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"rescue prison guard" Discussed on My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

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"rescue prison guard" Discussed on My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

"Hello Hello and welcome my favorite murder, the many so. Many and cute, it's so pocket-size. You wouldn't believe how transportable it is tiny. Is that a real word transportable is? It transported apple. Okay this is where we we review your stuff. Want go first Karen. Sure this subject line of the for this first one is the cow. We tunnel disaster. Hey, y'all. GonNa go to school in the Great. Smoky Mountains at West Carolina University there, hundreds of ghost stories, due to our rich appalachian history, but the couch tunnel disaster is one of the most notable in our area and a shared often throughout our student body. I was GONNA. Do this one really and yeah, when we were in North Carolina I think this was one of the stories that came up for the area. Yeah, it's breath. In one thousand, nine, hundred, three, a group of prisoners set out on the took a CG river to begin their day's work, which was often in grueling conditions. It's not mentioned here, but just for everyone's information It's nineteen prisoners. All of them were black. It was common in this time to lay miles and miles of railroad track through the treacherous mountains of Western north. Carolina as punishment for their crimes, thirty men stayed chained together day and night, working eating and sleeping with shackles on their ankles on the morning of December. Thirtieth icy slush had accumulated in the bottom of the men's boat that was used to get across the river to the. The site, but the guards force them forward. Anyway. However, everyone onboard quickly began to panic as the slush melted and sloshed around forcing them, and to one side of the boat, only ten feet from the riverbank, the boat capsized, and the first man went overboard, but because they were shackled together, nineteen men were pulled into the water one by one after the man who wet whore him. None stood a chance against the raging icy waters, and nineteen men perished the Great. Smoky Mountain railroad now runs from dill's borough. North Carolina to Bryson city. North Carolina and goes through the couch tunnel. where the men had been laying down track, tourists often take the train as a sightseeing trip when visiting the area when going through the infamous Couch Tunnel The conductors say ladies and gentlemen there nineteen prisoners buried on top of this tunnel and the moisture you see coming down. The walls are the tears of those poor men. SSD! And you bet your ass. That tunnel is haunted as fuck Kendall, so I remember this story, and I just I went and read an article really quick to double. Check from what I remember. and because this detail admit Kendall may not have known this So this is from the smokey mountain news It's an article written by a writer named Garrett Woodward first of all one of those inmates who died one of the nineteen was a fifteen year old boy named Charles Easson who had been sent to jail for? Stealing something very small. He was on a chain gang. She's like with grown men. So this is a portion of that article. From the smokey Mountain News at said in a February nineteen sixty three article by the Asheville Citizen Times well known silver writer John Paris, spoke of the legendary heroics of convict. Andersen Drake who climbed out of the river only to dive back in and Rescue Prison Guard fleet foster. So quote Drake helped foster up. The steep bank, knelt a moment by the gasping guard, and then stood up and turned to look back at the foaming river. There was no sign of the other nineteen convicts. They called drake a hero. They said he would surely go free, but drake didn't go free back in his quarters, following the incident foster found his wallet and Pistol Missing and upon ordering a search of the prison camp, the wallet containing thirty dollars was found in Drake's belongings that night, instead of thanking Drake and giving him a feast, the camp form, and ordered him into the yard, bared his back, and gave a dose of Canada nine tails. A multi tailed whip after the lashings pairs reported, the drake was sentenced to thirty years hard labour and immediately put back to work on the couch tunnel. `Wow! And I questioned the idea that that guy who is drowning in a river, a saved the saved this guard, then robbed him of his wallet and Gotten Right. It makes no sense smile back to the prison and brought back into prison couldn't have spent it right? It's it it's. So basically, it's like he did this thing and everyone thought Oh. Yeah, he'll get freed. He'll be free, and instead he went in for thirty more years. I thought that was an important detail that we should add in. Is that was when I was reading this story for one of the live shows? Yeah, it was awful, Anne, it just, it's just like that, and then it's like, and then it's this haunted tunnel where people here all kinds of horrible sounds in the walls drip with moisture all year long and. All that kind of stuff. Yeah. This one's called. My great grandfather's was stolen from his grave. WHOA. This dear Karen and Georgia I love you guys and your voices have accompanied me through many hours of various boring jobs, many car rides and many late night insomnia struggles. Thanks yeah, thanks for everything you do anyway. Let's jump been in October nineteen eighty-nine. The body of a twenty two year old named Jeffers Kimbrel was found in a field in Columbia. County Florida he was the victim of a stabbing, but here's the problem. This was the second time his body had been found. He had already been buried, and someone had dug him up and left him in a field. Oh my God, then two months later in December, nineteen, eighty, nine, a twenty. Twenty year old named Stephen. Morgan took his own life in the same Florida County. Shortly after he was buried, it was discovered that his body was missing from his grave. Here's where I come in my great grandfather died of a heart attack in November, nineteen, thousand nine, and was buried in neighboring Union county several months later. The ground appear to be caving in around his grave, so county officials obtained an order to exhume his body. You know just make sure everything was cool. It was not cool. They soon discovered that his casket was empty and had been broken into an open in exactly the same way as the to others in Columbia. County had been I found all this out from an article that I found doing some genealogy research. That's second big surprise to. The probably just kind of scrolling one night all by yourself. I wasn't born in I wasn't born until nineteen ninety eight, so I never knew my great grandfather and all my dad's said about it when I asked him is that the body was never recovered, and the whole thing was very upsetting, but here's here's the best part. The article that I read says that five men who were quote attics of the fantasy game. Game Dungeons and dragons had been arrested in nearby Lake City for body, snatching no, as far as I can figure, that's where the trail stops, both in the media, and for my family, but being able to say my great grandfather's body was stolen from his grave in North Florida most likely by some guys playing. D. Makes me really fun to have at parties. Stay, sexy, and find GRANDPA Max Body Ellie what okay..

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