san it better play with brussels brussels the capital. Thank you for the love because different times talk about brussels roster virginia hi babies welcome. Thank you for the love grace in new york. Thank you. I love irvine kentucky. Thank you for the volun- dam north holland. Thank you for the love. Hey time and thank you for the love. The north carolina. Thank you for the. And i'm sorry i got time toddler nor nor kiana. Thank you for the flag me. Lord i thank you for highly when i'm maryland. Thank you for the love when my maryland. Thank you for the love newport news. Thank you for the love poughkeepsie. New york sat out to poughkeepsie. Thank you for storm crush georgia. Thank you for the love way. I hope i'll say this. Right leah gardens florida how lia gardens florida thank you for the love san remind california and thank you for the love by the way. I'm giving out new ones as i go along. But i don't crash cross time berg ohio. Which isn't anyone thank you for. Also was halley garden florida. Both name but Moreno berg ohio. Thank you for the miami asia. I m i a thank you for the love massachusetts not going budget jassem inaugural not only thank you for the live gaithersburg maryland. Hey babies thank. You said a live reading pennsylvania. Thank you for the love birmingham alabama. Thank you from birmingham michigan. Thank you for lake. St has washington. Thank you so. Love ben oregon. Thank you for the love of saint peter's missouri. I love you guys. thank you for decatur alabama. Thank you for the left. Dc washington dc. Thank you for the love. We gotta show coming up these c. Y'all better tune and for about we love. Thank you for the left. Dc moran indiana. Thank you for the law. They need to sell in virginia awesome. Thank you for the last seat in maryland. Thank you for the love in richmond hill ontario. Canada thank you for the love as brian georgia. The state of georgia. Thank you for love courtly weaned. Portly we as an africa Thank you for the love of saint matthews kentucky. You for the love camera down. Algae babies thank you for the love. Clemens north carolina for the love aspen hill maryland. Thank you for the love. No mexico nine doing but around lows in mexico. I love you so much. Thank you for love columbus. Georgia thank you for the love chesapeake. Virginia thank you for the love. Aarp texas thank you for the love. Hong kong central and western. Thank you for the love chandler arizona and thank you for the love locks wick england. Hope said it right. I'm working glocks week england. Thank you for them. 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I love probably my favorite part of the show to be honest. I'm like. I said i learned so much from you guys. I can't travel right now. But i see so much in the world and its parking each and every one you that do turn into this podcast giving you something to take away maybe some guys that maybe a little same main is a little better that has a little bit of that but whatever it is i appreciate each and every one of you so i gotta show some lower quick. I'm not done with my love. I refuse to not get love when love is so. We're going to listen to this real quick and this mangan rates are y'all watch video shot after king city show. Oh you already know what it is. King knox tuning right now with clean lapore leave. We his really pavon. A ambitiously. music podcasts radio. i'm going to tell you why right with this d writing so hard because your show me love on multiple platforms you know. Come through the energy for the interview. I say he before on ascension he showed me love shut out the king. Knock that extra dry f. I i and i got multiple versions of that. Dry is a gem so work and shot out the popcorn also jammed to work where hobby flagging shout out the pugwash out to paul april and dodo is embiid. So we talk about tonight call and you you who cannot on my camera. John mccall born opening no income to pay for the coronal drinking milk for the stone. Kings tape is route. That was a phone dope. Turn at the bank. Classic nick older. Nah still them saying you know what. Let me grindstone gasping with diamonds. Hit the play. Four minute change up the climate speed the process up. I'm dropping the things to know what phil blessed if you put in one spot so you gotta steal still paying a bit distressing king king not keeping the triple a lot we. I died the power to build then shopping. Five things that death musset as he sees nicholas clear the five things. You ain't seen bali on certain things deaf. Let me say that. I miss this things. Death amid mcclay. I am coming back. I'm coming back in a second. I can't so we can keep talking. That's all right so again. I show matlock that young. Because one i feel like he's a dope mc like his word to you. Show me love and i'm always showed up to anybody that shows love is not be the most down. Gosh i'm one of the most down to earth people that you could probably eat So early rock which has shut out against came next shot up. I'm paul boy shop treating him because we are doing envy early. Franks smile like my reality. Kicked united states away your vascular. It was all right. So that was a bit but We're doing that interview. May that's thurs nine thirty and you can check us out on any platform. We are everywhere. We still working on some decisions. Because i don't really like how patient but rocking out right now. But for the meantime until i give any further instructions you can find us on I g miss school lordly city I will be shamed bits and pieces of the episodes but after monday's that is the last full episode. We will be given her auntie. I'm you wanna find us. Though anyone in cash the four episode live then you can go on. Facebook ambitiously capital a. Capital l. on facebook. Or you can find ambitiously. The podcast all of the beginning of each word is capitalised ambitiously. The podcast on youtube ambitiously on facebook capital al. I'm capital and capital. And ms lowly city the all case mass underscore lordly city me out on their. You wanna be on. his show. Does the email ambitiously park as all lower case at dot com ambitious ambitiously. The podcast all case at dot com. Go check out our website. We got two guys. We have w dot ambitiously entertainment dot com. You can check out the podcast radio station. The magazine on the boutique is in the words. Tv network is in the works. Well you can check us out on their own. Australia insights again. Crystal song is on austrian missiles as well Shallow accent and i'm the website. If you wanna check us out information description either if you own. Facebook is Above if you're on. Youtube is below. ambitiously music online. That is either website on there. You only get the radio station and the magazine so check us out. Shot out again to how her love. Jamie am show this again. Funky productions for the beautiful dame music that we play at the beginning of this case Anyone talk about that this say shot out the minimum played this you can find crystal hold on divine crystal and rabbit allow. I am gonna eventually. Because i'm going to quote the hell out of this phone. I believe this. I will be providing information and found his already. He f- or you go to my personal page define formation. it gets a crystal. Our boys mazen. Like i said this is not the first song that i actually her by her. I've heard a few joints. And i. Just gosh i've wasted sold beautiful. Shout out to crystal. So what else in talking to announcing talking about again interviews coming up check it out. May the first true the ham like chuck. Todd i'm really coming. I'm working on my skills coming on the series interview sandpoint so circuit. Aren't we all we to talk about it. And i'm getting my questions. This time came naci only leading we. It was more like a family reunion. Then it was an interview. I'm going to ask my question. I got some questions for you still. So maybe we'll do apart three. Who knows shutout every baby baby. I'm always go with my baby epi birthday. I'm hoping that you're enjoying your time and get up both. Think we've done for the night young we ran overload but it is what it is. I'm play us. And then we out was. That is your girl aka. And i'm the host of ambitiously. The podcast every monday night at nine thirty four media monday where we discussed trending topics and you can tune in every wednesday night at nine thirty pm for wet wednesdays with the adults come to put on our facebook page for youtube. Page ambitiously podcast. And you can't watch the one you can download on austrian site. Yeah just book called up. And i looked on my facebook disliked like the picture and sound onto papa dope as networking experience I haven't had a lot of doping. I've had some goings. Not doping are shot out. The paul sat out became backs. Shot out the production shot out the crystal sat out the resort and my producers. She'd sit shout out to all the people that right with me because iraq withdraw and good name. I might even babies was. That is your girl. The formerly aka. I am the host of ambitiously. This hard canes tune in every monday night at nine thirty four medium monday where we discussed trending topics and you can tune in every wednesday night at nine thirty pm for wet wednesdays with the adults comfortable with the blonde us on our facebook page for youtube. Page ambitiously. the podcast. And if you can't watch the one you can download on austria sites.

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Aretha Franklin Part 2  The Atlantic Studio albums; a deep dive with David Nathan

The Rhino Podcast

36:08 min | 2 years ago

Aretha Franklin Part 2 The Atlantic Studio albums; a deep dive with David Nathan

"Ladies and gentlemen, records retired plate spinners and millennials who want to impress their parents with their record collections. Welcome to the rhino cast podcast. Brought to you by rhino records. Get ready for new releases detracts and conversations with your favorite artists and bands and balloons for the kiddies. And now your host with the most which may have and Dennis the menace on this episode of the rhino podcast. We speak again with David Nathan, the British ambassador of soul about Aretha Franklin's Atlantic records, nineteen sixties collection. Oh. Say. Hey, rich. Dennis have you visited rhino dot com. Lately. Yes. I have rich humor here. Pretend you haven't. Okay. Because you're missing out. Rhino dot com. Is updated daily with music news and regular features like album of the day and this day in history, plus exclusive merch and music bundles that you can't get anywhere else. Like a white snake lithograph signed by David Coverdale himself. Can I get one? I think you've got some connections checkout. Rhino dot com. Daily in today's podcast. We have the second of the trio of Aretha Franklin podcast. It is the year of reefa. You know that rich it is it is. And we have back with us. Again, David Nathan, the British ambassador of soul who has so much insight and spent so much time with the Retha. He really does know everything there is to know about her today. We're going to talk about a wreath of Franklin land records nineteen sixties collection. It is a six L P set that includes all the essential sixties albums, plus along player of studio rarities. Yeah. That's really nuggets. Isn't it? Speaking a rhino terminology. Indeed. No. It's it's it's amazing. Again, we wanna get to our conversation with David which we had it. Rhino HQ just a matter of weeks ago. But all my gosh, you put this on the turntable and its own so good. Yeah. Final fully back and swing and there aren't many companies out there that make it sound as sweet as rhino does. Absolutely. Well, you ready to geek out rich with David Nathan. I think we ought to just get right to the conversation with David right now and not talk anymore at all. Agreed. There's a chain. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the rhino podcast, our guest once again is the great David Nathan, the embassador of soul himself, but ambassador of British of soul. Istan correct. Is there a word you would prefer because you know, in the British parlance too, great. You really want to chew. Yes. Of course, the legendary dairies good. We are here again because it is the year of Retha Franklin and the Atlantic nineteen sixties album collection includes five studio albums with Atlantic and never loved a man the way I love you in mono a wreath arrives. In motto, ladies soul in stereo Aretha now in stereo soul, sixty nine stereo as well as a rarities from the nineteen sixties long player with eleven demos and outtakes. I ever vinyl release the way they were meant to be heard and mastered for vinyl. That's a treat. I believe five thousand copies being pressed worldwide. David talk to us a little bit about a wreath of being signed to Atlantic after her time, Columbia, different producers. And of course, you know, I'm it and Jerry Wexler and the Atlantic team talked to us about the transition well refer signed to Columbia nine hundred sixty and actually recorded with them a loss recording at Columbia was in ninety sixty five recording session, I should say and her contract forty much was up in the beginning policy. I think beginning of nineteen sixty six Jerry Wexler was aware of Retha as many other people in the music industry distinct from the public, and she really was very much under the radar for the music buying public. And she used to talk about how she had had hits. But they were turntable hits things that plague on the radio, but it didn't translate into say, it wasn't part of that was also that they didn't quite know. How to market because she was so able to tackle so many different kinds of music. Anyway, Jerry Wexler says that the song the recording that had him really clear that if there was ever an opportunity signed that he would was actually if ever I would leave you from the musical Camelot which she recorded Columbia. And he said when he heard that then he was cleared that he wanted to have a wreath on Atlantic. So what happened was a electrical Lewis Bishop from Philadelphia who I think at the time was a DJ you refer and said are we out of a contract with Columbia co Jerry Wexler and said you have is available now. And then they set up a meeting had some conversations in November nine hundred sixty six as a billboard photograph of a wreath of Franklin her then manager husband, Ted, white and Jerry Wexler signing a contract. So that's the kind of back story of how are we came to be at Atlantic. I don't know if she was even looking and yellow come. Companies at that time, and as related found out her Columbia account was quite massively in the red should really sold in the requisite as we say immune industry pollens on recouped recouped quite quickly after she signed to Atlantic. Because of course, after her first land recordings came out, then of the Franklin went from being someone who kind of under the radar for many people by no means a mainstream artist to being at that point, probably the most in ninety seven certainly the most prolific in terms of recordings hits. And for the first time having global hits. What do you attribute the change from Columbia to Atlantic because it was almost immediate as soon as they release something. Yeah. Atlantic all of a sudden, you went like, she said from relative obscurity to on her way to becoming the Queen of soul superstar that we know. Jerry Wexler says has said that what he did was he took back to Joe's. He tap. Into skills as a pianist accompanying herself, which she didn't do much Columbia. I think the thing also was she was really a weather many of her peers or people from her age group, you know, recording doing much better than she had been in terms of being well known she wanted to have his I mean, really that was it. Now how they approached. It was kind of interesting, you know, by sending initially to muscle shows for the first session it produced the first hit. But that was the loss time she recorded. She's studio. Yes, was are never loved a man the way I love, Greg. That was the them. And do you know what went into the decision to record that fame and muscle shoals? That was Jerry Wexler a hundred percent now, my right that Spooner Oldham played keyboards on these albums, and what was that? They liked about him to fly into New York for all these recording sessions. The after that first session at. In Muslim shows. I mean while it didn't produce a whole album. What was really clear was that the musicians and of refer jailed and so to create the continuity of sound in particular the rest of that album for the most part was done by Jerry Wexler, having the musicians come to New York to record at Atlantic. Seizures in New York at that point was eighteen forty one Broadway on the second floor. And that was Tom Dowd is engineering yet. Yeah. And so she had the Siamese itions for the rhythm section from the first recording just wasn't in Alabama was in New York. And and a lot of albums. In fact, a good number of the first lot of albums on Atlantic feature. The same rhythm section. And everybody, of course, knows Aretha for her brilliant, vocals and her ability to really just a moat vocally. But can you talk a little bit about what made her such a gifted and unique pianist as well, yes, I think it was very much based in her training in gospel. She took that that she learnt from James Cleveland was very much a mental for her in terms of keyboard playing and you know, a lot of great gospel. Of course has piano as primary instrument. It was we think about right Charles Oviously, our say, the female version of Rachel's. But you can see there's a definite comparison. I don't know if this is will know Retha didn't read music, really that's in Nate intuitive. She just kind of knew she was doing. Well. Yeah. And if you listen to those recordings as any of the musicians on recordings will tell you. She drove the rhythm section in others. They took the that's. How those according got created. It wasn't like there was some arrangement already there. They literally they were live in the studio Aretha, piano. I don't know that she always accompanied herself in terms of doing the vocals same time. Sometimes she did. But of course, by then it was supposed to over dub your voice. So I think some of it's like that. But I think a lot of it is live in studio musicians playing. I can't think of any other female vocalist or recording in the field of soul Rb at that time who was doing exactly that. So. See? Let's do a lightning round on the five albums. Let's pick a track or two from each one. So let's start with. I never loved the man the way I love you hit us with a tracker to that. Are are the ones that if you were putting your needle down on the vinyl? What would you put it? That's really difficult because we'll pick a couple because I went into a requisite shop in London to buy the forty five of a never left out on import. So we have the L PM like what took it home. I remember this is the same reefa. Oh, God, you know, this is up to Columbia anyway that album is just phenomenal to me. What track spoke to you that you said how can this possibly be the same Retha drown in my own tears? Why why? Because there was nothing comparable in she had ever done up to that point on record. The vocals was just everything. I mean, the waste. Aw. The back mean her sisters. But it's really so hard for me. Because when I listened to a change is gonna come. I also aware that it sounds very personal to me how she was back to Sam cook that we her we we said this earlier podcast. But just in case people haven't listened yet. Sam was her crush. Yeah. You gotta musical crush you. I know I have. I'm sure. And if I have I'm not going to talk about it. But I know much change is going. It's been written at this album, alone really could have cemented a wreath legacy. Yeah. I mean, it was so groundbreaking. I bought that album and sixty seven so I've remember how it affected me. A remember how it impacted the soul fans in Britain. And then of course, I was aware of how all of a sudden Aretha is this person the whole of America. Well, let's just with the arm be world of America was finding interestingly enough all for the other records. We're gonna talk about two word titles. And it's kind of interesting after like the second Lanta gal them to announce a wreath arrives. It was going to bring that up to find that interesting. Why why do you think they did that? Yeah. Because she had. Yeah. I really because she had by the time. But then you have a lot to prove because that becomes the sophomore Lantis record. And again being that they were turntable hits before. Now, this is the big time. So what track on Aretha arrives really announced for you that indeed she had well, I already considered she had to be honest with you. I don't want every holiday, but someone who isn't Aretha fishy. Nado de full most before you remember of a? I do I should've said that. Oh too late now. But anyway, because I had already I was already familiar with her work. And so on contextual Arkansas say, yes, she has now arrived what track villa graph that you think to the fans that really took it to the next level. Honestly that wasn't really one. Because I mean there was one hit on their baby. I love you, of course. But there's which isn't a banger. So that's interesting funky. In a memorable conversation. Many decades later a wreath. Do you have a favorite one of my albums? I don't really have one. But if I had to choose one it will be arrives. And she said why I say honestly because every song on that record for me was actually the tapestry of a relationship was in every single song on there was about what I was experiencing its oak to you. I mean, like this is almost as if they programmed it to match whatever I was doing with an egg. You know, I was nineteen. So it wasn't like I had these ten years of relationships. So I don't have a particular song. But if I had to pick that this is not a hit. But just us on it would be going down slow because that's a blues right straight up blues. And then the king coaches solo, and I'll say this at the end of that recording a wreath sings. There's a note where you can tell wherever that came from it came from the very very depths of her being. Now, she's been crowned lady sold. Yes. That's a brave move. Don't you think? Yeah. Well, what it is is that she had already been crowned the Queen of soul by a very famous DJ, Chicago ninety sixty four in the wake of the passing of Dinah Washington so done in Washington was the Queen of the blues, and that's how that came about. Now, we to lady soul that's a wreck reference or as close I think as a reference as one could have gone to lady day as Billie holiday. That's exact-. I mean when I saw lady so. Yeah. That's freely clear about that. So when you name a record lady soul back to a track. What track represented that best on the record? For me would be good to me as I am to you, which is a track that features Eric Clapton who happened to be around at the time. Yeah. Yeah. I'm to be. I mean, it wasn't like preplanned. He was there. It wasn't like, oh, let's have Eric Clapton the track. I think we'd have to find out the exact how that happened. But it definitely was sixty. Yeah. And it wasn't preplanned. But I mean, she sings was such a Bandon. I mean Bandon the word I would use to describe this colleague, no filter on it. So it was like she's just singing she's performing and singing from a place that most people don't go to. I'm going to say. It's a wreath. A now that is signalling, you know, this is the next phase in Retha. Do you feel that that's what the album became? No. I don't know why they quote everything. Now other than to say it wasn't different. It wasn't that musically different from its predecessors. I mean, it was a little more sophisticated. Maybe wasn't quite as role as the first three, but not like massively different. So what made it a great record? A Salo prep is a song. I was associated with that. Two. For me, the cover recordings on there. That are really phenomenal one is getting very postal song for her. I can't see myself leaving you which sounds like her sharing with people gotta leave this guy because. Yeah. I don't know how to but I can't see myself leaving you. But I kind of have to. Around. Hello, sunshine. She started recording by gospel group river, Mesa woods, and the whoever it was. And it was on. I think it was released through food Stax volt if I remember correctly, go to different spirit to it. You know, then the concierge myself, leave your Hello sunshine like that two sides of love they go. Number five soul sixty-nine well now. Okay. That in retrospect hearing comments from Jerry Wexler, and even Otago they regret having coded that it was a little bit cheeky, and they came up with the title based on it came out in nineteen sixty nine. But it also, you know, the whole sexual connotation of it was kind of like a marketing thing, right? The content of the record had nothing to do with that nothing. And in fact, that was really supposed to be a wreath as jazz record. And later, many you late when CDs I you know, we I having CD's probably I think it did come out even as an album at some point of this jazz and mix some of that album with some other tracks most was big band. And it's if you listen to it, it's really great. It's a great great great recording. Unfortunately. Only because of the name because it called it that and because it didn't really have any really massive big hits on that. It didn't quite hit the Mark with a lot of a wreath fans. Personally. It's definitely probably in my top three or four Aretha Franklin. I think is absolutely really I'm in this. So I mean version of bring on home to me Sam Cooke again, very uptempo. But the one that loves checks Martinez which smokey Robinson classmates from Detroit. I mean, they went to school together. Yep. So it's a very much a, but the way she sings tracks of my tears. She personalized songs that other people had done. Yeah. And then she visited a very first Columbia recording and hit which was today. I sing the blues. But this version in nineteen sixty nine is very different. What's great about the album is is one of the most on heralded albums of his Atlantic career. And it really shows her ability to Galvin to the world of jazz with such ease. Sega? This was the first time I could see where Tom Dowd shared production. Credits Wexler was that was probably because you're exercise being. Yup. Yup. By with other things at that time figgy ninety nine I think that's around the time that Atlantic being part of a become on order communication. So I think he's very preoccupied with that also Jerry works is focused. So it'd be more on British rock. They were quoting, and what can with the love the British groups of the day to little band called leads up. Oh, those tiny band. As I recall reading Jerry works autobiography, he he he says he kind of moved more out of that. And Tom down clearly made a massive difference in his as did one of the unsung heroes of his recordings. From my perspective. Moton, are we've modern was just brilliant as an arranger conductor. I can tell you. No question of reefa had great admiration respect. And she would often talk about the worksheet with our if Mawlid as being someone shoes working with directly musically. This brings us to the final disc in the set rarities from the sixties as we talked off microphone. You have quite the story to tell about that disc. Do you not David I do as I had developed my reputation as an ecologist, and so music historians one I had the great fortune to have rhino says. Send me into the volts in Burbank now to put a little context behind it. What happened is that a lot of the Atlantic tapes had been moved to Bank to this massive massive type library, and when they were moved while a lot of them were still have been catalogued. There were a lot of boxes that just had names on them on numbers. And there was nothing in the database to figure out. What was it was actually they're so hard to work on that? And some couple of artists and to really find as many boxes, I could with the audience names on every was the head of that list. I found some just types. No one knew what was in the box. You just said if the Franklin and one of the boxes in particular said on the front Ted white for Jerry Wexler. That's didn't say what was in it. Now. I know Ted white is I know us manage husband. So they sent the tape as with all the other things that I had found to be transferred. So we could hear what was. Actually on the tape. And when I got the disc the referenced this was a demo sessions from nineteen sixty six that Ted white had sent to Jerry Wexler to give some examples of the kind of things there was interested in doing the kind of direction she or just some examples of things that you was considering or just give him idea of what what did she want to do for US Atlantic album in amongst that was the original demo of never loved the man written by the choice so much Rony, Shannon. Doctor feelgood, which is the demo of Dr feelgood is like, wow. Doc. Philadelphia with all of those pales. Doc the field Goud. His name is. This last disc on the two sides. There's two demos the rest are out takes. Yes. Now L takes are dangerous territory, right because then either can be revelation, sometimes they don't necessarily pick the take, you know. Sometimes you go back. I can think of several several situations recently what I've heard an outtake and said that's the one they should have gone with. How do you feel about these out takes you were discovering them? They're not really out takes their complete recordings that they didn't fit onto albums and out take for me. When people talk about outtakes, they usually mean, an alternate version of another take of a recording. So these actually unreleased. So it was you the letter so soon missed a big talk to me fool on the hill. Take out an all of those. They're actually songs that just didn't make it to the albums because you have to remember back then there was restriction. I mean, so you could put on an hour. Already. Exactly. So here we go. You know? You know, it was you actually JAMES BOND. Oh, really? Yeah. The letter is a wreath of which. No. So soon is van McCoy song. Miss the big isn't a wreath of wishing also and Mr. big that's on the same session as the house JAT built. Talk to me was from the social sixty nine sessions. And that is actually a song that had been previously done by one of his favorite male vocalist of the of the fifties and early sixties religion. To me. Sell to me. Jolly. You say. In your. Swedes. You take up. Another man's place was a song recorded by little Willie John's sister, Mabel, John. Something that I've always wondered about because I know you're a musician. So you have some experience recording yourself, do and you might have some insight on this. But I've noticed when she really lays into a phrase you can hear the microphone in the preempt go into soft clipping this happens on a lot of Retha sixties albums when she really lays into a phrase, you would think that they would be able to -ticipant this after hearing it for a while. So it made me wonder if they liked the effect, and they kept it on purpose. I think absolutely sure of that. And also because this is a wreath accompanying himself. I don't know. Honestly, don't think there was a rehearsal on some of these things, but I would imagine they just go with it just go with just go with it off. Just like this. It really was about capturing the moment. Unfortunately, that were the original multi tracks for all of those albums, which got burned in a very infamous fire in nineteen seventy two. So, unfortunately, we don't have what publicly were Alton. Turn it takes of some of those Atlantic out the actual sessions, the actual sessions themselves, which is really really sad. Fortunately, the actual finish mosses were kept in a different facility. Otherwise, really be in trouble. Dave nathan. Thank you so much for your time. It welcome. It's been a pleasure speaking with both of you and really some ways setting some records straight. So to speak. You let listeners know where they can find you on. They can find me at WWW, so music dot com. And they wanna listen to read some of the work done at WWW, so music dot info. Thank you. Thank you. That podcast was loaded with awesome Aretha Franklin clips and David knows so much being the British ambassador of soul, but he had spent so much quality time both on the record off the record with Aretha. I don't think there's anybody more qualified to give us that insider information than David Nathan. And as you know, when we took a break, David, and I went to lunch, and I want you to know he did not stop talking about Aretha Franklin during the entire lunches. Busy getting salad and in between the lettuce Aretha. Aretha loved rutabagas. Indeed. Thanks very much for tuning in. Don't forget to listen and subscribe on I tunes. So you don't miss the next rhino podcast, executive producer for rhino entertainment. John Hughes produced for rhino entertainment by pop Colt and rich Mahan promotions. All rights reserved.

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Aretha Franklin Pt. 3  Hits & Covers

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Aretha Franklin Pt. 3 Hits & Covers

"Ladies and gentlemen, records retired plate spinners and millennials who want to impress their parents with their record collections. Welcome to the rhino cast podcast brought to you by rhino records. Get ready for new releases detracts and conversations with your favorite artists and bands and balloons for the kiddies. And now, your hosts with the most, which may have and Dennis the menace. On this episode of the rhino podcast. We have the third of our three conversations with David Nathan noted, British soul music expert, covering a wreath of Franklin's Atlantic hits and covers. Hey, rich. Hey Dennis know what I was doing just now what we doing? I was perusing the digital pages of rhino dot com. Well, there's lots of Peru's their indeed. But you know why you wanna peruse them now because if you don't you're missing updated music news regular features like the album of the day, this day, music history. Plus, exclusive merchant music bundles, you can't get anywhere else. I know it sounds like late night commercial, but I I'm being serious here that this updated daily, and it's why we know as much as we do besides all the great daily content, there are cool giveaways. You can enter for instance, right now, rhino is running the classic rod vinyl pack giveaway, and there are five killer classic rock albums. You can enter for a chance to win including leads up for eagles hotel, California, Fleetwood MAC's. Rumors the doors upon a mistake byu and David Bowie heroes. It's all at rhino. Dot com. You know good things come in threes. And when it comes to today's artist on the rhino podcast, it does not get any better. Well, you know, we've got Aretha Franklin she's the Queen of soul. It is the year of a Rita. And this is the third of three podcast. We have with the British ambassador of soul himself, David Nathan, who is not only an expert in so music in general, but spent a lot of personal time with the Retha any really does have the inside scoop on so many of these songs that we're going to cover today. We spent an entire day with David and this podcast, it probably is my favorite of all because it's covers and hits. Yeah, there's a lot of great music in this podcast. We have a ton of great music clips, and David kind of pulls back the curtain, and gives us a little tidbit of info about each of them how they came around how Aretha found out about them or something. They did when they recorded it really cool stuff. Well, I think that we need to get right to. It our conversation with David Nathan about Aretha Franklin covers in hits here on the rhino podcast, one to be free. Well, David Nathan, welcome back to the rhino podcast. I guess we didn't scare you away the first time you didn't on vis rhino podcast. We're going to kind of split it into, and they're they kind of overlap because we're gonna talk about the covers that Aretha Franklin did. And we're gonna talk about some of the hits in a general sense. What did Aretha look for in song to cover? Well, she had to be oh, to find something in it that she could relate to or that she could bring something to. She defied. John was by bringing these songs into her world. Yeah. Well, I think that, you know what I think it's kind of they were in her will by virtue of one thing. One thing that people may not know she wasn't just like a former she listened to music. She she really and she was, we're going to think about the time period, again, she was twenty six years old, and she listens to the radio and she, you know, she went to some shows and she famously toes story about. How she was certain events with berry Gordy. She said, you know, berry should be should give me a check for all the requisite all the Motown records up border, Detroit, I help build motel as as a as some report the records she listened to music. It wasn't just I'm gonna listen to our gonna listen to music. And some of choices were kind of like from the outside appeal a little quirky from Spanish Harlem does Stevie wonder's until you come back to me. That's what I'm gonna do some of those became the definitive version for a certain generation that might not have heard the songs, otherwise and they're probably played on the radio slash streamed more than the original. So what I think would be a great filter to talk about the arrangements. And of course, her voice and a great place to start. And this is really kind of complicated. I'll say the words back, David saying, you say a little prayer, but, I mean, the fact that Dionne Warwick had a hit with it almost. I mean it was an allegation, and yet the lightness of Dion, the Peppino of Dion z-, and the use the word forgive me. Soulful -ness of a Rivas. Okay. But what I mean is the choir the again back to the arrangement and really gamed out to the difference between those two two killers singers was the arrangement from what I could tell from from a refers appreciation music. She really did really, really like those recorded owns and, and the background can David song, she did and how that came about. I say they'll prayer came about Cissy Houston. And the studious brations Retha were rehearsing they were just kind of fooling around preparing to do some recording. We just started doodling on the piano. I say a little prayer, and then they created this whole Colo it was literally clear response is like, right there in the moment. Right originally, how David wrote Lior. Rick's in relationship to soldiers in Vietnam. That's actually the exact history of the song. The song is actually about the female singer singing. Yeah. Yeah. The moment I wake up, you know, it's the whole thing, a sailor prayer for you, because you're over there. Thousands of miles away serving in Vietnam as a soda that is the rhino podcast lives, by the way. Yes, stories like that. That was the whole thing was another song recorded the same time the windows of the world, but Dion which didn't record flip the yes. Exactly, exactly. But the point being when of reefa did it she wasn't singing it from the perspective of the of richer nation of what the song was about. On. Two. What did Aretha fund intriguing about British pop music of the era that made her want to cover the songs? You know, I don't think it was civic just British pop music. It was just pop music. And it happened to be as we know historically at that time, there was, what people here would have called the British invasion. We didn't call. We didn't call it appreciate version because I was. We. But the point be that's how it was thought of I don't think it was like, I'm just going to recall songs, but British groups but it was more just what was on the radio. What people present over that she sont she lied. So I don't know that it was particularly that, that was a theme. However, having said that as we see in her first three or four five Atlantic albums, you know, she goes bring something to songs that originated in Britain, by the Rolling Stones and the Beatles and dusty Springfield and then. Yeah. L John and then Lulu. I mean some of that to be fair. We have to say is a function of later on was more Jerry Wexler, and Jerry Wexler famously says that one of his biggest mistakes from his perspective was having a wreath of record songs of which are be solid black audience had no reference. For example, being Elton John's. Holy Moses the borders which he. Says they've released a single it just kind of flop, because because her core audience didn't know what it was about their love people who were not effective as though. It was about either. Been removed. Scene. He he. Distant cousin from down. Been. There was this whole thing where she did the weight by the band, and Eleanor Rigby, the part of same kind of time period. Yes. But some of those directly from Jerry Wexler, the earlier ones, though, like satisfaction, I think that's just a wreath like the song as she did it. You think? There was any parallel with Otis Redding doing that song as well. And maybe that kind of made a catchier possibly, I mean you know, the interesting thing about a about a wreath Otis is, of course, that they, they will contemporaries. Yes. Absolutely. And in fact, Otis Redding credits. Aretha version of try little tenderness as being his inspiration for doing his version of trial, little. Yeah. Yeah. And so there was kind of this love affair, but kind of appreciation of each other. Maybe we. Young girl they do get. When she gets. Tend to. Benny king Spanish Harlem, Dr John on keyboards. But that opening back to arrangements that, Dan. Dan, a boom. Right. Truth. Be told nineteen seventy I was introduced to that song by a wreath up. I went backwards to discover the Benny king version of it. And I think so many of us have generation and to this day, it became the definitive version of that song. But do you have any sense? Do you ever talk to about the arrangement because that is a radical departure in terms of the song transforms, the song didn't to be honest with you? But I think that was also to we've referenced before that's part of a wreath gift to take something that's done in a particular way. And turn it into something completely like it's almost like a different song. And what's interesting about. It is a cushy slutty changes the woods because she says in black and Spanish Harlem. Also, she has an affinity for of course you a couple of those Atlantic records by Betty k her version don't play that song is like, wow. I mean, Vealy that's got a gospel groove to it. And you know what one of my fund is personal memories is actually seeing a wreath at top of the pops in London. Do that. I mean, literally be right there the studio. Yeah. No, I mean some of its I don't think they were using the track but she actually was playing piano, like live in, in the studio to the track. And it's just phenomenal. What she does with don't play that song as she is biggest British hits. Do you come back to me? That's what I'm going to do that, is, you know, Stevie Wonder composition, but again, Aretha version, is the definitive version, how song to reefa was not as people think through Stevie Wonder, I mean this kind of mythology that of we said, oh, Steve, do you have any songs, but actually some B Toby, the last forty eight hours, there was actually a Stevie Wonder, Cody of it. And she heard it. I mean it was. So there was some comes recess TV, but the point being that I don't if it ever been released by CVS, far as I know it hadn't those are recording, but it never came out. It was an unreleased Stevie Wonder track. And in fact, a found an outtake where Jerry Wexler explain to. She speaks to and says, you go have a little bit of a kind of reggae on the like the whole piano thing. And if you listen to just the piano, you could hear what he's talking eventually is. Okay. And then she kind of does a little thing. That's it. And so that it's not really anything much like the Stevie Wonder version or demo or whatever. That's kind of the story of Retha would covers isn't it? They're never sound anything like the original. They've, it's so uniquely Aretha. Do you own about the, the couple of the Beatles songs that every third will one in particular? Let it be. Do you know that let it be was actually written with that in mind? And what happened was all McCartney gave the demo of let it be to Jerry Wexler specifically for we and the hood it. And she said, she couldn't record it, it had this kind of religious mother. Mary comes she, she wouldn't do it. So he kind of sat there for like a year. So she didn't record it. Then, of course, they, I guess, Todd away before it to do it subsequently, a wreath recording came off the, the Beatles. Dams of trouble comes to me speaking to Liz. Let it be. What changed our ethan's mind about recording the song? Well, I don't know. But under this happened the same thing happened. We son of a preacher man, the same thing, it was written with Retha in mind. And she said, do that because it's too close to my roots and probably more to do with the actual history personal history, so she wouldn't do it, and then dusty Springfield, does it and then she's like, all right. Well, I'll do it. I never asked that question. I always wondered why. She went back is. All right, probably because she thought. Well, all right. Well, okay. I said, no, the first I'm now my standpoint, and if you listen to a wreath version, particularly, let's let it be son of a preacher man, there's a break where she everything stops, and she's just singing with in the middle of the song. And you know do that. See how? In nineteen seventy massive number one hit their biggest hit for Simon and Garfunkel bridge over troubled water. And then a year later, number six on the charts, reefers version, and again, the Simon and Garfunkel version has been, of course, talked about, meaning many things, but the Retha version, again, brings it back into her. Her place, doesn't it? I think we have to check this historically that how that came about was it. She sang it. I know she sang it at the Grammys of the year that Simon Gulf, uncle won the Grammy for the song. And as you know, a lot of times on Grammy awards even going back then they would have other people. Performances someone. So she actually recorded it off the she had done it at the Grammys and other woods. It was so, like, really, yes. So the first time he would it was arrangement kind of also references the four tops still waters run deep hole. Which is I mean that's a phenomenal recording. I think we have to touch on Sam Cooke in Aretha because they both come from gospel background did Retha, hold a special affinity for salmon his music. You're laughing. What is it? Look. She's Topi people in public. Is it is? It is mad crush on Sam Cooke. So he really did send her so to speak that you go to speak. She told people contemporary Asli and subsequently, you know, she had a question him now, Pete was married, so probably the cost state is a crash. But I know that, but we'll, I can tell you is the because why Sam cook is an important figure in his life, musically. Is that he moved from gospel to what we call? Secular music pop Rb before she did that. In fact, she says she does credit a conversation with Sam Cooke, about that as being her choice to do that, too. As you want. How are we the new Sam cook was originally as being part of a group called solstice Gus group? And so that's how she would have heard or seen Sam cook for the first time, but it was with Sam Cook's, kind of courage -ment that she did that. So he played a major role in her life, personally and musically. And in fact, when Reverend Franklin took a wreath or to New York in nineteen sixty to get a record deal. She had done a demo of some kind and one of the companies that Sam Cooke suggested she signed with was, which was soon. He was recording at the time, but that didn't happen. In fact, the first Aretha Franklin cover of Sam Cooke is on her. I Atlantic album, a change is gonna come. He is what ties it together. If you listen to the opening of a change is gonna come she actually referenced he's talking about Sam cook. You know, there's an old friend, once a something that touched my heart, there's actually, like a kind of introduced before she sees own. Old. Something that. And invicta. So what I thought we would do for part two, which we will call them the hits, and they can be found the Atlantic singles collection. She only had two billboard chart number ones in nineteen sixty seven and nineteen eighty seven that last one with George Michael of all things another Brit another Brit, but she got a ton of radio play and obviously influence went way beyond the charts. I think I counted thirty nine top forty hits more Aren be hits twenty than any other artists. First woman to be inducted into the rock, Roll Hall of fame. Let's do a rapid fire thing where we name a song, and we have like a one minute story behind. Okay. Each of these, so we can roll a lot of music, so rich. Why don't you start with with the first one? I never loved man. The way I love you. I Atlantic March nineteen sixty seven. Yeah, that's such as a demo as the death. Mos on nine hundred sixty six over it. And by Detroit, songwriter, Ronnie, Shannon. She says it wasn't Tobar graphical. She spoke for, you know, at that point, I'd say many, many African American women in particular at that time, because she was voicing something that no one had voice quite that way. Would using that the whole gospel traditions is really like, wow. Once you hear that beginning of that record, you're like, for many people who never heard of film, Columbia, like, who is this? I love. K ready to go deep going do right woman, do right, man. Chips moment producers songwriter guitarist at gold star for Phil spector onto Memphis. He found the movie theater, the became stacks HQ produced a ton of hits from James, Bobby purify box tops. So Dan, Penn wrote that song with chips. How did he get to refill? Well, it's, it's actually the second song that was begun at first recording session for Atlantic in muscle shows. So actually what happened was they were on the session. Yes, right. And what happened was they had a rhythm track, and then because of whatever happened is Rita. She do the vocal. They went home that the next morning. She flew to Detroit. She husband agitated have a disagreement Ted, what had to describe with somebody with point being. She didn't do the vocal there was no vocal done in. Also shows, the vocal was on about ten days later in New York, because it confined Retha for days off that she wouldn't respond to Jerry Wexler because nobody's that you came in and completed the song in New York. I think if people aren't super familiar with the wreath other super familiar with this song by Aretha respect. Yes. Respect. Well, you know. Laughing, because I remember that's the first exam for you can hear everything completely putting a different spin on the song giving a hold it from different version. So, you know, the famous quote, you know, do you know the first time that Otis Redding, hood of his version of respect. He was enjoyed works office, Jerry Wexler played Otis version and order say, well, you know, it's not my soggy able, he hit lost it to her exact something like there's an actual quote, but the point he might have lost it to her. But I'm sure given that he voted exactly do too badly with the result, and a fantastic saxophone solo batch about that break in that saxophone break was lifted from a breaking when something's wrong with ABC exactly the same thing. Jerry Wexler says that he actually suggested that. Speaking of Mr. Wexler, and make me feel like natural woman written by Carole, king Gerry Goffin, but Jerry Wexler, did have some input. It was written for Retha. He said he, he owes karaoke. Ing Gerry Goffin to come up with a song for her. And that's what they came up with. And how he got credit for the somebody is just by virtue of the fact that he often. But this was one of her first forays into the Brill building. Right. So that's, that's very different. Brill building songs were kind of pop song it's interesting because I remember when it came out, it wasn't one of her most immediate hits at that time, because it's quite a stretch from a natural woman to respect, right? Interestingly a natural will move recorded in the same in those first early February nine hundred sixty seven recording sessions, although it wasn't released. Until I think the end of that year it was not in the first couple of albums on lady. So so you've looted to that earlier in the conversation that they would not necessarily use everything they recorded at that time for the current album. Because they get they didn't make them as albums just sessions. What's amazing about that? Recording is the string arrangement by cool. Ralph burns who also Detroiters James Brown. It's a gorgeous song. I mean it's the arrangement that the string arrangement is on that particular song is phenomenal. And it was different from the other things from that recording session. And of course at that time. No one knew that it would become one of his, most important anthems. Oh. All right chain of fools and seesaw, both written by Don. Kobe. Yes. Started with chubby checker. Yeah. Now, see, so, of course was a hit for dunk. Oh vay before Rita. Did it? I see. Zac. Ac-. Chain of foods of never heard a dunk over a version of China foods, even though he voted. So I don't actually know the exact story of it other than that it because he was at Atlantic, and he was a label mate. I don't know how it came to a wreath but I do know that, that has now become one of her again, anthems, if you look at it in historical context, you see your respect. I never loved a man and chain of foods. You know, particularly, I never loved the man in China fools about relationships different from what other women of the time would sing. I mean we talked about Dion before Diana Ross. I mean while they would sing love songs they won't quite so direct about the kind of every day -ness of, of relationships their songs were little more light in terms of you romance, and you'll, you'll never get to heaven is not quite the same as chain of foods. I was thinking about my safe five most played Retha singles. Okay. It's a tie for number one with the one written by a Retha and Ted white that has the most incredible banging piano intro can be think that could be thing could be. But when you listen to the lyrics of that written by a husband and wife was something going on, at that moment in time, perhaps, David, I mean, maybe. Pretty intense introduction from woman to a man saying, by the way, we've got some talking to do. Well again, and this isn't something revealing like on the first person to have said this in public. It's historically documented that their relationship at that point was quite volatile. One of the reasons revote did not like doing interviews was because of a time magazine cover story, which reference the fact that she had been and I'm using that terminology, roughed up in public by a husband that stayed with forever. She she how they found that on. No. But, you know, people talk to people in a wreath at that point was in her ascendancy as an icon in American music, and from that point, it was really hard to get into any interviews because it was a little too close to home. And you know, people know that, that was not a good relations. Oh, she's just like anyone else. She went through different things of the people went through. She wasn't the only person who had ever been in a relationship that didn't go well, but the point about think is I don't know how much Ted what had to do with the writing of the song. I just know that I it sounds like she's talking to him directly. That's where I was going. The same thing is true. He's also rushing credit. Dr feelgood true. So, you know, it wasn't all it was hang, isn't it? Well, yeah. As, as any relationship that I know about this, you know, the ups and downs is announced all that. Boone. Tell us about the house that Jack Bill flipside was salable prayer recorded earlier in the year by singer, Thelma Joan. That's right. Exactly. Exactly. And I love this because I do have a tiny short try to make this virtual story Thelma John's fact was from North Carolina came up to New York. I think like sixty three sixty four Thelma was very much of a blues e kind of Rb singer mentor by another blues. A very well known blue of the time. Big may bell, who is also a big influence on Retha as well. A record a couple of big may Bill songs on social sixty nine album. Okay. The point being Thelma did this session with Cissy Houston and the sweetest rations in the background on on her recording. And it was on this independent label not much happened with it. And cissy. Houston took the Elmo Jones version played it to Jerry Wexler and said, well, you know, this is great song for Retha, because basically. It's got that response thing on thelma's version, that's how that really came about many, many decades later when a wreath was performing in Los Angeles, Thelma Jones, some of them for a long time. I took her to meet Retha backstage, as Thelma one thing, you do not want to do is tell her you quoted, her hit don't do that, because I know we'll probably sound like I don't know what you're talking about. Jack. Okay. Here we go. I'm gonna lead you into this one recorded in Miami at criterion sound Donny Hathaway on organ written by refer, and probably if you take the groove of Spanish Harlem, and you apply to this song you probably be pretty rock steady. Wow. That's like religious as they think of next to Spanish Harlem, they have so much in common in the groove. Right. And what she did. But she wrote that song. I almost think that she wrote that song, saying, I want my Spanish Harlem. Yeah. I think we can look again. I think they record a around the same time, same sessions that come out, in fact, foam. Correct. Didn't want come out off the other. Yes. Yes. They were they were blends. Yeah. And just I think that's love that. I love it. So what it is funky. David, tell us what you know about. Daydreaming might've been about somebody else in another group. In Detroit, mother been my. Event hit us. Look at one of the things you know about that we all know about every she was a natural woman. Right. So she was a natural woman who you know, head need. Well, like, oh, human beings needs and, and yes, it is a romantic song. And it is written about Dennis at woods. And yes, neither of them denied it. And she said that that's who it was about. But yeah. In fact, I remember seeing them, I was Radio City musical somewhere where you know, she put him on stage and that's definitely about Dennis. It was. It's so much fun to dig in and to hear the story behind the story from the man who actually got the story in person. David. Why don't you tell us where people can find you on the web, vacant me, very, many different places. They can find. Many sites specifically, they can go to my website, WWW so music dot com and the associated website, WWW so info, which has allowed the archive will work up done over many years in terms of interviews. And of course, they can try to friend me on Facebook because I do have like a limit reached your five K limit David about thirty people away from it. It's a rhino podcast listeners. Order now. There's a chain. Just get on. That last song. We're coming out of their people get ready. A lot of people have done. Great covers of it, including Jeff Beck, and Rod Stewart. But as we've discussed is there, anybody out there an artist who can do. What Aretha Franklin did? And that is take a cover song, and really changed the arrangement make a definitive version and make it uniquely their own as I was growing up. I thought that some of those covers were actually originals don't by Aretha. Absolutely. I think a lot of people felt that same way. She recorded definitive versions of songs even if there were hits prior with them that defined that song as an Aretha Franklin song. Again, thanks, Dave. Nathan for spending so much time. We appreciate him coming in and sharing his knowledge with us. Cheers, David, thanks very much for tuning in. Don't forget to listen and subscribe on, I tunes, so you don't miss the next rhino podcast executive producer for rhino. Entertainment. John Hughes produced for rhino entertainment by pop Colt and rich Mahan promotions, all rights reserved.

