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"restaurant industry council" Discussed on 600 WREC

"From Bradenton, Florida, We're using the town to ship orders of the bleach stuff. Which they labeled as Miracle mineral solutions. Fox is Evan Brown. America is listening to me. Former Auburn coach and current Republican nominee for U. S. Senate. Tommy top Herbal, speaking out about the cancellation of football season's across the country Tub herbal, saying the double is hiding under the table when it comes to decisions about fall sports. He also says if players aren't given the opportunity to play, they should be allowed to transfer. He compared the cancellations to communism. Saying they shouldn't be able to control what everyone else does the University of North Alabama hoping to still play some football, it's league has cancelled the fall season, but the Big South Conference says it's allowing up to four nonconference games. In the meantime. After the NFL has conducted more than 109,000 tests. The positive testing rate is under 1%. I'm Leah Brandon, and this is Alabama's morning news Now back to your host. Here's J T. Really thank you very much. It is 6 30 for Alabama's Morning news. Did you want to remind you that you could be a part of helping some kids as everybody's trying to get back to school? Whether actually going into the classroom or, you know, virtually from home? Not all kids have the Chromebooks. It's so many you're using now. With their education. There are a lot of districts that do provide them for the students, but a lot of district still, you know, don't have the funding to do that. So we're getting together with our folks over there. At you know, Rahm Automotive Group and also the United Way of central Alabama and trying to help folks get thes chromebooks in the you know, in the kid's hands. Here's how it works. You could be a part of it by texting school, the word school. The 6264 form. And donate to the chrome books for kids Drive going on right now. Text the word school. 262644 and then you'll get a response on how to do it. What you know you need to do to get the money going, and all of this will go to the United way. They're going to handle the distribution to the students that Aaron most need for these, and we can make a difference in these kid's lives. And I wish I had the check to just write a chromebook. You know, check for every kid that needed it. You know, there's so many kids struggling right now. And just imagine the joy on their faces when they get one, and you know, being a part of this, And if we get a bunch of folks to do this, we can take care of lots and lots of kids so once again Text the word school 26264 form and thanks for being a part of them. Well, this is kind of cool. Birmingham's offering some support for local restaurants to improve the business and ring the cash register a little bit more. You have the City Council, officially allowing some shared space permits to the restaurants. Which basically will expand their seed, you know, seating and hopefully boost the revenues right? It could become permanent. By the way. This is something city Birmingham gets to give back to the restaurant Industry Council 100. William's eyes kind of pushing this and all about it. They tested the waters that Eat in the streets of Avondale just few weeks ago, and the reaction from you know, folks who were going and the business extremely positive. Now they're not going to shut down the streets like they do in Lakeview, and that type of thing, but allowing you know the restaurants to expand outside the walls of the restaurant. And set tables up. You know, along sidewalks in areas that they're kind of vacant, You know, this is awesome. This is a great great move. A lot of people feel so much more comfortable sitting outside these days, and you hear a lot more about this, but the Birmingham City Council pushing forward to allow these restaurants to do it if you need a permit, you know, get after. In fact, if you're not in the city of Birmingham I would contact your local city councils and say, Hey, look what they're doing here. It's working. I need some help. I'd like to get outside as well. It's going to work Great until it starts to get 20 degrees in January. Here comes the snow. But for now Nice move, Birmingham City Council and restaurants. If you're part of this situation I loved here from you on how it's going. How you You know how the how the business is reacted to. And the people that come to your restaurant got to be positive. No doubt about it. By the way. What? I'm talking about money. Congratulations to Ah, Governor Ivy and $26 million from the cares Act. So the agriculture industry that is rock in there. The money's going to be allocated for a number of different things to direct payment to business stabilization grants to the cattle producers, meat processing plant poultry, farmer stabilization as well. The catfish processors, fruit vegetable processors. Everybody that I mentioned and then some will be getting some of this money and take care of our farmers. Absolutely. 6 37 Alabama's Morning news. Well, how's the economy in your home? I know we're struggling. Everybody is We're going to be talking with author of Provisions for Abundance, Christian's Guide to Money Management and battling through what we're dealing with, with covert and our own personal economies coming up three minutes. Alabama's morning news beat the Heat with a mattress warehouse. Summer savings sale for a limited time, save up the 60% and take advantage of 0% Interest financing, plus open a synchrony financing account over $999 get a $100 visa prepaid card and.

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