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Aretha Franklin's AMAZING GRACE with David Nathan

The Rhino Podcast

30:14 min | 2 years ago

Aretha Franklin's AMAZING GRACE with David Nathan

"Ladies and gentlemen, records retired plate spinners and millennials who want to impress their parents with their record collections. Welcome to the rhino cast podcast. Brought to you by rhino records. Get ready for new releases detracts and conversations with your favorite artists and bands and balloons for the kiddies. And now your hosts with the most which may have and Dennis the menace on this episode of the rhino podcast, we speak with soul music historian, David Nathan and dive into a wreath of Franklin's live gospel, masterpiece, amazing, grace, the complete recordings. Say. Hey, rich. Hey Dennis today. We are talking to a soul. Musicologist David Nathan, we spoke with David at length about all things Aretha, but today will be focusing on her nineteen seventy-two gospel album, amazing grace that wasn't fact the biggest album of her career indeed. And I don't know about you. But you know, the film is just out and that was a a story in itself, which David is going to also dig into with us because this film was produced as was the album in nineteen seventy two and it didn't service until now what a treat it is to finally have this movie available. If you just watched the trailer, you'll see how much passion is in a wreath is performance. Absolutely this. This is one of those rhino podcasts that we don't want to say too much the beginning because we learn so much from David, and there's so many stories that you just want to give them all away. Now, David interviewed a wreath a probably more time. Times than just about anybody else, and they became friends, and he had conversations with her that weren't interview. So I really feel like he had an inside feel on so much that Aretha did as an artist. And just as a person that he has some valuable insight that I think people are going to really find interesting. I don't think most people including me, by the way, new anywhere near as much about this iconic Retha Franklin record. Yeah. It really is something special. I mean, this is her biggest record of her career it over double platinum at this point. You think about what a wreath brings to a record? And how she emotes and the passion she puts into it. I think this is pretty much the zenith of that for her David was kind enough to come over the pond in join us at the treehouse studios at rhino HQ in Burbank for our conversation. I think it should be said that this is the first of three podcast with David Nathan coming up over the coming weeks relating to Aretha Franklin release. Ios. So really is the year of Retha she's being honored. And so many different ways as she should be. And we were fortunate that David was available. David Nathan, thank you so much for joining us here at rhino for the rhino podcast. Welcome. Why don't we start off by Utah on us about your background? So I'm back on his I grew up in London. Born in London, and I sewed it becoming aware of what we could arm be before it became so from nineteen sixty three four achy by virtue of the Beatles because the Beatles used to cover some Motown Rb songs as they used to ride on the back of the of the notes on the back of the LP's who did the original versions of certain songs. And I was kind of intrigued about that as a little. Yeah. A bit like my fellow teenagers, and the and in fact, and the record actually really became like, the the one that had me really understand the passion and emotion that was really in authentic. American Rb was not an RV it was Dion Warwick's woken by. Which would. I think that that really in our view. It wasn't. It was our has. She was singing the whole kind of. Yup. Poche of the. Yeah. And it was just off of that became very like. Wow. This music amazing and sort of records shop with in the between the first Nina Simone appreciation society in London in nineteen sixty five wasn't a fan club. She could have we could appreciation anyway. And then I've really involved with owning records shop and really it became kind of my life work in in terms of Matache from the music, which at that point, then became so music. Some point my passion for an love for the music really became evident through my work as a journalist, which was not my original career plan. But that's how it involved, and so then I wrote for magazines Britten co blues and soul in nineteen sixty seven. I cover story was on a wreath of Franklin doing a top of the pups dressing room conversation that turned into a cover story for Pluess. And so. On aretha. And then I moved to New York in one thousand nine hundred seventy five blues soul US correspondent and basically been working in the world of so music pretty much entire life. It's our pleasure to have you for several podcasts relating to reap the Franklin. And we thought that there was no better place to start. Then her fourth live album. I'm just going to do some stats double-platinum biggest selling live gospel album of all time and her best selling album and her fifty year career amazing grace. Yes. Recorded the new temple missionary Baptist church loss. Angeles January thirteenth fourteenth nineteen seventy-two whose idea was it to take on this. I mean, this was an incredible incredible project. Well, the route Genesis of doing the album was actually a conversations reefa ahead. With Reverend James Cleveland, who of course, is featured on amazing, grace prominently. And this is quiet his church his home church in Los Angeles. And I don't know the specific reasoning behind it was other than that. If she was going to do a full on that would be the person, and she would do it with and they having college you about two years. I think prior to it becoming a reality cheap, presented the idea to Jerry Wexler. But with the condition that have to involve James Cleveland who is also part of her history in terms of really assisted emended her as a pianist as a teenager. I mean, almost like pre teenager, but teenager because Reverend James Cleveland was a frequent visitor to Reverend c o Franklin's household, and of course, reference, you frankly, being with this father that was that connection and James Cleveland was already a when of Retha was growing up had already established some recognition for the kind of work. He did as a. Preach a gospel singer, and so on so James Cleveland was a part of a wreath as childhood very much, and and she actually references in conversations how he was really responsible for literally I say schooling her. But really, you know, be being a primary influence on her ability as a pianist in companies as a gospel singer more than an hour being she apparently or the U has played the piano, Reverend Cleveland was an accomplished pianist himself. Yes. I don't think he's known for that. But that was one of his skill says. Yeah, you mentioned Jerry Wexler. Yes. How did Jerry Wexler and reef Martin approach the production of this record? They must've approach it differently than they would any of the studio albums that they recorded with the Retha. Yeah. If we look in context, of course, you know, that live album was off to the live Fillmore west. So they already had some basis for how to record a wreath alive. Even though it's a different setting. All I can tell you about what I know about it is in. Many ways it wasn't a wreath James Cleveland project that of course, Jerry Wexler of reef and the Atlantic executives and stuff were involve with. But I think a lot of the it was created and how they didn't do apparently didn't do a lot of rehearsals for it. Which is kind of interesting like it was basically what you heard when it was actually recorded was almost how they rehearsed it, I mean, there's not a lot of so from on stand while Jerry Wexler was the producer of the of. I like how many of his albums on Atlantic. It's kind of hard to imagine. The Jerry respectfully actually gave a wreath any direction of vocal to do. 'cause bas- basically, it always more like setting up the environment and musicians, and so on as no income visitations, I had with, you know, a lot of those the vocals, I mean, he just say do a couple of takes and she or in your she was going to do. So it wasn't really like as it would have been with some other artists. Certainly not scripted. No. So the choir the congregation was that to your knowledge from the church. They didn't cast any other background singers or pepper the room or anything like that. Well, I mean as you can see your credits while yes, the life the live the actual live recording is with the choir. And so on a no that they of course, there was for different reasons. There was some overdubbed son of primarily wreath lead. Vocals didn't bring anyone else other than the musicians, they you. There was a banana putting Chuck Rainey musicians with whom wreath ahead or recorded Cornell. Exactly exact-. The film. Yes was due to be released in nineteen seventy two and got mired in all sorts of I'll do this carefully. All I'm looking at the look if only people could see the look on your face right now because podcast, but if we had a picture right now. So we'll approach this gently it was it was quote, shelved that is finally released. It was due to premiere film festivals. You know? All right. I do I also know from conversations I had with how she felt about it. So and so. Tell us because we're this is the first thing is that when that was filmed. Yeah, we have to put it in context of the time period, seventy two and the part of the reason was that the way the filming was done the music didn't sync with the film, and there was some technical issues. But then if you follow the history of it, it was only within the last ten years that the rush to it went from Sydney Pollack to Allen Elliott and the whole that part of it. And then of course, as we know it a little more complicated because they couldn't find the contract that she really to having signed her image and likeness, and then they finally found the contract, and she thought well, this is all these years later how going to get paid for that. That was part of the reason and the other thing, I think I mean, I have a personal opinion about it. Which is that if you look at the footage, you see the film, you see a wreath of with people who such. An important part of our life as a human being. I mean her father's in there. Almost the whole film fathers, no long here. And he sang some great things about it's very emotional kind of experience for the person who's the central character of the film. So to speak. No Retha was thirty years old lot of the imagery. She sweat like people see the film. She sweating a lot. It wasn't done as a like, let's clean up the the the takes. So this this is raw footage, right? And then other people members of a family of their, you know, couple of sisters, and then also Clara ward who was such an important influence on a wreath and part of her life as a gospel singer one for primary influences and also someone who spent a lot of time in the household and Aretha found some interesting of actions shit, a concern the as some point the camera panned in such a way that you could see clear awards mothers undergarments. Up until this point one of the key musicians that Aretha had employed was king Curtis. Yeah. He was tragically murdered in between the last live recording. Mitch was Fillmore west and the amazing grace sessions. Did we ever talk to you about how she compensated for his loss? No. But I can't tell you. It was a big loss because kinko's was already at Alantic when of that first recording. In fact, I our them for tick, I nine hundred sixty seven I never up demand the way I love you features can coaches, they collaborated. I mean couple of phones they vote together. And there was a real kind of musical kinship. Yes. Related to that kind of way they interacted with one of the most extraordinary recordings of his early career at Alantic is on track. Co going down slow which is on a second land to go where there's can coaches is like literally you're doing this. Oh solo in the middle of the song. And she's responding as they had this really amazing report musically. And I know that his loss. It was a big deal for they also went on the road together you mentioned about the Fillmore west. But I mean other shows together so much compensating. You know, he wasn't there. And I I don't know that she because he did lead the kingpins. Yes. Yeah. Essentially her backup. So she kind of lost a little bit of musical. Really? I think some ways people forget that he was of premier saxophonist and musician. But he really wasn't is there. Other Atlantic office who really benefited from him being there. Let's dig in to the rhino release. It was released originally as a double disc set in nineteen ninety nine and had lots of unreleased takes back them. But this is on vinyl for the first time ever four hundred eighty gram LP's to dig into on wanted to say something about the historical significance of this album. Now, we look at it. And how it really not only stands the test of time. But it's such a testament to a woman who she had probably never decided to go into secular music. She'd just chose gospel career this this you can tell from listening to the complete recordings why. Because there's so much emotion this, much brilliant. And she did. Win the Grammy. Yeah. For those who are coming to this for the first time and part of the joy of releases like this, particularly on as the kids, say vinyl. These are long tracks, and in some cases, secular mixed with popular music. I think the perfect example is you've got a friend, which becomes a religious experience. Yeah. And you know, what you're pointing to is something that I think is also a key aspect of autism is that she would take songs that one associated necessarily with certainly not social gospel music, and in the same way, she did this with pretty much every album she of recorded Atlantic and certainly Columbia. She brought that kind of sensibility that passion and emotion in her interpretation, which was really born out of her gospel route so to speak to those songs, which made them almost like, you know, like a gospel opus, so to speak, even though they weren't necessarily written sunrise that way. In their other songs on that album. You you'll never walk alone, which was from a Broadway. Oklahoma. Yeah. For someone to be able to take you'll never walk alone. Which had also been reinterpreted by all the people, but Tonny into something that worked in a gospel context. I saw him use the word, but I think you'd have to say that that takes some genius. For people who are not familiar with gospel, and the kind of music here on this the blue so to speak is the so for feeling it's really for me. So is always about theline. It's about passion is about emotion. It's about really bring something from within you, which is probably how the would really whites. What's going? So he comes from within you. That's how I relate to it. And I think that so people who may say Christian grow up in Gosport. Yeah. Part of that belief system. So to speak belief that religion with this album particular that has nothing to do with it. I mean, you can listen to this and appreciate the deep intensity and the motion passion, regardless. I mean every time I have precious memories. Get chills is listening to it. Because while I didn't grow up in that tradition and most peop-. In Britain, certainly didn't and most people probably all over the world. Didn't it doesn't really matter because the the feeling and the emotion and the how James Cleveland and everyth- interact on that song. It just doesn't matter. And then the other one for me is is to have a little funny story. I you don't mind me. So about one of the tracks. How I got over yet. You know, I love that song. How I got over for me was about in the face of whatever you're dealing with. You kinda made it through how I got. Right. You know, and must so looks back on wonders, many, many many decades later after a wreath, and I became more, you know, personal connection after many many years of interviews and being so clear about what amazing human being and ultra. She was one very famous day. We would just talk in wasn't anything to do with anything. Professional should how I said. Well, you know, let's just say that today reminded of the track on amazing grace how I got over, and I soul truly today's looking back wondering how over and she was very respectful in us me whatever had happened that day. She just kind of understood that whatever whatever that was it really was like that. So it was personally that song. Really? I can sometimes I do to. Let's dig in a little more into holy holy. Well, when I first amazing grace, I was kind of surprised that she chose that say it didn't fit. But I mean, I just thought of as a track on moving gays brilliant album the way that that's done on a wreath record. It really is transformed from almost like a secular recording. With a message into something else. It really does become like a full on gospel piece as resolve how it was arranged with a wreath version. It's not I mean, I kind of forgot I almost forgot the mob and gave version to be honest with you can be rude about moving gay. But kind of forgot that that was because it sounds like a it. Just sounds like a great gospel song. Mary coach weep for you. What was great about that for me to that was an example of something that I would not many of us would not have actually been exposed to that whole kind of just a whole kind of interplay between Aretha and the qual- it's just it's just really the essence of what people refer as authentic gospel music again. I just want to reference that doesn't really matter. Whether you whatever religion, you grew up in or belief system. It's not about that. It's about the the magic of how they interacted. Detroit techno producer, Robert hood known as floor plan took never grow old and turned it into a house track. I haven't heard that really. And he did. And it's considered one of the decade's best house tracks. We'll say something that I think is important for the generation of people who may be listening to this album, amazing grace that have grown up in a sense listening to some pose and people that think that what's great about it is if as long as it's credited correctly that they can actually go back and here the regional how where that was taken from. And it really in the sense can come come like an education for people. Never. Ten minutes plus of the peace to resist on. Okay, amazing grace definitive version. I mean to take a song that is such a standard and to make it absolutely definitive version is only she could do this. This is something that when people sit and they put their vinyls on the turntable. They're they're just going to sit there and they're going to crank it. So the song I didn't hear of Publio reefa was the first version I have to. Did this album in your opinion, inform? Her approach afterwards to do this change the way that she looked at her music at all, no, that's an easy direct onto note. Because what she was doing was really doing something she'd always been doing. And in fact, as you listen to for the Reverend CEO Franklin on this particular, complete recordings the whole thing he him saying, you know, he's a seventy expression of with is just a stone saying, you know, in other words. Since stone not stoned, sewn though. Sure, we clear solid mini-van. Yes. So yeah. That that in other words, he's making the point. She never left gospel. I say with pride that wreath is not only my daughter Rita is just a stone thing. Well, this has been incredible. It's wonderful that people are going to get to hear this the old fashioned way. But also as beautifully produced as it was kind of like listening to the master tapes in the studios. So thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of amazing grace with us, David. You're very welcome. Will riches promised Aisher? Did learn a lot from David Nathan about amazing grace and Aretha Franklin even for people who are familiar with a wreath as music, it's nice to hear from someone like David Nathan who is so familiar with the details of the Queen of souls career. Absolutely. And as mentioned at the beginning of the podcast David is going to be back in the coming weeks with two other podcasts as our guest talking about a wreath of Franklin. Aretha Franklin amazing grace, the complete recordings is out now on vinyl for the first time as a four LP set and Aretha Franklin amazing grace, the movie never before released is in theaters as of April nineteenth two thousand nineteen. Thanks very much for tuning in. Don't forget to listen and subscribe on I tunes. So you don't miss the next rhino podcast, executive producer for rhino entertainment. John Hughes produced for rhino entertainment by pop Colt and rich Mahan promotions. All alright. Served.

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89. Patrizia Longhitano - Poetry and Identity

The Two Of Us

59:26 min | 5 months ago

89. Patrizia Longhitano - Poetry and Identity

"Real rebels radio presents. The two of us with alba. Frederick hi this is. Alba frederick welcomes the two of us so why south and i would talk to writers and artists about that work and how it relates to mental health and wellbeing. I'd like to give centric warnings as there are some adult themes in the show shooting mention of depression. Suicide self harm substance abuse a whole range of human experience. So if you're not feeding to today save this for later. We'd love to have otherwise get stuck in and enjoy. Okay sorry this is my first interview for the two of us in twenty twenty one To be honest Stake i haven't done Since september with lofty sue walker. But i am really looking forward to this. I have got the wonderful pirate patrizio long tan. No in front of me on zoom. You can't see her while Is definitely a beam of light because outside is the end of january. It is very very rainy. And this is just yeah. It's great to be speaking to this. Really really refreshing and playful untalented poet but a number to vote to the conversation And also in the last few months it's been a tough time all these Why very tough and creativity. I feel is more important than ever so i'm glad to be stolen these conversations again. There is so much that we can't do on so many things that we are unsure right now but creativity is something that we need. I believe and something that we can do and so with this aligned and let me introduce you to patrizio long guitar. Welcome to the two of us that that it's a lovely taffy. Hallo alba thank you for inviting me. Thank you for coming on. I'll just radio by anyone. He doesn't know who you are. So put long. Guitar was born in brazil but for most of her life she lives in italy with her adoptive parents. In two thousand five. She decided to move to the uk since then. She's been living in london working as a nanny. Some of her poems have appeared in painted. Spoken the haruna. Poetry magazine will never saw anthropology. The reality magazine the southbound poetry magazine on the delinquent so a long list by a long long list and a half say i haven't read Oil pieces in those magazines I have to the wonderful novel. Soul anthology published by flip side and I've watched a lot of youtube videos of poetry which have been really really exciting And i guess the place i wanted to start with. Because of fuel mixed heritage annual different relationships with language. English is in your first language but you write poetry. And i just wondered if you could talk a bit about your relationship with your mother tongue and languages in general yes. Well it's very strange because And i'm still dealing with it somehow because My first My first language was actually portuguesa And I went to school down till was eight years older and then I moved to italy. And when i moved to to leave my parents Very softly made me stop us. Speaking portuguese we would then speak toll ma and so After a couple of years. I completely forgot the portuguese. I can steal You know understand what people are saying. but yes. I you know i i lost it so italian now it's my first language but then I believing seen so two thousand five He i in london so very sooner. is going to be You know they spent more years. He the uk than in italy. So i quite often to finke all. What does this mean to me to my identity. And even the way we use language because I can see it when. I go back home and i have to speak any italian You know i do struggle. Sometimes you know the the finger you say oh you say how if that were the So it's quite It's quite strange. Kinda sounds like you have multiple languages. You know you had the wage and then you had a portuguese then talian and now Is is english. The language that you speak in your life Yes because I work for An american families so And spend most of the day With the children and the parents so it is an even toma. i do have a a made. Who is italian but just happened It was an we weren't france before so so yeah even told ma I speak in english. I have quite few friends in quite a few friends. Few friends of Yet because of the lockdown you know you just meet for a walk and the soul you know So yeah strange that the english has become my My main language You've really interesting piece of for perch depressurization a cool. I am a masochist exit. Phonic poet has do owners expand the title. Because i really had to look up the definition of masochism. Because i'm always forgetting that. But is the practice of seeking pain. Because it's pleasurable. But i'm why did you like what made you leave that to niagara would. What does that tight will be. Yes because actually connected even to the way i writer because You know the. I guess the easiest way for me to be creative and to writer voter being italian but And i used to write in italian. Although i think all the stuff that they wouldn talia where quieter connected to my To my teenage years So i see it very cute but immature but then there was always something missing. and I i h-honestly still don't can't explain it but i guess what was missing was the english language because I was always interested in The music of them read them That you can find that you can creating the in writing But i don't know why it couldn't really hear the in italian low. It's a beautiful language of And instead of for me it was a easy in english But again i i you know is something really It just came natural It's not something that they can say. that there is a specific reason. Why this work but it it. Just feed them and Even when i want to write a in italian. I really have to force myself so i tried to keep a diary and i forced myself to write anything on the. I really hope that nobody ever going to find it. Because they can see the way writer. any thion it just very I dunno i can really think of the word laima It's yeah it's really weird. That's really interested in the In the piece. I am a masochist. Exiting puppet excellent Outside is an ex series outrider. His sound in that piece. You talk about when ryan in english how you had to use it. Also dictionaries the sources and how it was really difficult is that is that something. That is still popular johnny. Or you feel more at home with ryan. Poaching english was that was semi know. I do feel more toll map bum at the same time. A- i like the struggle and And i don't know. I i really enjoyed do the research so i love and when i say lava i'm i don't know i think maybe i would need to make like Special konate my bedroom. So i can idolize it But i lover soros There's something about that. The i just love to find a disconnections sender finding new words So it's it's also about the discovery that some somehow it doesn't come natural to me to make the kind of process and discovery with the italian language. You maybe now. If i would back and i would try to do that. Probably because of you know Older yesterday pass writing in english. Than maybe now i would do the same in italian. Who knows the almost thinking about the challenge of it when you speaking earlier because similar in spanish where there's like melody in just the words like they just sound be to. The challenge of english is is is like pushing together in. I'm building that that bridge It's more of a it's more rigid. Sound in my ears. Yes even because for me Still now like i told you about the rhythm musicality but actually still now struggle so much in counting syllables. I and let's not even go into the rhyming and Yet in english still very hard for me without a dictionary would be completely lost. because Again the way you can the syllables. It's completely different so for me. Still now Even when i help the children to do their homework Unlike a Justin set gone. And i'm checking on the phone but that's beautiful because it sounds like english was almost like this this golden gate that opens something different for you and kind of facilitate if this this play food challenge that you have in that you make this wonderful work with and when you're talking about rhythm rhyming mostly thinking about your forms the form Forms used to write poetry and because they are very varied and it seems to me size just kind of unplanned. It's like the what you're writing comes out on. Then whatever form it comes in is what it comes in so that could be in a video were in a in just looking for the title of this one. The if got the fortune teller and connecting the dots use use paper. And you make things and you make book cubes. And it's just a very playful playful form so i just wanted if you could tell me a bit more about that. And how that how that process is figuring how you get to these different really much have spaces. Yes the truth. Is that the The truth is that i am. I have interested in many different things by the same time I'm i'm i'm quite insecure so i don't If i have to do it by myself I would do nothing But then for example that case Those were the first time that the i tried to do something than just writing. Something and You know that's always connected to them. masochism of the article because You give me a charleen I affected bum When i stepped is not that. I say Oh yeah i can do it. Let's do it no. It's me completely panicking and say oh my goodness icon days. What we're going to do So in that case the ptc You know Asked me to do so five deals and and never held the camera before I had The movie apple. My computer never houston And and so everything was completely new to me and i really didn't know what i was doing you know Luckily i e you know. I had some ideas and i just try to make them Become a video. Oh i love that. Anyone listening i recommend. Does this go onto youtube type. Impact lockett on and. Just look at some videos that because that's really inspiring to hear it so you're just giving the challenge and you know the idea that the poetry is such where there is no. Should you know that the could buy what could it be. Officious out of your comfort zone and embrace that and you seem to have fun with it. You know like it's Is kinda cheeky. Place is poetry somewhere come. I don't wanna say space but is it a space few where you're allowed to be more play for his. It is somebody that you go that you need because i know that poetry. Some me is something that i need. I find it quite difficult by it. Really is something that helps me translate. We'll see inside outside more than any other kind of grave thing so yeah i just wanted Has for you. well for me Boy tree was always a that instrument to could use to just express myself You know the we like diese urgency to to put it down on paper ya it's It's quite I don't know because at the same time i. I don't really like the idea. That the i right Because like it it is a necessity but at the same time I don't like to use it as a some kind of formal therapy because at the same time I believe that the writing is Not the not the but you know Something important the So some kind of elevated a former communication so I want to respect that. The yes so. Is it like. It's writing for writing sake rather than for for you like it's it's the writing is important in the in the writing rather than you yes. Yes and i like to communicate yes this is my way to communicate with people because The truth is that apart the We the children that they care. Take care offer I don't i don't know i eat. I don't really feel that. I'm very Open person and for example If i go to when we used to go to parties You know if we are in three. Maybe four tops. Five people. I can work with a but more than that my brain just a Freezes and yeah. I don't know how to deal I really don't know how to deal with social situation with large groups of people. Yes yes yes and And so Writing poetry is definitely That Instrument for me to actually reach out to people And talk about syria staff at the important for me and then Yeah and then. There is the fact that the i i was always interested in art of You know my friends always make fun of me. Because they have all membership cards that you can imagine and And so i'm always a a use. Always used always go to newseum sexy be shown so Yeah i i like to do even that With my friends by. Even if i had to do it by myself. I jus- go but i never thought the that there was anything artistic me so So now that. I started to these videos Still a process for me because they still. I still don't have a I still don't allow to tell to myself that i can do it. The old the old that the results surely something in there for me. so I don't know sometimes it's hard to give permission to yourself to do things. Yeah i know. I know that feeling But that's definitely. I mean i find your watkins firing on just hearing you speak about it and you'll jenny in even in the last year with those videos i just think is really is something really powerful that you do have within you and i think we should hear partially. Yeah let's do that So Going to read the employment. I told the aristotle eh and the octopus is on six april. Two thousand ten parliament made slavery illegal in england. Of course my mother was insane. She will just reside them. Peculiar woman only fifty eight percent of people really wash their hands after visiting toilets and yes people do really go around and around in circles when they lost when accused case the boy. For the first time. I realized how everything made sense saliva muscles electricity announces. If you want to weigh your head you need to put in the bucket full of water but if you want to wake clouds. You need to use headphones. So is it true that there is no petro left in sicily. I asked my father yesterday. There is nothing left in sicily. It's your cares. That's what they told me on skype but while on facebook i was talking with frederica. Proud the probably the next president phelan will be gay. But when kiss the girl for the first time i realized how everything is connected guts breath it at trinity and fingertips not all. Oranges are orangina. Most of them are just green. An octopus says don't have eight legs but to when they copulate them. The male inserts one of his arms full of sperm in the females had. I always found it. The roenick that the first american buried in britain was honda's amazing. All that secret to. Hey you retha. 'cause i read it in also but Yeah thank you. Thank you for sharing. That does so much in that By mr where to stop by. I hear the kind of research When i was reading wondering if you know these facts in their real about the octopus of honda's and i love how you even narrative than is just. It's it's very kind of complex rainbow things in that. Yeah he Because the truth. Is that everything i write the. It's a real or at least release deka by in this case everything. I wrote the with real i i like that the diaz oh strange so particularly Then people might ask Is that true that really possible because you know If you think about it. The I think Real life. he's like that. The you know all old things happening to also that you think If i'm going to talk to somebody down. I'm going to believe me Because that's you know they seem possible but then it is. You know even if you think you a boring life i'm sure It's not like that the and even things that happen to us I'm sure we'll have a You know things that for the people Might be incredible. You know and I was just wondering how did that poem happen. So i think oh only poems the actually come from very ordinary place so So I like i was talking to someone the other day and i said I really think. I am a wikipedia. Hor you know so. Yeah because even. I really like a when i have to write a boy and i decided to subject if i know nothing about it though and I really joy Getting my computer some books and do the whole researcher and learning About the subject and When i think i have enough information they just Get to be snatched and just right i like taking. Also i. i like that the Old fashioned method of You know writing down on your notebook And is there of rewriting in your process or is it what comes and then shaving off the edges. Yeah I like to think that the life that like rewriting because I believe that that something very important and Yes because As i was saying the article The two are mentioned. It at leah. i didn't use to do that I used to really When i was young. I really like the idea of A you know first drafter or it's a masterpiece. Oh oh my goodness this beautiful And and then Instead i really like the idea of just Putting all these things together And then led them sima for a while And then go back and located. Say okay now. I can see what the what is good. And what can you know can go And so. I like that. The i need to go back to things In order to you know have the final show we have. We have another time yet. show So not the poem. I sexually relatively recent But it's At the same time you can see Some kind of connection with them. The previous forum i think of For theme and even processor how to create the former so This one is the title. The in the beginning in the beginning was the word and the word was with me and the word was me. I'm the child of a brazilian mother on three days. Older in a hospital carter while maria mom and dad a signing the adoption papers in the beginning was the cows of energy helium and hydrogen the energy of an electron and exploding balloon on crawling on top of a wild animal skinner. I'm giggling while trying to catch that stale ignoring the fact that he hates me. In the beginning side the dos leftover from the creation of the sun and the niko aluminium and iron that gave us. I'm by myself my mom. The white lady is at the market. I'm already tasting a smiling. The walmart kucher that she's buying from the fabulous kids who went into the forest for our pleasure in the beginning was not really about the beginning but about ten hanley cycles of contraction and expansion the bouncing cosmetology. I'm running through the school courtyard. My dad is still in the dossier full of kids landscaper. He can see me. Oh he can do is to wait in the beginning. It was one outer shell and the plate tectonics did know it yet but they could not only exist but even move. I'm watching tv while my mom is having enough on crying and saw being inconsolably lassie is apparently that full this seven hundred and forty-nine time in stevie series called the slept over the word school courtyard forester outer shell daddy and lighter hard to believe it was just the beginning. Thank you thank you so much. I love you. Put yourself there in the beginning. You know like That was the beginning. The beginning of the world was the beginning of you. And how you said to yourself there. I guess the question following that was actually. I was wondering as you said you adopted from brazil on moved to italy and wondering what your experience of adoption was in high thinking shape to other as a person was a creative havi. You answer that Well i think I think the adoption per se Was probably the best thing that could happen to me. I mean like I'm very happy with you. Know how to enter and I was very lucky because E basically i always knew that that was adopted So basically my parents My mouth especially She never He didn't for me. So even when i was A baby She used to seek. She made up the songa And she used to sing to me. The song about the How i came to them. So i honestly don't remember The tuna But i remember that it was basically. It was like a fairytale so she she used to say that the will these men Who brought me today. Among and said i have this baby and i don't know what to do we did the and i thought maybe you guys can be the perfect family for her and so they were like i don't know but then when they saw me they're like oh my goodness shades so beautiful. She's made for all so yes we take So more or less that was the story and And so i always grew up with this idea of that. They knew that. I was in coming from them. a female And then they introduce their wardha abduction but it was very natural. You know there was never the moment you know like you've seen the movies where sunday the child discovers that he's being adopted and the a You know the crisis and yeah. I never had the than any cries. Her I definitely I was definitely mean a teenage years. You know when you use the usual. Yana mireille mada. You know You can tell me that you know whatever but yes The adoption was never problem for me. and i know i was very lucky. That sounds so beautiful. Describe me as a fairytale. like that's that's amazing. Thank you thank you for sharing. Your story literally gave me chills. So i'm just wondering about your linked to like the tom lanting so we've both of in in that kind of bracket on it's relatively new for me just about a couple of years ago now but it's As a as a group of people that off from the united linked inheritance to latin america. I just wondered what your relationship with that time is in how you solve navigating the amendment well Is still a discovery for me to And it's something that the I feel that it was always something inside of me but it wasn't always easy to express it. So i remember until i was A tina I would be very protective of my brazilian every thatcher So for me it would be always a Something me against the Dc talion people So i would be very Number helium i'm not italian This is who i am and even because I got now. My skin is very much. It's definitely lighter than what it was when i first arrived in italy especially in the village where i grew up. I was a in christ to believe bob. I was the darkest being they have. The scene. So the the was distinguish not only My skin de frente You know. I'm adopted we're coming from brazil I mean we so marsha that naturally came as me against them a- But then when i grew up Something happened and i just gave up of and and so i would i would feel that i wasn't allowed the or that i didn't deserve to call myself. Brazilian i started saying yeah Well short short stories. That dummy talion when someone would ask me you know. Where are you from yeah and And so for many years so here in london a- I would really be connected to miami. brizzi insider and And so when this opportunity of The rebel solan tala. Jackie came up For me it wasn't just important as for me as a writer but even as a person because certainly You know I was the to rediscover dispersed of me And and be allowed to say. Yes this is why am and and and be proud of gannon a very important part of my my identity But yeah i still new to me and sometimes the You know I need to act on the one. People say doc about the latina exxon you know i need a second to say. Oh yeah i'm i'm breath. Debate them So yeah so. Would you cut your office. Nothing's would you but also other. I mean it's such a such a blend really it is it is because I guess the really needs a Discussion because You know it's i mean latina is such biegel umbrella full so many things because you know with really talking about the So many cultures I mean you know. We are together with mexican people argentina believe yang. I mean yeah. And then he's not. Yeah yeah and then. He's not only from that by about the you know. All those children are were born in different countries like the us england or the rest of europe But you know they still have that heritage And they still belong to That culture By the same time you know. I wonder how many similarities i have From someone who always leave the in a south american country so yeah. It's a because you're part of that if 'cause you're under the umbrella it doesn't mean you have anything in common necessarily apart from a part of the country and then you have your time inside as well so is it. Is it almost like off few. Is it not as simple as that. Yeah no it's it's definitely half hoffa because then especially when When i came here you you do. see How much You know you belong to where you grew up From silly things like This is how you cook All you know. Behavior like i don't know who we need to have never to data For signed is maybe culture at the time. Yeah i mean for a long time. I i would just say i'm a londoner and that's as at home. I brought home being londoner even when i see london is in films. I'm like oh yeah. I can relate to the experience you know the most and then recently. I've had to kind of acknowledge that by come from parents. He went born hand like my mom was winning. Bolivia data's born in jamaica. And so that's a lot of different blends in there. And i feel like is is really important to kind of acknowledge that And yeah i'm trying to do it through my three my writing Am i also feel like that. You know you do that as well through the narrative as you said it's all kinds of truth so it's like portray pots view possible. Interest may be in terms like research Snapshots advice where you're like now want to hold onto this or this is important in this is this is a valuable part of my experience. Yes even because You know. I think we all think that the oh it happened only to me and then when you open up a you realize oh i'm not the only one There are many other people that the you know. had the same a- You know the the same happened to them So it's it's nice that the you know through poetry or writing Any you know create a way you can actually connect to other people and see that the you know you're not alone and that feels not yet because it does feel bit fragmented if you kind of pace for me. Anyway if i place myself in that area of like what's my identity. It's all kind of the flu can feel like it's almost moving But then when you connect you to watch. That's most people. Actually you know they say is quite grounded experience connected to what i was saying before. It's For me it was really important. The this feeling of their what happened with the rebel solon thalji. Because suddenly i was in contact with people that have might more or less my same background though experiences and And suddenly you know there were telling me no you're loud to feel and finke walk the you always thought to Because many times When i would express service needs of you know. I i need to reach out to my brazilian sider You know even if i had people that lost me Like my family. Or my tie in france They would still say Yeah but are you Can you really say You know you are brazilian that the disconnection and And so it it was really Refreshing and I dunno rejuvenating to be allowed to feeling because For many years they felt that the idea didn't deserve Brazilian you know all still have the kind of connection so It's really nice to be in a place like london as you were saying. You know For me it's really important than dead tie in london because it is a city where suddenly You're boring you'll stories. Now that the special because you know You know there are so many of the people that have your same a- Background owed something similar happened So it is not. Yeah just yeah as you can narrow thinking as this is a cost about mental health and creativity just wondering what your experience will. What your relationship with iran mental health whether you want to speak about how it is now or just in general. Well i think for personally. I think it's something connected to maturity so i definitely had struggles of struggles with You know my image who. I was but then You know you grow up. And i think i honestly think that ager helps that don't to make peace with certain things and Yes because even the other day. I was thinking Even the way. I used to relate to my body I i really didn't like myself. You know. I have to be in a certain way. Otherwise otherwise I will be just agri full. Stop there was no middle ground. Mom all unless you are successful in a certain way that means that trial loser that you didn't achieve anything life and instead now I really like myself I don't know i. I like myself physically I like myself as a person And yeah. I really wish that the it was the same full Other people too because it. It's not nice to not like yourself And they think a life Gives you so many challenges that we don't need really to adopt to that up to you know could show any oil. And so he said it was kind of party maturity Do you think there's anything else that happened or things that you've put in place in your life though kind of made you go by yourself or helped you certainly writing me balance. yes and And then choices that they made the with my career so You know i. I've been working as a nanny For the same family for more than ten years. So that's yeah. Yeah so you know So that was a choice because a certain point i thought the You know. I need the balance The children they do give me They do give me balance and and I dunno system point that just thought the i rather be happy than You know keep trying to achieve something in a career that because my main a- Apart from the job What what they want to accomplish his To be a good writer to be a good boy. Bum you know this this. No such thing guys. being the Fulltime i mean in the sense that you can be a poet full-timer but that's not how you pay your bills and And so you know the to To keep a writing I know i have to have a a daytime java That can pay me the bills by the same time. I don't want to java just for the sake of wing etta and I remember that when i left italy. I promised myself Okay you're going to make this change in your life you're going to englander and You need to promise to yourself that you're never ever going to wake up And have the thinking feeding of any to work. I don't want to I really didn't want to do that anymore. And and working for this family doesn't give me that sinking feeling You know monday morning sir. I'll k. For me so so. Yeah so clearly. I may destroy the for health reason. And i'm okay with that the unfortunately it's not going to be forever so I will have to think seriously what's going to happen next a. Yeah yeah Know i guess we'll hopefully for another couple of years. Now we're a guy but you know. Yeah and i'm not afraid of what's going to happen in the future. I know that the it it out. I will find a Another piece that the would go well with the me. If makes sense that. I imagine it's radio fearful to work with the family and see children grow up and it's very different as well to writing feel ryan. Poetry is kind of two different worlds. Yes yes by the same time you know they do. I don't want to be too sentimental. But they do inspire me. and even You know when. I was making the videos You know they give me ideas and They did inspire me And i think you can see the deals. The connections are To my to my daily job okay. So we come into the end of the shy. I just wanted what you have to look forward to in twenty twenty one or rather what what does twenty twenty one look like for you. Know what are you looking forward to for the year ahead or what come. Yeah however you on. Yeah well. I definitely want To write mom and To be I'm very bad with submissions So definitely in Two thousand and twenty one I want to be better at Keeping up with deadlines and You know submissions in general And Well i guess I can feel comfortable enough because the it's you eibar and now me I guess i cannot officially say that inau gosta ongoing to marry myself. Oh my this morphing ya Yes i'm going to do like a prop Ceremony i'm have a friend who is Coming out the with the whole You know speech and and Yet i mean. I invited the my family My friends My employers And two children they are coming. So it's going to be like a proper wedding be forty Whereof i guess We're going to celebrate. The me is amazing. Oh my goodness wow. That's very young. We just have to hope for you know that the is going to be late august. So hopefully by the time The you know covy the Boundaries are going to be the less strict on You know Older people are invited. The will be able to come up so although so gray. Oh thank you for sharing that. Yeah that sounds like a great year ahead. Fear yes yes. Yeah i just want to. Because i really believe that Well dc on going to be forty one and You know. I'm not a little girl anymore. so I don't know. I just feel that the there are things that i the my life and and I just want to tell to myself And the people who love me that the home. I'm okay and i'm going to be okay. No matter what the is going to happen I'm happy now. Maybe one day ongoing to fulling lava and that's You know Because they feel that sometimes people feel that the You know when. I'm going to be married I'm going to be happy when i'm going to have children. Finally everything will make sense though and instead the everything already make sense for me If that's going to happen it just going to be closer. You know so yes enough. Oh yes oh yes and you know Talking about cliche. I really Preacher what the rupaul says at the end of each episode the repeal struck race of if you if you can love your south How the hell can you love anybody else. So you serve right. Yeah yeah r k. Wow okay i wish you ooh the best. That's that's tastic. Thank you thank you so much for coming on the shire and anyone who wants to reach out to your on twitter and instagram with. What's you lose at the goal. The wild poppy only capital letters called white gold white. Poppy wild surrey gold wild poppy and thank you very much for coming into my life On the page on the stage on the videos and Have a great twenty twenty one and thank you again. We talked about so much today. Thank you it's been a great one study thank you. Thanks so much for listening the music you can have. It was written by gavin. O'brien you liked the show. De-subscribe share with others when you feel like deploy into more discussion around creativity wellbeing. Come on back and she is from the archive. Take care and stay curious

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Best of the Archives: Aretha Franklin (2018)

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Best of the Archives: Aretha Franklin (2018)

"Jenna yes you. And i are making more episodes of our show true. They're coming in march and what we've been doing in. The meantime is repopulating where our shows live with old episodes. And i gotta tell you when i'm down. I think about one moment with you recording this show more than any other moment. I might start crying just thinking about how much i love this moment. When aretha franklin died in the summer of two thousand seventeen you. And i got into studio and we wanted to celebrate her life and i remember the format of the show. Basically being this is what. I think makes aretha franklin great and this is what you jenna. Think knicks aretha franklin grave. Yes my rest your jelly and that led us to this. One moment that came from your this is what makes aretha franklin great side of the show and it was the camcorder. Iv she had this quarter but she just took around with her and just use it on people she would like fish video things out in the world. It's not like she's some anonymous person of franklin turning this device on you do you remember this. Yes yes yes yes. And i'm a little bit embarrassed that my greatest reference points was a hilarious meat. I mean look. Those names are hilarious there. But that's just that's not her legacy that's not the know everything she had to offer but it was understood and what i loved about that moment was that nobody else was going to talk about the camcorders yuna being this beautiful thing about this great woman who was you know received as being superhuman because of her extraordinary talent. But you know. I mean not at the end of the day but in addition to her extraordinary talent she also wished she was just like your aunt. She was just like your grandmother and she was also extremely famous and there was something about her this piece of technology and all that fame and all that humanity. That just that you've really got at and it's one of my favorite moments ever with you in a studio so here is we are s. p. as aretha franklin. Okay if you were flipping around the radio in the summer or the spring of nineteen sixty seven. This is what you would have heard the turtles singing happy together. Then i go and spoil it all by saying something stupid. Like i love frank sinatra and nancy sinatra singing their number one. It's good stupid. Ally dionne warwick fee but at some point that summer are that's spree. You would have also heard this. I'm gonna work them. I'm wesley morris. This is a process a few weeks ago. Retha franklin left our world joined another so we wanted to take some time this week. To celebrate her legacy as an artist and a pop culture slash internet icon. Then you hear something like respect and it's just like this jangling runaway getaway car is what it sounds like three just hopped in and just is just driving off. She's peeling out. Also in addition to that the thing that you hear when you hear that song is like she is an anger. so there's an otis redding version And that basically sounds. Can you can you in aretha. Here's that she is. I like the song about this man coming home and telling his girlfriend or his wife to be glad i came home. Be glad i keep a roof over your head and arenas like okay. I got that. I got that but i think i hear something else in that. She does it blues ear than he doesn't. She does it sexier than he does it. She's singing this song with her sisters carolyn. And erma and they consciously knew that what they wanted to do is take it from a man's point of view. This is like hope that you can respect me. When i come home at the end of the day in do a demand that you damn well better respect me when i come home with end of the day it it just. It's a totally different song. It just means a totally different thing. And i think the way that america heard it in nineteen sixty seven when the country was just in utter turmoil. Vietnam war was starting. We were really angry about that. The civil rights movement was at its apex. More or less. Yeah luther king had yet to be assassinated robert kennedy it yet to be assassinated malcolm x. Mega evers had been killed. There were riots not infrequently basically so the country was really in the middle of just a quagmire and then here comes this song that sounded like it was speaking to whatever the national mood was In addition to that it just didn't sound like anything else on the radio while it kind of did fit into all the different intersections of civil rights movements that were happening. It's like you could be a black person sing it. You could be a woman to be singing it. Anyone who felt like they were not being given their. This song could become your personal soundtrack. Yes and it became as many people have said a kind of national anthem. And even at the end you know she does a thing that was calm in in aren. Be music at this time. She's just like i get tired. I keep on trying running out of fools. And i in lyon which is a reference to one of her medium hits before she turned this corner with muscle shoals band and got this tight groove going she was basically like dionne warwick figure singing these ballot and kind of and running out of fools was one of her bigger aren't heads. Are these the type of songs that are typically illustrated. The album art is like your heads at tag. We both just turned her head to save time. And you have like a cute swoop across the forehead very djelic dreamy expression on your face okay. I've got it. It's so basically. She did a much looser. And more intimidating version of otis redding song that basically she rewrote from top to bottom rearrange. The funny thing is this song has been played seven million times. It's been in trillion movies. I've seen it everywhere just on. The radio played seven million times. How much money do you think aretha. Franklin made off of all that radio play. I'm shocked and scared to find out zero dollars. How how sway. How because the way. The recording industry sets up the credited author song Gets the money. Now i'm not mad. At otis reddings estate getting otis reddings money but the version of respect that we hear aretha franklin saying is not otis redding songs. There was an otis redding version. Some of overturning. About his timing she just showed up at exactly the right moment. Not only for the culture for the radio. Just leave it at the sound of the music and a lot of what made her great was just the way that she thought about how a song should sound for her and a lot of that had to do with working with a band seemed to get what she wanted and she brings with her. The sound of the black church aretha was born in detroit in nineteen forty two and she is the daughter of a preacher man. c l franklin was her father. She sang in the church. She had a voice that everybody that heard it when she used it as a girl described as womanly and she knew she could sing She knew a lot of her genius just had to do with. How incredibly good. Her ear was She just could hear something. Like otis reddings respect and just be like. I'm going to change the time on the song. I'm going to change the perspective on the song and then me and my sister is. We're just going to add some some extra space. We're going to spell respect and they were going to sink. Sock it to me carolyn carolyn. Franklin says she heard it on the street releases what we said on the street. This is what black people were saying. Sock it to me and it it could be about sex. It could be about empowerment. Could be both right. And just the way that she is. So emotional is a real change. And it wasn't that people weren't emotional before But i think the thing that retha is feeling and bringing america with her on. Is this emotional journey. Yeah and if it's not an emotional journey which is kind of a cliche you were definitely being imbued with a woman's feelings whatever they are I mean i love the double the tandem of her first two big crossover hit singles being. I never loved a man. The way that i love you and respect to totally different songs that express to totally different sides of aretha free the nothing sounded like either one of these two songs the ballad. I never loved demand. The way i love you. It's a smoldering and you can hear just from the opening couple of bars that it is building towards something. There is drama in this song. That isn't president any of the other songs that are on the radio at this point. Nineteen sixty seven and the singing is perpendicular to the beat. If that makes any sense she's not singing a melody. she's not singing with what the music is doing. She's kind of singing not against it but just in a different direction like at a different level than the music is singing so her voice functions in a different way the music is a pretext for her singing as opposed to a vehicle for it once she gets to atlantic records in nineteen sixty seven the chronology. It's all great You know she's at atlantic records for a long time. She moved to arizona in the nineteen eighties. School let's start with think okay which had two lives I mean at least two lives was its original released in the late nineteen sixties and the other is in nineteen eighty in the blues brothers and she plays the co proprietors of a little greasy spoon. Diner in detroit. Which is where this from and the blues brothers show up and they wanna take her husband on tour with them a ha and they're just recruiting band and aretha over. Here is a blues brother's talking to her man about taking him out of out of the out of the kitchen and on the road and she has feelings about that. I know that if the blues brothers is on tv anywhere on any channel it was playing in the worth household love. john. Belushi love dan ackroyd. I'm sheriff he was flipping through and this is on. I could hear him now. Being ooh and sitting down so in re watching the scene. It's making me realize that. Did you ever watch ally mcbeal. Yeah i mean. We all did a little bit too enthusiastic. I meant yes i did. We also we were excited at the beginning but albany be. All this classic edgy workplace drama from the nineties about a lawyer. There was this arc on the show where everyone was trying to figure out what their personal theme songs were. And there were these strange montages were different characters you would have a sense of their workplace persona and their quirks and find out what their songs were and they were always kind of weird things and i feel like it's a little indigenous kid with an afro and like sally jesse raphael glasses. Think was that song for me. The you wasn't like some mean man in my life for some no good husband. It was just like kids in the playground. It was like bedtime rules. It was just like you might close it in for five right. And there's just like me being like kinda aggie and not knowing why than having the song that gave me or met. My attitude didn't explain it didn't alleviate it it just met me exactly where it was out with my like preteen saltiness. You better think about what. You're trying to do to me when you eat my vegetables. I mean there's a pirate she's just thinking freedom. I mean it was like proto beyond safe for me Years before relationship to the empress beyond say i had aretha. Franklin's the thing about this. I really love is the way the piano functions in the beginning this tumble of pano keys. You don't envision fingers on keyboard you just see like a brown paper bag with somebody's shaken up a bunch of it's just it's just a really great sound. It is one of the things its original in knew about aretha is she could sing. Really slow She could also sing. really fast. really think is a fast song it is. You have to catch up with her. I mean just the verses. I remember when i met you way back when we were just little kids and you couldn't have been too much more than ten like in the time that it took me to sing that. She's already free. Yes free bars ahead. Yes you really. Can't keep up with her and the one of the great things about the musical number in the blues brothers. You've never seen aretha move like this. Not you've never seen her. Do anything like this in a movie. And she's beginning to enter this eighties phase where she's taking more chances on on being a little wilder in what she's doing with the riffs and the ad libs her singing yours is operating in a different way. She's definitely having a lot more fun to. It's like this song. I mean again. Like my main entry point the franklin but i just feel like her earlier music the music that you played when we first came into episode. It's much it's just so much slower and much more syrupy and this is like. She seems really liberated. Both in the movie in the sound of this i love it. Yeah i love her pushing this guy around and using the song to do that but then aretha had another mode which was slow. Okay she really knew what to do with the ballot and one of the great things about her is that she really understood what to do with her voice and it wasn't always to sing the biggest note and she was as much an emotional storyteller as she was a belter of songs. I think that's the wrong lesson that we learned from aretha singing was that it was all about how big it was. No but i really think it was like. I think the story of of what made her particularly effective was the strategic deployment of of the voices bigness and. She had an advantage that almost no other singer has which is that. Her voice sounds great no matter what she's doing with in one thousand nine hundred seventy one aretha franklin goes and does this show at the fillmore san francisco seeds thirteen hundred people or if it did back then it is basically like a medium size Space she goes does respect. Does i never loved a man. The way i loved you does a handful of other songs takes a little break comes back from the break and the first part of the show is is really upbeat. She comes back from the break. Sits down at the piano. The piano was like i don't know what the panel was for her But it was a really. It was a grounding instrument as source of her strength as a singer and she could control a band with the piano and i also think that she probably use it to control herself in some ways. Yeah and i think that she could build in these spaces to do some talking She could build in some spaces. Do some runs if she wanted to. It's her the piano in the band productive feel-good and the song is basically listen. I'm sitting here with you girlfriend. But i think you have to go home now because my man is here and i don't mind sitting around and talking to you but when my man's around you have to go home like i don't care if my mother my brother or my sister time ago yes affiliate. We all been there. I mean aretha. Basically wrote the greatest song ever written about being cock block and how it just isn't going to happen for her but the song is unusual. Because there's no melody there's no chorus so it's just just doing the blue right and and so you could hear in the audience. People being it turns in the church. I mean black. Music is church but it it really turns into an all night revival for the length of this song it's unreal so the audience knows where the song is going. She's asking this woman. Leigh and they know that the high point emotional release of this song is getting dr feelgood And when dr feelgood starts to make her feel and so she gets to the what in. This song is basically the emotional climax because it's not really more as and the audience is singing it with her And it's just. I get chills. Every time i hear them. Hey everyone it's a stent herndon political reporter for the new york times. When i became a journalist. I made a promise to my readers like the way. The doctor is taken oath to their patients. I committed to bringing the truth to light no matter which party business organization or person. I'm reporting on have to be persistent after. Do research have to push back when someone tries to hide or spin. The fat and i know i'm going to write stories that both democrats and republicans don't lie but that's not the new york times has been doing for more than a century and that's what we're going to keep doing. We believe the public deserves the right to make up their mind based on the facts so if you want to support this kind of work you can subscribe to the new york times at ny times dot com slash. Subscribe as. you're walking me through this history of her music it's like she established a blueprint for so much of it. Just keep thinking about beyond say like that song like. I don't want any western medicine. All i need is my man. Yes it's basically the carters praise like to. The carter is entire album. Everything is love right right. Yeah it's just the version. Yeah the thing about aretha. Though is that for is bad. As jay z might've done beyond a dirty it was it was done dirtier theresa. She got done filthy. Yeah she was married to. Ted wait for many years And mr whitehead no problem smacking around in the studio off foam in public. He was really abusive and he made her life. Difficult professionally to the marriage was up and down in and out. As many abusive marriage is our but a lot of accounts. David ritz has written the great biography of franklin. It's call respect and in the book. She is frequently described as being passive and quiet and reserved and mannerly but the minute she sits down at that piano. she's different person. The adjective that is most frequently used to describe. Her voice is scary. Why wake her sister describes it as scary just the talent. Just the talent. There's a great quote from the musician. Preston played the oregon's for her for a number of years had a number of hits of his own. Basically what he said was. I don't care what they say about aretha. She can be hiding out in her house in detroit for years she can go decades without taking a plane or flying off to europe because retha. I'm saying this is wesley. She did not like to fly. she can cancel. Have her gigs. In infuriate every producer and promoter in the country she can sing all kinds of jive ass songs. That are beneath her. Billy that some shade. She can go into her. Diva act and turn off the world but on any given night when that lady sits down at the piano and gets her body and soul all over some righteous song. She'll scare the shit out of you and you'll know you'll swear that she's still the best fucking singer. This fucked up country has ever produced. Who who we billy preston. He is speaking the gospel truth. And i think you can hear on a song like this. What made her great Is that she had not only control over a banned and over her voice and her own the piano as her own instrument and her backing singers she had total control over the audience and just the way she is like sending them into a tizzy breaking them down exciting them. Exciting them wearing them out Just in this one song. Incredible it's just utter and total dominion. This woman has over everything. Aretha also had a funky side and you can hear it in respect but i mean one of her classic jams is rock steady. So you mean to tell me. This is the original key. Shuffle move her hips from side to side. But it's really it's not just i. It's not side to side the way she opens up her vowels It's funny. I love this song and i think we all take this groove for granted because it kind of predicted where a wing of popular music was going to go. But it still doesn't sound like any other song you know and i think a lot of the surprise and pleasure of that song is the way she and carolyn and erma are doing the call and yes absolutely and the way in which no matter what she's singing. She can bring the gospel with her. She can bring like the black church with her. She can bring the revival with her and even though she just singing kinda about sex and has always what else. But you know. It's interesting because i wonder if that kind of dixon's loss there's that's a it's a very particular type of way that people talked in the sixties and seventies. Well i don't know i'm just thinking about who puts that much elastic on their. Val you know that's a kind of black expression i think is just different with a wreath versus someone else but this just came so natural to her i love how for nineteen seventy two. This is a great album by the way call young gifted black. I think this is our third or fourth beth stallone. It's up there with lady soul. And i never loved a man the way i love you and her greatest album which is amazing grace. I young gifted and black great in this song is on that album and it is. It sounds very much of its time. but also not stuck in. Its time this song this song you could play this at a party tomorrow and honestly i still hear this on the street Because it just sounds so good and a lot of it is just aretha. Franklin salesmanship of it absolutely. It's the beat is leg generic. Like let's it's it's q- it's good. It sounds great but it's actually everything that she does with the song and the way. The voice dances with the song. Makes you want to do. But i always think of her singing in relation to an arrangement as double dutch. Okay where everybody else is. Just doing jumping Burritos doing double dutch. And she says she an ice cream cone daffy duck and then dug out hands. Megan work yeah she and her backing singers. The rapport they have is like the backup. Singers are holding the rope and aretha dancing in and out. Okay that is aretha. Franklin as a singer arranger pianist actress. Melodrama 'test pharmaceutical therapist. She was dr feelgood. She sure he really was fairly wise. So let's just take a break and when we come back. We're going to talk about aretha franklin as he popular culture figure and what she meant to people in real life and on the internet spree is move. That was miss re franklin herself singing my country timothy on behalf of the first inauguration brock obama in two thousand nine in january in d. c. Now it was a cold day. do you remember. oh i remember. It was a chilly day. May i never forget. I was safely ensconced inside of warm apartment but i knew i knew it was called people on. Tv co was caught outside so aretha is in town performance. And she can't you know. It's it's the inauguration of barack obama the first and perhaps only in my lifetime. I don't know the way things are going black president of the united states. America's a big deal so what's wreath unaware. She can wear a fur coat. Sure but think about the camera angles. They're going to be on her face. Okay so aretha no. She needs to look good but not just good. She's looks special so in order to figure out her look. Local lore has it. She goes to her favourite milner in detroit. A gentleman named luke song who grew up helping us families have business. Detroit became very well known in the church circuit for making extravagant fasteners. And just all kinds done pats. Aretha was a client of his for many many years when she was invited to sing. She merely asked luke to help her. Come up with the look. They went there a couple of different options and they landed on. What is now known. Google auto fills it in if you type in aretha franklin hat. It knows what you mean. There's one had a lot of hats. He's more literal ads and figurative aspect. Does he really did wear. Google knows exactly what you mean and listen. I couldn't tell you how she sounded that day. Because i couldn't stop. I was in raptured by the performance of what was on her head which was essentially. It was a gray felt cap. Maybe a beret but stiffer now. This had is not just a hat okay with an enormous bow on it covered in crystals. Of course there swarovski's it's not just like bedazzled but the point is on national. Tv he just get aretha franklin and that voice and this hat and just you know. I think the hat took the show. I mean the internet went crazy for her and the hat. And i'll never forget this. This was sort of an older ear of buzzfeed of two thousand nine. Peggy wang who was the culture writer reporter. They're made transparent image of the hats. You could put it on anything. So the hat went on a bin laden on george bush went on every character from the office it was. It was on me with my twitter avatar for little while. Oh gee it's funny because you know when we think about why things take off on the internet. There's an always rhyme or reason to it or even any any logic that makes sense but the hat was just so dynamic and actually it's probably the only piece of clothing or accessory that could ever even attempt to stand next to voice like that in a performance like that. And i think that's part of why rose to prominence but it also did a really interesting thing it reintroduced aretha franklin to a generation of listeners and music fans who knew the name There's something about that. Pop cultural relevancy. That refreshed her and a lot of our minds. And it made me go back and think about her catalog behind respect. Which just you know. It's the classic song it was using sex. The city it's bridget. Jones diary. the moment hugh grant says the elevator playing respect like i only really understood her through a movie and tv context so made me go back to her archives and remember who she was and think more about her legacy but what. I will tell you though wesley. Is that the hat wasn't the end of it. How really opened the door to an entire second life. I'd say second boom for aretha franklin who was perfect in her tude in her lifestyle and just the faces she gave responses. She gave to questions about other singers. Or how she lived her life. And just just how she moved around the world the shade and the swagger shade and the swagger made her a prime candidate for internet thing for the second half of her life. I'd say yeah. What i remember is some of the things i sent whenever she performs. And you know. She's removing a piece of clothing. Yes like a multi thousand dollar for coat that she's shrugging out of and just sort of letting fall to the ground the finest mink because she's too hot dispirited car her. It's got to come out. The for co is due hot. Social media and the internet's propensity towards distilling down much personality into ten seconds or less gave us more of the visual anthology or more of the visual language to understand what aretha was telling us all those years in music. So the stank the swagger about her business of her aesthetic her style. And really i mean. The type of confidence and nonchalance that she exhibited throughout her life. It's the kind of casualness that only a famous person who is completely assured of their genius and ability to perform and deliver can offer. There's a self assuredness about her that is infectious and made for really good giftable or memorable content. Because sometimes when these things happen you know. There's a way in which people are turned into jobs the turn to punch lines or they're turned into caricatures or avatars. It can often feel really uncomfortable especially when it comes to black women and aretha was one of those few people that you could not project onto. You can only try to decipher her and great distinction. Yeah she really only gave us than we know what to do with. There's a series of images of retha which you've helped me duodena tested and understand their from like the nineties at some point because she's still very full figure she hasn't quite lost all the weight that she loses for health reasons and she's not quite entering the phase where she's less healthy and less well and look if anyone knows what she's filming or why. Please tell me. But there's a series of photos of aretha franklin with an old school vhs camcorder looking happy as a clam taping d k. What at brunch like always a brunch and. The thing is you're just like the images are never zoomed out enough. So you know what she's little she's with. I'm not even convinced there's tape in there. I think she's having. I think she's having fun and honestly i don't care what happens to the money in this state. I need these tapes. He the content from the states. Is she looking at but again. It establishes her as someone with more personality than just a singer. And it gives her more fullness than you are these stories about her. she's a diva. She likes to pay in cash. How does being on top of your money. Make you a diva the answer riddle me. This edzard with that. I don't know but it feels her out on a way that a lot of the accounts of her didn't previously she initiate a reputation for being difficult. She had a reputation for being tough which is also just slang for women who don't take any b. s. from anybody but but the camcorder snapshots just really make her seem like she's enjoying life which i think is also dissatisfied. These see because you never really know what happens to aging singers or any. You know what i mean. We never really know what happens to people after they kind of out of their craft. And it's always more often than not. There's kind of a sad story with a lot of black musicians. Who came out of that period of time the motown and stax era. They didn't fare so well which is to say. They ended up bankrupt. You know or or down on their luck. A lot of them are dead or dead. So i think there was just a level of just to have a counter narrative to that narrative brought the internet a lot of joy and some of the captions. There's one image with a caption that will always live on my heart. Which is just a retha here. In through this camcorder harris pullback and appointee. She is so happy and it's me looking at your drama like it's a wreath campbell so funny thing about those images though. Is it everything you said is totally true. And i would just say. In addition to that they also made her. he's not only human but like a member of your family yes. I can't figure out which of my aunt she is in those camcorder photos. Definitely one of them. Oh she's my future. She's my looper like that is me in the future. There's still no doubt about it. That is me. It's such a personal image of a public person having a relationship with technology that seems so cool and it's actually so uncool that actually did. It is cool if drake walked around for the next week. And a half with one of these cam god. Let's say that's all he has to do. And i think that aretha. I think the thing about aretha is not only what movie was she making but also what possessed her to pick up the camera in the first place like what did she see. Atlantic city this is her in a in a lime green jumpsuit holding. This camera hair is as big as a waterfall. And as long. Just holding this little. This little camcorder see is so happy. I mean if you just. Google aretha franklin camcorder. There is no shortage of images of her having the time of her life. You know it's funny. I'll bet you vangelis was still alive. He could tell you what i'm telling you that like i'm telling you they were of luther. And maybe whitney and i just i would love to know. There's probably some assistant whose leg it's just. It's just me getting things for aretha. The amount of of love an image like that makes you feel for a great person and the amount of images like that. There are doesn't reduce her genius in some ways. It kind of complicated. Because this is a woman who could simultaneously take a beatles song like she may not vote in some cases she could make it better or she can just make it way. More interesting And i see you got me. I got you. I mean i think that the greatest moment aretha franklin had in the internet era and there are tons of gifts of her mid performance. Doing something empowering or something you know. Just her throwing her hands out rocking to the beat the clip from the blues brothers where she puts her hands on her hips and just wag her head but her greatest moment during the internet era was a live performance. She gave at the kennedy center honors ceremony. In december of twenty fifteen. Okay the occasion for this. Is carol kings induction into the cows center. Okay that's shares an honorary that year She wrote you make me feel like a natural woman. one of aretha. Franklin's greatest hits. Aretha franklin's version is the most famous absolutely anybody's version including including carole king's And the way the kennedy center honors works. The honoree does not speak. The honoree is sits up in the sort of the upper level. And i kind of glorified box with their fellow honorees. And they're essentially saluted from the stage all the way up to the balcony level and the honorees don't know oh okay. They don't know who's going to be saluting them. And typically how this worked was the president of the united states and the first lady attend this event and they sit not too far away from the other honorees so that the performers saluting the honoree also wind up saluting the president she gets a performance from beautiful the carole king musical. That is still eating broadway As we have this conversation And then somebody says ladies and gentlemen so high. We outcomes aretha in this berko outta piano. She does the opening line. She sounds good The crowd goes nuts. It's aretha franklin carole king song We cannot believe it. Visit the greatest amount of our live this woman saluting this other woman. These two great americans. Oh my god. This is amazing. I mean this is the thing about aretha. You just always down her a little bit. We're sexists or sexist in this country. We don't we're ages. Were agent ages and sex with musicians. Sound it doesn't matter how they're going to sound it only matters that we prejudge them before they say anyth- el al half any uh-huh so she comes out and this was true when she broke the grammys in nineteen ninety eight when she came out and replaced luciano pavarotti to seeing puccini that year. Nobody nobody would. What is she doing that for. She can't do that. She's aretha franklin. She needs to stay in her lane. aretha is. She owns a whole highway. No lanes with aretha. Anyway she comes out doing the song and you could feel the audience simultaneously like freaking out in the end like like also watching her like they're like you watch figure. Skating performance at the olympics itching to landing is she gonna she gonna be able to get through this triple axel. She do a triple double that let i. Don't think she should retha like part of her genius as a live. Performer is like as we've discussed. She can control an audience From the minute she came out she knew the coat was going to be like a statement and there was a practical reason she wore it. It was cold and she didn't know how her voice was. She wanted to be able to have feel free enough to sing sing and she doesn't like to sing in the cold because no singer lexuses in the cold. I've been watching this given repeat since you started talking. And what i will tell. You can't stop looking at it. They're inside my friend. This performance takes place inside. Oh yeah it's a building. Okay so i hear you on this theory about temperature. But i think it was also a little bit for the drama. It's not like she takes it off and comes onstage. And i should shrugs it off and hands it to someone. No she's committed. She's switches hands the microphone to get the co op. But listen the thing about this. The way she tells it and she's talked about this before okay. Is that what she wanted was to make sure she felt good enough singing. She wanted to get warmed up. Basically and the coat was helping her either. Get warm or stay. Warm okay okay. And by the time she gets up to face. Carole king She just says she's feeling real good. She's feeling great. She looks great. I mean she was feeling the song so she was ready to take the coat off is what she said. Okay and so. She takes this coat off and i swear to guide if barack obama had been about like half an inch if that balcony built been built a little bit differently we'd had a couple more years joe biden because it looks like he was gonna tumble off just like everybody was shocked gas. Everybody was carole king gets up and she's like. Oh my god ruth where do you look. How do you sound so good. And the internet obviously loses. Its mind i have never been asked more in my life where i've watched anything or did i see something then. Then that Credit did i see this thing happened. I got a couple tax issues. Did you see aretha. But here's the thing though wesley. This isn't the only time in her career that she's dropped a fur coat on the ground out of necessity. I guess this is a woman who has on. Multiple occasions shrugged off a fur coat. Just cuz ripped off a wig and toss it into the audience just because this is clearly just a part of who she is and we're just getting to witness it in tandem with her virtuosity as a singer and housing arranger and as a performer. Which is really a gift. And i think it's interesting. And i think the reason these all these moments held such weight and my world's the giving her shrugging off the for held more weight than the performance itself. Like i'm more familiar with that image loop than i am of what she sounded like. But i think there's so often as sense that women especially black women don't have agency when it comes to their images and they don't have agency authorship and a or autonomy when it comes to how they get to move and behave in public and re was not having any of that there's an expression of when something happens that really blows your mind or really just. You can't really handle it. There are these expressions on the internet about like ruining your edges. You're sweating out your hair loss lace front. The we've came out blue the whig back off. You know what i mean like. There's something about a wreath of the gist. I guess it's just really refreshing to know that. So much about her person hood lived up to the person in the music Yeah she wasn't a pop singer. You don't get with a lot of like pop icons packaged. She packaged herself. Yes you know. She took herself to ups. That's right that's right. That's and i just love that about her. Absent is the thing that everybody loved about. And it's funny because it was often never not bound up in her virtuosity version. Where this just doesn't happen at all There's a version of all of this. Where like nineteen sixty seven to schools a totally different way and she may be does respect. She goes and records. I never loved a man. The way i love you and then record respect and the public just doesn't respond to it the public. Here's his voice in. It's just like i'd rather listen franken. Nancy sinatra sing something stupid. Which is the name of the song. It's called something stupid and the world is just different. You know our relationship to music is different and that didn't happen and it really gratifies me in some way that it wasn't just our parents making this choice. It was america White people black people. Everybody Choosing to like being incapable of resisting this voice absolutely and leading this boys do with us what it wanted to and i get really when i feel good about this country. It's the aretha. Franklin was a superstar. That's beautiful. Because i feel like in making her a star or in acknowledging her genius in acknowledging what a star she could be. It was america sort of stepping up to itself and stepping up to everything that that voice is and the story about this country it tells. It just sounds like america. It's rough it's gritty. it's emotional of sex. It's sexy full of sweat. It's it's it's not easy. It's an easy voice that's right. She's not diana ross. She not nat king cole. That's she not the sinatra's and she doesn't sound like anybody on the radio at this time. And i think america really wanted the truth and that voice is the truth. Think that's our show. Still processing is a product of the new york. Times is produced by nina potlucks. Our editor sasha waste and we get editorial oversight from lisa tobin and samantha are engineers. Jake gorski our music by kindness. It's called world restart from the album father. You can find all of our episodes and various things that ny times dot com slash still positive and feel free to leave us a review on apple podcasts. And just an to our listeners. We're taking a break and we'll be back in the fall. You know the thing that. I'm worried we're gonna forget. The did that means a lot to a lot of people. she did. One of the different world theme song. Oh my god. He's saying that did it. And it was really good. Oh my god hillman colleges unofficial school anthem firearm by none other than.

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How to GROW Together with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff

The Good Life with Stevie & Sazan

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How to GROW Together with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff

"Thank you. For listening to this podcast one production available on apple podcasts and podcast one. Hi fashion high. We're hosting a spring picnic on the weather looks great. But don't we need stylish new genes? Now gets old navy old navy. Yup, right now, jeans shirts and teaser up to fifty percent off to fifty percent off. Our forecast is looking up. Sure is refresher Dennen with new distress styles and lighter washes, there's one hundred six washes to choose from gene started just fifteen bucks for adults ten bucks for kids. But the picnics this weekend, we need them. Now just by line and pick up in store for free today. Free pickup and time for our picnic. Get up to fifty percent off. Do you insurance and tease now it'll it'll navy dot com. Four twenty seven to five styles only we're talking about love today on the good life and how you can be more intentional whether you're single dating or married. This is an episode that you're gonna wanna listen to because it's getting to give you guys some great advice. And I'm dropping the question of why is there a shortage of good men? That's where all my single as out there. We're going to get into that. And so much more on this episode of the good life. But first we've got to celebrate the sponsor that we've got on today's show about sponsor is been. I love to talk about venturo before Ventura was kind enough to kick up our partnership by sending sassy cakes. And I watch each and I actually picked the copper slate. Krono blue watch I think it's beautiful. It's an awesome accessory. Whether I'm trying to dress up or dress down. This is an awesome accessory. This watch. Now was only around one hundred fifty dollars, y'all. But it looks like it's probably four or five hundred bucks. So you're really getting great quality watch for not as expensive. We love our sponsors here on the good life. 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Alright y'all just had to venture watch dot com slash design for fifteen percents off your entire order. Now. Stick around we've got Audrey Rolla. It's about two good, dude. That's a real throwback right there. So one of my favorite movies, Greece. You're in your element there. You were just kind of singing it before your Mike turn on super loud. I love to sing these down. Do you think your research Franklin? No. But I I need an album. I think you actually think you're Retha Franklin. So what's up good life air? Welcome to this very awkward exchange to my wife. And I listen that song was great, babe. And I know you're not a fan of Georgia. But you know, I love grace today's episodes about love and being intentional. So why not go after the? With intention. The all I could think of during that song was for some reason, I was thinking of John Travolta in Pulp Fiction where he's dancing with Thurman. And he's kinda just do it for me, Greece. It's not at all those were like legit old school dance moves that's all I was thinking about. So what's up good life fan? What's up baby? How you doing? Oh, Honey, I'm doing great expecially because especially this especially because right now, even though you're listening to this podcast. I'm somewhere in Norway. I know oh that magic future pass coming together in the Frizette, man. It's like I can't even wrap my minor kind goofy movie which have friends that's right moon. Max the coaches still dying right now. Oh, I still love that old second one. But yeah, Norway somewhere bay, even though I'm here with you know, we're talking about the future, obviously. But let's talk about real time. I just finished two bags is Doritos, and I've gotten over Gretz this small mini bags. I'm definitely not kissing today with those cool ranch where those extra hot spicy. No. I did not show and coal-rich. Don't hate the player. I hate the anyways guys today. We are talking about relationships. We feel like this is a topic and a category that you guys love baby. I feel like we love talking about our relationship, but we do that a lot. So today, our guests are that are going to be on the show. We're going to talk about the magic of their relationship. And they actually remind us a lot of us. Yes. Really weird. They lived on the other side of the senior Sinai hospital the same year that we lived on the opposite side, they've got so many great nuggets that they're going to drop in on today's show. And I say we say nuggets a lot on this show. Relisting back to our last podcast. Michael hyatt? You haven't listened to that one y'all? Wow. That guy's a frigging. He's a he gives nuggets like crazy and Seth that's it. And so we decided every time we say nugget on the show, you just gotta you gotta dip your nuggets and stuff. And you're like, wow. That's a really great guy. But you gotta say what sauce it is like mine is the chick fillet. So it's Chick-fil-A sauce. One thousand percent, Sean saucer you dipping your nuggets in. It's no it's the Honey barbecue at chick fillet. O regard the sauce from Chick-fil-A today. That's what we're gonna dip in. But what's interesting sponsor? This is not a sponsor. But let's talk about chick flavors the sauce. Chick-fil-a sauce is mixture of Honey mustard and barbecue, and then some others more. It's delicious. But my go-to Chile is the Honey barbecue sauce comes in like a little packet. And it's just it's it's. You know, what I want everyone to do everyone who has received a good nugget here on the good life. I want you to do me a favor right now. Which pause this frigging podcast once you get on your life in and I want you to go to the podcast app. And I want you to leave us a review in a comment as to what your favorite dipping sauce. It's all these jumping on. Yeah. Yes. It's point somehow. Okay. Oh, I'm gonna tie in the nuggets to the show again. And let me see I can do that. Well, you can't have the nuggets they're not as delicious without the sauce. Right. So today we are going to. You guys. Us having the background in like, TV and radio news in college. I always was that person that loved to connect stories with the next we're gonna change your show from the good life to the good nuggets. Yes. Anyway, all that to say, today's show is awesome. We've obviously got some good news of the week that we want to share with you. But I good news around the house, babe. Obviously, you're our way that's exciting. So we're still in the house on right now y'all, but this week's is on got our friend came over and her name is Surrey and she prayed for Sa's on about the house, and she said some crazy stuff I want you to share a little bit about what she said. Yeah. Yeah. She is one of my close friends here in LA. And she said, hey, I want to I want to take you aside. And I feel like I have a word from God for you specifically. And so we went into my little office. And she just everything she was saying, and I haven't seen her in weeks was so profound in so timely. Specifically with the house. You know, we've been praying about it similar to the house. We're in now, we've just been praying about like God show us a sign that this is the right move that we need to relocate all of that stuff. Find new house, and I've been praying about in specifically I was going to a cycling class, and I was praying about the house. This was a couple of weeks ago. And tell me why as as soon as I finished praying. I looked to my left, and I saw this really small cute charming church. That was read it was like painted red almost like a cute little barn house of a church and the doors were open. And I was just like what was that? Like, God show me something right now is God. You try to tell me I got a building you a house like what what is this all about? So anyways, I kind of just tucked it under the rug was like, hey, I feel like God will continue to show me. So anyway, Surrey my friend comes over. And she was like I have a word for you. And when she started talking, and then she prayed over me, she. Said something that made me remember the barn house. She said in the prior. She said God, specifically has your house already ready for you? There's a red marker on this house in the door is wide open. Holy holy-moly. Because when I looked at this church it was red. And I was so fixated on the fact that it was like one PM on like a Thursday or something and the door was like wide open and part of me wanted to walk in. But I just felt this kind of feeling of like, okay. Was that God showing me assign similar to how he did the first time around? So anyways, I felt like Surrey's prayer over me and saying the whole thing with the red marker. We ended up googling what the word red means. And it's just incredible. That God is using our close friends in the season of life to speak to us and later on in the show. I'm gonna talk about to how God is really I feel like in this season of my life. Speaking to me, specifically about the people around me in my life, giving me profound revelations actually right now, as you know, I'm doing my quiet time every morning, and I'm in the book of Jeremiah the prophet, and I just finished Isaiah. And so now that I'm in this book in the book of profits and reading about them, I told Steve was like I've been praying that God would make me a profit. I mean, I give me some revelation like you gave to Jeremiah into is as I want to have that profound knowledge to help others and to also give myself some help and see vision for my life. And I'm not kidding. You guys since praying that God has just been like opened up the floodgates of revelation for me. And so I'm going to talk a little bit more about that maybe later on in the show, but it's just amazing to me how God really show. Goes up when we seek him. And when we go to him when we pray to him, and the whole thing with the church and all that just signifies that God is in control and he's intentional and I want to be more intentional. And I just love that today show, these guests like we had said, you know, we're gonna get into it. But there are there not only believers, but they're really strong in their their foundation in their marriage and their relationship, and they really dropped some great nuggets. I mean, we need multiple dipping sauces. You guys are gonna love them. Stick around for that. We've got good news of the week. Maybe it's time for your. Why don't you go first? Oh my gosh. We'll sit around. Yeah. We've got Jeremy and Audrey Roloff coming up. But first we're gonna get you the week. My first story here says LEGO unveils new bricks that will help teach blind children to read braille LEGO is now piloting a new project that will use the bumps on their conic bricks to help teach. The braille alphabet to blind and visually impaired children. Lego braille bricks is what they're called will be molded with the same number of studs used for individual letters and numbers in. The braille alphabet. Compatible with. To ensure the tool is inclusive allowing cited teachers students and family members to interact on equal terms. Each brick will also feature a printed letter or character this ingenious combination brings a whole new proteins to getting blind and visually impaired children interested in learning. Braille enabling them to develop a breath of skills needed to thrive and succeed. That's really cool. Can you say that three times I'm trying to I'm trying to focus on this beautiful story? But I can't get over. Lego. Braille bricks like try saying that three times really fat wasn't about LEGO bricks breast over how to run the air. No. But that's really cool way to go LEGO. I mean, I funny story about Legos though. I kind of have this love hate relationship into them. Why have a love hate relationship? And let me tell you why. Because you asked now you did it, but I'll tell you because well growing up my brothers two years older than me. He was actually kinda like a one of those weird. Like LEGO prodigy kids was I can see things in mind and build them with. And back then those Legos early nineties they were Rach at y'all we had very basic colors. We did not have all this cool features. Like all these kids today that I'm actually jealous. But no, he would make these really he would make like a whole city, and then I would come in and be like I wanna play and him and his buddy. This guy's name was David. They would be playing Legos, and they would always get out squirt. And I'd be like, no I'm gonna play. And then I'd try and like insert like my little LEGO guy into their like overall LEGO storyline. Be like, and then my your guy brothers, and they didn't know and they found out, and they're like that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard get out. So then my guy flips over a building. And I was like I don't understand. Why can't I gotta be brothers? If you're gonna flip over a building. Anyways. That's my Legos story. But I thought that was really are. Found. Okay. I have a story. Two guys in this is actually a little bit more. I mean, your story was sweet. But this kind of made me teary strangers have donated a car in thousands of dollars to a twenty year old who's raising her five siblings. All right. Let me tell you guys about this story. It really makes me emotional Mataya not to cry. So thousands of people have come together in order to support a twenty year old woman who has been supporting her five younger siblings that are a range from the age five to seventeen since their parents died of cancer both parents died within the last five years of each other. And so she decided to step up and take charge of her family last week the siblings made national headlines after their local police department published a video of them presenting her with a new car for her family. The kids story was shared thousands of times, and it has resulted in thousands of readers donating to their gofundme page for their family in just a week the page has actually raised over. Twenty nine thousand dollars and counting. She said, I'm at a loss for words, but the kids, and I will be forever. Grateful to all of you. This has helped changed my life my family's life forever. And it's taken so much off of our plates. Veges made me so motion because it's not easy raising kids. Let alone win win. Suddenly, you have that responsibility. As a twenty year old who starting to think about her future, and what she wants to do. She's just has taken that on for herself in it's five siblings. Yeah. What was so cute? Was we were watching the video. There's a video that's linked to the article and the kids start piling. They see the new car that the police department gave them, and they start piling into the car and the go my gosh, she's like this is our new car in. They're freaking out. And I remember it took me back to win. Like, I was a kid, and we really never got a new car, but my parents would buy like a used car and anytime there was some sort of an update or upgrade, you know, we were so excited and what that did for just our morale, and it seems silly. But like kids need to feel those feelings they need to feel cared about. And it's so beautiful that she's not only stepped up at the people around her of stepped up to support her to know that she's not alone in raising her siblings. And can I just say her siblings? They're going to be so close for the rest of their life. I mean, this is really it's a tough time. But it's they get to share this incredible bond in in two thousand nineteen you don't always hear stories like this. So it's just really refreshing. And it's a beautiful store. Ori-, and we're going to be praying for for Sam and her siblings. But it's it's a great it ended up being a great story. Kind of. It's a little sad. But it's also at our good news of the week. Because like I said you don't always hear about these things every day in how she stepped up is just so courageous in bribe. She's a hero family. It's people stepping up to take care of their neighbors and their friends and people that they don't even know she's just being so intentional stops. Okay. Y'all because we are upset we say intentional about a million times today. So forgive us. So says being says as thing. All right. Well, coming up guys as we promised. We have Jeremy and Audrey off on the show. Now, you may know them from TLC's hit show little people big world. But with the first time the couple of sharing their story with all of its beauty and imperfections and encouraging others to choose love every day in their new book a love letter life. They also are successful podcasters with their behind the scenes podcast. And also they have started a foundation called beating fifty percent and organization dedicated to helping couples beat divorced ticks. They are a they have a wonderful love story, and if so much wealth and knowledge to share on how to build and keep a healthy relationship. Now before we get to that we have to tell you about our favorite relationship with sun basket. You wanna talk about being intentional? I said it again. And I'm gonna keep saying because I table and kiss you. Oh, sun basket. You know, they're obviously a company that we've talked to about here on the show we give guys great discounts, which we're going to do again today. But no matter what your lifestyle is sun basket is catering to fit your lifestyle needs. So it's about being intentional in the kitchen with what you're eating what you're putting in your body. We all live a fast paced life. Now. I feel regardless of what walk of life. You come from. You're busy, right? The last thing sometimes you have to do on your to do list to go grocery shopping. And that's the last thing you wanna do for a reason. So why not dial into a company like some basket, they make it easy with their delicious meal plans. They have paleo carb conscious gluten free Mediterranean, even diabetes friendly and vegan options with clean ingredients. And you can actually make these meals in under fifteen minutes, depending how fast you are pretty fast in the kitchen. Also impresses me about them. As at some basket works, the best farms and suppliers to bring you. Fresh organic produce and responsibly sourced meats and seafood every time. I look at the label and kind of a label hound with food. I wanna make sure it's organ and every time they come through with really fresh ingredients. That are good for you. So they're not only making it convenient. They're doing the hard work by bringing you stuff that is fresh and that you can rely on the quality. I'm into the five minute salad mixes whenever they come knocking on my door. I get so excited to open up the package and everything because they make it easy with the recipe cards and with the salads. It's five minutes. You just mix all the fresh ingredients together, and it's clean, and you feel great. And so today, we want you guys to feel great. All right. So if you go to sun, basket dot com slash Zahn. You're gonna get up to eighty dollars off. That's right. That's basically getting dinner or lunch on the table for less than nine dollars serving for your first four weeks again that sun basket dot com forward slash Zahn to get eighty dollars off today. Go and get it you might as well you'd be stupid not to be intentional. I love that word. Hi fashion hotline height. We're hosting a spring picnic on the weather looks great. But don't we need stylish new genes now? Get old navy old navy. Yep. Right now Jean shorts and tees up to fifty percent off up to fifty percent off. Our forecast is looking up. Sure is refresher Dennen with distress tiles and lighter washes, there's one hundred and six washes to choose from gene started just fifteen bucks for adults ten bucks for kids, but the picnic this weekend, we need them. Now. Just by line pick up in store for free today. Free pickup and type for picnic get up to fifty percent off teeth now, it'll it'll navy dot com. Four twenty seven to five. Alexa, isn't the only one with breaking news. Make sure hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the AP news minute. Who doesn't love a tasty smoothie in the morning. The problem is it's easy to get stuck on autopilot making the same smoothies every day. And even the best movies can start to get boring and predictable. So why not mix things up a little with frozen dole crafted smoothie blends, they do all the hard work for you, pairing only the most delicious fruits together into unique blends like taking a typical banana and berries smoothie and mixing it up with mangoes and refreshing limes Kiwis or you could treat yourself to a sip of paradise with the strawberry watermelon blend with delicious coconut the best part? They're born to be blended. Each bag is perfectly proportioned with fruit. That's frozen to lock in all those nutrients and flavor, and every piece is already washed and cut. So all you have to do is Philip your blender with one of the single serving bags adds, some coconut water and then blend for an exciting smoothie dole crafted, smoothie blends find them in your frozen. I'll. Oh. We've got Jeremy and Audrey today. Hey, how's it going y'all going good good to be here? How are you guys doing? I know you guys have been on a book tour for quite a while. Now. I mean, what the heck is booked to her like, I know, right? Right. Well, we just found out our first one, and it was quite a month. I tell you, although it was exhausting. It's just so much Drennan. It's all much fun. We're gonna miss it for say, we so we did we did thirteen cities in three weeks, which is just crazy. I said to Jeremy at the end of it. I think I slept more the first month of having a newborn than I did. That that was my question was was the baby with you was your daughter when we we did it in legs where we would go for five days. Come back. Be her go for five days come back the her. And so we did like three or four legs. And because we didn't wanna pull her we felt it would have been kind of selfish. If we tried to bring her along just so we can grab an hour with her. Yeah. You know, it even and with time changes and air so hard. It is so hard growing like shoot been nothing thousand I have to travel to for work, and it's so hard just for a few days to leave them because every time you come home. It's like, wait. Are you two years older? How old is your? How old is is yours our daughters guys, we're still doing the whole month thing, she's seventeen months. So what is that almost? She's a year and a half so close eighteen eighteen months will. Yeah. I've wondering there's a lot of there's a lot of parallel in our line. Because apparently, you guys lived across the cedar Sinai hospital for most you also have a daughters close in age, and you guys are also close in age with us as well as our twenty nine. Yeah. Yes. In all things. Portland version of us. Yes, we love that. You guys did this book together a love letter life. Do you guys are named New York Times bestseller? Can we talk about that for second? Because that's major not everybody makes that list. I mean, did you ever expect to get on that list when you were writing this book? So first of all like wow praise. The Lord we did not expect. I'm of course, we have that as a goal, but it's kind of one of those God goals. You know, like we worked our tails off because you know, no matter your circumstances. Whatever start you might have had takes a lot of work to make that list, and you know, it's a little political. So we're super super excited in feel very fortunate that we're able to do at but it was a ton of work. I just the marketing getting out there and everything so writing a book is ten to work. But unlike it doesn't end when you turn in your managed get keep going by its we loved it, and it's amazing itself. And so cool to see the response, not only eight New York Times is amazing. An amazing chief men were full, but just you know, being on tour and hearing the response from people in how the book has impacted their life for their relationship or just, you know, those stories will be live for for sending us letters. And it's just it's just amazing Royal? So it's kind of like New York Times is kinda like the affirmation on top of the real our victory, which is obviously influencing people's lives for the better. And it's been it's been amazing been quite a ride. Yeah. I wanna talk about why why you wrote this book and all that. But but quickly when ask you, what was the most difficult part of the whole process has been to or has been that turning in the manuscript. I mean, what has been the biggest thing you had to get over to get to this point because it is a big accomplishment. Well, yeah, I might say different things. We might say. Oh, yeah. Well, I would say the most nerve wracking of the entire experience is definitely a first time end in your management because you know, you're handing in. I don't wanna say piece of junk. There's gonna be lots of edits and revisions. And then you look at it among later. Why did I write that or how come I didn't write this? And so that first manuscript ternan was definitely of the big little moment. I would say probably probably the most difficult thing was just being dual authors. There's a lot to process, and we wrote our book in an interesting way where I don't think it's really kind of an have you seen the show? This is us. Yes. We actually watched. I think the first two seasons we kind of fell off, but we want to get. This is an interesting show where it kinda jumps back and forth in the time line, you know, and so we did that with our book, and it was difficult figuring that out I would say just, you know, we wrote so German I actually wrote every word of our book, and no one had really read it except our editor. And we'd read sections of it to like, our friends, and our parents and stuff, but then on release day or public published all of a sudden anyone gets rebate on that was terrifying. Because you work on something for two years that you have no idea how anybody's gonna receive at in. So few people read it in now. And all the sudden so many people have access to read. It will flip the switch ended session intimate thing. Right because you are pour your heart into it. And it it's it's it's a place where you can be completely yourself and your putting yourself out there and you're being vulnerable. So I I mean, I can't imagine what that's like as you're waiting to see what people think, you know. You just told our first kiss story on YouTube. You know what I mean? So we gave a little dose in south like, I'm so scared everyone's going to judge us relaxed. But I mean, you told your your whole love story in a book and you shared that nationally internationally. I guess so I wanted to ask you guys why a book, and this is something says honor so passionate about is about the health of relationships. And so why a book about your relationship? So I think just Jimmy, and I have always had a heart for relationships in general and. We really felt like there. There's a lot of books out there on marriage written by, you know, the Timothy Keller's of the world like people who are in generations and seasons of life ahead of. Is good wise, really rich. But we wanted to sort of be of voice to the reader that's kind of in the same season of life. They are in the same struggles that they are in going through the same things. And so Germany, I do not claim to be experts at all. But we hope to sort of you know. Repackage old truce and present them to our generation in a way that like easily zoom -able told through the lens of story. And so our book is just full of stories of are mostly dating relationship engagement, some marriage stories that point two lessons that we learned maybe the hard way or things that were grateful that we did learn because of mentorships help or because of mentor ship or friends leading us along the way. So also say we just like, I don't know people just need to be encouraged right now, I think there's a big transition going on in culture and people are trying to figure out and we just wanted to to encourage people to pursue the road, less traveled. If you will. Ultimately, you know, we believe relationships marriage specifically holds the power to interpret how you experience life whether it be misery or joy. So like the relationships you're in the health of those relationships interpret a lot about how you experience life. So why aren't we being careful cautious intentional creative faithful in our pursuit of them to make them as healthy as we can. So we just wanted to write a book sharks to everyone's qualified to share their stories. So we just wanted to share ours in that in that pursuit in things at Jeremy always says, you can jump infant state to but one of Jeremy he says is the key think of any successful business sports organization church. Whatever it is they all have goals mission statements annual retreats all have all this like intentional planning structure. But then we leave our marriages up to just organic chance or or spontaneity. Or we don't main preparing for and planning when it comes to like, our marriages. So by not you know, the fact is if you can fall in love, you can fall out of love in. So you wanted to kind of discuss in bring people on the journey of. Well, then how do we protect it? How do we pursue it on we build a successful marriage? Just like all these successful organizations are building them sides. So I totally love that. I totally Greece's on. I did a podcast probably month ago. And it was titled what's so important and really the heart of the episode was talking about how we as a unit half to be together. We have to be investing in us. Whereas in twenty eighteen at felt like the only thing that got left on the back burner was us. You know, we we put our friends we put our businesses. We put our children everything before us. And and we didn't give ourselves enough care in the relationship department, and how all those things that flowed out of us were directly affected by a relationship. And so I love that you're bringing that up and any us week. We had a a leader and business coach they Michael Hyatt on the show who said if you want to scale your business you have to scale yourself. But I don't think enough of us are taking into consideration that when we get married, right? We become one. And so if we are one, and we are not scaled, and we're not growing our relationship than all of those things around us will suffer directly as well. And I love that you brought that up. I think it's a message that this generation needs because there are not enough couples being an example out there for them. Yeah. I love that in and going off that you're a strong as your weakest player. So you know, that whole investment into into the strength of the individual to me provides the team its strength. So I wanna ask you guys this too because you guys are normal couple like us, and so many people listening, and like you said, you're not experts. You guys have a baby in the mix which can make it challenging at times in adversity does strike a lot. When things are thrown into the into the pot. So I wanna know, you know, you guys fight like everybody, you know, when you guys are faced with a conflict. How what do you do to resolve that because just like anybody else? I'm sure that you guys have your struggles. So do you have any advice on that? So we do fi dislike everyone else. However, there is unique approach. I think we we've taken and we talk about this whole chapter about this in the book. But essentially, it's like we're not going to get away. When you're two people coming together that is that's collision right than we wrestle through this becoming one over the course of our lifetime over the course of marriage, and that's wrestling that doesn't go away in so conflict is always going to be there. Right. 'cause Audrey is going to be a different person. I'm gonna be different person next year. We're gonna have to kind of read discovered refigure out some things. So if conflicts going away we just thought early on like, well, how do we how do we have do conflict fairly? How do we do conflict like appropriately? So we kind of discussed some rules of engagement if you will. So that we can fight and fight fairly and fight actually progressively instead of, you know, harmful toward our relationship. So that was kinda thought we had and we've made some rules of engaged. -ment it's helped a lot. And I think really there's also been just a lot of boundaries and things that we've put in place to help prevent our conflict evolving into a fight. So, you know, we do this thing called our marriage journal, or we have even just our desire to understand our understand ourselves better and understand each other better. Like one thing. Jeremy I always say like we always want to be a student of each other. And we always want to be learning more about each other. Because if we can understand each other better than we can usually take, you know, conflict moments and turn them into reconciling moments instead of letting them explode into a fight. And so I think there's a lot of preventative things that you've done we talk about all of them in our book. And then also how to handle it when you are in the heat of the moment, you do have a screaming baby in the background off on like, we said, we're sticking out. But I think we should all be a little bit more intentional about it. I totally agree. It's funny because you know, going back to like a business it's like with the business. You have you have things in place. You know? Ways in which your handle, there's you know what I mean there's ethics and conduct and all that. And it's the same thing in a marriage. It's like if we don't have a plan for walking this thing out. And when things come up how we work together to figure them out, then you're just gonna fly by the seat of your pants. And I think this first years. On. Sorry. Go ahead. Sorry out and it's just like in a business. You have HR department in a marriage, you have mentors. I mean, there's a lot of malaria. He's there and again, we'll get married and just expected to work by happenstance. It's like, well, no, no wonder we're seeing the stats were seen and like creativity intentionally in faithfulness. Those things don't happen on accident. And we subtitle book that for reason like right away on your love story, whether single dating gauge you're married you can pursue creatively. Dayton tension in love faithfully. You know, I think those those things are things that anybody who wants to be a relationship or is in relationship desires, but then it's like how do we do that? And so we can't just leave that up to chance. It doesn't happen on accident. We have to be creative intentional in faithful with the civic ways to do that. So good Amen to that. You know, it's work regardless of where you are in your relationship. Whether you're dating whether you're single whether you're married you have to understand that it is work either. You're working on yourself. You're working in. With your significant other and constantly you're continuing to work in your marriage. So that it can thrive in continue to grow you talk about faith. And I know that that's something. That's really important to you guys that plays a role in your relationship and you talk about mentors. Can you kind of tell us a little bit about like what at your core? What you're Dacian in your marriage is built on whether it is mentors your faith in and just the importance of that, you're definitely so for us. You know, we we think marriage the point of marriage is not marriage itself. It's there's a greater purpose out there greater goal. And so, you know for us, we subscribed Christianity in the bible and Jesus alternately in marriage is kind of the wrestling of two people becoming more like Jesus and within that journey, right? There's like we have have goals missions. Whether it's raising a kid doing ministry, whatever it is. You know, but we. But we definitely try to think of our marriage as like a team. I guess if you will. And the point of the team is to do something and in the process of training and practicing or or to relate to marriage being married, right? There's a journey there. And so for us becoming more like Jesus's is a big part of our our our journey or sure. So, and we believe that lead stories are like one of the greatest ways that we can represent gospel to our world. Like, it's you know. Yeah. If you read the bible like. Wedding is like such a powerful metaphor about the entire thing in central and people say there's no such thing shortcuts in life, and I would disagree. I think there are four cats. They're found through mentors and people that have been there done that. Similarly, there found through coaches if you're playing a sport on a team. So there's a lot of similarities there or in business because we've been talking about that too. Because of the you know, there's. People that have been there done that made the mistakes, you know, that's kinda why they say being in second is often a gift because you get a watch first place. No will I love that. Your whole mission is to spread your love story and encourage others through that. And you know, you've started the beating fifty percent foundation on the website. Actually right now. An awesome thing that you did there another. It's so weird. I feel like you guys are so you're like a parallel of man's is on something. We're so passionate about talked us about this nation what it's all about. And why you started it. So the whole idea is there's a tech first of all it started out of an overflow passion to build, you know, Oltman marriage. If you all whatever, and we I feel like technology has caused this chasm vacuum in communication, so like the older generation with all the wisdom, experience knowledge. They've kind of failed or not failed. They rather have lost the ability to communicate with the generation our generation than. Because technology, we've were losing the ability to actually have relational conversations and fine men for is all that with older generation. Yeah. Yeah. We started beating fifty as like a way to kind of bridge that gap or beating fifty percent as the way to bridge that gap. So it's it's pretty much. You know, it's a podcast behind the scenes. It's the the blog they're the website, the marriage journal, all these tools. We interview people we just we try to bridge that gap. Like, hey, guys. What's working out? We how do we embark on this journey? What are the tools we need to make it successful? And and so, yeah, it's been a lot on. I wanna know guys. Let's just let's just talk about the fact that all of my single girlfriends right now, they will all say there's a shortage of good men like where are the guys? So why do you guys think it's taking so long for people both females than males to find the one these days? Do you think is has social media or do you just think we're being a little bit too aware? You know? Such a good loaded question. Do you guys have friends like that too? Because I think our friend should meet the single French all mixtures something. That's no, I think it's totally big problem is I think one thing Jeremy said we were talking to somebody about this. They asked similar question. And Jeremy said, you know, there's so many people out there that are probably they maybe have met their future spouse. But they were looking at their phone. You know, what I mean like, we're just we don't even gate. We don't even cut ourselves opportunities to meet the good guy or the good girl. Because or so were in this workaholic generation or glued to our phones. More not out of our comfort zone. Yeah. And so we're not putting yourself in in a in a circumstance or an opportunity to meet that person. Like, I think that's a huge part of the problem of a lot of layers to it. But gather so many ways, and I think also for guys, you know, were in this this individual we worship the individual right now in culture in general. And it's like and relationships, obviously is the opposite. Of that. And so a lot of guys are kind of I think deterred if you will because relationships take away from individual, and that's just a that's a cultural fact right now everything about like me mine Tele thinking things to nowadays so picky. Everybody's wants to filter. They want it's like, it's like a social media world. Right. So even if they go out and date, they're gonna like filter out like how they want that guy or that girl to be like she has to be this type. She needs to be like this, and they go on these dating apps, and then they meet with these these people, and essentially they already go into it with this kind of like checkbook of like, they better be this this this, and if they don't I'm out of there, and I think that's really not fair, you know, that's not fair for for the person but fair for for yourself because you're limiting your options, and you're setting unrealistic expectations. Doug comparison generation, we're comparing. Yup. Everyone's highlight reel to the reality of of life. That's like so unhealthy. How did you guys? Meet. I'm curious. Yeah. So we did exactly that we put ourselves in a weird offered situation. We met on a blind date before church, but we were set up by mutual friends. Yes. The way to go. Yeah. We had friends that we trusted, and they really pushed each of us individually go in both of us, really resistant. They said like, no, listen, you have to meet. Okay. That would be good together. And so and you click, but we met and it was not sparks fly. So like what you were saying about your friends that goal needs dates in their filtering, we met an it was not like this moment of. Oh, this is my future husband like in the movies. No, no. We we two years of friendship two years of not even nowhere, but not a lot but about eating, but we like each. We were into each other. Again was. In what we refer to as the patient pursue where like us, totally in friends ozo-, wait, let's be honest who was into I I was into her first for sure, but what a lot of men would call friends owned I called pursuit. So I was in this crazy way. While you're talking about again have her story. And you were definitely more into me. They too right? Get your way. Yeah. It was actually it was the other way round for us. How long have you guys been celebrating your marriage? How many years I feel like y'all have been married for thirty years? You guys are experts together for nine married for five. A male here. So I mean, you guys say, you're not experts, but I just feel like you have so much wisdom, and can I just say, it's awesome. So refreshing to see a young couple today that boldly talks openly about love and your relationship. And guess what? A lot of people might say. You know, what I'm gonna wait to write a book until I have more years on my belt. But you guys are like no, no age ain't nothing, but a number you guys so much knowledge and wisdom to drop, and I love that you're doing it now because like you said the world needs this now, it's so timely. Thank you. Yeah. Oh, sorry. I was just going back to what you were saying about the you know, the pursuit zone not the friend zone. I was kind of in the same thing where is on. And I were friends, and I was pursuing her, and I was trying to she actually didn't know no God ever lack of Jesus. And so I was kind of trying to introduce her to him because of the things she was going through just as a friend because I cared our soul. But going back to that whole conversation about how are we gonna meet people? How are we going to fix this problem of so many singles out there and people are serving themselves? You know, I think the solution really lies in kind of that pursuit zone that you were getting at. I think that, you know, would you agree that it's preparing yourself and being the person that you need to be for that person. Even when the sparks don't fly. But when they, but when they do when things do start to spark you've kind of grown into that person have been in that preparation zone. Yes. Absolutely. I would hundred percent agree. And that's actually, you know, the whole part. Of my, you know, of our first chapter of the book is me kind of explaining that journey that I went through meeting Audrey and not just realizing like, wow, she she's someone I wanna take some Aero's of rejection for like I wanna risk put my neck out there for somewhat Mike that at the same time. I was looking inward realizing, holy smokes. Am I the type of man I wanna be that's worthy of that that I'm called to be? I started asking all these questions, and I got to work on myself in a large in a large way and in part of the two year patient pursuit going just straight off. Your point wasn't just me trying to Audrey to look direction is also giving me time to mature and grow up and become the type of person I'd wanna date. So I yeah, I totally totally track about Audrey. What were you do in that time being really suffered? Well, I mean, but I was similarly will Audrey have a lot of walls up. Yeah. If a chapter book club every all must fall in like are. So I was fresh out of a relationship when I met Jeremy not looking today. I was also a collegiate athletes I was like really busy just focused on other things at that time when I met Jeremy so wasn't really like looking for a future spouse in the season. But I think also like just the word kind of bolt the Lord kind of slowed things down for us, and we were able to build this. Really awesome friendship that wasn't muddled by physical intimacy in wasn't clouded by like or or pressured by dating label. We just were just friends, and if you ask couple who've been married fifty sixty years, they'll say their married to their best friend. There's a reason why friendship I worked so. Well, I've, and we believe we believe that obviously, there's you know, that's not gospel for everyone. Everyone is different story. But for us building that strong friendship really helped ARIS for a dating relationship, and then also just our marriage. So I completely I completely agree. I think so many people are so fixated on their happiness in the moment may think about well, if I had a boyfriend or girlfriend, I'd be happy, you know, instead of being happy as the individual learning to be happy as an individual working on yourself and becoming the person that you want to date ever that so many times come the person that you wanna be with growing into that. I think is the best use of your time. But also just enjoying your life. You know before you that person like enjoy your life. Married him. I mean, you know, that's the second. I know to sing like, you know, when you have kids a little harder to go to Europe. But the second you're married. You know, you're not you don't go in reverse. So it's like joy exactly enjoy that season because going back to that earlier point. It's like the strength to individuals makes the team stronger become the strongest team become the strongest teammate, you can possibly be. I love this. And I just want to add something real quick before. Stephen. I got married. We really wanted to make sure we were diving into like marital counseling books little programs and things that they have. But I honestly feel like your book is something. Everybody should read in obviously, whatever state of life there in with their relationship. But like if you're about to get married, I feel like this is a great book. That's just built off of your personal story and your godly marriage. I just think this is kind of a new way that God is using. People like you to help minister to this gen new generation to come that's getting prepared for marriage in that life in that season. So I recommend this book. I wish we had this book bay before few years ahead of us. But this book is I think it should be on that list of books. You've gotta read. Yeah. Thanks. We hope that it will be in. And we hope that especially like, you said it encourages people, you know, in that seasons of civically to prepare more for their prepare more for their marriage than their wedding day. Like our generation so obsessed with spending all this time planning this epoch wedding. But then we don't do anything to prepare for an epic marriage and allow come on now, everything that we wish everything we wish we would have known before we got married is in this book to but also the things that were glad that we did implement or talk about before remarried and here. What is here's a here's a challenge to like you guys. Anyone listening, right and faith? That was a great point. We we care more about the pictures in the promise right now. But here's the challenge next time. You know, someone's getting married instead of asking them. Hey, how how's wedding planning going ask them? How's marriage planning? Come out now. That was his on Texas coming out. But. Right. No. It's it's a great point. And I think sometimes it just takes a simple shift. In mindset. You know what I mean? And those simple things that we can actually be intentional about Concetta. Sup for so much success says on you were just telling me about a friend. We had on the show Janet Kramer and her husband. They were them. They're so great. What were they what were they saying? When you were over your house what they do every night before bed now is oh my gosh. I love that. What they do. They do this exercise before bed every night. So they basically say they both do it separately. So they tell each other how they're feeling in that moment how they felt. And then they reflect on the day in terms of maybe something that they noticed that they can improve on. And then the third thing is an affirmation for the significant other of like, you know, what you really blessed me today when you allowed me to go to the gym. And when you watch the baby or whatever, and so you have that communication pillow talk before bed every night, and it just a firm's your marriage and your relationship is started. We started doing that this past week. Also is what would one thing you need? You know, what I mean, the person something I need, and I think that's simple communication every day or at least weekly. So it was how you feel. How you feel what you need? So. Yeah, what you need. And then what was the other one? Steve, I just blanked. How you feel and then affirming their nude. I should know that that's fantastic. And and that is a very intentional way to plan for success. Like, they're designing that there. So I love love that. And it's kind of similar or something we do a couple years ago. We self published something called the marriage journal. And every Sunday, we sit down and ask ourselves six questions in record our answers and go through the weekly calendar so different but similar concept, and it's been transformative. Yeah. For sure I was I was seeing that. I think we're gonna get that because his on. And I were not as disciplined we had kind of a similar setup. Not nearly as disciplined, and it would be amazing to have it in journal to kind of dot. Yeah. And and keep track of Intel easy. What's nice about the journal to is? Like, it kind of gives a time for a guy going into it. Like, I know. Okay. These six questions, that's that's the conversation is somewhat controlled laid out in framework to know. It's not this like fan of mush in. You know? So it was. Yeah. So that but one thing I love about marriage is that as you grow together. More and more you can't pick your life. Without that person. You you grow your family. You know, sometimes you grow your businesses together. And I know you guys are doing that as well. But one question I have for you. This is kind of offbeat question is if you guys were not married where the heck would you be right now? Oh, boy that is such a I was be a I would be a putz without my would be on his pursuit somewhere. Boy. This is very interesting. And this brings up something. We discuss chapter. I can't remember somewhere about black. I'm I'm you guys in any Graham, right? Yes. You know about it caveats like who's not right now. But. I'm I'm nine, and I tend to be more complacent arteries in age. She tends to be very aggressive. Now, we arteries eight really propels me, a very very healthy way in my I like to say like, I'm a professional Sabbath or like, I know how to relax. Audrey needs that that's me for wellbeing and everything. And so I have no idea where I would be without her probably not doing too much, you know, but like Audrey would probably unhealthy. Activity projects. I don't know. But we balance each other out really well so going back to going back to your point. Like, yeah, I do not know where we would be. If I I'm definitely glad married. Make a great team they met, and that's an IOT type two. I think I border line three, and I'm trying to get Stevie to take the aground. It's really it's really inside for. I wanna have become like Jeremy that sounds like us. I'm gonna I'm gonna read I saw calm. You guys get tons of engagement on your social media. And I love that you respond to like all of your followers. I saw one specifically under one of your posts about your book. And this individual said, I am sixty three years old. And I only wish I would have read this book when I was eighteen your faith wanting to sacrifice for each other in the love you share for Christ. At such young ages is truly inspirational even for an old lady. Like me love love love the book. I bought it in the audible, and I'm listening to it. Both listening to them both. I think I I think it's. Other than reading it. So that's awesome casinos audibles. There you go babe. Awesome. Even matter. How old you are? You're going to be inspired. I love that Lord. I mean, and we prayed over every single page as we were like writing this and just intentionally going back to the point earlier like being creatively pursuing intentionally dating and loving face Li like those are tried and true concepts. No matter where you're at. How old you are? We really really really tried to kind of bridge that narrative arc that's true for everyone. And to hear comments like that. I mean. Yeah. That's that's all we could have that. Right. There is a New York Times bestselling. That's that's worthy of it. Like with that with or without the NY label like bats why we wrote the book so. Thank you for reading. We'll congratulations to you. Both you guys you guys did that you grow you've grown this beautiful relationship and community. So before we let you guys go. We got to ask you. What is good in your life right now? Usually you ask our guest anything. That's a great great question. I will we I would say for me. It's it's probably bike rides with our daughter. Our daughter is obsessed with that writing in our bike trailer like trailer that we hook up behind. I was gonna say dang. She's like eighteen nineteen was writing a by behind the trailer. But like, she sees me. And she goes by. Book tour and all the work and energy and emotion. We poured into that just like going bike rides with my daughters. It's the maximal staff. It make good thing right now. I would say just still reading all the comments messages reviews, people left Lewis book is like they're so it's so good. It's so encouraging. It's like I mean, I just like have to have box. Tissues next me all the time. How is this? But so I mean it just firms like we're the Lord has us in chosen in the work. We've we've dedicated our life too. And and yeah, babe. That's a really good one. That truly is something that's been really kind of like a cliche answer to the season the light rain right now. But it just data those have just ended in a firms hard work like anyone out there like do. Good work do hard where I was nothing later about to say that Jeremy I was about to be like you guys are doing the good work and keep on keeping on low. Not just as a firm. Wow. Great job guys on the book on all of your success really taken the season two. Now, celebrate and enjoy the book tours over just try to enjoy soak it all up because you guys really are making an impact in the community and in the world, and we love that. If you guys out there want to get a copy of their book, it's called a love letter life and just Google 'cause you're gonna see it's on Amazon Barnes and noble. Among so many other places. So definitely check them out. Get the book. And thank you so much for hanging out with us today in the house being you guys are fun. It was a fun. Yes. We'll stay in touch. Yes. Let's get together. Let's go to that third. Stop. It was on a sphere Sinai. Yeah. You guys take care. Thanks so much. Sixty seconds. That's exactly how long this commercial last. You know, what else you can do about a minute. Get an offer for your car with truecar. That's right. And the amount of time it takes to floss your teeth pet. Your dog do of you sit ups or just listen to my voice. You can get a true cash offer. Best of all you can do it from your smartphone or home, just go to truecar and simply enter your license plate number and watch. How your car's details? All pup answer a few questions and you'll get an accurate true cash offer from a local truecar certified dealer. It's that easy after that you can bring your car in. And they'll check it out for you together. You can you can ask questions and get the answers you need. So there's no surprises then simply leave with your check or trade in your car for a new ride. So when you're ready to experience a better way to sell or trade in your car? Check out truecar today. Plow can I just say something real quick, you can say some real quick. Maybe this is why I love our show is why this is the selfish reason why love our show. I love that. When we have guests on the show. They actually end up being friends like afterwards because we're like that we're like for dinner anytime. Yeah. I just texted her my number. We're gonna stay in touch. And I just love this podcast has blessed me with friends something that I've struggled with. You know, I've been just not as good as you bay when it comes to making friends. So I feel like they are just awesome. They're young like us, but they're figuring it out. And I love that they're opening up their hearts and their marriage in their life to help bless and encourage others, something they really inspired me with everything was so intentional. And you and I have the best intentions, but are we being intentional? Not all the time. Every time we said intentional in this episode shot intentions, but no really they are intentional. That's the word. They're being intentional. Bow spending time together about being calculated with their relationship and people think about calculated in a relationship like I wanna spontaneous relationship remind boyfriend takes into the movies on. I'm not ready for it. But it's like, yeah. Life doesn't work that way. I think in life, whatever it is that you want you have to be intentional about it. Do the hard things. Now life gets easier. We've said this time and time again, and I just think there is so much truth. And everything that they said, I mean, whether you are a believer are not. It's important to be intentional wire. Like, you're the only one holding yourself back, you know, and we just kind of want to leave you with the good word of the week on this note, I want you guys to think about this question. How can you be more intentional in your relationship? Now, if you're single how can you be more intentional in the relationship with yourself? How can you be more intentional in the relationship with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, and then how can you be more intentional in your marriage? So being intentional is doing that thing that maybe is uncomfortable. Maybe it's going a little bit past your breaking point, you know, to show not only your significant other that you're putting in the work that you're being intentional. But to also show yourself that you're putting in the work for something that you obviously care about that you're willing to water openly, and you've got to water that seed guys whether it's with yourself with your boyfriend girlfriend or even in your marriage. And you can never not water that seed you've got to keep watering the plant, even when it grows even though I've killed a few plants around my house pick up, you know, maybe that was bad metaphor what you're talking about says to offer a single peeves out there. I really think this is a great exercise with your friends and your family think about a friend in your life. Maybe who has done wrong alum so much. It's a friend who's done you wrong. And maybe they're in a place where they need help. You know, it's not about. Okay. They did something to me. So we're not friends anymore. You need to practice to relational even with friends. It's like, okay, my friend did something wrong. They're in a tough place. But you know, what I'm gonna turn the other cheek. I'm gonna be there for them. I'm gonna text them. Even when they're not texting me, I'm gonna you know what I mean reach out to them and support them. I think there's so many relational tactics that you can do in your friendship and your family life, even before your dating someone be intentional in your relationships with being there for people about cultivating strong, relationships and friendships. I think that will it will be something that you carry into your romantic relationship because it's not they're really not that separate. I mean, there's a couple of perks with the other one. You know what I'm saying? But they're really not that separate our pastor said something so simple. But so profound that spoke to me, you know, I feel like a lot of the times we put a lot of our energy and trying to change the things that we don't like about the person that we love. How can I get him to be more of this? Or how can I get him to see the great things that I see for him. If he could only just do this. We spent so much time trying to change that person. But let's think about this. How hard is it for you to change yourself so hard, right? So instead of trying to change the other person work on changing yourself because that in itself will keep you busy and through changing yourself and being a better person, I strongly believe that God will speak to you. And give you the right words at the right time to help encourage your. Significant other into inspire them to be at that level as well for themselves. You know, I spent too many times trying to tell you to pick up your clothes off the floor and. No. But you know, what you did you finally challenged yourself when you realize it was time. And I think God was working in both of us because he taught me patience during that process. Like, I got this as and God really did have it because he really helped you and seeing that and you challenge yourself. So I think instead of the good word of the week. It's the challenge of the week skill yourself. Michael Hyatt said last week on jacket. It's hot in here right now. Our family's gotta run. We love you so much thanks for tuning in. Again. We also want to thank our sponsors on this show, which is the chair. Oh, sun basket, dole, truecar and Pluto. And if you haven't already do us, a huge favor and leave us a rating review on the apple podcast app. Also, send your questions into the good life Email. That's the good life. At Zahn dot me. We want to hear from you guys. We love you so much have an awesome rest of your week and a wonderful weekend Loville that. Yeah. Pluto, TV is the leading free streaming television service. You can watch over one hundred TV channels and thousands of movies on demand all for free. No credit card needed. No sign up. Pluto, TV is the easy and completely legal way to watch your favorite TV shows in hit movies. What are you waiting for never pay for TV again? Download Pluto TV for free on all of your favorite devices today gun violence, claims lives on a North Carolina campus, I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute two people were killed when a gunman opened fire on a campus building at the university of Carolina, Charlotte. Four people were wounded campus. Police chief Jeff Jeff Baker was asked if the suspect is someone that they knew was trouble ongoing investigation that could reveal something like that. But I can tell you right now, it's not he is not somebody that is on our radar. No names or possible motive yet released the man accused of killing a woman inside her California's synagogue this. We. Weekend. And blasting the finger off of a rabbi has entered a not guilty plea today in court a flood barrier failed in Davenport, Iowa, sending water gushing through the downtown area. People had to be rescued from buildings and cars a major power shortage. At the international space station has delayed a launch of supplies this week. I'm Jacky Quin.

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Udo Erasmus - Pioneer of the Health and Wellness Industry

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A quarter of a million copies as an acclaimed author speaker has an eight step process that takes into consideration all of the elements of nature and human nature including physical health mental health presence and awareness life energy and being in harmony with nature and humanity whose background includes studies in biochemistry. Genetics biology nutrition as well as a master's degree in counseling psychology. Ladies and gentlemen please open ears. Open your minds and don't be welcome in who rasmusen my tv podcasts. Do welcome hi. It's it's my pleasure to have you here. Where do we begin sir. I mean that's a lot a lot of stuff. I guess Can you stop by sharing some of your backstory. in how you How you got into. What would it is exactly you. Do you know what exactly this is like trying to do everything right i. I was born during the second world. War one thousand forty two in poland. That was part of germany and we were refugees. When i was before i was three years old calling chasing us and tanks and trucks and we were fleeing on dirt roads in horse-drawn hay wagons all-women am like mothers and young children and why and no military presence and the allies. You know these are the good guys right. They were using this us refugees as target practice from planes shooting at us from plants. It was a mess. It rubbed my nose very early in. What can go wrong when we don't cultivate better. Whatever you mean by better. If we don't cultivate more quality in our life we will drift towards less quality. And so. When i was six years old i started thinking about this kind of stuff from seriously and said you know there must be a way that people can live in harmony and then like six year old. Who doesn't know how complicated everything is. you know. i said i'm gonna figure it out and so that's that's been my driver all life while different topics holy smokes at some backstory. I wasn't quite prepared for that. You know I think a lot of people who were born Post baby boomer generation to them nets data. Shocker of a reality check because most of us can't imagine That kind of situation. So little bit of a spoiler alert here now all these years later. Do you think the world is progress since then or has gotten worse. I you know what it's inevitable i would say. The world's getting worse collectively but in the midst of that people make choices that make their lives better right. People make personal choices to bring more quality into their life. They will then also be an influence in that direction for other people and enough people do that. We could be living in heaven on earth and five years serious well I applaud you optimism. My friend i. I and i pray that you you're right about that but the pessimistic maces i kid. I can't believe that but this is not optimism. We are wired for it. We are wired for peace. We are wired. For unconditional love. We are wired for inspiration. We are wired for cooperation. But what we do is we have a lot of outside influences instead of going inside into that wiring with going outside and listening to bullshit. Yeah but i'd have bullshit long enough then then you're gonna start repeating it. I completely agree with that. And as in an effort to cut the bullshit out of my own life i got rid of television I matt even sure of anymore. But it's about ten or eleven years ago maybe twelve to thirteen years ago. I'm not sure that but it's been over a decade now. I haven't had television in my life but it still permeates so or the the information and the bullshit still gets me whether it's through the internet through the airway every case you. It still gets here so you can still listen to other people. Yeah yeah well. I and i would say as as as a general thing not just you but me and everybody else. We need to make a little more deliberate effort to go a little deeper to get a little closer to the magnificence that lives within our bodies. Wow that's a. That's a great idea. Now how do we get started. You gotta sit still instead of doing you know instead of doing doing doing till you turn into you need you. You basically need to sit down and do nothing and sit with the aac that you might feel in your heart and sit through that because steph far behind it like nut hairs breadth behind. That is what. I'm talking about It's already within us. It's not like we're not creating this. We're not inventing this. We're not jacking it up. This is how were made. This is how the universe after fourteen billion years created human beings but other plants and animals as well. So we're we created with all that in us but we go out medically through our senses because when thinks change we have to assess is good for survival or do i run or irrelevant and do i just ignore it. Are you talking about simple meditation. Is that what you're talking about when you say. Go in or introspection what what exam. Whatever gets you out of your head and a little deeper than your emotions into the energy and the awareness that are the source of life. Howdy no when you're there. You're you spent nine months in your mother's body in that place it'll be it'll feel completely familiar. Okay but i guess. I haven't ever retha because i have done a lot of Meditational lot of introspection. I spend hours and hours on a on a routine basis Introspection looking inside But i guess. I've never reached that place because i if you say i would recognize it. I haven't but what do you mean by introspection thinking about myself thinking about how it can improve. Think about what what they can. I stop thinking you. Yeah exactly and and and you don't get there by thinking you get there by unthinking you get that by. Not thinking about begins. We're the thinking stops part of you but you all you're thinking is just in your cortex right. Rest of your body is not thinking yeah. It's your body occupies because you will find that in the space you're occupies but it takes time very good at going in. Were really good at going out and going out is automatic and going in has to be. Delivered and thinking is counter counter intuitive. I guess It's not the way we built. I'm bill it's not the way we're trained right. Yeah and and and the way we start is by sitting with the uneasy feeling in our chests. You know what. I'm talking about again. I just did it because you call a blues you call it loneliness or you call it. restlessness emptiness. It's your driving force. Sit with that. It's uncomfortable and we like don't like to distract ourselves from it because we don't like to feel it and i'm saying no sit with it that's your starting point for your journey out of your head. That's your jerning journey. That's your starting point for the journey to your heart. That is your starting point for discovering the amazingness awesomeness and magnificence that lives and can be experienced in the space that your body occupies always there but your your focus of awareness is hardly ever there. And i'm not picking on you. This is true for the were screwing everything up on the planet is because we never go to the place where we feel fulfilled when you feel fulfilled and you feel peace because you're because at pieces there and you feel unconditionally loved by the life that that runs your body that that you are when you feel that you live a different life and you create different stuff because that will come to expression but you gotta go there i but okay. Now there are this and i. I hear what you're saying you know. Believe me i'm not taking any of this. La like lakers personal. I recognized the personal stuff in it. Stuff that i need to work on and As far as turning off that thought process inside. You know meditation is supposed to do that down and stuff. And i used to be a lot better at Getting into like an alpha state in meditation. Thirty eight. Thirty years ago than. I am. Now why i don't know because my brain is going constantly and talk about what that thing is in your chest for me. I think it's more anxiety than anything else. There's so much. I wanted to achieve and so much i wanna do and so little time to do it in And why do you want to achieve all that. Have some kind of legacy tattoo. Say when i'm gone. There was something somebody will remember me for something positive. You don't care why when you're gone you don't care no i won't but i wanna be able to make sure that that that's still that's something after i'm gone up so you know i'm going to contradict this. I'm i'm really having fun. I i okay thank you okay so that all of that stuff that you want to do because you think legacy if you have a good legacy somehow you'll be content or you'll be one or you feel okay. Yeah well yeah you feeling. Okay doesn't come from legacy feeling okay. Already exist feeling okay. Comes from going to feeling. Okay already listened to you and then you're legacy will become bigger. Part of it is a feeling like i almost. Oh the world to leave it a better place than i arrived in. That's part of what you have less peace now than you did thirty years ago actually leaving the the world's worst place yeah and you could have thirty years ago so maybe what. You're trying to make better isn't isn't isn't isn't right. Maybe you really just need to stop. Maybe you just kind of. It's like we want to fix the environment. So what can we do to fix the environment. You know what covert has shown us. Y'all got locked down. We couldn't drive. We couldn't do all that stuff. Sudden the air is cleaner. The dolphins are back in the in the canals in venice. Right if we're going to fix the environment we need to do less not more. Yeah i agree we've talked. I had a cova covert for the lockdowns. i started. i had a who was An energy expert and talked about how even within a month and a half of the lockdown while the environment started to clean up in you know an animals will coming back to back out into visibility and stuff like that so yeah talking to you wanna live live a better legacy you want leave a less dirty legacy as the same idea. Do less Less but be more and we think that everything that we do this about doing. We're such doers. Were supposed to be human beings not human doings and if you think about it being is actually more important than doing. How do we know that because you can be without doing. But you can't do without being so being is your foundation if you don't if you if you can't get if you don't get to being you live without foundation right. Then what the hell are you gonna do. A who pays the bills fee just being no. But i'm not saying december your twenty four hours a day being okay right. But you're willing to dedicate life to the toilet until the end to the bacon and eggs or whatever it is you eat and to doing your job and what i'm saying is in order to live a human life. You have to dedicate some time. Will you simply sit down. Shut off all your distractions. Get really still see how still you can become see how deep you can go into that. Stillness see how long you can stay there and discover what you find in that. Stillness what will you see there. Will you hear there. What will you feel there. And and that's called self-discovery. I'm i'm going to give this a shot after. And then how can you breathe and can you slow down your breathing fall asleep though i will fall asleep if i if you're burnt out you fall asleep because you need rest so go to bed earlier at night. I don't i don't that's that's a big part of my problem and so i know What you talk about it. You know a whole holistic approach to you know health in general but sleeping is a major part of it and as i may because this is anxiety this thing he talked about here I lay down at night and the joyce is just. Don't stop. i mean. I'm talking to myself all night. Long about morrow about yesterday about today lie. It's always about tomorrow or yesterday is present moment. It's never about the present with right now. Earnings -iety really well. I became afraid of flying at one. Point girlfriend dumped me. And then i got an f. Fear fear of flying right. And i realized that you know why why that was happening. You know there's always a what if an anxiety. What if what if. What if. What if so i was doing that and i was imagining crashes instead of safe landings even though most planes most of the time land safely there are crackers once in a while. But there's a whole lot more safe landings and crashes imagining the crashes and not imagining the safe landing. And i would call a lack of discipline i letting my mind run wild and you and the way you tame your you mind is you you basically step out of it and you step into a feeling the feeling of yourself the feeling of life and from there you can direct. You're thinking you. Can you know. Because i can say. Oh oh my god. Everything's going to go wrong and with the same amount of energy. Oh my god. Everything's going to go right ramona effort but a different focus and the different deliberate direction. You know i recognize everything the truth in everything you just said you know you do ask but also recognize the fact that it's easier for me to see that and council my wife when she does it like you're over thinking this you always thinking of the worst possible outcome you know what why but when it comes to myself. I don't practice that same because anxiety is always about djing the worst possible outcome and and assuming that's going to happen and then what when everything goes to hell and just crashes. It's never as bad as you imagine the even even if you get the worst possible out yes it never matches the fear that yet and not only that. How old are you Sixty two sixty four sixty two years. Most of the things you worried about never happened. Yeah right absolutely yes right. Yeah yes and making this crap up to say oh no no. No no no no. Who owns this same now. You get if i say to you. Hey whose body is that. It's my body might busted yourself. You're not the body is my body. I you own the body just like you own watch or whatever whatever you own you own the show right right. You're not to show. Thank you own the show. The show is your property is your property. So who are you. That is the owner of the body I don't know about that that that's a tough one. I have to see and my inclination is to think about that. And you told me about the pink so okay so i'll make it easier so you don't have well who on your body is life our life. You're not the body. And life is solar energy that solar energy came from the sun planet. Got trapped by green leaves excited electrons. They reacted with electrons. From other atoms for molecules the sun the solar energy is stored in those molecules in the in in the bonds in those molecules. Those become your food. You eat the food they get broken down in your body and there's the sun solaris energy that you live on that's who you are and your energy in human form just like the trees outside your house your solar energy in trefor and just like the animals your dog is solar energy and dog for wow solar energy comes through food and the food provides both the energy the solar energy that runs us and the building blocks for for building the machinery so the focus needs to go from the body and ideas that you picked up out there. That aren't even your own ideas needs to go to the energy that you are and more you get to know that energy more your in your power more you get done because you actually spend less time doing. But you're a lot more organized than you don't reduce things because you're you're spaced up thing you all the time just so you understand. Yeah just as much. This is mike experienced district much and And i'm just picking on you because you let me show. I actually Your generosity. I actually like it. I mean i always make the show about myself about myself anyway Assist more science or more more spirituality or is it a mix of both what the what i just told you. The solar energy is a science part. We figured that out by studying science when you bring your awareness your focus awareness because right now you're focused on me right right. It's not really on yourself. It could be that your focus was on yourself and me but you haven't practiced at so you probably not as good at it as you could be right. And i'm focused on you quite quite a lot right when i went to bring that focus back to the energy the solar energy that is life. That's when i get into the so-called spiritual realm oliver masters talked about that energy all of the masters mastered presence in life. That's why they could heal and that's why they came up with them and that's why people love them because life is unbelievably loving attractive. And the people who didn't know how to go there would then follow these guys. 'cause they were doing the homework and the followers were not what they and. What for masters said do your homework. What is your homework. Come home to yourself become as good at coming home to yourself as you are going out there and when you do that then you experience what i'm experiencing out of which comes the wisdom and the insight that you like so much when you listen to me. Eight billion people have that same master whether you call a budar christ or life or solar energy doesn't matter what you call it but that same that same energy is in every human being no matter what race they are gender they are age they are culture that come from religion they have all independent because this is biological okay and and going into subjective and the science part is more like looking at it from the outside objective It it sounds simple but it's not easy as what the fact that you see. It's not easy is what makes it hard for you. And when i began to sit still i would say that to myself and this is heart and is hard you know. I thought it was hard. Because i was used to it but one day occurred to me. Jeez i'm just talking myself into making it heart. So i said you know what i'm gonna say every time i'd before don i'm going to say this is a snap. This is really easy. And the moment that i changed how i thought about it. It became easy. I was actually making it hard by judging it to be hard by assuming it was hard before i even did it. Do you get very far that way. Right do you kind of yourself from always outside. Stimulus is like television internet. And all that of stuff. I mean how do you how do you Because if you try to sit still in a quiet space for a couple of minutes and your cell phone is is is in within ten feet of you. A distraction right there. It's gonna ring. Something's going to happen Or you know television all these devices. We have in our lives of bring us back to the clutter in the noise. Well maybe they do and maybe they don't first of all you can turn them off. And i don't spend all my life not listening to television what i do is i take a time deliberately. Take a time of my day to sit still and not answer my phone and not turn on my television and not get into the thousand distract. But you don't even need a thousand distractions. You only need one so even in the old days when they didn't have all of that they got distracted. Too it's a deliberate thing you have to do if you want to master. What the master's master. If you want to master being your presence in life and there will be no greater legacy. You can leave than actually living in mastery of your of your own existence. Well i have a chicken and egg question for you. Yeah Because you're talking about getting your mind right but the I know a lot of what you what you teach in in It's about nutrition. And and fats good for you and all that stuff. So what comes first is in the mind. Come first of the nutrition stuff to get your body in mind a place where it's with chicken and egg which which ain't great question. No what a great question. Because here's how here's how it is in. This is from experience. your body could be completely wrecked. You're thinking could be completely disorganized. your your social group could be completely dysfunctional and your environment could be a disaster area and the energy that is life would not be affected by any of it and the awareness behind it would not be affected by any of it and the in the inspired creativity that is the shine of the energy out of you would not be affected by any of that but you mind will be your body might be your your environment might be and your social group might be and your emotions might be but sutton the core of your being is not affected by any of that you know like your the awareness and your life energy will never get covid in fact we will never get sick of anything and it will never die you cannot break down. Something that has no form energy has no form right. It's a presence and you experience that formless present in in that formless present presence is your foundation because that's where you come from. That's who you are on your deepest level one with god if you wanna be religious about okay now has to be an experience not just a you know a head trip something you repeat something. You'd wounded something. We tell you interesting. So i think i heard My essence of the core of away m is not gonna die. that's correct. So what am i gotta worry about. Being healthy for live forever. You body won't live forever because what has formed. no. I don't want it to and you well good luck analysis you know and yet what has form will lose. Its form an illness that affects the body and of course it affects the mind because the minds all made up to thoughts are also forms They stuffed again. I think about a lot of stuff to think about you because they need to pass. I want to be processing this conversation or deep deep into the night. 'cause i generally worked three. Am anyway. so i'm going to be speaking about this. If you start thinking about this you should go and take a cold shower yard in your head. Well i live in my head so much. It's just. I'm conditioned to off first thing in the morning i'm filled with anxiety thinking about a million different what i gotta do today. Where i got to and about doing it definitely is about of course. But here's the thing you have your anxiety and you obviously giving that some attention but next you know right next door to your anxiety inside of you lives your piece no anxiety at all not possible. Why don't you give that at least given times. You know. i do have peace in my life. And and oddly enough. It's when there's a lot of chaos generally when i'm on stage and when playing music and i'm not. I'm not the center of attention as somebody else's the front person and spotlights almost always on him And so. I'm kind of just doing my thing. That's my that's my greatest piece in my life and i play guitar but In the band. But i play a lot of different instruments. But it's not even so much about connecting with the instrument is just as being part of something that it that is working together to produce music like a. I worked as a matter. What instrument a plan. But that's that's also for you away away of meditating. That's your meditate total absolutely. Yes but if you're guitar breaks then it's harder to meditate so it would be really nice if you could go there anytime you want it at will and not need a crutch for doing. It is not but doesn't work absolutely. Yeah and you know what it's not it's definitely not having be intimate it because again i play intermittent at home and in playing by myself in a room by myself it. It doesn't do the same thing. It's being on stage and there's an this is part of a two is i. Several years ago. I had a debilitating sciatica i could not walk. I couldn't all day long. I could not get out of a chair. But somehow i made it to. Some gigs crawled up to the stage. A late on the stage of in agony show started. I would start in a chair. One song into the show. I'd get out of the chair. Be up and then moving around the whole show pain-free as soon as the music stops in the show is over mcintyre agony and inge's just and shelly debilitated again it's like so the music is also healing that it it's it's everything for me. It's like i'm in a different different dimension. A different life a different. A different place spiritually and physically and mentally completely When when i'm doing that and it's it's not the music it's the the position of being unstaged and being in a room full of people that are enjoying it and all of dancing singing to the same thing. It's like almost like serving people. Yeah yes okay. I know people who use smoking as a meditation. While and i figured that out one days like i had. I had a friend who we were working in health and she smoked and i said why do you smoke. She's calms me down. So i told my son and he's a fitness trainer and he said well that's a lot of bs because when you when you smoke you rate goes faster. Your breathing gets faster. You know so then i started. I love i love those contradictions. Can then it's like okay. Well why why is she feel. It's it's making a more peaceful when in fact her body's going faster and the reason why is because they take this. The cigarette unite the cigarette. And then you go like this. So what they're doing is the number one form of yoga hollering your breathing. And they think they need a cigarette to do that when they could. Just forget about the cigarette and they could. Every time they get a little anxious they could just go. Because you when you when you do that you go out of your head and you go into your breathing and are no thoughts in your breathing and the moment you thought start you the moment you step out of your thoughts you become calmer because nothing goes fast on this planet in the universe as your thoughts to Yeah that's something that is common i think with every kind of Addiction is that would just substituting that addiction or whatever it is to get us to that place in my case. It's you know the music think the addiction like with addicts. They're famous for having an aching heart and they don't know what to do with it then they don't like it and they're told not to dwell on it they you know distract yourself and they medicated with drugs and what i say to them is no sit with that. Don't do anything with it. just feel it. Don't judge it just feel it be with it because that's your starting point for your home journey and if you don't want if you won't if you won't accept you know if you put your feet in the blocks you're not going to get the gold medal for running the eight hundred meter race in you. Get in the blocks. Earning point if you don't have the starting point you can't do the journey because you know where you want to go but you don't know where you are than what direction you take right like. I wanna come to where you live. Where do you live so long island new york a new york so i want to come and see you but i don't know where i am right. I'm gonna find you. You would never find me. Make sure of it i. I'm deep in the woods. My friend just the point is i wouldn't find you anyway. That nowhere you are. I can't find either right. But it. And if i don't know where i am and where i'm going then go around in circles right. If you wanna do a journey you gotta be clear about your starting point and you got to be clear about your goal. The starting point is the ache in the heart. When you feel that you're already of your head see because now. You've you've focused here. There's no thoughts here. You can go and think about your heartache. But that's what i'm recommending against right. You just feel it just feel what it feels like and what it is if you strip it down from all of the stuff. We talked about it when you heart aches. It's your heart calling your focus to come back home inside to its source in life. Which is where you were when you were in your mother's body out in the world that our senses took us out into the world and we forgot that we ever had a place to come home to and then we try to fix on the outside. What can only be fixed on the inside. Because there's the disconnect is on the inside so your legacy on the outside will not fix that no definitely won't you but you but you bring your awareness back home inside to source will fix that and then you are. There's no anxiety in that place. You cannot have anxiety in that place anxiety cannot live there I'm not sure about this my friend. I know you know know you but as you as you're talking. Am thinking about you you back in the womb right and i know i know for a fact that when i was in womb in europe life was very stressful place. I know this for a fact. Because i know my my parents and they both bat shit crazy. My father was a madman. I mean a a true man man and ever since the word. I am not that. I'm not blaming him. I know he had good point but he was and my mother smoked and drank in and was in fear of him a lot while she was pregnant with me. I'm sure that was an incredibly stressful time for me. But but let me tell you what wasn't stressful. It was nothing to do. It was nothing for you to do. There was no place to go all your feed feeds your needs. Were taken care of to the extent. That right was getting hired smoking cigarette. My mom was drinking and smoking. And you might have gotten a little bit of matt little bit more stress on some of those habits that that's true but so nothing to do nowhere to go everything taken care of and relatively safe not like being in a horse-drawn hay wagon with pete. All no no you win but outside life is more stressful than inside life. Right even if your parents were batch it crazy right but so getting back to a place where there was absolutely no stress. I don't know if i could do the act. But it certainly can minimize it. Absolutely is a place in you. That is one hundred percent free of stress. You promise part of your makeup but it's a little deeper than you've gone and you pretty much admitted that the beginning yeah. Yeah yeah i totally admit that and But is this a good conversation. Yeah me too. I know we have people in many of the chat rooms that Some of them know me and i you know. I wonder if they would agree with you. That i have this place of peace i with people know me because i know human nature. I spent my life studying this both scientifically and experience really well. There are a couple of things i wanted to talk about. And it all has to do with this but I wanna to ask you about this thing. Called the garden chris You know the the god particle the higgs bolster. That was so excited for that to be discovered once it got discovered us. Well what i want to know about the god particle. 'cause it's it sounds exciting. But i and i don't know about so please educate me. God is not a particle raises. Let's get that one straight. Even though i call it god montague omega three. I'll tell you why said that god is life. We talked about that right in molecules stored in the bonds solar energy but when you experience it subjectively inside then. That's the that. Energy is omnipresent omnipotent an amnesty and in you and that's the definition of god all power in you all presence in you and and all knowledge in you. 'cause you're because life knows how to make a body all you do. Is you stuff and then once you swallow your job's done some digested. It breaks it down. It takes to where it's needed in the body husband do that. How does it know that you know we. We don't even have a clue and takes all of that and then it replaces parts and the whole thing happens. Ninety eight percent of the atoms in your body are removed and replaced every year. So that means if i talk to your next year you'll only be two percent of the person i talked to today right. That's why healing is possible. That's why a lot that's why healing is possible. Because you body's overturning. So the god molecule is. What is the molecule that is natural to your health that has the most energy in it oxygen. Nope nope because the energy is created. When oxygen reacts other molecules And in that process the the molecule is broken down and the the solar energies released. But i'm talking about how the the the most sunlight the most solar energy stored in a molecule is in a mega threes. Did not know that. Yeah fats have more energy than carbs. I think if you do high school chemistry carbs at four calories per gram fats have nine calories per gram but the ones that have double bonds in them. The fats that have double bonds in which the omega threes have the most double bonds they are the highest energy molecules of oliver nutrition markets. That's does two things they give you more energy if you up to miser intake and the second is they spoil quicker than than anything if you don't give them the care damaged by light by oxygen by heat oils. Can you can put oil on a cloth and leaves the oil lying in you know confined space and the that that rag with the oil in it can burst into flame as the as the oil is being oxidized. Did not know that this is a very cool thing so as you have to be careful when you put rags in garbage buckets got something you're in with the garbage burning So does it matter. You get omega three from. I mean because like i know they sell it and store. Capsule form me I have a problem with with pill supplements and stuff like that. Never sat well with me and a hat. Health guy health expert on the several months ago and sent me a lovely gift of this kit of a pills and stuff that we're going to make me well probiotics and all that kind of stuff and I was like thirteen pills three times. A day was insane but it got me sick. I after a week. I was just feeling like i'll consistently sick for a week. And then a psychic who was on the show wrote to me. And i wrote me a letter of the blood. Said whatever's going on with your house. I think You'll be fine as long as you. Don't try any kind of crazy fads with you know dietary supplements and stuff like that. Well that's enough reason for me to stop you. Stop because he agreed with you. 'cause exactly i wanted to stop anyway. Just not a rare. You get them. But what is important is that they're not damaged by light by auction by heat. So when you make like when we make oils we have very tight a processing that protects the oil from light oxygen and heat which damage the very rapidly from the time. They're closed in the seat where they're protected because nature's packaging is pretty good to the time during brown glass bottle in a box in the fridge nitrogen flushed so while they're being oppressed while they're being filled whether being filtered while they're being settled during all of that time you want to have really tight system so light oxygen heat can't damage your or you go to the source. Sources flax is the richest source of omega threes. That is easily available yet. Put that in a blender drink or a shake or something like that. I don't know if you go that far even but but then you break up to see because you have to break it up otherwise if you eat the seat hole it'll go through you and you can plant it still grow so you went from it. Well it sounds like a very. I have to. You have to let something else to at four draft to yet and as long as they are in their natural state and having been damaged. It doesn't matter where you go to get the but there's not that many you know but if you if you eating potatoes this is very little omega three potato right there. Only certain have omegas reason. And so if i if i start taking. Is there like a recommended doses. How much you should get a. I mean it's hard to know what i should just like pig out on a al-bager three anything get is all day long. If you well if you get if you get two grams which is not very much you are already going to get some benefits. We use we use quite a bit more reuse maybe seven to fourteen grams. We use it in oils. You you know i. I'm created a method for making us with health and mind and omega threes. Need that message more than any other oil. Because they're more sensitive than any other oil so flaxseed. Oil should be glass if you put it in plastic the plastic leaches into the oil and you end up with plastic in your body probably not a good idea And or you eat the seeds that they come in so you get the flax seeds and you can literally chew them up and they stick between your teeth. Deserved to quite a federal board slimy fiber on them for you too by the way but you know but maybe he might not like that. Then if you don't then you put it in a in a blender and with vegetables or whatever it is you you can put in whatever you do eat eat it and you put it in your favourite food and just lose it in the food you know you just reminded me. I guess i'm really suggested to these feds at stuff but My cousin was having An operation Done colon operation. And he said he problem was. He wasn't getting enough fiber in his diet. So i went crazy because i got afraid that i don't want that happening to make. I started doing this. Heavy duty fiber diet and that was the best time i felt. I don't know why stopped it. But i was feeling great on this extremely high fiber diet for about a month or so and then for some reason i stopped but that was the best. I had felt in years when i was gone thing. I guess we in north america. We get about eleven grams of fiber a day. Were supposed to get about thirty. And the people in africa who live on very simple wholefood mostly plant based diets. They get like a hundred grams of fiber and no colon. cancer Very very strong relations with the fiber in colon cancer and so we could be eating a lot. More and one of the best sources of fiber is slacks. That slippery stuff is all fiber eating. That's what you were talking about flexi. Yeah yeah that's that's when i was on it and i don't know why stop that i was feeling great at that point. Nothing maybe you don't deserve to feel good yet. I think there's some truth in that whether whether it A real deserve or just a believe deserve obvious in life didn't say you don't deserve because life would recycle youth. If didn't think you were worth living. You were chosen by life to be alive. I think that's the best the best chooser and listen to life instead of listening to the people or your own ideas about not being worthy while i'm trying to learn from everybody i have on this program including yourself and so T what you just said. Yeah but i had talked to. Somebody who believes in. Rebirth reincarnation couple of nights going to basically said that i chose. I choose life and i chose disliked before i was born. You know that you were life. Choosing to be born body does that is that true. Well you know it's a it's a. It's a theory it's a theory and i don't wanna close my mind to any anything. But i am a skeptic about everything. And so i question everything and so you know it. It's hard to know when you talk to so many people who are experts in this and experts in that and you. It's hard to know which passed to really take sometimes of course. Yeah yeah. That's that's the biggest issue. Experts have a lot of agendas. I know that. And then you and but you know what life has only one agenda which is to take the best possible care of your body for as long as possible with very little help from your from your brain. Right has life life and nature. Don't have agendas like people. So i always go that direction. If i want to know how something works or what. I should do ask life. Look at how it was in nature before we got civilized because life created health in nature when we live out of line with our own nature and with nature. We cannot stay healthy. 'cause the whole system we have for health. The genetic system was made in nature to adapt us to live in nature. And then you look l. Far have we gone away from living in line with nature. That's where all our problems. While can we go back. And the reason. I can we go back to living. In nature's i think we've poisoned the planet. I had a guy on who was educating me on the pacific garbage dump all the plastic. That's yeah and so. I and i live in an area where there's a nuclear power plant right outside my back door. There is a plum island where they did all his Experimentation on different Biological weapons in biohazard and stuff and and the water here is contaminated. It's on like yeah back to nature. Sounds great but is it even possible at this point or has totally the planet. If you're a deer if you were a deer or ferret you would move. Yeah wait absolutely and so the idea of not moving away from places that are not not livable. Is another human funny human social idea. Animals don't have that idea that's been bit. That was a sam kenniston bit. The comedian who said about hunger malls to where the food is cooked. Exactly one hundred. Italian wife and so and so they. It's it makes sense we. We've done a lot of damage to the planet. None of it came from loving life lot of from fear. Someone came from anger finding enemies defining enemies trying to be you know any in the end. It all comes back to us. You know ice cream pesticides for three years. Before i got poisoned i was bringing them out but then i was walking around on what i had sprayed right and then i got poisoned in in a way you know the the. There's a sentence accrued sentence that sums up every environmental issue. If you ship in your nest you will nest in your shit. That's a fact and the locally. Due to clean up the environment will become so every when when people come and say oh do this and do that and somebody wants to put calcium carbonate in the atmosphere and block. No if you're going to do anything plant trees because they make summers cooler winters warmer they they. They are like a like a filter for extremes of weather in temperature. But generally most things you want you want to help the environment do less you know if eight billion people sat and did nothing sat on a fanny did nothing for all day. Meditating or at least not acting on their thoughts if they just sat there and did nothing. Nobody would get killed. You know what i mean. Yeah yeah there would be no car accidents. The less we do and we do way more than we need to do. The less we do the better. The environment is going to be great. What our water is cleaner than. I've ever seen it in in my lifetime in some places the the the The porpoises are back in the canals in venice. The dirty air over over china is clean. You know the the colors are brighter. The waters cleaner. The water out here is so clean i have. I have never seen at that clean. We're getting lockdown and we have limitations on our movement and were burning less gas and were doing less things and frankly you know and when we say when we can't when you can't go outside go inside so we have more time to sit with ourselves and discover how incredibly rich we are by nature without any money without just by sitting there. Not do we still need to do things. Of course you know. If you're going to really deep meditation. I just about their. Oh boy i've never than i gotta go pee so so so we are in a situation where we have the divine and the physical both living together in one space and we give the physical a lot of attention and we give the divine very little. Yeah and our lives are poorer for that. I'm just thinking of the a i would love to. I don't know if it's eight billion while it was more like seven billion. But however many evan point two five or roundabout number. You don't know how many people fall through the cracks. Become a crack of people you know there are people in in in the us that are not on. The census are absolutely eh. It's worse the idea of getting the whole world to stop. Stop what you're doing. Take a half hour even just everybody do nothing at the same time. That would be a wonderful thing. I think almost impossible not almost impossible to get everybody to agree to. Because everybody's got some agenda that just not gonna but kovic come closer than anything that i've ever not heard about in the past five thousand years right but home world lockdowns not. Everybody followed it not really following it but it really put people on notice and a lot of people have taken more direction inward and are better for it and it's a good thing for the planet it will be just an amazing thing to witness if we could even get a quarter of the world to to kind of just see in peace for a half hour but the only one that you can get there is yourself so be before you save anybody else it. It's for myself. But if i do that effort than i will become a I will become an influence in that direction. I can't make anybody do it. But i will be an influence in that direction and i will say things different than if i don't do the practice and i would act different than if i don't do the practice so at least in my life i can live in peace in the midst of all the craziness apiece. Lives within me. I think that's that's very hopeful thing. We literally in the midst of all this can live lives that are fulfilled. That are rich that are lit up from within. Because you can keep us from going to the heart of herbie. i know early told me united optimist. But that's your sounds like optimism to me but of realistic. I'm talking about human. Nature is made. Okay where we are shown on time. And it's something that you talked about. That i really i think is an important thing for people to learn about because in these trying times especially i think. Loneliness has become a real a major epidemic. And i know you talk about reframing loneliness too and i think that's a powerful thing to end on tonight if you can help us understand reframing loneliness is another word for the sake of the heart from being self disconnected which happens to everybody. After they entered the world didn't happen before when they were mother's body but that's part of the human process doesn't happen to plant doesn't happen to animals but to human beings we get disconnected and loneliness is just one of those. When you're lonely. What's the deal. You think somebody out there can maybe fulfill you you know and people say that you make me whole no if you're not if you don't feel whole within yourself then you were going to go and find somebody who may be also doesn't feel all she thinks is gonna come from you. You think it's going to come from her. I'm talking about my relationship. I have three kids. And so i saw the beauty in her as. Oh my god. There's the godley got us. She saw me the same way and and so she thought her love was gonna come from me. And i thought my love was gonna come from her but she couldn't get in touch with the love to give to me was in her 'cause she wasn't connected to it and i couldn't get to the love in me because i wasn't connected to it so if she can't get to the love in her and i can't get into the love in me to bring it into the relationship and where the hell is the love's supposed to come from and that's how that and that's how that's what happens in those things loneliness. I'm looking for someone to do my homework for you for me. And she can't do my homework for me so when people are lonely. It's because they're disconnected from themselves. They need to come home. And when you come home the loneliness disappears because you are hole in your nature but you gotta see you gotta sit with yourself to discover it when you feel whole then relationship becomes a whole other thing because now you can dance. No you're not putting a burden on her. She can't gary and she's not putting a burden on you that you can't carry then you can dance. You can do whatever it is that you decide to do when you hang out together but it's not gonna be well. I'm going to hang out with you because you fulfill me or until i realized you don't fulfill me and then i'm gonna right. That's what we do that. I don't think it's really difficult for a lot of people especially people in the creative arts for because sitting with yourself and we don't want a lot of us don't like ourselves to. I don't like i don't want to sit with myself because i don't like the company i get. I guess the pure but you're wrong about that. That's a delusional that you're having cause life never said that. I know if life didn't think you were worthy. Life would recycle you so so life. You're here because lights wanted you here. If you're good enough for life what what is the higher. What is a higher authority than life when it comes to being here right. It's not your mother's Comes through them. You'll belong to them. You belong to life and when life when life is done with you. they can't save you. Great great message. I n which i guess. The website is hoodoo harassment's dot com. A what is what does the first set for people that engage with you. Is there like consultation. Why i mean people get started working with you. Okay i have two websites. One is who does choice dot com. That's were the products are i worked with was oils. Enzymes probiotics prebiotics very useful for health. I know you were on the list of all. The i sound very very so that's one and then the other one is to arrest dot com. And we do some courses and we do some educational stuff. And i'm on facebook and i have a youtube channel and i'm on instagram. I'm not hard to find. Okay we'll put on. And i can go just about anywhere on anything that has to do with health. Which is like everything affects health. Yeah i know. We don't have enough time to cover everything that you talked about. Health nature and human nature. Yeah i appreciate your time here. We will put all the links in the description. Make it easy for people And so It'll be we'll we'll promote you and at promoting scraping love about podcasts. Yeah me too. Well i appreciate your your time here in Gave me a lot to think about right out of my head is what i have to do to process it but i am willing to give give it a practice and see if i can accomplish. What what you suggested which is kind of going inside your if you want. You see the thing about the practice is you have to want to do it. See i can give you different practices but the issue you have to have to want to do it. And if you recognize that the your your heartache is your heart calling you home and and meditation is a tool to bring your awareness home. Then the meditation make sense. If you don't understand that then you do meditation boring. Why why should i do this. Oh it's like it's like hunger makes food have meaning heartache. Mix meditation of meaning beautiful stuff while. Thank you great success in police combat some time. And we'll continue this conversation a little deeper. I'd be happy to have it. You're you're a great guy. Thanks for coming in and have a great night. Bye for now. Widower estimates folks and links will be in the description. I'm sure you found this An interesting conversation. Hopefully you learn something here tonight. An hopefully you'll give this a try to these idea of sitting with this thing that's in your chest. Whatever that thing is whether it's loneliness anxiety Anything you name it And china be quiet with it in sit with yourself Too difficult thing to it's easy concept difficult thing to undertake For a lot of us and for me essentially again. Because i am as he mentioned. It's something i told myself. And the life isn't telling me this. But i don't like the company i know myself to well. I guess anyway. I'm going to give it a shot. And i hope you do. I love to hear what you think about this program tonight Right to me info at mine dog. Tv dot com in for it mind. Al-tv dot com tomorrow afternoon when we have tomorrow afternoon at one pm. Speaking of doing I can't even pronounce the name. Natalie plam plamondon thomas Will be with us and cheese a business success coach ho host in owner of think for yourself that come think yourself dot com anyway. That's that's a show tomorrow at one. Pm eastern and then tomorrow night with starting something new which is going to be calling that open lines call in and talk about tonight's program if you will Or talk about anything that happened to be on your mind or any of that we've had last week. We're going to be doing this every thursday night so tomorrow night. Right here calling From eight pm so whenever probably extend program. So until then i'll my tv might get for becoming a great recipe bite. The male good around you bought around ban beat listen to this million down.

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ULI Europe Conference

Monocle 24: The Urbanist

30:26 min | 5 months ago

ULI Europe Conference

"And welcome to monaco force. The urban est the show will have the cities we live in. I'm talk coming up on today's program so usually on city planning you can't start an operation and realize it in five years. Usually you need more time. So i always think of that. You can get up the projects while you realize them. More than a thousand urban development experts and public officials from across europe and even further afield gathered this week for the twenty twenty one. Urban land institute's europe conference in line with the current climate. This was of course a virtual affair but as always an event packed with great guests sharing their ideas on how to make our cities better so join us over the next thirty minutes as we meet some of the people campaigning for better urban changes. That's all coming up right here on the east with me. Andrew talk despite the pandemic taking center stage in the urban discourse over the past year climate change remains the biggest and the real threat to all of us so it's only fitting that we begin our show with david king an emeritus professor of chemistry the university of cambridge and also the founder and chair of the center for climate repair. So david took part in a panel discussion about real estate and about how developers can help us achieve some of the climate goals. So david thank you so much for joining us here on the east now. I've a recent weeks. We've spoken head to developers who are being very progressive in their attempts to fight climate change but it feels like a very complicated situation because this week we had an announcement here in the uk about cladding on buildings where we have some seventeen hundred high rises that were badly built with potentially dangerous cladding. How confident are you. That there's been a seismic change now and that the world of real estate developers are aligned with these new idealistic ambitions of delivering buildings. That will aid us all around the climate change debate. I wouldn't say. I'm super confident. But what i would say about the cladding situation is i think it's unforgivable. In other words fire. Safety measures are a big part of regulatory systems in buildings. And quite simply these were evaded in order to increase the profits of the companies. That were putting these cladding job. So i think what is particularly disappointing about this is that we do have good fiery relations replace however the cladding was put on those buildings precisely because we wanted to improve the energy efficiency of the flats in the buildings. And it's just so shamefully. I can hardly bring myself to say the woods. But i think this is an illustration of the inertia in the billy industry the total focus on large prophets at the cost of the future about country and the world. I think what we need to focus on is the the will will not be a livable place for most of us going forward in time and at mytalk today i showed that insert he years time. We're looking just in one part. Well southeast asia in some detail two hundred to three hundred million refugees because their place of abode is no longer livable including cities like coach immensity in vietnam including jakarta calcutta mumbai. These major cities that will not be liveable even by mid century. If we continue the way we're going now and now we've got to anticipate sea level rises such that global city sitting on coastlines may no longer be little. The city of jakarta is certainly one of the first to go and yet that's a city that has been built to very high modern standard ever just lost twenty years as the indonesia's economy has taken off and we're talking now about a city where the indonesian government is talk about shifting the capital to highground. So this is an enormous challenge until people realize that there is very little future for themselves if they youngish people to their children and their grandchildren if we continue in this way until me we. We look at cities like jakarta. I know there's a plan to use use it to move the entire capital rebuilding capital but that looking site that potentially involves forest clearance you rebuild the whole city. I presume whole class of people would get left behind in the existing city of jakarta. You create one of these administrative capitals. That's no way round. This has become build our ways out these problems so then the question is gonna be. What is the way around. And i have set up a center for climate repair at cambridge and the center is working with universities around will make creating sister. How climate repair around the world and the objective is really sweet. Fold one deepen rapid emissions reduction. We've got to achieve this in just a few years to manage this problem to try and avoid these massive jennings's we have secondly to remove greenhouse gases too much in house gas into the atmosphere that is what's creating all of these challenges and we need to remove it at least as quickly as we have been putting it up that means removing forty billion tons of greenhouse gases a year going forward in time and certainly we have to learn how to read. Freeze the optic nantucket in the himalayas because removing greenhouse gases is going to take too long so there are all sorts of take no logical and scientific challenges that have to be met with technological solutions but in addition it is so important that the industry that is involved in putting in place new infrastructure. That has an expectation of a long lifetime. They need to understand that. Their investments will be stranded assets unless they do this property tummy. The notion of rephrasing. The ice sheets has gained. Some great coverage. People really intrigued by this concept. Because i think mostly we feel it's a one way path and not heading in the right direction. Could you just explain to listeners. You feel it could be possible to reverse this prices and what would be needed to do that. We're looking at a range of about twelve different technologies that have been put forward to rephrase in particular the optics advocacy is on the arctic region. Because we can see that greenland. Ice is beginning to melt and melt. Fostering close to year on year. And we're all of greenland. Ice has melted. sea levels. Globally will have risen by seven meters twenty three feet and so we can see that will take out long before we get to that level most of our major coastal cities. So i think the focus on looking at the arctic is at the moment looking at marine cloud. Brightening we want to have white clouds that reflects sunlight over the north pole region during the polar summer in that region to reflect sunlight away from the arctic sea. Now dixie is covered with ice every year during winter but that single layer growth of ice is melted very quickly in the arctic summer. So we need to say that. We protect the arctic sea in the arctic summer from the melting of the ice lead. That's on it so that each year we grow a new layer of ice in re-grow the ice cap that used to sit over the nose. Paul david king there and thank you for joining. Us was the best way to organize urban life. The urban scientists call us marino. The chair of entrepreneurship territory. An innovation the pantheon sorbonne university in paris this year remains all about the local approach and ensuring that citizens have access to services in that neighborhoods marino has been a champion of the fifteen minute city concept helping cities around the world to implement it when mary and hidalgo announced last year her plan to tom paris. Into a fifteen minute city you can be assured marino would have been involved and he's also currently the mayor of paris special envoy for small cities monaco's color rabelo caught up with carlos to discuss all of this and she started by asking him to explain. Exactly what the fifteen minutes city is a vision about today. Fifteen minutes team defend you organization of your life. We want to provide citizens with six your social functions to leave to work to care to educate to enjoy within a reduce premature low carbon mobility's by you world or by. We went in fact to propose a new model for living in cities. Bass don for peter ecology now proximity to optimize resources individuality solidarity for greater social links in the neighborhood and citizen participation. Now i don't want to focus too much on the current state of the world and the pandemic and covert but his almost. We can't avoid it. But i feel like when we talk about fifteen minutes city actually a pandemic and shutting down our city centers really shows the need and the importance of making those connections and of creating the fifteen minutes city of gross of if stephen shifting you say gossip than hustler become a very were wide for tourism. The first one was they chance global warming because with the stimulus concept. Who have the possibility to lever now carbon. Tv research of this your to end retha. The pandemic rises several cities around. The world has been adopting. This concept of course disappeared parties. They mayor of paris. Sonny grow has adopted these away for the next yes and in europe the city of milan with the mayor. Sarah has been adopting disconcerted in fact. This crisis is a new big opportunity for recording productivity for using sucked up mobility's for developing a bike lanes and for proposing a new model for leaving in the social and calloused. Finally perhaps if you had to give advice or tips for any local leader around the world listening to this conversation and thinking you know what. I might try to implement a fifteen minutes city in my city. What would be your advice. Where should i start. Yeah a very good question. We need to define them a roadmap basin on say intimates. The first avenue german policy for the next two. Yes we they come goose at the heart. The komo would very important for developing fifty minutes city. Not only she came with the agency. Sean with the new district komo would. It is the possibility for the local governments to play. You're a very poor rollers. Ice regulator the second point of course on east to define way cover cd by kevin sydney greener sleepy to register Pages in order to propose the spaces. They've all kinds of activities for citizens and the festival and east to explore the rest versus the proximity fact the fifteen minutes city concept. This is a great way for changing your life. If the urban scientists call us marino they're speaking to monaco's carlotta rabelo as we've just heard paris's one of europe's major capitals at the forefront of the fifteen minute city movement part of the reelection campaign of mayor and hidalgo and prompted by the pandemic forcing people to live more locally. This is a plan where quality of life urban dwellers is paramount marian. Water is an advisor to the mayor of paris. Working on this issue a work made her one of the winners of this year's twenty twenty one urban land institute european talent award marian. Thank you for joining us on the today. We've explored the concept of the fifty minutes city. Just now so could you perhaps explain to us what you're doing his idea in paris. How does this play house on the streets of the city. Very retried to apply this idea of the fifteen minutes city in our urban projects as a very young street level so it means that we look at every street and we try to think differently about the public space. We have for example. We want to transform parking spaces because whizzing. that's in every street in different counts. For example have a parking spaces. We could trees. We could insider playgrounds or children. We could really bring a lot of services for parisian now people and so we we look at every neighborhood than every street to identify what is missing what's a we could actually Reinforce and we also try to make better use of our public equipments for example to open hours goals during the weekends says that children can enjoy your playing in those cool yards in the creating the culture events there and i think it's not so much about the building it's really more about transforming the existing space and legs assisting in building the tummy the notion of this fifteen minutes sissy especially in central paris. Wasn't it kind of always there in the original city. Anyway when you have an apartment block. There was always some industry in the policy in the city that was always good retail. Those was a place to play in the park in most parts of central paris. So is it partly going back in time as well to how neighborhoods used to work. I'm jets in. We lucky because i was teaching is very dense and the deal model so how. Our cities shaped helps having Services at the walking distance activities. That's Parts of for peres the dna. But we want to reinforce it because we think it's one of the trains of perez and racing. It's really for our attractiveness because when people come to paris or they want to live in various they know that they will able to excess for example bakery by three minutes of walking or biking and the same for most services and so that's very particular to paris because we have this high density and so we want to build on that existing model and existing so that we reinforced his quantities and especially want to reinforce the the dentition in greenspaces. Because we think that's we could intensify the presents of green of trees in periods. And that's we could have more proximity greenspaces spaces on the little squares on some streets that we were transforming garden streets. So that there is also a very high density spaces. Finally marin tell us you. I guess the reason that many of us live in big cities because they can be exciting. Hope we get back to more normal times in the coming year or so. We like them. Because they're a nightclubs. There are great museums. The center of the city is a big attraction. This isn't insane people. You should find everything you need in your few streets around. Your house is still saying that the city is a big exciting place that should be explored to. Of course. I think in three possible to combine those approaches to have at the neighborhood level all the daily services and still to of course keep this metropolitan dream the idea that you can go anywhere anytime to mitchell friends. Who go to nightclubs. And i think people one boosts Also our role as a few japanese tuition to improve those two skills. That was marion waller. Who's an advisor to. The mayor of paris now returned to amsterdam yasha. Vanderveer is the director of urban planning and sustainability for the city of amsterdam. She's responsible a mammoth task. The grand vision for the future of the city and how to better use existing buildings and public space. Yasha took part in a panel about this idea of putting all the pieces together all the elements institutions and people that need actors warranty actually deliver change. And she joins me now. You're one of the things. I know you're very involved in is the issue of housing. Perhaps as starter. You could explain to alice's what the situation is in amsterdam and what the need is here. Yeah we need abound leiden middle large city about one hundred fifty thousand units. We need in the city. The house assured Is enormous and people cannot find house and especially also affordability of housing is under tremendous pressure. Where is your intention to put these units again. The same debate in many cities you. I'm a prime example of a city with an historical highly prized center of the city. Where people are cautious about adding too much density or adding in towers. But you don't want to put everybody right. On the periphery of the city. There are no jobs there if they're a few connections so we're pushing into. Yeah well it's a very good question. What we tried to do is have to bury mind. That of course scale of amsterdam and metropolitan region of amsterdam is much smaller than instance along the greater area or paris. We don't compare ourselves to that of course but what. We tried to work on his a volley centric city where we have a the relaxation off the inner city which is too crowded and too densely and we really invest in complete centers with a highly mixed area with amenities with the With working space in the three parts of amsterdam which is called new west north and southeast. And there we see a lot of possibility of dense flying the area and at the same time adding quality of the space in a radical green design of public space. So we don't start where where the cars to go. We started with a walkable and bicycle city and of course at the same time you have to invest in public transport so we have so supply. Lines light ryan's which we expand to these areas so that they're very good connected towards the interstate and tommy the question. We've been asking. People law in recent weeks is pretty interesting. When you set these projects implants up in. What will now normal times pre the pandemic and now. We're still in the midst of this thing. The target end date seems to move away from us all the time. Has this changed how you thought about these projects hours this past year impacted on the kind of work that you're doing. Yeah the pandemic of really helped in the notion of urgency off these more sustainable city development. We see the importance of a green area in. Say on within five minutes of your home. We see the importance of accessibility to healthcare to education goes. It's widening the gap between the. Let's say the privileged and the less privileged the covid nineteen pandemic really hits hard the neighborhoods which were already having difficulties with. Let's say the development of the population. So what we do we. We share week wind. Let's ad more spatial and energy directed developments of the city. We integrated now more with social side of development also the economic side and attention for education and healthy environment. So that's an integral approach which helps us to really race the equality and race the possibilities for people to change and be a more complete city with eagle chances for each was yasha vanderveer who is the director. Urban planning and sustainability for the city of amsterdam finally returned to milan these past twelve months of being challenging to cities around the world but for milan being one of the very first. It is in europe to go into lockdown event. Local leaders had to learn on the go and adapt very quickly by the pandemic. Hasn't deterred them or stopped any of the projects that they had for the city if anything is being used as an opportunity to change mentalities and also the Oven environment francesca moran. Is the deputy mayor for urban. Planning green areas an agriculture for the city of milan. You might remember him from april last year when we spoke to pierre francesco about the city's strada scheme to reduce car us off to the first lockdown miranda's talking earlier of the conference about the lessons on the plans. His city now has the future very happy to say that he rejoins me now. Welcome back pier francesco. How much do you think. Milan has changed over the past twelve months. I think we changed a lot as citizens and as a city we felt like we were the center of the world at the end of two thousand nine hundred nineteen. The city was going up on every Indicate of our investments for socialist. Tendencies so we stopped immediately very good moment for milan. It has been a springer and then we felt alone chuma. Few businesses restaurants and bar were empty. We had to feel to something new so we try to organize the cd full sama new pedestrian areas new bike lanes new species of for bars and restaurants and then the second and then moment in not so we. We think that we have to imagine a city that we'd be different from last decade. It's a moment all the transition for every seasonal so formula. there's those new projects. The progressive measure. Not just bike lanes in porta nova district. Under the there's a another green tau being planned the boskovich. Kelly has had a great branding exercise from milan around the world. I think everybody knows about that building. There's amazing building covered in greenery. Why are you so interested in in this type of building. We think that the way building can be realized that can change could be much sustainable much green. We also walking on affordable housing on different ideology. Milan where every kind of people can leave. Not only if you can afford the such child but it's also part of the idea of milan aids just questionable bunnies but social question of design. We are happy that the main projects of milan. They didn't stop because of pandemic. Maybe somebody's little down but we still have a great plans for future. The southern part of milan will change Rapidly because over yielding became so far the sports arena for the olympic village. We have the one hundred university students. He it's a very huge number and we are building a new student housing for them. So we have that. We go out for of describes of the world crisis Bringer our police back as a city to be visited the to be a city where young people can spend part of their life another project. I know that you're involved in is the repurposing of seven old railway stations. Was the plans for these very important because the seven and they are all on the board a between the center and the pay for your milan so to refurbish does area to reconnect the city. They will be green Two thirds of those area will become new parks. But it will also be the places where there's the future miran for example callo amana. That he's on the south. It will oster their olympic village. It has been booth to buy some operators including radha and it's two minutes phone apart the foundation their soul of mattis scuttle for any will be water has been a potent city life in the last decade and the idea that the milanez st larrea to be remained. That is something a starting. I for us and finally a question that i always find interesting right. Speak to people like yourself is. You've hinted that you continue with projects. Were started prior to the pandemic as been difficult for you. Personally as you've gone through this year on a project side thinking will we still want these things in five years time if the world is going to change so rapidly and so fast. Has it kind of really made you question about the kinds of things that you wanted to do. Well there is a sort of constition in the city here. We say that Tell us we have respected the previous job so usually on city planning. You can't stand operation in the realize it in five years. Usually you need more time. So i always think that you can adopt the project. Cer- wiler you realize them if we go back to poten up probably at the beginning it was not so clear that the new park will take the albay or the new square would be so center. It was more just on the mood of skyscrapers but then we discovered that the park and square wear solo not by the citizens. The success was based on the public space so even in the new project the as we have usa the roots allows to be that year after year when you realize the the plan when there will be olympic games after two games so we have to walk in these action. We can't stop and change. We have to walk and adopt the while we walk and walk. Pierre francesca miranda deputy mayor of urban planning green areas and agriculture for the city of milan was great to have you on the urban est. Well that's all for this edition of the show. Today's episode was produced by concert. Rabelo and david stevens. David also edited the show and play out this week. Well his corey wong and kimbrough with design. Thank you for listening. City lovers mantis.

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Cultivate A Lasting, Loving Relationship with Jrgen Schemel

The MECE Muse Unplugged Podcast - Helping New or Aspiring Consultants on Their Journey to Greatness

20:59 min | 3 years ago

Cultivate A Lasting, Loving Relationship with Jrgen Schemel

"I see couple of so often, sitting next to each other in a restaurant in both are just watching Facebook or Twitter or whatever and they're not connecting to the person right next to them. But connecting to everybody else in the world. You now tuned into the mec- muse unplugged, a pop-up podcast variety show helping consultants along their journey to greatness with your host management consultant, Baltar, and globe Christie than dogs. Getters. Welcome to the museum use unplugged podcast show. I'm your host her Thelander thrilled to be bringing you episode if he four and today, we're gonna do something a little different go getters, I've wanted to make sure before I ended the park cash show. We talk a little bit about work like home balance, and being able to have a healthy relationship and no as consultants where typically working the lot traveling a lot and one area that easily is a challenge or a lot of consultants that I know and has been impacted is peoples. Love lives, and being able to have relationships and marriage. And how do you make all of that works? So really excited, I was able to bring a gas on today show. That is a relationship expert. I'm so excited to introduce Uragan sh- match. So, so a little bit about your again, he's actually go gutters. There's an author. He's a business strategist from Germany. He's now based in Australia, and he runs a company call inspiring relationships, and as part of the things that he does, you know, if you really focused on helping people create, and cultivate, really successful, healthy marriages partnerships and beat up to really make sure that your love. Life is in talk. And it's a healthy addition to your life, and I think it's such an important conversation. I love the feedback and the guidance that Gergen brain. So you think you're going to really get a lot from today's show to really help you take your relationships to the next level. So with that, let's get started. So you're again. How are you doing today? Welcome to the museum news Christie. I'm excellent. How are you? Good. And what part of the world, are you currently sitting in sitting in Sydney, Australia or the autumn, moaning. I think it's fourteen degrees outside something like that. So about two beds, but the sun is. Coming through the clouds, yet the background, I'm from Germany, so you can have him accent. I can't hide that I'm from Hamburg, Germany, and moved to Australia fourteen years ago. Nice will welcome to shot so relationship expert during a thank you so much for joining us. Can you pronounce your last name again for me? Schmidt shade Smith sale. Just okay. You're against Michele. Awesome. Also will Jurgen is relationship expert and you know what? Why don't we take a moment and your why don't you inntroduced yourself to the go getter? Tell them a little bit about what you do this. Also, thanks for the opportunity. I'm you're going to measure. I'm fifty eight years old. I'm happy married. For over twenty five years, he's got two boys, which grown up young men and for a couple of years, I've realized that relationships are just falling apart left. Right. And center, not just in Australia, or in the U S. But also in Germany, in all parts of the bird in imagine meticias by trade, or by education stats are always interesting misses step. Shocking because more than twenty percent of marriages are now getting divorced. So it's twenty five years of marriage under my belt. I thought obviously we are doing something right? Maybe consciously maybe unconsciously, so I then looked into this a little bit further and found that actually some tricks and traits. But you could have a relationship, which helps you to have a lasting, maybe a lifelong relationship. Yeah. I so love that. And go getters I got your game would be a perfect person to bring on today's show because as consultants, one of the things that I've heard time and time again, throughout my career, or people working extremely hard and really putting a lot of focus on their career in that sometimes being at the detriment of relationships, you know, I think is important as a great consultant to balance both home as well as work in. So I think you're again is an expert is going to bring some really good tips on how you can really have fulfilling unloved the term inspiring relationships. I love that. Then. Thank you. Yes. If might shout out to the men of their because, especially the men, they are under such big stress nowadays. So you mentioned someone between thirty and thirty nine usually they are not working nine to five because they still want to go get something in Beccaria. So they working from age seven, and they might have some kids at home. In might maybe that's staying at home. Maybe she's working he's under pressure, because oftentimes, the men also looks after the finance. So the mortgage is on his back is bosses in this is mother in law wants to see the children and his own mother also asked him. Do we see you again? And of course, his wife saying you never home. And he says, while I'm providing for the money and providing for the family, and all the stress is on the back of the male. And oftentimes, we men tend to internalize instead of talking about it. We was draw and we get silent. And we kind of sit in front of the television, the bubble of via and just try to forget the. Word and that's the role to disaster in a relationship because when you as mayor take all this burden on your back, and you're not talking about this then eventually this all bursts and the youth story is that you meet someone who is nice on blonde, and does not demand anything and then the rest is history with that. That's how you brought that perspective. Because if I look at it from a female, working female perspective, and I'm newly married you're again. So I'm trying to get where you are where you've got aids of, of a healthy marriage. Congratulations, thank you. Thank you were in our third year of marriage. And as a consultant a working insulted, I feel a lot of the pressures as well. So I know here we definitely we worked together in terms of helping balance bills, and balance, parental responsibilities. And I also as a female also have certain expected things that I'm to do with the house and with cleaning in with food. Food on top of working demanding career. So I think stresses for both genders when it comes to relationships to make it work. Absolutely absolutely. And Judas described perfect relationship where you obviously share the load. But oftentimes, it's still very traditionally that the man is looking off the drop in career woman is looking after home in children, and both are under so much stress in terms of how their role would pens out, especially with children than around, so yet you described her perfectly dividing those trolls between the two of you. Yeah. To eat. I notice you mentioned you realized a long time ago that maybe you and your wife were doing something different maybe share a little bit of the background of what was the moment you had that made you decide to go into this type of work. So the moment was that a twenty two year old boy who is Francis. My son towards to some total stranger and I, I kind of listening in he told. Perfect stranger that he just moved countries to help his parents with that divorce that divorced after twenty five years of marriage, and yet he was twenty two years old. And he was like totally devastated. And I thought hang on. So it's not just for two year old or a twelve year old than devastating marriage of their parents gets divorced. But also for someone who is already in his own life, starting his own curious, starting his own life, have their own relationships will be at twenty two. He was just is himself in volumes about his parents. And I thought if we only could have a society, where couples would live in loving intimate introspective relationships, we would have so many less children, suffering, another step for you fifty percent of our children in North America victimless at least one divorce in their lives. Fifty you said fifty fifty percent. Fifty percent. And also listen to this, at least one that means their mother or their father after separation five years on the track. They marry again in another five years down the track bigger people's, again, because you always take yourself with you to you expect that the next relationship is better because she's more blonde or he has brought her shoulders or he has more money or she has more money. That's not true. Because you take yourself with you. And if you haven't learned about how to maintain a healthy relationship, you won't be successful in the second or third time, either in other steps for you which is another very, very shocking sets. And that's from Germany, seventy percent of divorces, that children are involved, if one chide younger than two years old, and that tells you something about our society than male and female are not coping with his ability and the changes in their lives. When the child comes around suddenly, they are just parents entered forget to be love us. Yeah. And that's the big big step. And oftentimes, then the man is missing intimacy or sex and looking somewhere else for satisfaction. Thank you for sharing those staggering statistics. You're very unfortunate, but it's very true into what would you say are some of the habits that you have found in relationships that help people say away from those types of statistics? So I'm healthy habit, is to have what I call an extra appointment with your spouse, too, because you living together you see each other each morning in each night, sushi tonight, dotting or see next morning into. It's the is routine in one big turns into the next one months is the same as the loss on the year goes by in out of routine, it moves over into ballroom, and suddenly, you stop talking to in the difficulties in the beginning because the moment, you move together, you think are received the normal often the excitement, the dating the Koerting that's missing. You can bring. This Bank in to your relationships by heaven, an active appointment. Meaning you put a date in your calendar, where you go out with your spouse. So next Friday, six o'clock the phone off the computer goes off, and you go out with your spouse. You couldn't go to the movies, you could go into a restaurant on. You just have a straw in the city, or at the beach in just the two of you and keep this kind of appointment in your Kalinda as, if it would be a dentist appointment, and then make Tappin meant because so often people living together, but they are living separate lives, and they are touching every now and then but it's these active appointments, a helping you to stay connected with your spouse, because then the most important thing happens Hugh communicate because the talking in relationship is the most important if you speak to couples who are married for longer than twenty twenty five years as I did. They all say the number one thing is we talk about everything we communicate and by talking. I also mean not just the functional talking, who's putting the baby to bad tonight. Or who's buying the milk because when you're living in a relationship oftentimes, the functional talking takes over what's for dinner tonight. And could you pass the butter please? I mean really talking what's in your mind? What kind of business project bothers you at the moment, how do we plan our next holiday? How do we plan our finances or these things only happen? Or these talks only happen if you make room for this. And that's why inactive appointment is absolutely t. Now they lable on Amazon management consultant, and author Christine Lindo checks re secret based on fifteen years of experience, Lucking, top in a news. The news. Emus hundred bluffs elected practice on. The right consultant. News. Tons consulting breakfast should Christie -ducted Retha connected with fifty plus industry across twenty seven professional service is actions. What makes it great consultant? But date more info. W w dot news. Don't you? So what about your again with people who like myself travel a lot for work? And I know a lot of consultants that are either in relationships right now. And they're trying to balance that, but they travel a lot, or I know some consultants that want to be in relationships, but haven't been able to solidify anything because of their travel, schedule, what type of advice, would you give them fifty then an active opponent becomes even more important because there will be a schedule ahead you so you know that you're back in town and debate, you have a chance to reconnect, but then really put this into your calendar, both of you and make it happen. And nothing comes between this a c- couple so often, sitting next to each other in a restaurant in both on just watching Facebook or Twitter or whatever and they're not connecting to the person right next to them. But connecting to everybody else in the world, especially for people who are traveling a lot in county their spouses, often enough these special times, these magic moments are even more crucial. To organize and to keep us on assets that we've got that one put it on your calendar. Any other kind of habitual types of practices that you share? Yes. Heavy too. So another thing we did when the first reversal he came around. I said to my wife, look, I don't believe in flowers boxes of trumpet. Why don't we attorney invite each other for our vetting on grocery and that became a habit? And for the last twenty five years, we are doing this, and it is just amazing. So far more or less four months in advance. We are kind of teasing the other person gets voted this year. And that kind of thing, so we kind of injury could nip each other alternating for our vetting unavo- Serie in that gave us so much fun and so much, nice experiences magic moments memories magic memories for the rest of your life. So let me make sure I understand. So you're saying that let's say like I know my wedding anniversary is coming up September, right? And so you're saying months before the anniversary. You said, I would invite my husband to celebrate with me. Yes, you tell him keep that date free put an appointment in your calendar. But I'm not telling you what it is. And you then organized, it could be a nice restaurant. It could be a theater show. You could maybe go somewhere, I've heard that you have a young child. So you organize a babysitter without you knowing in your nose, especially night out, just with your husband year next year. He does the same for you. We did fantastic things the older. The kids were than offices. The more adventurous, we became because the more freedom behead in terms of movements and things. And it's like I give a list to my wife. This isn't it. What you need to pack and bring your passport and that's it. And then we drive to the apple and she doesn't know where it's going. I love that. I so love that. I'm definitely going to use that one. We told us a lot of couples end we have cried some fun. Oh, that's doing the same thing in to be honest these surprises. We owned up surprises. We don't have Christmas, we all love what's in the box. So that's why I'm saying so for Hoffa he'll maybe four months, it's like you don't know what's in the books that you want to tease, the other person, then once it happened for the next four months. You reminiscence about the special event. Yeah, that's a beautiful. I love that. And there's just so much affiliate, you can do with that, a thank you. But you can tell that I'm a hopeless romantic. I said that office the helps. That's great. That's great. Your wife is extremely stream lucky woman. I true. But then he says awesome. I know that you came to the show with a freebie. He'll go get us. We'll put a link on the show notes for you. But you have a white paper called top ten reasons why relationships are breaking apart. Maybe tell the listeners what can they expect when they look at this paper? So obviously, when you Google the ten reasons for breakup, you get fifteen different responses. Everything is a little bit different. I put my slant on it. Art. Put the talk ten things, which I see as crucial end of coast, talking on not communicating its number on in there as I told us already not only do I give you the top ten reasons, but also give you a kind of hints what you could do to avoid this from happening in the first place. All right. Now, I love that that's on my website and the website is inspiring hyphen relationships dot com. And like I said, go getters we'll make sure we. Put a link out for that freebie for that information. I know that you've also got an eight week. Transformational, course maybe told us a little bit about that. So what I do as relationship expert I if to people alive of this. But I think this problem is not just a local problem in. Australia is a global problem. So I wanted to give people access to my tips and techniques through an online costs. So developed in eight week course which I call it from stay too happy ever after. And it's eight weeks of videos, ten to fifteen minute video recording. I introduce you to a model which I think is essential for a healthy end loving relationship. So, for eight weeks, it's a self paced learning costs, so you can listen to this video over and over again, I give you a little bit of assessments to do an exercise, so it is a proper self learning costs over eight weeks. And I can guarantee that you. You look at relationships in a different way after competing from awesome. Well, and we'll make sure we put the information in the show notes for that as well. Is that also on your website, your that's also absolute just look for stage two heavy ever after you come to the insurer page? That's obviously not a freebie. But I think the investment is absolutely wide. Right. You know, what's interesting about the white paper in the freebie in the course that you, creating as well as the habits that you share, they all kind of to me have there's a key theme. Right. There's you have to put in the work to make a relationship where if not that it's an autopilot type of adventure. Absolutely. If I can tell you, one thing after twenty five years of age, it's daily book you never can let your guard down. So it's not like oh, I'm married. Now. I can behaved like crook Seuss by French. No, you need to stay attractor for your partner in its own about self respect and respect for the other person. How can you behave to what's your spouse in a different way than you would do with your best friend? You wouldn't do your toe nails at the dinner table of your best friends house, but you do it at home because because you had home. No. That's still someone with you, sir respect to this other person, and just behave, as, if you would be your best friend. This is really, really helpful to thank you so much. Any, any last thoughts that you wanna share with our listeners? I'm absolutely certain that together we can change these steps to the better instead of having over forty percent DeVos that we can really change the word by adopting to some techniques. Tips, tools in your relationship and keep working on them. And never forget that it is with you, in yourself to stay in a healthy relationship. Awesome will thank you so much for. For being on the Maecenas unplug your again. We really appreciate it. Thank you, Christine. Thanks for the opportunity. I think you're doing extremely meaningful work. Keep it up and go getters. Thank you for tuning in today. This is Christine door signing out within VC news unplugged prop up podcast here. So your journey to great neck. Tune in every Friday for a new episode syndicated on, I tunes Google play music and many more. Visit WWW dot mec- muse dot com. For more information.

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The Kame House Podcast

2:17:12 hr | 1 year ago


"Welcome to comedy house where the play play and we ride on them things like every day. This was below this ria. Y'all's might look. You catch the ball when i pitched i know you come with welcome to atlanta but dammit why where do you come up with these things at the walls. He was speaks appreciate it. Wobble wa ball sure up jemaine pre during that time. Little gremlin gremlin. He's making beats for be list artists. Now bela who does he make things were. What does he do. What does he do right beside. Cited you know black women. Don't add anything to. She said that when when he say this he was complaining about the black women rappers. He said they already reprobate is like oh s. and she that was right when Megan thee stallion came out last year. Right or was it cardi. Megan stallion word. Yeah i remember that. I'm six months mel article saying that though but the thing about it is i. Did you feel like women. Only river out there ass shit but you only rap about their asses and eating them. I dig your money in the gun. You don't really own. I just feel like rap. The genre rap is big enough for you to be able to get out of it. What you want to get out of it and i wanna listen to somebody talk about shaking s over here and get that if i want to listen. Somebody talk about police brutality. I can get that if i wanna talk listeners. I might talk about being a cow. I go get that like they're such an array of things to listen to like. Why are you complaining about that when you have the tier wags you. Have you know you have chica. You got all these women out here this out. Here in wrapping ya'll a snob. You're gonna tell me that it ain't nobody out here. Provide anything can music. No you focus on what you wanna focus on. Yeah for that. You're a gremlin. your lips are ashy. Yeah you an lewin. Yeah but you're okay with like future talking about how many bitchy is fucking this okay. Because she's totally okay because future can do that so tell me. What is the difference between wait. Somebody light cardi b. You're making a stallion has to say a what. What's what's the difference. Just say they. You don't like package with some teddy's and some ass in you. You are very uncomfortable. Where they don't like it when women ain't talkin about anything but like just beyond this. You're not comfortable with women. Showing bali in in in being sexual. I'm being okay with it. Just say just say that. Because i don't know. I don't even know why bothers people because you can't you do you try to pull women in this like one mold but you can't make can't wrap about the women daylight without the women that they like being like it's the same as yeah. You guys work hand in hand. That's the type of woman you said you like. So why are you upset about it. I don't you want a woman to come to you. Shaka as let you run on credit card down to crackle as but when you and possibly scam you and what a woman right reps about that. It makes you upset way. what is that about. How does that work so same thing. Make it make sense. Listen make you make sense. I'm not knocking male rappers. Trust me. I'm not i mean they there are some mail rappers can do better. I have always admitted there. Like a certain amount of cognitive dissonance. Yeah dna yeah yeah being Being especially being a woman who listens to hip hop in stuff like that. It's just kind of like. Oh yeah no he just say beaches when she you know he wouldn't mind pissing on bitches mouth or whatever the fuck he file thing he said but you know has good beat behind this old in order to not exclude myself. One of the biggest part of my culture. Let me just go ahead. Listen to me and talk about how much women all day. Thug are literally sat on one song. He had to fuck a bitch with a stick. But you're okay with it but you're not okay with somebody like megan thee stallion saying my ass fed. And you'll give me all your money. Your gimme all your money for. I don't but you are going to give new because that's what men do men like the taco like. They liked to talk down on buying pussy. But then they say because. I don't want to say that because that's not true. But spec shout out to the men shut out to the to the men who have since. But there are some men there will degrade buying pussy in india's. Turn around and be desperate enough to buy it. Because i'm not paying. Nobody's sorry i'll carry. It was one dick on his own. His earth in they said okay. It's made out of gold paint or purpose. Yeah neither one. I don't need it if you want to not knocking knocking. But if you do it and you knock it. I'm knocking you because you're stupid. Yep our prevert. I talk to my bag my week. Not as it pertains to work because Any jack some just gonna among going to forgo my week and give you guys a story time okay. So i'm more my mom's house yesterday right and she's like you know that first of all there's this lady upstairs from us in that lady is older lady in i don't know if like she's watching her grandchildren but they run around all booking day all day and all night like they literally never go to sleep so lie. We're always talking about how stupid they are and not only that. But the grandmother she says on the on the Patio ally in smokes in whatever she does on her balcony always falls into our balcony so she drinks lots of pepsi cans pepsi cans. I go outside. There's newport packages in front of the door like the most. I don't even wanna say ghetto. 'cause claims motherfuckers. Like ghetto people will sweep the dirt in front of the house because they want they should be clean but the most trashy is like just trashy is people every since cova shouldn't have people to move in inches lake. Don't give a shit about nothing. I'm talking about whole as bags of trash just in on the ground lake now by the dumpster. So my mom's like. I saw one a little girls from stairs. She told me how. I was just thinking damn her grandma outside and get her she was like you really pretty almost say almost retha still still kinda wanted to come out right so fast forward to friday and i'm just i'm walking up i got. I got a seafood in my hand. I e e better but will not willing crab. Knock off so southern boiling. Grab on my house. I'll take k much real clinch. So i'm walking up there with with with the muzzles in the shrimp in my hand you know. I like the muscles. The little girl comes down the stairs and she's like hi and i'm like hey she's like alvin door is she says. Can i come inside and i said well not right now because we've been eat and she said okay as she leaves and then i go inside and i'm putting stuff on time like this little girl because she come in here. I'm on was like that's crazy because it she said it's you who else is she saying it too and i'm like i know that so dangerous because there's a lot of people here. There's lots of different people who live here right so two hours pairs and she knocks on the door again. My mom was rented a bag. And i'm like well and she was like i didn't know who he would back here and i said i said it's probably a little girl because a knock sound like they was coming like really far down the door and i was like it's probably a little girls. I like open the door. And she's like. Can i come in now and i was like actually we're going to go and she was like okay. I go back down. I'm like why don't fuck is this little girl like harassing me. And my mom was like almost like you wanna play with you. I said i think she wanna play me. And i thought oh. She thinks i'm a child. I was just about to say that. She thinks i'm always. She is about to say that. She thinks that i am a child. A little girl. I am thirty but she thinks that i am a child. She's your fear. She thinks that we are peers. She thinks we're both going to graduate. In twenty forty five. Little girl are pay bills. I have a car. I am burdette my mom. I some short short instantaneous news. What was your shirt though whether the cartoon character no it was it. It wasn't it'd be careful dog on a friend it was asher it is. This is their shirt. I wear their dog on the front with those red letters on the bag. So the hair because it's purple. I don't know. I don't know what it is because i'm quite a bit taller than her but i'm assuming she thought maybe i was like oh like a young teenager and she was just asking because honestly and i'm grown. I gotta do smoke a cigarette. Like i gotta do what a what do i have to do. You see what i'm saying. 'cause i told ya and got mistaken for like eighteen and under several times in the past three weeks he probably sees you as a kid because maybe she sees like her grandma smoke and so smoking is more black adult things. She didn't see you smokes. I need to smuggle blink as you pass have to have laid at avenue mouth baby solid passports if today she knocks on the door she has like her whole crews were like the whole like her like a five year old in like a like. She's like seven so it was like her a five zero three zero. We're rothem run pocket. Maybe three guy and so she's like excuse me miss guys she was like. Can you come out now. And i was like miss. The massacre say baby girl. I can't come out here. But i won't. You ought to be careful because you need to stop. I'd say would you like you knocking on people's doors. And she was like she don't care any little five year olds like her upstairs. Her don't care. And i was like i was like expects her. Don't care but guess what i need. You ought to be careful. Because i need you tonight. Knock on somebody's door and somebody will snatch you up. You know what i'm saying. We will have to go around here. Liquor for y'all precious babies may was like okay so back in the house so three hours later my mom but the go so she's like cool you know she's like you know tell your crew by y'all. I'll plan with me linda. Listen you thank you but you though you're not you're not you're not right so i'm leaving and i'm like on my trying to run to the car because i want to talk to these kids on won't talk to these kids no worse i run into the car and i a keen emission. I touched the threes drink holder. Oh my mom's debit card is in there. You gotta go back go back sicom on my say. I'm like please lend to come here and get your your debit cards in my car to go. I need it. I was like you show right. You show right you show right so i grab it and go east chairin in my face again. Let's say they walk. I'm walking in and it was like. Oh am i say here ma. Here's all your car. And then i close the door and then you'll come outside play now and i was like no 'cause i gotta go and she was like oh and then the firoz. What were you gotta go. And i say at work. Akis unite the little girl goes oh wow she did as she said that's bitches all i don't know she was on one of us. Were like the gosh. How do you like you like those. She was like no. It was like child. labor laws. Why should do that too. Are you adult. are you wrong in twelve. You're not foresee what what is so you may you. May that your hand them. A little boy was like this show house. I was like yeah. This is my house. Oh going the fuck is going on so you go assume that i'm last child out here. That what you telling me you see me. Walk up here with these keys in his in his grocery about probably never seen you walk out that car how they never seen you drive. When i was blake was luger. Hit the nerve to walk in my baby. And i really was like my i really walton. Companies got excited. Because i probably never seem like another black kid in the complex now. A lot of a lot of ninety to make everywhere. I make a win right on the stairs. You not a little group was lying friend. My homie is downstairs. Show about about though play. I couldn't believe that like a yo-yo grandmother niece. She needs to get you the book in the house. Because you you are gonna smashed up. And i need i need you to be. Don't knock on everybody's door you can knock on my door day baby. I will give you a popsicle. I'll give you a drink. Water body is ni- us. Everybody is not me and not know out on people over there. And i didn't win outside before ahead people staring at me and watch me walk to my car shit like that. That is not a good place for little kids just be walking around is one of them type neighborhoods. Where originally was something more expensive in now. There are a lot of different types of people coming in and they're just like everybody is not on up over there. I could feel that you know what i'm saying. So to see the little kids that board to where they have to just be outside that people are looking for friends. Paul babies babies. Well yes i'm eternally youthful forever. Twenty one so for twelve forever. Twelve so the episode that brought a whole nikolic crew launch was she by brought a baby a and they knocked on my door. She hurt her stairs. And i was like he may probably mustered up a lotta curse. Knock on any courage. I feel like she. She gave me those little. I don't think that was any courage. And i feel like she could and she was like yeah. We may have to go downstairs to play with Club the beek made the biki downstairs. Where just but she was so shy. When i said i was going to work she was like it breaks. My heart breaks my heart. I was going to. I was like my. I really wanna let them in house and she was like. We ain't got nothing to do not the key to doing here and i was like. Yeah right yeah honestly feel like entertainment. It's a lot of those questions in the constant would is this. What is bette and what you do and making sure they're not getting into anything is and then i'll like in one kid never stops running never was clearly who is up there running. 'cause i'm a grandma together one day this when i see her. I'm gonna tell. I'm a little muscle. Listen lady your granddaughter came and knocked on my door. And i do not have an issue with that. She's the cutest sweetest little thing. i ever seen. What i do have an issue with that. You are not watching her not even know that she going around knocking on people's doors. And if you draw one. More goddamn virginia slim. Pack on my damn balcony lady. We're gonna have a mother fucking problem. Get your granddaughter protector. This word is not safe for children. Anyways how's your tiny crew. Come up no regrets. Such is the life of somebody who just does not look their age. i guess i'm too old for rugrats. Come out and recruit me identifier on your chin like clearly on somebody who in your child. Oh have anything facts date. It makes it worse when you wear like anime stuff. 'cause like one time. I had like a luna keychain and like a little girl was leaving the gym and like this little girl on her dead in like the girl like fan grow down. She was like home again. I just started watching sailor. Monin just love in an sr talking. And i was like fags. And i said i've loved like settler moon. You know how. Ever since i was your age and she was like ever since she. Where are you now. Is like ancient. Now's like almost thirty. I would say out there ever been a church before she was like. Yeah like you remember when i talked about. Noah's art me. I was there. Yeah as i. Jesus he's my homeboy. She was just so excited. I just want the look her say girl selam by figure real weird for you in your mama explain it to you all right so well stay away from me. Ended are too old for you. Yeah absolutely they're nicer on animated in real life but it's gonna be levels if she's like She ends up being like a dedicated sailor. Moon fan it's going to be levels the first levels going to be sexuality because you know they had to to less men characters on there so i saw her and now she's just like how good luck. Good luck my friend. It's going to get real weird anyways guy news for us. No yes sorry kidding. I thought we were still on a roll life. My bet we all say we need below week was un-ungrateful same here. I really didn't do anything. It's nothing really invincible. You've info going on in my life right now. So yeah but News so daring adult swim sparse con. It was announced that adult swim and crunchy row or teaming up to produce a twelve episode anime called. Hopefully i'm saying this right finna whereas if fina f. e. n. a. i don't i just have no subtle have a light pulled up finna privates. I want to say fina. I feel like this is more fina. Fina up pirate princess it will be available to view and twenty twenty one off on it. Yeah on both the adult swim in crunchy roll lap. So i think that's a cool merger. I think that's to studios. That are here trying to get them. Cool control trying to get them coins. Any know adult swim does have really some of the stuff. Monarchic say all of it but some issues while some of the some shit that they have is really good. And i mean like. We all watched anime on to nami in adult swim. You know took almost say took to nami but for lack of a better word you know. They brought to nami bay. Go they brought to nami bag. Does woman to nominate are becoming the forefront of american anime. Yeah it's quality. It's quality animates labor of love. Yeah adult swim. I feel like yeah. Yeah so i'm really excited interns. Oh i could see that because all their all their content very creative. It's very you know they're gonna throw it out there and if it stakes stakes and if it doesn't it's fine we're going to scrap the shit anyways dry. Yeah i figure that that seems very in. Turn ish yeah from excited for that and So these enu yasha spin off images have been leaked below. Showed me a couple of Images some fresh ones I don't know what to say. I won't blink for a second is really the say. Is this like images of the new characters coming up to watch. Check it out. We're now google awful. Like what else was shown up at your. He's i wasn't in. The osho is ten she millio. Has this showed up at the same time and i was just say you wanna know blah. The other day. Yesterday i was driving right. I was diving. I pull it into my garage. And i said ten to muna was a solid solid anime. Okay solid quality. And he doesn't get the amount of love that it deserves. And i think you little we especially specially younger. We really need to like get into that little. I won't call it. what would you call it. I won't call this slice of life. Would you call the slice of life teaching moon. Yeah no it does have. Some key has cute moments. I think that's where i get the slice of life from but Yeah we're on the same Wavelength here pla like that. So like i'm excited for any oshawa. But i'm not holding my breath. He was going to be like some extravagant. Yeah i really want to know if knew yasha and gourmet are going to be together like we said earlier. Why would maybe drama. Some reason grow fuck up the fuck could go may was a real writer die bitch. She's being abused and it was just too much next. Fix the fakes runoff. Today be both yet okay namely you more up your ears off being a regular human. Sorry as the facts. She was doing too much running and crying facts. But i love any yasha that's a classic does. Og anime right there for people who grew up in ninety s yes for people who grow who watched anime on cable in night streaming services. It's a better way to put it. Yeah that's all. The news that i have over is a furnace. How you going to charge one hundred dollars for your app and then turn around and have another subsection of your is not as you get into if you have one hundred dollars so you have to pay additional fifty nine ninety nine over because this is how it is man. You didn't know that. I just did it just now. We'll fuck you pay. I excuse the paid about the extra fees below. Because i wanted to see 'cause sometimes i'll be wondering i want the premium version. I want all the templates. I want the clip art. Chew okay. I want all the fucking fine. I deserve nice things download. Listen once i figure out how to do. Procreate like i want to. I won't be doing over them worse. I'm getting myself until this next year to figure it out We won't do that. No more there's just a certain amount of hand holding that comes with over that. I really liked and we procreate i think you need to be more of a either. You're going to either not know what you not know anything or you need to know everything. And i don't know everything about procreate. Now if i had photoshop. I could probably i could do a little bit better because i recognize those things and i know how to do that on pc but even switching over to an apple product. I have that learning curve of trying to figure out the controls learn a whole new program. It's not just need the hand holding right now. I'm trying to upload stuff for the podcasts. I remember when i switched over to apple. I really thought that. I could like grasp it because like we use apple computers in school right. Yeah and lie. When i switched over to apple. I really didn't realize like i don't know a goddamn thing about apple in this sheila aware. Because that's what we learned on. That was the first computer i ever use was a apple computer and then you know then it switched that it became more expensive computer and i didn't know about him. Were old people advice. Never stop learning about technology. Because if you do you'll ineta inevitably cripple yourself. You will be lost in a world where things are just continuously changing So here i am now paying apple hunting down to and ask me is it Flat for your subscription subscription. What i gotta do that now is subscription. That's what i'm saying. Is i'm giving myself from here until i get into that new Back until What's twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty one of this month. I'm giving myself into twenty twenty one of this month to get where i need to be. Procreate and i'm gonna do procreate. Because i can't be paying one hundred dollars for fucking i'm run on bro. That's how the university. I got money and i ain't got any some hoping the universe hurt. I'm trying to step up my my my digital to kami house and i'm trying to see comedy house. Make me a lot of money. I hope i'm balling. I could spend a hundred dollars on the app licenses. Does i get you to me. I don't know probably nine. Probably one probably just won't book key. You share with other people on their logging tomorrow. Your sheet fakes that over. I don't think it didn't use clip studio pain. And then i paid a fat flat on the laptop on the laptop knows on a tablet to. I think it's only. I think they have one clip studio pain. It's like fitness studio pain. That's the most affordable where it's more like photoshop and more. My overall goal is to get into photoshop It will probably definitely going to have to be photoshop on ipad. Just because this is an investment in this kind of like coca. Photoshop is one of those. It's it's a weird like program that has monopoly on editing. It's it has all the tools but it doesn't do the best for like certain things so it's good for editing design. No good for it's good. It's good for a lot of things fax. But because adobe adobe like hey we know we're good at this up the price like so much. It's like seventy dollars. They ask somebody hit how she and cheever programs for people are thing all down for the free in the cheap. As long as it's li- the nice replica. Nice replica for you. Be clipped zero pain. There is free but there are in app purchases. Okay with lama. Look into this. i'm gonna think about it. 'cause like i like ren said we're here to make on me house better and i wouldn't recommend photoshopped to anybody unless going into like or industries. Lets you go and be like graphic design and doing it for big corporations. It's nice no photoshop. But you don't need it if you're doing like freelance stuff by yourself. You could easily find better stuff for like ran you lord shop. I think it'd be easier to just like to get photoshop or something. that's like it. Yeah yeah but that's what i'm am gonna do. I wanna play subscription for. I think it's shitty. did they. Over like shitty they trying to charge one hundred dollars subscription fee plus on top of that if you wanna use the teams fix function which was essentially be as being able to be in like a team type of thing and working simultaneously. It's fifty nine ninety nine another subscription in the same app so you have a hundred and fifty nine nine nine hundred fifty or one hundred sixty dollars worth of subscription in one at what the fuck. That's ridiculous yeah. It is but i did so given myself one year re last book club. What you've been reading. Well you know me and good naipaul. We still in here. I'm gonna start calling him by slum pupo you've poem poem so this week i read on volume. Let me let me. i'm not gonna say volume. I'm going to say omni bus volume because oh that's different. It's different because it is different. Yeah so when we were talking about earlier. I told you two chapters and i think i threw you off. Yes so my bed. So you are in. Armored was three volume look like revolt on each end. The funny thing is i've just been reading them so i haven't been like how many volumes are in each omnibus. So next week for. I think so next week. I'm going to break it down a little bit better for you guys. I kinda realized that. I haven't and i'm not like beating myself up about it listeners. Or you guys are you on again. So it's i read chapters fifty fifty nine total. How many chapters are there totaled. Forty seven okay. Way almost way that i'm okay okay. Cool so yeah next week. I'll do a better job of like. I'll try to have like a conversion of like the omnibus volumes and then the regular volumes. But i'm also gonna do try to do a better job of explaining good night. Yeah i'm also going to do a better job of trying to explain good night poon poon to you guys a little bit better because first of all is la going on okay. So you guy. I'll explain in next week. But there's like a main story in the in in these little side stories. But i'll talk about that. I'll talk about that in a couple of minutes. So chapter stated through fifty nine. We're going to start off with poom. This this omnibus starts with poom. Poom is in high school and he is at a karaoke bar with his friends and he meets a girl name. I'm going to say you're rock. Can't kyw kenny. Kfi cone yea thank kanye. Thank you So he misses his girl named cohn cohn yay in. If if you know they wanna leave together so they get to know each other while walking and poom poom just starts to notice that you know. They have a lot of things in common Now when he gets home his mom tells him that his grandfather is dead so Pick people from school within you. Come only you gray dead. On my syria. I cook dinner so like his mom actually really is. She's like really kind of loki fucked up. He is really fucked up but So the next the couple of days later they go to pump wombs They go to see his grandfather. Now hair can i. How can i explain this. So they go to see his. His grandfather and poom poom sees his uncle's at wool before his His uncle's girlfriend. Now the back story a am and why poom poom shocked to see her was that an omnibus two. We find out there. Pompoms uncle gets into this messy affair and The husband start decides to sue the uncle in literally take him for everything that he s and so his uncle falls into a depression. He almost tries to kill himself and he also like ends up ghosting his girlfriend so his girlfriend is depressed at the time and the press during that time and she also owns like a little coffee shop one day pom-pom go so their coffee shop. It was right after he graduated from middle school. He goes to the coffee shop. And a spoiler alert for you guys His uncle's girlfriend ends up sleeping ripping poem so fast forward back to wipe poop whom is so shocked to see his uncle's girlfriend. She tells him that they as be a needs s b and she came onto him. It's not like it was like. Why are you fucked a little boy. Yeah and so. She tells him there her her her and his uncle they ended up getting married poem was surprise. He was also very pissed in a highlight. The uncle noted that is live here. So i'm not sure because their whole time that like pumpkin was there. His uncle was just like peeking out like the door. So i feel like maybe he knows because his wife is now in therapy. So sh- crazy some crazy ship. So i i any way she has. I feel like. I feel like his uncle knows below. Don't tell me just let me let let me find out on my own. And i feel lying. Maybe his uncle's going to go off on him. And you know poor poem. Because i've noticed that at the end of every like at the end of the manga issues like something happens like really quick. And it's like it's like poem like gets to this point of where you know. He's either accepted things for what they are. He doesn't process his emotions properly. And when he thinks he's at like this place of happiness. Belushi some bullshit happens. And that i mean that's life you know that's like that's like us s for everybody when like when like you feel like you finally got through the bull shades because we want happiness to be. Yeah as a constant state in nothing is yeah. Nothing's constant in the world so you know for some reason we can accept the fact their happiness might last forever but you can't necessarily accept the fact that despair my last forever facts and those two size one coin so Pompoms upset here in one of the things that sticks out the most to me Was the head in the manga. Said suddenly poem just felt this rush of anger and he just to rip her. pubic hairs. Pubic hairs an essay poor poem so he just can't catch gaddam break the losses virginity and somebody turns around and says yeah. Sorry i'm gonna fuck your uncle. Yeah but i mean you understand that i understand. I want to repeal you. Yeah each so. He's pissed he goes says mom he asks his mom. You know come. You didn't tell me she was just like well. You were never around. So i never really his mom. S what she says she say. You're you were never around. So i thought you you didn't care in. So he gets fed up he gets fed up in his mom starts going off on him saying that you know he selfish and he thinks that everything is about him in he better. Yeah everything is about him. He's a child and poon poon better like titan is like a whole lash chow going through life this real life shit and he's not even he has like his foot like his like big toe in highschool. You don't even a whole ass adult in so. His mom goes off tells them that she know he needs to stop being selfish. And everything's not about him then. She tells him to not come home because she is going to have a guy over and she's going to have sex sketchy told him told him that. So poem later on that night. Go suck arcade. But he's daydreaming about like the date that he's gonna have with a count. Connie kanye conway coney coney okay cool in so. He's very excited now. Backstory to his romance life. He used to have a crush on a girl name. I echo. She will come back early late. She is a regular character. she will come back. Sit where you say that She was in book to an lie. I just feel it. And then like i've kind of seen what may me read. Good naipaul was the manga panels. So like i've seen her as a child and as an adult. So like i know she's gonna be it's weird how they introduced characters like the characters are real like something will happen and then you won't see them and then like you probably see him in a crowd. Yeah real life and That's like that would a- all of his characters as we go deeper into this he will have like. They will be reoccurring characters. They're they're part of the main story but they're not improved. Poon's focus this. That's the best way to explain it. But he had a crush on a girl named my ego. They had some stuff going on. She doesn't have the perfect life in when she comes back into the pitcher. We'll we'll go deeper into her character but She doesn't have the perfect life. She tries to run away from home and every time she acts pump womb to like run away with her. He says he'll do it but he doesn't commit to it. And then it always ends up in like a dramatic type away and they don't see each other for awhile so he's thinking about his world wind his his new romance with co coney. I'm against it. i'm getting county. And so he snaps out of it right in just realizes that you know. This is some real life shit. He doesn't have anywhere to go. Is called is probably gonna rain soon. He is just like he just like. Fuck this shit. You've show her life. Yeah i was playing. She's bae she she ain't shit. That's what it really is. She ain't shit and it just really comes off as she doesn't want to be an adult but he's walking around and he just says you know what i'm gonna just take my clothes off in the middle of street just walk around but s nikki and i hope somebody finds me and that's okay. He won't attention. He deserves attention. Because let's say together. He's a child so he walks around but budi whole last snake. It doesn't get caught though now it goes. Now the maga panel does a little trip to that. That's how i. That's how. That's how i hear my manga panels like when there's like some crazy ass shit going on or some action and you like renewed his like i like that so anyways transitions over to his mama. Mama is getting her back blown out. Those little bird tease. She was not playing. You know yes. Pointy s bar. Td's is like out there looking like medina's td flopping around going so his. His mama poon poems mama's having an affair with a married man. The man is mary carolco. Oh oh pick one each be a bad mom or be a good mom still get joe dig or get your dick be why you gotta do bro. So well so right after. She gets her bag blown out. She tells her Her guy her man her. Cy cy peace there. We go cioppino said she no. She's being really depressed since her dad died and he tells her that she no he tells her that he that the she should've spent time with you. Know pope home and she snaps she snaps because she's jealous of you know of his relationship with her daughter. Never got a gag got under my skin. because it li- i. I hate when parents because it's like they put everything on you and it's like no this. This is a relationship okay. Why care you should be happy. That's where everybody wants. Please have a relationship kid weirdo. It takes it takes time to work a relationship especially when you get when your child gets older appearance on like that being ways Yes she snaps at 'em. She jokes around assists that she no. She feels like all his wife. Now he shoots. Leaves bro will snitch. You don't you don't you. Don't get in the swamp with somebody and then get outside our that person playing in the swamp now. Bit you dirty to you win there you in there. You thug and is unique. Pete yourself okay. So don't be are nice fed ex. Don't be a nice and clean. Now say your wife wrong. Fuck you okay. Yesterday you notice dick was married. I if you ways almost stay in my house used in my house. Wounded love him. I mean you don't have to wash lugar little baby girl from upstairs but it hardly hill to partners but you can stay in my house. I make sure you get paid. Well no grown women flicky issue. I'd be like beach as rare here again. What can we postpone. I'm going to beat your mother. Fucking s okay. Would you do with these days. Pushy get out of here out of scanner. Kicks you get your way at the boat. So they get into it so her and her guy they get into it she starts to cry. He gives her a hug. She says you should marry me He tells her mary fuck no so she goes. She tells them that she going to go to the kitchen to get a beer. I guess she comes back with a knife so she's throwing it around in the air as if she's gonna kill him just just on queen bro stunt queen so she's waving it around she goes into this rant of that she's tired of pretending to be happy and she starts to hold. The knife took throat. Then she says this is the most vile she then. She says that she wants to be reincarnated as the guy spier and ruin his life. She got to do bit of she. She's gonna win. She is born as his daughter and she got to do better going through it now ran. What is my. What is my catchphrase. ugly guy. Don't like ugly because you wanna know what happened. She starts laughing. She screams collapses on the floor. She asked to go to the emergency room. Thank you so she gets to the doctor now. First off the doctor is thinking that this guy that she's having an affair with she thinking that that her husband she you know wakes up and she says He's just a random guy. I don't know him you know. Thanks for helping me by in so come to find out that So the doctor tells her well come to find out. She has a collapsed lung any treatable. It's gonna surgery but is treatable. She i think she's always had it yet. I think she's always had it in his cholesterol from stress marshes and she's also a smoker. Now i do. I do know a spoiler. And i don't get to it. It's it's coming up. Now it's coming up it's it's it's in the next omnibus like i'm not gonna say people people read. Yeah they wanna read a banana. I wanna read your shit. Yeah i just win. When i buy volumes three and four kind of flipped over to light i read the back right and then i regret reading the back because the fourth book told me what what happens. But what's going on with his mom now in her collapse of her her lung there. Collapses it's it's gonna roll in to something so anticipation for book for so poem poem decides to visit her the next morning. She apologizes for for what she said. Then she turns around and tells them that he doesn't have to visit if he doesn't feel like it and so that hurts pom-poms feelings. Because you know that your mom in granted the fucked up shit that you go through with your parents especially if you have a dysfunctional relationship you still care because i mean fuck that your mother just a system complicated ass relationship for some people in. So he's hurt. He walks out of The hospital and of course i don't know if he's going to See her after that because it cuts off after they're so we're getting closer towards the end End up like the chapters that i read so later on after poom poom leaves. She decides to get up. She asked the p. so she doesn't wanna bedpan. Yes oh she. She's walking around china. Find find somewhere to pete a restroom in so her medicine has kicked in already. Her medicine has kicked in our already. She starts to hallucinate. She ends up falling down now when she wakes up She's in arms of a teenage boy. Teenage boy calls for the nurse. He helps her. Stan shih for kid. I i got on so he helps her. Stan tells her that she. Now you pass on p. on yourself and he's in the hospital as well. He's a patient hospital as well. Excuse me in so later on the mama and the boy they start to have a conversation in the waiting room and she finds out that he crushed his leg when he he. I hit a car and crushed his leg and His girlfriend got hit as well so his mom ex him. How old is he fifteen. She's like oh year the same age poon poem now. The boy's name is her. Romi her me harrow. Me her roomie. Qwaqwa gotta right and so later on that night. She's thinking about her roomie so she masturbated i time kristie. So is this a yes or no. He wishes she could masturbate. Mitch pop union. Nick hitching your throat. Your thorough going to be like you loan. You got your mother motherfuckers son. You know how hard life is for anybody. But just like being emerging person going into the world and you're not even there yet you got somebody trying to fuck you. It is so weird because when you look at people in japan. Isn't that like their age of consent. Isn't that like close to that. Age of consent is fourteen it's weird. It's like their version of adulthood in like the american version of adulthood is suggests lie. I don't think. I don't think this dealing with like okay. Poon is not about is is okay. It's definitely a fucked up scenario. No matter yes. They don't condone it. I don't they don't condone it. I i know like the times talked about. It's always been like sex scenes with like younger people. But i mean pump. I pooh-poohed a child in the beginning of the book. He's like finally starting to realize like why is my dig getting. I'm not gonna say dig. Why is my penis erect. For no reason. Yeah he's like he's asking himself. He's having wet dreams and he. It's comey yeah he's growing. He's growing up so like on one end. Poon is growing up and he's understanding his sexuality and of course boys when they're that young they just want to check off. They just have all that energy and limit wound. Yes they do. They got pitches a little boys grabbing on themselves wombs. Yes ally to them poem. I'm not it doesn't could contain one of my trying to say poom poom it. That's not what it's all about. I don't want to it's not it's just it's very sexual vs off is is not sexual. I think it's a part your ad is like he is around people who not respecting boundaries enough. Yeah it's a story about putin putin growing up and part of it is sex and he. That's oftentimes people's that is people's stories when they're growing up For me is not always even boy meets world wasn't daisies and rainbows all the time. Yeah and there's a there's one part it's it's in the beginning of like the third omnibus. Where like they say that you know poem is tired of feeling like shit and he is going to do anything and everything that makes them feel good and one of those. Things happens to be jacking off. It's the way they showed his like the way they like the way. They drew his his Reminds me it's like showed his penis. You know on the titans of bride. His dick is glowing. That's how poon is the titus bride. We all talk about that. This may the rings. Listen we're gonna talk about it on here unless we pay for kaz. Listen that's some high quality smut if you use this ross you have. You seen the latest one in his stress. Be a then. You go from like jacking off about a girl. In rather i know. Sanctuary is a spectrum but you to just go all the way to the other side of the spectrum and just be like put that big long. He warned their big body on me. Then they get huge. You see how big they cancelled the episode. You know you gotta find good trying to find them but they like six minutes apiece so to try to get it. listen i. i know it'll be hard like i'll be. He's i'm going to be a queen right now. It's not like he ain't. He's a cutie pie. Listen you busted your for rich gas okay. Exploded for a rationing. Could you write down. Listen but they're dressed. Though it's alarming how easily he slipped into their role lake. He was just like i'm here. I'm not gonna fight anymore. Right named when i show when they show him lake. You know why. I like him because he's very much so i say he's burst because i don't think there's a big long enough to make that verse. But the fact that he don't mind like even little hit here online jack and then they go off like i love it smut. Ran is reading the titans bride. Y'all and i'm watching it. Because i don i like my smut. Fair was one episode. Because i got like. I say can we put this shit on patriarch. Because i need a pay foot is okay yami to pay and honestly i still even though we say you know i say the word a lot and i want i still want people to be able to come on here all ages if they can pull the most part and not just be like. Listen if i'm a show side. I'm need to pay for the rich. I loved a love tie to. And i just don't want to listen to make the free content. I don't need to hear. Bow what i enjoy watching at two am. I don't need to know what i like to watch two. Am unless i'm getting paid for it with. Yeah we don't think about that. We don't come back to it but let me let me wrap this up. So yes she thinks about you know masturbating. So she's having these thoughts center head and you can already tell well first of all how how how. He looks in the manga panels. You can already tell that she starting to like show some sort of like attraction to her and i am going to assume as of right now where i am in the maga. I'm going to assume that like she's instantly attracted to him because he's very nice to her and i don't think she's used to that especially just looking at the type of guys she dates if she's okay with having like an affair with the man i mean who else. Who else is she willing to sleep with. Get it there okay. Guineas charon so she. You know the thought of him in his age is slowly like it's it's going back and forth in our minds she's saying you know four four fifteen year old he's very mature because poom poom is not mature and that pissed me off. Because it's like bitch thome is fifteen eight. He has literally his his dad him and his his dad are. His parents are dysfunctional. He witnessed he. He had sex with his uncles girlfriend. A child he was whose child he's fifteen and he's he's with all of this stuff and all all of this drama with his mother and his like you you don't you don't think he's matured but Yeah that's where uh stop it and then eventually Her roomie is going to like talk more about the accident because his girlfriend is a part of it and i swear to god. If it's i ego. I am going to lose my mother fucking shit because i know she's going to come back but anyways good night postpone is. It's a ride. it's a right. It's the way crystals describing each story. It isn't that none of the science stories on the main story. Anything that happens is unimportant boy in just like life. The things that happened to you they will eventually yeah. I'm i'm really trying to figure out like a better way to describe what's going on because these these chapter is like win. I was writing out like this whole synopsis thing. I was very surprised at the amount of chapters that are read because chapter fifty through fifty nine literally only like it feels like only read like four chapters. Because it's so much it's so much going on. So i'm really going to like i said i'm going to do a better job trying to figure out how to like. Explain this shit for you guys. Because i don't know how to incorporate the side stories without like taking a long time. I definitely think that's not your fault. But also that's how good naipaul's written s yeah. What does arthur's known for is that it seems rambling. It seems it seems like just packed into like a few chapters but kuhn is a really good read. It's really hard to explain this and really hard to write this out. Someone who's never figure this shit out ya because this is all. My skin does all my soul because putin putin is such like a dense heavy. It's very heavy manga like that. Yeah i believe it's best that you do reprint building. It's definitely hard to go off a recommendation based on a synopsis of it. 'cause poon's i feel apu in as a story about a boy's life and just like real life it's messy and it's always this for him as a child not not even best for him as an adult complicated. It's it's a real complicated story. It's definitely story that needs i. I definitely recommend goodnight government. I'd like to see anime. But i mean i don't think it will be very hard sexual not sexual because of the because we'd writing saw because yeah transition because we'd pacing of it all. I don't think will be pacing is very weird so weird pacing. I'll like. It's i think it's easy to consume but i don't think it would be as good as it is as the manga same than i feel about I think our hardly for me. I'll probably appreciate it. Because i know the story. Yeah yeah and. I mean like there could be somebody else who say. They're not interesting reading the manga and then they see something like this. It is it is a lot is lot. Thanks good good. It's one of those sources. Like i'm really glad you are enjoying it now because i remember we listen to somebody else. Who's reading did ask for reading it. But like the closer they got finishing it. They were realizing. Wow maybe all that rambling nonsense was more important than i thought. Yeah issues the transition Like these side stories and what these characters mean. It's very hard to grasp because it's like a one friend who didn't who didn't like it as okay. Yeah the pacing. That's why i was. Yeah not not pacing the transition of the characters in the side stories of the characters. It's not it's not a smooth transition. I i understand it. Looks like with all the side stories and the characters. they're all going to piece together into something else. It just the way it's coming together it's kind of. It's it's really all over the place. But i am enjoying it. So hopefully i'll have Hopefully by our next episode. I'll have three finished and half. Oh four read so. Wish me luck about halfway through. Yeah i'm almost there. I think it's like the omni buses dominy downs. I think it's like twelve twelve volume. So i'm getting there. Twelve omnibus volumes. Just clarification for you needs. Yeah that's it for the s book club. Well if y'all got anything which you reading I want to shout out a harem manga not really harem which way what a hair is not reverse. I know it's happened. But i think you'd be interested in it rivers here. You don't lie diversity for for rooms because it's more believable. Definitely no this. One is not meant to be believable. Okay give me give it to me. Quick synopsis the main protagonist roco is a loser. And everybody knows it he gets picked on at school gets night looks from passer bys and can only muster up the courage to complain in secret with his equally hapless friends looking to turn his life around. He desperately uses ancestral artifact passed down his family for generations. A scroll that is capable of subduing all demons. How long in the modern age. It has different effect. And it makes all delinquents girls fall in love with him. Ooh angry women. Yeah it's a big beat your ass. I'm here for yeah quinn office by eight. Did you ever read got history. Strongest label canadian kaneiji. Overwatch that trying to give over like it's similar. Feeling this main protect this whole manga. It is called roco. no only touchy. I don't think it has an english adaptation but rodeo owner tachi. It's about this name. Sadness roku q. Gets a curse. He doesn't know which yet simonis forehead and then when he gets someone forehead all delinquent. All the yankee all that gangsta girls around the area now attracted to him and he has to deal with this and find out what to do and each arc is a new major delinquent girl figuring out like man. Do i really like this loser. In trying to get rid of the curse on himself is girl you like it. Okay girl knock. You don't keep the overall like dover o'hare them is now this. This is weird to describe because this whole manga. Give me the vibe of tennessee. Millio will like one of my favorite play grown-up where this helpless character is. Now is now like drawing in all these powerful women and he doesn't know what to do with this and these women are like super white waifish and super league and super. I is like it's never focused on. How hot girls are never like edgy. Real somebody it's just like yeah. they're attractive. They liked us dude and they're trying to figure out why they like this dude. The main girl I forget her name. What's her name. The main girl is maintained delinquent girl like think a the gangsta leader like a motorcycle club. Right and she's like so diversely strong that no one can take down this first chapters. I and triceps girl for chapter her like beating a cat. Caller like with a wooden sword light to death because he got a fucked up disrespected right back streets and then i chapter she comes across the dude with the curse and then she's like. Wow damn i'm all the okeydokey over this leg will lose a. It's really interesting. The best best i'll be looking at nigga slide actually like a low duckie's little pain that you do you twitch twitch. Oh no this is annoying ship to cute though it'd be like they're in ways. I'm sorry it's right now. It's two hundred houses. It's still ongoing. I definitely recommend this. It's an action comedy. It's not like the best of art. But i feel like it has its moments all. Let me find chapter for you. Guys real quick. If you like tension movie. I definitely say check this out. Mom watches some tension. Mounier looking at. I was looking at where you were site you use. I don't wanna say on here. I don't wanna. I wanna snitch on our favorites sites which you know we wide web. Find it yourself. We're not going to give up the plug. I wouldn't say it's the best. Sorry but it is definitely different scary. okay yeah so it is called roku no ona tachi. Oh this means this means. Roka does demon ladies. I want to say Don't don't quote me on that. Because i know ona is like women in tachi delinquent. I think yeah so. That's my recommendation for the week. You gotta anything. I have started reading the new website. And it's called parallel city. You ever heard of this here. Any of the ones. I read some good ones. Whatever man so my so this is on web okay. I'm gonna give y'all a little synopsis and you tell me which thing so parallel city is about this kid named men rate in the first couple panels. He's like he's a hardcore like parker person. He's like literally using par quarter school. Think about park or think about the office. Look he's using parkway to get to school this dude jumps he scales the side of his school in jumps in through his window through the school window. Why why. I don't know it gives you a look into the type of student that he is right So this story is basically about men. His best friend. John goes missing for eleven months like they literally found this kid. John's close at the bottom of a cliff with basically like if he had been laying there but accept his body just like evaporated so there's his shirt his pants his underwear his book bag. Everything has had just laid. There is if there was a body there but he's not there and he had been missing for eleven months so when mangoes to school that morning he sees that like the little paranormal club that his friend was a part of leaves flowers on his this and he flipped shit. He's like john fucking dead. They'll be putting flowers on his desk. He's coming back. You know in the homeys in the paranormal club. They're like yo this for eleven months. They found his. They found his draws at the bottom of a cliff. Like at some point. You gotta let us more right. So he goes back to go back into his home. Run his homeroom classroom. And everybody's in there in a panic because junk show backup. I'm talking about thirty minutes after this encounter john's like right here and everybody's hugging him. Like oh my god. Where were you where you been you know. He's like honestly. I don't know he has amnesia art so right so one day. I don't know where he shows back right in the type of kid that manage you can tell. He's struggling in school like he's not the kid that you know. How a lot of times when you read stuff about Japanese culture or even korean culture. You see kizer. Like i'm going to college i'm doing this. I'm i'm getting all this stuff done. You know i'm in a cram school and stuff like that is not that kid in fact while all his friends are talking about the colleges. They're gonna go to kinda just like listening because he doesn't have the grades to get into college and on top of that you can also see the man and his dad. Don't have the best relationship. His dad's like a drunk and he's like kind of like i think i haven't read all the championship but i think maybe he might be a little disappointed and how his son is just kind of not interested in school in any sort of way that matters into him getting into college so him and john and all of them they go out drinking because you know you can drink a little earlier in other countries. Then you can't hear they're in they're they're. They're in their senior year. So everybody's talking about how they're about the their side of the world is days dif- different. It is so he's out drinking with his friends and stuff and they're all talking about headaches. Do you know. I'm about to go to college over here. And i'm going over here and even one kid he's talking about. I'm not going to cut us. I'm gonna. I'm gonna be in the family business and man you can tell you just kind of like what the fuck you know what i'm saying. He's feeling he's feeling that way you know they're kind of disenchanted way. You feel about life when you don't necessarily have your plan formed out what you shouldn't because you're seventeen you know what i'm saying but of course the world is making you feel like you should have your ship planned out to a t- So he's young. Gotta go. I gotta go to the butcher because my my dad asked me to go pick up some pork cutlets. And they're like all right so he's had he gets to the bill. The butcher shot when he walks in the lights are completely off. All the lights in the cases are on so you can see all the meeting stuff illuminated but there's nobody seems to be there and he's in the butcher. He knows his butcher like his dad. I guess buys from butcher routinely so he knows him very well. He's like yo mr butcher. Where are you at. So he walks into the freezer and there is the butcher cleaning the butcher. Okay so essentially it looks as though there's a dabo ganger of the butcher cleaning the butcher. And he walked he walks in there and all he sees his like this big pool of blood and then the butcher on the ground and then somebody that looks just like the butcher over him trying to kill him. No killing him. he's dead. So the butcher walks past men and men is like y'all i see nothing i ain't seen nothing because i really i don't even know what fuck i'm looking at to begin with. And so the bourgeoisie pants and he looks at and he's like oh you're by yourself. He's like okay cool so he closed the door. And you've killed me. He tries to kill men but men. You know i told you. He got those skills with the park war. So he's dodging all around room. Finally he does breaks out and he runs away. He goes to the police department. He's like yo so the butcher was killing yourself in the freezer. And everybody's just like so. This is what you're saying. You're just my man's yeah okay you just playing games you waste. My time is what you're doing. And he was like let a murder happening so of course. The police feel obligated to go. Check it out. So they go in the bush there and he's like how dare you young man. Are you just going to just have everybody looking at me. And and and and ruining my business which are crazy as baseless claims. I killed somebody. Where's the blood. Where's it. If i kill somebody tell stupid. Which oh stupid as sole the cops are light. You ought to be ashamed. Yo damn self and taken back the and they take them back to the to the police station and they call his dead and his dad is like embarrassed and he the day grabs and makes him walk. They walk all the way back to the butcher shop. In the the the sun is just thinking like managed just thinking like how what the fuck is even going on because when he went inside the when you went inside the freezer he's slipped in failing some blood of the butchers but when he looked at his hands it wasn't a blood on his hands. There was no blood on his clothes. There was no blood anywhere in there wasn't any blood in the freeze. Oranje went so when he got when they got back to the butchers place. The butcher was lie yo. Your son is a delinquent in the dad makes bows head and he's like yeah we apologize. Can we give a by some pork. Please muslims a jackass and he sorry and so men apologize and he gets back home and his dad is like y'all when you fuck up. He's like he's i d. Do you really think lake joked about seeing a murder. You want attention that fucking bed in the debt is like i think you're a jackass. Man's like flushing and he leaves and they go home and the butchers and the window. This'll this'll split second. I don't think men song. But the bush was in the mid in the window. Now i'm not gonna go too much more deeply into that but the web tune is slap in fact is slab. Did you find your slapping is good and ours. Pretty good to like pizza seen that when he goes into the butcher shop. Everything's just read. He's like what the fuck is going on. Here you're like. Why are the lights still on. But the main lights are off. It's just. I'm excited to get into the story. But that's all. I got for the region as book club is just yeah just start. It only has ten chapters. I think more team is already though boxer. Yeah i'm on shit. You don't want Ski beat the fuck out. There bully keychain his mouth like man he beat his mother s. You see him crying in the bed like mad. I like this is possible. I think he's gonna come back to because he got. He got a standing run toward. You know what i'm saying but it's gonna be a long row for him because he really fucked him up real bad. He had to get the due to pay for his His medical expenses which was nice. Because i wouldn't have gave a foot out of holiest picking on this little boy out here. You know what i'm saying. Why why don't you pay. Your medical bills should picking on nobody. You get yo as bs. That's it like you got some sense. That's been renounced by club x. So let's get recap quit like allow 'em when you buy that amount of action that happened in fire force. We should just like y'all just going to skip the foreplay. Ha we discount skip for play. We go right right to fuck it just i. Ten minutes was just like i in minnesota show which dislike salon going on firefox company as dealing with his new demon. is getting his ass be by karen Let me tell you about care. There is a big man very very eating each and every shot. Xinhua is giving him fakes no foods in the face he smiling through it all. He's just he run. Please be my type of anime. Please you lease. I want you to please. Would you put on my face. I wanna feel it hurt me. I'm trying to work overtime. You want it all like what are you doing like this. This is a alive. I've never kicked to. I've never kicked person with both feet and nothing happened. What's happening what's going on here. What do i have to do safely dangerous. You let me know were hurt. You let me know what make sure skin tender help me help you help me beat you does. I'm saying shinners trying to figure out. Joe he's trying to figure it out so much soda he stood there and let any and got an its inlet. It took an attack to the face to face to face full-frontal whatever blocking 'cause he wanted to see what he needed to do in order to beat him. And i think he figured it out he figured it hope he figured it out so he does he determined that the way his powers work that he was not a generation a third generation he was a second generation and the way the conduit for his power was kinetic energy Which is interesting. it's interesting is look charon takes in any hate and transfers the heat and makes out explosive bags. They think that it's only. He's he's a smarty liked it then charity do. Yeah what he's like that's correct bitch gonna do correct but guess what still got this power. I'm hard body in his me again through these muslim be. You ain't getting through this muscle. Even if i didn't have the power you know. He reminds me of so. Have you ever seen a life. Football players like them real big wants. Yeah you like dislike. Put joining in baby muscular. It's just like it's like thick muscle. Yeah huge me. Their volume is. There is bro. Yeah for the volume yeah. He's definitely cubed. Big bro like my man. low the muscles. Yeah the acid cubed. Oh i've heard. I q i did take you to know i do lights up the little smiley. I liked that smile. Show me all ut. I almost the gums. Yes yes you bet a full you better fool you a smile with your fool as knowing that this may or may not be my husband. I'm putting my money on may not close. I'm gonna just sit here. Take these hits. Because i don't i'm fig. I'll fill the muscles. The biggie iggy save me okay about the beach. Is i. Laugh at his heirs would be boy. You don't know me so. She takes full blast to the face just to figure that out whole committee energy things. Like he's gonna. I'm not gonna hit you that that was like well. I'll give my homeboys do eggs. And they started they start curve stomping him they start claim related to him and he took that energy in blue. She wrote a tune book to fix sodium was there happens and shared thinks about it. He's like so. There's a moment before that explosion. The energy will attack him Yeah where where. He's not in taking the canadian injury. He's now trying to put it out. ha i can hit him in that moment So he tried to activate the The power that his cap the What's his name walla. And i his night. What's that mean. It was his first name. I just want his name was captain. Yoga is ob but his first name. I winning a little girls column but they call them yla anyways he shot remember the hand signs it right because he has one down where he Where he shoots out the rocket through his feet. He has down so now he's trying to think of how to do the rock rochman explosive explosive. One and he's having a hard time. He tries it at least ten times. Both harpo baby. And everybody's watching him be incas watching and she's like dislike. Is our here again his. Hey she's like he's living his best. Life is dangerous man is in. He doesn't even giant this that life his own. I keep on trying. But he's get it as be getting it s speech. He's getting that as so. I think if we if we go across town and the rest of the company is fighting a what do they call the ones that are like that. Like a demon yeah. They're fighting a demon and He's he's real strong like he. He's taken every hit. They're giving him you know what i'm saying. They're trying to shoot them and it's just not. It's not really not really happening new. So they're their company scientist. He comes up with a plan to basically. I i guess station. Each one of them in different parts of the city canada second generation to to to to take all the fire. They'd all the fires that are Ignited and all of the buildings and send them to that one spot in the city. Where the air. What did he say about the air's yes so you're getting air coming from all directions right. So basically his his plan is to create a fire cyclone cyclone then after five cyclones. It's done is like take all the far from the city. Put him in one cyclone external fire. Yeah to make just one huge fire extinguisher and also simultaneously us that used power to subdue the demon. And i gotta say that fight was beautiful. It really was. That was beautifully animated. Yeah monkey second-generation controlling the cyclone in the center waka job. Yeah so marty the which is over here in the senate tool in the firestorm right. They drag the demon to center. What else legs. i think. Yeah i think the catholic nobis over here trying to shoot out and be like. Oh we gotta push him in that dead motorized vehicle that. I don't know humvee. Matchbox area the matchbox shoes out water right our water. And he can't ain't he can't he he's trying like shoot the demon and he's just like bro like games when they come on man. You only have so long you gotta get them in there. Never play goal duty before. So he's like you know what. Let me just let me give you. Let me help you. Let me let me let me just assist you. Since you don't know what you're doing let me just let me just let me let me give you a little push. So he basically drives on forward on the car and gives him point blank range to get this this Damon into this fire cycle on a chair barrel in his chest so Fire demon is in the fire cyclone so then the guy with the bills shoots no. This is after this after. Lieutenant shoots a mortar in their uses. The fire cycle as a giant barrel. Thanks and then shoots him up in the air and then they extinguished that was crazy. It's crazy it's dope sinking of giant tornado as a barrel of your gun. Yeah that's wild and then after that Do with the bell. would the bail freezes. The whole fireside is crazy like man. We actually did this work. Pretty because company eight. Hey we had a fire two years ago. It's probably better than this. Yeah it was crazy. Hasn't even come up. That way was animated. It's really pretty. Is that that process of funding. We go back two chimps parts town and he's still getting his ass handed to him. Inc yo word word it is tower coming from. He's is so scary scary. But i love it myself. This is it. i'm living now. I'm living life right now. That'd be sky like uh she's really junkie. Did you ever watch gossip girl. You remember when check. Get really into lie nor harmful shit. You just got a tube broke you sell extra you gotta choose to you gotta yet. Brian then ain't fm. You gotta to that so she reminded me of this as she you like. She's like all about the thrill bro. She's all about that through 'cause she i mean she's in in the clutches of danger right now. She's just like y'all was right. Now we can diorite. Yeah she was getting his ass. Be drama saber is or at least. Try to have her be used as some tools to bring forth like world domination. Or whatever so. I think shera finally figured out Got he got the hand signs down he got the hand size down so he finally jumps on what's his name. He finally jumps on caring and just just as cares about to do his explosion. Sheriff's shimmer does the feet on the face. And i mean he blows he blows this dude up into a giant fireball shaped like satan. Okay or the devil. An he comes down. Oh boy gets blown away and it looks like shera should run right inca. He's like it's good. It's time to go. And she's even like damn. The homeboys are next incas you serve up. Yeah he like oh clearly. You've never fought him before. I mean you know hidden but you know knock them down. One hundred nine towns the size of that that was like a five storey explosion. Right there you'll boy is charged your boys day. He's not there you ain't going to be able to pull teeth samples of wanting to be able to identify his body he's charged. He's being overweight right here. The game is soda. We live there link on the barbecue too long. Maybe does he go. What are you talking about. Rick and here comes here comes care. Karen is karen. Karen is weird. Is it comes karen with the board with the two piece in a biscuit one is one one it was it was like a close are back in next her bro. I felt that the ass the levels of as believable clothesline he got. He got four hundred and eighty degrees. Yo ankles like damn. I mean that angeles her that line filter bless his heart at. I want everybody to take notice of the fact that karen only had a bruise on his cheek and a couple of scratches on the other. One remember the episode martin boxer and then nigga cars beat his mother fucking is asked to the wall. That's what i think about. He beat that as he did. That is even share. I think was just lake. I'm sure in a wall because he he knocked sharing. I mean he'd knock share into a wall. I'm sure shane rule just like what is this. Nick what is going on. This is what you suppose the or be hurt. You know what. I'm saying staggered anything and it was not then. We don't want nothing but it was nothing nothing to him. Khloe literally got thrown fifteen stories until the sky came. Back down and still ahead the stamina. Be my be my is keeps so shira gives out the wall in kansas lake. What's good what's so we going to do this again. And she she was like you motherfucking. She was ready for s. He don't give a fuck. He's got a goal. My gee i'm gonna figure out a way to beat. Joe is wasn't his head against that wall is crazy so i can't wait till next week's episode. I'm trying to see what we talking about. Because the fights is doing for me the fights are doing it for me. That was pretty much the episode. Right lots of action. Lots of action. The action yeah gonzala shit. I'm ready i'm ready for. I'm ready for the next episode. You know we only episode with five twenty six. That's wow wow you got that much. Fuck shit episode. Five the alive she off now. I know ready. I'm ready ready. I'm ready. I'm ready ready. Okay so let's sidestep into slaps now we're all cut up. We are all kadewe. We are all in one my right now right. Tokyo japan sinks twenty twenty Japan sinks twenty twenty s based off a novel series. Three news from japan author about how japan sinks titles very Self explanatory fakes. And this story is about the. What's her name the moro family. Yes yeah the moral family trying to find a way to keep the family safe Not much to explain besides the stuff that happens any so. I think we need like synopsis about it. I just think we need to talk about how we feel about it. Yeah and who we. Because i texted all when i got the episode to with the potatoes potato episode the infamous purple yam episode. And then the next episode of y'all and the way that she in did it says the way they the way that they is a story of survival. It's a lot of down because yeah from the beginning we you see everything is going on and you know. She has to leave her friends. Some of which are still alive and that underground area in an all the rover school pretty much And then she runs home and her first hurt she meets dash fuck. Her brother is right He hit his head once. The earthquake started happening and his mom. Their mom was on a plane and they don't know where their mommy's so once they all meet up you take of relief like yeah okay cool. At least he's charing parents. You know what i'm saying. We're good we're happy. We're we're we're working at a lot of side relieves. Yes yeah and then you go into your next step which will be the program episode which you're like. Oh we're having a good time. Even though everything is booked the talk exactly finally their way. Yes and then his cue. They're playing with a bore. We're not playing trying to basically make dinner but you know there's a bore and then i had a pause pause right there. I was like they did it. You know and then you say. I hope he's not dead in. The hallway is no i remember. I remember through through that through that episode. I remember there was one part where they showed. I think they showed the park near was offense but nobody read the sign and then they did. They went in. They showed the sign when they went inside. They show the sign when they went inside and saying inter yes i do not enter and then then they showed the sign again and then the dad like digging for the yam and i was just like. Oh don't do that don't do that. Why do why do you have to take it to that extreme. Why did the day ahead to die bro. Why all he wanted to do was to give his daughter. Some fucking gams spoiler alert spoiler alert. Sorry so i was just kinda like i put it in a synopsis of they. Don't wanna read it then. You know what i'm saying. They don't wanna see it there. This and i think there's a synopsis. There's two there's two synopsis on the page so scrawl put synopsis for the episode. They when they see this stuff that the episodes about they can no like. T don't wanna know about tokyo and japan sinks fast for a little bit but yeah i was just like goo-good and i was just thinking about the mom into this happened a like do with these two kids in the dark daughter. Has that personality type. Like i cannot stand kids that are really really hard on their moms and shit and i'm just like you know how hard it is. Take care of you you little spoiled little girl and then the process the death of my own husband and then also have the process surviving. Not only for me but really for you but for both yada knows yeah. She knows her own true. So she's just trying to get hurt kids where they need to be. Yeah so an to constantly get your daughter like you can't fuck this other guy and i'm just like girl oh i just want to wring your neck. Oh before and i get it. You're a teenager you're dylan but your mom's dealing to baby girl and one theme with Japan sinks is like you get really attached to those characters really quickly like y'all remember one girl that was with him and then she ended up the void glasses. Yeah brought in. They brought out with so sad. What when i saw that. It made me think of dr stone because you remember did dr star member a doctor remember when the sulfur and i was just like doctors. Donald told me dot net go. Low doctors told me that dead bird. I said oh no griddle don't do it. Don't go there yet. I broke my heart broke because like our wanted i want. I wanted to see all of them. Make it to the side in eh. What was the deal with the guy that was was he. Oh he's a neat. The the track guy he was just a knee that used to be a track star and he kinda just because he peaked when he was doing he just kind of drove him inside so who is she to him. They were childhood friends. Can she brought them glasses. Oh no no. She was like unique. Glasses glasses broke. Just the person she got up from the dude who tried to attack her wide. Does she give him. They know each other not originally not originally take care that a brother or something like you. An apocalypse yeah. They decided care for each other along the way Ten minutes later she blow next. Time is actually goes because it was like episode foresight. Who so did you feel like seeing so many deaths. It desensitizes you to feeling bad. I felt like it felt like like core. I didn't feel like it felt like torture porn. It didn't feel super. I don't think not that. I feel like it was torture porn. I'm just wondering like by like the seven death. Was you like Damn alpha you. Let's keep moving. Not really not necessarily see i binged it. I watch like. I'll watch the majority of the episodes in one evening in. Yeah i wide tanta one day. How many was there was a ten. Yes so i watched. I watched six one evening. And then the next day i watch your yeah so like by the time like i had i had already processed it. Now it's like damn. I just really got attached to the characters because i wanted to see everybody making. I wanted to at least if they couldn't okay. So like real quickly. Let's talk about the. I don't even know what that was where they were staying staying like the coltish time. Yeah with the with the With the woman they could speak to people they were dead and they and they have in the head out a we They had all that we choose her son as a conduit. That was wild wild wild and really where. They're going to turn out to be cannibals. As i'm sure i didn't know what the fuck it was gonna be but it was wild. It's fucking. i did think that she was lying but then when she said when she turned around and she was like. Look the definitely sane in there though. My sex that was weirdo was very weird. Already fucking in every sort of weird ritual thing does new sorta may see. I feel like i feel like that. Portion was odd to me. And i didn't quite one thing i have to rewatch. I understand what it was there for. Some of it was there for like relief because we had just been died. Yeah we have been through so much emotionally by duty. Have to be a like this weird type of coal. No but i mean you likey most times and colts. There's a person who's a narcissist who thinks a lot of yeah trying to push something on somebody but she really could speak with the spears because remember. She spoke with the spirit of the girl who died when they were going to the restroom. She was like she was like. I wanted to take a break anyways. Please lady go his lego. It's not your not your fault. Fax it s. it was. Yeah i just that that part that that little part in their their whole part right. There is just kind of weird to me. I don't know. I can't put i love the mom. I do love the mo. The mom is a tin net is a As that is that woman is she's amazing. Amazing like she just she did not stop like you saying one second over grieving for her husband impasse that she was like moving And some of the reviews i read. They rely they didn't really like the fake that she didn't grieve but i felt like i understood what she said when she said i feel like if i agree i won't ever get back up like i feel like if i lay down now i will never get back up like how would wendy. You have time to grieve crisis like that. I even the daughter you say. She didn't even really get degree until she was safe. And in a bed and the doctor's telling her you know hey this is the reality situation until then and grieving. I don't know when when he said that it's like people don't understand. Grieving is more than crying. From and it's that's she lost her life partner. That's she was married to him for way then. They say and like the anime if they were married for a good amount of time they were. They were together for a long amount of time. So it's like grieving. It's more the crying in sometimes sometimes though. It's not the proper way to handle your motion jess pushing through a shit to do crisis or not. Sometimes you just have to push through a if you if you just give yourself that time you like like. She says she may not be able to get back then. That is depression and the daughter. I think the daughter understood it because once the mom was the mall went through what she went through. I think the daughter basically had to pick the patana. Yeah and you say she kinda kinda was a whole time. 'cause she'd never stopped to say. Hey i got this infection on my leg and foot though and it hurts. She just kept pushing through that And she knew like she was like on her way like it was getting progressively worse. I kinda wonder why she didn't tell anybody about it. Yeah that's how i. That's how i read. It is and i feel like once they got to that they got to the compound where Where the scientists was. I felt like they had time. She had time. There was a whole last hospital wing. Right there means i'm gonna go s glassman body or something saying that was odd to me. That was left their pain choice. Yeah but i think it's an odd story choice because basically to me once we all had a chance to kinda just chill. I would have been like. Oh yeah i'd say carry this real quick 'cause shit it is. She'll try them. She was an olympics. She made she was doing that. She not only was she and her brother was in the olympics. For video game So like them was well-adjusted at unless it was fucked up. Definitely a actually. It was fucked up and you know the character with the white hair locate. Yeah kite. I love him. I'm glad he didn't skis back. I really die. He's been leaving him. I really did too because the way he says. Because i was you a piece of sheer brown away. He was just like well. Fuck you nigga smith. Get the fuck about time. I was lying dead. But i was like this is bullshit. You're an asshole. An echoes. fresh off the hills of the death of the of the of the transport so art about that. I'm heard i want him to make it where i wanted him to make. That was that was bad. He was like i got this. I got this. I'm gonna do what i got in phase but he knew he knew he knew he got tired burrow. He didn't get tired. You know he won't making bay. He knew that she. I think he knew that. I think he knew he wasn't gonna make he. That's why he tossed it. That's why he didn't run over when he knew he wasn't going to make it big and i was just like damn bro. Like i saw as own as they went over there. I was like man. That's it this'll. This'll this is a whole lot a whole lot right here and i feel her when she was in the hospital and she was. She started crying. what what else is there to do with cry. Their point lake. I lost my mom. I lost my dad. Loves my friend. I lost a lot of my friends. Everybody around me and then it was really hurtful to like come through so much like when they were trying to get on the boat and they told him they couldn't because they weren't full japanese ot brought up piss me off so bad they you know they release it at a very solid time in the world. They yeah so for them so like go through their first. It's like so many up and downs. Because i you're like oh you can get on the boat because you you know you qualify on the boat so she can get on the boat but then she's like i just found out something about my mom so she runs back to her mom and then our endanger again and even then you would have been leaving your end behind You know. I'm saying your mom knew because she she was trying to unload her kids anytime she like. Hey can you just take my daughter. can you take my son. You know what. I'm trying to keep at least if i can get one of them. You know what. I'm saying then i can try to work on this one last thing i have to be stress about. I can get this next kid and help them out. You know what i'm saying but to like go from being on the high about on the boat in the low of finding out this is. What's wrong my mom. And the high of like we got another boat and then the low of them now separated from my mom and then the high of oh i found my mom and the low of. Oh my mom's i in yala together in the rap scene they they freak out. They could have kept that lesson. I thought it was cute. It was even the even though quadriplegic guys though he was trying to do he's doing a late q. Cute it was cute but so what. So what are your impressions. How do you feel. Don't know. I read reviews. And it's just the it's this weird feeling of not grief but relief. It's definitely relief when the story ended. Slake i'm glad it ended this way. Yes because there was some disaster with like. Please don't let this indian. Be one of them. Die because i would have been so sad if they fought their hard just for one at him to make. It's that relief that i'm glad it ended this way but it's also in my fucked up in my back of my mind. I'm like it's unfortunate that in real life scenarios is won't always happen that they got really lucky. I feel like that. I feel like they're scenario could have been a real life scenario. They lost their mom. They lost their dad. They lost everybody around him. You know what i mean. They were lucky as fuck for them not to be the ones that die but at the same time they weren't luggy their parents died. He sounds like remember as split ways from the group of people live. They live because remember. You saw a little boy at the end. Today's he had the pitcher so those people live at the end. So it's like we took a really hard path and a lot of died but we made it but like i. I thought that was. I liked that. They didn't let let the parents or i. I'm not happy to anybody died. But i think it's realistic that they lost both their parents. Yeah i think that's very realistic now. Kite is a lucky bitch. He's a lucky bitch. 'cause he was even at the he was even at the olympic he was there and i was just like you know that. Thanks i thought that was like everybody else died. He died too. I just thought he. I really thought he was gonna freeze it if he's saying. I'm the luckiest man alive. I'm not. I'm not about to die. Like gumming bucked up. I'm save them. And i'm gonna live and they will. If it wasn't for him they will die. There was not going to survive that. I definitely do like the message of them thanking. Everybody did help them survive. They really persevered a really persevered. That old guy. What a weirdo weirdo. He's he was quadriplegic. he didn't talk now. Know that the old grandpa going yeah. He's losing his sheet. He was he was soon he was saying now he was see now. He was also addicted to morphine. Who's addicted to drugs. Yup yup he had like a little harder to go like you saw. You'd like you want it. Like at first i was like this. Is this old man. The losses motherfucking mind. And then like you see these like little bits of like. I don't know what was going on. I i thought it like that lady was his his wife and she had ran away then. I realized that he was just crazy. Yeah he was just crazy crazy. Yeah like my. I really did have the heart form in them. Lie but not was in his mind enough to know that he didn't wanna see them people not live. You know what i'm saying. He was in his mind and he wanted that little boy to get editor and like he will to keep keep up with that chase a little boy. Their latest son was the conduit for the psychic. To just fucking that was that was wild. I was like damn long. It was crazy. I liked it. I thought it was. It was sad though. I liked it. It was saying. And i don't know what the fuck i thought. I was going to be receiving something. How japan sinks. I don't know what. I thought that was going be i was in i was i was so alarmed i will action and i go and when dad died i was like oh i know you're police. Sit down and get some tea get get a right move for the yeah dishes heavy. I watch so like. I definitely recommend it blah going in not heavy roller coaster right. And we're gonna heavy time right now. So if you're kind of bordering on it i'm happy today. I'm saying tomorrow type of i don't watch. Don't watch in a better like mentally ill mental state where you can separate yourself from the characters because watching so many people die and you get attached. Really real quick. Yeah especially now kristie with their first one sees get attached to characters. Yes oh yeah. I definitely recommended. But like keep your mental health at the forefront of your mind. Yeah watch something like that. yeah so. that's all ahead for this last. I just wanted us to discuss that a little bit. That was wild My other slap would be umbrella academy season to like five percents in dirty mouth. See over dinner sick gonna catch up on p valley a watching season two next week. That's pretty good. Yeah well. I watched the first season. We're in And so yeah. I'm starting next week. Because you know i'm interested to see how. The sister deals with being in the fifties. I'm interested to see how she deals with is the only black character and then i was thinking about that. They had went to the past. I was like there's literally no point in history. She can go to a. She's gonna be comfortable. Yeah the ninety. And that's bad that's fucking said that's fucking that's messed up where they could go where she would just be accepted and even in the nineties. You still weren't accepted depending on a yeah. Well yeah because what did they end up in. La okay but she. She had the power for that type of thing though so she got to say i heard rumor. Got me fucked up fucked up. Gummy fluffed up here. I seen her long as skirting curls. Say now it'd be going through it. She gets she and his wife. She's in his white family dynamic. Will there's other races of people. But did they handle it. Well are they handling it. Well well okay okay okay. I'm with it. I'm with it. It's very realistic. In like what she does. And house von yet. She's okay 'cause i've lost so much less. She loves her complete shooting There there was a shit father he was he was a shit father and the sad thing about it is i think he did what he thought was best. Wash wash season two. I'm milwaukee we don't watch it tonight tonight. I'll watch no keanae watching. Tv's offer a dam. Sure next is music crystal. You got anything from uh. Let me think about that. Required so I've just been listening to light the stuff that child suggested last week. And let me talk about my girl leeann. The heavy this listen to that album. The highlight ready voice. Her voice is so pretty and like my favorite song off of her new album which is self titled. Please don't make me cry. I play their light ten times a day. 'cause it's just so beautiful here voices just i appreciate so my r&b right. I appreciate organic. Sounds that makes any sense. Instrumentation acoustic like sounds. That you actually. I mean all sounds are creative. But i'm not. I'm talking like using instruments and stuff of that nature and not like a stereo sound for which most no disrespect to light most rb artists f. o. Studios with instruments. Yeah i like a like stuff like that. so don't my r&b may standardise so great. Yeah everyone had a few very young artists use instrumentation. I love love instrumentation but marin be choices are getting a little bit better. I don't have any names for you right now. But he's listening to give yes. He thinks that album is so good in short reign or like twenty four minutes so ally when we recorded last we. I listen to like y'all suggest it giving him was quick because he was only he was only twenty four minutes. And then ray. Ray kelly yup. Yeah i really like. I really like her. I really liked her. Yeah i really liked her. And then i listened to dear. Sip is silence. i listen to him to. Yeah that's all. I've been listening to science. I listened to was called jungle see. Jp you listen to men. Says she's definitely was jungle percy and flow. Millie those are been seeing a flow. Millie float around a lot. I him flow mealy. I think science out the back. So i'm going to try. Give it a try jungle policy right right jumbo pussy gohar which one to listen to jay slap sometime people have the ramps but they don't have the beats j. beathard. Jbs has hits man whole cd's. Good yeah j. P. three asala. You're ready to ride Long way long way home thrown up in my armpit philomena dake alabama are some real down dirty sheets trader. Joe's as my shit on this So yeah it is junk pussy and out artists. I've been listening to is georgia smith. Love her her lost and found they. I will miss so good bro. I love that album. Don't watch me cry blue lights. And wonder oh borough. Blue lights is on my sheet. As i played that a lot last year they would be my morning gabum. Now maybe breaststrokes ripe restaurants every now and then air now knin. I'm not you know well versed. Let's find cover. The site usually do covers. Coling more Original stuff with other artists. They have that wine. Kendrick medley that. I really like But they have original stuff Look we'll call by brass tracks. I've been completely on repeats. And yeah that's my music. What about you I was taken a listen to. Id soul and she's she's lie. If i can give you like an ideal her sounds kinda like really is giving me yawn. Like smirnov meets no-name okay now no name has. They're kind of Poetic field her rap. Disco has that too but not quite as intricate. but i really like her a I think she's a lesbian. Maybe no she is for sure. She gave me she out to her instagram page. I was like. Hey gary stud yeah very studies food life but arbi ivy does too though but still like can be very adamant like i think she's. She's she's a dope talent and she doesn't have a lot of spins on spotify. Let me check this out on by you. Should check her onto shoot pure on anything i've seen because his name sounds familiar. Y'all check it out. Check it out. But that's all. I was listening to aids. That's how to pick a give. Give the person a week. Gala buys what is nec's my finding is a little bit out there. But i really enjoy what i've seen of it. It's a small animation channel Have you seen that playstation animation. That's been going around of the dad who's trying to hide his playstation from his wife. A lot. I assure you this after this but i. It's a corinne comedy animation on youtube I think the best way to find this for anyone who is a mary can is because i jeez. It's weird it has like. Just oh man. I'm doing a terrible job describing this but it is super dry. Comedy animation rural shorts thing. Do you like oh yeah cartoons the pastimes but lonzo live love those type of cards short. It's team just like making really silly shorts like this i'm trying to give you a one. I think it's called ligo corinne playstation animation. You'd be able to find stuff on youtube Let me see. Because i can't read this name in korean and they have two million subscribers and they've been doing stuff for like four years. I'm surprised i never heard of them. Before look dank dobbs and you'll be able to find the youtube channel and just like go find stuff you like. I really recommend animation stuff. That's like new recruit their animation. Any animation mission says new crew. I recommend any dang dubs just look thanked youtube and tell me all that. I'm going to take out the window finding for wait. Wait i wanna though finding. I think that you guys should check out. This youtube channel femininity tv fairbanks. That you're talking about that Couple of days ago right from feminine. Etv basically does like those type of deep diving like looks into things that people may not have known about like artists uses. Yes like think. Yeah they basically do like like you can get on. You can get on youtube and you'll see somebody talking about like He's talking about You may not have known that. Tom cruise had a broken leg when he was when he was in michigan mission. Impossible but you know that type of thing like deep deep dives into like a cultural icons that we but as it affects african americans. This person is clearly in africa african american woman. I believe she. I think she's african american. I think she's an order as she like like. I recommended that you guys watch a video where she talked about like all these all these music they lo has stole from are all these black artists. She has a video about the kardashians stilling. She has resigned. Lead designers designs. She has fashioned nova novas stealing from black designer. Like she likes she really goes into others. Never seen that appropriation of our culture. And i've i've never seen that type of museum focus on black before. I've never seen it and i love videos on youtube but i have never seen anybody. Focus it through a black liens before even to show comes on even away comes on your check that out at. She has a great span of things. She talks about not just like people still from black people but she has like some dope as content on her page. Definitely and that's all. I got excited for this week. Umbrella academy about the about the watch that shit. I can't wait. I bought a new book by my favorite author. It's two hours long. So how short about the lock. My sunday podcast sunday. Ammo lock myself up in my room in. Enjoy it shortly guys. Yeah are we forgetting. Shoot the hold it out to us. That's been communist okay bye.

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Essential Oils for Mental Clarity and Motivation with Mariza Snyder

Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA

12:40 min | 2 years ago

Essential Oils for Mental Clarity and Motivation with Mariza Snyder

"Welcome to central oil solutions with DOE. Tara the podcast where you'll hear experts share insights tips and tricks on using essential oils in your life. Today's episode features Maria Snyder talking about how you can improve your brain function naturally. Hi, my name is Dr Retha Snyder. I am a functional practitioner and an avid essential oil user. I love using them in my home. And I'm excited to share with you about a presentation regarding how you can leverage the use of essential oils, and supplementation for focus and mental clarity. Now. This is a big topic. Because as you can imagine many of us, including myself, I wanna feel like my brain is functioning at peak capacity, and when our brain is working properly, we are able to focus we're able to concentrate, and we're able to really have that mental clarity. And that really is a great side for our body Fung. Improperly. Now when it comes to boosting brain power and getting that focus and mental clarity that we're all looking for on a day-to-day basis with super important as I want you to consider supplementation nutrition and essential oils. So when I talk a little bit about supplementation. Because that is something that I want you to be considering every single day a big part of making sure that our brain is functioning at an ideal capacity is that we're doing things every single day to move the needle. So that we're feeling that way. So that we're we're able to make the most of of our ability to function to learn really to do the things that we love. So let's talk about supplementation. Now Tara has to incredible supplements that I take every single day in specifically. I think a lot about focus mental acuity concentration. Like, how can I really get the most bang for my buck when it comes to supporting brain function. Now, the first supplement is going to be the lifelong vitality pack now this trio. It literally designed to help to support your brain and your cellular function as well. So I highly recommend taking that morning and evening, then the other supplement, which you may not know as much about is might owe. To max, no might owe to max is our energy and vitality supplement. But specifically it works on might Akon drill function. And your mighty country is your energy powerhouse in. It's really helping for your brain your heart all of your cells in the body to function at peak capacity, and I recommend taking might to max in the morning and in the early afternoon. So you really get the most bang for your buck when it comes to using that supplement. Now, the other thing I wanted to mention is gut health as you guys know, your gut is your second rain. And so I want you to be thinking about how you can support your gut when it comes to brain health as well. So I highly recommend taking the tears. I'm it's our digestive enzyme. It helps to ensure that when you're eating all of those greens, healthy fats, cleaned proteins, all of the. Foods that are great for voting that memory and mental clarity that they are getting digested and actually going into the system. So that your body gets the most benefit the other supplement that I love is PBS cysts. Again, we want a really healthy gut and the probiotic is a wonderful way to do that as well. So now that we've got our settlements and our bases covered. Right. We were all of the cellular support all of the energy and all of the gut house. We are now ready to talk about probably my favorite conversation when it comes to mental clarity and focus is essential oils. Now again, as I mentioned before it's so important to be using us into oils on a daily basis when you're looking for really great results. It's really about that daily usage, and I cannot stress that enough. So let's talk about the top five oils when it comes to mental clarity, focus concentration all the things that we're looking for now, the first one that I absolutely love, and it's gonna be no surprise to you. It's going to be ROY. Mary Rosemary has been known as a number one energy and memory booster for many, many many years due to all of the incredible research. What we know is that there is one particular chemical constituent in Rosemary called one eight signal, and what that does it helps to increase the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and that helps to boost memory, focus and concentration. So we actually can demonstrate that Rosemary boost all of the things that we're looking for when it comes to getting our brain a little bit of an extra something. Now, the favourite oil that I love when it comes to using Rosemary is motivate. Now motivate is one of our Goto, aromatherapy, essential oils and motivate is by far one of my absolute favorite essential oils. That does Tara Carey's now when it comes to motivate I love to breathe it end through inhalation. So what I'll do is put this oil on my palms. Like this rub. My palms together. And then just breathe it in. Especially oh it smells, so good. Especially when I'm working on a big project, or let's say it's in the afternoon of Fillon. Like, I'm getting a little bit of an energy slob. This is my go-to oil now when I'm trying to get things done on a day-to-day basis. I also love to put this oil topically behind my ears by act of my neck. I just love to get that experience that piper men in there has that little tingle. So motivate is about to become your best friend as much. It is my best friend like I never ever travel without this oil. Now, the second oil that I love is basil a basil is found in aroma touch pass, tents and motivate these three of my go-to blends and the cool thing about basil. Is that it helps to relieve mental exhaustion? I know that there are days where you've just taken on tons on your plate fill in a little bit exhausted. Maybe even a little bit overwhelmed that tends to happen to me at like three to six o'clock in the afternoon when I'm finishing up work. And I know I've got more stuff to do later on in the night. That's when I'm starting to feel like I'm from a little fatigued in my brain is still a little bit. Like mush of you've been there before. But I've definitely experienced mushy brain many many times so basil is that great oil that just kind of rejuvenates refreshes you and just get you right back in your game. And like I said it's in the motivate bland, it's in past tense, and I love past tense because it's a roller. So it's super easy to roll over. And then don't even get me started on aroma, touch, my favorite massage oil, not only does it help to release any nerve tension or any type of stress that I'm experiencing in my muscles. But it also gives you that little extra edge to get back on track. So basil is number two. Now number three is going to be frankencense Al Franken since as we know is the king of oil of personal favourite. And what I love about frankencense is one it blends well with so many other essential oils, and my favorite little energy booster. Combination is a combination of frankencense peppermint and wild orange. They usually put it in the little roller like this. I'll do a combination of a one to one to one ratio. And I will roll it over whatever area. I'm just working on it gives me that extra little energy boost. But Franken says is also not only great for supporting cellular to cellular function overall. So it's a such a win win essential oil. But it's also great at helping to reduce stress levels helping to boost mood which I love, and it's great for helping to improve focus and minimizing distractions. Like, I didn't really know that about frankencense. But when I use frankencense, I am honed back into the task. So that I can get things done that I had had on my list to begin with. I don't know about you. But I love to check things off my list. And so Franken says it's one of those oils that helps me to check off those tasks as a go throughout the day number four is petrole now for Tuli is such a beautiful essential oil. It's so. So grounding, and I think about it as a really amazing emotional support oil specifically, it's great for anytime. You're feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Petrole is amazing over the heart on the wrists. I love it on the temples potentially is in whisper, one of my favorite essential oil Bland's. I love that oil. And I always think of it as my kind of my instant, grounding, reset stress planned kind of similar to balance. Those two are very similar for me. But I love to wear whisper on my wrist, especially in the evening where I'm just trying to relax and get the things done that I need to get done for the evening of the night. And what I do love about the Tuli is that again, it's just great for defusing. It's great for just helping to get you back on focus as you're able to kind of relieve any of that stress or any of those emotional tensions. You could be dealing with. Now. Number five is citrus oils. And I can't begin to tell you how much oils. Not only boost mood, but also energize the senses citrus. Citrus bliss motivate wild, orange grapefruit. I can go on and on about the citrus oils, but they are getting their those energy boosters there those great mood boosters, it's just such a great combination. Where you're using citrus is with like motivate or using Cisse's with peppermint and frankencense. So you kind of get hall of the benefits of those oils. And that leads me to my last loyal, which is peppermint now. Peppermint, as we know it's got that amazing cooling sensation. I love the little tingle that it gives I one of my favorite little hack. Let's say this is a motivate roller. I love to pop the top of my motivate roller out a little bit more peppermint into it. And then roll it the back of my neck behind the ears. So not only can I get that mental boost. But also, I get that little extra tingle that energizes me as well. So a great hack is to just add a little bit of peppermint to whatever you're using to kind of give you that. Instant energy boost. So that you're kind of oxygenating the body and just really waking up the brain. So peppermint wonderful oil to us to keep yourself focused and motivated now really quickly. I wanted to just mention some of the oils that I love particularly the blends in tune is a great oil. It also has Pachulia in it. It has frankencense that has Lang Lang lime in Santa would these are all great concentration boosters motivate as you know, is one of my absolute Goto favourite oils again for visiting concentration and mental focus. It's got clementine peppermint, and then basil and Rosemary really, this is the go-to oil for really helping to create that mental and emotional kind of boost that you're looking for a Roma touch citrus bliss and cheer those are my other three favourite blends. So what you're going to do is you're going to figure out what blend is right for you and kind of your emotional and mental wellbeing cut play with these. A little bit. I think you're gonna find that some of them are really going to perk you up and get you going when you need it most. And then when it comes to all the oils that I mentioned today I wanted to just let you know that these are all for topical and aromatic uses. So just applying them to the wrist to the temples breeding them in Aramaic Lear, even diffusing them by your work. When you're studying wherever it is that you need that extra energy that extra memory concentration boost that's going to be the best way to use these oils. It's wanted to share that with you. And again, the last thing I wanted to mention is it's all about daily usage. So the more that you're consistently using these oils throughout the day. I promised you're gonna feel sharp, and you're gonna feel ready to roll when it comes to add a task that you are looking to tackle. So I hope you begin to integrate these oils into your home. My goodness. They are by far the biggest needle mover when it comes to getting me focused and really creating the health and wellness that I desire thanks for listening and congratulations on living at healthier lifestyle. With essential oils. If you wanna keep track of what you learn today or to use this podcast in the class. Download the accompanying worksheet through the podcast homepage at DOE. Tara dot com slash US slash Ian slash podcast. Make sure to subscribe. So you don't miss an episode. If you want to try the products, you just learned about Goto DOE, Tara dot com or find a wellness advocate near you to place. Your order today. Check out past episodes by searching essential oil solutions on apple podcast, Google play or Spotify. Also, use the share button to share an episode with someone who needs it.

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Local Actress on NatGeo; Spring Breakers Help Those in Need; New Homes on Former Golf Course

Gwinnett Daily Post Podcast

06:31 min | 4 months ago

Local Actress on NatGeo; Spring Breakers Help Those in Need; New Homes on Former Golf Course

"Welcome to the gwinnett. daily post. Podcast today is tuesday march. Twenty third happy birthday to actress keri russell whose forty-five today i'm dan ratcliff in here. Your top stories brought to you by peggy sloppy properties lawrenceville resident and actresses appearing in national geographic's aretha franklin biographical series georgia gwinnett. College students are spending their spring break. Serving people in need student leadership. Johns creek groups made a donation to help restore the macedonia. African methodist church cemetery ashton woods is opening a four hundred sixty five home encore development on a former golf course site in duluth former parkview coach. Michael thomas is set to lead brookwood girls soccer program and a bill. Removing some powers from county board of health is moving in the georgia. General assembly has the time. Come for you and your family to buy or sell a new home. Peggy slap properties is here to help hegi and the team had been in surrounding areas for thirty eight years. Helping folks just like you and me. Peggy slap you. Properties consist of more than thirty five realtors realized. Fostering strong relationships with community is the key to their business. They worked with you. Regardless of circumstance residential homes are newly built they have listings all over the county in today's climate. You hear a lot of noise from others on how they can help the difference. Peggy sloppy properties. They're buying and selling for neighbors family and friends. Don't you believe you'll get the most value from a team that knows the lay of the land. Visit peggy slapping properties online at esp online dot com or. Give them a call at seven. Seven zero two seven one five five five five seven seven two seven one fifty five fifty five peggy peak properties delivers the very best in gwinnett georgia real estate. Because you deserve no less. The queen of soul aretha franklin died in two thousand eighteen lawrenceville resident. Tina fears wanted to do something to honor the life and music of the legendary singer. So the actor organized a one night only tribute concert at the aurora theater with metro area. Musician singing retha songs. Flash forward nearly two and a half years after that concert and aretha franklin is playing another part in fears. Life teen appears playing gospel singer. Clara ward who was a mental to aretha franklin in national geographic channel's aretha franklin biographical series called genius aretha. Miss fierce said. She will be in at least two of the eight episodes in the series appearing opposite both young and adult versions of aretha franklin. We talked with tina fears about being on the show. You can hear her story in the gwinnett daily post podcast from sunday march twenty. First georgia gwinnett college. Students spent the first half of their spring break working on community service projects with gannett habitat for humanity. As part of the colleges break program. They went to houses as part of habitats brush with kindness program to help residents. Who have home repair needs. That require attention but are unable to fix themselves. They also volunteered at habitats restore in lawrenceville deems from student leadership. Johns creek made a donation to the johns creek historical society this past weekend to help restore the macedonia. African methodist church cemetery located in the city. The groups from centennial and north high schools presented a check for thirty one hundred dollars to the historical society. Residential community between peachtree industrial boulevard and the chattahoochee river in duluth will soon welcome its first residents homebuilder ashton woods announced the encore community will open up this summer in the former hooch. Golf club location development will have four hundred sixty five homes including single family homes and townhomes on one hundred forty six acres split into six village style residential districts vinyl number of lots included in encore is just under half of the nine hundred seventy one lots that were originally proposed in two thousand nineteen. Why by kia mall of georgia. We provide award winning. Customer satisfaction have been a family owned business for over twenty years. Buying or leasing with us is fast easy and you could get pre approved online enforce simple steps we offer top dollar on trade ins and have new vehicle specials that are updated every month and are factory trained technicians make servicing your vehicle convenient with extended service hours. Stop by and shop with us on the lot or visit us online at love. My key dot com michael. Thomas is switching sides of the five forts. Tricalm rivalry the former parkview head. Boys soccer coach will be the head girl. Soccer coach at brookwood for the twenty twenty one twenty two school year filling vacancy that bronco boys coach adele. Molson is covering on an interim basis this spring. Mr thomas was parked news head boy soccer coach for nine years two thousand fifteen season. He was previously coach at salem for ten years when he stepped down for opportunity with usa test. Prep running the science department. Since two thousand fifteen. He decided recently to ship back in teaching in coaching legislation. That would take away. The power of county boards of health to appoint local health directors. And give it to the state public health commissioner weirdo georgia house committee on tuesday under current law commissioner dr kathleen toomey selects directors of each of the state's eighteen districts. The original bill introduced in the senate would have given the state much broader powers local health districts including their ability to make their own rules. The senate passed the bill last week. Thirty seven fourteen with democrats and republicans on both sides of the issue. It now moves to the house rules committee to schedule a floor. Vote in that chamber. Thank you for listening to the gwinnett. Daily post podcast. This podcast is a production of bgi group. Please like follow and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

aretha franklin gwinnett ashton woods lawrenceville Peggy georgia dan ratcliff African methodist church hegi Johns creek peggy macedonia aurora theater retha keri russell duluth Clara ward genius aretha daily post Michael thomas
19: Amritha Shakti Artist Interview

Sounds On The Couch Podcast

28:52 min | 4 months ago

19: Amritha Shakti Artist Interview

"I am your hearst karen. Hiding and welcome to the sounds on the couch podcast. We are committed to creating ways of empowering emerging artists to move forward in their music careers and to provide you with access and tools and racehorses that you need to live a life filled with passion. Creativity h episode. We'll bring you interviews with passionate and knowledgeable experts within the music industry and independent artists. That are moving forward with music careers. I look forward to sharing this journey with the this episode i spoke to has retha shefty. She is an indian australian soul and our basing over the passion for fusing her indian roots into music. She trained in the south indian classical music at the age of four and her voice lies between tenderness and grit to convey empowering messages of self love and social change. Within this interview we sparked so much about getting involved in community and doing social justice for the world to it. Definitely an empowering interview and know that you'll gain so much out of it so let's just diving. Hello i'm right. The karen has going good. Thank you thank you so much for joining us today. My pleasure. Thanks for having me. Oh you're very welcome So i guess if we just jump straight into things eve had a very interesting journey with your music and your background you may be give out audience a little bit of insight into your background and your musical journey where you have come. Yeah absolutely so. I'm indian australian. And i feel like my family who are from. The south of india moved over to jalen two years old. I'm always carried like a really strong passion for south indian classical music and like essentially like their culture in the form of music which for them ranged from classical film. And so as i was growing up i would just always be immersed in india music and i kinda started learning classical properly from my mom at the age of four did that for a few years and then started teaching myself how to sing like the women in bollywood essentially. It's i'd like home from school. Then i just like go to. My room closed the door. And just start basically just imitating the songs that i heard And for me he was like my way of making sense of like my culture and my roots and reconciled to the fact that although i felt different rice stepped out of the door It was it was like a. It was a difference that i could feel happy about and an empowered about And so that's sort of where it really started for me. And i like you said i had really interesting journey with music in the sense that for me was always like a really personal and private thing like it was just something that i did for me to release emotions to heal. It's a feel good. And i only really started singing publicly. Maybe like four or five years ago. And so i've kind of been doing a closeted way my whole life and it's really interesting just the loss years in terms of like navigating bad that process of turning it from something so private into something so public and out. I'm trying to figure out. Like what do i stand for now. That i like have taken this publicly and and just all of these questions that have just pop into your mind but it's been it's been a crazy dirty. It's been awesome. So what was it that made you decide to take public when it had been such a private thing previously. Yes so. I like. I basically have like too big laws in my life and i my first one is All about social impact and social change. And how do you like bring about a a more equal. By like combining your business skill sets in the social sector and so that was always like my biggest passion and around. I think two thousand and sixteen. I had had having worked towards that goal. For like years. I had come to a point After working in india. For a year. Where i i don't think i'm making impact and i don't feel like i'm aligned and something through so and so. I came back home to australia. And i felt really lost. I felt really directionless. And i was like like you know like social impact had been such a big part of my identity for so long that it felt like i kind of lost myself and in that in that void. The the thing that i fell back onto was music because it had always been there And then i kind of just let that guide me rather than me guiding myself through music through goals or anything. I just sort like less to see where it goes in like. Italy started out with knee posting. I think it was like a like a like a hindi cover on youtube. And i was like yeah. That was really fun. I feel really great was rego's and then never could have imagined that it would turn into like being a songwriter or are actually writing my own music. So it came out of a place of healing. That's amazing and what was your experience in that so when you did put it out. Was it something that you would just super excited about or was it something that you are a little feeling a little bit apprehensive about it being put out into the world. I think I i remember like hitting Published that day on that video and it whichli felt like like a release info. Really good and i was like okay. Well right now. My life doesn't make sense without one moment where i felt like everything was great that that moment some really good delicious. Keep doing this until like we see what happened I i kind of just ended up following that feeling. I didn't really have any fear around it. The fear kind of came as you as you started to understand what you're getting into as like being professional artists but like in those initials stages though is just about a release unlike that ceiling. That's amazing and sort of with that fia. How have you managed that when it's come through it's It it's come through so many different ways. I think one of the first things he realizes he start taking. Your art. public is like the level to which you expose yourself to other people's opinions and often negative opinions and it's an and just being able to manage that was like probably my first ear and my first learning so. I think it was very much like these are the things that are coming up that i'm so afraid of but i want to continue down this pot so i've got to figure out some way of of dealing with it that would enable me to continue beat. Continue being on this in a way. That's like resilient and strong so sort of like. I guess like trial by fire like you just kind of go through and you're feeling on this beer you're like do it anyway. Do it anyway and eventually you overcome it and you and you become stronger in a way. It's been a really spiritual journey as well. Yeah no it sounds like it saying spiritual kind of the hallway. What what dispirito -ality main tier 'cause. I know that you already songs do. Have that element of spirituality through them. Yeah for me. i think it's It's reconnecting with the fact that we are all divine and there's like such a beautiful creative energy in every single human being and it's all around us and it's sort of like being able to shut your mind down and shot like all of the thoughts that are kind of standing in the way and reconnecting to that power And and i think a lot of like. I said like even with the fear staff with music. A lot of that was like. You're you're not. You're fear you eat your bigger than the things you're dealing with so like reconnect with the device constantly about that reconnections. That's amazing. i think. Also you mentioned a little bit about touching. Oh you touched on The social change aspect. And i know that with your music with your platform. You do a lot of social change work you also have done a lot through. You've mba from columbia business school in new york as well which you've been used to work the united nations For sorry of these wrong for the the world bank and for the indian government as well. Yeah so what. Where did they need to work with. Social change come from and what. Where's your focus within social change such good question I think it was always a part of me I feel like for me like herpes is really important. And like if. I don't know why i'm doing something. It completely messes with my ability to even do it and so i remember when i was seventeen. I started working in corporate I didn't know why i was doing it. I was like two years in this. Is eating away at my soul. Because i don't know what my is. And i i know it's not this and for me. It was very much like going back to india And reconnecting with my roots and being aware of like inequalities there and then being forced to think about well what are some inequalities like in my backyard. I'm like it just kind of josue into this this realization. That like there's a duty on your on your behalf you've got all of your like primary needs taken care of like food shelter safety. That's good suddenly. It's like duty on your behalf to ensure that everyone else has that as well. And like i think ever since that bat realization crossed my mind. This is like this is all. I wanna do for the rest of my life and like i think on your question. Like what part of social change. I think there's two elements to it. I think i'm really passionate about like the concept of ending extreme poverty. Because i think it's absolutely ridiculous. That in twenty twenty. We still have to stop. Such thing still exists And then within that like how do you do that. In a gender perspective because poverty Obviously impact women disproportionately. How do you empower women to lead to lead communities and empower communities out of that situation. I think that's just something i'm just. I get chills. When i talk about it because it's been so passionate and you can say exuberation out of you as well. It's it's amazing and you use that. Use your platform for that but on top of that you've also got an online community Which you have discussions with your audience members about music self love and social changes. Well tell me about why you decided to to stop these. What it's meant for you throughout that journey and what it's become when i started and i just put that cover out. I don't think i really had any goals as such and then the woman i started realizing that can now that i'm like putting things out in public. I'm interacting with people. And like at that point in time i felt like i was in such a funk like i just come back from india i felt like i had no direction in my life. I meant being impactful in. I had a moment. Then that i realized what impact can i have just now like right now and like you know. There's my family like. How can i make them happier. There is people who have commented on my youtube video. How can i make them happier. Suddenly like mindset kind of shifted to okay like that that level of responsibility around like you need to make the world a better place because you have everything taken care that extends to that extends to music as well so imagine if like every time i put something out the platform or the community that we built was around that was around like lifting our consciousness and being kind and and you know there there's physical poverty but there's also like emotional mental already in that stuff feeling of loneliness and mental health. Like how do you start addressing things on like a metaphysical level so like all of that was like okay like we can try to do this through my farm like even if it's like one post a day and it makes one prison feel a little bit better that's like that's still cows and like hopefully just kind of adds up And that that's that was sort of intention behind it as i started getting into it a bit more. It's incredible and i guess. Where do you find the time to do all the so. You've got your platform you working on all these social change aspects and you're doing your music. How do you manage your time question. And i wish i could do. War is like my like reactions. That i wished i just i wish i had more energy and more passionate to like do more but i think a lot of it. I truly believe that like rather than thinking of like. Where do you get the time like. It's like how do you get the energy. Like i feel like if you can. You can sit there at two. Am and be exhausted. But all of a sudden. I did this yesterday where i was sitting there by eight. Pm on like. I'm so tired. Was going to like a veg out on on on the couch and like okay like is there a way that i can bring energy back to me so that i can actually work on something. Unlike the moment. I thought about like the things that i'm passionate about like i sort of visualized like a young girl who like who was like in need like mentors. You're y the moment he kinda connected that it was you like the energy just came back and i was like all right. Let's do it. i'm back. I'm back so I think it's something. I really want to continue working on. I think it's sort of like. How do you continue to dislike manifest energy in yourself because you're so passionate. Unlike bring that into your approach. I think when you have passion when you feel purpose like it's just like you can get things you just get things done and it's like it's really cool. That's amazing and i guess if somebody's sitting here and they do tend to struggle with energy. What do you think he can recommend to them to start to think in this way or to start. Maybe practicing trying to build their energy d think visualizing. How do you explain to someone to go about that. I i have this belief that like every single human being wants to do something beyond themselves like they want to serve a purpose or like help another person like you hear it everywhere like everyone feels the most filled when you help another human being or any hope. Another cause and so. It's almost like i think comes back to like what's your why like if you could if you had a billion dollars today and you could solve any problem in the world. What would you put that money towards. I think that will reveal to yourself like what that higher purpose is. And then when you when you think about that higher purpose on a daily on daily basis wake up in the morning maybe like meditate kind of like get your mood in that space and then kind of like visualize that higher purpose and like yours your your role in that like that energy comes because because i think that's what drives us fundamentally we're all in so so wanting to help each and so wanting to connect and it's just like find like find that in you. Yeah and i guess it's they sign. That energy isn't just these like finite kind of thing that just runs out. Is it something that you can continually generate. Which is very fascinating and so you're sorry it's like in abundance yeah I so i guess. Before we jump into the music that you've been creating How can people find your community if they'd like to join out so i feel like i'm very active on instagram at the moment and so i'm rita dot chuck be And then i'm also kind of trying to be a bit more regular with my like email newsletters but those newsletter is kind of cool. Because i think it's just like knee writing essays about like my experience with like working through depression and working through certain things coming to a point of like self love and and spirituality so i think those are the two key places. That's beautiful survey cently. You've released your single and your music video for take me harm. Would you like to be a. Would you like to let us know a little bit about what inspired the song and what it means to you. Yeah for sure it was Is actually the first song ever written. And so i didn't i didn't even i didn't know what songwriting was like. I said it was never part of the latin. And i think it kinda like the melody somewhat came to me when i was meditating and i was like okay this is cool and i kinda just wanted to wanted it to be about all of this stuff. We've been talking about today where it's sort of like connecting to that your your higher self and so that home is actually in in reference to that like everyone's true home is like that divinity in themselves and like come take me back take me back there and i think the intention of the song was to essentially do that as a reminder to everyone that's where we all come from had it you go about mean if it was your first song ever written. How did you go about that did you. Were you able to seek some help in terms of putting together. Oh what was your process like. Absolutely like i feel like the entire. Ep wouldn't exist to take me long in in in my debut ep. On that entire evening would not exist if it weren't for a group of incredible jazz musicians back in sydney who like i would sort of go to them with this like this is my intention. Here's the melody and here's like rossi survive. But i don't know what to do next and like like magician. They would just be like what do you think of this cord. What do you think of this arrangement. And then i'd like. Oh why don't we bring us to our into it in a subway and make it more indian and like it's just without them like i i guess i can like shot them out like samsung and especially from did need like both incredible in terms of being able to guide the arrangement side of it. That's amazing and then in terms of putting it out. What was your process like. What would it look like. I feel like the thing. I continued to struggle with the most is putting my music out. Because there's there's a level of expectation that you attached to it and then you put it out and you're like gods not hitting it and like i don't know what to do and it's it's a level of like i think i need to kind of let go of the control around it a little bit but May strategy was essentially like. I wanted to hit home for the instagram community. That i have been blessed enough to have and like. I wanted it to be really personal on that community. I kind of went about like telling the story behind like all the imagery behind the music video spent especially Like wire wrote the song. And i think it really resonated at a deep level on that community and then i think as a secondary thing i was like okay we should probably think about spotify and all of the other things as well i think more than anything else. I was like okay. Let's i really wanted meaning to come across and that was the most important thing for me. Dusty infidelities who've never seen your video. Would you like to maybe take them through what happens within the music video. Yeah so it kind of. It's like a commentary on everything that i've had to sort of unplugged bomb or like unbelieving during like my twenties and so it starts off with me is like dungeon. And i'm like damping papers. And i'm surrounded by clocks and there's this like really big like binder called the script next to me and i'm like hof and corporate clothing in like indian wedding clothing and all the imagery on that is just the level of like how trapped i felt living within the constraints or expectations of not only like the indian community around. Like you should be married by now or like all of that as well as like. Oh like corporate world like you need to like. Climb up the ladder. You do this and like you know purpose matters less than the work and the money you earn all these things that were really dragging me down and throughout the video. It's all about just like how i take those shackles off. And how like certain themes of spirituality and my like connection. India like healed me and helped me in enabled neighborhood needed like self express in a more powerful way in a more authentic way and it's amazing That you've been able to go through that journey and an overcome. I mean there's some pretty strong constraints to be able to to tackle into move beyond. So how how do you feel lucky. Many journey. I think. I'm i think a lot of it is inner work like i feel like you. There's there's so much out there in terms of like hustle really hard work harder than your competition. And i actually genuinely think it's inner work like the if you can spend eighty percent of your time like going within meditating figuring out who you are what you're what your self sabotage tendencies are and why they exist and cleanse that unlike become the sort of person you wanna be when you get to your goal then everything else like comes from that and mike manifest that and i genuinely think like meditation. It has changed my life and like enabled me to like come out of some pretty dark places in my life to a point where like even if materially like certain things in music don't work out i still feel like i still feel worthy and i think that's that's the message we need to start sending the world is like it's all about your inner world and like starting from there and i think you've shined that so much as well like music is amazing but it's a platform for so much molefi a rich. I think it's beautiful So i guess the next question is what is what does the future hold for you. What do you have plans in the near future. Such a cool question on actually. Like i'm actually rebranding because i feel like my daily was great. It was like very cathartic for me. I needed to do it. But it was also me coming out of a very dark place in my life like now i feel like i wanna bring light and i and i wanna share joy and so i'm kind of i'm working with a bunch of people around like how do we sort of incorporate a lot of the spiritual things like meditation month rows chuck rows like things that i'm so passionate about into my music so that when someone you know hits play. They're hearing healing vibrations. And they're they're hearing things like automatically list them up So i think at the end of this year. If i could get to a point where i feel like my music is is light and like brings light. It brings healing. I would be so happy. Wow well i look forward to hearing all of that. It sounds amazing. Thanks and so. What i guess. Another question like success. obviously is different for everybody. And i'm very interested in hearing about what your view on being successful is in in your music area hots honestly i feel like it's changed so much in the last few weeks i feel like before this might bureau success was i need views any followers. I need like plays like. That's how i measure my success. And i think in the process of doing that i kind of fell back into that trap like just the rat race again. This very rat race. That i was being against i had fallen in new and so the last few weeks i've sort of really been reflecting like okay like obviously want to keep doing the and to this day. I still don't feel successful because of that reason because i haven't hit certain numbers but within myself. I'm starting to feel more successful because i've kept genuine genuine. I i'd like determined that my intention behind the music be like it should be a good intention. It should be an attention that intends to with vibrations and live consciousness. And as long as i stick to that even if it resonates with one person deeply like i need to start counting that as a success and that is gonna look so different to to what you see when you go on instagram. Where it's all about like the number is but i need to train myself to think about differently. Yeah absolutely do you think that I mean you shed so many amazing tidbits for you to take on already but from your experience. What kind of advice do you think he might give any office source firing oddest. That might be watching this and be inspired by what you've done. Oh my gosh. I like i feel like i felt so much resistance in me when you said that those like i'm not enough physicians to give advice but i think the only thing i'd say is like if you can ride down why you started and again if that why is beyond you then like even in the toughest days like i have considered quitting at least fifty times in the last year like absolutely no no exaggeration but but it always came back to the why. It's like well. If i if i don't talk about this stuff i'm not seeing it being talked about anywhere else so until i know that that that this message is being conveyed by someone else in volume and in a way that is going to essentially changed the world like. I'm still going to keep doing this. And like chipping away at it. In whatever small way i can so i think again it just comes back to. Why are you doing this and on the second thing that is like comparison is the worst so like get onto social media. Get your message out there. Keep your high. And then get off. Because i think the longer you're there the more you're going to hear you the more you're gonna feel like you need to compare on the basis of numbers unlike. Just don't fall into that trap because you deserve better than that like. Everyone deserves better than being measured on the basis of numbers. Oh this has been so amazing. Is there anything else that you might like to share without audience before we finish out I feel like. I just wanna share that. Like it's possible for you. I feel like when there was. There's an sony moments in the last decade. I was at my lowest and like i just couldn't z. Away out but there is a way out. And i think especially during this time with all the lockdowns and everything just know that you are so worthy and so needed and like like we. There's so much love in your life and like you've got this and you wherever you want to manifest it will come to you and like have that faith Thank you so much. It's such a great finish up. If people are looking to find you again into instagram account. You can sign up to A newsletter checkout her website as well a all the links into the video but thank you so much for joining us today. amrita thank you karen. You're amazing to speak to making it. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you have any follow up questions please reach out by email. Instagram facebook. We would love to see you get involved with her bay through an interview on our podcast. A livestream performance ovarian catch maga- online magazine. You can find all the details at. Www dot sounds on the couch dot com and the links will be included in the shire nights from this episode. Our commitment is to continue to provide access and valuable information to help you move forward as an artist if you would like to support us financially with this project. Please hit two sounds on the couch dot com slash donations. Finally we would love to hear some of your jedi. Please do send us a message and let us know what's been happening in your musical journey. See you next time.

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10/09/19: Lay-by dogging is the real risk of Brexit we should be worried about

A News Bouche

1:00:57 hr | 1 year ago

10/09/19: Lay-by dogging is the real risk of Brexit we should be worried about

"Yeah it's time for another episode of News Boot with your host hi I'm Ben Grab that uh-huh it's seven note episode eight appears to be nowhere so yeah technical difficulties well maybe and you did a fabulous job of explaining how he was trying to come up with a Ireland backstop issue and how that might mean that he has absolutely no other plans yep well at the moment there's no deal rebellion going on okay what that well it is U K cabinet members being incredibly British no it's not technical difficulties been very slow going process and as I alluded to last week I switched to reaper and I'm getting the hang of it I have Eating Doritos Oh nice yes I've been playing studied valley okay yeah haven't really been making much program so this will probably be too pretty quick episodes back to back because I'll be going editing like a madman to editing like a madman so that I can have a little bit of time off kind of a push towards no deal brexit right now is that there is well not from the UK but from Boris well yeah it doesn't surprise me it's Boris all he wants is no deal brexit what have even I have I have been editing audio like a madman I guess you do government by quitting so apparently no deals being pushed by this idea this notion that Angela markle's demands on the Brexit what's the software you're using again reaper so I don't know whether it's your accent or maybe it's just the fact that I can see them but you say Retha and right now I'm hearing How's that been going bad so if you're a long-time listener of a news Bouche you will have noticed that episode words no deal stop blaming people so we're looking at possible delay possible no deal but an impending Halloween with so it's a good place to Brexit with your POW Boris Incredible Boras Yaqub the incredible Boris. So stop me if you've heard this one but there's the hang of it to the point at which you should notice a noticeable difference in our voices right now crossed however I have been a little slow going and getting yeah for a post match interview basically making some pro protest slogans and they banned him and took his prize money if you don't know blizzard the deal are so high that it's causing them to maybe go towards no deal I'm Europe's kind of pointing the finger back and saying you're making excuses for why you're going to yes it's not been the experience I hope this time around but does this mean you don't have a cat yet no I know I have a dog Oh yeah so you don't have it headlines it is and boy do I have some headlines for you today listens exciting it should be okay we're going to start in a little place I like to call British land open a boo boo boo boo boo boo and now headlines Worth Ben people would really enjoy the little down so it's my turn because they've got a resignation watchlist oh UK wow so hang on just to be clear as these people who upset about the concept Torito's is that a problem that's not a programming no consensus myself that silence so what have you been up to don't think oh yeah they're really upset that it looks like we're going towards the no deal so they've come up with the solution ready they're going to quit oh yeah 'cause that's how you influence things in government into our heart we to love money more than freedom and democracy g does not just look like Winnie the Pooh at all tune into our three hundred episode long live the Great Commun- party of China may the Autumns Sorghum Harvest be bountiful we good no China I don't think it worked I mean uh-huh in China oh well possibly my favorite episode of South Park is the world of warcraft deficit so I think it's really funny it was very interesting and unique episodes and it looks like violence as the only option now oh that's great I have to say this is not a still Hong Kong protest no this is different I quit you create a power vacuum bar said he quit and then prime minister yeah what for him okay well maybe we're about to get a radical shift in prime ministers Deland breakfast no deal no deal so no these are people who are saying I'm so sick of this idea of no deal brexit if we are going to go towards the no deal brexit I'm going to resign because South Park also I think stepped in on the protests Oh so south park has just on its three hundredth anniversary episode and its name is banned B. A. N. D. Spooky moving to another part of the World Oh yes yes Hong Kong do you know what that is na Tommy Moe Hong Kong so there's a number of things going on in Hong Kong there've been a few developments in the impeachment and that's mainly I I would say around trump blocking the impeachment so it started a couple of days ago uh-huh Blizzard does world warcraft yes where you know kids are right now sitting in basements getting obese not moving at all asking for their MOMS to them some cheesy poofs while the wants the Chinese government censored all of South Park Post they did they removed all of South Park China South Park being as I think humble as oh okay yes I think in the same breath they were saying something to the effect of you don't do government by doing things that are not of the will of the people and then they say that sounded great I want to know deal breakfast nowadays breakfast I think actually that should take on people just putting no deal breakfast yeah no like do you WanNa make it always been they put out a response to China to apologize I don't like to read it for you this is GonNa be great like the NBA we welcome the Chinese censors into the homes and with basically the story going around saying look if the House won't vote then it's basically a democratic stunt Nancy plus he can't stand up and just say impeachment it's gone ought to be voted on by the House of Representatives they may have a point but in general I don't think there's any consensus on that and that was followed up by trump to find and they sold it to me and other Hong Kong News the senior leader of the protest has shifted and said that peaceful protests failed. It doesn't count no so probably the best part of all of this right now the whole impeachment thing that's going basically said we're not putting up with your shenanigans and we're not gonNA play your game it Kinda reminds me of a couple of school kids playing president on the playground that was blocked again still and now subpoenas have been issued and all of that is to say that until the houseboats white houses uh-huh and you ever pretend with one of those kids and you're like running around maybe you've got guns and you like shoot the kid and then he goes no I'm not dead Peach Mint and basically waging political warfare as CNN covers it and not dramatic at all and that essentially meant that they had a congressional hearing Hong Kong protests have stepped up Oh and a number of ways so start with they have banned a player from Blizzard entertainment has been the player and it did see this different because before nobody was getting banned from video games not moving stateside I've got a lot of states new it's actually already I do I lot of States News you walking away as if you don't want me to touch you and then I'm busy getting them a business fucking cats podcast so yes was essentially him smashing Biden and Biden's claim to not know any of his sons Ukraine business partners and it was a picture on has to be trump's nickelback tweet now we know that trump didn't originate the nickelback tweet but the nickelback tweet if you haven't seen it into new pointing their world of warcraft our straight and overwatch ever hear that game unfortunately at this point yes yes well it's interesting you name South Park he pulled out and a lot of his Republican friends were actually pretty upset at him they were and he also made some tyrant claim that if Turkey doesn't do what he wants them to do it's not all of it goes around our great orange leader I feel like right now I need to be holding a Pumpkin Spice Latte in my hand who were really grew really expect Ukraine scandal okay and honestly I don't think this is unsubstantial. FACEBOOK was at the center of the controversy of the election campaign AH I don't but I didn't want a cat I specified doug fucked UK. Yeah I don't want you you you and you shove in your butthole in my face and then when I go to from the point one common shifts well over his mother that lesser sides that the mental image of it is actually making me crack up welcome Camila and it was playing the nickelback because of copyright issues fought in that brief glorious moment that was a glorious tweet that was actually solid in getting completely corrupted by foreign interests and they came forward saying we're your best friends were going to change we'll take things down we're GONNA work on false book right now is denying Biden's campaign which is put in a request to remove a trump ad which is essentially got false and misleading claims about what's going on with the a spat between Hillary Clinton and trump tweets oh okay and the result of it was Hillary Clinton essentially threatening to he's going to smash their economy like King Kong or some Shit rather comical facebook is in the news all wrapped up in this okay and face pretty funny have you seen that episode I have seen that I like it a lot yeah it's good anyway park southbound made home and Terry on Chinese censorship and in recent back downloads are up by nine percent right now I am the album well you can go downloaded again boost to five seventy I have it on cd it was really funny. I'm on deceiving yet funny and probably the main winner out of this is nickelback regardless of copyright infringement so nick and you know Bernie had a heart attack so whether or not he's actually GonNa Finish or whether or not people are going to just stop thinking they should vote for him because he might die at any minute I mean the last bit of trump news but no it goes on oh I think it's also still notable today that trump pulled out of Syria and just like saying that mold out he pulled out early and I have someone who has had a heart attack running the country as opposed to someone who is clearly very mentally unstable was Hillary Clinton mentally unstable trump the next four years I really don't think this is going to go away this is GonNa be big news yeah my last and it is my last trump one was there was a bit of France that's one pumpkin cold cream Kolber who had once trump and giant impeachment of Biden his son and a Ukraine oil company person all in a picture this autograph every time do seven no deal brexit or upset at the concept of a no no deal breakfast birthday breakfast breakfast Brexit I might not end it oh I thought you were going to go with it for a while I thought that would have been a good one I have to agree with you and I don't have it to cover but in our last headlines it's the best doesn't matter who side you're going for but honestly this is groundbreaking world's amazing stuff for someone to just be coming out and I either although I would tend to lean that way per candidates and would not have voted for trump so outing myself and I just go out there to say if Hillary Clinton got back video on twitter. I'm not sure that actually happened I think it was a controversy I think I know what you're talking about but I don't think it actually happened own saying is that's far and away different fleeting statements but here they are refusing to take one down that has folsom misleading statements and is tied to the president Yeah I think we're GONNA have to impact that one for about even if it did happen done heart attack and I mean maybe this is just my opinion I mean it's definitely just my opinion yeah I probably would trump still all I relish in that that's part of my favorite headlines in the day be space news anytime run for twenty twenty trump to just shut his mouth and do his job oh wow okay I personally did not vote for Hillary Clinton I didn't vote Democrat as he released was it like a twenty page or I mean it was forty pages it was a huge damning article just to talk about how mentally smashing the president in such a way and it's constantly backed by the American guidelines of Mental Health and re Hillary had like a lazy I was tired once and every chance I think that was glorified I'm not sure that actually happened sort of video Dr Leeway into it and he's the husband of a trump staffer wonderful it is delicious and over the last couple of campaign I still wouldn't vote for but I think it'd be great we now you're listening Hillary we know you're listening Hillary we vote for you I'm as a threat I have space news do you yeah you WanNa start with space news I mean where is he roy how do you not love calorific annoyed does it have calories well milky way has plenty of calories so that said four billion years and you're like no no that does not play like I shot you have to pretend to be dead and Nancy Pelosi just basically said I'm GonNa Impeach you know you can't do that what we could have covered was one of my favorite parts of the news cycle over the last three years which has been when George starts unleashing on trolleys the listeners at home don't know if it's you or me well what was the Oh yeah you like that I'm trying to switch it up a little bit I'm finding thanks talk about well my space news is brief okay well he's based news comes directly from Vice News Okay and the reason why I am outing my source uh-huh but the headline drew me back in Space News we'll do that a nearby cannibal galaxy is going to eat the Milky Way scientists to be Andromeda next and most calorific meal Oh my God in about four billion years I'm I like vice news but on this land man splitting okay you mentioned brexit before I did I mean how can you not mention brexit no deal breakfast breakfast thinking of Bacon I'm going to quote them directly because their headline is hilarious I wanted a moratorium on space news because of how much I've been ranting about IT MSNBC AND MSNBC included a translation okay yup stopped me when you need and lay bys okay so you need judge tomatoes shrooms Maggot brexit obviously have massive implications many many things Especially Boris Mhm few other things have been raised as a concern with brexit. Okay this one is I was gonNA say maybe but no is definitely my favorite piece of News uh-huh nine and I'm I've kind of bumped it to the bottom of the list so you're probably not going to hear it but I have it really it was gonna Dangle it is from what I understand is a quite British thing is where people have sex with strangers usually in public oh talking you better hope that if we live forever we stop somewhere short of like four billion well I mean if nothing else we better hope that is it the Andromeda galaxy that's GonNa there are very hungry whole not through real it's just a galaxy that's hungry for candy bars the next quote our galaxy is destined so in the car is the dogging yes okay this government ministers particularly where the traffic jams sparked by no deal brexit could lead to an increase about concerns of the impacts of Brexit on the UK so this is really great so a government minister is really worried that brexit could give rise toilets. Well no it's more the kind of place you'd stop if he wanted to then run into a nearby failed to pay and a Bush okay yeah that kind of thing okay dogging yes concerned about lorry-drivers because the number of lorries going to get on boats to leave the UK best thing that they're expecting the congestion the era tasted about the whole even putting aside the full billion years udi no click bait is the calorific Kelly aced dogging inland in Kent Okay Colby remember the other day and you gave us a story okay I think it was from coming eat us it is so we better hope to the ANDROMEDA galaxy kind of takes a little bit of time to foster because otherwise if it eats this many calories and one guy is gonNA throw it right with its diet and the amount of dogging happening since people stuck in traffic and that board he's particularly concerned about Ken lay bys and cop pox can has the the next year welcome. Where'd you get my favorite part of singing myspace news is that I bet table trump is right oh really all we went off again as is excellent I still headlines Conway Smashes Port Dover and it's also where the Channel tunnel freight terminals so there's a lot of crossing the channel and all sorts of bits and bobs tapping now where trade and Blah Blah Blah but he's out and you can pull off to the side it's not like the like arrest stop Kinda Yeah I mean it tends not to really have anything in a space approach where you can move over to the side and you can stop if you whatever it is you drinking get come to we're about to take you know nations of dogging and labor is yes okay layby we'll go with that one verse alive I kind of like a place you can pull over on the side of the road you know when you got when there's the road but there's a bit where it kind of it's going to get on the scale the next day and be like dammit and wait waterway if nothing else to draw if it did not yeah would we say that it's technically andromeda strain mkx where's my benchmark on space news theme song that was great well how about you go first with your space Nah I'm not covering the space news to the bottom of the key fine so you got some news for me he s got sorry I was sidetracked I was GonNa ask you to close out the space news space news talk and just so I can hear you know I mean leave you wanting okay rain but oh shit what's happening what was that a horrible nineteen reference but okay getting a dog and so is there prostitution in the UK? Yeah Y- I mean there is I see I've done actually enough as legal on all but inevitably they will a two and a half day queues whoa so these lorry-drivers for two and a half days a hanging out in the lorries nothing to do stuck in traffic thing that needs to rise again and humanity think we need to be able to talk it out and actually respect each other's views even if you're Greta even youtubers are playing practical jokes on other youtubers and it's called swatting so I'm aware of it as a trend I was not aware it was considered a practical ooh dogging Dan maybe he's got a idea I I'd hustle maybe he does I mean I don't think they make very much okay but almost all of the story is completely in the headline okay you know how there's that trend that's happening right about now it's been going on for a little while where depressed over Bush and easy to get jaded over problems in the political system but I thought those kinds of things are what's supposed to motivate adults with acute schizophrenia like psychotic disorder so not schizophrenia just schizophrenia like psychotic disorder it's the first case believed to have been triggered by Brexit supposed to motivate adult to do shit like move or get involved in politics yeah I would honestly say the thing that joke yes it's a practical it's quite a severe and Oh yeah automated thing when you're a teenage boy practical jokes are painful depresses me most about politics is low voter turnout yeah that's fair enough and the thing that riles me up is the people not voting having a firm for uh whatever happened to moving comes up from time to time there's a trump related depression a patient in his forties started to suffer hallucinations and delusions from his mental health deteriorating rapidly shortly after the referendum results were announced he was then diagnosed since he stopped being able to sleep so once admitted he was apparently really agitated and he tried to borrow through the hospital floor to get the hell out of this place in he was committed to a mental health facility oeste finding it difficult to reconcile all the political things happening around him he was especially worried about racial insults. It'll dig credit I know you're listening Greta welcome so I was searching my brain just now for the perfect segue to one of my stories and that is don't have it looking stands on something so get out and vote yeah got on it and then argue with people yes I talk politely I think political discourses some the has been recognized okay you can be trump can be a reason why you're depressed and I remember back to the Bush days same thing you could be but this minister is particularly in Oh yeah he's got an online he does I wonder if he's like oh he later said that it was triggered by him looking at the electoral map of voting for the referendum and realizing he was a constituency that reflects an opinion that is not for him the months and months with the paper specifically examines the fact that there will be two and a half day queues at the ports quote it does not mention Dalian nope the other thing from Brexit is that it is there is now being confirmed case of brexit making someone sick really so this person uh-huh and hopefully they don't find who you are because then they're going to haul your ass off Oh yeah well I think this story is actually an extension of the swatting culture that is now twenty Brent calling the Swat team go to your house and come in full gear with guns pointed at you and impossibly arrest you and detain you for a short period of time coroner's office who has the leading headline like Oh there's a missing leg ready okay there's little to no chance that the dairy queen is serving human what I do enjoy it in the article is it said that Ken is of particular concern because of ports with months of they're expecting months of congestion so it there were complaints anonymous complaints that were filed against the Q. The it's meet with tainted with Wall with human meat twenty so this story follows federal agents raiding a dairy queen the Deke of the daycare yeah you know if you want I mean well I suppose yeah mocking your friend with a machete is like ha ha ha it's practical joke it's the way that we treat each other but you know not okay so here's the thing is the story follows where they go and interview people about this one such expert that they interviewed was the county little to no chance yeah little to no chances what I use when I describe whether or not I think my ten year old will actually put his laundry away today little to no chances Oh yes it's like soil in green it's people I think I'm more alarmed that that was actually tamer than I was worried it was going to be okay I was a statistician or status training I have to say little to no chance little to no chance a little bit of a chance maybe no chance like whether or not I'm going to give you dessert after you threw a temper tantrum today little chances away that we interpret rain walking up to someone's car getting in and being like fancy of a dog in a hug Oh oh yeah I'm taking the clothes off I don't know that's really funny to me my ask Andromeda which is a cannibal galaxy that's true Oh yeah we're probably particularly calorific I wonder what is the most calorific thing on this planet way we interpret whether or not human meat tainted with people that presents a significant amount of chance in my opinion yeah it does I was presented by the county coroner apparently tastes like chicken taste like chicken pork weight well folk and find problems that have been presented to other people and we like to but in and offer our take on just what that person should do no we don't actually go by diku maybe get a coke you know maybe a blizzard you know he's got a coq well they raided the d q because the goes through the trouble of reading what the other calmness had to say because I mean not be flat out plagiarism it would so we get it right it's by accident but we're not so I think it's time for that segment that we like to call I know you didn't ask us but where we like to troll other people's advice call them and oh no it would be a whale of some sort but then is there anything else that's maybe not even living that has calorie I think you need to trust her bite what's her name it's a dude thank you what's his name is Gary Gary no Gary Carey Up Graham Graham yes Graham Zach still confused Oh go on Graham tell me about Raham yes Graham I mean he was hanging out chatting system girls and that was fine me and my girlfriend went home early and the next day I got a message from mutual friend of ours was patty and she said to me the she was wondering if perhaps I could just stop bringing gary to these things because I didn't realize this but he's being approaching every single for several years now we'll do you think you fist-bump fist-bump boop boop but gary has not had a girlfriend never had Bro So I've been friends with Gary full probably about five years we went to college together so really great you know we hung out what they sound like it is what they sound like do they finish it with but I mean they have to identify them otherwise well he can and being what I think is unintentionally creepy yeah so he's cornering them and like that was his apparently this one woman who had moved if you want us to answer your problem just go ahead and write to us and we have share it with our vast listening audience and we will share it to the apparently got really pouty and started talking about how women just don't respect romantic men anymore and I'm just I don't know what to do because I really want him to be happy fulltime that he was desperate for a girlfriend yeah we haven't really cool up for a long time but then recently we started hanging out again and having lots of fun and I you know I've been in a relationship down so who's going entirely off the top of my head so bad with me okay uh bear I'm someone might be like Oh shit without a mountain line you hear it yes there yeah okay so I have a friend Oh there's no reason you need to even explain yourself there's you've been taking him to parties to help him and it's not good for you so stop you have no commitment to this individual and while you're doing something nice for the individual it's no longer mutually beneficial at us very on Gary specifically but your question Bros if Graham gra ham I liked bro suspicious and meet more people but he's doing bad things to my friend group and be honestly this behavior is doing him no favours and actually getting a girlfriend so what do I do better odds than others and has odd suck so he's trying everybody and he's proving how bad he sucks yes so while we're GonNa get it right with that good we're not going to get right I mean your interpretation of what counts is right is entirely subjective I like to think that every single time we've nailed it is to be providing you something where you felt you were helping you're not helping your question extends to how do you help Gary and some other way if not girlfriend never successfully been on a day never even rarely come close some of us are like that well yeah exactly and that's fine so I started hanging out with them more oh gary and I used to hang out college is as I said full five years ago at the time we were both single I really wasn't looking for a girlfriend he shared with me should stop taking him to friends before you stop having friends that's it yeah easy bro You don't have to get yourself new friends just stop doing that shit this kind of just a little bit too far at one point he asked another go if she'd gone sit outside with him and look at the stars and when she said no thank you the relationship and how that person is and individual in general but if it seems like it would be a useful conversation I do think that it would be worth something around being it and not realizing how creepy he is in the woods he's using on necessarily that creepy but as someone who has been the recipient I think you should help him not become part of the metoo movement I think that you should find another place to go hang out with him and give him some bro Tips and AH multiple creepy comments many time in my life it's not even necessarily the words it's how it's delivered in the message behind them the instantly freaks women out because it's already screaming this internal pot of you going run run run don't don't engage and a lot of that is possibly how he's the parties then I think you need to actually coach him think this guy's got about half of it he understands this as a numbers game and he's also understands that some people have and have them hate you over it but put your foot down you're not taking him and if he shows up uninvited he got a big problem so not because I mean I don't know not a dude but a lot of this stuff sounds like possibly he saying telling him this since he was like eight come on we all know people like this yes and the world is not such an compassionate place that people don't give out free Yep at the time we both didn't have girlfriends if you couldn't tell I'm a dude right now not necessarily relevant but whatever pro hi my name is Graham would world we're reaching the world right now the hugest Odeon air your dirty laundry with answers Yup if you like Oh yeah what do you got for us today so I didn't write this and abby but then oh well I think I'm going to just answer your question and not try to psychoanalyze Gary Okay I think I've got a lot of common take a bite out of ice cream bruce I take out of you like calories one hundred grams will take a bite out of you know snack years neck no oh could be human could be is it sugar no I meant like form of as a cohesive ice and like would have been at listen treat him like shit and he's going to basically live his life miserable you heard it here first so Graham you're welcome old are ones in which the objective of the game is to basically be the savior who saves the world like well about hunters I hang from overseas and was saying how much she missed home and he kinda go up and a business and kept telling you know my girlfriend I'd make the best food every morning we'd wake up together and all the Oh yeah speaking saving the world you look at me like you don't think I could save the World No it's because I bumped into my pop shield and because of the done deal and you don't even have to talk to him about it you can if you want to talk to him about it it could be a learning experience or it could make him really upset social things either have something wrong with them or aren't listening yep they're not going to until they have to or until they I mean what's going to happen to this guy the Laura Borderlands to saving Pandora you say you were basically saving the world from evil being unleashed on the world handsome Jack as part of that I've been taking him to watch with me and my girlfriend trying to get him to meet some people on you know some people yeah that's nice and we went to this posse last night and classic borderlands were borderlands actually been known for decent storyline until boylans three which it's just fucking odd I mean good reason forelands preschool was pretty but yeah well guess what well playstation five is coming Oh yes it is yes no I'm GonNa need you to unpack this with me communicating and if that's the conversation that you'd be able to have that you think would actually be taken on board for what it is could be useful is he's GonNa play the numbers game and somewhere along the way a girl out of the numbers game is going to like him he's going to land this girl he's going to marry her she's going what do you think I mean I would agree with you that you wouldn't be shaking him to parties anymore I think it would be entirely dependent on you you know how I saved the world the best half when I'm playing the playstation that's right so best games in the whole whole world quite possibly I think we nailed that and I also think that this was a fantastic story abby because it speaks to the problems that vice all the Goddamn time on how to fix your shit yeah and the people who live to their thirties still carrying around that shit still not growing up still not learning the little coliseum kind of thing with it's a U. shape sit there and play with your action figures and be like Oh and I bet there's really cool light on it at the same time so we were talking about well I know we've nailed it yeah pretty sure everyone else's to tell them if they're lame but seriously the that's why if someone got a problem they should just write to us like two months early not three months early yeah but isn't holiday twenty twenty also possibly interpret ble as it's going to be ten months late night the other day and we thought that that you might be perfect for maybe cooking popped up could be pocket frying Nag yeah maybe breakfast going to be really popular with little kids that have action figures that want to like basically pretend they have cage match going on because I think that's exactly what it looks like it looks like released almost nothing about it except I think that the controller is GonNa be game changing yes game changing Italy he might flip this shit and heavy guy he ain't gonNA listen yeah I won't be the first time people have tried to intervene and tell them to not be so creepy girls have been school holidays Oh you mean that Christmas holidays because Christmas this year at Christmas twenty nineteen yeah you're right so I do understand that then but fucking great job there go no go US oh yeah saving the world couple people at a time average listeners have and I think with this one we helped a lot of people a lot of people you know I don't like to pat myself on the back very often to change the game yeah so happy controls so up till now they've had dual shock yes so dualshock means basically your vibrator the question was what do you do yeah stop taking Gary Parties Yeah I don't think it really extends out much further than this I I mean honestly the next holiday after Christmas is New Year's which makes it twenty twenty but I've already in the holiday period that's not a Barista holiday pop shielded sent it right back out and it was just Doritos you mean repair yeah I totally think you could save the world in it it's amazing yeah you can go online you can see the weird fucking pictures of this new playstation looks absolutely strange I think it's the hot pocket yes so it's coming And the whole bucket their announcement was today okay and they announced that it's coming in time yeah well I mean it would be good for that industry so how I imagine the whole dogging thing going down is like a lorry driver climbing out of his cabin for holidays twenty twenty oh no previously it had been projected that it would be out in February two thousand twenty so the way I interpret that is going to be right holiday period with Halloween Yep moved to Thanksgiving then to Christmas and then new years three fourths of those holidays are your controller rates like a vibrator he'll vibrate if I like control it well no deal breakfast if you're sitting there and you're playing games like world of warcraft and you can't move very far you're going to need something to warming food I don't know that it's well the coffee imply station I can't believe everything oh come on pretty sure it's PC game get your shit together blizzard I mean maybe not don't Clemson but you can pull your border wins three while eating nineteen yeah is is this holidays twenty twenty that question I head it's going to have to controls yes it's going to have to control so basically the yeah I don't know the border three is much like then I think it has kind of Shit storyline I've heard crackly I really yeah that far in overheard the story is and MHM and not I didn't buy you a playstation more we're going to unpack it for the listeners out it's not out yet as the winning make very good radio I would be like Ooh I'm opening the mall buff playstation intensities like a vibrator but other than that it's just one kind of vibration yes haptic controls ads quite a lot more to how es carry on well both drew your controller vibrates like vibrator And it has I think a few in so if I could get the games I already own for free on the playstation five when it comes out I'd be fine with that because then I load my resale market trigger will completely different so as you're as you're shooting a bow it will be like hard and rigid and difficult to fire and then as you're shooting the gun not that you can program the what the buttons do but the triggers can be programmed by the game designers oh for different resistances the example they put forward was say you're playing a game that has both a bow and Arrow and a gun the trigger and the sensitivity of the Asian has a pad in the middle then to option button that's a shit ton of buttons plus start changing all end the joysticks have a button Algebraic down and and what you can press them down and then add to that different sensitivities that make the game play complete intend to switch well I

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Candice Bergen & Faith Ford - 10/03/18

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

24:05 min | 3 years ago

Candice Bergen & Faith Ford - 10/03/18

"Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast division of watch what happens. Live with me. Andy Cohen. Were you a Murphy Brown fan? I was. I also happen to work at CBS news of the time at the morning show, and I did about eighteen thousand Murphy Brown segments. As a segment producer on that morning show. So it's cookie to me that the shows come back and I'm and that you know now I have my show and Candice Bergen is one of our favorite guests. I think this is now her fourth appearance on the show, maybe. I really love her. She's on with faith Ford from Murphy round, and she's just always fun. And I always thought she was kind of maybe cold, but she's actually warm and she has a great sense of humor and she's just fun kind of wicked. Got a real hearty laugh. And I don't know why I'm making my case to you about Candice Bergen, but I seem to be anyway, enjoy the show. This just in Murphy Brown makes triumphant return shoulder pads do not. We'll be following this story as it develops on watch what happens. I with Candace, Bergen invade VAR now. Andy Cohen in the rubble clubhouse tonight I've got a hankering for some anchoring unmade chief nineteen ninety eight after ten seasons in two hundred forty seven episodes. We all said the vitamer iffy, Brown or teammate f- way I now two decades later, maybe because of the current political climate or maybe because candice's five Emmys are getting a little lonely. Murphy Brown is back on CBS and it says sharp as ever. Please welcome to the clubhouse. Does stars Murphy, Brown herself, Candace Bergen. State. Excited. You're back, and I'm so excited that you are finally here. Honor of Murphy in the team's favorite fictional bar fills tonight. We have a bartender from my teams. Favorite actual are the cubbyhole in the west village on the corner of west wealth and west fourth, hey, little, Dan. Excited to shows back. We were talking about it before it works. It's great. It's so great to see you guys back. And loving anymore Candice, faith there awaiting your questions. But before we get to those, here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight. I for ten seasons as Murphy and Corky Candice has the tough questions and faith ask the fluff questions, but I'm so excited. They're here. I can't ask them enough. Question actors, whatever slew probing, Murphy, Brown related questions for you. Was there ever a moment in either of your estimates when we're Brown, jumped the shark initially, you do that time? Well, well, well, it was wasn't doing. Didn't you think that was jumping the shock? We had an arena Tang on this show. You steal anything from the set of Murphy Brown when it wrapped either I wasn't able to by the time I got office and he'd been picked no nothing you taking. Taking. Was there ever an incident where a politician confronted you about something you'd set about them on the show? No. Now was there anyone from the cast that needed more convincing to come back to the reboot. No, we were all immediately. Yes. Ready to go. Who was the worst guest star you ever had. Okay. That's gonna be a tough one Canada. You can do it who it is. I know who it is for you, but I'm not. I'm feared that shouldn't say it. Okay. Who would you go? You how to secretary Michael chiklis that you got. Did that work. Wasn't it wasn't the best marriage right. Geek out the most when you had an A-List guest star on sat? Well, the the most anyone ever was when John f. Kennedy came and every woman on the Warner Brothers lot, which is like thousands of women were around our of, I love it. It was you. Handed supposed to picture of a bagel on Instagram, the caption. Same everything, bagel with chopped tomatoes and hardboiled egg that faith. Ford made for me every day thirty years ago when we started Murphy, which means they're either super tight or Kansas face worked in the catering. Either way, here's trust their friendship with one to Murph. Three, I'm gonna ask you a question and come to three and you will answer at the same time. Okay. Who is candice's least favorite politician one. Two. Three trying old? Yes. Never ising their lines between the two of you one, two, three candy. Bigger potty mouth one, two, three candidate. The crew like more one, two, three. Yeah. He name drops their celebrity friends more one, two, three me. Has a lot of. More likely to drunk tax. The other one, two, three Niner. He takes longer in the hair and makeup one, two, three. May. Time. Murphy Brown was not just the EMMY winning show. Everyone was watching. It was also the show anyone who's anyone was guest starring on twenty years later. Last week's from your proves nothing has changed. So here's what let's see if Candace faith can remember all those famous faces with around. Of. Celebrity, you try to remember ever cat start on your show. This'll be fun for everyone except for the people you forget. Okay. Here we go. Did Bette midler guest star? Yes. Yes, she did. Julia Roberts. Got started. Yes. Franklin, Tanta, dude, Regis Philbin guest star? No, no. Did wolf Blitzer guest star. Yeah. Cindy, Crawford guest star. Manilow star. Beyond. Yes, she did. Dude, Patti, LuPone guest starred. Those. Guest star. Now. Okay. Talk about the one of the biggest guest stars, Hillary Clinton in the premier. How did that happen? And what was it like? Well, Dan English, and I were hoping against hope that she would do it. Diane had written that scene and it's a beautifully written scene and Hillary. In fact, love the scene and loved that she was poking fun at herself, and I thought that it would help her sort of move onto the next step. Was it intimidating at all working with her in that capacity will when she first came on the set. I, of course, started tearing up and I saw another couple of women on the set tearing up and it was very emotional because you know it was. We were all grieving at the time when loss. I didn't hurt too. I loved her. You went in and I wasn't expecting this reaction again. I hugged her for a very long time and I felt immediately compassion for her. I think she gets that reaction from thousands of thousands of women. I think everybody just has carried around the the grief of her losing. And I think when they see your, it's all released. Right, right, Kansas. Rebecca are what's present day Murphy could tell yesteryear Murphy, one thing, what would it be. Spend time with Avery. Wow. By the way I love every on the show. Senior dynamic. It's Dora also box. Very cute. That's the real outside of the old Lianne finally comes out to confront Deandra while it an eighties theme party. You're welcome. Here's this week. Because I'm gonna try something. If you're one to lead separate lives, I am going to fold into range Yuri meditation. Cannot get new. Like that. You're kidding. Andy just asked if that was sandy Bullock, which are to voice. I'd like, let's go to rose from Michigan rose. Which question? Hi, Andy. There's a door you do and high ladies. I've applied for faith. Which of your acting classmates were you most surprised by when they made it big. A lot of famous Ellen Degeneres who owes Paula Poundstone Carey, Adam Sandler. Cain leaves as my roommate as well. Done Frazier, who's I most apprised by? Well, Jim Carey was kind of crazy. He's right. I mean, literally, like I mean, just really improvisational. Yes. That's amazing. By the way, one of the women that was in that scene in the real housewives of Dallas had a bit part in your film, miss Congeniality. How crazy is that? Yeah. Anyway. Offers, you know what share standing. She was not her sucking was not her saying, let's go to Cassandra from Illinois. Hey, Casandra what your question Mr. Cohen Heim can. How are you today? Mr. Cohen, Misburg internet them if you wanna tell you before. It gets my question. If I can fan girl for just a minute when I was young and starting out in the job market, you and your show show me. I could stand up with integrity and honesty and still make it in the world. Did they wondering doing? So one of the things is you had some great people that were on the show, and one of them was misery of Franklin. When you think of the late Retha Franklin appearing on Murphy Brown, what is your favorite memory or moment from that? Good question. Well, I'm was a spectacular couple of hours with the Reza Aretha doesn't fly if she couldn't come from Detroit to LA, but we took a skeleton crew when we met her in New York City, and she has a big bus that she traveled in and she came to New York City with an entourage, and she said down at the piano and I sat on the panel bench next year, it was like such a thrill and she saying natural woman. And then I had to shriek along with her. And she just basically said, don't quit the day job. That's amazing. That's, but also how nice to hear what an impact Murphy had on working women. Oh. Income up to all the time women and say, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if it were because mercy, thank you, my mom and I used to watch the show all the time how great super surprised that the I mean that the show came back. I remember you being on this show about a year ago and we said, would you ever bring it back and you're like, I just kinda don't see happening. I mean, because there was nothing moving us to do it right, and and now there is right as the the election and I love the idea that faith is in New Orleans, Louisiana Ziadeh grab shout was in well, that's a fity I live in the country. You're in the country. I live well above New Orleans wasn't grant in the middle of nowhere. That was like a Yuna bomber. The what have you been doing until now? He's I was living on a compound in Pennsylvania, and we went. I mean, it's amazing. What are the chances? It's one in a million is good happen twice. Yeah, it doesn't happen. Just doesn't happen. So we just keep getting motion without like, look in, and he looks at me. It's just like, just now just that moment. You know, it just feels so great to be able to have a woman like Candice Bergen back in his in such a great way. I think young women need to get to know her because she's, she was definitely a role model for me. I feel like just being able to work with work with all those years. He's taught me so much behind the scenes as well as as an actress about just how to be, you know, just how to be. She's classy. She's elegant. She she does the right thing and it's great to see a woman out there like that. She doesn't shriek. She's not shrill. She's just awesome. It's games early. In the ninety s my guess. Tackle some of that era star players with a fumble, or would they score let's might out with who's on the turf with Murph. She'll put these remote over to the green street. Okay. Just put them on over there. That's why you'll be joined on a football field by various headline makers from the nineties faith. It's your job to give Candace clues to helper. I d that you get sitting right in. Any of these you not see anything and the perfect is she positioned correctly? Yes. Okay, that's perfect. All right, faith. Look at that monitor and. Oh, he, they made a movie about her recent recently. She was a figure skater. He was real hard. Oh, well, you know about the the guy named after orange juice. Well, he was very closely. Affiliated with him? No, he. He living, it's gets out. Yes. Oh, well, you know this guy, he kinda turned our show around by saying it's not just it's, oh, Dan, Quayle. Let's see. Well, she did something in Oval Office that, well, not her, yeah. Oh, yeah. With the president at the time Moore Lewinsky. Oh, well, she's a vegan actually. It was very. Hey, watch. Apparently. Do another call. It's Melissa from Georgia. Hey, Melissa, what your question handy. I'd like to ask both ladies would either of you ever want Dan Quayle to make a cameo on the show I discussed that would die in English. And she said, you know, a lot of people have asked me that, but she said, I just think he behaved so badly that I don't want to encourage him. That's a no. It's time for my vase of the day, goes to the two gay penguins in Denmark, zoo cared for while technically kidnapped a baby penguin while it straight parents neglecting it. But then once the mother penguins couple with her chick, she'd violently freaked out on them. This is a real story which might zookeepers had to intervene and given back, but there's a happy ending zookeepers founded another penguin egg to give to the gaping wins. So they could finally raise a little their own. What roller coaster in Murphy. If you're watching American crimes George season for has already written itself. This moment where southeast Missouri state university president, Dr Carlos Vargas was seen drinking a beer Bong, people are, you know, I have to say, I find it so disappointing when people perceived per cake in childish drinking activities. I just think that it's. Guys, jane. Hey, everybody dandy with Candace, Bergen, and faith. Four. From the cubbyhole. We were just talking about Roseanne and there's a funny reference to tweeting and and tells Murphy to be very careful with what you tweeted shows have ended for. Yes, that was a funny week. Let's go to Cindy from Indiana. He's Cindy. What your question. Hey, Candice, and faith. In your opinion, what were the worst and best episodes of the ritual Murphy Brown favorite up Assode of the original? I like thanksgiving episode, yes. I like to thank giving episode and I liked the episode. Cole brothers, Silverberg Murphy dates miles younger brother played by Jon Tenney, incredibly handsome and dashing and and Murphy puts her hair up on a ponytail and tries to look. And I love birth one or one win. John murky had a that was Gracia, that was we were talking a little bit about how your how much enjoying the experience is there. One thing that's different besides the fact that you're doing it in New York. Now that has made you feel more relaxed in doing it where you all are in your lives now, or is the pressure less or what is it. I find it a totally different experience in terms of. I mean, there's just no stress for me at all, and I'm just and I think all of us are infinitely more grateful and for more aware of the incredible good fortune aware aware. That's that's me now. I'm just much more aware of how fortunate we are, and I bet you're just in the moment more like we're all together and this is and we hadn't seen each other for, let's go to Pearl from Colorado a Pearl. What's your question. My question is for canvas, I bro. Do you? Do you ever regret turning down CBS, offer a cover stories for sixty minutes. I've never ended. Reno, and then. Yeah, but then I wouldn't have gotten to play journalist on CBS. But yes, I do, but I think they would have skin me alive so it's probably better this I shouldn't fantastic. Let's go to Robyn from Virginia. Hey, Robin, what's your question? Good evening. Andy's eighty. Hi. My question is for faith. Ford, miss Ford. Have you get in touch with Brie Larson's since she's going on to become an Oscar winning actor? Okay. Seriously, I have to say this. I, I'm gonna admit Kelly told me that she played my first daughter on hope. Forget I have no memory of it or I don't. I feel really horrible. I maybe I wasn't his aware that she's okay. I came up to Kelly at the Oscars. Her mother did, and she was just like because of you. And Kelly was like, because of what me why? How and she told Kelly ING in. So Kelly just gave me that information mazing. Megan FOX replaced her right. Well, no, Nicole packing replaced her. Okay. And then evidently Megan FOX, which I knew because I was part of that whole thing replacement cold. That's amazing. I didn't know that we had a lot of people that were in the initial pilot. Right. I had a husband that was different than Ted McGinley. Oh yeah. By the way, did quirky wasn't quirky name Corky Sherwood for us. So yes. And then is it now just Corky Sherwood? Yes, yes. Okay. 'cause she married a man named will for us? Yes. Very witty. Let's to Morgan Missouri. Morgan Wicha question. Hi, Andy. I love you so much. Eggs. My question, I have a two part question. The first one is for Kansas and faith, and I wanted to know what you should. Their favorite memories were of working with j. Thomas. Will I worked with j. Thomas MA loved him. He was. He was. He was a very unique guy was his own man. He was he just had no heirs and and he looked a little like chimp. I mean, he was kind of a long and he was he was such a good guy. He was just so earthy and he had a great sense of humor, and he was a wonderful actor on top of it with that was a big law, and it was a great voice and he was from Louisiana. That's what's your second question. Okay. Hurt canvas. And I recently saw picture of you from the set of Colonel knowledge nineteen seventy-one. You were in a three way kiss with art Garfunkel and Jack Nicholson. And I wanted to go, who was the better Kizer. That was not a. I mean, that was not an actual three. 'cause that was just for a friend of ours who is taking the picture and and I've, I've, I've never really. Kissed Arthur Garfunkel and. How is it? How did they do that? Well, we did it ourselves, but it was okay. I won't go into it now, but. And they're both. Excellent. Kissers can only imagine. Yeah. Kid burgundy. Everybody. Thanks for listening to the podcast. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes. Go live Monday through Friday at four PM eastern time. Make sure you're subscribed have a great rest of your night.

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Bite Sized Ep 3 - Brick Lane Birds of a Feather Passionfruit & Guava Sour

Aussie Beer Explorers

08:42 min | 6 months ago

Bite Sized Ep 3 - Brick Lane Birds of a Feather Passionfruit & Guava Sour

"What i would tell you died. Three brick line beds young. I'm gonna read god again. Killing the only info episodes of that that what we extremely limited release the the ryan ablaze bees and listen to launch was yesterday. What have we got tonight. Passion for it and guava sailor say they're all say us from the on us there will available on the lined. Websites can jump on nearby pack of these three. But we're not gonna tell you exactly And kebab singles from allies will pack three got a brick lined up combed. i'll see beer dot com. Just like squabble. That's exactly realize if you bought a pack you get one hundred percent linen limited edition tito really something we've seen before hand sanitizer hats and take printed on the doesn't side just as an absolutely apparently let's go take tells minus anyway back to the we go. Well what we got with. This is the passion passion for it. That's what i'm getting lately. That's our tokyo this whole. That's why are you big on is love. It's the river talking to now. The talk of the passion keeps up. No business being. This is my pips in this definitely Jeez that that smells like passion for it. That's amazing because the last one we got the men going on so much. Lachey this passion fruit. Much wildlife guava more saima milwaukee bay lachey. This party something. The bananas side threes spiritually the sign yet wonderfully unique whole scale go spiralling freshness souls from age four hundred holding Tense acidity and bracingly precise zippy. Santa's us they talked about the full. Did they go home. Depot measuring states like california something about acidity in here that. We're told me that are measure. We'll get we'll get the page mater. Elaine body within the marring weight softness allows h of the fruit fly was to sean juicy expressions of natural fruit maine's hp's seems comfortably on non parallel to the how miami asli connected to the others in the flock metaphors loud. But we'll wait for the party. Trained might attributed foreign the coty way. The secret you is encouraged to sean say. The sacred Is encouraged shown emphasize the year. What does it need to be blind secret. You is in gutter now. I get it okay. In poverty extremely limited release. Bob wall stocks lost jump on the website never practice. Hopefully the lemonade. it's iran. that's a unique tasting bia. there. I wish. I knew because there's something there that don't still not at mass puckering Taylor that alcoholic furniture's again is dom refer that's not getting this is that there's gonna be a character. There's a fellow with wings and a blonde faulk. Is there a statute the. What am i trying to say that the lawyer symbol is a bird with the blindfold on wings. I'm going to get you talking about. Might be used to remember twenty two. I'm thinking Isn't the luck. Fictional site is the marvel or dc comics character. Retha probably things as blindfold rings. And i got some pictures that we want to come just want someone picked ties. The ofra of such striking libraries are unreal. Any big canes. Just stand one and got some sort mosk. do they. Standing on look at they are gobbling up you notice. Wow maybe yesterday's was a some sort of an actual full vice boss. You're would marry fireman. Just i this on the blonde in the next one off. What has got goosebumps. That's because we're going to stick to the stomach nowadays. having listen. Read the word while waiting that would be from. Does that help Mexico so mexico central america. The caribbean and nolan nolan south. America to fairbridge shown gari. That's why i started looking enough of him. We grow the stuff but he brought it in and you got a job. if you bring a blind grousing must've been bringing the broke rabbits in content done for dung beetles. What's the other front of me. A passion for it. Southern brazil is that that's why we were dal's can set some nikola woods. It's america. we have a touch of americans say on produce as well. That's another that i'm surprised. The game he's also tomorrow say tomorrow.

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Grief and Christmas and a scare

The big d zone

10:51 min | 1 year ago

Grief and Christmas and a scare

"This is going to be another. Long delayed is again. This is GonNa be anothe- Long month so I mean one way to get ready to go home to mature family. I second mill home and they started early. I mean you know not even though the week before Christmas and they started early with the Christian music I was. I was like ninety. You know I was trying to more more focused on the guy's playing pool than Christmas music. GimMe the strategy. But it was too late. I had a few flashbacks. An an happened again when I was getting ready when I was ready to wait for The van and a Oh boy tell you a tale of Lincoln the need getting elegant. Act that because my wife fused play Christmas music every day and not just on Christmas different kind in all about the gap across admits to the you know the difficult here. We go again this guy. This person has been digging own the place almost all day. Stop it anyway anyhow. So I had to do the deeper stars like breath and when I was getting flashbacks no flash bad. I had to think like I'm back on a cruise ship to give me distracted because my niece was shaken. You know because at that time when I went to the cemetery Service in go back to our cars. My right knee gave way on me. I knew I did sell highway but I never fell and I just nearly got clobbered with. The flashback. Thought quickly I tied. I still go to church on a Sunday then in Wednesday to eighteen. They're not going to be in the class. So are struggling. I had to struggle for a while. And if you ever time I've fought to hear music. I had to circumvent by listening to like like I said before storm from Lincoln Park Oregon other song that I listened to when I just handsome flatbeds I had I had to quickly bring myself home to ship. Yep that I am on a cruise ship because it will ban on the first day this is only the first week of December. They started early bad enough that I had it at the bank. When I went to the bank to pay rent before Thanksgiving I had? I had to tell the the I had to tell the teller that I apologize because I was getting ready to give. I was getting ready to Rome. I'm having flashbacks a memory on my life. I don't week thirteen football pig and it started tomorrow and I still have done survivor series because they give it to table that tears math. But I wanted to do Maury Povich and Vince McMahon man or vice versa. Like do one time man. And then all the time they'll be mooring during the pig. I just got clobbered again in the home. I own a home but I would have had a showroom lot of witnesses just in case if I would have fainted retha would have had a lot lot better witnesses dinner and then if you will remember I played the testimony of Donald. Yeah I played the testimony today Atanas Donald Death in and how he on my birthday went on on a had a seizure. You had a two day come. Do you realize that if it happened here at the Second Palace when I'm alone I'm the the only one here and if it would happen to me I would probably the long I would have been dead because I'm Obama fell. I would've had no one to wake me up to say something happened. Something happened or nobody to call the the call the gift for the seas apart because yeah I do have a do not do not do not resuscitate order just poor dad part because I'm ready to go home but other that I don't want to the fact that if if I ever went into coma and I'll do survivor but I wanna be in Oklahoma. And he been two days to get living cat out on me. It was a great testimony. Yes but it's geared delivered. Cat only tyrone has his family. I'm here by myself off if God forbid that would happen to me. I don't think you you will beginning another bar cat. You'll be like hey this week some of how come he hasn't done a football pitch or hey. This is the next wrestling pay per view what happened. He denies dinners a pay per view table view piss or he didn't do the show. What happened do you not know? Because I'm all alone food. I am not married. I don't have. They were princess. Have a couple of Princeton but number. I'm here by my so and if anything went down now it will be borrowing my bell until somebody like a monthly later on. Somebody's GonNa find out why the bet went to the bay because they wanna see me get ready to go to the bank. To pay my rent. They will see me because the office in front of the building owning ripely head out the main way. So they told me get LE- give medical to bang the payroll everywhere else. Like if I bought the church traveling I leave a message titled here the Second Pallet. I'm all alone. If it happened to me. Some freak accident. What happened to me? I would have been a good a dead where I would have been a good as being in a coma for God knows how long until somebody with discover me my party the main one in the maintenance people because my door locked and and one time all told us Listened to story and I was like man. He just came from something happening few months before I went home. Yeah it was a female performing home because he was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and then he turned around and went to But to a you know we have and now on around on my birthday. He had a seizure when you do call and I'm all alone and I happen to. I don't have anyone who's like I had it. I don't have like I do traveling. I have any witnesses. I am the time. A guarded. Dallas started second Palestine Day. I'm all alone all happen. I'll be gone or in a coma for Donald Halong so concerning I need another princess I need a princess in the palace. I need a printer in the ballot. You know my wife Taming one day and God bless her. She did before she left. Because we had cats God no I didn't I you know I didn't know that I was alerted to cat but I still like I still you know I still in are still like we. We love the cat that we have but then when I got to the point where I had. NFL aftershock. And I would have died and say we do before I turn around after my wife died and I couldn't I can't deal with my right. This deal that I have a do not do not restraining order the hoop before there. My wife my life but now here four years later four five whatever what was I got no money. Okay I ever go in there and or ever get a seizure or turn around and get a turnaround and get into a coma. That's it and you want to know what happened. We all if we are Christian. If we Chris we know Roy we all WANNA appear heaven. I mean even my dream my last breath not on the air and somebody would have to deliver the message about what happened on the air. Everything is on the air and not county.

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Bernina Express con Patricia Casal  El Viajero Accidental 87

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Bernina Express con Patricia Casal El Viajero Accidental 87

"This guy jel applica- for your mobile value added hotel. Mental peace plan is econ- donaldson of podcasts. Hail testino continues property released as he knows his imprimatur persona. But i cannot appear us wounded idea into practice cut by that. Why do this abia to and go. Because echoes luis conde. They'll be feeling tell punta. Come in radio hitter. Poon tecom the mall in other words man. The word push elise julia elude speaker three or benita kaz controlling your own dentist data about how guess through competitive jan was Federally funded relish. Whoever's done did did either on the will come within nicole. Only sally mosconi almost doodle put give almost. There's places sweets in this podcast without has experienced on. Bobby almost holiday threatens had been assimilated muslim carmen dominos while with them. We almost as roma's minnows gathered. Where nina express that i was here. My suspect rather condemned blando pijesak. Has your they do the addio said. They've got all the money that money other value head coach with or without federal yet. Yeah a little bit. I think list you can turn on which you'd have been in the coming of those you're gonna take less than unc. But i you almost have custody. He said i'll drink the radio. Whatever they tell you this week. How the space but rookie tracy title naturally. All wasn't it didn't do in badly in yet more minutes went to. We're like because when you're doing studies looking kawhi didn't wish he got real especially but other those are for is perfect. They must bummer shading three giving them. I was going through these pretty middle patricia. She she never do go. She put a mother and they korean ministry either. Because we're we're gonna book then komo four percents Issue if you just got a as a family doc you said. He had the better to move that. He's from berea india time. We'll send me done. He doesn't see almost the discipline. Does our recall more now with vital vice and we still do motion they. Don't you become this article. Is that she. She's okay this from the dan. Look on the milan. Yvette notebook to go. Kimmy get on his own. See flaking fifty the think when on the field get. But i thought i'd say young i wouldn't have nice. They spend 'cause it's stockings get an chewy the simple in the asking but like amir assume we're gonna gives them within one leona stuff. I did that. I would give me. I didn't think school funny. Yeah must have been the road ideals the they must have a guest on the big that the decision. I don't understand that. If i'm not gonna say how affect a dental two more for me that if like renew or in somebody's donal i get this local. He gets in winds. Sweeping muscle may know kinky thursday milano. See cokie move must come on you know about a school shooting. Sereda this milan. i studied. I knew every single to be on my yours innocent. I'm wonderful show. Yeah it'd moosh theresa. You must a this. But i mean this place. I different disadvantaged local and bring say nina the whole suite suspend all and not good. I think classical Okay aspirants fit or you got it. I know physically doesn't actually that is a son people's this retha going to be in dc asked by people doing just point this even if he does that are in there seems get the i. Don't i somebody's ona. What did they move into an open. The yemen e e from the stuff you in case a recovery you can go back in the baras. No a if you drink you know mussa this learn more about that. I'm not there. But i don't know he also but i'm also went out of this. We feel but is i do not know when bordeaux baking nico feel shortstops in another number area the know. Give me give me. Have you done this so the bills. Kill him out. You want to feel he but those on the and you send the report or the if you say. They will be good about nocona theme which iran. Somebody's gonna put a case. Don't go indicted in the me now whenever noon. Gumi but aside you always spend you having stowed on this The almost gonna wanna buy. But i but i speak. I forgot how key espanol is still the flame. If you that been neither side in sand you down an emotion. Mentors did the them. So there's one or two almost spending only stay in saudi easy. We're not gonna get up with them. All divi okay. The put someone you know moving to moscow in both this you donald. Nothing seki steady up. But i figured it out and it's got a fist bowl. The saudi saudi and positional milimeter dynamic auto hammer. Nothing more mutuel. My some spots dimple. But i but they wanna have a community center that i'm as i mean offender must do you love your hair salon yakub in lower level until the game. They got us up on them. Yeah so you hit by. The way discipline is the coffee. How from doesn't your you. Will he could people to say. No one off of this And even if when i used i used to talk much he eat. Okay almost a bring a clinton full review is it in your Stop somewhat if you don't show the they i maybe it doesn't even nice bit different. There's the So there's nothing to the during the speed. I see my shoe Almost something especially you know it on eating ended up being nobody almost seems an indefinite but either because getting to push even. If i don't eat butter nobody national. Sure she'd been in there a little give it up in which she just kinda she. European bill was too more over than be. But yeah but it you know. If if they'll be the no gang wanted to say one day be to casey. Yeah my feet but could run the feelers. Sick you'll get a lotta money. He's got those sade. Say maybe bb myself going on. Yeah the the ordinance which gamble if see last week. I'm still be the bowling. I stuck in. Yeah we're nobody will believe. Let's see little if you push this. He didn't want that on. During the my either gonna lapin wanted to estermann such a foolish victory when they can get up mice empty novel they window but they will been villanova. They perfume dean cleanup. He's contract somebody to meet others. E initial meet our as the on or lack of the los padres is meant. It seem not because once. She low much characteristic by sack. Look but it's you know when the us doing mass-produce me not just say those spittle educators on the almost i mean i mean know. I feel somebody's. This is contrasted or not. I mean but they found is used to see your team. Quality don't know easter the israel especially better this show. 'cause there's not on his in style you know what the quality of an immigrant we then myself down there. Still w feel sure contrast. You pursue contrasting. I i look from gumby annoying little. Don't get to see gay. The don't you have another sat on the gun. So you don't notice which. I stumbled them feel. Now there's gopalan of pain slick either. What she more issue. That are either it during this because nina on nothing done as you then when i since i feel like one of them had been took at the moment you stop and some female stomach delinquent horita and things just totally still she. You're discussing thing. We're going to be that he's in da show eaten up or if you not much in the hawk in order to step up in field missed some and if by suffer income immune food inc when the be all the seniors k. Spots on the is start to your show in the Not it wound up. Start knowing what she'd do less disgust you in the upper style. Tell ya fatso. Now if not. I feel when i was mushroom in in coaching gains reset. Debilitate cable cut. Eat me no level in two zero new device Like i would feel feel though. Village will need to go look. I don't know you'll know look rather from breath. Your lamontagne yet. They other little flavor specific aesthetics in media the warfare that the min those levels. I seem for she i. Don't she deal they no nothing initial basically single one. Who goes to restroom of my feel. No they're not listening. I congratulate this year. I lost lago it but if eligible things could've done even yesterday. Somebody comes you what i was going to say. I love you almost november. Not even know. What do you think it's not minting. Shut assume kenosha was privy monopoly. They had it immediately. Honey that'll anymore. Yeah supposedly subcommittee splitting domino theory. She was just travel the they come. They wouldn't we not me bullshit battle But be. But i do it a you almost. Have you ever had another almost. I'm what he wanted to say that they should be. Because because you deal children regarding your show why not backing down needle just interesting this dude. I don't know. I feel when the envelope. It'll feel more a little bit. The maybe most idea somebody from connecticut bus. Stop up here. So into buster. E- seventy from not picking up. I mean million doorbusters deal you feel like identity and ask you start looking at him. But maybe i know but it's not a you. They're fit in seattle. monica stafford. Lockers are the skis. Sorta stuff rather than but are they. Thing is whether they're coming into the soda. Not guess yama up been with is that i've seen not yet my husband monk new started so yeah my seeking. I got that we went up. A lotta you know. No but i'm not the another one issue so they took all so but i find span. Yeah you're nobody has another format right bash. Lisa that i had this morning took him when though almost got gonna take place from me this put it in the dental motion with a pace sporting s. You know jamma she. And i'm not sure if there's almost more than you thank you both down. This is what do you know what his widow spider your sit live and simply money. What all the basketball picked up on groceries or being. Who still or simple being that. They you see like which we be in love with that cash check aka admit they're gonna give you the either municipalities cuando. I'll go ask you can almost komo sizzle. The who about recirculating little pay they take on theologica. Nash the it might be yes. Nordic amino sympathy ended up in an easterly to communal economic. Gonna mi familia studying because the postal sea ice here before this implant father was just experience. You have your your almost made up with the michigan squint. This out there was already not us when we tell the esa him personal you. Thanks who struggled. Tentacle monitors assume bluff. But you ain't going baena. They got him. In the real democracy astronaut mass media the no levies his throne who throw. Houdini is mr podcasts yet. An emotion minton muslims pins. He has hit us. Combat augusto through. But can you can start your congress. But in parolee mystery. Seen at least i should go. I studied through the in canisters. Most in will any podcast elliott.

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